Nicole “I almost fell off & I locked eyes with Paul. He said stay, that’s why I’m not putting him up.”

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 21-04-54-025

9:10pm When the house guests come inside the house they realize Corey’s HG photo is grayed out. (LOL) Big Brother fixes it. In the bathroom – Nicole asks Nat you’re not mad that I asked James to do that? Nat says no, she’s happy for her. Nicole gets into the shower. James comes ingot the bathroom. James wants to take a shower but has to take a cold one because he’s still a havenot. He washes his hair in the sink. Corey congratulates Nicole. Nicole says finally came through something for you Corey. Took about 11 weeks!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 21-23-25-532

9:20pm – 9:35pm Bathroom – Nicole and Corey. Nicole says that was a mutual deal ..who ever won wasn’t going to put up the other. James was about to fall that’s why he made a deal. I’m not putting up Paul. I don’t know what I am going to do. If you get a take over, take it … because I was the one that made the deal. That’s not what jury wanted, those turds. I almost fell off and I locked eyes with Paul and he said stay.. that’s why I’m not putting him up. I couldn’t let him (James) win .. Clay and Shelly .. deja vu. James said it was harder sitting down .. and then once I did it I could stay there all night. James says this if for you Jenny ..(Nicole’s mom) to make me feel super guilty if I put him up… I’m not going to but..

9:30pm – 9:55pm London bedroom – James and Natalie. James says people keep getting evicted and coming back. Nat says this is the season on steroids. You just have to make sure my a$$ … your a$$ doesn’t go on the block. I was hoping you were going to win this one. The next comps are going to be mental comps and we need Meech. James says what reason would Nicole put us up? We didn’t put Nicole up. I voted to keep Corey. I gave her the HOH so she could get a letter from her mom. What else do we have to give them our first born child?! James says everything seems to be working against us. We evict someone and there’s a round trip ticket. We evict someone and jury buy back. The only reason I kind of gave it to Nicole is because I didn’t want them to think that we didn’t trust them and then they get closer to Paul. She might put up Paul and Victor and this time Paul might go. Nat says I want Paul out so bad. Nat says it will suck if they f**k us over because you could have won. James says I didn’t want to win again because then I would have to put up Paul and Vic again. Nat says they need to take out Paul or Vic.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 21-40-56-393

9:40pm Paul joins Nicole and Corye. VIc is being nice but one of us (Paul or Vic) are going to get a care package. Probably going to take a shot that you wouldn’t want to. Nciole thanks Paul for convincing her to not drop. Paul says I saw that you were about to and then I said f**k no! I’ll leave you alone now. Corey says no hangout.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 21-40-44-100

10pm Nat says Meech dislikes Paul with a passion. I told her to apologize to Paul. I asked her if she would apologize if ti meant she would win half a million. She said she would. Then she said she just couldn’t do it. James says its almost like you won that HOH for nothing. Nat says it was good .. we saw Paul’s true colours. Nat says I took Vic out once I can do it again. I can win comps. James says we can’t be the ones to do it any more. I’m glad my goodbye message was nice. I think we can trust Nicole and Corey. James says I think so too. Nat says they have to put up Paul and Vic. James says this will show where their true allegiance lies.

10:10pm Paul, Corey and Nicole. Paul says there is no f**king way that me and Vic are going to work with those people. Burnt bridge set on fire. Paul says he thinks the care package will be an incentive.. like 5K or an HOH or something. Paul says seeing those f**Kers (jury members) was like seeing someone that died. They’re probably all talking about us. Nat says I think they’re (Da and Z) enjoying jury and didn’t want to come back.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 22-43-10-461

10:20pm Nicole, Corey and Meech are in bed with the lights off. Nicole says Paulie and Z didn’t talk? Are they okay now? Meech says I think so. Meech asks can you imagine Paulie with all those girls. Nicole says she hopes she doesn’t have ugly HOH pics.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 22-43-40-370

10:45pm Kitchen – Paul and Vic. Paul tells Vic now you’re my social game.

London bedroom – James and Nat. James says we don’t do them any more favours. We stuck our necks out too many times for them. They better put up Paul and Vic. I want Paul to go but if he takes himself off the block good for him. Nat says if he comes off the block again he is winning this game.

11pm Safari room – Paul says we’re the sitting ducks and we’re still in this game. We’re going to f**k sh*t up. We need that care package. Vic gets called to the storage room. Paul says that James, Nat and Meech are being super nice to me now. Michelle is the worst person in the world. I got under her skin. I want her to play on emotion. You guys don’t know how bad it is to live with Michelle .. she is bat sh*t crazy. I dropped the c-bomb. (Paul called Michelle a c*nt) Never cared. I am more of a public enemy than Vic is right now. Even if one of us get the care package we’re not going after Nicole or Corey. We’re going after the people that lied to us (James, Nat, Meech). Send us that care package and we will make it very entertaining. I will sh*t all over them. Vic comes back. VIc says that everyone in the jury wanted James out. Vic says that Paul said that James had an alliance with Michelle and someone else. And that you had a thing with Bridgette. They (Da and Z) knew they couldn’t outlast me and they wanted me to get James out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-25 22-58-42-001

11:30pm Vic talks to Nicole and Corey. Vic says that Paulie told him that everyone is jury wanted him James out and that he told me if I came back, priority number 1 is to get James out.

