Shane tells Dan that he will go down as one of the best players in this game.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations: Jenn and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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3:30pm – 3:45pm Dan, Ian and Danielle continue to talk in the pool about random stuff. They talk about genetics, blood type, and biology. Ian says that before coming in here he was looking into applying for PhD school. Danielle tries to catch him and asks wait don’t you need your masters before you apply for that? Ian says no sometimes you can skip your masters and go straight for the PhD. Ian continue to talk about schools and classes. The conversation turns to talking about Big Brother 5 – Project DNA. Ian explains the twist of the season to Jenn and how Nakomis and Michael “Cowboy” were half brother and sister. Ian tells Jenn about how when it got down near the end Cowboy ended up giving the deciding vote to evict Nakomis. Jenn says that she would flip out if she was in the house with a half brother or sister and no one told her. The conversation turns to talking about what to make for dinner.


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4pm – 4:25pm Dan and Shane are in the kitchen starting dinner. Dan asks Shane if it was weird having people know him. Shane says yeah. Dan talks about how this time it feels like he isn’t on camera. He says that first time he was really aware of the cameras. Dan tells Shane that he has been really good at keeping his emotions under control. Shane says that he knows that people can use it against you if you snap so he has tried really hard to keep them in. He says that he thinks that is kind of what happened to Frank, he let his emotions get the best of him. Dan says that this season he has snapped way more than he did in BB10. Shane says yeah but you did apologize twice on live television. Dan says that he is disappointed that he let it get like that. Shane tells Dan that he will go down as one of the best players in this game. Shane asks so do you think if they do another all stars it will be not next season but the next. Dan says yeah, next will probably be an all new cast and then an all stars after that. Dan says that this will probably be his last time though. Shane asks if this time was harder. Dan says yeah way harder. Shane talks about how good Frank was… Dan says you are a better player than her is.. Shane says I wouldn’t say that.. Dan says you made if further than him. Dan asks do you think the three of us will make it through to the final three. Shane says yeah, Ian can’t play for HOH this week.


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4:30pm – 4:45pm Dan comments on how Shane’s sister is cute. Shane says that his friends used to come over and dig in her underwear drawer. Dan asks would you get mad. Shane says yeah, that’s not cool, that’s an invasion of space. Shane starts eating chips as Dan continues to make dinner. Jenn joins them and starts making her dinner. Meanwhile out in the backyard Ian continues to swing in the hammock. He farts and says sorry .. that was Frankish.


5pm – 5:15pm Big Brother tells the house guests to head inside, this is a lock down. Shane and Jenn wonder if the lock down is to clean the pool. Dan says that now we can’t BBQ! They all hope the lock down isn’t for too long. Danielle and Shane start talking about nutrition. Shane and Danielle mention that when they were out of the house they were asked if they wanted to stop to get food from MacDonald’s or Burger King but that they just wanted to eat at Starbucks. Dan asks how could you turn that down. Shane says we didn’t know where we were going and didn’t want to not feel good after eating it. Shane says that they didn’t want to get the s**ts.


5:45pm Dan continues to make dinner as he talks with Danielle, Shane and Jenn. They talk about random things and Dan continues to joke with Danielle about how she passed up Burger King. Ian finishes his shower and is now sitting on the HOH couch by himself. Ian comes down from the HOH room. Dan asks Ian if you wanted a burger and a coffee, would you go to Burger King or Starbucks. Ian says Burger King, Starbucks doesnt have burgers. Shane then asks Ian if you ate at burger king right now would you get the s**ts? Ian says oh yeah.

5:55pm Ian goes into the living room and starts playing with the lights behind the wall. Big Brother tells him to STOP THAT! Big Brother ends the indoor lock down. Ian goes out to swing in the hammock.


6:05pm Shane and Danielle are in the bathroom fixing the bandages on their cut up hands. Shane comments on how a couple of his cuts are infected.

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6:10pm In the bedroom Dan talks the photo of wife Chelsea. He tells her how much he misses her and that he is down to the final four.


6:15pm – 6:25pm Ian, Shane are Danielle are in the backyard. They all start quacking. Shane comments on how Danielle’s quack wasn’t very enthusiastic. Ian tells her it better be this Thursday. Danielle says that she hopes she stays. Shane tells her that she is good. Ian tells her that she is good. Ian tells her that Dan knows it wouldn’t be a good move to vote you out because then it would make it really easy for us to nominate him this next week. Ian says that he would be incredibly foolish for him to vote you out. He would lose every single jury vote. Ian talks about how he told Dan he would rip Dan’s face off if he voted Danielle out. Shane says that he wished he was there to see that. Ian talks about how he did it before too. Shane tells Ian, you are a man of your word you do what you say you will do. Big Brother announces that they are on an outdoor lock down. Jenn and Dan come outside.


6:35pm Dan opens up the BBQ and finds that Joe left salmon skin on the grill. Ian says that’s sick, that so gross are you kidding me. Danielle starts talking about how unhygienic Joe is. Dan starts cleaning the BBQ.


6:50pm Shane, Jenn, Dan and Ian are all sitting around the backyard waiting for the lock down to end so that they can finish making their dinner.

7:25pm – 7:35pm All the house guests are still in the backyard, no one is talking..


7:40pm – 8:20pm All the house guests are sitting talking about random things. They are annoyed that they are still locked out in the backyard and speculate on why they are locked down. They wonder if BB is planning a party for them. Ian says they wouldn’t do that, they only do a half way party. Jenn comments that she would pee in the backyard if BB gave her beer. Danielle is pissed because she has to go to the washroom. They start reminiscing about past competitions.


8:30pm Shane asks Ian if anyone has ever talked game in the bathroom toilet area. Ian says no, not this season. Danielle says yes there has. They try and get her to tell them who. She doesn’t at first and then says that Janelle and Britney talked game in there. Big Brother ends the lock down and all the house guests race inside. Ian looks inside and says great it was f**king for nothing! (The lock down) Ian heads up to the HOH room and starts eating his HOH snacks. Danielle, Shane and Dan start making their dinner that they had started before the lock down.


8:35pm – 8:45pm Dan and Jenn are talking out by the backyard while Dan puts the chicken on the BBQ. Jenn is campaigning to Dan. Dan tells Jenn that she still has a couple days to hustle. Jenn tells Dan that she thinks she has more game left in her than Danielle. Dan says yeah. Dan tells Jenn that he would be super disappointed if she just gave up. Jenn asks did you say that they only way I could get through is if Shane didn’t use the veto. Dan says no, the only way that we could all (Jenn, Dan, Danielle) get through is if he didn’t use it. Dan and Jenn head inside. Then Dan and Jenn head back outside. Danielle comments to Shane know why she is helping him right?! Shane says yup. Danielle says I will f***ing lose it! Shane tells her just a few more days. Jenn comes back inside.


