Big Brother 14 Spoilers – When your number is up your number is up

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations: Jenn and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

8:35pm – 8:45pm CAm 3-4 Dan and Jenn are talking out by the backyard while Dan puts the chicken on the BBQ. Jenn is campaigning to Dan. Dan tells Jenn that she still has a couple days to hustle. Jenn tells Dan that she thinks she has more game left in her than Danielle. Dan says yeah.

Jenn says that earlier today she feels Danielle had a little ‘Slip up” Danielle said “I hope I don’t get Nominated after this”. Jenn also feels like Danielle isn’t acting too upset. Dan: “She’s inferring that she’s automatically staying” Jenn mentions that Danielle realized what she did and started to backtrack int he conversation. Jenn: “I was like C’mon guys please don’t do me like this”.

Dan tells Jenn that he would be super disappointed if she just gave up. Jenn asks did you say that they only way I could get through is if Shane didn’t use the veto. Dan says no, the only way that we could all (Jenn, Dan, Danielle) get through is if he didn’t use it. Dan and Jenn head inside. Then Dan and Jenn head back outside. Danielle comments to Shane know why she is helping him right?! Shane says yup. Danielle says I will f***ing lose it! Shane tells her just a few more days. Jenn comes back inside.

Jenn adds that after her talk with Shane she feels better she’s really surprised how well it went. (Let me guess he said 50/50 leaning one way). Jenn: “When your number is up your number is up I Have no problem with that”

9:01pm Cam 1-4 Dinner time at the tiny table

9:10pm Jenn leaves to work out .. Ian and Shane start to quack “Quack Quack Quack” (LOL)

Ian says he was almost positive he was gone after Britney left.
Shane: “We got your back”
Dan: “We got your quack” (lol)

They start talking about Frank getting benched for a week and how it was such a stupid move.
9:34pm Cam 1-2 Ian mentions that Frank would piss all over the seat. Ian retells a story about week one when boogie told him Frank pissed on the seat all the time and they needed to stop bringing it up.
Ian adds that Boogie starting making a big deal about the dishes to put the heat on Danielle.
Danielle: “Oh my God.. I don’t want to hear it anymore it pisses me off”
Danielle: “I wish Frank had farted in the first couple weeks like he did after… would have gotten voted out”
Ian and Shane mention how he farted on Jenn and she was pissed almost voted him out week one.

9:57pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle

Dan: “Whats Wrong.. give me 3 words”
Danielle: “Jenn… Block”
Dan: “Thats 2 words”
Danielle: “I just don’t want to talk about it”
Danielle: “It sucks… being on the block sucks.. she (Jenn) smiles at me when she walks by.. it’s hurtful.. and now you are BFF with her and I can’t even talk to you”

Danielle starts questioning him about what he’s going to do. Dan asks her if the Diary room has asked her questions about him.. (Feeds cut)

Dan says he’s going to try and win HOH it’s the best plan..
Danielle: “Ian cannot win veto..”
Dan: “Nope”
Danielle: “It’s going to be the faces”
Dan : “you think?”

Dan keeps telling her she’s in a really good position she has 2 people that will take her to the final 2 and he only has one.

10:20pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Danielle and Shane Danielle tells Shane that they’re best chance to get to final 2 is to take Dan. Shane agrees, adds that Ian has to go next. Danielle feels like she cannot trust Dan and the game has really gotten her down. Danielle mentions that Dan told her she was in the best position. Shane thinks Dan is right, she’s everyone’s final 2 of choice. (everyone wants to take Danielle to the final 2 but Ian)

10:42pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle
Dan tells her she has 3 people taking her to final 2 there is nothing to be worried about. He’s not going to flip his vote and neither will Shane.
Danielle: “ya ya.. it’s so hard to be on the block”
Danielle says that she’s been trying to hammer it into Shane that Ian cannot get to final 2 if he does he wins the game.

Danielle brings up that Shane just told her he would throw the endurance to Danielle. Dan: “He thinks he can beat me in the physical” Danielle: “Ya”

11:02pm Backyard Ian rocking the hammock mumbling ..

11:32pm Cam 3-4 Shane, Danielle and Ian Talking about Ashley saying “I just wanted to be part of something” Danielle can’t believe that Ashley sided with Frank who was on the block. Ian recounts during the live Veto when he has HOH he got only 1 shamrock, He thought he was doing OK but he looked over and Frank won it all his hopes were gone.

Danielle says Frank told him he had a “Full bush” downstairs. They all think this is gross.
Shane: “He says the ladies loved it”
Danielle: “In what world do women love that”
Shane: “Caveman world” (lol)
Ian : “I remember when I said Shane has the best looking guy in the house and he told me F**** O**”

They start talking about people that didn’t make it on the show.. Dan joins them.. Ian says the monkey is professing his love to Danielle.

11:46pm Production told Shane to take off the pukka shells beccause apparently they messed up the lighting..

12:00AM Bedroom talking about how poor of a player Frank was.
Dan mentions he took the Chum bath, Carrot suit and benched for a HOH and in the end got DQ’d for talking to Britney. They all laugh, Ian mentions that the game is not only about winning challenges maybe Frank should go on “The Challenge”

12:22AM Chit chat crew still chit chatting about past players
Ian ranks the girls in terms of dating them.
Jodi (Least)
(Jenn playing bags by herself right now)

talking about Frank again.. This time about how confident he was that he actually thought he was staying. Dan mentions Franks eyes were HUGE when the votes were counted. Shane says you could see the muscles in Frank’s jaw clench up.

