“[Kevin] sees a weakness, that’s what ch!ld mol$sters do, they see which kids are going to f*ing tell”

11:30am Jason and Alex

Jason didn’t want to put Kevin up because he felt that Alex and Paul had a plan and if he had put Kevin up as a pawn everyone would have voted him out (correct)
Alex – I said we might I didn’t know if we wanted to or not.. We wanted the option

Jason – why didn’t you have that conversation with me
Alex- I did tell you, you didn’t listen
Jason – apparently not in the right spot..
Alex – it’s not a big deal Matt goes.. This is what Happens when you’re HOH until the person leaves it’s hard.

Alex – we’re going to f*ing surprise him (Kevin) on Thursday.. F*ing Lay into him .. Scare the sh1t outta him (Not surprised that’s the only game you guys have)
Alex – that’s when we’re going to bust out everyone and f*ing freak him out

Jason – why THursday
Alex – we have to wait until after HOH, he can’t win
Alex – THursday on.. It might be Friday after Nominations.. He might wig out
Jason – That’s when you want to do it

Kevin walks by
Alex – here he comes…. mother f*er ..
Alex says Kevin is so paranoid.
Jason – I told him this morning.. Kevin, we’re a team.. I can’t keep.. I feel like I’m protecting you for some reason.. I don’t want to go home so if I’m protecting you I need to know why
Jason – he’s like I have no f*ing idea.. I’m not lying..
Jason – he’s f*ing swearing on everything
Jason says he’s going to get his posse together Alex/Paul if they want to vote kevin out then he’s going with them.
Jason – it’s 2 vs 1
Alex – you can’t say my name and Pauls

Kevin walks by again
Jason – he’s a douche bag.. He just is..
Jason – I know what we’re going to do we’ll put up him and Raven (if alex wins HOH but they also think Xmas/JOsh/Paul are in on this plan)

Jason says all he thought was that they were going to scare Kevin
Alex – we’re going to scare him
Jason – I thought we have
Alex – we’re going to scare him when he’s acting crazy.. We wanted to see what he would do
Jason – we saw it the other day
Alex – MAtt told me last night that he’s (Kevin) going around throwing you under the bus
Alex – mother f*er, Jason f*ed up his game to save you (Kevin)
Alex says Matt is mad and Jason and Kevin but they think that Kevin is manipulating Jason and that’s why Jason didn’t put Kevin on the block.

Alex – I tell you he (kevin) wears your rag all the time he tries to do stuff with you
Alex says Kevin tried to take a piece of Xmas’ cast “that’s f*ing weird”
11:38:28am Alex – he steals my shi1t… He acts like a predator shows.. A murderer ..

Alex laughs
Alex – he establishes a connection with you and you can’t get rid of him it’s like Stockholm syndrome
Alex – he’s like beating you.. But I love you./. Here’s some food
Alex says Kevin was trying to get her out if she hadn’t won the Veto when she did she would have been gone. (I swear Alex will blame Kevin for shooting JFK soon)

Alex – it’s your HOH, we’re not going to bully people and say this is what we’re going to do

Alex about Kevin “I just don’t like people that are condescending. He thinks we’re stupid dumb kids

Alex – it’s insane that he thinks he’s so much older than us.. F* off .. he’s not that much older than my parents he acts like he’s so old
Alex – he’s trying to be a weakling .. he says raven’s pretending to be sick and stuff, we’ll he’s pretending to be old
Alex – he does the exact same thing she does.. (no)

ALex – he says I do everything for you guys
Jason- he hasn’t don sh1t
Alex – exactly.. He tries to build a relationship with you so you feel bad, and you want to take him.
Jason brings up how Kevin calls him “Ja” now
Alex – it’s a nickname

11:45:02am Alex – he sees a weakness, that’s what ch!ld mol$sters do, they see which kids are going to f*ing tell.. They coddle them and they pet them it’s called conditioning (WOW)

Alex – he conditioned you.. Now you are like I can’t turn against my family member.. I can’t turn him in even though he’s doing all this f*ed up stuff.. I see it but
Jason – I feel like a real idiot.. (you are now that you believe Alex)
Alex – we wanted MAtt and raven pout anyways.. If you want to go that route that’s fine

