Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Down to Single Digit Days left

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations: Jenn and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

9:00AM Cam 1-4 Everyone Sleeping

9:28am Cam 3 Jenn gets up and changes her batteries.. heads back to bed.

9:47AM Cam 3-4 Ian in the pool.. Big BRother tells Ian and Danielle to change our their batteries..
9:53AM Cam 3-4 Jenn making morning coffee with her shades on

10:07AM Cam 3-4 Kitchen Dan and Danielle
Dan telling her she is the nicest when she wakes up.. Most people are crabby but not her.

10:21AM CAM 3-4 Danielle and Shane
Danielle asks him when did he change beds last night. Shane says around 7.. he was cold and Danielle had taken all the blankets.

10:32AM Bathroom daneille and Jenn Danielle tells her the giant pimple on her face has turned into a scab. She continues to pick it for a bit then covers it up with makeup.

10:42AM Jenn outside by herself talking to “Superpass” (I guess she means the live feed watchers.. lol)

10:55am Cam 3-4 Dan wonders if they will make everyone give speeches during the POV ceremony. Shane hopes not, Dan agrees says it’s pointless at this stage of the game. Dan starts teasing Danielle for doing her funny fish face in the mirror while applying makeup. (Image Link)

11:04am Cam 1-2 Danielle tells Dan that Ian going to nominate her as the replacement nomination.

11:17am Cam 1-4 Trivia most likely POV Ceremony is occurring..

11:42AM 1-4 Trivia POV Ceremony

11:52AM living Room Shane and Danielle Shane sayign Jenn lasted this long floating.. time to let her go home (jenn).

Danielle is nominated

Final week of Big Brother
Alot of questions about how this final week plays out.. I’ll try to elaborate based on what has happened for past Big Brother season. This is my no means a given.. as we have seen int he past CBS will throw a monkey wrench into things if it doesn’t go their way.

This is what most likely will happen today
Today is the Power of Veto Ceremony where Shane will use the veto to take himself off the block. Ian as the current Head of Household will pick Danielle as the replacement Nominee. The game moves very fast from were on in. Wednesday is a taped eviction meaning they will do the Danielle/Jenn vote, HOH, Nominations and POV all before Thursday’s Show. ON Thursday show the final POV winner will cast their final vote and we will move to the first of 3 HOH competition to determine the final Head of Household.

Last year at this time feeds were cut on Tuesday at 2pm and didn’t come back until Wednesday after the show aired on the east coast. I would expect by Wednesday night Jenn will be gone, a new HOH and POV winner will be known.

Just a side note Dawg and I will continue posting Live Feed updates right until the feeds are over. I still find the feed interesting at this point because the players recount the events that occurred int he season and it gives you a clearer picture of what really happened. you get a 3 day free trial and are able to flash back and watch to any point since Big Brother 13, Worth it if you are a big Brother fan.

Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!

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Big brother is officially horrible. Dan is going win, and be the first double winner.Joe should have won this, in my book he is the best big brother player in history (anyone who doesn’t think so can go to hell). Goodbye big brother, you just became the dumbest game ever.

Dark Horse

If Joe is the best Big Brother player in history…then shouldn’t he still be in the house?!

I thought Joe did bring entertainment and his DR’s, screaming included were kinda funny…not Brit funny though ;P

If Dan’s does win BB again…I would consider him the best player in BB history, right up there with Dr. Will.


I agree-*looks around for others to say Dan only won because he’s surrounded by dumbasses*-Dan’s game has been something to watch-If Ian nominated him would another crazy/brilliant plan save him? I think so. Dan’s bond with Dani is strong, she’d just convince Shane he’d be safer with him there despite the fact Dan himself nominated him-Ian would have to convince Danielle she’s better off without Dan and fuck-That’d be a toughy.

Roisin Dubh

Well, you have to admit they are dumbasses, but besides that they got people that wanted to up their profile and didn’t give 100% to the game.


Please people why do you have to degrade Ian? He has ADHD that’s why he’s always rocking in the hammock to calm himself down. It cann’t be help it a way of dealing with it , so shame on you people for making fun of him. or maybe your not happy unless your making fun of someone with a disability. And I really hope he wins just because he has deal with maybe more then any other house guest.
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Della Slaninaso happy you realize this … Ian maybe nervous but he is so innocent and honest; he doesn’t see Dan’s evil ways!
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This has come down to the season of idiots and misfits. So how can Dan, as a pathological lying backstabbing slimy snake, not bury the rest of the cast when they consist of a plumped up pathetic delusional nut case stalker with no self-esteem, a dumb as dirt hammer slinging yes man that’s pretty in pink, an afflicted hammock swinger who wants to relive historic BB moments and a burned out angry rocker that’s always looking under the wrong rock and then throwing it anyone nearby.

Dan if you come up empty against this group of malfeasants you may go down as one of the best and also one of the worst BB players, but all in the same season.


That was hilarious!!!


So Ryan, thanks for the quote / set up but here’s my real point:

Don’t get me wrong…Dan has been brilliant and it got him to where he is now, so well positioned. Let’s face it the whole funeral thing work magnificently, kudos & hats off. I’m just saying that with so much writing on the wall how do these people that remain not figure out what’s going to happen.

Sure everyone calls it “mist’ But how about ‘blind faith’ in that everyone thinks he’s their bestest best friend and sole teammate. Watch their reactions when / if he has a hand in them going. But that’s Dan’s best play, he always gets to stay under the radar and few know that he pulled the trigger because someone else get’s the blood splatter.