11:45pm -12:55am Havenot room – James, Nat, and Vic. Nat sasy it was as if Meech and I were never HOH. Vic laughs and says right. Nat says it makes sense why I got the care package because I was being sh*t on in the house. James asks Nat questions about her past relationships. He asks if she would date someone for their money. Nat says she wouldn’t date someone for their money. Everything she wants in life she wants it because she earned it herself.

12:50pm – 1am Kitchen – Corey, Paul and Vic are chatting about random things like the HOH comp, MMA fighting, etc.

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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166 thoughts on “Nicole “I almost fell off & I locked eyes with Paul. He said stay, that’s why I’m not putting him up.”

  1. YESSSS NICOLE DONT PUT UP PAUL FOR GODS SAKE im really not tryna watch a recap of last week. shes probably gonna put up michelle and victor tho

    1. Towards tonights after dark , did u see Nic slip her hand down by the bed to poke Corey while Paul was sitting at the foot of the bed? As if Paul is full of it from what I got from it.

  2. So who is back in the house. I hope it’s anyone but Paulie. What a complete fool that little man is. Day is right he suffers from small man syndrome

        1. If James flipped and voted out Corey, Paulie would have been the returning juror…it didn’t seem like it, but tonight was a win!

      1. I was glad they.voted out Victor because I knew that HE would be the only juror who could physically defeat Paulie and prevent that schmuck from re-entering the house. (I would’ve stopped watching in Crawly returned).

  3. If Nicole isn’t putting Paul up, you think she’s gonna turn on James and Nat? I sure hope so, only way for this week to not be boring like last week. Make a move Kraken don’t want to happen because f#ck Kraken. Nicole and Corey team up and take out James and Nat… Drama all week like us BBFans wanna see…

  4. Prove me wrong about you Nicole…
    Playing your own game and not putting up Paul is a good start…
    I’m thinking Nat/ Meech or Vic/Meech are the noms, if it’s Vic/Meech and Pau wins veto, let’s gooooo, game on!

    1. Paul needs to tell Cory that Meech, Nat & James plan to take out Nicole & Cory . He will tell Nicole. So she’ll put up Meech & Vic. Paul or Vic win veto. Nicole puts up Nat. James & Nat freak out and turn on Nicole & Cory

      1. It really isn’t in question if she is an idiot. What is in question is how much Production will interfere in “guiding” her with the nominations.

    1. Yes, Go Vic! He has gone from being my least favorite in the beginning to my most favorite house guest now. He is the most deserving right now. Paul and Vic final 2!!!!!

  5. KEEP JATALIE AND MICHELLE SAFE PLS just get vic out again and america will love u nicole #queennatalie #slaynatnat #lmao@paulie #ilymeech

    1. If Victor isn’t in the final 2, he definitely deserves AFP simply for trying. The Comeback Kid just keeps on winning. I didn’t like him at first but he seemed genuinely surprised when he won the Roadkill competition. That small win flipped a switch in him to win more and more competitions. He now knows he has a good chance of winning and he really wants it.

  6. Ugh, another week listening to Nicole whine. Her and goat boy need to go, they are two of the most useless houseguests that I can remember being on the show. Wake me on Thursday…..

  7. If I were a HG and CBS didn’t disclose to me beforehand that some of the HGs had significant friendships with each other and each other’s families outside the house, I would sue for $500K if I didn’t win.

    1. You can tell production has instructed them to down play it, try to throw us off the scent but it’s pretty obvious

      1. James and Nicole. They keep in touch on a regular basis. James also keeps in touch with her parents, according to Nicole her parents love James.

        Also just a couple of nights ago during BBAD James and Nicole made a deal to go to F4. In that deal the winner will give the other (3) $10K a piece. Production caught them and made both of them make a statement in front of the cameras saying they would not be giving gifts to anyone.

  8. So Nicole’s HOH and Corey will most likely get the care package……great :/ …..another full week of these two bozos fooling around in bed, doing absolutely nothing and hearing her nasally whiney voice…as far as I’m concerned at this point I feel like Victor deserves to win. Nicole has been a do-nothing bitch ALL season….maybe stop chasing guys and play the game?

  9. Can the cameras switch to the jury house please? It’s more exciting there. Momma Day killing Paulie’s ego. I want more!

    1. Bridgette was funny too. If he had even a bit of humility and apologized and said it was game, they might have razzed him a bit but let it go. Paulie’s behavior, as usual, made things worse. He is such a jerk!!

  10. Since Corey was the first official house guest to fall off the wall, doesn’t that make him a have not and that he will not be able to sleep in the HOH room with Nicole?

