Ian ”I will rip your heads off if it’s a 1-1 vote.” Dan “you mean faces.” Ian “yeah I’ll rip your faces off.”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations: Jenn and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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12pm Ian is talking to Jenn. Jenn is pissed about Ian putting up Danielle. Jenn wonders why Ian wouldn’t put up Dan. Jenn says that Dan has won the f***ing game before, you know what I mean f**k. Jenn ask Ian if he has a deal with everyone or something? Ian says no, he just really didn’t want the couple to have all the voting power. Ian says that he is thinking about possibly breaking up that couple. (Shane and Danielle) Jenn tells Ian that she is sorry for getting loud with him.


Dan and Danielle are talking in the kicks room. Danielle is nervous. Dan tells her she shouldn’t be worried. She says she is a little but not really. You never ever feel safe. Would you? Dan says that he would. Do you think I would vote against you. Danielle says no. If you try and pull something on me it will be unforgivable! Unforgivable! I would do anything for you and you wouldn’t do that same for me. Danielle says that when Dan is on the block makes you crazy. Danielle and Dan start talking about the jury votes. She says that no way in hell would she want to go up against Ian. I don’t think I have the votes against him, he will get sympathy votes too.

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12:20pm Meanwhile Shane and Jenn are talking in the arcade room. Jenn is campaigning to Shane. She talks about how loyal she is. Jenn says that she knows Danielle and him are tight, but I do really want to stay here. She says that she can’t take this lying down. Jenn says that she knows that you and Ian are working together. Shane is a little surprised and asks me and Ian? Jenn says that he was helping you with the puzzle Shane, c’mon! Shane says I doesn’t know why he did that, and she said well it was obviously to get me or Dan out, but with Danielle out I guess it’s me. Shane says that he will keep an open mind. He says that he and Danielle will be fine outside of this house. Shane says my decision isn’t made yet. They hug and leave the arcade room.

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12:35pm Ian and Shane are in the kitchen talking about his conversation with Jenn. Ian says that the easy answer was that I didn’t want to give the couple (Shane & Danielle) the power. Shane says good. Ian says yeah I thought through all the answers to all the possible questions. Shane tells Ian about Jenn was asking if we all just wanted her out and if we were working together. Shane says that he told her no. Ian says good, good we don’t want her to know.


12:45pm Ian goes into the kicks room to talk to Dan and Danielle. Ian tells them his conversation with Jenn. Ian talks about how mad Jenn was and how she swore a few times. Dan asks if she was mad that I didn’t go up. Ian says yeah. Dan asks did you tell her she was the target or not. Ian says no. Dan asks does she think she has his vote? Ian says that he told her well Dan’s a loose cannon, it could go either way. Ian says that he will rip their heads off if its 1-1. Dan says you mean faces. Ian says yeah I’ll rip your faces off. (Referencing what Dan told Ian during the live double eviction.) Ian says that the season will be over because I will murder everyone. Ian says that she swears people was to get rid of her and that no one is talking to her lately. Ian and Dan talk about how that’s not true we spent the whole day with her yesterday. Ian leaves to go out to the backyard hammock.
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12:50pm – 1pm Ian is talking to Jenn in the backyard and says that he could have tried to get back Dan for the live show night when he put him up or I couple break up a showmance couple. Jenn says Oh my god! Oh my god! Who would have thought being in a showmance would come back to bit you! Ian says yeah. Jenn asks so do you have a final two deal with Dan? Ian says no can’t trust him, he is too wily. Ian says that Dan is much closer to Danielle than he is, they have been together since the beginning. Ian brings up the fact again that he can’t deny the chance at getting out a power couple. Jenn gets called to the diary room.


Shane comes into the kicks room and tells Dan and Danielle that Jenn told him she f**ked him. He says that she thinks Ian and I have a deal because he helped me with the puzzle. Shane says why would he nominate me then?! They laugh. Dan gets called to the diary room. Danielle and Shane are in the kicks room alone. Danielle says that Dan makes her nervous, you better vote to keep me. Danielle tells Shane about how Ian came in and threatened Dan and told him if he doesn’t vote to keep my he will rip his face off. Shane laughs. Shane says that the only problem is, is that the only person he can bring to the final two and win is Jenn. He wouldn’t win against Ian or us. Danielle tells Shane that she trust him (Shane) 100%. Shane says that it was a smart move on Ian’s part because then he decides who goes home.


1:20pm Dan and Jenn are in the storage room. Jenn says that she doesn’t want to campaign against Danielle but she that is not going to lay down and die either. Dan asks what do you think Ian will do if the vote is 1-1? Jenn sayshe will evict Danielle. Jenn says she needs Dan’s vote. Dan tells Jenn that Ian is expecting me to keep you and for Shane to keep Danielle so that he can make the decision to evict her. Jenn says yeah it will bite her in the a**. Dan asks do you think they have something, Shane and Ian? Jenn says yeah I do. Dan asks do you think you can get Shane? Jenn asks Dan do you really want to get Danielle out the door? Dan says that he is willing to do anything.


1:35pm – 1:40pm Dan tells Danielle that he really doesn’t think Jenn will go there unless you go there. That Jenn won’t get ugly unless she does. Danielle starts to tell Dan about how she has breast implants. She says that she went from an A cup to a D – DD cup. She says that she was so unproportional before and that she wouldn’t even wear a bikini before. She talks about how no one can tell. She says that Shane has even laid he head on them and he didn’t even know.
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1:55pm – 2:05pm Danielle and Ian are in the kitchen. Ian says that Jenn already asked why I didn’t put up Dan. He tells her that he wanted to break up the couple. Ian says that she bought it, hook line and sinker, she thinks she is staying. Ian says that Dan better vote her out. Danielle says he better, or Shane will MURDER HIM! Dan joins them. Ian heads out into the backyard. Dan tells Danielle that Jenn thinks I am voting to keep her. Dan says everyone’s got to go… Danielle tells Dan that she doesn’t want Shane to know that she has fake boobs. Dan jokes that on Thrusday’s eviction he will stand up and tell them she has fake books, is a nurse and a model. Danielle says that she has done more modeling than the Harley Davidson. Dan asks what like Penthouse? Hustler? Smutt? Danielle says no, she did bikini modelling before she came into the house.