He also has this touch that sends them out the door with a good feeling in terms of who’d they might vote for…not that everyone will run with that. But of all that’s left…except for Dan, nobody is playing the game, they’re all just playing along.


I hope, that for the rest of his celebrity life, that people say,” You were almost as good as Dr. Will.” And I hope that next year, BB only uses new players. As interesting as some of this year has been, Dan had 4 free weeks, he spun a fine web of deceit, he had the dumbest players left.
I would be so happy if those in the jury house keep him from the big prize and give it to the newbie he din’t screw.


Oh my goodness. Are you……does this mean you’re actually……okay, you admit Dan is running this house, but do you, OMG/WTF-The very person that gave us an essay-long 411 on satanic Dan and the bible (I could not find it dammit, but I looked for it because I couldn’t believe my eyes)……are you…dare I say it…rooting for him???? Yes you can dismiss a large part of his gameplay as him dealing with the ‘blind faith’ in this house-I am pissed Ian didn’t nominate him, the chances were very verry low anyway, but it’s not like the he can’t win POVs when he’s nominated next so I have no worries-And Shane, who isn’t going home afterall, has proven he can grab them also. But yeah-Of course Dani will continue to trust Dan because he’s coached her and brought her all this way-Ian is intent on keeping the Quackpack together and beating Dan in F2-like VA Vet said below, but as he’s aware Dan is after him I don’t know why he doesn’t team up with Shane, because the alliance of Dan and Dani is unbreakable. But does this mean you’re actually…looking for Dan to win??? I’ll be happy with Ian or Dan either way…


I think Dan really wants to be sitting next to Dani – wants to be the coach that brought his newbie to the final 2 – I have a feeling he knows he probably will not win – but would really like to be at the end with Dani by his side


I agree! Joe? No! Dan deserves this 100% he has made epic moves this season I can’t believe someone said Joe! Dan has run this entire game – Ian hasn’t done anything but follow Brit’s

Roisin Dubh

He only made one move. If anything Britt was running the show because she had both Ian and Shane under her control. God that hurt to say that. Dan just sat back the entire time and only started to play when he got thrown up on the block.


I think Dan was threatened by Brittney. She was actually a smart player and Dan knew that he would not be able to play her like he’s playing the rest of the cast this far into the game.

He used Frank’s good nature to backstab others.

This is why I will NEVER consider Dan a great player.

Put him in the house with Evil Dick and Dr. Will and Dan will be the first one out of the door. Guaranteed!


Dan is a pathological liar and a con artist. His actions do not amount to skill or brilliant moves. He used backstabbing, lying and double-crossed people to get to where he is. He would never make it this far otherwise. It shows you the kind of person he really is.

Everyone on the show, including the Masturbator-in-Chief (Joe), chose to play the game with dignity.

Dan is Judas and always will be.


Joe? Best player ever? Have we been watching same game? Joe did nothing but run hard at every new HOH to suck butt. Ultimate floater even after he said the lines need to be drawn. When he saw the power shift he shifted accordingly. Guess in your opinion I should go to hell but if moronic attitudes prevail….I’ll save you a seat.


Joe was the male equivalent of Shelly from last season. Neither could win anything but both spent the most time kissing HOH butts.


Okay Simon/Dawg, so tell me straight up, who do YOU see taking home $500,000? Just want to know your honest opinion (not necessarily who you WANT to win) – but who do you think WILL win??!!


Oh, and by the way, I think I’m gonna miss you when you’re gone!! :-( <3


Would you agree that Shane’s best chance is not necessarily who he’s there with but simply winning out for the next few comps?


Why hasn’t Jenn talked to Ian about Dan wanting him out last eviction? It could save her now plus she has the inside info on Dan ratting out Ian to Frank and the fake funeral that Danielle was involved in afterwards? These players are so frustrating to the viewers.

The Frank haters are the JeJo cat ladies of the season. They love Dan and make all these excuses for him using his “so-called” religion to destroy people. Past players have been ruthless but Dan takes it to a whole new level. He constantly is plugging his book, website, etc. in order to make more and more money.

I don’t like people who use their god for greed and other selfish reasons.

Dark Horse

I wish ? would have had made a game play on her own…


Because she sucks. Shane, Dani and Jenn can cause all hell to break loose if they opened their mouths about the conversations they had with Dan. Jenn and Dani can say Dan wanted Shane up and evicted. Shane knows Dan wanted Ian up and evicted if he did not win POV. I hope some one grows some ball B4 the POV ceremony and all hell breaks loose.


I think her dislike for Ian is getting in the way of her seeing clearly and knowing that if she wants to stick around she needs to make a move and expose Dan. I don’t understand these people, they are like afraid to rock the boat.

Like what you are saying about Frank – the only real opposition to the house this entire season.

Thanks for making Big Brother worth watching this season, Frank! Preesh.


Because of the mist, the mist is thick these days. On some level they all know Dan is aligned with someone besides them. But they all want to believe his “I’m working WITH you and snowing everyone else” is true.

At this point, having a “house meeting” is Jenn’s only move. However if she exposes Dan that is all she will accomplish; she can’t save her self with the truth. So maybe Jenn likes Dan more than Ian and Shane. Maybe Jenn isn’t pointing out the Dan double talk because she would rather Dan have the chance to run his game to the end.


