“Ideal top 3 will be me, Paul and Xmas..” Losing to Paul “I would be OK with that.. I’ll probably lose to Xmas too”

4:20pm Kevin and Jason Backyard walk
Kevin – they aren’t going to be happy if we act like babies..
Kevin explains that nobody came outside this morning except for Matt and Raven
Kevin – Raven talked to me.. She said hi
Jason – all she does is talk sh1t about you inside
Kevin – now.. Like what
Jason – anything.. Just trying to provoke people
Kevin – what does she say
Jason – Cody’s here
Kevin – ohh so i’m in Cody’s category (dude if you heard the things they are saying about you.. To some of them you’re worse than ….. )

Kevin – scary you mean ..
Jason – yeah
Kevin – she’s the one hitting people.. I hope people see through that foolishness
Kevin – Ja c’mon..
Kevin – he (matt) talked to me for half hour..
Jason – ohh yeah I know
Kevin – oh you were told
Jason – yeah
Kevin – I had nowhere else to go
Jason – right
Kevin he was talking about the jury house.. C’mon that’s crazy. Please stand up say he was telling me about the jury house
Jason – if it doesn’t come from whoever said it’s mouth.. I don’t care

Kevin – He’s leaving in 2 nights, he said Kev hows it goin git was nice hanging out with you all summer I’m going to jury and he’s telling me about jury
Kevin – what am i supposed to do run away.. That’s pouting like a f*ing baby .. who would say that too you.. Say to them what is he supposed to do
Kevin – I was out here first..
Kevin – I never said a word all day to nobody
Jason says nobody is listening to Raven
Kevin – I asked the kid (josh) 10 times to stop and he didn’t stop.. He got louder
Jason – yeah
Kevin – when he (Matt) leaves who’s going to be put up
Jason – Raven..
Kevin – raven and me
Jason – yeah, depends on who it is

Jason says Paul and Josh slept in until 1pm, Jason is going to start doing that since the 10am wake up doesn’t seem to apply right now.
Jason – I’m tired..
Kevin – what good can I do talking to Matt.. what when you walk out walk slow.. Hold the bag with your left shake with your right..

Kevin – what am I supposed to say .. get off the pink thing and leave me alone..
Kevin says Matt told him what he does for a living.. He works in housing etc etc..
Kevin – Paul came out.. The same rhetoric.. the same f*ing rhetoric
Kevin – did she say she’s looking out for me
Jason – yeah
Kevin – that’s cool man.. I agree than .. tell her I understand everything as long as everyone shoots from the hips..

Kevin – you think everything is solid than
Jason – yeah
Kevin – OK
Jason says he should have put Kevin up it would have saved him a lot of the hate with Matt and Raven. But he had a bad feeling about it.
Kevin says him, Paul or Alex are winning HOH and jason isn’t going up
Kevin – you go against Paul he’s an old vet.. They won’t give it to him .. he’ll come in second again
Jason you think so..
Kevin – he’ll come in second again.. you go against Alex you’ll win 7 to 2
Jason – there’s 4 people in the Jury I put in there and Alex put 1
Kevin asks why they didn’t want Josh to do up as the pawn why was it him..

4:40pm MAtt and Raven in the APSR
Matt thinks Kevin has promised Jason a part of that 25 thousand.
Matt – Jason is either really smart or really dumb
Raven – he’s really dumb.. If I was a smart player.. I’m not aligned with Paul..
MAtt – of course Paul.. of the remaining people other than Alex he’s the best competitor.. He’s a smart player..

Matt – there’s no way the house wants Kevin outta this game
Raven – no way
Matt – he’s never going to beat you in a competition he’s never going to put you up.. Why would you want him out of this game.. Because he annoys you
Raven says that is why Alex jumped down from the HOH she knew Jason would make that move.

MAtt says it would be HUGE if JAson and Alex went up and they got the two vetoes.. (crapo I forgot about that tree.. Ohh damn this weekend could get fun)

Raven – if WE can get Cody out we can get Jason out (we?)
Raven says if they can’t get Jason they’ll get Alex..
Matt has a speech for Raven if she wins the HOH. “Jason, if you win the veto you’ll have to choose between you and Alex but given your character I’m sure that won’t be a problem with you” (that’s a bit weak b2men)
Raven – my ideal top three will be me, Paul and Xmas (sounds like a great final 3)
Matt – that means you and Paul are going to the top 2
Raven – yeah, I would be OK with that
Matt – you would probably lose to Paul
4:51:28pm Raven – oh yeah.. I know that.. I would be OK with that (ZOMG)
Matt – yeah absolutely
Raven – I’ll probably lose to xmas too
Matt – no, she’s pissed too many people off
Raven – if I win the last HOH I get to pick… I would probably pick Paul
Matt – you’d be loyal
Raven – I couldn’t backstab him
Matt – that’s not backstabbing

Raven – I couldn’t do that to him.. After all he’s done for me.
Matt says he understands..
Raven – I would rather lose the money and take second than anything..
Matt – absolutely
Raven – if I did that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself
Raven – people are all like Money is money.. I’m like NO.. it’s not
Matt – it’s not..
4:53:10pm Raven – I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I backstabbed my friend.. My actual friend..
Raven – nobody knows that but you
Matt – I know .. well in this house
Raven – opps
They laugh

4:46pm Alex, Xmas, Josh and Paul
(Sheep/minion/lemmings) meeting.. Kevin talking to Matt by the pool has scared them they’re not sure if they should get kevin or Raven out first.

