Kevin – Christmas and Josh are being like two little puppets.. They just do what is said..

1:37pm Kevin and Jason..

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Kevin – I never f* you Paul or Kevin..
Kevin saying they brought Josh up here to check in on them.
kevin – what we can’t talk anymore..
Kevin explains that they were all outside sitting in the backyard and he was off on his own so he decided to come upstairs and talk to jason. AS soon as he does
Kevin – who’s the sucker who do they send everywhere
jason – josh
Kevin – think about it
Jaso – why do they care what we talk about
Kevin – we’re the oldest guys here.. family guys I can’t talk to you. They want me out that bad then put me the f* out
Kevin -see what happens.. when I do go to the Jury you will f*ing win.
Kevin – they’re all lying sneaks that pushed people around.

Kevin – I will never stop, I’ll get into all their faces.. I’m trying to play the game on social game..
Jason – I don’t think they want you out

Kevin says he’ll go up as a pawn against Xmas – “I ain’t no baby”

Jason – what happened is exactly what Alex said would happen.. She said if you don’t put someone up in Raven’s spot those two will hate your f*ing guts
Kevin – so what.. They hate one other person more than you, trust me the one that’s telling everyone what to do
Kevin – don’t be so fooled that you think unfortunately that’s your best friend.

Kevin – everyone who’s left here has talked about her Ja.. I’m not trying to get in between you you 2 I don’t give a f*
Kevin – don’t be fooled they are going to pick a father who’s been nice to everyone over because they think you are being manipulated by her (alex) I’m Telling you

Kevin – you think when two weeks pass by they are going to hate you still.. It’s just a game and who’s the better person when we get to the end.. It’s who the better person is that wins
Kevin – no the one that put them on the block… C’mon Ja
Jason – I wasn’t lying (about not telling Raven that she’s safe)

Kevin – Christmas and Josh are being like two little puppets.. They just do what is said.. So what you go out 5th or 4th what’s the f*ing difference..
Kevin – i’m 56 I’m not going out before Josh that’s f*ing embarrassing.. I don’t care what he f*ing did I raised 7 f*ing kids that’s more important than a f*ing game..
Kevin – I’m telling you, You get to final 2 ain’t nobody going to vote against you..

Kevin – i’ve been watching Xmas teaching Josh the whole time..
Kevin – the only reason he came up here is because they told him..

Kevin – worried about the final 2 we still got 8 mother f*ers
Kevin – I’m not trying to get between you and Alex..
Kevin – in three weeks they won’t be 1 hate jason..
Kevin – you’re talking about the final2 f*ing vote that’ s a month away

Kevin mentions how Alex keeps talking about the final 2 it’s a bit early.

Kevin – you’re my partner I’m never voting against you I won’t do it.. I didn’t know you were going to flip and vote out Matt..
Jason – you knew I voted out Matt I told ya
Kevin – yeah and I never told anyone just like you asked me (Jason knows Kevin told Paul)
Kevin asks Jason to help get Alex off his back..

1:49pm HOH Paul, Jason, Alex and Josh

More shitting on Kevin headed by Alex, Paul and Josh.

2:08pm Alex and Jason
Alex says the best thing ios for them to get Josh or Xmas to win the HOH so they can take Raven out. Then her, Paul or Jason wins teh HOH after that and take out Kevin.
Jason says Matt just wanted to look like a tough guy
Alex – it was his last chance..

2:10pm MAtt tells Raven he’s going to take the penalty vote by eating food as a have not. Xmas will aslo vote him out.

2:15pm Josh and Paul Dancing because Alex says she’s throwing the HOH to him or Xmas. Once they win the HOH they are going to take out Jason or Alex.. (HAHAHAH)

2:16pm Xmas yelling at Kevin for asking her if she’s going to spend time at the side of the pool. She’s also pissed that he asks questions that he already knows the answer to.

Josh jumps in starts screaming at Kevin calling him a liar..

Kevin proves he wasn’t lying.. Tells Josh to apologize..
Xmas continues to yell at Kevin in the background.
(it’s their plan they are going to to to Kevin what they do to everyone)

Josh continues to pester Kevin.. Kevin says he doesn’t want to talk to
Josh says he’s heard Kevin make comments.
Kevin – Josh, I don’t talk about you don’t flatter yourself.. don’t make things up..