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168 thoughts on “Shane tells Dan that he will go down as one of the best players in this game.

  1. After all is said and done, I think they will vote out Jenn. That leaves Ian as the only one who can’t play for HOH (Yikes). So if Ian doesn’t win VETO, it will be Dan, Danielle and Shane for final three. They will not want Ian around for endurance or mental comps. I think Ian is dust unless he boots Dani (shoulda been Dan though!!!)

  2. Wow, Ian didn’t put up Dan. What is wrong with that child??? Now, he’d better be ready to take that POV during the next comp or he can kiss that $500,000 good bye and sign Dan’s check!!! Goodness, that child is dumber than dirt!!!! <3

    1. ACTUALLY UR THE IDIOT! cause why the hell would ian put up dan when its obvs that danielle and shane wont vote him out. Then Dan can just turn the house against Ian because it will look like Ian betrayed him and can’t be trusted.

        1. At this point in the game it wouldn’t work and even boogie couldn’t accomplish that if Ian was going to make a run at dan he should have done a few weeks ago but now it would never happen shane and danielle need dan to get Ian out.

      1. But the house is ALREADY against Ian. They are already plotting his eviction. Nobody wants to sit next to him in the end., not even the person he’s made a final two deal with (Dan). Ian just doesn’t know it yet. He should have nominated Dan and Danielle from the get-go, to ensure that at least one of them would go if the veto wasn’t used.

  3. . Dan will go down as one of the greatest players, but he is not the greatest. As much as we hate each other’s guts, Biff Tannen spelled it out perfect on why that is and he completly spot on. A- Dan had a 3week pass in the beginning. B- THis cast is just plain dumb(they remind me of a Chinese saying- the finger points to the moon, the imbecile looks at the finger, pretty much sums up these misfits.) I also think because POV has changed the game bigtime. It’s one thing to be on the block and have the ability to pull yourself off, but it’s another thing to survive the vote on the block, and that to me is why Dr. Wil has that title pretty much forever and manipulating a smarter bunch of people. Like I said, Dan is one of the greatest players, but he can never be considered the greatest.

    1. Amen to you. You are so right, Dan is good, but not better than Will. Danielle will win this Season, unless in the Final 2 with Shane or Ian. Thus, I have hope that neither Dan, or Danielle, win. Now if Danielle could go next week, I would be happy with anyone winning, as she does not deserve the title of Winner of Big Brother 14.

      1. I hope she gets voted out tomorrow! She’s such a liar, and I’m sick of her. I’d rather see Dan win. He out of all of them deserves the win!

    2. I for one completely agree with you.If Dan had not been safe for a month,and then made it to the final week than maybe i could consider him the best.I think the only way he is able to take the title of being the best away from Dr will is if they compete together and Dan out does him,but at least Dan knows,and has said on more than one occasion that Dr will is better than he is

    3. But lets not forget that Dan is the only player that won bb on a 7-0 vote and he was able to take his friend to the final two .

      Dr will was 4th in bb7 , Dan at this point is in the final 4 and if he can go far and maybe to the final two imo I think he will get to surpass dr will and if he get to take danielle with him , its not even close dan will be the greatest ever and no one will ever come close to him .

      After the funeral a lot of people considered dan as one of the greatest players ever , this move will go down as the best moves in big brother history like it is not even close.

      1. not reeallllly! because Dr will was playing ALL STARS. whos dan playing, a bunch of amateurs that dont even know the game and will trust anybody. shane who thinks everybody will take him to the final 3, danielle an stupid dumbass that doesnt even know whats going on, jen doesnt even know how to win comps she needs to go & poor ian that doesnt even know half the things these ppl say about :(

        1. And who did Will play against his 1st season and All-Stars…a bunch of morons also,so the bs playing against idiots doesn’t work.Dr.Will is so over rated its pathetic and All Stars wasn’t really an All-Stars of BB,C’mon Howe,Erica,Allison,Diane,Chicken George.Nakomis and Marcellas are considered All-Stars…in who’s book? Just my opinion but Evel Dick is the best of the best,no other house guest can ever do/act what he did in his season and make it to the end,let alone win it.

          1. Point is the All-Stars all played the game before. Some of these people seem to have never even watched it. Both BB & Survivor seem to now get off on pitting Veteran players against the biggest group of retard newbies they can find, instead of having another All-Star for some reason I can’t figure.

    4. A few points: Dan didn’t get any free pass. The game was RESET to the begining and they have played a full season. Sorry for your misunderstanding of that…
      Next nobody can judge the level of “dumbness” of any house guests over another season. You can’t do it so that shouldn’t factor.
      Finally Dan yup DAN not Will is the only unanimous winner and has never had a vote against him (this one I have only read I did not go and verify so discard it if it isn’t true…)
      Now I will note I am a WILL fan!!! But Dan has the better BB resume.

      1. Go look at the people casted for the first few seasons compared to last 5. The first few seasons included a Medical doctor, 30year FBI agent, a banker. The best they’ve had in the last 5 years in Jeff, and Brendan, Dude working advertisment and a PHD student. That 3 week pass gave Dan the opportunity to study people with no worries of being put up on the block, he knew the coaches were coming into the game so that whole thing was a shame. Britt let that one out of the bag. Dan didn’t start playing the game until two weeks ago, before that it was All Britt running the show, he let his team get picked off and hid in the shadows. That’s just like watching your buddies clean house in a bar fight, they all get knocked out, you go in and sucker punch the last dude on the other side and say your the toughest one.That’s the game he’s played both times. It’s a great game but it doesn’t warrant being the best. Don’t get me wrong, a win is a win, but he weasled it. To say he’s the greatest is kinda out there. I tell people this all the time but because they hate her so much they never take it into account. Rachel did the same thing last year, but she had the entire house hating her. She got people to change thier minds, broke alliances, exposed a rat and isolated her biggest enemy in one night. J/J had a lock on that game when they went to bed . They woke up the next morning, they got knocked down a few notches and didn’t even know what happened. That’s the greatest move in BB history. Ask anyone who had the live feeds last year and saw it go down. I’m not even a fan of hers, but she never gets the credit she deserves for what she did. Up until that point everyone was resigned to the fact that J/J were gonna win it and were playing for third place. The duo’s twist was done for Jordan’s benefit. People forget that she’s useless in comps and the only reason she basically won her season was because Jeff carried her and they all hated Natalie. But they want to say production this and that. She would wipe the floor with Dan if they were in the same season.

        1. Almost forgot, after she flipped the house in one night, she took out Dani and put the target on Shelly’s back. On top of that she got herself off the block which ended up in Jeff getting backdoored(clownshoe?). So you want to talk about big moves made at the end, she did it bigtime by outsmarting and winning. But of course, Dan’s still the greatest right?