12:36AM Jenn joins them in the bedroom Comp Talk

12:53AM Ian saying that Boogie said some really rude things about Ian when he took the dog outfit.

Ian defends his reasons to get the dog outfit over prizes.
A) he didn’t want to piss people off and that is what the POV was about
B) He didn’t feel like he had to “scarf” up every prize in this game
C) He won something that he can sell plus if game him camera time. (Danielle suggests the Camera Time as a reason and Ian agreed)

1:00Am Cam 1-4 Jenn, Shane and Ian talking about Frank cheating in the competition and getting caught once.

1am They start talking about the Frank in the carrot suit. Ian talks about calling him carrot top. Jenn laughs at Ian saying f**k you to a carrot.


They all laugh at Frank having to still wear the carrot top in the hot tub. The conversation turns to talking about past competitions, which ones they liked and didn’t like. Ian talks about how he misses pillow talk, just lying in bed with the lights out and talking till you go asleep. Shane says yeah unless it’s with Jojo, she just moans. They all leave the room to start getting ready for bed. Meanwhile in the bathroom Danielle is reapplying Dan’s bandages on his hands. Ian heads out into the backyard to swing on the hammock.


1:30am – 1:55am Dan and Shane are in the kicks room. Dan is hanging his red shirt up on the wall. Shane asks what the shape is on his red t-shirt, is that the shape of Michigan? Dan says no it’s the lake we live near. Shane asks is that what it’s called, the u? Dan says yeah the U, the union lake.


Dan starts reading the bible. Danielle joins them. Dan starts reading a verses from a bible. Danielle turns out the light and they all go to sleep. Meanwhile Ian is up in the HOH room bed with the lights off and listening to his cd. At 2:35am Ian goes to sleep.


3:37am Jenn is back up and out side by the hot tub, she then finishes her laundry. Jenn says to the camera I misses New York, I know it’s 9/11, wish I could be there. Jenn says so do something good for yourself today, do something good for a stranger. Please remember 9/11 it was a tragedy, it was the worst thing ever to happen on planet earth …or to this country rather. Not on planet earth, but you know what I mean. Alright, good night!

8:15AM Sleeping


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Your number is up Jenn!

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

“Jenn tells Dan that she thinks she has more game left in her than Danielle. ”



That is because Dani was playing the game for the 5 weeks that Jenn slept.




lol at Ian and Danielle still obsessed with Frank

Roisin Dubh

Why don’t they just tell her she’s leaving? That’s just messed up. Cowards and they have no class. Just tell her, she’ll pout for a couple of hours and get over it. But no, you idiots just pissed off another jury vote.

billy bob

they dont want her to get pissed and rat out dan and danielle ,thats the difference between these dumb asses and dan,dan will slice your throat after he runs u over,


Two reasons – 1) Production doesn’t want them to tell and 2) she has made it clear to everyone that she has anger issues and they do not want a female Willie on their hands.


Maybe she could throw a real headbutt and pop that thing off Danielle’s head in the process.


They say production won’t let them, but I think that is being/has been used as an excuse rather than being the truth. They could have/should have told Brit, Frank and now Jenn, out of common courtesy, but I think they get some type of warped pleasure in blindsiding people. They also said about Frank and now about Jenn, that telling them would cause them to ’burn the house down’. In other words, that would mean that the ’cowards’ would have to ’face’ the people they are stabbing and it is easier for them to stab someone in the back so they don’t have to be accountable for their lies until it is too late for their ’victims’ to get the chance to confront them.


Yo! Wat up my peeps. Chima in da houzzz. Just wanted to let you all know that my boi Ean straight up gonna win dis game. Y’all betta recognizzz. I coachded him back at my crib an learnd him all da secrits to winnin dis game. Aint nobody goona stop dat liddle nerd. Dan be a liar an a snich. Shan is notin but a perdy boi wanna be. Danile be a str8 up wac job. An who da hell is dis Jen peeples be talkin bout. All I no is Ean be da bestest most smartest most hotest dude to eva play dis game. Hollaaa!

Fear the Mist

Hey, it’s my least favorite HG of all time. I loved watching her meltdown and get evicted. Favorite moment from that season.


yeah, i remember watching that video, and my mouth just dropped. the lead up to that happened during bbad, didn’t it?

Carol & Steve

mine as well – LOL!! was so happy she self-evicted!


Quite the hipster we have here. Carry on.


Did you even go to school?

Amy N

Someone needs Hooked on Phonics….


How terrible they are treating jenn, she had to watch them eating BBQ while she on slop.

billy bob

shes the dumb ass that took slop for the summer for no reason,and they call ian retarted.


Thats the only comp she “won”!!!


Are you serious? She took slop to win the veto comp (the ONLY comp she has managed to win and then only cos Frank got DQ’d) and two – she didn’t stay and watch, she went outside.


My understanding is that they will take the feeds down tomorrow and Wednesday while they film the eviction, HOH and veto comps. Feeds should come back after Wednesday’s show. Last year, they filmed the eviction before a live audience and they leaked the results of the eviction.


no worries, she’ll have a great dinner tomorrow night…

the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

she offered to cook some of the food,



I read on fb that there is an eviction tomorrow. Is that true?

Carol & Steve

wonderful! then we won’t have to watch Jenn try so hard to flip a vote – LOL!! Can’t wait for them to freak out about it. :) almost wish they’d started going faster last week.

Vote Dawg! Don’t sh!t on his dream!