JOsh – You played yourself.. You’re a liar..
Kevin – it doesn’t matter to me Josh..
Kevin – You better be cool i’m telling you that, I don’t give a f* about no mother f*ing game.. I’m telling you you’ll be in the DR f*ing pouting like a f*ing baby
Kevin – call me a liar again..

Josh calls him out for lying about the 25 K. Josh tells him to swear on his kids
Kevin – don’t bring my f*ing kids up mother f*er
Josh – Liar
Feeds cut
Kevin – I don’t give a f* about you.. Shut the f* up.. shut the f* up
Josh – you’re a liar
Kevin – you’re a big mouth fool..
Kevin – shut your f*ing mouth.. Say something about one of my family members again.

2:28pm Feeds cut.. (things were getting very heated)

3:00pm Feeds cut to pound puppies.. (OK this might mean something is up)

3:30pm Feeds back Josh, Alex and jason shitting on Kevin in the bathroom.
paul shines a light that Kevin already having 40 thousand dollars.
Jason says Kevin tolds him this is what the house does they sic Josh and Christmas onto people get them on the block then vote them out
Josh – who do he thinks we are

3:33:03pm Jason – I’ll call that mother f8er every name in the book (kevin)
Jason – I’ll f* your wife.. when I get out of here i’m going to tie all your daughters and make them f*ing watch, you piece of sh1t (hard to find someone to like this year)
They laugh that Jason crossed the line.
jason – i was trying to think of the worst craziest thing to say

Paul tells them they will have to blow up Kevin again.
Alex agrees there’s going to be a round 2.

3:34pm For some f*ed up a reason Kevin is the one apologizing to Xmas and Josh for losing his cool. ( KRAKEN)
JOsh – Kevin i’m not gunning for you..
Kevin – I’ll never touch you that’s my word

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161 thoughts on “Kevin – Christmas and Josh are being like two little puppets.. They just do what is said..

      1. It literally made me sick what Jason said about F ing Kevin’s wife and tying up his girls to watch. Just horrific. It was bad what they said about Cody Now this …it’s beyond words. CBS is disgusting too let’s see how they edit that.

    1. Do I thumbs up to agree with Simon or do I thumbs down for the situation………. this is so ugly. How do Simon and Dawg feel mentally watching such f’d up bb playing?

      I hope they pull the plug and just end the season. Just fast forward and do a sextuplet eviction to just end this season, give Paul the money and end Grodners baby.

    2. They’re all going to pop a vein in their heads LOL…They all look like tomato heads with all that hollering tff.

    3. I’m with you Simon that Xmas IS a vile human being. I keep telling people about her that don’t go online to catch up on websites like this. They just don’t want to believe me …

    4. What a bunch of no class losers…Jason and Kevin are alright but the others are just a bunch of disgusting idiots that are sowing a lot of seeds of disgusting nastiness which they will reap upon their return to society.

      1. I used to like Jason. I can’t believe he made that statement about having sex with Kevin’s wife and tie up his daughters and make them watch. What the flock!!!!!!!!!

        1. Is Jason saying that to act a part of being in with the minions? Is he aligned with Kevin? That was a good speech Kevin gave him earlier about them all talking final 2 and by the end no one will hate him. But then I read Jason sh*tting on Kevin. Do you guys have a sense of what is going on underneath?

      2. Are you kidding? Did you not read what Jason said? You don’t think that was disgusting? Wait till his friend Kevin finds out what he said about Kevin’s wife and daughters. And everything else Jason’s been saying behind Kevin’s back.

      3. I miss the good old days of BB, when the worst thing that happened was Shannon using Hardy’s toothbrush to clean the toilet. BB called her out for obvious reasons. This season has been a train wreck. No class losers, indeed!

    5. She sure is vile, & Josh is just a fat punk. This crew is full of undesirables. Kevin has a wife; who does Xmas think she is correcting him. That’s how you get a beat-down from a man’s wife.

      1. That’s not all Xmas has done to get a beat-down from Kevin’s family. What about the way she was cuddling him and laying her head in is lap?

    6. Well these idiots have finally sealed their fate outside of this house….good going geniuses….as if you werent hated enough!

    7. It has become very predictable….even when it wasn’t (and isn’t) obvious to the lemmings who watch the taped shows….

      If not for this site, well, one would be waiting until next year hoping for a better cast of “characters”…

    8. Compared to what Jason said about Kevin’s wife and daughters, Christmas is a saint. I think Jason’s the vile one here.

