James – the BB fans on Twitter would think we’re crazy to keep Victor in the house

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 20-58-08-798

9:00pm James doing some lame prank… nobody but CBS and Nicole’s parents care

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 20-58-59-994

James doubles down extends his prank to other spots of the house… hehehe

James scurries upstairs before anyone catches him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 20-59-50-372

Continues the prank the HOH door knob

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 21-01-25-591

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 21-01-46-127

9:03pm James showing pictures of Natalie’s family

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 21-57-10-896

9:30pm Hot Tub Corey, Paul, Michelle and Nicole talking about Pepperdine, College Sports, wealth of international students etc etc…
Corey talks about Pamela Anderson’s kids being bat boys at A&M
Corey goes on to tell stories about being courted as a athlete to play Baseball at Pepperdine
9:54pm Corey talking about Pitching and college baseball. He had tutors for all the subjects but would play 9 hours of baseball every day on the weekends. They had a private jet for the team and had to “do weights every day”

Michelle talks about playing tennis and having a private coach..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 22-09-36-382

10:09pm HOH Natalie and James
Reassuring themselves that Getting Victor out is the best thing. James brings up stuff from week 1 and 2 about Victor saying that the way Victor acted that way got him backdoored and when he came back he was a completely different person. Michelle joins them..

Michelle – if you vote Vic out I’ll be really sad
James – I’m not voting Vic out.. who said that..

James – are Paul and Victor worries
Michelle – Victor is on the block.. that sucks.. I still need to talk to Corey and Nicole.. I can’t get them alone
James asks who she’s putting up
Michelle – I just know Corey is not gunning for me
James – this is your game and your HOH… (put James up)

James – if Vic won he would have to put up Nicole or Corey and a pawn..
Michelle says she already told the she would be a pawn.
Michelle – wold suck if Nicole can pull herself off…
Natalie – think Nicole can
Michelle – it’s all of us playing
Michelle – when it’s down to 5 I’m gunning for Paul
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 22-32-04-902
Natalie says she pissed that Paul made him study and was pushy.
Michelle says she doesn’t like that either
Natalie – He’s been very aggressive with his game right now
Natalie says she’s been hanging out with Corey and Nicole because they haven’t talked game they’ve been ‘Chillin”
Natalie – I earned this HOH I don’t need to study with my neck pulled.. he wanted me to win to pull him off.. I’m like dude leave me alone… the times when I was on the block.. he never helped me when I was one the block.
Michelle says Victor is on the same page as they are thinking Paul is over playing
James says Victor needs to tell paul to calm down
Michelle says again when they get 5 she’s gunning for Paul
Natalie says she’s mad Paul pulled himself off..

Michelle says that Paul has been forcing her to put Corey up. Natalie says that means that Paul has an agenda in his mind.
Natalie – Paul and Victor are going final 2
Michelle says that they are but they are going to stick to the final 5
James and Natalie think that Paul an Victor will keep Nicole over James/Natalie because they think they can beat Nicole.

James – Vic and Paul will take a stab at us before we take a stab at them
Michelle – they seem so genuine
James – Paul tells Victor what to do
Natalie – he uses Victor to win this game
Michelle – I really wanted to win that comp so Paul stayed up there..

Natalie is going on about how Victor and paul are dangerous…
Michelle – if you want to vote out Vic that’s fine..
Natalie – no no on I’m not voting… he’ll respect your HOH
james- Paul and Victor are tight they are like us they are tight.. I know I am next in line
Meec – you don’t think with Corey and Nicole you are next in line
Natalie – if you put Nicole up honestly she is going after the big dogs she knows this game
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 22-31-55-959
Jame s- if we take Paul and Vic to 6 and 5 they will beat us out.. literally all they have to do is win 1 HOH…
James uses his fingers to count out that Victor and Paul have to go..
Natalie going on about getting Victor out because that is what is best for their game.
Natalie – we can actually beat Corey and Nicole
Michelle says if Nicole goes Corey will be gunning after Victor and Paul
Michelle says Nicole will put Natalie and her up
James – over Paul
Michelle – guaranteed
James brings up Nicole saying Paul is her target.

James – the BB fans on Twitter would think we’re crazy to keep Victor in the house
Michelle mentioned a jury member returning.
James doesn’t think there will be
Natalie agrees
James is certain
James is saying he bets them a “Buffalo nickle” there is no Jury member coming back.
Michelle says Nicole and Paul are 2 people she doesn’t want to make it far.
Natalie goign on about how much she likes Victor ..
James says he’s going to straight shoot it to her
Michelle – If Victor goes and Paul stays and he wins he’ll seek vengeance
James says Victor is a huge comp threat he’s got 8 wins under his belt.. James is saying it’s a bad move to keep Victor in
James is saying if you were at home on your computer you would think they are stupid for keeping Victor..
Michelle says if she was at one she would never want to see Nicole win. Natalie says her to but Nicole is easy to get out. Michelle bring up that Nicole can win Competitions she knows the game she should not be underestimated.