4:55pm HOH Jason, Xmas and Alex
Jason telling them about his conversation with Kevin, “he sketched out”
Alex says Kevin is walking around by himself acting confused.
Jason – we’re in good shape..
Alex and Xmas tell him if Kevin doesn’t walk out next thursday it’s going to look shady in Jury
Alex – we have to send Kevin out first..
Jason – he keeps asking me who’s going.. I’m like relax pal..
Jason goes on about how sketched out Kevin got when he brought up talking to Matt.

Jason tells them he brought up the skin cancer in Alex’s family..
Jason – he wanted to say you can’t be this dumb.. he knows I’m f*ing with him now.. otherwise he would come up here ..
Alex laughs “He’s losing his mind it’s so great”
Jason – he’s probably going back to Matt and Raven right now..
Alex thinks Kevin is working on Jury votes.
Jason goes over his Jury vote conversation with Kevin with Xmas in the room.. goes over him taking 4 people out in jury and Alex taking the other one out.

Alex says Kevin is studying right now for the fave morph competition.
Alex says there’s only 3 more weeks.

Chess ..

5:20pm Alex, Jason and Xmas (xmas is “listening” to music)
Alex can’t understand why Matt and Raven are so upset. Alex brings up yesterday when Raven lost her sh1t and they started yelling at Kevin. Alex laughs.
Alex says she locked the door incase kevin came up but he’s not so she’ll open it.

Alex about Kevin – “I can’t wait to make him a have not again.. or we’ll just send him home this week”
Alex – if it’s a double we’ll send him home this week..
Jason – I don’t care.. i didn’t care before I just felt like I didn’t know the plan..

Alex – I don’t remember what I said this season now and it makes me nervous..
Alex – all the stuff we watch back I’ll be like OH MY GOD I can’t believe I said that .. holy sh1t

6:30:52pm Alex, JOsh and Paul

Josh – can we do something crazy today
Alex – you want to shit in his bed (kevin’s bed)
Josh – ohh hooo I need some excitement..
Alex – you want to shit in your bed..
Alex says she asked they told her that’s something you can’t do
Alex – I was like where’s the line
(that’s how far this cast is willing to go)

6:38pm Alex and Jason
Alex – Kevin is paranoid.. can’t take his eyes off us
Jason says Kevin thinks Matt is saying stuff..
Jason brings up Kevin swearing that he never told Matt about the 25K
Alex – oh he swear he never told them..
Jason – listen he said I know what’s going on.. we do it to everybody pick a target.. who wrote sucks out there .. he say it.. f*ing sh1t a brick..
Alex laughs – that was me..
JAson – he said if I find out what mother f*er did that they better have their family with them..

Alex is laughing at Kevin, “look at him he’s shitting a brick right now” (Josh and Paul called Matt and raven to the hammock to talk)

Jason – Alex, I don’t’ like it
Alex – Jason, there’s a time and a place this mother f*er is about to lay an egg

(Kevin wrote Mission hill somewhere and Alex went over it and wrote sucks)
As jason explains to her how pissed Kevin is Alex laughs

6:43pm Raven, Paul and Josh are in the hammock talking about Kevin. When B2men leaves he walks by Kevin. kevin asks him what he’s saying to them.

Kevin – trust me don’t come into my face.. I’m not one of these young kids.. I didn’t say nothing
b2men – you threatening people again dude…
Kevin – listen I didn’t say nothing..
B2men – you threatening people again dude.. get the f* outta here dude.. get the f* outta here..

b2men – you want to me to get a glass for you.. so you can threaten me with it
kevin – I didn’t threaten you, don’t make stuff up about me
b2men – you threaten me.. don’t raise your voice to me
Kevin – Don’t make stuff up about me .. i never said nothing to you ..
Kevin – I’ve been out here all day never said a word to him, asked him if his brother is graduating..

Kevin – I didn’t threaten him.. he said I said things about him..

B2men and raven leave..

kevin tells Josh and Paul “I told him to stop talking about me.. jason asked me if I talked to him in the Paul.. ”
Kevin says he told MAtt that Jason is saying Matt claims that Kevin “said something” to him. When Kevin confronted Matt matt said “It’s f*ing big brother”
kevin – I said don’t swear at me.. I never threatened him..

7:00pm Feeds are cut..
7:35pm feeds still down..
8:00pm Feeds still down
8:30pm Feeds still down

8:33pm Feeds back
Xmas – Kevin i’m only going to say this once and I want to you read between the lines.. you’re not alone
Kevin – can you ask them to not yell at me anymore..
Xmas – I won’t touch any of your sh1t
Kevin knows it’s Raven or Alex messing with stuff.
Xmas doesn’t think raven would do that.
Kevin thinks Alex threw out the slop to get him mad at Raven.
Kervin says Alex is a bully he’s not scared of her.. he got sucked into an argument.
(sounds like he got in a fight with Matt and Alex. CBS blocked the feeds of Matt and Alex attacking/fighting Kevin)

8:38pm HOH Alex, Josh and Jason
Talking about Kevin probably talking sh1t about Alex to jessica and the other side when they were here.

Alex – I can’t wait until next week when he tries to get back with us
Alex – for christ sake Kevin can you stop with the shuffle
Josh – there’s been intense things said this season
Alex – no
Alex – he tried to push my buttons and I let him know..

They wonder if the feeds were recorded during the fight they just had.
JOsh – I’m going to send Kevin clips of him talking sh1t of me..
Alex – if we get in a fight again.. you’ll have to say something..
Josh – Matt got heated man
Jason – f* matt
Alex – I don’t care what he said that’s good TV
Josh – do you think people are liking our season or hating it
Alex – no idea
Jason – It’s getting pretty petty
Josh – it’s getting intense ..
they think next season everyone will get a Petty hat..

