Matt – “If [Alex] and Jason make it. I’m the first person in Big Brother history that refuses to vote”

(just a heads up I’ve reached my limit with this Kevin talk. I’m not going to continue repeating all these separate conversations. Just know if I put Shitting on Kevin that means they’re basically just shitting on Kevin and if you listen to one conversation you’ve pretty much heard all the talking points. )

3:56pm Kevin and Paul
Kevin says Matt calling Jason a b1tch 40 times then bringing jason’s wife into it. “You Try saying that to me”
(wait until you hear about jason wanting to tie up your kids)
Kevin says he never told JOsh that he won the 25K, it was Josh that told him he won.

Kevin telling him the only comps that count are the first one and the last one.

4:03pm Alex and Josh.
Josh is feeling like he may have went too far pushing on Kevin.
alex doesn’t think so tells him they should have all went at him had a roundtable.

4:10pm Alex, Josh and Paul
Paul saying all they have to do is outlast Raven and Kevin in the HOH so that Josh can win. Josh says he’ll take Kevin out next week.
Josh going on about how Kevin is a liar
JOsh says he can’t deal with people threatening to bash his head in.

Paul – let him calm down then we’ll blow him up again..
Paul says Kevin has a boner ego trip against Josh
paul explains that Kevin was telling him he’ll make just 6 grand less than thes second place houseguests
Paul – he’s a$$hole.. for some reason he wants to beat you..
Paul adds that Kevin thinks someone is controlling Josh to do all this. (bingo they are)

Josh wants to call Kevin out again..
Alex – heel josh
Paul says when Josh wins HOH they can attack him.

4:21pm Xmas and Paul
Talking about Kevin…

Paul – all it’ll take me me blowing up on him next week then I won’t be his best friend anymore
Xmas says Kevin will put up Raven and Alex if he wins the HOH.

4:26pm Josh and Alex
Guess what talking about kevin being horrible in Jury.

4:30pm Josh and Paul
Paul – we just gotta keep playing these fools
they laugh
Josh – they think I’m stupid.
Paul says Kevin told him he’s going after Alex because he thinks Alex is controlling everything
They laugh
4:32pm have nots Jason and Kevin
They agree josh shouldn’t have jumped in. Kevin mentioned that Xmas also told him Josh shouldn’t have jumped in.

4:34pm Jason joins Paul and Josh playing chess. they start talking about Kevin.

4:42pm HOH Josh, Alex and Jason
Alex calling kevin “old and senile”

Kevin joins them.. “the slop was thrown out.. the entire bag”
Alex – well Matt made it ..
Alex says that Raven was pissed because she thought Kevin was getting aggressive and she comes from an abusive home.
Kevin points out she throws stuff and punches Matt all the time.
Alex doesn’t think Raven throwing out the slop is a big deal.

4:45pm Raven, Matt, Xmas and Paul
Raven saying that she’s putting up Kevin and Jason if POV is played Alex is going up. Adds that Kevin doesn’t deserve top be here they deserve it more.
Raven calls Jason the cowardly cowboy, “he’s not a real f*ing cowboy.. he’s a rodeo clown”
Xmas laughs

backyard Xmas, Paul, Raven And Matt
Talking about how arrogant Alex and Jason are getting. Especially Alex. Paul more or less tells them Alex was the other vote against Matt last week.
Xmas says she had a conversation with Alex were she said if “things work out” on BB she doesn’t have to go back to her job and starts her bikini company

Matt – if her and Jason make it. I’m the first person in big brother history that refuses to vote.. (Poor sport)

They start shitting on Kevin again..

Raven – he told production to f* off..
Paul – he cracked..
Xmas – lost it..

Paul – Big BRother is not difficult
raven – nope
Paul- it’s the people that make it difficult.. that’s a book I should write.. friendship
Raven says she wants to make a cookbook.
Xmas- I have a really good again ..

Paul says Alex threw out all the slop.

5:42pm Kevin, Xmas and Jason
Kevin going on about Raven throwing the slop out. Kevin wonders why production
Xmas and Jason recommend he hides some protein powder.
Kevin says how come production doesn’t do anything about it. How can you be allowed to throw out the one food he’s allowed to eat.
Kevin – you guys don’t think that’s vicious .. for a 22 year old girl that’s Jive.. I can’t believe they called me in..

Jason – you’re the mother f*er that put her on the block.. why is she’ pissed at me.. why is she yelling at me
jason – she said you’re worst than Cody.. youre more violet that Cody
Kevin – he’s a con artist..

