Ian breaking out of the MIST “They’ll cut me before you…The mist the mist… Quack Quack”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

8:45pm Cam 3-4 Ian rocking the hammock He’s mumbling under his breath stuff like
“Quack Pack”
“Disqualified.. Disqualified.. Disqualified”
“Renegades.. Renegades..”
“Big Brother.. ”
“Quack Quack… we did it.. we did it.. ”
“There going to cut me.. cut me.. going to cut me.. The mist the mist… They’ll cut me before you. Frickin joe”

8:39pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Shane, Dane and Jenn

Dan asks him he he knows anything about the prize. Shane says they will tell him tomorrow. He’s really appreciative.. Feeds cut to fish..

Dan is cooking up some food. He tells Shane that his wife does 80% of the cooking because he’s so busy with teaching and football.

Jenn starts talking about her music career says she really started getting good when she was 14. Shane starts talking about the poor financial situation he is in. Says that he forgot to tell his mom to pay 2 of his 5 credit cards. Shane wonders if he should get the DR to tell her. Dan thinks he should, Dan suggests he puts in a request to send his mom a message.

Danielle joins them. They start talking about some of the better players in the house this year. Dan says Boogie and Janelle were very good. Dan adds that Frank was very good at competitions. Dan tells them that if Janelle had stayed in the game she would have won half the competitions they have been in.

Dab thinks if Willie had stayed in the game and not lost his cool he would have really mixed things up it would have been cool. Shane thinks that this years newbies are much better than last years. Dan completely agrees says the newbies last year were horrible.

Briefly chat about the POV competition. Shane says he knew he was safe but still fought for the Veto like his life depended on it.

Danielle brings up Britney trying to get Danielle to not like Shane. Dan says Britney was really good he didn’t respect her coming into this house but now he does. Danielle points out that Britney didn’t have to do anything during Big Brother 12 because Lane protected her the entire way. Dan: “Her Diary room sessions were priceless.. she’s so witty .. zinging people”

9:27pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Jenn and Ian
Ian is rocking the hammock and Jenn is in the hot tub.. very little talk

9:31pm Cam 1-2 Shane, Danielle and Dan

Dan says they had to get Frank out he was way too good at Competitions. He also adds that Janelle was a beast she had to go early. They think that diary room sessions for Boogie and Frank were epic when they thought they convinced Danielle to put up Janelle.

Dan was worried about Kara’s anxiety he felt like she would have trouble under pressure later in the game. Shane agrees with what Dan said earlier about Willie. Shane thinks Willie would have done well. Dan: “If willie had not been HOH that first week he would have mixed it up in the house and won a bunch of competitions”
Ian joins them..

Ian starts to explain to them when he decided to leave Boogie and on Day 28 the quack pack was formed. Ian says that Boogie made it very clear to him that he only cared about “His golden Goose” Frank. Ian really saw it during the Pirate Ship competition when Frank and Boogie left him hanging. Ian: “Day 28 set the course of the game”

Talk moves to Frank and Ashley. Dan tells them that Ashley would have been very hard to get out later in the game because nobody would have voted for her. They agree, comment about how Ashley was really bad at competitions. Danielle mentions how Ashley was running around “spreading stuff”.

They start talking about Frank and the moves he made in the game. Ian mentions how he will be the most bitter jury. Danielle agrees.

Ian says that Jenn and Frank were so dead set on getting Dan out that he makes himself wear a carrot suit for a week and is benched for a HOH. Jenn burns her clothes and puts her self on slop for the summer. Then they use the veto anyways. Ian asks Dan if he convinced Jenn or Frank. Dan smiles says he only really talked to Frank.

Danielle mentions that her mom is a big smoker and she’s been trying to get her to stop. Danielle doesn’t like smoking and has never smoked week, she points out she has asthma attacks. Dan tells them that Boogie gave Frank his number so he could drop of something (WEED?) to the jury house (Dan doesn’t say the word but mouths it .. I think it’s weed. Frank and Boogie are awesome)

10:07pm Kitchen Cam 3-4
Dan and Danielle have made some “Mystery Drinks” for Ian and Shane. Both are blind folded and they bring them drinks. They have to tell them if the drinks are Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke.
Dan: “Welcome to the firs ever Big Brother Down the Hatch Challenge”
(Added more pictures in the gallery bellow)

10:14pm Results of the Diet Coke Vs Diet Pepsi taste challenge. Both get it wrong. Dan: “so you get the kid who drinks 7 Diet Cokes a day who gets the same answer as the guy who never drinks it”

Dan also mixed shots containing Gartorade and Tabasco sauce.