    9. CBS needs to think about their liability by letting this bullying get so out of hand. By them letting this continue don’t be surprised when something really bad happens. CBS can not say they have not been warned. The network should be ashamed.

      1. I agree because the audience that watches this is impressionable. I have a 20-yr old niece that acts 13 and looks just like Raven with a pouty face, exaggerations and frequent pity parties. Don’t need them thinking this is how you “negotiate” or get your way.

    10. I just heard Raven call Kevin “that old motherf—.” Wow, she’s got some nerve. So now CBS and Production has been ok with bullying, ageism, sexism, fighting, need I go on. I can’t wait for Kevin to get out and hear what these pieces of crap have said about him and his family. How this great “social experiment” from when it first aired, has now descended into the gutter.

    11. Paul is such a evil man turning his dogs loose on old Kevin……it was shocking even to me cause I love this shitshow…..Paul really does make it fun in a sickening way if that makes sense….I don’t know this season is super dark don’t know what to even make of it.

    12. Man, I was actually girl crushing so hard on christmas….i just can’t do it anymore. And, I’m usually very loyal so I was still hanging on for Paul but this crap is just too much. And that shit Jason said was horrible no matter the context! Kev is going to really be hurt by that. I was really starting to root for Jason too

  1. Kevin – You better be cool i’m telling you that, I don’t give a f* about no mother f*ing game.. I’m telling you you’ll be in the DR f*ing pouting like a f*ing baby
    Love Kevin….LMAO…so so true!!!!

  2. Ah … the house bullies Christmas and Josh are back at it. All under the direction of the tattooed midget.

    Alex is a moron extraordinaire. Why would anyone go after Raven? She’s who you want to sit next to in final two.

    It’s like she only has a brain stem or something.

  3. Paul is such an ass making his minions do his dirty work for him. Didn’t Josh just say to Xmas that he wasn’t going to do Paul’s bullying for him anymore? The “men” in this house need to grow some balls and tell Paul if he wants to terrorize people he should man-up and do it himself.

    1. What do you mean men in the house…………………..some are wearing tutus, girls socks, nail polish, girls tops, girls pants. The house is full of girls. (The only man of the house is now sitting in the JH.) There is one baby in the house, he should be kept in his play pen, with blankie, and binky in his mouth.

    2. I wish someone would grab him by that dirty and disgusting beard and drag him and that manly, fat faced Alex out the front door. X-mas is just a used up old man hag. Josh and Raven are two pathetic creeps, who should have been evicted weeks ago.

    3. Thats only one playing the game in my eyes.. Is PAUL. .he deserves the win. When u get everyone to do the dirty work…hats off to paul…#teampaul

  4. Finally, everyone calling the other out! Yet, Paul remains safe. I’m not sure whether Paul can survive this storm and whether or not more and more will come out – especially today.

  5. Whoa. . .I have a feeling something really bad happened. I’m just hoping if someone was pulled from the game, it was Josh and not Kevin. Josh is too immature to be playing BB. Whoever did the psychological tests this year needs to fired.

    1. I agree Josh & Cody are very different, neither could handle the social aspect of Big Brother… Everyone else fit the BB HGs standard.

  6. How is it possible that they keep getting such vile people to participate? I miss the days of actual GOOD game play. Many of the players were dicks, but it was in the context of a GAME. This stuff feels like scary real life nastiness.
    I had such high hopes for Alex and Christmas. Now, I can’t stand the sight of either one of them. And Paul? I was a fan after last season….now, I think he’s a little Napoleon.

  7. This has got to be by far the worst season ever!!!! And I’m very surprised CBS has not stopped all this bullying and attacks that is happening in the house. It’s one thing when ur playing the game but when u have a person (Paul) egging Josh to go inside and start with Kevin that is absolutely disgusting. Enough is enough and production should b giving these ppl warnings.

  8. For Most of the season, Kevin seemed to be uncomfortable in the house and, at times, even sad. Now this?? Paul trying to get a 23 year old “man” to go after a 56 year old man, is beyond words!

    Big Brother used to be fun, not anymore.

    1. I don’t have the feeds, but to reference the obb feed, i think Josh instigated it, Kevin just defending himself . Don’t blame Kevin cause he got heated by a child minded bully

  9. PAul, Xmas, Josh, Alex, Matt and Raven are very vile nasty people! OF course BB will whitewash this bullying to and make these disgusting people the victims again. Despise these people!!!! I hope Karma hits them all once out of house especially Paul and he gets his butt kicked!