Alex joins them (the person that really did throw out the slop)

Alex – you’re complaining about nothing.. Jesus.. the time you were complaining you could have made a new batch.. it’s not a big deal

Kevin – it’s being a jerk ..
Alex – everyone is heated it’s not a big deal..
kevin – the only thing I can eat is slop..
Alex – Kevin you can make your own it’s not a big deal..
Alex says all he’s doing is talking about Sl;op.. “I’m going to watch Chess again.. no more slop stories”

Jason says he’s going to go make slop with Kevin then they’ll play pool

6:03pm There’s an announcement everyone collects in the living room.
Houseguests.. Matt has decided to break the have not rule and will now get a penalty vote.

6:20pm Xmas still complaining to Alex about Kevin asking her if she’s swimming. (this is what started some of the fight earlier today)

7:03pm Josh, JAson and Alex in the kitchen
Talking about Kevin.
Josh says they know what Kevin is up to with the lies there’s no point making things miserable for Kevin.
Alex – whats the fun in that..
Alex says if she’s only getting second place she’ll make Kevin’s time miserable here.

7:06pm Paul and Xmas
xmas – dude Alex is f*ing nasty (true but what about you?)
Paul – mmmmhmmmm
Xmas – nasty
Paul – yup, true COlours come out to play (ZOMG)
Xmas – i’m just like laughing and playing along but.. man cut throat.. brutal.. gives zero f*s

Xmas mentions that Just today Alex was talking about winning again

7:30pm Xmas, Matt and Raven

Xmas saying that make sure Kevin and Alex have fallen out of the HOH then throw it to her and she’ll take them out.
Raven says as much as she wants to take Jason out she will.

Xmas – are you OK about your mom
Raven – yes… she just really sick..
Raven starts to cry
Xmas – i’m a a$$hole I’m sorry.. here bite my wrist..

7:37pm Kevin and JAson
Kevin says him and Jason are close and Alex doesn’t like it.
Kevin – I’m telling you again today.. I did nothing.. she said my slippers are too noisy, she said I was pouting about things..
Kevin – she said hey Big Boy you make it yourself.. you talks to me like that
Kevin talking about how disrespectful Alex is to him.
Kevin – you live with your mother and father I raised 7 kids.. Gimme a break
Kevin – I don’t want to go home before Raven
Jason swears he’s not.

Jason tells him if someone raises hell with him don’t argue, “everyone is starting to gang up”

7:57pm Kevin and Jason playing pool
Kevin says the only people that deserve to go further than him are Alex,jason and Paul
Kevin – Don’t you think they turned on me they’ll turn on you
Jason – well f* I hope not..
Kevin – I mean that’s what they’re going to do right..
Kevin – it’ll be Raven and Me going up.. I got your vote I got Paul’s vote I thought I have Josh and Xmas’ vote..

8:10pm Paul, Kevin and Jason backyard couch
Jason saying that everything Paul has said he’s been right about. Paul says he’s just trying to help. Paul tells Kevin not to feel like people are ganging up on him.
Paul – the more you feed into that .. the more you make it out to be that the more it becomes that.

8:27pm Alex, Jason, Raven and matt hot tub
Alex is talking about her bikini business. Her supplier is in Bali.

8:33pm Paul and Josh kitchen
Josh is saying he can’t stand Kevin, he was about to throw a glass at his head and now he’s being cool.
Paul – we got to take him to four
JOsh – I know ..
Kevin joins them.

8:40pm Kitchen Paul, Raven, Matt and Josh
Matt commenting that Alex is taking this Kevin hate a little too far.
Raven agrees.
Matt is skeptical that Alex will throw the HOH.

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I have really liked Jason in the past. I know he’s just following everyone’s lead in attacking his friend Kevin. However, the comment he made about doing Kevin,s wife in front of his kids really crossed the line with me. It’s now evident that his wife got all the class in that family.


And of course they won’t dare to show any of that on the show. Trying so hard to show him like a nice funny guy. Please none of this people are nice, the person they still talk so much about being the worst human being (Cody), is way nicer than these fools.

Paul the Punk

Jason you just earned a one rating from me for the rest of the season. Classless. Imagine someone saying something like that about your family.


I hope some of Kevin’s friends call Jason’s wife and ask her how she would liked to be raped.


Not nice dude!


That is so sick on so many levels. I hope you were venting just like Jason was.

pink towel

Cody shit on PTSD he is not a stand up guy.
Flew to the Ferguson riots dressed as a bum – something very nefarious in that
On transgender: “Do you really think I could give a sh*t that like .0000001 percent of the population is fu*k*ng trannies. I don’t give a fu*k. I promise you they’re not expecting me to really fu*king sympathize with their psychological cause,” Nickson says.