          1. I agree with what you have said. I listened to an interview with Evel Dick and even he said that Dan and the coaches already knew they were going into the game from the very beginning and that gave the coaches an advantage because they were being fed information from their players about who was with who or making deals with each other. Michelle from Dan’s season also said the only reason that the vote was 7-0 for Dan in his season wasn’t because he was a great player but that they were all mad at Memphis and they took it out on him with their votes. Funny thing about the episode where Jesse came in as Jesse Claus and Dan in the Diary room said that they were friends was a lie because Jesse said they can’t stand each other at all and that during Jesse’s time in the house for PB that he was ripping Dan about his Diary room sessions and that Jesse had as much screen time as Dan’s right side of his face in the diary room (Dan always talks out of his left side of his face in the DR). Another thing I have noticed is that I went back and watched season 2 of BB with Dr. Will and Dr. Will always wore a pair of black and white shorts in his season almost the same pattern as Dan’s shorts. Dan copied Dr. Will’s gameplay as well as style and that is why Dr. Will will always be the best ever at this game. Will was up on the block 4 times and each time they were hell bent on getting him out and there was no veto to play for and he turned them around each time it was really amazing how he did it. Not to mention that he went into the game and told them from the very beginning that he was going to lie straight out and they would still believe everything that he would say it really was amazing to rewatch that season. Also his speech during final 2 was the most arrogant speech ever where he didn’t appeal to them for a vote and still won 5-2. If anyone has any doubts about Dr. Will go watch his season on youtube and you will see exactly what i’m talking about. Dan will never get to that level he’s just a wannabe copycat of the original.

    5. Just to join the chorus, I think Dan would even say Dr. Will is the best ever.

      That being said Dan has certainly shown himself deserving to be mentioned among the best ever even if he goes out before final 3.

      This cast is extremely underwhelming, but it speaks volumes for Dan’s skill that he was able to sit back and basically read each person and know precisely how to push each ones buttons. Even more than that, he is able to change his own behavior to get the reaction he wants. That sets him apart from a lot of people who are skilled personality readers. Watching his work with Danielle is personally distasteful (only in the sense that I would not have the stomach to do it), but he has manipulated her to such a degree, that I tend to think if he wanted to start a new career as a cult leader, we would forget about guys like David Koresh and Charles Manson.

    6. I am not sure who would be the greatest player to be honest i think it will be a matter of opinion and what you consider to be the best with that said the fact that the coaches had a three week pass i think is beside the point. I highly doubt dan would have gone the first three weeks the guy managed to last this long with so few people he would have been voted out. Dan is really good at playing under the raidare he did it in bb10 and he has done it all through this season. In some ways the coaches had it harder and although they were safe for the first few weeks there life in the bb house was depended on 3 other people so they had to not just decide your move but control the moves of your players so i find that more difficult. Dan lost a player in the first episode, then day 13 lost his second player and danielle was on the block against jojo on day 20 which could have taken him out of the game. So, to say he had a pass the first three weeks wasn’t true he was working dan was telling dani who to talk to, who to get close to and to be honest he probably worked harder the first 3 weeks then he did in bb10

      1. Thank you! Ugh it’s so annoying when people say he had three week pass. If the house guests were that concerned about him they could have gotten him out pretty early. It’s definitely way harder to get another player to do your bidding and keep you both safe in the game. He has shown that he is a master at this.

    7. I dont think Dan is the greatest player at all! I think the houseguests this season weere very naive and all latched on to whoever was in power. They were ALL easily swayed, easily manipulated and just plain gullible! And more than once, on “After Dark” I heard the houseguests talking about what they were told to do or not do when they were called in the diary room. Dan should get an award for being the most despicable houseguest in BB history, if anything at all!

  4. Ian just wasted an HOH on Jenn… and will be gone next week unless he wins the POV. I think he will, personally. I think the producers want a Dan / Ian F2. There is no way that Dan will not be in the F2 – they always want a mixed final 2. Kinda like they forced Rachel to be safe for the final 2 last year… so yeah – Ian and Dan F2 is my prediction. Although I would like Ian to get evicted next week… I don’t see the big deal with this guy and his love for the Crap Pack. He should’ve gotten rid of a big player this week!!! He ruined it. Oh, and Shane is such a douche!!! I hope it’s Dan and Danielle, even though I’m not a big fan of Danielle either.

  5. I hope BB does a mental POV so Ian stays. I like all 4 of them I don’t know who i want to win. Ian will make alot of money some day. Dan has won and still makes money. Shane went to pre med so why is he not working in that field? Dani makes good money as a nurse. ? Is going home, she doesn’t count. Ai this point i’m glad one of them will win!

  6. Simon/Dawg, just a note to let you know I think you’ve done a great job all summer. Thanks to your site I’m able to miss the shows and still know what goes on. Some of my friends are BB fans, but are unable to keep up with it b/c they are stationed and deployed in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, however, I told them about your site and now we are able to talk about it and they know what I’m talking about. They tell me that the houseguests antics are often good for a laugh amidst all the chaos of their lives over there. Still a couple weeks to go, but already looking forward to your site next season.

  7. It seems that everyone is thinking that Dan will win.The only way i see Dan winning is against Danielle or Jenn,and one of them is about to be gone.What it boils down to is that he could of won 100k now he’s most likely getting 50k at best.When all the coaches look back on this season their gonna regret pressing the reset button(except Boogie who didn’t hit the button)

  8. Dr. Will is still the greatest ever because he never had power in his season’s and didn’t rely on any huge alliances to advance in the game, ultimately you knew he was only loyal to mike. Dan is definitely a top 3 player but in this season he has the luxury of playing with probably the dumbest cast in the history of big brother.

    1. shane is the best bb player ever dont even try to argue since will and dan both are liers and cant holt a candel to captan amrica shane

  9. I think Ian has let his ego get in the way a little bit. The only reason I can fathom as to why he wants Jen out is just so he can say he got his alliance to the final 4.

    Plus, he has made no secret of how good his memory is… I would’ve been trying to conceal that as much as possible, knowing full well the final comps are primarily memory based.

    1. What choice does Ian have?

      He wanted to get Shane, doesn’t have the votes to get Danielle, and wants Dan in the final 2 because he thinks he beats him easy with the jury?

      I’m no Ian fan, but he really doesn’t have all that much power right now.

    1. So I guess you’re not playing either genius? You Dan followers are about as bad than the J/J followers. How many death threats did you send Shelly last year?

      1. Difference between Dan and J/J:

        Dan actually plays the game, and didn’t cry, piss, and moan when things didn’t go his way. No, he masterminded his own survival.

