Nomination Results! Paul “Never cared! Time to f**k sh*t up! Ya’ll f**king suck at this game!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 19-21-22-923

Natalie Nominated: Victor & Paul

7:25pm When the live feeds return – Vic and Paul in the London bedroom. Paul says they did what they wanted and painted the two targets. Never cared! Time to f**k sh*t up! Watch this! Paul starts to head out of the room and Vic tells him not to flip out. Paul goes to the kitchen and asks Paul what did I lie about Nat?! Right here in from of all these people what did I lie about? Nat says not right now while you’re all heated. Paul says I’m not heated. I’m an atheist not a liar. I’m curious as to how I lied to Michelle. Nat sasy you swore that you didn’t vote against my best friend in the house. You lied to her and me. Paul says you wouldn’t lie to keep yourself in the game. yes I lied about it. I’m waiting for that one. Nat says you’re dangerous in this game. James tells Paul to relax. Nat says she’s going to leave the conversation. Michelle says you knew Da was going home. Paul says he didn’t know she was going home. Nat tells Paul that she joked about her FTs (fake t!ts). Paul says did I not tell you FT’s to your face. Nat says I don’t remember. You and Paul joked about it to the whole house. Did you not feel bad for me because that makes me feel bad about myself as a woman. My heart was hurt with that. Paul says so you’re using the same stuff with me that you used with Paulie. Paul says I apologized back then and I apologize now. Paul says the only reason I am upset right now is because I was called a manipulator and a liar. Paul says ya’ll f**king s**k at this game! If you’re going to call me a liar you better be able to back it up. There’s a veto tomorrow and I’m going to win it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 19-17-01-891

7:40pm – 8:10pm HOH room – Nat tells Michelle that this was a good move. She tells Michelle that Paul wants to make a final 4 deal and to take out Michelle at final 5. James says if he wins HOH next week he will go after Corey and Nicole. Nat says I kept Vic speech nice because I want America to know he’s a nice guy. Paul joins them and asks when she decided to put him up. Nat says I made my mind up yesterday. Michelle says I made my mind up yesterday. Paulie told me a lot of stuff. Paul says if I lose the veto to Victor, I am gone. Paul says they got to your head. Which is why I told them down stairs that I’m leaving you alone. Paul asks why didn’t you come talk to me about it. Nat says how could someone make this stuff up. Paul says you’re going to listen to two people whispering in your ear instead of the one guy not. Paul asks tell me what they said so I can tell you yes or no. I want you to progress in this game. I would rather still see one of you win the game.Paul says You think I would bank on a 10% chance and team up with Paulie, Nicole and Corey?! Why would I shoot myself in the foot. Paul says I don’t want the heat to be turned on my when it should be turned on them. I was never playing both sides. F**k Paulie if he came back! I never cared! If he did Vic and I would be screwed. What did I tell you Natalie .. don’t f**k me! But its okay! If I get f**ked this week I blame them because they’re the liars. Nat says well if this true maybe I f**ked up .. but there’s a backdoor option. Vic cried and said we got f**ked. I told him pull this knife out of my out of my back. Paul says I’m not here to make you feel bad about your decision but if I go home just don’t get f**ked by them. Nat says so Corey and Nicole are after James? Paul says they’re after everybody… they’re after the game! Michelle says I hope they don’t vote Vic out. Paul says of course they will if he’s against me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 19-41-34-670

8:10pm – 8:30pm Nat says maybe I f**Ked this up. Paul says if I leave put Victor close to you and trust him because he’s a good dude. Pull him in and take them (Corey & Nicole) out. These two are liars. Nat says literally self-evicting tomorrow. Nat start crying. Paul says I’m pots and panning those guys tomorrow. Michelle tells Nat to stop crying .. I’m the one that put Paul up. Nat says I just don’t know who to trust .. I never should have won HOH. Nat says we can still backdoor. Paul says if I leave or not .. know that they lied to you. Nat asks what did they say about me. Paul says I will tell you if I get evicted as I walkout the door. Paul says as a friend to friend I will not say it because it has nothing to do with the game. Paul says its about you and James. Nat asks what about me using James. Paul says about you making your way to the top. Nat says sleeping my way to the top? Paul says essentially. Paul says these are the people you’re working with. Nat says I feel so sick. Nat asks so Corey said I’m sleeping my way to the top. I don’t even want to be in this game any more with people talking sh*t about me. Paul says you’re jumping to 6th place next week. Who cares about anyone else. They’re jealous! They’re jealous they got beat by a girl. Nat says just kidding .. The plan is for you to go home Corey. Meech sasy I am not picking Corey or Nicole if I get house guest choice. I’m picking you James.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 20-20-59-448

8:30pm Vic and Paul hug in the storage room – Paul says they’re crying. They (Nicole & Corey) lied to them. They lied and said I was the one that said those things. I told them if I go home they (Nat, James, Meech) need to pull you in. Vic says in my mind I was upset with Michelle. If one of us go… she is stuck with 3 couples. If I get off or you get off .. Paul says they already said they want to backdoor Corey or Nicole. Vic says perfect.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 20-45-47-177

8:50pm HOH Room –
Nicole, Corey, Nat and James. Nicole says I feel thankful. Corey says this is perfect. Nicole says the thing is I don’t want to get in the middle of Paul arguing. I know several times he’s lied but I just don’t want to get in the middle of it.

