Big Brother 18 Week 9 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Corey and Victor

It felt like this last week was a bit disappointing for a good chunk of fans. Many of us were expecting something different but for the few that stuck aroudn the feeds for the final 2 hours we were given a late game flip.

Natalie wins the Head of Household to much excitement, the plan was to put Corey and Nicole up. I’m not sure when the change happened but it was shortly after she got the HOH room. Leads me to think this was on her and James’ much earlier they were just too preoccupied with Paulie for us to notice. James and Natalie convince each other that getting rid of Paul is best and to do that they have to put up Victor and Paul.

Friday morning rolls around and BIG F*****G MEECH wins the Care package and is CO-HOH. It seems like the fans thought Meech would go after Nicole and Corey or at least try but nope. Meech wants Nicole gone but it takes all of 30 seconds for Natalie to convince her otherwise. This begins Michelle and Natalie’s week long non stop anti Paul stretch. He lied about fries!!!

When nominations rolls around Victor and Paul are nominated. Paul starts blowing sh1t up on Nicole and Corey and is able to get back in the good books with James, Natalie and Michelle. Natalie and Michelle cry they say they made a mistake. The houseguests are giving clues throughout the night for the upcoming Power of Veto.Victor, Michelle and Paul study all night together. Natalie and James help out a bit but after the studying is over they all seem to turn back against Paul. Nicole and Corey stay in the Tokyo room have s$x and sleep. Paul wins the POV. Paul uses the veto on himself and Michelle puts up Corey in his place.

Natalie tells Nicole and Corey that Victor will be going she slips and says that production “wants” her to work with them. Whenever Natalie starts to wavier about gettign Victor out James reassure her Nicole and Corey will never backstab them. Nicole’s parents love James was once a reason he made. At one point Production makes Nicole and James tell the house they are not buying each other gifts if they win. Something they had agreed upon earlier in the season. (Other people have made similar deals on the feeds and weren’t called out. So this might be pertaining to something caught off feeds. Either way Season goes full kraken)

Things get boring for the next 3 days.. Paul and Victor figured out JAmes, Michelle and natalie are not on their side anymore. They construct a plan to keep Vic. Paul hangs out with Corey for the days before Thursday instilling paranoia in James, Meech and Natalie. Victor goes to tell James and Natalie that he’s putting up Paul and Nicole.

Paul and Victor attempt to save Vic is summed up in this two page post here…. It happened last night. At one point Victor had Natale and Michelle convinced they should keep him and take out Corey. Natalie tells James that Keeping Victor is best for her game but keeping COrey is best for his. James tells her not to worry he trusts Corey and Nicole 100% and they will no go after them. Natalie eats is all up.

Thursday morning Victor and Paul re work their plan. Victor is going to say that Paul told him Corey and Nicole are saying James is acting paranoid. Paul is going to blow up on Natalie, James and Michelle and hang out with Corey and Nicole as much as possible Over the course of 2 hours Paul attacks and they even stage a fake fight. James, Michelle and Natalie buy it and decide to vote out Corey. This post sums it all up here ——>>>  House flips Victor staying 

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So apparently CBS is going to let us watch the HOH tonight on the live feeds and it’ll be endurance. I’m thinking maybe last jury member to “Drop” stays in the game and last houseguests to “Drop” wins HOH. Could be the wall like in BB15 or a Slip n’ slide. No idea.. It’ll be fun to watch

Kraken Predictions

Corey is evicted by a vote of 2-1
Paulie comes back Paulie wins the HOH

Actual results

Zakiyah is happy that Paulie was evicted and no longer in the running to win the 500K. Da laughs that Paulie went out on Victor’s HOH. Bridgette says that she has no respect for Paulie for the way he treats women. You’re cocky with a giant ego. Da brings up why he didn’t use the veto on Z. Z says I see where the b***H is and where the loser is! Z and Paulie start getting heated and Da and Bridgette leave the room. Z says I am not a dumb b***h do not try and play me. I didn’t come here for a boy.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 18-20-15-535

Paul votes to evict: Corey
James votes to evict: Victor
Nicole votes to evict: Victor

Evicted House Guest: Victor

Julie Chen tells Vic he has an unprecedented second, second chance to return to the house.

The jurors receive a card stating one of them has a shot to get back into the game.

Julie then tells the house guests that they’ll all be competing in an epic endurance battle for HOH. You’ll all be competing along side the jury members. The last juror standing re-enters the game.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 18-45-12-610

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 18-52-22-331

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 18-52-07-069

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Meech and Natalie watching from the side lines.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 19-07-47-944

7:10pm Z and Da jump off and are no longer in the running to re-enter the house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 19-08-48-801

Paul asks can someone explain that friendship suicide that happened a moment ago? (Z and Da jumping off together) Was that planned? Bridgette says it wasn’t planned. Soon after Corey falls off.

Nicole, Victor, Paulie, Bridgette, Paul, James and Corey are all still hanging on. James tells Nicole to hold on the big guys always fall first.

7:25pm Bridgette falls off.

Paulie falls off! VICTOR is back in the house. Vic “BACK IN THE F**kING HOUSE!! YAAAAAAAAA!!”