2:20pm Dan comments about being concerned that Danielle will go with her showmance rather than him. Danielle says that she wouldn’t do that. Dan says he is kidding. Danielle says that she can tell he isn’t joking saying that she can tell he has been seriously thinking about it. Dan tells her has been paranoid for a few days. Dan says well you were out all day with your prince charming. Danielle says that she had a great time on the date out of the house but that she is with Dan. Danielle says that if she wins HOH she might just put Dan up for s**** and giggles. He says you should, put up me and Ian. Dan tells Danielle that if the HOH is an endurance there is no way Shane will drop before me. Danielle says that she thinks she could get him to drop. Dan and Danielle start talking about the final three part HOH. Danielle tells Dan that there is no way she can beat Shane in the physical part of the final 3 HoH. She says that she could get the first, but not the physical competition. Dan wonders if Shane will throw that comp to her, but says that there is no way he will throw two of them to you. Dan heads out into the backyard.


2:50pm Jenn and Danielle are sun tanning. Ian and Dan are talking about Pokemon. Dan keeps asking Ian questions about Pokemon. Shane is sleeping.


3:15pm Dan, Ian and Danielle are in the pool. Danielle is asking Ian about the periodic table of elements. She asks him what his favourite it and he asks her what her favourite is. Jenn is sun tanning not talking. Shane is still sleeping.


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Jenn needs to tell Ian she had a final 3 with Dan and Danielle and that Dan wanted Ian and Shane out during the double eviction! I hope she does this .. Maybe if she gets fired up thinking about that she will!

Dark Horse

I am really convinced now that Dan wins BB14. First 2 time winner…

He is safe from all angle’s…it is amazing! and STILL Jenn is not talking about anything that Dan has said…

I wonder if the ‘Mist’ makes you believe…then unable to speak…

Dan’s stories are not colliding at all…he is in the perfect position, even with Danielle and her undying love & protection of him.


I see only two possibilities for him losing at this point.

1) Shane wins either the next HoH and/or Veto, then wins the final 3 HoH and takes Dani to the end


3) Ian manages to win the next veto and the last HoH and takes Dan but wins on jury votes

Other than that he’s set up perfectly for a 2nd win


Don’t think Dan will win but should he win yes!! The man has got all angles covered and with Ian and Dan it is almost like big brother vs. little brother. They both almost have the same type of humor, and they both love to joke with one another. Loved it rip their heads off!! Quack Pack rules!!!


I agree
Dan is gonna win.
It sucks…Britney is the one that should win.

Anyways I hope Danielle wins. Who knows maybe Ian goes home next week, and Danielle wins the last HOH and get rid of Dan.
And the Jury votes for Danielle.

Anyways this BB is a bit boring and Britney left.


I wanna Danielle and Jenn final 2, but I wont be sad watching Jeen leaving after saving Dan and sending Britney home/.


Timing is everything in this game. If she talks too early, it will give the QP a chance to lie, make excuses, and solidify even more. She still has a couple of days to sow the seeds of doubt to drive a wedge or two between Dan, Dannielle and Shane then spring the whole bomb onto Ian before he has too much time (not unlike Dan’s last minute resurrection) to think it through. She should be focusing on Shane first, Dan next (he may see a bigger benefit in keeping her) then Ian. If she’s learned anything from this season she should start gaming on Tuesday and Wednesday to save herself. But then again maybe she hasn’t been told that the eviction will be happening Wednesday instead of Thursday, so she may wait too long and screw herself out of the chance to shake things up.

Keep in mind that this will probably never happen because Jenn is not as BB game smart as she thinks she is. Besides, I personally hope she doesn’t figure this out because I want to see the QP in the final four to see how entertaining it will get as they turn on each other.


What the HGs don’t know is that evictions will be tomorrow NOT Thursday. HOH & veto will be played on Wednesday. Jenn was stupid in her convo with Shane – think about what is good for your game, yet she offers him NOTHING. He has F3 with D/D and F2 with Dani. Whether she means it or not, she has to offer him a deal.


I agree! get the boy out….


get the boy out….


Jenn can talk!!!!

Dark Horse

Yea she should have started talking a loooooongggg time ago…


Jenn should be evicted. It annoys me that she gets pissed whenever things don’t go her way yet she hasn’t won shit to actually make big moves herself, with the exception of the Veto. Win an HOH then you can take out who you wanna take out yourself.
I wish she had been nominated Week 1 the she would have been stirred into action early in the game. She doesn’t realize her strategy of her laying low, her ‘good social game’ as she calls it made her an invisible entity in the game, it’s like she erased herself. Now she’s resurrected but for me I feel it’s too late she shouldn’t win the game.


Jenn is a awful player. She had a chance here to save herself and flip the game buy telling Ian that Dan wanted him out. Again proving she is just a floater and not the fighter she says she is. I mean she could have made make a deal with Ian put Dan up and the replacement. No way Shane and Danielle would not vote him out given the chance. He is a threat if they want to win this game. But she is to dumb to realize this.


Yep she a dumbass and will be following her hommjie and fellow dumbass Frank to jury…


Dude. You are totally obsessed with Frank. It’s a game–that you’re *watching*. Sad face at you :(


Please………PLEASE do us all a favor and go back to school! You are such an IDIOT!!!!


But they all have side deals with everybody and assume it’s par for the course. Jenn is absolutely clueless as to what is happening, but she has nothing. What? She tells Ian and Shane that Dan and Danielle had final 3 deal with her? They go back to Dan and Danielle and laugh that she actually believed them. She tells Ian that she only used the veto on Dan because Danielle said so? Ian might be slightly annoyed, but he’s not flipping Shane’s vote, so it’s irrelevant. Shane voted Britney out and sees Danielle as his final 2. What does keeping Jenn over Danielle do for him? The fact that Danielle is cool with Dan is now obvious to all.

And the most important thing? Dan and Danielle can just deny everything. With Frank gone, Jenn has nobody to back up her story.

Jenn has no moves here. She needed for HOH or veto to put Shane or Ian at risk. It didn’t happen and no amount of talking will change that.

