Big Brother 15


Big Brother 15 was the longest season to date that ran for 90 days from June 26th to September 18th, 2013. Sixteen house guests entered the big brother house to compete for the grand prize of half a million dollars.

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3 Part HOH Competition:

  • HOH Part 1 Andy, GinaMarie & Spencer competed: GinaMarie won.
  • HOH Part 2 Andy & Spencer competed: Andy won.
  • HOH Part 3 Andy & GinaMarie competed: Andy won.

Big Brother Finale:

  • Andy Herren then won Big Brother 15 by a vote of 7 – 2, winning the grand prize of $500,000.
  • Gina Marie won the runner up prize of $50,000.
  • Elissa Reilly was chosen by America as America‚Äôs Favourite Player, and was awarded the $25,000 prize.
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