Returning Jury Member: Victor

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 19-40-16-710

Vic then falls off.

7:50pm – 8:15pm Paul, Nicole and James are left on the wall. James says it looks like we’re going to have a double eviction. Nat ask really? James says yeah we’re a head a week now. Nat tells Vic that he missed a lot while he was gone.

8:30pm – 8:45pmPaul falls off. Nicole and James are the last ones standing.. Nicole says I just want a letter from my mom. You can even pick my noms. James wants his 4th endurance win. Nicole just wants to hear from her mom. Nicole asks if he is worried she will put him up? James says he’s not worried about her putting him up. Nat didn’t put you up and I voted to keep Corey. Nicole says exactly let me return the favour. She says basically you can have the title too. James says I can’t have the title if I didn’t win. James says he wants to be off slop and to add another win to his belt. Regardless of what happens I’m not putting you guys up. Nicole says same.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 20-29-54-518

James jumps off to give it to Nicole.. NICOLE WINS HOH!!


Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 20-55-36-765

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315 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Week 9 Summary and Live Eviction Results

    1. if production gives James the wall endurance comp, lets hope that milk shake Vic made for James earlier today give him the shits when he’s up on the wall.

      1. SMH. the tainted season continues….production again with the BS protection of James. They just gift wrapped this HOH wall comp to James.

      2. Oh please, the jury buyback is almost always an endurance wall comp. BB endurance comps always utilize a strength to bodyweight ratio to allow fairness among competitors. It’s not James’ fault that he’s strong like a man, but short like a woman lol.

      3. They keep blocking the feeds during the comp. they’ve been off for a couple minutes now. I’m sure they’re probably rigging it up. Paulie looks like he’s about to fold right before they cut it off

    2. I think it is time for Paul to make a deal with James and Nicole and promise not to put them up this week. That way we would know that James and Nicole will both be up on the block.

      1. Dammit. Paul is down. That means that for sure either Vic, Paul or Meech is going home this week even if one of the guys bribes Nat.

        1. So same thing. expect Paul and victor on the block. can paul win veto again. i hope so but i’m sure its rigged so he loses.

          1. If Nicole winds up in Final 2 (I know, I am really hoping this won’t happen), she will list on her accomplishments that she won 2 HOH’s. She will leave out the fact that both of them were given to her. I particularly detest this “win”. If she wants a letter from her mom, she needed to earn it, not whine for it.

  1. Simon, I think they mainly let us watch the HOH in the feeds when it is the slip n slide. For some reason they think it is entertaining watching them bruise (ok sometimes it is????)

    1. Paul and Vic deserve a couples month long luxurious resort in Siberia. No just kidding. I like Vic a lot so I am rooting for him to get back in the house but not for HOH. That will set up a lot of turmoil. But James is still the MAN!

  2. James is an idiot and definitely whipped.
    Thats an idiot move for his game to keep Vick. Can’t wait to see James and Natalie on the block.

    1. James was not yet convinced to keep Vic based on the last 30 mins of the live feeds. He said he thought the vic/paul fight could be a ploy and he also said he never changes his vote this late in the game. He still had 3 hours to talk with Nicole to get her to guarantee not to put him and nat up and in the end I believe James will go with his guy and vote vic out…. If not the last laugh will be on him as vic and paul will roll to final 2.

      1. James had a F2 with Nicole before he cam into the house. It explains his loyalty whrn it was UNdeserved and explains why she thinks she can lay in bed with yet another shomance instead of playing the game.

        1. If James & Nicole had a alliance before entering the house, I feel that is cheating with productions blessings. Had a house guest known this ahead of time, how many hg’s would have even wasted 3 months of their lives on a rigged season. Shame on you big brother

      1. Meech is about the most crying female I have ever seen! can’t believe America gave her anything. She Can’t win BB because she has done nothing to deserve it! She is the most jealous female I have ever seen and I can understand why she doesnt have a showmance!

  3. First of all, Simon and Dawg I freakin love you guys, I’ve been reading your page for years and always crack up at your commentary. I appreciate you two so much and urge everyone to donate to you guys for all the hard work you do! Secondly, can you explain the orgin of “kraken” I feel like a loser who is out of the loop of this inside joke lol

    1. I’m cracking open a bottle of Kraaken right now. It’s a rum that Simon and Dawg like and we’re all giving it a try.
      And I’m loving Z giving him shit.

        1. I can imagine Paulie’s week was uncomfortable. Should we feel some kind of way about that? I feel good, how about you? Paulie still trying to salvage something with his Scorpio tongue or he just stayed locked up in a room on the other side of the house.

  4. My Predictions for tonight’s live show…

    All James was hearing during the last 30 mins on live feeds was from vic, nat and meech who all now want corey out. James said he thought the paul/vic fight could still be a ploy and he never changes his vote this late. I think he will meet with Nicole privately for a good one and one to get a guarantee from her to not put up James and Nat and if Vic tries to interfere with the private chat it will just piss James off.

    My gut says James sticks with getting Vic out as it will help his game for the time being as Vic and Paul both admitted its all a ruse and they want to put up Nat and James next week.

    As for the Jury buyback it will depend on what type of endurance comp as some favor women but most favor men. I think Vic or Bridge could win it depending on the type of comp.