London Bedroom. Michelle and Paul. Michelle tells Paul that Nat wants to backdoor. James is on board too. He said its our HOH. Paul says if ya’ll want to keep me in another week I’m down. I get it they got to you. Michelle says James wants get everyone together. Paul says I’m going to call them out (Nicole & Corey). Michelle says good rattle their cages. Michelle says it scared me that they were able to turn us against each other. Paul says just know that Nicole &* Corey are full of sh*t. I’m going to call them out on it. Michelle says good, you should.

9pm – 9:10pm Havenot room – Nicole tells Michelle I do not want to call out Paul but I will if you want me to. He 100% knew that Da was going up. Nicole says if you ever hear anything about me just come talk to me because I know this week they’re going to try and say things. I am definitely fine doing whatever you guys want. Michelle says okay, good chat.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 21-04-21-741

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This should get good!

Another Hillary Lie

Well Nat at least you know you put up the right people by their reactions. I hope Victor goes put either one is a plus and you have broken up the strongest couple in the house. Well done!

Lumpy Trumpy

floaters were handed the season


By a cheerleader.


Sure wish we knew what deal was brokered by Calafiore daddy before the start of the season between Paulie, Nicole and James. Since when do players come into the house knowing who else will be there and getting coached by previous winners? Obviously the reason Paulie was so threatened by Tiffany was that he was worried that she had been “set up to win” like he had been.

Nat Rules

Congrats for adding to your resume Natalie. I would take Victor out so you can say you cut a competition beast.


It’s got me scratching my head trying to understand these girls. Did they not stop to think that neither of them can win HOH next week and that Vic already promised protection for them until after Nic/Corey left? One of them will go next week (probably Nat). Who is going to have your back next week, Natalie? Nicole? Hahaha.


They didn’t but I’m sure production does. They got them to make an unpopular decision and to get their alliance members to distrust them. So now the house has the green light to get them out next week as they are both clearly shady players.

It’s BB forcing Nic and Cory to make it to the end of the game. It’s unclear to me if either of them really care about making it to the end or not. But they are a traditional, fairly nonoffensive couple, so that is who is going to win.

BB is making a statement about politics in all of this. Women are not too bright and wishy washy but end up screwing their loyal friends in the end.

If it was a fair game Paul would win, but it’s not and he knows it and really seems okay with it. I’m kind of glad that he isn’t going to make a career out of being reality TV famous. He’s better then that.


@ another Hillary Lie ..I don’t agree. I wish Natalie would have just said you are a threat sorry this is my opportunity to get out a big threat its not personal like you said it best for my game. Instead she tried to paint Paul like he is that sexist Paulie. Paul never made things personal he laughed at everyones insults including the barbs Natalie threw out at people. Paul never tried to make Natalie feel uncomfortable about her looks or anything else in that sense Paul has played a clean game. I have to side with Paul on this one ,the reasons she gave would make any man mad if he were being accused of being a sexist pig because that’s basically what she is saying THATS DIRTY. When people make claims like that and are not being honest it makes other people doubt women who are truly being treated poorly and are sexually body shamed . Natalie you are losing me as a fan with this game play. Just say you are a threat Paul sorry but this is just good for my game……….


Also not buying the tears because she just lied to him as she cried….Oh she’s good’ I should just self evict now ‘I am such a victim …She is real good.

Another Hillary Lie


You’re right and it never hurts to take the high road.


I don’t know if you don’t have a life or you are a schizophrenic, maybe a paranoid schizophrenic, definitely disturbed.


You must not watch live feeds , Paulie talked about Natalie’s fake boobs right along with every man on BB 18 ,the names he called everyone behind their backs ,Paul is worthy of what Natalie said ,and I’m not a fan of her or James..this season was the mean high school drama BB, throwing away cookies because of jealousy, nasty remarks about women, and when Paul waliked into a room 7th grade began again, sometimes when you have an individual who’s been spoiled his whole life , never worked hard for anything, was handed everything ( that’s why he’s still with mom n dad , if he has so many successful businesses why are you at home ???) That person loves to talk crap , back stab, even look at Victor good guy , but once with Paul alone he’s a child also , that type of person finds it easy to be ignorant , and a trouble maker , yes he’s a funny guy has to be center of attention…bye paul…not like you need the money , good choice on nat n Michelle’s hoh …say what you want about Cory n nicole, they’ve actually tried to be in alliance with several ppl who just couldn’t follow through, and you don’t hear them saying horrible things about the other players, they just want out ,whoever wants them out and that’s the game…

Pinocchio Obama

Did Natalie throw them any beads when she nominated them?

I just took a GIANT shit in your bed

Paul is a douchebag. And needs to go!

The coreys

Nicole said to Michelle she’s fine with whatever.

Michelle would of won quote of the season if her response was

“What about Corey then?”

Nicole would of either said yes (giving Michelle power over her against him)

OR would of had to tell her know and explain to her why Michelle shouldn’t do that when in reality it does Michelle no good to keep that couple there.


