Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 9 Summary and Eviction Results




How the week went down

It started off on the end of Xmas’  “BIG MOVE”. Mark went home as was planned by Paul 3 weeks ago. Followed by Jason winning the endurance Head of household Competition. Paul’s plan was to put Raven and Matt up and make them think Kevin was the target, when POV was played Kevin would go up but Matt would still “go home”. Jason ends up winning the power of veto and not using it, he thought there might be a chance that Alex/Paul were wanting Kevin out and he didn’t want to take the chance. This Caused Matt to wet his bed, but we’ll get to more of that below.

Where the game is going

Jason can’t play in this week’s HOH. Alex plan’s on throwing the HOH to Xmas or Josh so they can put up Kevin and Raven and vote out Kevin. (not sure if Alex will actually throw the HOH but as of writing this (Wed night) it seems to be the plan) Alex and Jason think Paul is with them but of course he’s not.

Raven, Paul, Xmas, Josh plan to put up Jason and Alex and get Jason out. Kevin may go up as a pawn but ultimately they all want to take a shot at Alex and Jason. Josh and Xmas have been given many signs that Paul is playing both sides but it doesn’t seem to resonate with them. Even when they talk about it still doesn’t click.

Paul, Josh and Xmas plan to keep Kevin until final 4. Not sure where Raven sits in all this But I have a feeling Paul wants her to stick around.

Kevin is just going to have to survive this week anyway he can… As the only likable person left I hope he can pull a comp win out.

Big Brother 19 worst cast ever?

Fight Number 1 Boys2Men and the con artist wet the bed

Matt and Raven lose their sh1t on Jason for not using the veto on Raven and putting up Kevin. Matt keeps going on about how Jason has no balls, is a pu$$y, B1tch, etc etc.. Matt goes on about Jason’s embarrassing himself on national TV. embarrassing his wife.. etc…etc From my point of view during that tirade it was Matt who’s been embarrassing himself as he gyrates around squeaking about Jason being a lying b1tch. Jason was holding back laughter as Matt and Raven scream for a good 30 minutes.  B2men becomes so upset that he’s on the block with Raven that he decides to eat, Shower and Sleep where he wants as a have not. He also stops listening to production, not putting on his microphone not complying with requests. He gets penalized with a penalty Vote. Being the poor sport he is he’s also saying   Matt – “If [Alex] and Jason make it. I’m the first person in Big Brother history that refuses to vote”    Personally I think his stipend should get taken away but CBS is letting them get away with anything this year. BB production must be boy 2 men fans. . IT’S KRAKEN 



Fight Number 2 Josh and Xmas vs Kevin

Kevin makes the mistake of talking to Xmas and she blows up on him (he asked her if she was going swimming). Josh jumps in and the two of them start yelling at Kevin for being a liar. Josh calls Kevin out for taking the 25K, Kevin denies it says it was Josh that told him. Josh asks Kevin if he would swear on his kids. That was the final straw for Kevin. He told Josh to leave his f*ing family out of it. Kevin grabs a cup to throw it at Josh’s face.. Feeds cut..

After this series of fights Paul tells them they will have to blow up Kevin again after the HOH on Thursday. Alex agrees there’s going to be a round 2 she said. 


Fight Number 3 Matt, Alex, Raven VS Kevin

We didn’t see this fight as CBS now blocks them.. it was supposedly very heated with both Matt and Kevin turning it up a notch. Apparently Kevin said something to Alex that upset her and now the house is making him apologize to everyone. Not sure what it was, but I know he said things like, A shoe would beat you in the final 2, you’re the puppet master,..  Alex goes as far as saying   “I’m going to tell him [Kevin] straight up dude, America is going to hate you so go hide” . If you have been following what is going on the irony of this statement is awesome.