      1. If its the first three I’m thinking it will be Corey, Paul and Vic. Which I think will be good for Paul and Vic because they will be in the havenot room all week alone with Corey. They can get into Corey’s head and convince him to convince Nicole they shouldn’t go up.

  11. So to whom do we give the Care Package? I’m expecting a houseguest will ask for the bribe, rather than the winner offer it to someone. That would be the best move, because I wouldn’t want to look like a sleaze offering it to anyone who’ll bite. Do we wait for nominations?

    Also, can you lie about who you’re giving the money to? Like if two houseguests offer me a week of safety, can I say yes to both, but only give the money to the first one? That would be sweet, but probably not allowed.

  12. Well, I’m not sure if production hoped for this…another boring week of Vic and not Paul, but Meech up on the block, both pleading to stay, but Vic knows the score by now. He may not even bother to plead. It’s a done deal. Three times evicted! He’ll be more memorable than whomever wins this stupid game. Nicole can’t even win on her own, James has to hand it to her. Why? He doesn’t want to get her family mad at him. The twins pledging to each other before the game began is one thing. But, James and Nicole’s family? Everything’s been planned a long time ago. Idiot Corey is along for the ride…oblivious as usual. If Nicole has her way, she’s pregnant and the big stud is hers to put a ring in his nose. OF COURSE, there is still the surprise from the sky…who will get it? Who cares? Natalie/James and Nicole/Corey will not give in to a bribe. The game is locked for them. Oh well…time for bed. Nothing to see here. Everybody off the corner…you can go home now.

    1. That’s why Corey will get it, because Nicole will do whatever her obsession wants ensuring the bribe twist don’t go to waste. Kraken will make sure of it..

  13. Ahhh maannn! Not Nichoooooooole! She’s going to be soooo annoyyyyiiiiiinnng. Congrats Vic. True comp beast! They should have a prize for Come Back King.

  14. Nicole and James ughhhhhhhh. Just feels like they definitely made a deal before entering the house. Not fair to the players who entered knowing no one. I want James out please!

  15. Wait! What? I thought I heard… nope, nobody can say Nicole isn’t playing a good game now! Phooey! She just beat Day Zakiyah Corey Bridgette Paulie Victor Paul and James on THE WALL!! Lotta sad haters tonight! And now all the whining and complaining and excuses and “bullcrap” that’s gonna come from the same haters that got put in their place tonight…. It’s just soooo funny! LOL! Great work Nicole!

      1. Technically, Nicole’s mother Jenny won the wall comp. One could claim to win a comp if they convinced someone else to drop for them, but James didn’t drop for Nicole. He dropped for her mom. More of the same b.s. confirming that the deals were made before the game even started. Very sleazy. The game is supposed to be to con fellow housemates out of the prize money, not to con CBS out of the money. Hope all of those scumbags lose.

    1. Ratcole begged for the HOH so she can have sex with Corey in the HOH room under the covers and call it cuddling. Corey’s pull out game is strong. I wonder how her mom feels about the videos of them having sex under the covers with Corey whispering “Im about to cum!” and pulling out while she rubs his head.

      1. Right? When she kept talking about her mom, I all of a sudden felt really bad for her mom. If she were my kid I would be so embarrassed.

        1. Paul is brash, abrasive, conniving and crude. He is also very strategic, animated, an enthusiastic participant in the game, hilarious, and creative. He is much more interesting to watch than the Nicole/Corey thing, the James/Natalie thing, and Meech with her mouth-open chomping. I love watching him!

  16. I so agree. Maybe not literally sue CBS. That’s just a losing battle there. But that is one of the things that just keeps me frustrated. I don’t enjoy seeing someone I like steamrolling the entire game. I enjoy the back and forth. I voice my disappointment if who I like doesn’t come out on top but it does make it fun. If Vic hadn’t been on the block, we wouldn’t have gotten to see the Vic / Paul show which was almost masterful. Just didn’t work. It was fun to watch. When I get angry is when I feel everything is rigged. When production changes the direction of the people in the house. I don’t watch to see them change things. I watch to see what the players will do. I really want to believe in the integrity of the game. But every season lately. I’m doubting more and more.

  17. Barf. A whole week of Nicole and Corey all day cuddling in hoh bed like Yoko and Lennon. Please give me the middle seat on a plane with two strangers and a whole week of pre-takeoff banter vs listening to these monotone conversationalists. .

    ” Coreyyyyyy that’s meannnnnnnn. You’re meaaaannnnnn. Nargle noodle gluppity gurk”

  18. It would be super hilarious if after promising James she wouldn’t put him up; Nicole put up Natalie and Michelle. I don’t think she said anything about Natalie. Paul looked her in the eye and she doesn’t want to nominate HIM, so. . . . . THAT WOULD BE PRICELESS!!! Vic will probably win the POV regardless of who is up, so I would LOVE this scenario. Get rid of the little princesses!!!

  19. I think you would have more thumbs up if you had left the tongue-in-cheek racial slur out of it. I would have agreed with you without that unnecessary addition.

