“his skin looks leathery .. you’re going to get skin cancer.. it’s already starting” -Alex

2:14pm Alex, Paul and Xmas
Alex says that Meghan was telling them that Raven And Paul knew each other before the season started. Apparently Meghan read it in reddit.
Paul says he doesn’t know Raven, how does he know a girl from Arkansas

2:20pm HOH Josh and Jason
Jason – I like Kevin.. It’s his time to go
Josh – I love Kevin..
JAson – you think I should have put him on the block
Josh – Yes
Jason – would he have gone home
Josh – no
Josh – he’s lying to everybody.. Talking sh1t to everybody.. He’s walking around trying to turn us against each other
Josh – if Kevin goes to final 2 he is winning against everybody
JOsh is claiming that he was the only person to stick up for Kevin but once he saw how Kevin was acting “I checked out”
Josh – he’s trying to turn Tiger against Paul and Paul against Tiger.. Why.. so you can step back (Kevin)
Jason – exactly

Jason – for 2 weeks I’ve been trying to get Kevin to win something do something..
Josh – he wants to play Derrick’s game.. He knows he’s loved .. he’s got a big family he hasn’t pissed anyone off.. He got close to Jessica before she left, he got close to Cody, he got close to Elena/mark..
Josh – he’s been playing it safe, that’s not my style

Josh – I’m not going to isolate Kevin.. That action he did towards me really upset me.. I bawled
Josh – is scared the living shit outta me it really did
Feeds cut..
Jason – him and Matt were talking downstairs like crazy
Josh – he’s shitting on you, he’s shitting on Xmas, Paul, he’s shitting on tiger.. He’s securing those jury votes..

Josh – I specifically placed targets on people because I didn’t want my people touched..
Josh says he blew up on Elena to make sure Elena didn’t turn the house against her
Jason – everybody is saying Kevin’s got to go .. everybody
Josh – there’s no way we can turn that around.. It’s been 3 weeks of Kevin f*ing it up

Josh – not only has his game turned to shit his personality got really biter
Josh – we love you Kevin you should respect that you made it to day 77.. Literally everyone carried you here.. Protected you
Josh – he has to go .. if Kevin had never turned on us or got in this attitude Kevin was untouchable to me.. Since Kevin started talking bad about me and it was coming back to me.. I’m not stupid

Josh – we can’t let him win HOH or it’ll be me and Tiger
Jason – he won’t win HOH
Josh – next week I’m going to air all his stuff.. It’s not going to be aggressive it won’t be a fight (somehow I don’t see this ending well)

Josh – he knows if he makes to final 2 he wins it..
Jason says he feels bad for not putting Kevin up now.

Josh defends Xmas for flipping out on Kevin for asking her if she’s swimming. Josh explains that her foot really upset her because she’s a competitor.

Josh – he’s that kid in school that literally would take advantage of everybody
Josh – I’m onto it
Josh – he’s a taker not a giver..
Jason – he thinks it’s funny he gave me a pair a socks with a hole in it

Josh – what has he done for the team
JAson – animosity

Josh – no he ruined the team
Jason – that’s what animosity means
Josh – he’s turning us on each other ..

2:37pm Alex and Xmas
Kevin asks Alex where Jason is. She tells him she doesn’t know. He leaves..
Alex laughs “he hates me.. Don’t f* with me”

2:45pm Paul and Kevin
Kevin tells Paul he’s got no chance to win against Jason and Alex.
Paul – you’re speaking to the choir..

2:47pm Alex, Xmas and Paul
Talking about Kevin of course.. Saying how he’s trying to secure jury votes.
Paul tells them that Kevin is now telling him that he won’t win against Jason aor Alex.
Paul brings up kevin telling him that in the beginning Alex told him that she reminded him or her boyfriend if he was younger. Kevin wants paul to know why Alex doesn’t like him any more
Paul – maybe it’s because you’re not younger
Paul – pissed
They laugh

Alex – I said his skin looked leathery
Alex laughs
Alex – and he’s going to get cancer.. He was not happy
Alex and Paul laugh

Kevin comes in
Alex – you put on sunscreen.. It’s hot out there..

