Paul “You’re not afraid to take the shot right?” Christmas “No, I’m not afraid.” Paul “f**k yeah!”

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9:14pm Bedroom – Kevin and Christmas.
Kevin – I’m not going to go up am I? Christmas – Kevin, just trust me. Kevin – that’s all I need to hear. I won’t say another word tonight. Christmas – Keep acting like you are. I need you to keep acting like you’re paranoid. Kevin – I’m f**king starving! I got your word. Thank you. Kevin leaves the room.

Paul joins Christmas. Paul grins ear to ear. Paul – boom, boom! You’re not afraid to take the shot right? Christmas – no, I’m not afraid. Paul – f**k yeah! Christmas – I told Kevin to sh*t the f**k up. I said keep acting like you are. He (Kevin) wasn’t going to throw it. I told him to and you know what he said, I can’t lose to a girl. Let Christmas be the first one out. I was like Kevin, if you don’t throw it, I am staying in the game, winning it and putting you on the block. I was like listen motherf**ker, if you don’t throw it the first round you are forcing me to and you will lose and I will send your a$$ out. Then he was like .. (dropped). I got mad dude! He was like I can’t lose to a girl, it would be embarrassing. I was like you piece of sh*t! Christmas – In a mental comp, I’ll roast him too. I want to explore the different avenues of who to nominate and the repercussions of each. Paul – you could be simply straight forward with Jason and with Alex tell her you got to win the veto an pull yourself off. Christmas – he wasn’t in on everyone throwing it to me, right?! Paul – no, I’m sure if Alex told him. Christmas – I just want to make sure I don’t cross my conversations.

Right now Alex thinks I’m putting up Kevin. Paul – you tell Jason, you’re my target. Alex, you’re not my target. Win the veto. Jason’s just won a lot of comps. After the veto I will tell them that I think she’s (Christmas) is trying to backdoor me (Paul). To alleviate their stress levels. I really feel better next week if we can toss it to Raven or Josh, preferably Josh. If Josh pulls through, then I’ll pull through on the next and get us to the finals. So this is where it counts, one of them (Alex or Jason) have to go so that is why you have to put both of them up. Paul talks about how he will act paranoid that Christmas is going to backdoor him to make sure then don’t suspect their working together. You can tell Raven about us. Christmas us three? Paul –
no. The four. Do not ever mention the three.
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9:25pm Havenot room. Paul – you don’t think she would put me up do you? Alex – she’ll put me up. Paul – yeah but like a weird agenda? Alex – I don’t think she would. I think you guys are closer than me and her. Paul tells Alex about how Kevin wasn’t going to throw it. He (Paul) says he told him (Kevin) how he was going to stay in it, win it and boot him (Kevin) out if he didn’t throw it.

10:10pm Bedroom. Paul and Kevin.
Kevin – you’ve got the king and queen on the block. The two best players besides you. And if one of them goes.. Paul – just stick with me. Kevin – I’m not saying nothing. Paul – just don’t worry. Kevin – okay, I’ve got you. Paul – you gave me your word in the beginning of this game. Kevin – f**king right, what do you mean? And after this we’re getting a restaurant together. What are you talking about? You gave me your word too. You gave me yours too.

10:15pm Raven and Josh.
Paul – this is crazy. I would have liked this week to take a shot at them but I’m going to win a wall competition. Raven – only one person doesn’t play in the veto. Josh – yes and if we get drawn we need to gun for the veto and win it. Then we can ensure that we send Jason’s a$$ (out the door). Jason and Kevin will (work together). Alex will try and band with you, with whoever. Just chill. Alex is going to lose her top. Jason is going to lose his. Raven – for Mathew. Josh – Just don’t lose your sh*t. Josh – we’ve got you girl. You know you’re a bada$$ competitor. Raven leaves the room. Josh looks at the camera – what the f**K. They played themselves. What the f**k. This is f**king awesome. They played themselves, hffh

11:58pm Kitchen. Josh and Jason.
Jason – nine people gone, four people in the jury house, who’s it going to be next? Josh tells Jason that nobody can stand Kevin anymore. Jason – or Raven. I really can’t stand either one of them anymore. Josh – he burned so many bridges. If he gets the opportunity he would take a shot at tiger (Alex). Josh – he’s (Kevin) f**ked all of us.

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12am – 1:40am All the house guests are lounging, sleeping or chatting about random things as they wait for Christmas to get her HOH room key. Christmas comes out of the HOH room – Wake up! Who wants to see my HOH room!!!


1:46am All the house guests head into the HOH room. Christmas reads her HOH letter from her friend Lindsey.

Hi Friend,
Nugget (Lindsey’s son) and I made you a necklace for you for when times get tough. Aquamarine, 10 beads signify 10 years of friendship. Paul yells – FRIENDSHIP! Christmas continues to read her letter – gives you 10 years of harmony. Dream catcher to remind you that no matter what life throws your way, you’re able to still create the life of your dreams. Tiger eye gives you passion, courage, strength and good fortune. Christmas – see that is my thing, every day you wake up with the ability to change your life and she has watched me build everything from ground 1. She was actually at my very first boot camp. She continues to read her letter – We are so incredibly proud of you. You’re kicking so much booty with a literal boot tied to your foot. There is so much to tell you that I literally don’t know where to start. So here is a brief run down. Sweet guy passed away on July 14th from stomach cancer. That’s her puppy. That is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do and I was missing you something fierce that day. Nugget is going into the second grade and he started and he has officially started up extreme scootering. He is very proud of his aunty X. Spring cleaning is going full force. We put down a deposit on a venue for August 12th. And I can’t wait to tell my best booshie all about it over a bottle of bubbles. There is so much more but I want to save it for when I get to see your sweet face again. We’re sending so much love and positive energy from the Rockies. Namaste, your sweet friend. I love you Linds

2am All the house guests are sitting around in the HOH room.

