Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Results Final 5

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

5:31pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen Dan, Ian and Shane
Ian mentions how they will now have to make their own food. Dan points out that it’s the regular Big BRother experience now. Ian: “Yeah we don’t have our own personal chef anymore”

Talking about the competition. Shane says the competition was super fast but took production half the day to build.

They all agree that Frank would have destroyed the Power of Veto competition. Dan also thinks that Boogie would have done good at it.

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5:34pm Cam 1-2 Danielle in the arcade room
She’s picking away at the pimples on her face.

5:50pm Cam 2 Jenn Doesn’t look like she won the Power of Veto.. She seems a little down.

5:53pm Cam 1-4 Rummy Ian, Dan and Danielle (Shane preparing food in the kitchen)

Ian says that Frank had piss poor sportsmanship. His exit reeked, he never shook anyones hands when he left. Dan points out that Frank never even looked an anyone but Jenn.

They start talking about people lying in the Big Brother House. Like Willie lying to Dan about his brother not being Russell Hantz. Ian mentions that Andrew from Big BRother 12 told everyone he was a shoe salesman instead of saying his true career which was a podiatrist. Ian brings up Matt Hoffman and how he lied about his wife’s disease. Dan: “He’s trying to be like Johnny Fairplay”

Within the conversation Shane tells them it feels good to be safe this week.

Shane won POV

6:11PM Dan, Danielle and Shane Cam 3-4
Playing cards.. random chit chat. Shane is in a good mood. On Cam 1-2 Ian in the HOH making sounds with his mouth and rocking back and forth.

(My prediction Shane uses the veto Danielle goes up and Jenn goes home. Hopefully Jenn stirs the pot enough to give us one last crazy week on Big Brother. What do you all see happening? )

6:40pm Cam 1-2 Ian watching the exciting game of rummy going on in the kitchen.

6:56pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle

Dan says Shane winning POV means that they have to work for it now once they get to Final 3. They chat about who they should take to the final 3 now. Dan thinks Shane is they better choice because they will be able to beat him at the endurance and the questions. Dan says Shane winning POV means that they have to work for it now once they get to Final 3. They chat about who they should take to the final 3 now. Dan thinks Shane is they better choice because they will be able to beat him at the endurance and the questions.

Dan wants to know if Danielle is still on-board with going final 2 with him. Danielle says yes.

7:02pm Cam 1 Bedroom Shaen and Danielle
Shane tells Danielle her giant bleeding pimple on her face is starting to look better. Danielle says she’s so exhausted she doesn’t have the energy to put on makeup, she doesn’t care. Shane doesn’t think she should worry about makeup right now.

7:18pm Danielle and Dan in the Arcade room Heavy duty whispering I can make out something about Dan wondering if maybe they can do more to help out their situation. Doesn’t take long and Shane is roaming around near the bathroom right outside the Arcade room. Dan tells him they have a new card game.
(Image LInk of Danielle)
7:24pm Danielle and Dan playing the card game with Shane watching.. lol good times

7:45pm Cam 1-2
hot in the city tonight.

7:53pm Shane primping up

8:35pm Backyard Shane Cam 3-4 Shane playing bags .. Now that Joe is gone there isn’t anyone to play with.

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201 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Results Final 5

    1. I prayed for Shane all day, I just couldn’t stomach Dan winning again, hope Jenn exposes Dan’s final 2 deal and Dani wakes up from her daze and realizes her ex-coach has been scamming everyone for weeks…can’t wait to see what scam Dan comes up with now….

      SHANE FTW!!!!!!

      1. You actually prayed fr Shane to win? Jeez, not only is that useless but pathetic.

        Glad Shane won, he’s a good competitor. Hope Ian has an epiphany and puts up that phony Dan, he deserves to go home.

        1. If you’re opinion mattered to me I might be a bit upset but, as you sound like an angry individual I’ll pray for you foo

      2. If I was Jenn what would I do?

        If she wants a chance to still win $500K, she should go to Ian and Shane and tell them that she was in a deal with Dan. That is why she was not put up by Dan in the double eviction. She should tell them that Dan is playing them, and she would be easier to beat in the F2, so she would go with them to the F3. She would want Dan to go this week.

        Of course she is with Danielle, so she would probably not really be going with Ian and Shane, but this is the last thing I think she could try.

        1. I agree with your idea but JennCity’s ego won’t let her. She’s a fighter LOL She’ll burn this mother f*cker down! If she could be humble, it’d work.

    2. I’m sure somehow in Dani’s mind, she had everything to do with Shane winning because all Shane has done in her opinion is hide behind her protective shield.

  1. Well now this is even more boring…..

    well it was a good season up till Frank’s elimination….

    if he had just gotten rid of Dan as was planned……. lol

    1. C’mon Jenn, pay back Dan for taking out Frank and throw Dan under the bus!

      It is your only chance that you have left.

      1. If Jenn would go to Ian and Shane and tell both of them that Dan made a final 2 deal with HER and let them know that he has been playing them all, she might be able to get Shane to change his vote and vote Dan out. I hope she does it; makes a big stink of a mess of fighting with all of them so that no one knows who stands with whom. That would at least give some life to the show right about now. It is so boring watching the feeds at night that I just watch for any two of them together and listen for game talk…otherwise, I fast forward right through the whole show! Glad it’s almost over and looking forward to a new season of Survivor starting soon! I like Ian for the win, but really don’t care at this point who wins…

  2. Does’nt really matter that Shane won POV as in the end as the 4 Quack Pack members will be in the final four. I just hope IAN gets booted out next week as he cannot play for HOH.

  3. I bet Shane does a Marcellus and not use the POV on himself in fear that Ian would put Dani on the block. If he doesn’t take himself of the block, then he’s out of there!

