“Dude really I gave up .. you know what screw it they can battle it out” – COrey

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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POv players are = James, Corey, Nataile, Victor, paul and Michelle
Have nots are = Victor and James

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 07-59-01-853

Have nots
This week’s Michelle, Victor and James are the have nots however Michelle is co-hoh

All week they get Cheesecake, Lemon meringue, pumpkin pie etc etc…
Michelle tries one of the pies.. That’s disgusting that tastes like marijuana.. Why does that stay spicey..

(What a fuc** joke this is)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 08-00-26-614

7:56am Tokyo room Nicole and Corey
Nicole – do you remember stuff from the middle of the nighttttt
Corey – dude really I gave up .. you know what screw it they can battle it out
The laugh
Nicole – I couldn’t just stay awakeeeeeeeee
Corey – I know
Nicole – I just couldn’ttttttttttt
They go back to sleep

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 08-02-55-789
8:01am Paul and Michelle studying

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 08-03-59-163

8:03am James and Victor studying All night HARD

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 09-26-36-339

9:14 POV players are picked
(James, Corey, Nataile, Victor, paul and Michelle)
Paul is saying that they ahve a 5 to 1 chance to win the Veto.
Natalie – we got to bring it

Victor, Paul, Michelle and Natalie all meet up in the HOH to study.. (Paul, Michelle and Victor seem to have it figured out)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 09-20-32-395

9:20am Nicole and Corey
Nicole – you going to study or are you not worried
Nicole – I’ve never just so yo know done anything to James
Corey – yeah I know

Corey says him and James have Nicole’s back. Nicole says James won’t look her in the eye or talk to her.

James comes by.
Corey – you going to win this one for us James …
Corey says he’s just wanting to get this comp over with and get out side and kick it.. challenges james to a pool tournament.
Nicole – are you going to try an win
Corey says he will but he’s not sure about the messages after the first 2 or 3.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 09-40-13-977

9:40am havenots James and Michelle
James about Corey and Nicole – I bet you they don’t know
Michelle – doesn’t even matter what Nicole knows she’s not even playing.. Nicole remembered old man winter though
they laugh
James- watch out
They agree Corey and Nicole weren’t even trying to win this Competition. James says Victor, Paul, Michelle or himself will be winning this
Michelle – there’s no way Corey knows it..
Michele – I want to win..
James- ya
James- if Victor or Paul win HOH next week we’re putting up Nicole right
Michelle – I’ll volunteer as a pawn to
James- damn..
Michelle – I trust you guys
James- sh1t .. that’s the plan for next week then..
After Victor leaves James says the only people that can get a care package after Corey leaves is Victor and Paul.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 10-47-27-021

10:50am ZzZzzzzzzz

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 12-03-48-559

12:02pm Natalie and James
Natalie – I didn’t know Paul was still sleeping up here..
Natalie – how was your nap
James – short
(She woke him up)

Natalie says she’s having anxiety over all this.. she wants tot take a nap.
James – studying
Natalie – everything.. yo know.. everything..
James – take a nap
Feeds cut to jeff….

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 12-16-37-569
12:14pm James complaining that Victor and Paul were up in the HOH all night studying he wanted to be with her alone.

Natalie is going to put her foot down and tell them she wants some privacy
James is goign to say something to people telling them to give Natalie a day in her room by herself.
James – it’ll sit better if it comes from me..
Natalie – they’ll think i’m being dramatic
Natalie – at the end of the day I want Victor to win it and if Victor doesn’t win it I Don’t care.
James- if Victor wins Paul is staying up there Corey going up ..
James- honestly I’, thinking about Sending his ass home anyways..
Natalie – Sending Corey home obviously
James says paul is fighting so hard when his life is on the line
James- when it Came down 2 times Corey was sleeping
nat – if we lock the noms.. if Victor stays up there he’s the bigger threat pepople are voting him out
nat – I like Victor he desreve to make it far in this game I respect his game.. he doesn’t talk shit about people..

Natalie – Victor went out with pride.. he didn’t scheme.
Natalie – I want Corey out
James – I know
James – we could take Corey out this week
Natalie – do I want that blood on my hands.. lets say Nicole win
James – oh well she’s putting us up if we take him out
Natalie – the way he’s behaving is not OK.. telling me I am using teh veto on him..
they are going back to wanting to get Paul out of the house. Natalie says PAul controls Victor.
James says Paul is good at talking and had them all convinced upstairs that he’s a saint.
Natalie says paul is very good with his words, “I know he’s been lying that is why he’s been paranoid.. he cannot win this veto”
James – if he does win this veto he’ll be sending Victor home..
Natalie – wait if he pulls himself down.. umm.. it’s going to be Nicole and …
James- Nicole is going up
nat – who else you?
nat – if Paul/Vic wins the veto Corey is going up and he’s going home
James- Corey isn’t a threat..
They agree Paul is the most dangerous and she has to go this week
James is claiming to be 100% all game and he can keep everything on game.
James now claiming that Nicole and Corey will not put them up next week if they put them up next week. James think she can talk to Nicole to keep them off the block.
Natalie – my gut is telling me to take out Paul and Corey.. right now

12:47pm HOH Natalie and James
James comes out of the Diary room rolls upstairs to chat with Natalie.. Natalie is called into the diary room shortly after. she finishes up her makeup
Natalie is complaining that Paul was asking her if she was studying
Natalie says she’s confused
James – don’t be confused people will be manipulative even when thy say they are not

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 12-13-57-270

Sad cause Corey never studied and Nicole’s name wasn’t picked

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 13-17-53-965

1:16pm – 2:00pm Natalie and James
saying regardless of who goes this week it’s win win for them.
James- when that back door opens up me and Corey are goign to be buds.. you and Nicole.. dude we can ride this out
James says Victor or Paul have to definitely has to go (James ruining the season again.. for me at least 😉 )
James- just blame it on me.. I’ll be the deciding vote.. Nicole will vote and I will vote..
James says he’ll vote Corey out if that’s what Natalie wants but James thinks they should stick with Nicole and Corey.
Natalie – Corey goes homes Nicole will be pissed
James- she will be alone too.. she won’t have anybody.. (DING DING)
James- it wasn’t in my best interest to win the next 2 weeks. we always gotta stay in that middle.. we’ve been in that middle for a long time.
James wants to go back to playing the middle.

James says Natalie did a good job she put 2 strong players up and they are not pissed off at her
James – y’all playing big brother you just don’t know it all
Natalie about Meech – She called Nicole a snake

Natalie says Michelle will latch onto anybody that offers her safety. Natalie explains that in the have nots Michelle was dead set on getting Nicole out and it took almost no effort to get her to flip.
James – we’ve never f***d Nicole or Corey over/.. (hmm.. .when you voted Zakiyah out?)
Natalie is now claiming to control Michelle and Michelle will put up whoever she tells her to put up.
Natalie thinks Michelle will want to put up Corey now not Nicole..

