Danielle says she has kept Shane safe, he didn’t even have to work for it!

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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12:15am Ian, Shane and Dan are talking about past seasons of Big Brother. Ian starts talking about Big Brother all-stars, who was on the season and why they were an all-star. Ian says that he thinks out of everyone on this season only him, Danielle and Shane would be considered to be asked back. Ian adds that if the all-stars season was an Evil versus Good than he says that Frank might be considered to be on the evil side.


12:35am Danielle and Jenn are alone talking in the bathroom about Shane. Daniellle is telling Jenn about how mean Shane is to her. She says that he is only really nice for the live shows. She says that he only holds her hand for live shows. Danielle says that she thinks he is using her as a shield. Jenn is agreeing with Danielle about how Shane treats her. They talk about how Shane is always with her and how he never leaves her alone. Jenn starts talking about Ian and says that he is not a loyal player. Danielle says the boys will want to cut her at three. Jenn tells Danielle that we can beat the boys. Danielle says that Shane is using her; she says that it’s just all part of the plan to fake a showmance to get further in the game. Danielle talks about how Shane won’t kiss her at all. She says that he won’t even kiss her under the covers. She says that she has been pushing him, but getting nowhere. Danielle says that she has been treated well before and knows how she should be treated. Danielle says that she will continue playing along being the naive girl. Danielle says that Shane didn’t even have to work for it, that she kept him safe. Jenn says that she thinks if she doesn’t win power of veto, she is gone. She says that if Shane wins it she is gone.


1:25am Dan joins Jenn and Danielle in the bathroom. Dan tells Danielle that Shane doesn’t like her like that. Dan tells her that in his past when he didn’t really like a girl he would treat them in a similar way to how Shane treats Danielle. Dan says that he also didn’t treat girls as bad as Shane is treating Danielle. Danielle leaves the bathroom and goes to lay on Shane’s bed. Shane joins her in the kicks room. Danielle asks him are you just trying to make me mad? Shane tells Danielle that its payback for being mean to him today. Danielle starts to get mad and asks Shane if he is really going to stay over there in the other bed? Shane tells her he has a lot of energy and doesn’t want to kick her in his sleep. Danielle tells him that the bed he is on is funky and that he shouldn’t be on it. She says that she is just looking out for him. Shane joins Danielle in the same bed. Danielle says that she hates that he said to her that he likes a girl that can out eat him. She says that he directed that comment at her and she says that it was brutal mean. Danielle tells him not to talk about weight! Shane tells her you see why I can’t be in a relationship? He says he doesn’t like a girl that is a size zero. Danielle says that the comment made her feel huge! Shane tells her that she is beautiful. Danielle says thanks and tells him that he has to be careful with the weight talk with her because she has had issues in the past.

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Jenn and Dan are along talking in the bathroom. Dan tells Jenn that he thinks the power of veto competition will be the face morph one. Dan tells Jenn how it works. They start talking about Ian and how he is socially awkward. Jenn says that she doesn’t trust Ian. Dan tells Jenn that Shane can’t win veto this week. Dan starts talking about Britney and says that she was a hell of a player. Dan believes that she would have won a lot of the competitions that they had after she left. They both agree that Britney had a great social game. Jenn says that Britney and Ian were super close and she really helped him with his social game. Jenn says that Ian was lucky to win HOH this week, he could have been the target if he hadn’t won it. Dan remembers that they had an endurance power of veto during last season. He says that was the first time Big Brother had done that. Dan then says oh s**t it could be an endurance comp! Jenn says that she is worried that if there is a tie and the nominations stay the same that Ian will send her home. Dan tells Jenn that he needs her here. Jenn tells Dan that she needs him here too. Jenn heads to bed.


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2:35am – 3am Dan is in the kitchen studying the memory wall. He starts covering up parts of the house guests faces to remember their different facial features. Ian comes down from the HOH room. Meanwhile Shane and Danielle are talking about how the worst case scenario would be for Jenn to win the veto. They think Danielle would then go up on the block as the replacement and he would go home. Shane tells Danielle that if he wins the power of veto and Dan goes up they will vote to keep him. Danielle agrees. Shane says that if Danielle is up against Jenn, then he and Dan will vote to keep her. Dan joins them. They all go to sleep.
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8am All the house guests are still sleeping..

8:45am – 9:35am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Danielle gets up to change her batteries and goes back to bed with Shane. Dan is in the kitchen eating cereal. Jenn is up and then goes back to bed. Ian gets up to change his batteries and goes back to bed. Dan comments to Ian that he has a deal with big brother if they play Weezer I get up. Dan goes to the stereo room and grabs his blanket and takes it to the living room and lays down on the couch. Dan says lets watch some TV, what’s on now? Dan says he is fighting for his life. He says that he has made the final four. Dan tells Big Brother that they are losing him to the sleep battle call me if you need me. Dan starts to fall asleep. Big Brother calls Dan to the diary room.


9:55am Danielle is in the bathroom putting on her make-up, while all the other house guests are back in bed trying to sleep.

10:15am – 10:25am Danielle is finished putting on her makeup. She tells BB I’m ready! Jenn is in the kitchen cleaning up. Big Brother calls her to the diary room. Shane, Ian and Dan are still sleeping.


10:45am Danielle is eating breakfast while staring at the memory wall. Big Brother calls her to the diary room.


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The Man


At this point there is no drama

Just do daily comps and get it over with now……these people are freaking boring!


It absolutely nauseates me that Shane is still here in this game. I mean REALLY!!!! He’s never even seen this game at this late stage, has NO IDEA what is going to happen unless he asks someone; WHY IS HE EVEN ON THIS SHOW???? As badly as I felt about Frank, he at least had enough respect for this game to watch it. Shane should NEVER have been allowed in this house!!! Anyway, the ASPCA wants his hair back!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


are you ten years old?