He claimed that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) is not real and that only 10 percent of the military returns home with some type of emotional problem. Cody added that he thinks that the media has exaggerated the combat risk, implying that most people return home “perfectly fine. 55% percent come back with it.

Brags about how many people he has killed

I could add more.


Please do


Just shut your mouth stupid! You game no idea what your talking about. Quit throwing out your facts and figures like you know something because you clearly are demonstrating you don’t know shit. The only thing you do show by opening that giant cock trap of yours is that you want to gargle Pauls ball bag deeper and farther than Josh, Christmas and Raven have gagged on it for the last 3 weeks. Just shut up stupid!


This speaks to how shitty this cast is..that even with ALL of that, they are still more disgusting human beings. This cast is as low-rent and despicable at it gets.


don’t you know Facts arent allowed in these comment sections

Here we go

We paid the money, now let the show begin.

Enjoy what is left peeps

Stark Girls Kick Ass

Bitter much Matt?

Stark Girls Kick Ass


You need to tweek your rating system. A one is way too high a rating for Paul, Jason, Josh, Xmas, Jason, Matt, Raven and Alex.


I was thinking the same thing. Some of these HGs earn nothing higher than a zero.


You can’t get a bigger bunch of Petty, Crybaby, Bullying, Vile, Mean Spirited, Vile A-Holes if you tried.

– Alex drinking in front of Kevin – ridiculous but then throwing away his slop and blaming it on others – pathetic
– Josh following orders/interrupting a conversation to bully Kevin – childish and mean
– Paul giving orders to bully – over the top awful
– Matt first actual attempt to play is to get a penalty as a have not so Raven can stay – Worst player in BB history
– Raven lying/needing attention (and Matt giving it to her) – delusional/attention whore
– Xmas as mean and petty as Alex but hides it better – disgusting human being (both Xmas and Alex)
– Kevin in a bad spot but certainly not handling it with class – unfortunate/shows he has a real bad side like the

And The Final Straw for this Season – Jason finally doing something right in going against Pauls wishes and then coming back with what may be the worst line of the season involving sex with Kevins wife in front of the kids (hope his wife and family vilify him for that) – Jason has always had diarrhea of the mouth but really? He should be ejected from the game for that! I mean really, where does BB draw the line with these people?

I know other seasons have been bad and racism is hard to beat in terms of vileness but these contestants are trying their best to be the worst and Jasons comment today may have put them over the top for worst group of reality contestants ever!!!!


call the waaaambulance, Badfrog68 ears were injured. FACEPALM!


How much more will CBS let these nasty, vicious idiots get away with? So much venom spewing…it’s so personal. This is a game with everyone throwing comps and ganging up on one person every other week? Come on Production, how low can you go. Threats, fights, malicious talk…Alex saying the rosary, REALLY? Does she even know what it stands for? CBS why don’t you show us the jury house conversations. It would be a friggin relief from the horrible Paul show and his stupid minions. Hope as each person gets to the jury house, Cody, Mark, etc. fills them in on how gullible (that’s putting it lightly) they have been.


says the person who spews venom in a comment section!


There was no venom spewing, just the recap of the behavior of these house guests. Have you seen and heard what these people have done. It’s like Lord of the Flies. And Paul is the leader.


can you give an example of when Jason attacked Kevin?


When he said he would tie up his daughter’s and make them watch him r@pe Kevin’s wife then r@pe them. Didn’t have the balls to say it to is face of course.


My question would be this….why did it even come to that? In what alternate reality would that topic even come up? Seriously? Scraping the bottom of the barrel CBS. With pretty much all of this cast.


thats not an attack, thats a joke.
please try again


Totally missed that. Ugh…how freaking sad is this that they all…with the exception of Mark and *I think* Kevin are bullies. Unless one of them said something equally horrible that I missed. True testament to the state of the world these days.


Xmas is bad, Josh is bad, Raven is bad, Paul is bad, but I honestly think Alex is the worrrrrrst. That girl is petty AF. Where’s a bigger pizza cutter when you need one? Lol Jkkkk.


Alex has beaten Aryn and Gina Marie as the worst most disgusting hated houseguest.

Capt. Obvious

More disgusting than 2 openly racist houseguests?????
I’m hoping everyone thumbing that comment up don’t actually know who those 2 are and are just being the usual comment board minions.