Now the classy move would be for the four of them to come clean with her, apologize, and say they hope she will understand that it was just a game, much like the Brigade did with Britney. I don’t know why they enjoy watching her humiliate herself in front of us, with a hopeless, clueless, campaign. But class might not be the first word I would use to describe Dan, Danielle, Ian, and Shane.


Agree….Agree…Agree. Also, Ian has already acknowledged that Dan did what he needed to do to stay alive in the game. He may be somewhat annoyed that it cost Brit, but whatever.


I get so sick of ppl in the house and outside making comments about how Dan shouldn’t win this game bc he won before…that is not what the game is about…so what if someone won before..it’s about who played the better game..and anyone who truely loves big brother would understand that and know that…I think Dan deserves to win regardless if he won already or not….ppl need to grow up and stop whining about that and if the jury uses that as an excuse then they don’t get the game that they just got done LOSING at!!!

Roisin Dubh

Part of the game is also convincing the jury you deserve it even though you rubbed people raw.. So if you dirtbagged them and you can’t convince the jury to look past it, that’s a game flaw on your part, the fact you won is a big deal and you should up your game to the point where’s there’s no doubt about it. You guys talk about a social game, well the jury can play a social game too. That’s BB

I hate everyone on this site

Scum bagging is apart of the game he screwed over Ollie,Michelle, April and Jerry hated him in season ten yet he still got their votes because they realized that he got the best of them in the game. So this jury might do the same you never know


dan scumbagged too much to have a chance to win.
the only vote i think dan could conjure up is danielle.
no one else is going to vote for him to win.


That’s not true.. when the jury is voting.. most put their personal feelings aside & vote for who PLAYED(it is still just a game) to win. Even if they were backstabbed.


I agreed, Dan is not going to win, just wait and see.




This game is ALL about manipulation. None of you can tell me that you wouldn’t do anything in that house to have a shot at half a million dollars. I sure as hell would. If you are able to make deals and alliances with every member in the house and not get caught, KUDOS to you! This is exactly what Dan has done and has done it the best out of anyone to ever play the game. After the moves he has made this season he absolutely deserves to win BB14! The man is a master manipulator! HATS OFF!!!!


I deserve a million dollar salary, a house in Tahiti, and a harem of Victoria Secret models…but that doesn’t mean it will happen.

Dan doesn’t need to convince any of us whether he is deserving, but he does have to hope the jury will put aside how he treated each of them and vote for him anyway. Keep in mind that this jury is not exactly brimming with great players. Jenn, Ashley, and Joe need just one more vote to pick a winner.

I agree with kman98. He gets Danielle…and/or Ian and that’s it. I think his only shot is taking Shane to the end. Maybe he can win then.

Roisin Dubh

The game doesn’t end until you’re holding that check. You’re still playing the game when you plead your case in front of them. That’s why Boogie always brags about being one of the best and that’s why Wil is the best.They manipulated the jury into giving them the win even though they hated them for what they did to them. Right now it doesn’t look good for your boy because he didn’t take the jury into account.He even realized it the other night. If he’s up against Shane or Ian, who do you think wins? It ain’t Dan. Dani is his only shot.


Give Dan credit for misting these people into bringing him to the final four. even he is amazed. In two weeks he has saved himself, Danielle, told the HOH Frank who to put out (Britney) – then won HOH, then kept himself from eviction and directed the nominating and veto (Ian first wanted to put up Dan). Not to mention he has constantly had Dani going up on the block for him like a sheep(I feel sorry for her when she ralizes he used her, IF she ever realizes)

Roisin Dubh

I’ll give him credit for sure, but no way you will ever convince me he’s the greatest BB player because A- He had a three week pass at the beginning(The coaches knew they were coming into the game, Britt let the cat out of the bag a week into the game and that was a big part of Willies meltdown) and B-He didn’t start playing the game until 2 weeks ago. Britt controlled Shane and Ian and Shane carried all of them and got the blood on his hands for the first half of the season.


That’s how Dan has always played the game. He always layed low. I was amazed he won the first time as he was very quiet. He won when he needed it the most and when it mattered. Don’t count him out. His game play was brilliant. The only reason the jury wouldn’t give him the money this time would be because he has already won. He is very deserving. I do think Ian has a chance, but Dan has made some major, major moves in this house.


Dan didn’t have a three week pass. His first person was evicted night one. If they knew the coaches were coming in and were that afraid of him they could have gotten him out pretty early. He was down to one player pretty early. I was actually thinking they should have, but clearly half these people in the house didn’t watch his season.

I hate everyone on this site

I personally think Dan can win against everyone except Ian. Just because he screwed some of the jury over doesn’t mean he can’t win. You people forget that in his season he screwed over Ollie,Michelle,and April. Jerry hated him yet all four still voted for him because he was good with his words and convinced the people he scrrwed over that he deserved tow in. But im not sure this jury will not vote personally Frank is still mad and probably be for the rest of his life. Britney is determined for him not to win it. Joe im not sure how he will vote and Ashleys an idiot so he most likely won’t win because this Jury is determined to vote personal instead of voting by game play but hey I don’t think anyone has been in the f2 twice yet but I coculd be wrong

Roisin Dubh

You’re spot on. Joe won’t vote because Dan’s already won. He’s said it many times.


I wouldn’t allow Jury to vote “personally”, they should always vote who made the best moves in the game, but hey, that would make too much sense, so they would never do that. Vote Butthurt, that’s the way to show how bitter you are as a person.

I fear if Evel came back and played his ruthless game they wouldn’t vote for him to win.. Big Brother is a different game now.

Roisin Dubh

Don’t be fooled, Evel scared that jury into voting for him. That guy is some piece of work.


If Dan doesn’t get the jury votes then he doesn’t deserve the win. It’s the jury that decides who is deserving and not us.