(Natalie and James are pushing Michelle to send Victor out but she doesn’t sound 100% but pretty close.

11:00pm Backyard Paul, Nicole and Corey backyard
Paul is telling them stories about MMA fights.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 23-06-21-083

11:06pm Kitchen Corey, paul and Nicole
taking about bar fights.. COrey says he never throws punches just chokes people because then he knows he won’t get hurt and the person he’s fighting won’t get hurt.
Corey mentions someone in his family getting in a fight beating the “F***K” out of someone and getting sued for a “Sh1t ton” of money.

They have noticed James putting Vaseline everywhere..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 23-18-13-522
11:20pm HOH James, Natalie, Victor and Paul

Paul laughing about getting called into the Diary room when production Knew James had rubbed Vaseline on the handle. (James has rubbed Vaseline on all the door handles)
Natalie tells James to re grease the Diary room door knob, “You’re the prank master”

James scurries back downstairs to re grease the Diary room knob

“James I hate you I’m rubbing it on the DR seat”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 23-30-14-775

11:30pm HOh paul and Natalie
Paul says he apologizes in advance about asking them a hundred question because he was to make sure that Nicole and Corey are not getting in her head so they stick to the plan.

James comes up they talk about what is happening next week. James says they all want Corey to go but he doesn’t know if Nicole is going up .
James talk about finding his other brothers and sisters in Korea. He’s suggesting a reality show where he goes in Korea finding his blood parents and siblings.

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About to upset people

Why couldn’t James bet him self evicting that a juror wouldn’t return?

I don’t care if it is Paulie, Victor, or Bridgette just as long as they take out James, Natalie, Nicole, and Corey.

I defended Nat all season as being a stand up competitor and 1st time she gets power she proved everyone else right. That sucks


So you don’t think she’s a stand up competitor anymore because she’s taking out one of the strongest guys in the house who is in a duo with the other strongest guy?

…interesting. It couldn’t be that it’s just because you don’t like Corey or Nicole though, right?


I don’t think she is a competitor because she acts like a teeny bopper and plays the victim instead of the game. I would love to see some actual competitors cast like some of those bad a$$ women on America Ninja warrior. They would have slapped the crap out of some of these guys. CBS just wants these romantic stories they can milk for some extra $$$ If some people knew the edit is not reality they would be shocked. They make Major Tom out to be the all American boy and Nicole the girl next door. It must take them hours to find material to use on TV since those two spend 99% of their time laying in that bed arguing of who should be the finger and who should be the puppet. “Are you messing with me?” “Are you messing with me?” “Are you………………” and on and on it goes.
It used to be a good mix and cast of “regular Joes” and not these people thinking they are now famous. I remember a mix of younger and older house guests working together and learning from one another different things from slightly different generations and what not. Give us some Chicken George!!!

Da's weave

Yessss, BB10 Keesha and Renny were great!


Don’t even bother with these nimrods turning on Natalie and James. Trying to paint them as terrible players because they are smart enough to go after the bigger threats in the house (Vic and Paul) who I like the best in the house by the way. It’s just smarter to get them out.

sunny dee

I wish I had a buffalo nickel for every time someone in power said ‘we can get (him/her) out any time, we can beat them, let’s take out this other person now instead, that one who hasn’t once screwed us over and has no beef with us”

On the other hand, i am feeling pretty confident right now that Vic is the best one to beat the other 4 jurors and i don’t mind his getting evicted to ensure that he is the one who comes back. i don’t mind either of whoever is on the block coming back in, like a reset, rather than one of the other 4 (maybe bridgette would be OK, but really only if nicorey was actually evicted instead of vic, which isn’t going to happen anyway)


Yes James, please go seek for your relatives in Korea. I hope to never see him on another BB again.


That’s kind of a low blow. Finding his biological family would be a huge deal for him in his personal life. Crapping on that because of his game play is taking things too far.


Remember, Valerie is the racist who thinks that MaxZ’s child with Paulie would be another welfare baby…


Ha hahhaah! When you join the 30% tax bracket range, let’s have another discussion on what you are paying for.


See you next Tuesday

Revenge of the Goat

Bad news James… we all think you suck no matter what you do from here on out. You and your dream final 4 of two showmances have ruined Big Brother this summer. BB is not about playing pranks and grab-ass.


“We all”?

Thinking that you speak for everyone is obnoxious. Not everyone follows the trend of who to like each week.


Gotta admit I’m shocked Production hasn’t tipped them off about the returning juror and that the entire house doesn’t know yet.


