Shane is fast asleep trying to improve his chances of winning a mental competition

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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10:45am Dan, Shane and Ian continue to sleep. Danielle is in the diary room. Jenn is sitting at the kitchen table studying the memory wall.

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The house guests have been studying the memory wall because they think today’s power of veto comp will be the face morph competition. Dan studied the faces on the memory wall last night by covering up different parts of the house guest faces. Danielle and Jenn have also studied the memory wall but from a distance. It is surprising that Shane isn’t up studying the memory wall just in case it is the face morph competition. Considering how poorly Shane has done in the mental competitions he should be studying more often. Who knows maybe Shane is studying in his sleep.


11:10am Danielle comes out of the diary room and tell Jenn that she went off in there. They discuss Shane and Joes hair colour on the memory wall. Danielle mentions how mow that Joe is gone they don’t have any dirty dishes. Danielle and Jenn head back to bed to sleep.


11:15am All the house guests are back in bed sleeping..


11:55am No movement, all the house guests are still sleeping..
12pm – 12:10pm Ian is called to the diary room. When he comes back out, he heads up to the HOH room and says that he is not going back to bed he is getting up.


12:25am Ian has breakfast while he stares at the memory wall. He holds up a card to block parts of the house guests faces.


12:50pm Ian makes his HOH bed and then sits down to listen to his music cd.



1:20pm – 1:36pm The house guests continue to study in their sleep, while Ian listens to his cd. Shane wakes up to go take a shower.


1:45pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA.. The Power of Veto Competition is FINALLY Starting!!!!!
4:00pm Trivia YO
4:44pm Trivia
5:15pm Trivia
5:51pm Feeds are back.. Veto winner unknown (I think it was physical involving ropes)
(My gut says jenn, Ian, and Danielle didn’t win it)
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282 thoughts on “Shane is fast asleep trying to improve his chances of winning a mental competition

        1. what happens when he swears on the bible? oh, f)(k it, no matter who or what he swears on, he’s lying. and it comes oh, so naturally. almost as if he has lots of practice…

        2. Somewhere in Hell, the biblical person Judas Iscariot must be proud of Dan.

          Could someone please give Dan a bag of silver Roman coins for his betrayal act…

          1. Which story of Judas would be appropriate? The Judas (Matthew) who dropped the silver coins on the floor then went to hang himself or the Judas (Acts) that took those silver coins and bought a field where later he fell head first into as his guts exploded out of his body?

            1. i don’t believe anyone wished dan the same fate as judas…the only comments were that judas would be proudly looking up at dan from hell.

              how ’bout a third story where judas dan grabs the silver, then drops the silver as he trips and falls on his way out of the bb house after being evicted…i kinda like that story…

          2. I so agree………he is such a creep that devil’s son of Satan………Dan………..I mean how much of a two faced lying back stabber can you be……if he’s a Christian……….I’m the pope.

            1. are you serious calling him the son of Satan because he goes against he’s word you people are all idiots serious and please don’t get me started on the Judas thing again Judas betrayed Jesus the son of God the man who saved everyone from their sins. Dan is lying to these average day people they’re not Jesus and I’m personally offended that you people are basically comparing them to Jesus Lying and backstabbing are the name of the game Get the heck over it. by the way Jesus forgave Judas while he was on the cross he stated “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” Luke 23:34 I believe this included Judas. Judas would’ve gone to heaven if he didn’t kill himself because Suicide is a sin. You guys are freaking ridiculous ITS A GAME you people are acting like old man jerry please stop bringing up religion so much because he’ll most likely ask for forgiveness which is between him and God and if any of you are christian you should know matthew 7:1 “Judge not lest ye be judge” So quit judging him because you don’t know what you would do unless you’re in that situation SMH

        3. Something I was taught and learned a long time ago is that if you swear to your word on something or someone, then your word isn’t worth anything. Giving your word should be good enough, if not it’s worth nothing. So no matter what or who you swear your word on, it’s still worth nothing, only the who or the what are what have value. So I never put much stock in someone’s word when they feel they have to swear it on something. BTW, this message is also taught in the Bible, Matthew 5: 33-36, to be specific. Maybe in all his reading, Dan skipped over that passage.

          1. Actually I think Dan reads his Bible enough to know that he should not have sworn on it. Remember when he “swore”? He “hit” the Bible and said “I swear on THIS”, and THIS, my wedding ring, and THIS …. As much as I wanted Frank to win, unfortunately, he didn’t know his Bible well enough to either call Dan on the “swear” according to scripture, or realize that it wasn’t a “real” swear in the first place. DAN’s GOTTA GO. Team Jenn – the rest are sleep all day, followers with no game play. At least Jenn is a thinker – compared to those left – that makes her own decisions. She’s was even bold enough to correct Frank, her ally, by letting him telling that he didn’t have to try to “tell her, we’re all in the same boat. I still got you’re back”. That’s a true blue friend.

    1. That was my understanding also….Dan/Danielle/Jenn the final 3…..Dan has to get rid of Shane because he can win the physical comps….then he will get rid of Ian because then Ian will have no ally left after Shane goes…..then Danielle will be gone

      Dan wants to take Jenn to the final 2 because he knows she can’t win anything ….very very smart….and very very dumb on all the others who trusted Dan!!!

      And Dan wins again!!!!!

  1. If Jenn wins PoV and Shane will be evicted. Ian, Psycho Danielle will come after you. Quack Pack alliance are no more.

  2. Shane is gone if he doesn’t win this veto. Dan is gonna be all over Danielle to vote him out if the noms stay the same. And even if she doesn’t vote to evict him, I am sure Ian will if Dan votes to keep Jenn and Danielle votes to keep Shane. It’s in Dan’s best interest to get rid of Shane and also Ian’s.

    1. yesterday Danielle told Dan that she was okay with Shane being evicted and she said that she would Vote to evict him – #TeamDan/dani

    2. I soooo hope Shane wins POV. That way at least there will be a shot for Ian to stay in the game as well. I fear that once Shane’s gone Ian is next and then it WILL be. Snorefest watching Dan get a cheque

      1. You are so right Showgirl……I dont think anyone in that house deserves to win.

        Ian – is so arrogant and cocky that I cant stand him.

        Shane – I think he isnt even playing the game. This is his summer vacation!

        Danielle – just makes me sick….all she does is cry and play the guys in the house

        Dan – well there isnt enough room to express my disgust for him. He doesnt deserve to win, let alone twice!

        Jenn – she’s been pretty honest…floated most of the way but I really think theres no other choice right now. I think she is the lesser of the five evils!

    1. How can you say thier stupid, when you have a mastermind like Dan who has control this game all the way, and IAN THINGS IT WAS HIM WHO GOT bOOGIE OUT AND Frank,,,,now that being stupid I would say

      1. first of all, it’s THEY’RE stupid, not THEIR. and Ian doesn’t THING, he THINKS. Dan may be a mastermind but the rest of them are falling for it. THEY’RE not THINKING he could be fooling them. And that kinda makes them stupid.

        1. Who are you to correct some ones’s spelling?You can’t even use the correct puctuation! It is also against grammer rules to begin a sentence with,AND.That being said…I hope to God someone out’s Dan the Douche before the Veto meeting!! I pray that Ian has enough smarts to put him up,and Shane and Ian vote his Ass out!!

        2. Mikey, if you’re going to be a grammar snob, in the future, be sure to capitalize the First word in a sentence so you don’t come off looking like an idiot…

  3. is it possible that this year they could just split the half million with the jury members because none of the final 5 deserve it and here’s why i think so.

    jenn hasn’t done anything except be virtually unoticable to the point where for the most part people forgot she was even in the house and gets pissed off everytime she’s be nominated, hardly deserving of a win.

    shane who has won some comps but is a brainless idiot who claimed all summer he didn’t want a showmance and complained about danielle all the time yet when he had the chance to get rid of her instead he kept her over britney and even mentioned if him and danielle were on the block he would use the veto on her and now that it’s him and jenn he says if he wins and dan goes up they will keep dan, really what a moron he would rather keep dan over jenn, again doesn’t deserve to win just for being so stupid.

    ian who has also won some comps and is supposed to be smart but obviously it’s only book smart because britney told him not to trust dan but he has so far anyway despite the fact that dan put him up on the block and when he had the chance to return the favor what did he do instead he let dan basically make the noms for him by telling him to put jenn and shane up, so dan is playing him too, so he’s not deserving either and if really wants to be considered evil then stab dan in the back before he does you.

    danielle has done nothing except walk around with this it’s all about me and oh poor poor pitiful me attitude over the way shane treats her, the only thing she has done game wise is let dan play for the both of them because she’s too delusional to make a decision for herself so all she does is listen to him and now she’s even claiming that she’s kept shane safe even though he was the one that made the deal with ian during the endurance hoh to keep them both safe so she doesn’t deserve to win either.

    and finally dan who everybody seems to think deserves to win for playing a brilliant game and manipulating everybody, i disagree i said from the time of his funeral speech that what they are calling the greatest move in BB history that i didn’t think it was that great because the only good move was making everybody think him and danielle weren’t together anymore so she would get the sympathy vote, as for the rest of it anybody could have done that because all he did was throw ian and britney under the bus which made him just a big a rat as everybody said ian was, plus it helped that the house was full of morons except britney and joe because they were the only ones that said they didn’t trust dan and saw through the mist but nobody else believed them and that’s why frank is gone because he was stupid enough to believe dan, just shows that he wasn’t as smart as he or his fans thought he was and that’s why he (dan) will make it to final 2 not because he deserves it but because everybody else left in the house is just that dumb.

    i know alot of people think dan deserves it and that’s fine i just disagree though, i think this season has become a joke and hope that next year they actually get players hopefully all new ones who actually have a brain and can think and make decisions for themselves instead of listening to somebody else.

