Dan says he walked in and they just finished whispering get Dan put up on the block.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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12:30am Jenn is sleeping in the stereo room. Ian, Shane, Danielle and Dan are out by the hammock talking. Dan talks about how he mentioned Ian’s crush Taylor in a speech. Ian says that he really hopes that they cut that out. Dan says why, why wouldn’t a crush want their name said to 7 million people. They all start reminiscing past events of the season. Ian talks about earlier in the season when Frank wanted to put up Dan. Ian says that he had to diffuse the situation. He says that he was s***ing bricks. Danielle says that she couldn’t eat or sleep after Ian told her and Britney. Ian says I am so glad that they didn’t put you up. Ian says it was bad! I was worried that he was going to do it. Dan says you guys told me after the meeting, I didn’t even know. Dan says that Boogie told him that if he didn’t agree with it he wouldn’t cosign on it. He wouldn’t vote me out. That’s what he told me.


1am The conversation turns to talking about the reset button. Dan says that Britney denied hitting it. Ian says he can’t wait to watch the episode just to see what the reset button looks like. Ian says that if Willie hadn’t been expelled from the house then there wouldn’t have been two double evictions. Ian says that if Kara had come back she would have maybe been the sixth member of the quack pack. Danielle mentions how grossed out Kara was that Boogie was hitting on her. Ian tells them about how Boogie wants Jojo, Danielle and Britney out. Ian says that Boogie said he was tired of her pouty face all the time. Danielle starts asking what does that mean, what does pouty mean? Does that mean sad? I wasn’t sad, I didn’t complain when I was a have not. F**k you Boogie! Dan starts doing Danielle’s kissy face. Ian comments how it really rubbed him the wrong way how Frank left. Dan imitates Franks facial expression when he left.

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1:25am Dan Shane and Danielle head inside to the bathroom to take care of the cuts on their hands. Dan grabs the Bactine and spays his hands. He says you want the pain son, you want the pain son! AGGGhhhh! He reads the bottle “soothing infection protection”. He says that’s the biggest crock of s**t! Danielle wraps up Dan’s cut up hands. She touches the “holes” and Dan screams and makes faces because of how painful it is. Dan keeps making jokes about how he wants his bandages to look like brass knuckles. When she’s done he tells her it doesn’t look like brass knuckles it looks like I just got beat up. Danielle gets Shane to help bandage up her hands. Shane then heads to bed.
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1:40am Dan and Ian play a game of chess. After only a few moves Dan takes Ian’s queen. Ian says GAAA! I have got to stop sucking at chess!


2am Ian says that he told Joe that I basically took a huge s**t during the live show and smeared it around with my hands. Dan asks when, the first double eviction? Ian says yeah. Danielle comes out of the bathroom says goodnight and heads to bed. They continue their game, Ian misses a move and Dan makes a couple moves and wins. Ian is pissed he missed the move.


2:05am – 2:20am In the kicks room Shane and Danielle are talking. Danielle says that she is scared to go up. Shane says that she might not go up, that he will talk to Ian. Danielle says that she is scared about Dan’s vote. Shane asks why because he talks a lot to Jenn. Danielle says yeah. Danielle wonders is Dan and Jenn have a final two. Shane says yeah probably. He tells her to talk to him and tell him whatever he needs to hear, tell him you will take him to the final two. Shane says that he bets Dan made a deal with Jenn last night. Danielle whispers to Shane that she wonders if Ian and Dan have a final two deal. Shane says that he thinks they do. Shane says remember how he treated you with his speech. Danielle says she hasn’t forgotten and says he also put me on the block! Shane says he (Dan) is in it to win! I really think he made a deal with Jenn. Shane says that he thinks if Dan had won veto he would have saved Jenn and voted me out. Dan comes in and pauses at the door.


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Shane gets all nervous and starts saying they weren’t talking about him. Dan says no I’m just wondering why you two are in different beds. Shane comments that he was thinking of talking to Ian, not that it matters though. Dan says so what I can go up on the block? Dan comments that he walked in and they just finished whispering saying get Dan put up on the block. Danielle looks at Shane and says no, did that ever come out of our mouths? Danielle looks at Dan are you serious?! Shane tells Danielle he is just bugging you. Shane tells Danielle whoever goes up is safe, no one needs to worry. Dan asks Shane if he learned any more about his veto prize. Shane reads his letter from the veto “Congratulations on winning the veto, you also won a special luxury prize that you will learn more about soon.” Dan says that he wonders more about the conversation they were having when he walked in. Danielle asks what? Dan says just about you being worried about going up, either you go up, I go up or Shane doesn’t use the veto. Dan then starts reading bible verses. Dan then starts reading his letter from his wife Chelsea.


