Alex – “I’m going to tell him [Kevin] straight up dude, America is going to hate you so go hide”

2:50pm Raven and Xmas
Conspiring about putting Alex and Jason up.
Xmas – they are so cocky
Raven brings up Alex saying she’ll still be in the game at finale, it’s going to be hard being in here for another 4 weeks”
Xmas – she’s starting to slip up, I think that’s why they are so willing to throw the HOH a week or 2
Raven – they think I want Kevin out.. B1tch I got news for you
Xmas – She’s (alex) is suspicious, she keeps jumping in rooms
Raven – I do know they (A/J) don’t want blood on their hands
Xmas – yeah they don’t want blood on their hands because all they are thinking about is jury votes
Raven – she won’t have Elena’s she won’t have MAtts.. she won’t have Kevs..
Xmas says Alex will have Cody’s vote, “He for some reason has something for her”
Raven – there’s a lot of people that won’t have her
Xmas – did you catch when she hid the slop from kevin?
Xmas – Kevin came up and was like saying something and he thought it was you and she let him take that and she played into it and in front of you she was like talking about it
Xmas – how f*ed up is that.. though.. how arrogant is that.. to be like yeah they hid it and like you’re sitting right there..
Xmas – what the f*, and in one breath she’s like my word is my world and like my whole life
Xmas – she was telling me she just puts implementations into stuff..

Xmas – for real though.. we know if she says anything she’s f*ing lying so like if she implies something , we’ve seen her do it over and over .
Xmas – I told Josh, don’t believe a word from that b1tch..
Xmas – she told me She has Josh in her pocket.

Raven says she thinks that Josh is in the game because of Xmas and Raven .
Xmas – she only said that because I was there..
Xmas says they want to get rid of Josh over her because they think she’s incapable.
Xmas – yesterday Jason f*ed up and said you don’t want to get rid of everybody that’s a competitor because at the end it’s not even worth trying.
Raven – I feel 100% with Paul, I feel the same way about you ..
Raven – I’ve been cool with you all season.. of course I trust you
Xmas – Honestly I don’t give a f* that Kevin won that money.. but don’t f*ing lie about it and don’t use it as a jury vote, stupid… stupid
They start rehashing the fights with Kevin.. mostly the most recent one that they blocked on us.
Raven goes over what kevin said to her – get the f* away from me and don’t put your f*ing finger in my face..
They talk about Josh during the fight
Xmas – he’s so funny..
Raven is pissed because Kevin called mat a liar.
Raven – you’re an annoying old man
Xmas – he plays the victim card
Raven – he’s a 53 years old man that acts like a baby..
Matt comes in… starts rubbing his mustache
Matt leaves..

Xmas says Kevin threatened JOsh with violence.
they agree that Josh is “So sweet and a big teddy bear”
Xmas – it gets me really upset when people start just attacking him because he really is such a nice guy (i’m in the twilight zone… CBS will probably air this it’s right up their alley)

Raven – he’s nice he’s been loyal this entire game. I do feel bad becuase people attack him
Raven – why does everyone hate on Josh
Xmas – I told him Josh they attack you because you can argue properly (ZOMG.. no they attack him because he’s a total douchebag when they argue)
Xmas – they don’t know how to handle that so they personally attack and threatening violence.. because you checkmated them.. you called them out and they don’t like it.

3:00pm BB19 …

It’s a slow day everyone goofing around…

Another BIG MOVE from Xmas.. Kevin seems equally engaged. (Also check out Hamsterwatch tweet LOL )


3:40pm HOH Jason and Kevin
Kevin going on about the fight yesterday and Alex not liking him…
Jason thinks Kevin should talk to Alex tonight. Jason claims that Alex loves Kevin.
Kevin says he’s not throwing any competition after what happened to him.
Kevin asks Alex if he’s nominated with Raven please don’t vote him out over her. Jason says he won’t vote kevin out unless the house says he’ll go next if he doesn’t. Kevin tells him nobody in the house can beat Jason and Alex.

Kevin says he’ll talk to Alex tonight and smooth things over. (good luck)

4:36pm Josh and Jason
Josh saying that Kevin has talked sh1t about everybody he needs to start apologizing to Alex. (KRAKEN)
jason agrees and says that’s what he’s telling Kevin
Josh is saying nobody wants to fight Kevin and nobody wants to isolate him.

Josh – he’s literally talked sh1t about everybody.. he needs to apologize to the house so we can move on..
Josh – he’s still going.. just needs to apologize so we can move on

4:40pm Alex and Jason (they are referencing the fight last night that we didn’t see)

Alex – you claim to have 6 daughters but you are going to sh1t on me like that
Alex – America is going to hate you for being petty” (Kraken)
Jason – i said those are harsh words that are going to hurt her

Alex – I’m going to tell him straight up dude America is going to hate you so go hide… (just assume everything is Kraken and everything is a ZOMG from here on in)
Alex – I would rather lose to that and everyone goes after and burns your village
Jason – I told him to apologize to you if he was a man
Alex – I still want to make him sh1t the bed.. (she wants to scare him)

Alex – tomorrow we’ll have to go all cowboy on him
Alex says if kevin is “a real tool” he would go for the temptation Apple and “totally f* himself because he’ll get a bounty on his head”
Jason – the only thing he would admit to is you are a puppet master
Alex – oh my god, I’m going to go tell him that right now
Jason says Kevin told him he’s voting for Alex unless Paul or Jason is beside her .
Alex says that’s not going to happen it’ll be her and Jason in the finals.
Jason – what if I go out on a double

Alex – you (kevin) are a coward excuse for a man that you are so afraid of losing to a girl so you are going to start all this propaganda because you couldn’t win
Alex – he’s so full of sh1t..
Alex – you are a coward (kevin)

Jason – if he does come to you hear him out.. what if he is sorry..
Alex – he’s been playing the game since day one
Jason – I told him you (kevin) have to live with what you did

Alex – you should have asked him why didn’t you swear on your kids…
Alex – he’s a liar..