        I still remember Jeff’s pathetic fuming the night of both of his evictions. I still remember Jordan’s pathetic goodbye speech last season…”I wanted to win this again, but it just wasn’t in the cards!” No dear, it wasn’t. Your lounging by the pool was cute the 1st time around, didn’t cut it the second time. Those two treated Big Brother like a vacation/honeymoon. Dan treats it like what it’s supposed to be: A social war.

        I’m a Dan supporter. I’m no J/J supporter (or Rachel Reilly for that matter).

  10. I am a Dan fan all the way, but I’m not sure why people are ripping Ian apart for not getting Dan out this week. Ian will win against Dan in the final two. Why would he want to get rid of him?

  11. If JennCity leaves for Jury, I think this puts Ian in a tight spot, He should’ve put up Dan, but instead he will risk no playing next HOH and will need that Veto. The best position is Danielle, Shane or Dan is going to take her to the Final Two, since Dan believes Ian is a big threat. At this point Ian will eventually get to steppin’ in the Jury house.

  12. I think Jenn will be voted out. In order for Dan to make it final 3 he must win the HOH comp. He would then have to nominate Shane and Danielle in hopes to backdoor Ian. Just my opinion. When will BB evict this week, do you think it will be before Wednesday’s show?

  13. Am I the only one who thought the whole Dan’s funeral was stupid. Not the move its self to get himself off the block just the funeral. Again did these people not watch his season. He did the same thing with the whole roulette thing. Just trying to distract attention away from himself. Plus why are these people crying the whole time lol. This stupid thing would not work on anyone else besides these stupid people. Jenn took Dan off the block when Frank was HOH and you don’t suspect that Frank, Jenn and Dan are working together. If I ever wear a carrot suit, get a chum bath and eat slop all summer, you best believe I’m getting your ass out the house.

  14. Shane says yeah, that’s not cool, that’s an invasion of space. Dad yea did you hear that. Stop freezing Dani panties. Creep!

  15. I want Jenn to leave this weak because out of all of them i think she’s least deserving of final four. Ian has played a great game, but he’s so misted that i think he’s done for. Shane is great at the competitions but he has absolutely no game play otherwise. Danielle has showed signs of a great game player. She is a good lier and manipulater, but she is too preoccupied with herself half the time to keep her head in the game! Dan has definately played the best game! His game may be deceitful, but he’s good! Unfortunately I’m afraid that the jury might take things personally and not vote for him. Britney, Frank, and now Jenn (after this week) are not his biggest fans.

    1. Danielle a good game player LMAO. She is not a good liar or manipulator, she does everything Dan tells her. She is just a chess piece in Dan’s game.

      1. Dan may be telling her what to do but she has shane in her back pocket and she had Jenn too. He may have told her what to do put she carried it out well and she’s not getting any blood on her hands. If the jury votes personally she will beat Dan!

        1. So you rather someone riding someones coattails as they make all the moves? Dan would out talk her in the jury questions. She would have Shane on her side but the only one who would vote personal I think would be Frank.

          1. Don’t get me wrong i want Dan to win but Danielle has good relationships with Britt, Shane, and Jenn. I also do think Frank will vote personally. Danielle’s a huge risk and Dan should just vote her out now if he wants to win.

  16. lol at Shanes friends digging in his sisters underwear drawer. Man what kind of creeps are prowling around up in Vermont? If there is a major All Stars production in 2 years then Dan has to come back especially if the Dr. Will Kirby comes back. Somehow we MUST get Dr Will back on the show as a player, man do I miss his antics, truly memorable and way beyond anything Dan has pulled off. The funeral in front of a bunch of coward sheeps and a lost soul frank was not a big deal, try that on Dr Will, Boogie or evil dick. They would “rip Dans face off”, as a squirmy weasel once said

  17. Dan is not playing the best way cuz if he was he will kick out Danielle and take the floater…i hate Danielle but i think she will beat him in final 2… i cant believe Dans this dumb he should be thinking about that check..nd realize Dani can have it as easily as him.. please Dan take Jenn for the win

    1. Why would Dan kick out Danielle when she will take him to final 2. Dan best bet is to get out Jenn then Shane. Ian or Danielle will take him to the final 2. Danielle would not beat Dan in the final 2. Can someone clue me into what Danielle has done that people think she will win.

      1. It’s not what she has done it’s more what she hasn’t done. Dan’s getting all the blood on his hands. She has good relationships with britney, Jenn, and Shane. Frank is so pissed at Dan that i don’t see him voting for him, so that’s four votes right there. I don’t think she deserves to beat Dan but i think she will if they are in the final two.

        1. Yes If you havn’t done anything, I think you shouldn’t win. But again this house is stupid. I think she will have Shane and Frank vote too. The other votes would come down to the jury questions which I think Dan would be good at.

    2. you’re right. if dan was truly up to his normal game, he would rally to cut dani (like he did with ian), leaving an easy to beat jenn to fight for hoh with him, shane, & ian.

      he may be concerned the jury would hold it against him, but i’m not sure the fallout would be any worse than it is now, and dani would probably end up voting for him to win anyway if he made it to final two…

    3. i wonder if this lockdown is until the next hoh & pov comps are completed tomorrow night? if it is, it’s gonna be a long night tonight and even longer morning tomorrow in the house…

  18. Oh my gosh, in the third picture down, with Shane and Dan in the kitchen, it looks as though Dan is cut in half o.o- it’s an optical illusion!!!

  19. Whats the reason behind taking Danielle to final Dan.. im dissapointed you played so well up until this point…u know Dani is risky…and i thought ud be smarter then this… you need to take a floater like Jenn u will be a handed 500k …so why risk it…plus what if Dani stbs u and takes Shane …shes to risky pleaseeee kick her out thurs.

    1. “Just my “OPINION.”

      Dan has proved himself as the best ever, so what ever he does is fine with me. However, (since Joe is gone) his best chance to win is sitting next to Danielle in the final. Ian would beat him 6-1 or 5-2. Shane would win 5-2 or 4-3.

      Summary: (??? vs. Dan)

      Certain votes:
      Frank, Ashley, or Joe won’t vote for Dan no matter what.
      Ian would vote for Dan no matter what.

      Boogie would vote for Shane or Ian. He WOULD vote for Dan over Danielle. (Boogie is a misogynist.)
      Britney would vote for Shane or Ian. Dan vs Danielle would be a toss up.
      Shane would vote for Ian. Dan vs Danielle would be a toss up.
      Danielle would vote for Dan over Ian. Dan vs Shane would be a toss up.
      Jenn…. I don’t have a clue.

    2. My take on Dan taking Dani to the end is that in the beginning he was her coach & he wants to show/prove that he could get himself & one of his players to final 2 – best player & best coach.

      He kept himself & Dani in the game since week 3 when they wanted to evict Dani to get Dan out of the house & continued to coach her & play her & the rest to keep him in the house.