Get your facts straight before you post …… (Some not all)Frank Fans are the JeJo(Jeff and Jordan) Cat ladies of the season. Proof? they’re the only ones taking this game way too seriously calling people satan with long winded comments of bible bullshit, claiming the way people act is how he acts in his daily life and that they should be fired ect ect.. and getting angry and personal with anyone saying anything against Frank, and continue to make excuses for him even though the reality of him being the reason of his eviction flies miles over their heads….

Sorry to break it to you, but the posts last season with some JJ fans taking things too seriously and personally, are almost identical to some of the Frank Fans, how I know? I was on here all last season, that’s why they’re so easily recognized.


ILL WILL – We agreed with each other last year but not so much this season. I don’t like Dan using religion to further his game and I liked Frank but recognized his weaknesses. Nobody should threaten any players family, job, etc…. not cool.

My parallel of the cat ladies to the Dan cult reminds me of the JeJo fans that were here last year posting constantly.

We may just have to agree to disagree on this one. :)


The only thing really missing from Cat Ladies are threats to Dan’s family and trying to get him fired…

Roisin Dubh

Funny part is that Jeff was a bigtime bully and he gets a pass because he’s porking Jordan.


LMFAO @ Jeff “porking” our lovable cookie monster Jordan


And Jenn is not trying everything to stay in the house because like Frank she is a DUMB DUMB


How about the people that claim Frank’s bullying will perpetuate bullying in America if he wins America’s player? That’s just ludicrous, I think there’s cat ladies on both sides,plus, I’ve also read thae comments for a few years now, so can’t pull that on me!


Winning America’s Player for being stupid? I doubt that, but then again Jeff won for 2 seasons not really earning it Cat people love him long time


I agree that the cat people fall on both sides of the fence.

You can bring up how some people wanted to get Dan fired and all that stupid stuff but if you look at the first month or two of comments, most of the vitriol came from the people who just absolutely hated Frank/Boogie. It’s pretty much the primary reason I went on Team Frank: the anti-Frank people were crazy and it’s fun to root for the guy people hate, especially when the hatred is completely irrational.

That being said, Danielle is the biggest cat lady to every be IN the house.


The only time Dan showed emotion was for himself. If he wins it will show his students and everyone else that this behavior is rewarded. That’s what the ceo’s of this world do after all. Walk on everyone else just to benefit “me” I really hope this doesn’t happen. I’ve seen many people win in life by choosing not to be a dirty soul.


First off jenn has no idea dan and dani are working against her as for Ian he has wanted her out for weeks so i don’t see what she could say. Ian pretty much knows what dans deal eas with frank was but he has a deal with dan. Even if she could have convinced Ian to put dan up she wouldn’t have the votes her biggest problem in the game was she didn’t make any conections in the beginning she spent it doing nothing while dan created connections.

Dark Horse

All good things must come to an end…I gotta say I had so much fun on this site this season. I feel the feeds were pretty great this year…aside of the DR cutting the best convo’s, airing DR sessions etc.

I am fully rooting for Ian at this point…even though I feel that Dan & Danielle are in the best positions in the house…

I can only hope that next season will be all new players…then maybe an All-Star season to follow.

Simon & Dawg…once again you guys did great this year & thanks again for all your hard work!!


W0rd another excellent season , I’m ready for next season, hopefully the Cat People will be back and choose another person to make pathetic excuses for all season like they continue to do for Frank. I just hope vets are not involved in any way


Dark Horse, what was Ian thinking??? I’m so in shock that that child didn’t put up Dan, I can’t believe it. I know he LOVES the BB game and all and must really respect Dan’s game, but DAMN!!!!! He could have made the BIGGEST move of the season getting Dan out this week and blew it. For what??? The Quack Pack???? REALLY???? I almost want to cry, not because I have anything against Dan and WANTED him voted out, but as far as game play. . . . . . . that could have earned Ian the title of the BEST player in BB history. Man, he BLEW IT!!!!!


At this point it wouldn’t have mattered even if he put dan up both shane and dani would have saved him so in the end it didn’t matter


Thnx for the updates simon and dawg!! much appreciated.
I hope Dan wins, he deserves it the most! If not, den i hope Ian does.

Gods flower

Dan needs to go ASAP. He’s playing everyone, I wish Ian would see before the pov ceremony. I can’t look at Dan anymore. He lied on his wedding ring, that just shows how little he can be trusted.


At the end of the day, I still think that Dan really really really wants to take Dani to the end. Kind of curious about their weird relationship … not only would Dan get the votes to win the game, he has the bragging rights as taking his coached player all the way to the end.


I agree – Dan wants to take Danielle to the end because he accomplished a two for one.

He SHOULD be concerned that Danielle will want to be involved in his life OUTSIDE the BB house so he better be prepared for that after the show is over. Chelsea needs to beware of Dani’s emotional instability.


what the hell are u talking about , you need to chill a little bit


Excuse me? I thought this was a forum to post opinions.

No anger or cursing from me so not sure why the nasty response.

Are we watching the same show?

Danielle is a very disturbed young woman who needs help. I’m hardly the only one that has observed her delusional behavior.


I think that is a little extreme what I think is BB likes drama and edit things to incite us i do not believe dani is unstable lol i think that is what bb wants us to think it makes for good drama.


You would take that back if you’ve watched ANY after dark episode. Big Brother hides her insanity in the normal episodes; I can’t even watch after dark anymore!


You are dead on Gracie… Danielle is the most irritating, low self esteem but still self absorbed, whining, stalker I have ever seen!! AH I can’t stand her! Why are people in the house so oblivious to her craziness!?