No, I’m not and didn’t mean to post without a name, I didn’t realize it posted anonymously. Sorry!! <3

Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

Shane never even tried out for the game…BB and AG”s thugs found him somehwhere..just like they found Jenn on FB and put them in the house. Shane was only picked because of his looks. I agree these types should not be in the game..they don’t know it and it does nothing for us, the viewers to have to watch peolel play that have no clue. I hated Frank..but I’d much rather have a house filled with Franks and Ians..becasue I know they will play hard.

Ashley said so

I have to disagree. In fact I think it would be a fun experiment to have a season where none of the houseguests have ever seen the show or where half of them have seen it and half haven’t. And the half that has watched the show can’t tell the others anything about the game. It would be interesting to see how much of an advantage the ones that knew about the game would have over the others.

Danielle's Pathetic

It’s absolutely painful to watch the live feeds this week. What a bunch of idiots! Only keeping up with things thru this site (Thanks Simon & Dawg)

Danielle is completely under Dan’s spell… Now using the tactic to Jenn that Shane is being “mean” to her so she can justify her vote to evict him without arousing Jenn’s suspicions. Poor Shane, he’s not the sharpest guy in the house and he’s being played by a black widow spider stalker who’s learning the art of throat cutting from Dan.

Personally I can’t stand Dan….. talk about creepy??? That guy does nothing but knowingly attempt to disarm his victims by laying down and sprawling out on every piece of furniture every time he engages in a convo with them. How do they all fail to see what a slimy rat bas**** he is??? Because they’re stupid! He’s got a final 2 deal with everyone in that house and he purposely tells each one of them “not to say anything about it to anyone else.” Does he have his bases covered? Sure. But I wouldn’t trust that guy to hold my infant child while I tied my shoes! The only thing I wanna see Slimy Lounge Lizard Geesling doing this week is slit Danielle’s throat, take that b**** back a few notches and get her whiny voice and zit infested face off of the TV screen! How karmactic would it be if Nurse Batsh** found her way to jury at Dan’s hand! Maybe she’d then have a little more empathy for Frank and the way Dan did him DIRTY!

And as far as Ian goes, I’d sure wish that the people in production who are blatantly favoring this kid would put aside their “Awww, he’s a handicapped kid, let’s give him some toys” attitude and realize that he’s just plain OBNOXIOUS!! Ian thinks he’s coming back to BB as an “evil”??? No way….. he’s not evil, just “deranged” and they don’t have a come back category for that….. yet.

And what the hell happened to the normal good vs. bad Pandora’s boxes???? Totally lame that Ian gets to open yet another box that contains something good for the house yet mildly annoying for Ian.

Very sad season to say the least. The people in charge of choosing the players this year should all be fired!

I hate everyone on this site

Really this is big brother not the Mafia i honestly don’t know why people hate Dan so much all he is doing is looiking out for himself which is what any smart person who wanted a half of million dollars would do, You guys get mad at him for lying and making side deals with everyone thats the name of the game you people wouldn’t last a day in the bb house because you don’t know how to play the game quit hating on Dan’s game


It’s down to ‘Ship of Fools’ or ‘Confederacy of Dunces’ since Britney left; if Dan has his way with the women, it’ll be ‘Dan and the Two Slags.’

but what could Dan’s name be?? I’m always offended about the uses to which the Bible on Big Brother and prayer on competitive reality shows like Amazing Race are put. Catholic Boys’ School Dan already went over to the Dark Side on another BB, when he said he felt bad but he found out he had to lie to survive [on BB, that is] and lied to everyone after establishing his holy teacher persona. This season, swearing on the Bible and (was it his wife?) puts him in the realm of that most-hated survivor guy who lied about his Grandmother’s funeral or stg — who remembers? Even on “reality” shows, lines that are not crossed do exist.

Perhaps they have all gone too far; it certainly is not entertainment. I used to watch Fear Factor until it went way over the gross line, years ago.

The best thing about Dr. Will was that he always told people he was lying to them. He retained his charm and honesty, paradoxically enough.

Just checking in from time to time to see when the dolts realize what they have done to themselves by what they thought was clever backstabbing and double-dealing.

I do enjoy reality shows when karma kicks in, and more so when thoroughly enjoyable people win; rewards for socially unacceptable behavior are not good for us to have inserted subtly into our misconceptions about the world. Is it time for me to stop watching the tube and just stick with Anime on Netflix and off of the net?

Again, best reality show ever: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Joe_Schmo_Show

http://www.ovguide.com/tv/the_joe_schmo_show.htm Watch Online

inspirational relief from the rest of them will restore your faith in human nature: an antidote to the network abuse of the word “reality.”


Joe Schmo was awesome

the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

dan should cut dani and shane loose, they really dont do nothing but fight


“Ian says that he thinks out of everyone on this season only him, Danielle and Shane would be considered to be asked back. Ian adds that if the all-stars season was an Evil versus Good than he says that Frank might be considered to be on the evil side.”

I hope people can see how cocky Ian has become and if he wins his head is only going to get bigger. It gets me that he and Danielle can seat there and talk trash about Frank then think of themselves as lovable masterminds of the game.


Him, Danielle and Shane??!!!??? They really have no idea, living in that house.

There is NO way Danielle or Shane would be asked back.

Frank – Definitely but for the ‘Good’ side.
Ian – Probably, but for the ‘Evil’ side. He is SO delusional.

No one wants to see Danielle’s ugly face again and no one frickin cares about Shane at all.


oh I agree with you 100% I just find the idea of Shane and Danielle being asked by as more hilarious than frustrating unles it really happened then that would just be plain sad.