2:30am – 3am Dan tells Shane we are 4 out of 16! Shane says yeah I know we have a 25% chance of winning half a million. Dan tells Shane that he thinks Shane will have to make a decision with his veto prize, like either keep the veto or take a money prize. Shane says oh I hope not, don’t give them any ideas. Danielle comes back and Dan starts asking them relationship questions. Dan asks Danielle if she would kiss Jojo for $10,000? Danielle says no! Dan asks $15,000? Danielle says no! Dan asks S20,000? Danielle says no! Dan starts asking would you rather questions, would you rather peck Jojo for 5 seconds or kiss Boogie for 9 seconds? Danielle says Boogie. Dan asks Shane would you rather … this is sick .. hold a zip-lock bag while Jodi cr*ps in it or Frank dutch ovens you. Shane asks do I get to use gloves with Jodi? Dan says yes. Shane says Jodi. Danielle says that was sick Dan. Danielle asks Dan would you rather give Frank a sponge bath front and back or wax and bleach Ian’s b*tt and b*tt hole. Dan says Ian. Dan asks Danielle would you rather make out with Willie or Frank? Danielle doesn’t want to with either.. then asks can I keep my eyes closed the whole time? Dan says yes. Danielle says Frank. Dan asks Ian or Frank. Danielle says Ian. Dan says he is going to tell Ian tomorrow and then asks Boogie or Ian. Danielle says Boogie. They end the questions to go to sleep. Dan tells Shane nice win today. Shane says thanks. They all go to sleep..


9am Jenn is up and in the kitchen making her shake. All the other house guests are still sleeping, no wake up call yet (BB usually gives a late wake up call on Sundays). Jenn finishes making her shake and goes out into the backyard, starts her laundry and sits down on the couch.

10am – 10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Dan and Ian are awake and in the kitchen. Shane and Danielle are still sleeping..


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I’ve gotten where I Can Not Stand silly Shane! … I DO hope that he has an offer of money or veto, and that he chooses Money!!!! – I want Dan and Danielle in final 2.– either way, both would have Won! – if either of them gets out, Ian is my 3rd choice.


The guy never watched a BB episode until his AGENT sent him to an audition. I’m so sick of Danielle crying about how people are playing so personal, how people put her down and how could they because she so fricken fantastic, her gameplay is so great, then when she can break free of talking about all her awesome wins she bashes Frank from everything to being too arrogant (cough) to being “gross eww” (cough cough), hope she reads this and she realizes that most of the complaining she’s done about other people in the house, people have been complaining about YOU for the same reasons. I can’t wait for Danille to find out that Frank wouldn’t give Danielle the time of day in the real world because he has higher standards than the likes of her. She’s a toxic gas on the entire season. Her and Shane didn’t even try out for Big Brother, they were both trying out for dating shows, Jenn was “found” on facebook, Ashley was sent by her agent and Joe was trying out for a cooking show.

Don’t do an AllStars season,,, DO A SUPERFAN SEASON!!!


Frank has high standards? How the fuck do you know that?? You fans get more delusional with your made up bullshit every season…

Such High standards, when he was trying to fuck a druggy s&m chick in Ashley………… LMFAO


WOW………..you sound very bitter. I guess it take on to know one!


“s&m whore”


I think that BB should stop finding people online….I’m sure that there are more than enough FANS that apply every year who know the game and want to really play the game as a fan….I’m sick of the fake, phony people INVITED to play for half a million dollars….who would turn it down?
Also let the season be just new players, not past players too…..I’m over it
Play an Allstars…..otherwise lets get back to the reall BB and have all new players…
Also what’s up with the shortage of Alcohol? Last night was 2 beers and 1 bottle of wine for 4 people, since Jenn is on slop….BB is being really rediculas with the drinks….If you going to offer it up then allow at least 2 drinks each, otherwise it’s not worth it…and the house feels the same way….The most funny times of course are when everyone is a little loose, let them have some fun….
Ok off my soapbox…..
I do love this game, I hope that CBS does not ruin it…..they do interfere too much now and it’s making allot of people mad, those who watch the feeds and read the blogs see and hear how much Production interferes…..it’s been the downfall of past game shows of old. They need to back off and just enjoy the decisions of the housemates…..


I absolutely agree. HG’s should be from those who have applied, no returning players unless it’s an all stars season, more alcohol but not so much that they get sloppy drunk every night and production needs to let the game play out without their involvement.