Yes i agree as a viewer that dan pre win should not matter. It just pisses me off the the stupid house guest are allowing this guy to walk right into final 2 and take a win from them. If I was a houseguest there is no way in hell I would just lay down and die at the hands of someone who already won this game. If jenn was smart, she should have blowed that fking house up last night before noms and exposed everything to shane and Ian about how dan was planning to back door them both of them in the same night. I would even lie to danielle dumb ass and tell her dan talks mad shit about her and has a final 2 with Jenn. I mean come on. Thats why big brother needs to start bringing true fans back in this house,people who try out for yrs like Frank. Jenn, Shane, and Danielle have no clue what they are doing. And for Ian to been watching this show for 10 yrs, He has turned out to be a big dissapointment far as letting dan mist the fk out of him, even after britney warned they dum asses about Dan. Fk is brit when you need her.


Ian you are a fuking dumbass for trusting Dan when Brit told you and i am sure others and why Jenn didnt rats his ass out I dont know


Jenn Jenn Jenn… why didn’t you tell Ian about Dan’s plans to evict him during the live election show. You had knowledge that could’ve maybe saved you (though even if Dan went up I’d doubt he’d get voted out.) and you didn’t do anything with it. For that, and that alone, you deserve the boot.


Jenn’s olny chance now is to get both Shane and Ian together and tell them about Danielle’s involvement in Brit’s eviction. How Danielle came to her and asked her to take Dan down, and how they had a finale 4 with Frank & Jenn and now have a finale 3 with Jenn, and how until Shane won the veto he was going to be voted out.


Sorry, supposed to be named Anti-Mist. Typo.


If Jenn got evicted, that’s fine. who cares about Jenn! If Danielle got evicted, Shane will come after Ian for being an idiot. Yeah Ian, Get rid Danielle and makes you a better man.


No avatars happening at this point?


I posted them a month ago.. my picks were a little abstract this year don’t think it was too popular


For the heck of it I decided to do my own avatars for the remaining HG’s. I wonder if people will figure out who each one is.



LOL nicely done thanks!


Milehouse = Ian
Superman = Shane
? = Jenn
Snake = Dan
Bunny Boiling and Dog = Dani

Am I close?



Dog = Dawg :)

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

OMG I forgot about Dawg? damn


Poor Dawg.


Where can these be found?


Dan + Danielle = Final two




danielle needs to go.


Ew? EW? Are you blind, woman! Yeah, I’ll continue to say ew at Ian. Fine. Two words: Worm out.


Maybe if Jenn had opened her mouth sooner and told Ian everything she may have had a chance, too late now.


She needed to do it while Frank was still around. He could back up a lot of her claims. Now no matter what she says, all Dan and Danielle have to do is say “Jenn, we never said anything like that. I think you really misunderstood or you’re lying to try and save yourself.” Dan will back up Danielle’s lies and vice versa.

It’s over for Jenn and they should allow her to retain some dignity and tell her.


Dan totally deserves to win this game… if he makes it to the final 2 and doesn’t win it is because people could see beyond their hurt to see the true gamer of this season…. I can’t believe they didn’t take this opportunity to get rid of him… but very happy cause I am routing for him all the way!!!

Thanks also for the updates – much appreciated!!!


more experience = more deserving ?


If Dan loses then he didn’t deserve to win.


SMH @ Ian, not only will it be Dan, Danielle and Shane going for the HOH to take you out, those three will be making sure you are taken out with the veto. Ian, Dan and Shane needs to cut the cord and make the right decision in taking out Danielle. ?enn is useless in competitions.


I agree, their best chance of winning the game for Dan, Shane and Ian is to take Jenn to the final 2 with them. I think Dan especially needs to take Jenn because that is his best chance in winning. If Dan takes Shane, Ian or Danielle I think he comes in second.


I completely agree. There is no one in the jury, even frank, that would vote for Jenn to win in the end. Dan has played the best game to date. People may not like that lied and backstabbed to get to this point but in the end it is a game. He laid low when he needed to, got others to do his dirty work and suckered people into to believing him when he lie right to their faces. It is all about getting the other person before they get you and he has excelled at that. If any one of the jurors could have played the same game they would have.

Philly Eagles

As much as everyone wants Dan out he should win the game. After all it is a game and he has played everyone to get to where he is. In my opinion if you can mind screw people like that in a game then he deserves to move to the end and win.


Whoever wins deserves to win,and if Dan loses then he deserved to lose.


Ian… he’s been a good player but c’mon… how could he not put up Dan? Dan put up Ian last week and he still escaped getting put up as a nominee or replacement nominee this week… Dan is the man! I hope Dan wins again because Ian is bonafide mistified.


you’re right, imho…ian just lost all credibility with me.

at this point, trusting dan is way more risky than eliminating dan, and ian should know this, if he has a single brain cell remaining from his alcoholic binges.

did you notice how dan asked dani “do you think i would vote against you” instead of saying “i won’t vote against you. he’s a real slimy piece of sh!t…


Normally I don’t comment on this sites but I have to say Dani is going to have a lot of explaining to do with all her stories and lies she has told about herself. And poor Ian has let Dan play him. Since my favorite Frank has left, I have to say “go Shane send the crazy girl home”

Yet Another Anonymous

What everyone (including Dan) seems to be missing is that the Jury is made up of a bunch of not too bright, overly emotional losers who probably WILL still be pissed at Dan if he makes it to the final 2. At this point the only game-smart player in the JH is probably Britney, and is likely the only one to put aside her hurt feelings and vote for Dan on his game play. Frank, Joe, Jenn…I can’t see them suddenly waking up to the fact that they were out played rather than “scum bagged.” And Ashley…well, who knows what Ashley is thinking, ever? And yes, Ian would probably vote for Dan, too. So…here’s the bad news, for almost everyone…IF Dan goes to the final 2 with Danielle, Danielle will win the season! If Danielle goes to the F2 with Shane, she’ll probably win. Ian is maybe the only one she *might* not win against. All I can say is, if Danielle wins, and I truly think she will, thank god the show will be over for the season and I’ll never have to listen to that screwed up delusional compulsive liar again. I hope she takes the money and gets some help.


Not a fan of Jenn, but just throw Dan and Danielle under the bus from the point she helped get out Brit. Tell Ian he was the first target on the live eviction and tell Shane he was the second option. But I am guessing she won’t.

the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

i cant believe how some people are writing how ian is such a nice kid and should be cut some slack….. he cusses like a sailor tells people he will murder them and rip their faces off, i really hope he loses and doesnt get american’s player, he is taking this villain thing way to far, not to mention how he controls the hammock and it sounds all busted up from his rocking back n fourth, first hammock lasted 13/12 years, this one probably a couple weeks.