Shane may not be asked back, but Dani probably will be. People are obsessed with her, as you can tell by all the posts. It may be in a negative way, but she’s a BB superstar.


Completely agree that they’ll ask Danielle back! Unless she does something awful to herself when she gets out and sees what’s been said about her all over the place. It reminds me in a way of Rachel.


Okay, dude!! The ONLY person obsessed with Danielle, is DANIELLE!!! Wow, NOW who is delusional???? Geez!!!!


Danielle on “All Stars? Will the funny farm issue a 70 day pass??

Jermery Renner

Are you the one that is delusional? Frank left like a sore loser. cant admit dan outplayed him.


Please it’s not like Frank went on a rampage and started body slamming everyone, then beat Dan upside the head with the bible. Had you rather for him to be fake and be kisses face with everyone?

I hate everyone on this site

It’s not considered fake it’s considered respectful you have been living with these people for over two months and you don’t even say a simple goodbye like come on yea he was mad but I’ve seen bigger blindsides in bb history the person was mad but they still gave the other house guest hugs and at least said goodbye he was mad that he got outplayed oh well he can get over it it’s big brother


It’s easy to talk about respect and the “proper” way to act in the situation but unless your in the situation you don’t know how you would react. He doesn’t owe them anything, none of them worked to keep him there. I think he did a go job holding it together and getting out of the room before he did say something that he would regret.


This situation WAS different, Frank actually saved Dan in this game and the very next week Dan kicks him out, great way to return the favor. Players have always betrayed alliances in this game but that was different, it was a level of sleaziness actually new to big brother, Dan up to now had been my favorite player on BB of all time but now I would not want him anywhere around my kids, his days as a coach and teacher may be over.
I don’t blame Frank at all for leaving mad, most people would have told them what scumbags they are but Frank left with class, I wasn’t a fan of Franks through this show but he proved himself a great player. We will definitely see him again on BB, Also now Dan the reigning evil genius who is now right up there with Boogie in the evil department and we may see Ian in the future too depending how he plays the rest of the game.

And all of you hating on Shane, lay off, he is eye candy for a lot of people, he is the nicest person still in the house, of course that doesn’t serve you well in BB.


I agree would love to see Frank back!!!! very sad he’s gone!!


No way in hell would Frank be on the “good” side. He was an egotistical bully in the house. He was mean and acted sooo entitled. The friggen hairy ogre is definitely on the “evil” side.


Although I agree with you, you have to remember that we are on the outside looking in. Our perspective is better than theirs because we know EVERYTHING that has gone on in the house. That being said, this could be a case of Ian buttering up the others so maybe they like him a little more.


Totally agree with both of you. The only person from this season who deserves to come back in any way, shape or form is Frank. I think Danielle’s delusions are rubbing off on Ian. Personally, I think you should act in the BB house the way you would act in a pub. Don’t be a c word if you’re puny our outnumbered (exception: if the people who outnumber you are puny).


Ian was just being political, he knows Danielle isn’t an AllStar, he told Dan privately that she wasn’t all that great. He also suggested taking Shane to final three because he is useless when it comes to mental competitions and thus no real competition.

Playing this game sometimes requires telling folks what they want to hear and stroking egos and not telling them what is realistically going to happen. They all do it.

Production has a hard on for Frank

Ian also said that Dani was the only one who could go toe to toe with him in mental comps. She also beat him on the pirate ship. Bb made sure the last 2 comps were geared towards Ian.


He was talking about Danielle being on an All Star BB, not whether she picked up wins. She did beat him in the pirate ship comp, and he has repeatedly given her props for that. My point is that chatter about who is worthy of an invite to the All Stars means nothing, Ian was just stroking egos (something they all do to advance their game). Ian is a good comp player, but realistically unless he makes it to final two he too isn’t worthy of All Star BB. Ian’s weakness is that despite being a good competitor in the comps and a good analytic player, he is very naive and not street smart when it comes to playing an All Star quality type of game.


Danielle back? Gak.
The workings of Shane’s brain? A pain.

No more, por favor!

Da King

Danielle is sooo delusional. “I’ve been keeping Shane safe” ? What!? She needs to go see the BB doctor…..


Is Danielle freaking serious? Dan tells her straight up that Shane is NOT interested in her like that, and then she runs to Shane’s bed and starts harassing him about sleeping in another bed, trying to persuade him to sleep in the bed with her? I am so sick and tired of her crying about how mean Shane is to her, yet she always talks how fat she is, and then wants everyone to tell her “No Danielle, your not fat, No Danielle your not ugly”. Ugh, She always seems to find herself in the storage room, binge eating though. Always heading for the chocolate draw and then wonders why her face is breaking out with zits? or why she is putting on weight? Oh and I love how Danielle keeps knocking Jenn, Because she thinks her and Shane have a final 2 deal. Let’s be real Danielle, You just want to be the only female left in the house. Even though Jenn is a lesbian, Danielle is still threatened. It is so ridiculous already. Oh yes, and how Frank wants Danielle, that is the biggest joke ever. Sure, he wants you Danielle, because you have done so much for him to want you, She is completely and utterly delusional. I hate to break the news to you Danielle, but any guy to get involved with a psycho like her would be out of there mind. She would have to find a guy who is unemployed because being with her would be like working a full time job with all the reassurance she constantly needs. She makes me ill. I don’t see how any one of them knuckle heads deserves to win the half mill, Only Frank should have. She knocks him for being a douche bag, well he handled himself pretty well considering they bashed him every minute of the day. I myself wouldn’t have handled it as well as he had. If i had to pick one of the last few to win, I would have to say Jenn. She has won a few comps, but overall, she is trying to play a decent game. Not stabbing everyone in the back every chance she had.