Dan and Danielle want to do a 2 shot challenge. Dan says that it can’t be poison. Danielle: “No brown liquids and I’m down”

10:21pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle Danielle is worried that Dan will throw a vote to Jenn and make Ian be the tie breaker. Dan tells her he won’t vote for Jenn, he doesn’t care about jury votes anymore everyone in there hates him already. Dan counts the current Juty members that will not vote for him, Frank, Brintey, Joe .. one more will not hurt him.

Dan never sees Ian turning on him. Danielle agrees says Ian loves Dan.
Danielle: ‘Dan i’m serious.. no crazy antics this time”

10:41pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Shane still playing the shots game. Ian almost throws up.

11:07:44pm CAm 3-4 Danielle doesn’t let Shane through the door blocks it with her bum.

11:42pm Back yard Cam 1-2 Ian, Danielle, Dan and Shane Chatting about past players, Dani Donato and Brian Hart. Ian says that Brian Hart was the most memorable first boot ever.
(Image Link)
Danielle asks Ian to describe everyone’s style game style
Ian gives it a shot..
Jodi – Older and nebbish.. in everyone’s business
Kara – really attractive victim
Willie good heart a lot of rage.. he was a 34 yaer old grandpa
JOJO – Loud and Horny
Janelle – Very nice lady.. played a sloppy game.. you could tell she was very motherly
Wil – Funny.. sparkling personality.
Mike – Good guy.. nice guy but very Hollywood
Ashley – Loosey Goosy.. I don’t want to say d
Britney – Very nice very funny.. great Sarcasm..
Frank – Aggressive but a very good competitors. Poor social game Great competition game.
Joe – The older dude.. young at heart.. loud.
Jenn – Punk rock.. very DJ.. blunt straight forward.. Keeping it real you know
Dan – Played the game once good game nice guy
Danielle – Sweet girl really nice all the time
Shane – Young guy really good shape.. great personalty really strong player.

Danielle’s turn
Jodi – the mom that came in here with a bunch of sass.. instigator.
Kara – Sweet girl.. a Cassi character
Willie – Good heart but became paranoid .. a lot of rage… couldn’t handle the mental aspect . Shane chimes in and says Alcohol was part of it
JOJO – Staten Island.. Jersey Shore
Janelle – Very sweet person.. sloppy game a good mother
Wil – Funny
Boogie – Thought he knew it all.. very nice if he wants to walk to you otherwise stay clear of him he hates you
Ashley – in and out of it.. Happy.
Britney – Witty.. Glass 1/2 empty.. funny . I love her to death
Frank – He thought he was the best to ever play this game.. his ego and arrogance were too big for this house
Joe – Loud.. a good guy
Jenn – Rocker chick who is
Dan – the prankster.. gets away with everything
Ian – Extremely smart extremely cute .. easy to get a long with.
Shane – the sports guy.. works out likes sports.

12:12AM CAm 1-2 Shane giving the hammock a shot

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Simon/Dawg, I think when Danielle gets out and comes to this site, she’s going to hate y’all. All those hideous pictures of Mount St. Helen’s on her forehead; she’s going to be soooooo mad. I know I would be, I’d cry for a year. Poor Danielle will probably cry for ten. <3 <3 <3 Thank you for the site, I really appreciate it and love reading the comments!!! <3 ;-)

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Danielle will be too busy spending her $500,000 to worry about anything that was said on the internet about her.

I’m sorry to say this, but Danielle has a clear path to the finals. Only if Ian wins the POV next week and takes out Danielle, will Danielle not be in the final. I think she has the best chance against everyone except Ian in the F2.


I actually wouldn’t mind her winning. Not that she deserves it, but I just dislike the other people so much. Dan is modern-day Judas. Shane is a moron. Jenn is useless. Ian is the most annoying person (to me) they’ve had in a while – the more power he got, the more arrogant and aggressive he became. He swears more than all the other people combined. Nevermind that he refuses to get on medication to fix whatever the hell is wrong with him. This may be tolerable at 21 when he looks like a baby, but when he hits 25 or 30, he’ll look like a crazy person and have a big problem finding a wife. I think he’s the biggest jerk in the house, even bigger than Frank was. So I think I’ll root for the goofy girl. Why the hell not.


As good a freakin reason as any I’d say!!! <3


I agree. It’s been an entertaining season. Lots of ups and downs and weird people.


omg yes IAN please go on meds… your reasoning for the rocking is insane…


Thank God you psychos are in the minority. Danielle is not only the worst/most delusional human in the house, she’s also by far the most annoying. I have no love for Dan or Ian, but JFC at least they made some game moves. If Danielle wins, I’ve lost all faith in humanity because good things should not happen to such ugly human beings, and shame on each of you for promoting it.

Like watching paint dry.....,

This is for Goofy – you’re the biggest jerk! Why don’t you take some medication for your missing brain!


Take your son to the doctor, lady. Imagine him rocking like he does at 40. Not so cute anymore.