    1. I agree: Dan should have been evicted along time ago, and the rest of the other players are just that stupid to listen to him and trust him. Dan is going to make it to the final two and win it hands down. You know and I know, big brother is not going to change, every year it is the same thing, one strong player vs one floater to the final two. I would like to see Jenn win the POV and Danielle go up and out the door. Didn’t I read that Danielle told Jenn that she would save Shane and he didn’t even have to work for it. Shouldn’t Jenn start thinking that she doesn’t have Danielle vote? Really how stupid are this people? Like to see the final two be Jenn and Shane, I know, they don’t deserve it. But, just thinking about how the jury house would vote. But, we all know, Dan won this season.

        1. so says allison grodner may not have spelled it correctly but you know who I meant. I said and continue to say this is just typical BB crap it is by far the worse season ever. To think the producers yeah you allison Grodner would be smart enough to come up with real ideas and players with brains to actually compete and win for themselves is asking a bit much. It is the same boring stuff with the same cast of “house guest” it is not worth time to watch. I didnt for several seasons and thought foolishly that this one would be different. For the one who thought Joe and Brit deserved to win, what did joe do other than masterbate night after night after night..and go to the kitchen and not wash his hands ever. yeah he was a winner ok

    2. Ashley: 0 comps won, no sense of social game

      Britney (love her, but): 0 comps won, great social game

      Frank: 7 comps won (impressive), social game was bad

      Joe: 0 comps won, social game lacked

      I say nay.

      1. Frank has only won 5 comps. 3 HOH & 2 POV, same as Ian. By contrast, Janelle won 8 in All-Stars. Also, Frank was hated by practically the whole house, so his social game was one of the worst ever. He was saved from certain eviction by a reset, and admittedly cheated in one of the comps he won.

        Frank is vastly overrated.

        1. Wow, you couldn’t be wronger. Frank wasn’t so much hated as he was a threat that they wanted to get rid of. He was outnumbered 5-1 or something, and everyone he was aligned with turned on him. How is that bad social game?

          1. Because he couldn’t flip the house around. Frank had no charisma. He couldn’t drag the heat on Dan, or anyone else in the house. Frank was the heat. Sad, but true. You should have a great social game in BB to establish yourself and be a great physical competitor to stay.

                1. you are right Frank wasn’t a bully as long as things were going his way, thats why everyone lied to him and would no tell him he was leaving, they did not want to deal with him

            1. The day Janelle labled Frank the biggest threat in the house, it was over for him. He could’ve had the best social game but it would not have meant jack. From that day forward he, was target number one and you really can’t have a social game when everbody lies to you at every turn.

              1. But why did Frank stay associated with Boogie??? He’s a dumbass like the rest of them. If I were Frank I would’ve broken away from Mike the second Julie announced Coaches were in the game, aligned myself with Janelle, and took him out. Boogie being a jackass and a bully didn’t exactly help Frank, but staying loyal to him wasn’t worth risking his game. Frank is an idiot. There are no excuses to why he lost-I just told you why.

                1. Dude. He played to his natural alliance. In hindsight it’s easy to say what people should have done. What’s next? You’re gonna tell me he should’ve gotten rid of Dan? No shit, dork, but he didn’t have another play b/c Willie and Janelle put a target on his back on day one. No one could’ve gone as far as he did with that much heat from the jump, especially not Dan, who makes Danielle and Shane look like Cheryl and Reggie Miller. But not for a completely bogus cast and coach’s twist, Frank would’ve been one of the best players in the house, especially considering he was one of the four or five players in the house who actually played the game.

          2. No Frank was definitely hated and once the players come out and see all of the things he has said about them he will be even more hated. Called Jenn dirty brown water trash, dan and shane gay and agreed and laughed that Boogie should go and sexually assault Dan’s wife, said Britney’s husband should leave her and called Danielle fat and on top of all that he cheated his way through the game and his sense of entitlement that he was more deserving than all the rest of the players will pretty much seal his fate on being hated. Wouldn’t want to be him when he gets out of the jury.

          3. Everyone hated frank he was so arrogant and so rude the threat was a part of it but so was the social game

          1. I never understood the exact details, but it was the one about counting lollipops. I think it involved player selection, and palming one of the tokens. Not sure it really was the reason he won, though. The other players they chose didn’t do them much good, but at least it stopped some of their enemies from playing.

            I remember Joe was raising hell about it and later Boogie & Frank were bragging about getting away with it. I read that there was a youtube video of them talking about it, but CBS had it taken down because of copyright laws. Maybe someone who gets the live feeds could explain it better. I just remember they didn’t exactly deny it. More like they thought they were pretty smart to do it.

        2. I like Frank but part of the reason he was disliked in the house is becuas ehe was cocky the other reason is becuase the house is full of nut jobs; you have to admit that look at Ian, Danielle and Shane.

      2. jenn…1 comp won because frank got suspended…no social game for the most part nobody even knew she was there people even referred to her as ?

        danielle…2 comps won in same week…it’s all about me attitude…didn’t even play her own game dan played it for her and when they were on the block together said she would have went home for him, her only social game was him, brit and shane.

        ian….5 comps won…but socially ineptive and easily manipulated…case in point dan nominates him and he doesn’t realize if he hadn’t won he was going home because after he won hoh instead of putting dan up he let dan talk him into putting shane and jenn up and britney told him not to trust dan.

        shane…5 compls won….but as dumb as a box of rocks can’t think for himself, complained about his stalker all summer and didn’t get rid of her when he had the chance and also said if they were on the block together he would use the pov on her and if it was him and jenn and he won then dan would go up and they would keep dan over jenn, can u say moron.

        dan….2 comps won…turned into a rat like ian threw him and britney under the bus and played with a house full of morons for the most part who believed everything he said except for britney, joe and boogie who weren’t overtaken by the mist.

        take away ian and shane’s comp wins and it looks pretty close to me.

        1. I just pray next year they cast people that actually want to win the game and want to play thier own game, not people looking for a showmance, tv time, career boost and superfans that are just happy to be in the house.

    3. First off this is a game not a charity so it isn’t about who deserves the money more it is about getting to the end and as for them splitting the money with the jury that would be extremely unfair, everyone in the game came in to win the money the fact that they got kick out doesn’t make them suddenly deserve it more then the one’s in the house. They all had a chance to play the game and everyone one had a different way of doing that lying, manipulating and schemeing is all part of the game and every single one of them in the house and in the jury did the same thing. Brit was no saint she lied along side all of them the fact that dan helped get her out is just that he did it to her before she did it to him. For some strange reason which i don’t get the quack pack though dan should just fall on the sword for them but who would do that. You may not like dan or his methods but he is definetly one of the best players to play this game and that move was brilliant. He was pretty much out the door by the one person who has wanted him out for weeks. Frank went so far as to take him self out of another hoh comp along side the one he already can’t play to gaurantee that so for dan to convince him to get jen to take him off the block he also got brit on the block was a great move. He also managed to be protected by every person in the house so if anyone (with the exception of joe ) wins he won’t go up that is smart. He has managed to munipulate the entire house that is impressive so ya he does deserve to win. If this was survivor nobody would be saying that the people left don’t deserve the money and we should give it to the jury. Then what is the point of the game

      1. I agree. These final five made it, no matter what they’ve done or how they’ve gotten there. If you’re out the door, you’re out. Done. Your only chance back is production sweeping their eyes over your record and getting a phone call from AG. Or America’s vote.

      2. i never said that the people in the jury deserved the money, i just said could they split the money between them because i didn’t think anybody left in the house deserved it for the reasons i stated and i didn’t mean for everybody to split the money either i was just talking about the people in jury splitting the half million, actually i think they should just forget about this season and give one million to next years winner.

      3. also nowhere in my comment did i say that i didn’t like dan i just don’t think what he did was all that brilliant except for the one part and he didn’t manipulate the entire house because britney said from the beginning that he couldn’t be trusted and before joe left he had caught on and didn’t trust dan either and by the way this isn’t survivor is it.

    4. Thank You,I ‘m beyond tired of people saying Dan’s the greatest BB player ever. He one of the greats but he is not the greatest. That mist went through the TV screen and got a lot of people. Dude floats through over half the season, makes the only move he can make to save himself and they call him the greatest? Sorry man that title stays with Will, no POV in his season and had to survive the block. Dude did it four times. Jun’s a better player than Dan, she had an alliance with everyone in the house, wrote the book on floating won the only comp when she had to and took the 500k. Sound familiar Dan fans? then for those who talk about manipulating and the social game, Remember Maggie? Saying Dan is the greatest is an insult to a lot of those who played a far superior game. I didn’t even mentionRachel, she played a far better game than Dan did. Boy that mist is powerful.