Jason says Kevin told him he’ll make 5 thousand dollars less than the person that wins second place..
Jason – I told him I don’t want to entertain and more questions unless it’s about the outside..

Alex – he’s going to turn into a psychopathic douchebag when he gets nominated.
Jason says Kevin doesn’t want to go out on a zero vote.
Alex – no we’re not giving him any votes… he’s going to look like an a$$hole..
Alex wonders if CBS will show all the lies but live feeds will know and they’ll find out. (LOL)

Alex – find yourself some sun screen because you look like leatherface.. F*
Jason laughs..
Alex – I’m going to do that to him.. you think this looks good.. (does that blue steel)

5:20pm …

5:30pm HOH Jason and Paul
Paul – did you tell Kevin I was mad at him..
Jason – no, what a d1ck weed..
Paul – that mother f*er..
Paul – Dude… I don’t listen to a word that f*er says.. just know he’s still working..
Jason – You got daughters dude the stuff you said to her.. (Alex)
Paul – It was weird dude.. she’s trying to win a game..
Jason – I told him nobody has said a bad thing about you
Jason – don’t worry Pal I will never throw you under the bus

5:52pm everyone sans Kevin eating dinner..

6:26pm Xmas and Josh in the APSR talking about Kevin. Xmas says she needs to reinforce with kevin to throw the HOH.
Xmas says she’s going to give kevin a “pep talk” and make him want to throw the HOH. She points out to Josh that Alex and Jason will be suspicious that they are backdooring Kevin when he hasn’t won a competition.
JOsh tells her once they take Jason out Alex won’t work with Kevin and Raven. JOsh thinks Alex will turn on Jason once they are both nominated.

JOsh – In front of me he (jason) goes as long as it’s not me and Tiger up together or me and Paul he doesn’t care..
Xmas – he said me and paul (the image above is the look on her face)
JOsh – he said as long as it’s not me and Paul or me and tiger next to each other I don’t care who goes up
JOsh – I’m like DUde you know I’m in this f*ing house right.. you f*ing dummy, like he doesn’t know what he says
Josh – i’m going to use that against him.. i’m goign to use the rogue votes against him..
Xmas – we need Paul to pull in Kevin (hahah Alex and Jason got so played)
Josh – we pull in Raven.. KLevin takes a shot at them.. raven takes a shot at them and they take a shot at kevin (if he’s meaning in two weeks… wishful thinking)
Xmas – the information Jason and Alex have on us won’t blow our game .. that we’ve been playing Raven

Josh – I think they are both going to lose their sh1t when they go up there… if they want to go there i’ll go there.. who do they think they are.. they’re on a ego trip
Xmas – the only thing that will f* us if they win HOH or that veto
Josh – Jason has to go
XMas – if Alex wins that HOH who knows what will happen.. I’ll probably go up
Josh – Paul has to gun for it (HOH)
Xmas – you have to gun for it too
Josh – I will

Paul joins them..

7:00pm APSR PAul, Xmas and Josh..

Paul is going to scare Alex into not winning the HOH. he’s going to tell her that she doesn’t need anymore blood on her hands.
They are also going to work on Jason to not pick an apple.
Paul tells them if he goes up these next 2 weeks he’s going home.
JOsh says he’ll go up as a pawn .

Raven and MAtt join them..
Paul says they’ve convinced Alex to throw the HOH. THey are hoping that xmas wins the HOH takes the shot at jason.
The following HOH Paul and Raven will have to beat Alex in the HOH.

Paul – that HOH from 6 to 5 we all need to outbeat Alex.. if JOsh is still in we toss it to Josh if not one of us needs to take it.. that puts us at 5.
Matt – dude Alex is gaining weight.. she eating a lot and getting bigger every day.. she’s not going to be able to physically compete like Jason can

Paul brings up the scenario where their “expendable” player Kevin gets taken out next.
Xmas says Raven will win “America’s hearts” so Alex and Jason will want Raven out.
Matt says Raven and paul would go up
Matt says Jason and Alex are not good game players.. “you guys are so much smarter”
Paul says he’s going to go up stairs and keep working Alex to throw the HOH.
Matt says Alex “in theory” cannot win this game based on who is in the jury now.

Paul leaves..

(I shit you not Raven says to Xmas that Alex has gained 10 lbs so far and was struggling in the HOH. This is a surprise because Raven has clearly gained the most weight in the house)

7:40pm HOH Jason, Alex, Josh and Paul
Paul is working on getting Alex to throw the HOH. Saying the target is Kevin Even if Raven wins the HOH the target is still Kevin.



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Suddenly Glad Nicole Won

Thank you for enduring the live feeds, and the great updates, cause we just can’t!


Ok, what’s Kraken mean?


Over the lips and
Past the gums
Break out the Kraken
We all need some!

Joe Kerr

That’s alot of rum! Lol


Some seasons there’s legitimate fear of alcohol poisoning…please Kraken responsibly.


Thank you for explaining. I had been wondering.

Suddenly Glad Nicole Won

Thanks, lol


I hate all of them except Kevin!!! They are despicable excuses for human beings!!!!