Alex says to “Drive him insane” talk about cows a sh1t to him
Alex says the only reason Kevin still talks to Jason is for information he’s stopped asking Alex because she’s like “NO”
Alex – if he wants to talk about game.. i’ll be like remember when we used to talk game and you told xmas and would laugh about us that’s why I don’t talk game with you anymore.
Jason – that’s the real reason right there.. you got cold hard evidence
Alex – we have to wait and play stupid.. then we’ll bust that cap
Alex – it’ll be a Big BRother history move (if they win HOH and nominated him)
Jason – you’re caught red f*ing handed

Jason – I honestly want you or Paul to win.. if it’s not me
Alex – if Kevin wins I’ll be depressed.. if he comes in second I’ll be depressed.. even if Matt and Raven won they haven’t done anything

Jason says Matt can “s* his D!ck” Jason never told Raven that they were safe.
Jason – that’ mother f*er

11:54am Alex and Jason.. Still going
Jason – sometimes you get b1tchy
Alex complains that someone broke her top drawer. Says it was either “her” (raven/Xmas) or that’ mother f*er upstairs (kevin)
Jason looks at it says no problem he can fix that..

ALex – Why they trust us is because they trust me, everyone trusts us in the game because they trust me.. I showed them loyalty throughout the game.. they trust you because they trust me and I trust you
Alex – we need to stay calm.. And do what we need to do
Alex says Kevin stirs the pot and makes the paranoia himself.
(Somehow Alex told Kevin about her dad making 5 million dollars in the past.. )

Alex – he had no reason to come after Josh.. If you didn’t win the money swear on your kid
Jason – you me have put everyone in the jury house on the block
Alex – I know that’s why we have to keep xmas and Josh around they have to put up Kevin and raven and then we have to take shots at xmas and Josh
Alex – in the real world I’m super nice .. sometimes when I crack I get like this.. in here everything is amplified.
Jason – sometimes I’m worried if they are going to hate you.. I don’t want them to hate you
Alex says she’s warned Josh “when you get out here you’ll see a lkot of sh1tty things I said about you and how much I hated you but you can watch the season and think that is what I think of you now or”
Jason – that was in the beginning because he f*ed us
Alex – or you can watch it (the season) and laugh and now I’m your friend
Alex – I think our friendship is real

Alex brings up all her stories are true but Kevin has admitted 1/2 of his stories are not true
Alex doesn’t know when to believe Kevin
Alex – we’ll if you are this big bad gangster do you really want to hang around with a bunch of kids and screw around
Jason – it’s confusing
Alex – he’s playing us all like we’re stupid kids.. I’m not letting someone like that win and I’m not carrying him to the end

Alex says they have to keep Kevin nice and calm becuase he still thinks he has Jason and Paul in his pocket.
Alex – he’s going to try and make it like a triangle
Jason – he’s trying to, he wants to talk about you bad.. he wants to I can feel it
Jason – nobody is going to say something about Alex to me..
Jason called to the diary room
(Maybe time to start calling Alex potatohead)

12:22pm one of the bigger flops in recent memory

1:04pm ….

Kevin alone poolside the rest or them on the couch chit chatting..

2:00pm Kevin and Matt
Kevin says he’s not making it to the end he’ll be in Jury in a week or two. The only thing he didn’t tell people in the show was the 25K. Matt agreed this was a good idea.
Kevin says Alex has been badmouthing him because she doesn’t like him and Jason together.
Kevin says his social game has been on point up until Alex started bad mouthing him.
Kevin boasts that he’ll end up with the second most money in the game because of the 25K.

2:07pm ASPR Alex, Paul and Xmas
Xmas is saying that Matt is acting different now and Raven isn’t liking it.
Alex – he’s not listening to her no more.

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Thanks for hanging on after all these years. We appreciate you so much ??????


Enough with the damn commentary, save it for a Kraken hour!


Doing awesome Simon, don’t change a damn thing your doing !! You and Dawg’s commentary are the ONLY thing that makes this season even bearable !!