2:18pm Paul carries up Xmas’ sh1t “i’m carrying the gimps stuff up the stairs”

2:20am HOH room. Paul, Christmas and Josh.
Paul – personally I think this .. put Jason and Alex up. Christmas – I know, I’m just trying to figure out my angle for Jason. Paul – I’m sure you have tons of reasons. Christmas – and believe it or not it has nothing to do with my foot. Josh – for jury .. you don’t want to make it… he is the strongest male competitor in the house. Paul – what did Kevin say … I can’t go out first. I can’t lose to a girl. It would be embarrassing. Did you not hear us bickering. Josh – I couldn’t hear what was said. Paul – I told him if you don’t drop first I am going to stay in this game. He kept saying what if I can win. Its embarrassing to lose to a girl. I was like if you don’t drop first, I am going to stay in, win HOH and send you home. He was like what the f**k. Josh – pipe down because if you use that reason he will link up with them. Paul – its fine he dropped. They all head downstairs.

2:27am Kevin and Paul.
Kevin asks Paul do you know what’s going on? Paul – Don’t ask me again. You don’t need to ask me every thirty seconds. I don’t flip flop. Don’t worry.

2:19pm Alex and Jason
Alex – i’m pretty sure one of these dumb f*’s drank my water..
They head to bed

Alex – is Raven upstairs
Jason – points to the rose room
Alex – put on your microphone
Alex – I’m surprised Kevin went to sleep
Alex – I told xmas put me up but I dunno if we should put up another pawn
Jason – backdoor him
Alex – you can’t really backdoor him know because everyone plays in the veto
Alex – 6 and 1 host
Alex – I just don’t wanna hear him b1tch, he better be nice to me
Jason – how about her
Alex – you cannot f* that up again he has to go (kevin)
Alex – Matt kinda threatened JOsh, he threatened me, Paul said you can talk all the sh1 you want but if he doesn’t walk in here next Thursday it’ll look shady for you
Alex – so if that happens, I think he’s referring to me and you. He needs to walk through that door next week or our goose is cooked
Alex – actually I don’t think he’ll care as long as it’s not Raven (Wow Alex has really dropped the ball on what’s going on in the game)
Jason says he doesn’t “give a f*” if it’s Raven or Kevin
Alex – for my Jury votes I don’t want to win next week it has to be you or Paul. JOsh preferably… would be best case scenario and the next veto me you and him play all out.

Alex – do think he’s a producer?
Alex – what did he say about the movie.. He gets free tickets
Jason – no, he said he goes to the movies so much maybe that he gets free tickets
Alex – she said something about a producers and he said something else about
Alex – maybe he’s a producer or something
Alex – he knows all the hit songs
Alex – he knows people there were up on little big town.. He knows about Eric Clapton
Alex – I dunno, these are all ideas, but he knows a lota sh1t and useless trivia (this is fun to listen to with the knowledge that she might go home)
Alex – he dresses pretty sharp for a cop
Jason – he dresses like a tool
Alex – Actor, producer, cop undercover
Jason – he’s a school teacher

Josh has come down.
Alex – the way he acted with Josh he can’t be a cop because he wouldn’t have lost his cool like that
Josh – you know what he was just telling xmas, His Stories are really f*ed up, F*ing bizarre, where you hearing them?
Alex – I was a sleep .. he’s (kevin) f*ing stupid .. you don’t take of fingers nails.. Pulling off nails

They go on about a story from Kevin that was obviously fake.

Josh – don’t you think if you were part of the lifestyle you wouldn’t talk so much

Josh – he runs his f*ing mouth like crazy
Alex – he’s not a cop
Josh – he’s on national television talking like that
(I think Kevin was telling them crime/gangster stories)
Alex – he’s a actor or producer
Alex – or undercover cop
(or potato farmer?)

Alex – he’s a producer that’s why he knows all these famous people
Alex – like new kids on the block..
Jason – mmmmm hmmm
Josh – I think he was old school like… back in the day
Alex – they’re not putting no gangster on CBS
Alex – what did he say today about being a producer
Josh – I asked him straight up have you been an actor have you been in any movies.. He said I’ve been in some soap operas
Josh – I was like how many and he just looked at me like that
Josh – he was like I can always just go back to that
Alex – he said something weird today about something (you don’t say)

Josh – yeah
Kevin comes by asks Josh to keep the light on when he comes in (dunno what he means)
Alex complains about Kevin doing something every morning that makes noise.
Josh – he does things becuase he knows it puisses you off

2:28am Paul comes by starts saying that Kevin came up to him and was like “whats going on what’s going one’
Paul – I was like Kevin stop asking me f*ing questions

Paul – he goes I just want to f*ing know relax
Paul – I’m like don’t f*ing ask me a f*ing question I dunno
Jason laughs (sad)

Xmas comes by..

Alex is complaining about Kevin asking Josh to leave a light on or door open I don’t f*ing know
Alex – he was like can you open the door so I can see… can you turn off the light when i get back
Alex – he made a HUGE point .. why are you yelling
Alex is making it sound like Kevin was yelling
Paul – this guy is getting on my nerve.. I literally told him to shut the f* up Kevin shut the f* up
Alex – new theory, producer
Production tells them to turn on the lights. they all scramble

2:37am Josh comes back makes a jokes speaks in spanish to Alex..
Alex – oh my god jesus christ we’re never getting to sleep

2:30am Paul Jason and Alex
Jason seems ecstatic
Alex- tomorrow we talk more game
Paul – next week, you compete, you compete I compete.. He competes (josh)
Paul – Cut…
(Jason and Potatoe head think Kevin is the target this week and Raven next week)

Paul leaves..
Alex – night f* a$$, pound it… F* a$$

2:51am Xmas’ HOH letter

4:07am Paul real quick you good

Xmas – I’m good
Paul – put your mic on
Paul – they DR’d me then they called Raven in
Paul – I was going to ask if you are still awake if you need to bounce shit
Xmas – i’m going to go pretty straight forward.. He’s the best competitor
Paul – after I’m going to act shocked go to them be like.. Maybe she’s going to clip me (there’s that f*ing word again)
Xmas – i’ll leave some room for that
Paul – OK perfect
Xmas – I won’t make anything super obvious
Paul – get out a strong player or something
Paul – and i’ll be like one of us.. Ya ay ya
Paul – Alex volunteered to go up … stupid
Paul – the only thing I’m worried about is Kevin Yapping
Xmas – I know I told him to shut his mouth.. He asked about the plan I was like you don’t need to know
Paul – hopefully it’s a sunday eviction and we can get rid of Jason.. BOOM
Xmas – I don’t think it’ll be a Sunday eviction
Paul says next week Raven or Josh should win.
Xmas thinks it should be Raven

4:19am BBmath

5:16am Jason is up to take a piss
(where did he go wrong this season?)