      1. THANK! We get a percentage based on how much $$ are sold. We really don’t know the specifics just that XX amount of goods were sold and we get XX commision.

  10. Stop embarrassing yourselves n get a clue, why paul is always starting crap n letting everyone take the heat for it. Grow up and play your own game not Pu$$y Paul’s!!! Im soo sick of Paul n his crap talk game or should i say productions favorite boy to win it by ruining the entire game of bb this year! Take Paul out already!!!

    1. i think the ironic thing is that this has the potential to bite him at jury.

      jury asks paul what he did.

      paul says he manipulated them all.

      jury laughs, calls him a floater, and votes for whomever he’s sitting next to.

    2. You bet! Obvious that CBS gives Paul and Josh 90% of camera time. Sick CBS. Juli,and everyone associated with BB. I watch only because I want to see cry baby Josh and little napoleon loose.

  11. Paul is building heat towards Josh to take him to the final 2 for a guaranteed win, but let’s be real anyone will lose against Paul except Jason.

    1. Just because Paul tells them to jump off a cliff doesn’t mean they actually have to r?a?p?e? ?K?e?v?i?n?’?s? ?w?i?f?e? listen to him.

      The evilness we see is already in them. He just basically told them it’s okay to let it go. Don’t shoot the messenger for their actions.

  12. Seems like alex is throwing hoh so that they can take out her ride or die! No one should be throwing anything right now, especially since jason has protected her. Hopefully, next week, if her and Jason are on the block, he can save himself, and they can send her home for throwing the hoh!

    1. No, Kevin told josh right after it happened. He told Paul after he told josh. Then last week, or the week before, Josh told Paul (not realizing paul already knew).

  13. Raven crying hysterical? What the heck? She was happy when it was Jody or Marlena being targeted but she thought they were not going to target the last showmance left? Ugh these people make me sick, xmas is such a Hipocrite, she’s attacking Kevin now and josh trying to get in on it. Alex and Paul are the biggest jerks and BB has hit an all time lowest of the lowest in HG that are pure shit!

  14. Its a Game people Grow up, these people aren’t like that in real life, all will be forgiven when there out, if you don’t like it” Don’t Watch” every year it’s the same thing, I’m done watching, I don’t like this or that! for goodness sake stop watching and shut the fuck up already!! If they are pissing you off, there doing there job, Go Big Brother!!

    1. There is a difference between game play and harrasment to the point of trying to make someone want to hit you ….you get evicted/tossed out of the game… bullies like Alex Halloween, Paul and Josh can go further? Is that being social ?

      1. If you are dumb enough to hit someone on tv then you already lack the social skills needed to win the game. If you have the kind of temperament that may end with you hitting someone, don’t sign up.

    2. It’s they’re not there…and you STFU, this is a forum for people to make their (not there or they’re) opinion, and vent their frustration, and that is what they are doing. You grow up, or go to another forum where every one is tossing sparkles into the air (not heir) and playing patty cake

    3. I had to reply to this. These people are absolutely like this in real life! You can’t hide who you really are for three months. The real you has to come out. I know it’s hard to believe that people could actually be this vile, disgusting and stupid but that’s exactly what they are. Also, I’m sure a lot of the people come here to vent. So practice what you preach and if you don’t like that, don’t come here and read the posts! I have stopped watching so why don’t you grow up and stfu?!

    4. Exactly how is saying your going to F someone’s wife and tie their daughters up to watch.. game play? Seriously that’s playing BB? That’s strategy? Enlighten me.

    5. What planet are you on? A camera is following you 24/7 your family is watching and you behave this way and you think they are playing a Game? This is their true colours! They can’t control themselves!

  15. BB or CBS should of put a stop to the bullying the minute it started with Paul and his minions and Josh should of been evicted weeks ago when it started along with Christmas, Paul, and Alex for egging it on! This is by far the worst season ever!

  16. Paul should be called into the DR and told if he doesn’t stop with this bullying stuff he can get the f**k out. Josh should be shown clips of Paul telling others he can sic Josh on people and realize Paul is using him. Hope to god they have a HOH that Kevin can win this week.

    1. If they ever did that, Big Brother would stop being a “social experiment”. Everything done on the show (minus the physical violence) is part of the “social experiment”.