  4. i swear if dan convince shane to not use the pov on himself or danille convince him to use it on her he deserve to go home he will be the laughing stock of bb i will pass him MARCELLUS CROWN LAWON CROWN ….

      1. LMAO. I guess you have a point. Shane not using the POV will be the calling card of coming out the closet on BB.

    1. I wonder if the final 2 that Dan made with Jenn is for real…I mean the real for real one. She is the only person there that I think he could beat vote-wise for the win. Are the winds of change gonna start blowing within the next day or so? If Jenn would open her mouth and expose Dan and the pact he made with her, I think a lot of stuff would go down this week. But…is she gonna do it? I would but I think I’d wait a bit closer to the POV ceremony. That way Dan won’t have much time to try to convince the others that he just lied to her, blah, blah, blah. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE ! Something has to happen to add some excitement to this show….

    1. Actually, Dan is the perfect person to take to the final 2 (aside from Jenn)

      My thought process:

      If anyone went up against Dan, the other person will vote for the other person

      Frank doesn’t like Dan (especially now) — will not vote for him to win
      Ashley — will probably vote the same way that Frank will
      Britney — if Ian, Danielle, or Shane is against Dan, she’ll definitely vote against Dan
      Joe — will not vote for a former coach to win

      And 4 votes is enough to win. So taking Dan to final 2 is actually a great idea.

      1. I personally think Dan will win against Shane or Danielle but Ian might be a tough one, it could be 50-50. Not a fan of the kid but he has proven himself and shown he’s a force to be reckoned with. If he takes out Dan then I’m rooting for him.
        I’d rather see Ian, Dan or Danielle win the game. Shane definitely not. Jenn, I like her as a person she looks like a swell person to know but game wise I don’t want her to win.

      2. No your logic is clearly flawed…Dan will beat anyone in F2 except a small chance of Ian beating him due to his big moves and quite a few comp wins. Dan vs anybody else in F2 and Dan wins easily with one final MIST on the jury. He can sell ice to an eskimo and these suckerz in jury will fall for his used car salesman pitch one last time and give him the W.

        It’s guaranteed.

          1. it’s actually Dan’s turn to go on the block. Has he misted the quack pack so much that they’ve all accepted going for second place. hint: when someone tells you “don’t say anything to anybody about us having a final two” It means that they also have a final two with some other folks in the house.

        1. For us as viewers, we know that Dan made amazingly big moves and deserves to win –BUT Britney did say that she will vote on how other’s treat them personally; Frank probably feels too betrayed by Dan to vote for him; as for Joe, he did mention that he didn’t want a coach to win; and Ashley, she’ll vote for the same way as Frank per their showmance and chemistry. I personally would love the jury to vote for the best player this season, but people do vote on how they feel about the person too. Despite Dan’s big moves, people may vote based on their emotions.

        2. If they are smart they would get out Dan, cause he has a good chance of winning. Ian could beat any of the other ones in the final, I think Ian has been underestimated and everyone says he is a liar but they all are so why is he getting critized for it. He has made big moves and gotten some big players out of the game, which is what the game is all about, everyone was saying he wouldnt do anything without Britney well I think he has done pretty good on his own. Now if he just does the smart thing and gets Dan out then I hope he wins.


    1. omg hell yea I hate Danielle no one seems to get tht she is a stalking freaky weird chick… I dont see why Dan wont evict Danielle shes a threat doesnt Dan see she can kick him out over shane…shes too risky he needs Jenn to win this game…stupid Dan dont get misted by Danielle…

      1. I can’t stand Danielle. I REALLY wish they would vote her out. She lies about EVERYTHING. She keeps talking about how she throws the competitions – that she could really win if she wanted to …. she sure thinks an awful lot of herself.

  5. Uh oh! Shane taking the POV could spell big trouble for D&D. Unless, Danielle convinces Shane that she’s worried that if he comes off then she’ll go up. I’d feel bad for the guy if he ends up falling for that. Will Shane unknowingly sacrifice himself for the woman who’ll end up voting his a$$ out?

    1. That would be fantastic. But even then…Dani and Shane would have to agree to turn on him and vote Dan out. I don’t think they are smart enough to do that.

      I could see Ian’s logic though. Before Frank and Jenn saved Dan, Ian was totally on board to get him out. Ian is smart enough to know that Dan is probably the ONLY person left he can possibly lose against in the end.

      1. Marissa,

        Ian only needs one vote to get rid of Dan since he could break a tie vote. I think Shane would be his best bet since Dani is completely misted by Dan.

  6. Sounds like Shane won it and he will pull himself off of the block. That means goodbye Jenn unless she can get to Ian. She needs to tell him that his butt is toast if he doesn’t replace Shane with Dan. Then convince him and Danielle to vote against Dan or to split the votes so Ian can get rid of Dan. Won’t happen because Dan has lied to all of them and convinced each of them they are final 2. If Jenn can spread the word that Dan has a F2 with everyone in the house it would put the heat on Dan. It would be a great move but I don’t think she is going to fight to stay. I do hope I’m wrong and a newbie wins it all. Wishfull thinking anyway.

  7. r u sure shane is just saying that assuming jen didn’t win veto and he thinks they will vote her out when in reality they will vote him out?

  8. Shane threw a nice monkey wrench into the works, Now everybody is gonna know where they stand. Then Dan will Mist them and they’ll all forget.

  9. YES!! Good job Shane!! Now don’t pull a Marcellas and use the VETO proudly! Hopefully Danielle will be out the door on Wed.!! I think production is giving the targets an advantage in the POVs. On double eviction, that POV was Ian’s comp to win. He killed it! He was the only person who looked way ahead at the other side of the board and worked backwards. I think production saved the face morph for next POV knowing that Ian is the next target. TEAM IAN!! TEAM NERD!! TEAM QUACK!!