He’s repeating what Dan said to him. Dan said it very hatefully. He cusses no more than Frank, Boogie, Janelle, etc. He swings due to his AH/DH. Can’t everybody remember this? What if he was your son or family member & people talked so badly about them? Keep up with the postings that have thoroughly discussed this issue. No more comments about this please


man….i really thought Ian was gonna take a shot at dan. all dan has to do is win 1 of the 2 next comps and he’s the final winner. I dont think evicting danielle hurts dan at all. even is dan’s deals were exposed. the odds of winning ANY comps are 25% min.

VA Vet

Numerically speaking, the odds are 25%.

Depending on the type of competition, the odds could be anywhere from 0-100%. If it has anything to do with thinking or memory, Shane’s odds are a big fat zero.

Roisin Dubh

If Ian somehow ends up in the final 2. He deserves to win over Dan and Dani. He’s played the game from the start. If it’s Shane that could be a toss up. Dan really hasn’t done anything until he got thrown up on the block. One move shouldn’t outwiegh an entire season and that’s gonna be taken into account. So he has to take Dani to the end.Jenn should’ve ratted him out.And he still has to get past the Jury. The only way he wins it is if he’s up against Dani. Shane-tossup, Ian he loses.


seriously jen needs to go home she needs to try convince ian that her and dan has a finale 2 deal thats why she use the pov on him …. jen isnt fighting for herself so she needs to go to jury …… ian can make a powerful move right now and nominate dan sending dan to jury but ian is weak sauce


Basically this eviction decides which of the two players will be in the final two. If Danielle goes, everyone will take Jenn because she was useless and anyone can beat her. If Jenn gets evicted the same thing will happen to Danielle. One of those two will be the final two guaranteed. I’d love for ian to go next and danielle to win the final HOH and make her choose between Dan and Shane.


I believe she is in love with Dan just knowing she can’t have him because of Chelsea, she will choose him in the end over Shane hoping she she gets 50,000 yet she doesn’t deserve it

VA Vet

Don’t count Ian out just yet. If he wins veto on Thursday, he’s going all the way. Even against Dan, Ian wins 6-1


Because there are so few left, does that mean Ian will be able to play for HOH?

billy bob

danielle gots fake boobies,lol she just admited it to dan,and jen needs to tell ian and shane that danielle knew about britney getting back doored that danielle told jenn to do it,


with this POV only 1 person deserves to win: dan. best player by FAR left in the game not even close. funny thing is, he has nearly no chance to win, because this jury will hate him.

frank thinks he is the best player EVER played the game. and got played by dan. so he wont vote for him. ash votes with frank. and joe thinks dan is a coach and not a player. he will not vote for dan. thats 3 sure votes dan cant get…

so who will win? danielle only if she sits next to dan (this is maybe the only F2 where dan has a minimal chance). ian has to win the next veto. in that case he is golden. i would predict ian or shane to win.


If Dan makes it to final two. He already has Brittany and Joe’s vote. If Ian is there, Ian will vote for Dan. I actually think that Frank will vote for him too. I believe that Shane and Jenn will vote for Dani. Not sure who Ashley will vote for but as much as as airhead as she is, I think she will vote for who ever Frank tells her to vote.


I really don’t like Jenn. She is a horrible player. She was a non-factor most of the season and now she wants to stay in the house because she is loyal. It is time for her to kick rocks!!!


Just a quick note…. I’ve only been watching BB and following BBonline since season 8, but every season reading here, a few of you guys stand out as people I really wish would apply to be on the show. I hope some of you do:) There are a few of you regular strategists here that I think could win this thing if you got on the show. Sorry, Captainwedgie, I’m regretfully not talking about you, though I have to admit you’d be a trip to actually see instead of read.


Dan should be banned from big brother after this season because he is just too good for this game

Its not even fair for the others lol


Oh my god! Oh my god! Who would have thought being in a showmance would come back to bit you! Ian says yeah. I place that statement to show just how good Dan , Dani, and Iran or at what to tell people to keep them from knowing that they have a final 4 deal. Only Shance does not know what to say. Notice how they have to tell him what is good to say. Jenn is all fine with what he said, so she don’t want to rock the boat. She want to keep that’s secret. But it will be to late, out the door she will go. Now I’m not sure about Dan. He’s got to know that he has won and up against Ian he will loot win. Let’s see what he puts in the mind of Ian.


Anyone actually think Dan the Man won’t win BB at this point? Ian is practically guaranteed to leave next week. Unless by some miracle he wins veto.


he will win that for sure. it will be taylor made for him. something with memory. you can tell just from the edit he gets on CBS.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I am going to win it. Production likes me.

Joe's dirty hands

I’m so sick of hearing Dani’s mouth….She is one disgusting girl. Why is she telling Dan about her boobs! Chelsea should worry about Dan’s behavior around Dani!. Something is not right with Dani’s mind. I feel sorry for anyone guy that gets involved with her


Danielle is “not well”……but a lot of men go for/fall for/are attracted to these types of women.


if the next POV IS MORPHINE faces ian will win that hands down

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

Morphine Faces? what’s that? LOL I know you mean Morphing Faces but that was hilarious at first sight


Ian just got himself nominated this Thursday so you win veto or you go home I hope Shane wins HOH nominates Ian and Dan Ian wins POV Danielle replaces him and Ians votes out Dan So Ian will have Blood on his Hands for all 4 coaches leaving Than I would have to give Ian my vote for 500,000 otherwise Dan or Shane deserve this Danielle only won 1 Hoh given to her from Britney and Ian’s deal and won 1 Pov big deal she whines and constantly needs attention always looking in the mirror at herself, I would never give this girl even 50,000 she lied the first day she walked in saying she’s a teacher (they have to be smart) not a nurse What does big brother have to do with Nursing cause they might think she is smarter please She lied about Trey she is just a loser liar.


While Chilltown is the top of the class when it comes to BB alliances, above is exhibit A for why the Brigade is far superior to the Quack Pack.