Completely agree. This group is going to cause the end of the BB franchise. How can they be so stupid (letting Paul run the house), so mean (the bullying is unbelievable), so out of touch (really …. they think we like them?). What rock did they find these people under. I feel horrible for Kevin and the way he has been treated. Best case scenario …. Kevin wins America’s Choice and gets his own reality show while the rest of these losers disappear.


Oh god. Stop the world. I want to get off…

Horrible season

lmao production in action

Raven's tw@t cream

How funny would it be if they voted Raven out instead

One can only hope

How funny would be it be if Raven spontaneously combusted?


It’s a genetic problem that runs in the family, her uncle was being kidnapped and just burst into flames.

Twilight Zone

This honestly made me nauesous. And it made me wanna cry for Kevin.


Alex is a major bully and by not ejecting her from the house, CBS is condoning bullies. Sad.

Not Raven's Mom

Alex is just a bitter piece of crap. Hope her family are all watching and seeing her true self. I have noticed that all the Raven Waltons and bible group friends on this site have disappeared too. Guess someone finally got the live feeds in their group. And poor Josh your family is going to be so disappointed in you and you know your momma gonna smack you silly.

Bolt Uprite.

I agree, I think Josh’s father will be so disappointed in him for disgracing the familia with his horrible behavior.

State Record

Raven’s mom wanted to cry for Kevin, too. But she has this condition where her eyes are so crossed that the tears run sideways across her face and down her back. She suffers from terminal Back-Tearia.


I’m at the point where I don’t even care what Kevin said to Alex (considering all the despicable things others have said this season and the constant taunting to get Kevin to this point) and I don’t blame him one bit for whatever he said.

This season has been a bazarro world where the houseguests get away with their bad behavior and then justify it by blaming and lying about their victims. I hope they all eventually get put in the the same position as their victims and let’s see how they handle it.

Fonzi would be proud CBS

Welcome to the left’s world….not a pretty sight…


Go crawl back under your rock you pathetic troll.


I’m beginning to think these people are possessed lol I got the chills when I looked in Alex’s eyes (yikes) It’s mind boggling what’s happening. Did I hear the Twilight Zone music?

sunny dee

i like the weight comments. i swear everyone except raven has lost weight, well alex is pretty much the same, but still, matt definitely sees things thru raven coloured glasses

Hitler's Bag Man

Alex is insane. She is the female version of Hitler. She would have gassed Kevin, his family and anybody who even ever heard of Kevin, but she is the pure driven snow in her eyes.
What a .unt.


an enormous mythical sea monster said to appear off the coast of Norway.

When you say Kraken, what do you mean?

Matt the cereal killer

Theres a seven headed monster running the house

State Record

It’s funny you guys should mention that because Raven’s mom once saved the Kraken Rum Refinery from burning to the ground. And the fire was actually started by a 7-headed monster!!


Get raven out instead of Matt he’s useless but I’ve heard Raven talk about her pacemaker more than Matt has eaten cereal.


These weeks get so long and painful to watch. Looking forward to tomorrow. Sure do hope it ends up Alex and Jason on the block.


Alex and Raven please


I’m so confused? Why does everyone think Kevin was talking sh*t? What do they think he said that would cause America to hate him? Other than the 25k, but really no one would have said anything and I bet more than half of them hit their button for it. And plus, of Kevin didn’t win the 25k they wouldn’t have their fearless leader Paul so really they should be thanking him! In fact, if a minion had won the 25k and Kevin voiced his concern about it I bet more than anything Paul would be harassing Kevin for going against him!


That’s how Paul will skate to final three. He’ll continue to create mini dramas based on lies, and his minions will get all riled up and never put him on the block or consider him for eviction. The stupid burns.


aye Paul’s gonna win

Judgmental Judy

Apologize??? You mean for accusing someone of raping you? For insulting and slandering a military man? For slut shaming when you are still banging on cameras? For questioning other men’s manhood? For having the nerve of talking game that doesn’t involve you so you are a shady M*F* worthy of death? For insulting a girl’s fake breasts while yours are hanging out for the world to see? For hanging on married men? For wanting to make a big game move that doesn’t involve kissing Paul’s butt? For not having a terminal disease? For throwing out someone’s food and framing someone else for it? For being mean and vile for sport? (Just checking. Have I missed something?)

Judgmental Judy

Thank you LOL not enough space to type everything that’s been said this season, right?


Simon, you are the BEST. Thank you & the crew for all you do hopefully this phenomenally ugly season will not be the demise of BB. FINGERS CROSSED


For saying you will poop in someone’s bed!


And it’s so stupid, mean, and useless. What is the point? To shake him off his HOH game? I can’t think of any logical reason they would do all this stupid bullying. It is NOT good TV. Wow, xmas thinks Raven will win America’s hearts? Boy is she in for a surprise.

Raven's yeast

This season is awesome!


From listening to the feeds, my understanding is Kevin told Alex he would turn the jurors’ votes against her if she makes F2.

Judgmental Judy

YES, KEVIN, DO IT! Best game move so far.


would be the only game move so far


lol. he won’t need to. only person she can beat is josh (like seriously, i think even raven beats her).


I’m not getting the impression that what Kev said to Alex was all that innocent. She mentions he has 5 daughters and how can he ‘CALL HER THAT” . He has called her the b word many times in private so it may have been that or something worse, but he called her something that everyone thinks he should apologize for. I don’t think any one of these girls would be offended by being called a b…ch because they call themselves that. I know he was pushed but I’m not going to give him a free pass.