      In the end the only thing Danielle did on her own was want to get Janelle out. She made no other big moves & didn’t win many comps. She really only helped Dan make it to the end & most of the time she was unaware of what his master plan was.

      If Dan gets to the final 2 with Shane or Dani he will win just b/c of the game he played & how he played everyone – pretty much everyone in the jury with the exception of Frank would see it that way. If he’s up against Ian then even I say Ian probably has the edge.

  20. I don’t want Dani to win, all she does is lie. This last one about breast cancer was over the tol! The girl isn’t even an RN! She is an LPN OR LVN Which is a licensed vocational nurse or licensed practical nurse. They usually work as nurses aids or in Dr offices, old folks homes. They are NOT RNs!!!!!!!!! Nor would that girl qualify for Med school in 2 yrs!!!

    1. I’m an LPN and it’s definately a nurse not an aid. You can to pretty much anything an RN can. RN’s just get paid more because of more schooling and there are a few procedures only they can do. But a lot of the nurses in hospitals and nursing homes are LPNs. They just haven’t gone the extra year to get their RN.

      1. I’m not discrediting what you do at all. You definitely are a nurse. I was trying to piubt out how many lies she has told! Like for instance telling Dan she was a nurse practitioner! When we all know that’s not true! It’s just killing me on the stories this girl cones up with! Then she thinks she’ll be in Med school in 2 yrs! NOT. Sorry if I stepped on ur toes. I didn’t mean too. I just wanted to point out how many lies she’s told!

  21. i think production wants the nomance couple to win…they forced shane to be with Danielle nothing is natural about them they look so fake together…

    1. I agree but Ians has his head so far in Dans ass..he listens to Dan… remember he kept saying he wanted the couple out…now for some strange reason,,,he wants to keep Danielle…bigggg mistake.. a good bb player would keep a floater over someone liked in the jury… id be afraid to keep Danielle..

      1. Yea I agree, If Dan and Ian really had a final two they would get together and vote out Danielle. I think Ian was saying he wanted the couple out to Jenn just to cover himself. I think if Dan voted out Danielle, Shane would be coming after him though.

    2. I think Ian will do what Dan wants him to do. Ian doesn’t want a couple in the house. They need to split Dani and Shane up! I wish it were Shane leaving, but we may get lucky and get them both out this week! Dani tomorrow and Shane or Ian on Thursday! We can only hope huh!?

  22. my list on hating Danielle goes beyond that.. but one thing that bugs me is she lies about things that dont have anything to do with bb.. this girl does not seem poor..she never mentions she need money like shane and Ian…she tried out for the bachlor or bachlor pad idk…she wants a man not 500k.. shes delusional most of the time in the house…she has to have men around her … i want her evicted so bad…but ians got his head in his ass…and Dan is not seing he ould lose against her.. i dont think this girl should win bb shes a coattail rider of dan and shane… lucky..

  23. Ian and Jenn screwed themselves. They Should have voted out Dani when Dan put her on the block next to Joe. Ian, Jenn and Joe should have made a final 3. Ian wins next HOH put up Shane and Dan atleast one of them go home.

  24. Danielle will probably get 50 k out of this game…its always the ones that dont deserve it… but if she takes 500k she rode those two guys all he there..

  25. Dan opens up the BBQ and finds that Joe left salmon skin on the grill. Ian says that’s sick, that so gross are you kidding me. Danielle starts talking about how unhygienic Joe is.

    I wonder why nobody mentioned that to Joe?

    I mean the 1st time I see you cooking for me without washing your hands, that’s the last time you’ll be cooking for me.

    Maybe they liked the “nutty” taste in all their food??

    1. It was odd they never called Joe out. I’m guessing most of them were too lazy to cook for themselves..well except Shane, he may have liked that extra nutty flavoring.

      1. It just shows what cowards they are. If I knew some dude was beating it all the time and didn’t wash his hands, You think I would let that guy cook for me?

  26. to clearly illuminate how pathetic the audience was at Dans Funeral gimmick: Brittany, Danielle, Ian and Shane were crying. I mean cmon, r u serious. He couldnt have an easier group of total fools to play against this year. Shane apparently really needs 500k, he needs to just step up and win out and take this thing. Dan’s nothing more than a nerdy weasel, i dont see anything exciting, attractive or memorable about him. he speaks in some midwestern deadpan voice then goes into the DR and tries to get all loud and hollywood for TV. taking a swing at both shane and ian during double eviction and wiffing was embarassing gameplay. if anyone that had any clue was in that house theyd be on to that and bounce him right out the door…so Ian puts up Danielle…lol, too much. somewhere Dr Will is removing a tramp stamp off some 40 yr old mom and laughing

  27. “Just my “OPINION.”

    For any chance to win, Dan needs to be sitting next to Danielle.

    Summary: (??? vs. Dan)

    Certain votes:
    Frank, Ashley, or Joe won’t vote for Dan no matter what.
    Ian would vote for Dan no matter what.

    Boogie would vote for Shane or Ian. He WOULD vote for Dan over Danielle. (Boogie is a misogynist.)
    Britney would vote for Shane or Ian. Dan vs Danielle would be a toss up.
    Shane would vote for Ian. Dan vs Danielle would be a toss up.
    Danielle would vote for Dan over Ian. Dan vs Shane would be a toss up.
    Jenn…. I don’t have a clue.

      1. Oops! Thant would total eight votes. Sorry!……. Boogie is not in the jury,. (Note: But if he was, my comment would be accurate.)

  28. you all are haters about danielle, she is just a regular girl, not some fake skinny chick, shes not fat, but healthy looking and most guys would be happy to date a girl like that. she’s not crazy and all you dani haters need to get yourself some therapy cause you are holding her to an ideal that you porbably couldnt live up to yourself even. dani is playing a good game and keeping herself heading to final two.

    1. Danielle has done what u would call playing a good game by Accident. She has done nothing but by pure coincidence she has found herself wedged between Dan and Shane in a weird, bizzare, accidental dynamic. None of this was of her own masterminding or intelligence. She thinks she is a very hot girl so she hits on the so called hottest guy in the house and she cant believe he isnt interested in her. So her ego wont quit and she keeps chasing after him all summer and getting denied but by accident this keeps her wedged between Shane and her coach Dan.

      1. its not accident. dani is smart shes a nurse you know? and i know shane likes her ALOT hes just shy and not wanting to show romance in tv. dani is playing best game of any girl this season. you are WRONG!

      2. EXACTLY. The same people that think Danielle has played an awesome game are the same people that believe that Jordan played an awesome social game.

        Jordan didn’t plan to have a showmance with Jeff nor did she plan on being as sweet as can be.

        She simply was; it’s her personality. It wasn’t game and as happy as I was when she won and as much as I dislike Gnatalie, she did deserve the win over Jordan.

        Jordan is the prime example of game by accident.