 Jason’s “joke”

I’ve heard many gross jokes before on the feeds. I know that there’s even some people that have really paid a price outside of the game for what they’ve said  (Please people leave their family and work alone). Jason’s statements towards Kevin were gross even if he was “joking”. Just more of the same this season. I’ll include some of the quote and time stamp so you can all go watch and figure out your stance on your own. (PLease note that this isn’t the first time r@pe jokes have been “funny” on the feeds BB16 had a flurry too but that was Arnie Grande’s brother so he got away with it easy) 

3:33:03pm August 28th, 2017  Jason – I’ll call that mother f8er every name in the book (kevin)
Jason – I’ll f* your wife.. when I get out of here i’m going to tie all your daughters and make them f*ing watch, you piece of sh1t
They laugh that Jason ‘crossed the line’
Jason – I was trying to think of the worst craziest thing to say

Alex tirade against Kevin

Alex not to be outdone by Jason went on her own tirade against Kevin. She literally is obsessed with shitting on him and when I say sh1tting on him I mean it she wants to sh1t on him. Here’s some lines to give you an Idea. Again use the timestamps to watch it yourself.. this is not an exhaustive list just some highlights.

August 29, 2017

11:38:28am   Alex – he steals my shi1t… He acts like on a predator shows.. A murderer .. 

11:45:02am Alex – he sees a weakness, that’s what ch!ld mol$sters do, they see which kids are going to f*ing tell.. They coddle them and they pet them it’s called conditioning

6:30:52pm Alex – you want to shit in his bed (Kevin’s bed) (Alex says she asked production and they told her that’s something you can’t do)

“his skin looks leathery .. you’re going to get skin cancer.. it’s already starting” -Alex

Alex – you (Kevin) are a coward excuse for a man that you are so afraid of losing to a girl so you are going to start all this propaganda because you couldn’t win

Alex – find yourself some sun screen because you look like leatherface.. F*




This season is bizarre and real drain to watch. It’s a distasteful style of game to watch. Just look at what one of these zombie sheep’s called Raven said the other day .. She tells Matt her ideal final 3 is Xmas and Paul. Matt explains she will lose against both of those people in the final 2. Raven says she’s OK with that. Matt agreed saying “Absolutely” .  

CBS is refusing to air a Show that even scrapes the surface of what is going on this season it just adds to the Kraken.  Ratings are holding 3 weeks to go This is BB19.

Results from the show

Julie Chen’s costume is bizarre like the season.

Jury house segment.

B2men – I want to tank .. thank CBS and BIg brother.. Raven is the best human I’ve ever met

Raven – Pacemaker gastroparesis … gastroparesis

They laugh at him breaking the rule and getting a penalty vote.

Alex votes to evict Matt
Kevin votes to evict Matt
Paul votes to evict Matt
Penalty vote against Matt
Xmas votes to evict Matt
Josh votes to evict Matt

Matt says he sacrificed his Game for Raven. Julie asks him when he decided that and Matt said Week 3..

HOH Competition is postponed due to rain

Double Next week

8:00pm Feeds on pound bunnies.. I suspect the HOH is being played.

8:27pm Feeds back

Paul tells Kevin to relax this week he’s fine.

Christmas is HOH (Alex and Jason are going up)

Alex going on how Kevin is Shady as f*
Xmas tells her there’s really no point to backdoor someone right now

Paul is pleading with Kevin to take his word he’s safe this week. He needs Kevin to calm down and keep to himself..
Paul – trust me..
Kevin – Everytime I’ve kept my word..

8:48pm Alex tells Paul she told Xmas to put her up against Kevin
Paul – just as a LOL
Potatoehead – yeah
(Alex and Jason thinks Kevin is the Target. Paul’s minions are reinforcing this in all conversations)

8:55pm Raven sad Simon happy

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196 thoughts on “Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 9 Summary and Eviction Results

  1. I’m actually hoping Josh or Xmas when HOH and put up A&J so that Alex and Jason can see unbelievable gullible and stupid they’ve been. I’m also anxious to see how Paul will continue straddling the fence after this hard line in the sand has been drawn.

    1. Easy, just like the Jason thing he’ll tell Alex and Jason that whoever put them up went rogue. At that point, Paul’s plan will be to get whoever’s left of the Alex/Jason combo to take out the last pair leaving Paul the pick of who to take. I doubt Jason survives just because he’s won comps that weren’t thrown to him and made a move that was counter to the hive mind so Paul won’t be able to claim that as his move.