No one needs to apologize to Alex. She has called Kevin child molester, murderer, cop Cody not really a father, marine and who can remember what else. She is a totally vile piece of shit. She can dish it out but can’t take it. Even if I do not like Paul I am hoping his plan gets her out next week. Whatever Kevin called her was well deserved. She is just a totally angry vile POS.


One day Kevin is a complete! A week later he is child mol I don’t even want to say that word bout him cause it’s ridiculous to actually say that these people….


They always think that someone needs to go apologize to them for daring to say something back to them after days of constant bullying. It is what they do. Bully then victimize themselves over and over and over. I’m just glad that none of their antics ever makes the show. THey don’t deserve the camera time that they clearly think they are creating for themselves.


Well that’s it. I’m voting Kevin for AFP. The man has endured more undeserved abuse than anyone in the house and I feel awful for him. Can’t wait to see potato head try to kick him in the nuts when he wins it!


Agree.. Kevin for AFP. Can’t wait to see Alex get destroyed on social media with she gets out.. what a horrible human being.


Sorry I am voting for Cody. They torment d him for weeks.

Go Home Paul

Yes for Cody! And thank you Simon for no photos of lil’ gnome this time. It’s bad enough to see/here him on live feeds.

Still Voting for Cody

I agree. Also, Cody winning would hurt all of the bullies more than Kevin winning.

BB Cat Lady

I love how Alex thinks the live feeders “know” what’s up … they’ll see all the lies. That was precious! LOL! Jason… I really wanted to like you but you are choosing the wrong “ride or die”. And Josh …. apologies? Kevin please keep yourself safe next week. Thanks Simon & Dawg 🙂 you guys are the best!


I think as soon as the show is over Alex will leave this country for a good long while she’s always talking about traveling overseas to see family in the Philippines or somewhere she’s gone as soon as the show is over ..


yeah, reality’s going to hit her like a ton of bricks when she realizes how disliked she is.

State Record

Once, when Raven’s mom’s gastroparesis was acting up and she couldn’t eat anything because she threw up every time she thought about food, she held her nose and ate an **actual** ton of bricks.


I’m a Christian I never pray for anybody in the big brother house because I think that’s silly and God has better things to do but as I was praying for the flood victims of Texas I said a little prayer for Kevin that he would lose his mind in the house that’s how bad the season is that I feel a need to pray for someone in the big brother house crazy…. I literally thought last year was the worst throwing away Brigita cookies and the stuff that she was baking in the trash was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen but this year has sunk so low …it is unreal ….


All the years Big Brother has been on TV and you thought throwing away Brigette’s cookies was the most disgusting thing?? It was mean but the most disgusting??


I mean Bridget did nothing to those girls and they were mean to her for no reason that’s what I’m saying like they were really mean to her and I thought that was as mean as it could get .and honestly it has been 19 seasons I can’t remember everything there was the racist girl of course that was very disgusting there was the time that that guy call Jordan fat


Oh my!


These people are crazy, they bully and gang up on people and then make them or expect them to apologize to them?! They made cody, mark, elena and now kevin apologize, what world is this??

Cat Nip

It’s called gaslighting. The real crazy (crazies in this case) makes their target think they are crazy.

Glad to see Paula got smacked in the map by the weight lift bar. That’s gonna leave a mark. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Jess Vivette

Yes! Gaslighting is exactly what I was thinking too. Never thought that it would become a standard strategy for BB.

Gail Lessard

Yes, gaslighting. I said that tonight!


It had me smiling ear to ear.. finally a bit of karma for that gnome..

State Record

Dude, that’s nothing. Raven’s mom once got whacked in the head with TWO weight lift bars at the same time. That’s what gave her the ability to see in complete darkness and also what got her pregnant with Raven.



sunny dee

before she got struck by lightning, and after she did that record breaking 5 minute 50 second mile?

not even a runner

5:50 minus isnt even the a “good time” … Svetlana Masterkova has the women’s record of 4:12.56.


I about died when xmas said Raven would be America’s sweetheart??? Boy, do they have a big surprise coming!!


I wish CBs would tell them what’s going on in Texas and they could do some kind of online charity thing for them to raise money or they could put together a care package is for the people of Texas ..then maybe they wouldn’t think they had it so bad yes Alex you can live with the fact that Kevin slippers shuffle on the floor and it’s not that bad you can live with it a lot of people have it way worse ..


Did anyone see Josh’s impersonation of Paul? Very interesting, you could see the anger in Paul’s eyes and looked very uncomfortable, and made Josh stop, yet he can talk crap and impersonate everyone, he’s so vile. This season has been no fun to watch 🙁


Omg yes 1000% he looked mad annoyed that Josh was mocking him and yet he started mocking everybody else it’s like he wants to be the funny one if anybody else is funny he gets jealous . That’s why I think he hates Kevin So bad because he’s likable and he has to be The only likable one in the house only him he is such a jealous little boy …

Pauls Ego

This is what happens when you have someone that is so insecure with themselves. They believe they can make fun of everyone, yet once someone makes fun of them, they buckle and their ego gets so hurt because they actually feel worthless inside.

Voting for Cody

Little boy! Ha!ha!Ha!


This is the thing with Paul I think he see himself as some big brother God therefore above mocking and how dare you Pezzente like Josh Mock a god like him’s sad he is too cool to be mocked he is the puppetmaster therefore don’t mock me

Da'Vonne For AFP!

“Point Blank and The Period.”
Since we can’t vote for Da’Vonne for AFP, we need to vote for Ramses.
Seriously, it has to be either Ramses, if not Mark.
This is a house full of crap. No one deserves a dime.
I’ve tried out for this show three times and interviewed for Survivor twice.
These HG’s have no clue how lucky they were to be on this show!!
Breaks my spirit that such a great mastermind game has turned into a ‘thug-off’.
No skills needed,, other than hatred and a big foul mouth.