      1. I voted down your comment. I was reading comments from the bottom up at that point and hadn’t gotten to a horrible little comment from “Hmmmmm”. Yikes! I now understand your comment. “Supreme white ignorance”.

    1. Hillary and Donny belong in a nuthouse together. And no I’m not talking about Donny from BB16. Although he would make a better president than these two.

    2. so we suffer through last week possibly the most boring week in bb history and now we get to watch it all over again with whiney nicole instead of boring nat.. smh this season is dry toast

  20. Simon/Dawg, please do a new poll for the bribe please? It gives me such anxiety to see corey number 1.
    Also I am glad Nicole won, (don’t get me wrong i am not a nicole fan) but IMO it would have been worse if james won. js

  21. So depending on who goes up and who gets the package it could be interesting. If Paul doesn’t go on the block then I think Natalie at least will think Nicole and Corey are with Paul. Let’s say Meech and Victor are on the block, Paul wins veto and takes down Vic. That means Natalie or James on the block…Paul, Vic, Corey, and either Natalie or James voting. Paul bribes Corey to vote out Natalie/James. That’s my current ideal…I feel some kinda way about that…if I drank I’d need some Kraken.

    1. And if Meech wins the POV? She’s really Nicole’s blood-free target due to the animosity. Put’s Nicole in a bind.

      Also, when Vic walked out as the 5th jury member it broke left Paulie a broken man. He knew Vic was the one person he had no shot beating. “To be the best you have to beat the best”

  22. Now Nicole and Corey can have sex in the HOH room! Hopefully his pull out game is still strong. That’s why she wanted the HOH, it’s not because she wanted a letter from her mom.

    1. I just looked up the sex tape. Hahaha I bet Hayden is pissed cause Nicole wouldn’t even kiss him on their season but she is willing to have sex with Corey. They don’t even care. Corey clearly said he was cumming right into his mic and you can see where pulled out. They have no shame. Who moves like that while they are cuddling?

    1. Voting for Paul he has the gift of gab and he is THE strategist of the 2. He will use this to benefit both Victor and himself. He is already on the good side of Nicole and Corey. He could use it to help Victor.

      1. I like your logic. But I see another site has Vic in the lead for ACP. I am going to wait until tomorrow to see where the chips lie. It may have little affect like the Co-HOH did.

      1. TV viewers are the majority and have way more pull. Votes from this board are a drop in the bucket. Don’t stress. Whatever happens happens.

        1. Corey is getting the edit that shows him as pretty worthless. (True that!) Most t.v. viewers will vote for someone to get the bribe because of the anticipated conniving in the house! Corey is not the dude to make that happen. (Corey: Er, ah, Nicole, you want $5000?) Paul or Victor will get it, even if Production has to rig it. This ACP has Paul’s name written all over it.

  23. The only thing that will make this bearable now is for Nicole to put up James and Natalie.

    Maybe Natalie and Michelle.

    Any other combination will feel too much like last week.

    If Victor ends up on the block again it’ll be a cry’in shame.

  24. I’m so tired of Michelle constantly eating. Smacking her food, crunching her food, chewing with her mouth open. But the worst is the way she grabs at the food with her tongue. She reminds me of Jar-Jar Binks.


    I’m waiting for one of them to grab a hold of her tongue and say, “DON’T do that again!!!”

    Someone please send her to etiquette classes and teach her table manners.

  25. James you’re a pussy. How could you give Nicole that HOH? That’s like handing the iron throne to Cersei Lannister. It’s going to bite you, just watch.

  26. I said earlier that CBS were yanking our chains and that Vic would be evicted for the drama but would return. Paulie was too much a wild card for them to risk another meltdown. Did the little man start crying again? For those in the EST ( where feed comes from Florida) we cannot see next weeks episode. Can’t anyone at CBS do something about scheduling?

    1. I am in Central FL and my DirectTV schedule is showing BB at it’s regular 9 pm time for 9/1. Maybe it depends on which market of FL you are in.

    2. If BB would start the season a few weeks earlier – then end it before pre-season football starts – then there wouldn’t be the blackouts! In my timezone (central) we didn’t get the show until 2 am last night – so had to rely on blogs to hear about the show… So frustrating because the last couple of weeks of BB are so crucial!

    3. CBS will be showing the Dolphins game on Thursday but you can see BB on MyNetworkTV it’s channel 33 for S. Florida. Hope that helps.