Judgmental Judy

Screw the haters, Simon. I love it. Let “Anonymous” start their own site.

Is it over yet?

I love the commentary!! Keep it going !
It’s nice to know I am not alone in feeling that this houseguests are delusional


I loooooove ur comments! Keep’em coming!

Your Common Sense

Your house. Your rules. I personally appreciate your commentary. I also wish I could help you unsee and unhear all the awful shizz you’ve had to take in to run this site.

My amazon list is growing, btw. (Still no unsee-ers or unhear-ers on there, unfortunately.) Thanks Simon. Thanks Dawg. Truly.

Fierce at 50

Keep it Simon! I love it! It makes me literally laugh out loud!!


1st off, this is your web site. If someone does not like your commentary, they should stay off this site. I love the little comments.
This is the best site that I have been on. Please keep up the good work..


I vote Simon and Dawg for BB20!!!


Geez, Jason threatens Kevin’s family in a grotesque,violent way, and now Alex has Kevin pegged as a child predator! WTH??? Simon,Dawg…you have my deepest sympathy having to document this insanity. BB has a lot to answer for after this season, and I appreciate your excellent analysis about how disgusting and surprising the antics have become. Keep up the great work boys!


LOVE the commentary! (JFK, LOL)


I love love love your commentary. Don’t stop just b/c a couple of weenies gripe about it.


I love the commentary. Keep up the food work simon and dawg 🙂


I would like to thank you and Dawg for all of your postings of the real BB houseguests…..not just what’s shown on TV. They remind me of a saying from an episode of The Walking Dead. **Your either the cattle or the butcher**..


Simon’s commentary is the only thing I come here for these days.


Hey Troll when did bridges get WiFi?


If you don’t like the commentary start your own site ya cheap ass punk.

Butters Mom

My son will be ordering books once his classes start from amazon… will be sure he goes through this site.


Can you put a link to Amazon Canada? Exchange rate too high for me to order from US site from Canada. I order lots, especially Christmas gifts.

Resist the Twist

What a reprehensible rotten thing to say. I already had ZERO respect for this group of nasty bullying Paul-fed sheeple but that child molester comment was way too far over the top


At this point I can’t believe I’m rooting for Paul to win HOH just so the fool will have to show his cards and potentially blow his own game up!


he won’t…he will throw it if he has too. He covered if anyone win so doesn’t really matter who he throws it to.


I’ve read Way Worse things that people have written about the HGs in their comments, talk about bullying.


Alex is psychotic!


Alex is the sort of person who would pull the legs off ants just to see what they would do or, jab a stick into someone’s gaping would just to see what would happen. But she’s sooo much nicer in the real world – sure Alex, that is so believable.
The only redeeming value in watching this year’s Big Brother is to learn a valuable life lesson: how easy it is to be drawn into the control of a Svengali – anyone with a strong personality, lots of charisma and charm, a smooth talker who sweeps you away and is outrageously believable – and how dangerous that power is. They have the power to pull you away from your core values and your own beliefs and they can be found anywhere. They could be a politician, a religious leader, a coach, a sales person, an investment counsellor – anybody. And look how easy it is to drink the Kool Aid and believe their bullshit. Watching Paul at work on these people is like seeing a textbook on how to bamboozle anyone. It is a scary thing to see because it is real and real simple for a certain kind of person with a certain kind of personality. And it happens all the time. And people admire these sorts of people because they think that this is what being successful looks like.


sorry – typo, shud read gaping wound not gaping would

Disgusted with myself

I can’t believe I liked Potatohead at the beginning. I feel like an idiot.

Duped by a Potatohead

Me too!

Smitten Kitten

Remember when Jessica was going around goosing everyone & Alex kept furiously equating it to her cousin being raped & murdered?

However, she doesn’t have a problem with Jason kidding around about doing the real thing?

What a hypocrite.


Hey Simon….. could you be any more infatuated with Kevin??? He’s a total jackass….


That is what all the HGs seem to do these days.