  10. So yesterday I read or heard from the feeds that Dan already has a plan to encourage Shane to not use the POV on himself. Does anyone think that Shane will be gullible enough, listen to Dan and not use the POV on himself? I am a solid Dan supporter but Jen should definitely exit first before Shane. I personally hope that it is Ian, Dan, Shane, and Danielle in the final 4.

  11. Now all Ian has to do is put up Dan and get him Voted out! (not gonna happen)
    I want either Ian or Dan to win but the best chance that Ian has, is without Dan in this game.

  12. Maybe just Maybe Shane won’t use it on himself so Dani and Dan can vote him out! We can hope otherwise Dani is up and Jenn goes home.

  13. Well,If Dan wasn’t still in the house, I would 100% say that Shane will use the veto on his self.But,since Dan is in the game,he will start misting Shane not to use the veto or Danielle will be put up(Dan discuss this plan with Danielle on Thursday).Shane thinks Dan&Danielle want Jenn out,therefore he will feel safe up on the block.Now,watch Dan get to misting Shane.That’s why Dan doesn’t look nervous.He already have a plan to save Jenn and keep his final 3(hisself,Danielle&Jenn)together.

  14. Please…please!!!!! For the love of GOD,let Ian break free of the mist and nom Dan!!! Then it will be a tie vote,and Ian will evict Dan!! Cant stand the douche! I feel so bad for Shane.He is so cluless,it’s dumbfounding.He has no idea that he wouldv’e been voted out this week!

  15. Dan is going to convince Shane not to use the POV and then his ass will be walking out the door. GO Dan!!!! best BB player ever.

  16. Yay Shane! Hope he uses it on himself, no reason not to even if he is a pawn (which he isn’t). Hope he’s smart enough to realize that and not get misted into not using it on himself. Kinda hate to see JenCity go tho, would be cool if Dan or Dani and her unicorn zit went.

  17. All of the remaining housguests are still capulated with “Dan’s mist. ” If Ian puts up Dan, Shane and Danielle are going to vote out Jenn. They just can’t see it at all. Dan is going to eliminate all of them and win this thing. This will be the last chance to get Dan out.

    1. i agree with you and simon, shane down, dani up, unless, UNLESS, ian finally breaks free of dan’s mist, and dan is nominated…

  18. So basically Jenn is going home. It doesn’t matter who goes up, their alliance(-ish) controls both votes. I really wanted Jenn to somehow win POV to mix things up this week. Maybe Ian/Jenn could get Dan on the block and get Shane to force a tie? Idk. People don’t really use their brains in this house. Ian shouldn’t have nominated Jenn to begin with. The QP was obviously dead when Britney was sent home by her so-called alliance members. Ian is dumb for holding onto that.

  19. Unfortunately Dan is not think about Jury votes and screwing people over left and right…..If they vote out shane, he will be pissed and frank, britney, shane and joe will not vote for Dan in the f2 no matter who else is there.

      1. Was gonna suggest a drink (or whatever) every time someone mentions something about being misted. Either way, this will be an intoxicating evening.

  20. If Jenn was smart (I don’t think she is) she would pull a Dan on all of them. Gather them all together and admit that both she and Danielle have an F2 with Dan and he probably has an F2 with all of them. That would cause Ian to go into some panic and Shane would also know he has an F2 with Dan. Chaos would strike and bring some excitement to the house. At least they’d all be talking about F2 with others to feel them out. It would give her a slight chance to stay and get rid of Dan. Here’s hoping…

  21. I think all the house guests sleep till POV ceromony, Shane uses POV, Ian puts up Dani. House guest go back to sleep, wake up Thursday and Jenn gets evicted. Then Ian claims to be the best player in BB history for getting the QP to final 4.

  22. At the conclusion of last weeks live show, they said there would be an eviction Wednesday and then a “live eviction” Thursday, so since they pointed out that Wednesday’s eviction could not be live, is there a possibility it could come earlier than Wednesday?

  23. I know everyone wants Ian to put up Dan but that might be a bad move. He can’t play in next HOH & he would be against D&S, a tight pair and Jenn who hates him. And he suspects D&J of being tight as well.

    1. Your right but if he gets Dan out Shane would be the only physical player that he would have to go against for the veto to save himself during the next HOH. Since he would need Shane’s vote to get Dan out this week maybe he could make a safety deal with Shane to get Dan out this week.

  24. SMH. if Ian doesn’t place Dan as the replacement nominee and talk to Danielle and Shane to vote him off, this will go down as the all time dumbest move on BB. all three (Ian, Shane and Danielle) can take out the heavy favorite (Dan) to win the game out in 5th place. taking out Jenn serves no purpose with this HOH.

  25. And their conversation revolves around Frank again. Lmao. Still the topic of conversation & the same delusional conversation at that.

    Instead of thinking what’s going to be his best next move for HIM, he’s still focused on Frank.

    Keep with the shit talking while Dan sits back & thinks of one more way to control your pathetic HoH reign.

    Dan has this game in the bag if he plays his cards right.

    1. It’s really creepy how much Ian is obsessing over Frank. The kid really needs to get his head in the game or he’ll be spending time with Frank in the Jury.

      1. You noticed that, too? I think Ian’s rejecting his man crush. Being diametrical to Frank, Ian sees some of the qualities he wishes he had (namely, actual muscles). But Ian needs to forget that, be proud of his brain and, for the love of GOD put up Dan.

      2. Don’t buy it!!!! Dan is just misting them so they’ll behave better when he slices their throats. “Don’t behave like Frank” See????

    2. Did you see Jeff’s interview with Frank? He was giving him mad props and even said he would love to play with him if they both ended up on All-Stars. Jeff’s actually a pretty good interviewer. He may have found his calling in life. The one’s with Britt and Janelle were pretty damn good.

  26. Dan is by far the best player in big brother history. I’ve never seen a move as good as the one he made and I’m 100% sure he’s safe this week. So Dan haters don’t get your hopes up.