  5. Hopefully there was a flurry of action under Corey and Nicoles covers last night…. its the last time for a little while

    wonder how her parents are taking the nightvision sex romp footage

    1. Paulie’s not an ass, but he sure acted like one for the better part of a week. We all have our blindspots, and he sure had his — his family probably wonders what made their good guy go bonkers.

  6. I want Vic to stay and Day to come back! Can you imagine what would happen if everyone lost their favorite scapegoat! Day would call all the BS! Damn, I really wanted to like Natalie and James… They killed that so hard this week. Natalie actually IS dumb. I was giving her too much crediy

  7. I want Vic to stay and Day to come back! Can you imagine what would happen if everyone lost their favorite scapegoat! Day would call all the BS! Damn, I really wanted to like Natalie and James… They killed that so hard this week. Natalie actually IS dumb. I was giving her too much credit

  8. Z: I didn’t come here for a boy.
    Z two weeks before: Paulie I hope we will stay togheter out of the house

    1. Z might not have came there for a boy but she sure did leave for one. She’s a little pathetic, I feel sorry for her in a way. She’s one of those people who will never admit they are wrong and always blame someone else for her own holes they dig. She didn’t even admit to going snake when Paulie wanted to sleep with Paul. I could only imagine how Paulies life would change if he called Z a bitch as many times as she did to him.

      1. So will rat face Nicole. Look it up. Nicole and Corey are fucking daily with no condom but I guess we will just ignore that. I’ve heard Corey on more than one occasion say “I’m about to cum!” more than once then jerk back (pull out) under the covers. So guess we’ll have to wait to see if they end up making a rat bastard in the BB house huh. =)

      1. That bitterness is directed towards another jury member for now but they will indeed be bitter towards those still standing as well if it isnt Michelle or Natalie or Vic or Paul. . What’s funny is the 2 bitter jury members who “fell” cough cough jumped off together first have no right to be bitter if they are going to give up so easily at a 2nd chance!

  9. James you PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I expected nothing more from the most Pussiest and wimpiest player EVER to play Big Brother. What a Pathetic Pussy!

  10. Paulie is a complete Dbag through and through!!!! You can read his humiliation of being evicted right on his face. What a POS.

    I hope Bridge or Vic wins the buyback.

    Paulie can stay in the jury house.

    1. Simon I think two comments made by James sort of hinted he would still vote our Vic. First keep in mind for the last 30 mins the live feeds all James heard from were Nat, Meech and Vic all pushing for him to stay. The two comments that struck a nerve with me was that James said he thought it might be a ploy with the fight between Vic and Paul and second that he never changes his vote this late in the game.

      I bet he was able to have a 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 with Nicole and Corey to have them guarantee not to put them up next week and that was probably what finally grounded James with his strategic move of getting out Vic.. Now of course with Jury Buyback who knows what happens next but we can all agree that James made the right move as the Paul/Vic fight was just a ruse and they both would have put up James and Nat next week..

      Love ya Simon and Dawq, thanks for providing such an awesome site for BB fans like myself.

  11. Is there any way to watch the live feeds in Canada? I tried to sign up on the cbs website but they said they’re not available in Canada this season :(

    1. Yes you can watch the feeds in Canada. Simon and I both live in Canada and are able to watch the feeds with a work around.

      You’ll need an American Express prepaid credit card which can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart. When entering the prepaid card to sign up for the live feeds, it will ask for the security code on the back of your card. Don’t use those numbers use the 4 digits on the front of the card.
      Put in any USA address and zip code.

      Next you will need a vpn to trick cbs into thinking you’re accessing the live feeds within the USA. We use this one:

      IF you have any trouble just ask Simon and I and we’ll help you out. :)

    1. James still did the right move taking out Vic as it was just a ploy to make it look like Paul and Vic were fighting and they said James and nat would be on the block next week if they win. At least with Vic gone for the time being you could have a different jury member come back which who would not be against James or Nat…

  12. I really thought for a moment there that Paulie was going to burst into tears when he saw his boy toy Corey. What. A. Tool.

  13. noticing the audience this evening is younger than last weeks. This week is more of the typical audience which proves last weeks of middle aged office professionals was there to ensure paulie was not historically booed off the stage…which i would have loved.

    1. Yeah Natalie was glad to see Victor back inside the house. She wrapped her legs around his waist when she jumped to hug him back into the house…sorry Jamesy…she used you like you

    1. I don’t think she really had a chance. She has been out the house awhile, 4 weeks.. She had to win HOH to stay in the house or they were going to vote her right back out. She wouldn’t have outlasted Victor and Paulie to win HOH.

    1. Noooo… Don’t wish such mundane evils on this season! Hopefully it’s actually rigged toward Bridgette! We can all watch the power puff girls fumble their way to the end. “I won Big Brother. What, like its hard?”

      1. Careful… don’t make fun of Paulie’s FTs as he will start to feel a certain kinda way and likely have a meltdown.

  14. So the wall is back again. A comp that is a problem for taller folks, Corey is screwed. They should adjust the heights for the person to actually equalize the comp. Put them all at uncomfortable heights so no one is naturally at an advantage. James’ seems at an ideal location…imagine that.

