Matt- OH MY GOD YOU’RE SUCH A B1tch PUNK .OH MY GOD you’re embarrassing yourself be a MAN

12:10pm Raven, Jason, Matt and kevin
Jason – it’s what the game dictates Raven.
Raven yelling at him “at least be honest don’t pull the wool over everyone’s eyes”

Raven – don’t talk about Kevin then agree with everyone.. When Kevin goes in that room.. Just be know I want you out so we could have spent more time together. And not worry about my leg..

Jason – I never said anything to anyone..
Raven – yes you did
Matt – are you serious.. Your veto speech..

Raven – why did you hug me during the nomination speech whispers in my ear I’m going to pull one of you down.. Don’t tell me that.. That’s cheating..
Jason – honestly I don’t remember saying that
Raven – you did
Raven – every week we’ve been having a house agenda.. Guys it’s nothing personal we’re going to do what we say we’re going to do
Raven – and you agree to everything

Raven – you’ve been agreeing this whole.. This whole week.. Just be honest..
Matt – you’re a b1tch you’re a b1tch, you’re a b1tch that’s fine.. That’s fine.. Everyone saw it .. you are a b1tch you hide in the storage room once again like a b1tch.

Matt – you’re true colors are showing..National TV saw it You’ve been talking sh1t about Kevin all week..
Raven – all week… don’t deny.. Don’t deny that you whispered in my ear you’re going to pull one of us down

Matt – I can’t believe that you have the balls to go into the storage room and hide wit Alex for for 15 mins

Matt – what are yo Mark
Jason – it took her by surprise too

Matt – I would never expect a cowboy like you to be a pu$$y like that …
Jason – I wasn’t hiding
Matt – yes you were dude.. little bit1ch dude..
Matt – do you want me to call yo a f*ing lying b1tch on national television dude.. Little b1tch dude..

Matt – that’s how you’re made dude.. You were hiding from a 105 lb girl it’s embarrassing.. you’re a little punk b1tch
Jason – I had to take the box back..
Jason – she came in there..
Matt – i’m ready to go home.. You hide in the storage room.. That’s punk sh1t… That’s mark and cody b1tch sh1t/…
Matt – you’re a little punk..

Jason – the greatest insult anyone can get is when you have something someone else wants.. And they don’t have the respect to be cordial then, when did either one of you ever come to me and ask me what the plan was..

Raven – are you kidding me


12:16pm Jason, Raven and Matt
Raven asks him why would she want to ask him the plan when he whispered in her ear that Jason’s going to pull one of them down.
Jason – I don’t remember saying that

Matt flips out..


Matt- OH MY GOD YOU’RE SUCH A B1tch PUNK… .. .OH MY GOD you’re embarrassing yourself at least be a man dude.. (can get b2men tattooed on your arm)
Matt – strap on your balls uncross your legs and be a man
Jason – I really don’t remember saying that..
Jason says the house agenda was to get Matt out.
Jason – no my agenda..

Matt – did you not tell her you were going to pull one of us off.. It’s s simple yes or no.. don’t tell me you don’t remember.

Matt – Don’t be a b1tch dude…
Jason – NO i didn’t say that
Jason – it’s easy for you to say I said that just like it’s easy for me to say I didn’t say that
Jason – no one is going to know
Matt going on about Jason hiding in storage.. Now it’s 20 minutes.. Matt goes back to calling him a little b1tch..

Matt – I can’t wait until your wife sees that.. hiding in the storage room for 20 minutes Pu$$y

Josh – don’t make it personal..
Matt – yes or no were you in there for 20 minutes
Jason – yes
Jason – there was 5 people in there.. I didn’t have a chance to come out
Matt – now you’re being a even bigger pu$$y
Matt goes on about Jason not being a man not having balls.. Hidding.. Etc..etc.

Josh is getting in between them.. Trying to cool things down. Matt and Raven are freaking out. Jason is calm and cool.