        1. Yeah, she did. I’m not a fan of hers but I don’t let my hatred of her cloud the facts. She didn’t float like Dan did she didn’t have people do her dirty work for her like Dan did., won many comps and POVs, the entire house hated her but still got them to vote for her in the end.

          1. I disagree with that. Rachel had a terrible social game, and left nasty goodbye messages to several of the jurors. Her only strategy was to win competitions. Brendon did all the thinking for her, and when it wasn’t Brendon, it was Jeff. Dan has successfully misted the house, has a deal with EVERYONE, and NOBODY knows he’s playing them all. And at the moment, he’s on nobody’s radar, whereas Rachel was a constant target. Rachel didn’t have that kind of gameplay.

        2. If Dan didn’t have Dani, he would be gone. Jenn wouldn’t have used the veto without Dani’s ok. Dan is way overrated by his many worshipers, but that’s why it’s unfair to mix noobs and vets. The vets get all the credit.

        3. Dan is the best player that ever played…you must be watching a different show to think anyone else is. Dan thinks 2-3-4 moves ahead and walks through all plays before he makes a move. Dan has a good social game, Rachael lacked. Getting people to trust him, great social game. Ian is the surprise of the season and playing a tight game. Dani, as weird as she is and self absorbed, is playing a good game. I think a lot of that Shane talk is game play and conversations starters. Ido think she is high maintenance and delusional at times.
          The final 3 will be, Dani, Dan and Jenn if Dan gets his way because the girls can’t beat him. Ian could beat him in the end. I think Dan would be OK if he was second and Dani was 1st because he was her coach. I think the $100,000 for the coaches is obsolete after the coaches entered the game. Is that right Simon/Dawg??? I don’t remember. I have watched BB since the first show and this has been one of the best!! The beginning was slow while the coaches were training the players, but got good after . Last year was not interesting at all watching the girls cry and Shelly smoke….

          1. Rachel didn’t have a three week pass in the beginning like Dan did. Her social game sucked but she still pulled the win. What does that tell you? It’s easy to manipulate stupid people. The people they’ve had for the past 5 seasons don’t even compare to the people they had in the first 5 seasons for the most part. They would’ve been eaten alive because of thier stupidity. That’s also what makes Will the greatest, he straight up walked into that house shook hands with everybody and told them that he’ll lie and backstab them to win and he got away with it and won. You Dan fans are too much, but it’s not your fault, the mist got ya that’s all.

        4. Are you kidding rachel or Juan ? In rachels season she was on of the first jury members and it was pure dumb luck she managed to win if it wasn’t for pb she never would have won. Although i will give you will he was a great player but the rest no i would be on the fense on who would be better dan or will but the other mentioned do not even come close to dan. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and wether i like a player or not should not have bearing but i don’t think it matters if there was a pov or not. Dan has manged to stay off the block without needing pov that is a challenge and although having pov has helped him i don’t think because the earlier season’s didn’t have them would necessarily make them a better player or not. They also didn’t have slop or have nots so what does that say. Clearly you are bias against dan for some reason so i will just accept that but to put juan or rachel in this catagory is laughable

          1. No bias against Dan, but the facts are the facts. Yeah Rach was the first jury member on her season, but she won way more comps and POV than did. And Sorry, the second time around, that was set for J/J to win. Jordan had won, Jeff America’s player and they came off the amazing race. So you really think Production set it up for Rachel? You guys forget that the duo’s twist at the end was set for Rach to carry Jordan because of how useless she was. The people in the earlier seasons were smarter than these jokers, if they casted the same type of people now that they did back then, Dan would not have made it past the 4th week. Yeah No POV makes you a better player because it makes you survive the vote, whole different ballgame. Bringing up slop? back then they had you on PB&J for a week so that comment really made no sense. It’s easy to stay off the block when you have superfans do your dirty work for you. This cast never wanted to play thier own game, every HOH and POV has been controlled by the coaches. This has been a coaches game since day 1. I sorry that you can’t see the facts and just want to blame it on a Bias against Dan, but the fact is that if they had competitors that wanted to play thier own game and actually want to win money instead of mugging for the camera and being in awe of the vets, Dan would’ve been gone a long time ago.

          2. Can you please occasionally capitalize names and proper nouns? And use some punctuation? I couldn’t make it through your post.

              1. Or, you could just learn to spell and use proper grammar and make it more enjoyable for the free world to read your thoughts!!! <3 <3 <3

                  1. Dude, I’m very okay not reading your posts. I was just pointing out that if you made even the smallest effort to capitalize and punctuate where applicable I would (and obviously so would other people). Or just keep typing like a dick and we can all go on ignoring you.

        5. Rachel absolutely played a better game than Dan. For one, she didn’t get to float for three free weeks to see how people played. Second, she had her back against the wall almost the entire game, at which point she talked herself off the block or won a comp when she needed to. Last–and most important–she didn’t have the luxury of playing this game with a bunch of morons who were easily manipulated.

          Look at Dan’s competition this year vs. Rachel’s. Daniele D is five times the player everyone in this house is besides Dan. I agree, Dan has misted the fans at home, too because he’s not that good.

          1. You guys have GOT to get off the competition win thing. If you think that all that Big Brother is about is winning competitions. Rachel HAD to win comps because her social game was not good. Danielle Donato had to win comps because her social game and strategic game was worse than Rachel. Frank had to win comps because his it was the only “stratagy” he could think of and his social game was the worse of anyone who ever played the game (including floaters).

            Not winning comps to make yourself less than a threat is a time honored tradition in Big Brother since Dr. Will (after whom Dan based his game play).

            Seriously if you want to watch people win rigged comps watch professional wrestling and leave Big Brother to those of us who enjoy the ENTIRE game.

            You are so desparate to have Frank win the money, you want Big Brother to break all the rules and give it to him even though he was out witted, out played and out lasted. (Yes I know that is Survivor but you can apply it to Big Brother too.)

            1. Winning comps keeps the people in the house. Some people don’t have the luck to survive by floating and that’s taken into account at the end.

            2. You’re arguing with yourself. I don’t recall anyone positing that winning comps was all that mattered. (Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, it’s outwitted, outlasted, etc–one word on those).

              But as a fan of an ENTIRE (don’t know why you had to capitalize that) game, I would think you’d appreciate someone who can both: play a social game and win comps. The fact is some people (like Frank and Rachel because just by looking at them you know they’re gonna beast you in a physical comp) have heat on them from the jump, and at that point it’s win or go home, and that’s a very difficult thing to do every week. I personally have more respect for someone who can show up and win when it matters–like the Olympics–than I do someone who lays spread eagle on a couch all day talking to a bunch of morons.

              One possible reason for this could be I’m a man, and you’re either a woman or an Ian/Dan type man-boy. So, that’s definitely one thing to consider. And I don’t even (totally) mean that as a slight. I’m saying I’m a physically stronger human person than you are (I’m guessing, but I feel pretty comfortable with it), so I value someone who summons something from within them to stay in the house when it becomes clear there is no other choice.

              You, on the other hand, value someone who lays spread eagle on the couch because that’s physically all they can do. You get it? It’s just the difference between men and women/man-boys. Cyabye, man-boy!

          2. You do realize that Dan was in this season with great too as far as I am concered janelle and Boogie are right up there with danielle D so don’t act like he didn’t have to get the greats out also Rachel was an idiot and was lucky to win how does it feel being so delusional. I honestly consider britney a better player than rachel she just got the bad end of the stick on both of her seasons, If it wasn’t for the Brigades in her season she had a good shot at winning. So don’t think rachels a freaking genius because she’s not

        6. Agree with you 1001% RSS!!! Rachel was the stupidest player in BB history and ONLY stayed in the game because she was coached to the end by the production team!!! <3 <3 <3

      1. dude are you serious Rachel got lucky last season her game is alright but it’s not as good as dans. It’s not considered floating if you can control what the people in power floating is not winning any comps or not talking any game which was the definition of Ashley this season quit salting Dans game he’s a pretty good player I honestly doubt you could do better

    5. I agree with some of your commentary. Problem is that we tend to make things black and white in this game and they are not. There are so many variables in this game that you cannot say with conviction what the outcome was for each game move. For example, the funeral was brilliant in my opinion. It was staged in such a way that the ‘mourners’ felt they were going to get the experience of Dan saying goodbye so they were reeled in one by one. Saving Dani until last was not a surprise but when he told her she was dead to him in this game – everyone was in shock. This gave Dan the distraction he needed to casually walk upstairs with Frank to make a deal.

      As Dan suspected, everyone rallied to Dani who was genuinely upset – everyone was confused – some were angry. Meanwhile Frank can’t wait to hear what Dan has to say at this point. Dan ratts on Ian and offers up Britney as a replacement nominee for him on the block. He does it in such a way that Frank says he can get Jenn to use the POV on Dan…..WHAT? I can’t think of how that convo with Frank could have gone any better.

      Meanwhile, the other HG continue to feel there is a riff between Dan and Dani even after Dan explained he was just acting to her. This is the perfect cover because if Dani was still that tight with Dan the votes may have gone for her to leave instead of Britney. As it was, everyone, including Britney, felt sorry for Dani so there was no way she was going to be voted out. This tactic continues to work for them to this date. It’s the game move that keeps on giving.