By the way folks… Next Thursday is a Double eviction and the finale is September the 20th

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Good Lord! If Christmas would just own up to being the gutsy player she boasts, blindside Paul. Grow a pair for pete’s sake! I am full steam forward with Kevin as AFP!

Bolt Uprite.

Exactly. Unless she backdoors Paul she will just be known as the girl who had all her HOH’s flat out handed to her.


Don’t put evicted people in your ranking. It’s stupid and confusing!!


then who would rank higher than 1?


Dawg would rank #1


Simon and Dawg are rock stars! I love you guys and everything you put together on your site!! You 2 make me smile.


Thanks Nance! 😉


At this point, I think people would rather swim in the Ganges after rolling in broken glass than rank the bulk of these people higher than a 1.


Keep that in mind when you start your own BB website.


Hey I have been using the name Jo and did not make this awful comment. Please use another name!

Stop using my name.

I’m The real jo!

Who are you?

Emily Dickinson

I’m nobody. Are you nobody too? Then there’s a pair of us. Don’t tell! They’d banish us you know.
How dreary to be somebody. How public like a Frog. To tell one’s name the livelong day. To an admiring Bog.

Big Bipolar Brother

How does it confuse you? It shows everyone where they compare to the past houseguests. The only people who wouldn’t like it would be the fanboys and fangirls of the “have to do what the house (paul) wants”.


Did Big Brother bring back Paul to punish any Big Brother Fan that wrote/said “Nicole should not have won (BB18). Paul should have won Big Brother 18?”

Was brining Paul back Big Brother’s way of showing viewers that Paul is sadistic and diabolical (Paul’s personalty traits that would have been more obvious to Big Brother Producers dealing with Paul’s vile antics in person during BB18)?

Maybe Kevin will win POV, pull Jason off, and Xmas will nominate Paul as a replacement nominee. The fallout from such a scenario could cause Xmas to tell Jason/Alex that Jason was supposed to go the week that Jason won HOH (sending Matt home).

Perhaps during this week Paul’s relationship with each of the house guests will be exposed – and the Paul Spell will be broken.


Paul isn’t the problem…it’s everyone else! At least until they become Paul’s target, then they get it. I don’t like Paul, his tactics aren’t entertaining they’re just mean. But it’s not his fault he’s the only one playing. They all say they are happy to finish 2nd to him, WTF! They all know they can’t beat him but they think he’s a good guy so they are ok handing him the money.

Hate him all you want but you can’t blame him for the decisions made by every other player in the house.

social experiment

they sound like Paul was put there to be their coach, that for some reason CBS will not allow him to win….so ridiculous. Christmas has made comments that suggest she knows what Pauls is doing but fir now at least it is all helping, not hurting her so we shall see.


I’m not sure it would even matter to these idiots if they finally figure out that Paul’s playing all sides. Their view of their own gameplay is very self-centered. They all think that they’ve played a great game and will probably comvince themselves that they were the ones who played (used) Paul and that they will still win even against Paul.


we could not be that lucky


i hope when Jason goes into the jury house he says, “me, Alex, Paul and Kevin had final 4” And Matt says, “No, me, Raven and Paul had a final3”. Then They’ll remember that xmas was sleeping in the same bed as Paul the week before she became HOH and put up Jason/Alex so she must have a F2 with Paul?


And. . .when Alex is on the block, she won’t blame Paul and Christmas. Somehow, in her twisted little brain, it will be Kevin’s fault. SMH


Alex threw the hoh and volunteered to go on the block. If she goes home it has to be one of the dumbest moves in bb history


Oh, my God, I HATE this group! As much as I dislike Paul, if he has the power to control the whole house, maybe he does deserve to win (even though I also believe that production made it happen.)
My only hope is that Christmas wises up this week & does backdoor Paul & the rest vote him out. Then I will enjoy the game again.


No way, I don’t think she will.
She will use Paul at least until Potatohead and Cowboy are out of the running. Then, it would be a free fall between Josh, Raven, Kevin, herself and the only guy with the brain.

In fact, from Christmas’ perspective, that’s the best case scenario for her. Then her and Josh could take him out should it play out for them.

I for one cannot muster to watch the show anymore. I’ll be coming back on here to see who’s in the running, but unless Paul is not targeted right after this week’s double, then see you for BBCan!

Victoria > Matt

Christmas won an HOH competition that requires running….is this the freaking Twilight Zone?! How in the actual f*** are we at the final seven and no one wants to win safety by simply walking?? I can’t.


You have the best screen name of the day


Matt, aka: CerealKiller, has taken Victoria’s crown! What a clown, he will never live this down!


He will hold it for a few minutes until Raven takes it away from him. Victoria was clueless to what game she was playing. Raven has done nothing, expects everything, is very gulliable, a horrible liar. She is a perfect goat to bring to the end. But i see the argument that Matt is worse because he knowingly gave up his game for a con artist. This is a very deep debate. But i think we can agree that Season 19 has the worst collection of overall players ever. If we ranked every player of Big Brother ever most of Season 19 would be at the bottom.

Kid Rock

I think Raven sucked the Soul and Brain out of Matt under those covers…..Cause Dude was sounding mesmerized by her!!! He said she is the greatest human being on this earth or something like that, lol!!! R


Makes you wonder about her skills…but then I remember it’s Raven and I’d rather masturbate with 60 grit sandpaper on a power sander.


Everybody wants to call people out and treat them like crap but nobody wants to be that person who is getting called out. So the house plan (Paul’s plan) is to throw the HoH comp to Xmas so she can piss people off in jury while Paul thinks he is golden.
True this is no longer big brother it is Big Paul.
This cast is going to be so pissed once they realized they were used as pawns and to make it worse they are going to have to listen to Cody & Jessica tell them he told ya so!!!