        Jordan was just as confused as Ashley; she just was confused in a cute way whereas Ashley just looked high.

    2. Dr. Will is simply a legend, he is almost a mythical character within the BB world, ive never seen anything like it. Boogie is a close second, he had some strange circumstances this season being a coach and then dropped in to a game where he was basically alone with frank. Anyone that thinks Danielle is masterminding a great game is just crazy. She lucked out and fell in between shane and dan. shane wants nothing to do with danielle and is just being nice so long as it gets him further along. At the wrap party, if he is in fact straight, he will hit on Kara and Danielle DONATO and not be chillin with our favorite hillbilly piglet. Agree that Dan just plows thru bozos and sheeps in his seasons. Chilltown, the brigade, evil dick or even jeff schroeder wouldve bounced him a long time ago. the way he scrambled around with his eyes busting out during that double eviction and still failed to get ian or shane out while outing himself in the process was some of the worst gameplay in BB history…then of course the bozos dont recognize it and Ian puts up the hillbilly after pov was used by shane

      1. Boogie’s ‘strange circumstances’ as you put it were being in the house with Dr Will – Boogie a close 2nd to Will? Ha – Will is major league – Boogie is bush league – his social game without Will was terriblle – he sat around like a grumpy old man 90% of the time and aliented his own team members who were completely loyal to him until his too cool for school attitude and man crush on Frank let Ian know he was going no where with Boogie. I would call Boogie a has been but we is a never was without Dr Will.

  29. Dan is the 3rd best player in BB history behind the original “Chilltown”…Dan only beats crazies/morons in order to win–not the hallmark of a great player…Boogie never wanted to come in this year as a player, he just wanted one of his players to win the $500K, and himself the $100K as a coach…Dr. Will has said many times, he could’ve never won if it wasn’t for Mike Boogie in season 2, and Boogie said the samething about his win…Renegades? Memphis/Dan? Doesn’t compare to Chilltown…

    Even if Dan wins again, he ranks 3rd based on the cast he had to go through to get to the money…

    1. Also people need not forget that Dan had 4 weeks safety this season that’s pretty substantial. This may be the reason Ian wants to bring him to final 2. Maybe Ian is misted may after all..

      Dan is still a wicked player but I don’t think we can use the term “Best ever” right yet

      1. First off, Dan DIDNT have 4 weeks of protection. If I remember correctly he was down to 1 player after the first week and many were talking about getting rid of Danielle to eliminate one of the coaches (Dan)….Second, when the reset button was pushed and the game was reset there was 11 players in the game, last time I checked the house plays with 12 so it was almost back to beginning of the game…Player wise Dan was a target and in the game after the 1st week in both cases…

      2. oooo Simon, love you man but I have to disagree with you on this one. I’ll copy/paste what my opinion is of Dan and Ian. ” Hey, Dan didn’t pick the players for this season and in my opinion he did better than the other coaches in the first weeks. I think he would have done even better with people who had a clue. Boogie relied on Frank wins and ignored Ian and ?enn. And Britney sucked as a coach with Willie. She told him the coaches were coming in then didn’t know how to handle him when he lost it. Jenelle played FOR her team and pissed off Will who ended up playing against her. So the feed-ers that say he sailed because he wasn’t in the game I disagree with because the other coaches were plotting against Dan and he got Danielle through when all she wanted to do was have a showmance with Shane and fish face in the mirror. And we can’t take away the funeral…so I think he can be compared with Dr. Will. Remember that Dr. Will and Boogy had each other and made it with each other. Dan has succeeded IN SPITE of the bunch of bozo’s and one player left on his team. He was intramental in getting the other coaches out and in every eviction since….Just my opinion.” And I really respect your opinion so please comment.

    2. I do think in my opinion that dan is one of the best players to play bb but i think desiding who is the best is a matter of opion and although the fact he had 3 weeks not to worry about being evicted i still think it is one of the best. I honestly don’t think that dan would have gone out at the begining anyways and would still be where he is right now. I think that he had to work harder when he was a coach becuase his fate rested on 3 other people he lost his first player day 1, his second player left day 13 and dani was on the block on day 20 which could have ended his game but dan went to work and managed to get dani off the block, he told her who to suck up to and who to befriend so he actually worked a lot harder on the side lines and had to depend on someone else.

      1. Just my opinion, but if Boogie had a clue he was going to enter the game, he would’ve have tried more to element the other coaches and their players fast ie-Dan…Janelle was the one who started the “war” with Boogie by going after Frank for no reason…

  30. “They all start quacking.”


    Dan is Lewis, Shane is Gilbert, Ian is Poindexter, and Danielle is the chick from Omega Mu

  31. Dan just said to Chelsea’s picture around 620 BBT..”Must stop messing around with Shane..He’s gotta go.” Maybe Shane is the target and Dan will end up taking Ian to the f3.

  32. I hate to say it but ive never watched Dr.Will play and i cant find anywhere to find past seasons does anyone know where i can find them w/o paying a charge for the entire season.

    I dont expect anyone to read all this but it definatly has soem good stuff

    Even w/o watching Will i know that he is the best to ever play because he won the first real bb season ( Season 2 ) Which was b4 the veto and season one had an entire different format so it is different.

    Not to mention all the huge mistakes everyone had made this season in comparison to his

    Frank (My favorite houseguest of the summer)- His attitude and arrogance costed him and his honesty even if he was mean u cant say he made up lies

    Boogie ( My 2nd favorite pretty close tie with frank)- Dan and Danielle would have both been evicted by now had Frank Backdoored him but he talked him
    out of it leading to his eviction also removing wil a possible ally

    Wil – Good social game liked by everyone- Spoke to much about info he knew like about the silent six if he had kept his mouth shut Joe would have went home

    Jenn- Believe it or not but she played a game very similar to Dans flew under the radar but for a week or 2 to long and thats why its 4vs1 (unles ian and shane come to their senses)

    Ian- Way to obsessed with his quack pack could have taken out an obvious Final 3 Shane,Danielle and Dan he still has a chance to evict Danielle his biggest competiton in the final 3 Endurance but is way to worried about his QP legacy and will end in his downfall next week. would have been evicted week 1 if not for boogie and lets power go to his head.

    Joe- Floated was playing for second place but could see through Dans lies making him smarter then most there sense wise not book smarts.

    Ashley- started as a floater but stepped up her game and chose a side at a bad time (During a double evict) Which is the only reason she was evicted played similar to Porsche but a bit more ditzy.

    Danielle- Stupid player undeserving complains when people campaign for votes and complains when people act upset about possibly going home the way she cried as being a pawn shes a total hypocrite rode coat tails the entire way in the best position to win if she doesnt go home this week.