2:50pm Paul, Josh and Jason

Paul- he’s trying to secure Jury votes.. He told Matt he’s got the 25K
Josh – he’s securing his game
Josh – he’s a genius.. He’s litteraly in the DR shiotting on all of us
Paul – he’s trying to win the game and he thinks you are going to take him (jason )

Paul says Kevin told them outside that Paul will never beat Jason and Alex.
Josh – call him out
Paul – it’s not the time

2:57pm Xmas, Alex, Paul, Josh and Jason
Shitting on Kevin..

Paul leaves tells them tells them to lock the door so Kevin can’t come in then if they see him come up then open the door. Paul will be downstairs in the kitchen telling him to go upstairs.
Xmas brings up Kevin’s leathery skin and getting skin cancer and how Alex called him out on it, “She’s like it’s already starting”
Alex laughing..

They laugh at Kevin’s “Blue steel” look in the mirror. .
Alex – why does he do that.. Why (yeah it’s goofy for sure)
Xmas says the jury hasn’t seen Kevin unravel like they have
Jason – Raven will tell them .. (not this week)
Alex thinks Raven is going to freak out after Matt leaves..
Xmas thinks Matt has been holding Raven back
They start talking about Raven egging Jessica on.

3:04pm Alex brings up telling Kevin he reminds alex of her grandfather that passed away from skin cancer.
Jason – I can’t do it..
Alex – say she’s worried about you..

Alex says that Kevin told them to put up Xmas and Josh because they haven’t done anything

Xmas – ummm I’ve done more than you kevin . (you made a BIG MOVE)
Xmas leaves says she’s going to do some damage control on Raven and matt

3:07pm Paul, Raven and Matt (alex = potatoe)
Paul says everyone is upstairs scheming against Kevin. Paul says he’s convinced potatoehead to throw the HOH to Josh or xmas.
JOsh and xmas are selling to them (alex and jason) that they will take a shot at you (Raven) and Kevin because potatoe doesn’t want to get that blood on her hands
Paul – if she takes that shot at you (raven) than you two aren’t going to vote for her in the end
Paul – Raven i’m telling you right now this is real.. Josh and xmas are not f*ing stupid they know we don’t stand a chance against alex and Jason
Paul – potatoe will not throw it to you (Raven) so you need to get out and once Kevin is out she’s throwing it.

Paul – even JOsh and Xmas are saying we can clip Kevin at five because at that point it’s f*ing easy as sh1t
Paul – it needs to be Jason, Alex and then Kevin do you agree
Raven – I agree..
Paul says it’s hilarious how Potatoe head and Jason are shitting their pants about kevin

3:15pm Jason, JOsh and Alex
Alex says the plan was to put Kevin on the block if Kevin “wigged out’ they would have taken him out but Matt was always the target.
Jason says he would rather send raven out over Matt.

they start talking about Matt not really liking Raven.
Josh – he’s ready to go..

Josh wants to play pool and work out tonight
Alex – I hate Kevin

Alex brings up that Raven was saying her looking up was because of her “medical thing”

3:24pm Alex and Paul
Alex – next time he asks you why I hate him so much.. ask him
Alex – be like I don’t think she does, she says you remind her of her grandfather that died at your age and she’s worried about you
Alex – what’s she really telling you.. not to mess around with questions.. tell him that her grandfather had alzheimer’s and is worried about you
Alex laughs
Alex – he’s forgetting things and then like if he says something about putting on sunscreen be like Kevin that sounds like she actually genuinely cares about you and then Flip it all on his head..