  27. There are apparently people who vote for Corey to receive ACP! Who are these people? A bunch of vacuous homophobes? Misogynist pricks? Trump supporters? Dunno… child molesters perhaps? Some things will remain mysteries to me…

    In any case, SO happy for Vic to be back in the house and I HOPE James or Natalie will get the boot next Thursday. Natalie is BEYOND cocky and it’s unbearable to watch her power trip. Michelle the airhead might stay… she is THE WORST PoS after Paulie but she’s a lesser evil — she’ll be sleeping all week anyway, so…


  28. Logically speaking Nicole must put up Paul and Vic they are the strongest and least hated in the jury. Yes Vic is a beast on the physical comps yes paul is playing a remarkable social game all the more reason to logically put them back up on the block, the fact that she is not even acknowleding James handing her that win and acting like she beasted it shows how truly shallow and daft she really is and doesnt deserve the 500k. She will probably put up Meech and vic with the option of backdooring James and Nat . the next HOH is Vic and pauls to win and they can either take out the remaining two of the said three or go 4 broke and take out Nicole or corey and exit question how epic would it be if paul or vic next week did take out nic or corey?

    1. She is essentially putting Paul on the back burner so America forgets about him before the CP. If she makes him feel safe Paul will not play as hard and people will forget to vote for him. She made sure to mention the CP when talking with Cory though so people will think of him. Nic is clever that way.

      She will backdoor Paul after the veto and Paul will go home, which blows. I really like him.

      So don’t fall for it. Paul is still the target and needs help more then anyone. I don’t see how a bribe would really help though as they are all huge liars.

      1. there’s definitely some paranoia about the care package at play, but strategically speaking nicole pretty much has to put up victor and paul next to each other to guarantee one goes home. attempting to backdoor paul could backfire in a big way if he won and took victor off the block forcing nicole to vote out someone she could maybe actually beat in a final 2 like james, nat, or meech (i still think nicole has the lowest chance of winning the game out of everyone in the house though — no one on the jury likes her, and they’d probably award whoever she sits next to in a final 2). vic and paul are just too well liked by the jury and it’s foolish not to take at least one out when the opportunity presents itself.

  29. I’m so happy about victor!
    Depressed about Nicole.
    It’s going to be more of the same.
    What a shame.
    I have hope though!
    I wish that victor would get some sort of reward for getting Paulie out.
    Him and Paul have been working. While the others have been at camp,
    Or in a coma.

  30. Why does everyone keep saying Victor deserves to win? Seriously, where’s your thought process behind that? The guy has been evicted not once, but twice! I think he is an awesome guy just like the rest of you, but If he was playing the best Big Brother game, he wouldn’t have been evicted TWICE already.

    Aside from that, why is no one saying Paul deserves to win when Paul is the one that has told Victor what to do every step of the way? If you think Victor deserves to win because he’s playing some great game (that must be the reason if you all keep saying he’s the only person left “deserving” of the win), why not think the person who has told him how to play that “great game” deserves the win??

    I don’t understand!!!

    1. I don’t really think about who “deserves” it until final two. When it’s actually a debate. Up until that point you only deserve if it you can manage to stick around. Nobody is owed anything.

  31. Paul Has Picked Up Where He Left Off Licking & Tossing Nicole’s Brown Eye Salad With His Nasty Ass Tongue While Getting Man Boned By Corey “THE GAY CORNCOB”

  32. lol @ Corey having is photo greyed out. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that consistently forgets he’s even in that house.

  33. I enjoyed the Jury House segment, but I don’t believe for a miniute that Z and Paulie aren’t messing around with each other; not unless Z is trying to save face in front of Bridgette and Day

    1. You may be right, remember Paulie stated that Z wouldn’t talk to him for the first 3 days…well after the first 3 days then what? But I really feel bad for Z, she thinks the worst thing he did was not use the veto on her. Wait until she finds out that after she left he told the other HGs (and America) about how much s$x they had along with other hateful things. No matter what people think about her she doesn’t deserve public humiliation like that.

  34. Seriously James????? You let that RAT use the stupid excuse ” I just want a letter from my MOM ” ?? – RAT Nicole already Won a HoH at the start of the Season when she put Paulie on the block as a Pawn if you all don’t remember !!!! James is such an idiot – He should have kept his promise to Nat and won that comp.
    Nicole’s targets this week will be Meech and Vic another boring HoH.
    – And then it could be a double eviction?!
    Might as well give Paul the 500K now. Nicole has no ides how to play BB never has and never will.
    This last care package to me is the least exciting to me because 5K bribe can be turned down if it doesn’t suit the HoH plans or benefit their game.
    Nicole saying ” I am not putting Paul up because, I locked eyes with him and he said, stay up” is the most asinine idiotic thing I have ever heard in my entire life in the BB House – EVER !!!!! – Stupid Rat as stupid does !!!

    1. Please believe me if James could have won the HOH he would have, mainly to impress Natalie. He only made a deal because his body started to shake and he knew he was about to drop anyway. Last ditch attempt to save face.

  35. Seems like production tells them to act like they may not do what we know they’re going to do just as an effort for entertainment but we know what they’re gonna do just like Cory was never possibly going home.

  36. The on who will win this is a lucky person and not a gamplayer, with all this buybacks I feel sick to my stomach…I know yall happy for Vic , but imagin a perosn u despise comng back 2 times….it can t get worse for this season just fallen down for me totally coz no one deserves 3 chances in one season..not even Jesus himself

  37. Nicole must be a friggin idiot to consider not putting paul and victor up together. It’s as if pshe didn’t pay attention last week. So paul told her to stay up, and now she wants him in the game? What a mental midget Nic is.