Making comments about age is not too classy. If Alex is lucky she may get to be Kevin’s age one day…aging well is a privelige these days so let’s see where that mean,classless,ugly bully girl winds up in her 50’s! Bitterness and an evil soul do not serve a person well.
Also, kicking a person who is down ( have-nots) is not kind Alex. Then, being truly cowardly you let somebody else take the blame! This group is as ugly a gang as any that has been in that house!
Now, Aaryn and Gina Marie were pathologically racist…they deserved all the shame they went home to, as does this ugly Alex.


I think she knows it as her hat does say “Petty”. Throwing out slop is so immature. She’s the same person that went crazy over her stupid cat ears. Someone please take the fake a** blond out. These people are disgusting. how anyone can say it’s great game play to gang up on one person needs helps. No one in the house deserves any money. How can you reward this behavior? This is what is wrong with the world…everyone thinks it’s okay to attack someone if they say oh it’s only a game.


I do believe Matt and Raven think Americas in love with them..can’t wait till they both find out the truth

Judge Janie

Look out people! The sh1t has done hit the fan! LOL


How ironic is it that Matt was talking about cody not participating when he wouldn’t do a POV speech but now he is threatening not to vote at the end. I mean wow really classy.


Let’s give Maaaattheeew some credit he just made his first move of the entire game


Kraken break Simon, in between all the b***ching about Kevin!


I’d suggest a drinking game but it might be fatal…


Hey Simon, if Matt self evicts do you think BB would make Jason nominate another player like they did with Megan?


I thought Josh was a big bully baby, but Matt is a bigger baby. Punish him for not participating. Let him make apple pies, ala Paulie.
Poor sport. You are going to find out what a fool you’ve been once the show is over.


Matt should be pulled from the game since he is breaking all the have not rules.

Paul's Mouth

I hope when he get’s his fourth penalty vote BB announces that he has just self evicted !! Only need four votes this week to be evicted! Jason must now put up another house guest, and he puts up Alex!!!


Would be better if he self evicted and Raven went home because of him

Paul's Mouth

Good point! I like the way you think!!!


Or he could get enough penalty votes and they could vote Raven out and they would both go.


Or Matt self-evicts and Paul, the instigator, goes up and maybe, just maybe goes to jury. i know, i know – never gonna happen. Paul, go home?? BB won’t allow it.


Yeah Matt no vote no money no problem America will take your vote for free. Haha dope


That was funny BBS&&t!


I don’t understand why production has let him eat what he wants, take hot showers to purposely get penalty votes and not send him home. Or at the least take Kevin off being a HN as well, it’s just not fare and if I were Kevin, I would be in the DR saying screw you, I’m going to eat what I want also, just ridiculous.


Yeah since Matt didn’t follow the rules no vote you’re both gone. Haha would then love to see the she devil turn on him in jury house. Defiantly would be more entertaining than the Paul household.


Just because you aren’t on the block this week doesn’t mean you can’t accumulate penalty votes. Production will just remember you have a penalty vote and apply it to the vote count the next time you’re on the block post-veto ceremony. We’re getting close to the end of the game and votes are becoming a more valuable commodity by the week. This week there’s only 5 votes, so having even 1 vote could change everything. They normally stop doing Have-Nots once they get the the final 5, so just imagine being on the block at the final 6 with a penalty vote, with only 3 people voting that’d be real bad. You could throw 3 months of sitting in the house and a 1 in 6 chance at $500,000 down the drain because you got upset one time. If I were Kevin I’d just keep my head down and keep eating that slop.


At least he stood up in a sense for Kevin by telling them they were going to far.


Only decent playerson this season were already evicted. All we’re left with are the degenerates.


Great new name for those left in the house


Wow. What are these house guest thinking. Worst season. Wonder what their parents think. I have no respect for these house guests. They are worse than cody . Cody for AFP


Kevin is already the number 1 target next week so why do they all think it’s necessary for round 2 to break him


Paul instigates it all! He is a horrible person and I CANNOT believer production is allowing him to continue to do that.


It’s how Paul operates…


Paul makes someone a target and gets his minions all riled up about it so the attention is never on him. That’s how he’ll make it to final 3.


Paul is always thinking weeks ahead notice how he’s saying Alex voted Matt and Alex threw away slop.. He’s slowly setting her up


Paul want’s everyone to be so totally nasty to people leaving so that when down to final two he will win over whomever else he is with. I hope once in jury these dummies will start talking and realize Paul played them all and vote for whomever is up with him. He is a nasty spoiled rich kid whose parents have told him he’s the best.