Carl Winslow

He could also say that he stayed true to her the entire time like Memphis.

CBfan says

I agree that Dan would want bragging rights for taking his player to the end, but I feel the only way he can win 500k is if he is sitting next to Jenn or Shane. His best bet is Jenn.

Simon and Dawg, this website is great, really appreciate the updates. After 21 years with the same company I found myself unemployed this summer. Your website has made a long depressing summer a little more tolerable. Again, you guys are great, appreciate the website.

Roisin Dubh

Keep your chin up dude, something will come your way. And your right, this website is the best. Thanks Simon, Dawg and I voted for Dawg.

danielle is jealous of every pretty girl...

I agree best person to take is Jenn…is Dan losing his touch…why risk the money by taking Danielle…the jury likes her more.. doesnt he see that


While I know most of you don’t like Ian, I think he deserves to win this. He was behind most if not all of the major evictions, his info was valuable to his aliance. The houseguest know he deserves it that’s why they want to get him out now. I’m hoping he manages to keep saving himself to the end, Dan is afraid of him. I hope Dan gets evicted soon, I’m so tired of his ego. Personnely I’m hoping for a final 2 with Shane and Ian, just because I’d love to see Dan and Danielle faces when they got evicted.


Fuck that little rat. Maybe if he improved his physique (he calls himself a man, ha ha) he wouldn’t have to depend on mental comps and hiding behind the QP giggling that he made “big” moves.

Dark Horse

Someone’s physical appearance has nothing to do with the game…he won mentals so whats the big deal…

He did get big players out and was a mole for a lot of the game.


He?? This “dude” is a girl and frankly, needs a bra. Might as well win 500k for a sex change operation-It would do him well…at least for my eyes…That’s okay, at least Danielle is in the house to make up for all the ugly…


And you, Yeppers, are you Brad Pitt or someone of that caliber that you can make fun of someone else’s appearance? I’m thinking probably not, so you probably have neither beauty nor brains. At least Ian has brains.


Brad Pitt? Whatever. Unlike Ian I have self-worth. And yes, ho ho holy cow: I look good. I have TWO girlfriends (shhhh)-You don’t. And Ian can’t even grab one-He lost her to Frankie, who’s probably banging her hard right now. Ian says he had to get Frank out because he was a threat…Uhhhh no-Everyone knows that little beady-eyed sorry excuse was just being a jealous lameass. He doesn’t deserve to win over someone like…ummm let’s see, Dani, who’s actually playing the game and growing a set. Case closed.


Somehow, I don’t think internet gaming and message board relationships count as ‘two girlfriends’. Just kidding. Keep staying sexy (shhhhhh).;)


Well, one is on a message board, but we’re together-And I do have a real one, though. And while I stay handsome, you stay jealous.


I could not be more jealous if I tried. Seriously;)


Hey, it was said on the Internet so it must be true.


Wow you are rude and crude, and I hope you get banned from this page!


i have never laughed so hard in my life


just jealous that Ian is getting mad love from alot of us…..why pick on his physique, are we in elementry school now?


Jealous? Of Ian being loved? SOMEBODY has to love him, because I don’t and once that cocky little bastard sees what people like me realize about him hopefully he’s stays indoors. If this were elementary school, everyone would go “Eeewww, gross!” at Ian, so if you want to get technical…So many hypocrites on here. You can call Dani a c#nt and a whore and a fat ugly pig, but one word speaking the truth about Ian’s physique and how disturbing it is sets everyone off. Boo. Hoo. Deal with it. Let’s all agree Ian needs a bra period.


Vicki I agree with you – I am really pulling for Ian to win this or at least get to Final 2!! I just wish Ian would figure out that this is his chance to try and get Dan out. Ian needs talk with Shane, make a deal with him for Shane to vote Dan out and Ian will be the tie breaker. *sigh* Easy for us to see this I know, but wish he’d figure it out!


I agree! Really rooting for Ian. I don’t think he deserves to win, but I have also come to appreciate Shane as a decent human. Frank is stone cold effective and cut-throat and deserves #2.

Distant Observer

Yep I want to see Ian n Shane as F2 at this point its lookin like Dan n Dan go to F2 unless Ian wins POV and HOH.
And by the way….Ian needs a bra because of all the female hormones that are put into and on everything …like store receipts, money, cans, food, etc…WHY?
As a chemist one would also think Ian would not drink aspartame(diet cola). It is pure poison. But as Ian has made clear, he can not see the big picture.
(like getting Dan out NOW!)

Distant Observer

Hey Simon, Do you guys do a Survivor blog?
This is such a great BB site.
I’m sure a Survivor one would be just as great!

Distant Observer

Thx Great Job! Cheers

Nicky Brand

Since it’s slowing down…

So what if BB15 is an all-star season, who would get invited? Since they already did one for the Season 1-6 players, I hink they would focus on 8-14.

This is who I think CBS would invite, not who I personally would like to see:

Brendon & Rachel, Jeff & Jordan – clearly CBS is in love with these 2 couples, plus both the girls are champions.
Dan – win or lose, he’s the best player they can get, since Will turned them down.
Dick or Daniele Donato – they’d love to have both, but Dick says he’ll walk if she’s there.
Britney & Enzo – the funniest trash talkers. Brit’s not a great player, but has a huge fan base — that’s more important.
Jessie Godderz – yeah, I hear you, I feel the same way, but Production loves the way he gets on the HGs’ nerves.
Frank – a great love/hate player — might have a better chance if he doesn’t start off with an attachment to someone toxic.
Hayden – a winner, and girls seem to like him.
Janelle – she might not do it again, but I think they’d ask her.
Ian – if he wins this season — I don’t think any new player other than Frank or Ian has much of a chance, except maybe Kara.
Kara – BB actually recruited her because of her Playmate status, but didn’t get much mileage out of her because of the early eviction. Plus, Ian, Frank & Shane talked about her all year long.