Are you freaking serious? I know a hundred people that watch every episode just like IAN claims to have and would give their right arm to be on BB and if this statement is true:

“Her and Shane didn’t even try out for Big Brother, they were both trying out for dating shows, Jenn was “found” on facebook, Ashley was sent by her agent and Joe was trying out for a cooking show.”

then BB should be ashamed. I, like Frank tried numerous times back 2005 and 2006, I think I tried and unlike Frank I gave up after 2 tries. But these people are even applying and get on? That sucks!

Darranged stalker Danielle

Not Shane just Danielle was trying out for Dating shows…and the way she acts it shows… Shane wanted survivor or bb…


OH, you are mistaken. Shane, Mr. Vermont himself, was recruited by Big Brother after he tried out for a dating show. Never watched an episode of BB before being recruited then bought ONE season on DVD and didn’t finish it. Quit watching “after jeff was evicted”, were his exact words. I guess Big Brother fans aren’t pretty enough.

Oh and ILL WILL,,,, Frank was very vocal about how disgusted he was even having to flirt with Danielle, what was his quote,,,, “I don’t go where the masses have been”, and as far as Ashley was concerned,,, uhhhh that was NOT a showmance, that was one awkward make out session manufactured by Big Brother. If you have the live feeds go to a flashback and watch for yourself, the only thing that would have made it look less natural is if they had a guy screaming “cut”. Oh,, and ILL WILL,,,, s&m,,, its only kinky the first time!

Darranged stalker Danielle

No way Dan is gonna take stupid Danielle to the end… he wants 500k hes smart Danielle is to much of a risk..and he is loyal to only his wife.. he knows taking Jenn is better cuz he will win…i dont see why people think he would risk money like that he doesnt even like danielle thats why he asks her all kinds of things …he knows shes a nut case..


Actually all of them would win if they took Jenn to the finale with them. None of the jury members would even have to hear a reason why the person sitting next to her should win the $500k. All they need to see is Jenn sitting there doing nothing,which is the way she did the entire season.


I agree


Interesting. I wonder if Danielle was playing Shane or she really has doubts about Dan. Could it be?!! Is the mist dissipating? Or is it thicker than ever?


I hope Dan wins just like “Sandra won Survivor” a second time. Team Powerhouse for America’s Fave, yo!


Where the hell is Jenn????


She’s hurt that the other people want to vote her out. Waaaaa. She pretends to be this tough chick from Brooklyn. She’s a scared litle girl, hiding behind the tats and the black. Remember all the BS she at one point said that she’s going to call out.. I think it was Danielle, actually… a few weeks ago when Boogie was coaching her. She said she was going to start a big fight. Yeah. Haha. Nothing. Sat quiet as a mouse. Same as last night. Retreated back where she could be alone and just sat there feeling sorry for herself. She’s kinda pathetic.


So you enter a game to win $500K and hours earlier you lost a competition that all but assures you’ve lost the game. How would you feel? How would you act?

Most would be very disappointed and a mature person would try they’re very best not to take it out on anybody…which aside from briefly snapping at Danielle, is exactly what Jenn did.

Also, your judging Jenn on the basis of her tattoos and clothes, is as vapid as those who discount somebody as just a nerd or a pretty face or a dumb jock. Now if you are still in junior high, I can understand why your views on people are entirely one dimensional. But if you’re any older than that, your views of Jenn reveal more about you, than Jenn’s clothes and tattoos reveal about her.

And to the critics of Danielle, when somebody has lost a chance at a lot of money and is in a bad mood, most adults would put out a feeler to gauge a a reaction and once it was clear that person was upset, you would give them some space to deal with the disappointment and when they were ready to talk, you would be all ears.

Danielle knew there was nothing she could say to make Jenn feel better last night, so she left her alone. If/when Jenn has come to terms with the loss, I’m sure Danielle will be happy to talk.

Too many fans are judging these people based on what they are seeing on camera. Fair enough. But would you really want people to watch you 24/7 and judge you based on what they see. Have you never gotten angry over a big loss/disappointment? Have you never been annoyed by somebody you really do like and vocalized that frustration? Have you never picked a zit? Seriously, cut everybody just a little slack already.


You don’t seem to get it. I don’t judge Jenn based on tats and black clothes. I’m a metalhead myself, which is why it is so disappointing to me that they pick weak characters like Adam and Jenn to come on Big Brother. She is an embarrassment, just as Adam was. She’s weak.

Dick was a rocker. OK, he was too much of an asswipe, but at least he wasn’t afraid to get in someone’s face when he thought it was needed. It is as it they are making a mockery or rock/metal people with these last two clowns.