Natalie saying that Corey isn’t even trying to win competitions but then Paul seems to be trying too hard for someone who always claims not to want to win.
James claims he can beat Corey in a lot of the HOH’s “I would have beat him this time if I hadn’t slipped and fall”

Natalie says if Corey and Nicole win and Paul stays in the game it’s OK for them.
Natalie is saying they have to stay good with Michelle and Paul/Victor and hope Corey and Nicole survive..
James- I wold feel better if Paul or Victor are gone
Natalie – that weakens that group
James says it’s even once Paul or Victor go. (Then Paulie comes back looking for targets)
James says once Paul is gone he’ll take Michelle or Natalie to the end not him.
Natalie calls James a straight shooter. James says nobody realizes how strategic he is playing. (Is James popular with the TV audience?)

Natalie claims she took the biggest threat in the house down.. she then credits Victor but says she got the ball rolling.
James says “WE flipped the house that led Paulie being evicted”
Natalie says now that Corey and Nicole are by themselves.. they have to pick off one person from the other side.
James think Victor will put Corey and Nicole up and they can keep riding the middle to the end.

2pm – 2:25pm HOH room Nat and James. Nat says if this happens I have to just work on damage control with Meech. Why am I so indecisive. I need to stick to my guns. I’m being too indecisive. James says that’s normal for you first HOH. Nat says Paul is a little smart cookie.. he is a smart guy.. you notice how he only started sh*t talking to Nicole and Corey after we decided on this plan to keep them. If I was out there sh*t talking .. blowing up people’s games I would have been like buh bye! I did that kind of to Paulie .. but that was a game move. I felt bad for hurting your feelings and Z too. James says it hurt my feelings but.. Nat says I think he just thought I was a dumb flirty girl. James says I just know that Corey and Nicole want to work with us because we’re a couple. They like me and I think they like you too. Right now they are more trustworthy than Paul. Nat says oh 100%. I can’t wait for these noms to get locked. James asks do you want Corey to win the veto? Nat says I don’t mind if he does. Then he will keep the noms the same and we can send Paul home. I don’t want to win it because I dont want the blood on my hands. James says I’m probably not going to try and win it. Nat says he (Paul) thinks he can use us for strategy. I think Paul thinks he can manipulate us because we’re emotional players. Nat says at the end of the day I really hope Corey and Nicole don’t come after us. James says if that happens I will tell them to just put me up and leave you out of it.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 14-37-00-984
Nat says Paul is gunning for Nicole so keeping him in this game isn’t a horrible situation. James says my gut is telling me we’re safe for one more week and then we have to go balls to the wall. Nat tells James don’t try to win this veto. I don’t want any more blood on my hands. Its funny he thinks he can manipulate me into winning it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 14-22-43-034

2:23pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto competition.
3:35pm Still blocked.
4:20pm no feeds..

5pm No feeds for you
5:35pm nope not yet..

6:55pm Still nothing..


This is a BB storm watch Update…

Throughout the night the houseguests got storm watch announcements. they will be asked questions about these during the Power of Veto today.

First one
The BB area is encountering a slow moving storm front authorities are calling it Super storm glenn countless coconuts have been reported falling to the ground. Doppler radar is showing that it is raining cats and well groomed dogs forecast for super storm Glenn low pressure system will quickly dissipate.. It originated in the North East, anticipate half inch of rain and 2 lbs of dog hair this has not been seen since superstorm Jodie..

This is a BB storm update
While residents are still feeling the effects of superstorm Glenn. Another storm is rolling in Superstorm Joeza. A fierce weather system with swirling winds of 25mph and gusts of 40 mph
People are already calling this the Messiah of bad weather, This storm goes higher than normal water levels in Eviction County, But, despite initial claims.
The seas have not actually parted. Super Storm Jozea is a noisy storm, travelling towards the BB house at 22 miles per hour, The system is 78 miles wide
Stay tuned to BB Weather for further updates

This is a BB storm update
Earlier reports called the storm the messiah of bad weather are now being called a serious exaggeration.
The BB Weather Center is tracking yet another system. Large raindrops seem to be the call sign of the storm being dubbed Super storm Tiffany. Super storm Tiffany is rolling into the area bringing non stop rain. It has an impressive cloud canopy. BB weather trackers report that it’s similar lesser version of last year’s SuperStorm Vanessa. Stay tuned to BB weather for more updates.

This is a BB storm update
Super storms Jozea and Tiffany continue to pester the immediate BB area and if things weren’t bad enough superstorm Frank is coming down from the chill town area a cold surge. Old man winter the likes that haven’t been seen since 2012. Superstorm Frank is producing High pressure systems and unpredictable weather patterns it is predicted to bring a combination of snow, sleet, Rain, hail and sun. To make matter worst superstorm Frank is being trailed by a smaller storm. Super storm Bridgette which is expected to hang around in superstorm Frank’s wake stay tuned for the next BB storm watch update..

This is a BB storm update
An update now on Superstorm Tiffany, it’s now producing freezing rain conditions with gusts up to 64mph Tear size hail is expected from this storm the BB weather history center has filed a report on SuperStorm Glenn… They note that this system was a force for less than 29 hours. It had a high temperature of 73 and a low of 65 with a very distinct Boogie Down Bronx accent.. Some question whether it should be considered a weather event at all.
Stay tuned for the next BB storm watch update

This is a BB storm update
The convergence of superstorm Jozea Tiffany and Frank have caused problems throughout the region. super storm Jozea hit the key region NotsVille and LostVeto. Superstorm Tiffany closed down the PowerPeninsula, SafetyVille and the Toezarks.
This has caused RV’s in backdoor country to get stuck.
Authorities caution residents to stay off the streets to avoid having BB roadkill. Stay tuned for the next BB storm update..

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Go Victor!


Vic or Paul needs to win the POV because if they don’t, production is gonna tell who ever else wins to not use the POV.


Completely agree with you. For some stupid reason they want Corey and Nicole there. Not gonna lie though, I like Natalie and James the most, and for their game that should want Vic gone. They could beat Nicole and Corey in a comp. They can’t beat Vic though. Even Paul. I think he’s better at comps then he let’s on. I absolutely hate that Nicole and Corey are still there but for Natalie and James, Vic or Paul need to go. Let’s just pretend Corey goes this wk. and there’s no jury buy back(bc the houseguests don’t know about it), so Corey goes leaving Nicole alone. Let’s say Vic or Paul win HOH. You think they’re gonna take Nicole out? Absolutely not. They’re gonna go after Natalie and James(a duo). Let’s say Vic goes. And Corey and Nicole win.They’ll most likely put up Paul and Michelle. Just my thoughts. If Natalie or James doesn’t win(the whole thing), I wouldn’t mind seeing Vic win it though. He’s done a great job after returning and he could really use the money:)


Production needs to take a FIRM seat and let the HG play the game. Telling HG what to say and do in the DR is just wrong. Production hands are in too many pots… the HG come right out of DR and tell us what was said… that is why we get fish a lot. Production please sit down and stop interfering with HG and their game. If production wants to play the game then send the boring HG home. Then let us know CBS production is playing BB18. JUST LIKE THAT! am just saying

I'm tellin ya...

