Big Brother 18 Week 9 Top Animated Gifs

The 9th week of Animated Gifs For Big Brother 18. A boring week up until the last 72 hours when the house flipped and TOTAL chaos reigned.

My favorite is the one of Victor smoking a doob.

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Well I sure hope victor is still in house at the end of all this. It would be fun if they evict Corey then Paulie wins by back and then victor wins HOH and puts Paulie right back up


I hope Vic and Paul can pull this out, but I have a feeling production already had meetings with James & Nicole in the DR when the live feeds went out.


Victor smoking trees #1


James and Nat moved from the being in the best spot in the house to the worst while they were in power. Really crappy game play by them and I say this as someone who is going for them. No matter what really goes down, they have pretty much blown up their own games at this point. I can’t see either making it to the end. Should have stuck with the 5 that got Paulie out.


Why is the shower water yellow? And recycle an empty shampoo bottle, ya pigs.

Love cost James 50k or 500k

I feel bad for James. Letting Nat dictate his game during crunch time is horrible to watch. Disgusting.


I don’t feel bad for James. If he’s smart he will evict Victor ( hope not) but we will see


Best.Jury.Segment. EVER!


Man, It waste. James will win this HOH. actually PRODUCTION has plan for him since almost week.