Jenn showed she has no social game, no strategy, no physical game, nothing. And the moment she feels she may get voted out, she disappears in some hole to be alone.

You want me to be nice to (about) someone like that? Not a chance.


I’m curious as to what Shane’s “prize” is all about that he won with his veto. Too late to bring a evicted player back….it must be something that will offer an opportunity to create some chaos or they would have given it at time of the win I would think. If Dan were to go up then Ian would have to break the tie if Shane were to vote him out…Danielle won’t ever go against him. I see Jenn going home at this point…However I keep going back and forth between Dan and Ian to win….could never vote for Danielle OR Shane as even tho they have won a few badly Needly comps, neither have great social game….Dani is a tad better socially than Shane but not much. Shane’s social game is to simply agree with what ever is said and he is lost without Brit….even he admitted that Brit was his social game. Dan can’t possibly this k he can win this with the jury votes…..not with Ian beside him.


It’s too late in the game to cause much chaos. I predict it’s some BS screening of a movie that CBS/Columbia Pictures will be releasing soon.

Roisin Dubh

Dan throwing out the mist with the Bible verses and the letter from his wife. But the 64k question is – Will Shane grow a brain and put 2 and 2 together? God, the stupidity is making the drama go round and round.

Roisin Dubh

Ian is making it soud like he wa the one not to backdoor Dan. This kid turned into a little monster real quick. He reminds me of that kid preacher in Children of the Corn.

Roisin Dubh

I meant to say sounds like he was the one not to backdoor Dan. The grammer Nazis are in full force on this website.

Goose stepping



Ian also reminds me of the socially akward teen from Stephen King’s Christine. The kid never had any friends until his dad gets him the car that’s possessed. He starts to gain confidence, then becomes cocky believing that he’s this really “cool” kid. Of course the car starts killing everyone but he’s so “misted” he doesn’t believe it until he’s squashed like a bug.


Well, fuck-I was going to buy that book someday!


sorry, LOL guess I should have said spoilers..at least now you can have a laugh and think about Ian riding around with a leather jacket on in a 1958 red and white Plymouth Fury while your reading the novel.


Oh please stephen king writes bullshit. Don’t bother reading his stupid ass fourteen year old boy fantasy world shit.


luxury prize is….?

Shane gogogo


HAA HAA!!! There goes you plan, “Father Dan” !!!


Dan walking in on Shane and Danielle talking about him… classic! C’mon, Dan. Make another move. Get Danielle out of there! Go up to the HOH room and mist mist mist the heck out of Ian. Danielle has the most allies out of everyone left in the game and she will have the least amount of enemies in the jury if she makes it to final 2. Send her packin’! What’s the use of getting rid of Jenn? That would be almost as useless as getting out Ashley.


Let’s see: weirdo Ian, backstabbing Dan, moron Shane, useless Jenn, and big tittie Dani. I think I’m going to root for big tittie Dani.

Good season, but strange in a way because I come away without truly liking any of the final 5. Dan was my favorite player of all time until this year, but I can’t respect the guy anymore. He’s kind of a creep too.. the way he bugs his eyes out when he’s terrified. Never noticed that earlier.


danielle’s tits are as fake as she is ugly. britney was a bitch but she was smoking hot. you get to be a pit of a bitch when you are on the right side of the hotness meter. danielle on the other hand …. ugly face, ugly personality = a very very undesirable bitch

don’t know what’s worse., britney’s bitching or danielle’s fishing (for compliments)


I’m thinking Dani & Shane may have screwed themselves when Dan caught them talking about him. He’s no fool. He has Ian’s ear. If Shane takes the veto, I bet Dan could get Ian to put up Dani, there’d be a tie vote, and Ian would break it. Dani would go home, and Jenn would stay, as Dan prefers. I think Dan also “misted” Shane when he told him maybe he would have to make a choice between the luxury prize and the veto! Shane will be up all night worrying about that! This has been an interesting game, to me much better than the last two years.


Dan initiated those gross “would you rather” questions? He is truly disgusting, and displays slight sociopathic behavior. He may be great at this game, but I would NOT want hime teaching or coaching my child….at all. Blech.

TV People Don't Know You Exist

Sanctimonious much? Get over yourself, and put your semi literate psychoanalysis away.