  38. Please give Paul the carepackage, this will make Nicorey trust him and Vic more and leave James Naat and Meech on the outs… Nicole fans, giving it to Corey does not necessarily put James Nat Meech on the outs… Nicole knows shes better off working with Vic and Paul over those three, although she trusts James, she knows Meech hates her and I doubt she trusts Nat much…
    Vote Paul, and don’t split the P and V votes

    1. I was going to vote for Vic if he came back in, but since they didn’t show it on CBS last night, I’m voting for Paul. The votes will get split between the two of them, and I think that people that only watch on TV will vote Paul, because they don’t know about Vic and won’t want to have the Bridgette/Nicole vote happen again.

      I know there are people that can’t stand Paul, but I think a vote for Paul is actually a vote for the Vic/Paul team – and more importantly a vote against James and the girls. It will make Nicole want to work with the boys. None of us want to watch Nicole/Corey and James/Natalie couple’s vacation for the rest of the summer, right? Let’s keep the excitement going!

  39. Production probably told Nichols that she should keep Paul make America love her again. Too bad doing one decent thing doesn’t cancel out months of doing slimy things. She’s still probably going to backdoor him.

    It is too bad that they were never friends. Nic and Tiff were the only people in the house intelligent enough for Paul. Might have had a season of actual conversations if Nic and Paul had ever thought to talk to each other.

  40. Is it me, or did Paulie’s shorts look totally stupid and outdated ? He has nice legs, but dude, what the hell is up with the almost Daisy Duke Shorts ???

    I was shocked that Zakiyah actually gave Paulie the cold shoulder, I loved how Da and Bridgette put him in his place, also the look on his face was priceless. Looks like Paulie is not Mr. Tough guy when he does not have his boys lol…

    DaVonne calling Paulie out about his side burns, and wearing his hair to look like Paul was GREAT… And the little man complex was right on point, Paulie could not say much, and then Bridgette calling him out on the remarks about all Jersey Girls, I think gave him a hint on what is in store for him when he goes home. Paulie, there are no Meet & Greets in your future !!

  41. Oh goody! Miss I’ve done nothing all season but Velcro myself to a guy, elongate all my words, push my glasses up onto my nose and wear my hair like it was styled with a mixmaster wins the HOH, ONLY after James hands it to her because oh that’s right, he hasn’t played the game either. I’m sure they had to send in a box of Depends for him STAT because he actually had to play the game tonight and was the deciding vote between Vic and Corey. The only two people who deserve final two are Vic and Paul. They both had to scramble, re-set and claw their way from the beginning whereas the rest of them thought they were at a flipping Country Club.

  42. Okay… just stopping by to say 2 things:

    1. Yay: NO PAULIE BACK IN THE HOUSE! Praise the Reality Show gods!

    2. I won’t ever delete Thursday’s episode from my DVR. What was that jury house segment? Best jury house episode EVER!

    1. Paulie handle that all wrong. He should have shoved the fact he personally had a hand in each one of their evictions.

      Just keep saying to Da, you are the worst BB player ever. Never won a single comp. You suck at BB and at life. Go back to shuffling cards.

      Oh and Z, I f*cked you 5 times on tv. Who the bitch now?

      Petty little bitches, that got out played.

      1. Oh yeah, sure… that would just double the necessity for the Calafioris to hire a PR team to clean the mess that is Paulie’s current reputation.

  43. In BB, lies are expected, and Paul is the best at it. He’s filled Nic with so much b.s.,. He really wants to take Vic to F2. I suspect that Michelle will head to jury next Thursday. Really want Paul out, I’m so tired of his beard and foul language. Listening to him talking to the camera about everyone lying and manipulating, but he’s the worst.

  44. Victor and Paul need to just completely out Natalie, James and Michelle when they speak to Nicole and Corey. Point out to them that the week Paulie went home, Nicole and Corey were targets #1 and #2. Everyone was working together to get those two out. They have a big decision to make, they can either put up the two people (Paul & Victor) who are never working with Natalie/James/Michelle ever again, or they can put up Natalie (a brat who plays the innocent victim card that just happens to backstab people the first chance she gets), James (who is just a bold faced liar. who would want to be deep into this game with a guy who swears he’s a straight shooter but is always breaking deals?), and Michelle (who is just bat shit crazy and easily manipulated. Paul was 100% correct in his assessment of her today before tonight’s eviction). There’s two sides, one side with people that hate and will never work with the other side, and the other side full of easily manipulated, bold faced liars who continuously over blow things about your character while you’re walking out the door. I think the choice is pretty simple.