Alex – You’re about the same age (as her fake dead grandfather).. and all the question she thins you can’t keep yo mind straight
Alex – he’ll lose his sh1t dude, do it..
Alex – If he says anything about the clothes or the questions.. say she thinks you have dementia..
Alex laughs
Alex – she wants to help you

Alex – if he wants to play ball we’ll play ball
Paul is surprised that Kevin isn’t talking to them about taking him out

3:33pm Josh and Paul
Josh says everything is going as planned up in the HOH room.
Paul tells him to keep working on it
Josh – you think the blow up on Kevin was too much
Paul – no, perfect..

Josh – you’re so happy you’re here d1ck face..
Paul instructs him to keep on it trying to get Alex to throw the HOH to Xmas or Josh telling her they will take the shot on Kevin. But really take the shot at jason.

4:05pm Xmas and Josh
They make plans to take out Jason.
Xmas doesn’t think Alex will be that mad because they are getting rid of a giant competitor.
Josh says he’ll tell them the plan is to backdoor Kevin he’ll put up Jason and Alex.
Xmas adds that if they take Alex out Jason will come after them with a vengeance.

Xmas – jason thinks I’m a lump on a log
Josh – they think I’m a dummy

Xmas says Alex thinks she can control Josh she told her. “What a cocky b1tch”
Xmas says jason and Alex have gotten really cocky

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Paul = Petyr Baelish.


I feel like there’s a better ASOIAF analogy, but I can’t think of one quite yet. Little-finger is too easy a comparison…


Too bad there aren’t any Starks in this game.


Kevin just smack the bxtch slap Josh 1 time. Worth 40k


“Kevin asks Alex where Jason is. She tells him she doesn’t know. He leaves..
Alex laughs “he hates me.. Don’t f* with me”

Yea Alex…..him & the rest of America hates you, vile potatohead. You are so far up Paul’s ass that when he opens his mouth..you can see cats ears. (credit to a previous commentor)

And honey, when you get out of that house….all of America will be f*ing with you. For months, for years.


Worst cast ever.

Done watching for the year. I can only hope that Julie Chen is more ruthless to Paul, Alex, Josh and Raven in their exit interviews than anyone ever before.

If the crowd doesn’t go crazy booing everyone who is left I will be severely disappointed.

Capt. Obvious

“…more ruthless than anyone ever before”???
I understand if you are caught up in the moment but you have got to be kidding me?!?

Paul's Beard

How are you going to know if they are booed if you are done watching? Hahahahahahahaha!

Paul's Teeny Weeny

Ummm… reading this forum? Deleting every episode on your PVR except the 3 minutes of eviction? Social media updates on, like, Facebook and Twitter and stuff? Talking to a friend that still watches?


I don’t get it, if you (and others) say you are done watching, and then continue visiting spoiler sites, social media, quizzing friends, etc., you are More invested in BB than people who just watch the show. You’re not Done with the season at all. No judgement, just confusion.


Alex is as about as vile as a human can be. What’s with all the unprovoked animosity towards Kevin….from what I’ve seen, he’s a lovable man…I’m so disgusted with this season I can’t take it. Paul is a weasel to the core and reminds me of every other hipster douchebag….just an egomaniacal sociopath….god help us all And josh buddy, I hate to say it, but you are in fact, STUPID…..

Early the clown

Whistlenut: thinks it’s disgusting Kevin thinks poop is funny. Makes joke about r@ping Kevin’s wife while his daughters watch.

What.. The.. Fuck.

Worst season evr


Ew! Ew! Ew! Alex was picking her teeth and eating it. What the what?! She is so nasty. What part of CAMERAS ARE ON YOU 24/7 don’t these hg’s understand?


Raven in the shower picking her nose. Brings new meaning to the word “feeds”. Ewwwwww.

Hot dignity doggy

Scumbags, all of them.
Career suicides, each and every minute. Turn to CBS every day go watch young interesting people slash their hopes of a promising future like a socially awkward teenager making a desperate cry for attention.