  15. So I guess they are waiting for voting on care package so the jury member is added to list to vote for. All the ones who have received one is still in the house.

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes down to James and Paul. Both strong, smaller build guys. How did James do with endurance when he tries to win?

    1. When James doesn’t have to do anything he can do fairly well. So standing around on the wall is kinda his thing. It’s not that he has great endurance it’s just they tend to favor his stature. When survivor has comps like this they adjust the heights so no one has an unfair advantage. I wish they had the intelligence to create a new type of endurance comp.

  17. I predict Z and Da drop first. I also think Corey will drop before Nic. Bridgette will be last girl standing. James will think he has this but he is not counting on the anger fueled adrenalin that Paulie, Vic and Paul have going. He really should not have pissed on all of them because I think his soft a$$ will be trying to negotiate a deal at some point. A check that I hope gets bounced.

    1. You’re right about Z . However I don’t know whether it was Paulie’s stupid talk that made her get off the wall. Looked almost like she wanted to get away from him as he was pulling 1 of his stunts

  18. What the heck was that with Da’ and Z? Looked like Thelma and Louise, BB Edition.
    Paulie will follow them soon.
    I really liked Vic before but after his exit interview, I love him!! Great player, great guy.

    1. Wait a minute… Tomorrow is Friday. Friday is the second to last day of the week. James likes the number 2….It’s rigged! Production is rigging the entire game!

  19. Wow, that was some serious punk bitch stuff there. What lame quitters! They should never be allowed to have anything to do with BB again. #BLM?

    1. Simon and Dawg, LOOK AT THE RACIST POS YOU HAVE COMMENTING HERE. These people are the reason I will never donate to this site ever again. I really appreciate you guys for deleting what you can but as of now I’m over it. This site is overrun by racists.

      1. So you don’t want to donate to Simon and Dawg because of comments that other people made? Walk me through how that makes any sense. Or just go away.

  20. Why do the feeds randomly switch back to Jeff? It’s annoying to have to watch the BS Nicole Corey showmance.

    1. Irrational children like you and Bridgette take things too personally. You need to learn how to separate the game from real life. I pity you.

      1. Character is shown inside and outside of the game. Paulie proved himself to be sub-human… there’s no other way of explaining him.

  21. Looks like Kraken(aka Production) filled James in on Victor and Paul’s plan. Paulie or Victor returning is going to be bad for James and Natalie, but I see James winning HOH as this is a comp catered to his smaller stature.

  22. Maybe Paulie’s shorts will produce such a huge wedgie he’ll drop. But from the way he hugs all over Corey maybe he likes it that way…that’s an uncomfortable bromance to watch!

    1. So the season ends for Paulie in utter humiliation. In a few weeks, he will head back to New Jersey with the legacy that his little brother bested him at playing this game. Makes me want to shed a tear or two for him. Not!

  23. This comp is the ultimate proof that the show is rigged and puts the men at an advantage. I’ve always said it: MAKE THE COMPS GENDER NUTRUAL by putting a mental element to it. Geeeeeeezz!

  24. Zak and Day love the jury house. They living large still getting paid for doing nothing for another month. Those 2 lazy bums wouldn’t re enter the dirty BB House if you paid them.

    I’m sure they ran to the car to get back to the jury house.

    1. totally agree. he and Paul have had the toughest roads and Vic definitely needs credit for that because he had to literally fight to stay in this game and he beat whoever was in his way. the houseguest tried to get him out but the only way to do that is beat him in a competition and they couldn’t do it. PAUL and VIC FINAL TWO!!

  25. Paulie’s ego must be shattered beyond repair. He lost yet AGAIN. I hope his family’s making an appointment for him at his psychiatrist.

    1. I am taking perverse pleasure in this.
      Noticed his tears were quickly replaced by his smart ass attitude and cocky mouth. Miraculous recovery.

  26. I guarantee u he wanted to wear those girl shorts so we could see his legs better. Puke. Fall mother freaker. And what was up with those generic arsed white tennis shoes. Who wears white high top tennis shoes rled down? That crap wasnt cool when it was supposed to be cool, in the 80’s. mainly worn by girls who also wore tshirts with them cigarettes rolled up in their sleeve. I think I’m seeing a pattern here.

  27. So pumped to see victor win the jury buy back! Re-entering the bb house twice? That’s definitely win worthy. What a champ.

  28. Victor!!! Huge sh*t-eating grin on my face right now. Get it Paul. Team up with Big Meech and f*ck some sh*t up. Paul, Victor, Michelle final three.

  29. Go Vic and Paul!

    James is pissed and scared! Bahahahahahahahaha!

    Nat already trying to kiss Vics ass. Nat saying it was all James lol.

    Paul win HOH son. Let’s pick off this lame asian snitch bitch once and for all!

  30. I just yelled out of excitement for Vic being back. Almost woke up my house in the process. Wish he could have lasted till the end but there is still Paul. Can’t believe Nicole is still up there.

  31. It will come down to Paul and James. Nic will cave because she thinks James has it and will just go after Paul and Vic again. Paul will be hard to beat. He isn’t much taller than James, really wants it, he is younger and more fit. Hope he dethrones James Mr endurance and put s him on the block with Meech.