Like watching paint dry.....,

In that case I would buy him the best rocking chair on the market. Stop being so f***ing judgemental! I bet you are the person who stares and points at people who are different.


I wouldn’t worry about it. Goofy is fucked in the head. Seriously, he’s rooting for Danielle, which means in his spare time he enjoys sewing and peeing sitting down.


Did you miss the part where I also said she’s is crazy (earlier post) and that she doesn’t deserve it? Or do you read one sentence at a time and flush it right out? I’m rooting for the nice tits. And at least she’s funny crazy, not “OMG, what a freak” Ian crazy. Honestly, I don’t like any of those people so I don’t see why I should be serious about my pick here.


It seems that Ian’s condition is his own doing. He outright said he refuses to go on medication. As a result, he walks on his toes, he makes weird sounds when he talks, he mumbles to himself, he makes funny faces, and he needs to be constatly in motion. The dude needs more help than he realizes. And as I said, this may be awww cute at 21, but it is going to destroy him when he gets older. Someone needs to talk some sense into the little weirdo.

I am not going to feel sorry for him any more than an obese person who keeps stuffing his face no matter how fat he gets.


You need to start watching and reading about Ian he has ADHD and a form of Autisum give him a break!

Go Dan

Of the remaining QPers, I think she would only have a chance of beating Shane. She’s won some comps, but it’s pretty clear that she has been Dan’s puppet.

Go Dan

Well.. maybe she could beat Dan since he has a lot of haters in the jury. I still think that the jury will respect Dan’s play. I guess we will see.


i’m rooting for dan myself, but i think he’s completely screwed himself in terms of getting votes from the jury. i think he has a decent shot against jenn, but all other combinations put dan in a tricky spot where he can’t really claim he made every move without pissing off someone on the jury who thinks they made their own move or deny that he could have done what he did in a nicer less dishonest fashion as the person next to him will have played an almost identical game as dan without coming off as a cutthroat jerk.

meanwhile, danielle wins every final 2 in my mind as she hasn’t made any real enemies unlike dan and ian (can’t see either of them getting frank, jenn, or ashley’s votes and shane votes dani), and danielle’s played a much better game in both comps and socially than shane or jenn.

Ians Number One Fan

Don’t forget that she has posed in every mirror, multiple times. She’s certainly have the mirror’s vote.
Danielle will have to be on suicide watch when she starts reading about herself online.

Darranged stalker Danielle

i love Dan hes the best bb player socially…judging how he played on bb10 and hes better now… hes not going to take Danielle shes a big risk…. he will take jenn over her cuz jenns easy to beat…and Dan is only loyal to his wife not danielle he will cut her anytime…

Jury was not part of my dream

Danielle will read every single post about her…for months.


She is the one cramming her face with junk food every waking hour.
She does it to herself.


Hush-a-by Ian
On the new cot,
When the wind blows
The hammock will rock.

When the wood breaks,
The hammock will fall,
And down will fall Ian
Hammock and all.


You’re so clever.


LOL! Love it




Laughing tears with that one man, laughing pure tears!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Say what you want about the “Quack Pack” but I’m 99.9% sure if Frank didn’t go BEAST MODE and beat all 6 of the housguest in that HOH comp then all 5 quack packers would be in the final 5 right now. That would have been so vital to because Britney would have been able to get into Ian’s ear to put up Dan but they got 4 out of 5 to the final 5 and now all Ian has to do is pull out that last veto comp. Ian has been clutch when he needs to be let’s see if he can pull one more rabbit out his ass, TEAM IAN YO!

Gator girl

I am sure production will make easy for Ian. Memory, he is good at that.


I hate this kid, he’s arrogant and does nothing but talk shit on other people. I love how he tries to make it sound like he has the upper hand in every situation he was involved in.


poor Ian, look at you now, you dug yourself a deep grave. Ian doesn’t play in the next HOH, hey Ian, want to take a guess who plays in the next HOH? your quack pack alliance, Dan, Danielle and Shane. so guess who Shane, Danielle and Dan are gonna target for eviction? the lonely hammock kid who spent the entire summer dreaming of being the 5th person in a four person alliance. even if Ian replaces Dan or Danielle as the replacement nominee, Jenn is gone. Dan has Danielle and Shane in his pocket. Ian will not get through to them to evict Dan. Ian you better pray production has another custom made puzzle game for you in this next POV, because if it’s not, you’ll be quacking yourself to the jury house.