Listen to Jessica and Cody? They wanted the house to be there pawns It just so happens that Paul is a far better player than they are in a position to himself better. The problem is Jessica and Cody didn’t play big brother, they play grab ass and isolated themselves.


Can’t remember Jody getting 3 weeks of safety and a bunch of bracelets to hand out, being productions little darling ect…
At least they tried to play their own game, not their fault they didn’t know the Gnome has eternal protection on BB, quickly found out they were in a house full of wannabes looking for some idol or prophet to follow, their only “friends” lacked the back bone to stand with them knowing they wold be next.
These people are dumb until death or paid to do productions bidding what else makes any sense?
Don’t want to hear Paul is playing a good game, he is the only one playing ect.
It is so far past obvious this is rigged for him, did he actually get to pick most of these people, a few friends here a couple of fame whores there and finish it off with a trip to a mental hospital?


Cody and Jessica were the foolish versions of Paul, thinking they can pressure ppl to becoming their followers by accusing them of being traitors (when in fact they weren’t), not being alpha enough, etc. whereas Paul at least manipulated his way to get people to follow him. He at least used people’s weaknesses for his benefit in the game. I do agree that the house is full of idiots, especially cause there was only ever one person playing this game.
Cody and Jessica didn’t get their way, boo hoo, so they sat around waiting for people to talk to them or just talked smack all the time together.
Jessica will always be the fool who stuck by the guy who blew up his own foot….., wasted chances these fruit loop dinguses.
I honestly wonder why some players join the cast at all if not to PLAY big brother. Like,why bother wasting your time? I just don’t get it. They’re all just wannabe fame wh*res imo.

Jessica's Birth Control

Alex and Jason
Alex – i’m pretty sure one of these dumb f*’s drank my water.

Can we get everyone to attack Alex??? Please??? Cmon you pussies, you have done it for the last 4 weeks. Josh get the damn pots and pans and tell alex she is lying about the water. Accuse alex of stealing and hording all the water in the house. She is causing a mass dehydration and Raven could die. Then raven jump in, then kev, then paul, then jason! I want action, fights, and bullying of alex 24/7 til next week! lets go! Now!

BB Newbie

That would be epic!!! They could be just as ridiculous and childish as all if her actions.


I hate the whole group. Josh, Raven, Paul and Christmas make me sick. I only watch on Thurs. Waste of time rest of week.Good job CBS bring such a vicious group in.



I’m grateful for the hard work, time, and dedication Simon and Dawg devote to Online Big Brother. Simon and Dawg’s commitment inscribing Big Brother 19 enables circumventing viewing the persistent unrelenting maltreatment (that is Big Brother 19).

Big Brother is a game. Football is also “just a game.” Imagine Aaron Donald coercing, luring, influencing his teammates to purposely harm Andrew Luck or Josh Norman. Imagine Aaron Donald mastering mind contro/bullyingl – employing such mind control/bullying tactics on his teammates – using mind control/bullying tactics to cajole and inveigle his teammates to take weapons on the field to harm Andrew Luck or Josh Norman – interrupting/ending Luck’s/Norman’s game as such an outcome would benefit Aaron Donald. All within an established mindset of “it’s just a game.”

Games have rules.

Games have referees.

Games have officials to make sure game rules are followed. Games have officials to conciliate game plays / game moves. Officials that intervene in the event game plays / game moves breach game regulations and/or violate game rules. Failure to observe and follow the rules of any game results in negative ramifications.

Big Brother is a game – a game with rules played by people that should behave sportingly.

Dan G. was criticized for swearing on his Bible / swearing to God when making a promise (that Dan G. broke) to Frank. Dan G. did not require the rest of “the house” to torture Frank mentally. Dan G. did not say things such as:

“someone should pull out Frank’s eyes so I can rape Frank in the skull … use Frank’s bed as the port-a-potty and excrete feces all over Frank’s bed … intentionally act to to make Frank experience shock, confusion, fear, disturbing emotions.”

When Dan G. “blindsided” Danielle Murphree by evicting Shane (after talking Danielle in to using the POV to nominate Shane) Dan G. did not proceed to barbarically attack Shane. Dan G. did not go on a ceaseless inhumane bestial excoriation of Shane.

Big Brother 19 Game Players are still excoriating Cody.

In the past Big Brother fans/viewers have watched Big Brother Game Rivals becomes friends during/after The Big Brother Game. Look at Rachel Reilly and Regan Fox – Rachel said “Ragan and I are best friends now he’s going to be in my wedding.” Janelle did not torture Mike Boogie / Will after finding out about Mike/Will having a “Chill Town Alliance” with another Big Brother Game Player. “The House” did not emotionally abuse and physically isolate Britney H. (when Britney was getting vote). Instead, “The House” sat in the backyard with Britney as they drank wine, laughed, and provided support for each other.

Again, thanks Simon and Dawg for watching Big Brother 19. Online Big Brother frees Big Brother Fans from watching BB19 Game Players misemploy the Big Brother Game, watching BB19 Game Players indecently abuse with delight, and watching BB19 Game Players barbarically denigrate both the Big Brother Game & Big Brother19 Game Players.


You’re welcome. 😉


This thing with the post and pans is torture. How is it America approves of this with the house guest but then they get on their high horse when we do it to terrorists?


Christmas yelling at Kevin because he didn’t want to throw the competition….all of these effing people are entitled. It makes me sick. I wish this season would end already.

Bring on BBCan!



Christmas Trasj

Christmas is trash like Hillary Clinton for accepting a debate question from Donna Brazille and cheating! Strong women do not need to cheat EVER. Christmas has no brand anymore. Not an inspiration to women.


After Xmas nominates Jason/Alex – perhaps Kevin can POV pulling down Jason.

Jason/Alex getting nominated may cause “the house” to compare notes.

Perhaps Xmas will take the advice she gave to Josh “don’t let Paul take over and run your HOH … eventually we need to get rid of Paul.”

I do not know if nominations have happened yet. Reading the latest OBB entry – it almost seems as though Xmas was not certain if nominating Jason/Alex was the best move. When reading – it seemed as though Paul was questioning Xmas.