As Julie Chen said, Jenn’s game “has been non-existent. She has no game. She gets fired up and offended when she gets nominated, but she really has no moves.”

She won 1 comp because Frank defaulted. Evil genius Dan is playing her like a fiddle and the quack pack has her fooled.

love frank

I agree with you 100%, well said!!!


agreed. Time for her to go was long gone. Two strategic dead weights kept around to win “against,” survivors by default.


Okay, you had me up to the Frank thing. Frank was GREAT at competitions, but SUCKED at his social game. Really, once Boogie was gone, Frank just couldn’t think for himself. I still can’t believe that he went out of this house shocked to have been voted out!!! These people didn’t harrass him anymore than he harrassed them before he left the house. I do; however, agree 1000% with EVERYTHING you said about Danielle!!! 1001%!!!!!!


I sometimes think that it doesn’t matter whether you have good social game or not, if you’re the odd man out from the get go, you may never get your foot in with the right people to stay. A lot of the time it’s about timing, alliances, and luck. Competitions and social game are not the only factors.


This. What does your social game matter when you’re outnumbered 7-1 in the house? AND who in the house had a better social game? Dan? Okay, there’s one. Britney? Eh. Maybe because the other girls, including Ian, followed her around like ducklings. Joe? Pfft. Danielle? PFFFFFFFFFFFT. Shane? Bahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ian? Go fuck yourself. Jenn? (Who?).

Other than Dan, Frank was the only real player in the house after Boogie left.


I think Danielle is an insecure, immature young woman. She will eventually grow up and hopefully be more confident.
Lying and backstabbing are part of the game. Neither jenn or frank deserve to win. Jenn sucks at competitions and the social game! Frank was good at comps but he sucks at the social. He got in too tight with boogie and never recovered.
Ian and Dan both deserve to win. Dan because he talked frank into keeping him when he was 100% going to be voted out and he is very good at the social aspect. Ian is good at comps and that kid has a backbone! He got out boogie and frank!


I dont know abot what others think but I am over dani….give it up girl, shane has no interest in you. she packs everyones bags for her guilt trips. And jenn with anger issues, did she think that bb was a stroll through the park? Wtf. Everyone thought frank was dilusional, jenn has him beat. She does look like she could put the hurt on someone and I think she gives, “being a lesbian”, a bad rap on natl tv. Thanks for letting me rant……love ya simon and dawg for all your time and effort

Shutup I'm Talking

Damn Jenn is ugly! It needed to be said ????

Shutup I'm Talking

But she needs to win veto so Dan could possibly go up and leave *sigh*


Both Shane and Danielle would vote to keep Dan over Jenn. They are terminally misted.


Frank didn’t believe Britney about not trusting Dan and he got stabbed in the back. She told Ian the same thing and he didn’t listen, so Ian will be next. The reason people have good social games is that they are very good at reading people. Britney could tell if people were lying. Dan can recognize weaknesses.

Neutral Observer

No Brittany cannot tell when people are lying, if that were true the brigade would not have been able to play here like they did for so long. I was very surprised to see her brought back as a “coach” did another famous player back out at the last minute or something, Brittany wasn’t even near the same level as the other 3 coaches.


@ShutupI’mtalking.So,you actually think Ian will put up Dan?I guess you haven’t notice that Dan is controlling Ian.Lol.As soon as Ian won HOH he told Dan he was going to put Dan&Jenn up.After Dan mist Ian,he did what Dan wanted,which was to put up Shane&Jenn.So,the bottom line is Dan is controlling everyone and that includes Ian.So,Ian won’t nominate Dan because he’s under Dan’s mist.Lol.


under his terminal mist!

Shutup I'm Talking

That’s why i said possibly and then *sigh* bc i know it will never happen


At this point I think the only person that could beat Dan in final 2 is Ian, and if Shane doesn’t win this pov then Ian’s back will be against the wall to win the the following pov or he’ll be watching Dan cash a cheque. Here’s hopin the mystified get coffee in the a.m. And it wakes up their game!

Trey Gorman

Neither Dan or Danielle would be alive in this game but for Shane’s sticking with Danielle after Dan’s funeral. It was a bad strategic move for him but it made their games and he did it for highly personal reasons (his affection for and final two commitment to Danielle). In return their loyalty is nonexistent. The benefit Danielle hopes to recieve from evicting Shane is an easier commpetitive road to the final two and an appeased Dan (he really wants Shane gone). What she doesn’t seem to realize is how much protection Shane’s presence has given her. What Dan wants from Shane’s departure is to win the final HOH and drag the brick known as Jenn City with him in front of the jury. Stupid move Danielle. In a Dan/Shane/Dani final three she would be virtually guaranteed at least second. In a Dan/Jen/Dani final 3 she’s a heavy favorite to win nothing.


Well put Trey. You really did learn a lot about Danielle from just two dates.


Two dates?! Trey is her true love, he really gets her and knows how to treat her. (this may be a surprise to the cute, blond girl Trey has his arm around on his FB profile)

Trey Gorman

Dani’s Daddy is Judas. Whatever he says is law. See potential problems, anyone?


I can’t believe how stupid these people are. Why would anyone target Jenn this week? She’s the best final 2 option for anyone in the house who wants to win half a million. Ian should be targeting one of Dan, Danielle, or Shane as they are his biggest obstacles moving forward. If Ian really would stop to think for a second, his best option would be to evict either Dan or Danielle this week. Next week Ian cannot play for HOH and the veto competition is usually knowledge based. Of the remaining houseguests, his biggest competition for that veto would be either Dan or Danielle as they have done reasonably well in fact based competitions. The best way for this situation to rectify itself (that is if Ian gets some sense) is if either Jenn or Ian win the veto. Taking Jenn off the block and nominating either Dan or Danielle would be a good use of an HOH. Biggest mistake was nominating Jenn in the first place but perhaps other will also come to the realization that there are bigger fish to fry once this veto is over.