Carol & Steve

betting the DR told them to be a little more talkative – so much rehashing of other seasons & this season! Or they think they’re making good t.v. talking about it – LOL!!


tomorrow’s eviction will air on Wednesday night, and then another eviction on Thursday!

10 things I hate about u.

i wanna see Danielle go crazier i wanna see if she takes out a knife…she is so unstable bb is prob scared of what she will do so thats why she stays… wow i hate that winch…

10 things I hate about u.

dan your stupid keeping the floater jenn would be for sure a win…but no u wanna keep Danielle …i believe if Danielle wins hohshe will kick ian out then you out and take Shane…so wake up Dan and smell the mist its getting away fro you…


Shane goes to take a shower and they cut to freaking Jen working out in the backyard… know, for that next competition that she won’t be in. UGH!!!!! Now I have to see Crater face and the wannabee Karate Kid.

I'll will rip your face off

is Frank still in the house? they way they talk about Frank every night it’s like he was never evicted.


I, for one, am completely shocked they’re talking about Frank. Again.


they’ve run out of topics, 10 times over. why else would they bring up jodi, jani, mike, brit, joe, ash, frank, etc…


Fair enough…but I thought Frank was the bitter one.

These people talk SOOOO much trash, Frank was the epitome of cool in his conversation with Jeff. He even laughed about Dan’s swearing on the bible.

I think the reason they all hate him so much is because he has attributes (confidence, intelligence, physicality, etc) that they wish they had. Rather than being mature and realizing insecurity is so ridiculous if you’re over 16, they have to tear him down, so he’s back on their level.


Agreed – he has way more class than any of the remaining houseguests including the beloved Father Dan.


At least one out of every 3 conversations, regardless of initial topic(s), somehow someone finds a way to relate it to Frank, Favorite pastime is comparing themselves to Frank, trying to convince each other how much better they have played than Frank, but if they really believed this to be true, why do they feel they have to keep pointing it out to each other?

I have also noticed that they seem to be having a difficult time with the ‘truth/facts’ when they discuss Frank related events in the house. (selective memories perhaps?) According to the remaining HG’s, not only was Frank a lousy player, no social game, but he was not instrumental, helpful or a part of any of the ‘good moves’ or ‘big decisions’ that ‘they’ made, and that he tried to take credit for what ‘they’ did. (guess when they said thank you Frank, they really meant “tell us thank you Frank”) Preeesh! LOL

If they really believed what they are saying about Frank was actually true, there wouldn’t be any reason to talk about him. But since they know he did not deserve to be stabbed in the back and that had they played it straight with him, he would have with them, they have to do anything/everything they can to relieve their guilty consciences. So they do what many guilty people do, blame the victim…….(always fall back on your strengths, lol)

10 things I hate about u.

With the way things hav been going Danielle will win hoh..ian gone then Shane wins the next one Dan gone and just like i predicted shane and Danielle at the end… so Dn to bad you cant read this you guys need to take out the couple…all couples r usually evicted quickly…why not now…Dan wake up plz


Dani is not winning any more comps. The guys are falling all over her. She bats her eylashes and they come running, eith exception of Dan, who wants to take her to the final two. If they are final two, I hope she doesn’t win the big prize, although I wish Ian would see the light, or win the next few comps. Ian’s age is a factor, letting the others run his HOH decisions. Dani and Jenn do not belong there any more. The guys are winning along the way.


Ian is a tool!


best case scenario Shane wins HoH puts up dan and Ian,
Ian then wins POV sends danielle packing woooo!!!


No, the best case scenario is Dan and Ian deciding at the last minute to scumbag Danielle with Dan voting to evict her and Ian breaking the tie and sending her into full on psychotic nuclear meltdown. That would be sooooo epic!


I would love to see Dan take out Danielle. But it seems they are totally devoted……. I am sick of her pity party.


That would be beautiful to watch. Danielle’s nonstop complaining, lying, whining and “all about me” attitude is getting more difficult to watch.

These houseguests cannot stop obsessing over Frank – never seen anything like it before on BB.


They did the same thing on I believe BB12 talking about Rachel and Brendan after they were gone. Actually it was Brittney that did it the most.


It’s funny that Danielle was told that her & the rest of the quack pack are favorites and Jenn is not well liked because if you look at the poll above you will see that she is only ahead of Jenn by very little. I wish I could see her face when she finds out that America is not *IN LOVE* with her

Aqua Bernie

Danielle’s voice goes right through you, god it’s unbearable! I bet this is all fake too. She wants attention.


WOW loook it up.. TV rating since Frank left dropped the show completely outta the top 20 rankings lol… everyone in this whole house is utterly boring as a homeless man’s duel off of em playin checkers in washington square.


They’ve had one episode since Frank left. And it was against the highest rated sunday night football game in 15 years. People come on here and say every season at the end that the current season is the worst.


Don’t be mean to Franks mom, let her think that the drop in ratings is due to him being evicted.


I thought they were going to show the jury house, otherwise that episode sucked!


When I say “shows rating’s” I include shotime afterdark and live feeders.. check yer stats before u starting chugging down the qp kool-aid smh…

Honey Boo Boo Child

Da ghost of Frank lives in de house, dey keep talkin’ bout him, yall better redneckognize dat.


You would think after Frank left, Danielle would joyful.

But no. She continues to be the crazy bitch.

I pity the man that will marry this broad in the future. You don’t hug her one time and she will pull out the clever on your ass.