  17. Christmas and Josh are delusional and living in the past reputation of Paul. Yes he was popular last year, this year complete change and Christmas and Josh probably believe they are the popular players this year because they do everything that Paul says, so America must love them right? This is what happens when people seek validation and Christmas and Josh are two of the biggest validation seekers in the house. Only people that seek others approval fall in line and become mindless.

  18. I’m sorry, but Christmas is so lame. Her fights are boring. You can tell she’s a miserable human being that has to make others around her feel as miserable as she does = “misery loves company”

  19. I am waiting for the Trolls to come along and say how Paul & Xmas are such great game players now!!!
    This is truly playing dirty and being a punk doing it going after someone and doing in a whole house verse one mentality. Paul is playing the biggest coward in game history.

    1. You are just butthurt they are playing a flawless game within the rules provided. If it wasn’t allowed production would have stopped them by now. Would you rather give the title to Raven for her sword swallowing skills?

      Winter is coming. Christmas shall reign!

  20. I can’t WAIT until Alex and Jason are sitting on the block next week and realize that Paul has been bullshitting them the whole time!

    1. How did he lie if he told Josh the truth? Josh and Paul are the ones lying about it.

    2. If someone spoke trash about my family, I’d crack each mofo over the head with a bottle. And then self evict. Screw the $500K.

  21. Once again Paul walks away squeaky clean after orchestrating a major blowup in the house. Karma is dead. Ouch, I just stubbed my toe, sorry Karma I should have figured you have a bigger plan in mind later.

  22. Paul is literally ruining this show by instigating all this bullying?! So sad because we try to teach our children not to bully and they just encourage it here to get someone to lose it and get kicked out of the game! WTH this sucks – it use to be a game about strategy not bullying! I hope like hell Paul doesn’t win this game – that will just say bullying works?!

  23. poor kevin.. he should have seen it coming once xmas gave him shit for asking if she is gonna sit by the pool.. such an innocuous question and he gets slammed for it.. he’s all perplexed and whammo.. the dog pile.

    i really question the necessity of this.. who does it really benefit? why would xmas and josh give a toss if kevin makes himself a bigger target or not.. he was already obviously a target.. did it NEED to be bigger? if anything they jeopardize their chance at his jury vote….

    kevin deserves more respect from these people.

    1. Xmas was just being a b!tch for no reason. She acted like Kevin is an idiot for asking her if she’s getting in the pool because of her boot. She got super bitchy but then kinda tried to downplay it by saying we’re all crazy bitches. Then she told josh to stay out of it, but he just kept going on.

      I really thought Kevin must’ve knocked josh out lol. But then feeds came back and they were both still in the house, so I guess not.

  24. 2 people stood up today and showed what they really are. Jason couldn’t have handled himself better today with Matt. He let Matt look like the fool. Matt calling anyone a b!tch is hilarious. Also seeing Kevin not put up with Josh’s (Paul’s) crap and shut that down right away was great. I really do believe he cares about his family more than the game and those guys will make huge mistake if they try and bully him.

    1. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, I read what Jason said about having S@x with Kevins wife and tieing up his daughters and making them watch??!! Disgusting. I realize he didn’t probably mean it, but way out of line. This whole cast has been pieces of sh!t. Done.

      1. How does something that disgusting even enter your brain. That’s his thought process? Twisted person. They all are sick people. Ick

      2. Right. And for that reason Paul deserves to win. Let’s stick with the old piece of shit we know. Better than dealing with fresh shit. Their stink is harder to remove.

  25. Kevin is the one apologizing?!?!?! Kevin hasn’t done a fucking thing to apologize for!

    Time to stop watching BB and go outside and play.

  26. I’m really surprised Allison Grodner and CBS have let this horrible show continue……I would be embarressed to be Julie Chin……………….I have never seen such vile evil people on BB and I’ve watched it for years ! ! ! Josh is mentally handicapped and Paul is the antichrist in person…………….Give him the damn money and call it a day ! ! !

  27. Did I read correctly? Jason said he would tie Kevin’s daughters up and make them watch him f@#$ their mother????? So sad he’s breeding.

    1. I was shocked when I read that comment. So much for hoping maybe Jason was different from the rest of them. He is just as vile maybe more so than the rest of them. Just when you think another human being can’t go any lower ….surprise! His wife must be sickened by that comment. I would have a hard time if I heard my husband entertain such a thought. Disgusting!