@me I would not put it past production to tell Nat to keep her mouth shut about what they tell her. I say this because even though James is her “right hand man” she is setting things up to let James take the fall for a lot also when it is leaked to Nat that James talked to Corey and Nicole about Meech she can use that as an excuse to be hurt (she is the queen of hurt).. I also think Production wants Nat or Nicole to win now and they don’t want Nat to be responsible for James’s departure.. Production maybe trying for a girl final two that Natalie can take credit for.. I think now James is collateral damage to production. The guys kinda of deserve it for the he man woman’s haters club but I love me some Vic( I could be wrong about this whole scenario just a thought). Production you suck we hated this stuff with Van and we hate it now; you are pulling a Paulie and over playing your game whatever it is so we have all voted to EVICT you.


How is she not a stand up competitor? Getting Vic out isn’t some evil act. There were weeks when most fans wanted Vic out. Were the fans evil then? Of course not. Just like the people voting Vic out aren’t bad guys because they can’t read your mind and do what you want.


I just honestly can’t take these people anymore.


I can’t either! I watched the show tonight and BBAD on mute. If I have to hear Nat talk about herself, James act as if he knows America’s mind, or listen to those two slugs in the bed with their beyond boring conversations, I’m just going to totally tune out.
Of course I do enjoy watching Vic clean, cook, sweet smile, and doing it all without a shirt. I don’t need sound for that.


LOL on the Vic comment…. but agree!!


It’s funny you say that because for the last week, when I read the recaps, I drift off, thinking of ways to improve casting.

So when Nat goes on and on about herself…I think they need to psychologically screen to eliminate the self-involved, look-at-me non-players. When James goes on about what America wants him to do as an excuse to rat….I think they need to screen out cowards, players who need to be liked at all costs. When Michelle is just silly putty, waiting to be shaped…I think superfans who treat work personally, picking favorites and be unforgivably mean to non-favorites. When Paul gets into megalomaniac mode…I think they need to eliminate the entitled, the brats who think adversity is for losers and lash out when it lands on them. When Corey says he always goes to choke people in bar fights….I think they need to IQ test to find people who have experiential intelligence and not fantasies learned from movies like Road House. When Vic brags about his comp wins….I think they need to IQ test to find people who know how to sell themselves, not let their ego usurp their logic. When Nicole whines, becomes instantly awkward in game settings, and lurks in the shadows….I think they need to screen for ambition and find people who work jobs not just for the potential to land a husband, who want to find success beyond just a family, people who want to take care of loved ones, not just taken care of.


Nat James Nicorey even make their plan to get Victor out boring to watch.


Imagine how boring it will be when they are the only four left.


That won’t happen. They’ll target each other as soon as next week if James, Nicole, or Corey get HOH.

TX rar

Nicole and Corey would have to get out of bed and make some effort to win HOH. Neither of them even studied for the last POV. It would be fitting for Corey to go up as a replacement nom this week.


For it being so boring people sure do seem fired up about it.


Posts where people get high and mighty and poo-poo others’ level of interest or enthusiasm are the most obnoxious type.


How are Nicole and the proud/bragging animal abuser even left in the house?
– They have done nothing to deserve a dime.
How the hell is James, the twelve year old prankster still in this house as well?
Nicole and James were two of the worst players that have ever played the game,
no strategy, no game, horrible at comps, not even entertain worthy, and yet they brought them back?
And I’m the a$$hole still watching this garbage…

i blame america

1/2 of nicory would be gone this week but america vote michelle for co-hoh.
if vic doesn’t comeback im out.

Roll Tide

I voted for Victor.


Which brings up a point. If Vic could not get this care package because he was the out-going HoH then why was he a choice for the vote? My guess is they wanted this uncertainty to create a Road Kill scenario. They choose who gets it.

Revenge of the Goat

Corey talks about drinking and bars a lot more than he does about game.


Looks like Paul and Vic really fucked up turning on Paulie. Double Karma (Paulie backdoors Vic sends him home; Vic turns on Paulie sends him home) bout to bite Vic back when he potentially loses to Paulie in the Battle Back comp.


Paulie backdooring Vic was pure jealousy.
Vic taking out Paulie was what the entire house wanted.
Vic beating Paulie in the jury buy-back?!!! Please, yes!

cody your brother's a douche

best thing that happened was getting rid of that douche, they should have done earlier.
Oh, and cody don’t pretend you took derrick to final 2 knowing that derrick would win, you were misted just like everyone else in that house


Just s matter of who got who 1st. Paulie would have gone after Paul & Victor next if they hadn’t gotten a chance. Getting out Victir is good for Natalie & James’s game; it just sucks that it means Nicole & Corey are still in the house since Corey is the ultimate floater this season

Buffalo Nickel

Dear James: Used to be a fan, but now NOT at all. Go to jury, pleassssse! Your showmance is non-existent. The fu$kmances this season are sickening. Why Nichole is not being called out for the “tenting” that is going on in Corey’s bed, is so biased. Happy 26th anniversary, Mom and Dad!