Carol & Steve

Interesting – I just looked at my guide & noticed that on Thu (east coast) BBAD is actually going to start at midnight rather than 1am like it’s been all season.

And if they take the feeds down tomorrow until Wed – what did they do about BBAD? We didn’t have Showtime last year so I don’t remember.

production rigged it

i think you’re confused BBAD has started at midnight every night on the east coast except on thursdays after the live show when it doesn’t start until 1am.

production rigged it

sorry disregard my comment i misread your post.


I know Dan does not want to take Ian to the final 2 because he would probably lose, but Ian would definitely take Dan because he’s walking with blinders on. Danielle will take him. Jenn’s probably down with anything. The only person who wouldn’t take Dan at this point is Shane, who would pick Danielle or Jenn over him any day, because he’d practically guarantee himself $500,000. Dan was talking about needing to get Shane out earlier today, maybe he’ll dabble into it in the next few days?


Dan was the only unanimous jury vote BB winner ever. Given his experience, I trust Dan’s gut feel about his own “BB14 jury chances.” He seems certain he will lose in a final two, vs anyone but Jenn. To keep Dan’s ONLY hopes for 500K alive, I’m sure (even though he wishes it was against anyone but his closest ally), Dan WOULD”VE voted Danielle out this week. But he won’t. Why? Because him doing so won’t save Jenn. Dan doesn’t control the vote this week. Shane and Ian (the QP must be the BB14 final four!) are both 100% ROCK solid to evict Jenn. Of late, Danielle has been the only one “privy” to Dan’s obsessive desire to keep Jenn around. Therefore, Danielle’s not blind to Dan’s true current motives. Danielle now notices that Dan’s recent game moves aren’t also in her OWN best BB interests, for the FIRST time since Day 1. For Dan’s game, Danielle gets it. (Dan wins in jury vs Jenn.). But for this VERY same reason, Danielle now sees that SHE must also go before the final two, in Dan’s only winning scenario. For this week, It’s all now a “moot point”, because Dan’s powerless to keep Jenn over Danielle. BUT – Dan’s shown an awful lot of his “cut-throat” side to Danielle lately, leaving some serious “Danielle Scar Tissue”. Mega-mist needed!!!
Going forward, I now believe Dan’s BB endgame could be SERIOUSLY weakened. And not just because his 500K meal ticket (Jenn) is gone. I now think, for the first time in BB14, that Danielle would, if forced to choose, save SHANE over Dan. I think Danielle now (and correctly) trusts Shane to be more loyal to her “in the foxhole” this last BB week, than Dan would. And that’s ironic, because when Jenn goes, Dan would then TRULY become a million % loyal to Danielle, over anyone else left. Because “doing Danielle wrong”, from here on in, would never help Dan’s game.
The BB endgame is VERY comp driven. I think who the final two will be is actually much more “wide open” than most others commenters do. To me, post-Jenn, Dan has by FAR the least chance of winning the 500K. He knows that too. With 50K as his likely new “top prize”, will that now take the wind out of Dan’s sails, and affect his gameplay? Or will he choose to “buck up”, do his best to win the comps, and begin preparing an “Amazon Rain Forest” batch of “500K jury mIst” instead? Who knows?

Clueless Frank

I listened to an interview with Evel Dick and even he said that Dan and the coaches already knew they were going into the game from the very beginning and that gave the coaches an advantage because they were being fed information from their players about who was with who or making deals with each other. Michelle from Dan’s season also said the only reason that the vote was 7-0 for Dan in his season wasn’t because he was a great player but that they were all mad at Memphis and they took it out on him with their votes. Funny thing about the episode where Jesse came in as Jesse Claus and Dan in the Diary room said that they were friends was a lie because Jesse said they can’t stand each other at all and that during Jesse’s time in the house for PB that he was ripping Dan about his Diary room sessions and that Jesse had as much screen time as Dan’s right side of his face in the diary room (Dan always talks out of his left side of his face in the DR). Another thing I have noticed is that I went back and watched season 2 of BB with Dr. Will and Dr. Will always wore a pair of black and white shorts in his season almost the same pattern as Dan’s shorts. Dan copied Dr. Will’s gameplay as well as style and that is why Dr. Will will always be the best ever at this game. Will was up on the block 4 times and each time they were hell bent on getting him out and there was no veto to play for and he turned them around each time it was really amazing how he did it. Not to mention that he went into the game and told them from the very beginning that he was going to lie straight out and they would still believe everything that he would say it really was amazing to rewatch that season. Also his speech during final 2 was the most arrogant speech ever where he didn’t appeal to them for a vote and still won 5-2. If anyone has any doubts about Dr. Will go watch his season on youtube and you will see exactly what i’m talking about. Dan will never get to that level he’s just a wannabe copycat of the original.

billy bob

dr wiill sucks big hairy balls with a yeast infection,he dont even compare to enzo yo,just imagine if dan looked like dr will,lol and i got issues cause i really cant stand danielle,i need help,lol shes crazy.

Roisin Dubh

Amen to that. I don’t know how anyone can say that the coaches weren’t given a huge advantage this time around. This finale is gonna get so personal because the way these idiots are acting in the house. They are gonna roast the F2 so hard. This one is gonna get real ugly.


@ jim, i think Dan can carry Danielle and Shane to the final two and win like Evel Dick did with with Danielle
or Dan did with Memphis

Honey Boo Boo Child

Ian tryin to act lak a grown man, LOL. Honey chile, you squirmed into a corner an wet yo pants when ole Dan da man said he’d rip yo face off. Now you try to act all big and grown up and can’t even repeat it da same. Don’t you know dat you mama is laughin at you honey chile Ian? You come over heah an try to mess with my face an ail rip yo nuts off and pull your wiener off with my tweezers.