      I would like to know how anyone else could have pulled that off!!! You are on the block with your closest ally and all the competitions are over. End result is that one of you is saved and the other one does not get voted out. Priceless!

      I am not sure but this may have been the best single BB move ever.

      1. see i agree with you on the funeral part that was good, but as for the rest of it he was just a rat throwing britney and ian under the bus and making a moron like frank who is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is buy into all of his bull**** and it worked so i give him props for that, but if it had been somebody else like britney who knew he couldn’t be trusted, the bridgade who said they would have laughed in dan’s face, or dr. will or evil dick his ass would have been out the door, that’s why i just don’t think it was brilliant much less the greatest move in BB history, you think it was i don’t so we’ll just agree to disagree.

        1. I have to disagree it is easy for the brigade, will or anyone to say they wouldn’t fall for it but the truth is that is all bs because it is different when you are in that house and i am sure dan would have found away to con them as well it worked on mike. They also have the opportunity to see what dan is up to and to know he is playing everyone so to say it isn’t a good move because other players weren’t in the house is bs because you need to take the move for what it is. If dan or will were in the brigade season maybe they wouldn’t have gotten to where they were who knows how a game plays out with different players but to diminish a play because the players you consider were good weren’t in the house is just dumb

          1. i agree with a good bit of the analysis on both sides. many people take the sides of floaters versus alliances, social game versus winning comps.

            i personally think that any player that can balance there comp winning abilities with their social game to get closer to the end is a credible player, floater or not, comp winner or not.

            with this game, just like everywhere else, you have to play to your strengths, and leverage them against others’ weaknesses…

        2. Making a deal with Dan was Franks Only hope. The whole house was against him any logical person would have made that deal he would have gone from 1 ally in the house to 4. He was just extremely unlucky that Ian wanted the Quack pack to reunite, if the Quack pack didn’t get back together Dan would have been loyal to Frank.

    6. It’s absolutely painful to watch the live feeds this week. What a bunch of idiots! Only keeping up with things thru this site (Thanks Simon & Dawg)

      Danielle is completely under Dan’s spell… Now using the tactic to Jenn that Shane is being “mean” to her so she can justify her vote to evict him without arousing Jenn’s suspicions. Poor Shane, he’s not the sharpest guy in the house and he’s being played by a black widow spider stalker who’s learning the art of throat cutting from Dan.

      Personally I can’t stand Dan….. talk about creepy??? That guy does nothing but knowingly attempt to disarm his victims by laying down and sprawling out on every piece of furniture every time he engages in a convo with them. How do they all fail to see what a slimy rat bas**** he is??? Because they’re stupid! He’s got a final 2 deal with everyone in that house and he purposely tells each one of them “not to say anything about it to anyone else.” Does he have his bases covered? Sure. But I wouldn’t trust that guy to hold my infant child while I tied my shoes! The only thing I wanna see Slimy Lounge Lizard Geesling doing this week is slit Danielle’s throat, take that b**** back a few notches and get her whiny voice and zit infested face off of the TV screen! How karmactic would it be if Nurse Batsh** found her way to jury at Dan’s hand! Maybe she’d then have a little more empathy for Frank and the way Dan did him DIRTY!

      And as far as Ian goes, I’d sure wish that the people in production who are blatantly favoring this kid would put aside their “Awww, he’s a handicapped kid, let’s give him some toys” attitude and realize that he’s just plain OBNOXIOUS!! Ian thinks he’s coming back to BB as an “evil”??? No way….. he’s not evil, just “deranged” and they don’t have a come back category for that….. yet.

      And what the hell happened to the normal good vs. bad Pandora’s boxes???? Totally lame that Ian gets to open yet another box that contains something good for the house yet mildly annoying for Ian.

      Very sad season to say the least. The people in charge of choosing the players this year should all be fired!

    7. hey all i was doing was stating my opinion whether anybody agrees or not that’s up to them, i knew some people would and i knew some people wouldn’t especially the dan worshippers since they are blinded by all the mist he spits out , but i had my mist blocker 9000 on so it couldn’t get to me so i could see through all his bull**** that obviously some people can’t.

    8. I agree with you 1000% (Production rigged it). Dan disgusts me with his bible reading, quoting, swearing on his marriage, wife and grandfathers cross and then going against everythng he supposedly believes in. I’m glad he’s not my daughter’s Catholic school teacher! And if you look at his wife’s comments, she doesn’t care how he wins the game as long as he wins. That’s what I loove. Good Christian people!!!!

  4. if Dan wins the POV, he has to take down Jenn. most people would be shock by Dan using it on Jenn, but it’s the smartest thing to do at this point of the game. I still think Ian’s nominations should of been Dan and Danielle. Ian got caught again with a stupid HOH decision being influenced by Dan.

    1. If he wins pov he won’t use it because if he does then dani goes up and he won’t do that. He wants the nom to stay the same so dan and dani will vote out shane.

  5. Dear Houseguests who read these posts after you have been evicted. You lost BB because of Dan and here are 21 reasons why:

    1. Dan was never a “quack” packer
    2. Dan never had your interests at heart
    3. Dan continually dissed you during DR sessions
    4. Dan basically told the same story to everyone “Yes, I put you up – but you have to “trust” me”
    5. Dan didn’t actually think you were dumb enough to save him before his funeral
    6. Dan ordered you around as if you were his “bit_ _es” – “Get over here!”
    7. Dan really sinned against his faith badly and decided early on that money was his god (you had no chance against him!)
    8. Dan was always scheming in the background whenever someone won HoH while you were busy with menial stuff
    9. Dan always used you during his practice scheming without any forethought of your deals with him
    10. Dan continually stated in the DR he would cut you if he had a chance while you were busy with your ‘social’ game
    11. Dan found hope and went into overdrive when he was taken off the block after his funeral (he realized you were dumb)
    12. Dan asked you questions about your life so you would trust him and you fell for it (he mocked you later)
    13. Dan had you believing he was a ‘real’ Christian simply because he read the Bible to you (did anybody else do it?)
    14. Dan mocked you and humiliated you in the DR because you were so unaware of your surroundings
    15. Dan realized his shtick was working when he would get feedback like, “Dan, I would have gone home for you!”
    16. Dan never once thought he was going to lose after you took him down from the block after his funeral
    17. Dan thought the people in his previous BB season were way smarter than you (he provided good evidence)
    18. Dan bullied you during the competitions and physically made you look like a “bit_ _” (knocked around Brittney)
    19. Dan knew his reputation would blind you and he used it as an effective sword to cause you to NOT actually think
    20. Dan was willing to make a deal with Satan – you were just sheep to the slaughter
    21. Dan was not worried about embarrassing himself or his family and he knew you were not smart enough to notice it

    1. great post. also Dan use the “what name should we call our alliance” so people can actually think they were being part of something.

      1. The man is smarter than everyone in the house. He’s just waiting to collect the check.

        Those other houseguests are going to flip out when they watch the shows. I would if I were in their shoes.

        1. All of that is so true, but the only hope I have is that just because Dan was and is masterful at his game, Why do people think he will still win. Look the Jury is the people he backstabbed, they dfon’t have to vote for him..and God knows I hope they don’t. But if it is him against Danielle, no way he is winning, I hate the thought that Danielle can win, She is such a sneak, but the only person I want to win is Ian. I did want Shane to win at first, but Shane is just too stupid,. I don’t understand why these people are playing this game, they should all just tell production to give the check to Dan because they are all playing for Dan, do what ever he tells them too. I thought Ian was smarter, he has’nt picked up on anything…Just listening to Dan. I don’t think they want the money, they just want loyalty..This is the most stupid and unchallenged cast on BIg Brother that I have ever seen.. When they find out how they were all played by Dan and Danielle, there just might be some emotional breakdowns….I am just so upset that no-one can figure Dan out…I think it;s true, The Mist is working!!

          1. I can’t stand Dan, but if I was one of the people he backstabbed I’d still vote for him–on principle b/c Danielle is the last person on this earth who deserves half a mil.

    2. I think Dan used his coaching abilities to get the houseguest to do what he wanted them to do.

      Everything you detailed in your comments were spot on..

    3. It really pisses people off when God gives someone the smarts to use their religion to win a half million dollars beating the world at its’ own best game – LYING!!!! ROFLMBO!!!!


  6. I can’t wait to see Shane’s reaction when Julie tells him he has been evicted from Big Brother !!

    i don’t think he will win the POV.. he hasn’t won anything lately..

    .He just sits on the sidelines waiting to be told what to do by Dan or Ian …..

  7. @Dawg.You said Shane isn’t the target.Shane might not be Ian’s target,but Shane is Dan’s target.Since,it’s clear that Dan is in control of Ian(Dan wanted Ian to put up Shane&Jenn,and Ian did what Dan told him to do),that means that Shane will be evicted,If he doesn’t take his self off the block.Remeber Dan wants Danielle&Jenn in the final3 with him.

  8. Does Big Brother have an episode focused on the conversation that are going on at the jury house?

    The evicted house guest must get into some major heated arguments about what happened in the
    house and what got them voted out of the house.

    I sure would like to hear what Boogie told Britney, what Frank told Britney……..

