Last Ditch “make sure that’s 1 of the last things you say so there’s no chance to cross reference “

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND Corey
Have Nots Victor and James

Spoiler Alert!

Watch the HOH competition play out TONIGHT on the Big Brother Live Feeds at 10pm ET. Try 1 week free!

So apparently CBS is going to let us watch the HOH tonight on the live feeds and it’ll be endurance. I’m thinking maybe last jury member to “Drop” stays in the game and last houseguests to “Drop” wins HOH. Could be the wall like in BB15 or a Slip n’ slide. No idea.. It’ll be fun to watch

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 10-03-52-838
10:01pm Victor and Paul eating breakfast.
Victor says he thinks it’s still 50/50 him staying.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 10-06-05-960
Victor offers James a taste of shake.. Says the secret the secret is Graham Crackers, ‘Trust me it’s good it doesn’t taste like sh1t you gotta trust me on this”
James – damn good little shake there”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 10-12-17-557

10:07am Kitchen Victor and Paul
Victor says he’s going to campaign to them as late as he can.
Paul – make sure you say that ‘I know him, he won’t abandon ship for no reason’
Paul – I called Michelle a stupid f****g b1tch.. I don’t know if she heard me though.. I was right behind her..
Paul explains they were walking to change batteries and Michelle slammed the door behind her that is when he said it.
Paul says when he wins the care package Michelle will be crying.

Victor wonders if there is a way to tell James and Natalie with certainty that he’s after Paul and that Paul is working with Nicole and Corey. Victor doesn’t want to screw up Paul’s game.
Vic – I can’t say he’s for sure working with Nicole and Corey .. ‘how do you know that’..
Vic – well..uhh.. . cause if I say you told me then you’ll be f***d on the back end..
feeds cut
Paul saying that Nicole and Corey are just playing dumb they were talking to james last night.
Vic says he can use that be like “PAul told me you were talking to Nicole and Corey. they said you were paranoid that’s how information is relaying”
Victor is saying he can show a connection that Nicole/Corey talk to Paul and Paul talks to him, “Thats good”
Paul – ya

Victor – look that’s one way, I can’t tell you for sure if they are working together.. why do you think they would tell him that you were paranoid asking questions
Paul – make sure that’s 1 of the last things you say so there’s no chance to cross reference
Paul – cause if he (james) just goes and asks them
Vic – i’ll have to wait
Pau l- i’m going to sleep
Vic – i’m going upstairs

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 10-17-27-197

10:25pm HOH Victor, James, Natalie and Michelle
James is stroking Natalie’s legs under the covers. Michelle is beside them on the main bed, Victor is on the couch. Just chit chat about dreams..

Victor says he was the cow mascot at Chick-fil-A..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 11-03-20-815

11:03pm ZZzzzzzzz

11:20pm HOH Lockdown called. feeds go to Jeff

12:00pm Feeds on Jeff.
(this will go on for another hour or so…)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 14-55-44-915

2:07pm Kitchen Michelle, Paul and James
James says Vic came to him a couple minutes ago and said Paul is telling people.
Paul – I said something about you.. What did I say
James – Vic said that you.. You said.. Corey told you last night that I was being Paranoid about conversations about stuff last night
Paul – I didn’t say Corey said anything I said YOU are paranoid because you’re walking around and you guys keep saying things about me.
Paul – you guys are paranoid about me
James – he said you said James
Paul – I said all y’all are paranoid about me..

Paul – I feel like I was lied to by a few people after doing a few things in this game I thought I had your back and you had my back
Michelle – He totally had your back JAmes. The biggest liar and manipulator in the house
Paul – OK bud, I’m pretty sure I’m not talking to you so why don’t you mind your own business
Michelle – I don’t care
Paul – Why don’t you go put on some more fake tanner
Meech mocks him for getting mad about laundry
Paul – I got mad because i didn’t like the way you were talking to me again I’m not talking to you so mind your own business
Meech – you mind your own business
Paul – Oh jesus christ.. Anyway James
Meech – and don’t touch my clothes .. I’ll burn all yours
Paul – try
Michelle – I will
Paul – self evict good one
Meech – your bourgeoisie ass clothes
Paul – you don’t know who I am don’t talk to me that way
Meech says he disrespects her all the time
Paul denies it, “You’re a f*** cunt I’m going to say that to your f****g face”

Paul – you’re a f***g bully you talk down to people.. That’s why people talk behind your back because you are a terrible person.. You like to kick people when they are down and cry about them later..
Michelle says paul calls Natalie and her b1tches all the time. Paul asking her when he says that.
Michelle – all the time.. This is how you talk your way thout of stuff just like you talked your way through school..,

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 15-04-49-163

Paul, Corey, Natalie, James
Paul saying that Michelle told him she was forced to put Paul up by Natalie.
Natali denies it.
Paul – those were not my words..
Natalie – James has nothing to do with my HOH nothing.
Paul says he’s not going to take natalie’s word for anything because he’s lost too much trust with her.
Paul – I’m going to make my own assumptions
Natalie – that’s fine you’ve lost my trust long ago that’s why you are on the block
Paul says he’s not on the block anymore.

Paul says he wants to have a conversation with James where Michelle does butt in trying to egg him on.

Natalie says her and James are not malicious people.
James says after Paul won Veto he hauled ass away from Victor and started hanging out with Corey.
Paul says that’s bullshit their attitudes towards him changed immediately.
Paul says natalie was “Backhandly shitting on him”
Natalie denies.
Paul – the way you were treating me in general.. We were all supposed to be friends..
Paul says their paranoia is setting in, he’s been secluding himself not shitting on Victor.
James – that’s your boy

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 14-32-15-316
Meech listening in.. .