  32. Love the excitement in the post saying Vic is back !!!! I screamed yayyyyyy also. Only thing that could have been better was him winning HOH. Dang. Did it look like he was really done ?? But OMG !!!!! So happy he’s back. Come on Paul !!!! My preference is to see James and Nicole on the block. If one comes down. Corey goes up. All personal feelings there. I’m not in the house so game doesn’t matter to me. But honestly I can’t see how either of them going Is bad for Vic. Been rooting for Vic since he came back.

  33. I thought for sure Z would jump right back on Paulie literally. She must have a little self respect after all. I did say a little!

    So happy that egocentric idiot did not get back in the game. I seriously could not watch anymore if he did.

  34. I don’t get production. Do they not see who America actually likes. I kno they read boards and comments. Someone’s gotta be on that. Who in the hell thinks America loves or wants Nicole or James in there still. They are useless players and only a Friggen vote. No strategizing. No senses just sex and idiocies coming from them. I don’t care if their families are besties for life. Its a Friggen game and as they came there for showmances and love they should be evicted and penalized. This isn’t the Friggen love connection. Paul and Vic for the win.. I hated them both so much but they played and deserve it. Hands down. Useless twats are left. Natalie just started to play and meech is a giant fan based waste. Sorry not sorry

    1. The people who determine the direction of the game don’t read the spoilers, watch the feeds, or do any more than watch the CBS show. Those casual viewers keep the rating up and set the ad prices so as long as those people keep watching, CBS is fine with whatever. Most people who just watch the show buy into the created image of each cast member that CBS puts out each week. So the Fall, only on the internet, show may be more to the feedsters liking but we’ll have to see how they still try to control the image.

  35. Vic’s out, YES!!

    The girls were brutal but, he deserved it.

    Paulie needs a life coach.

    Da and Z, unbelievable……lazy

    Bridget, thank goodness. I can’t stand her baby voice and foul mouth.

    Seriously, Corey.

    OH BOY, Paulie is going to need to go back to his therapist everyday for a year after that fall.

    YES, Vic’s back in! I couldn’t bear the others if they got back in.

    and then there was three……..

    1. Are you in jury house with them? So how do you know they’re lazy. Bridgette was cooking and Da asked what she was cooking. If Bridgette isn’t complaining, so why are you?

      1. Not lazy as in cooking and cleaning………..

        LAZY as not wanting to give it their all to get back into the game and win 500K!!! Thelma and Louiseing it out of the game was ridiculous.

        If you were given a second chance, would you just jump off?

  36. I just realized this: Had they evicted Corey this week, Paulie would have been the last juror standing and would have come back. OMG…

  37. Dbag Paulie can go back to the jury house and lose his last marble.

    Very rude awakening for him when the game is over and returns to the real world. There is no spin or defense for his actions, behavior and shit that spews out of his mouth.

  38. Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with Paulie!! He was and is an idiot!! So rude to women! Parents have to be proud! NOT!!!

    1. “So rude to WOMEN.” Ohh yes I forgot, we have to tell men how to speak around us, but we get to say whatever we want to them. The pillars of modern day feminism. He wasn’t rude to Nicole, because Nicole didn’t talk shit about him. P.S – Natalie was rude this week when she talked shit about Paul. Michelle was rude this week when she talked shit about both Paul and Nicole. Check your outlook on life.

      1. Do you not remember how Paulie treated “Z” , he would trash her behind her back to everyone, then to her face he would screw her in more wase then one!

  39. I hope Nicole wins HOH… nominates Victor and Michelle and tells Victor, you are a strong competitor and I am certain you can beat this mean girl in POV and pull yourself off… Im betting on it. Then she puts Natalie up in Vics place after veto is played and let the chips fall where they may.. fingers crossed its Mean Michelle that is out the door but, Natalie can go too either way… win win.

    1. You earned my thumbs down right away at “I hope Nicole wins HOH.” The rest of your comment was more redeeming, but not enough.

  40. If it comes down to Paul and James, Paul better not make a deal with James and drop first. We all know how James is with keeping those kinds of promises. Lol hang in there Paul!

    1. Why are you a Nicole fan? I don’t ask that with animosity or snarkiness; I am just curious if you see something in Nicole’s game that I am missing.

  41. The design of this comp is all for show and nothing for fairness. Just like the prior year ‘wall’ comp, this heavily favors a body type rather than strong will. James has a small, non-muscular frame and can basically just stand on the plank. His full foot fits on the plank to allow him to crouch.

    The high stakes endurance comp should be like the earlier seasons, all standing on the ground holding a ring (fair for all), going to sunrise.

  42. Hate to say this but James is going win this HOH it’s made for him he won it last time. So it will just be the same as last week except Paul will probably be going this time. Hope Paul takes it but not looking good.

  43. Thank Pablo! Victor is BACK! Put those Friendship Fries in the pan, Paul! Fry those sliced potatoes like you’ve never fried them before (but we know you have. You liar.).

    And what’s better — Paulie has to go back to jury with three women who HATE HIM! You know Paulie would have been a little OK with going back to jury if he had a man to hang out with and any one of those women would have left him. NOPE!