U meant Dom right?

Umm i think you mean Dominque. Da’Vonne played last year. But


That might explain why we couldn’t vote for Da’Vonne…


Have to wonder why they would cast 1 person over 50 for the show, would be interesting to see the players half and half.


i love to see a couple of 50 year old women in bikinis setting these punks straight


Then we would have legit douche bags on the show


Crude comment, anonymous

Turning 50 This Year

In general, people over 50 wouldn’t be as fun to watch because they are just not as entertaining. They don’t stay up all night drinking and telling sex stories and hooking up with strangers on TV. They also don’t tend to get into huge, entertaining, testosterone fueled fights. They’d sit around talking about their ailments and medications and their kids / grandkids and wouldn’t get upset over stupid stuff in the house because, after all, it’s just a game. Not to say they couldn’t find some interesting people that age if they tried… but the pool of candidates is a lot smaller.


Jason says “you have to live with what you did” ….uh ya buddy, remember that when you and the rest leave the BB house. They all will be in for a real reality check for the vile, disgusting and hypocritical things they’ve said all summer. People may forgive, but people never forget.


I HATE HATE HATE HATE * and hate is a strong word * these people and this season!!! My god, these vile people are from another planet. This does not feel like BB to me. I swear how can CBS let this shit show go on the way it has. Something fishy is going on and if Paul wins this season. BB is dead to me, I know I say that every year but this year I mean it. There are sooooo many other amazing shows to invest my time into. BB CANADA included. This shit would never fly on BBUK or BBCAN – the production crew this year of BB19 should hang their heads in shame for allowing it to get to this point without any repercussions.

Twilight Zone

Preach!! ??

Enough of the nasty beard/foot

Exactly, how many days and nights will BB let Matt cheat? Every meal, hot showers, sleeping in rose room, or not the Have Not room. He should be expelled and not to jury, same as Xmas, she can’t play but she can vote, on what planet is any of this fair game play, the mob mentality is mean and will stick with these people for a long time. None of this game play is game play it is selling your soul for money. Matt and Raven should go into porn, however, they are giving their show away for free so why would anyone pay for it. I hope , Xmas, Paul, Alex, Raven and Matt get the Karma waiting for them 100 plus. Hope BB reads how their audience feels.

Jessica's Birth Control

One of the best game strategies is for vulnerable houseguests to try and latch on to a more vulnerable person to form a new alliance/flip the house. These houseguests NEVER see this strategy. They simply hope to get into pauls inner or outer orbit to stay safe from week to week. DUMB!
Raven has to see she is vulnerable with Matt leaving. Kevin has to see he is being ganged up on like the last 4 evictions and he may be going after matt. Raven and Kevin should see a mutual interest in joing forces and try to pick up a couple of other allies. They need to flesh out the final 2 and cause some dissension amongst the stronger players. Yet they both simply try to kiss ass to join team paul for a week.
WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE IDIOTS!!!! Not everyone is going to be final 2 or 3 with paul.


ZOMG means?


google is your friend


I cant stand it. OBB is my choice spot for how God damn awful these fucking pukes are. Jason said he gets the mob mentality & how it works in the show tonight. He does see it. And yet he doesn’t see his own fucking eviction. This truly is a bitch season. Yeah, we get some fights & ambushes to entertain the masses, but a total houseful on 1 can become way too much. & I believe Paul is the sole reason this season turned to shit. He perpetuated the bully/mob angle and “raped” (Jason quote) it. Kevin for AFP, only b/c he’ll be bullied for a couple more weeks. F*CK you Alex! Simon, PAUL KRAKENED this season the moment this Piece Of S#@! entered the house. Dammit to death. Hate this season. F*ck you also Paul and Xmas. And Raven. & Josh! You gotta wonder how these HG will handle how they might be treated on the outside. I hope they act the way they are now.


Could you tell us how you really feel, it’s ditto from me. From the beginning when Paul magically won not 1 but 3 weeks of safety to these morons saying they would be happy to lose to Paul. I really think many of these idiots think they are going to parlay this show into stardom. My biggest question how do there family’s at home feel about their behavior.


Preach!!! 1000% agree! I hope to never see Paul’s face in the bb house again. It would be great if season 20 is all stars and lil dictator wouldnt/couldnt be on it. He would be devasted. I think CBS would be blown up if they tried. I cant wait to see everyone try to defend themselves and apologize for all the fu*ked up shit they said and did this summer (especially the past few weeks). I can tell u now that no one will fu*king care or believe what they have to say. They will see what bullying and threatening will look like when they get out. Im scared for their lives physically but they deserve to be bullied themselves (with words and hate, not violence cuz i do NOT condone violence ((well unless it is a cast member punching another cast member out for all the shit they said to act tough. Haha jk sorta lol)). It was exciting with all the fights and drama the first half cuz the game has been pretty boring the past few seasons (voting with the house bs) but it is now predictable, repetitive, and just vile. And i would really like for all production and casting members to be fired for all this bullshit and start new cuz bb fans hate them all especially AG! I miss the good old days like seasons 1 thru 14!


Hey Alex your t1ts don’t hide your fat rolls. You sk@nk.

State Record

Raven’s mom actually has 3 boobs. There are 2 in front and 1 in the back. She’s not much to look at but she’s fun to dance with.