Alex comes back says Jason wasn’t hiding she pulled him in there she wasn’t happy with his decision either. She was arguing with Jason because she didn’t agree with his decision.
Matt – I don’t care…
Matt says Cody had a set of tescitcles, Jason does not.
Jason explains the 20 minutes was for people to put their thoughts together.
Raven – you made a speech and said it was the house agenda you didn’t say my agenda..

Jason – on what planet do you guys think that the people I spend my time with will be the people I exposee.
Jason – why do you think you’re less expandable than Kevin or Josh
Raven – you threw kevin under the bus that’s shitty
Raven – I would never throw him under the bus even if I go home..
Jason – guess what they are still here…

Matt complainingk about throwing the safety competition so they could get Cody out and volunteering to be on the block for the group..
Alex leaves.. “I still hate Kevin”
Matt says JAson’s core values are Lie and Hide..
Alex – that’s not what we were doing.. Kevin is still my target in this game..

12:36pm Matt brags that he’s going to eat and take the penalty

12:38pm Matt going on and on about jason being a b1tch, pu44y, boballs etc..
Matt – man you’re such a punk dude
Jason tells him he’s not going to get in an argument with MAtt not matter how hard Matt trues. It’s not going to work on him.


12:42pm Raven – on my pacemaker that I need to live.. I didn’t vote matt out.

Matt alone..

Kitchen After the dust settles Raven called into the Dairy room Matt hides on the unicorn floaty. The rest of them in the kitchen.
Jason – I thought I would be better at the attack..
They say he was very composed.
They all agree Matt was trying to get Jason to lose it
Jason – I botched every question..

1:17pm Paul, Alex, Josh and Jason
Paul is saying they should let Josh or Xmas get the HOH.
Paul tells them to all the blame oni Kevin he’s shady as sh1t.

Josh says Kevin is a 45 year old coward. Paul and Josh say that Kevin is ridiculing all of them behind their backs..

1:35pm Alex, JOsh, Xmas, Raven and Paul.
Xmas and Paul egging Josh on to go up to the HOH and get under Kevin’s skin.

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It’s sad how they all continue to berate and ridicule Kevin about things he is not guilty of.

IF he is paranoid, it’s because they tell him he is part of the team and then full-out ignore him. Any human being would, as a result of that, feel crazy and ask questions.

These people are disgusting.


“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”
? Joseph Heller


The house begets paranoia… and it’s mine opinion that Kevin is paranoid by nature. Double whammy for him.


what things are they berating and ridiculing Kevin about that hes not guilty of?


How do you berate and ridicule someone behind their back?

Bolt Uprite.

Ask your “friends”.

I See Floaters Everywhere

If Matt is bragging he’s going to save Raven by eating and taking penalty votes why doesn’t he just leave? He thought it was funny and “strategic” when the house did this to Cody, who didn’t freak out at all, and now that it’s happening to him he’s having a hissy fit. I hope they vote out Raven and Matt self evicts and leaves with her.

Paul's Mouth

Better yet, I hope Matt gets ejected from the game for purposely not following the HN rules.


and still vote out raven!


They don’t throw people out for not following the have not rules, they give them penalty votes. Jen from season 8 got a penalty vote for eating.


So did Audrey even though it didn’t matter. Not sure how much Jen violated the rule but if Matt flat out ignores the rules he could risk more than penalty votes as they could hit him financially by docking him some of the stipend money. There’s a reason that money isn’t paid out until after the season and all obligations are fulfilled.


the only vote against him will be the penalty vote. Raven will still be evicted

Captain Obvious

That is because this season is the season of complete lack of self awareness, its the summer version of the Walking Dead, complete mindlessness. They all accuse each other of things they do, all finger point and blame another for what they do. They all act like someones word is suppose to mean something in the house and get upset over it, all while being the whole point of the game, like clue in and play the game and quit whining about it all. No one can be man/woman enough and simply say, “You got me, good one”, its all just pointless drama and personal attacks.