Alex – kevin’s head looked like it was going to bust off..
Josh – who would have thought cool kev..

Jason wanted to take MAtt out and punch his teeth in, Jason knew that was what Matt was trying to do.

(so they finally did it they got Kevin to crack)

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Captain Crunch

House full of morons, Paul should’ve been gone after his 3wks of safety were up. More than halfway thru the game and no-one ever compares notes to see if Paul is telling the truth. Im trying to figure out what everyones F2 speech would be next to Paul but it doesn’t even matter, all Paul has to say is he controlled everyones HOH and had everyone do his dirty work and he would win.


Paul’s playing the best game.


thanks captain obvious


Aww, does that upset you?

Just Sayin'

Paul will lose. Again.

Just Sayin'

You’ll see. Production will turn on him. He’s not a likeable person.

Joe Kerr

Coming from a troll who can’t even put their screen name down…..?

Joe Kerr

By the way, my post about the screen name was to the anonymous troll.


not if you count the outside world perception of him. he turned into a #nastyneda


Well when you play with idiots, anyone can look good but he’s not playing the best game.

Eat my *unt

Put People like Dan, Derrick, Evel Dick, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie in there and lets see how well he does then.


You are a pig

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Follow Me

Ha! Put people like you or your neighbors or friends in there and Paul would be out almost immediately after his 3 weeks of Deus Ex Machina safety. If there were any normal, non-broken, non-desperate, non-douchebags in the house this year, we might actually be watching a game.


Put Rachel in there!


That’s really not saying much


Paul is playing the best game in manipulating everyone in the house. He wants to take the worse players with him so he can win. He knows if it is either Jason or Alex it could be close. I hate that he is encouraging the actions in the house and it is disgusting behaviour. It is sure bringing out the true colours of these people and at this point I would rather see Cody in the house laying around and not talking. It would be more entertaining!

Alex Asked

if she could shit in someone’s bed and Production told her that crossed the line. So Alex is willing to shit in someone’s bed on National TV but she is not willing to cross Paul and win $500K?! Why are any of these minions giving up their Summer to lose BB?! I guess they really are losers with nothing to do this past Summer!

Silky Joe

She asked Paul about shitting in someone’s bed and he said not allowed?

Big Beard, Bad Tattoos



Alex asked production if she could crap in Kevin’s bed!!! A new low….what a psychopath!


I honestly think Alex is the only other one besides Paul and Kevin who wants to win. She is just so delusional and blinded by Paul she truly feels like he can’t win and she’ll crush him in f2. Those 3 are the only ones who actually talk about wanting to win though the rest seem to openly say all the time they would lose to paul and are fine with it lol.


seriously said it before you have to go on CBS site and express these opinions they are not reading comments from this site. I have sent an e mail and received auto reply feedback has been received. If you want things to change you have to go to the source.

Ugh. Fine.

You are correct. BB used to be an amazing program,full of real people and good-natured, clever trickery. Now it’s a piece of sh*t populated by pretty people that are otherwise abjectly unemployable in any capacity in the real world.

Here’s what I sent to CBS, we should all express our opinion or things will just get worse:
“Seriously. This season is brutal.

Rape-threats. Paul and Christmas with their constant passive aggressive bullying. Alex wants to sh*t in Kevin’s bed. Seriously???? Seriously???? Fans are posting videos of their children crying because of the way the house guests are treating each other. Seriously!!

You might as well cast right from super-max prisons and have beat-down competitions… these people are absolutely disgusting. Every one of them. No ambition to win, they all just want Twitter followers. And to maybe, finally have a few friends for a couple of months while they’re on reprieve from their parents’ basements.

There is a reason that fans remember people from 17 years ago but don’t remember anyone from 2 years ago.

Big Brother has always been about people. Take a few hours and watch the Australian BB with Ben and Tim and that lot. There are people you like and people you dislike but they’re genuinely interacting and forming relationships, not marketing themselves to people that don’t care to be marketed to. And no one is ever socially isolated, bullied, or abused. Real people are emotionally involving. That’s what builds long term fans.

Watch season 2 again and bask in the interaction of real people. Will is definitely dominant but everyone is being genuine in the diary room, we get to see people being people. Not people being a$$holes for the sake of being a$$holes.

I have watched 18 seasons of BB. I have considered applying to be on the show myself but… hell no. Every season is less and less about people interacting and more and more about casting a powder keg.

I know a half dozen people that have stopped watching as of this season after being long time followers. Ratings may be up based on TMZ reports of deplorable behavior but that’s not as sustainable as those of us that will watch to the end of this season in spite of what’s going on, rather than because of it. I’m just about done with Paul and Vanessa and Christmas and the insane-asylum casting. This season could be my last, sadly. Truthfully I wasn’t even going to watch this one, I just got sucked into it by a friend.

Think about it a bit. Please. I fear a great game is on the precipice and may fail soon if you can’t rectify your casting process.

Thanks for a few good seasons.


You done b*tching yet? BB has always had people who talk shit about each other. ALWAYS! The fights this season are no different from other seasons. Make no mistake this isn’t about how people are acting, because people on big brother of always acted this way. It’s about Jody fans who are still butt hurt. Get over it. It’s a game. Enjoy it. If not quite devoting time and energy in writing a lengthy letter to CBS. I mean seriously, you don’t have anything else good going on in your life that you have to write a letter to CBSbecause you’re upset Jody got kicked out for playing a horrible game?


