Big Brother 19 Week 9 Top Animated Gifs

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It’s a vile season of Big Brother.. let’s enjoy some vile gifs

  • Kevin almost throws a glass at Josh after non stop bully for weeks
  • Josh picks his nose
  • Alex scares Jason (maybe the best scare to date but nobody really cares)
  • Paul and Josh dance at the prospect of Alex throwing the HOH
  • Matt and Raven throw food on each other but nobody cares
  • Matt falls off the hot dog during the endurance HOH competition but noone cares
  • Raven blow dries her privates but nobody cares
  • Xmas drives er stupid cart around smashing it into people and nobody cares


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57 thoughts on “Big Brother 19 Week 9 Top Animated Gifs

  1. I’m confused. I usually spell the word- favorite. Like I just spelled it, but sometimes I see others on the post spell it a different way. Favourite. I think.
    Am I spelling the word wrong because both ways of spelling it comes on my spell check?

  2. Simon you rock and appreciate all your time on “Groundhog Day.” Was there any feeds today? Do you think something’s up like Matt being booted not following rules or wishful thinking?

    1. Thanks Ndgirl!

      There was some feeds today. I probably could have done a little post but I had too much outside work to do I decided to leave it. Highlights include Matt no putting his microphone on, Paul going around trying to get Alex and Kevin to throw the HOH.

      I hope they toss a hammer at Matt but I doubt they’ll do sh1t. the edit will probably make it sound slike Kevin is the villain this year.

  3. I don’t get why they call it bullying when Josh call people out about stuff he thinks is shady. He is just trying to call people out when he see’s how they are playing their game it not personal attack is playing the game. Bullying is when someone threatens you like Kevin trying to throw glass at his head , like Cody threatens him when he gets outside the house, someone throwing hot sauce and pickle juice in your face like Mark, and like Jessica calling him stupid, and fat ass. That is what I call bullying . All he did was call them out how he disliked their game playing and disloyal they were.

    1. Some stuff Josh have done is concerned bullying not all of it. But Josh goes to far and it turns into bullying a personal attack which is not cool at all. Josh crosses the line between playing the game and personal attack. Josh starts out playing the game sometime then Josh never know when to stop and by the time he do stop its too late bullying is on the seen.

      1. Yes… we all are allowed to comment… but everyone may not agree with you. Just because you think it is the truth or a fact someone else may not totally agree with you and that is okay. I did not agree with everything you said… but I did agree with some of it. Continue to comment because I enjoy your comments as well as others.

    2. Josh isn’t calling people out. He has been instructed to go and rattle someone, scare them, throw them off their game. When you call someone out you don’t make sure its in a room full of people, pots and pans, extremely loud and over the top.

    1. Kevin is a bully when he was about to throw a glass at Josh’s head . This is a grown man man with children the same age as Josh. Wonder if he has threatened his kids like that.

        1. I agree Simon. Alex is the wrong person to trust ever. Alex and Paul is the worst. Alex trash talking mouth put this fabricated lie out there on Kevin and this was in no way a game play at all. But a personal attack toward Kevin and his family. Alex took personal attack to a new level. Wow… Alex is going to have to answer to many people for this statement. Jason as well for his low down and dirty statement toward Kevin his wife and daughters. Jason and Alex crossed the line big time.

  4. I was just thinking if the HG kept Matt and sent Raven home this week this might be a better plan for all HG since Matt have accumulated several penalties by now. Any HG that is sitting next to Matt after Raven leave is pretty much safe because of Matt penalties. HG will be safe for at least one more week after Raven gone. Your opinion matter to me so what do you think about this concept.

    1. That’s not how it works unfortunately. You only receive one penalty vote for failing at being a have not. You do not receive a penalty vote each time you break the rule…it’s just once during the week in which the infraction occurred. The penalty ought to be harsher but this is the way it has always been.

  5. Simon, you and Dawg and your clever updates are literally the only reason I still give a sh!t this season. As always, job well done!
    Donated! As should all the rest of you!

    1. WOW thanks! our updates never get called clever!

      I appreciate the support. This time of year we are usually toast mentally and it’s the supportive comments that keep us going.

  6. Could someone please explain why Matt rolls up his sleeveless, muscle man, wife beater, no sleeves, singular t-shirt?
    Makes him look like an idiot along with the other 555 things he does to make himself look like an idiot!
    Surely it is not to expose his muscles even more? Could it be? Is that possible? What a fool!

  7. Alex’s boobs hanging out every second of the day, Matt CONSTANTLY licking his mustache (and Raven kissing him afterwards, blech), Josh picking his nose, and Raven’s damp cooch and dirty hair…ALL SO GROSS! I’m traumatized.

      1. Faux fur faux pas. Looks like even she doesn’t give a shit anymore. Mrs. Chen, would you like to get out out of your pajamas and into wardrobe? Naw, I’m good. Hair & make up? It’s just Matt for christ’s sake. I didn’t even brush my teef.

  8. Longtime elder viewer: it’s fun watching this & heres How I stand it. Watch Sunday then Tuesday watch BBAD in speed up mode: stopping at Kevin and Any Fun Stuff (smiling, laughing). Not much lately. Dominique was the last true original, she could complement Julie and host- Holla, CBS! Then after Wednesday show ‘cos I know spoiler noms and comps, I wait until Friday pm with a drink. Goody, a treat.

    No feeds and no BBAD. Then Sat is a treat day fast fwd the week to look for fun. This season, it’s So grim. Restraints on everyone hitting and gag the ones making threats.

  9. Can’t wait for this to be over. Most boring season ever. No one can think for them selfs. It’s all about Paul the goof. Can’t wait for bb Canada. Better then bb usa.

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