HOH Competition Results! “did people really not throw it”


POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 01-57-30-624

HOH Winner: Natalie

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 01-57-27-125
1:56am Feeds back after 6 hours down..

SHower is clogged

Natalie is saying “I can’t believe I won that Competition”

Michelle – I suck at endurance comps.. You and james are known as the endurance couple
James- that’s true..

Natalie – I don’t think it’s real

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 02-08-00-222

2:05am Natalie, Victor and PAul
Natalie – I got my first 4 in the honey.. i just kept finding them
Natalie – did people really not throw it
Victor – there’s no way they could have thrown that
Victor and Paul point out that Nicole and Corey were gunning it they were definitely playing hard.

Victor tells her to brace herself there is about to be a lot of cht chat coming her way, “If I were you practice your speech up there..”

Natalie leaves.. Paul and Victor talk about Natalie maybe putting them up.
Victor – that would be stupid right
Paul – Who knows man..
Paul – we made it to 7 that’s pretty crazy..

Michelle comes by briefly “I’m still trying to get off the glue”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 02-15-22-061

2:15pm James back to working Natalie’s neck

2:23am kitchen, James, Victor and Paul chit chatting about the HOH. Sounds like it was close and a lot of people were really trying to win.
Michelle in the kitchen ‘HOLY CRAP IT’S 2:20AM”
Paul “welcome to reality”
Michelle whispers that Nicole thinks Corey is goign to get a care package.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 02-20-23-329

2:25am Bathroom Nicole and Corey
Nicole – I just want Tomorrow to be here.. I just want to know.. I was just tryign to beat Paul as long as he didn’t win I would be safe to be hionest with you
Corey – that will be so messed up if she puts us up… why would she
Nicole – they are all goign to try and talk her into it.. there’s 3 of them and 4 of us
Corey – we’ve never done anything to her
Nicole – I just hope you get the care package.. (lol)
Nicole – we just need to survive this week
Corey – depends on the care package it could be bad
Nic – if Paul gets it
Nic – I thought you had won for sure.. I thought James had it
Corey – James was at 2 I was at 8.. I was at 8 the entire time.. I spent 3 rounds trying to get that one off.. 8, 9 and 10
Nicole says she found “all five of mine in the gunk”
COrey says she should have looked in there.

Nicole – everything happens for a reason
Corey – we have to suck up to Natalie big time and keep our a$$es off the block
Nicole – we can’t make it look obviousssssssss.. She already promised meeeeeeeee
Corey – what about me

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 03-01-43-422
2:49pm Tokyo room Nicole and Corey

Corey – it will be the dumbest thing ever to keep those two
Corey – it’s me, james and you.. Get Paul and Michelle out for sure.. Then it’s final 5 it’s me you natalie and James..
Corey is working on numbers trying to convince him and Nicole that the best game move is for Natalie to nominate Paul and Victor.
Nicole – I don’t want Michelle to have the care package.. She’s 100% with them
Corey – Please give me the care package it’s my only shot..

Nicole – please send Corey the care package please..
Corey – please
Nicole – We’re in danger.. We’re in danger like always.. (ZOMG)
Nic – they are so happy they think we’re going up 100%..
Corey – Golly… I really need that care package.. (Golly?)

Nicole – I DOn’t want to pressure her..
Corey – it might be a blessing in disguise.. Natalie winning..

Nicole – I prayed my heart out to get that HOH and God didn’t want me to have it.. I prayed harder than I have ever pray before COrey.. Like Hour long sessions.
Corey – I know I prayed..
Nicole – everything happens for a reason

Corey says not in a million years would he ever have thought Natalie would beat him in that type of comp.
Nicole – work smarter than harder.. I hope she keeps her word to me and respect that you worked so hard ..
Nicole – it wouldn’t be smart for her to put us up.. It’s a game though so she can easily go back on her word
Corey – she’s got to be smart.. If she doesn’t put you up no reason to put me up..

Corey – dude he said that whole crying thing he said he fakes that.. No..
Nicole – noooooo
They start fantasizing about eh care package…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 02-55-52-738

2:55pm bathroom Natalie, James, Paul and Victor
Natalie going on about Paulie calling her a princess.. Etc etc.. just bringing up all the Paulie drama again..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 03-18-57-248

Victor is cleaning the shower.. (Victor is awesome.. he’s actually scrubbing it. I’ve posted picture of the shower before it’s the most disgusting thing)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 03-11-54-831

Paul tells them he’s proud of her winning the HOH and he’s sticking to their friendship.. Paul says she does what’s best for her but he’s on board to what they had planned. Re iterates it’s her HOH do what she needs..