The "eyes"have it !

Well,Anonymous……………Your statement in regard to Cody and”wonder what their parents think” ,and promoting him for AFP, I believe they will not think too highly of him having sex on the feeds where everybody saw him and the “J’girl getting it on.No class,him or her!


I am really disliking all these horrible house guests except for Kevin, there is no reason to play like this. I lost all respect and likeness for Paul and his manipulating on others to do his crappy work. Josh a big dumb Quasimodo, Xmas such a fool, embarrassed to say she lives in my hometown. Alex and Jason 2 idiots and Matt and Raven Tweedledee Dee and Dum. I don’t even want to watch anymore cause of them bullying on folks. I do hope they all get shitted on when this show is over. Kevin for the win!

Stark Girls Kick Ass

Does CBS have any morals at all letting this abusive bullying go on?


Everyone who has a problem with this season needs to go to the CBS website and send a message. They don’t read all the blogs. Their fuckin recruiters and production teams have ruined our summer indulgence.

BB19 circling the toilet bowl

Its a liberal thing…Yes, its acceptable to CBS brass…..


Lose all respect for production and AG. In BB nothing happens without prod. Paul is told fire it up. He’s working on 500K so Thanksgiving and Baby Huey get their bully on. It’s truely disgusting. Bullying a 50 plus year old man. Nice parenting from their parents. Huey better not cry I’m a boy when gets called on it. 18 year olds come home in body bags no excuse for a 23 year old to disrespect Kevin.
I use to have sympathy for Josh. Thought what was done to him by Xmas and Paul was cruel. He enjoys the bullying and has really taken to it. He’s a disgrace. The worst for me is Alex just on BB game. She is 1 of the ten worst ever. No idea how to play BB. Swallows everything Paul says as gospel. Canary like repeating everything. From the land of the sheeple she is the ultimate sheep. Lord I can’t wait for “the silence of the lambs”!!


Pot calling kettle


I guess I would stand no chance in the house this season. I saw Paul in action last year and knew he would have to crank things up a few notches to do well this season. I would have seen through him in the first few minutes he was back in the house. Cody and Jessical likely would have completely ignored me since they were more into each other than the social game needed to gain the trust of others. Josh would have been on my nerves every minute. Kevin acted clueless in the beginning but I think he is really tired of the petty BS. Matt was so calm but has finally snapped and the others seem to be in a state of shock. How I would love to see him survive, win HOH and ruin everyone else’s plans. Alex and Jason seem to be feeding each other’s egos. I had hope for Mark but the others ganged up on him. Only now is anyoone realizing how valuable jury votes are. Play the game in a decent manner, vote others out in a diplomatic way that earns their respect and win over the jury, In some ways I don’t fault Matt for not wanting to give a jury vote to someone who was dirty to him. I guess casting didn’t want me, a Christian prison librarian who has heard enough garbage from criminals and could detect the agendas of the other houseguests almost immediately.


Show got so bad after Cody left it is a first for me to stop watching BB. Anyone else bored with the ease Paul has manipulating all the followers

Vile cast

Not bored just disgusted.


In the past, I never said that I wouldn’t watch anymore because I knew I still would. This time is different, but I didn’t even complain and threaten to stop watching, I just stopped. I deleted all the saved shows off my DVR. A fantastic season needs great gameplay (against worthy opponents) and fun interactions among the house guests. An OK season can survive on just one of those items being great. However, this season has neither. In fact, gameplay is horrible by all but one person, an the interactions are painful. That is a recipe for failure. If Kevin or Jason can pull it off somehow, it won’t be a total waste, but this season is pretty much lost.

Min O'Pause

This show slid down the shithole when they started casting social media “celebrities” who are from the generation who was told they were “special” just because they existed.


Completely agree with you. Now we have another one willing to throw away his game for a girl he met just days ago. No respect for the game, production, or arguably most importantly, the viewers.


Yes – the everybody gets a trophy gang of thugs.


Antifa would be proud of this years cast of goons.

Judgmental Judy

Well crap, I hate them all again lol. I was pulling for Jason but the things he’s saying about Kevin & his family, just “Blahhh”. What’s the point this far into the game with demonizing, slandering, bullying, mobbing the next target (who was their friend last week)? Just put them up and put them out, no answers no questions. Makes Elena and Mark look pretty classy, right? I can’t think of one of them I care to see win the money. Josh, perhaps, because he’s just an emotional toddler and a fool, and it would be the perfect cap to this nauseating behavior all season and a big “screw you” to all the house guests.