Like watching paint dry.....,

I kind of think Dan needs to win so he can get a new pair of shorts! Is it just me or do those seem pretty nasty!!!!

Oh pity me

Dan said he has not washed them in 4years. They are his good luck shorts.

Honey Boo Boo Child

Danielle’s boobs may be fake, but dat moon size crater on tween her I’s sho nuf aint.

Brown Fat

Please send that whiney bitch Danielle packing or she’ll end up crying her way to final 2 & who knows what’ll happen then… normally I’m easily swayed by hot looking broads but not if they cry every frickin time something goes wrong. Wasnt it Tom Lykus who delicately said… ‘dump the bitch’


Although it is a long shot, Dan WILL consider keeping Jenn. In fact, (with Joe gone) Dan’s only REAL hope is a final against Jenn. But the cards would have to fall PERFECTLY.

Please forgive the extreme detail. It is the chess player in me. Plus, this is just for fun. It ain’t gonna’ happen! LOL!!!!

Dan would:
1. No further game talk with Shane for THIS evict only. Shane keeps his vote the same, keeping Danielle.
2. Dan talks Ian into the tiebreak in favor of Jenn. (This is the hardest part!!!!)
3. If he talks Ian into the tiebreak, Dan votes to keep Jenn. Danielle leaves.

(Note: Even though Shane and Danielle would be angry with Dan, they would be MORE angry with Ian.)

4. Jenn wins HOH
5. Jenn puts up and Dan and Ian.
6. Shane wins veto.
7. Shane votes out Ian.

(Note: Remember, Shane is MORE angry with IAN. Plus, he does NOT want to go against Ian in the final. For Dan, that’s an easy and CORRECT sell.)

8. Dan or Jenn wins 1st part of final HOH.
9. Then that loser (Dan or Jenn) wins the 2nd part of HOH, putting Dan and Jenn in the 3rd part.
10. Dan losses (maybe throws it) the 3rd part. Jenn wins final HOH.
11. JENN is the one to evict Shane. (VERY impotant that it’s Jenn!!!)

(Note: Jenn WOULD take Dan. If she took Shane, she KNOWS she would lose 5-2 or 4-3. Dan, Danielle, Ian, and Britney would vote for Shane for sure.)

Since Jenn voted out Shane, I am confident they (Shane and Danielle) would forgive Dan. As such, the final vote would be:

Ashley – Jenn
Britney – ??? (This is Dan’s only hope. Remember, I said it was a long shot.)
Frank – Jenn
Joe – Jenn
Danielle – Dan
Ian – Dan
Shane – Dan


FYI: Dan WOULD have won against Joe, but Dannielle would not agree to vote out Shane. That messed up Dan’s march to his second BB championship. EVERYONE would have one against Joe. The difference being Britney. As sure as Frank would NOT vote for Dan, there is NO WAY Britney, Danielle, Ian. or Shane would vote for Joe. Dan would have won 4-3.

Go home Delusionelle

Why do you think Jenn would put up Dan and Ian when they were the two that just voted to keep her in the game? Wouldn’t she put up Shane? She tends to work more off of her emotions than strategy


IT WOULD NOT MATTER! I just put Dan and Ian as “fillers.” With Shane winning the veto, his is the SOLE vote. If he WAS nominated at first, he would simply take himself down. Then Jenn has to put the only remaining player up. Thereby it STILL makes it Ian vs Dan. Then Shane votes out Ian. I just didn’t want to go thatdeep because SO LONG already. Sorry about that. :-)

Go home Delusionelle

You’re right- my bad! All this talk about ??? staying in, Shane whom doesn’t understand the end game, and the delusional bitch crying about everything, has dumbed me down to their level! I’m ready for an all-stars instead of the Damn Dan puppet show- these morons are gonna get pneumonia from all the mist they’ve been inhaling!!


Dan loves the way you think, Murf. But your #2 isn’t just “the hardest part”, it’s 100% IMPOSSIBLE. You could offer Ian all of the following:

-a lifetime supply of hammocks

-a full scholarship for his upcoming PhD studies

-having his BB idol, Matt Hoffman, as his new roommate

-a year’s worth of having Ashley at his disposal for all his “male needs”

And Ian STILL wouldn’t even consider keeping Jenn over Danielle. NOTHING can now change Ian Terry’s mind regarding his BB dream of an “All Quack Pack Final Four”. Your #2 is so completely un-doable, that Dan hasn’t wasted even one SECOND talking to Ian about it. I’m not saying this obsession is a good move for Ian (It isn’t.) Once Ian has his BB14 dream – a QP final four – he truly considers anything else he accomplishes in BB14 to be “gravy”. Such a shame, Murf. You put SO much quality thought and effort into the rest of your excellent post. kind sir!


To be perfectly honest, I am with ya’ Jim ……… But after Dan pulled off that one miracle………..Keeping hope alive……. LOL

PS. Add a Kristen (BB12) three way to your 4th example, and THEN all hope would be lost……….LOL


Man, how’d I forget Kristen? :) Good luck in all your future “chess matches”, Murf!