“Worst season, worst cast, they are disgusting, vile. Done watching, blah blah blah”

the same comments posted on each update, 50 times over and over, We get it. Broken record. Beating a dead horse.

Cant you people come up with an original thought?


just wait


Well the Josh winning HOH is interesting. They are going to put up Jason and potato head as pawns. Like that was this weeks strategy that failed due to Jason. Think those 2 idiots won’t realize in a heart beat. Alex throws HOH and if Jason wins POV Alex goes home. I would love that. Better still Kevin wins POV and takes Jason off. Raven up and Alex gone.
What’s more likely is HOH is thrown
POV not Jason
Jason evicted
Next HOH Alex is happy to target Kevin
Kevin gone
Alex has no friends and evicted at F5
Raven, Josh, Xmas and Paul F4
Funny I wrote this basic observation/guess a few weeks ago. (shakes head)

Best Case Scenario

Julie said there would be no jury “Battle Back”. At final 4, she announces there IS a jury “Vote Back”. America (production) votes Cody back in for final 5, he goes on to win $500k. The rest of the cast is so blown away and bitter they all kill themselves. Cody and Jessica immediately get married but soon succumb to a rare, yet unnamed sexually transmitted basketball-player-bourne virus. They die too. Evil is cleansed from the face of the Earth.

Too much to hope for?


Once a chicken wore armor, but then fell in the fire and screamed his goose is cooked!

That’s pretty original, it’s not good, but it’s original.

Paul's Mouth

Please go TROLL some other site and leave us alone!!

Paul's Beard

Can you? Done watching, worst season ever etc. IT IS A GAME. Watch it for entertainment or don’t but to continually say worst season and then keep watching is nuts. The way they treat and talk to and about each other is how they play this GAME


This is not Big Brother. Some of us keep watching bc we’re hoping for something better to happen. In the meantime, Simon & Dawg have an amazing site where they let people comment. If you dislike the comments, why are you here?

Paul's Beard is a Stupid Ass

Being a vile and disgusting person is NOT game play. You are as stupid as the current HGs! Most of us aren’t watching it and are coming here in the hopes that one of these morons gets their head out of Paul’s a$s and actually PLAYS the game. As of now, there has been ZERO game play this entire season. Just bullying and horrible behavior! How is saying you’re going to r@pe someone’s wife while her children watch game? Dumbass!!! You belong on the show!!


You are a joke, criticizing bullying while doing same thing yourself.

Paul's Beard Is A Stupid Ass Is On Point!

Criticizing bullying behaviour is not bullying. Identifying an @sshole is not being an @sshole. It is perfectly acceptable to have and express an opinion. If you have a counter-argument… use your words.

Say… you’re not Paul’s crazy twitter-cousin are you?

Aaaaaahhhh shuddup


Many of us have seen every season of Big Brother. From Dr Will and the season 2 cast being told about 9/11 in the house, to Janelle fighting for her BB life against the entire Friendship alliance, to Evel Dick purposefully drawing the ire of an entire house for the benefit of his daughter’s game, to Dan’s stupid-@ss funeral… we’ve sat through a lot, invested a lot in a game that CAN be played with skill, determination, class, and finesse.

Most of all, it CAN be played so that it’s entertaining and involving. This is our game, not theirs. These house-guests will ALL, without exception, be completely forgotten within two seasons, never to be mentioned again except for hushed, disdainful whispers of “Oh, THAT season”. WE will still be here. Simon and Dawg, if they have the intestinal fortitude to keep watching this $hit will still be here. To say that the opinion of we, who actually provide the ratings that keep this show on the air, don’t count is utter, utter nonsense.