      Saddest part is this cast seems perfectly fine with losing the half million because they think the “exposure” is worth more than that.

        1. Completely agree Marie, this season has the most oblivious house guests ever in history. Go on a show to get followers and notoriety and then act like complete vial bullies. It is like these house guests can’t even contain themselves from showing their true colours….even after a few production interventions to basically tell them they were perceived as bullying.

          I can’t watch this season anymore (live feeds), but now can’t wait to see Alex/Christmas/Raven/Josh/Paul/Jason all get evicted. I will tune in for that and Julie better damn well call these people out….because if she doesn’t the back lash towards CBS will gain even more momentum. I don’t care if ratings are holding up….because all CBS is doing is digging their own grave with all the lying and deception of their very own show.

      1. The annoying thing is, that paul is likely to convince alex and Jason to throw the veto to him so we can’t be backdoored (which would never happen because they are all brainwashed) and then he will save alex (who we all hate) and then nominate Kevin! Insuring Jason gets voted out!
        My only hope is Kevin winning HOH so we can send alex home!

        1. kevin winning pov and taking down jason would be amazing. raven goes up and then paul can’t claim xmas went rogue cuz he’ll be voting with josh and xmas to send alex home.

    2. Id like to see….Kevin win HOH, nom Alex and Josh, Alex win veto, renom is Xmas….break up the trio…either one can go.

      1. As much as I dislike Xmas I’d rather it be Alex and con artist Raven up there. I want to to see Matt’s face when at least three other people don’t jump in front of a bus to save Raven and she joins him in jury.

            1. With a high squeaky “angry” voice. The Matt/Jason blow up was embarrassing. Matt sounded like a fat angry bitch at a pie bake-off.

    3. Best thing would be everyone throw it to Paul and he then has to actually make his own moves this week. No longer able to straddle the fence has to pick his side now.

    4. This show has been like watching a scum pond grow more toxic. I’m done. After all these years we know that next season should include a psychiatrist and a few cops as protection. CBS is the purveyor of pond scum. Welcome to the future.

          1. And Julie totally kept all the bullying and hate that has been going on this season on the down low. Bogus! Shame on you CBS.

          2. I noticed also the lack of the usual mindless screaming when he walked out. Julie was disappointing–She should have smacked him hard upside his head for being so disrespectful. I hope the top 3 for AFP are Kevin, Cody, and Elena just to see the looks on their faces.. at least the jury is starting to see Paul for what he is doing. My hope is that he is not rewarded with the grand prize.

        1. Matt got no cheers it was amazing and he’s one of the better zombie sheep. I wonder if he realizes that when he goes to jury or if he’s just as clueless in real life as he was in he house. Also can’t wait for him to see what people think of Raven..

        2. My guess….. there was audience tonight for the live show. Not one look or wave towards the audience area by Matt. No live shots of an audience (Not even production workers filling the seats) Just my observation.

      1. Tonight’s show was just creepy to watch. Best part for me was the visit to the Jury house. Cody was great at reading the body language of everyone he saw on the tapes. Can’t wait until Matt has to hear the real truth about the ‘friends’ he left behind. But then again, he is so dense, it will fly right over his head. Can’t wait for September 21st.

        1. Oh he won’t believe anything Coby, Elena or Mark tell him. He’ll just chalk that up to being bitter for being voted out by the mighty minions of Paul! He will only believe how much they are truly disliked once the game is over and they get back out into the real world and see how their “tactics” have smeared and stuck to all 7 of those losers.

      2. I took a bunny to the garden for kale tonight, and my Siberian forest cat,Vladimir showed up for a brush and a cuddle…I have been dog sitting for a friend and my 3 cats and two huge dogs hated the pomeranian maniac! My chickens really hated him…he just left! Whew…long week! I was the only person who loved him!

        Big Brother needs cats and bunnies…it would calm these nuts down! But, Alex seems like the bunny boiling type, so, maybe not?