    On another note, in regards to the jury house, normally I would feel bad for someone who is in the situation Paulie is in, but tonight’s episode is just further proof that the guy is a hot-headed, egotistical asshole who thinks he is God’s gift to the world. Just look at his face while Bridgette, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah were laying it on him and you could just see how much of an asshole Paulie is. It kinda makes the whole conversation earlier in the season where Paulie was warning Frank about his actions with the girls seem comical. It really does.

  45. It’s funny how much shit people talk on the Houseguests. Majority of it is personal attacks too. Just goes to show how immature most of you are. It would be nice to have conversations with other fans who discuss things that actually have to deal with the game rather than what they do under the blankets. You might not like a houseguest but there is no need to call them names we aren’t 5 years old (ex: Nicole being called Ratcole). I read comments that people post and I just shake my head. I’d love to be able to discuss Big Brother with other superfans but I’m starting to think I’m on the wrong site ????

    1. I feel like this comment was a personal attack against this site. Maybe if you kept the comments more about game it would help with the flow in the comments section.

    2. I don’t mind it when people bash about truly terrible things like Paulie’s behavior. But I agree that it’s pretty bad how people suddenly start making personal attacks if someone makes a move in the game that they don’t like. Bash the move not the person.

      Honestly I think Paulie is the only really really bad guy this season. With a couple of others doing a couple of questionable things. But we all do.

    3. Correct! Down the hall, second door on the right. there you will find the site where everything is butterflies and roses (butterfly criers not allowed) candy canes and gummy worms. Everyone cuddles and smiles and at the end everyone receives a participation trophy!
      Describing a houseguest by the way they play the game re: Ratcole is acceptable to me and I find it entertaining which is what it is all about. Especially when this site gets to be better than the actual show (most seasons!) So I like to hear how people feel about a houseguest good or bad. Someone above loves, loves Nicole good for them. To each their own. Nobody is forcing you to be here or anywhere. If you don’t think Munchie, Crunch and Munch, Big, Biotch, Big Beach” (man she has a lot) is funny good for you. (Maybe you are more of an Oxford man hey old chap?) The latest Bratalie I have seen is fitting and funny. PAulie the pool pisser? (his name was Paulie and he pissed the pool come on man!) Nasty Nicky? I used that one yesterday. Nicky can be short for Nicole and what she has done for the world to see is nasty. It works. Sure if she was home and not on TV not so nasty but live on camera. Lamesy Jamesy! Nothing? Not even cracking a smile? Yea down the hall on the right……………..

  46. Really? People are still voting for Corey to get the care package? I get that maybe people assumed Vic would be gone, or Paul can be an a$$. But really? If it’s anything that I’ve observed so far…
    1.James is a complete idiot-he clearly had a deal in place with Corey and Nicole, probably even Paulie.
    2.Nat is REALLY starting to get on my nerves. With the ‘Hurt Feelings’ and French Fries thing over and OVER again!
    3.Michelle; hey the use of that word is disgusting. BUT, Michelle? Really? Your behavior that Paul called you out on is spot on. Plus, you eat like a Horse and leave a trail of crumbs all over you.
    4.Corey is dumb as wood, and that’s being unfair to wood.
    5.If Vic hasn’t convinced you that he deserves to win the entire game by now? Go watch The Bachelor in Paradise.

    Bottom line: IF Nicole sticks to her word by not putting up Paul that is going to be a major red flag to James and Nat and Michelle, since they all SO desperately want him gone. I presume she would then put up Michelle and Vic. I don’t see her putting up Nat unless a veto is won by either Paul or Vic. Then Michelle goes. But it seems she will go for Vic. She’s built herself a nice meat shield. Good standing with Vic, James, Natalie, Corey and Paul. The only one she’s on the outs with is Michelle. And I don’t see her voting out Nat unless she wants James to herself as another option which is possible. Either way if Vic or Paul don’t win that veto, Vic is gone again. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen. The guys are playing to the fans, which I think is deserving of our votes. I’m voting Vic even though it may mean nothing for the Care Package. If Corey gets it, I think sitting ducks will be bummed.

    1. If Nic is smart, she sees that Nat, James and Meech are together and it’s her and Corey and Paul and Vic (the comp beast). So what would be smarter for her? Use Paul and Vic to get out Meech. She knows thinks are blown up with James, Nat and Paul and Vic will pretty much go where Paul goes. Using them to take out Meech would put Nat and James as the odd men out. They could then go back to their 4pack and work on getting out Paul and Vic. But until they turned on Paul he (and probably Vic) would be in their sandbox and voting in their favor.

  47. Is Prod telling the hgs what the care package will be? Paul mentioned it might be 5K or an HOH — how did he know a specific amount? Last week it was mentioned that CP might be a HOH. Again, guessing is to close so info must have come from prod. Wish prod would stay out of this.

  48. I won’t pretend to be an especially nice person. But I have NEVER straight up called a woman a c*nt. That’s too far for a game.

  49. Damn. NiCorey are pulling it off again. They are going to slide by and win damn it.

    Please everyone make up next week and take them out finally.