How did Ian dig himself a grave that makes no sense..He had to win veto and HOH or he would have been voted out already, so he is doing what he has to do to stay in the game. Hopefully he will put Dan up and get him out, a longshot I know, but if Dan gets out he can easily beat these other people in the mental comps and win if he is final 2. What has Danielle really done she won a few comps at the beginning of the game and hasnt done anything else and Jenn won competiton and has just got lucky, Shane has won more but if its mental comps I dont think he will do so well.


he dug himself a deep grave, because now all he has left to save him is the next POV. Ian doesn’t play in the next HOH. even if Ian places Dan as the replacement nominee, Ian doesn’t have the social game to convince Danielle and Shane to take out Dan. Danielle and Shane are gonna vote out Jenn. Ian left the next HOH open for Dan, Danielle and Shane, while he sits out. in the next POV it will be those 3 against him. two of Ian’s HOH’s consists of taking out two of worst house guests this season, Ashley. that’s quite embarrassing if you ask me.



two of Ian’s HOH’s consists of taking out two of worst house guests this season, Ashley and Jenn. that’s quite embarrassing if you ask me.

Ians Number One Fan

Custom made? I’ve seen these games on big brother for many years.


It’s been a couple days since i payed attention to the show,but i had to see what was going on,and just now watched the DE.I have to say i’m a little surprised at how the everyone handled the DE,and that the QP hasn’t turned on each other yet.That being said now is the time for Ian to make his big move,and nominate Dan in Shane’s place.The HOH is not important now only the POV so Ian shouldn’t worry about not being able to compete in it.My hope for the show is that Jenn wins the next HOH,and nominates Shane and Ian sending one of them home(all dependent on Ian doing what he should)leaving Danielle,Jenn and whoever for final 3.Then Jenn winning the final HOH taking Danielle to the final 2 and winning,and i think she should win if against Danielle.I know alot of people don’t think either of them should win but i think it would be poetic justice if one of them did

Roisin Dubh

I would love it if it went down that way. That just sounds so right.


This would be the ultimate revenge if Jen makes it to the final two and wins against Danielle. Thanks for posting!


Just so everyone knows what Dan said Boogie gave Frank his number, and Boogie would have weed dropped off at Jury house for him….

I hope he does, high jury members?


Joe will bake it in brownies for everyone!


Powerhouse Brownie Recipe:

1/2 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 handful of Joe’s secret sauce
1 bag of Chilltown herb
1 cup slop


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour an 8 inch square pan.
2. Take a dump and don’t wash hands while oven preheats.
3. In a large saucepan, melt cup butter. Remove from heat, and stir in sugar, eggs, and vanilla with bare hands. Beat in cocoa, flour, salt, secret sauce, Chilltown herb, slop, and baking powder with all fingers. Spread batter into prepared pan with bare hands.
4. Bake in preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes.


Personally, I think poor Ian could use a few hits. . . . . . . just saying. It’d sure help with all that anxiety and hyperactivity!!! He’d still LOVE that hammock though. Yeah, he’d probably just live in it. <3


Dude, swinging on a hammock and mumbling to yourself is not ADHD. Go watch the movie Rain Man. You’ll see a LOT of the stuff he does that’s almost identical to someone who has Autisum/ticks, it’s VERY possible for him to have a lesser degree of ASPERGER’s, he’s not a child anymore. The adult aspects of ADHD are much more subtle.

They don’t bounce off the walls, and sit in chairs rocking back and forth. If you watch Rainman, you’ll see him rocking back and forth in a chair, mumbling a LOT like Ian does.

ADHD is the inability to concentrate/finish set tasks. I’ll give you an example. It’s normal for people to say they’ll do something and they never get around to it. Someone with ADHD will pick something up, like fixing the kitchen sink. Get half way through it, and get bitched at by their wife because they moved from that to go mow the lawn. In the process of mowing the lawn, you finish half of it and move on to painting 3/4’s of the fence. Then you get inside to assemble the baby crib and get it almost all put up, but leave not only the rest of the crib pieces in the room, but leave the so they get stepped on. Ask that person to build a bird house? (happens to love woodworking.) I will spend what normally takes someone 4 hours to build? 16 hours, non stop, zoned in on that task to the point where the corners are squared, and it’s well rounded. Perfection, and when I show my wife she simply states. “Great, it took you 16 hours to build a bird house, meanwhile everything I’ve asked you to do remains half done.” rolls her eyes, and mutters. “I hate living with a child.”

That in essence is ADHD.


Doesn’t that just add a little intrigue to the picture??? Hmmmmm, I hope they don’t get so high they get the munchies during final two and try to give Joe the money for feeding them. Should make for an interesting finale!!!! I thought Boogie and Frank looked high in some of their DR’s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . I wonder if that’s why Danielle is always eating??????? Hmmmmmm. . . . . . . . .

Gator girl

I think Dan is trying to mist the fans into not voting or Frank for AMerica’s Favorite. No one knows where the jury house is. And the jury ish still cut off from the outside world. I would love for Frank to win because Ian, Dan and Danielle talk horrible about him all the time. The look on Ian’s face…..priceless.