If its true production sticks their nose in and steers the way for the house guests, let me know for certain, cuz I have better things to do with ALL THE TIME WATCHING BB thinking its legit! geeez


We have to remember that we heard that 2nd hand and the “parents” might of only been asking leading questions, Nat asked, so you want Nic and Cory here. I doubt they said yes. “Parents” need to ask the questions to keep the hg guessing.

I do also agree production asks question to sway.

TX rar

BB production needs to take several seats. Lol

Tiny Trump hands

But what happens when Paulie comes back and wants to go F3 with Nicole and Corey?

BB18 Worst Season

BB18 Worst Season says:
August 20, 2016 at 7:32 am
This season was full of unneccessary grade school drama…as far as true gamers..the only people that were actually playing were: Frank, Da’vonne, Paulie, Victor and Paul….everyone else was either wrapped up in a Fakemance/ Grossmance, or focused on the drama and not competing.

Out of the remaining houseguests, im cheering for Victor/Paul…James, Nicole are on the wrong show..should be looking for dating show…Natalie is a hypocrite…she tries to play the game and then cries and whines once she has to make a decision…Corey is as useless as ever..


I actually think this is the best season since BB14


It’s not a bad season but these “twists” and in some cases blatant interference is just irritating.

Hide the chips

Sorry but Da was only talking about playing the game.
Btw this can’t be the worst season … watching week after week of Frankie? Aaryn, GM and the rest of the racists?


Last season and Frankie season were the worst. Last season there were 0 likeable hgs, framkies was bad because no one knew how to play the game and we were stuck with frankie too long. Bb15 had the most hated hgs of all time but it was at least amusing.

Ian's Lament

The fact that everyone is cheering for a houseguest that’s already been evicted shows just how terrible this cast and season has been.

Double D

If Victor is evicted and wins his way back. He will be the 1st BB player to be voted out twice and returned.
If that doesn’t secure jury votes, nothing will.

sunny dee

no doubt in my mind since nat said ‘;production told her’ to work with nicorey that their intention is to have vic evicted in order to battle back in against paulie. otherwise who is going to beat paulie, and i kind of think maybe production doesn’t want paulie back in, plus great milestone to have vic have to battle back in.

i don’t think based on their comments that there is any way corey is going to win that veto. it’s a tough one at the best of times, but for two people who didn’t bother to study, it’s nearly impossible unless he makes a lot of bang on guesses. i assume it will be a true false kind of veto, so he’s got a good shot at guessing correctly. or maybe it is that play or don’t play one, where you add up points until you win.

in which case all he really needs to do is not lose, so not answer any questions?

i don’t think they do the swing/comic book until there are 6 left. i remember people having to read the card for the rules in that one, and no spectators of course, so there isn’t one who isn’t playing it?


The problem is Nat and James change their minds every five minutes. And it`s only Saturday. Thursday is a long, long, long ways away. Nat may even send James home if he doesn`t kiss butt just the way she wants. And she accused Paulie of being a loose cannon. LOL..


The truth is that every season, people like you always say that same thing: this season sucks. In reality, compared to the previous 3 seasons, this season isn’t all that bad. The feeds have been pretty great the last two and a half weeks and we’ve had power shifts and confrontations throughout that time. In the last 2 seasons, how many confrontations and power shifts did we have? Not too many. This season is setting up to be very interesting in the final stretch with 3 duos that don’t trust each other and Michelle in the middle. I’m not a fan of the jury battle back, but at the very least it could be entertaining and with this being a TV show, that’s all that you can hope for.


The truth is that every season, people like you always say that same thing: this season is terrible. In reality, compared to the previous 3 seasons, this season isn’t all that bad. The feeds have been pretty great the last two and a half weeks and we’ve had power shifts and confrontations throughout that time. In the last 2 seasons, how many confrontations and power shifts did we have? Not too many. This season is setting up to be very interesting in the final stretch with 3 duos that don’t trust each other and Michelle in the middle. I’m not a fan of the jury battle back, but at the very least it could be entertaining and with this being a TV show, that’s all that you can hope for.


Don’t think this is the worse season- the one with that bitch Aaryn and Gina Marie, Ginger Rat. and the fat fuck train conductor -that was the absolute worse. Almost every post was “I hate these people, not gonna watch again”.

BB18 Worst Season

Really wasnt worth posting twice…true indeed, there is a certain kindergarten, childish, follow the leader appeal that this cast may have on you…but realistically, this is supposed to be a game with twists and turns based on strategy played for a cash prize…instead we have annoyingly whiny couples, men who act like boys, girls parading as women…a majority who aspired to make it to jury only, and the kicker, houseguests screwing on television and are inquiring on how their kids will look……

So i posted..in my opinion…which houseguests were actually playing Big Brother this season, which is the show they signed up for…And as a long time fan…i could barely state who deserves the grand prize…so for now I will throw support to ppl who appear to be playing… Victor!


How is Victor being previously evicted make it terrible to be rooted for sugar tits?

No Name

It’s not necessarily that the cast is so bad, it’s the way that BB has evolved into “showmances” and “going with the house” mentality.

I know I don’t enjoy watching couples that lay under the sheets all day and play with each others hair.

Or watching folks blow their game away because that’s “what the house wants”

Quite frankly, this house would be much more interesting if the following 7 were still in the house


Everybody else is either an emotional wreck, doesn’t know how to play the game, or is a snooze fest.


Yes I agree. The game would be off the hook if the 7 HG you listed would be in the house right now.


Not a fan of Da’Vonne, and I’m curious as to how Glenn would have done if he had actually had a chance to play. I’d also give Jozea a second chance, at least if he learned a little humility. It did wonders for Paul.


That is a fantastic 7 and you are right. I hated when they got rid of Frank, Tiffany, Da’Vonne, and Paulie quite frankly. This game is a drag. The worst are Paul, Natalie, Michelle, and Victor……I mean they all just whine. Who wants to watch that all day. I thought we’d get some excitement when Paul was put up and at first it was fun but then then went into Zen time. Boring. Nat upset about putting Victor up is DUMB…..why doesn’t she just write him a check. These freaks are not playing the game. They are so dumb.

HOH Crybabies

Victor’s the only one left that I’d like to win, but strategically he should be the one voted off. The other HG are idiots if they keep him.
Well except for Michelle but she has to get rid of Paul first if she wants to get to final 2. Otherwise she’s playing for 3rd at best.

Ian's Lament

I don’t think Paul and Victor have that kind of Derrick Cody loyalty. I am pretty sure if Paul wins the final HOH he will take Michelle over Victor. I would have said 2 weeks ago he could beat Victor but he has too much blood on his hands at this point.