    1. I’m not a Dan hater and I agree that he is a very good player but I think he picked up the arrogance that Frank had so I think it would be funny to see him get bounced.

    2. Dude. He swore on a bible, his wedding ring, and his grandmother’s cross. Only an indecent human being would do that, and only an indecent human being wouldn’t believe them. He sold his soul. If you can get on board with someone like that, more power to you. Not me. I think there is a major character flaw there, and the friendship between he and Danielle actually makes sense now.

  27. @Simon.Are Dan&Danielle still playing cards?I’m really interested in reading Dan’s plan to convince Shane not to use the veto.I can’t wait.Lol.But,Dan&Danielle need to go tell Jenn that their working on a plan to keep her here,because we all know how Jenn has anger problems.Lol.

    1. My sentiments exactly lol

      Oddly enough I understood that as…
      I knew he would win,
      When he needed to most.
      The outcome we all wanted,
      thank God.

  28. I am glad shane won and as much as i am a fan of dan i wasn’t a fan of him keeping jen instead of dan. Lets hope shane isn’t dumb like marceles was and decide not to use it on himself so dani doesn’t go up. If he did that then he deserves to go home i can see why jen is upset more then likely dani is going up and jen goes home. No matter who Ian puts up dan or dani(i highly doubt it will be dan) jen still goes and i guess jen has already figured that out.

  29. No way Shane doesn’t use the VETO…even if they threaten Danielle going on the block, Shane knows he wouldn’t vote her out and neither would Dan(at this point anyway)…even if Dan did try and get her out then Ian would save her with his tie breaking vote. So I don’t see how Shane staying on the block “saves” her when she wouldn’t be in any danger anyway.

  30. ian wont but if he put up dan then shane and danielle might pull the trigger on dan. doubt it but maybe. danielle goes up and dan and shane are way too soft to vote her out but they should.

  31. Everyone keeps talking about Frank being a douche and a poor sport because he didn’t shake anyone’s hand and stuff. Most of them promised him a vote and lied to his face, but Frank is the poor sport for not shaking hands with the liars. I think they expected Frank to go nuts, but he maintained is composure. They are only mad because they didn’t get the reaction they wanted for their deceit.

    1. Frank proved he was a douche way before not shaking anyones hand on eviction night. His arrogance and bad mouthing on the feeds was an everyday occurrence and he got the boot that he deserved. I’m wondering if you ever watched Big Brother before from your they lied to his face comment. The house is always filled with potential Pinocchio relatives.

      1. I guess you didn’t see Britney, Danielle, Dan and Shane badmouth Frank constantly on the feeds. Funny how we only see what we want to sometimes.

      2. I admit I am relatively new to the show, and I am not criticizing the lies and deceit. But they all thought he was going to make a big scene and he managed to keep his cool. So what are they really complaining about? That they didn’t get the reaction they worked so hard for? I would not have shaken the hands of most of them either. But then again, it does not really matter if they think Frank is a douche, it matters if Frank thinks that they are douches. In the end, they will be fighting for Franks vote anyways.

  32. dont think Ian has the guts to bust Dan on block nor do shane and danielle have the guts to vote him out. looking like a very boring jenn removal and more boring final 4 with the nerd herd II

  33. the nerd herd quack hack pack isnt going to vote out one of their own and lose a jury vote or more this late over jenn. they will play it straight until the 4 are left and have at it.

  34. if Ian wants to guarantee his BB victory… backdoor dan and get shane and danielle to vote his ass out

    That way he will have orchestrated the demise of 2 of the all time best and this years competition beast

  35. I like Dan. He’s smart and makes things interesting. But this is the perfect opportunity for them all to unite (ok maybe not Danielle since she’s too busy popping zits, throwing up and whining about Shane) and backdoor Dan’s ass.

  36. Most in here seem to be stuck in the mist. First off you get all details from this site on what they are truely thinking and people in here still think Ian will put Dan up??…Okay, Ian KNOWS that Shane and Danielle are together and he cannot play in the next HOH. You think he wants to take ?city as an ally?? He stands a far better chance to go up against Shane and Danielle with Dan then ?city..Also, Ian has said repeatedly that Dan will not win the $$ if he is in the final 2 because no one will ever vote for him, he already won it…I think he will ride it out with Dan. good or bad…Second, do people really believe he wont pull himself off the block?? He may be dumb but hes not that dumb…Honestly if Ian had the pulse of the house he would put up Danielle and try and get her out..That way he splits up Shane and Danielle and He splits up Dan and Danielle in case they are still together..Getting rid of ?city is truely a waste of an HOH either way….

    1. Good points all around. Def agree that Shane is not that stupid. And the other stuff, I hadn’t thought of it that way re: Ian wanting Dan on his side and choosing not to put him up (rather than simply being misted by him and not putting him up). And getting Danielle out to break up those her alliances w/ Shane/Dan.

      One thing I don’t get is how people (Ian, in this case) always think no one would vote for someone to win twice. Maybe it’s just me, but if someone who had already won was at the end with another player of equal skill… I’d give it to the one who had done it before… seems much harder to repeat than win for the first time. JMO

      1. The votes are just not there to get Danielle this week baring the unforeseen…which is precisely the reason why Ian, Shane, and Dan should want to get rid of her.

        I still think she has the votes to beat all of them at the end:

        Versus Dan I think she pulls everybody but Ian.
        Versus Shane I think she pulls everybody but Frank
        Vesus Ian I think she pulls everybody but Britney and maybe Ashley.
        Versus Jenn I think she pulls everybody but Frank and maybe Ashley.

        I think the fans here hate her so much that they totally miss how much the other HG’s like her (who have you seen trash her in the DR sessions?). She will have people actively campaigning for her in jury, which I think is a big advantage. Britney will be talking up her and Ian, then when Jenn arrives, I suspect both her and Ashley will join the chorus for Danielle (Frank could be swayed to join as well) then if Shane or Dan comes in.