Perhaps Paul saying to Xmas “I will say that I am afraid that you Xmas are going to backdoor me” will cause Xmas to think “perhaps the best game move for me is to backdoor Paul. Perhaps the best game move for me is to nominate Paul. Perhaps the best game move for me is to tell Jason that Paul’s plan was to get Jason out this past Thursday – but Jason “ruined” it by winning HOH.”

Xmas will more than likely follow Paul’s orders. However – again – reading the latest OBB entry it did “sound” as though Xmas was thinking “what is best for my game” when Paul was giving Xmas his (Paul’s) HOH orders.

Maybe Xmas’ HOH letter reminded Xmas of the person that she aspires to be – and the reason Xmas was crying in bed during her last HOH a week ago was because Xmas realizes that she has been complacent and active in the malicious environment Paul has created.


I think Jason is the only person besides Cody and Mark who has won comps without someone throwing it to them.


I sure wish someone would tell the Cuban lunatic to stop screaming when he’s in the diary room.

He screams at the camera two feet away from his ugly puss.


I just rewatched the Matt / Julie interview.. holy awkward..

September 21st

yes that was super weird!! Guy looked like a clueless schmuck!!!! His family must be soooo proud of him!

I'm Not Paul's Sheep

Not a single cheer or laugh. The crowd need the kraken.


I just watched Matt answering fans questions before going to jury…way beyond awkward


Holy crap he even said it and still can’t figure it out….. Paul is controlling the game and Jason and Alex are winning the competitions. Just a dumb@ss.


Yes very awkward but Kevin’s goodbye message was classic!

Might have to vote Kevin AFP just for that!


I don’t get how people can live in close proximity for 70 days and not speak more than 60 words to each other (as Jason said about Matt).


How’d you like Kevin ‘a goodbye message. “Matt, take care, goodbye “.


loved it


I really wish Christmas would turn on Josh….Maybe not the biggest move this week but it would sure make me happy. Anyways….I have kind of resigned myself to the fact that Paul isn’t going anywhere so this week, since it’s a double, I would like to see Alex and Christmas go. I want Kevin to win HOH and put up Christmas and Josh. That would be a good week if they get rid of those two.


Just 2 questions
Has BB ever shown n broadcast version Paul true colors?
Has any houseguest ever thought about winning the prize or thought about why Paul is always including himself with the other 2 as a 3 final, and then says he hasn’t a chance of winning, how can they believe this?
Can these houseguest be that stupid??
No, I didn’t watch last night show, nor watch the 24/7,I refuse to watch a pre-scripted white washed reality show and get my update only here now.
We all need to support this forum.

Anti Paul Puppet

Last night I was thinking about how they portray certain HG. In my opinion, Paul, Xmas, and Alex are getting the best edits (ie. hiding of true character). Now think about these three HG. They maybe the richer or more influential HG’s. Paul’s parents are loaded and he has his own brand, Xmas has her own successful business and brand, and supposedly Alex’s parents are loaded.

Now this is just me making assumptions, but is it possible that they may have signed altered contracts that were able to protect their image more so than the other HG? I would assume that they would have had lawyers review their contracts before signing, whereas other HG may have just signed on the dotted line for the standard contract.

I maybe completely off base, I just thought that it was suspicious where certain edits seem to be going.


More likely, CBS feels they’ll generate the greater interest. CBS doesn’t care if we hate them, they only care if we watch a video with them in it, or read an article about them, in other words if we’ll pay attention to them. It’s about CBS monetizing them. It’s about telling the advertisers people will pay just so they can hate these guys.


Does anyone else think her friends letter seem to give off clues to Chritmas? Friendship – Pual of course, Extreme – Jason and she even put aunty X. THere are other things but those two seem obvious to me.


I noticed that plus Eye of the Tiger (Alex).


It said tiger eye gives you strength good fortune and passion not exactly things telling you to target her. How about puppy having stomach cancer sounds like that could be Raven ha ha


after the word boot you have Sweet guy (Kevin) stomach cancer (Raven) extreme x(Jason) and spring cleaning


Xmas doesn’t think Kevin is a sweet guy, she thinks JOsh and Paul are sweet guys.


If you were writing a letter from outside the house would you call Paul or Josh sweet guy plus just 2 weeks ago Xmas was cuddling Kevin every night telling him what a sweet guy he is

This is so wrong

Tigers eye also.


So funny to here Christmas handy cap wheel squeeking when she uses it. Squeak squeak squeak.


Reminds me of that awful hammock squealing last year or year before?


The squeak is a sound effect added by production. Scooter doesn’t squeak on feeds.


I thought it was a sound effect.


my guess is to take out big threats – and to keep those that haven’t won a comp – aka (Raven and Kevin) to the end….- don’t take someone to the end – whom has the similar game plan as you – or that won as many or just a little less HOH as you – it will decrease your chances of winning. so keep Raven or Kevin – or perhaps keep a “Hated/Annoying” HG to the end. I think this might be a good strategy. Don’t be all buddy-buddy to someone because u like them and u r besties. cause it seems to me after Kevin goes – it seems to me that everyone else remaining likes each other – or relatively friends with each other – making it VERY difficult to decide whom should be evicted next. Kevin and Raven are not really threats/targets in the game – they have no game play – so why evict them??

September 21st

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Simon and Dawg for putting up with this titanic monstrosity of a season . I haven’t watched for a month but I come to this website a few times a day. THANK YOU!!! I’m a happily married man with 2 amazing kids but I really love you both!!

September 21st CAN NOT come soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The day Paul will rightfully be crowned THE CHAMPION !!
I can’t wait either….


Jason, please save yourself! You worked so hard to play this game and now you’re going to get voted out. This is so wrong on many levels… some people haven’t even lifted a leg, and now this. It’s so sad to watch what’s unfolding, I can appreciate a good game but this isn’t it.