  2. Josh is soft, he can dish it out but he cant take it. Watching the live show and josh started crying again lol after getting in an argument with Kevin. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a season with so many guys constantly crying for no reason they really need to grow a pair.

  3. Thank you…..thank you……Simon for this review of the week! You and Dawg have made it possible for us to actually laugh thru this shit storm. I want to say something here but I am speechless as to how awful these HG’s are and the direction CBS let this go to!

    Enough said…..I am headed to the tip jar!

      1. i like the recap of Julie’s outfit as well.

        i don’t think i’ve noticed her clothes in other seasons as much as this one, they’ve been shockingly awful in a weirdly consistent way

  4. I think I’d rather watch feeds from the jury house. I’m glad those 3 have a good week together before the lunatics ruin it. Kraken!

    1. Well, between her fake crying tsunamis, while trying to talk and hyperventilate at the same time (pure optics), she sounds more like Bobcat Goldthwait !

  5. I wish the jury house had more air time. I would so rather watch Cody, Mark, and Elena rather than these ding dongs.

          1. I would suggest they delete ALL PAST internet history and do a COLD reboot…………not even sure that will help. At this point it looks like BB is DNR! After the whitewash given to Matt’s behavior, not sure how they will recover!

  6. These generous edits are insane, and I’m realizing Josh makes it easy for production to do it because of his tendency to get involved in every argument. Tonight’s argument started with Xmas yelling at Kevin, just like a few weeks ago when Alex yelled at Cody about cereal. In both situations, Josh got involved, shifted the argument and took the spotlight away from Alex and Xmas.

    In both edits, they COMPLETELY cut out the initial yelling, making it seem like Josh is the only confrontational person in the house. I wonder what production would do if Josh were gone and it’s not as easy to hide the truly vile nature of the other hg’s.

  7. Was Matt pissed about VETO not being used or did BB switch up the Capt. Crunch with that cheap store brand crap that tastes like cardboard? That was the most he moved around all season. Also it sounds weird for a grey haired guy saying Dawg and Brah!

    1. When Matt started yelling at Jason one of the houseguests should of yelled. ( Hey, look everybody Matts out of his coma. Welcome back Matt, incase your wondering your on Big Brother!….Dude!)

      1. That is very,very funny! Thanks for the laugh…btw,I think Matt is in a sugar coma! No organic cereal in that house! The food budget is low,low,low.

        1. Mark picked the apple with SAVE A FRIEND and gave it to Paul, thus saving him from eviction. However, for that week, there was no worry of him even being put on the block, because Mark was the target.

    1. They looked horrid tonight..I wanted to strangle them with those water toys around their waists… Should of had them around their knecks to hide their faces, way better..?

  8. On MATT
    He gave up his game after week 3?????
    Interesting that the audience was pretty quiet and had little reaction to his interview. No one laughed at his jokes. CBS editing didnt help him at all. There was no applause or clapping except when they cut to commercial. That silence should be a wakeup to Chen and CBS that people are hearing from TMZ and BBAD what is going on in that house. I have never seen an audience that dead for a houseguest. Just Wow!

    1. And then he made numerous comments about how Jessica throw away the money for Cody..and he called Raven honest ..he has to be the dumbest person ever

      1. When Matt talked with Julie about what a wonderful person Raven is and that she really deserved the money with everything she has been through, there were no sounds from the audience. I wonder if there was snickering, laughter, or boos, and CBS cut off the sound of the audience’s reaction to Matt’s ridiculous comments about Raven.

        1. There’s a hilarious blog today on Tamara Tattles about Raven and all her illnesses and wild claims. Still laughing.

              1. And she had to update it with all of Raven’s current/additional lies in the house! It just keeps going on and on… She might spontaneously “cum-bust” like those chemical gallon tanks outside Houston.

    2. Haven’t had a chance to watch yet as they’re not airing BB until 1am.

      I read on Morty’s though that he got a loud applause as he left the door. But the interview itself was silent, save for a little laughter when Julie asked him about cereal.