Production hands are in too many pots. Why won’t they stay out of the game and let the HG they picked play the game. Production had to throw the round trip ticket out by going in the house when the HG wasn’t allowed in the house and changed Nicole ticket #9 with Paul ticket. Remember the conversation Nicole had with Corey about the #9 ticket. Why is production letting Paulie stay in the game (jury house) when he did not make all the pies. Then we have the ACP which is a big mess… really no benefit…just have america (us) involve to help them (production) in messing up the game. Worst season ever BB18.


I think the tickets were changed after Paul went into the Paris room-which is why only one person could enter/exit. While he was leaving the rest of the tickets were changed-which is fair, he solved it first.


I hope Baldwin wins!

Bridgette's Good Ankle

I must admit I was quite happy that Paulie was evicted. But somehow the sweetness of that moment has been soured by Natalie’ recent nominations.

True enough Victor is a huge competitor, and Paul has developed a much better social game now than from start of the season. Timing is crucial in this game, and Natalie may have pulled the trigger too soon..

And now watching Natalie cry over her selection, and saying “it hurt her feelings to put Victor up”.. Absolutely childish, and self-victimizing..and annoying

We will see how this plays out..#teamVictor


turn on paulie… lose to a bunch of floaters… good job idiots

Powder Puff Cat

booting out Paulie was the highlight of the season – his demise had nothing to do with these crazy a$$ nominations they were personal, FT and religion.

Vick the Dick

Too bad they both can’t get evicted this week.


Paul is a doosh. Going against Paulie has come back and bit him in the ass. I love the nominations. Good karma on both of them. Victor is better than Paul but not by much. Paulie hopefully wins buy back and comes back to the house. That would be hilarious.

Count Chocula

Frank getting voted off was the highlight of the season for me. This does add a lot of excitement to the season. I want Bridgette to come back and the girls to control the house.

We can only hope

I would LOVE to see Corey evicted this week and one of the Jury girls to win the buy back. The looks on Paulie and Corey’s faces would be priceless


Them floaters blew up Paulies shit and made the house see him for what he really is….punk ass bitch! He wasn’t lucky enough to have someone carry him to the end to be second place…

team nat


Mini Me James

Nat has now made a big move that might turn into $ down the line. I didn’t believe she had the stones but she stood tall. Bravo Nat!

Franks fumes

Nat is a disappointment to say the least……and it turns out a religious bigot as well….Paul has been square with her since they have been working together …..she and production suck ass!


Good job all you people who voted for Michelle!!! Also Natallie is ridiculous!! Get over it!!


It’s just further proof that superfans should not be allowed anywhere near the show: The give Michelle a special power, one a player might see that as a single, her best spot is with Vic and Paul, not the 5th wheel with showmances. A player could work any lobbying to turn on them, by pointing out she has to go at the player she called a snake on national TV, that Nicole and Corey will come for her before Paul and Vic. Except Michelle is a floater, so anybody with power or on a power trip…cough Nat cough…only has to hint and she jumps on board with that player’s move.

And the superfans love Nat, with her floating, fake showmance, and persistent victim role play….just an FYI for her: If you’re flat-chested and people make fun of you, if you have a big nose and people make fun of you, that’s BS. That’s childish, immature and insulting your body. However, if you make your chest big artificially, make your nose small artificially, the insult isn’t about your body…it’s about your vanity.


What a narrow minded comment. If you’re flat-chested and people make fun of you, if you have a big nose and people make fun of you, that’s BS. That’s childish, immature and insulting your body. I agree. But if someone makes fun of you because you decided to have implants, FOR WHATEVER REASON THAT YOU LIKE SINCE IT IS YOUR BODY AND NO ONE ELSE, then it’s BS, childish and immature too.


I doubt Michelle will play 5th wheel. Once she gets to 5, the shomances will want each other out. Ideally Michelle goes to then with James and Nat. She can’t beat them in an endurance comp. but she will in questions.


“However, if you make your chest big artificially, make your nose small artificially, the insult isn’t about your body…it’s about your vanity.”

That is some of the dumbest shit I have ever heard.


meech is trapped between 3 pairs. her best bet is to take out the pair that’s strongest at comps as her best chance is to get down to final 3 and then hope she can win a comp over who’s left. right now the strongest pair at comps is paul and victor, so i feel this is the correct move for her game.


Michelle you should flip the house and backdoor James via veto… then boot that witch of a female Nat Brat back to where they taught her to be such scum


I agreed with your comment and analysi of the gameplay up until this : “However, if you make your chest big artificially, make your nose small artificially, the insult isn’t about your body…it’s about your vanity”.. You lost me at that point. Such a dumb, ignorant comment. People cam do,what they want with their bodies. Getting surgery does nth necessarily make you vain and is fine in moderation. If someone wants to get surgery done to make them feel better about themselves then so be it.

Nat Rules

I hope we get to see some Paul and Victor tears on BBAD tonight.


After watching the episode of Big Brother on Friday night, I am sorry, I’m so over Natalie. She sucks at every competition, all she does is whine about everyone talking about her FT’s, and how everyone has been laughing behind her back. I agree with Paul, she also has lied about things in the house, so she puts him on the block for lying to her ? Why is she allowed to lie to other people, but everyone else has to tell her the truth, sounds like Vanessa from last year.