TX rar

I called out Nic/Corey under covers when people were talking about Paulie/Z but the Nurse Brigade od Nicole fans said I didnt KNOW what was going on under the covers. WTF. Any adult knows. They are better hiding under covers than P/Z were tho


This is your fault America. You supported and voted big mouth meech for co-hoh instead of the true champions of the season; paul and vic, who should by the way comeback for all-stars.
Thank you for ruining this game.
Your country is doomed come november.
F*ckin fools all of you.
#feel the bern

Remember 2 weeks ago when you hated Paul and Vic?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.


the spaces in your hashtag pretty much says it all.. 50 year old men should not be watching big brother let alone posting lame comments on obb its just embarrassing smh..

TX rar

Personal attacks on posters isn’t cool. This board is about discussing BB game and the HG


Ageism….really? You just blew up any reasonable points you were making about the post. This is exactly why the millennials get bashed…something I think is generally unfair, but applicable in this case. The entire group gets bad mouthed b/c of a few particularly loud mouthed bad apples. As a 50 yr old female, I’d wipe the floor clean with you IRL. Trust me, I’d be in a position to do so. Does that hurt so much that you have to lash out at baby boomers as a group?


I agree and thumbed up your comment, but as a 50 year old female, we are not baby boomers, which are those born from 1946 to 1964. Those born in the early 1960’s to ’80 sare referred to as Gen X.

Paul's Beard

Paul has more stories about his experiences than one person could possibly have in a lifetime. He’s so full of himself, wanting everyone to know how important he thinks he is. Nothing but a crock of BS.

He's a one-upper too

No matter what story you tell he’ll pull out one of his experiences that is somehow bigger and grander.

Reality Check

Nat should realize that James is blowing up her game. Nat should push James aside and let him get fed to the wolves. It is so late in the game, why does Nat still need protection? Protection from Vic? Nat is so high maintenance, Vic will say no thanks to that.

Big Meech should put James as the replacement nominee. I know the odds are still against Victor, but let James get a taste of his own medicine, see how Vic feels.

I'm sure James knows how it feels

You know… with having been evicted from BB before and all.


I don’t care who’s gonna out or back from jury , i just don’t want see nicole or corey in final two,,, they did pretty much nothing.


I’ll miss you Baldwin! You were the most exciting houseguest!

TX rar

Did you watch the show yesterday aound 2:50? Funny stuff.

To posters that do. Ot have live feeds, you can find the Baldwin Puppet shows with Victor & Paul on YouTube


good lord..Nat must be either bipolar or have multiple personality disorder. now she’s on her “I’m sad for Vic” shi7 again. looks to me James is just voting out Vic so he don’t have to see Vic around Nat any more.


You can evict someone and still feel empathy for them. Multiple personalities are not required.

Random thoughts

Loved James last year …now not so much.

I have grown fond of Vic and Paul esp Vic. I think Vic should tell Natalie he would have liked final two with her… May mess up her head.

Personally, I don’t like Cory… I think he keeps a lot under wraps but the little glimpses I have heard and seen not impressed.

In all honesty I like this final 6 better than last season’s. And off to bed I go.


I don’t understand why so many are hating on James. He’s playing The game. He’s a thinker. I like his pranks and he’s the nicest person in the house. Victor and Paul were going to after James. He’s just going to strike first. I’m 100% team Jatalie.

Canadian Kev

People are hating becuase he (James) isn’t doing what they (the haters) want.
They want paul!
they want vic!

To hell with James; if he isn’t helping Paul and Vic, then he is doing something wrong.
It’s that simple.

Sure, he’s in playing for 500k – but he should give up his chance at that in order to help paul and vic.

That’s why.

And for the record? it IS a good move to get rid of a comp beast like Vic. Personally, i wish Nat and Meech had put up Corey and Nicole. I can’t stand them. I’d much rather watch paul and vic with nat, james and meech.

But production got involved; and complaining, crying, or hating on James/nat won’t change that.
And of the options left, getting vic out IS a smart move.

As people have said, it was probably rigged to get vic to compete against paulie for the jury buy back (which in and of itself is a stupid fucking “twist”) – because it would be good for ratings, and they’ve both been bragging on their comp wins all season.

It’s all dick.
but the hating is just petty. But they, it’s the internet, so there is no surprise there, right?


James isn’t playing for 500k, he’s playing for AFP. He has basically hinted at that several times. He’s “filling his role” because as he said, he was brought back on the show “to prank” and try to be Americas fav again. All he ever talks about is what America wants. He barely even mentions his “game”, hardly ever.


This is a pet peeve of mine. Fans say they don’t don’t them playing for AFP. Yet when the go against their wishes they bash them endlessly. Kinda contradictory.

TX rar

Or they think James is being played by Nic/Corey who will only be loyal to each and cut James ASAP vs taking him to F4

BB fans tend to respect and root for HG that play the game by winning Mental & Physical comps and have a social game over Floaters.