Team Ian Big Dog

Since he cannot play for HOH, I think his best option is to keep all the other members of Qpack thinking they are safe. Especially Dani, so that she does not fight that hard to win the POV or the next HOH. Dani thinks she is safe no matter who wins the next HOH. That leaves the HOH comp to either Shane or Dan – Jenn or Dan. If Shane wins the next HOH, he would put up Dan and Ian. If Jenn wins, she would put up Ian and Dani/Dan.

Ian’s only hope is winning the next POV.


And the one after that, and the one after that……


man danielle is delusional, that said I hope Jenncity wins the pov and shane goes home. Would give better odds to Ian winning pov next week which truth be told is his only chance to stay.

Ian is so concerned with fullfilling a quack pack final 4 he fails to see the bad situation he puts himself in if they do. He needed to put up shane and danielle and if pov used put up dan for his best game move. Get out dan or shane now.

Zingbot Fan

i’m just wondering who everyone would like to see win this thing? I think it is a long shot but I would like to see Ian take it.


Totally rooting for Ian to win !!

Gator girl



Next Year Big Brother 15:Good vs Evil
Team Good:
-Shane (Big Brother 14)
-Jordan (Big Brother 11 & 13)
-Hayden (Big Brother 12)
-Jeff (Big Brother 11 & 13)
-Britney (Big Brother 12 & 14)
-Cassi (Big Brother 13)
-Drew (Big Brother 5)
-Ashley (Big Brother 14)
Team Evil
-Ian (Big Brother 14)
-Danielle (Big Brother 14)
-Rachel R. (Big Brother 12 & 13)
-Brendon (Big Brother 12 & 13)
-Michele (Big Brother 11)
-Mike Boogie (Big Brother 2,7 & 14)
-Janelle (Big Brother 6,7 & 14)
-Eval Dick (Big Brother 8 & 13)
Two Alternate each:
-Lane (Big Brother 12):Good
-Kara (Big Brother 14):Good
-Russell (Big Brother 11):Evil
-Shelly (Big Brother 13):Evil


Is that Team Good or Team Developmentally Challenged?


Dan wouldn’t play next year? If he did, he’d be captain of Team Evil


Captian Wedgied does not like Dan and would never put him on an All-Stars season.

What I am suprized at is that his god Frank isn’t on one of the lists.

I would have them both on Dan on Evil, Frank on good. It would be great to have Dan go to Frank and create a real alliance. I don’t think Frank would do it. His pride and ego wouldn’t let him.


Actually you are wrong lol. Frank would fall for Dan again. Dan backstabbed him and tried to get him out week 3 but due to the reset he didn’t get evicted. Frank knew about this and that’s why he didn’t trust Dan at first because they had a final three alliance which he went back on. Then Frank and Boogie forgave Dan and created the silent six alliance only to be then backstabbed again by Dan (Yes DAN, it was not IAN! Ian was simply someone who was taken orders from his superiors – Dan and Britney…. had it been any other person the same scenario would have occurred). So by this time Frank hated Dan, and stopped playing the game and only concentrate on evicting Dan. By then I thought that Frank hates Dan more than satan himself.

This however turned out to be wrong because during Frank’s last HOH everyone thought Dan was out. He had his funeral and I really though Dan was a dead man walking. So even though Frank had all the hate against Dan, Dan manged to make a F2 deal with Frank which Frank took with sincerity!! One week later Frank was evicted!

So I think Frank will always fall in Dan’s manipulative traps! Look at Dan now! He’s controlling every single one in the house! He is defo going to F2 but not guaranteed to win because he’s won before which I find unfair because he’s played the hardest game and had a target on his back throughout but was able to talk himself out of getting put on the block


I can’t believe Ashley is on the list

Gator girl

Frank would not be able to trust Dan.


This will be Big Brother 15:All-Stars 2!


Janelle was not evil! Dan should be on team evil and Catty Brit too.


2 points.

Janelle is “evil” and he is desparate for her to win a season of BB>.


I like that lineup for the most part, but i don’t want Jeff/Jordan or Brenden/Rachel to play together again. I would like to see Jeff and Rachel play without their significant others.


I agree


I seriously hope your joking about your list.


It’s not a joke!


Rachel and Danielle in the same house?? Can I get a medic, please?? :)


“she says that it’s just all part of the plan to fake a showmance to get further in the game. ”

What a liar. Shane has said countless times that he doesn’t want a showmance because he doesn’t want to put a TARGET on his back. He’s always talking about how shomances can hurt his game, not help it. Danielle does this a lot: she makes up lies to get sympathy from other people. I’m not sure if this is part of her strategy or if she is just a sociopath.


The only ‘strategy’ Nurse Batsh*t has is that which Father Dan gives her. So unless Dan says it first and she somewhat repeats it or follows it; then it’s just a psycho babbling bullsh*t


At least Shane stopped with that nonsense about him not using the veto if he won it.

Also Dani is really stepping up her game firing up Jenn against Shane while at the same time continuing to push Shane for a showmance. Or she could just be a whackjob, I’m 50/50 on that at the moment.

go Frank!!!

Now that there’s no reason to watch the live feeds anymore, I guess it’s time to think of the end…specifically who will win 25G as our favorite player.
Personally, I’ll vote for Frank, but I think Ian is getting such a good edit as the superfan/ADD underdog, he’ll crush with the TV only voters.
What do you think?