I really can’t stand all these pos.I can’t wait to see when all these idiots find out that it was Paul who orchestrated all this! Alex, Xmas & Josh are pure evil! Dislike them the most!! The jokes on them lol!

BB Medic

Cody was right on the money when he said he hated all these people.


So right, not one good one left.


If he finds out Alex hid the slop, Kevin should return the favor and hide Alex’s makeup and comment when she complains, “What’s the big deal? Just use a little flour, wata, and a toothbrush to paint your face. Ketchup is good for your lips, too.”


Oh WOW!! What the hell is wrong with these people??? They are all vile humans, especially Alex, Paul, Christmas, Josh and now Jason…… I was thinking that Jason was just talking shit about Kevin because everyone else was and that he didn’t really mean it and that he and Kevin are friends….But now I don’t know. Does Jason really NOT like Kevin? I think yes….especially after the comment about Kevin’s wife and kids.


This is just disgusting….19 seasons watched and I’ve never not had at least 1 favorite. This is beyond game play, production has to step in. Pathetic!

BB Fan

This kind of reminds me of the cast of BBOT plenty of nasty ass people on that show lead by Jason. I guess this is the way BB is going to be from now on bring in one angry loser from a previous season and watch the shit hit the fan.


I agree. When you say crap like Jason said about someone’s wife and daughters it’s time to stop.

BB Fan

Sorry but I was talking about Jason from previous season but in no way condom this Jason’s remarks about Kevins wife or daughters


Lol…u mean condemn?



BB Fan

Yes thanks for the correction.


No they ment condone.


This thread on the spelling of “condone” is a perfect
microcosm of the low information people that live their lives
on it.


Production has to step in and stop this behavior….absolutely disgusting.


i don’t care who wins except for alex shes the worst


Raven is the worst but Alex is a close 2nd

sunny dee

why doesn’t matt just go for the temptation and see if he gets the one that makes him not a have not. all this grandstanding is ridiculous.


Don’t think the tree is lit. Thought it was only before noms. Other wise Matt should pull an apple. There is win 2 veto up there. None of the bad apples matter as he is leaving any way. Don’t think anyone can pull til after next HOH IMO.

200lb 4foot tall hypocrite

Stop talking about slop ..who hid my ears?


& when Cody ate all her cereal!


Raven u r a bitcheee…just keep barking


I seriously hope Alex gets voted out. Why Jason? Why would you even go there? Ready for Paul to go, but too many dumb people. Xmas and Josh are so obnoxious. Nobody is likeable. Poor Kevin. Maybe this will light a fire in him to finally win an HOH. He’ll listen to stupid Paul tho 🙁 Still not a Cody fan. I’m voting Cameron or Jillian for AFP.


Kelly did Jason’s comments change your mind about rooting for him any more?


Yes. That was a bit much.


How about Mark at least he went out with class. This Matt stuff is ridiculous, should be thrown out.


Alex says that Raven was pissed because she thought Kevin was getting aggressive and she comes from an abusive home.

!!!!!!!!! Really?!! If you think you can sell that one to these idiots then they are not only stupid but are blind and deaf as well. It appears you can say anything in this game now and people may believe it… about deterioration of a great ‘game’!

Min O'Pause

Amen sister!


Alex claims she was deeply offended and upset by Jessica’s antics because she had a cousin who was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Cousin was in her 20’s and Alex was in 3rd grade. Not to make light of a terrible situation, but what the h-e-2 stix??


They should all be called into DR and given a talking to not just Kevin. Seriously if they let this crap go on someone is going to get hurt. This is NOT entertainment we are NOT enjoying it. Shame on you CBS and to all the friends and relatives of these assholes feel sorry for you.

Anti Paul Puppet

Me – I don’t think I could hate them more.
HG – Hold my beer.

Judgmental Judy

LOL – the craziest thing is there’s been little to no alcohol this season and they’ve been beyond the most vile BB contestants EVER! I am longing for Vanessa’s manic episodes, Rachel’s whining, Frankie’s name dropping, Evil Dick throwing his drink in a girl’s face, You know… The good old days.

Punchy Silo

No alcohol, no filmed segments from house guests except one to Jason’s, no special field trip , no great perks or prizes.. maybe CBS and production don’t like the cast..

Cody for AFP

Cody is the only person I like anymore at least he stayed true to himself unlike these people these people are so fake even Jason is ( and I started to like him again) this season is a bust worst season ever they should have a Triple eviction and get this season over with hand Paul the money right now so I don’t have to watch these idiots always bullying the target that’s on the block and they deserve everything that’s coming to them too bad we can’t boo none of them because they really think America Loves them and everyone hates Jody,Marlena, and Kevin .