This season is disgusting and the house-guests this year are disgusting and we, as fans, have every right to say so loudly and vehemently. For one season, our game is being hijacked by a spectacularly stupid potato head, a teeny man with a teeny ego we can only assume matches his teeny d!ck, R@pey-the-Clown, a crossfit inspirational-abuser, a skeletal alien that anal probes the local lifeforms, an Olympian dancer who will die if she eats red meat unless it’s served in the form of a dozen tacos, Matt (what can you say about Matt that you can’t say about that lump of green goo that you find in the back corner of your fridge? Irritating, expendable, forgettable)… and the list of halfwits just goes on from there.

The systemic bullying, contempt, exclusion, and abuse towards everyone “on the outs” is unheard of in BB. I think it all stems from Paul being excluded in his season because he was so f*cking irritating to be around. Now he, from lack of skill and knowledge about the game, thinks it IS the game and is perpetuating it among the low-IQ losers that make up this bottom-of-the-barrell collection of humans. They eat it up because, for a few weeks in their sorrowful existence they have “friends” (and are maybe just a little overstimulated from being out of their parents’ basement for more than 4 hours).

Look at ANY forum or comments section and you’ll see that the majority of fans that watch anything other than the sterilized CBS shows agree. I know about a half dozen regular watchers that have given up on this season and stopped watching. Fans are posting videos of their children weeping in response to the way these houseguests are treating each other. Seriously.

These houseguests are nasty and vile. They are stupid as sticks. Unmotivated, full of unreal expectations of grandeur. They’re not even clever or manipulative enough to be “villains”, they’re all just plain @ssholes. They’re not playing BB. We have every right… even a moral obligation… as fans to criticize. BB is clearly trying to change how they cast, they just got it very, very, very wrong this year.


I wish I could “Like” this comment 10,000 times!

lifetime fan

Well said, well said!


Don’t read the comments then.


Anonymous, you’ve got it right.

BB Fan

Says another anonymous


I guess I could call myself BB Fan


I am shocked or disturbed is a better word that CBS is covering up the despicable acts of these people! I mean Paul wearing blackface, the harassment, constant bullying, vile comments like raping Kevin’s wife and tying up his kids to watch with Paul, Josh, Christmas and Alex laughing thinks It is hysterically funny, Kevin being a murderer and a child molester, Paul making threats like going to beat Cody up on the outside, Paul saying that when we all know he would run lol like the coward he is, or wanting to kill Kevin, instigating fights by Paul and the hate that all the house guests are displaying and CBS//BB have the audacity to not show their true colors on the primitive show!! DISGUSTINGLY!

Kid Rock

This is what CBS GET for casting folks on looks and their desire to be famous, instead of their desire to play BIG Brother!!! Survivor cast Director > BB casting Director

BB Cat Lady

Simon & Dawg … bless your hearts … I could never be able to sit thru this ??? I don’t even know if there’s a word for it? These people are absolutely bananas! Geez Alex … really? Damn Karma please do your thing soon 😉

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Looks like Kevin’s foul behavior made it to TMZ. Hope there is a major backlash for him when het gets out of the house. They are all horrible human beings.


ya and you’re Saint Theresa


oh please! there’s more important thing to worry about, like the migrant r@pe gangs in europe

What The H3ll Are You On About?

Dude, didn’t you know? Whistlenut is the guy that ORGANIZED the European r@pe-gangs, with Russian help. Paul is his co-conspirator…. beard = totally muslim. Ole is actually short for “oligarch”.


It is Jason’s “foul behavior” that just made it to TMZ. Kevin is the victim here.

Bats and balls

This is by far the most disgusting season of all. I look forward to bb like alot of you do, and to be disgusted by the trash the majority of the people on this show say along with their ations is such a turn off. And trash is putting it very mildly. A pack of wolves are calmer and treat their prey better than these people do . Shame cbs

Same Ol' Same Ol'

You are correct! Ha! I totally mixed up the names. Sorry! Go Kevin!


Saw Jason’s foul comments, and Alex excited by them. On TMZ


I think you meant Jason.