  9. OMG – the reception by the audience was very cold…LOL not one I would want!! Cannot wait to see everyone else’s except Kevin’s eviction…..chilly. Love Kevin’s message…basically suck it to Matt. LOL

  10. Thank the BB Gods! Tonight’s episode is pre-empted in San Francisco due to the Chargers @ 49ers game. Hope this costs CBS bank! Only reading updates here.

  11. So Matt didn’t sign the same CBS/BB contract as everyone else ? He decides which house rules to observe and which ones to disregard ? Oh, okay, I was just wondering. No repercussions other than production giving him a meaningless ‘demerit’, yeah like that’ll show ’em. Who fu*king died and made him fu*king King ? Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  12. At first I thought Shitzus were trying to gnaw Julie’s arms off. What the hell is up with the Sasquatch sleeves?

      1. I was coming on here to ask why Julie was wearing lampshades on her arms. Didn’t realize it was roadkill… Totally makes sense now.

      1. Simon, seems some of the houseguests from this season have hijacked your page. Don’t even bother to acknowledge their venom. BB should be paying you and Dawg for keeping the attention that you do on the show. I wouldn’t follow it otherwise.

      2. Just made a donation. Couldn’t get through a season of BB without this site. Thanks for all you do Simon and Dawg.

      3. You cannot catch a break….if you aren’t dealing with idiotic houseguests, you then have some dense comments to ponder. Well, this is the year you and Dawg are definitely earning your pay!

      4. Just left a big donation – a small price for all the time and effort you put into this site. It’s the first thing I read every morning!

    1. With a name like Florence, I can see why you’re angry at the world. Simmer down Flo, tips aren’t mandatory! Maybe for being so wretched, you should consider leaving extra though.

    2. Hey Ho! Are you related to that mudder fuc*er Simmon McSimmons? Kevin and I put a contract out on that mudder fuc*er and we will gladly add you in for free.

    3. I know a poor when I see one. I guess you expect the owners of this site to spend all this time and effort plus fund it entirely out of their personal income. I bet you are reading this site on your Obama phone while waiting in line at the welfare office.

      Don’t worry I will donate double to make up for you. Just know that the producers such as the runners of this site are tired of subsidizing the lifestyles of parasites such as yourself off the sweat of our brows.

    4. Oh crap. One of Julie’s sleeves got off it’s leash and now it’s trying to bite people.

      Away with thee, pathetic fop.

    5. Shame on you! These guys work tirelessly and one even had a baby this year and they still kept us updated on all.
      They both have jobs and do this on the side.. You sound like one of Paul’s minions. Entitled/Bash/retreat..

  13. I haven’t watched the last month or so of this season and it’s still the same as when I left it. Paul calls all the shots and the rest are sheep except for Kevin.

      1. Calm your tits…they never said anything bad about being gay did they? No! So are YOU insinuating that it is a bad thing to be gay, subconsciously? I bet you shout racist and nazi at people too. I also bet you think about race, gay people and whatever else the mainstream media tells you to think about more than the average person. People like you are bored, if you had real problems you wouldn’t have time to worry about all this crap. You look for problems when there isn’t one. Don’t worry about calling an anonymous poster on a big brother site homophobic. There’s bigger problems in the world you can direct this energy at. You’re not saving anyone with this, you’re creating a divide.

  14. I know the audience can’t boo anymore since Crusty but I loved it when Matt would try to say something expecting a response and the audience gave him nothing LOL

  15. That’s it ! I’m out ! I was hoping Julie might say or do something but nothing !!!
    And what was she wearing?
    Sadly, it would appear that ratings and money is more important to all involved this season and friends of the HG on the outside will probably believe that they had no choice and that it was scripted. Whatever, I would never want to be friend with people like that !
    Finally, there are so many other things to do and watch and that’s what I’m going to do. Thanks Simon and Dawg for a great job and for enduring all this crap!

    1. You read my mind…what the what was Julie wearing? Looked like someone attached a shag throw rug to the bottom of each sleeve. The mind reels.

    2. Think the fact that the most vile person in the house is Asian might have something to do with Alex’s great edits. Starting to think so.