Frank should get it,
I think he will get the fans vote.
Close contenders:
Ian (if he’s out before final 2)

Gator girl

I am voting for Frank. He should of won.


If Frank should have one, he’d still be in the house. People seem to forget he should have been evicted at the re-set.


I am so glad that Frank was evicted. He was an awful player.

If Frank wins America’s Favorite player it will just show why we have a problem with bullies in this country. It will encourage all bullies to continue to bully others as it will never be condemned and only praised and rewarded.


I don’t think certain “forces” are going to let frank win America’s choice.


Calm down, it’s only a reality a show like everyone else says. Therefore, bullying is allowed, so get over it!!!!


Never said that it wasn’t. All I said was Frank does not deserve America’s Choice player because he is a bully.


But your implying that if he won America’s player that it reflects badly on the country as a whole and that him winning would perpetuate bullying some how……I’m saying it’s only a game and bullying happens in this game. There are bigger bullies in this world than Frank.


COME ON DANIELLE, WIN THE VETO GIRL! She has a clear path to winning Big Brother! u can do it gurlfranddd.


REALLY? Who do you think she can win against? Maybe if it was her Jenn and Joe final 3 but joes gone and she’s no hope of getting to final 2 without Shane or Dan and she couldn’t beat either of them


Clear path? Only person she should beat is jenn. Everyone else has do.e something. Even her hoh Dan ran it. I hope she is out sooner rather than later.


I hope Danielle wins the POV, doesn’t use it on Shane and then votes him out. That’s the only way she can shake off the sad clingy girl thing she’s got going on this whole season.


Danielle is one messed up girl! She is so overly sensitive about anything and everything somebody says to her. I don’t think what Shane said what bad about not liking a size zero girl. I think this girl has narcissitic personality disorder. She is always talking about herself and constantly looking in the mirror. She’s not too bright either. I think it’s common knowledge that when a guy treats you bad, chances are he doesn’t like you. He’s not interested! Get a clue Danielle! They talk about how socially awkward Ian is but they should look at how socially awkward she is!

Gator girl

Dani has a disease I call, Oh Pity Me” .

Gator girl

Ian is book smart. He is socially inept, as we saw on his date with Ashley. He is very intelligent, yet a little kid. I really hope he does not win, I don’t know if he could handle the stress of the last few days.

Ice Princess

People wake up!!!! Now is the time to evict Dan!!!! Vote his ass out!

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

Morons! They are all morons!!!! Why would ANY of you keep Dan? WHY??????????


Ian has a chance to say he took out the 3 strongest players in Boogie, Frank and Dan.

Come on Ian!….
in all that thinking you do why can’t you see this is the most logical move….
Problem is that he’s so fixated on this idea of Quack pack and Renagades.

Zingbot Fan

Your right. That would be quite a resume to have taken out those three strong players.


If this final five was a rock band, it would be called “Gheesling and His Box of Rocks.”


Dani and Shane please wake up!!!

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

At this point the only one I’m rooting for is Ian – yes he can be annoying but you gotta love him as an underdog story – I am just very disappointed that he hasnt used his smarts and knowledge of the game to know that he should be hooking up with Jenn at this point for F2 and using his HOH to get Dan out this week. I guess his fan love for the game has him irrationally wanting to be associated with a past and likely future winner (ugh!!!).

Danielle is so obnoxious and unlikable on so many levels – the only way she could marginally redeem herself is if she gets to F3 with Dan and either Jenn or Shane and vote her daddy issues out the door.


Yes she is firing up Jenn. And play n us viewers to think Shane is so mean. To give a reason for her to
Evict in if she has too. She does like him, but knows that Dan wants him gone and she is first loyal to Dan.


If Danielle votes out shane she can kiss all chances of dating him good bye


He wouldn’t date her either way!


OH MY GOD How the hell Danielle kept Shane safe? Shane was never even on the block up until now…
Shane has kept her twice over Britney and Joe. OH MY GOD!
What the hell Danielle!!!!


Yeah! Get Ian out as well.

Boogie oogie

why does everyone think Ian took out Boogie? all he did was tell Britt about a conversation and voted against him. He didnt mastermind it. And he didnt really take out Frank, everyone was putting him up, he just didnt happen to win the veto on Ians HOH its not like he pulled off some great moves.


I don’t know what’s going through these guys’ heads. I still have the slightest tiniest ounce of hope Ian has a trick up his sleeve because this is just f**king stupid-Imagine one of the nominees wins, takes themselves off (Shane DO take yourself off! Why are you so concerned with keeping Dani safe? Look out for yourself, dumb@ss!) Ian gets up with a sigh and says “Since Jenn/Shane has vetoed their nomination, I’ll have to pick a replacement nominee.” Dan eyes Danielle out of the corner of his eye as Ian stares at her for a moment before shifting his eyes to Dan, “Dan I nominate you for eviction.” Dan keeps his face neutral, but wants to throttle the kid. “Jenn told Shane, Danielle and I about your F2 with Danielle, her, and Frank. Because you’re a lying-” Dan shakes his head, “What? I told you I did what I had to do to win. I didn’t…This isn’t a surprise-” Ian shakes his head, “But it’s you and me for F2, Dan. You f**king lied to me.” The ceremony ends, but the drama continues. Dan gets up with confusion in his eyes, “No, no I said-” Danielle is sobbing into her hands, “You said you were t-t-taking m-me! How could you t-trick me?” Dan stares at her and thinks, ‘Shit!’ He walks over to her but she moves away. ‘This is f**cking stupid. I said-” Jenn crosses her arms, “You said it would be me, Frank, Danielle and you for F4, Dan. You told me you were taking me-Don’t you dare call me a liar!” Danielle heaves, “Whaaat?” Ian shakes his head, “QP, Dan. You said it. You said you and me. This is unbelievable. You didn’t have to nominate me-You wanted me out.” And on it goes. I don’t know. By the end of the POV ceremony I just want to go, “Some shits about to go down!” and find myself on the edge of my seat.