Some of you mouth breathers and knuckle draggers are taking this game and yourselves much too seriously.


lol at hypocrites


EXACTLY they people bashing Dan are saying some nasty shit too callin him “satan”, LMFAO and they call others hypocrites? STFU you whiny bitches…

It’s sad that every year they take the game and things people do in the house more and more serious, while the rest of us are just having fun talkin shit about the HGs not one inch of “seriousness” in our posts… You angry OBB have ALWAYS been talkin shit about the HGs??? Find another site, there are hundreds of them, but none compare to OBB, which is why you keep comin back for more.


BS-you are just one of the anon. keyboard bullies. You know that houseguests read all these boards after the game and are hurt by sh$& said. You all are just rationalizing your bad behavior-yes, go ahead and tell me to STFU…. Bully!

Other Internet users do not care that you exist

Pathetic is what you are. Dan is soicopathetic and his superego sanctifies stupendous proportions.

King Silva

Again people would be crazy to NOT backdoor Dan..

He has a very good shot of winning and Jenn has about 0% chance to win unless she becomes Super Jenn and wins all the rest of the competitions so yeah take out Dan!

Once Dan is gone Shane or Danielle can win HOH and of course nominate Ian/Jenn although the main thing that matters is Veto since they [or the person they leave off the block] chose[s] who goes home of the 3 not HOH.

I’m just want sneaky ass Dan out!

Shane, Ian, and Danielle final 3!


I absolutely agree. It seems that it is not even being considered by anybody!! HELLO IAN WAKE UP!!


So boring now that Frank left, just cancelled my superpass. Well, I was just flabbergasted that its more important to Ian to go OUT as a renegade than win. I thought he was there to win, he is obviously just a fanboy who can’t stop humping Dan’s leg. I would rather see JennCity take it all home than any other in the house, but I still voted for DAWG for favorite because its true.


Finally Shane and Danielle are figuring it out! Of course, Dan as final 2 deals with EVERYONE! I thought they would never break from the mist! They are officially my favorites to be in the final 2, just for breaking out of Dan’s mist!

Jen W

Everybody has other F2’s.


But Dan honestly has final 2’s with everybody. He has one with Jenn, He has one with Danielle, He has one with Ian, and he has a final 2 with Shane. so, yeah Dan is a dirty dirty player. I rest my case.


Now that Shane has the veto, it would be interesting if Ian put up Dan, his strongest competition. I hope not because Ian and Dan are my pick for final two, but it would make the next few episodes fun to watch. When Frank was in the house, that’s what made this season interesting: his feud with Dan. I like to watch underdogs (Frank) and strategists (Dan). Now that we’re at the end, people need to start gunning for big dogs. Since Ian is HOH, and Shane is the veto-holder, that only leaves Dan. But as for a social competitor, Dani is the one that TRULY has the best position. No one fears her. She’s not on anyone’s radar. She’s in the best position as of now. Dan should “mist” Ian and get him to put her up.
Shae will vote for Dani to stay, Dan will vote for Jenn to stay. Ian will have to break the tie. If not this week, then the next HOH should take Dani out.

I’m hoping Dan pulls another trick out of his bag of tricks to avoid eviction. If he leaves, this will be a dull game, seriously.


If Shane and Dani manage to make such a big move and get Dan out, I’d respect their gameplay a lot more. I actually want Dan to stay, but if the showmancers pull that off, I’ll give Dani serious kudos. She takes her coach out! Wow, that would be crazy. I’d prefer for Jenn or Dani to exit next. But it would be nice to see some campaigning and more unpredictable gameplay from folks. Even though Shane wins comps, I’m so uninspired by the way he plays. Its so blah. He has yet to bring any independent, crafty moves other than comps. That used to be enough for me to root for players, but now, I enjoy the other mental/social aspects of the game. Its far more cerebral to persuade, deflect, and manipulate. The comps are so random. Even Jenn could pull a win last minute. True competitors manuever ALL aspects of BB.

For that reason, I still think Ian or Dan should win, in that order. Dani may be a close third in my mind, because Dan’s coaching has rubbed off on her somewhat. She is developing a social game that is stronger than Shane’s or Jenn’s. It would take some BIG moves to change my mind. The others play comps and soak up sun, nothing more.


Best idea yet.
put Dan up and crap on his mist!,,,


All the crap from this season has been used on either Frank’s dream or Joe’s cooking.


Shane as played just as a good as game as Dan. Shane has won lots of comp’s and only when he had too. He’s used Danielle just like Dan and had final two with everyone. IAN puts up Dan, then Shane ko’s Ian next and wins as this year BB has a final three for the jury to vote for and not a final two.