Derrick was going to take Victoria no matter what he says now. Cody was blindly loyal. The fact they both realize they can’t really take the other to the end is what I like about their duo. They both know it’s winner takes all at the end and they are loyal to each other but they both want to win.

Skips mom

If Paul and Vic stay in the block, I hope Vic gets evicted ONLY so he can beat Paulie and re enter the house and go after James and Natalie both!!!


Hopefully Paul will win. Nat passes me off and is dumb as a brick. How she and James can twist Paul asking if they are studying to him manipulating them to win is beyond stupid.

They need to stop trying to strategize and boost each other’s game play up (as if there has been any) and go back to doing what they do best, which is nothing. They are such a waste of space.


GO COREY!!!!!!


Natalie and Michelle… I think should have put Corey and Paul up so they could still control the eviction votes on the other side of the house. James and Victor control the eviction votes. If Victory and Paul stay on the block then Nicole and Corey control the eviction votes 2 to 1. James being only one vote.


Wow. Cory gives a f$&k! Hope he’s backdoored


He can’t be bothered with it! Give me break you lazy @ss! You think James is gonna win it for you? OMG! Smh!!

TX rar

Im glad only Corey is playing since they said Nicole won this comp last year.
BD corey and send him to jury!

Maybe Corey is sick of the whining too

So Corey didn’t even make much of an effort, and James will likely throw it because that’s how he plays. Odds are 1 of the other 4 win it and take someone down. Do Corey and Nicole just expect to cuddle their way to half a mill?


Clearly Corey and Nicole are not playing the game now nor have they been. Nicole’s only priority is her relationship with Corey. They deserve nothing and both need to go. It’s pathetic and disappointing. Hopefully someone like Bridgette who gives a s@!t about the game might come back.

Butters Mom

Do you know anyone who has ADHD and who regularly takes medication for it and then goes off of it suddenly? I do. What happens if they go off their meds, is they crash. They can’t focus on memorization. They cant sleep well and from what I understand, Production made Corey get off his medication because they said it gives him an advantage in the competitions, so this probably explains him not even trying to memorize or study. He can’t do it. This also explains him not doing well in other competitions either. People without ADHD have taken advantage of using the medication for it to help them excel and it makes it not fair for those who really need the meds to function.


If Corey takes medication, then Corey can get that medication. There’s no way he had to stop taking any medication that was prescribed.

Butters Mom

idk.. i read that on here… that someone said that production told him he had to stop taking his ADHD meds because they gave him an advantage in the comps. In past seasons people have complained about not being allowed to take their ADHD medication as well, so I believe that to be true. People in past seasons have also been asked to share their ADHD meds for an advantage in the comps too. This is probably why they took it away from him.


No they can’t prohibit him from taking medication. He even said they wanted him not to take it so he didn’t. Had he pushed I think they would’ve gave in. Vanessa took adderall.


Vanessa said she took Strattera on feeds last year.


It would be a violation of federal law to require an individual who is legally prescribed a medication to regulate a medical condition. Now there are some folks like Vanessa who seemed to have abused the medication and requested additional meds. However, taken as prescribed, for a legitimate disability, ADHD medication does not infer an advantage but rather just allows an individual to function on a more normal level. It’d be similar to refusing to allow people to use their contacts or glasses.

Powder Puff Cat

So it looks like James is on with Backdoor Corey if they get veto! correct me if I am wrong do not get the feeds.

TX rar

James said so bit I dont trust that. He does tend to vote with the house. But It is NoT worth the risk. If Paul/Corey on block then Corey would go but of vic/corey i would fear that James N Meech would send Victor out

Joe Kerr

Technically, Michelle can’t vote. She is Co-HOH.

Powder Puff Cat

I do not trust James to win the Veto, think he will not try and his word is not trustworthy. He may say to Nat I did it for your game.


It’s a “mental” comp so…I hope they have the white boards and write the answers down. I hate the ones where it’s 50/50 or multiple choice.

Blame James

I dont foresee another America’s Favorite Player for old James this season…He spent half the season throwing comps. And the other half up Natalie’s a$$….

Funny enough, he will probably go far…smh..

Hope James is leaving soon

Powder Puff Cat

How quickly thinks change in the game – James wants to run with his running mate Nicole.

Rat Snake Nicole

Backdoor Corey and send him packing. I would love Nicole to be miserable for the rest of the week, especially when Corey walks out that door on Thursday.
Fingers crossed on self evicting herself.

Come out Come out Wherever Corey is

He’s not even studying. He’s been wanting to get backdoored for a long time, but he was hoping from Paulie, not Natalie.


I honestly think Nic would be kind of relieved. She is a smart capable person who gets dragged down by having to play Cory’s game as well as her own. She probably still wouldn’t talk to anyone, but she would be happy to not have to run around after Cory doing damage control.

Morgan LaFay

You’re kidding, right? The only thing she’d be relieved about is that she wasn’t evicted, and then that would last a nano second before she meltsdown. She’s going to freak without her life sized Raggedy Andy doll.

Former Nicole Fan

Yes, Nicole is a real rocket scientist. She did not know that Hawaii is part of the US and her grammar is atrocious. She may look smart in comparison to her cuddle bunny, but that is where it ends. All she does is cuddle, check herself out in the mirror, readjust her rat’s nest hair and pick zits. Of all the people to bring back, really?


The gal is a nurse. Getting a nursing degree is no joke. You have to be able to memorize a lot of information quickly and do a lot of technical procedures efficiently and with accuracy.

She and Bridgette are just odd fits for BB because they don’t seem to really enjoy people. It gets in the way of Nic’s game as she doesn’t want to deal with the other houseguests and would rather spend the summer hiding in bed.

Go James

Please get Corey out


James will probably vote to evict Paul or vic. He has been riding Nat to work with Nicole. The good thing is they will compete in the jury buy back against paulie.
That will make for some drama and interest!

Maybe Corey is sick of the whining too

Do you think James will really go against his showmance during her own HOH? Especially since it will easily be found out with only 3 votes cast? I don’t. Even this late in the game he isn’t playing to win.


I think he will continue to whisper things in nats ear about Paul.
Which he is! Nat just said she worries about Nicole and corey putting them up next week and james is reassuring her they won’t.
He won’t go against Nat but maybe he really is working with Nicole and paulie… maybe not. Hopefullly not.

It s a toss up

I dont think that James wants Corey out , so he s gonna subtly try to persuade Nat that it s in her best interest to be on board with him, but I dont think James cares enought about the game to really try to sway Natalie…if she says NO he ll porbably back down and vote w the house , if she shows that she d be fine w it he s gonna save Corey…


Did BB say the jury BuyBack would be a competition between the jury members. Maybe it will be the HG deciding who comes back.


I am wondering what the “buy back” is.


Corey and Nicole grate on my every last nerve. She actually believes her own BS (the worst kind of person) and he is a textbook case of denial. They are like fingers on a chalkboard!