Wait, who are we all attacking?! I swear Simon broke my bracelet and hid my eyes! Plus he stole the PILLOWS! He even lied about the fries!!!!! The Fries man! Is nothing sacred?!


whoever Simon is against is who we attack

Paul's Mouth

No, I think you ‘re wrong, Simon says it was for sure Dawg doing all that stuff….well maybe not the Fries! I think the Fries were actually Simon, but not sure!!!


Simon? Do you wear stolen kitty ears while writing your synopsis?

Judgmental Judy

That seems to be trending LOL


“What do you want me to do make stuff up about Kevin?”

Well as long as you put it in parentheses like you do when you make stuff up for the other HG’s then it’ll be ok!!

Shoo fly

Anonymous if you don’t like the commentary, and don’t like the depiction of what is going on in the house, why do you even bother coming to this site? Seriously dude, I think you have way too much hate in your heart, why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier?


What’s wrong with you dude/?? Did you wake up this morning and decide this would be a “trash Simon Day”. Get a life !!!


200 thumbs down and counting, You pissed off some Simon minions


A man and his family are being bullied and threatened, would you have us read that Matt ate cereal, got a B.J, picked lint out of his bellybutton and ate more cereal?

These idiots are not worth the internet space they are getting, but, Simon and Dawg are keeping it Classy here and I appreciate it! Thanks Simon! Thanks Dawg!


Alex is absolutely disgusting. Insinuating some is a molester/pedophile??? Seriously enough is enough already. Yes it’s a game, however, those accusations could certainly ruin someone’s life. Alex needs to go.

Stark Girls Kick Ass

Not only do I agree with you but I am also a huge fan of Scooby snacks.


Raven overheard that and said “My momma said a child molester came after her one time. Of course, she was 32 years old at the time “.


Agree 100 %. I love how she says she is a nice person outside the house. Thats the biggest load of BS. This house shows who people really are deep down. She may put on a fake smile for her youtube or twitter account but she can’t hide from the cameras inside the house. Sooner or later they uncover your true personality. And she is a cold hearted B1tch!

Comparing Kevin to a child molester! How far beyond what is needed for the game can she go? Its sickening.


I think Alex has some serious mental health issues. She is foul and nasty just to be foul and nasty….and she seems to relish in other people’s misery. And poor stupid Jason is under her spell. I know what he said yesterday about Kevin’s wife was disgusting, but part of me feels like he’s trying to keep up with the “cool kids”.

Or maybe he’s just a dick too.

When Kevin goes, I go too. He’s the only one even remotely worthy of winning. And yes…I know, it should be about game play and not personality, but there is literally no one in that house that I can stomach. They are all disgusting pigs.


OMG.you think it couldn’t get worse and they always manage to go even lower


I would trade any of the evicted house guest’s for any of the remaining house guest’s, except maybe Kevin, I don’t really have anything against him, the rest are…… hmm can’t think of a word to describe them, whats worse than vile.


Alex has hands down got to be one of the biggest idiots in big brother history. Not only with her despicable comments about Kevin, but her jury management sucks, and she has absolutely no idea what is going on in the game right now. Alex might be worse than Raven and that is really saying something.

sunny dee

if alex doesn’t win HOH, jason will be gone or she will if he wins veto, and it will be 1000% her fault. she’s alienating kevin for no reason, when kevin is one of the few who has no one, well not no one, he has had jason, and by extension that means he had alex, and by pushing at him, she has guaranteed kevin will not back her up. considering she is not aligned with anyone other than paul (she thinks) and jason, that is seriously messed up. jason and her could have been the only pair that is a 3some (and since she believes in paul she would think she has a 4some), the numbers alone mean stay close with kevin. how is she going to do this when jason can’t play and kevin is most likely to put her up. along with raven willingly putting her up, and her agreeing to be a pawn next to whoever

Dumbass Peopls

who makes enemies with who is voting for you in the end?

Dishonored The Family Name

I hope when Alex goes home she is greeted with all of her belongings on the curb.

Smitten Kitten

“Alex – it’ll be a Big BRother history move” (if they win HOH and nominated Kevin).