        1. This makes so much sense I want to puke (no sarcasm). I didn’t think about it like that, and it makes me physically ill to think someone like her can have good things happen to them.

          That said, I can’t stand Dan, but at this point if I was a jury member I’d give him my vote over everyone else. How many HoHs has he controlled since the reset? Basically all of them except Frank’s? Granted, he was controlling morons, but that’s even more reason he’d get my vote. They’re not on his level. This game has gone exactly the way he’s wanted it to for the most part.

          1. I agree with you 100%. If I were in jury, my vote would not be in doubt. Dan has owned the game for better or worse. But you throw in the variables of who does each juror blame for his/her demise, who were they ever angry with or felt targeted by, and simple personal popularity.

            Let’s say it is Dan and Daniel at the end. I really think Ian and Frank are the only jurors who love the game and get how it’s played. So even if Frank swallows what Dan did to him personally…that’s only Dan’s second vote. He needs 2 more.

            I think if Dan does lose it should be a lesson for every future player. If you target and eliminate all your threats as fast as you can and the real players are watching from home and ultimately 3 floaters find their way to the jury, then all your smart moves and cunning play could go right over their heads and suddenly you’re 3 votes down. Then you need just one enemy or your final opponent needs just one good advocate…and that’s a 4-3 loss.

    2. But if I’m Ian and I’m smart enough to know that my only guarantee at final 3 is to win the veto, I’d rather face Jenn (and Shane/Danielle) than Dan (and Shane/Danielle). Even if he thinks Dan can’t win at the end, surely he thinks the same about Jenn.

      I’m not arguing that you’re wrong about Ian sticking with Dan as I think he will too, but I disagree with your reading of Ian’s thinking. It’s not logic that’s dictating his thinking, it’s delusion created by Dan.

  37. Unless Dan had planned to dump Danielle in favor of Jenn (which I think would be smart) for the final 2, I think Jenn’s time is up.

    I really want to hope there’s a chance for some drama, but I think the mist coupled with delusion and naivete, just doesn’t leave much opening for a shake-up.

    Even if Jenn went to Ian and spilled everything she knows, he’s been conditioned to think it’s just the Quack Pack working her. He thinks that he is Memphis and Dan is with him. I don’t think Jenn can sell him on the idea that Dan and Danielle are still tight and that she’s with them. She doesn’t have a good enough grasp on all that has happened, nor an understanding of the dynamics of the game. Even if she did, Jenn doesn’t know how to sell.

    But let’s say she gets Ian to bite and convinced him to go after Dan (he just won’t have the votes to get Danielle), he would need to recruit Shane to vote out Dan. That is likely a dead end. Shane does not comprehend the game and will go directly back to Dan and Danielle with the info and won’t make a move on his own.

    Now here is where I think it could be interesting. Ian is with Dan (Ian cannot be allowed to do this alone) in HOH and they call up Shane. Ian tells him that his winning veto could not have worked out more perfectly. Now they have the chance to backdoor Danielle. Shane will listen and not argue (he doesn’t do confrontation). Ian can tell him that Jenn is wallpaper and they can take her down with ease next week. Then Dan says Danielle owns the jury and none of us can beat her. Dan commiserates with him and tells him he knows it’s tough and Danielle has always had his back, but this gives the three of us an equal and fair chance to win no matter which of us sits at the end. Then Dan butters him up, telling him how much he deserves a shot at the end and Danielle will understand eventually.

    When Shane leaves he will run right to Danielle. When he tells her the news, she immediately breaks down and goes full victim mode. Shane consoles her and says he won’t let it happen. She explains how it’s out of his hands. As soon as he uses the veto, she goes up and Dan and Ian vote her out 2-1. She then lays the tears on thick. He is melting away every second. Then she asks if they threatened him. He will say no, in fact they were happy that they would be final 3. This is her opening. If you don’t use the veto, then I’m safe for this week and they will vote out Jenn. Then next week, both of us get to compete against just Dan for the HOH. Just don’t tell them that I know anything. Tell them that you can’t get rid of me this week, but that you will do it next week. Jest tell them I’m weak, as weak as Jenn.

    Shane goes to Dan and Ian, saying he can’t do it this week with Jenn still here, but next week, he’d be on board. Dan tells him that it’s your call since you have the veto. But if you use it, then we have to take that chance to get her. He commiserates, saying he understands Shane’s position, but if there’s an open seat Danielle goes up and goes home. Shane will ask what happens if I don’t use it. Dan says then Jenn goes home and Danielle goes next week. Then Dan acts as the adviser, telling Shane he should put aside his feelings and be ruthless and coldhearted and cut Danielle. But however you want the order of eviction to go is your call, whether it Danielle now or next week.

    From there Danielle can sell the rest and maybe Marcellus is no longer the dumbest player in Big Brother history.

    1. I think Ian is smart but naive, and he really thinks he can claim some kind of victory by getting the Quack Pack, the dumbest name for anything ever, into the Final Four. And I also think Dan is totally planning on dumping Danielle in the end, which would actually be sort of elegant. That way, he would’ve stabbed every single person who’s trusted him in the back, culminating in the crescendo that would be Danielle’s complete and total meltdown. Oh, please, please, please, please let this happen. MWAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  38. I love Dan, but if he’s in final two I think he why not get him out or at least split up Shaneand Danielle…cuz no offense to Jenn she at this point his not winning this game and probaly won’t win anymore comps

  39. Man they must miss frank since yet again they talked about him lol. Ian be smart and put dan as the replacement! Did u forget he put u up on Thursday during double eviction.