Natalie – whoever I’m putting on the block is going out i’m going to tell them.
James – you can’t tell them
Victor – you can’t tell anyone.. You can’t make a definitive statement
Paul – I’ll leave you alone.. Do what’s best for your game, You earned your HOH, I’m proud of you I’m glad you didn’t quit .
Paul – umm..
Natalie – I did not think I was going to win this
Paul – I’m still sticking to our friendship, if something is in the best interest of you go ahead and do it..
Natalie – thank you
Paul – you’re welcome .. and that’s the last thing you’ll hear from your boy
Natalie – thanks paul ,.. Vic thanks for getting rid of Paule.. LOVE you for that
Victor – Ya i’m sticking to what we said
Natalie – ya
Victor – I’ve done that twice already
Paul – if they cut a sweet deal I’m not going to bug you take the deal .. you earned your HOH do what’s best for you
Natalie –
Victor – I’ve stuck to my guns every time

Natalie – i stick to my guns to
Paul – you earned it good job
Natalie – thanks for encouraging me
Paul – I’m glad you felt what a real HOh win is like and you won at a pivotl time.. You deserve it..
Natalie – thanks

Paul leaves..

James and Victor joking around.. .

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 03-19-35-435

3:17am bathroom
Natalie – that was a real hard one for me was it hard for you jamezeee
Natalie thinks james threw that comp to her.
Victor says he didn’t, he explains that the nature of the competitions makes throwing it impossible.
James – I was giving you a run for your money
Natalie – i was giving you a run for your money to

Natalie – he (Paulie) called me a Jersey chasers.. you know what that means I go after athletes…
Jamess- i’m a athlete
Natalie – i’m an athlete too

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natile michell girl power hoh vote for michell America care packages 4


I am really not a fan of Nicole because she has never been intuitive enough to know what is actually going on in the house. Either season. It doesn’t seem like she really cares either as long as she has her showmance to cling to. Her whining is so annoying, too. Stop whining and play the game! Hayden was at least aware of what the game is and he had a pleasant and likeable personality. This year’s showmance behaves as if he recently took a fastball to the head. This guy displays zero personality, didn’t even bother campaigning for himself last week, makes no effort to socialize with other houseguests, and questions why others wouldn’t want to keep him around? And now he thinks that “America” should give him the care package to help him out? The biggest thing that bugs me about Corey is that he supposedly is a baseball coach. It’s baseball season…if you are a coach, what are you doing locked away in the Big Brother house for the summer?


Nicole will win for lying on her back all season…WAKE UP HOUSE GUEST


Simon and Dawg, I love that picture of Nicole and Corey laying in bed as they wonder why anyone would want to put them up! It was totally hilarious that the previous pictures had James trying to plunge the stopped up shower, Corey in the shower, followed by Vic actually scrubbing out the shower. Er, ah, Corey…maybe everyone would want to put you up because you do absolutely nothing!


Well I’ll be damned. Go Natalie! Perhaps this will be the boost she needed in order to stop complaining about herself.


Should be an interesting week.

Eagle Ears

I’m glad she sees through Paul’s BS the same way she saw through Paulie’s. The same way everyone saw through Frank’s. I do enjoy it when people get caught overplaying. I just don’t know if she’ll be able to get it done with the care package going to Victor or Michelle.


Hope Big Meech or Vic wins the Care Package since James and Nat defected to the other side. Hopefully, we can get Nicole on the block for the first time

Don't get ahead of yourself

Nobody has defected yet. They all just need to sort through Paulie’s bullshit that he threw out before he left.


Nicole and Corey successfully turned James and Nat gainst Paul before the HOH began.


Nooooooooo! Don’t put me uuuuuuuuuup! I don’t wanna be on the blooooooooooock!

Team Edward

Liz and Julia are back in the house?


Lol!! I am reading this and I can hear Nicole’s whiny voice


I don’t care – Nicole is definitively the biggest floater in the house now and I want to see her and Cory up on the block together SOOOOO BBBAAAAAADDDDD (whine). Way to go Nat!