Paul Says her and Michelle were mean to him and he doesn’t appreciate it.
Paul says Michelle’s words after Nominations “Natalie made me put you up”
Paul – she said she felt forced.. You can bring her out and ask her.. Everything that comes out of that girl’s mouth means nothing to me all she does is put people down then cries about it because she feels sorry because she’ll look like a bad person in front of everybody else.
Natalie says it was a game move he’s a great player she loves him as a person “it was a game move”
Paul says he was legitimately sick “I went to the Doctor Dude.. the legitimate Doctor dude” and in the HOH he heard someone say that he wasn’t really sick it was a girl.
Paul calls Michelle a terrible person she’s a bully, rude and beats people when they are down

the fight continues

Paul – My conclusion was you wanted me gone this week..
Natalie swears she never said she wanted him gone, “Those words never came out of my mouth”

Paul wants her to admit he was the target. Natalie won’t admit it.
Paul – so you didn’t want me gone this week..
Natalie – either way.. I’m HOh I got to put people put.. Guess what you’re a huge threat in here.. You are an amazing player.. You are huge target in this house..

Paul says he was hurt the way she treated him, “you were malicious and Rude”
Natalie wants to know how she hurt his feelings.
Paul – I don’t want to talk about it

Natalie says Paul told ‘I was s****G James d1ck to the top”
Corey – Never said it
Paul – I guess he never said it I must have made it up Nat..

Why don’t we talk about your plan to get Paulie, Nicole and Corey out
Nat – if that was the plan I would have put them up
Paul – right right.. You said Paulie, Corey Nicole then you made a deal with us in the room..
Corey swears he never said that “Doesn’t even sound like what I said”

Paul – how about you saying you’ve been playing innocent this whole game and you’ve flipped a switch and now you’re lying..
Paul – so I lied about getting my degree.. Fuck getting into pepperdine..
Nicole spazzes out tells them she’s sick of hearing people saying this and saying that said this.. “UGH..If I have to hear about the FT’s.,,…. It sucks”
Paul and Victor have a fake fight..
Paul starts to call Victor out.
Victor – you jumped ship bro
JAmes – that’s your bro
Paul says they told him the target was Corey ..
Victor – you hopped ship
Paul – I don’t see how I hoped ship..

James says Paul has been hanging out with Corey. Paul says Victor has been hanging out with James, Natalie and Michelle in the HOH.
Paul – I can’t trust James, Natalie and Michelle at this point
Victor – I can trust James, Natalie and Michelle at this point
Paul telling them he’s working with Corey and Nicole because he can’t trust them

3:00pm Victor says he’ll take a swing at Paul if he wins HOH

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 15-16-07-821

3:15pm Safari room James, Michelle, Natalie and Vcitor
Natalie freaking out because Paul said she pinched his ass she did because he slapped her a$$
Michelle says Paul is playing Vanessa game..
Victor says Paul is working with them, “I’m telling you they are working together and if Corey stays.. “
Natalie says Nicole is defending Paul. Victor agrees.. Starts putting out examples
Natalie – Corey needs to go Dude.. see how they don’t defend anything they do nothing..
They tell Victor to run to Paul and make sure he hasn’t lost Paul’s vote. Victor runs off. (AHAHAH)
Natalie – James you have to vote Corey out
Michelle and Natalie both want Corey out.. James is worried he might not be the deciding vote now.
James warns them this might be a trick
Natalie and Michelle don’t think Vic would do something like that.
Michelle – Vic was hurt last night
Natalei – you’re not voting to keep Corey.. I don’t trust it
Michelle says they have to vote out Corey
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 15-23-21-771
Victor comes back .. says it’s cool with Paul he’s not voting him out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 15-27-09-307

3:37pm Safari room James, Natalie and Meech
James in thought..
Natalie – we need COrey out.. you don’t see it
James- it’s starting to get like that.. the only thing I like about Victor he’s willing to talk to us, Nicole and Corey just collect information..
Michelle – Victor is more trustworthy ..
Natalie – we need Corey out
Michelle says if they keep Corey they guarantee Nicole final 2
James says Nicole and Corey have been acting sketchy
James again says this might be a ploy. Michele swears it’s not.

James – I can’t believe flipping a vote this late in the game.. that’s not my style..
The girls tell him they want Victor to stay.
Natalie – if you take out Corey only Nicole will be pissed
Michelle says Nicole will lose her love of her life she’ll be useless
James- I swear man if this comes back and bite me in the a$$
Victor back says he’s smoothed things with Paul.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 15-31-57-925

3:30pm Vic and Paul London room
Vic retelling everything..
Vic says they want him to hang out with Paul and make sure Paul doesn’t vote him out
Paul – Bro if we pull this off we win the game.. set James and Nat up.. F**** you

Vic – sitting ducks bro
Paul – OHH my god..
Paul is going to keep feeding sh1t to Nicole and Corey, Victor is goign to feed sh1t to James, Meech and Natalie.
Vic – they are so convinced.. they are 100% convinced that you are with them (Nicole/Corey )
Paul and Victor congratulate each other for pulling this off.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 15-43-39-384
Victor – dude we’re this close..
Paul – they think I would abandon ship on my hommie.. f*** you
Vic – dude the thing that really got me, before all this happened when the talks started
paul – they tried to turn you against me
Vic – not only that but … don’t explain to me I trust you
Vic – when the first talks started I knew I would be voted out.. Before this conversation with James..

Vic tells him he needs to hang out with Corey and Nicole
Vic – do not allow them to cross mingle.. if they cross mingle sh1ts going by the wayside
Victor says in the safari room they were call saying Nicole is Sliding to the end and Corey has to go when he goes she’ll be frazzled.
Victor – we’re right fucking there.. you are talkign a storm.. everyone is shitting on you ..
Paul – 2 of their people can’t compete Nicole on my side now F*** you

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-25 15-42-36-303

Production – so today we’re voting to evict either the walking dead or game of thrones..