Wow do you have an active fantasy life.

Dan is playing a game. He isn’t going to take anything personally. If he were to be evicted by Ian, he would praise the kid for a good game move.

Everyone knows people lie in this game.


Nah, Dan wouldn’t take it personally. He’d vote for Ian in JH, but he’d be pissed at first. Right now, he runs this house. Ian doesn’t know it.


Need some drama-Damn…yeah it would be hypocritical for them to single Dan out for just lying because they’ve all done it…But wouldn’t that be crazy…


Can you Dan haters answer me a question please? Do you think that Dan is the only one to have lied? You are all deluding yourselves about this game and the players if you think so. But more and more I see posts condemning Dan for lying and a seeming belief that he is the first player in Big Brother history to do so. 2/3 of this game is socio-political where lying and backstabbing are acceptable tactics.

I know there are those who think he went too far by swearing on the Bible, his grandfather’s cross and his wife. Maybe so, but others have sworn on things too.

Boogie swore on Brady, Janelle swore on her wedding ring as have others in previous games.

As for those left in the game:

Ian lied to Frank, Jenn and Boogie about being allied with them when he was actually working for the QP.
Jenn lied to Frank. She knew that he was going and never told him. Other than that she hasn’t been doing anything at all.
Shane has lied to Frank, Boogie, Janelle, Ian, etc.
Danielle has lied to just about everyone too.

So remember and realize that they have all lied and a liar will win this game.

Oh, by the way, Frank lied too. He said on several occasions that he lied to Dan about F2. And exactly how many F2 deals did he have?


It’s not that he lied, it’s the fact that he acts holier-than-thou, constantly preaching the bible to people, carrying it around everywhere, etc, etc.

Even Joe said it creeps him out how he reads the bible while backstabbing you at the same time.

I’m not upset, it’s just weird.

He’s extremely religious, then swears on the bible, his wife & his grandfather to a final 2 deal with Frank (YES HE DID, he said so himself, as did Frank) then goes back on it with so much ease.

We wouldn’t care if he wasn’t reading his bible 24/7 and acting like a freaking priest then do something so cold.

That’s just me.

At this point, Dan is running this house and if he makes it to Final 2, he deserves the win. I absolutely hate to see these people get played by him but at the same time, these people are too stupid to think on their own. He has these people doing whats best for HIM in the game and they don’t even realize it.

Dan is pretty lucky to be in the house with such dimwits.


I agree that Dan should be gone and those playing are not that bright, but that does not dimish his skills at playing the others.


Please don’t talk about number of Final 2 deals, because your buddy Dan has one with everyone in the house.


I fully recognize that Dan has a F2 deal with everyone. I am just pointing out the Hypocrisy of the Frank fans who said he never lied in the game and condemn Dan for lying.


You don’t suggest I hate Dan? Dan The Man and Ian The Boss FTW? Definitely. I want Ian to wake up and take it, but will be just as happy if Dan fools them all. But I worry about personal votes from the JH, I know there will be personal votes…


I don’t know what the hell is going on through Dani’s head! I usually don’t rant about Danielle but this is…crazy. I’m tired of the whole, ‘Shane don’t lay on that bed, it’s nasty. *Shane moves to her’s* Shane don’t talk about my weight. Shane you hurt me. Shane let’s cuddle. Shane am I beautiful? Thank you Shane. Shane am I fat? Aww thank you'” [runs to Jenn] “Shane is totally hitting on me. He won’t leave me alone. Shane keeps following me. He’s irritating me. I’ve carried Shane through this whole competition. *begins to sob* I can’t believe he said that about my weight! He won’t leave me alone. I’m tired of carrying him.” [goes back to Shane] “If you win Veto don’t use it, okay? Or I’ll go up. And you owe me.” Do you see how insane this sounds?? I’m laughing typing this because it’s f**king crazy! I’m sorry, I know everyone knows this…

Danielle's mirror

Remember the jealous, diaper-wearing female NASA astronaut who was caught stalking another woman? Danielle might be related to her.


HEY, I already made that reference earlier! Hahahhahahaha.

Danielle's mirror

I never saw your comment. I want to say great minds think alike, but I lack a great mind.


Right now the only people who deserve the Final 2 is Dan and Ian.

Jenn floated her way here and won a competition that wasn’t hard.

Shane may have won a lot, but he is on a decline and barely winning anymore. He has not made any big moves and the moves he did make were aided by Britney and Ian.

Danielle only won 2 competitions and got Janelle out. That is all she did besides riding Dan and Shane coattails.

Dan won 2 competitions also, but he controlled the house. He saved himself with his funeral and screwed over Frank. Now he is on everyone’s favorite side in the house and manipulation Ian’s HOH.

Ian won 3 HOH”s and a POV. He saved himself from getting eliminated and he made power moves in the game. He help get rid of Boogie and he eliminated Frank. Now he is in control and has a great chance to win if he survives next week.


I don’t love Jenn nor do I hate her, but WHY do people continously downplay her win? She has been stepping up to the plate. If she hasn’t won a competition, she’s been damn close to winning.

She floated and good for her. Why mingle and get involved in stuff when these people were busy targeting one another? Under the radar it was, and she was damn good at it, because there were times when I forgot she was even in the house LOL. But still, it was smart. Why would she pick a side, and make herself shown and known, so that the target would be on her? I woudn’t say she played the game, but she did what she had to do to make it this far.