Powder Puff Cat

It may be hard, due to split votes – Corey has Nicole/Corey/Derrick? fans voting for him – pauline did shout outs. On Twitter Corey is looking good to some people there is a big push (I did not look read it on reddit) I have been voting for Victor all week hope he wins if not Meech.

Natalie's eyelashes



DAWG, you have Nat listed as the POV HOLDER instead of HOH. Is that a premonition? Lol



I just took a GIANT shit in your bed

Go NatNat!!!

Geez Louise

You should respect the wishes of Simon and Dawg and change your user name or at least change to “sh!t”. They work hard and deserve that.


dawg — why is our nat shown as pov holder


Dude is probably working on negative 4 hours sleep. As my 2 y/o grand daughter says when she has an “accident”……”It happens”


Nicely done Nat Nat!


Yaaas Natalie Yaaaas!!!!


Hope Nat doesn’t listen to Nic. Nic hates her. Nic was so mad when she won the care package I can’t imagine what she is going to say now that Nat has won an HOH comp before her. She’ll probably say they threw it to her. Now Nic will be Nat’s besty which kind of makes me sick after everything thats been said. Seems like James and Nat might go after Vic and Paul before Nic and corey. Hope they are not making a mistake. Looks like we still get to see some drama after all. Pass the popcorn!


Nicole doesn’t hate natalie. Actually they both think they hate each other but Nat never said anything against Nicole and Nicole never said anything against Nat. It’s just that Paul spread shit (i can’t stand him).
It seems like you hate Nicole 🙂 Calm down <3


Where have you been? Nicole has hated Natalie since week 2. She thinks Natalie wants Corey. Corey is pretty much at fault for that, but Nicole hates her none the less.


First of all I don’t hate and second of all your wrong Nic has said plenty of things against Nat. Go back and look at the feeds.


ummmm what show have you been watching? Not BB18 for sure. Better take your meds for those delusions you’re having….

TX rar

You are right. Nicole has hated Nat since she was told Nat & Corey were flirting. Nicole only talks to other girls if she wants so ething from them.

An Apple A Day

Nicole has been such a hater of the girls in the house. She’s said over and over again she doesn’t talk or hang around with any of those people in the house because she doesn’t like them. She’s so anti-social so beyond being the biggest floater, she’s played a two-faced, whiny social game. So want to see her go!

Ok this is hilarious

“Corey – we have to suck up to Natalie big time”

My how things have changed.

TX rar

Corey (and Nicole) keep saying “we have done nothing to them. It would be messed up if they put us up”. Hellloooo!!! You are playing a game! (At least the other are playing). You have been against them from day 1.

Nominate Corey & Nicole !!!


Hope Nat knows that Vic, Paul & Meech have had her back while Nic & Corey have stated how much they dislike her. If only they had the balls to tell Nat all they’ve said about her, Nat wouldnt be so quick to deflect. Once again, they fell into Paulies trap & he isn’t even there. Sad, really…they bitch about certain ppl playing the game with their emotions when thats ALL NiCorey & Jatalie do. Nat/James dont give into the dark side!


Are you simple? Paul, Victor, and Michelle are only working with her because they are using her to further their game. They’ve all trashed Natalie behind her back. Every single person left in the house except James. Natalie owes them nothing.

That's true

People do seem to have forgotten that Paul was an absolutely tool who said horrible things up until about a week ago.


Exactly! believe me I am in the front seat of the can’t stand Nicole the whiner and major Tom the space cadet but in terms of game you need to take out the bigger threats. Paul and Vic can beat them more often then not and compared to these two a$$hats it is a no-brainer. IF Nat were to get to finals with Vic or Paul they are more likely the winner versus sitting next to Nicole or even Corey. It is not about who you like to me, it is all about who you have a better chance of beating in comps and in jury votes. That is why I don’t root for anyone or have a set favorite. They call it “the dark side” LOL I call it the less likely to beat me side.


Major Tom The Space Cadet!! Lol

Natalie To Win

Natalie only has a chance to win if she’s up against Nicole. The boys are going to vote for Nicole or Corey except for James. I think the other girls would all vote for Natalie except maybe Z. (If Paulie persuades her). And if she’s up against James, James will definitely win. :(. I’m rooting for Natalie to be up against Nicole!

Franks fumes

OK Nat wins HOH…..Meech is co HOH……BRIDGETT wins buyback takes her spot next to Nat…..Complete power shift to the girls if they play their cards right….Heres hoping!