They are all totally disgusting except for Kevin! Can’t wait to hear the boos and watch each one of them sh** their pants. Hope Julie nails them on their bullying behavior. Worst BB ever!!

Cardboard Hamsters

Unfortunately, Julie will throw softballs all night long. No booing will be allowed, the audience will be full of CBS employees.

This is the big disconnect between CBS and the fans. The fans want to punish the evil-doers and CBS wants to sell a pretty gift-wrapped family-friendly package, where feelings only get hurt off-screen.

Why do we remember people from 17 seasons ago but not people from 2 seasons ago? Why do we get excited about BB and the lies and manipulation but hate this year’s cast with every fiber of our being? Ready for this?

It’s about lies and personal behavior. Do what you want in the house… lie, cheat, manipulate, play it straight, whatever. But when you go into the diary room and talk to America… tell the truth. Paul makes Josh harass and bully whoever is on the block and then goes into the diary room and loudly vomits nonsense about “friendship” and how he can’t stand bullying. We know he’s a douchebag and he’s not fooling us for a second no matter how much he thrashes his arms like a Muppet. We can see the weakness and desperation of a man who knows that a win on BB is ALL that is keeping him from a life working at 7/11. (not that there’s anything wrong with working at 7/11, Paul’s just broken and incapable of work)

Contrast that with Dr Will who lied to everyone, while wearing a T-shirt that said “I’m lying to you”. Then he’d go into the diary room and explain how and why he was lying. He involved us, explained his actions, and left the judgement to us. Evel Dick… totally offensive in a lot of ways. Inventing “pots and pans”, being totally hostile to certain house-guests at times and then explaining in the diary room that he was doing it so he would go home and his daughter would stay. Real people telling their stories, good or bad.

While the people in the house this season are such trash that no amount of honesty could wipe away all our tears, telling the truth in the diary room is the first step to being endearing. To being real. To being lasting. We’re a community of hundreds of thousands of people. You can’t fool us, so don’t try.

Paul's Mouth

Potato-head is SO arrogant she doesn’t even see how well she’s being played…..like a well tuned piano!
I hope she does throw the HOH , she and Jason go OTB, Jason wins VETO and out the door she goes!
Hope she remembers to take her Broom and Pointed Hat with her……maybe we’ll get to she her fly out the door to a ROAR of BOOOOOO’s.


I agree! Also, I can’t stand looking at that black top and cat ears and hearing her crack in’ fingers 24 hours a day. CHANGE YOUR CLOTHER…COMB YOUR HAIR…

Alex, Go home next week…PLEASE…that would make this season at least 10% better!!!!!!


Josh thinking he has people and has had planned moves in the game is so funny. What a tool!


I don’t get their logic. If all but 3 jury members are doing nothing but sitting around talking about how much they hate Kevin, how is he definitely going to win if he makes it to final 2?


I agree the entire lot of the houseguests are disgusting but Raven is the all time low. Can’t stand the sight or sound of her.
Please CBS audience BOO her LOUD!!!!

sunny dee

>>>2:14pm Alex, Paul and Xmas
Alex says that Meghan was telling them that Raven And Paul knew each other before the season started. Apparently Meghan read it in reddit.
Paul says he doesn’t know Raven, how does he know a girl from Arkansas<<<

ok, paul

funny thing is every time someone tells alex the truth, she doesn't believe it. every time someone tells a lie, she buys it hook, line and sinker. never seen anything like it

Kathie from Canada

Just when I think the behaviour of these house guests has hit rock bottom, I discover that there is not only a basement, but a multi-level underground parking garage. As a retired school teacher I have seen the damage done to kids who are mercilessly bullied. It changes who they are. How did this group of grown people arrive at a point in their development where they will go all in against one person with a mob mentality? What a Petrie dish filled with putrid humanity. Is this a snapshot of our times? God I hope not.


Some of the worst bullies in school are the teachers.