*Sigh* If you want to see how BB SHOULD be played, check out Australia’s BB. (Now defunct, unfortunately.)
The housemates (not guests) were the ones to nominate the people on the block by a using 5 points to vote for two housemates. Each HM would split the points between two people- the people with the most votes were on the block. (The top 5, if memory serves me correctly.)
The Australian viewers would then vote to give safety; the one with the least votes was evicted. Perfect system- NO ONE person could control the house like disgusting Paul is, or Derrick did. You had to appeal to the VIEWERS, or you’d go out.
Also, BB was very much involved in the house, on camera. You heard his voice a lot. Individual tasks/rewards/punishments were offered constantly. (Breaking the rules was ALWAYS punished severely, unlike ours.) Food had to be earned by successfully completing tasks, and they had to give BB a “budget” for it.
If they screwed it up, they were penalized by getting just basic food. No “luxury” items, like coke.
You saw a lot more of the diary room as well. BB would call HMs to give them tasks or to administer punishments. There was also a lot of the HMs talking about what was going on with them- they gave a lot more insight than ours does.
Their twists were so much more clever. In one season, two HMs had to convince the house they were newlyweds (for a week.) New HMs are also introduced throughout the season.
The television coverage was 3 nights a week (full show) and two nights a week (a 20 minute or so segment), so you got to see a lot more.
The house was also amazing- if you watch it on Youtube, tell me if you don’t think that their house should be in Hollywood, and ours should be there. Our house is a set- theirs was a real house, or looked like one. They even had a treehouse in one of the seasons! I think their kitchen would take up about half of our BB house! The first night was introduced with a full song and dance number, with lasers and smoke- very ‘Hollywood’.
The HMs walked down a runway much like a catwalk to meet the host. (Sorry, can’t remember her name.)
I wish AG would take a page from BB Australia’s book.


Going to have to disagree. This was similar to how the first season of Big Brother was played and it was boring and terrible. The show then boils down to a popularity contest with everything being fake and nice 24/7. Shows need villains and people to dislike as much as they need heroes and favourites to root for. It just so happens that this season is composed primarily of morons and unlikeable cast members.

CBS has painted themselves into a corner by pushing their own agenda though. Last season they forced a Nicole win with the narrative that a girl hasn’t won in 7 seasons. The audience then felt cheated so now they had to bring back Paul in an obvious attempt to right their wrong. And here we are. The best thing CBS could do now is get back to basics. Get an interesting cast, ditch the twists and let it unfold without any interference. Just my 2¢ though.


Weren’t you bored by Derrick’s season? It was sort of like this one, but without the horrible harassment by the house. I think we all knew Derrick was going to win.
I admit, I’m a latecomer to BB- I never saw Season one. I think I started watching about Season ten or so…


BB Australia was only worth watching from 2012 -2014. Their format from those years was the best and their Houses in those years was also the most luxurious.
I agree with you though, it is way more appealing than this one is now. I don’t know how anyone can say ( GIBZILLA ) that it was boring without a VILLAIN and people being fake 24/7 ?! – Or it’s just a POPULARITY CONTEST ?! That’s what BB is in the long run anyways ! In order to win the show ( on BB AUS. ), people need to be creative or the viewers will just get bored of them, and just vote them out. You can still be a villain ( much like Tim was in 2013 of BB Australia or Ben in 2012 ) and still win ! It’s called being a very good manipulator or prankster and making the public laugh along with you as long as you don’t hurt anyone. If you don’t do anything and float through why be there much like the US version !!!! Plus in the Australian version 2012-14 they had Weekly tournaments for safety as well as saving people from eviction and putting people in their place instead much like the US version.
But the TWO huge differences I like from BB AUS. are the punishments if you break the rules. – And second you get to hear BB talk to everyone in the House all the time even in the DR asking them questions. There truly is NO WHERE TO HIDE !!!!


The 2013 season was my favorite of the BB Australia. I didn’t know how to feel about Tim at first. He was a quasi-villain, but entertaining as hell! When he took the ice cream (twice!) I thought it was hysterical! He was the highlight of the season for me.


I love the sound of that! Our BB has seriously and totally jumped the shark!

Please, let Kevin pull off a few wins and get a nice guy to final 2!!!! Pretty please with sugar on it!


He could be wrong but I think the first 10 season of big brother USA adopted some of those Australian big brother things had to be on I think after that big Brother USA started going downhill with recruits not game players ordinary people pass we are sick our big brother CbS there is no real gameplay anymore and there is no rules to follow

Amy in FL

I always watched TV Australia and loved it! I thought many times we should take elements of how they played the game. I totally agree!


Paul has walked through this game unscathed. Everyone, including his ‘team’ are buffoons, imbeciles, and lap dogs. So, even if Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena were goons, they were still right.
The thing is, they all knew it and did nothing about it after Cody missed his mark. Paul’s plan has been executed virtually flawlessly. I’m hoping some of that ‘unexpected’ comes out of Big Brother right now because, the predicable “clipping” of the next targets, Jason, Alex, Kevin, Raven is pretty boring. Wait, this whole s!@! is boring. But you get what I mean. Even if Alex or Jason win the veto, Kevin is going. And then, either of those two have to win the next H.o.H to retaliate.
I’m still amazed that even Christmas or Alex have not entertained the idea of taking out Paul NOW.


Mark and Elana tried to kiss Pauls ass too they turned on Jody and did everything Paul told them until they were the targets


Christmas Abbott is actually in LOVE with Paul, kind of weird and game play harmful, but you can’t have soft porn at night, follow Paul wherever he goes (he barely follows her), laughs at every single joke, allows him to interrupt her constantly, and submits to his every wish. It all started when Paul used his 3 week Veto power and Christmas was put up instead. Paul came to her and said I’ll help you and try to rally the votes but don’t FU*k me or I’m out. Christmas Abbott responds and likes that type of authority in men. She was hooked ever since day 4. She’s already said she is fine being 2, 3 or 4.


Where is The Big Brother “Unexpected?”

It would be enjoyable to see Julie gather the game players to the living room and announce during the double eviction:

“Two houseguests have been given safety during the double eviction. The houseguests with safety received the most votes. The two houseguests with safety can still play in the HOH / POV comps. The houseguests with safety will only be revealed if they are nominated for eviction / chosen as a replacement nom. After the first live eviction all houseguests will immediately to to the backyard for the HOH comp. The winner of the HOH has 10 seconds to get to the HOH chair outside and the remaining houseguests have 10 seconds to get back in the living room. The HOH will name their two nominees for eviction from the HOH chair outside (this is to eliminate anyone instructing the HOH — and Julie telling the game players to get out of the APSR and back in the living room).”