I just wish Danielle would CHEW with her mouth CLOSED! She gets more annoying everyday!

Ian~ when Shane uses the veto on himself, please replace him with Danielle.

Dan & Shane~ PLEASE VOTE HER OUT!!!!! Thank you… :-)


Hush-a-by Ian
On the new cot,
When you feel dan’s mist,
You’ ll ball up your fist.

When the cot breaks
You’ ll know your mistake
And down from yourThrone
Cause you gonna a go home.



Geez Danielle, Pot calling the Kettle Hiding behind people!


Danielle talks about everyone, but she lied from the first day, I love that Dan did the funeral crap, slam the door on Brittany, yelled at Ian and everyone is fine. They should be happy that frank did go out with class because he could have blown up the stupid pack, not quack pack anymore Brittany is gone


If Shane uses his veto and Ian doesn’t put up Dan, he is stupid as stupid gets.

How often will he get another 1 in 5 chance at half mill???

no hater

Ian needs to not listen to DAN….. Dan will win it all again ….. Ian needs to get rid of him now……….


Yay, Go Dan!!!


It is a little to late to get dan out even if Ian put dan up instead of dani he would still stay because both dani and shane would vote to keep him so putting dan up changes nothing


I swear, Ian is so close, if he doesn’t break free of the mist….


I’m NOT convinced that Ian is totally misted. Ian is SUPER SMART, Sheldon Cooper smart, and I think there is a LOT more going on in his head than he’s “showing”. His brain is capable of processing copious amounts of information and he may be smart enough to NOT be playing all his cards just yet. I’m watching him though, cause sometimes his behavior makes me wonder about him, but he’s pretty good. I think I’ll know after this upcoming eviction. If he manages to get Dan out, then he can write his own check. $500,000 worth. He got rid of Boogie, Frank (on the 6th try), and to get out Dan too, would SEAL HIS DEAL!!!! This will be interesting!!! <3 <3 <3


The only way Ian could get dan out is if he gets shane or dani to turn against dan but i don’t see that happening


Ian could make a good case to Shane about voting out Dan. Dan has won before, and is too close to Danielle, but Ian is too focused on getting the Quack pack to final four ( whichdoesnt mean anything) Dan and Boogeyman were the only ones who even campaigned and worked people.


Ian is absolutely not Sheldon Cooper smart. I know to the layperson it’s kind of a gray area, but the difference between chemical engineers and theoretical physicists is seismic.


Biff the Chemical Engineer


hes book smart not street smart he is easily manipulated and isn’t very good at reading people.

NIkkie says'

I really hope Shane is just talking and not serious, making the statement that he fought hard to win the POV because he knew he was safe anyway. Please, please tell me he can’t be that naive to believe that they will not evict him out. Get a clue Shane if they evicted Frank, because he was good at comp’s why wouldn’t u think they wouldn’t do the same. I wanted Shane to atleast get second place if not 1st but at the rate he’s going he will get the stiffen only. Also I think if Ian is in that house any longer he going to crack up. He has said before that he needed to see a psychiatrist and I believe he was sincere.


DANIELLE is sooooooo exhausting, her self esteem is so low, she must be on medication.


Wake up jen talk to ian about putting up dan

no hater



You do know Ian can’t vote so the only way dan would go home is if shane or dani turn on him and i don’t see that happening. Ian wants jen out


That is true maybe she can get Ian and shane to realize that dan has a final 2 with them both


yep, if Ian doesnt win the next POV he is done. He might want to strongly consider getting out Danielle now. in the final 4 dan and shane wont put her up. ian should bounce her now then jenn floats to final 2 against who ever wins the crap shoot hoh and povs. Ian, this is the last chance for any type of game play before the crap shoots, u need to bounce Danielle now


oh god, I’m so sick of man child Ian talking about Frank and Boogie and Danielle’s pity party..I’m at the point where I’m ok with Dan, Jenn or even Shane winning…just send the other two away as soon as possible.


really cant handle Danielle winning this thing, that would be an atrociously horrifying situation. man is she awful on every front. Ian tell to pop a squat then get to steppin

Aqua Bernie

I agree with you, she is the most pitiful person! Get her a** out!


JEN have left the building…..


WTF is wrong with Jenn now? Oh, she’s angry she lost? Awww. What a lousy person. She won’t even come play with the other people. First went to sleep, and she’s been sitting all alone since she got up. She’s been as pathetic as contestant as Adam was last year. I’m so disappointed that whenever they get a rock/metal person, they pick these wannabe’s and idiots, instead of some cool, confident, in your face character.


Can you really blame Jenn?
It’s not like the others even remember she is there somwhere.
How can she really relate to them?
How much do they try to relate to her?
It’s pretty obvious they are all pretty tight, (the quacks).
Jenn does not know Dan and Danielle have really wanted her for their Final 3.
They have done nothing but lied all summer.
Yeah, she feels safe….