    1. They do they usually wait to show the jury when they have a few people in so it probably will be on thursday but boogie isn’t in the jury so he would tell brit anything. Ashley is the first member of the jury and she still has no idea about ian being the one who did everything.

    2. You know that Boogie is not at Jury house, right?

      BB usually has a segment on jury once a few people get there. It’s been Ashley and Britney for a bit so I imagine they will show Frank arriving followed by Joe. Should be good to see Brit’s reaction to Frank coming to jury….lol

      1. What will Brit say to Frank??? HE got HER out! He was a much better player than she was. She hid behind everyone and never won ONE comp. Why would he give a crap what she has to say to him anyway!

  9. The live feeds are so exciting. I really didn’t pay for the live feeds to watch all these idiots sleep. Big Brother should always wake everyone up before 12:00. Can’t believe that Danielle is letting Dan talk her in to getting rid of Shane. They both are such liars. I know its a game and s far as I’m concerned neither Dan or Danielle deserve to win. Why does everyone think what Dan is doing is OK. He is a real slim ball. If I was his wife I wouldn’t be proud of him. I know people do alot of things for money but he’s crossed the line.

    I can’t believe they (Dan & Danielle) are even thinking about taking Jenn to the final 3. I wish Shane & Ian would wake up and Shane win the POV & Ian put Dan up and vote him out. Dan is getting just as cocky as Frank thinking no one can touch him.

    Jenn is a real piece of work. Every time she goes on the block she gets really mad & nasty. Did BB not explain to her thats part of the game & you have to campaign to get off the block. I am so tired at looking at her ugly face. Did anyone notice how she was checking Danielle out last night. If Danielle knew she was lusting after her she would feel so special.

    Production you always seem to help out the underdog so please let Shane win the POV and then send Dan packing. If Dan wins again I think you will lose ratings and alot of people will stop watching and there won’t be a Big Brother 15.

    Please listen to the fans if you want to continue to have high ratings & Big Brother 15.

    OK I’m thru venting. Sorry

    1. First off i highly doubt bb will lose rating if shane goes lol As for dan he is doing what he has to do to win I can’t blame him for that. This is a game it isn’t about who deserves the money and if shane is to dumb to try and save himself then it is his own fault. The first rule of bb is trust no one I don’t see why his wife would be ashamed of him he has done what he has to to get to the end as has every single person who entered the house. I find it funny how people are taking this on such a personal level instead of taking it for what it is a game. Every season it is the same thing they lie, scheme and manipulate that is how the game is played shane has done it to he lied to frank, he lied to janelle he lied to pretty much every person who walked out including brittany so how is he more deserving then anyone else

      1. @Hallie.Earlier in the season,Dan said his wife told him to do what he has to,in order to win the game.I remeber thinking why would Dan say that in front of people(I think he said it to Britney&Janelle).Oh,and don’t even waste your time defending Dan to these people.Non butt hurt and rational people know that Dan has played the best game,and deserves to win because he’s been playing the entire house.

    1. Because its human nature that a man wont judge a woman as being superior to a man, but a woman will pick a man as being superior to a woman – even with all things being equal. Dan knows jury won’t vote either of the girls over him. If Ian is up against Dan in the final, some may use the argument that they will pick Ian because Dan has already won once, but they won’t use the same argument for picking a girl over Dan. It’s what’s known as “the double standard”

    2. i disagree Dan is a master manipulator…he has Danielle wrapped around his finger he will pretend to take her and she will prob through comps to him… Then I see him cutting her and taking Jenn…Jenn is easy to beat … so he will win 500k again… didnt you see season 10…hes better now … practice makes perfect.

    3. however Britt did tell Danielle at the beginning a girl has never won bb over a guy…so she might belive that..and kick out Dan and keep Jenn…but I doubt it shes to gone with Dan she thinks hes God..

  10. I forgot one thing. Did everyone notice how Dan was ordering Danielle around. Get over here and so on. Thought Danielle was a smart girl but guess I was wrong. Wake up Danielle & look how Dan is treating you, alot worst then Shane.

  11. Britney, Joe, and Frank were all evicted because Dan wanted them gone. I may not agree morally with his game this year but you have to admit, for the couple weeks and this week so far everything has gone the way Dan has wanted it to go. If it keeps going like this and Dan is the in the F2 then he should get the money.

  12. I hope Shane isnt evicted but if he is maybe it will clear the mist for Ian and clue him in that Dan isnt down to keep the QP together and therefore has no allegiance to Ian – I hope someone does something to rock Dan’s boat or its going to be a verrrrrrrrrrry boring ending.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. If Jenn wins POV, Ian will most likely put up Dani, Shane will go home and Ian might realize, ‘Oh shit-I need to get Dan out!’ Because Dan The Man will not take you to F2, Ian and risk 500k-No freakin way. He might realize quicker if Shane wins POV, is convinced to stay up there and is evicted-That, I will laugh at, I’m sorry.

  13. If Jenn wins the veto & Shane got evicted. It will be Ian fault for listening to Dan. Yeah Good Job Ian, Quack Pack is falling apart.

    1. It has to eventually anyway.

      My opinion on Dan’s end game:

      Shane is evicted this week. He wins HOH next and will try to get out Ian. Since POV winner is the only one that matters he will have no blood from that eviction. He will throw the HOH comp letting whoever wins to take him to F2 (They all think that they have a rock solid F2 deal).

  14. Ian is totally wasting his HOH. Can he not see that Dan just tried to get him out?? Ian is only still in the house because he won the Veto. He’s dillusional if he thinks Dan only put him on the block to have him see what it feels like to be nominated.

    1. Agree its really DANS HOH. Why ian isn’t smart enough to figure out Dan? If ian doesnt backdoor him, he is a fool and will end up leaving like Frank did.

  15. It doesn’t matter Ian can’t play HOH so it will come down to the pov but dan will probably convince ian that it was better to remove shane because he is a better player then jen and it will benifit them.

  16. The concept of Big Brother is exactly the same as Survivor Outwit,Outplay,Outlast. Get off the bullshit about someone’s personal beliefs and their regular lives and how they play a game to win money being one in the same. We can say “I would never ever do what Dan did” because we’re NEVER going to have the opportunity to win money like that in our lives so we can say anything to try and sound above it, but we’re not, we’re human, when under pressure we are capable of some unrealistic shit that we could never do normally. We all would do the same shit they do in the game or worst to get that type of money, don’t sit there fucking pretending you wouldn’t.

    1. Hell yeah, I strongly agree, ILL WILL. People need to lay off Dan-As if you could get as far as he did and be as upfront about it as he is with the cleanest goody-two-shoes record in the world-This is a game for 500k that can change your life. I don’t think I could succeed in this game as Dan as done, but I’m not going to say I’d be a better person doing it. Believe me: I wouldn’t.

    2. I dont blame Dan for playing the game and doing what he has to to get to the end but what I detest is that he’s doing it while reading the Bible, sometimes reading Bible passages aloud to others and being so smug and smarmy about it. The best reality TV has good villians but Dan’s pious posturing is obnoxious to watch.

  17. The comments I made were just my opinion. I know its a game.

    Come on Big Brother wake these lazy a$$es up. The live feeds are boring and the next thing is the live feeds will say be right back when the POV competition is played.

    Like I said before they should have to get up before noon. The house was so much better with Brittany & Joe in it. They were entertaining. Now all of these people do is sleep.

  18. Since everybody is debating the merits of each remaining player, claiming many are undeserving of victory, I’ll play devil’s advocate.

    Dan: Has run the game for two weeks now, orchestrating the evictions of Britney and Frank. Is all but guaranteed final 3 at a minimum and is in a strong position to be each remaining player’s (Shane excluded) final 2 partner. You can say he has questionable morality or that he waited until he was almost out the door before he really started playing or that he’s benefited from an underwhelming cast, but at the end of the day, he has manipulated everybody remaining in the game and is still standing.

    Danielle: Has used her fractured psyche to her advantage. For all the harping the fans do regarding her insecurities and delusion, this has not been picked up by the cast. Instead she is seen as a sympathetic figure. I tend to credit Mike with Janelle’s eviction, but when Danielle got over the funeral and was a key component in saving Dan, that was a big move. She accepted the risk that it could blow up in her face. That the house would suspect she had lied or even that Britney would get the vote (she was safe with Dan on the block). Her social game has created a sense that nobody would vote to evict her (Dan knows this). She has played the game and is still standing.

    Ian: Disregarded as a creeper, Ian managed to ingratiate himself with Dan and Britney by being a rat and turned that into a solid partnership with Britney. Has certainly shown his mettle in the competitions and while I don’t credit him with any evictions, he is as deserving as anybody else if he can find a way to that final chair. A win in next week’s veto will make his resume equal to anybody.

    Shane: Has played a very safe game and stayed loyal to his alliance, right up until he was forced to make a choice (He didn’t turn on Britney, he chose Danielle, which tells me she had the superior social game). Has a solid competition record and did it all before jury, which means he is held largely blameless by the jury. We’re all critical of him because he never made a big play, but by not doing so, he stands to look like the one player who could peel away solid votes for Jenn.