When the Brigade had secured HOH and veto and were completely safe, they called Britney into HOH and told her the truth. Their behavior showed that it really was just a game and not personal. They knew Britney was the last threat and respected her enough as a human being to come clean, so she would not spend her last days being humiliated, campaigning while the audience knew she was done. They did not know how she would react. She was upset but ultimately calmed down, but they didn’t know that in advance. She could have made them absolutely miserable, but they risked all of that to show that in the real world, they had class as human beings.

The Quack Pack has no reason to lie to Jenn, except they enjoy mocking her behind her back and humiliating her in front of all of us. So anybody who says Dan, Danielle, Ian, and Shane are just playing a game and aren’t like like this in the real world, then explain this?

Jenn can’t hurt Ian or Shane and does not know enough to hurt Dan or Danielle.or even how to do it. If she hasn’t exposed the Britney deal by now, then she’s not going to. They take pleasure in humiliating her.

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

I like how you put that… 100% agree


My recollection of the Brigade disclosure to Britney is that they laughed in her face as she cried. I think that is more humiliating because, the viewers witnessed her utter despair in a very public way. Jenn will hear about the QP whether or not they tell her, just as Brit would have heard about The Brigade. The difference is that Jenn has a chance to absorb the information in private. The Brigade members were not trying to be classy. They were showing off to Britney how good they were at the game. They simply couldn’t hold it in any longer and wanted her to know she had been played.

Everybody who gets evicted finds out things they wish they had known while they were still in the house. Jenn is no different. Based on your logic, all exiting players should get full disclosure from all remaining players, so as to avoid humiliation. It doesn’t make good sense.


I agree this happens every season people wait till the finale to know all that happened in the house. Dan, Danielle, Ian and Shane are not the first people in BB history to withold info. Heck they’re also lying to each other about Final 2 making deals left and right, I know some people don’t wanna hear it but YES, is is a game.
This season it seems people are expected to be nice, to think about other people’s feelings, blah blah blah. If they decide to tell her, good, if they don’t, still good. Sometimes people are told sometimes they’re not. But the quack Pack have no obligation to tell, and it doesn’t mean they are terrible people.


Maybe Production won’t let them tell her………..just a thought…………..GO IAN!


While I understand why Jenn wanted Ian to nominate Dan as a replacement, I get the feeling she was still not understanding that Danielle is everyone’s favorite pawn. I kinda wish Ian had accused her of having an alliance with Danielle, just to counter Jenn’s accusations about Ian and Shane. Jenn is good at having outbursts/ temper tantrums and I’m thinking that on the outside it works as an intimidation ploy. But in the BB house, no one cares. It just gives them another excuse to tell you nothing and get rid of you.


And there we have it folks.

Dan has won Big Brother 14.

Lmao. I don’t even feel sympathy for these idiots.

End the season & give Dan the money.

Team Dan all the fucking way !

I honestly can’t believe how stupid these players are being.


Yep I agree with you, not because I’m a fan of Dan but becuase the rest of the group don’t deserve to win. I hope they look back and see how silly Dan made each one ot them look. Ian is cuaght up in the “mist” he’s even trying ot talk like Dan now, sad he couldn’t even get that part right.


Dan needs to go but first Jenn does! Dan is a good player but yes I am one of those people who feel that others need a shot of 500K come on he already won and started late in BB so yes he should go home after Jenn, the two people who really need the money are Shane and Ian so I hope both of the wise up and win!


IllWill’s hate for Frank is frightening.

Calm down. He’s in jury. It honestly isn’t that serious.

You call Frank a shit talker but that’s all you honestly do.

It’s common knowledge at this point that Dan will win.


calling out dumb moves is hate now?, LMFAO yea OK whatever you say


Continuously bringing up the guy’s name is; it’s just as bad as Ian & Dan’s reiteration of the bad sportmanship thing.

Let’s focus on the players in the house now & THEIR dumb moves, since that’s all that matters at this point.


I talk shit about EVERYONE on BB, but I’ve never hated on anybody….. I’m a shit talker this is what I do, none of my posts are meant to be taken seriously, If people choose to take my posts seriously, that’s their issue, not mine ;P


With the exception of those you like LOL.

Like I said in the post above, let’s focus on the players still in the house.

If a person’s gone lets just focus on the dimwits left in the house.

I don’t say that just for Frank but for Britney, Ashley & Joe too.

No sense in trash talking if they’re already gone. The only time we’re seeing them is during the jury House segment & Finale night.

They lost; let’s leave it at that :)

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

I’ve talked about everyone in the house, Kara, Willie, and Jojo i because she was only around for 2 week, but everybody else got it from me


Okay, so the other day I got accused of hating Dan just because I typed an idealization of the chaos that would occur if Ian nominated Dan-The accuser apparently thought I was all for Frank and first, I stared at the word Dan-hater below my post offended, but then I laughed, because some people obviously don’t know the meaning of hate-And it definitely wasn’t there. Before you jump on another person, Hello, who’s said in their posts Frank was a dumbass, but wanted him to come back in Allstars and have another shot at it-Think before you do.


Its well known that ILLWILL doesn’t like Frank.

Idc about that. I was saying lets focus on those that are still in the game!

Who cares at this point about jury house members. All they are at this point is a vote for the winner.

I understand though. I’m a fan of Frank and I constantly get callea Dan hater when that’s not the case. I’m actually rooting for Dan.

The thing is, I don’t have time to sift through every single OBB post. I was simply responding to what I initially saw. That plus the fact that IllWill doesn’t like Frank caused me to say something.

I didn’t particularly care for Brit this season but I don’t talk about her; why? Because she’s no longer relevant in terms of the outcome of this season ( Final 2 )

But hey, everyone’s different.