Paul has convinced Alex to throw the HOH to Josh (he’ll prolly STILL fuck it up though).
Can’t wait to see Alex’s reaction after she realizes the REAL historical move is that she’s going on the block with Jason & she just got played.

Smitten Kitten

Alex – “he establishes a connection with you and you can’t get rid of him it’s like Stockholm syndrome.”

I posted the same exact thing last week, however I said that Jason has Stockholm Syndrome & Alex is his captor.

He’s like a scared, cowering baby bird around her.


do any of these people have respect for their elders? I understand this is a game, but these people are disgusting. They must talk trash to their parents and the parents allow it. Alex saying she’s nice out of the game…I could never treat people the way these people are and say “it’s a game”. There is no way these people can say they are different outside of the house. No one can say they are never like this and this is the first time they’ve ever talked and ganged up on people. They’ve done it before and I”m pretty sure they are not considered angels and sweet outside the house.

The Voice Of Reason

Of course you can be a completely different person out of the house. Entertainment is extremely underrated but it genuinely keeps people from going crazy. You can’t watch a movie, can’t watch your favorite TV shows, can’t play any video games, can’t listen to your playlist…can’t even read a freaking book unless it’s the bible. If you are the type of person that is used to constant stimulation, like Alex, having all those forms of release taken away from you can turn you into a completely different person. This is why you are allowed most of those things in prison…they would go nuts without it. I really hope people can keep this in mind when all the house guests are released back into the real world. Please do not hate the person you saw on TV as if that is who they always are.


Here’s my voice of reason. It’s what’s in your soul, no matter where you are. Period!


yes, but you can still maintain who you are and be classy…no need to be trashy. Attacking someone on a personal level only show who you are on the inside. I could never go into a house and treat someone so bad that I beat them down. If you can do that, you are a horrible person.


You are completely wrong! Alex has a personality disorder that allows her permission to treat a fellow human being as a useful target. Jason is beyond contempt for his remarks too. Plenty of people have played this game before this group without sinking to these epic lows. Vile,low,stupid,detestable,paranoiac, and beyond hope…that is the true character of 90% of those creeps.


The worst part is her praying! Does she really think that is immunizing her from all of her evil words and deeds?


She better be praying for the souls of her remaining housemates…Kevin will not be amused when he gets the drift of these comments!


Alex says she’s a gamer spends a lot of time alone with her computer sounds to me like she’s a loner with no friends and that is why she gets so jealous of any of HER friends being friendly with anyone else. Sad girl needs help with her many mental issues.

Depressed 2016

Well, Simon, do you still think BB 16 was worse than this bs?


You should establish a Kraken hall of fame and put this season and BB16 in it. Have awards for the Kraken star of each season. You could run a poll here and have the people vote for the winners:-)

Stark Girls Kick Ass

Well I do know Alex and Jason are not giving Paul and Josh a run for biggest scumbag in the house.


All the shit Raven has pulled and she doesn’t make your top 4 of scumbags

Stark Girls Kick Ass

What does that say about this cast? Christmas is no angel either.


At this point I would rather be watching what is going on in the jury house. These people are ridiculous!

Your Common Sense



Wow. That girl is going to end up like Nancy did at the end of “The Craft.” In a psyche ward, completely checked out, repeating “I’m ffffiiiinnnnee.”

This cast. This house. This game. *shakes head* Every year I go through this… just when I think no one can possibly sink lower in anything?

Wham. Jaw drops to the floor still occur.

I See Floaters Everywhere

Alex is a dirty bitch, that’s a serious allegation comparing Kevin to a child molester. WTF is wrong with her, is she that far up Paul’s ass that she can’t see Paul is making shit up about everyone that he wants out next. She’s a complete moron if she can’t see that this will also happen to her when Paul decides she’s the next one to go.

Anti Paul Puppet

Seriously Alex keep digging. It’s hilarious that CBS has been protecting her big time with the edits. It just makes them look worse and worse. This girl needs booed!

Cody for AFP

Bob Cobb

WTF Alex….that girl’s gone!


I don’t mind SOME of the tactics they’ve used to rattle people but goddamn they are brutal. F*ckin give Paul the money already, we all know none of the players this season would ever outsmart him. End this season & start Survivor.