Come out Come out Wherever Corey is

Corey and Nicole grate on my every last nerve. She actually believes her own BS (the worst kind of person) and he is a textbook case of denial. They are like fingers on a chalkboard!


How ignorant can two people be?? No one is talking game to them except to call them out and they would rather sleep than study for such a pivotal POV competition. Send their behinds OUT THE DOOR. Nicole and Corey both. She was too tireddddddddddddd???? REALLY??? You realize you’ve convinced the most wishy washy players in Big Brother history to NOT put you on the block and then just walked away and didn’t think ANYONE ELSE would go speak to them????? HELLO!!!!! IS ANYONE HOME IN YOUR BRAINS????? ANYONE??? This is so ridiculous, I can’t even believe those two. What will be sad, is if James wins that POV and doesn’t use it (okay, yes, I’m assuming he would actually think about what’s truly best for his game). That would leave these two dead-heads in the game. Sleep instead of studying to ASSURE YOUR SAFETY???? YOU HAVE TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!

Another Anonymous

I agree for the most part, but maybe you should cut back on the caffeine.

Maybe Corey is sick of the whining too

James probably won’t even try to win it.

Marsha the moose

You could not be more right! It’s not caffeine, it’s passion for the game which clearly these gremlins don’t have. I can’t. I just don’t get it. I want someone to win who actually fought and played to win with determination. Even if it took 2 months of the waiting room from hell to get that out of them. Absolutely no more time for people to sit around with their hands under there ass, go home.


Yowza, that outburst is worthy of John McEnroe! At the end of the day, does their gameplay affect your life in anyway? No? Then I think you’re good. Have a Tastykake.


Don’t forget jury buy back after whoever gets evicted come Thursday. Won’t be a happy day for the sitting ducks if it’s anyone but D and Paulie.

Maybe Corey is sick of the whining too

It probably will be Paulie, but I’m not sure that would be a happy day for anyone left in the house.


paul is winning this game. the guys got 9 lives. vic will always be a target to leave before him. he wins comps when he has to, he has luck on his side, getting the round trip and great social game. rooting for u Paul


I want James to get VETO and keep the noms the same (HOH takeover). He knows how to play, get the strong players out.

These 2 girls want to get rid of Paul and team up with Victor so they can get 50K second place. No one likes Nicole, she won’t get enough votes to win at the end of the day. Just Paulie and Corey.


Corey goes out and Paulie refuses to compete against Corey as he tenaciously clings to the wall. He cries about not going against Corey but he’s the only one who can beat Victor and save his aunt/grandma from cancer and pay off the mortgage of his parents house casue they bought Caleb a truck. He pouts about getting dumped by his ex but he’s not playing Zakiyah. That’ll be a long comp…I’m glad we won’t see the whole thing.


Sounds like Paul is successful again in getting who he wants nominated and probably out if Corey loses the veto. I don’t get why Natalie doesn’t get it. She is usually good at spotting the leader.


Thanks Simon! It does seem like this season the posters talk more trash about each other than actually debating the game. I usually enjoy the debates, but haven’t even wanted to comment this year because of all the nasty personal attacks. Still – this is by far the best site – thanks again to you & Dawg!!


I actually think this season is the best it’s been in years. It’s had twists and turns, highs and lows and been unpredictable. Someone will alway get on someone’s nerves but other than Corey and Nocole everyone has played. I look forward to reading OBB and watching feeds when I can. This sessin has been worth watching. IMO


Time to take out the garbage, Simon.


Do you mean hate on you, or do you mean the not so nice comments people make to each other? I’m not sure if I need to tone down calling people DUMBA*SES. LOL.

So clarify, then

What’s the issue? The personal attacks directed to other commenters, or negative comments about houseguests or their behavior, gameplay, etc. The former seems reasonable, the latter sounds overly censored. You sound generally displeased and the vast majority of comments are about the players. Regardless, how about putting up guidelines for comments, or at least directing commenters to where we can find that by putting it as a headline on every post?


Thanks Simon……


Of course the majority of us only see the posts that get through Simon and Dawg. I’m sure there are some doozies that get caught and we never see.


Thank you so much! It’s become so frustrating to see people calling other people idiots and morons for voting for “the wrong person” for the care package. For me, this is exactly what I wanted for this week. I voted for Meech because I wanted her to do what’s best for her game, and it makes a lot more sense for them to target Vic/Paul who, combined, are like the perfect BB player. Also, it’s pretty unsettling to see people from somewhere besides the U.S. calling all Americans stupid. Some Americans are stupid, but there are stupid people everywhere, so I don’t get why people need to bring nationality into it.

Powder Puff Cat

We appreciate the time late hours that you put into the posts. I hope people see the DONATION button at the top and show some love!

Misty Beethoven

Oh jeez…lemme see, I told someone to bite me, told someone else to calm down and have a cookie; listed Nicole’s shortcomings factually, not profanely…whew, I think I’m ok.
Thanks, Simon.


COREY & NICOLE … feeling so safe that you fail to do all you can to win this veto by ignoring important challenge clues is a big mistake …. this one may come back to haunt you. Your best play would have been to do all you can to win the Veto comp and keep the nominations the same. Putting your faith in James knowing he bounces Big Brother checks is a dumb thing to do.


MICHELLE …. not sure dissing your family for a letter of support they send you for winning HoH is going to win you more fans.


This may sound weird but what if this isn’t about the veto in the way people might think but a foreshadowing of the HoH… or some combination of both. If it is a mental challenge Nicole and Corey have lost it…. my guess these forecasts all sound like something that hey would do to people on the wall. Who knows I may be wrong… but I think production would give a challenge that James could win hoping he would leave noms the same.


James does not know how to play the game, he always lets others make his decisions for him. {How was it good for him to get Frank out of the house???? Frank wasn’t coming after him.}
This is a game, and there has to be some interference from BB to make this entertaining for the viewers……..but putting Paulie, James, or Nicole into the house with their outside connections to each other is not fair to any of the other players. James and Nicole have not done anything for the game. James did the flip because Nat gave him an ultimatum, Nicole just slept through POV updates with Corey, and they don’t care. She’s there for a romance, and I have not figured out why Corey is there. I just know they annoy me to no end!

More Anonymous

Sounds like Nicorey’s brilliant strategy to stay off the block is to have James win the Veto and keep noms the same. Makes sense to me. Jeeze, what a worthless pair. Winning the veto puts James in an awkward position so why would he try. Though I waiver on Paul, props to him (then Vic, then Meech) for their study marathon.


Dammit, James! Why is my favorite player so dumb? Paul and Victor will kick you out next week, ya little dummy!

Why James?

I’m curious as to why he is your favorite? He really has been kind of useless this season. I thought he was okay last time.


I like him because I like him. He’s a nice guy, trying to play this game the best he can. He is the only person the whole season that doesn’t sh*t on people to further his game.

He’s not playing the best game, but he has done a good job of keeping his target small, and has managed to keep him self off the block. Some fans have been irritated with his passive play, but mainly because he hasn’t backed other players who aren’t even his responsibility. He has to play for himself and pick his battles carefully.