“james is a thinker”, said no one ever

That's easy

Message boards tend to engage in group think. People adjust their opinions to fit in with whatever appears to be popular to think at any given time. That’s particular true in a place like this that has thumbs up or down options for the comments. It causes people to seek approval for their comments, so they tend to not want to go against the grain and risk not getting validation.

Because NiCorey didn't go up

Same with Nat. Still a nice friendly person. They are getting hate just because they didn’t nom who these people wanted. Most will deny it and say it’s their personalities, but they are the same people they loved days ago. It’s pretty transparent.


Your dislike of James is really starting to show in your posts. I have to say I like it!!

I'd prefer unbiased recaps

Especially since it changes every week. But that’s just me. They of course can do as they want.


This isn’t CNN. It’s a blog about a reality show. They’re allowed to interject their opinions.


The post said that already. Try reading it again.

Paul's Beard

Loved hearing Vic talk about respecting a HOH who puts him on the block and tells him he’s the target but if he’s not told that, he wouldn’t vote for that person to win. And Nat just laid there listening. Wonder if she’ll tell him later.


I just watched live feeds for ten minutes and couldn’t take it anymore…..
Nicole whininnnningggg to Corey about having to actually talk to people and try to play this season!! She’s saying it wasn’t like that in season 16. Really?!!
Natalie and James are just trying to make good TV and get AFP.
I don’t know how you do it, Simon and Dawg, when you have to watch, always!
Thanks for watching 24/7 and letting us know what’s going on.
I really couldn’t watch them nonstop. You are so appreciated!!!! 🙂

Franks fumes

Just when you thought James reached the depths of stupidity…….he finds a new level!……I love how James thinks hes being all clever manipulating Meech in HOH tonight….somebody in the DR probably told him hes gonna win …..hes too happy!

Franks fumes

Victor relaying opinion to Nat that he would respect someone telling him up front that their sending him home and that to lie to him is just a scum move…..The look on Nats face says it all.


Maybe someone should tell Vic that’s he’s on Big Brother and nobody is obligated to tell him anything.

TX rar

It easy to read Nat’s face tho. Victor might have said that to see her reaction.

Does is seem to anyone else that James is not liking Nat & Victor getting closer?


I dunno. I certainly seems fans are still trying to push the Nat and Vic thing even though there’s nothing there. The girl can hang all over James all day but if she so much as says Vic is nice they latch onto it meaning she wants him. It’s stupid.


Why isn’t James and Natalie suspicious of Michelle’s insistence on getting Nicole out? Vic is the strongest player. Unless she made a deal with Vic, she should want him out! Open your eyes James and Natalie! Big red flag there. They could also take Corey out and that will weaken Nicole’s game because she will have no one to keep her safe or vote for her. Either way they are all screwed because if they vote Nicole out, then Paulie will most likely win the buy back and then in the end they will lose to either the Vic/Paul or the Paulie/Corey duo!

Reality Show Whore James

As if 2 seasons ( this one very lame) wasn’t enough, Lames is trying to pitch another reality show where he finds his Korean siblings. Enough of this dude! Their pranks are so f’n old now, c’mon….I’d wanna slap him in the teeth if I had to get that $h!t all over my hands, when he trashed the kitchen during that veto comp, and smashed eggs everywhere, I did’nt blame Victorvone bit for being pi$$ed at him.Yime for Lames to go away….try spending some time with your kid, James….she’s gonna only know your sorry a$$ from watching reality TV.


The only thing Natalie did that was worthy and entertaining was “rattling Z” and in turn, Paulie. That was fun. Now that James bet a Buffalo Nickel on NO jury member coming back, I am almost positive it will be Paulie or Vic. We have something to look forward to.

Oh and James quit talking to the cameras, America, and Twitter about what you think we want and just stick to what you are best at with that vaseline.


Evidently BB is starting to hint to the girls, there is going to be a buy back and the boy dumber doesn’t want to believe it. He proved last year what a idiot he is at BB, he should listen to the girls. Paulie comes in, he is done for….if he keeps Vic……Vic will never know how close he was to getting voted out.
AD was illuminating for Nat and James………Vic told them and Paul agreed.. “they would never give the money to someone that scumbagged them”. “If you want to put me up, and vote me out that is fine, you get me out I respect you”………” however if you tell me I am safe and vote me out that is a scumbag move and I will scumbag you right back by not giving you the money” It was quite priceless to see Nat…….she looks so guilty. James little wheels started spinning. Vic played it straight up with Paulie, Paulie was under no illusion he was staying.
BB needs to even it up.