I am a Jody fan, and while I agree that Jessica blew it when she had all the power, Cody was never given the chance, he tried to get Paul out the first week because he recognised the rat that he is a mile away, he was obligated to change the nominations three times, and all the ones he nominated hated him for it. I kind of respect Jessica and Cody because they were the only two trying to play the game, and not kissing Paul’s ass.
Was Cody a bully? I think there is a difference being a bully, and being frank and honest. He has been hastily criticised as bully for telling Meaghan “I just don’t like you”. In regards to Josh, Jessica explained to Josh why Cody didn’t like him (it was because of his selfishness on the first competition), and he offended Josh he was just retaliating at the bullying, which it was instigated by Paul.
While I agree that Paul is playing the game I completely disrespect the despicable ways he is going about it. He is instigating Josh to bully people, first it was Jody, then Mark, and now Kevin.
When Derrick manipulated everyone in the house, he did it in a respectable and masterful way, he never once instigated bullying, and that is why he won.


People have a right to complain, if you don’t like it then don’t read comment sections. Thats what this place is for. If he wants to write the show he loves because its become a shitshow he is in his right. Fans who write in have made differences in the past on other shows.

As for “jody” fans, i’m not one but i’m still disgusted with the players this season. Is it wrong to want to want to watch a gameof BB being played where the players actually want to win? And they can interact with eachother without talking about raping their wife or calling them child molesters?


I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote….this WAS a great show in the beginning. I loved the twists and turns, flipping the house, unexpected nominations and replacement nominees, people fighting for their lives to stay inside the house, comparing notes on gameplay. However, the past few years have been unwatchable due to bully behavior, laying down and playing dead immediately when nominated, following the herd over the cliff, and complete lack of real skillful gameplay. This season is equal to only one other season for offensive behavior and words spoken.
I will be writing to CBS right now…thanks!

Punchy Silo

Maybe BB production has lost interest in this season, there’s been no alcohol to speak of , no prize outside trips like a concert or movie premiere…..only one segment visit to a houseguest family ( Jason’s after he learned that his wife was expecting) …no big prizes or trips. It’s been a lame season and CBS probably just wants it to be over.
I would love to se a reunion clip show in about a month where the whole cast would be contractually required to attend …it should be at least 2 hours long with questions from the public..

A very Disappointed Fan :-(

In my personal opinion…

They (CBS) doesn’t want to reward their bad behavior with special prizes and events… It is a total disgrace at the behavior that has been allowed. I blame CBS, this is NOT good TV this is embarrassing. This is not a movie this is the true selves of these individuals coming out. They are not even playing the game, as they are too focused on the attacks on everyone which is absolutley unacceptable.

CBS blocked the feeds for the last horrific fight… you think we won’t find out. Hiding it doesn’t stop the intense bullying in there, you need to put an end to this season, none of them deserve to win anything. Be ashamed CBS be very ashamed.

Punchy Silo

CBS should at least show some backbone and evict worthless Matt for not complying with the BB rules…

Franks Fumes

Alex is really gonna sh!t her dirty white shorts when she goes on the old block next week and has to beg Kevin for a vote…….at least Paul has a method to his madness……she’s just plain rotten to the stinky core of her alleged soul……mean cause it’s fun to her. She’s a real POS.


I’m with you Simon, I would love to see Alex and Jason on the block… and see Alex evicted.


Alex is shit but Raven is so f###ing annoying

Martha Stewart

I’d prefer to see veto not played, so Jason would get to see Alex’s true colors.

Judgmental Judy

If that could actually happen, I’ll believe in Santa again! (Please please please)


I would SO love to see Paul put Alex on the block. #crushed

Won’t happen though, because Paul would have to win something.


Somebody buy the b1tch a decent bra!

Depressed 2016

Another day — more new record-setting slime from vile Alex

North Best

Seriously tho! Alex is getting worse and worse is there no limit to is hateful personality? Alex thinks Kevin is working on Jury votes that’s what her dumbass should be doing instead of complaining about people who are.

Franks Fumes

Saw Kevin sharpening one of Alex’s nail files and wrapping it with tape fashioning a make shift shive to use on her at the next live eviction……Jeyesss!


Hoping for violence, that’s really mature of you. Beyond bullying.


I think it was a joke

Franks Fumes

Get over your recreational outrage….it’s a joke you genius you! Do you think Kevin is going to stab someone you simpleton……


Franksfumes, Do you know how to read? Doesn’t appear like you do.

Kid Rock

So out of the people in this country that audition for BB they cast Someone (Raven) that knows Paul and is an actual friend of his? On a season where he is the returning VET? That’s pure Bullsh$t….. Thsts not cool at all

It Gets Worse

I heard some rumors that Paul may have met Christmas prior to going into the House as well.

BB Juicy Blast

4:53:10pm Raven – I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I backstabbed my friend.. My actual friend..
Raven – nobody knows that but you
Matt – I know .. well in this house
Raven – opps
They laugh

So pretty obvious there is a prior connection between Raven and Paul.. SMH


Cheers Simon!


The last 24 hours must be a new low for BB, rape, child molestation ect.
They will still out do themselves tomorrow

Franks Fumes

You know those things really go on in the real world…….you need to learn to tell the difference between a game and real life…….get outraged about the real thing for a change where it might do some good.

Dumbass Peopls

so bc its a game its ok to talk about fuckin someones wife infront of their children?

Follow Through

Yup. It’s great to speak out against bullying, Nazis, stupidity, superficiality, prejudice, and all that online. But do it in real life, too. Same rules apply. You’ll see pretty fast who are “friends” and who are FRIENDS. You’ll make more than you lose. Speak up. I’ve done it and never regretted it.