I’m Really hoping Kevin surprises all of us and wins HOH and Jason wins POV….

time to break up Christmas/Josh/Paul damn it.


definitely rooting for kevin for hoh, but i have a hard time figuring out who he’d put up. he definitely knows the house is crazy but hasn’t really put together that paul is the root of that and needs to go (and even if paul was on the block, he’d have the votes to stay).


My Thursday wish list: Raven wins HOH, Kevin takes apple from tree and gets 2nd veto. Raven puts Alex and Jason on block. Alex wins veto, Kevin uses second veto on Jason. All she has left to choose from are Christmas/Josh/Paul. Would love to see the scrambling begin.


And worst case scenario happens – Alex won next HOH. Kevin need Temptation Tree.


I didn’t want to echo the sentiments of so many commenters because so many have said it so well already but my gosh this is ridiculous. What a complete joke of a season. The hatred and vitriol towards cast members who don’t deserve it is pathetic. I could go on and on but that wouldn’t help or change the attitudes of most of these ignorant aggressive players. They have PROVEN they are bullies.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Alex thinks America is going to hate Kevin. Can’t wait til she sees our player rankings.


This remainder of this cast needs to be booed when each of them leave.
I now agree with Dawg and Simon, worst cast since 16.

John W

Example of Production at work:

So little of what happened this week would fit into their storyline they’re pushing that we had to watch Kevin brush his teeth for a full minute set to goofy music.

These people are just…so awful. And you see glimpses, little flutters of hope that they’re catching on to what Paul’s doing. And then, suddenly, they just forget.

Even more outrageous was watching Paul go into Josh’s room and tell him straight out that he was game planning with Matt and Raven, but he was lying. Josh…he’s straight up admitting to you he’s conspiring with other teams. Come on man! Can’t you see it?



Did anything happen tonight mowed the lawn refused to watch won’t give CBS that satisfacation.
Since Matt keeps shoveling the cereal in and taking showers every time should be a penalty vote. Then Julie should say sorry Matt you received to many penalty votes you will be leaving the game and not to jury sorry Raven that means you are voted out. Not putting anyone else up because that would be Kevin, but than Kevin turns around wins Hoh and puts up Alex and Christmas. I know we can dream and hope it would be Alex and Paul.

Judgmental Judy

They showed the Veto competition where they all had to run in the house to find a veto. They totally trashed the house and had to do it over and over again before all the vetoes were found. Jason actually found 2 of the vetoes. Matt is such a waste of space, after he hid his veto, he sauntered out to the kitchen and ate from a freaking bowl of cereal while the others were outside waiting. A waste of space!


No penalty votes for Matt – he should be EXPELLED…no jury, no money. Just go home in shame. They expelled Chima for violating rules intentionally. He said out loud he was going to intentionally break the rules. At what point will BB stop being hypocrites and kick him out?

Judgmental Judy

I’m disgusted by the edit on tonight’s show. They did show Jason in a pretty good light. And you can sort of see Alex turn on him. But ending on Raven in tears and doorMatt shell shocked, America doesn’t see minutes later when they go ape s* on Jason and he keeps his cool while they call him every name in the book. She milks that southern accent when she thinks she’s making the show. Maybe she thinks her and Matt are the new “Jeff & Jordan”? They are all vile. Share any you tube videos via social media that you can showing the true side of these twisted psychos. At least force CBS & BB to answer some questions. It needs to go beyond the rags like TMZ.


CBS is saving the fallout from the veto ceremony for tomorrow’s show.

Production needs to tell Kevin where the “Eliminate 2 eviction votes” apple is so he can pick it before noms Friday. that will give him some influence over the 4 voters next week, whoever they are.

Chilltown Forever

The jury segments should be interesting this year it’s always is when the season is boring & Predictiable the jury house is fun and entertaining to watch I wished they had showed the feeds from the jury house last year because that was the most entertaining BB has been in a while they should just show the jury house this year since everyone knows what’s gonna happen next with Paul/ Josh or Christmas at F2.


So glad The Voice is starting in 26 days and best thing about that it is not on CBS


If I had 5 minutes alone with each of the remaining houseguests, this is what I would tell them:
Raven: All of your go fund me accounts have been deactivated and the monies returned to the donors. You are going to have to get a job or sell your body to science. Oh, your mom is fine, just blocked on all of social media.
Matt: You nasty, no one likes you, and you have no fans.
Josh: You are like an excitable puppy who constantly craps on the rug and not the newspaper. Which is an appropriate analogy because once you stop being everyone’s lapdog and play your own game, you have a real shot at winning this thing.
Kevin: You need to quit playing dumb and win something because you’re in danger, dude.
Christmas: After this is over, get yourself somewhere to detox, decompress, and figure out how to spin your evil bitchiness into something “inspiring”.
Alex: Child, they are going to put you in a strait jacket and lock you away in a psych ward somewhere. No cokes for you!
Jason: You just made the 11:00 news and not in a good way.
Paul: You may want to take your winnings and lay low for a minute. Make that five minutes.

Twilight Zone

This was great and right on point!


Over the bully Alex and others….being so mean to the elder. She has zero respect for others…. sick of her….. if Matt isn’t kicked out for not doing HAVE NOT I m done and I’ve not missed a season or Minute of live feeds or after dark….. no rules…””.. first needs to be NO CUSSING and 100$ fine every time they do!!!!

The Voice Of Reason

If you have never missed a season then you really ought to know that getting a penalty vote for ditching your have not responsibilities is the standard punishment that is used any time this has happed in the past. And yes, this HAS happened before so they can’t change the rules just for Matt. I wouldn’t mind if they made the rules harsher for future participants however.