I was all behind Murf’s theoretical game play out….and almost impossible to imagine it occurring….and not so I possible to think Dan can, once again, create a mist so thick it becomes gravy!!! However, Jim is also so so so very right in breaking it down to the simple fact that Ian wants more than anything…more than actually winning, to have the Quack Pack alliance be final four. He admired the Brigade so much and wants that noteriety more than anything else. I almost even think he would bow to Dan and allow Dan to win to have Ian Terry’s Quack Pack be the talk of Big Brother trivia for great alliances.


murf, i wouldn’t think Joe would vote for Jenn instead of Dan in the final two.

Honey Boo Boo Child

I’m da Georgia beauty queen, yall bedder redneckognize! Kara wuz pretty, pretty stupid, dat’s why she left so soon, Hahaha. only room for one princess heah!!!


Please shut up!


I was wondering why Honey Boo Boo was all over the place all of a sudden… gotta admit it’s been annoying me, too.

production rigged it

if shane really told danielle he would throw the endurance to her and didn’t make it to final 2 then he would go down as the dumbest player in BB history and that would be the most stupid move in BB history. you would have to be a complete idiot to throw a final 3 hoh of course we all know shane isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed though. seems like dan, danielle and shane are getting a little ahead of themselves they have to make sure ian doesn’t win the pov first which i hope he does and screws up their plans and hopefully votes danielle out.


Memphis threw the 1st HOH of the final 3 to Dan! It’s not all that stupid just depends on where loyalty stands and a this point it’s all over the place! I’m dizzy!!

Honey Boo Boo Child

My show is da hottest reality show on tv! It’s da best thing since RC Cola and moon pie, honey chile. I luv big braw, but it only comes in second to my show on TLC, give me a lil’ tendert luvin care.


Dan just mentioned that Danielle has a Final 2 with everyone in the house to Danielle. I hope this is foreshadowing. If he knows this, how quickly does he flip himself and possibly Ian?


…I am very confused by this response.


As a Dan fan, it looks bleak.

Dan vs……..

Shane wins 6-1 (Ian only Dan vote)
Danielle wins 6-1 (Ian only Dan vote)
Ian wins 5-2 (Shane and Danielle vote for Dan)


Murf, Murf…. don’t give up the faith brother! I know its nearly impossible but I think that I want Dan to win so much and perhaps not simply because I like him…more so that I think that kind of game play needs to be rewarded. I wished that it was all “Live” from here on out as I would dearly love love love to watch Dan spray out the mist….actually he is gonna spew it out so thick it will be “gravy” but I sure as hell would like to actually see it occur!!


if you watch Jeff interview on cbs I think Britney will vote for him too

Clueless Frank

have you noticed that Dani looks alot like Jack Nicholsons Joker character in Batman when she makes certain facial expressions?


I love how Danielle keeps talking about how weird it was to be out of the house….does she not realize that I will have to go through detox from big brother watching withdrawals….gosh, all she thinks about is herself, what about us?!? LOL:) I still want Dan to win btw, I would love to know what he would do with the $$ maybe he should talk about helping out the poor or something to help buy jury votes…just a thought! Ha great job with the feed updates it’s truly appreciated!! I will add that I think commenting on Danielle’s looks and weight should be off limits though, she is pretty and healthy and it’s really not very nice! Just sayin’! Bye jenn city!!!


Can I comment on her eyebrows that go halfway up her forehead and her lack of eyelid folds. She did more than Botox. Guessing a brow lift. If she wins any money, bet it goes on liposuction.


Wow stop talking about Frank! He’s been gone for a few days now lol.. These people are so boring that they still have to talk about him. Ian talking like he’s a great player. If you get taken out by Dan you’re no better than Frank this season. I just laughed when He kept saying frank had days to decide about putting britney up on the block and did it when Jenn used the veto on Dan. what a hypocrite the little rat is but at least Frank got him back in that argument they had because Frank was right in Ian having as much or more time in deciding to vote out boogie which he did. Him crying about boogie leaving was weak cause Ian knew already he was leaving. I won’t feel sorry for Ian if he doesn’t win especially after this veto meeting. If he was so great as he thinks, Ian should’ve put up Dan but nope lets put up Danielle. Ian would win if Shane or Danielle was sitting next to him cause he has the better social game.


Nasty ass Frank needs to keep somethings to himself..

And wtf pissing on the toilet seat?

Can you at least wipe it off?

He likes like people won’t see it… he has no shame… O_O

– King Silva

King Silva

***I mean to say at the end:

He [Frank] acts like people won’t see it [his nasty piss on the toilet seat]…he has no shame! O_O


Yes I am appalled at ol’ Frankie. That’s a little TMI for me. Why is it that Frank lands in everyday converse?? Hello mentioned we should focuse on the houseguests actually in the house, but damn, the houseguests can’t even focuse on themselves-Everyday it’s Frank this, Frank that, blah blah blah, he looked like this when this happened and said this after this and that-Okay okay, enough. I get it, the topics run out, but geez: I’d tolerate Dan’s Would You Rather jokes rather than the 411 on Frank’s pubic hair…


since Frank left the house its been the Frank After Dark BB show. everything is Frank coming out everyone’s mouth in the house. painful and boring feeds.


Please, please send Danielle home. She plays like she is innocent she lies and a southern undercover hook…….. You notice she waits after all the real women are gone the clothes come off and talk of how she can hookup with Shane. Shane please don’t get involved with scooter. She jealous of other women. Her strategy was who could I tease. Nasty house guests this season no one clean the house was kept like a pigpen.

Nicole N.