We’ll all need to go into a Kraken rehab facility at the end of this season to recover!!


It might be Kraken, but it is interesting to follow. That is all that counts for most fans.


Certainly not getting better. I stopped watching the show weeks ago, barely pay attention to the feeds, and only read these blogs because, I admit it, I’m addicted. I’d like to see this season’s ratings; I’m sure thousands of others have backed away as well.


Yes. Paul and Raven know each other outside the house. Christmas and Paul know each other too.


Raven had her pic taken w Paul at one of Paul’s Meet and Greets, that’s it. Wouldn’t call that knowing each other.


I don’t know, maybe she means friend in the BB house? She seems like a big fan of Paul’s so maybe it’s just wishful thinking!

OK Let's Get Real

She’s a big fan of Paul’s? A big fan of what?? He’s a desperate, second-rate psuedo-reality show camera-whore that got smoked last season. Smoked. By the chick that lays in bed for weeks at a time with a guy that burns goats for fun. Paul will host 1 competition next year, if he’s lucky, and then disappear into BB obscurity forever. Word to your mother-that-poisons-your-food-with-bleach on that, byatch.

Christmas has abs of steel, the distinction of being the first female member of a NASCAR pitcrew EVER, and a career as public speaker (had!). Ignoring the fact that she has a personality that would kill a cow from 3 rooms away, why would SHE think she has anything to gain from HIM?


I thought I remember seeing something in the feeds awhile back where Paul was explaining to Christmas how he knew Raven. He said his band played somewhere around where she lived in Arkansas and he met her there. It was sometime in the few weeks that he said that. Does anyone remember that conversation? It might have been when Christmas had her HOH.

Judgmental Judy

I saw something on After Dark recently that was actually hilarious. Paul was telling Xmas about him talking to Raven, they were discussing what a liar she was. And that she said she knew him outside the house. Paul tells Xmas he was talking about his band to Raven (recently), and Raven was saying how much she loved his band. Xmas replies, “Yeah, that’s a stretch.” Paul looked at her and Xmas busted out laughing like she was kidding but she was serious. It was dry and funny as heck. I think it’s a loose connection at best.

sunny dee

Saw the actual picture of the two of them together after or at one of his band’s concerts in Arkansas, she put it up on instagram before she knew she had or even applied for BB maybe. it was taken down.

i think she makes it look like they are BFFs, and more likely it is just a fangirl moment of oooh, paul i’m a big fan, pls take a pic with me, and he’s ah, ok, whatever, part of the job


That sleazy B@#$% knows what she said. She’s trying to back peddle now. Too late, you ugly fat face he/she, everyone knows how you are.


All these people suck ass. I really believe all these people are paid off by production to take Paul to the end. I just don’t see how anyone can be this pathetic and dumb. Even these people.


If you ‘really believe’ that you’re dumber than the HGs.

Nasty f*

Yeah say that to my face you f**. You don’t even have the b@lls to put up a screen name you pathetic piece of sh***

Franks Fumes

Another frightening Keyboard tuff guy……I’ll be impressed when you move out of the shed in your poor parents backyard…..go pop your pimples junior.

Mr. T

Coming from the guy who can’t spell “tough”. Go away weakling.

Franks Fumes

Best you can do? Lol

Paul's anal warts

I could do your Mom. But I wouldn’t exactly call her the best.

sunny dee

look how far Dan G got and he didn’t wasn’t the 2nd place winner his season, yet there they are, the fanfans riding along taking him to the end


It’s nice how Alex is pre-planning her future amnesia. She is a nasty human.

Lou Skunt

Has anyone heard the rumor that Paul’s mother employes certain people on Big Brother and that she is basically controlling all of this?


Get real, honestly you’re ridiculous


i read about it not sure if it’s true but Pauls mother knows people that run dr and when the story broke out Matt made the comment there’s new people in the dr.The story suggested Paul was getting info on who other people’s targets were


Other people’s targets are same as Paul’s targets, so that makes no sense.

Backseat Driver

This is getting real old…….bullying at any age is wrong. These HG’s (except for Kevin) are losers at every level.


More bullying going on in this comment section than in the BB house.


Need a safe place with crayons?

Judgmental Judy

It gets ugly here, but seriously, it’s quiet words on a screen. No one knows each other, no real pictures or identities. Not even CLOSE to bullying. That word is being desensitized so it doesn’t mean anything anymore.


May mean something to the people who it’s directed to. You can dislike a HG without taking it to the vile extreme some people here are. I follow one other spoiler site and majority of people there manage to. Mob mentality in action here I guess.


Kevin’s a gangster bully. Worst kind.


He’s a father of 7 kids and probably taught his kids to be respectful to their Elder. It’s not bullying, he’s reacting like a Father would when your kids act like these punks in the house.


Raven doesn’t care about winning the 500K because she probably thinks her Go Fund Me is in the millions by now. She is certainly in for a rude awakening!

Backseat Driver

Her rude awakening is gonna be in the backyard on the final night when Matt pretends he doesn’t know her.


Jesus Christ, these people. It’s a hell of a thing when Kevin appears as the biggest threat to the house. They endlessly complain about him not winning/doing anything and don’t think anyone would vote for him to win and yet, they want him out…because he annoys them with questions like “will you be hanging out by the pool today?” My god, he has some nerve.

Also love that Raven couldn’t live with herself if she betrayed Paul by not taking him to F2, even knowing she’d likely lose to him, but she’s been totally fine with making up random illnesses and speaking with fake accents every time she opens her mouth to fire off more weird & untrue bullsh*t. Makes sense.

Josh the Perv

That one Josh was guilty of and Josh admitted it!!!