I think that we should start calling Dan: “Puff the Magic Dragon”!


wait a sec…i thought it was frank, boogie, brit, ash, and joe that were puffin’…


“Puff, the Magic Dragon lived by the sea;

And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee!


If Dan walks into the jury house that would be great tv


Better tv still would be Danielle going to jury.


If Ian is smart he should put Dan as a replacement nominee, since Shane won POV.

then Danielle and Shane should evict Dan

if they don’t they are fools…..


.What day is the veto ceromony?


dan doesnt walk into jury houses. i agree that jenn is absolutely horrible and pathetic. get your fat ass up and work these fools into keeping you around, its the smart thing for Ian to do now go spell it out to him. Get hillbilly chubbs (Danielle) on the block then bounce her out


Danielle: “No brown liquids and I’m down”

Does that mean Dani won’t go down on Jenn, (as Frank called her: “Brown Water”.


I don’t see any way Dan doesn’t make it to the final 3. If he wins HOH he makes it. If he wins POV he makes it. If Shane wins HOH and daniele wins POV he makes it. If Shane wins HOH and Ian wins POV Dan makes it. If Daniele wins HOH and Ian wins POV Dan makes it and if Daniele wins HOH and Shane wins POV Dan makes it. So I don’t see any way Dan does not make the final 3.


I’m with you. I don’t see a single scenario where he isn’t final 3.

Having said that I think it does go deeper than the mist. Danielle has no cause not to trust him and ride to the end. Ian wants him at the end to ensure victory (who besides Danielle votes for Dan…Jenn?). Shane is too preoccupied with figuring out why people say overzealous when zealous means the same thing and is easier to spell.

I wonder if Ian makes any attempt to convince Dan to vote out Danielle. I don’t think Dan goes for it (although he should, since I believe she’s unbeatable with the jury), but I keep waiting for Ian to actually make a big move like he talks about so much.

His recent competition run has been impressive (although being just a competition guy is the biggest shot he takes at his obsession, Frank), but look at the rest of his resume. He was a guileless rat, not trying to use information to manipulate, but just taking from one side and feeding it to the other (The single biggest blown opportunity in my eyes. He could have been Dr. Will in All Stars, playing the house and deciding who each side should target and when). Britney evicted Mike…not Ian, who did not rally a single vote other than his own against Mike (in fact he lost Ashley to the other side). Then with Mike walking out the door, he gives himself away and then goes into panic mode. After the funeral, he becomes unhinged as Britney heads towards eviction. Then he nominates Frank, but Dan gets the credit for his eviction as he could have swung the vote either way. Now he has the HOH and finally seems to realize that he was the fifth wheel in the Quack Pack and only became the fourth after Britney left.

So now’s the time for him to actually try to orchestrate something big. Treat Dan and Shane like you did Joe. Threaten them, treat them like your minions, and make a move. Sit Dan down and explain that Danielle can’t be beat and that her loyalty is divided no matter what she claims. Tell him you know you’re the target next week and explain why it’s a mistake. Remind him that not only do you have a better shot to win the veto than Danielle, but that there is no question who you would take to final 3. Tell him that Shane would have no shot in the final HOH versus both of you.

Ian once said earlier in the game that he did not care as much about winning as he did making it far and making waves. Fair enough. But now that you’re there, why not go for it all?


why havent they done any footage from the jury house yet? no updates or coverage of frank showing up. i guess this week. update on shane, odds still around 99.9% he’s gay and 0.1% that he is bi but prefers men. currently 0.0% chance that he is hetero


the footage of ashley sleeping while brit is sunning was a little slow…


Whatever ppl want or think doesn’t matter. This will happen 100%. Danielle goes up as replacement. Jenn gets voted out. Doesn’t matter who wins HOH next. POV is all that matters. NUMBER 1 Target….IAN. Next week is when business picks up.

Aqua Bernie

I think the worse thing about Danielle is last night she stayed by Jenn’s side all night bad talking about Shane. Now that Shane won POV, she’s all buddy with him. And Jenn is all down and she could care less. She hasn’t checked on her once. Danielle is a sh***y person.

Jen W

I agree, but I think I heard earlier that Danielle tried to be nice to Jenn afterwards & she snapped at her or something

Aqua Bernie

I know Jenn snapped at her yesterday when she was nominated. But everything was smoothed over later that day. Shane just asked about Jenn and Danielle didin’t answer him. Shane is more worried about Jenn. Danielle is just an a**!!


I drove by the jury house this afternoon, and I saw Frank and Joe installing a hammock in the backyard.