  44. I’m gonna try to sit here and play devil’s advocate with you people. You guys are mad because Paulie on many occasions told Zakiyah that he didn’t want a showmance, but she was too clingy and kept coming back, so it’s Paulie’s fault that she didn’t get the hint… so he’s a jerk for not wanting to be with her? Second, and this is classic double standard bullshit. Paulie gets attacked by Michelle and Natalie, he defends himself and calls both of them out – “OMG HE’S MISOGYNISTIC HE’S SUCH A JERK.” Now when Paul (who is my pick to win, although I was disappointed he betrayed Paulie) gets attacked by Natalie and Michelle, it’s okay for him to call them out, but it wasn’t okay for Paulie? Double standard and bias are one hell of a thing. So now to wrap this all up, if you guys think that Paulie is such a disgusting human being, you guys should look in the mirror and think about the stuff you’ve been writing about him on here. I’ve seen things 10 times worse than what Paulie ever said to Natalie in these comments. Honestly though, I’m so glad that the sentiment here has shifted away from Natalie and Michelle being “America’s sweethearts” and more towards the kind of catty, spoiled bitches they really are. By the way, everyone in that jury was 100% sore losers because they know Paulie was responsible for all of their evictions. And I especially loved Zakiyah – doesnt want to look like a foolish girl so she joins in on the Paulie hate. FYI Zakiyah, Paul betrayed Paulie because Paulie was so adamant on keeping you here while Bridgette is the one who campaigned for you to leave.

  45. Truly shocked as F that Nicole and Paul outlasted Paulie, Bridgette and Vic. Seems like the Jurors would have had more drive and will to win it!

    1. Yes, sometimes ongoing competitions are ,sometimes shown on BBAD. I have seen them before. Sometimes they show the fish or a past BB episode, until the comp is over.

  46. Vic has gone the greatest fan impression transformation this season (or for the last several).
    Everyone, including me, initially thought he was a douchebag (maybe because of some of the girls initial comments), just based on initial impressions. And then he appeared a little naive wanted to ‘fit in with the guys’.

    Now, after watching him on the feeds and BBAD over the last month, he is actually a good, fun-loving honest kid, who loves his family. He is the kid that was always considered ‘expendable’ and has taken his hits, but fought through things and came back. And he is playing the game (and not laying in bed in the Tokyo room all day like Corey). And he went out with class today (and got back in !!).

    Anyway, I like the guy now! I want him to win.

  47. Yes!!! Now Paul hang on tight and take win one for the team! Thanks dawg n Simon for all that you do. I just made a small donation and everyone should contribute if they can. You guys are doing a great job on this site and making my favorite summer show more enjoyable. Thank you!!!!

  48. UGH… the irritating deal making between Nicole and James right now. How on earth can either of these 2 be fan favorites?

    So I guess we’ll have Vic and Paul nominated again. And another week of fakemance cuddling.

  49. Ugh Nicole and James last ones standing. I dotn know which one is worse. At least Nicole might nominate Meech whereas James is gonna give us a rewind of this week for sure. So much fun…

  50. So James is going to be the new HOH. Nicole will fall off knowing he won’t put her up.

    I predicted it when I saw the wall comp.

    He won the last endurance comp like this.

    1. 1)So glad Vic beat Paulie
      2) Sad Paul dropped and Snakey Nicole and Floater James are still on the wall
      3) hate them both but I hope james won this now that Paul is down . Corey you are weak!’
      4) Paul for AcP5 so Victor gets money or Victor for ACP 5. – corey the animal abuser is LAME!!!

  51. Hope paulie realises his two biggest mistake in the game was to nominate Tiffany and not use the power of veto on

    1. Paulie is all talk with his Scorpio tongue.Hewon’t walk away. If he didn’t do it during Meltdown 2000, why now?
      Jury House has no game, no sides, no paranoia, no middle of the night comps. And most importantly, he no longer has to win.
      He is chilling in a house with his summer fling, Mama Da’ (who holds no animosity) and Bridgette, who cooks and bakes. Sleeping in a comfortable bed, watching movies and still getting paid.
      IF he was stupid enough to leave, I volunteer to be the replacement juror.

  52. Well. Happiness can’t last long !! Ughhhh. Nicole or James !!! Another week of Vic and Paul on the block. Paul probably evicted unless he wins veto. Then Vic goes again. Seriously. Can we have a different week this go around.

  53. I want Nicole to win so she gets the HOH room and we can watch her get boned all week. If James wins, Nat will make him sleep downstairs, lol. What a sucker he is. No way he is ever getting any of that pageant winning ass, lol

  54. Well Vic & Paul will be on the block again! Nic & Corey will be in the HOH in bed all week! The best part about it is Nic can’t play HOH next week!

  55. Ew. James will give it to her. Thanks production for showing us who you want to win. Vic needs this care package more than anything now! He deserves it.

  56. I don’t think I can go another week with Nicole, Corey, James, and Nat in the house. I wanted to see a woman win for a change or at least make it to final 2 but I know for a fact Meech won’t win and Nat and Nicole are the biggest waste of space in the house! I can’t stand any of them. I haven’t even been looking at the updates from the past couple of days cause it’s been a snooze fest. Guess I’ll be back Thursday to see who goes home. If Vic or Paul (whoever stays) don’t win HOH next week, I’m done for the season. This is the first season I’ve ever watched where I can’t stand the majority of the people left in the house at this point.