3:47pm Feeds on Jeff..

(House flipped Victor staying Kraken shrine worked yo ucan thank me all later)

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Victor Victor Victor

Wish this plan was working, but I fear it won’t. No worries, Victor beats Paulie in the battle back and all hell will break loose. James will shit a fricking brick. Can’t wait.


The least everyone can do is vote Victor for AFP. There is no one more than him who deserves it.

Oh yeah and James saying it’s okay to send Victor home because he won $500 and a tablet is so funny. Did you forget you took $5000 over the crucial veto that sent Paulie home? James is a snake and it’ll be hilarious when he realizes it when this seasons over.


You know how that Venezuelan booty is using James….so my thing is why didn’t she bribed him and tell James I’ll make out with you, if you vote out Corey and keep Victor….I’m thinking that would have got the job done, but at the same time she’s not going to do that, she doesn’t want to make out with James….remember she just using him….I hope Victor returns, James gets evicted next Thursday, Victor and the Nat Nat make it to final 2….leaving James to wonder what’s going on, why hasn’t she returned to Jury, oh my God are they hooking up….I bet she would, like to see that and James’s face when he finds out.


its all over jamsey’s face, he is insecure about his so called showmance


He got bounced 3rd…but really 2nd…out. Sat out a month, while the game was going on, didn’t exactly beat a murderers row to get back in the game, returned and did what Paulie told him, until Paul told him not to anymore. Keep in mind Paul is every bit the mean girl Michelle is and that’s his “ride or die”. He tied himself to the two most abrasive and obnoxious men in the house….and if those men were broads, we’d never have heard about the other mean girls in the house.

Vic is a fine, if not bright guy….but I don’t get how or why he “deserves” AF. My God, he told everybody with ears how many comps he one, which all but assured everybody would be fine to get him out at the 1st opportunity. No humility, no “I got lucky”, it was straight bragging. Vic came in with no strategy, just happy to be on TV, and the move that made him popular was driven by Bridgette, via Nat and Paul.

Bridgette worked her relationship with Paul after Frank left, fed his ego, fed the idea that he could use her. Bridgette stayed connected to Nat, shaping her view of the game while she hid with James, who would never have clued her in that she was soon to be picked off. Without Bridgette, Nat stays oblivious. Without Bridgette being the bigger person, Michelle has no outlet. Without Bridgette, Paul does not see trading Paulie and Corey for Nat and Michelle as viable. Just remember how irrelevant Vic was in that. He wanted Z gone, but kept telling Paul to cool pushing it if the votes weren’t there. He jumped on the anti-Paulie movement. He was nowhere near the nexus of it.


I admit that Vic has not always been the brightest when playing this game, but when you break it down, he really has been playing smart since coming back in the house. He was naive when he teamed up with Josea for sure but think about how hard it would be sitting in a house for a month, isolated, alone, with no idea of what is going on in the BB house. No idea of how anyone else is playing the game or what has been said or done between all of the players. Then every time he beat someone in the battle back, they tell him, “don’t trust anyone” or “only trust (certain people)”. Typically when someone returns after being evicted, the rest of the house usually gangs up to get them right back out the door. However, when he returned, he had to lay low, quickly figure out who to side with and play along. He was voted out 9 to 1. Imagine how he felt knowing they all wanted him out. He could have come in and started threatening revenge and acted like an a** but he kept his mouth shut for the most part and played nice. He hooked up with the one person who voted to keep him, who also happened to be in the main alliance that was running the house at the time. And,yes, he did what Paul told him to do but you have to give him credit for winning the comps that put him in the position to make big moves and then actually making them! You could tell that he really wanted to believe in the guy’s alliance and I think he really wanted to trust Paulie so he could have ignored Paul’s “advice” and easily ran his 2 HOH’s differently but he made the decision to pick a side and stir it up. And my final point regarding Victor is that he has always remained calm and logical in his conversations with everyone. I refer back to the conversation with Nicole when she was worried he was going to target her. He asked her, “who brought my name up to get me out during the DE?”. He had her squirming, and panicking about what to say all the while remaining calm and reassuring, already knowing exactly who was targeting him. He even admitted that he would eventually get targeted because of his comp wins. He hasn’t blown up at people and he hasn’t attacked people on a personal level like most of the others. As you can tell by now, I am hoping for Vic to win this game and if he doesn’t, he definitely has my vote for AFP.

Froot Loop Dingus

The problem with Bridgette coming back in is she most likely becomes just another vote for Natalie and James, and with James’ pattern of behavior this season, he’ll put her up before he puts up Nicole or Corey. So she’s at best playing for 5th place. The only one’s who likely go before her are Michelle and Paul.


It so annoys me james wants to stick with nicorey but its probably the smartest game move for him and nat?


If the HOH and comeback is endurance unfortunately Victors gonna be screwed. He’s been up all night. Someone from jury or Nicorey will win because they’re all gonna be well rested. I just hope Victor can find a way to stay in the house.


if it’s an endurance comp, Vic may have an advantage. Paulie legs may not hold out, especially if he’s been having sex with Z in the jury house.


Not only that, but Paulie has had plenty of time to repair friendships in the jury house. If he comes back and makes it to F2, he’ll win!


He’s had time but Da’Vonne and Bridgette have had quite a bit of time alone with Zakiyah too. It could have been a very uncomfortable week for him. I’m sure they feel some kind of way about what he did.


Has anyone noticed they keep changing care package day and time? I am beginning to think person coming back will also be included.


I believe that is because if you watch the edits of the show Corey is this Seasons Captain America. The hero storyline Allison Grodner and production loves. My guess is Victor or Paul is winning the Care Package.