Thinking the same thing Captain.

Pot meet kettle

Raven said it’s cheating. Bwahaha. But making up 16 fake illnesses isn’t.


Wow what babies! Thank you Jason for actually playing the game. It’s hard to pick a fav from what’s left, but definitely has to be Jason at this point. I really hope Matt gets booed on eviction night! And HOH Kevin would be perfection.

Pot meet kettle

Matt is the one embarrassing himself.

Paul's Mouth

I have such respect for the way Jason remained so cool and calm, just PI$$ED Matt off more!
Matt do you not realize Jason handles 400 pound bulls, you think he’s afraid of you?
Nice job Cowboy!!!


Lol I’m sure Jason was trying not to laugh right in Matt’s face because he’s a nice guy. Matt can call him a p$$y all he wants him and everyone else knows if it came down to it Jasons big cowboy as$ would fk him up.


“Raven – on my pacemaker that I need to live.. I didn’t vote matt out.”

On your non-existent pacemaker, Raven? LMFAO

Jess Vivette

“On my gut motility stimulator” just doesn’t sound dramatic enough


Now that’s Funny!

Christa Mitchell

Did I miss something? When did Raven or anyone she knows personally say that she was making up these “FAKE ILLNESSES”?!?

Resist the Twist

I’ve been waiting ALL SEASON for this !! Shoutout to Simon also

Dedicated to Matt

Sung to the tune of BoyzToMen “End of the road”

Now that Matt’s come
To the end of the show
Raven won;t let go
Prematurely gray
He’ll be gone Thursday
Not much real gameplay

Now that Matts come
To the end of the show
His waistline will continue to grow
He wont make his goal
1000 cereal bowls
Captain Crunch’is his hero

Now that Matt’s come
To the end of the show
Back home he will go
He was doing Raven
Soon He’ll meet Julie Chen
And to jury he’ll go




Perfect lol

Judgmental Judy

I’m holding my lighter (I don’t smoke) and swaying my hands back and forth!


Can someone explain the penalty votes that Matt keeps referring to if he eats food while being a have not. Thanks.

Ian's Lament

If you are a have not and don’t follow the rules you get reprimanded, possibly a penalty vote. In extreme cases they may threaten to keep him out of jury and cut his stipend. Correct me if I’m wrong.


He has a contractual obligation to follow the rules set by producers. They can and have chosen to be very loose when enforcing some of the rules but the threat of breach of contract can be significant and exceed his stipend. Some lawyer is sure to throw some legal jargon and tell him he could be on the hook for damages to the series and could face huge fines or lawyer fees to even fight it. He’ll whine much like Paulie last year and cry while making his pies but he’ll do what he’s told even if it’s not by Paul.


Oh please oh please oh please…….let that happen. Make him go straight home instead of jury! That would be so incredibly awesome. He’s such a baby. I could only watch a tiny bit of this fight because his high pitched whiny baby voice screeching along with Raven’s was too much. I wish Jason knew more of what they had planned for him this week had they won. So many things that could have been said. “If it’s not that big a deal then shut the F up already man child.” And to Raven who kept screeching that if they’d known they could’ve spent more time together. much more time together do they need. She’s glued to his freaking groin area 24/7! Shut the hell up already and get the F outta here.


Paul is such a bully I can’t stand it. Why don’t you do your own dirty work instead of provoking Josh (who isn’t the sharpest crayon let’s be honest) to do it for you. What a douche season this is.

American Horror Story starring Raven Walton

Almost had hope for Kevin going ballistic and blowing up tiny balls Paul….. so fu**ing frustrated with this show! Pls, someone wake the f**k up……ps I really, really despise Alex, total c*nt…..will wait and watch eagerly for her to be evicted and booed ala Christine style


Paul does that so that the object of the bullying doesn’t blame him. Notices how Paul is all sympathetic privately to one bullied afterwards. He is working on jury votes by getting those voted out to hate someone else other than him.