  57. So glad Paul didn’t win it. He can dish out berating women but won’t do it to a guy. Definition of a Napoleon complex. Hope he leaves this week. Vic is a competition beast but has to realize he’s making himself a target by winning so much

  58. So annoyed that BB tailored this competition for James & Nicole. Everyone knew those 2 would finish 1-2 in the wall comp. Such crap.

  59. Simon/Dawg – can you remember ever seeing a houseguest get so far doing as little as Nicole and Corey have? They’re not even “floating”; they’re just … in bed.

  60. James is a total d bag and I hope hes next to jury!!! Yaaaaaaa Is back!!! I just hope he can survive this week since him n paul are going up cuz its only paul and james left and dbag james wont drop cuz he wants 4th wall comp win… nicole says she only wants her letter to win, said james can run her hoh n this dip sh!t still wont drop… more like he only wants win for a kiss from natalie… sorry guy nat just isnt that into u… she looks at vic alot!

  61. Can anyone think of a good way for P or V to use the bribe if they get it? I think corey is the only one stupid enough to take it at this point like if he is bribed to vote a certain way.

  62. Snore. A whole week of Nic and Corey, and James and Nat, snuggling. Vic’s only hope is he wins the veto. If Vic isnt put up, and doesnt get picked for veto comp, he is unfortunately walking dead. These couples control the votes and they are scared of Vic. MIchelle and Paul will honor Vic but dont have the votes.

    1. Snuggling??? Ratcole and Corey have had sex more than once! They have been not using condoms. And I don’t see any comments about having to support their child. You can clearly hear Corey saying “I’m about to c…….!!” then jerking back (pulling out) under the covers on more than one occasion.

      1. Simon/Dawg, could you please block this person who keeps changing names and making the same type of unfounded vulgar comments over and over again? Thanks. It’s like spam.

  63. Can’t take these girls who have to whine and beg for the guy to give them the HOH because they want a letter from home. Win it on your own and stop begging for it!

  64. Paul and Vic better be paying attention. They may have a play here if they can help make Nicole doubt James since he insists on not giving her the HOH. Of course he shouldn’t. He’s the king of bouncing checks in the BB house. But plant those seeds guys. If James truly trusted her. He would give it to her

    1. That could be a play since. A week or so ago I’m pretty sure she said she thought James was behind it from voting out Z instead of Meech, voting Paulie off, and putting up Corey as well. Yes, they need to convince her James has been behind it. Or convince her Corey is gay. She put his *ss up in a heartbeat.

  65. Wow, I can not believe the suspense and the romance that is going on in the house. This has to be the best season of big brother ever. Especially, when SOOOOO many people get on here and complain about a show that is just that mindless entertainment. It gives you a chance to escape your own reality and watch other people’s lives who are probably more screwed up then most of us watching this. If the show always turned out the way we wanted then we would all just get bored with it.

    1. Come on if this show went right along with everyone’s wish then it would be boring. Victor has become everyone’s champion because he has battled back and he is teamed up with a good manipulator that was able to stay behind the scene when there was bigger targets in the house(paul).
      The Derrick and Cody of this season have been Nicole and James with a twist because they have each brought along a showmance. Now comes the question when it gets down to the final four is who will ditch their showmance for the half million before taxes.

      1. Totally agree. The meltdown within this message board is more entertaining than the actual show. Come on Nic and James, continue irritate these people!!!

    1. Evicted twice. Are you kidding me? Heck no! The “buyback” should’ve simply been how much of the grand prize are willing to risk to get back in. It’s a joke for Vic to still be eligible for $500K.

  66. JAMES – you are a gutless POS to drop so Snake Nicole can have HOH. It just PROVES you had a deal before coming into the house. She has done motjing but lie in bed to try to get another BB player to “wife-her-up”. Disgusting !!

  67. Here’s hoping Nicoooooooooooooooole puts up Big Meech for some drama, if not this week will suck donkey balls. Big sweaty hairy ones. :(

  68. Victor is like a damn cockroach, keeps crawling back from under the refrigerator. Hope he is finally squashed for good this week.

    1. ACP is worthless from a game standpoint this week. It wouldn’t do Paul and Victor any good anyway when they’re on the block togehter.

  69. Hope Nicole nominates Meech and Paul with a plan to backdoor Victor. Hopefully she remembers how Paul got off on berating her for getting him nominated. What a sore loser

  70. Victor is like a cockroach, he keeps crawling out from under the refrigerator. Squash him for good this week, Nicole…right back out the door!

    1. Actually you’re wrong. Past wall winners have been mostly girls. SHORT guys (like Jessie) have placed 3rd with the exception of experienced James who won it last year….thus, favored for Nichol and James.

  71. Is CBS running on such a low-budget that they can’t come up with new comps??? What the Fu*k…. James won this com last year. He was put at an advantage.

    I see now that CBS clearly wants a vet to win this. The 2 people that I enjoy the least watching: Nicole (whiny, in bed all day) and James (nutless, doing lame pranks). Ewww.