I can’t believe what I flip-flopper I am. I started the season liking Nicole, James, Davonne and hating Paul, Victor and Bridgette.
Now, I’m anti-Nicole and James. And I want Paul and Victor to the be the final 2. On last night’s episode, I liked seeing Paul get feisty and calling out Nicole and company. (I loved how utterly stupid Corey looked!). This game needs to make some changes. Its only bearable because of this website. But the producers are ruining the show by being too involved in the process. This “vote with the house” crap and the Diary Room promptings piss me off.
I want some real people in there….not people who play to the audience, are looking for boyfriends or are angling for Instagram followers.
I hope Corey goes tonight, but if not, I hope Victor comes back in and kicks ass.

Vic for the win....I hope

I wonder how CBS feels about their golden couple Nicole and Corey’s unprotected sex being all over the Internet. I myself find it hilarious.

Butters Mom

CBS LOVES Rachel and Brendon and they had unprotected sex all over the internet …. it draws attention to the show so they probably love it!

Santa Claus

I, myself, find it vile.

Double standard

Isn’t it sad that in this day and age that it’s still the girl that’s criticized? I don’t hear Corys name mentioned too often.
She waited over 70 days and couldn’t wait a few weeks more.


what is the time stamp on this sex they had?

Roll Tide

Nicole is so worried about what her family and friends think of her. Now won’t she be surprised
She is an Internet star!

Texas Star

I totally agree with you. It’s weird that I’m pulling for Victor to get voted out and fight back in, but there it is. And he should totally win AFP. Plus, Nicole’s face when Paul was calling her out on her lies was priceless; she epitomizes “deer in headlights”.

Cow Mascot

Prepare for the Horror of Grodraptor fav Paulie’s return. My non-Kraken recipe: 1 inch of Svedka in a tall glass, top with a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ..Repeat ,as necessary.

Mister pickles

I’m already lit. And I just want to say I absolutely love Emily Chang!!!


I didn’t like Victor at the beginning but now I really like the guy and I hope he gets back in the house tonight.


I hope he gets voted as AFP this season

Skips Mom

I think if I am being honest, I think in the beginning Natalie’s constantly berating Victor and pointing out everything that hurt her heart about him may have tainted my opinion. Now I see him for who he is and who Natalie truly really is. Natalie has already moved on to Paul and Corey will surely be next with hurting her heart. Team Victor.

He is the Rocky Balboa of big brother that we haven’t seen ever on this show. Not to take away anything from Dan or Derek but neither of them had to fight as hard as Victor. Nicole describes Derek’s season as summer camp. While Derek and Dan both did great, Victor is awesome at his physical ability and mental strength. Could you be quiet after you scrubbed and cleaned and then James and Nicole throw powder and coffee all around? That is some mental self control on his part.


If I am being honest, I think you have a selective memory. Natalie didn’t hypnotize you into thinking he was a douche, you thought he was a douche… because he was. His first hoh was absolutely horrible, since he said he was coming back to take out Paulie, but then turned around and acted like his yes man. He put Z and Meech on the block and broed out, and bragged about his big move?
He didnt redeem himself until his next hoh. Then he really showed up!!!
I am a Vic fan too now. However, I haven’t forgot the beads, big man.

yawn interrupted

would be cool if they said, “here Vic, you can have your @nal beads back.


Yeah your right
How come meech don’t remember them beads
she ran off crying .. And now
She don’t want him to go !
That’s crazy

Ian's Lament

People seem to forget Victor was evicted and missed the three best weeks of the season when all the Frank Tiffany Davonne drama was going on and had a soft landing back in the game with PP having his back and Frank Bridgette being public enemy number one. With Paulie’s descent into madness he pretty much got to just chill and win comps. He’s more likable basically because everyone else so unlikable.
Paul has done all the real work for him.


All he really missed was bronte and tiff’s eviction. So really, he missed out, bro-ing out with them for a couple extra weeks. I certainly wouldnt say Paul being a mastermind either, I cant even give him partial credit. If he is, those were the 2 worst threats in the game? Nope, that was ALL Paulie. He was always helping Paulie, then realized Paulie wasnt helping him, and jumped ship. Paul ALWAYS wanted vets out. He has Day on his resume, the only credit I will give him. He has floated around the boys and power the entire game…

Ian's Lament

Victor didn’t even run his own HOHs. Paulie and Paul wanted Z and Meech up. Paul wanted Paulie and Corey up. Today is literally the first time he has really tried active social gaming.


You know, I forgot about that! You are right. Maybe I have selective memory, cause I was giving him credit!
I’m not a fan of Vic anymore, I am fickle like that. Beads.

Hiba from Sudan

I hope everyone has wonderful and happy day!!! My hosts have shown me this program and I find very enjoyable to view. America is great country!



I am so sorry…I meant to press “thumbs up” but may have pressed “thumbs down” by accident. The US is a great country, indeed!


Just watch out for the Canadians…

I’m kidding.

D from Canada

You’ll be moving here after November 8. :p.
I’m just kidding too.


Seeing our choices, I’m thinking of leaving before then so I can beat the rush.

Double D

Look James…it’s real simple. Everybody likes Vic. But NOBODY is going to win jury votes sitting next to Vic.


Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode of Riiiiigged Brother!


Lmfao, good one. “Tonight on Riiiiged Brother……….”


Simon reports…
10:25pm HOH Victor, James, Natalie and Michelle
James is stroking Natalie’s legs under the covers.

Victor says he was the cow mascot at Chick-fil-A..
James & Nat – egads, I think I am going to hurl
Victor – King of the non sequitur .
Simon – THANKS too funny

Cow Mascot


Parul for Prez

Paul did so good as a funny Security guy, he should get a part in a show or movie as one. Looked REALLY good in the whole suite thing. I’ve loved Paul since WEEK ONE (I have a beard thing-I like them) So I’ve never changed with that. Paul from beginning to end…….FINALS PLEASE!!!!


I just don’t like him.
Not sure what it is, but…….