BB Fan

Matt’s probably going to be the first one to find out what everyone thinks of them and hopefully the door stays open a bit longer so the idiots inside get to hear the boos. Can’t wait to see their faces.


Simon… do houseguest eves get a real dose of how people actually feel or the watered down version CBS shows? I could see a few of them losing their jobs over this bs or, at least, people losing clients, business…


and it will be well deserved and well earned. Josh keeps showing signs of guilt but is so easily manipulated back to bad behavior. Jessica has got to be loving seeing what America thinks of these clowns, Cody Elena and Mark have no idea yet. I think evil dick is ready to give Paul a serious beat down


I still think Cody and Jessica(especially Jessica) were the most disgusting players and people. Jessica had a filthy mouth to go with her nasty personality. Having sex on tv hot his daughter to see some day- disgusting.


Well deserved

Judgmental Judy

Yeah, it’s all kind of been down hill since the first day in the house lol. You think it can’t get worse, and then it does. Thanks for the break down of the live feeds. Somehow it’s easier to read about it than watch it.


There was always at least one I could root for, but not this year. Thanks for not repeating all the Kevin bashing, they just keep repeating the same old story. I would rather read your comments on it. I can’t even think of one to vote for America’s Favorite. I say CBS gives AFP money to Texas , Huston To Hurricane victims .

Just passing through

If not to Texas, give the AFP to Cameron, saying in essence we liked the contestant best who we saw the least.


I honestly believe if Paul did not enter the house. It would be a different game. Paul is the curse. He is the reason for the rage. Somebody please get rid of Paul.


Paul writing a book about “friendship”, now that is hilarious.
Xmas…………empowering people….LOL, sure, right into a jail cell.
This group left in the house, is the most nastiest, vile, delusional group that has ever been in BB. Great job AG.,

BB Fan

Yeah maybe more people watching CBS shows and liking but you AG are ruining these peoples lives. The feeders are going to crucify these idiots when they get out and I don’t think this is gonna help Paul either. I blame this whole shit show on the production team of this year as well as the recruiters they send out to find these idiots. I’ve been watching since season 1 (can’t help myself) but maybe this will be my last.


Two words to sum up this season: TRAIN WRECK!!! Thanks BB for bringing Paul Double Douche back to make this season suck bad.

Smitten Kitten

“Paul- I should write a book.. friendship
Raven says she wants to write a cookbook.”


Fart sounds

I want to see Matt taken to court as an example.


I truly believe after the show Matt will physically hurt Raven or at least take her to court. This is not fun anymore.


“Season of Temptation”????? More like “Season of Hate”.

Was really impressed with Jason….for about 5 minutes. Shocked at his tirade about Kevin’s family. Jason’s family must be soooo proud. s/

Alex is vile. Hope when Josh gets HOH given to him, he puts up Alex & Jason….I don’t care which of them goes.

Would love to know why Kevin was the only one production called into the DR.

Shame on everyone at CBS who has anything to do with the disaster.


What did Christmas ask Raven about her mother? Did she say that she found out something about her mother (as if the diary room said something to her about her mother)? And then Raven started crying….???? What happened?


But earlier she was upset because she came from an abusive home


She told them all that her Mother was in her dying days before she came in the house, eye roll….


You know what i’d like…..If they met with all these people about month after the show finished and they’ve had a chance to see what really happened and how they really looked. Then i’d like to hear them talk about it. For sure, 19 seasons the most collectively disgusting cast ever.


Well, it’s come down to this.
Kevin is now the least despicable in the house.


So sad, I’d rather watch Amanda & McCrer lie in bed all day…..


This season had spot of potential really did if Paul didn’t come in would of been great!!!!!


BB19 live feeds “Season of Temptation”? More like BB19 “More Suck for your Buck”.

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Regarding Paul: don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Sure, he is a douchebag, but they are letting him control this game. He knew that the only people on to him and willing to stand up to him were Cody and Jessica, and he got them to be evicted. And don’t forget this: “America” voted to give Paul the temptation that kept him safe at the beginning. Anyone else could have been given that. Instead, the viewers essentially handed control to him and the houseguests never took it back.

At this point, he has final 3 in the bag. The only person he could lose to is maybe Alex, but she may be too arrogant and could bring him to final 2. While he may be pissing off viewers, the houseguests all love him.