Plus, they might cast another hot girl or 2. Jen (BB9), Kristen (10) or Cassi (13).

I agree with Dan, whether you’re invited back will be based more on popularity than game play.


I would say that they would bring back Jen (BB8), Dick over Daniele, Janelle, Dan, Britney, maybe Wil from this season, Michelle, Rachel, Jeff (Jordan and Brendon said they wouldn’t do it again), Ian, James (BB9), Matt (BB12), Lane (BB12), Enzo (BB12)… and some other people from earlier seasons.

What a world it would be

shane has won 2 HOH’s and 4 POV ( back to back) most of the POV was when he needed to.

Big Brother needs to bring back Frank and Shane . they are the power house! It makes it better to watch. as they win comps the rest of the house quest does the sic part.

The Real Jeff

It would be interesting is they could bring back entire Alliances or several members from each and have “Big Brother: Battle of the Alliances”
Chilltown v. Quack Pack v. Renegades v. The Brigade v. ??

I am sure I missed a few

On another note, what was the best Alliance in BB History?

Nicky Brand

I remember there was one called The Friendship several years back. There was also that Veterans Alliance last year, but they turned on each other pretty quickly.

Chilltown was only 2 people and although each won a season, they never made F3 together. They sure were funny, though.

I’d say the best were The Brigade & the Quack Pack. The Brigade had 4 members and had 4 of the F5. Even more impressive, nobody in the house even knew they were an alliance until F4. The QP formed when 12 people were still in the house, and they look like they are about to be the entire F4. Along the way, they took out BB legends Boogie & Janelle, plus one of the best comp winners, Frank. If they had won one more comp (either counting lollipops or box of shamrocks), they would likely have gone F5 together.

I like your idea. I think that would be a fun season, seeing the best alliances compete, try to make coalitions and steal each other’s members.


I like this idea, AG is going to steal it and make money off it, better let her know NOW, you want money up front

Roisin Dubh

Brigade hands down. They had a lock on that house since day 1 and nobody had a clue.

Ian for the Win

My wish for a BB15 All Stars. Make 2 houses. One for Women one for men. Use 12 in each house..
At the halfway point, after the casts have jelled and the dust settles, put the houses together and have evictions every 4 days.
Give upfront stipends and allow more talk about production to keep them honest. It would boost ratings.
More people would get the live feeds. And we would have to watch the television show more.
Also instead of fish or as another place to go when the fish swim, CBS could have a link to all the DR sessions. I would pay a nominal fee for that.


I would like to NEVER see The Friendship/The Nerd Herd back in this game please and thank you. They are worse than the QP.

The Real Jeff

I remember “The Friendship” errrrr “The Nerd Herd” as I think they were called by the rest of the house guests.

I also remember one called the The Four Horsemen from Season 5.


Chill Town was four people in S2 (no one ever remembers Shannon or Krista).

But to answer the question, I will go Chill Town. They were the first alliance in BB as we know it, laid out the blueprint, and produced two winners – one of whom is considered either the best or second best BB player ever. They did make it to the Final 4 together in BBAS even though people knew they were in an alliance which would make it harder to do, IMO.

I guess a special acknowledgment goes to the Donatos who were the first alliance to get to the Final 2 together.


Don’t forget about Kaysar. I would love to see him come back.


so he can get voted out a fourth time




What Up Kay-Sar! Loved him.

I also love how everyone ignores Season 9, like it never existed. Rightfully so, it was the absolute worst season ever.

I wish BOTh the Donatos would come back but as someone else said, Dick says he’ll walk if Dani is in the house.

As long as either Dick or Dani, Janelle, Will or Boogie, Howie, Kaysar, Frank and the brigade come back, I’ll be happy. I don’t care for Brenchel. And I care very little for Jeff and Jordan but Jeff said in Frank’s exit interview that he would want to work with Frank, so I’ll be a Jeff fan if that happens.


NO Jessie


I say bring Jessie back again so America can vote him out a third time


I really would be ok with any of the QP in the end, I know Dani is a little nuts but I think she has done well in the game and has listened to her coach. She has a good social game. I like Shane, he seems like a nice guy overall, won some comps and managed to stay on everyone’s good side. Dan, is prob the best player ever. Ian, has done a good job, won when he needed to and loves the game. I am not a fan of ian personally. He is cocky and has gotten a big head. I really dont see him as an Allstar, he did well, but I wont remember him in two years.


they could have had Dan out early as a coach after jodi and kara went quick. They couldve bounced danielle easily early on which wouldve sent Dan home as well. very stragne season with coaches getting a free ride for a month or so

Roisin Dubh

Boogie didn’t want to pull the trigger on him. Nobody ever talks about that. The respect he gave Dan came back to bite him.

What a world it would be

Shane should be the one winning this! He is the one that put up frank and mike. He won 2 HOH’s and what is it now 4 POV’s? if not shane they def Ian.

All Dan did was the whole funeral and everyone bought it because they are all idots! Also Dan has the advantage because this is his 2nd time around so he’s playing the hell out of these new b’s.