About Paul, you probly dont like him for:
the ugly beard
the ugly foul mouth
the bragging
the bullsh#t
the fakeness
the little man complex
the phony catch phrases
the name calling
the aggressive behaviour
did I mention the foul mouth?
and the list goes on, Paul, YOU ARE NOT ‘OUR BOY’
Okay, I feel much better now tx.


I forgot to mention that f#@king rubber yellow duckie!

It's a F*cking Pelican!

It’s a f*cking pelican!


I absolutely hated paul until he turned on paulie and i saw paul dancing in the DR….although not 100% behind him, i do feel he is playing best game in house. i have never wanted someone to win or not win due to their personal financial situation and only on game play…that being said…paul is def loaded and makes me want someone not in a trust fund type life (or winning to buy mommy a new bently) to win.


So I take it that you didn’t realize that was our first glimpse of Paul’s humor when he made that comment to his mom? I remember laughing about it at the time. I liked the wit, confidence, and subtle orneriness of him saying that.

Skips Mom

Natalie, James and Michelle do not want Paul to get the care package. Please let’s send them a message and everyone vote for Paul to get it. I want them to get the message loud and clear how much America loves Paul and despises them.


Triple Like! Come On Americans… Let’s show these floaters what the viewers REALLY want! This isn’t Lovers Paradise! (word to Godfrey)… Victor and Paul for AFP!

Simon and Dawg are doing God’s work. I couldn’t imagine how boring watching these showmances and Meech on the feeds gets.

sunny dee

maybe for meech they just have some phrases to copy and paste such as:

hand shoved into cereal box (fruit loops, etc)
hand shoved into candy bag
hand shoved into chips bag
hand stuffing face with cereal from a bowl
hand stuffing face with actual food from a bowl (used less often)
face shoved into fridge
face and hands shoved into HOH basket of goodies
comments indecipherable due to loud crunching, chewing and lip smacking noises.

Roll Tide

Last night Michelle is constantly eating, she just changed from one thing to another. Then she said that she learned in school that Kashi was not good for you. She was chowing down on Fruit Loops.
I wish Big Brother would give her all soft foods in Zip Lock bags, to help hold the noise down. It is hard to hear with Michelle constantly eating. She eats loud!


Michelle never uses a napkin and she can’t even move the blanket without making noise! Did you hear her put the lotion on her arms? It sounded like sand paper


Paul is a loud mouth. A funny loud mouth but loud mouth nonetheless. I used to find James endearing, now he’s sad sack and it’s depressing. Cannot stand Corey OR Nicole so hope they are gone sooner rather than later. I think Victor deserves to win. I hope Bridgette wins the Jury spot and NOT Paulie, but Victor if it’s him that’s sent home. NOTE TO PRODUCTION (No clue if production ever stops by but just in case) You ruin the show by making it a puppet show. Let it play out the way the PLAYERS want it to, not the way the stupid people behind the scenes think it should go.

Roll Tide

I would never vote for the animal killer or Nicole. I will vote for Victor first, if he is not back, then Paul.

Not true

James and Nicole have more fans then Paul…if Paul was as popular with casuals as u make it out to be he d have a ACP even before Nicole…the fact that he gets the ACp over Corey means nth since Corey had almost no air time and is really nothing in the house…it s like winning over a furniture…I m pretty& sure most of the causal south still likes James and most of the casual BB16 nicole fans still like her…


Big Brother went from being a real social experiment to putting two people in the house that were already there, know each other’s family/friends, made an alliance before even going on the show, and have fans. Sorry, but I don’t think that’s fair or indicative of any experiment at all. It completely changed the direction of the show. Showmances are one thing, but a pre-ordained alliance is another. Imagine how things would have transpired without any of the vets? Mixing vets and newbies was a mistake. They should have put them on an All Stars even if they really aren’t worthy of being called All Stars.

sunny dee

sadly, i don’t see any scenario where corey isn’t winning it. for one thing, the voting is being split between vic and paul, so by default corey is getting a majority in advance polling lol

i have zero idea why corey would even be considered, i figured the overwhelming majority would go to paul. I have NO idea why anyone in their right mind would think that boring shallow lump in a bed would do anything other than give it to nicole. how boring

Butters Mom

I will vote for Corey because he isnt going to give it to Natalie or Michelle. I dont want them to get anything.. simple as that.

Butters Mom

LOL .. sorry Simon. Enjoy your rum. 🙂


Why Simon why?:(


I am sad about that too, I really hate the thought of Corey getting it – but votes are being split between Paul and Vic. I was voting Vic, but changed to Paul since he’s a sure thing for still being in the house. And can I just say I can’t believe how I started this season liking both Nicole and James, and now they are horrible. I can’t stand Niclole’s constant whining and James assholeness! I was feeling sorry for him for being played by Nastalie, but not anymore, he deserves what he gets.


People keep talking about the vote being split but I read that the voting doesn’t start until after the show tonight. What am I missing?


You are correct, voting starts after the live show. Those who say voting is split are only looking at on line polls, not actual votes. Vic may very well be back in the house so he would be entitled to ACP.

just me

voting doesnt start until after the jury buyback, if you think clicking the poll here is voting, it is not! you have to go to and voting is not open until later tonight


Ummm…Paul is funny at times, but in no way shape form would he get AFP! He is rude and confrontational. Pleaseeeeee lol

The Roach Coach

America has got the care package wrong every week, I don’t see it changing the final week… that means corey will get it unfortunately… The only week America got it right, CBS & BB production screwed us and gave it to Nicole by default…
Hopefully Vic returns tonight, cant even trust Bridgette anymore as she’s likely to link with Natalie and add to James impenetrable army…

If Paul or reurning jury don’t win HoH tonight it’ll be a lock of James Nicole Corey and Nat as final 4, and none of those 4 are deserving of the 500k… If Paul or the returning Jury don’t win HoH, Paulie returning wouldn’t be such a bad thing as it could result in a lot of drama, but judging how this season has faired Paulie would return and join up with the 2 showmances and add no drama what so ever just more of the same predictability while being the DB we all hated.