No, DA’VONNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


YES! I can’t believe people talking about hoping Da comes back. For what? She had no game at all. I heard someone say she would stir sh&t up! Really even when she knew she was going out she didn’t stir up anything just sat there with that sour puss on her face. She did a lot of finger waving and weave flipping in the DR talking about what she knew and who she had her eye on but she sat on the end of the couch with a bible waiting on divine intervention. Please no Da not now or ever again.


What are you people talking about?! Day was pure entertainment, she is the only one that didn’t give Zak a “sorry girl” (like Nat did) for being stupid to Paulie. Last night was gold watching her watch the eviction videos.
P.S your bringing up “weave”. News flash many Americans wear hair extensions… Who cares.
I hate how Tiffany overplayed the braid flick.
I’m not a Day fan, but I give credit where credit is due. If she was winning comps and keeping her mouth shut she probably would go further, but maybe not cause this season was all about showmance


Flipping her weave around is only that. she was flipping her hair back and forth in the DR talking big but never actually did ANYTHING! You said if she is winning comps and keeping her mouth shut well in the 2 seasons she has yet to win a comp or keep her mouth shut. Regardless I think the only one who could actually come in and rally the women to even have a shot is Bridgette. Da does not like Nicole and won’t work with her. I had high hopes for Da in the beginning and thought the vets would work together but Da couldn’t seem to work with anyone and turned on every group she was in.


I said no COMMA Da’vonne. I WANT her back.


I’m really hoping that it’s Bridgett that gets back in – not Paulie. It will be interesting to see who gets the care package and who actually gets put up. I would think Corey would go up and I think it’s hysterical that he said to Nicole “If she doesn’t put you up no reason to put me up”.

Paulie definitely got a better edit than he deserved on the show but I do think he ended up looking like an idiot anyway. Can’t wait to see the reaction of the girls in the jury house when Paulie gets there.

Natalie To Win

I would love to see Bridgette and Natalie at the end! They both deserve it for blowing up Paulies game!! Even Michelle at the end with Natalie! Any girl combo. Tired of boys winning!!! I wish a girls alliance could have survived.

Too Bad

It’s too bad that now that when someone other than a power player is in a position to make a move of their own (and is willing to do it), the Care Package holder will be able to hold her hostage with the threat of putting James on the block.

Only one other time this season has a non-power-player held power. Bridgette. And she gave it away to her crush-mance.

Not Cute

Listen to these people on the live feeds begging for the care package. Little do they know, there is no group strategy out here. Just voting for the most liked house guest available.

And little do they know that by the time we have all the information we need to be able to target someone with a coordinated effort, the voting is over.

It’s really silly.game mechanic.


oh yeah LOL LIke production doesn’t have final say in everything on this rigged pos show

Franks fumes



Way to go Nat Nat!


Co HOH ,, should be interesting not much to choose from, only one will save, i really hope the girl could win this season.

Franks fumes

I know this is off subject right now but couldn’t believe how easy Pauline got off with the Chenbot interview……I remember the racist chick from season 15 and Cristine the Cody buttsniffer from season 16 got a nasty ass booing and dressing down by the Chenbot……Double standard for The Califlowery family of douches.


Not a fan of PPPaulie, but he did recover a little bit at the end. I think dude does have a few serious mental issues though.
If Zak was still in the house and he had he had a more recent episode of verbal abuse while she was crying he would have gotten booed to the point he wouldn’t had been able to speak.
Realistically he got what he deserved already (for a full week lol) we all saw him break down a few times and get a full taste of his own medicine.


So happy Nat won HoH.
This should even out the Care Package Co-HoH nominations this week. I think Nat will probably put Paul up on the block if he doesn’t get the package and depending who gets the lucky box we mights see Nicole up with him or Corey. It’s going to be an interesting week for sure.
As far as the Jury buy back goes – whoever comes back will be sent packing out the door right away anyways. I don’t think the House Guests will keep them around too long – Once will be enough for all of them.


I think Nat wants Paul on the block however I think Vic will get the care package so that will change what her power as to who goes up. I think it will be Corey and Nicole on the block? Vic may be able to convince her they were not going after James. Toss up

Franks fumes

Nat….Please put up Nicole and Corey………we deserve to watch them squirm after having to watch their sorry asses all season.


Nobody on BB is ever obligated to give you what you think you deserve. They are playing the game, not you.