Why does everyone feel so sorry for Kevin? He was a part of it when all the house guests attacked Cody, giving them ideas of what to say to Cody to make him snap. He knew they were singling out whoever the target was and attacking them. He never stepped in and stopped it. But now that he’s the target, we should feel sorry for him? He told everyone about codys kid and his brother dying when Cody shared that to help Kevin feel better. He is just as low class as the rest of them.


I never saw or Heard Kevin say one thing about Cody during all that..he, Matt and Mark stayed away from it..Kevin tried to embrace Cody and tried to get Jason on board. Cody knew he was gonna tell it. He did not get mad about it. He was trying to reintegrate into the game. No one else stepped in and stopped it either…so lay off Kevin, he was so funny in the beginning and then Paul told everyone to stop laughing at his funny stories. Paul does not like someone else getting attention! LOL big example last night Josh impersonated him dead on the money and he was mad about it. I never laughed so hard as I did when the pole smacked that smart ass in the head.


He never was part of the ganging up on people. He did not tell everyone about codys daughter…he told Paul ( still not right) and Paul told everyone.

Gail Lessard

I heard Kevin say he couldn’t stand the kid (Cody) to Paul. He said some other nasty things about Cody that same night. I remember being so disappointed.

poor Kev

Kevin has been telling people what they want to hear so that he wasn’t bullied. But now they have run out of people to bully so that leaves him as a easy target.


Kevin should realize how much info Paul has leaked. The info about the $25K should be a big wakeup. Hard even for him to fight Paul’s hypnotic misting.


Tonight show was disgusting why are they protecting Alex the way they are and they’re putting up more on Jason…I wish they would just show Alex for the evil person that she is she hates Kevin for no reason and I have never thought anybody on a show is evil but she is really mean for no reason.. tonight show I’m like Elana it’s giving me heartburn ..I think at this point if Alex is going to be mean to Kevin I hope Kevin just doesn’t cares and tears her a new butt hole .I don’t care what he says to her he can tell her he wants her to die for all I care. for real I don’t think he really means it but like you can only push a person so long before they are going to snap .I cannot imagine what Kevin said to her to make her feel that he went to far but good for Kevin he has every right to stick up for himself everything that he feels they have been doing they talk about him all day long and they act like he’s the one that’s paranoid if Cbs is it going to stop it then fine Then unleash the dogs Kevin go Game of Thrones on that girl seriously enough is enough she needs to be put in a place I hope Kevin makes her cry I know that’s not gonna happen but I wish you would I wish she would just tell her that she is the most weirdest little thing he’d ever seen in her life and she’s useless in life you should tell her that nobody’s ever going to buy her bikinis and no man wants to marry a mean little girl like you because CBs is it going to stop this their not going to stop this from going on so if Kevin has to not lose his mind and being mean to her go for it


It’s okay. She says her prayers every night like a good little girl.

Kid presentable

The edit on the show tonight was a joke. Tried to paint Alex in a good light and she is a friggin turd. It’s ridiculous that they keep protecting the ass clowns this season and make the relatively normal people look like they are starting the bullshit. I have never said I would stop watching the show because I know I will always want to see what happens, but tonight was the closest I came to saying it. CBS is run by a bunch of nifkins for ruining this show.


Simon I may have missed your reply but I can’t find my original post. Did Jason make another rape comment last night? Regarding nursing homes and older people?


I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter whether a HG is a superfan or never watched an episode in their life, production requires common sense to be checked at the door. How can they all be that stupid not to figure out what’s going on??? I do believe before they get Kevin out the door, he will finally make the connection this is all Paul’s doing. That will be the only thing that will save the season.


Fruck this. Kevin for AFP so he can say he won more than the second place winner. These people suck.


Hey Simon…..Any idea why they blocked the feeds for the “fight”?

I’m really starting to get sick of Jason shitting on Kevin. Tonights episode he said that Kevin was his buddy but he talks so awful behind his back. I wonder what Kevin is going to think when he gets out of the house and see’s what Jason has done/said.

John W

I know the strategy this season is to verbally assault the player who’s headed out. My question though…is how is that effective? If they lose, you can just put em up and ship em out. Why the attacks? Nothing anyone is doing is making any sense.

My wife loves (loved) this show, but somehow I get the feeling this isn’t how it’s been 18 times before. I watched some here and there the last few years and I don’t recall ever seeing this kind of insanity.


And no one can blame Paul for what Alex has done this is all Alex she’s just mean mean .I wish that she could be sued for slander calling someone a child molester she’s disgusting


She can be sued!

Grodner Hearts Paul

I think CBS would have higher ratings if they didn’t clean it up. I would start watching it again if I thought they would actually show what was going on. Since they don’t, I just come here and don’t watch the show.


They are going for a family show rating so they have to clean it up for the most part. That’s the excuse that’s been laid out for the edits which seem to create a complete fabrication. It’s one thing to cut out the horrible things said and done but it’s another to alter time lines to make it appear someone else was the instigator or the hapless victim.


Makes no sense at all since you want people to vote for you if you make it to the end. I think Paul instigated this strategy so that he would look better against anybody who took part in the harassment so that in the end, people would be voting against the more obvious culprits and Paul would win by default. Of course that’s not the way Paul will spin it, but to him the end justifies the means.

Jessica's Birth Control

Its a brilliant strategy by paul. All of the people that he has a final 2 with (alex,josh,xmas) were goaded into getting their hands bloody. Paul keeps his distance and steps in later to calm things. If paul is in a final 2 with any of them he will win with the jury. The people not involved in the gang assaults (jason kevin) are on pauls target list. The fact these idiots do not realize this is astonishing. In fact they seem to get off on it. Jason put 4 people out of the game so he is toast too. Josh actually had a moment with xmas where he seemed to realize what paul was doing and questioned whether he could trust paul. Xmas shut him down on that line and got him back on team paul real quick.