James has ruined the season.
Also, Meech has ruined the season as well… Meech has not had one original thought in her mindless head. She has the same strategy as whoever shows her the smallest bit of attention by merely speaking to her. Anyone with a clue would have used that co-HOH to their advantage. She is sitting in the house with 2 couples and even if she has formed an alliance with the rest of the HG’s not in a SM she’s still be outnumbered, but she does nothing about it, instead doing exactly what Nat tells her to do, which is exactly what James tells her to do… Pathetic

Big Brother was once great, and the only difference I see is the age difference. I think CBS is trying to appeal to a younger generation, but what it has become is young naïve and catty 20 somethings without strategy letting their hormones take over their gameplay as it has become a knock-off Bachelor show… sad
When Big Brother was at it’s glory it was a house of late 20- early 30 year olds and guess what, it appealed to the younger generation and had much better ratings, fan base, and probably feed subscriptions… Evel Dick must be rolling over in his grave, I don’t follow his twitter but I cant imagine him being able to watch this nonsense… These kids are clueless and they’ve ruined my favorite show…

When the best strategy of Big Brother has become… Being a floater or getting in a showmance, it’s jumped that shark, and that hurts me to say and kills me to see…

The Big Brother I remember… a showmance or being a floater was considered a negative and was sure to get you evicted, today it’s the best strategy to win…. GTFO


Exactly. Everything you said. I agree 100%.


Evel Dick has been on a rampage for weeks on his Twitter account. He isn’t dead, so it’s not like he could be rolling over in his grave…maybe rolling over in his coffin if you are one of those who believe he is a vampire.


If Victor leaves and does not come back BOOOORING

send Corey packing. The spaced out air head (I do not dislike him) should not still be in this house with the annoying Nicole.

When is the next double eviction? It would be awesome to see Nicole and James leave one after the other.


wonderin’ how you would describe those you do dislike…


I dont like victor and paul i dont root for anyone really but it would be dumb to keep victor in the game for james he pairs woth nicole and corey its better for him and nat and michelle cuz then if when it cones down to 5 nat james and meech vs nic and corey better odds

Butters Mom

It is really good and fun to watch Victor and Paul playing the game. This is why I fell in love with the BB game… THIS kind of game play. There is no need to fabricate stuff out of air that does not exist to make people look bad though… just exagerate the truth that exists. I have supported Nicole’s game for most of the season over the other girls for one reason … she is level headed and doesnt react in the way the other girls do. yes her voice is annoying and yes she spends too much time in bed with corey and there are many many reasons to not like her game play… but compared to the other girls in that house… she shines. I dont think she will win this season but it would be smart to take her to the end because I dont think she has made enough friends with the other girls to get their vote. You all are already going to give me a thumbs down so Ill just put this out there too.. I want Paulie back in the house. I dont like him as a person but he will bring drama back to the house and I dont want to watch a rerun of this week which is what will happen if Victor comes backs. I’d prefer that they didnt bring anyone back and the season was a little faster paced and ended sooner because it gets boring but I guess they had a gap in the fall seaons of premiers of other shows they had to fill. Anyway… TGIT… lets get this over with already and see who comes back!!

Nicole Rocks!

I think if Nicole makes it to final 2, she may have more votes than people think. She’s been called a snake and the master manipulator. Meech called her out in her speeches. Nat Meech Paul and Vic think she’s responsible for the Noms this week and they keep telling each other she’s playing a good game. Day thinks Nicole is responsible for her eviction. Paulie Zak Day James Corey have all worked with her during the game and like her. Nat is working with Nicole now and could sway Bridgette who both want a girl to win, even Nicole (HaHa), so depending on who she’s in final with, and who votes personal or on gameplay. Nicole has a great chance.

Natalie's tw@t

James and Paul will make a great final two.


I thumbed down because of your disrespectful username, grow up.


I know for sure Vic is coming back. You just wait and see 😉


I agree. I have watched previous years, and some Jury members seem like they dont even try. Its a lux vacay. They all have also all compared notes, and made deals… So the jury/production already knows who is going back in. I dont think Day or Z will even try to get back in.
I have read some interviews with the jury members, and I think the Jury knows how Paulie is being perceived outside the house.. I also think BB & Paulie want back in to redeem his misogynistic image. Bridgette, I am on the fence about. I am not sure she will care to get back in? CBS really likes her feminist stance, although she is a self proclaimed “franks cabbage patch kid”? :/
My only real hope is if for Vic to get back in. For all those that want to give Paulie more airtime because of the drama…. F*k thUt. He is a huge piece of poopy.


Every time Nicole says “Buuuut” I wanna throw something at my TV screen.


Both her and Natalie have very annoying voices.


Vic is gone. production just want some more unnecessary drama footage for tonight involving James making a decision. production has already made that decision for James to evict Vic. last night James made a statement that basically Vic won $500, tablet and TV, but if it wasn’t for Vic James wouldn’t have gotten the $5000 he won. production tipping off and coaching Nat, Michelle and James this week screwed Paul and Vic. it was absolutely amazing this week on the live feeds with Paul and Vic’s campaign strategy game play. they worked and worked and did not surrender like the rest of house laying in bed all day and begging for kisses. Nicole and James contribution this season is beyond embarrassing and insulting for production to label them as “vets”. if Vic does not return, this season is a wrap. no one else in that jury house is gonna make it interesting in causing conflict in the game like the pairing of Paul and Vic.


Maybe next time they should just randomly pick people off twitter that haven’t applied and ask them if they would be interested. I’m sure they could find some interesting people on there that might not know as much about the game so we get a bunch of newbies. I think it would be fun to watch people that have know idea what to expect and have to learn from scratch. Kind of like the first show.