i never went from hating 2 characters like vic and paul to liking them to hating them again. they are so high on themselves throwing a fit around the house like they shouldnt be evicted. they getting vic out bc if the tables were turned you would do the same. ass hole hipocrits. i cant wait till paul goes next week. its like they think everyon is dumb and stupid enough not to know if they dont break them up this week that they will basicaly be giving you the game.. what a pair of goofs. and natalie is such a slut. you know she is starting to like vic and feels bad for leading james on. but she is stuck with james now bc if she starts sleeping with vic then she’s not going to the end.watch what happens its gona be nicole nat and meech fighting for the final 3. unless natalie wins the hoh during the fourth week. its gonna be vic gone this week corey wins next week takes out paul then james wins and takes out corey and then either nic or meech will win and james will be out.. i hate meech. shes such a dumb ugly bitch. like her face just pisses me off and the fact that shes so stupid and doesnt know shit. she is some real trailer trash alright. but if somehow paul wins next week i see nat going home and then in the jury house shes gonna get tag teamed by paulie and victor and then james is going to be crushed. but hey its his fault for just being stupid enough to not see a gold digging skank lllike natalie is using his ass. that 6months before she has sex with someone is bs. she has been known to get pounded by all the big football players on the jets. and she has been used and abused so many times. her and her dumb friend the other cheer leader from the amazing race. pair of notorious Jersey hoes that use thier fake boobs and fat ass to distract all common sense from any guy. especially a nobody like james. you think a latin puta like her is going to date a troll like him. good luck buddy. if she liked you she would of let u get to third base already but its never going to happen bc shes gonna get drunk with vic and spread her legs as fast as she drops your ass. MORON


Jesus. I don’t know what the name of the woman was that hurt you but honestly, it gets better. Just hang in there.

Do I watch the same feeds as you?

Nat blows up her alliance when she here’s Paul is targeting James, puts Vic on the block, and you still think she wants Vic?

Holy crap some people can’t let an idea go no matter how much evidence is that they are wrong.

Done with bb 4 ever

Production has cause this whole season to suck, I hope you are happy with this cappy product you put out this year. This is my last year to watch can’t take simple people and let them make their own choices you have to tell them who to work with that’s just to shady. Hope you are proud of this worst season ever to many floaters this season and one will most likely win the game because of you production have to make it the way you want it to end what a crock.


If you were really done you wouldn’t be here now posting on a BB message board.


Best option for Care Package, Paul?


does it even matter?


Natalie…STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR FUCKING FAKE TITS .I cannot take you anymore.I hope Vic or Paulie comes back and blows your FAKE FT”S into Jupiture.GROW THE FUCK UP AND MOVE ON.YOU ARE NO VICTIM


Okay Steve’s Jupiter calm down. I absolutely believe Natalie regrets getting her giant boobs. They don’t really match her frame, so it is obvs to even a 5 year old they were fake to begin with! What I think is weird, is that she would lie about them and insist they were real, when they are so blatantly not. THAT to me is quite odd and worth a trip to the therapist’s office. If she is that sensitive to remarks, she will certainly be blown to Jupiter after seeing the show at home and watching her pathetic LAMEZEEEEEE Texas Honor BS code man sit there and NEVER defend her to a gang of people, letting her friend Bridgette do it for him!!! WTF Texas Code is that??? Don’t insult my state like that lamezee!


Tune in next week when Paul gets HoH and this guy hates him.

You type in ALL CAPS

And she needs to grow up?


Didn’t Paul/Vic just say that they are going after James? Not sure why everyone is mad that James/Nat are trying to take one of them out? I’m not really rooting for anyone in particular – if I had to pick, I’d have to cheer for Vic to win the money. But as far as the game goes, only 2 people are going to the end & it looks like James is just making the move on them before they make it on him. Just looking for game feedback, not how we feel personally about someone we don’t actually know 🙂

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Overall, I get what you’re saying, but ultimately, I disagree. Victor/Paul putting up Natalie and James is not the same as Natalie/James putting up Victor and Paul. Natalie would be the pawn in that situation, 100%. James is flaky as hell. He’s playing both sides of the house. He’s more loyal to Nicorey than he is to Victor, Paul, and Michelle. It would be smart even for Natalie to get rid of James, because Nicorey will get out Natalie the first chance they get. Nicorey isn’t really working with James/Natalie.

Franks fumes

James is such a stand up guy he‘s gonna man up and tell Vic he’s sending him home to his face…….on WEDNESDAY!

James ruined the season

No worries if Vic goes he coming right back in and win HOH.

I CAN NOT WAIT to see the look on little rat boy turd mongoloid James

Vic will no doubt send James to Jury. Oh it will be grand!

Take that useless Turd Boy!

How dare you ruin this season!

Bye Bit*h!

Reality Check

I would like to point out that Nicole and Corey are the ones that ruined the season. That couple does nothing for the show. Because of them, the camera has to go to Nat and James. Only reason why we hate James was because he chose a side none of the fans like and the middle game he is allegedly trying to play.