  72. Way to go! 2 hours of cold wet misery. I guess all these nasty fans can go cry in their rum. Who is whining now? Best outcome ever!

    1. You keep changing names and saying the same thing over and over again. For the record, they didn’t have sex. Get a life. Your behavior is very worrisome.

  73. I’ve been in James’ corner so far but caving in to Nicole is just plain stupid. I can’t believe he just quit because after 2 months of illicit sex with a guy she just met all of a sudden Nicole needs some good words from Mom. Congrats to Vic for powering back, Paulie is still a douche, those girls had already mentally checked out.

    1. Min O’Pause, you are the ultimate whiner. Yes she did win it. All the others dropped. You can say James did drop out of agreement, but the others didn’t. Grow up.

  74. Too all of you that think Vic and Paul are just going to rollover and die think again. Look at the crazy stuff they tried this last week. I think they still have some new ideas up their sleeves. Come on keep the kraken on the shelf or just sip on the glass and watch. For all of you that are championing Vic and Paul post some of your ideas that they should try to win over the house to get Meech or Nat out. James is betting on a double eviction and did not want to just throw it to Nicole. This way he has a chance at the double eviction to be HOH rather than just a veto if he gets nominated. Right now James is the bloodiest in the house.

  75. So…I just cant…ratcole gets HANDED 2 HOH’s?!?! Stupid James…this late in the game only PROVES you have a deal with that snore of a child…ugh! There is NO WAY I can tolerate her this week…guess no shows for me this week…see y’all next Thursday! ! Starting to really hate this show!! Yet every year, I really believe it will change only to be let down time and time again..and CBS not penalizing those two making the money deal?? Kinda the last straw…I wonder if there is any way to expose this show for the lies and deceit?? Probably not. Nobody cares about honesty anymore…*sigh*

  76. Barf. A whole week of Nicole and Corey all day cuddling in hoh bed like Yoko and Lennon.

    Please give me the middle seat on a plane with two strangers and a whole week of pre-takeoff banter vs listening two these monotone conversationalists.

    .” Coreyyyyyy that’s meannnnnnnn. You’re meaaaannnnnn. Nargle noodle gluppity gurk”

  77. Yes Nicole
    Send nasty vulgar Paul out out out !!
    Goodbye for good you nasty awful poor excuse for a human go
    and send Vic out right afterwards!!!!!

  78. Boo! Stupid Nicole and her stupid voice.
    On her season, I loved her. This season I can’t stand her.
    Paul – I thought I would really like him when we first met him, and I was quickly dissapointed. Then, all of the sudden he became this huge ball of entertainment. He’s witty, he’s playing to win, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him make it to final 2. I’m voting him for ACP because he knows how to talk – it’ll be entertaining and maybe save his ass!
    Victor – He has also grown on me. I want him to win this year! He’s a beast.

  79. Ugh. This will amount to a rewind of last week. The only opportunity for anything of interest will be if Nicole decides to nominate her arch-enemy, Michelle.

  80. Here’s a bribe–Nicole, put up Nat & Meech and backdoor Vic–meanwhile, Vic wins veto and keeps the noms the same. (perhaps)

  81. Funny how everyone’s favorite has been evicted the same number of times (2) in one season as Nicole and James combined (2) in four seasons.

    For what it’s worth, I did not like Nicole in BB16 and like her less this season. But I find it rich how many of the same posters who loved her two seasons ago despise her now. The difference of course is her alignment. She allied with Hayden and Donny against the evil Derrick. Now she’s vilified even though she has not changed one iota in terms of game play since her inaugual stint. She was useless then. She remains useless now.

    1. Wait a minute, wtf?! You don’t know who I “loved” in the Big Brother house two seasons ago and it FOR SURE WAS NOT Nicole, you big dummy…

  82. James threw away an HOH to Nicole. Really James!!! He is about to throw his partner out the door. Natalie is going to be pissed all week. Does it seems fair that James can possibly MAKE IT to Final 2 by throwing comps and Victor who was evicted twice and won his way back in the house twice and won comps to stay in the house to possibly NOT MAKE final 2? I know it’s a game, but what’s the point of playing the game when you don’t really need to play the game to win $500k?

  83. What person of color would donate money to a site that reads like a KKK Big Brother newsletter? You people are disgusting and trashy.

  84. I have been trying to vote for Victor all morning. Internet must be jammed, because I can’t get on. Can get into this site. Frustrated with CBS and very disappointed in James! He made a huge mistake last night!

  85. Oh Paulie Paulie Paulie How I have waited to see you enter the jury house and get ripped to shreads by those three women LOL! Rather than own his BS Paulie continues to show his disrespect for women by trying to insult them. Zakiyah looked ready to rip Paulies head off calling him a bitch, if paulies smart he will just avoid her until the night the jury votes since she knows he used her in the BB house. I love the picture of Paulie looking so pissed off after he fell off and lost his chance of getting back into the house.. His dreams of the $500k shattered……Back to jury you go Paulie the girls must be giggling their asses off that you lost to Victor.

    Congrats Victor I honestly hope you win BB because you have honestly earned it, evicted twice…battled back and won the right to get back in the game two times. This is going to get interesting….pass the popcorn.

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