& How can you say Dan won a hard competition when he didn’t even know who the person was and picked up the first name he saw (OTEV comp) That’s pure luck. However, people overlook that, and downplay Jenn. WTF.

The hypocrisy, I tell you.


i don’t know about anyone else, but i’m rooting for an endurance pov! i love the face morph comps as much as anyone, but i think an endurance pov is a good way to settle the rest of the final four.

to team ian! go team dani!


Dan is undoubtedly the best BB player, beating out Dr. Will. Dan is conniving, cunning, sociable, he can pray upon people’s weakness, he can manipulate to make them doubt their decisions, he sits back and watches and listens to everything then analyzes his next move. You can like him or hate him but it doesn’t matter because he is out to win regardless of what anyone thinks of him. He don’t care if he is known to be the best BB player ever, he just knows he has to get to the end. That’s what makes him the best player in the house and should win again.

There is something definitely wrong with Shane. He won’t touch Danielle in a loving way at all. He comes across as being socially boring. He either has a girlfriend or a boyfriend watching, so he is very careful not to show any emotion towards Danielle. The reason he told Danielle is that he promised his mother not to have a show romance is full of crap.

Ian is very intelligent, although socially awkward to say the least, and is hard to watch. Will he make it to the end???? If he continues to win comps, there is no doubt. If it is Dan and him at the end…who knows how the jury will vote.

Jencity, what a role model for young women….yuk. What is with her walking….like she has a cob up her (you know what)….It’s not lady like or mannish, and she has destroyed her beauty with piercings and tattoos, now she is rather homely to say the least.

Frank, my boy Frankie….he won’t forget for a long time how Dan out smarted him, and how stupid he played. He was doomed from the start when Boogie picked him. The two of them spouted evil, nasty things about the other players while being together. Frank’ couldn’t carry on a normal conversation without using “mf’ers” all the time. What a du+++bag he turned out to be. One other thing, he looks terrible with that long hair, he is really nice looking, rather good looking with short hair…why he thinks he looks good with it long is beyond me.



Dan’s prowess has to be tempered by whom he is up against. This year has come down to the season of idiots and misfits. So how can Dan, as a pathological lying backstabbing slimy snake, not bury the rest of the cast when they consist of a plumped up pathetic delusional nut case stalker with no self-esteem, a dumb as dirt hammer slinging yes man that’s pretty in pink, an afflicted hammock swinger who wants to relive historic BB moments and a burned out rocker that’s always looking under the wrong rock and then wants to throw it at someone.

Dan if you come up empty against this group of malfeasants you may go down as one of the best and also one of the worst BB players, but all in the same season.


I’m hoping Jenn wins since I detest all the other remaining players. Dan and Danielle are the perfect team – both are narcissist and fake. Dan will walk away with the check and Dani will have a breakdown when she realizes many viewers don’t like her.


Lol if we want to get technical with comp wins, I want every single person’s win (who’s won an endurance comp) to be voided, since the large majority of them were thrown to that person (ie. Brit jumping off for Danielle, Shane jumping off for Ian, etc)

Like WTF. A win is a win.

To downplay Jenn or anyone for that matter is complete bullshit.


In other seasons they would show the jury house and expressions when the person came in as well as dvd of how it happened…why not this time? I would have really loved to see Britney when Frank came in and her seeing Ian did it!


a lot of jury house “production filler” comes in the next week and a half, no worries…you’ll be begging for action once we’re down to the final three this week, if you aren’t already…

Danielle's Reflection

It is funny how no one in Danielle’s family would send her a video message. The girl that she calls her sister, is not, just another of her lies.


wow, that’s a low blow. coming from a severely dysfunctional family myself, even though i am on good speaking terms with my family, i don’t know a single member that would ever agree to be on tv, for me or anyone. don’t rush to judgment…


how do you know it’s not her sister?


Because she has a brother. Her “sister” is actually the daughter of her god-parents. She talked about the whole thing one night on BBAD.


So sad. I think that speaks alot as to why she is the way she is. That’s pretty disgusting.

Danielle's Reflection

They are probably emparrassed because she has told so many lies, about herself and her family.


Your right I don’t like anyone in the house but Jen so I hope she can pull it off plus it might wake everyone up and the next weeks might be interesting . This season was boing lets hope next year they can get people that think for themselfs.


If only Shane would wake up and realize to get rid of Ian.


if Dan wins the POV, Dan is going to use it on Jenn. most people will be shocked by this, but it’s a smart move for Dan to make at this point in the game.


i miss powerhouse joe


Does anyone know who was in Shane and Danielle’s video? It’s all about Dan’s video.


nothing makes me more crazy, than CURRENT hg’s, talking about freaking all stars

earth to ian, the game frank played, like 6 nominations, 3 hoh’s 3 pov’s, whatever…..the guy has EASILY earned an all stars trip, that ian has to put in “good vs evil” EARTH TO IAN, they will call frank before they call you, danielle and ESPECIALLY shane and his dorment self


Did you mean ‘dorment’ or should that be ‘door mat’


Ian thinks he’ll be on the good side, classic villain logic lol. Dani and Shane won’t ever be back, especially Shane. I could see Joe back tho. Ian and Frank for sure.


Really Ian? You think only you, danielle, and shane would be invited back to all stars! Get a clue man! Frank would be brought back before Danielle and Shane. Hate Frank all you want little snitch but Frank’s resume in competitions will be a reason he will be back with you in all-stars! I rather have Joe and Wil back for all-stars then the showmance of Shane/Danielle lol