That can’t be possible because a final 3 to vote on would mean that there is a 6 person jury which means that the vote can be a tie. There is a final HOH on finale night and the winner gets to evict the last person completing the jury of 7 and leaving to in the house.

Red Lampshade

Wait, did Shane just grow a brain and realize that they need to get Dan out? Hoorah!


Uh-oh, misting is wearing off. Dan better get back to work.


Simon/dawg do you think ian is going to put up dan?

Zingbot Fan

Big Brother could you please put a can of WD-40 in Ian’s HOH basket?


Danielle’s only chance to make the Final Two is to align with Shane, and yet we all know that won’t happen. I find it absolutely amazing that Danielle still trusts Dan even though he put her on the block a few days ago. She will believe anything he says. I don’t think one player has manipulated and brainwashed another player in Big Brother history as much as Dan has to Danielle.

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

news flash Dan you are 4 out of 12. You had a 4 week free pass, everyone else in the house is out of 16.


I can’t really figure danielle out is she really worried about dan or is this he play for sympathy from shane. I don’t get it I think it would be strange for danielle to turn on dan after all this time but i am thinking this is some sort of play so that he will take her to the F2 instead of dan. I highly doubt Ian will put dan up over danielle since dan has Ian convinced they will be coming after him.


Sounds like Shane may be withdrawing from the mist.

And is Danielle really still pissed about what Dan said at the funeral (even though she knows it was fake) — so sick of her bringing that up.

Who is Danielle most loyal to — Shane or Dan — do we know that yet?

hotbutton topic

I swear she swoons over Dan more than she does Shane…truth is that she lies so much I am not sure about her at all. She is however under Dan’s spells something awful!!

My wish: Ian put up Dan and Shame and Danielle vote him out! won happen but it would be their smartest move…


She talks smack about both of them to the other. Shane’s clingy, Shane’s a douche…Dan’s hurt me so bad, Dan put me up!
She is loyal to who ever is listening to her at the moment. Which ever one stays thinks she’s loyal to them. But if her vote decided…She’d pick ???


Dani loves to play “poor, pitiful, me”! And she’s always fishing for a compliment. I’m fed up to the point where I’d rather see her go than Jenn. I don’t think Dan can trust her.


I think that Dani should talk to Ian about Dan. She should tell Dan that she and Shane are Dan 100%, but worry that Dan has a deal with Jenn and that he is so good at using his mist that he might be able to convince Ian to vote Jenn in a tie breaker. In order to influence Ian, she may also want to include the little tidbit about offering up Brit (adding that it was a done deal before she ever knew about it). If Ian wants QP to be final 4, he should put up Dan.


*Classic moment*
Dan, Shane and Dani are eating:

Shane: “I can really throw a zinger and use it on her” Shane smirks and munches on his quesadilla.
Dani gives him a look.
Shane: what?
Dan: Smiles at Shane ( I bet he’s thinking- that’s what I would do)
Dani: use it on Jenn?
Shane: “make a deal with her…I’m just kidding…trying to to push your buttons” Shane munching and laughing.
Shane squints his face at Dani.
Dani is agitated “I’ve never know someone who likes to make me as mad as he does for fun!”

Moments later
Dani:” I don’t think Dan thought I could pull off on the plank”
Shane “oooo he did, inside he did”
Dani: “come on now, now your being Mr.positive!”
Shane: noo.


For Dani to claim she has all different types of degrees and eduacation, she has no type of common sense. I don’t understand her way of thinking. Dan has no loyalty to her and yet she feels like she can trust him after he blasted her at the funeral and put her on the block, I don’t care what he said, he is only in it for the game, he could care less for her. The way she goes goo goo for shane is sad. I don’t care how many times she says shane is an a** she does it to herself and keeps going back to him. Maybe if shane would give her some interactive attention she might break free of dan.Who knows I consider her a lost cause only because of the show she portrays herself on the show. Hopefully when she watches the show and sees for herself, she will realize just how pathetic she was and how she was played by dan and by shane and by just about everyone in the house.


Yikes, BB may be messing around with Shane’s veto ( since when do you win veto AND a luxury reward?) I imagine they want to keep Dan in the house till the end, and they’ve had enough of Jenn sleeping 14 hours a day and zero game talk. Even Shane knows that by using the veto Dan could go up and might be a good time to get him out. BB is going to pull something like they did last year when Rachel and Jordan got saved when it was a sure thing that one of them was going home. Might be a twist like you grt the veto but have to also be on slop the rest of the summer. Or give up the veto/slop option and get $10,000 but you stay on the block.