    Jodi- Stirred up drama obviously annoyed the other houseguest Could have been a good player very similar to Kalia

    Kara- Victim of Willies wrath

    JoJo- Had a big mouth evicted because of Willie

    Dan- Played under the radar similar to Jenn was pulled into an alliance because of Dani and Shane he did nothing up until being nominated i dont see why people say hes so great. Would have been smarter to stick with DDFJ Because Shane And joe would have been evicted and he would have guaranteed TWO jury votes with Jenn Frank and Dani But instead he lost Franks and if jenn goes jenns also and He lost brits as well so his chances of winning arent great if he takes Dani Shane or Ian he will lose and Jenn is set to be walking out this week and there goes Dans two times winning legacy.

    Brittany (Not a Brit fan) She and Ian were in perfect position to go straight to the final 2 both had been on coat tails her major fall was expecting Dan to rollover and die for her and didnt even try to campaign just incase. She had the best social game and had all bases covered except for Frank who put a bullet in her head while Dan handed him the gun.

    Shane- Played a good good comp game has a decent social game but no manipulative game( yes there is definatly a difference) he Is only where he now because of Dani saving him in the last double evict and he will be pretty useless in the Final HoH Since part 2 and part 3 are mental. If he had half the brains Frank did he would have been evicted sooner and i mean this guy was thinking about pulling a Marcellas And at least Marcellas was honorable about it when he did it Shane really thought it was a good move for a moment (LOL) and his stupid nomination speech that had me shedding tears as the dumbest player to every play ( Not dumbest moves made just plain stupid)

    Willie- Expelled….

    Janelle- A fan favorite ( would have been epic for her Frank and Shane to team up would have ruled the season) Dani had to have her go because of insecurities. i believe she was backdoored i dont remember if she got to play in Veto the week of her eviction. Boogie gets 100% credit for her eviction because he played Danielle completely and saved the biggest target of the summer from eviction ( a possible tie for best move of the summer with Dans Betrayal Aka Funeral.

    Anyone argue with this lets see

    1. Well, I am not sure how you can make any assumptions if you never saw wills season this seems more of a personal view then a factual one but yes bb2 there was no veto but there also were no have nots in a uncomfortable room, there was no slop or america chosing food for them there punishment (if you call it that) was peanut butter and jam. As the season’s went on bb through more wrenches into the mix and although dan and will played the game very similarly but to say will is better player because he didn’t have a veto i have to disagree and although dan’s season he did have the advantage of the veto dan managed to barely be on the block and he was never a have not in his season. If i had to chose between the two i think i would be on the fense dan liked to play under the raidare and where will would make up things then stand back and watch it explode usually ending with saving himself. I believe you can see old bb episodes on reality channel and youtube.

      1. While I disagree with some of your opinions, yours and mine are just that. OPINIONS! Like who is the best boxer, quarterback, or pitcher, of all time? You will get a “gajillion” opinions. The one opinion (of yours) that stands out to me is COMPARING Dan and Jenn’s being “under the radar.” While I AGREE that both were “somewhat” under the radar, Dan had to “WORK” his a** off to be there. Jenn simply rode the bus. (Which was effective.) That’s why Dan gets the edge (in my “opinion”) of being the best ever. He certainly has the best “SAVE” ever. (it was amazing.) For the record:

        1. Dan
        1A. Dr Wil
        3. Evil Dick

    2. I stopped reading after you said Will was best of alltime…And NO, season 2 was not harder than any season that followed regardless of how stupid this seasons cast is…the game now is vastly different than it was in season 2 and Will would be a HUGE threat, even bigger than Frank if he played now..season 2 houseguests werent prepared for someone that lied as much as he did..also he only made it to the final 2 because nicole thought eveyone hated him and they loved monica…monica wouldve easily won season 2 if nicole chose to evict will…will “brillance” was very over-rated…..

    3. Almost forgot, The reason I dropped Boogie out of the top three was THIS season. If you remember, (the first couple of weeks) IAN was in AWE of Boogie, He even told him so. TRUTHFULLY! But as the season progressed, Boogie “lost” him. He handled him poorly. At the same time, Dan “misted” him. Now Ian is Dan’s puppy. That is/was excellent game play.

  33. I am i the only one getting tired of hearing dani complain about how she thinks dan will vote her out. Really i can’t believe shane is falling for any of that how can they not see that dan and danielle are still in an allience

  34. Simon can i put this website name on another website. The website im talking about is pretty much for BB superfans it allows you to play BB online and i made a blog about all the bb14 houseguest and would like to say most of my Information is coming from this awesome site.

      1. Yeah to anyone who read my big huge thing about blah blah my favorites on the season i posted it on another website and erased the stuff about not seeing season 2 and it really is just my opinion and what i think. I didint really mean that all of season 2 players were geniuses

  35. QP is the worst alliance in BB history, as far as gameplay and entertainment value goes…Chilltown and Bro-grade all had better games and entertainment value…Renegades–not so much…History repeats itself, I guess…

    1. when jenn goes, i’m kinda wishing for an ian/dan final two, with ian winning, at least for tonight.

      my fav for the win tends to change, though, depending on comp wins and strategic game moves…

  36. I can not tell what this group does. Tomorrow is the next eviction, Shane or Dan may vote to evict Danielle, with the thought it would be better in the end to go against Jen, than Danielle. Who knows. I an may break the tie with a Danielle eviction, he can not play in the HoH so why not keep the weaker competitor, Jen for the PoV. I am more thinking of final two results.

    Dan v. Ian: Dan wins Dan v: Danielle: Danielle wins Dan v Shane: Shane Jen v. Dan: Dan wins
    Shane v Danielle: ???? Shane v Ian: Ian wins Shane v Jen: Shane wins
    Danielle v Ian: Ian wins Jen v Danielle: Danielle wins
    Ian v Jen: Ian wins

    1. RESPECTFUL difference of “opinion.”

      If Ian is in the final two, Ian wins ALL match ups.

      While Dan is my favorite, i don’t see much of a chance. No matter who Dan would be against, he is already behind 0-3. There is NO WAY that Frank, Ashley, or Joe will vote for Dan in ANY match up. That’s why he was so “ticked” that he couldn’t secure Danielle’s vote to send out Shane. As a result, he had no choice but to “pawn” Danielle, and settle for evicting Joe. Although he is truthfully very fond of Danielle, he knew his best shot was against Joe. Now his only shot is him and Danielle in the final two. But even that looks bad right now.

      Note: Dan WOULD win against against Jenn. But there is no way Shane will flip this week. If Dan makes the vote 1-1, Ian breaks the tie in Danielle’s favor. Jenn still goes and Dan would lose EVERYONE. Even Ian.

      Again….Just my “opinion.”