Franks fumes

Responding to Wow….Please see if their is a tear in the back of my pants…..a little closer….now inhale my fumes!


Don’the understand why nat would side with corey. He is the one to get out Bridgette. Supposedly her best friend in the house.


Simon or Dawg
I thought they usually sequestered the jury when there is a buy back? Victor didn’t have the advantage of watching video clips and hearing the trash talk from other evicted guests. Oh well.

Congrats Natalie and Bridget for the buy back!


They always get to watch those clips when they get in the jury house. Victors doing fine without seeing any clips actually.


There have been many seasons where they brought a juror back into the game and they have all been in jury house getting the weekly updates from the other jurors. They sequestered the non jurors for this special occasion.


Worst case scenario is Corey wins care package and wants to nominate Paul and Victor. If Natalie wants to get out Nicole she could start out by agreeing to put up both guys. Then have everyone that’s not Nicole and Corey throw the veto to her nominee and replace her nominee with Nicole. She’ll be out the door.

Then hopefully Bridgette returns and the girls make a sweep of it with James getting tossed at #4.


If COrey doesn’t win the care package, I hope they send him out the door so he’ll have to face Paulie in the comeback comp. That’ll keep Paulie with just Nicole.


Well I was on the road all day yesterday and ended up with a flat tire on the highway. I just got up so I could vote for Victor for Care Package and just got in 100 more votes total. Fingers crossed that COOOORRRRRY doesn’t get the CAAAAREEEEE PACKAGEEEEEEE. DIdn’t pray about it though, because I don’t believe God gives advantages like this in a competition.


Nat puts up Paul. Vic puts up Corey. Meech might put up Vic knowing she can’t beat him. Interesting. I am guessing co-hoh can’t vote either. Nat and Meech might go for girl power. James, Corey and Nicole vote out Paul because that’s who Nat is targeting. Cou!ld be good week but i wish it was a co-hoh pkg. now.


wasn’t. My above post.


Say what you will about Day, but I LOVED how she looked at Zak face like she was the dumbest tool in the shed when they were watching the video. Everyone else has been handling Zak with kiddie gloves, but Especially after Day saw that PPPaulie won veto and didn’t use it on his showmance …it was priceless! Crazy thing is they asked Zak if she would do anything different she said she basically didn’t know…face Palm.

The bet my bottom dollar Bridget did not want to be in the house with Zak and Day with Paulie added… It’s her worst nightmare lol.
I’m guessing Paulie will win the battle back considering he will have fresher legs, if it’s a mental comp it’s anyone’s game cause all those people are stupid except Day and Bridget.


I really want Da’ back. She’s really smart and perceptive; she just needs to work on shutting up. People always say that because she can’t win comps she’s a waste of a houseguest, but I would direct those people toward Dr. Will. Now Da’ is no Dr. Will, but she was instrumental in turning Tiffany into a house enemy, which led to her nomination (twice) and eventual eviction. She was also instrumental in turning the house against Frank, which led to his nomination and eviction. These may not have been great moves, but she CAN still do stuff without comp wins.


James’s face when Pauianna said he was afraid of butterflies !


There’s no one she can work with though. She didn’t give Natalie the time of day, Paul and Victor sent her out already and will do so again, James turned on her and further alienated her by making sure Zakiyah went out. Da’Vonne won’t work with James for that and the fact he’s with Natalie. She and Nicole were looking to target each other (hilarious because they can’t win anything) and that leaves out Corey. She might be able to work with Meech but Meech has a new crew who wouldn’t want Da’Vonne in the mix.


Poor Bridgette. Lol


Nat is going to nominate Paul (if she is smart) Big Meech is going to win the care package and nominate Nicole (finally).
If the moms are the same on eviction night… James and Corey will vote out Paul. Victor will vote out Nicole.
Paul goes to jury.


I just want to see Nicole in the block once and for all

Keep Paul!

If Paul leaves now, the live feeds will be less exciting than watching paint dry. I like Natalie, but she is already annoying as HOH.