  16. Well, they’ve done it. BB has become so truly abhorrent that instead of watching it, I’ve switched to reading Evel Dick tweets for my light-hearted fun entertainment on Thursday nights. I’d rather read evil than watch vile.

    1. BB has become so horrible, Evel Dick said he cancelled his feeds and does his internet show based on online summaries now.

  17. I hope the audience waits until the finale, when everyone comes out one by one. Just booo everyone they don’t like. CBS can’t do anything at that point! RIght?

  18. Thanks for the updates Simon. Crappy NFL game on in the St. Louis market so I can’t watch the live eviction. But surprisingly a good NCAA game
    as Indiana is leading Ohio State in a game that actually matters. Better than watching the CBS edit of BB. I’ll stay with OBB to see who wins HOH tonight.

  19. Can’t believe Raven is actually wearing that nasty ass orange tank shirt of Matt’s. Hopefully it was watched first but probably not she wants his smell on her. Glad we won’t have to continue to watch him play with his mouth continually. Serious dude has some kinda problem.

    1. He’s a loser momma’s boy who is a dweeb with women and now addicted to Raven-sex. His world has just opened up.

  20. That outfit had to be one of Paul’s designs. Looked like mangy poodle hides or something. I can’t get over it.

  21. Watching Raven cry is funny. Do they really think everyone leaves the game because they are all honest and never tell a fib to the people who’ve been against them since the start. Puhlease.

  22. Raven: you don’t have a pacemaker you putz. You have a vagal nerve stimulator and right now i wish it was shoved up your ass.

    1. Actually, a vagal nerve stimulator is implanted near the collarbone and is designed to stimulate the vagus nerve in people with epilepsy. Raven has a neuro stimulator implanted in her abdominal wall. After watching Raven and her mannerisms,I have concluded that the “other”disease that she “suffers” from is commonly known as “pretendinitis”. In other words,if you “pretend”long enough,you really do have”pretendinitis”. Matt has an almost opposite disease that is referred to as “Ireallyamthatstupid”! So mindful of that soap opera,”as my stomach turns”!

  23. Crap a race comp. Kevin will be out early and then Alex will throw it, and then Paul gets his way again! If they weren’t trying to throw it I think it would be between Paul and Alex. Hope she realizes that throwing it this late is a bad idea.

  24. Used tip jar. I was going to wait until season end but comment by Florence was distressing. She would have fit in with the cast of BB19, however.

  25. Hoping for Kevin to pull out a win so that he can possibly go against what the house wants. Would love to see someone do something exciting for a change. I know it’s unlikely, as Kevin hasn’t won much, but one could hope. It would be great if raven could leave right after. I’m sick of hearing her saying she deserves to win.

  26. Hearing Matt talk about Raven with Julie – I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Hey Matt you are in for a real BIG SURPRISE when you leave the house. You gave up $500k for trailer trash.

  27. Maybe Matt is more trailer park than anyone thought…people date at their own level. Birds of a feather- – – – (me thinks his dick is doin’ the decidin’).

  28. So they all bag on Jess for “throwing away $500,000 for Cody, but crickets for Matt who just did the same thing. Hypocrites. When Matt gets back to the real world hopefully his friends & family can warm him about Raven.

  29. Anyone else notice how quiet the audience was when Matt was on stage? Almost no laughs and mostly complete silence. It’s never like that and I hope he gets the hint that everyone thinks he’s as useless as a dick with a fingernail.

  30. Potatohead, trying to emulate pube-faced Paula with the stupid floaty wrapped around her, made me wish there was a big ole nail stuck in the back of the DR chair. She is a total POS and I will thoroughly enjoy her eviction most of all.

  31. Oh, my gosh, Matt is totally delusional. He really thinks he & Raven played a good game and she will make it to final2.Well, he’ll be surprised pretty soon.

  32. Paul, Cody,Josh,Kevin,Jason,Raven,Alex, Jessica, Elena,Mark,Matt has said or done something vile this season & for that alone they do not deserve AFP.