    2. I was shocked when I read that comment. So much for hoping maybe Jason was different from the rest of them. He is just as vile maybe more so than the rest of them. Just when you think another human being can’t go any lower ….surprise! His wife must be sickened by that comment. I would have a hard time if I heard my husband entertain such a thought. Disgusting!

    3. Fake News. You took this out of context. Here’s the whole thing.

      3:33:03pm Jason – I’ll call that mother f8er every name in the book (kevin)
      Jason – I’ll f* your wife.. when I get out of here i’m going to tie all your daughters and make them f*ing watch, you piece of sh1t (hard to find someone to like this year)
      They laugh that Jason crossed the line.
      jason – i was trying to think of the worst craziest thing to say

      1. NO it was not taken out of context that statement whether the intent was to fulfill it or not was beyond vile and disgusting! It reminded me when Frank made the comment about raping Dan’s wife years ago! These “so called” men to even joke about raping women and CBS/BB to even condone comments like these by not speaking about them makes me sick to my stomach! Jason who is married and expecting a child is a POS! VILE, EVIL people this year!!! No one deserves to win! TAlking about raping women is not something to laugh about ever!!!!

      2. So joking about it makes it okay?! I liked Jason. I thought he was different than the rest. But when I heard he uttered that vile grossness, my support of him took a nosedive, along with the rest of them. Just a really grotesque bunch of human beings in my opinion. I can’t imagine anyone uttering that and thinking that was okay on any level, nevermind thinking it was funny! Bleh!

      3. Fake news? And then you give a direct quote proving it’s not fake? His comment is in no way funny and he should be reprimanded by CBS. His wife must be horrified!

  28. I think that Paul has everyone so mind f@cked that he will most likely make it to the final 2.
    Here is the problem…
    Once people start to filter into the Jury house they will all find out that he had separate final 3 deals with everyone. I’m sure they will NOT be pleased and they’ll probably be a bit embarrassed that they were all so STUPID! Say Baaaaaaaa little sheep!

  29. Dear Kevin,

    On behalf of all feed viewers everywhere, we’d like to thank you for 1) standing up for your family (nobody does that anymore) and 2) sparing us all from watching you be nitpicked to death for ANY part of the rest of this season.

    Spare the rod, spoil the child (and dog). Way to step up, Pops.


  30. Gross, disgusting,vile, mob mentality, violence instigating, no class players who are all being rewarded with money every minute they stay in the house….. no integrity, no intellect to play the game with class…. but that’s just my opinion….. I give a shit about my integrity….. these jokers could care less…..

    1. Firstly, anyone who uses the faux-word “libtard” is mindless.
      Secondly, the white-trash bullies in the house are Trump folk.

  31. Omg !! I try so hard to stick with Jason because for the most part he is funny and entertaining. When you see him talk about his kids it’s endearing. When Matt is going off on him he stays calm and cool. Then he gets with his buddies and talks about what he will do to Kevin’s wife in front of his kids !!!!!! Seriously!!!! Just please bring Victor back. Maybe he can teach these people how to be a decent person and play BB at the same time.

  32. Whatever Jason!
    I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if someone said that about your wife and children. Dumb as nails!

  33. How is it that none of you are picking up on Kevin’s threats. Why do you think they went to fish. Kevin has made a number of threats his are just a bit more subtle. As for what people are doing in the house, all I can say is that until you are in a game for half a million dollars you do not know what you would or would not do. Survival and competition comes out much stronger that you may think. So, while you can like or dislike how someone is playing, there is no need to call people names. Let’s face it, if you do then you are no better than the people you are talking about.

  34. Glad to see Kevin will not put up with Josh’s antics. So tired of this group just bowing down to Paul. Good for Jason for having his own Hoh, first of the season that Paul didn’t control. Too bad Paul is still gonna win, even if Jason overheard him with Matt and Crow, it won’t make anyone turn on him. What is this little mans power? He is a waste of oxygen..
    (Amazon order placed with link. Easy to do everyone should use and help Simon and Dawg since they have been punished more than any of us for having to watch these fools..)

  35. I’m totally disgusted about what Jason said, but why did everyone let Alex off the hook for what she’s said about Cody? She talks about Raven being horrible for personal attacks yet she told Cody the marines are embarrassed of him. Where did CBS get these horrible people. I’m pissed that I have nobody to route for!