    Jenn: Has played a social game. She was friendly with everybody, but did not float to power. She stayed under the radar as the player who is not a threat. When Frank was all alone and she had nothing to gain by sticking with him, she went into Dan’s must win veto and beat him, putting a target on her back alongside Frank. You can call the win a crapshoot, but so are most BB games. Jenn could have just thrown that knowing full well Frank trusted her and she was not in danger that week. That veto also made her a player in saving Dan and evicting Britney (I also credit Danielle’s social game here). Jenn is a straightforward person, she didn’t kiss ass, and she tried her best in every game to get to the end. If she won, I would not argue.

    1. Bobsky,
      I look forward to reading your comments, and as usual another great comment worth reading and thinking about what you detailed.

      Thank you for another great comment

  19. This people have been frustrating to watch. So it’s no surprise someone like Jenn has float up towards the top. It’s like they have no type of behavioral discernment. Frank worshiped Boogie even while he was gone when he should have been at least a little big concerned when Boogie didn’t try to win HOH when Frank couldn’t play. He should have followed his own decision as a man and player and put Dan up. Since clearly Mike Boogie had less to lose ,other than ego points, than Frank.

    I would hate to see Jenn make it to the final two. Don’t enjoy watching her personality and I haven’t found any redeeming personality quality (in the game) that would ever make me want to root for her. Her kicking butt and taking names attitude doesn’t help at times.

    Shane obviously isn’t familiar with the game unless he’s really just that clueless. He is just as useless as Joe in mental comps. He also probably shouldn’t have voted Britney out since Danielle is in an alliance with Dan like he’s her master. I understand he was close to her, but his reasons for voting her out didn’t seem like he had his own game in mind. I’m in awe at how idiotic he is in the game. Seem like a nice guy but a dimwit. Not sure what show some of them think they are signing up for unless they were tricked thinking they were signing up for something

    I want Ian to make it to the final two but it looks doubtful. Dan was responsible for sending Britney packing and immediately wanted to reconvene the Quack Pack. He’s probably so caught up in wanting to go down in history as being in some sort of alliance that made it to the end that he couldn’t or can’t see the obvious.

    I don’t watch the feeds or After Dark this season, but Danielle comes off like she has a screw missing at times. So no wonder Dan could manipulate her mentally.

    As much I enjoyed watching Dan’s funeral and him getting himself off the block, I consider the company he has in the house. Not that I don’t appreciate him approaching the show as a game and the people pawns to get to the top because I do. And hats off to him for treating it like a game and trying to use strategy. But I would like to have watched him play with all All Stars instead of manipulating in the land of the clueless, naive, and dimwitted. Would have made his moves look that much better.

    Lastly, CBS should go ahead and to an All Stars season to buy themselves one more year of not having to come up with a way to recycle old players/characters and throw them into playing with newbies.

  20. This is simple Dan wins POV… stays the same… Shane goes home…

    Next week Dan wins HOH…. Ian goes home

    Dan takes Danielle… Dan wins

    He doesnt care about the money… I really think this is about being the only person to win twice…

  21. Gee, Maybe there really is something to Dan’s “misting” abilities. Just look at how many on this site have bought into Dan’s BS and we get far more info than the house-guests.

  22. Personally, I don’t really care for Dan, but out of the idiots that are left in the house, he deserves to win.

    Ian just wasted his HOH,
    Ian showed his stupidity by letting Dan convince him not to put him up,
    Ian had the right idea when he first said that Dan had to go up, but didn’t have the balls to go through with it,
    Ian lost his focus: cares more about some stupid group, the QP, who’s ready to back stab him, than winning 500K.
    Ian is so stupid, he can’t see ahead enough in the game to know that Danielle and Dan have always been close in the game,
    and now, as of lately, Jenn and Dan are tight, having taken each other of the block,
    that leaves stupid Ian the odd man out who can’t play for HOH, with everybody gunning for him.

    Jenn hasn’t won anything, the POV that she used was handed to her by default,
    Jenn doesn’t know anything about strategy and has shown that,
    Jenn doesn’t have any social game,
    Jenn made it through the first half by staying under the radar in a corner acting like an “?”
    Lately, she’s survived, no thanks to any of her strategizing, but has been carried through because there have been
    bigger fish to fry, and everyone knows that she can’t win any competitions and can be manipulated due to her IQ of zero.

    Danielle won a couple of competitions early in the game, but hasn’t won anything lately,
    Danielle’s lack of winning lately is partly due to her stuffing her face and gaining about 30 plus pounds,
    Danielle’s weight gain affects her thinking and her physical ability, she’s more concerned about cheetos and twinkies than she is about 500K
    Danielle doesn’t know about strategy, all she knows is to do whatever Dan tells her to do,
    Danielle is so self absorbed with Shane and her fatal attraction to him,
    Danielle’s other big concern is how she is viewed for chasing and tormenting Shane for his wet lizard between her thunder thighs,
    that she now talks to the camera calling Shane clingy so that when she gets home, she can claim it was Shane chasing her.

    Shane won a few comps early but had his decisions made by Britchney, his strategy is listening to others and doing their bidding,
    Shane keeps close to Danielle as part of his strategy but doesn’t realize that Danielle is closer to Dan and would give her left tit to him,
    Shane blindly trusts Dan, yet he can’t put 2 and 2 together and see that Dan at his “funeral” manipulated Danielle with no regards
    to her feelings and will cold-bloodedly bring him down to get ahead in the game.

    So you see, even though I don’t like the man Dan, I must admit that he’s the only one left who deserves the 500k,
    Hey just hand the money to the mister. Dan will get 1 million in total from BB for his 2 seasons and the HG are
    handing it to him on a silver platter.

    1. “Personally, I don’t really care for Dan, but out of the idiots that are left in the house, he deserves to win.”
      yep, that’s the reason I’m pulling for Dan also, very good points all around…I can’t believe most of these guys are still left in the house.

  23. Agree that this game is just like Survivor and people outwit each other to the end. So far Dan has mastered that element of this game. If he makes to the final two then he deserves to win!

        1. I know, I wouldn’t be so hard on Ian if he wasn’t so cocky. He needs to stop talking about Frank and get his head into the game.

  24. I think Ian has got Dan in his cross hairs this week. Ian played the last POV with a lot of urgency. He knew that if he lost, Dan was going to send him to the Jury House. This is his best chance. He may never be HOH again. If Jenn or Ian wins this POV, Jenn comes down and Dan goes up. Unlike Frank, Ian will not take his foot off of Dan’s throat. Ian and Jenn will vote to evict Dan. Ian’s new moniker will be The gIANt killer.

  25. You guys crack me up …. Dan played a great game really …???? F.O.H.(f@*k outta here) … He was out the door and pulled the only card he had … He ratted out the Wack Pack …. How Ian can see thru this is amazing to me …. Jeeeesh …. Even if he still believe in the guys why would u wanna be 4th on the totem pole … I need him to win the next veto … Then I’ll be happy …
    Now Danielle …. Talk about stalker fantasy land … One minute she says Shane is following her around … Then she’s cryin cause he’s obviously grossed out by her and that 3rd eye on her forehead .. Or maybe the 3lbs of makeup she wear …. Next she say she carried him …. Really she won one HOH and if was really DAN’s HOH …. Her game looks leery familiar to a southern belle who cling to a man …. Played the poor me , they’re so mean …. Gifted $500k …. Oh yeah Jordan ….
    Shane ….. He’s a useless dummy …. Really ….
    Jenn??? I really forgot she was there … She doesn’t even realize everybody wants to be sitting next to her at the end …. She’s funny getting mad when she gets nominated …. Relax dummy , u suck … They want to sit next to u at the end …geesh ….
    Ian …. U should be over the awesomeness that ur in the big brother house …. This is ur game to lose …. Wise up and get rid of Dan …..he had u on ur way out ….. C’mon Ian

    1. admittedly, it didn’t take a lot of effort, but dan played frank like a harp. like it or not, that was a great game move, only because frank was too stupid to see through it, and dan had the good sense to see the opening and make it happen…

    1. Why can’t I post? My question is simple is the one missing an a on the keyboard?
      Thanks guys love site wish I wasn’t banned? I share wireless…

      1. You are not banned.. sometimes peoples comments get filtered automatically by our spam checker. I only check filtered stuff ever couple of hours.

        also Sometimes if Dawg or myself are busy comments will sit in moderation for 30 minutes..

  26. In the jury house: Ashley, Britney, Joe & Frank

    Joe can keep greasing the totem pole unabashedly, like there’s no tomorrow, till it’s degloved, red and raw

    Ashley can bang Frank till the bath salts she ingested kick in and she trips out cackling like a hen and bucking like a bronco
    (Ashley doesn’t know that the bath salts she took were really bath salts meant for the bathtub, but it doesn’t make a difference)

    Frank can bang Ashley brutally till he gets out all his frustration he has against Dan and then punch his teddy pretending it’s Ian

    Britney can hump the bedpost, the patio chair leg and anything that’s over a foot long and she’ll feel right at home, just like
    when her husband is working the night shift and she goes to the local hip hop joint for some wood.

      1. I want shane to win it so it’s dani vs jenn on the block…it would drive dani crazy…..and those are the two that needs to go…I usually don’t like when they boot the women out but in this case final 3 should be Dan, Ian and Shane.