Troll kalla mik

Paul is the only one playing the game.



The bull man can’t even back up his own bullshit.

This menagerie of kooks, eunuchs and skanks will never be able to put a couple of brain cells together to take on the bearded gnome.

Not Raven's Mom

Oh please vote out Raven and hopefully Matt self evicts and there’s the double eviction done. Perfect


I think it is very thoughtful of Jason to wear a green scarf while not using the POV.

Also, did Jason tell Raven he was going to pull her off the block or is she making that up?

I See Floaters Everywhere

Woman like Raven who are part of Mensa, on the verge of death, have diseases that have no name and go fund me accounts to help pay for all of this don’t lie and make things up. Just ask her mother, she’ll tell you.


Yes, don’t “weary” Raven.


Paul told Raven that Jason was going to take her off the block and put up Kevin. It backfired on him. Jason should have put Paul on the block. But hay I’ll give Jason credit for not putting his walking buddy on the block. That would have been crapy.


Jason went along with it, hugged Raven in HOH room, let her think he was putting up Kevin. Plus bitched about Kevin to Raven.


I don’t remember Jason saying that but Paul did tell them that all week because he thought he could sway Jason. Jason always wanted them both on the block and everyone agreed. Then Paul brought up to use Kevin as a pawn which quickly turned to get Kevin out instead which Jason didn’t want to do. I am proud of Jason sticking to his guns.
The fact that Maven never talked to Jason all week and only relied on what Paul was telling them and now only blaming Jason. Makes me sick!!


I went back to the nomination show and re-watched. No where in there did he “whisper” that to her. So if it happened it was on the feeds or they didn’t show it.


“Matt brags that he’s going to eat and take the penalty”
Sorry Matt, but this is a B**ch Punk P***y move. Don’t call someone else one when you yourself are one.

Bearded 2 feet tall bitch

Matt made a mistake. Paul is the bitch, not Jason.


Maybe a little laser treatment will help traveler Raven with her diseases.

Smitten Kitten

Viserion is #savage.

As much as it broke my heart to see the Night King riding him, those blue flames were EVERYTHING.

Over it

Jason for AFP, Paul first thing he did is secure his votes with matt and raven! The all stand around during raven viel attracted Jason, Paul’s minions scared to speak up and then they call Kevin a coward! These people minus Jason are pathetic!


Matt is the punk ass bitch with no balls.


“Xmas and Paul egging Josh on to go up to the HOH and get under Kevin’s skin.”
Why don’t you 2 do it or as Matt has been saying B**ch Punk P*ssy people. Paul is disgusting egging this on, I really which Jason heard Paul and out him to the rest of the house, but these people are so dumb. Someone please pop Paul’s floaty!!!!


Raven got her pacemaker from toys r us on the aisle that the LEGOS are on. I know cause I sold it to her.


At this point I’m pulling for the tattooed midget.

I want these people to watch the show and see what fools he made out of them.


and a fool Paul made of himself this season!


I really hope Jason wins the season. He and Kevin are the only 2 I’m able to root for; oddly, Josh would probably be my 3rd choice. I liked Alex, but she’s basically eating right out of Paul’s ass. Matt and Raven are lazy and delusional.

chicago hooligan

Raven said Jason should have just been honest with them so they could have “spent more time together”???? In the words of the girl with a gpa in dance, “are you kidding me?”


Correction Chicago Hooligan-It’s “Are you shittin me.” Said with a horribly fake overdone accent.


The walking dead!! Matt & Raven. Who cares if he did! their losers playing as PP’s Paul’s Pawns!!
This season badly needed this. Great Job Jason!!
Appreciate him standing by his boy!!
We’ll see where Alex’s real loyalty is this week.
Josh – U always say WTF, I say to U – STFU!!


I suppose now it’ll be set up for Kevin to win one way or another. Typical.
What the heck has the Kevin done?
He walks around like he’s better than.
bitches and moans.
Dude should STFU.
Pretentious SOB.
Like cody, Kevin is overrated.