Dan is playing these people like a fiddle. I can not believe Ian did not put him up stupid move. The only person who can stop him right now is Shane and that could even fall through since Shane does not seem to know how to play the game . These people act like Dan didn’t already win the game. Ian you claim to be the biggest fan but Dan is about to stab you in the back and you are completely clueless. Danielle is just as clueless I think she still thinks she’s on a dating show. She hangs on both Dan and Shanes every word, I think it’s more important to get their attention. Wake up Danielle Dan is MARRIED and Shane just isn’t that into you. As for Jenn just get out of the big brother house now because your game is weak. I don’t have much bad stuff to say about Shane other than he seems like a nice jock guy that doesn’t yet realize he’s on Big Brother 3 months in I think he thinks he’s on vacation or something.

Ian's Morning Wood

I really hope Dan scumbags Danielle at some point. god, that would be incredible entertainment. This season Dan has shown time and again that he’s a cold-blooded bitch for that paper.


I am wondering who will surprise me this year. For three years in a row, there has been one vote (each) that I got wrong. They were:

Jessie voting for Jordan. Even though I knew it would not matter, (I was confident Jordan would win.) I was 95% sure he was voting for Natalie. It was a big surprise, which made it a 5-2 win, instead of my predicted 4-3. Please understand, I absolutely ADORE Jordan. I wanted her to win SO badly and was thrilled when she did. For me it was 100% personal. I admit that. If I use non emotional honesty, I think Natalie might have been the “slightly” better player.

Kathy voting for Hayden. While far from shocking, I had this at 60% for Lane. Mild surprise. But since this final was “Diet Pepsi vs Diet Coke,” I didn’t care…. Matt and Enzo were the better players.

Shelly voting for Rachel. I had this at 75% for Porsche. For what it’s worth, it WAS the CORRECT vote. Perhaps one of the best and accurate “game play evaluation & non personal” votes ever. While I was VERY mad at Shelly during the game, (I am a J&J fan) she got the vote right. Porsche was useless.


@Murf, i think Kathy loved Hayden like a son and Hayden won more events including the final HOH.


If frank votes for Dan I will be more then surprised


Dan came on this season to be a coach with the chance to win $100,000. winning second place would only bring him $50,000 UNLESS he made a deal with Danielle to have her give him another $50,000 out of her $500,000 if he gets her to the end. This way he wins what he came for at the beginning and he’s garanteed loyalty from Danielle.


Of course he’ll totally try to screw her over and mist the jury when he gets to final 2 and take the $500,000, also a guy always beats a girl in final vote so if he can make it to final, he’ll win

Cali Misfit

A lot of Jenn haters in here t-_-t …. I love Jenn, She IS the most loyal in the game AND if any of them were “good” “Great” or even “valid” players they would bring her to the final 2, Anyone of them matched up against her in the F2 would win. Once my dear Jenncity is evicted I will no longer continue to watch because……I despise the rest of the cast. Everytime I hear Danielle’s voice I want to grab my four-five & shoot myself in the head. Dan is a devil in disguise using the bible to lie his way through this game, dont get me wrong I am not a devote christian or catholic, but how could anyone do that? Especially him, seeing that he is on that Church/bible ISH and to lie upon the bible knowing the depth of his own lies. smh -_- Shane is quite boring and annoying to watch, he drums on everything & anything and clicks with his mouth. Eff’ing Annoying!!!! He looks like one of those jock boys that would get beat up in my hood of East Bakersfield. OHHH BY THE WAY, THANKS FOR THE MADDD MENTIONS OF THIS $H!TTY CITY OF ‘BAKERSFIELD’ ON BBAD LAST NIGHT lol BTW It WASNT where shane & Danielle were at for their “prize trip” Bakersfield is north not South of where they are located. If it was where they were at, I would’ve been so disappointed that I couldn’t give them a warm east bakersfield welcome!!! lmao!! *ALL JOKES* Ian, UGH, what a EFF’ing geek ass tool that has no backbone whatsoever! The quack pack is on some elementary ishhh, quacking at the dinner table like a bunch of hyenas laughing. JENNCITY BAYBAY!!!! BECAUSE SHE IS THE MOST ‘G’ PERSON IN THE HOUSE & IS REAL ON HER WORD. When you lie to her, she calls you out on it. So all y’all hatin on Jenn city can suck a fat one & choke. Your the type that would sit back and pout about being lied to WHILE she’s over there standing up & saying “WTF WAS THAT?” This is the worse season I have ever seen!! The only real reason I watched it because Jenncity was still sticking around, I knew she was never gonna win, but the rest of the cast just got on my nerves to no extent. I refuse to watch danielle & the rest of these douche bags after the REALIST one is evicted. I know, I know it’s about game play and Jenn doesn’t have much of that, but she shouldnt even be up for eviction if there was actually GOOD game play going on! I have a feeling Danielle is gonna win this year, & I would rather $h1t my pants & sit in it all day than hear her country fried @$$ talk one ‘mo ‘gain. lol!!
P.S. *Sarcasm is a great great thing! so don’t get your panties in a bunch!. MY opinions aren’t all opinions I GET THAT!*
J E N N C I T Y 4 L I F E


Holy crap!!! Totally see where you’re coming from, understand you’re a huge Jenn supporter (Lord knows, there ain’t enough of you in the world), but even reading and fairly trying to see all your points, the fact of the matter for me is that this girl was a huge disappointment to both the casting agents who got her on the show and to the viewers in general. I think that she cost someone who might’ve actually been interesting to watch on the show a valuable spot because casting was so wrapped up in her appearance and back story rather than who might actually play the game. I’m sure she’s a great person in the real world, but she just should never have been given that invitation to the BB house, much less the key. I actually think Joe played a better game than her, and that’s saying alot.