  50. Then Nicole puts up Vic and Paul. I just see it happening. I think she’s fearing them getting it at the moment.

  51. Natilie found Nicole and Corey have the same nickname Coco . She low key gives them shade and says that’s weird lol Corey shares the same nickname as his mom as well and has said Nicole reminds him of his mom. That is a fate to meet someone across the country and have the same nickname. He asked her the other night if she would be willing to move to Texas for him. He’s said if things are legit enough he’s ready to settle down but not sure if Nicole is ready to commit since she lives so far away from him. He told her he thinks she takes their relationship lightly and wants her to fight and not give up easily if things get rocky. Corey thinks she never wants to move from Ubly because she had said she doesn’t want to move away from home. He doesnt her traveling around and especially Visiting Haydn. She does talk about Hayden a lot and he’s asked her not to talk about him.

  52. Paul is being pretty terrible tonight. I’m off his bandwagon. I can separate him from Vic even if they are a team.

    Vic – Thumbs Up
    Paul – Thumbs Down

    1. I admit that he went a little too far in what he said.
      But…It was planned though – he wasn’t just going off like Paulie.
      It was Paul/Vic’s last ditch effort to make James/Nat/Meech hate Paul and want him out bad enough to vote out Corey (because they thought that Paul was working with Nic/Corey), and keep Vic so that they could all go against Paul this week.
      Paul totally threw his own game UTB doing that – he alienated everyone and would have to live with it – but he thought it was his only chance of keeping Vic.

      You have to admit that it almost worked – even Simon thought that James was going to evict Corey…and all because of Paul’s planned tirade. So, love him or hate him – it was a GREAT game move and it almost worked!

      1. No, Paul legitimately hates Michelle. In his chat with America on last night’s After Dark, he said that Michelle kept sh*tting on him so he gave it back to her. He didn’t apologize for dropping the c-word and predictably said “Never cared” regarding the whole thing. He called Tiff the c-word before, but not to her face. Honestly, as a woman, that word doesn’t carry as much weight with me as the b-word, which he has also used liberally. I’m not sure why the c-word is even an insult. I love mine. But why use a gender-based insult when you could just use the equal opportunity insult of @$$hole? Everybody has one. It’s fun to say. Nobody gets offended.
        So boo on Paul for using gender-based insults. I think he can unlearn that sh*t after a week in the jury house with Bridgette.

      2. You can’t just play off calling a girl the C-word as strategy.

        And even it was that’s still not a valid reason for doing it. There is a line. He crossed it.

  53. I’d be shocked if Nicole backdoor James! The look on his and Natalie’s faces would be priceless! If that happened, well James, you’ve broke your promise to Shelli/Clay, Frank/Bridgette, Davonne, Victor, etc., so payback’s a bitch! I’m still hoping for Victor and Paul for Final 2!

  54. Nicole is going to put up victor and Michelle with the hopes of a back door for Paul. If Paul doesn’t go. Victor will be the best next thing.
    The care package will probably go to Corey.
    Nicole will never go against James or Nat but especially James. ( they have a deal”) she has Corey and James as buffers- Nat too.
    It will be Paul victor and Michelle out first and not necessarily in that order.
    It’s very predicable really.
    James will probably end up getting AFP after all.
    I always expect the unexpected.
    I wish it could be Vic, Nicole, Nat and Paul at 4.
    I also wish it had been a more level playing field. Without outside influences. Like all newbies would have had. I’ve hated the showmances, but it looks like they will be final 4. Like it or not.
    Sorry for victor/Paul who tried so hard.
    Worked the hardest too.
    Nicole has been living on easy street.
    Cory too. Corey has been on the block but never in any danger really.
    Well that’s my prediction.
    It makes me aggravated even having to say it.

  55. Guys this is a game not a popularity contest, Paul and Vic need to go if anyone else want’s a chance at winning. So if Nicole is smart she would suck it up and put up Paul and Vic. I like Paul however, from a game standpoint if anyone else want to win he has to go.

  56. I think part of what Nicole said about not putting Paul up also has to do with the big blow up Thursday at 2:07 PST. James was claiming Nic told him something and she was in the bathroom saying over and over that she never said that. You could tell she was upset that James would say she did (whether she did or not). Then when James wouldn’t give up the HOH to her (he had already told her he would pass it to her if their targets were not still up), I think Nic starting questioning if she should really trust James.
    They had an agreement, but it is clear to Nic that Nat has influenced James’ game and Nic has never liked Nat.
    James even said he dropped because he didn’t want it to look like he didn’t trust her (although we know he was tired and couldn’t hold on much longer). But when he said it was for Nic mom, she also felt he was ensuring she wouldn’t put him up.
    You can tell that Paul has planted some seeds in her head.

  57. Even when James gave Nicole the HOH she was complaining that James was trying to make her feel guilty. He gave Nicole’s mother a shout out before he jumped. She went to Corey and said James was trying to make make me feel guilty by calling my mom’s name out. She couldn’t just be happy that he handed the HOH to her. She sucks the life out everything! She is the definition of a Debbie Downer!

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