    1. Doesn’t matter who wins the VETO, Shane is going home!!!!!!!!

      If Jenn doesn’t win the VETO, Shane will go home because Dan will vote to keep Jenn because he wants her in the final two knowing he can beat her in that situation. Danielle will also vote to keep Jenn because she will listen and obey to anything Dan tells her, and also, now that the game is near the end, she’s concerned about her image as a self deluded stalker and will vote Shane out to try to make it look like he was the one who was clingy.

      If Shane wins the VETO, he won’t use it because he’s stupid and gullible and will allow himself to be misted by Dan and make an error by trusting Danielle, not realizing she’s under Dan’s hypnotic mist and will do his bidding.

      If Jenn wins the VETO and uses it on herself, and Danielle goes up, Jenn will vote to keep her because of her man-crush. Dan will vote to keep her because he plans a final three (and only up to 3) with her.

      If Jenn wins the VETO and uses it on herself, and Dan goes up, Danielle will vote to keep him because he’s got Dani wrapped around his little finger with his misting. Jenn will vote to keep Danielle because of two reasons: because of her man-crush, (Shane is competition); and also because she’s been misted by Dan into having him in final three instead of Shane.

      Even if the vote was a tie for some unknown reason, Ian would vote Shane out because of Dan’s misting powers and because he doesn’t have the balls to go against Dan, his low self esteem and social awkwardness make it impossible to go against Dan who mists him with false and pretentious praises.

      1. I must be old because I’ve never heard of them. Does no one like classic rock? Give me Def Leppard or Widespread Panic any day.

        1. I must be old, who is widespread panic? I’ve heard of def lepard but don’t know any of their songs ( I don’t think). Classic rock=Who.

          1. Def Leppard’s songs that you definitely know: Pour Some Sugar On Me, Rock of Ages.
            Widespread Panic is a band out of Athens, Ga like R. E. M and the B-52’s. Athens is known for their music. WP has been around forever.
            I’m not in to The Who but I do like The Clash, Erasure and Yaz. Ever heard of any of them?

            1. Thanks, I know the DL songs and the B52’s Love Shack is my all time favorite get-up-and-move song, so I’d probably like WP. I have heard of the Clash and Yaz, again don’t know if I know any songs.

  27. I really like Dan as a player…no he is not exciting to watch until he makes his moves but he plays Big Brother as one would play chess.
    It is all in how one moves their pieces and you have to be 2-3 steps ahead of your opponent. Dan has multiple opponents and while he did have a “free” pass the first 4 weeks (not his fault, blame production and Britney who hit the reset button first. All BB needed was ONE coach to hit the button and Brit was up first), he spent that time learning his opponents, building trust and showing his social skills.
    The funeral move was brilliant and I say one of the biggest moves in BB for several reasons:
    1. It was tailored to this particular cast. Dan knew just throwing someone under the bus would not work. It would be seen as too much, too little, too late and also come across as desperate. The funeral gave him a chance to remove himself (at least for a little while) as a threat in their minds (remember, he stressed it was death of Dan the Player and to not speak game with him); he let them know he knew they wanted him out which no one denied and also exposed the QP’s true intentions (remember, Ian was no going to use his VETO at all and let someone walk out the door); everything he said to the HGs played on their egos and sensitivities and showed how well f a social game Dan has…he made it personal for all except Dani….and blasting her the way he did was sheer genius. She was automatically saved regardless of who she went up against.
    2. His speech to Frank came across as non-threatening and played up Franks ego and abilities. Dan told the truth…he had never made a move against him, others in his QP alliance did. Granted, he never made a move to save Frank but he came across as apologetic and let him know he was not expecting this move to save him or his game but if Frank was willing, Dan was willing also. He made Frank think the decision was his when in actuality, Dan had already placed Frank in position with the funeral.
    3. He has done this without overt bullying (he was an asshole during the PB veto and I doubt he pulled/pushed on Ian during the DE..after the Willie incident I think HGs know better to get physical) or outright threats. He makes suggestions based on the personality of the person he is speaking with and based on possible scenarios which benefit him in both the short and long term.
    Truthful, no. Floater, debatable. Dan is always planning his moves and the moves that others may make 2-3 steps in advance and wins when he needs to, But the Great Dr. Will sounds like a floater (or he completely sucked at comps) and if he was as honest as I hear he was with his intentions, sounds like his cast was dumber than this bunch since he won.
    Of course, this is all my opinion (probaly misted to the 100th degree but did manage to donate before it took full effect!) and whoever wins this, wins it. I will still watch and wait for another season next summer

  28. Even though it looks like Dan and Jenn will go to the final two
    and Dan deserves to win,

    Wouldn’t it be a laugh and a riot if the jury voted for Jenn to win, (THE MOST UNDESERVING PLAYER?!)

    I can totally see this as a possibility because those in the jury are a bunch of sorry, vindictive immature players,
    who don’t have the integrity to vote for the best player, but will vote because of stupid grudges they can’t let go of.

    It would be like Big Brother 4 all over again, a bunch of lame players voting for the weakest, stupidest player
    because they hold grudges and can’t let go of them. Big Brother 4 and 14 are 10 games apart, but both
    would have low-life, creepy, slutty women with first names starting with “J” as the least deserved winners.

    I would laugh till the cows came home, (Frank’s choice of girlfriends according to Aspie Ian).

    1. Dude, They only had Jun and Allison to chose from. The two people who wrote the book on floating. Jun played a better game. It wasn’t fantastic, but out of those two, she was the superior one.

      1. I agree that both were pathetic, I don’t agree that Jun is better than anyone.
        If it smells like Kimchee, if it looks like Kimchee, it probably is!

  29. I am a Dan fan and I don’t think he will win. He may make it to F2, but I just don’t see it UNLESS he takes Jenn:

    Ashley – Danielle Ashley – Ian Ashley – Shane Ashley – Jenn
    Britney – Danielle Britney – Ian Britney – Shane Britney – Dan
    Frank – Danielle Frank – Ian Frank – Shane Frank – Jenn
    Joe – Danielle Joe – Ian Joe – Shane Joe – Jenn
    Shane – Danielle Shane – Dan Danielle – Dan Shane – Dan
    Ian – Dan Danielle – Dan Ian – Dan Ian – Dan
    Jenn – Danielle Jenn – Dan Jenn – Dan Danielle – Dan

    And in the last one, if Britney goes with Girl Power (no girl has won against a guy in Big Brother history) then Dan looses that one too. But again, I don’t think Dan would take Jenn as his longest and 1st alliance was always Danielle.

    Also, all of you that say that Dan should have been gone: You are right, but he saved himself.

      1. WW what order would you say the Jury would vote ?

        Jury votes to Win
        (most favorite to least)
        Frank: Jenn,Ian,Shane,Dani ,Dan
        Britney: Ian,Shane,Dan,Dani,Jenn
        Ashley: Ian,Jenn,Dani,Shane,Dan
        Joe: Shane,Jenn,Ian,Dani,Dan

        Ian: Dan,Shane,Dani,Jenn
        Dani: Dan,Shane,Jenn,Ian
        Shane: Dani,Dan,Ian,Jenn
        Jenn: Dani,Dan,Ian,Shane

    1. OK here is the decoded verson of my post.

      Dan vs. …

      Ashley – Danielle
      Britney – Danielle
      Frank – Danielle
      Joe – Danielle
      Shane – Danielle
      Ian – Dan
      Jenn – Danielle

      Ashley – Ian
      Britney – Ian
      Frank – Ian
      Joe – Ian
      Shane – Dan
      Danielle – Dan
      Jenn – Dan

      … Shane
      Ashley – Shane
      Britney – Shane
      Frank – Shane
      Joe – Shane
      Danielle – Dan
      Ian – Dan
      Jenn – Dan

      … Jenn
      Ashley – Jenn
      Britney – Dan/Jenn (if looking for a girl power win)
      Frank – Jenn
      Joe – Jenn
      Shane – Dan
      Ian – Dan
      Danielle – Dan

      Basically Ashley will vote like Frank. Britney will vote for (in order) Ian, Danielle, Shane, Dan, Jenn. Frank will vote anyone but Dan. Joe will vote anyone but Dan. Ian will vote Dan (based solely on game play). Jenn will vote for Danielle over Dan and Dan over everyone else. Danielle will vote Dan.

  30. Frank just said it in his interview – ” if he has anything to do with it – Dan will not get the money. If Jen makes it to the end he will make sure people vote for Jen”. Now Frank really does not have that type of influence, however, the people in the jury are so upset with Dan they might not vote for him. Hopefully Dan’s speech at the end will win people over. If Dan’s makes it to the final two – he must take Danielle. He’s best two points will be 1. I brought Danielle to the end; 2. Danielle was privy to the funeral ploy.

    1. Naw, In your perfect world Shane wins the new Onyx power of Veto which brings back one player from the jury house and that player chooses 2 current players to evict and no one is safe. Shane does not get to choose. A new competition is held between Ashley, Britney, Joe and Frank. Frank wins, comes back and evicts Dan and Ian. Frank then is given HOH for life and Veto winner for life, evicts Danielle and Shane in the next two weeks as no competitions are held and he is the only one with a vote and then at the finale Frank, having won the most comps ever, gets to decide who each jury member will vote for and as a special prize, gets to tie Dan to a stake and beat him within an inch of his life (because that darn CBS cannot let him kill the guy, even though that is what he deserves).