Sounds to me as though the Luxury will be Shane receiving a large sum of money, which will be enticing to him to get out of debt. In return, however, he will have to give up his spot in the house. Giving up his spot will in turn unleash Frank and/or Joe back into the house (most likely, Frank) to compete for the all out win. In the meantime, Dan will be put up on the block as a replacement nominee.


Frank better not return, he was saved from eviction with the reset, and he was finally fairly evicted last week, he lost his chance for the money, and it needs to stay that way.


Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I hate production!!!!!!!

LA from GA

Ok I don’t know how no one else has commented on this. I just laughed so hard at the picture of Danielle doing the split and it’s immediately followed by the picture of Dan making a face like “WTH?”

Jen W

I’m still thinking if I was in there, I would want to take Dan to F2. I think he would be the safest bet for me to win $500k. No one in the jury will vote for Dan to win. I wouldn’t feel comfortable being up against Ian, Danielle or Shane for F2 facing the jury. Even Jenn would win 1st place against Dan & she has slept more of the season than she was awake, let alone playing.


I’m sorry, but I disagree. Dan has really played the game! He is running circles around everyone else. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls another shocker in the future!

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

I think that Dan knows that production is working angles for him. AG will probably want Dan to toss her salad for working the game in his favor.


You guys are all missing the big picture here.

Shane and Danielle need Dan next week to play in the VETO comp. If Ian wins the next VETO comp, he wins the entire game, he won’t lose in the final 3, it will be game over.

Dan “loses” to anyone in final 2 per everyone’s calculations, and Ian wins in final 2 per everyone’s calculations.

Do they really want Jen backing them up in the next Veto comp vs. Ian? They have to know BB will tailor it for him to win.


But you’re basing “everybody’s calculations” on what they say to each other. This crew isn’t exactly known for their candor…

Dan has to know his best (possibly only) shot at winning is with Jenn.

Danielle has to feel very confident against everybody. She has no enemies and lots of friends in the jury.

Ian is kind of in his own world, crediting himself with what Britney and Dan actually did, and other than Britney (maybe Ashley?) he has no friends or certain votes. He should be even more worried about jury if he realizes that Dan, Danielle, and Shane were targeting him this week. He can read it as a they’re afraid of him to pump his ego if he wants, but it also shows that they (and the rest of the house) never really saw him as a part of the crew. Have you ever heard Dan, Danielle, or Shane say Quack Pack outside of Ian’s presence other than when Dan ratted to Frank? I also think that Ian’s constant talk of Frank is revealing. I think he was counting on Frank giving him the nod as a fellow player “you got me, yo” and locking up his vote. When Frank did not do that, he decided Frank would take a bitter stance and vote personally. Now he doesn’t know that Dan is who Frank blames, so in Ian’s eyes, Frank will be a strong campaigner against him.

Shane just isn’t capable of strategy or anticipating the jury. He just wants to get to the end (ideally with Danielle) and cross his fingers.

You’re absolutely right that they can’t let Ian win veto…but Shane should be thinking he’d rather have to face Jenn in competition than Dan. Judging by what was saying to Danielle, I think Dan might have broken the mist in veto. If Shane picked up on the vibe that everybody was playing hard, then he might realize that he was in trouble had he not won. As dumb as Shane is, he’s not completely oblivious.

Danielle on the other hand should be very happy with Shane’s win. She will still have 2 people looking to take her to the end and Shane has a much better chance than Jenn to win comps. She really is sitting pretty right now. Everybody likes her in the house and jury. She has been competitive, but nobody fears her. She has been a player, acting as Boogie to Dan’s Dr. Will. She has to think she has a shot with every single juror. Nobody left can say that.


If Shane chooses Luxury over the Veto – he DESERVES to go to jury but he said that he needs money to pay his credit cards.
IAN – please remember that you are playing BIG BROTHER and get your head in the game! Getting the QP alliance to Final Four is not your goal in this game – WAKE UP!

Darranged stalker Danielle

I really hope Dani goes home shes to loved in jury.. Dans really smart though he can tell Shane how delusional Danielle is how she wanted him gone and how she thinks hes smothering her when its the other way around this is gonna break Dani and shanes weird friendhip up… I cant stand Daniellle she s riding Dans coattails to the end…she or shane need to leave …


Dan is defiantly my favorite!

Jury was not part of my dream

They should call it the “quirk pack”

Ian with his incessant rocking and mouth spit noises
Dan the sociopathic liar
Shane with zero personality and no unique thoughts
And Danielle with the obsessive need for attention


Am I the only one that wants to shove Dan’s Bible up his ass??? I didn’t like him before, now he makes me want to choke the life out of him.