If Jason is still on the block on Thursday – Julie would not announce that Jason was safe until it was time to vote. Xmas would have to name a replacement nom within 3 seconds or Xmas would be evicted. If Xmas chose Kevin as the replacement nom – Julie would inform Xmas that Kevin is safe and Xmas has 3 seconds to name a replacement.

It would be entertaining to see Paul’s, Alex’s, Xmas’, Josh’s, Raven’s facial expressions. It would also be entertaining to watch Xmas have to name replacement noms in seconds / the new HOH separated from “the house” and having to think on their own. It would also be entertaining to see Paul’s and Alex’s reaction to being told that Kevin is safe, and, they are not safe.

Such an “unexpected” game addition would have to rattle Paul and his minions – especially since Paul and his minions believe that the double eviction will be smooth sailing for them.


What are you smoking. That makes no sense whatsoever


BB givine Paul 3 weeks of immunity totally ruined this game from the beginning…and this cast are a bunch of sheep following Paul directions instead of thinking for themselves. Cody knew from the beginning they had to get Paul out. I think Kevin knows. Might as well wriite paul the check now.

Can this group not complete a sentence without using the F word? disgusting!!

Shannon Hoon

How did I miss the HOH comp? I figured it was today cuz they did not start it at end of last nite. Idiot.

I feel so dumb not knowing. Damn me for having a life.

Can’t wait to see how Paul makes Alex still worship him as she walks her ugly dumb ass out the house!

Xmas could win this. It is obviously going to be Josh, Xmas,Paul, Raven F4. So Xmas will be dumb and let Paul get Raven to F3 with them. Cuz he wants to have less chance of someone else win the final comps(Josh) If Xmas can somehow can win 2 of the 3 parts of last comp and gets to choose who to take to final 2 she could win this. Omg she wouldn’t be dumb enough to take Paul would she?

Yes she would.


You didn’t miss anything. . .the HOH comp was rain delayed and the feeds did not come on until the comp was finished. We’ll get to see it on Sunday’s show.


The only reason to watch the “edited” cbs shows is for the comps even though the are a couple days late and we all know the outcome they still are mildly entertaining . Paul has ruined that too by controlling everyone to throw it to the person of his choosing. Cbs no one wants to watch that.

It never rains in Southern California.

It wasn’t actually raining. I checked the specific local weather reports. 0 precip. So what was the real reason for the delay?

The sleeper

Okay look I know this show is produced and scripted and that’s fine but it’s come to the point where it’s not believable anymore it’s gotten so bad that you actually don’t believe that a real game is being played it’s the same comps year after year bringing back vets should not happen unless it’s all stars really really sad how far this show has fallen it’s almost as bad as survivor now


Just got filled in on Matt’s penalty for ignoring his HN completely. So if he only got 1 penalty, why would anyone want to follow HN rules in the future? Eat to your hearts content, sleep were you want, shower in warm water, and ignore those silly costumes they require you to wear. Why do it at all? Your just going to get 1 penalty vote. CBS, you suck completely and lost all control In future BBs.
Seriously, If I was on BB, I would be like Matt and ignore their rules, and accept the 1 penalty vote.


The thing about BB is to come out of the experience showing you have integrity, compassion, and you did not turn into a Jason, Potatohead,Spencer,GinaMarie,Aarynn,and on,and on!


Players should go on Big Brother to try to win half a million. As for integrity, the only integrity that should matter is the game’s integrity. People should be able to lie but they should be willing to deal with the consequences. Everyone should be on an even playing field, the “twists” are more so production can manipulate things than for the betterment of the game. I believe decency is better than compassion. You can be a jerk and still have some decency.

In essence the biggest issue with Big Brother the last few seasons is the cast is more interested in what happens after the show. They look at it as being an audition or commercial. Sadly, CBS is more than willing to foist these people on the public and some former cast can make enough money to make it seem a legitimate career path.

The Truth

The season is lost regardless, but just one of these days can’t production do an hour-long DR with Paul so the other HGs have a chance to talk without him always lingering?

Perhaps they’d all realize he has F3s with every twosome, that all along his target last week was Matt despite what he told Matt and Raven, and that he’s getting each twosome to take shots at each other (and Kevin) — but not Paul.

Production will never allow that to happen to their Golden Boy with the Golden Boy edit, however.


Paul has had long Drs the other people are just that dumb

Peter Muffins

Paul too doesn’t want to lose to a girl….again.

Maniacal Dwarf

Blech…. how I hate Paul! Loved him last year, makes my skin crawl this year! Short-man syndrome much? How he tells Kevin to just ” shut-up lay down and read your bible” makes me infuriated. He & Alex are poisonous…. hope social media is the same to them both come 9/21. Sad to see Jason so blinded and turn on Kevin…I don’t see much post game remorse in the other jerks, buthopefully he-will regret some of the shit he said…sad


Just leaving this here…


Hilarious !!!


Julie Chen should have handed him a bowl of cereal and pointed to a waiting taxi!
Thanks for sharing that, funny!!!


XMAS’s HOH letter. Mentioned Friendship/Tiger. Mmmmmm seems like a clue to me. #bb19


Double Eviction should be good this Thursday. First one I’m looking forward to. Jason will go but Alex will be gunning for the HOH out of shock. It’s great that she doesn’t seem to have a clue!! Wish they would evict Alex first! I just can’t stand Potatohead.

My hope is that Kevin would win the second HOH (yea…I know). He’s the only one that seems to have an understanding that Paul is running things. Seems to be the only one that might put Paul up.

Simon/Dawg…….I think it’s great that you included the evicted housepets in your rankings. Really reflects the disgust that viewers have for this season.

Kid Rock

You a damn fool if you think KEVIN WOULD PUT PAUL UP!!! He would put up Alex, Josh, or Raven…, He is banking on Paul taking him to FINAL TWO… He is trying to leave with 95k


Anyone else get a little nauseous seeing Alex wearing a pool floaty like her Sith Lord, Paul?