James made a move that none of us likes and Nicole is a dreadful player. I do not about you folks on here, but if James is evicted and Nicole is still in the game, BB will be more unbearable to watch. Imagine camera 24/7 on Nicole and Corey. Now that is true punishment for the viewers and Simon.

Nicole ruined the season

How many times do I have to hear that James ruined the season? Nicole and goat boy ruined the season because those two does ZERO to the game. It would be a catastrophic result if those two win the $500,000 prize.

You think that now

But if Vic gets in power you’ll hate him suddenly. Thems the rules.


Wasn’t Vic just in power last week? I’m pretty sure most people liked him more after his hoh. He did a good job in every aspect of his hoh.

After watching the way he spoke to people and how he stuck to his guns, it really made me come to like him. Although I didn’t love his nomination speeches, those were kind of being pushed by other hg.

I like how people complain about flip floppers

When for weeks you guys hated Vic and now practically want to blow him.

Paul screwed up

On Sunday’s show we saw that he was in a conversation about targeting James. It wasn’t lies from Nicole as we previously thought. Was he down with that? Maybe or maybe not. But he should have told James about the conversation. Instead he kept it to himself and Nicole blabbed to James. If Paul had just mentioned it then Nicole and Corey would have gone up this week.


After I saw Sunday’s show, I was thinking the exact same thing!!!!!

NiCorey will still be a target

Even if James wins HOH this week. I guarantee he’ll target the other couple then. No chance he’ll really want the other showmance in the Final 4. My bet is Nat and him will intimately want Paul and Meech there.


BBAD last night was so painful I cut it off after 10 minutes. I cannot anymore of this ridiculously fake romance between James and Natalie. I would rather see the one night stand gone wrong that was Zaulie ….yeah, it was dysfunctional and unhealthy, but at least it was real. I just feel every line from James’ and Natalie’s mouths are scripted.
I admit it, I am salty that VIc is going to be evicted but I can appreciate the strategy of it, but why is James being such a dehay about it? No need for that I also get the feeling that as another poster said earlier, James is playing based on what he thinks America wants not what is best for his game.(Side note: I hate that the HGs in recent seasons are playing to/talking to the cameras) .And how do James and Nicole NOT know there will be a jury buyback and another DE? These are not new twists that only America knows about. Maybe the battle back threw them off?
Big Brother is entering that slow, painful period where it’s just boring and even if other HGs were left in the game, it would not be any better: Frank, Da’ and Tiff would still be overplaying and in a rotation on the block every week; Paulie would be the worst parts of Jozea and Frank combined; Z would be non-existent and Bronte’s voice would drive me insane. It would be nice to still have Bridgette in the game but with her bum knee and ankle, she would only be useful in mental comps (which become a combo of mental and physical this deep in the game) and as a vote.
Hoping Thursday’s comp is endurance….I can see James, Vic, Paulie, Bridge and Da’ hanging on for dear life and everyone telling James: NO DEALS.


HOUSE GUESTS … brace yourselves for the “Return of the Ego” … Paulie may be coming back into the house provided he has not walked out of the jury house and went home already


I don’t really care who wins the game at this point. This season is not consistent enough for me to root for one player and it’s too many dumb twist that ruin the game. The battle backs are okay but kinda defeat the purpose. It’s like production knows they have a shitty cast so they keep trying to dig backwards.
Me personally I would have like to have seen Frank, Davonne, Paulie, Paul, Nat for final five ..that’s how shitty this season is. i don’t really care for those people but those are the only ones that was actively playing the game and was not influenced by others. Natalie is indecisive as hell, but she is not scared to go after big targets.
How the fuck has Nicole not been on the block this season this season, not even as a pawn?! Told you This season blows.
I would be rooting for Vic but he is a big dummy that knows how to win comps but he still can’t think for himself. That’s why he going to be evicted two times lmao!
I’ll still watch the dayum show. It’s tradition!! 🙂
BB watcher since 2000 <3


NEVER CARED …. just a show for entertainment purposes … I think all the flip flopping keeps it interesting


I’m sure all of you would do the same thing to Victor and Paul if you were in the house. They are strong competitors and Natalie is thinking about her game. Y’all turn so quick on the ones you liked because as soon as they aren’t the underdogs anymore you toss them to the curbs and get pissed at them for making a good move. Stop hating just because y’all want to see someone you like in the finale. ITS BIG BROTHER PEOPLE!!!!

The Man

I totally agree with you. This is Big Brother.

Too much hate on this site. You cannot please everybody.

Roll Tide

Oh my goodness, some folks are very cranky today! It is just a game!

Big Bother

This is the first time I find myself rooting for the HG’s on the other side. I love James and Nat.

I can tolerate Vic, however he is easily manipulated by everyone especially Paul. Who is a compete Ass. Watching him encourage the other HG’s all season to,
“You should do that! Call him/her out”

I understand manipulation is part of the game, but he is loyal to no one. I don’t want his Friendship.