      That is your perfect world.

    1. The odds of D/D talking Shane out of using it would be greater than the Powerball odds – if he has a brain. He should be a lil paranoid one would think

  31. Dan did what he had to do to stay was it right ethically no buy by game standards it was brilliant! His quack pack alliance turned on him before the veto when Britney wanted him gone it wasnt until Danielle told Dan what Britney was saying that he “woke up” and then had to fight in the veto and lost when everyone swore they would throw it! They turned on him first so he turned on them to stay! Fair game as far as ratting them out since it was his only ticket I stay! I think Ian is in awe of playing with Dan as a fan! I would love to see Ian an Dan final 2 since Ian reminds me of the younger Dan that won season 10! I like Dan and wouldn’t mind seeing him win 50k and Ian for final win! I imagine it has to be exhausting keeping up with who told who what and keep up the facade! Example of dumb play was when joe thought he was talking to Shane about Dan how hysterical!! I couldn’t play this game due to my ethics and morals but some seem to be ok with it so let’s all remember it’s a game for $$ if they are on the show in the first place that’s already selling yourself out for whatever they want to gain after the show! We don’t have to sleep with the decisions they made they do! So I say as far as game play Dan is brilliant I rewatched his season last weekend and he had to fight to stay there and won! He knows the game and at the end of the day he really is the best player even if he is “misting” to do it that in itself is called gameplay!!!

  32. When Ian grows up, he will be a dirty old man peeping in his neighbor’s window watching his thirteen year old daughter undress.

    When Danielle grows up, she will be 299 lb cougar paying male prostitutes for sex on xanax and all the other flouridated medication.

    When Shane grows up he will model for AARP magazine for a free subscription, and be under the federal witness protection program
    for witnessing Danielle kill his wife out of jealousy.

    When Jenn grows up she will be just as mean ugly and vindictive as Rosie O”donuts.

    When Dan grows up he will be an atheist after he gets excommunicated out of the Catholic church, but wait a minute, the Catholic church hates the Bible just as much as Dan, on second thought, when Dan grows up he will become a child molesting Catholic priest.

    1. What about the rest of the cast? Let me see if I can predict things a little:

      Jodi, who cares about her future
      Kara has a great future
      Willie has his punishment because he is a Hantz and that is bleak
      Jojo has a great future
      Janelle has a spectacular future including a BB win that she should have had since season 6
      Wil has a fabulous future
      Boogie has a great future
      Ashley has a great future
      Britney has a horrible future
      Frank has the best future of all. Is brought back to play every Big Brother in the future and wins all but the one Janelle wins.

    2. That is not even f**king funny-Seriously! The sexual references with the children??? What the f**k is wrong with you???

        1. Did you make that ‘DanDusky’ joke?? I’ll pass over the bad taste in some of your jokes next time, pal-I may be a tad sensitive to them, but shit-I hear about priests/popes hurting children and peeping toms in the news all the time and it’s fucking sick. Shane and Danielle’s future, sadly, sounds accurate.

    3. O.k, not cool. I am not a Catholic, but to even joke about someone being a child molester is way below the belt and not even funny. I think you need to watch your comments and show some class. Come on, your better than that!

      1. Okay, I guess I should be more classy and follow Ian’s righteous jocularity about Frank and bestiality and incest.

        Oh, and all the rape comments and jokes, that’s okay.

        And using the “r” word on Danielle, that’s okay.

        And talking about HG’s mothers, that’s okay.

        But don’t talk about the Unholy father or his den of child rapists!

        1. Dude, come on-You could’ve done this future joke fine without that content. I’ve never said anything about your jokes before, but this just caught me off guard. Even though you didn’t mean anything by it, not cool. And “inbred cow-fucker” is…*muffled laughter*…awful for Ian to say. I do defend comments about Dani that make sexual references-She’s just insane-That’s it.

            1. Maybe they were a bit too extreme, everyone needs someone else to keep them on the straight and narrow once on a while, thanks for your comments.

  33. There is no way Dan is gonna stay truthful to Danielle …why….shes not his relitive or his wife… hes only loyal to his wife… he would never risk 500k.on Danielle he could lose… i think he will take Jenn.. he would win..

    1. I agree,
      Dani’s best move would be to take Shane off if she won Veto and put Dan up,
      Vote Dan out and both Jenn ans Shane would take her to the end,
      Not that I want her to win …just saying .

  34. I thought at the end of the last episode that Julie said Wednesday special eviction, Thursday final three determined… That means someone leaves Wednesday, AND someone leaves Thursday… Leaving 3 people at the end of Thursday’s show, starting the final HOH comp… Subday’s show will be ??? , finale Wednesday the 19th! Right???

    1. I totally missed that, thanks! I just went back & watched & she said:
      Sunday – HOH/noms
      Wednesday – Special Eviction – F4 determined
      Thursday – eviction – F3 determined

  35. I am excited about next BB episode, watching each person walk into the jury house and the others’ reactions. Also watching Ian’s face and his rocking back and forth and frantic pacing when he realizes that he’s been outplayed, outwitted and outsmarted by Dan and his mist. Will Ian call Dan an inbred Mother Theresa F**cker?

    1. Who knows with Ian, he’s so excited about being part of the “cool” kids…maybe Dan will mist him and tell him he only did it so Ian could spend some time with Brit in the Jury.

    1. hey, simon, welcome to tha par-tay!

      i want scrambling, too, but from where? if shane goes down, dani probably goes up, and jenn leaves. if jenn goes down, dani probably goes up, and shane leaves.

      which do you think would be more fun???

  36. All of you people throwing the religious crap out are as tedious as the last few days of BBAD. Yawn.

    It is a game. Get over it already.

    1. I really don’t care, but I learned a couple of things in life. Karma is real and those who don’t believe in it haven’t been kicked in the balls by it yet. Do not burn a Holy book ie Bible, Torah, Koran ect. Expect your life to take a major downswing if you do something like that. Don’t use a Holy Book to try and get financial gain. In the end it’ll catch up with you and you better pray you pay before leaving this lifetime. Dan’s catching a lot of heat for this. I wouldn’t be suprised if he’s politely asked to find employment elsewhere when this is over. It’s one thing to lie, but when you brought the Bible into it, you crossed a line. And I’m not overtly religious either.

      1. not really taking a side on this arguement but I have wonder if Dan will be fired once the show is over, many private school make their teachers sign behavior contracts before they are hired. Perhaps if he did sign one it was waived knowing he was going on BB? Not sure, just wondering

    2. it wasn’t only “you people” throwing the “religious crap”, it was dan. the comments were a response to dan’s endless references to his religious beliefs, or lack thereof. many take the subject to heart.

      i guess that’s why it’s a topic of conversation best avoided. i guess that’s why day constantly chooses it for the topic of conversation, too.

  37. I don’t think Dan will take JennCity even though taking her would be the easy win. His ego is too big and if it came down to her and Danielle, he would take Dani simply for the credit of being a coach and getting his player to the end.

  38. I can’t wait for Big Brother 15 to start, BB14 is over, just give Dan the cheque. Oh, and before the next BB, there’s Amazing Race, with 2 million dollars as the grand prize! Two million, I wonder what depths Dan Gheesling would sink to for 2 million dollars?

    1. maybe a pov endurance comp? of the remaining hg, i think they’d all be quicker than this at the morph comp…

      (except shane, not due to ability, because he didn’t seem to study for it)

  39. Honestly, BB needs to change this show up.

    It’s beyond sad when the houseguests are able to predict which competitions are coming up.

    We all know HoH’s are Mental-Physical-Mental-Physical. They need to switch it up every now and then.

    We all know there’s a OTEV comp later in the game; a face-morphing comp, Zingbot comp.

    We get it, those are your signature competitions but goodness. When HG’s are able to prepare for a competition they pretty much know is going to be next, it becomes a tad bit pathetic.

  40. So much Frank hate! I don’t get it, you guys – I really really like him. Yes, he’s naive and too trusting but he doesn’t deserve all the trash talk some people are dishing out.

    He’ll be back for All Stars. No question.

    1. I liked Frank too,however I do think that he came off as too cocky sometimes.Either way I look forward to seeing him on a future season, hopefully.

      1. Yes, he did come off cocky. I think it was a defence mechanism, especially after Boogie left and he was alone. Maybe he thought his cockiness would make people want to work with him.

        1. you make a valid point, going from having a trusted ally in the game to being alone really had to mess with his head, especially considering that Ian was partly to blame.

  41. wonder why feeds are stil down…it can’t be because of cheating because frank is in the jury…I wonder what kind of rules he’s already been trying to break in the jury house….since he thinks the rules dont apply to him..

  42. Since Frank left the house I really felt that he played a competive game, ultimately his Social game would’ve improved only if he wasn’t soo close with Boogie making him a big target in the house. I have a feeling if someone doesn’t get Shane or Ian next, Dan is going to be sitting in Jury.
    A exciting final Five would’ve be


      1. Would that bring drama though? They would just revert to ‘QP to the end’ and get out Jenn.

        Jenn winning would bring drama.

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