Dani has done nothing than to listen to Dan and i’m sure that’s what Dan will say if it’s him and her at the end!


Shane winning? Please tell me you are joking. That guy doesn’t have a clue about what he is doing. He STUMBLED into a pseudo-showmance with a girl that was getting dragged along by Dan. He is riding the coattails of a girl who is riding the coattails of Dan. Shane has NO game, just has a bit of athleticism and luck that helped him win a few competitions. He never saw the show prior to going into sequester, when he watched most of BB11 and part of BB13. That’s the extent of his BB knowledge. He is terrible. If Shane wins, then I hope a plane crashes into Alison Grodner’s face.


If Shane wins, then I hope a plane crashes into Alison Grodner’s face.


one of the funniest post all season

Dark Horse

Completely agree…every word…especially this…’He is riding the coattails of a girl who is riding the coattails of Dan’

What’s next…someone gonna say ? [aka Jenn] deserves to win!!

What a world it would be

so if you win 2 HOH’s and 4 POV’s you shouldn’t win? What is wrong with you guys. He is the only one who’s truly loyal to the quack pack. Every year it’s the same story, that person shouldn’t win because they didn’t win anything or that person has no social game blah blah blah. For someone who’s not a BB fan he’s winning a lot!

Most of you think that Dan is the best player right? Well, then why does he want Shane out so bad? I’ll answer, it’s because he knows how good of a player Shane is. Shane is the one who had the balls to put up frank and mike . Dan knows if he takes Ian or Shane then he will LOSE!

If shane was as bad as you all say then Dan would take him to the final and beat him.

Dark Horse

That first line…’Shane should be the one winning this’…at this point is laughable.


If Dan is smart he will cut Danielle tomorrow……i know the jury vote is important, but is Danielle really going to pick Dan over Shane?? its so tough to say!! Danielle is set up the best both inside the house and in the jury house….noone has anything against her!
i dont want her to win!! i was team Frank, but now that he is out, i want Dan or Ian for the win……


I agree completely. Now that Frank is gone the only people worthy are Dan and Ian. Jenn could have been a good player but she just wasn’t. Danielle and Shane do not deserve to win. Danielle would not have made it this far without Dan. She didn’t do anything on her own. And Shane… Smh… Yea the guy won a couple comps but seriously, he is not good at this game. He just agrees with everyone and does as he is told.

My fear is that Dan will be in the final 2 with Danielle and she will win due to Dan already having won before. Or Shane for that matter. Dan and Ian are the only ones worthy of winning anything… And I am not an Ian fan, but I can recognize he made moves in the game. Even if it did get rid of my boy Frank ;-)


Maaaaaybe Ian just miiiiiiiiiight surprise us replacing the nominee…I kinda change my mind about the lengths of Shane’s stupidity-I mean, he’s aware Dan wanted to put him up before and since Dan won’t vote Dani out over Jenn…I still have the tiniest ounce of hope that kid is gonna shock us…we’ll see…I agree with Simon: Dan or Ian have this…Dan The Man and Ian (The Boss??) FTW!!


Nevermind about nominations….

VA Vet

Based on Ian’s game play, I am convinced that he wants to win against Dan and only Dan in the final two and is willing to risk going to the jury in order to accomplish his objective.

As a super fan that remembers just about everything from past episodes, I’m sure he remembers how Dan played during season 10 and therefore has to be aware of much of Dan’s game plan. And yet Ian hasn’t even considered going after Dan. He also must be aware that he is on the bottom of the totem pole given that Danielle is snuggling up to Shane every night and that Danielle has worked with Dan since day one.

My guess is that he (Ian) feels that he has to keep winning the key comps in order to make it to the final two so why not take Dan with him so that he (Ian) can claim that he beat the best if he wins it all.

Once again, as a student of the game, Ian has been on the same team with Dan (for the most part) so he has been in on much of Dan’s strategy.

I’ve thought from the beginning that there is a lot more going on in Ian’s head—-that he is keeping to himself.


Makes perfect sense to me for Ian’s logical, super fan mind


Ian didn’t make any big moves. He just did what Dan told him to do. Dan FTW!


Ian is nothing but a little pussy. Nuff said.


I love Simon


HAHAAAAAAAA Simon no friggin way this was my comment????
I had this long comment about the site and app and a couple suggestions too…. Too damn funny if only “I love Simon” made it through from the first line.
Or you altered it…… LMFFFFFAO


Okay then Nevermind I just love you :)


This is season was so much better than last year but I can’t help but think how amazing this season would’ve been without the coaches.

This was a solid cast we had here & I truly believe this season would’ve been great with or without the coaches.

I think they ruined a potentially amazing season, because the cast this season honestly couldn’t have been better.

I’m fine with then wasting last years cast because they were beyond stupid; but this season, not so much.

This season honestly had a lot of different characters that could’ve possibly been the next Dr Will but they screwed it with the coaches twist.

That’s just my take on things.


If Ian doesn’t make Dan the replacement nominee, he deserves what’s coming. He’s scared that Dani and Shane double teaming him out of the final three will be worse than trusting the Renegades. Kid’s in a tough spot!


what would dan do if they removed the bible from the house

new twist, we will remove all religious books

dan would be next evicted, cant swear on a dictionary.


I’m a bit tired of Father Dan and his reading of the scriptures. Please………. he’s a joke.

Aqua Bernie

I that herpes on Danielle’s lip? HaHaHa!