Oh boi

As for me I want Vic to win he’s a strong competitor true and he deserve it but it’s not going to happen… Sad! Instead the lazy couple who did nothing but rub each other under the blanket will win! If a jury will come back I hope it’s Vic if not I’m hopeful for Paul to win this!


I’ve come to the conclusion that those who say the season sucks do so because their favorite player is either on the block or evicted. Come on people, take BB for what it is – – a reality tv show that is at times entertaining.

TX rar

The frustration is that floaters are getting further than HG that are not throwing comps and are engaged in the game. It is happening more often now. Plus BB production isnt just ‘hinting’ anymore they are guiding the game. Kinda like UNreal.

The All Seeing Eye

Go on the CBS app, subscribe for $5 a month, and you can rewatch every single season of Big Brother. Every episode ever. I’m rewatching season 2 with Dr. Will.

Please, all of you that are continuously complaining about this season and every season for the past few years, go on the CBS app and rewatch the seasons you always compare the current ones to.

And please everyone, it’s a game. If you want to discuss gameplay and game moves heatedly, then awesome. But instead of coming on a forum where no one from CBS or Big Brother will ever be reading and complaining about how specific members of Big Brother production sucks or personally attacking contestants lives, heritage (the commenter above who said something about James being Korean) or medical conditions (the commenter above who said Natalie has a mental disorder), please remember that if you met any of the current or past contestants in person you would still ask for their autograph and would not say anything remotely close to what some of you post on here. Please just remember it’s a game. Remember that the tv controller is right next to you. You want to send a message to CBS? Lower their ratings. Change the channel.

Bored viewer

Nicole will leave the big brother house a professional jack off artist after this season

Only can wish

Production has been playing a part in telling the HGS what to say and do in many BB seasons. The only thing this season is that these HGS are more vocal about everything. They tell EVERYTHING!!! Some things should be left unsaid, especially if it dealing with Production.
James want Victor out because his Boo have her eyes on Victor. He’s attractive, body is on point, he’s been humble since being evicted, nice, respectful & winning comps. James seems like he’s more loyal to Nicole than Natalie. She may see how James is protecting Nicole, that’s why she brings up Victor all the time. If Victor gets evicted, comes back in the house and wins HOH again, James expression will be priceless.
JMO, I know these HGS are playing the game their way, but I just can’t see giving 500k to Nicole or Corey. I know I’m not in the BB house, but 500k is not a little bit of money. Im not saying they may not need it, but did they earn it?
It seems like the ones(Frank, Day, Bridgette, Paulie, Victor & Paul, who were and are getting screwed for playing how the game should be played. I feel so bad for Victor(sorry for sounding like Natalie). I hope Victor comes back if he’s evicted.

James Fans Are Delusuional

James did what his Daddy Paulie told him to do all season then when he was forced to by Nat he finally flipped on Paulie but still all the while scared of his daddy. Scared but saying he going “with the house” when most of season “the house” he meant was Paulie. Running around snitching on everyone and reporting to his daddy Paulie.

James also even before jury started, told EVERY evictee that was going to be a blindside…he told them minutes before the live show they were going home. He ruined EVERY blindside of the season for the viewers. And don’t say he did it to get jury votes. He was doing it even BEFORE jury.

His playing to cameras and telling Nat that’s what we like. Also his pranks are pathetic at this point and have no entertainment value whatsoever. He does it ONLY to try and get AFP. He thinks we like it. He will never get AFP thank god!

He also wouldn’t let Nat even talk game untill recently when she had enough of his no game self. The rest of the season he tried to make her believe he was the “mastermind” of house when really he was only doing what Paulie told him.

For those of you delusional James fans that think he is hated just because he is voting out Victor…sorry my friends you are wrong.

James has been hated for good reason all season. Don’t you dare call us haters for speaking the truth on a player who ruined BB 18.

You are a hater

Lol @ don’t you dare. What can you do about it other than give me a thumbs down?


I’m not upset over good game decisions, I’m over James because of his behavior and his loyalty to Nicole over Nat. Nicole knows James is taking her to F2. That’s why she can float and play under the covers with Corey. James also knows she and Corey have talked smack about Nat. He has his “code” but we have seen time after time he has been quiet and let people talk bad about Nat. He is the fake person playing up to the cameras. I have made excuses for them until just can’t any longer. And i am getting tired of Nats 5-year old act too. I was hoping she would finally drop the act and play, but maybe her shallowness isn’t an act after all. Both showmances are getting on my nerves. I’m ready for people to grow brains and think for themselves.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Annoying lame prankster! James was the AFP last year and this year he def deserves the most annoying dumb-gamewise BB character EVER!

Powder Puff Cat

The only way James would change his vote if some flew a plane over the house with a banner “America wants Victor James”. Add a heart symbol to that and he would be sold.