Go Away Already

Good lord are you ever a miserable person! I hope you switch hands between your typing your whiney posts and whatever else it is you are doing to fill your time, I think one hand is getting quite a work out


I can only count on one hand, the amount of things that I hate in this world. Alex has been added to the list. I dislike the others left in the house with the exception of Kevin. He can be annoying but, certainly not unlikeable. I think if I spent the day with Kevin, I would spend half the time asking him to repeat himself and the other half being confused…..therefore, I would be laughing most of the time.


Alex looks like a younger version of Tia Carrere!

Franks Fumes

With a leathery old wrinkled CHOO CHOO!


I would love to see BB revert to it’s original roots as a social experiment without all the wanna-be media favourites. CBS should not accept applications from people who have huge social media following and they should not be recruiting houseguests. HGs should be assigned daily tasks and competitions for food, reward, etc. My version would probably not have a huge viewership but it could be considered FAMILY entertainment.

Conor McGregor for BB20

While we’re making a wish list on future BB casts and plots, I wish that refusal to play the game was forfeiture of $$$$ and not a worthless penalty vote.

And maybe a steel cage match once a week would be fun too!

The Yah Yahs

Agreed… for the most part. Original BB rules for the win! No past housegests, get some regular people, toss them in there, let the chips fall where they may. No twists, no nothing, just how it was intended to be. Much better.


YES!! I second this comment! Compete for food. Don’t just give the lazy pigs all the food they can eat. Make ’em earn it!


I agree!!! This game used to be skilled deception, not total annihalation of a human being! I hope CBS feels the wrath of the audience when Jason and Alex, Paul,Josh,etc.are exposed as the bully trash gang they are!


I stopped watching it on Xfinity and just read the spoilers on here, thanks Simon. You should audition for BB20 lol

Fat Allison

COngratulations Grodner! This is officially worse than BB9 and BB15. Youve outdone yourself!


I heard Paul and Raven talking about meeting each other. I believe Paul and Xmas also know each other, Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others…………thanks AG.
This cast is a bunch of gossipy, lying, jealous, mean, vile, nasty, spoil little girls. There is not one man in that house that acts like a man,……….. all girls. I haven’t made up my mind which is the bigger girl Paul or Josh. I do know that Paul is the biggest coward.

Alex's black roots

Kevin may not be perfect, but he certainly does not deserve this. I too liked Alex in the beginning but she is just a piece of shit. She is so far up Paul’s ass she can see his back teeth.

Ravens go fund me account

This cast is so ugly as people. Complete bullies to the next person the want out. The rest of the cast is going to be in for a rude awakening when the leave. They will be slammed for all the bullying. It’s hard to pick a favorite this year.


I honestly believe it’s mostly scripted.The more controversy the more viewers.I also believe the outcome is predetermined.

ExBB watcher

Season strange right from beginning. Paul gets 3 weeks safety in beginning while other temptations can only be used once. they make Cody nominate all those people, leave xmas in with a broken foot and raven in the game but she can’t be on slop. THe big kicker now is all these people saying they would be happy losing to Paul. do they really think just being on the show and acting the way they do will enhance them in the fixture, clueless.


This is Not what I want but my prediction is….Paul, Christmas and Raven will be in the final 3. Paul knows both Christmas and Raven outside the house. $550,000 dollars spilt 3 ways.


I have been watching BB since season 1I believe it’s mostly scripted.The more controversy the more viewers.They should just cancel it already.I also believe the winner is predetermined at some point ahead of time.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Raven is clearly the most disgusting, horrible trailer trash to ever step foot in a Big Brother house.

Jessica's Birth Control

Xmas – jason thinks I’m a lump on a log
Josh – they think I’m a dummy

Yeah, pretty much……


Those on the, “They’re such vile bullies” Bandwagon are the same folks who’ve been pushing for a Kevin win. He gets a get out of jail free pass. No matter what he says, does, or doesn’t do. The bully thing is the excuse. Something to hype.
Anything to make sure their favourite wins.
I’m sure Kevin is going to get the next HOH because the person who’s fan fav always gets it when He/she is in game trouble.
No one has been perfect little angels in the BB house. Including Kevin.