Hang on, seriously? Did Josh truly admit that and was it to just her or?? Oh good god I can’t.


Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about the early days of Raven. We were all so young and naive then, unaware that the summer ahead would be dark and full of terrors.

Also, I hope your liver is holding up, Simon. You’re out here doing the Krakken Lords work, so thank you.

Triple B

I honestly don’t get the hate Kevin is getting in the house. This guy has been friendly and loyal to everyone in there. When is the house going to wake up and realize that Kevin should be the last person they target. Anyways I’m done with Alex and glad Matt or Raven are going home this week.


The friendly and loyal guy should be the first person they target

Kevin the Rat

Kevin’s a rat. Can’t trust the guy.


See this is what I am talking about double standards Paul and Josh sleep in until after 1:00pm. None of the HG are following the BB rules. HG is doing what ever they want to do and nothing less. BB tell HG to stop and they keep going. BB tell a HG to come to DR HG wont go or take their time going to DR. Have Not eating and eating underneath blankets putting food in their clothes/bra. Have Not sleeping where they want and not in the HN room and taking hot showers. HG disrespectful to production. Why not a monetary penalty for not following BB house rules. I guarantee this foolishness will stop immediately.


Welcome to the world we live in now. This is what happens when you give kids everything, a trophy for showing up and not teaching kids respect. Hope the houseguest parents are proud of the disgusting kids they raised.


“disgusting” there’s that word again. The most overused word in the OBB comment section!

if your so disgusted why do you watch?


You must be one of the proud parents with their 20 something kid still living at home.


Not only that, but hear Raven talking about BB giving her and Matt heart pillows and towels. So, Matt ignoring his week as a have not and instead of getting evicted, BB gives him a gift. Seriously??

Punchy Silo

Maybe BB production has lost interest in this season, there’s been no alcohol to speak of , no prize outside trips like a concert or movie premiere…..only one segment visit to a houseguest family ( Jason’s after he learned that his wife was expecting) …no big prizes or trips. It’s been a lame season and CBS probably just wants it to be over.


Jason is hot. I want that cowboy all for myself.


What does kracken mean?

Backseat Driver


Grodner Hearts Paul

I think they should Chima the next person who says they wouldn’t mind losing to Paul.

Is anyone really there to win, or were they all just there to make sure Cody & Jessica didn’t stop Paul from winning?


The threats of violence, bullying, and cheating should be reasons they could pull a cast member….I am appalled at the list of offenses by the low-lifes in the house this year! Alex and Jason are at the top, Josh is a clown with a low I.Q. And Paul and Christmas are not friends to anybody!


Wow Alex can’t wait til you find out Thursday how loyal Paul is – lol! Still hoping Jason can make it to the end! Maybe the apple thing will help him get off the block!


Won’t happen. Paul won’t give permission to take an apple which has to be done before noms. Jason won’t know he’s going up.

sunny dee

plus there is no way alex or jason would even consider that they need an appl.e

kevin on the other hand, let’s hope


I got nothing. Maybe the psyche scores got messed up. These are either some sick people or some sick writing. They are so ugly. Something is so messed up. Maybe the old set is throwing off some dangerous fumes. One day you want to like someone and the next day they open their ugly mouths. Just horrible. I still watch and read so maybe I’m watching a train wreck. I just have to look. Hell I wouldn’t watch a train wreck.

Get Paul Out

I don’t want any of these people to win. I can’t believe that none of them saw Paul’s season in which he was so dishonest and manipulative.


Wow what a GREAT SEASON…………………at least 2 people know Paul, and are there to help him win.. Now isn’t that SPECIAL!!
Just when I think the vile pussycat ears can’t get any worse…………she is there to prove me wrong. What gutter did AG find her in?
What were they thinking when they put this cast together??? “Let see if we can make the entire viewer audience puke at one time and sink California”.


The audience needs to boo matt. #rudeawakening

Smitten Kitten

I’m actually hoping that they DON’T boo Matt, because after Christine got booed when she left they specifically told the audiences that came after that show “NO MORE BOOING” for the rest of the season.

It would be SUCH a waste to boo wallpaper Matt & then audiences would not be able to boo Alex, Raven, Christmas or Josh.


Well, if booing is a no-no, I’d like to see the audience just sit in total silence when Matt walks out. It would bring me all the joy to see him emerge from the house triumphant after his incredibly stupid act of chivalry, smiling while congratulating himself with a few air punches only to hear silence. Pure golden deafening silence.

Sir Loin of Beef

The audience should just say, “Snap, Crackle or Pop!”

Over and Out

Well, I’m throwing in the towel. Just can’t watch anymore of these vicious, hateful HGs and their senseless rabid attacks. Thank you Simon and Dawg, for all that you do! Enjoy what’s left of the summer, everyone. I’ll be back next year…..hoping for a better batch of HG next go ’round. Ciao!


That’s just flat out stupid.

Judgmental Judy

You’re nice, Simon. I’m afraid I’d sabotage certain Pointless-Anonymous peoples’ IP lol.


i am disappointed with jason… liked him for a while because he seemed like not so much a follower.. but now he’s just one of the mob..

Big Brother Production

Simon, is this the worst season ever in your opinion?


Season 16 boring? Yeah okay Simon lol. The battle of the block, Team America, Donny’s plight, Frankie/Beastmode/Zach. Nicole with the battle back, Frankie’s HOH rewind, Caleb trying to throw his comp with Frankie, but Frankie still winning. Derek playing an epic game masterminding. Now season 15… that was boring, although the fights were funny.


i loved Season 16! don’t forget crazy Devon

Paul's Mouth

One word…………..FRANKIE (Yuck)!