Mister pickles

I seriously wish they would go to the county jail, get 8 men & 8 women. Explain all the rules. Post the rules for them and us. Tell them that final 4 get all charges dropped. Have the regular prizes. Nobody would play to
“Just make jury”. I think the gameplay would be terrific.


Jury house could be an actual jury that decides if they go back to jail or are set free. Haha


Anyone else notice that Nicole has starting mirroring Natalie when she talks to her? Noticed in the episode last night that she talked to Nat about how the actions of Paul and Victor “Hurt her heart”. Almost sad to see how easy it was for Nicole to manipulate Natalie, which in turn flips James. Have you noticed a trend of this Simon?


Just checked last night’s episode, it’s around the 18 minute mark. Nicole runs upstairs after Paul confronts her and says to Natalie “My heart, like seriously, can’t take this.” Just the way she said it and the timing, seemed intentional to me.


I’ve only noticed Nicole be a lazy a$$ in bed, except only to get out to eat, s#!¥, and rat….

Butters Mom

Nicole immediately knew that Victor and Paul’s strategy was to act like they are not going to work together too.. rather than getting all wrapped up in the idea like Natalie and Michelle did. Nicole is perseptive and level headed… shes literally been a “sleeping cell” and I hope she is about to wake up and play this game aggressively now.

Dan's Bible

Exactly! And since when has Nicole and Corey been nice to Nat? Or even had a decent conversation with her? She has power now so that’s who Nicorey gravitate towards.

Unbattled Block

I think you guys are spot on. It will be the wall endurance comp. Bridgette would be one of the favs, but so would Vic

Either way that would be a good thing

But as far as Corey vs Paul vs James on wall. James probably would be favored

Butters Mom

Watch for hands coming out of the wall and pushing someone off… that is really the deciding factor on the wall. 😉

Roll Tide

Didn’t that happen one year? Can’t remember when, but you could see the arm coming out from behind.


They already did a wall type comp this season. I hope they came up with something at least a little different.

I’m probably asking for too much though.

Y'all Need To Relax

Seriously. Listen, I too am a die-hard fan of Big Brother. I too act as though I’m in the house. I too criticize decisions made by our houseguests. But the thing is; we are not in the house. We don’t feel the same levels of paranoia. The houseguests don’t have the knowledge that we have. They have to go with their guts. If you disagree with a decision that a houseguest makes, then that’s totally fine. Just try to take a step in their shoes and view the game from their perspective. It is UNACCEPTABLE to bring a houseguest’s personal life into conversations about the way they are playing. Anonymity is a funny thing. You criticize James and Natalie for letting power go to their head, while you all do the same. You hide behind your computer screens and tear these people apart. It’s okay to have favorites. It’s okay to “hate” others. It’s not okay to criticize someone as a parent; To continuously call a houseguest a whore, or a slut; to attempt to destroy their lives outside of the house. These are real people. They aren’t just TV characters, even though sometimes it can feel that way. I get that you guys love Paul and Victor a lot, but just because the other houseguests are making a move you don’t necessarily like as a viewer does not mean you get to attack them on a real life basis.



I couldn’t agree with you more!


Oh please give us a break both of you.. i feel i speak for the majority here theres nothing i hate more than wannabe internet police telling commenters whats acceptable behavior smh if you dont like it than move on


Since “Y’all just need to relax” got 47 thumbs up & you got all of 3….I’d say you DO NOT speak for the majority here.

Y’all just need to relax is good advice for you.


LMAO yeah maybe your right clearly the votes tell the story.. or maybe your just really old and need new glasses i mean you do sound pretty old.. or maybe your illiterate and just dont understand how numbers work you know in which case i wont make fun of you cause that would be mean.. smh either way like i said your opinion is of little interest so yeah 🙂

Can't help myself

I believe you mean “you’re” illiterate, not “your” illiterate. Sure I knew what you meant, but when you play the illiterate card you should really use correct grammar!

Whoa there

YOU’RE right, YOU’RE really old, and YOU’RE illiterate. Come on now, you can’t call someone illiterate and make grammatical errors while doing so! Puh-leeeze!!!


Right! Hell we even “tear” each other apart sometimes. All in good OBB fun. Sh*t someone called me “Chair Boy” the other day because they didn’t like something I said. No worries most of the regular posters seem to have thicker skin and don’t let the small sh*t “hurt our hearts” It would take a lot more then poking fun at my disability to insult me or hurt my feelings. I would more then likely join in and poke fun at myself. These people put themselves out there for all to view. They are also a direct reflection on their families. Still all in good fun after the season they can slide back to nowhere and we could not care less


ALL three of you give us all a break!
Pual for the win!


After Paul us out u an through cause I cound not care less if the 5 floater that win. Thanks bb


Production is just yanking our chains. They want Vic evicted for the drama but will be certain he wins the buy back. Paulie is too unstable. His meltdown was not a staged, sympathy getting act. The poor wee lad imploded.
Am so fed up now with Jamesy and NatNat. As she is so fond or reminding people, “I won the HOH”. Unfortunately she does not want to own it and the actions and responsibilities that came with the title. Jamesy’s pranks are no longer funny. He is no better than an 8 year old.

sunny dee

I am sure Paulie isn’t fogetting that if he returns, it will be to making pies for as long as he remains in the house. given his sour look when he had to do it, i’m leaning towards him not working so hard to get back in.

Day and Bridgette will work hard to be the last one standing, but my guess is that Day isn’t going to be able to stick it out as long as Bridgette. I think Bridge will have been doing work outs with paulie maybe, because she did have the injury even if she didn’t think there was a jury backl. I doubt very much if day has been doing anything but lying around and reading.

i think that Z will drop as soon as she sees Paulie drop to be honest.