What The H3ll Are You On About?

Hmph. I heard that CBS hired Media Consultants to work forums this year. Never thought I’d actually run into one, though. What’s the pay like?


I have been watching BB since since season 1.I always thought it was scripted.Really didn’t want to believe it.They should just cancel it already.I even think that the winner is predetermined in the end…just sad really…


I’m not a big fan of Kevin. His social game that he is so proud of ended and he didn’t try to adjust his game. He doesn’t listen, he talks. Social skills are mostly listening and making the other person feel special by being interested in THEM. Alex and Kevin are more alike in that aspect. I see Alex as extremely jealous of Jason’s friendship with Kevin and hateful because she doesn’t have 100% control over Jason. Right now Alex is acting like the woman scourned and in a very unhealthy hateful and scary way. I would not want to be the new girlfriend of an ex beau of Alex’s. She is psycho.

John W

Well, this is supposed to be a show about what people will do for 500K. This just happens to be a group of ruthless maniacs. So in essence, while not like other seasons, this still fills the requirement of a social experiment. What will a house full of sociopathic asshats do for half a million?

Can’t say it’s not entertaining, but these aren’t the world’s best humans by any stretch.


Nearly all of us has some sort of experience with cancer in our family group. For Alex to falsely bring this disease into her plan to beat down Kevin and to laugh about it is not only revolting and insensitive but really a new low even for her.


Worst thing i saw of her was laughing when telling about her cousin who was raped and killed. Yeah haha it happened when i was in about grade three no problem I’m okay with it now. I think it’s total bullshit story or she really is psycho


Didn’t meant to post this three times I am new at this sorry….


“Josh – I’m not going to isolate Kevin.. That action he did towards me really upset me.. I bawled
Josh – is scared the living shit outta me it really did”

Yeah, it probably didn’t scare Josh as much as it should have, as I imagine he’ll be back at it soon.


Josh – he wants to play Derrick’s game.. He knows he’s loved .. he’s got a big family he hasn’t pissed anyone off.. He got close to Jessica before she left, he got close to Cody, he got close to Elena/mark..
Josh – he’s been playing it safe, that’s not my style
Oh Josh, you just described Paul’s game, but you are okay with him playing that type of game. He only wants to take you to final 2 because you have gotten in everyone’s face and they won’t vote for you. You are the dummy everyone thinks you are!


You keep thinking it cannot get any worse andvyet it does because now they are making fun of people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s!!! Something is seriously wrong with these people ! They really are EVIL deep down in THEIR SOULS!!!!

Judgmental Judy

No words.

These People

I think they’ve been so desensitized with all the bullying and egging people on that they can’t stop themselves anymore. Not condoning this behavior but I can’t imagine being trapped in a house for 70 days with no outside input, not even regular books or newspapers or anything. I’d lose my fucking mind. I can see how they may not realize how mean stuff they are saying is. I blame Paul, he ruined everything.


Did Alex only bring that black sports bra to wear? At least Matt wears 2 shirts? I think CBS is very aware how much viewers are disgusted with this season and will make changes for the next season.


I can’t stand Alex. I don’t think it’s funny to joke about dementia, my mother has it and it’s not funny to make fun of someone for being forgetful and then Jason commenting earlier about tying up his wife, they are disgusting. I wonder if CBS is going to step in and say ok guys no more. If they think this is getting ratings they are wrong. I hope Kevin’s wife smacks the shit out of Alex and Jason. They are disgusting human beings.

I feel bad for Josh because I feel like he is good deep down but wants so bad to be liked he goes along with them. I get Paul is a puppet master and everything but I would rather see him at the end at this point then those 2 disgusting excuses for a human.