KEVIN for AFP!!!
He really does not deserve the level of harassment from all the other HG’s. Alex is the worst toward him.
Matt turned out to be nasty too.

Paul' Mouth

Dare we hope, (?) that when feeds return…………Matt has been ejected from the game?


Ugh I can’t stand any of these a-holes. I think I’m going to vote for Kevin for AFP…. Only because it’ll piss everyone off and he’s the only one in the house who I haven’t seen bully anyone.


“Alex laughs “He’s losing his mind it’s so great”

Good Grief! Alex has surpassed vile & become sub-human.


YIKES! Yourself!

this is a game of psychological warfare and elimination for 500k

calling someone sub-human, YIKES!

Holier than thou!


this is also a social experiment of howler you’re willing to lower yourself for money. You seem to share the same moral code as the majority of the trolls remaining.


Sub human was last week


Interesting article breaking down how returning players in both BB and Survivor have an advantage: http://ew.com/tv/2017/08/29/big-brother-survivor-returning-players-statistics/

Time to stop

Great job guys, but I am also done. Also I let CBS know that this needs to stop, I felt bad for Kevin. Everyone should let them know it needs to stop.


If you want it to stop let the sponsors of bb after dark know if they start pulling commercials maybe Cbs will have to do something It won’t work on the Cbs shows cause they don’t show any of the nonsense


if you all want to stop watching then just stop, why try to ruin it for the true fans that wouldn’t ever even consider to stop watching, like Simon and Dawg!

Why take away their livelihood and our game?


I know i’m hoping for something that isn’t going to happen but it would be nice if Grodner got her ass in there and told them look the bullying has to stop it’s not playing well with the fans.

I really wish they’d remove Alex from the game b/c she erased the line today with some of those comments about Kevin


It would be nicer if they just got rid of grodner. I’m sick of her trying to force showmances and all girl alliances every year.


WTH for some silly reason I just bought the live feeds and I’m guessing there is a fight brewing right now and we can’t even watch it??? Why get live feeds – lol!


Granny chiming in to say that just when I thought these house guests couldn’t get worse…they did.

This is a seedy side of America on display for all to see.

I am so completely embarrassed for myself (attention worldly friends, THESE people do not represent my country…just themselves!) I am mortified for these HG’s families.

All of the humans have been evicted. What’s left is a bunch of animals (Kevin excluded).

CBS needs to come out with a public statement over this season’s cast and their bullying tactics under the reign of a CBS vet… Jason should be ashamed (but I doubt he will be). Alex has become the female version of Paul and has done the exact opposite of what she swore she would NOT do, making her completely unlikable. Christmas is a complete embarrassment. Josh is a complete embarrassment. Raven is a complete embarrassment. Matt is a waste of space in the BB house, admits it, and actually brags about it.

Shameful behavior from the whole lot.

I am at a total loss for understanding why CBS would call this entertainment. This former BB fanatic is ready to call this entire social experiment known as BB quits. I am not interested in watching this sh*t show on my picture box any longer. I’d prefer to rub sunscreen on my eyeballs before a solar eclipse.

Pull the plug, CBS.

*Granny returns to helping the Harvey flood victims and supporting the cleanup crews with lots of grub and granny love

Paul's Mouth

Say what you want about Jason, (Yesterday’s comments were said as they were trying to determine what qualifies as crossing the line.) but he knows that what is happening to Kevin is not right! I hope he has enough sense to tell Potato-Head to shove it! Alex has crossed the line, moved it as far as it can be moved and she still keeps pushing! What a despicable example of the current generation! Please, can she be evicted this next week.
Rant over!


I’d been waiting for Jason to grow a set for awhile now because he does seem to have at least some concern about all this petty BS, especially when the HGs started directing it at Kevin, but after the last couple days I’ve given up. One minute he’s saying he doesn’t like how people are going at Kevin, the next minute he’s jumping in and trying to one up the gang with whatever offensive BS he can think of. It sucks. I also feel like once he’s out of that house and is able to watch all of this, he’ll realize he should’ve listened to his gut rather than Alex, who constantly shoots down his ideas, calls him an idiot and has convinced him that terrorizing people like a hell-harpy is the only way they can play the game. All this and he’ll very likely be one of the next people out the door.

Jessica's Birth Control

Raven – if I win the last HOH I get to pick… I would probably pick Paul
Matt – you’d be loyal
Raven – I couldn’t backstab him
Matt – that’s not backstabbing
Raven – I couldn’t do that to him.. After all he’s done for me.
Matt says he understands..
Raven – I would rather lose the money and take second than anything..
Matt – absolutely
Raven – if I did that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself

WTF! WTF! WTF! wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WTH I just signed up for live feeds and we can’t even watch the fight???

Jessica's Birth Control

Sorry but Kevin has it coming. You saw this pack of jackals do this to everyone who is a target. I didnt see you complaining it about it then tough guy! You are on the on deck circle and out the door after Matt. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR WAKEUP CALL!!! Better start playing the game hard old man and stop worrying about your Mickey Rourke haircut! nobody wants you in a final 2.
Jason is finally counting jury votes and realizes he is f@cked. He realizes he has the bloodiest hands. paul, alex kevin, raven are all pretty clean. Jason’s only hope is final 2 against Josh the meatball.
Josh should count jury votes and realize the same thing.


He also didn’t pile on and he showed compassion by treating those people like human beings and talking to them when they were down. Thats the difference and why people feel sorry for Kevin.