Kevin has a case for defamation I would assume against the cast and CBS/BB and Allison Grodner! DIsgusting to state that Kevin is a child molester! CBS When is it too much????


It’s vile, however it’s only Alex’s opinion and that is protected speech.


Defamation is not protected speech, one persons opinion on national tv show insinuating someone is a child molester is defamation.


WRONG It is defamation and CBS aired it!!! Alex has a lot of trouble when she comes out of that house! I hope Kevin’s wife has already contacted an attorney or better yet they I am sure have already contacted her!!!

HGs be Cray

They should rename this show Big Brother Asylum

So predictable

It’s become the “Let’s Trash Kevin show”. Unreal! Awesome strategy folks.

Give me a break!

Rolls eyes. Yawning. Wake me up when Paul is evicted.

Won’t hold my breath! 😉

social experiment

But it us just Kevin’s turn, this group has been vindictive to each of their chosen targets and it is usually orchestrated by Paul. Starting to seem like one of those studies about how the powerful deal with the powerless….and it builds and they cannot stop….power corrupts

Guy From Canada

Poor Kevin. A child molester, really? Towards a father of 7 there is not much more hateful thing to say. Why has CBS censored so badley what’s actually going on? This is just so ugly, and I think Simon was spot on in which guests are going to get a lot of hate when they get home…..and it won’t be this guy. Tweeted AG last night about the disgusting behaviour in he house, everyone else should too.


And a murderer! Seriously this cast is sick! Kevin get a really really good attorney!!!

This Cast Sucks Hard

Alex is a fucken nut case. Plain and simple, Girl is out to lunch.

Josh hater 1

Hey that is one subject you don’t bring up .
I don’t like Josh but you don’t bring up he has traits of a
child molester. That is the sickest crime of them all .
Alex and Jason keep your mouth shut and your opinions to


Every time I read another update I just can’t help but think yes, these people are the dumbest, creepiest, nastiest ugly, dimwits I’ve ever watched. There’s Paul who I think has mental problems, and then there’s the rest of the sheep that follows them blindly, but act like they know it all.. At this point Kevin is probably the only person you can root for.

Jessica's Birth Control

Jason – why didn’t you have that conversation with me???

No sh@t sherlock! Isn’t this a f@cking clue that your girl alex is working with someone else and you aren’t in the loop??? Now why would you not be in the loop on something? Dude, cmon! If you aren’t in the loop, it means you are going home!!! How many times and how many people has this happened to?
Once again another great move by paul. Hes got a final 3 with alex and jason. A final 3 with xmas and josh. And everyone is firing bullets at one another while he has a bullet proof vest!
This show could get interesting if Jason and alex go up and kevin gets a pass for another week. Notice how paul want to take out the STRONG players. And the STRONG players focus on kevin and raven! LOL!!!!


What is wrong with Alex? Her constant attacks on Kevin are disgusting. I find it hard
to even read all of the totally inappropriate comments. I think she forgets that we are watching and listening. This type of personal attack is way over the top and should be stopped. Jason should distance himself from her as he has a tendency to agree with her and then it make him look petty also. Get rid of her as soon as possible!!!

Stark Girls Kick Ass

She is trying to please her master Paul who told her to slam kevin.

Stark Girls Kick Ass

Team Kevin because he sucks the least.

Jessica's Birth Control

I am seriously moving to team paul. He maybe a sneaky mofo, but he is not cruel. And he is too smart to do someone elses dirty work.

I See Floaters Everywhere

Paul isn’t cruel? You do realize he tells all his minions what to do, say and how to act. They are only acting this way because they were told to by their puppet master.

Jessica's Birth Control

I See
And he forces them to do this??? They dont have free will??? Looks to me like they practically volunteer to do it! How about one of them say “Hey paul, why dont you torment someone this time. Because we are killing our game with the jury. No one is going to vote for us if we keep humiliating them.”

Troll kalla mik

Thank you for being the voice of reason. Paul isn’t putting a gun to their heads forcing their actions.