Man I can’t wait until next week when She is no longer HOH, she annoys the hell out of me, I don’t dislike her as a person, dont’t know her, but watching her tonight on the show, she sucks at every competition. She is so needy and always needs to be cheered up, and needs people to make her feel better about herself, I truly think she is playing James, I just don’t think she will have anything to do with him outside of the house.

Also, last week she admitted to flirting with Vic, Paulie, Corey, and then ended up with James. Why is it ok for her to flirt, but it makes her uncomfortable when Paulie flirted back, and I’m no Paulie Fan, glad he is gone, he was a total jerk. I am so over listening to Natalie cry, whine, talk about everyone made fun of her, nobody talks to me, get over yourself and get ready to go on the block, I will be glad to see you leave, tired of listening to your annoying whiny voice.

I hope Paul or Victor win this season, they are playing the game, yes Paul is annoying, but you have to admit he and Victor have truly been kicking butt this season.

Umm, what

Natalie is a hypocritical, self-perceived perpetual victim that has little to no insight.


It seems that she actually has low self-esteem and is very preoccupied with what others think of her. And if she thought cosmetic surgery would solve that, it hasn’t.

sunny dee

i have to say it: as a cheerleader she had to be athletic and have a good memory for learning routines, and execute them. However, knowing she was going to be on a reality show, even if it wasn’t going to be this one but a dating one, she chose to get implants very very recently. Now that there are competitions requiring a variety of sporty actions, she doesn’t know her body anymore, and the things are getting in the way. you can see how she throws some stuff, you can’t go from an A cup to a D cup and move the same way, like throwing something, or whatever. it’s impossible.

put it this way, fold a pillow lengthwise in half, then attach it to your chest, then pick up a few things and throw them. you’ll see what i mean.

and because she doesn’t know how to work around them, she’s going to suck at stuff. However again, i didn’t see Vic any better at dart throwing than she was, and everyone kind of sucked at the splash hit the button to submerge Pectacular guy.


I agree with you completely. I’m tired of listening to Natalie talk literally. Why do so many women on this show have dreadful voices. She has so many insecurities and issues. Playing the victim is definitely one of them. I can’t stand Pauline but don’t believe that Natalie was actually offended by his flirting. I disliked him for many reasons but his perceived flirting with women was not one of those. I found it very mild and harmless. She loved the attention. I completely lost all respect for her after watching the Friday episode and seeing her and her “boob wrinkles” and how she was shoving them in all the guys faces. If that’s not looking for attention then idk what is. Oh Natalie natalie, I wonder why Pauline thought you’d be open to flirting and attention after you shoved your massive plastic boobs in his face! Just call it what it is. You sought attention, got it, and then played the victim,. Pathetic. Just own up to it and say yeah I like male attention., you’d get more respect that way.


Seriously, you’re gonna lose ratings. Stop effing with the show. It’s BB!! Pick up 1984 for yourself you fucking moron. It wasnt manipulated by man power you dumb slut. It was MADE THE FUCK UP!!!!!! FOR PEOPLE TO NATURALLY FEAR WITHOUT COMMAND. GO FUCK YOURSELF PRODUCTION. I SERIOUSLY AM STARTING TO FUCKING HATE THUS SHOW. HEY PRODUCTION GUESS WHAT, JULIE CHEN WILL HAVE A JOB NO MATTER WHAT, YOU WONT…


Buh Bye

So anyway...

Get a grip.

Morgan LaFay

Breathe… deep breaths. You do realize that everybody fucking hates this show at one point or another, right? Yet we keep coming back. It’ll be ok, little guy. Really. Just breathe.


never cared…………………………………………………………………………

Here we go

I have liked Nat for a while now, but she is starting to get on my nerves. She is exaggerating, at best, to make people look bad. I didn’t completely pick up on it with Paulie because, well, I hate Paulie, however, she’s using the same lines now with Paul “you hurt my heart.” She is actually playing a decent game this past few weeks but I’m no longer seeing her as sweet little Nat Nat. She’s not quite as sweet as she seems.


No she’s still a sweet girl. But she’s playing the game. Nothing wrong with that.

Umm, what

She loves opportunities to take offense and play the victim, so she undoubtedly would take issue with her calling her a “sweet girl” you sexist!

Natalie distorts the truth

Last week when the FT stuff went down, Paul admitted he said it too and he APOLOGIZED to her. She said its okay and I know you joke and I am not mad at you Paul. Why is she bringing it up AGAIN? Really Nat? You are willing to make Paul look bad so you can get sympathy and be the center of attention? Not cool.


Nat does quite this game to let a couple of floaters Nicole Corey stay safe. I mean Nicole and Paul would’ve at least been reasonable. Watch this backfire on James and Nat…


Let the fireworks begin!