        1. Ironically, the only one that could have a chance to beat IAN, would be Jenn……….Ok…..Hang on……Pick yourself off the floor and hear me out.
          I honestly think that in an Ian/Jenn final, Frank, Ashley, and Joe would vote for Jenn. I believe that! Since Danielle would have left on a tiebreak vote from Ian, Danielle would be MAJORLY P***** and vote for Jenn as well. That would put her over the top.

          Ok……. It’s not going to happen…. Jenn is gone….. But it’s fun food for thought. As I said before, my earlier opinion was based on Jenn gone.

    1. i hadn’t thought about that, but i’m almost sure jenn has.

      question is, will she pitch it to other hg as one reason to save herself, like dan uses his supposed religious beliefs to manipulate others?

  37. Hey, Dan didn’t pick the players for this season and in my opinion he did better than the other coaches in the first weeks. I think he would have done even better with people who had a clue. Boogie relied on Frank wins and ignored Ian and ?enn. And Britney sucked as a coach with Willie. She told him the coaches were coming in then didn’t know how to handle him when he lost it. Jenelle played FOR her team and pissed off Will who ended up playing against her. So the feed-ers that say he sailed because he wasn’t in the game I disagree with because the other coaches were plotting against Dan and he got Danielle through when all she wanted to do was have a showmance with Shane and fish face in the mirror. And we can’t take away the funeral…so I think he can be up there with Dr. Will. Remember that Dr. Will and Boogy had each other and Dan has succeeded in spit of the bunch of bozo’s. He was intramental in getting the other coaches out and in every eviction since….Just my opinion.

  38. Ian has put himself in the same position Porsche was in last year: either he wins the final veto and casts the sole vote to evict, or he goes to the jury. Nobody is going to take him to the end, because EVERYBODY wants him out. He really wasted this HOH on Jenn. It’s painful to see how infatuated he is with the quack pack, when in truth, the quack pack wants him gone as soon as possible. Poor kid actually believes that Dan has his best interests at heart, and that Dan is an upright, honest guy that will take him all the way. But Dan has been the most cutthroat player this season. Ian is in for a rude awakening.

    As soon as Ian won HOH, Jenn should have pulled a “Dan” and ratted Dan and Danielle out. She should have told Ian about her final 4 deal with them, she should have reminded Ian that Dan was ultimately responsible for Britney’s eviciton, she should have hammered into Ian’s brain about the TRUE reason she used the veto on Dan: Because he struck a deal with her that he broke when he voted Frank out. And she REALLY should have hammered in it that Dan has already broken deals in the game. He broke his deal with Jenn and Frank when he voted Frank out.

    And what gets me is, Dan had no problem selling Britney and Ian down the river when it benefited him. He ratted Ian out to Frank, and got Britney evicted. And yet, Ian still trusts him. Ian still thinks Dan is somebody that has his best interests in mind. After seeing what Dan did to Britney, a red flag should have gone up in Ian’s mind. But it didn’t. He was too starstruck, too in love with the idea of being part of the greatest alliance ever. An alliance that wants him out of the game.

    I do like Ian, and I want to root for him, but his gullibility is painful to watch. I do hope he cna stick it out, though, and make it to one of those final 2 chairs.

  39. I meant in spite of the bunch of bozo’s. The bozo’s don’t include Ian. He know the game better than all the newbies! He just has some social issues that effect trusting. He gets into the Dan “mist”. Which may hurt his game. I see him really stemming lately so that leads me to believe that he is getting his strategic game on…can’t wait to see his diary room sessions!!!!!

  40. My final opinion of the night

    I want Jenn to win yes i said Jenn even tho she was teased a bit on the site i think she played pretty well (Not a floater but not a competitor so never a target)
    Dan and Ian are the most worthy of winning the game from here on because dani and shane just have 0 respect for the game. Although i would hate to see Ian win i think i want Jenn/Dan in the F2 either winning would be fine with me

    1. She SHOULD have! (Past tense) But she needed to do so BEFORE Shane was replaced (on the block) with Danielle. While it could hurt Dan in the NEXT eviction, Dan is not in danger this one. Bringing it out NOW won’t help her. In fact, it would effectively kill her only (slim) chance of staying. She NEEDS Dan vote. How would outing Dan accomplish that? Also, why would it change Shane’s vote for THIS eviction? Or Ian’s tiebreak? Danielle is on the block, not Dan.

      Again, YES she should have when she was FIRST put on the block. Now she needs to flip Shane, WITHOUT p**** off Dan. It’s her only shot.

  41. First of all like it was said before its not the quack pack anymore with Brittany gone, why hasn’t mr smart Ian figured that out, next jenn needs to tell Ian that if she leaves and the next hoh he can’t play who does he think they will put up, let him try to figure that out and have him bring it up to all the house guests he will finally get a rude awakening, Jen should call a house meeting and bring that up

  42. Dan is now officially the greatest player of BB of all time period.
    His season he never ever even had a single vote against him
    He won 7 0 in the final (never been done before or since)
    He threw comps to look weak until the end when he won the ones that counted
    Masterminded the renegades even putting up his partner so that no one knew they were alligned
    Orchestrated multiple evictions with NO blood on his hands and got exactly what he wanted about 7 HOHs
    Played the perfect perfect social game

    this season
    Started off with a HUGE TREMENDOUS Target on his back. It would have been so easy for him to be voted out simply because he won once. Yet he survived (This alone is HUGE)
    He was targeted many times and escaped even going up the block
    He was on the block, dead to rights, no veto against his arch nemesis beast Frank and pulled off what is considered THE single greatest move in BB history. Dans Funeral and the subsequent convincing of Frank to ask Jenn to use veto on Dan. After she took slop the whole season to win it and Frank took no HOH for 2 weeks. All to get him out yet they USED THE VETO on him. COME ON. Single greatest move. And Frank believed it was his own idea. MIST
    So he got Frank out using Ians HOH
    Then he won HOH, got out Joe but was swinging for Ian. So still playing tight game.
    Final 4 with his player
    He has final 2 deals with everyone in the house and they all think they can beat him in final 2 and want to bring him. (Although I think this is starting to crumble)
    Also remember that hes been a huge glaring target and started this game at a handicap because of it. He started with a huge handicap and made final 4. The fact that he made final 4 is insane, and he has his player with him and he continues to win comps when he really needs it.
    No other player sans Dr Will has been able to manipulate other players into doing all the dirtty work he wanted to further his game and have no blood on his hands.
    No matter what after Dans Funeral he secured his spot as the greatest player of all time. (this is not just my opinion, its popular opinion at this point)
    Lastly this game isnt about who needs the money most, thats like saying lets award the super bowl to the team that has the lower paid roster. Thats not what determines a game winner. It is WHIO played the best. If it was awarded that way then week 1 they would give the 500K check to the poorest person in the house.

    There is soo much more I can write about Dan (Americas player his season, hugging Jessie, Misting everyone this season etc) but I’ve rambled enough. Any thoughts on this lol

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