He’s way too focused on Natalie, who I had pegged as a vampire long long ago. But, he’ll just have to learn another hard lesson and console himself with a few months of a post-BB bounce in his dating life.

And my opinion of other players doesn’t change just because they happen to currently want to target people I want out. Michelle, Paul, and Victor are turds. And Paul is King Rat and King Sh*t Talker.

That's it!

James is the only really nice guy in the house. He likes to have fun and make people laugh. He showed his compassion with the ever crying paulie with the whole butterfly thing. Me…I would have laughed! That was ridiculous and he was a friend…

Why James?

Makes sense I guess. I just can’t get behind him because he seems to be playing for America’s Favorite Player again, not to win. He’s even been asking at the cameras for AFP votes. I don’t like that or the way several players have been pleading with the cameras for the Care Package votes. It really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Ian's Lament

Natalie – ” James has restored my faith in men again. I am so totally gonna let him watch me and Victor have sex on finale night.”

Coaster Dive

You stole this joke.

Ian's Lament

From who? If it was told before I didn’t see it. I wouldn’t be surprised if production interfered there and pushed her to James. Looking back now I am starting to question everything about Natalie.

Froot Loop Dingus

Victor already turned down that FT two faced skank once. He wouldn’t hit that. He can do a lot better.
Afraid Nat’s gonna have to settle for James’ mini egg roll.


Does your mom know your on the computer?


*you’re. Sorry grammar nazis.


::pulls on the jack boots:: You were right the first time.

Grammar N*** here

Actually, Hmmm. You are incorrect. In this case, “you’re” is the appropriate spelling since it’s the contraction for *you are.*


Victor has already admitted he was shortchanged by nature downstairs. And word is James hits above his weight.


Sooo…are we having this conversation? I’m not sure I’m comfortable knowing the comparative penial pecking order.

Fruit Loop Dingus

I wish you ?ould choose an original name instead of stealing mine.
I wouldn’t even mind if you used it but judging by your vulgar post comments you might only be 10.

Froot Loop Dingus

I’ve been using the same name on here for 3 years… and to be honest, you don’t even know how FROOT LOOP is spelled. I made a funny comment about the people on the show, which you followed up with a negative attack on me.

I’m just setting the record straight… and notice not making a personal attack on you.

Roll Tide

OK, Dingus’s, be nice to each other.

Literally at the end of the day

The cardboard cut-outs of evicted HGs from last nights show have more game in them than Nicole and Corey.

Thanks but no thanks...

Not to mention I hate the memory lane sh**. Do they thk I forgot the 2 months of BB waiting room hell? I didn’t and don’t want to go back. Spare me.


If this turn of events stays the course, then the rest of the season is a snooze-fest, hand the prize to Paul and Vic. Nothing could be more stupid than final 4 with a power team like Paul and Vic. Vic seems to be the comp beast of all comp beasts. It seems he’s won something every single week once the numbers in the house dwindled enough to limit the competition. Vic is totally riding on his social game. People actually felt bad putting him on the block. That’s ridiculous at this stage of the game. These players are so easily manipulated. The jury buy back might spice things up, but otherwise the rest of the way is too easy for Vic and Paul if they can pull this week off. Nicole is completely incapable of winning anything! Corey is a dunce, so even if he is throwing comps, he can only get so far b/c he can never win a mental comp. Vic and Paul are both very smart, on top of Vic’s physical prowess. Game over.

No Name

Not true. There will be some mental competitions that level the playing field.

If Vic does win HOH then he will not be able to compete in the following week’s HOH, leaving him an Paul vulnerable.

But even if all you say is true, at least the winner would end up being someone that actually tried to play the game and not a couple that has done nothing but play goo goo eyes at each other under the sheets all season.


Level the playing field for who….the two players most capable of winning the mental comps? Hmm….As for who deserves to win, it’s a game, not a moral assessment. High sparrow is for another show.

No Name

So you’re saying that if Corey goes to jury this week that Paul and Vic will win every single competition for the rest of the season?

If they don’t……………then you are wrong.

Time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

My guess is that the rest of the season is going to be much less predictable than what you are claiming it will be.

Are you in kindergarten?

I’m right and you’re wrong. Nah na na na na. Grow up.

No Name

Doesn’t make me wrong.

The rest of the season will not be a snooze fest. It will be completely unpredictable. Especially since Victor would have to sit out the following HOH if he won next week. As well as the eventual returning jury member.

The only thing that would be a snooze fest would be keeping the 2 dullest players in the house (Nicole & Corey).

Yeah right, it would be soooooooooooooo exciting watching Corey & Nicole along with James & Natalie in the final 4. SMH

They could just mount cameras on their beds and tear the rest of the set down, and then just poke them with a stick every once in a while to make sure they’re still breathing.


It’s about probabilities. Geez, try not to be so absolute in your thinking. It’s true that they might not both make it to the end. But the odds of at least one of them making it to final 2, just increases with every week that they are there, based purely on statistical odds of their winning comps. If you’re in the house, you want to increase your odds week by week whenever possible, by having as much comp advantage as possible in your own alliance. There’s no reason for them to be certain that Vic and Paul really want them for final 4 (and it seems that they don’t). But even if they did, the odds of them winning the last HOHs and picking everyone else off is huge. There are plenty of possible developments that all end up with the high likelihood that it’s going to be at least one of them in final 2. If everyone else is playing at best for second, then fine. Plus you’re forgetting how good Vic and Paul are at manipulating. They don’t necessarily need to win HOH or veto every week. As long as Nat and James buy the entire package this week and Corey and Nicole get picked off, Vic and Paul are practically guaranteed final four. Try to think lateral….linear thinking is always faulty.


Well said. I figure if Nicole and Corey are sitting there at the end- more power to them. They layed around playing with each others genitalia, and then rewarded for it! Kudos! I’m fascinated by the cottage industry that revolves around this show – who new? People would actually pay to meet these people? They have managers?

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Paul is showing everyone how to play this game. He flat out deserves to win. Paulie was in exact situation and he resorted to crying and acting like a totally b****. Paul started the campaign to flip the plan from the minute after he was nominated and has not stopped. Brilliant play.

Total dumb game move by putting Paul & Vic up together. If they survive, they will swoop up Nicole or Corey and target Michelle and Natalie, with Nat being the primary.

Also, if either Paul or Vic wins POV (or anyone takes them down), they will force James to get blood on his hands, as he is the deciding vote. So James may want to play hard to keep noms the same, otherwise, he is sending someone home this week.


You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth…
“He flat out deserves to win” (paul), then saying “Total dumb game move by putting Paul…
Which is it? Either you think they are a bigger threat than ratcole or not.
I know if I was in Nats position, I wouldve put them up.

Too Old To Be Addicted to this show

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. I know there is a chance Paulie will come back. In his interview with Jeff he said he was “trained” to notice things like body language, nonverbal communication etc. I thought he worked in a gym. Just curious.