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

I am no fan of Paulie’s, but, I can’t wait for Paulie, Vic, or Paul to come back and decimate these dumb shits. Corey and Nicole are sliding by. For that flat footed, fake hair wearing, bag o chips chomping Michelle to bring someones religion into this game is appalling. We have freedom of religion in this country…who gives a shit what he believes in. I am over that smelly, spineless crybaby. That was beyond the pale. I can’t wait for the shit storm to rain down on James, Nat, and leaky eyes.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Right move. As bad as I despise Nicole and Corey that’s Natalie’s best chance to win. I would rather see those two on the block but good game move. Now her idiot BF better win next week to cover their a$$ bc if not her and idiot BF are on the block. I have to agree with Paul though. She’s using some lame excuses instead of the truth. He’s playing a great game right now and he and Vic are to dangerous. Whoever goes out this week or Pauline will come back in. Let’s just hope Nicky or Corey don’t win any money.


who the hell is voting for corey to win the care package – sorry but he has the usefulness of a deflated douche.

Bounce Vic

Well think how you are going to feel after he wins this Care Package.


I am voting for Corey to get the care package. Why not? None of the others deserve it. I wanted hell to come to N – J- P-V. And now it is happening. Their behavior last week was atrocious. Glad to see karma happening.


How does goat burner Borey “deserve” it?


I really hate Bratalie for listening to production over her fake morals. She is the worst Whiney baby player ever.


Grenade yo! BOOM!!!


I think BB blows at using internet videos post-show to get Youtube ad dollars. For instance, they need to let Paulie watch how Paul turning on him sealed his fate because cowardly James was firmly on the fence until Paul jumped on Bridgette and Nat’s anti-Paulie train….then let Paul watch how Paulie was loyal to him over everybody else, how he put every name out for eviction except Paul’s, how he told Paul everything.

Then you put them together and watch how turning Paul turning on his best ally to form an alliance with floaters blew up in his face….and a writer should feed Paulie quips to mock mini, wannabee Evil Dick.


I like Natalie. But I wish the girl would quit with the fake teets, she seems to be giving it power. People have different sensitivities I know , but I wish she was the type of chick to say ‘Yes they’re fake, I paid for them I bought them, now they’re mine and I’m not ashamed of it..’ Then it would have shut the whole fake teety issue down.

Natalie sucks

She can’t let it go simply because Natalie loves attention. She is so fake. She is the only one who brings it up.

Really? Only she brings it up?

So I guess I imagined the guys taunting her with FT remarks when she had no idea what it meant.

She has said that

Pretty much word for word.


I know this house isn’t filled with Mensa members but I wish somebody would point out that mocking her fake cans has ZERO to do with her body and everything to do with her vanity. And it’s confirmed by her unwillingness to exercise in front of others (who looks good grunting and sweating) and her constant victimization: First Vic rejects her advances, then Paulie talks about FT’s, now Paul…but she has no empathy for others. Where was she when EVERYBODY was mocking Bridgette? What was the point of tormenting Z that Paulie didn’t like her?

They’re not joking about her a**, her hair, her eyes, or anything about her body. FT’s are those bags implanted in her chest…and referencing them denotes somebody who places vanity above all else, somebody with an egocentric, borderline sociopathic level of self-involvement.


True… She using them way too much for anyone to feel any sympathy for her. Not to mention Paul is GAY why exactly is it an issue that he make fun of her FT? Just put them on the block saying they’re the most powerful duo… Why whine so damn much?

Misty Beethoven

Paul is gay? Where did you hear that little nugget of information?
If you said Paulie, I’d be like maybe. But Paul? The Armenian Assassin? Not sure I believe it.

Powder Puff Cat

Michelle voters, is this the result you wanted Paul and Victor on the block? (I voted for Vic wanted the opposite)

thumbs up yes
thumbs down No


I can’t wait for our man Paulie to get back in the game next week!!!! I was down on him for some time because of his Napoleon complex but he turned it around last week. He apologized for somethings that he had said and done even though he shouldn’t have. It’s all game!!! Play it but don’t act like you own it! He’s going to make his dad and Cody proud! Screw you Evel Dickhead!


Technically Cody and Paulies dad should be thankful to Derek for carrying his son to the end and handing him $50,000. He tried to tell paulie how to play to win and like the egotistical little man he is, he thought his way was better. Hope he’s comfy in jury!


Are you for real?? He’s a bipolar, narcissistic, misogynistic maniac. He only “apologized” to save face on tv. His family should be ashamed of him. It’s all fake.


and she’s a manipulative little bitch who is trying to slander everyone and play the victim. She totally played along flirted with all the guys and then tried to act like she was assaulted. She’s proving to be everything Paulie said she was.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Paul has every right to be pissed. Natalie is getting rid of her best allies in the house for what? For production? To feel alive? She and Michelle won’t be able to play in the HoH, and either Paul or Victor will be playing hard with a vengeance. Do Natalie and Michelle really think Nicorey are going to stop making googly eyes at each other long enough to work with them? Nicole or Corey will put up Natalie and Michelle. Whoever is left of Paul and Victor will put up Michelle and Natalie. If Paulie comes back in the game, he’ll put up Natalie and Michelle. They really f*cked themselves on this one. Are we sure the people who voted Michelle as co-HoH actually like her? Because they f*cked her big time with this one. Victor would have been a better co-HoH. Write Nicole the check. She’ll win this game without ever being on the block or winning a comp.

Bounce Vic

Addios Friendship.


Good for Paul for sticking up for himself. Nat trying to control the situation by playing the victim shows what kind of person she is. I hope he continues to not let these people walk all over him.