I think you meant to say Paul!


The dictator is now telling people who should win HOH? What the heck! It’s getting down to the end, everyone should be fighting for themselves. I wish Paul would just shut up!!

Resist the Twist

Dear Matt,

I do not think its a good idea to call anyone a pussy or a b*tch when you LITERAALY have Boys2Men lyrics as a tattoo

Grodner Hearts Paul

The guy that’s acting like a bitch is calling somebody a bitch. Finally something worth watching in this game. I wish Jason had said “At least I don’t have a Boyz2Men tattoo.” There’s no good comeback for that.


I think kevin just murdered josh


we can only hope


Jason just lost 2 Jury votes


Not necessarily. This is big brother not ” to tell the truth”. That’s a much better move for his game. .


Matt literally said if Jason and Alex are final two he will be the first person in BB history to not vote

almost over

So h’e the first to eat all that cereal, that’s his game play how much thought went into that. He and Ravin on tape under the sheets (so gross) on line for ever. Matt has followed, not played the game at all, did he think he was a favorite? I think Jason is a nice person outside this game and he has been pulled into (what ever Paul does) Xmess and Alex are disgusting humans, Paul’s treatment of Josh has changed my mind about Josh (the boy) Paul has continually belittled him and for that he (Paul is the real Pussy here). PERIOD Ravin is a slut, a lying slut, just look for her on line under the sheets. The only reason Paul wants Kevin out is because in his letter from home in HOH, it was hinted who America likes, and because they all liked Kevin, Paul is so jealous and needs him to go. BB should not have let Paul receive that letter. I don’t understand why CBS has ruined BB and rigged it for Paul, is he suing or something?????


Just happened to turn on the feeds a few minutes ago. Did Kevin just knock Josh out? Ugh they need to come back on already!


hopefully he did, someone needs to. Poor Joshy is probably crying in the DR right now


Matt? Matt who? What a POS!! Go Jason-play ur own game


Exactly, isn’t Matt the night janitor?

Judgmental Judy

I saw on the live show last night, under his name, they had “Renovation Consultant”. I’m thinking, he either works at Home Depot, or he walks into someone’s home and says, “I think you should renovate.” ????? If Jason is a b* and p*, then he’s the b* & p* that Matt can’t beat in ANY competition.

Grodner Hearts Paul

It was okay when it was happening to Jessica, Cody, Elena and Mark. Now that it’s happening to them, somehow it’s unfair and they are pitching a fit. The hypocrisy never even occurs to them.


I have CBS All Access so live feeds come free for me, but for people that actually pay for the LF, I think it’s crap they block out so much. LF should be free for everyone since they control what we see. Only way you can charge is if you let us see it all. That’s how you know how much is staged.

Paul's Mouth

Maybe Josh needs to think twice before he “goes off” on Kevin, not sure he will be able to handle Kevin’s wrath!!!
Kevin is already on edge and dealing with Josh’s ridiculousness may be all it takes for him to explode!!!
Kevin had been very observant the whole game and I think he will be able to hold his own against the mini minions and the head gnome.


Matt and Raven are pissed because they got played. This is a game, you should never think you are safe when on the block. Maybe they should have tried harder to get the POV to make sure one was off the block. They should have seen this coming with they way they did Cody, Jess, Elena and Mark. Jason last week didn’t feel safe on the block, so he won the POV. Mark always tried for the POV. Matt has never tried, when handed to him, he saved Jason. Stupid game move Matt.


Go ahead matt n eat to get penalty votes it still wont save raven from going if they all vote her habitual lying a$$ out!!!!!!! Raven needs to go asap we cant take much more of her nonsense.. If I was Josh i would out Paul in front of everyone n say buddy ur playing all of us who r u really taking to final 3 since ur the the one who tells us who to get out everyweek yet ur the only one allowed to talk to everyone n have final 3 deals with evry1… you go torment kevin im not ur bitch boy anymore!!!