Anti Paul Puppet

Come on BC… inciting others to enrage a player to physical violence, encouraging people to attack Cody’s military service, questioning the validity of children. Your memory is short. He deserves nothing. In fact he is encouraging this. Read back a few and you will see.


You don’t think telling others to be cruel and sitting back and laughing while they are being cruel is not itself a cruel act? Instigating cruelty is just as bad as doing the cruel act itself. Paul maybe be the only player playing the game but he is just as big an a-hole as the rest of these pieces of crap!


On one hand you have to admire the way Paul is puppeteering this whole thing. But, it ain’t that freaking hard when all you are playing with are puppets. I am officially on Team Don’t Give a Sh!t.

social experiment

I disagree to the extent that he or hestrates every cruel attack starting with sending Josh after jody. He might be the most cruell because he hides. but gets everyone else to do his dirty work in public


Paul is the one that tells him crazy lies…how can you say he’s not cruel. He is the one that started all this.


You know that Charles Manson didnt commit all the murders but instructed others to do it and he was still convicted of the crimes.

Not a bible thumper

Paul is actually the cruelest one of all. He incites all this shit and then watches all his sheep follow out his dirty work while he’s pretending to be the nice one. He is actually the most awful HG I have seen in all 19 seasons. Yes some other years had mean sometimes racist people but Paul is the type that reminds me of ISIS type brainwashing of idiots looking for someone or something to idolize. Despicable human being.


I know and three weeks ago everyone was digusted with Kevin for cuddling with Xmas every night.

Anti Paul Puppet

I’m not Team Kevin. Still don’t like him for that. If the house wouldn’t have turned on him, who knows how far they would have gone.


C’mon. That was totally platonic. Definitely not a good idea, but I don’t think anything would have come of that. She always went to her own bed!

Paul's Mouth

PLEASE, PLEASE can someone, anyone get Alex to STFU, my god she is a MEAN and VILE POS!!!!
“They trust me and they know I trust you, so they trust you too.” What arrogant B1TCH! Her arrogance will cost her the game (If it hasn’t already!).

Judgmental Judy

She’s egomaniacal! She gives Jason zero credit, worships Paul, and gives n thought to verbally assassinating people. If racist comments went viral on former houseguests that causes major repercussions, how does it not go viral that a military career was insulted, a girl has been accused of rape behind her back, and now a father of 7 is being compared to a child molester??? How do all these false accusations, of despicable felony crimes, not carry as much weight as racist cmoments? Racist comments are horrible, but I think the numerous things Alex has done and said are equally as horrible. This is right there with BB15 in my book.


It could cost her a lot more than the game with the comments she is making about Kevin!


Can someone please explain to me what Paul’s agenda is with Josh always starting fights with people wanting people to always confront people and what is his deal with Kevin why does he hate him so bad like I really don’t understand why he wants people to be mean to Kevin how does that help his game in anyway I’m not understanding

Ian's Lament

By making the entire house focus their hate intensely on one or two people they can never get a clear head and realize he is the real target. Effective but so despicable. There was a bit of this last season with Paul and Paulie. Big Meech was last seasons Alex/ Josh hybrid.


It looks very personal when it is time to send someone home in this game. I never realized BB represented so much hate this not how they spin it on TV. Why don’t they ever show any of the real characters on TV? I just thought Paul was struggling to keep from being voted out each week until a friend told me about this site. OMG these people in the house are dispicable.


Paul started all this. Paul is productions golden boy, so they will never show him as horrible as he is. they want him to be a great player which he isn’t because he is in a house of idiots. Paul will when but he will not be known as one of the greats.

Season of Pansies

I can’t even read the conversations with Alex and Jason anymore, she thinks she is the best person that has ever played the game. To say he is like a child molester who does that and then with Jason I am so disgusted with them. At this point I hope Kevin pulls something off and wins this season!!

Jessica's Birth Control

Do these people realize that all of the people that they are tormenting are all gonna be in the jury?
Do these people realize that the jury actually votes?
Do these people realize that people don’t vote for people that bullied and humilitated them?
Goodness these people have zero awareness!