You’re right, you’re right-We should focuse on the people currently in the house, I read my reply post over and over and it came out a bit mean-I think I’m still appalled at being called a hater after defending Dan over and over, sometimes I flip out when I don’t need to, I don’t mean any disrespect toward you. I’m sorry-My dislike for Frank erupted the moment Boogie and Frank became really close-I did not like that duo at all, but I do believe Frank should get another shot at this game-Imagine him and Ian in a duo alone-Major brain and physical threats :D But there would definitely be major cockiness among them. At this moment I agree about Dan winning this season. I thought before Dan wouldn’t be able to win against anyone over personal votes, but do believe now he can verbally prove the 500k should be in his hands after they’re too blinded by hurt and bitterness to see it. They won’t point and say, “Ha ha, you got me”, but I do hope they’ll put their feelings aside briefly enough to give a player the prize for playing the game. I do think if they want Ian out, not to nominate him, but backdoor him-But I still have hope for that kid :)


People had high hopes for Frank, but keeping Dan was a huuuge no-no.


It’s absolutely fine. We all get that way every now and that.

You initially liked Frank? I couldn’t stand him for that Willie situation, since he was my favorite coming into the show.

Once I got over that, my dislike for the QP grew since I hate huge alliances as well as Britney since she was THEE worst coach ( I can’t stand people that don’t take responsibility for their actions, and always blame other people; UGH ) so I immediately liked whoever went against them & that happened to be Mike & Frank.

Then I liked Frank more since he was the absolute underdog; getting targeted every single week since day one.

Boogie , I couldn’t stand coming into the show, but he honestly grew on me. I’m not annoyed by him as most people are. I mean, how can Boogie get to anyone if we’ve all dealt with Rachel? That’s the worst of the worst lol.

Yes. Dan will win this game if he makes it to Final 2.
He has a way with words to make anybody believe what he’s saying is nothing but facts.

It all depends on who he’s up against.
Ian wins against anybody at this point.

I was happy when Dan & Frank made a deal and I was looking forward to seeing how this played out. It’s not as if it was a give in that Dan was playing him. Dan only switched when Ian won HoH.

But yes, I do agree that taking all of the penalties and then not going through with the plan was dumb but the guy was damned either way loll.

I’d love to see Ian and Frank back for a future season though. I absolutely agree with you on that.


Ohhhh man…Boogie annoys the sh!t out of me-But yeah, in Ian’s PB when Rachel’s laugh went on ceaselessly I wanted to break my tv. I thought Frank was okay until Mike picked him for his team and bragged on and on about him, “Frank is to look out for, Frank is a major threat, Frank is likable, Frank is this, Frank is that,” It just got under my skin and rubbed me the wrong way a little, like hearing over and over about Ian being this superfan and gracious to be coached by Boogie and Boogie with both arms around them, but leaning toward Frank-Even though he did care about Ian. I didn’t really think Ian would make it this far-But he proved me wrong. I’d never really cared for Dan in BB before, but that’s definitely changed. I hope they do bring Ian and Frank back-That’d be awesome :D

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

Never hate on the Hg’s I’m talkin shit , if they give me something to talk about I’m gone talk about it … I talk sit about good moves, bad moves, zit’s on the face, if they females look like men, I got em all ………….. Every season they give people something to talk about

You’ll see me next season doing the same… I fuckin love big brother and all it’s contestants, you can’t take what i post about them seriously, it’s all in fun


LMAO at your name !

You’re not the only one; just the one I saw doing it.

I agree that they always give you something to talk about.

I just like when each house guest gets the same treatment.

If you talk about Danielle’s zits; you can’t leave out Shane’s tight ass pink shirt, or Frank’s huge ass hair or Dan’s damn bandana he has on 24/7.

Stuff like that.


I can’t believe I left out Spanks-a-lot.


You tell’em Ill Will!! Some com mentors have no sense of humor, take this all too seriously and the majority that remark /react to it if given the chance to play BB would be out the first week or so as they’d be chewed to shreds. Once the HG enter that front door they are subject to everything BB throws at them and every single person that views the program or subscribes to Live Feeds or, the best of course…OBB, has the right to talk shit about them….woohoo…keep posting dude!


Epic name xD


Ian is an idiot. Does he really think that he can beat Dan after the “funeral” and the best game move in history of BB? Evil Dick and some of the others pulled some amazing feats in the house, but none that compare to Dan’s playing this year. If I was in the jury, and Ian and Dan were F2, I would have to vote for Dan.
This is insane and getting really predictable….to the point of being terribly boring.


.I’m starting to think that Dan will cut Danielle loose on wednesday.Dan is always thinking strategically and he’s observant.There’s no way Dan isn’t thinking about how Danielle refused to vote Shane out,if Dan put him up last thursday.After they came back from the trip.Dan said something about them(Danielle&Shane) sleeping in the same bed now,and them admitting that they kissed yesterday.I’m a Dan fan,I have no problem with him convincing Ian to break the tie and evict Danielle(Ian is Dan’s puppet.Well everyone is Dan’s puppet).She’s getting to close to Shane.Therefore her time in the house needs to come to a end on wednesday.I really think Dan will get rid of her this week.He wants Jenn in the final 3.He also wanted Danielle.But since she trust Shane 100%.She serves no purpose for Dan’s game anymore.After that date,Danielle will choose Shane over Dan.Like I said Danielle needs to be evicted now.Unless she stops being close to Shane,Dan will get rid of her.


would be very dramatic if he did.. I’m off the feeds until later tonight I’ll have to catch up with Dawgs updates.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

If Dan keeps Danielle, then he can take Thursday off because everyone wants to take him to F3.


Logic & Street Sense wise these have to be the dumbest bunch of moron players they have ever had at once – on one season!!

Worst Season ever has been confirmed by Gallop Poll ratings way to go Allison Grodner you F-ckn’ loser – running show into ground with your Production idiotic ideas!!


Did a Google search and couldn’t find this poll. While I don’t want to imply that you’re making up something, would you be so kind as to direct us to this poll so we can see it for ourselves?


Looks like Jenn is putting two and two together about who might be working with who, but it’s a little too late. I think at this point she needs to shake things up. She needs to pull a hail mary, and tell Ian about EVERYTHING: Her final 3 deal with Dan and Danielle, the fact that Dan wanted Ian out, etc. She needs to spill EVERYTHING and hope that it’ll do SOMETHING for her. I like that she said she won’t lay down and die. I hope she at least puts up a good fight before she walks out the door.


F…K Dan and Danielle and Ian.
As much as I hate it, I hope Shane wins.