    Dom or Cameron for AFP… Or give the 25k to charity or bb bloggers

  33. Today was the first episode since the first 2 that I watched in full, had the fights on mute but the rest I listened to. Casual feed fans that only watch the show and stumble on this site must think I’m a crazy.. This explains some of the comments I get from time to time..

  34. I quit watching when it turned into Big Bully/Big Paul.
    I’m 10,000% sure that you have to bomb a mental evaluation to get on BB anymore and most of the sheep are BB production crew. They claim to be super fans but play like they’re trying to end BB.

  35. Great, they were dumb enough to throw it to Xmas. Now alex and Jason can kiss their duo buh bye. I don’t care how many toes I need to step on in final 7, for half a mil that’s life changing money, can’t be throwing hoh.

  36. Come on Kevin, go for an apple…I hope you get second VETO, so when Jason wins VETO you can choose to leave
    Alex’s A$$ up to be evicted! And should the plan go astray, you can save yourself!

    1. Actually what would really make the plan go astray…Kevin get 2nd Veto from the apple, Alex wins POV (hate her but still funny to watch this happen), Kevin takes Jason down….now Christmas must replace 2 people and only has 3 to pick from… Raven, Josh, Paul….watch the line be drawn. Raven and Josh and Paul go up. I hate Alex, but would love to see how dumb Christmas is and still not put up Paul, she would put Josh up.

  37. Geez, Matt, who knew you had that much energy??? Now that it’s too late, you finally wake up???

    Josh, OMG!!! Dude!! Will you ever learn to predict consequences? How many times do you have to jump into an argument, verbally attack someone you perceive to be weak, discover otherwise, and end up in tears? You’re always saying how smart you are, but it must be in some area that doesn’t show up in Big Brother.

    Raven!!! You and Matt will have plenty of time to lay down some more beats when this is over. ; – )

    Kevin, rumor has it that you think you can afford to just keep throwing comps (if, indeed, that is what you’ve been doing). Maybe wanna re-think that, buddy. Love ya, man, but you make Paul nervous; and we all know what THAT means.

  38. How did Christmas win HOH? I mean I know they threw it to her but it didn’t even look like one she could compete in. It must not have been what I thought it was. Stupid Alex, I hope Jason wins veto.

    1. Agreed. It looked like the Ready, Set, Go comp from the setup where they stare at the screen until they get the “GO” command. Maybe they all false started and Xmas could take her sweet time, I dunno

  39. Xmas tells Alex/Jason that Paul was behind throwing HOH to her and he is gunning for them. Put up Raven/Paul and vote out Paul. Its very simple. She doesn’t have the brains, heart or intuition.

  40. If you are a havenot and you eat food you get a penalty vote but why would you care if you weren’t on the block? If you feel safe, go ahead and eat. Paul could eat every time he’s a havenot and it wouldn’t matter. Do they save the penalty votes until you are on the block.? I don’t see how that would work, especially if someone actually was eliminated based on old, racked up penalty votes.

    1. Historically, if someone consistently violated the Have-Not rules, wasn’t the penalty removal from the house-no voting, no ceremony, etc.? It was an automatic, on-the-spot type of disqualification/ self-eviction. It didn’t matter if you were on the block. People have, on occasion, simply flipped out and become defiant. They had to be removed immediately. But who knows what Production is up to nowadays?

  41. Watching the the show right now and I know Simon or Dawg recapped the veto ceremony earlier in the week, but damn. I hated Maven before, but didn’t realize my hate could grow for them after seeing the edited fight on tv.

  42. Does Alex realize what her accusations against Kevin reveal about HER? I know she’s trying to make the “old man” look like some sort of hybrid child molester/criminal/demon seed/predator, but since these are all figments of her imagination, one has to wonder why her thoughts take such a dark turn when it comes to Kevin. She saves her darkest material for him alone. Yes, Alex, he’s older than the rest of you. He maintains a tan, so his skin and his age are reflections of it. What else ya got?? Oh yeah, he’s fed up with you and refuses to even PRETEND to eat at your table in the high school cafeteria.