All the Dan haters will have to keep on hating because he wont be walking into the jury house. The worst is he gets voted out in 3rd place and goes straight to voting for a winner


@Mike.I’m a Dan fan too,but do you know why Dan is trying to convince Shane not to use the veto?Remeber Dan discuss that idea on Thursday with Danielle.They(Dan&Danielle)were going to evict Shane and have the final 3 be with Dan,Danielle&Jenn.But from what I’m reading it seems like they have no problem putting Danielle up and evicting Jenn.I wanted Dan to have the best chance at getting to final2 and winning the game,but with this new plan(evicting Jenn)how can that happen?

Dr. J

Everyone thinks Frank was a huge bully. How about Dan and the things he says to Danielle. Then he puts seaweed and tobasco sauce in drinks in the pepsi challenge. He about made Ian puke. I guess that isn’t being a bully just entertaining that he says mean things under the guise he is “just kidding.” Yeah right just kidding. I think the man does have a mean streak in him just not as big as some of the others. He loves making fun of others just like Britt did. If Ian can’t see the need to get Dan out then he deserves to lose.


No Dan isn’t a bully. And the seaweed thing was called a joke. There’s a huge difference. Frank was a bully and a punk. And he talks about dignity and class. He had non when talking crap about people with boogie. And laughing when boogie said what he was going to do to dans wife. First of all boogie is a disgusting old crater face so she would have nothing to do with him. And frank is a loser for not stepping up and saying hey mike that was a little uncalled for.


Right?? Frank didn’t even have enough class and dignity to become a Catholic school teacher and then come on national TV and flout it!!!! What a loser!!!!!!

biily bob

ian’s happy with final 4,he fullfilled a dream,that little shit’s gonna make a couple million in his lifetime if not more,he might invent some kind of wacking off hamock swing,so leave little rain man alone,he acomplished alot,the little tard did great.and he still has a shot to pull this thing off,1 more veto.quack quack,lol


I promise you–promise you–you are grossly overestimating the earning power for A) chemical engineers and B) Big Brother alums.


Did anyone else hear Dan ask Danielle if she thinks Shane would take $15K for his veto? Dani replied that he “would take less.” Dan said $10K and Dani said yes. Then Dan said $5K and she said no. Isn’t it against BB rules to offer other HGs things of value for benefit in the game? It’s still on the Flashback starting at 9:20pm on Cam 1. I think they should both be disqualified!


Yeah big brother kick dan out yes

production rigged it

as much as i would like to see it they’re not going to disqualify their golden boy, just like they didn’t frank when he cheated and even admitted it on camera.

billy bob

c’mon jenn go brooklyn on these fools,she looks like she’s plotting,go out like a g,start up the bus,and run these dumb asses over,


She better do something quick or she will be the next in the jury house


So now the 4 people moved to the backyard to have some fun there, and Jenn retreated back inside to be all alone. She’s mentally weak and socially awkard, and hides it all under the tats and the makeup and the black clothes. The anger issues she has that come out from time to time are because she doesn’t like herself. At least, Danielle is fun most of the time (or when she’s not obsessing about something).

2nd place james

Holy crap, you guys didn’t tell me you had a registered psychologist frequenting your site!


No need to be a psychologist. Just have a pair of eyeballs.


Dr. Freud, could you please examine the one actual mental case in the house–Danielle? She’s the fat, delusional one in the backyard. Thanks.


Jenn has no game. There is nothing jenn can say. Only Dan could have gotten himself out of this


I still see Frank returning into the house! I swear Julie said early on the first couple shows someone would be back later on! Here’s hoping.

Linda in Texas

YES Timmay, I heard Julie say the same comment.

So when Jeff came on the show I thought that was what she was referring to,

because she never said they would be back in the game. But maybe your



Did Ian really mumble about the mist? Or was that a joke?


@DanGOAT.But,remeber Ian mentioned the mist to Joe.So,that doesn’t mean anything because he still did what Dan told him to do(like put up Shane&Jenn).I bet you production will make the veto competition the morph faces,because they know Ian is Dan,Danielle&Shane’s target.I don’t think Big Brother wants to give Dan another check.Production is aware that the only person who will be a road block for Dan to be the first person to winn the game twice is Ian.Which is why the veto competition that is exteremly important for Ian to win,will be the morph faces competition.They(production)want to make sure Ian can win.I feel pretty sure that he will.So,now Dan has no chance at winning this game.Which sucks,because he played the best game.Dan used these people(including Ian)as his puppets.He truly is a mastermind and one of the best that played the game(along with Danielle Reyes from season 3,and Dr.Will).


i think we should all chip in to fly a banner over the back yard tomorrow…kevlar = [-CO-C6H4-CO-NH-C6H4-NH-]n


hey Simon, if it comes down to Dan and Shane in the F2, who you think the house guests will vote for? could Shane pull off the win? this is the way I see the votes.


production rigged it

that’s funny Danielle saying Britney didn’t have to do anything her season because she had Lane protecting her the whole time, that’s all Dan and Shane have done this season is protect her or she would have already been gone, not to mention that Britney won 4 comps during her season 3 povs and 1 hoh and danielle has only won 1 of each, just another example of how delusional she really is, she probably thinks she’s the greatest player in history now or if she wins she will anyway.