Paul is obviously going to take the weakest players to final three so Raven and Josh. What a crappy season! The whole thought of JOSH or Scam artist Raven getting second place money makes me sick……


It is infuriating to see Paul and Christmas bully Kevin. This is BB. You are supposed to win comps – not throw them to get Paul and Christmas to the end. This is how people in power act! Nasty bullies.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

When did you guys add the Kraken to Kevin’s portrait?


Last night


If all you negative commenters think you can play the BB game better….I’d like to see it. Y’all act like they have ALL the information we do from Live Feeds etc. You criticize their every move and decision. They are not psychics! GEEEEEZ They all “play” each other…that’s the game.


I agree with you anonymous. Crazy isn’t it? Mob mentality I guess. Plus all the hatred, calling out HGs for bullying while being even worse bullies themselves. Most comments are just haters hating. It’s disheartening to say the least.


I hope that Christmas puts Jason and Alex on the block and Jason wins veto and then I’m sure they will put up Kevin with Alex on the block and then Alex will get voted out!! On a side note what is wrong with these people I do not see any scenario where Paul gets voted out on double eviction, these people believe him even through he’s one by one getting them out!


Paul is a wise man knows just what he is doing CBS sure found a bunch of idiots this season wonder why people hate the show and for sure number one idiot Cody he thinks his sh.. dosent stink and keeps on saying that he hates them all what makes him think they give a rats ass about him


I really don’t think Cody gives a damn what these nasty ass people say or think about him.

Cody for AFP!


Bobby said – “…sure number one idiot Cody he thinks his sh.. dosent stink and keeps on saying that he hates them all what makes him think they give a rats ass about him”

Umm……because they keep talking about him.

Big Bipolar Brother

I think it’s time to add some – scores to the rating system, most of the ones left need the negative system to further show how much we love them when they get out to watch. I have to give some of them a score of 2 just so I can give Raven or Xmas a 1.

Throw a comp = automatic penalty nom and havenot. That would fix them.

Florence McSimmons

I think Dawg and Simon are a couple. Dawg eats Simon’s ads like it’s groceries.

That’s my thought of the day.


Ads? Dawg do my ads taste good?


That’s your one thought of the day?
Careful you may damage the few brain cells you have left if you ever try to put them to use again

Bye Felicia

Oh, Flo.. I see you’re still not feeling any better about yourself today and had to come spread your cheer. Nobody wants to hear your thought of the day…. unless it involves removing the gigantic stick from your arse. Keep spreading that cheer, Sunshine!! ;D


Why don’t you go to another site and spew your garbage!!!!!!!!! It is so obvious that you are a relative or friend of one of the more despicable people to play BB..
Leave Simon and Dawg alone, we people, that are not friends or relatives, like this site just the way it is!!


PotatoHead needs to go!!! I cannot stomach her for another day! I hope when Kevin goes home he gets lots of Love and respect for being a good human being…and I hope that vile piece of trash wallows in her comeuppances!

Big Bipolar Brother

I’m surprised no one has brought this up buuuuut… They obviously cleared throwing it to Xmas with production because there is no way she would have been cleared to take part in the competition if it involved running at all, so she would have been given the obligatory “Xmas, the dr hasn’t cleared you for this so go sit your ass down”, but here she is standing there. and they all throw it to her?

I wonder sometimes how much different and better this season would have been if they just left it as a bunch of noobs (who just happened to be handpicked from Instagram, never watched the show, and just want to make it to jury).

Julie's ex-stylist

What was with the dryer lint sleeves and kitchen scrubby cloth on that top Julie wore last night? Time for a new stylist.


I’m still astounded that everyone’s following Paul’s agenda. He TELLS them he’s going to go smooth things over with whoever is currently wronged, and they’re all like, “Oh, sure. Good plan.” He TELLS them he’s not going to win HOH until the last one so that HE CAN PICK WHO GOES TO THE FINALE WITH HIM. They’re all like, “Oh, cool. Yeah, I’ll win the next HOH then.”

These people seriously make me want to drill a hole in their skull to make sure there’s a brain inside. You’re playing for half a million dollars, people. Does nobody care about that? I know they all think they’re going to be super famous after this, but in general, the only people anyone remembers are the winners.

And I think that Matt & Raven truly believe they’re America’s sweethearts, that we all love them and think they’re darling. Did you notice how she attempted to gaze lovingly at Matt like Jessica did to Cody? Not buying it.

Sorry for the rant. I’m just so fed up with this season!


It’s astounding that Matt went as far to get penalty votes to make sure Raven stayed in the game.

Guess Matt is confident he was not going to win 500,000 or 50,000? Perhaps Matt thought he would get more “followers and exposure” by falling on his sword to save Raven (a girl that is going to die any second / needs the money to pay for a new pace maker).

Jordan won Big Brother. Jordan never won HOH (that I remember). I like Jordan.

With Big Brother the game can go any which way. Something could have happened causing Matt to end up in F2. It’s so odd, to me, that Matt was willing to walk out.

Is the rumor that there was a pre Big Brother 19 deal with Raven and Paul being F2? Raven told Matt this during there “pillow” conversations? I know Raven talked about her CBS contract and Paul in the APSR — weeks ago. I never understood what Raven was saying.


Hopefully there’s no cereal in the jury house.


For those that missed this link yesterday..this is for you…
Hilarious pictures along with the claims.

Pleasant Jenny

It gave me the Google extreme warning red page!!! 🙁


Not sure why. It was on and about 3 stories down. So just go to the site directly. I just opened it and it worked.


Last night, Raven made a proprietary move upon our Fearless Leader, the garden gnome. Unannounced , she made a swift move to pop one of his zits. Without hesitancy or preamble, he bellowed, “STOP!” No, Craven Raven, you are oblivious to how vulgar and disgusting such a motion is. Paul is not the least attracted to becoming your new Mattress. You’re being kept around for your vacuity, but try those tricks one more time on Paul, and he’ll have to show you some etiquette as he holds open the exit door for y’all’s ass.