I thought the same thing about the care package not being sent to help the player when James had it. He managed to sleaze his way out of taking responsibility for his decisions but I doubt Meech will be able to do the same. She still has somewhat of a soul.


I heard on live feeds Nat telling James that production told her to work with Nicole and Corey. So rigged. I read it here and love it…Rigged Brother!!


Production may have told her that, but Natalie may have lied (again) to James because she knows how easy it is to manipulate him.


Way to go Nat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember these people don’t know about the Buy Back. Paul is just upset because the move was made to him before he could make it. Same as Paulie.

Might be a good idea to send Vic to jury house. He could beat Paulie & if re-entering the house, Corey & Nicole as less likely to team up with Paul & Vic.

Realllllllly hope that Bridgette wins the buy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He is upset because they are attacking his character when he hasn’t done anything wrong. He should call them on their BS. Too bad Nat and Meech can’t just say that they are just doing what production wants and that they don’t really care who leaves, since clearly neither of them are going to win.

Natalie sucks

Well Natalie is a complete moron and Michelle was a total disappointment for the care package. They are upset that Paul lied??? How quick they forget that once he made an alliance with them, he never lied to them since. And Natalie bringing up the FT fake t*ts comments again when she told Paul last week that it didn’t bother her that he said it because she knows he jokes. Now she is using it to be hurt again. I can’t stand her. Get over it already. She won’t let it or anything else go. Paul admitted it and apologized before and again tonight. I bet we hear her being up the princess comments a zillion more times this season. Her whining is getting old.

Bounce Vic

They used Natalie and James to evict and now they are returning the favor. How funny will it be to see them campaign against each other if they don’t win the veto?

No Name

Revisionists History.

Bridgette, Michelle, and Natalie “used” Paul and Victor to evict Paulie, not the other way around.

It was the girls plan from the beginning, and they roped in Paul……….who in turn roped in Vic.

It was not Vic’s plan to nominate Paulie & Corey.

Misty Beethoven

Lately Nat has been bugging me with how she treats James, more like a paid attendant instead of a loyal friend. Sad thing is I think he’s realizing it, too. She made a big mistake tonight with the noms, and it’s going to come back and bite her in the ass. Meech, too.
Nat needs to ratched back the princess act, or she’s going to find her dating options are going to dry up just like Paulie’s -with nice guys, anyway.


When the guys got together and had their little pow wows about picking all the girls off and have a great laugh is okay in your books???

Nat said from week one that she won’t put up a girl and stayed true to her words. So she’s a feminist because she’s doing what the guys have done all season??? This is equal play.

If Vic or Paul gets evicted …. they can prevent Paulie from winning and getting back in the house.
Corey and Nicole have no chance of winning. they’ve done nothing all summer except cuddle ad huddle in bed. No social or strategic game.

I like this move. The guys are such sore losers and whiney when they went up on the block with the exception of Vic.


Powder Puff Cat

how can they “can prevent Paulie from winning and getting back in the house.” by making this move?


I am so sick of this “girl power” bullshit. Isn’t the point of feminism to have EQUALITY for both genders. So girl power is the exact opposite of feminism. It is evident that CBS want a woman to win. This is just like BBCAN3 where half way through the season they made it clear that Sarah would win.

Anyways Natalie is a fake dunce who suffers from delusions of grandeur. I saw it weeks ago and was thumbsed down but now I hope you can all see it with your own eyes. Well done Nutless James, (2 ton makeup) Natalie and mean girl Michelle. You have officially ruined the season and made Paulie’s odds better at winning the comp. BRAVO!


Just one question: did you also have a problem with the bro-down?


No,, the objective of feminists is to show the world how they don’t need a cock in their life.
Which is ironic, seeing as how a strap on is just as common in their homes as a fridge & microwave.
C’est la vie I suppose.


Are you really implying that all feminists are lesbians? Not cool bro, not cool.

A woman should enjoy her man, not need him. The women currently on this show just happen to be terrible examples of that, with the exception of Bridgette.


It’s about to get good. Natalie better enjoy this week. I have a feeling next week won’t be in her favor.


Pulling for Paul to win the veto & to pull himself off the block!!!


Looks like a floater might win BB. Pissed. I wanted V or P to make it all the way.

Bounce Vic

i wanted Snickers for Halloween but I got candy corn.

Floaters Handed The Game

This is no longer a show worth watching ,the best players are vilified and floaters are rewarded .What exactly is it that America want ?Do you want everyone to be a floater? coz they’re the reason the show becomes predictable . The best player doesn’t win the game anymore ,the luckiest floater does .

Bounce Vic

Diapers are in aisle four.


Vic is still in the game, and he is no floater!

No Name

Can’t even watch this shit now.

And now folks are voting for Corey to get the last ACP???

WTF has he done to earn that??

Vic the Dick

Corey has not won a lot so I think people are voting for him because they don’t like Vic.

Franks fumes

So glad Meech wasted the f#cking care package……wtf These people are the dumbest since Derricks season……just what we need these moronic showmances ruinng the rest of the season……SHIT!


Well at least they were smart enough to dust Frankhole.