Agree Paul is entertaining, Nat is a bit annoying. I do see Paul leaving this week though, his only vote to keep would be Victor. Everyone else sees him as a threat and people don’t forget how he was running with Paulie


Damn! Look at that freaking shower with all of the empty bottles. someone was talking about dirty used razors laying all over the place. Con Corleone was gagging about a huge hairball one time. WTF!!! I am in a wheelchair and can keep the shower, toilet and bathroom in general a lot cleaner then these lazy slobs. Like Vic I am always running the wet jet (hate wheel marks on the kitchen floor!) Come on the trash in the bathroom is always overflowing. I remember back in the day them being told to clean up. In these penalty comps instead of the stupid costumes it should be you have to clean and are responsible for all dishes or something. I guess “kids” today are not taught responsibility at home. We always had chores after supper. One had to wash one had to dry, one had to sweep. We were all required to make our beds and clean our room. Holy crap I would be scared to catch something in that cesspool. If it got any nastier it could give that Rio water a run for it’s money.


That hairball-in-the-shower freak out from Paulie was the best! I laugh every time I rewatch it. I think that was the night my opinion of Victor started to change.


As part of the have-nots (or instead of) they should be assigned weekly chores. Wash the dishes, clean the floors, scrub the toilet, etc. These people have nothing to do all day. There is really no excuse for the sloppy house. They are just spoiled.

TX rar

Victor is cleaning the shower.. Victor and sometime James/Nat are the only ones that I ever see cleaning! I havent seen Nicole or Meech lift a lazy finger to clean all season. Yuk.


Yes! Nicole and meech NEVER clean. I was commenting about that on the feeds the other day, and a Nicole fan was like yes she does! I said ok give me one instance, and crickets. Lol. She never answered me back.


Well in Munchie’s defense she never has a free hand or free minute she is shoveling food in her mouth like it is an Olympic event. Nothing to do all day and can’t even clean up? You are right I can’t recall ever seeing Nic-whiney even wash a dish or get involved in cooking for the group. Vic cleans and cooks for everyone. when you can’t even throw away an empty shampoo bottle it is time for an intervention. What was there 4 of them in there?

Mr. Clean

With a house full of slobs, I agree with the idea of having a “cleaning” penalty. It would have been much more entertaining to see Paulie in a HazMat suit cleaning the toilet. Him baking pies was like watching paint dry. Borrrrring.


JULIE … you just had to tell us a jury member is coming back into the house didn’t you … Getting the feeling the script says we may be seeing a Victor vs. Paulie in the final 2

Generally Speaking

Generic plea to HOH:

You’re not my target.
I have your back.
I’ve always liked you.
I feel we can work together.
Am I going up?
I don’t think I am.
Because I trust you completely.
I feel good about us moving forward.
Thanks for listening.
**Long Hug**

D.J. Trump

I D.J. Trump, am calling on all Americans to send there votes in for Corey. Corey is a shining example of the all American Boy, Tall, handsome and has a really great mind ok believe me. He has been praying biggly and deserves your vote. Thank You America.

An Apple A Day

LOL Trump would NEVER push for Cory. He’s done nothing. (Shot!). He’s boring as heck (Shot!). And he doesn’t tell the truth (“Honestly,,, SHOT!”).

Jake K.

If Meech wins the care package (which seems likely based on most online polls), she is is the best position to win this game bar-none. She is now the least on anyone’s radar. Even most jurors who came back would likely be willing to keep her around or work with her. There is a reason super fans tend to win this show….the end game strategy becomes super important. She isn’t on Nat or James radar nor Paul/Vic. Corey and Nicole want to go after Paul/Vic. If Day/Zak/Bridgette comes back she has girl power and would likely make a final four deal with James/Nat. Paulie comes back and she is least on his radar.

Go Meech!!!!


I never see Nicole cook or clean. What’s up with that?

Generally Speaking

Paraphrased Transcript:

Nat: Give me some dirt on Paul.
Nic: I have your back one hundred percent.
Nat: What has he said about me.
Nic: Me and Corey have your back.

Nat: Did Paul ever say anything about me?
Cor: I have your back.
Nat: I need a reason to put Paul up.
Cor: Vic is good at comps.

Michelle hates Nicole

Natalie isn’t nominating Paul. If anything she will try to backdoor him after the POV. I doubt that also but she sure as hell isn’t putting him at first nominations..

All I care about is Nicole going up and if Michelle wins the care package that is a lock. Put the wicked, self etitled, lying, fake, desperate, thirsty witch on the block and let’s all enjoy her misery.

It will be one of my most enjoyable BB moments ever watching Nicole suffer for a week then exit while Corey sheds not one tear for her:-)

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Natalie is HoH? Rigged!