Aqua Bernie

Oops, Is that herpes on Danielle’s upper lip? HAHAHA!


It’s a beauty mark.


It’s a beauty mark.


Yep, a “beauty mark” that wasn’t there a week ago!
Amazing how fast those things grow! LOL


You are freaking dumb seriously , dont u have something better to say other than criticizing people on their looks


In this house what pretty much works every time is when a strong 2/3 person alliance forms and hides it from everyone. Most people are somewhat liked by finale night except BB3 Danielle who only received poor Jason’s vote.

I guess the reason BB is using alternate forms of recruiting besides casting/application is because the fans of the game (most of them) know what will work in most cases. Throwing people into the house that have no clue will make for more drama.

With that said, I wish they would use only those that apply because it would be more difficult to play with everyone having a strong knowledge of good/best ways to play the game.

I am tired of familiar faces for a while. I love Jeff and Jordan but I don’t want to see them come back.

I could watch Britney again just because she cracks me up.

I was a huge Survivor fan until they kept bringing back Russell Hantz. He was a player that I could not tolerate. I’ve had a lot of hate for players in both BB and Survivor over the years but R. Hantz pushed me to the limit.

In closing, I would be ok with any one of the remaining houseguests in final 2/winning except ??Jenn


Hmmm, Dani’s acne improving since Joe left and took his nasty stuff with him?


Haven’t the decisions that Ian made been manipulated by other players.Britney was controlling Ian.Then when Britney was evicted(thanks to Dan’s brilliant game move)Dan was and still is controlling all of Ian’s decisions.Ian was actually considering not to target Frank last week because he(Frank) can’t play HOH.But Dan talked him into doing it.Then this week Ian tells Dan he will put Jenn&Dan up.It took Dan little to no time of misting him to put up Shane&Jenn.Ian’s won more comps than Danielle,but he takes orders from Dan just like everyone else does.Dan has made it were,the house guests think their calling the shots,but in reality their doing exactly what Dan wants.He’s playing everyone.He’s truly a master at this game.The crazy part is everyone,but Shane have watched Dan’s season.Yet their falling for his tricks.Lol.Dan deserves to win this game.Anyone that can pull so many players strings should win this game.That’s why I consider Dan,Danielle Reyes(season3)&Dr.Will the best players that’s played the game.

That one guy

How long does it normally take for the feeds to come back from POV?


I hope Dan is right,and the have a whole new cast then an all stars season.If they do have an all stars they need to find a way to get Dan and Dr will in there.The rest of the cast i could care less about except i wouldn’t want to see Jeff,Jordan,Rachael or Brendon again,but would love to see Danielle Reyes again.

As far as this year goes I really don’t care who wins anymore i’m more interested in how the jury is going to vote.I still feel Ian should put Dan up as the replacement because i know if it was me i would love to be up against Jenn or Danielle in the final 2.I think Ian would have a better shot at the final veto with Dan gone.The problem with putting him up is will Shane or Danielle vote to evict him,but if they didn’t i guess it wouldn’t matter because he would still have to win the veto


Jenn goes home, next HOH Dan or Shane will win, they will go after Ian, unless his Wins the POV, Danielle will be the next go to. Unless Dan wins the HOH, then definitely Shane will go home.

Basically from here on out, it is about luck and chance, on who wins the comps. The only guarantee win I can see, is IAN if he makes it to the final three competitions, he would definitely win the endurance comp.

Basically….Dan is safe, unless they get him out now. The other thing is, when it comes to the quack pack taking itself down, they could realize Dan is the biggest threat. However, since he has a final two with everyone, he might be safe.

Dan and Danielle have the highest probability of making it to the final two, whether together or with another player. Shane and Ian, are the biggest targets moving forward.

If the players were smart, they would take Jenn to the final two, since its a guarantee win. So basically they have to let her float to second and take each other out.


Fall is coming.. the breeze is a little cooler, kids are back in school and many posts are mentioning Survivor. Which makes me ask – Which do you prefer Survivor or Big Brother?

I feel as if Survivor is a better game and obviously a better prize. But you don’t have the BB live feeds and the Survivor “boot list” has been leaked, spoiling the whole season, over the last couple of years. Pros and cons – if you could only watch one show, which one would you chose?

Dark Horse

Big Brother for sure!


, do you know if Danielle and Shane went to the gymnasitc event in Los Angeles or another city yesterday?


Kellogg’s tour of Gymnastics Champions website lists sept 9, 2012 at Citizen’s Business Bank Arena, Ontario, CA
Shane & danielle said the limo ride was about an hour to get there.


Dan had Everything all mapped out and it all was going according to Plan! .. But, I wondered why Dan did Not send Shane home instead of Joe. Then I see that it was due to silly Danielle!!!!! – I am SO Mad at Danielle!! … Dan should have done it anyway. Now, I am hoping that silly Shane does not use the veto! – #teamDan


The smart move would be to back door Dan hands down! If they don’t Ian can’t play in this weeks HOH and Dan will convince whoever wins that Ian needs to go and then Dan will win. In the end Dan will bring Danielle – Dan Wins, Shane will bring Danielle and if Danielle was smart she should bring Shane. I realize I am leaving Jenn out of the equation so this all is contingent on her not winning anything. I think production will make sure of that.


Yea, but Ian would never think of that, just like Frank saving Dan for no reason, these players are stupid


I think comment #1 and the responses sum it all up nicely

Dark Horse

Backdooring Dan would bring it on right about now…putting Dan on the block is easy but getting Shane & Danielle to vote him out…thats another story.