I THINK Ian will put up Dan in place of Shane but it won’t matter because Dan has those two mindless idiots in his back pocket. But did you guys think about this scenario next week: Shane wins HOH, puts up Dan and Ian (obviously) Ian wins the veto, Shane is then forced to put up Danielle and one of those two go home! Oh my God you don’t know how happy I would be hahahah hope that’s how it plays out!

production rigged it

from your mouth to god’s ears.


Lmao lets hope he comes through


That–*that*–would be a great day.


fingers crossed, wishin’ it happens…

Jenn's anger issues

Being a stupid dude, it took me years to figure out that many people are ONLY happy when they are angry. Jenn is a perfect example. Sadly, her “anger issues” are alive and well. Every time she’s put up, even as an obvious pawn – Jenn goes scorched earth. I get to be angry – YESSS!!!!!! Even though there’s no reason for it at all. Since she took Dan off the block, Dan has treated Jenn like a queen! He’s both taken her & kept her off the block. He’s had several, extended band/music convos with Jenn. (No one else does.) Dan saying to her (and actually meaning), “Jenn, I NEED you in this game!” Earlier, Dan was even helping Jenn when they thought “face morph” was the POV comp. Hey, I get Jenn hating Dan for Frank’s exit. But she’s still here! All her going “total b*tch” does now is seal her own fate. Jenn says she has a “great social game.” Earth to Arroyo! She 99% rejects all HG attempts to reach out/get along with her. Do/say something nice to/for Jenn? She forgets it within 5 seconds. Why? Because “nice” doesn’t let Jenn play her favorite card – “I’m being f*cked over – Again!” Then she can say,”Please ignore me, Bubba – I’d rather just stay in bed and feel sorry for myself until Wednesday!” Jenn’s SO psycho, I think Dan’s even bailing out on his own plan!! Jenn, it”s BB. PLAY BB!!!!!!!!


Who’s “Jenn?”


people get a “dark charge” from being angry or victim.


How ’bout this? Jenn gets evicted Wednesday. Dan then realizes that he can’t possibly win the 500K, going against any of the other 3 in the final. I believe Dan genuinely likes Danielle, Ian and Shane. All 3 could obviously really use the money. Any chance Dan decides to secretly “stop playing”, settle for 4th himself, and let the other 3 battle just it out for the cash? I don’t think it’s all that crazy, if you just stop to think about it. Maybe Dan can even “win over” a few of his Bible Haters!


I don’t think he swore on the bible, his wedding ring, and his grandfather’s cross to get to the final four.


Of course he didn’t, Biff. But Jenn is Dan’s ONLY 500K lifeline, he knows it, and she’s likely out the door Wednesday. Even “jury mist” won’t help Dan, vs. Ian/Shane/Danielle in a final two. So, like Kenny Rogers sang, “You gotta know when to hold ’em, and know when to fold ’em.” Danielle, Ian and Shane all think they have solid “final two deals” with Dan. Dan pissing off Frank and Britney, with 500K at stake, is one thing. But is Dan mega-pissing off TWO of his three closest, gamelong allies worth second prize (at best) to him? My way, Dan then goes from “Judas” to a “Rising from the dead, good and decent human being resurrected.” Dan would then always be viewed as “BFF’s Forever” by ALL 3 of the other HGs, AND most BB fans, for the class move. Biff, I’m not sayin’ 50K is peanuts. This “humanitarian play” could also vault Dan from “last to first” as “America’s Player,” which still snags “Team Gheesling” 25K, or 1/2 of the BB second prize. To me, Dan’s not known for making the bad play, even if it’s “outside the box.” It’s 100% “BB Gold.”


I cannot express how much I love Ian!! Dan needs to go and Danielle. I can’t stand those two!! Team Ian!!


Everybody hates Dan….but he makes after dark the most entertaining. The blind drinks & shots challenge was the funniest.

Boogie Nights

I think that if Ian doesn’t get Dan now, Dan’s going to get Ian Next week, and Dan’s going to be in F2, FOR SURE.

You may not like Dan, But if Dan wins BB again, He’s the All Time Greatest Player. His Tactics are Evil, he has no heart, He can lie to people with a poker face.

He will make it to the end.


I consider my self a great liar, and can talk my way out of anything, I’m a student of the Costanza school of lying. “Just remember…….. it’s not a lie……………. if you believe it”.

I would love to play a game like BB, I’d just hate all the cameras and live tv LOL.