JK! Congratulations!

But she has to be smart about it. Nicole and Corey must go up. If one of them comes down, then you put up one of the boys as a pawn. Michelle was up twice during the double eviction, so I’m sure they will be ok with her not being the pawn. Just give the boys a taste of the block. Paul hasn’t been up there in a while. Remind him that he can go up at any time. But definitely don’t vote out one of your people at this point. You also have to think about the jury buy back. Most of the the jurors will be on the Nicole/Corey side of the house. If you vote out one of your people and they stay out, then your people become the minority after the jury buy back. I’m sure it’s on their mind now that the return ticket “twist” is done.

Big brother 18

Natilie is so into Corey. I’ve never seen her look at James the way she does with Corey. She was twirling her hair like crazy. She looked at Corey with doe eyes. Corey and Natilie talking together was like James wasn’t even in the room. Her body language said it all. As soon as Corey talked to Natilie she switched teams. She listening to everything he says.


If i were Vic i would also sanitize the bumper car and the bed were paulie “boned” Z. They might as well burn sage to get rid of all that bad energy from Paulie. It was exhausting to watch him and i can only imagine who draining it was for them.


So proud of Nat! She laid low all season and observed and when the time came, she called Paulie out and started to make moves. She’s smart. Playing too hard in this game gets you evicted (paul is playing waaaay too hard). She was smart to find a balance. I’m rooting for her to win!


“Nicole – I prayed my heart out to get that HOH and God didn’t want me to have it.. I prayed harder than I have ever pray before COrey.. Like Hour long sessions.
Corey – I know I prayed..
Nicole – everything happens for a reason”

I can’t stop laughing, Dimensional Nicole really beleives she won that Care Package flat out and not by default as we know. Best move for Natalie is nominating Nicole abd Corey, Vic and Paul helped take out Paulie so it wouldn’t be bad to keep them safe til after POV(there’s always backdoor option”.. James should help her make the best possible decision for their game..


Oh man, James and Victor have bangin’ bodies! Natalie is just a little cutie. Still hoping that James and Natalie make it to two, and then ride off into the sunset together. (That’s the mama in me.)

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Buyback rankings:

1) Bridgette
2) Whoever gets booted this week
3) Paulie
4) Da
5) Z

If Bridgette doesn’t come in, the only way Natalie does not go home next week is if James wins HoH. She has shown herself to be stronger than most people thought, and they will all worry that the jury will be on her side in final two. James has shown he will swing with whomever is playing strongest, so he is valuable to keep around.

Best strategy for Natalie (assuming Meech gets co-HOH) is to put Vic and Corey up — both are very easy to justify based on comp performance. Taking a direct shot at Paul or Nicole makes no sense, as there is no game justification. If Vic or Corey wins POV, she can put either Nicole or Paul up in their place as a backdoor option. It allows her to stay in the middle of both groups. Meech is actually in the best position to get to final 3, even though she has zero chance of winning the whole thing.

In other news, confirmation that Ian “self evicted” during Paulie’s long, boring speech while watching a GIF of Z getting boned in the bumper car room…….


I just wanna see Nicole on the block she and Corey been softly floating all season trying to stay under the radar. Nicole needs to feel the block.


It would be nice to see Nicole on the block. She’s so scared of going on the block, and if she’s sitting next to Cory i believe she would campaign for them to vote her out instead of him because she thinks he is so awesome. If that don’t work she may self evict. Lol i also wouldn’t mind it if Da came back. Da don’t talk no more then Michelle and any of the other’s in that house so the chocolate hating people are the ones that needs to shut the hell up! Paulie will be evicted again hopefully if he comes back again. I can’t take his shenanigans anymore!


What happened or was said even before the HOH comp that caused Nat to be anti-Paul (other than recognizing him as a threat) and to possibly have her side with NicCorey? Seems I missed something.


I fear Nat is going to come down with a case od HOH-itis, that dreaded affliction that makes a newbie HOH think they are the end all, be all of the house. Yes, she would be smart to target either Vic or Paul, but not together. It’ll just light a fire under the remaining player to target her. While I am rooting for Vic to win the whole enchilada, I’d be okay with anyone except Corey or Nicole.

Just saying

I don’t care for Nicole either but if Natalie and Michelle were smart they will get rid of boys because mat and Nicole will never beat them.. It’s even game for two wimpy whiners to play against each other.