Worst BB season ever

Only Paul does, that is why he is having Alex and Co do is dirty work for him.


If Kevin would only really listen to what Alex is saying, he would realize she is going to stab him in the back. That she is lying through her teeth.
I believe Alex has the filthiest mouth in the house, most of the people in this house cannot complete a sentence without several swear words. What happened to the English language? We have one of the greatest languages in the world, you are able to express yourself easily with the English language, and our swear words our the best………….but I am sick and tired of hearing them all day long in a conversation. They just swear to hear themselves speak.
Oh yippee, we are going to be treated with more bullying………..I can hardly wait!!!!! (yes sarcasm)
My condolences to Simon and Dawg. How do you fellows keep from banging your head against a wall? Kraken?? LOL


One thing I can’t understand. These folks have a lot of down time, nothing to do but think, strategize, think or fantasize about winning.
How can they NOT understand what is going on?
Are they avoiding thoughts about the game? Are they day dreaming about home? How can they NOT see the mob mentality continually triggered by the silliest manufactured slights, slips…you’re sketchy or shady if you try to make a move for your game? Did they forget they are on TV? Do they think it looks spontaneous and deserved? Wow

Judgmental Judy

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but i believe Alex now disgusts me more than anyone in the house! Yes, more than Paul! What a nasty girl. If she can call Jessica a rapist & compare Kevin to a child molester, let’s call Alex a terrorist. It’s ludicrous.

Ian's Lament

Would someone please pour out potatohead’s Coke . I think it’s giving her rabies instead of diabetes.


Alex is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen on BB…………She’s ugly inside and out ! ! ! !


If I didn’t come on this site, I would have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. So, thank you, Simon. What I’m seeing now are people who are rooted in ignorance, hatred, vulgarity, callousness and delusion, and that has killed this season of BB for me. Too bad most viewers won’t get to see this groups true colors


How much lower can Alex get. She is absolutely the most disgusting person I have seen on BB yet Paul running a close 2nd. And the language that this household uses is ridiculous, I’m no angel using cuss words but I never use the F word. And they use it every 2 seconds. But thats just my opinion.


In the shot of Paul&Alex in the APSR — Alex resembles a raw Thanksgiving turkey wearing a swimsuit.


Wow..the language the HG is using. Murder you, suck d…, child molester, tie your kids up, forced sex with someone wife, name calling, going to kill you, shut the f… up, the B word and the list goes on. Next some of HG that was a HN would sneak food and eat it. HG get up out of bed when they ready to get up and no sooner. Many fights going on at any given time they don’t care if they are on national tv with the drama. HG talks to production any kind of way just no respect for the show. All the bullying and personal attacks. HG have crossed every line and continue to draw more line and cross them too. No respect at all. Personal attack is not a BB game. I fill sorry for all the kids that are looking at this horrific mess. Now Matt should be booted off the show with no jury pay for eating, showering and for not sleeping in the HN room. He wasn’t playing the game anyway.


You all comment how the HG are acting and all the vile things they say but yet you still watch this CBS show. Just think if you quit watching all the bad stuff that goes on in this show the ratings drop and then they would cancel Big Brother. You would not have to watch anymore and judge what these HG do in the house that is trying to win a game worth 500,000 dollars. Quit judging these people that are on reality TV show that production scripts how they want things to go.


I thought that Kevin was on the grassy knoll


Alex is a sick individual!


I cannot wait for Alex to be put out of the house and Kevin to still be there ..Alex has to be the most worthless human being I’ve ever seen on big brother .I don’t even get why she hates so much like why do you hate someone so much it doesn’t make sense. she’s a sick girl she needs to seek help ..and Jason just follows her it’s unreal. raven did say something interesting last night on big brother after dark she says why does he badmouth his ride or die I’ve never badmouth Matt it’s true it’s so true . Jason is just as bad as Alex he says the crappy things about Kevin to .why would you do that to someone who is supposed to be your friend .Raven doesn’t badmouth Matt she might be a total bitch about everything else but she at least doesn’t say crappy things about Matt to other people


Hey earth to Alex, Kevin is absolutely correct; You are a bunch of stupid kids.