I noticed Danielle admitted to Dan that she has “implants” when she swore to Joe and the others in the kitchen that they were real. This girl wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her in the face. Just a few minutes ago she was telling Dan that she was having radiation and chemo to reduce the scar tissue that was attached to her implant. WTF!!!!! As a nurse (actual RN) and a cancer survivor I am absolutely disgusted by the things this girl says. I don’t know what they teach in American Nursing programs but here in Canada we are taught enough to know that this girl is full of sh!t. I hope she goes straight into therapy when she gets out of this house because she will certainly need it. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had a hard time getting a job either.

Aqua Bernie

She is a down right dirty a** liar!! chronic liar. Bikini model , that kills me! lol!!


I’m truly concerned about Danielle’s emotional stability. At first, I found her to be the most annoying houseguest BB has ever had and (still do) but am feeling sympathetic now towards this screwed up young woman. She is a pathological liar and will go off the deep end when she leaves the house and finds out that the viewers don’t like her. It’s sad to see somebody who constantly needs attention, pity, compliments, etc.

She didn’t get a video message from her parents but from her fake sister.

Hope she gets therapy and realizes in the real world, Dan is not going to be her BFF.

Team Razorback

I’m truly concerned about the emotional stability of people who obsessively watch other people and find fault with the most trivial things. A Big Brother player lied? Oh my god, what’s next, black people in the NBA?


Logic & Street Sense wise these have to be the dumbest bunch of moron players they have ever had at once – on one season!!

Worst Season ever has been confirmed by Gallop Poll ratings way to go Allison Grodner you F-ckn’ loser – running show into ground with your Production idiotic ideas!

If Dandusky were to win BB14 they would have to put big ** by his name – because all 4 coaches literally got to float for 4 weeks without worrying about going on the block or being evicted – a Huge friggin unfair advantage!


I think Ian wins regardless in the final 2. I think Dan wins against everyone but Ian in the final 2. He might even beat Ian in the final 2. If anyone remembers Dan’s season he murdered Memphis at the jury questions. Dan is an excellent talker, I just think Ian might get sympathy votes. To say Dan should not win based on that he won before is just not right. He is good at what he does, you knew he was a liar and you let him stay in the house. Everyone already knew Dan’s game plan entering the house, so making it this far is a great achievement. Dan basically made everyone’s moves and decisions for them. I think Dan can make the jury see that all of his moves had a reason behind them. He didn’t talk about someone just to talk about them, if he did something it was strictly for game play. Dan took the emotions out of the game and just played a game. He convinced the jury last time he played and I think he can do it again. The only thing going against him is that he had a four week pass. The real question is if Dan hadn’t played this game before, would you vote for him to win?


Good point-Very true…


If Danny Boy wins BB14 they would have to put big ** by his name – because all 4 coaches literally got to float for 4 weeks without worrying about going on the block or being evicted – a Huge friggin UNFAIR advantage!


@SusanB. When Dan was allowed to play the game,the other players had opportunities to evict Dan.Everyone except Shane was aware of the way Dan played the game in his season.Which gives the newbies advantage of knowing Dan,Janelle,Boogie&Britney’s game play.It was up to the newbies to decide what they would do with the knowledge of knowing the coachs strategies.Frank had the golden opportunity to evict Dan(Jenn won the veto).Ian just had a chance to take Dan out,but he didn’t.Dan is playing all these house guests.It’s not his fault that they believe and trust everything he tells him.Especially since Dan isn’t a newbie.They know how Dan won his season.If they haven’t watched past season’s of Big Brother,then they shouldn’t be on the show to begin with.If your going to go on this show.Then they might want to study previous season’s.But like I said people had chances to take Dan out.But whenever they considered putting him up,he misted them into doing what he wants.Or get Frank to change his mind & save him.


I see Dan and Danielle in the final pair. Not sure if he will get the votes. I hope he does. Would hate to see Danielle win. No way she gets this far without him. He has pulled all the strings. She sits around and is so self consumed it is sad to watch. If she does beat Dan BB should give him the 100K for getting his player to the end.

danielle is jealous of every pretty girl...

I wish Dan would just evict Danielle and then ian will be the deciding vote…and if hes that smart about bb like he says he knows every season..he will kick out Danielle.. keeping the floater is a way to 500k


It is AMAZING how Dan has everyone working to get him to the end! Not one person is talking about they themselves wanting to win the $500K, they are are all trying to get Dan to the final 2. Like each of them are happy to play for second place..Weird. I got to hand it to Dan, he is playing this game brilliantly. I would love to see the Final 2 be Dan and Ian. Danielle needs to go now, she is increasingly cocky and annoying.


Exactly. I can’t figure out why these people are satisfied winning 2nd place. It’s like Dan has brainwashed everybody and nobody wants to put him on the block.

Roisin Dubh

It was like that last year until Rachel dropped the H-Bomb on that house. J/J were gonna coast and they all were playing for third.

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

Dan is good at making dumb people work for him, even if they don’t want to.

He’s almost like a parent, we never wanna do what they say, but we end up doing it anyways…


It looks like Jenn is just as good as gone.I also think Dan has played a great game,but he is not going to beat Ian or Shane in a final 2,and i don’t see him winning the final HOH to have the choice of who he takes.This might be Dan’s biggest mistake this time around meaning he has rolled with an alliance that is better than him at every aspect of the game except the mental manipulation.


Ian is stupid for not nominating Dan. But then again Dan has Danielle and Shane so misted I do not think they would vote him out even though he would be on the block. I think Dan has about a 50% shot of making it to final 2. It really depends on the next HOH and veto. If Dan doesn’t win he’s in more danger and if Ian wins veto(which I think BB will set up so he does) after I’m pretty sure Dan might be gone. Because if Shane is HOH he will chose Danielle to stay over Dan. Also I feel like unfortuatly Danielle’s loyalty is now Dan’s life in the house. There are a lot of situations that could come up with Danielle having to choose between Shane and Dan. And even though I am convinced she loves both guys, she is obsessed with Shane so in the end I don’t know if she will be able to send him packing! I think she likes Dan a lot might even have a crush on him but she knows he’s married.