Does Alex only have the black sports bra to wear? At least Matt has TWO shirts. I think CBS needs to just give everyone a stipend and cancel the season. Who cares about a winner when they’re all losers? Can’t stand BBAD anymore since every other word is f@#k.


This mess has gone way past game play. There’s not one thing left that can salvage this nightmare of a season. Please just give Paul the damn money. If he needs it so bad that he’s happy to get it no matter the cost to others, put it in a bucket and light it on fire. He deserves the ashes left behind. Raven and her family should be investigated by the law to make sure they haven’t lied and stole money from people. There are a lot of red flags where she is concerned. Not to mention her behavior on the show was deplorable. Christmas/Satan she should loose every speaking engagement she has booked. She has proven she has no respect for women or marriage. Josh is immature with no manners. Matt disgusting and I hope he takes that disgusting towel with him!!!! Alex, well I didn’t think a human could stoop as low as she has and still be above ground. Absolutely, the worst human being I’ve ever seen on TV. Forget about the fact that she gets her rocks off by humiliating others but she insinuates someone is a child molester. That money means that much to you? She is a heartless, entitled, waste of skin!!!! He has a family you sick piece of trash. Jason, rape? Really Rape. Your wife is pregnant just think about the picture of what you said. But please add the part where your pregnant wife is tied up watching, too. Oh and with your child watching his Dad raping an innocent woman who has nothing to do with any of this!!!!! You should be tied up while one of the Bulls rapes your ass!!!!! Over and over. I bet you’ll think twice about violence against women as being a joke.I’m sick over this entire mess. I’ve watched every session and there have been some that were really bad, but this one has gone, too far. Done.

Simon thank you for all your hard workand I wish everyone here the best.

There’s a lot of people who really need our help right now, but CBS-Big Brother are not those people.

Judgmental Judy

Bravo. It’s like the worst train wreck you could ever see but you can’t stop watching to see if the bad guys die in the crash. My only thought is Jason – I can’t get over the things he said about Kevin & the rape thing. He seems genuinely disturbed by Alex’s behavior, the way they are tormenting people before kicking them out of the house. He said after those vile comments something like, he was just trying to think of the most vile thing he could think of to say, like he was trying to say something shocking that fit in the conversation they were having. I don’t know. He seems to genuinely like Kevin and he’s seeing Alex is a psycho. Words matter, and I’m still shocked he said it. Just trying to reconcile how I think he really feels with what he actually said? I give up.

Burn the 500K AMEN!

I agree 100%!!! You need to copy and paste this comment in every new section until this season is over! Just add Josh in there. Yes burn the damn $500k and give Paul a bucket of ashes..Xmas IS Satan, the bull raping Jason lol, Raven’s a fraud, Alex is worse than the scum of the earth..damn you got it ALL right!!


Wow. Really?

Ecchk!! Ecchk!!!

Ecchk!!! Acchk!!!


Anyone know what the fight between Potatohead & Kevin was????

Dude WTF

Josh-I’ve been praying since I entered BB that ppl would see the type of person I am, see that my worth is worth something.
Oh we see Josh we see!!!!!!
Oh please Booo whoever leaves this week to send a message to the rest of the degenerates!!!!


Hey simon/dawg ,
i really hate the cast this year—there seems to be no redeeming quality in any of them ..ugh!!
this is season is so bad/ boring and mean spirited—- in my opinion the best part of the season are your comments in parentheses/bracts.
ps i would like to know if this is your worst bbusa cast members or and season? if you could rank your best to worst seasons of bbusa and bbcan.
I Appreciate all the hard work 🙂


Why don’t the house guests compare notes about Paul ?? It is my opinion and my observation that even if they did Paul would come out clean, because he was extremely slick in playing everyone like a fiddle. He played to their strengths and their weaknesses, he was subtle & used finesse in how he manipulated the daily agenda, taking everyone’s pulse, sleeping with one eye open. Paul is calculating and deliberate with everything he does & and says. He also knows that in BB you don’t blood on your hands (others know that but few can achieve it). He built trust. So, no, the HG’s comparing notes wouldn’t result in anything other than Paul looking smart and trusted. Based on the status quo looks like my ‘take’ is valid, otherwise Paul would have been gone by now, eyed with intense suspicion, or talked about of who needs to go. Just sayin’.

You asked

Josh asked do you think we love them or hate them. I don’t like the word hate. Although You asked! The answer is: We “HATE” the actions of this cast. You Josh are a BULLY! Alone with Paul, Alex, Christmas, Matt and Raven. Sad that CBS has allowed this behavior.


Hey houseguests I don’t care that Kevin lost his temper! Anyone can be pushed to their limits and that’s what all wanted to do! I hope you find out how disliked you guys are by your viewers this year!!!


I would rather eat poop than kiss Raven

Jessica's Birth Control

Its essentially the same thing. Goodness knows where her filthy mouth has been….

Damn Disgrace

We need to start #bootheboobs with the hope Alex gets evicted in the next week or 2. Then really hope that Julie calls her out on her disgusting comments. It’s a game for big money, but there are ways to win without being a disgusting human ask the other 18 winners of BB.

This season makes me uncomfortable because every week is an exercise in mentally breaking down a person by attacking them personally which to me is just as bad punching them in the face and should be an automatic eviction. Especially the comments implying rape and child molestation. Great job, Jason, way to be a “family” man and cause a $#1tstorm for your pregnant wife who isn’t safe behind the doors of the BB house, class move by a literal clown. Alex, there are no words, you have issues and no common decency.


I hate this season. I know I’m not the only one. This has been the cringiest season too. Literally handing Paul the money.. what could happen yo salvage this season? The whole cast is unlikeable except for Mark and Kevin.