  40. most in here act like they have NEVER watched the show…it always gets boring when it comes down to the final 4-5…there is always less fireworks because you cant keep lying to the whole house..sides are known…i believe there will still be some but you guys think that the show is constant entertainment from beginning to end…the final show cant come quick enough at this point…but its like that almost EVERY season….

  41. I hope Jenn tells Shane & Ian about Dan & Danielle’s plan to take her to the final 3 that way Shane & Ian can team up against them!!!
    It will make for some great drama in the house in the next few days : )

    1. Yes that would be awesome! Since ? is going home, on Wed. night if she told Shane and Ian about this that would just be awesome! Drama caused by ? City though I sadly doubt that would happen knowing her relationship with Dani!

  42. nerd herd hack pack final 4 is a lock. then its up to a crap shoot hoh and crap shoot pov and whoever gets lucky will stumble into the final 2

  43. What would be a great thing to do is for Shane to use the veto on himself and then have Ian put Dan up and they all vote Dan out seeing he is such a “great” player. Then all the coaches are gone and it will be up to the newbies to fight it out amongst themselves. They may not have another chance to get Dan out.

    1. he has a F2 deal with dan. and believes it. and he is assuming danielle and shane have a F2. plus the fact that he cant play next HOH. and he thinks if he would get rid of dan he has 3 people gunning for him.

  44. I wonder if this is how Danielle is normally, you know when you date a girl and she orders a salad and eats one leaf and says OMG I am so full…and you think for the next 6 weeks that you date her that she is this sweet little thing that eats like a bird, only to find out that she gorges herself before you go out….after getting to know Danielle, you realize that she looks better in make up, she hardly wears make up and worst of all she picks at her face and is clingy and whinny and psycho….

  45. Ok lets set the record straight Shane should not win he has won compitions but it not about that, its what you do with those wins and Shane has been horrible with that. Hes relied on Brittany for his social game. Dans the only real player left and the only reason some don’t like him is because they are afraid of him playing the game.

  46. Yea I dont get Dans plan…If i were him i would kick out Danielle that way Shane wont have a partner… see Dan should be afraid that Danielle may choose Shane over Dan.. then bye Dan…Dani is too risky…he needs to keep Jenn…hes not playing the best game if he trusts a crazy girl like Dani.

  47. Now, if Ian is smart, he will put up Danielle, Then, if the house had any common sense, they would evict Danielle. Then next week, Shane or Jenn need to win HOH, Put up Dan and Ian, send Ian to jury. Ian would almost positively win the 500k if anyone went up against him in the end. So next case scenerio would be , Jenn, Shane and Dan in the final 3. Jenn would for sure be in the final 2, Would be the best for Shane or Dan to take. I think when all the BS comes out at the Jury about what Dan has done, he just may win the 500k on how he connived and manipulated his way to the end, cause although I think he is a total scum bag, you have to admit he really pulled one out of his a**. . Shane although he isn’t very bright, He is definitely trying to play the nice and social guy, but with the exception of winning a few comps, his social game is extremely weak. Jenn, She may not have won alot of comps, but she tried to lay under the radar through the game not getting caught up in the BS drama. However, Her social game was also pretty weak. So all in all, Jenn definitely needs to be in the final 2, if Shane or Dan plan on winning the 500k. If psycho Danielle, or wacko Ian end up in the final 2, The rest can kiss the 500k goodbye.

  48. Another boring night in the BB house
    Someone needs to do something
    so that this show is worht watching this week
    How come Ian wont try to get out Dan
    Only Dan and Ian shoud win this game
    Lady Luck must have been shining on Shane in the POV
    Everyone wants Jenn gone

  49. I googled “Jenn City,” & she’s doing well in the real world. She has her own production company & the band she’s in, Suicide City, isn’t bad. Her prior band, the Kitties, was really good. It’s a good thing she has a great life to go back to after she’s evicted next week & goes to the jury house.

      1. I agree, she has a good voice. She looked much better without that shaved patch of red hair on the side of her head! Go back to black!

    1. I wondered why she said “Suicide, cool” when Dan hung Ian’s teddy bear. I thought she was demented, but it was her band’s name… OK, cool.

  50. the one thing i dont get at all reading all this posts is, how can peole really argue a case that includes jenn to stay in the game. she has done NOTHING for 3 months. she won one fluke comp. thats all. besides of that she was complaining and sleeping. she deserves to go home now. at least danielle played the game and won two comps.

    1. are you kidding me? if you’re Ian, Danielle and Shane right now how is it better for them to keep Dan over Jenn. Ian doesn’t play in the next HOH, so he’s F-word if he keeps Dan. doesn’t even Ian remembers how he got caught up with Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane? the only reason they let Ian be associated with them was, because Ian became their rat snitch, and they used him to back stab boogie and Frank. so let’s see, they vote out Jenn this week, Ian doesn’t play in the next HOH, that leaves Dan, Shane and Danielle playing for HOH. guess who will be their #1 target for eviction? Ian. that’s why Ian has to put up Dan as the replacement nominee. Ian then goes and talk to Shane and explain to him that it’s better to vote out Dan. if Danielle votes to evict Jenn and Shane votes to evict Dan, Ian has the tie breaker vote. taking out the strongest player right now in 5th place is easier than taking him out later. it’s really that simple, but Ian is playing really stupid.

  51. shane may be a bit dim in the memory comps, but he’s not stupid! he’ll use the veto on himself.

    ian is loyal to the qp, but even ian knows that taking jenn to the final 4 is better than taking dan or dani. since shane is safe, and dani is close with both shane and dan, ian might see dani and the best renom.

    with that said, i’m sure ian has picked up that dan and dani are not really mad at each other. if he can figure out why they’re lying, then he’ll finally realize that dan is the only and best choice for renom.

    c’mon ian, break free from the mist and see through the lies! nominate dan, get him out, and take your shot at a half mil…

  52. My thoughts are shane will use the veto on himself and dani will go up (since Ian thinks he has a deal with dan) then dan and shane vote jen out which has been Ian’s plan from the begining. No matter what i think that dan is safe

  53. jenn is ready to role over and die. If nobody is going to make the effort to plan a strategy against Dan, he deserves to win.