Someone is leaving. I hope Paul pees his pants. Chickenshit

Bolt Uprite.

Well, somebody embarrassed himself “on National Television”, but it wasn’t Jason.


Jason did not tell Raven he was going to take her off the block. Paul feed her that information.


He did tell her that this morning after their talk in the kitchen. They hugged when the talk was over, and Jason said we’re taking one of you down.

I only know this because people were talking about it on the feeds this morning, so I went back and watched. People on feeds were thinking Jason was actually going to put Kevin up because of it.


So..even if he did tell her that…..things change. She should know that. They’re just pissed because they can’t control it. He didn’t do what Paul said to do and it pisses them off. They’d have done it to Jason in a heartbeat.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

WAY TO GO JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least half of the trailer trash will be out of the house this week!


It was just last night that Josh was complaining to Christmas how everyone tries to get him to do their dirty work and Christmas told him You remember that, and you be true to yourself. Now today she is right there with Paul trying to get Josh to do their dirty work. Bitch., Pretend to be his friend and care about his character one minute and use him in the next. Josh likes Kevin. When they were all bad mouthing him Josh joined in but the minute he found out Kevin wasn’t going to go up and noms were staying the same he sought Kevin out to spend time with him and be nice. I hate these people.


Dear Matt and Raven,

This is what happens is the BB House when you don’t play the game, be lazy, whine and complain, and let others tell you what to do….. you were sheep being led to the slaughterhouse…. Glad Jason decided to play BB….. but Paul and his minions will turn on him next…. ya gave Paul ?the half mil…..


Raven has rubbed off on Matt in more ways than one. Watch out Matt, your white trash is showing.


What would happen if on Thursday Matt and Raven decide to state that they had a final 3 with Paul and spill the beans . How would Paula defend that , it would make the other 2 couples start to doubt Paula . Calling him in Paula , he does dress like a woman

Dan's Mist

I don’t understand how no one is on to Paul. Surely they have to understand that if Paul makes it to F2 that he will win!? No? Are the house guests really that dumb this season?



Judgmental Judy

Again, showing how classy both Elena and Mark kept themselves when they were thrown on the block and out the door. What makes Raven & Matt think they are any less deserving of the same consideration as they were, or Kevin, Christmas or Josh? As usual, their real character comes to surface. Seems old DoorMatt isn’t all calm, cool and boring after all. When he doesn’t get his way, he turns into Josh. And Raven…. she’s just so Raven.


Hey Matt:
(Matt, your free cereal & game ride is over)


Apropos cowboy wears black for this event. Bad guys wear black.


Call me old and out of the loop but is bitch now a cross-gendre word? Shouldn’t he be calling him a bastard?


Matt is too damn old to be acting like a ignorant young thug. What an embarrassment of a fool. Vote that skank Raven out and really tick him off. Matt stuffed his disgusting face all summer, laughed like a hyena at everything and sexed up nasty, lying Raven. Instigated trouble and was a total loser. What an idiot.

Jessica's Birth Control

Its always great to see the same people who advise the other outgoing players to “deal with it”, go absolutely bonkers when it happens to them! POT MEET KETTLE. Sorry Maven but karma bit you in the a$$! Did you think you were special and the pack of jackals were not going to turn on you? The last 4 evictions were shownmances. And you and your buddies were cruel and made sure to rub it in thier faces. Did you think you little snowflakes were special? The only thing you should be pi$$ed at is your own stupidity. If you spent 1/10 of the time playing the game instead of doing handjobs and BJs maybe things would have been different. You do realize that you can actually get out of bed, right babe? THE REST OF YOU IDIOTS NEED TO WAKE UP!!!


So now Matt decides to have a pulse?
What a douchebag.


“Josh – don’t make it personal..”

Are you kidding me…..Josh said don’t make it personal?/ He’s the King of personal insults. What a jackass….I really hope he gets evicted soon…


This is by far the worst season of Big Brother ever.