Marsha the moose

Ya know if Cory can’t be bothered to even try to win the veto to secure his safety his lanky ass deserves to go home! Not that I was rooting for him at all but this is such a waste of BB space, DANG! The others stayed up all night studying. I want someone to win who fought to win! Why are these people there?!


I believe Corey wants to go to the JH, that is where his bro is at.

Ulterior Motives

Corey developed some app he wants to sell, Paulie wanted to out-do his kid brother, Paul wants to sell T-shirts, Nicole is looking for a man, Natalie just wanted to be on reality TV- she tried out for the Bachelor too and her friends were on Amazing Race, Jozea wanted to be a star, James is hoping for America’s Favorite Player, and several said they’ll be happy making it to jury. We’ve heard how they plan to make money from meet and greets, etc after the show. Not many really came on to simply play BB.

Roll Tide

#3-Nicole would cry until, Thursday. Kind of fall apart, it would be good.

The Roach Coach

Go Vic & Paul!
Paul for the win!


Corey has ADD and cannot focus right without his medicine which BB won’t let him take. It’s not that he can’t be bothered.


Natalie has said the same thing about having ADHD and not allowed her meds. And she has said that’s why she has trouble remembering things. Yet, there she is working at it and studying. If you care about winning, you try…even if you have limitations?

Please Cory's Mom

That has nothing to do with the desire to just go to sleep or even try or attempt. It’s not like he stayed up all night like tge others and struggled cause ADD. He said himself “I gave up” and “screw it”. Before u replay the ADD card I have ADD.
No hate just saying.


Everyone’s ADHD manifests differently. I have a daughter with ADD, and can tell you that the struggle of having to focus is so overpowering that it becomes a situation of ‘immediate lights out’ brain shut-down for her without the meds. Imagine having to push a boulder up a hill, and knowing that every time you tried it barely if ever budged. But other people come along and manage with effort to get it done. So you have learned to avoid that boulder, b/c it’s obvious not only that there’s no way you can move it, but an further attempts will only add to your already awful feelings of inadequacy. And people continue to judge you for not trying, as if it’s a moral failing. Now, I’m not saying that Corey is in any way as deep a person as my daughter, who feels this stuff to the core. But on a superficial level, a similar mechanism can be in effect, at which point it’s not going to happen without the meds.


Maybe..just maybe, if you come on BB to really play the game…and you don’t have the mental capabilities to actually play, you should reconsider. It would be nice actually have real Big Brother gamers on to play. Just my opinion, no hate or malice intended.

Oh Puh-lease

Are you his doctor?

qualified credentials

No I am not a doctor but I played one in way back when in my high school drama class, I was the talk of the semester I’ll have you know.


It doesn’t seem to affect his ability to focus on Nicole’s crotch.


The only crotch Corey is studying is Victor’s.


Awww I bet you’re Corey’s mom;)


Paul went from being clueless to how this game should be played to really stinking good. If Paul and Victor both stay 1 of them will win it all.

Hear me out...

Okay what if the $500,000 is broke down to an amount earned each week. America votes if the game play each week is worthy of banking that weeks amount towards the grand total and they share this with the houseguest each week. Maybe this would push people to actually play because the grand price depletes each week they don’t base on our votes. Players would be pressured and pressure each other to make power movers so not to lose money. I’m just looking for a solution to flush out these floater/middle players and the “voting with the house” which equals eveyone hiding 2 or more months leaving us in BB waiting room hell all summer and settling for rat winner. If u hate it please tweak it or bring ideas.

Not a bad idea

I like what I’m hearing. A weekly bank earned holding them responsible to play and not float.
Interested to see if others agree, disagree or have a better idea. I’d like to hear. If u against it please at least include a better suggestion.

i don't think it will work

People will vote that the week wasn’t worth it whenever things don’t go exactly how they want. Look how the posters are OBB. I think they need to get rid of all the twisty twisting twists.


You were right the first time…..your….

paul steve derek

going for the 3peat winner on the memory wall!


I think the real player being overlooked is Paulie.
The night he was refusing to bake pies, saying he wasn’t going to jury, not campaigning against Corey, he was called into DR for a VERY long session. Even the rest of the crew noticed it and wondered about the lengthy DR session.
My guess is, because he was so hyped up, making an a$$ out of himself, production gave him a little clue, a heads up, maybe told him he might want to go to jury with his head held high “just in case”.
So, he sees this week out of the house as pure strategy, he’s going over every detail of every minute spent in the house so when he DOES get back in, he’s going in with ammunition. Let’s just hope by some twist of fate he doesn’t get back in.
James should know this game well enough to know there’s a good chance of jury buy back right now and play accordingly. But, I’m afraid he has his head too far in to Natalie that he won’t think straight.
Natalie and Michelle play like girls. With emotion. Natalie will vote against whoever has “hurt her feelings” the most, and not for who’s the greatest threat. I wish James would man up and tell her to get over herself and tell her, “Natalie, this isn’t about who talks about your tits and booty, it’s about who can beat you”. He has to see it!


Amen. At this point I look at it not as who I want to win as a viewer but at the current group and who needs to go as if I were there. Each player has to do what’s best for their game this late in.


Can you imagine the live feeds if Victor or Paul leave?! James stuffing his face, following around Natalie. Natalie whining about what was said about her fake tits, chewing and smacking like a cow and how she’s a nice person and on and on and on. Cory with his bugged out eyes, being fake lame lying Cory. Nicole whining about how she has never done anything to annnnnyboddddddddy! She’s an honest personnnnnnn! NOT!!! Michelle talking to the cameras and stuffing her face. Damn, and knowing I paid for the live feeds to watch this boring shit!

All of us



Natalie is so fake. When someone has to say over and over how honest and good they are….they usually aren’t. I can’t believe she made an alliance with Vic and Paul and then let people who didn’t give her the time of day before flip her. I can’t believe the self described strong woman of her word let production change her strategy. I can’t believe James told Natalie that he wants to work with Nicole because Nicole’s mom likes him????? maybe Corey’s comment was true about her being a d*ck chaser.


That’s why I undubscribed to live feeds today!!!!


I am curious about something. The house guests have mentioned several times that if no one had the return ticket before they expired there would probably be someone returning from jury. Have any of them considered that in regards to how it could affect the game this week. We are all assuming it would come down to a battle between Paulie and Victor but it could be a crap shoot or skill type comp so that the girls aren’t out-muscled (like season 16). If Bridgette comes back she will probably team with Natalie and Michelle-where will that leave James? If DaVonne comes back I’m not sure who she will be able to trust because her main goal was getting Nicole out. Zakiyah will be useless and do nothing. Obviously Paulie will reteam with NiCorey and then Natalie will really be crying about a wasted HOH. So, is it better to take Corey out to stop them from becoming a threesome or is it better to take Paul/Victor out? Maybe Paul/Victor could beat Paulie to return which means this week was kind of a waste and they should have just extended the return ticket for one more week. At that point I don’t know if Paul/Victor would go back on plan to go after Nicole/Corey or if they would decide to take a shot at James/Natalie.