  54. Shane should take himself off of the block so Ian puts up Dani. Then Shane votes to evict Dani and he will have Kara all to himself at the finals because Dani would disown him in her sulky woe-is-me voice. He’d be smarter to put up Dan, vote him off, and go after Dani and Shane. Won’t happen but again wishfull thinking. I also had a thought about Dan and his so called mist. Has anyone thought that Dani might be the real mist maker in this house? She did agree to have Dan come off of the block. She has everyone convinced she is just an honest poor little southern girl. Jenn is onto her fog though. When Dani was wearing her pimple mask she and Jenn were talking in the bathroom. She kept pumping Jenn for answeres which Jenn artfully dodged. Jenn knows anything she says will be used against her in the jury room. She does have the right to remain silent. LOL Dan has had his day in the sun, his 15 minutes of fame, so he needs to go big time. Problem is the houseguests don’t know what we know so none of this would work. I can still hope something big happens though.

  55. Even if by some strange reason Ian put dan on the block he wouldn’t get voted out. Jen slept through most of the game and had little or no interaction with shane. Dani will never vote dan out, shane has no reason to not keep dan since he needs him to knock Ian out

  56. SIMON, Do you think that they’re going to have the POV Ceremony tomorrow instead of Monday? There is a taped eviction Wednesday which means Tuesday is probably eviction in the BB House

  57. @Simon.I think the last coversation Dan&Danielle tried to have before Shane followed them like a puppy,probably had something to do with Dan thinking him&Danielle should convince Shane not to use the veto.The reason why I say this,has to do with Dan saying that maybe they(Dan&Danielle)can do more to help out their situation.To me,that sounds like Dan will use the move that Danielle Reyes(season3)did on Marcellus.I actually think Dan can pull that off.But like I said earlier,Dan&Danielle need to let Jenn know that they’re trying to keep her safe(Jenn overreacts to alot of things).By the way,why is Shane following Dan&Danielle around?

    1. There has been so little game talk right now it’s hard to know what is really going on. I’m feeling that Dan is re positioning himself for Shane, Daneille final 3. He feels that he and Danielle can beat Shane in the 3 part hoh but cannot beat Ian.

  58. Ian’s too caught up in the quack pack to send Dan packing…he also thinks he’s the new Memphis. Dan’s misting Ian by telling him that he’s a renegade since he knows that Ian is a huge fanboy, so Ian probably won’t want to get rid of Dan. The only reason Ian would put Dan up would be to hide their “alliance.”

  59. if somehow jenn escapes and floats into the final 2 as a safe opponent then somehow gets the votes and wins then all of a sudden jenn is seen as this incredible player and when interviewed spins her gameplay into some mastermind performance. the game is pure luck and absolutely anyone could win. any skill or gameplay that people try almost always blows up in their face. the whole thing is a crapshoot and thats prolly why the prize is only 500k

  60. dan has put the mist on everybody so he is in no danger….I expect dani to go up and jenn to go out… way shane or ian would vote to keep jenn over danielle

  61. “(My prediction Shane uses the veto Danielle goes up and Jenn goes home. Hopefully Jenn stirs the pot enough to give us one last crazy week on Big Brother. What do you all see happening? )”

    My prediction is that Dan mists Shane into not using the POV and he goes to the jury. If only Dan could bottle that mist and sell it on eBay, he’d make a killing!

  62. Ian is in a brutally tough position not being able to play in the next HOH. He is basically going up on the block whoever wins HOH and he will need to win the veto or he is gettin to steppin

  63. it would be great to see Shane and Jenn be the F2. that way, not only will Danielle walk away with no money prize, she would also walk away empty handed from the show with no Shane.

  64. Shane: Linebacker. What position is that? Offense or defense?

    Is that moron for real? I can’t listen to him anymore. He’s a “male model” and sure sounds like it. And the way he tries to sound intelligent in conversations. He’s a total freaking moron on all accounts. Too bad I have to put up with him for another week.

  65. so they get down to 4 on thursday then the finale is the next wednesday. do they go into the finale with 4 left? i thought the final episode started with 3, then got to 2 quick and then the vote?

    1. No…Julie said on this last double eviction that next wednesday would be a special eviction, and the thursday right after that wednesday is another eviction. So on Wednesday it will be final 4 and then on Thursday it will be final 3. The finale is Wed. Sept. 15 I think.

      1. Maybe they should keep a final four till the last day…a two or three hour special like Survivor does.

        If you remember the past BBs, it gets pretty boring in the house with only two people the last week.

  66. Well that means that dan will not win in a final 2 he will lose against all 3 hopefullly ian, danielle and shane ban together and get him out so at least the final 3 won’t have a veteran in it

    1. I agree, I don’t think anyone would vote for Dan if he’s in the final 2. He’s won before and he’s backstabbed just about everyone. But at this point, he’s really the only one playing the game and I can’t get myself to root for any of the other morons in the house. Now that Frank’s gone, I don’t really care.

  67. Don’t know if this means anything, but I just clearly heard Ian say ” MIST!” as he was rocking on the hammock in the backyard by himself..

  68. Danielle is one of the biggest complainer and not appreciative person ever. It really bugs that she checks herself out all the time, yea they complain that frank had no social game but Ian is off course by himself rocking away, so now Danielle likes Shane, she is such the mean girl

  69. Sorry but Dan needs to pull another big move and try to send Danielle home. He needs to mistify Ian into putting Danielle up next to Jenn and then convince either Ian or Shane that they need to vote out Danielle. Dan needs Jenn. She is his best chance to winning BB. Dan versus Jenn? Dan wins. Totally. Do your thing, Dan. Mist mist mist!