So I have a theory.. last season the first 5 jury members came back to compete in the HOH comp(the one with the disc’s and rope) and the last jury member on there got to come back but since that comp has already been played this season I think it’ll be the wall comp. The last jury member on the wall will reenter the house. I think this 100%, who agrees? Or thoughts anyone? Simon? Dawg?

Pinocchio Obama

I’m guessing it will be trivia questions about Cody.


Wall comp, for sure. Vic and Paul will con Nat and Michelle into backdooring Corey and that leaves the door wide open for Paulie’s triumphant return. None of those 4 have any chance of beating Paulie in the wall comp. Only upside is James will win that comp and HOH. Hopefully, he will be smart enough to nom Vic and Paulie. He can justify it by saying they are the 2 comp beasts of the season and both already been voted out. One will finally go for good. Best for his and Nat’s game


Truly disgusted with Nat/Michelle and Production!!! Way to go!! Ruined another season!!

Andy the Red Rat

Saved it for me. Now anything can happen whereas before Victor and Paul had the final wrapped up. Expect the unexpected.


Natalie is such a manipulative snotty princess. Spoiled brat.

Natalie sucks

I can’t believe I am watching now her with covers over her head crying and apologizing to Paul for LYING to him. Wow I guess her word is no good.


Yeah apologizing is truly a horrible act only committed by the darkest of souls…

Natalie Sucks

When it comes from a girl who makes a final four with Vic, Paul and James then yeah……she sucks. She says her word is everything, but it isn’t. Especially when they would have stuck to their words.


And Vic, Paul, and James broke a deal with Paulie and turned on him. Did you attack them for it? No, I’m sure you didn’t because you liked it. Believe me I did too. But you’re being a hypocrite.

Natalie sucks

Yes my friend but Paulie back stabbed his alliance first not the other way around. Facts only.

Let me guess

That suddenly became the case today when she did this right? But the last couple of weeks you sung her praises when she did things you liked.

No Name

Natalie is now my most hated player in the house.

Come on back in Paulie and wreck Natalie’s day.


She got fooled by good liars and made a mistake. It happens.

Franks fumes

Did Nat use Pauls atheism as a excuse to stab Paul in the back? I love Paul more than ever now he says I’m an atheist not a liar…..LOL…he should place a demonic curse on Nat and James…they probably would shit their hypocritical pants!


Nich made a comment awhile ago about how these people don’t pray enough that made my skin crawl. These people are awful. To even bring up someone else’s religious choices is vile.

I hope people who care about these women can forgive them when they get home.

Not exactly...

She was mad because he made a promise earlier and swore to God about it… before she knew he was an Atheist. So she’s saying that as he is a liar, because he is an Athiest.


She only referenced that in relation to Paul constantly swearing to God about things.


i just don’t want people like corey and nicole who did less in the game to go far than this…annoyed me, although vic and paul bigger threat and good for meech and nat game, but for me i don’t want nicorey to go far than this,but i don’t blame meech and nat to put vic and paulon the block since they’re really great at comp and big threat also.


All you people blaming natalie and Michelle – did you miss the part where this was not their noms? It was all production.


Natalie is sooooooo clueless! She just put a huge target on her back. I laughed so hard when she won the HOH and told James and Nicole, “You guys help me! I don’t know what to do!” Really?! What a waste of an HOH! Clueless!

Count Chocula

How is putting the two strongest players in the house up a waste? If she is going to win both Vic and Paul need to leave the house.


This the first season I’ve watched where there isn’t anyone, literally not one person (and I’m including all evicted guests as well), that I can cheer for or would like to win.

Though I don’t think they are as bad as game players this seaon’s cast is giving season 9’s cast a run for its money and may dethrone them as shittiest cast.

Nat just realized she got played

Breaking down in tears and apologizing to Paul now. So backdoor might be in play for NiCorey to go.

Pinocchio Obama

It is all about the veto now. She can still control things as long as Nicole or Corey don’t win the veto since she seems to have control of Meech.

Nat the fake Cow & Michelle the lame ass super Fan

What a sh&@ player Michelle is. I’m glad I wasn’t blinded by “Michelle the lame a$@ super fan” these past few weeks with her fake niceness like the rest of the dumb BB fanbase was.

Watching feeds Michelle just sounds so stupid. I swear she sounds so dumb.

There’s the evil Michelle from the beginning of the season that can’t play worth a shit .

Nat is not far from behind.

Michelle calling Paul atheist. What the fu$& does that even matter in the BB game.

Sh$& players in this season I swear.

Michelle, the fans gave you the power to play your own game, you useless lame super fan. You give super fans a bad name. Never pick another super fan, BB, never again if they are going play like Michelle.

Also can’t stand “The Fake Fat Cow Nat” and the production that manipulated her into fu$&ing up this week for the real fans of this show. Shut your mouth Nat. Your productions bit$&. Stop acting all hard princess.

Love how Paul is giving Nat the Cow all the facts and making her look stupid for putting Paul and Victor up. Girl you looking so stupid. Paul asking who boned him and the cow responds with Paulie told me, blah, blah. You are easily manipulated Cow. My response is why the fu$& would you believe Paulie?

Michelle shut the fu&@ up. You screwed up. Stop questioning if you made the wrong the decision or not.

Yes you fu$&ing did.