Powder Puff Cat

Paul better win Veto James does not want him or Victor. What has Paul done to make them flip back (i do not have the feeds) being paranoid? Is paranoid about the veto comp or “DickGate”?

please evict corey

Corey should be evicted this week, he did not study, he’s a walking moose he’s so boring, nicole will be more fun when he’s gone. After Corey is evicted then evict James. James did fine this year, he got extra bonus for making it to jury as a return house guest. He threw a comp early on in the season that screwed over his own teammates. He backstabed his own alliance again later on in the season too.

No Name

The top 4 things that I hate about the evolution of BB

1. Showmancing as a strategy
2. Going with the house mentality when voting
3. Letting the person who is getting evicted know before the vote
4. Sharing too much information when it isn’t necessary (I.E. Road Kill winner)


I agree. It makes the show boring and predictable but…

I am a girl and if I were to win a few comps in the beginning of big brother and try to take out big threats, I would be seen as a threat myself and evicted. Better to hang low until less people. Having a showmance would get me an in with the boys group and they would think I am another vote for them.
I don’t like it but how else would a girl make it to the jury stage?

Total Vacuum

These things have evolved because they are very effective. (Except for Frank being an idiot by revealing his wins. That was not effective.)

They need to be countered with rules changes. Like hiding the eviction vote count. And mandating that secret powers stay secret under threat of instant eviction if revealed.

Making POV a must-play power would be very helpful. Making James’ care package power mandatory was smart. Do that to POV and it will change things.


Why not hide the vote? It would allow people to vote true to their best options eliminating this vote with the house or your out junk thats be ruining the seasons. Granted great players of the past did split votes but these cast there’s no reason to even count them.


James is not a nice guy. James shit talk people behind their backs also. And Paul was not the one who told about the plan, it was James. James wants Paul gone because with Paul around, James won’t get AFP. James, Nicole and Paulie are friends outside of the house. Makes sense that whenever Nicole ‘s name comes up, Paulie and James, through out someone else’s name. James got all hot and bothered because Day mentioned to him about breaking up the two couples, then targeted Day to be backdoored, just to turn around the very next week and help breakup a showmance. Natalie absolutely put a target on her back. Whoever stays will now, definitely target her and James. Maybe production just asked Natalie certain questions and Natalie being Natalie, just ran with it. Paul being very well off outside of the house, could certainly afford, to offer up a lot of the winnings during the buy back. Paul mentioned how he’s always traveling and his family looked very well of, when they showed them on tv. Nicole knows what she is doing. She got them to put a target on their own backs as well as used them them to do a backdoor on their own team member. Nicole knows Natalie is spiteful and petty so she used that to her advantage. She also knows how pathetic James is. Nicole is a snake this season but it’s on them if they allow the snake to slither to f2.

Myster E

It is a shame that James, Nicole, and Michelle have not figured out there must be a jury member returning. With 2 of them as returning players and Michelle a “Superfan”. They should be able to realize how many weeks are left and that the number of players do not add up. If they would just figure that out, then they should realize that they need to prepare in case Paulie returns (assuming Da, Zak, and Bridgette have not scared him out of the Jury house). Either Corey or Vic need to go. Vic can beat Paulie in the but back comp, or if Cory goes then if Paulie does return he is a man down. Either of these options is better than getting Paul out right now. They will have another shot at getting him out within the next couple of weeks.


I believe that if one went every week no juror would have to return. But they are having a juror return AND having another double eviction.

Paulie aka DoucheCanoe

I’m so sick of James not having a sack, he’s more useless than Victoria at this point.


Did Corey really say the dick sucking comment or is Paul just making it up?

Powder Puff Cat

I understand Corey said it about Frank and Bridgette. Maybe someone else will know I don’t.


I can’t wait to see their faces once they know there is a jury buy back. Corey didn’t even study. Well, lots of time between now and Thursday. POV will determine a lot too.

Paul lied about Corey

No Paulie made the comment about Natilie. Paul was never alone in the HoH room with Corey by himself after the Natilie fight fight. Paul is Deflecting his Ft comments onto Corey. Corey called Natilie fake and a user. He did say something about how Bridgette was all Frank’s you know what **** and she has a boyfriend. He made that comment because Bridgette was playing him and called herself a feminist and cheating one who talked about hating the girls.

Powder Puff Cat

And a grand lie it was playing on her emotions. I wish Paul and Victor would have played that card today flipping the veto today. They left too much time between the Veto comp and James is back to Nicole his running mate!


If Corey didn’t say that, then Paul should tell Natalie about one of the other numerous things Corey has said about her. Come on Paul! Tell her about clapping along with Paulie after she left the HOH room after the FT’s and “don’t be f*cking fake” confrontation

But, Nah

Paul fist bumped Paulie about his comments about Natalie just minutes before that. It just didn’t make the show.

James sucks

James just let Natalie screw his chance of winning the game! No matter who gets evicted the rest of the house is coming after James especially if Paulie comes back in the game. If Corey/Nicole or Victor/Paul gets evicted the other remaining half will go after James! Even Michelle wants James out… He’s a sitting duck

Powder Puff Cat

James screwed himself if voting out Victor or Paul affects him game. He has screwed himself and Natalie out of AFH. Their numbers on the Joker polls is lowering. I hope the casual voters do not vote for him this year. Right now Victor is up high, Bridgette, Paulie at the bottom with Z. James lives for the notoriety of being AFP and Natalie is on the the same fame train. I want a player to win that has goals to win BB for 500 grand not to be famously “nice”.


James is a 15 minutes of fame seeker. He told Victor last night that 25 grand would be a nice chunk of change. That America picked him last season because he was loyal. News flash James, America picked you because you were funny. His game play last season was stupid. Protecting clueless Meg and throwing away his game. But at least he was funny but this season, he’s throwing away his game and he’s not interesting or funny.


So sick of James’ dumb a$$ ride the middle attitude. He will definitely end up in jury no matter who goes out this week. Also sick of people saying “I threw the comps”. I call BS on that. If he screws up the Corey backdoor this week I can’t wait to see his face when either Vic/Paul or Paulie comes walking back in the door because he double crossed all of them and his middle of the road a$$ will truly be BB roadkill.


I have tried to like James this year because I really liked him during his season. But I am beyond annoyed with him this year. He can’t seem to pick a side and stick to it. If he and Natalie hand this game to Corey and Nicole I will be sick. I understand that he’s afraid of Paul and Vic but Nicole and Corey are useless. At least Paul and Vic have fought to be there and deserve to make it to the end. They are at least playing the game. And at this point they are on James side. I think he’s making a huge mistake not taking out Corey.


If the veto is used by anyone and either Nicole or Corey go up then for all intents and purposes, James is the deciding vote.


Bracing for POV results!