I call bullshit America didn’t give him the temptation AG and production did. Don’t you know CBS has whole team of employees whose only job is to vote on this crap.


I only watch Thursdays now I really hope that Julie addresses the rape talking and the bulling. Something needs to be said or I will be done with CBS. To let this continue is a shame.

Jessica's Birth Control

Listen up you pie eating bitch! You had better get control of these nitwits that you are provoking, because this is getting out of hand. Intimidation, threats, and potential violence. Never seen anything like this since a dude pulled a knife on Krista. What the f@ck happened to gameplay? You have stuck your fat nose into this game so much that it has become an excercise in bullying. And you keep stirring that pot! You ought to be ashamed of your self you fat f@ck! I tell you to take a good hard look in the mirro, but you would have to put down the dozen bon bons you are shoeveling down your cake hole right now. F@ck you!!!


Send your remarks to CBS nothing gonna change unless they receive this shit. Or better yet twitter Julie Chan at the talk she is married to head of CBS. I don’t know how she can continue to host this show and then go on the talk and condemn bullying etc. She’s always talking about how Asians respect their elders but I think Alex missed that part of the descendant tree her treatment of Kevin who really has done nothing to her is disgusting. She wants to be someones only. Cody had Jess so she was awful Jason has Kevin so he is awful. Hat is right she is a totally petty girl.

Backseat Driver

Doesn’t Alex realize these people she’s being so hateful and vile to are potential VOTES if she does get to the end?


She doesn’t think past…”Is it time to bully someone again?”. Who can I screw with next? She actually hates. For no reason other than it gives her joy to hate. Vile person.


But yet Alex prides herself on “never lying” in the game! Her moral compass is way off!

BB19 Worst Ever

Jason’s comment was way out of bounds BUT Kevin is NOT an innocent either. “Old Man” my butt. He has also said things out of bounds (granted not as bad as Jason) including re women. Plus, since he is a married man he NEVER should have let XMas “rub/lay on him” but he did let her multiple times.


Jason. Just when I started to like you again. Despite all of the house guests comments, I will still not vote for Cody. I could not vote for someone who is just as bad…The only ones who deserve Americas favourite are Mark or Kevin. Right now I’m leaning toward Mark. He is pretty much the only one (and maybe Kevin) who is a decent person.


Most disappointing is Jason and the unbelievable comments he made about Kevin’s family. Up to now he was one of my favs but now the remaining people other than Kevin are dirt bags….,


6:03pm There’s an announcement everyone collects in the living room.
Houseguests.. Matt has decided to break the have not rule and will now get a penalty vote.

And this is what a p*ssy move is, not what Jason did with the POV. You go Matt, your girlfriend is a scammer and you’ll be weeping to boyz2men on the outside when you hear the news.


KEVIN for AFP.. that way he’s guaranteed to make as much as second place. That would irritate them, mostly Alex and that makes me very happy. She prays the rosary every night and she acts so evil.. Sorry, the game doesn’t do that to you. She’s a hypocrite. Least Favourite.

Old school

Daka…r u kidding or what. Kevin. Framed Ramses for taking the 25k that he took and got the kid evicted without the slightest bit of remorse, and has called Josh a liar when he exposed him and lied again saying that it was josh. Not one person left in the house deserves afp less than that useless old gangster hasbeen in my opinion, and he can barely wipe his own ass without help. His true colours came out today and it was not pretty. He,s a real shyster and not a nice guy like I used to think, but just an old school greaseball.

Point of order

No. Simon, wasn’t it Paul who framed Ramses for the $25k?

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What is Matts real age????

Backseat Driver


Paul's Beard Lice

Well, since Boyz 2 Men hasn’t been relevant in 30 years, and you have to be 18 to get a tat, I’d put him at a minimum of 48. Just sayin’


Matt is only 33 years old.

Jessica's Birth Control

33????? Maria his taint is at leat 42!


Yeah. Kevin has said and done some pretty gross, out of bounds stuff.
Yet he gets a pass. Even tho he’s a so called Paul minion himself. He has included Paul in every conversation.
How is he any different?


I feel like this is said every season but this is by far the worst season ever!!!! I have for the first time stopped watching. I can’t give a show ratings that allows bullying like this. It’s sick! Alex, Christmas, josh and Paul karma is going to get you so good luck on the other side.


The next time Julie Chen talks about bullying on her daytime talk show…..we should all call in to CBS and call her a fake……………..she’s thinks it’s funny on this crazy show !!! If I was Kevin….I would keep my dignity and tell them to stick this show up their ass ! ! ! !