Loving watching Paul school Nat currently on the feeds. He’s making her look so fu$&ing stupid. Keep stating the fact Paul. This princess needs to be schooled by the master of BB 18

Lol now that Nat the cow is question her decision after Paul laid out everything to her. What a dumb cow. Don’t try to play this game.

You should of laid in bed the rest of the summer with and slept with James and did nothing cause you are no BB player. Your useless and pathetic at this game.

I hate myself for saying this but I wish Paulie stayed in the house.


Tonights show was just…………….AWKWARD!

I will never get that hour back

Paul is 23?!?

I just happened upon Paul’s bio and saw he was only 23… the youngest HG this season (Meech also 23)… I was shocked… I thought he was the oldest LOL

He is awesome

He is a great player. I am 10 years older then Paul and wish I could express myself half as well as he does. He carries himself like someone who has experienced life but is also sweet and boyish and ambitious. He is by far the best person on this season.


Well now we know… Production wants to write the story of Paulie’s redemption.
1) give poor Paulie a good edit on Thursday eviction
2) create a second ridiculous buy back… Even more ridiculous if u think about the fact that this buy back is coming during final 5 week.
3) push Nat and Michelle to work with Rat and Dumb after they never even spoke to them. EVER. (doesn’t even make sense why Nat would turn on Paul… ).

Clearly it’s rigged for Paulie to come back to his two dummies floaters allies who miraculously are still there.

TX rar

Victor makes calm logical statements AGAIN. Meech/Nat have blown it!

Before the nominations were made official Natalie and Michelle brought Victor upstairs and let him know what they were going to do. Victor didn’t get upset but patiently tried to get the women turned around and going in the other direction. He pointed out that if they get Corey out this week then they’re guaranteed to get the ACP for either him or Paul next week and then they can use it against Nicole. (We know it’s a bribe prize and not really worthwhile for their goals.)

Calm Down

Every “reality” show has writers. BB is the least scripted of them all.

It’s a TV SHOW for entertainment. It’s not life. Get over it.

They don’t rig it for a certain player to win but writers do steer players occasionally to create more drama. They don’t steer every move in game.

Did you hear Natalie? She said “we need to work with different people each week”. Production suggested to her that she switch who she working with this week. That isn’t having a pre determined winner.

They get paid to add drama. They actually do a good job of it. If left totally to the morons in the house this show would have been off air by Season 3. So chill. Enjoy it for what it is or move on. Stop crying about a TV that is entertainment.

Botox Pelosi

I’m starting to worry when people actually make sense here.

No Name

So you think it’s a good idea to favor the game for the most boring players in the house. Nicole and Corey have literally done nothing but hide under their sheets for the whole freaking show.

and you call that drama??

I call they boring.

Paul brings life to that house. He handled the CIA punishment with a smile on his face and made it as fun as it could possibly be. Watching him run around the house, flipping over the couch, sliding on the table and putting 100% effort into it…….is what makes good TV.

Watching Corey and Nicole rub each others heads and they whisper to each other under the sheets is crap TV.

Paul's the OG

It did show the big difference between Paul and Paulie. Paul takes lemons and makes lemonade. Paulie just cries about having to look foolish on TV.

The funny thing is BB was trying to recreate the success that Paul had when making muffins. Paul made muffins just to make other people smile because he is a good person. Paulie pouted and cried about having to bake and made the experience miserable for everyone.


@ Calm Down….did you hear Natalie tell James that production told her to work with Nicole and corey? Sure, not rigged or predetermined. They need to let it play out, no interruptions and not to choose houseguests that have never seen the show before they were in sequester.

Grats guys!

Nat makes one move you don’t like and some of you basically turn into Paulie with this “fake” bullcrap.


This is what BB wanted…….. two fake romances????? Come on BB, Corey is not into Nicole……..and definitely Nat is not into James, I don’t care what type of tripe they have her say for the cameras, this is boloney. Next thing we know they will be bringing Paulie back with Z. If I wanted to watch the dating game I would watch the reruns.
Tonight show about the couples was down right sickening!!
This year I actually had hope even though Paulie said they tried to talk him into keeping Frank…….tried to talk Vic into not nominating Paulie…….then Nat said America wants the couples to work together………in what parallel universe? Corey and Nicole are a waste of space in the game, and I am so over Nat…………”my heart hurts”………my head hurts listening to your garbage, you are playing for sympathy, I am over it. Meech has to be the stupidest Super fan ever…………I think I will help 2 couples. There is no room for you there Meech, you had a shot with Paul and Vic……….now you have a seat in the jury.


Well Natalie, her flunky James & Meech are gonna regret this decision, who doesn’t LIE in the bb house, that was a BS excuse & about her FT’s is getting old that goes to show u they had no valid reason to put them up, Paul or Vic are gonna still be there & there’s a chance 1 will return (which they don’t know about yet) or win HOH! Nicorey is enjoying this, the way this game is going I would not be surprised if they ended up in the final 2!!


This is going just as I hoped!

Get Mr. Mouth OUT!


Remember when everyone talked shit about Nat and called Simon creepy for liking her joke is on y’all. Shes the main reason Paulie left and made a great move going for Paul and Victor before Nicorey. This girl deserves the win 100%


I feel bad for girls who actually go through abuse. Natalie is making a mockery out of it