  36. I don’t think I’ve ever quite watched a year where this many people were this stupid for this period of time. I’m trying to judge not who is the best player, but whose last dumb, and I’m having a really hard time. Josh doesn’t have the brain capacity to think for himself. Alex I believe might be the most stupid out of those left but it’s close. Paul is an angry little man with an inferiority complex. Did I mention hypocrite to? They called Cody angry and what they have been doing has gone above and beyond anything Cody ever did. I gotta be honest on a lot of people the constant bullying and taunting would work. I would have been thrown out of the house for knocking Paul out early on. At least I’ll give Cody and other members credit for their tolerance, and patience.

  37. Jason – I’ll f* your wife.. when I get out of here i’m going to tie all your daughters and make them f*ing watch, you piece of sh1t
    This is some f***ed up sh*t!

  38. I’m just embarrassed for this whole cast outside of some of the decent people that were evicted early on. The rest have been a pure and otter embarrassment to themselves, their families, and the country that’s watching.

  39. I am actually surprised at Kevin for giving into any of it when he damn well knows the tactic by now. He should have just walked away…if anything, go into the DR…stay there for hours if you have to. For his sanity, I kind of hope they just vote him out…go to jury and chill for a while. He has $40K so he made out well. Leave the other NASTIES to cut each other’s throats out and fight to the death. They’d have no more victims to gang up on. And I don’t care what tactic they use from here on out, because every single one of them left after Kevin deserve it.

    What absolute lunatics. I’ve actually almost vomited just by watching this season, more than Raven has almost vomited due to her life threatening disease.

    Its always great to see the same people who advise the other outgoing players to “deal with it”, go absolutely bonkers when it happens to them! POT MEET KETTLE. Sorry Maven but karma bit you in the a$$! Did you think you were special and the pack of jackals were not going to turn on you? The last 4 evictions were shownmances. And you and your buddies were cruel and made sure to rub it in thier faces. Did you think you little snowflakes were special? The only thing you should be pi$$ed at is your own stupidity. If you spent 1/10 of the time playing the game instead of doing handjobs and BJs maybe things would have been different. You do realize that you can actually get out of bed, right babe? THE REST OF YOU IDIOTS NEED TO WAKE UP!!!

  41. Kevin lied about the 25k and blamed Ramses for it.
    Kevin has told a bunch of lies and it’s all coming out in the wash.
    The guy is not an innocent and YES he was deflecting.

  42. I will be so happy to see Matt, Raven then Alex go… Alex played herself when she thought Paul was actually her number three, just like the others… But she’s literally going to lose a number in kevin meanwhile the rest will plot against jason and her. Christmas needs to shut the hell up… how dare she? The worst ppl in this game are the ones that cuddle up to you and are by your side most of the time then go against you like that? Girl bye… Kevin is a better person than all theses idiots.. Paul will win because they are all too stupid to see what he is doing. He’s played too well. He deserves the win. He may be obnoxious but he does it well…

  43. I was rooting for Jason to win, but not now. Even if he was kidding regarding Kevin’s wife and kids, it’s just something you don’t joke about. Wasn’t Alex offended when Jessica was touching people’s butt holes cause her cousin was raped? Yet she’s not offended by what Jason said? GTFOH

  44. Rape is never a joke and using it in the horrible vision that Jason have made me physically sick. What happened to the BB that used strategies and social games. I do not find any entertainment in this year’s bullying and total lack of human dignity.
    Any other season they would have figured out Paul’s antics and double dipping and gotten him out pronto. It’s bad enough theyre disgusting, abusive, and sheep… but they’re also not that bright. Rant over.

  45. JASON! WTF U DISGUSTING PR*** if someone said that about your wife and kids??? The majority of this cast Disgust me …bb needs to do a much better job on screening. Sick disgusting bullies…all of you left. Bs! None of you deserve the fn money much less the fame. I hope your reputations follow you.

  46. Why is everyone not writing to CBS about the amount of bullying and threats that are being allowed? Maybe if EVERYONE did that, it would do some good. Maybe not this season, but maybe, just maybe they’d make it stop. I understand one or two people being just bad people, but this has gotten crazy. We’re ready for someone to go, so we’ll just attack them, threaten them (Jason THREATENED Kevin’s FAMILY!), and drive them insane until they’re evicted.

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