Darranged stalker Danielle

Danielle is a paranoid schitzo.. shes like that in real life… …shes weird.. wow id be scared now cuz you Dani are probably going home…and Sahne you are next.. Dan heard what you said…so now he doesnt trust them so bye bye Dani or shane..


it’s really embarrassing hearing the game talk between Shane and Danielle. they need to tell Ian to place Dan on the block, and tell Ian it’s going to be easier to take out Jenn in the next HOH. Ian should of also realized this before he even placed Jenn on the block. Ian should of nominated Dan and Danielle in the first place. if Ian continues to play stupid and puts up Danielle, Ian has to get in Dan’s ear to vote Danielle off. Ian can tell Jenn he has the tie breaker vote to keep her in the game, so Jenn has to make a promise to keep Ian safe next week. if I’m Ian I would trust Jenn over Danielle knowing how Danielle is closer to Dan and Shane. if Jenn is voted off this week, Danielle, Shane and Ian doesn’t even deserve the second place prize ($50K).


it might get interesting today.


Lmao from watching the feeds, you can just tell which clips are going to make it onto the show.

Dani & Shane’s convo will deff. make it on there. Then they’ll show Dan yelling in the confessional ( Why does nobody realize he yells but they cut on Joe? lol ) about how he just walked in and they were scheming against him. Yada yada. It’ll be similar to his rant about Joe thinking he was Shane lol.

It’s beyond sad that Ian knows about the mist yet he still is letting Dan control him. Dan asks about personal questions in order to make them feel like they can trust him. I don’t believe he gives a shit about Ian’s ADHD/OCD or a shit about Jenn’s music. Lmao.

Dan knows what conversations to start to make it seem like he cares. These people trusts him more than they trust their OWN damn instincts.

This guy is a freakig mastermind in a house with idiots and we all know what the outcome will be.

It’s difficult to tell who BB likes more; Ian or Dan.

They’ve given Dan the edit of the year and we know that theyre trying to capitalize on this whole ‘Dans the best player to ever play BB’ madness.

When Dans funeral happened, Julie boasted about all the praises he recieved in newspapers, articles, etc. and they constantly remind us of how he’s playin the whole house.
On the other hand, they know that somehow, some way, a lot of people like Ian. They gave him his own segment about his condition, sparking sympathy.

So I’m not really sure.



Make a dream come true


I’m afraid if it’s Dani and Dan F2 the attitude in the JH’s votes will be “Who played the game without backstabbing, lying, and fooling me” because though some of the mist has cleared, I don’t believe Danielle will break away from her coach and Shane will use the veto, but f**k-I hope so, even though I support Dan I want big moves. Shane keeps saying “no, no, it’s okay, anyone who goes up is safe” but because he’s using it and a plan is hatching??? *plan plan plan plan*


pure garbage players vote butthurt, whiny bitches can’t except somebody played the game better… which is why Russel Hantz got fucked outta 2 and a half seasons of Survivor and 2 floaters won.

if Goody two shoes type players is how you win Big Brother then not 1 of the 15 players deserve the money including Frank


I say when you come on the show, leave the crybaby bullshit at home


Does Jenn actually have a couple fans here, or are those Frank Fans? I don’t believe she has fans


Ian better get Dan out if he wants to win, only Ian and Dan would get the votes to win , Jenn would get 1 no matter who’s she’ up with , Shane would be split as well as Dani


Does anyone think Dan & Dani have a crush on each other just when there eyes meet they become one the way they finish seach others sentence when they talk and giggle like school kids Dan doesn’t wants anyone with Dani or her to like any of the guys more than Dan you’ll know the saying “YOU WANT WHAT YOU CAN’T HAVE” “YOU CAN LOOK BUT TOUCH” Dan will win hands down Dani doesn’t have a chance in hills berry pie after Frank told the jury about the plan with Jen, Dani, & Dan Britt will give her vote to Dan endless Ian is with Dan the fake crying Dani did with Britt &Shane. Dani will have a hard time as a nurse after this (finding a job) she will have to do her physiological test over Dan know he will win if its him &dani, Jen, not with Shane, or Ian


They are going to offer Shane the coaches money 100 g. And if he takes it joe and frank battle take his spot

Karen S

Finally they are all getting a clue about Dan’s final two with everyone! FINALLY!!
Maybe, hopefully, Dan is NOT so safe after all.

trying so hard to get lucky danielle

i hate Dani shes so annoying she needs to go.

trying so hard to get lucky danielle

get ur undies on Danielle shanes not wanting ur smelly self