  70. Looks like Ian is on the brink of a breakdown riding that hammock enough to be vaulted out of the yard and talking to himself, shaking his head etc.

  71. By a mile, Jenn City is by far the “least deserving BB winner” still in the house. Easy to beat in comps. Not really close to any other HGs. Only Frank as an ally in jury. Dan’s genius is that he’s been “sizing up” the other HGs totally differently than all the other HGs are. How much Dan likes the others as people has little or nothing to do with planning his “Road To BB Victory”. Dan wants to further Jenn in the game for only ONE reason: Jenn vs. Dan is Dan’s best chance to win 500K. If only the other HGs would look at it the same way Dan does, they’d all see the same thing: Vs. Jenn, Danielle/Shane/Ian would all ALSO win the 500K! Their problem? None are them are looking at the endgame the same way Dan is. Ian wants his BB14 legacy to be QP as the final four. I like Ian a lot. But he’s putting his “all QP quartet at the end” nonsense before his OWN game. Ian vs. Jenn at Jury? A 6-1 Ian BB14 win. But that’s the FURTHEST thing from Ian’s mind right now. Heck, Ian might still win. But his cockeyed priorities have him wanting to evict his easiest opponent in the BB final. Dan NEVER makes a mistake like that. Deep down, Danielle would STRONGLY prefer to bring Shane and Dan to the final 3. Because they’re her two closest allies in the house. Once Dan explained to Danielle why voting Shane out this week was best for both of them, Danielle was gonna go along with Dan on it. But in her heart, she really doesn’t want to evict Shane before Jenn. And a BIG part of Danielle (no tushy jokes here!) is thrilled that Shane just won POV. She just can’t help it. Because, unless Dan is in her ear, Danielle thinks 100% emotionally and 0% logically in this game. One more thing I can’t wait to see: I don’t think it’s a TOTAL lock that Shane uses the POV on himself. Remember, Shane has been EXTREMELY confident that he has the votes to stay vs. Jenn all along. And why wouldn’t he think that? Both Danielle and Dan’s votes have been 100% predictable to him, all season long. No surprises (yet.). And Shane 100% knows that Ian truly does want a QP final four. BUT! Does Shane possess that “healthy, anything-can-happen-in-BB” paranoia, and take himself off, just to be totally sure, and choose to put Danielle up as the pawn vs. Jenn? I think Shane would prefer not to (that means even MORE Danielle whining to Shane about it!), even though he knows Danielle would stay. (I don’t think Shane’s considering putting Dan up at all – the mist!) Little does Shane know that his BB survival truly DOES depend on him using the POV on himself. My gut: there’s only about a 60% chance that Shane does go ahead and use the POV on himself. I think he’s still way confident in his vote safety this week vs. Jenn. We’ll see!

  72. If Shane does NOT use the veto, then…
    1) Jenn goes home and HOH will be either Shane, Dan or Danielle.
    2) Shane goes home and HOH is Jenn, Danielle or Dan.
    Ian will definitely be on the block.
    BUT… he may have a good shot at POV if it’s the face morph or some memory game.

    If Shane USES the veto, Ian has a choice…
    1) Danielle goes up and she is safe.
    2) Dan goes up and he is safe.
    I don’t believe Ian will keep Jenn no matter what.
    If Jenn goes home, the HOH will be Dan, Shane or Danielle.
    Ian will definitely be on the block.
    BUT… he may have a good shot at POV if it’s the face morph or some memory game.

    So basically, whether or not Shane uses the veto, Ian will definitely be the target next round and only the POV will save him.

    Ian will stick with his Final 4 QP because he is committed to that. And that I think will be his downfall.

    Because after that point, Dan controls the end game – he and Danielle. Dan has already said in his DR sessions that his REAL alliance is to Danielle. So unless Ian manages to win POV twice in a row, I think he’s out at 4th place. The final three are Dan, Danielle and whoever stays this week (Shane or Jenn).

    My IDEAL outcome would be if Jenn stops with the self pity and goes out with a fight – teaming up with Shane and Ian with a final 3 deal.
    (Heck, even just teaming up with Shane and promising one week safety to Ian!)
    Ian puts up Dan as Shane’s replacement. (He can say to Dan that would be safest for the QP because none of us will vote you out!)
    Dan is voted out by Shane and Jenn.
    Danielle hyperventilates and grows 4 more tumors.
    HOH is won by Shane or Jenn and Danielle is the target – loses POV and goes to jury.
    Final 3 is Ian, Jenn and Shane.
    Ian and Shane final 2.

    Jury votes I think would award Ian the win. After all, it was on his HOH’s that Boogie, Frank and Dan were booted, and he even won POVs.
    I’d love to see Ian win because he’s socially awkward, physically inferior, but adores the game, and really, really needs the money.

    1. Everyone keeps giving Ian credit for getting Boogie out on his HOH. That did not happen

      Boogie got evicted before Ian won the HOH in the Double Eviction and evicted Ashley.

      Ian should get credit for voting to evict Boogie and blindside him in the process.

  73. I think Ian might have a minor form of Aspergers Syndrome. Do any of these symptoms sound like Ian:
    • Problems with social skills: People with Asperger’s syndrome generally have difficulty interacting with others and often are awkward in social situations.
    • Eccentric or repetitive behaviors: People with this condition may develop odd, repetitive movements, such as hand wringing or finger twisting.
    • Unusual preoccupations or rituals.
    • Communication difficulties: For example, a person with AS may engage in a one-sided, long-winded speech about a favorite topic, while misunderstanding or not recognizing the listener’s feelings or reactions, such as a need for privacy or haste to leave.
    • Limited range of interests
    • Coordination problems
    • Skilled or talented: Many children with Asperger’s syndrome are exceptionally talented or skilled in a particular area, such as science or music.

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