Cali Misfit

Lol, I’m a HUGE fan. Been a fan of hers since she was in Kittie. I loved watching her on big brother even if she didn’t play the best game. But whatever she did got her this far so I can’t complain. So since she’s all tatt’d up & been in a metal band she’s supposed to be cutthroat?? Naw, I’m sure they didn’t know Danielle was a NUTTCASE when they casted her, or did they? HHMM, Like I said before I knew she wasn’t gonna take this but the fact that she’s up against Danielle on the block and danielle is gonna stay, makes it even worse!! The damn woman needs a mental evaluation. I could go on & on but I won’t because I have school in about an hour LOL!

C. J.

Thank you Simon, for posting the conversation between Shane and Dan about Dan’s Red Shirt…

It’s been driving me Crazy.


So, some hopeful scenarios for my entertainment factor

Dani wins final HoH and has to choose whether to take Shane or Dan to the end (if Ian and Jenn don’t make it to final 3). Doesn’t matter which she chooses, it’s the choice itself that’s entertaining.

Dan and Dani final 2 and Dan completely shreds her in front of the jury in order to win

Ian winning out and getting the jury votes.

The absolute last thing I want to happen is for Shane to make it final 3 and win the last HoH. Because there’s no suspense there, he’s taking Dani.

Danielle's Reflection

The only thing left to look forward to Dan ripping Dani in front of the Jury. She has already started to worry about that, as well as she should. She has told so many lies and stab so many of the jury in the back, and they are not even aware it, not yet. I hate the way, once she decides to vote out someone how she will turn on them and talk horrible about them. She had started turning on Shane until he won the veto. I wish Jenn would fill him in on how Dani kept calling him a douch until the veto. Then it all love again.


Dan would show he is a decent player by orchestrating the voting out of danielle and taking jenn to the final 2 and winning. Otherwise he is just a stumbling mumbling hack packer


What is wrong with these people? They are obsessed with Frank. I hope he wins Americas vote to spite them all. It would be awesome, just for sheer irony on how bad they talk about him. Secondly Danielle needs to go! Ian or Dan should win. Danielle hates when she isn’t getting attention… She is big brothers most annoying, self centered player. Rachel didn’t even annoy me as much as Danielle. And to be compared to Jordan… That is an insult to Jordan! Jordan was not an annoying, lying, jealous girl. I think Dan and ian’s best bets for final 2 would be to take jen, but Ian seems to be clueless and dan wants bragging rights. I sure hope next season is better then this one!


Frank won’t win America’s Favorite… period. Just like the people in the house, America doesn’t like Frank.

I would vote for Willie before I’d vote for Frank.

Danielle's Reflection

Danielle is a pretty girl. If she really did have a personality anything like Jordan, she would be beatiful. Unfortunately though her personality actually makes her good looks a flaw because she is so obsessed with her looks, and getting attention in that way.


“Danielle comments to Shane know why she is helping him right?! Shane says yup. Danielle says I will f***ing lose it!”

What’s wrong, Danielle? You can’t handle the fact that Jenn is kissing butt and actually TRYING to stay in the game?

“Danielle: “It sucks… being on the block sucks.. she (Jenn) smiles at me when she walks by.. it’s hurtful.. and now you are BFF with her and I can’t even talk to you” ”

Are you kidding me? It’s hurtful when she’s trying to be nice to you? Get over yourself. And what does it matter if Jenn’s getting closer to Dan? She’s going home, isn’t she? She’ll be gone within the next 24 hours, and you can have Dan all to yourself. Jeez. This girl’s insecurity and neediness is insufferable.


I’m thinking Danielle likes Dan a little bit too much. It was obvious after watching BBAD last night and Dan is milking that like a true con artist.


Oh they are all morons! They can’t let Frank go. They all bonded at Frank’s expense. Sure Frank was all that that they say he was but he is gone. The crap pack is grouped together by “group think.” All for one, one for all. It is stupid because they are about lose all that. They will see how money is gonna take first priority with Dan then they will each feel the way Frank did.


yes I agree, it’s been Dan’s show for weeks now..the rest are just lame quacks. As for Frank, man you would think they all had secret crushes on him they way they keep bringing him up.

Cali Misfit

At least Frank was entertaining to watch. I am not a fan of Frank but I would rather watch his antics then to sit and watch Danielle pick at her face, or talk about how she gets compared to Kim Kardashian. Or even make up lies about having had cancer -_- & It wasn’t just about having cancer she went into the severity of it and made it sound so horrendous. I’m sorry but if she was that sick beforehand, why would they allow her to come in the house and even be put on slop, seeing that she needs all the nutrients she can get to stay healthy!!! smh -_- Sad to say but I wish frank was still around the house, it would be a more entertaining place & it’s become Danielle’s playpin for Lies and deceit, as well as dan’s. lol ! ! ! The Nap pack makes me sleepy, So so boring!!! Worst alliance EVER!!!


I think Shane is sandbagging. I think he knows EXACTLY how the game is played, and how the last week in the house and final HOH works! Ive noticed several little comments he’s made about past seasons. So he is smarter, more knowledgable, and more dangerous than the others give him credit for. I’m pulling for Dan, but Shane sure has fooled everyone into thinking he’s easily expendable. I think he has an excellent chance to win the whole thing.