  43. For crissakes, there hasn’t been a damn twist this whole bleepin season!
    Next up alex and jason!
    But I gotta admit, this is gonna go ballistic and be some must see BBAD! And its a double eviction next week! But watch, they will pussy out and nobody will torment Alex or Jason! damn….

  44. Only on BB19 could a woman with an injured leg, who technically should not even been eligible to play in this competition “WIN” a competition based on running a race! 5 other non-injured players (other than their f@*ked up heads) could not beat her in a foot race on a wet surface. I personally hate throwing competitions, but this takes the BB cake!

    You think things can’t get any worse and these idiots continue to prove that theory wrong!

    How will CBS edit this to make it look good to the general public?

    Another week down the drain for BB19 (unless somehow Alex goes home instead of Jason or Kevin)


    1. I’m on the east coast, of Canada…So it is late! However, after reading BADFROG68…I am gutting myself. I hope the rest of the household here, don’t wake up to my laughter!!

    2. Well Paul had dictated the order of them to fall out of the comp and to let Christmas win before they ever knew what the comp what. So I guess since production knew this they decided it was OK for her to participate since she wasn’t actually going to have to do anything. And from what I gathered from the feeds that is exactly what happened, Christmas never had to race, the others just false started in the order Paul had told them and Christmas won by default.

  45. Someone please tell me Matt was booed when he walked out. I’ve stopped watching the trash this show has turned into this season but will watch their exits if the audience is booing them. I swear if they get any cheers it’s proof our water is being poisoned and we’re all turning into Paul’s minions.

  46. I wish someone would get all Regina George on Paul and tell him,

    Stop trying to make gumpy happen! It’s not going to happen!

  47. The audience was pretty quiet. Either they weren’t really there or not responsive to Matt. He came across like he does in the house. Enuff said! :) I just heard Raven telling Christmas that he (Matt) said he was going to go after Cody in jury. (Verbally) really? lol

  48. There was one bright, shining split second of a moment a few days ago when Josh and Christmas were chatting and Josh kinda, sorta, hinted at the possibility of breaking ranks. Dr. Jekyll left the room and Christmas took on a MR.HYDE tone so menacing that it made my flesh crawl. She responded, “that sounds like you mean Paul.” Josh immediately backed down and it was as though she was warning Josh that she would not tolerate such blasphemy and that, no matter who else is on their hit list, Paul is off limits.

    Now that Christmas has figured out that Alex and Jason were the “rogue” votes, what else has she figured out?

    Was handing her the HOH a PARTING GIFT from the house? Is it really a gift if nobody else wants it?

    Does anyone have a clue that Paul is doling out HOHs as gifts because he wants to be free to win HOH when it really counts? Paul seems to want a final 3 with Christmas and Josh, but he has positioned himself so that, in the event of a MACHINE malfunction, he is part of EVERYONE’s Final 3.
    Oh, and Jason was destined to be the next target, irrespective of how he handled his HOH.
    Alex wants to blame Jason for “messing up MY game.” Alex, are you kidding? The current mission is to break up the pairs. YOU are part of a PAIR, brilliantine!!! And a winning pair, at that!!! POV is the best you can hope for…
    UNLESS that apple tree loses some fruit. Yum, Yum…DELICIOUS!!!!

  49. In what world does christmas win a race comp???? How do u throw a race comp to a gimp with a boot on!!! Did they put a motor on her scooter n let her burn out… This is by far unreal and so ridiculous…. How do u edit this to look like she even has a chance in hell… I bet u must feel real proud christmas that you had two hoh’s thrown to u not by winning them yourself… Foolish season foresure!!!!!!

  50. Hey Dawg, thank you for not stirring up the hate too much. Bullying a Bully just adds to the vitriol and encourages more bullying. It’s disheartening to see the amount of hate filled comments, a lot of them much, much Worse than anything the HGs have said or done. We talk with our peers about how they can dislike a person’s (or HG’s) words or actions and can even denounce their bad behaviour, without becoming bullies themselves. Two wrongs don’t make a right. #endbullying #teensagainstbullying #bullyingnoway

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