I want to thank you both for all your awesome blogging! You are SO much better than all the other ones! The first thing I do several times each day is look at my phone for your updates I don’t even bother with the others most of the time bc your updates are so thorough


I forgot every other BB blog site… OBB is my spot for updates


once again this website has been my obssesion this summer!!! THANK YOU!!
and your IPHONE app is awesome…keeps me obsessed 24/7!

thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Dark Horse

I agree…when I have down time at home, this is the place to be…

There was this other site I went to before finding this place…it was nice at first but then the guy never updated, he was ALWAYS on vacation and then would speculate on what would happen!!!…instead of watching the feeds for us.

Once I found this place…I go to no other.


What I would like to see happen is Dan win hoh, put up whoever just so long as after pov Danielle and Shane are on the block. Ian votes out Danielle (is that how that eviction works???) then Shane Dan and Ian in the final hoh. Which Ian will win if it’s endurance. Then he will take Dan to the end. I really do not wanna see Danielle or Shane in the final 2. Especially Danielle.


.Are you surprised that Dan didn’t even try to mist Shane into not using the veto?I know your a fan of the misting.Lol.Since Shane isn’t that bright,don’t you think Dan couldv’e easily convinced Shane he was safe and to not use the veto?I mean Ian is smarter than Shane,yet Dan is able to play Ian with out breaking a sweat.So,why do you think Dan didn’t push for Shane to pull a Marcellus?Especially after realizing Danielle&Shane seemed closer after they came back from their trip.


I think Shane is just really uncomfortable making decisions. I don’t think he’s dumb like some people say, I just think his desire to not be put in a position to make tough decisions leads him to making dumb moves.

Relax peeps

So has Danieele gotten over the anxiety and anguish from being forced to go on shanes luxury prize trip? Have they found a cure for post container stress disorder? Poor thing, everything is just so awful for her!? If she wins (I hope not) how will she deal with the trauma of winning $500k?




looks like shane used the veto on himself, and ian nominated dan??? go, ian! he finally broke free from the mist!!!


you’re right, guess it was wishful hoping on my part. bye, bye, jenn…

HOH Comp

apparently some people dont read, you know was they about self misting its like procrastination your only F-ing yourself..


Let’s just give Dan the money and end it. Can’t understand: Ian thinks he is so smart because he got out Boogie and Frank, two great players, but he is not smart enough to figure out that he is being played by Dan. Shane says Jenn floated this far so time for her to go, so what is it that Danielle had done in this game that she has the right to stay? Stopped watching the show, just checking out the spoilers, already know the winner: DAN.


Guess Dani is being voted out??


Thanks simon for awesome season. I send the final stats through your e-mail.


Wow Ian you are such a fool for putting up Danielle, instead of Dan!!! You just signed your own death certificate!


At this point in the game it doesn’t matter who he put up. Shane and Dani aren’t going to vote out Dan any more than Dani’s going to get voted out. He needs to win POV, and I think he knows that.


When it gets down to just 4 HG, do all 4 play in POV or just nominees and HOH? I seem to have forgotten how that’s played out…?


everyone plays and that POV holder has the only vote and determines the final 3 that then play out the rest of the game in the 3 part HOH competition, that HOH winner determines who they take to the final 2


If they were smart.. They’d get Danielle out. Who wouldn’t want to sit next to jenn in the final two?!


I just got home, refreshed and IAN DIDN’T PUT UP DAN AS THE REPLACEMENT NOMINEE????????? ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? I absolutely cannot believe that Dan pulled that off. WOW!!! Ian really don’t have any sense!!!! WHAT IS HE THINKING???? Unless he’s SUCH a BB fan that he wants the two most deserving going to the final 2. WOW, not a good move for IAN at ALL!!!!!


billy bob

the mist is strong,but i’ll tell you,the mist is scared shitless of rain man ,the mist is terrified of ian,so is daniell ,revenge of the nerd is in full affect,team tard for the win,


Lets get rid of the rat liar Ian and the prima donna Danielle. I never saw a girl so full of herself and I can’t watch the show b/c of Ian’s
excessive rocking and weird behavior. He is so annoying. and nerdy. I know this is a long shot but I do hope Jenn can win this game.
I think she can really use the money….

danielle is jealous of every pretty girl...

I agree even 50 k would be good for Jenn.. but i would want her next to Dan or Ian… Danielle needs to leave or shes gonna end up winning this game she has 2 guys she riding on…Dan and Shane…however seems odd to me that Dan trusts her so much…he should be worried, she is liked by the jury its to risky to keep her over Jenn…idk Dans not playing the best social game if he thinks he could beat Danielle at the end.. its too risky..

danielle is jealous of every pretty girl...

i know an ian and Shane final 2 will be awesome… but as long as unstable Danielle is in that house…Shane will take her and dan will too .. so either Shane leaves or Dan…i feel this is an imposter Dan because the Dan i knew would be taking Jenn and kicking out Danielle.. he wouldnt risk losing 500k… he knows Dani is well liked in that jury house…if he takes her the jury will see ot as Dani was a victim ..

danielle is jealous of every pretty girl...

Dan come on think about it …kick out Danielle and take Jenn instead shes sooo easy to beat …id take her too. to takin Dani would be a gamble..


I hope Ian gets the next POV


Jenn is out the door, Danielle won HOH,

Is BBAD live tonight?