Because Paul has them going at each other, so they are all bitter at each other and have no idea Paul has instigated, which takes any heat off him and in the end, they will still not know it was him and award hi $5,000 for screwing them all. It’s amazing how none of them can see through him, even when they do, they don’t react.


Thats pretty much this season. Paul controls the HOH, paul controls the POV, paul controls who goes home, paul controls who picks fights, paul controls who gets verbally attacked. And none of them have figured it out! And none of them realize that they have alienated everyone in the jury. I think even cody would have fewer issues with paul than xmas, josh, or alex. Only logical explanation is production is doing something in the DR to point the finger away from paul. Or they have paid bonuses to xmas, josh, and alex to ride or die with paul.


CBS edits this show to look like a cute little family show………….why are they afraid to show what these nasty
vile people are really like…….bullies, creeps, freaks, etc, etc.


They only showed it before because it effected Julie Chen. When Arron was being racist about asians. Just my opinion.


I can’t stand flat face Alex, She-man Xmas, In the closet Josh, Garden knome Paul, Raven- lunatic (she can be on commercials for trash bags), Also in closet Matt (he just loses a eyes and pretends Raven is Paul). This is mess of season.

Alex is Mean

I really dislike Alex. She is my HG that I dislike the most, but the term f/@$ f$&@ is wrong.


I really dislike Alex for so many reasons.. I’ll be so happy to see her leave, hopefully sooner rather than later…


NO potatoehead, the WORLD is gonna hate YOU for being such a nasty vile human with no soul! Your a bully because for the 1st time in your life you feel like you have some control but you’ll be the laughingstock when you get out because Paul had you as his lil b*tch!! You’re just another one of his minions. Take a seat loser! What a shame this whole cast is.


I’m wondering. After the finale they do the backyard interviews. Haven’t seen many but aren’t their family or whoever is there for them, allowed to be there? I think if I was one of their parent or significant other, when I first see them, I would have to just slap the snot out of them and ask them what the crap were you thinking ?!!! I was really wondering when they finally get to see what’s out there about them. Unless their family or whoever tells them right after the show. But does anyone from the show prepare them in any way for what they are about to find out

BB Guy

I’ve heard there’s a staff psychologist that does a coaching session with each houseguest before the finale. I hear they’re all warned to, ahem, expect the unexpected on social media when they get out.


As opposed to Paul and Xmas telling them are now “personalities” and will reap the benefits. Yeah people you will reap the benefits and they won’t be nice. Paul Xmas and Raven you are going to be sorry you ever went on this show your “business” has been trashed and you have been exposed for the evil jackasses you are. Alex don’t even bother to start up a bikini company cause no one is gonna buy your trashy shit if that’s what you were showcasing on this show. Think psychologist gonna be plenty busy after this season


Would you send your child to Raven for dance lessons? Would you read or attend a lecture about character from Christmas, would you hire Jason for a family event or as entertainment for your business. Would you hire Cody as a sales rep for your company? Would you want Alex representing your products. Would you trust buying something off e-bay from Josh?


Would I let Jessica be my VIP Concierge? Yes…yes I would. I’d f$&k the s&*t out of her.


That is just so wrong… but so funny!

Pineapple Jimmy

It doesn’t matter, my buddy Kevin is going to take care of business and win H.O.H..


Wow Alex is a total bitch! And the rest are awful too! WTH these people think their meanness is normal and America is going to love them for their terrible behavior! Wow millennials are something – this is why Kevin is having such a hard time understanding what the heck is going on! Really, really sad!


I remember last season I did not like Paul at first because he was really mean to Frank (I didn’t like Frank im his season, but I did last season). Well then Victor came back in the house (and I didn’t like Victor at first because he was in Jose’s group and that guy was a creep) and was an underdog and turned out to be a really decent person. Paul kinda looked out for Victor and Victor was Paul’s meat shield. Once Victor was voted out I didn’t care for the remaining houseguests, so I was rooting for Paul. I didn’t think Nicole should have won. Anyway, Paul is such a jerk. These people are so dumb not to see what is happening. It’s hard to watch. Kevin win HOH and Jason win POV. I don’t care if Alex goes, but honestly Paul, Josh and Christmas can leave too. Take Raven with please.


Raven knew to look in the side cushion in the ASPR because I recall a conversation between Raven and Matt (think Matt was there too) showing Paul that particular spot and that she was going to use it to hide her Veto. So she went there knowing Matt and Paul knew that spot. How come nobody called her out on it?


Lmfao i dont know how i came across this about paul but someone mentioned zack In the comments .. Type in ” zach rance 2017 ” and its the 3rd or 4th link down “hollywoodreporter” about BB 19 predictions. LOL check out paul on his answer about returnee’s!!!! He says they get a big head and this bb ego that their untouchable because their a vet etc etc i dont remember word for word but its funny everything he said in that is EXACTLY how he’s become!!

Jessica's Birth Control

Production has rigged this game for years. How about you idiots actually rig it the right way for once? And actually make the game interesting! Kevin wins HOH next!!! You do not even need a competition. Just award him the Special Power of HOH. why the f@ck not? You gave paul the magic power of protection for 3 weeks! Throw the fans a bone for once. You can also bring him in the DR and tell him who is teaming with you? You do that shit with paul every week.


Give him a good meal while he’s in the dr