In my best case scenario world it will be down to bridge and victor, and i would be happy either way, but prefer victor because he would go back in knowing who the targets really are, and bridgette is going to end up working with the ones who should be going out.


Bridgette is a feminist, remember? I think she would go back in, try to get the girls, meech and Nat, use James and Paul as cover and put this game in overdrive. All three of those girls want to see a girl win. Out of ALL those “great beasts” (Vic and Paulie), I think Bridg would be the one to blow things up. I’m rooting for her! And, I’ll vote to give her the CP if she’s the one who comes back


Thats an insult to all the 8 year olds out there.Jamesy is a moron and hope he goes and takes Brat Brat with him !!!

Nicole Rocks!

Nat and Meech were pretty gullible last night with Vic and Paul’s plan, easy targets. But James was a bit harder to sway, and once again, good gameplay by Nicole to squash it and reassure James. Seems all is well in the house for now. Good job Nicole!


I couldn’t believe Natalie swallowed that. Vic and Paul have been ride or die bros the whole game and suddenly they aren’t getting along?

Coincidentally it starts after the veto while Vic is still on the block! Natalie thinks she’s a genius player, you can see it in the way she talks. Unfortunately she has no idea how to read people.

Nicole's C()ck$!

“good gameplay by Nicole” hahaha I think that is the first time that has ever been written about the know-nothing, do-nothing d!ck-chaser… All she has done all summer is whine and cuddle… She is useless.

Dan's Bible

I used to be a huge fan of James. Now after all the BS he does, I cannot stand him. I never thought I’d see the day that I rooted against him. He is over shooting on his relationship with Natural. She will not end up with him. His game is based on just that. He is sooooo jealous of Vic that he is using other shit as a reason to get him out. Nicole and Corey do not deserve to be this far into the game. Nicole is so entitled and feels like nobody has a reason to go after her. Corey is just a big loof that has been carried by literally the whole house. These shomances screw up the game. Meech and May used to mind their own business and go along with whatever. Their true personalities have shown with their recent power. Shitty individuals. Meecb is so self centered. How many times has she said “Did they say anything about me?”, even when the conversation had nothing to do about her! And how she fishes for attention and compliments by calling herself fat in front of others. James and Nicole have ruined this season for me. It’s not fun anymore. Even though I despised Paulie, he made things exciting and gave me something to look forward to.


I do not thin that I have ever been a James fan. Last Season I only cheered for James and the Gremlins because I dislike the the Austwins so very much. I actually did not have huge issues with Vanessa or Steve. I also did not care for a few other characters. James has always been a bit snake, his word has always had absolutely no value and he did betray people (you just didn’t like them.). This Season I would say that if there were not such strong personality’s or players that let the power go to their head… James and Nicole would have left long ago. Mostly James is still there because of gameplay… he is short so they see that at weakness, he really wants to be a big dog so they thought they could control him… that is just how he appears. He just isn’t a threat and he is a bit of a flatter. If James is HoH next week mark my words Nicole Corey and Paul will be the targets. If Paul gets PoV or Meech gets it and saves Paul My guess is Nicole or NatNat will go home. His noms would be Nicole and Paul. Paul is safe and so is Meech… of corse he would nominate Natalie as a pawn to get Nicole out and like Zak she might go home… because James has a very weak character.

Team V

Gonna be throwing up some prayers Victor’s way! Hoping he makes a big comeback AGAIN and this time for good! Putting up Nat Nat and James will be a good start 🙂


Nah, throw up James and Corey… Let them battle it out, then pick up their girl!


I see that some people are getting really upset about bashing in the comment section.
To be fair there have been a lot of unpopular HGs this season. Some were unpopular all season, others’ popularity goes up and down depending on how the game is unfolding. There have been harsh things said about both the male and female HGs but for some reason when Natalie is talked about in a negative way there are certain people who take it really personally. I don’t think what I have said about Natalie is all that harsh or life-shattering (or heart hurting). Maybe some people would disagree. However, just to be clear, I did not turn on Natalie because she made a game move I didn’t like. I have said multiple times that targeting Paul/Victor is, or at least seems, the best game move for her and James. There is what the HGs know and what the viewers know (about a returning jury member). Because of that there are different game moves that could be considered more beneficial to different groups and different individuals. My dislike of Natalie is based on her attitude, her way of using the same ammunition against a person over and over again, the wishy washy way she carried out her game move and then looked to lay blame on other people and justify what she did instead of just saying she was making the best game move for her (like Victor did when he put Paulie OTB). I don’t like the petty way she holds on to stupid shit like the french fry incident. The way she will crucify people one minute and buddy up to them the next. I don’t like her ever-changing stories. When Paulie was her target it was, “Paul never made me uncomfortable. He’s like a little brother.” When Paul became her target it changed to, “Oh my God. Paul did touch my thigh. I think he was sexually harassing me.” Which is it? If you have been living in a house with someone who has made you uncomfortable and sexually harassed you it’s not something you are likely to forget. If You couldn’t work with Paulie and now you can’t work with Paul because of comments they made, how can you spend 2 days working with and pretending to be best friends with Nicole and Corey? And I also don’t like that Natalie has started making her attacks on Paul so personal. She is basically saying he is a shitty person inside and outside the house. All of the FTs comments were hurtful. I completely understand that. But guess who came out looking bad in that situation. Not Natalie, the guys making the comments looked like the assholes. However, when you start calling a person’s entire character into question, that is a personal attack. So no, I don’t like Natalie too much and it really has far less to do with her game move than her general persona. I’m not going to stalk her and send her hate mail because once the season ends I probably won’t think about her at all. But I am allowed to not like her as a house guest on BB and Natalie fans should be fine with that the same way I am fine with the fact that some people do like her.

yawn interrupted

Props to Vic and Paul (mostly Paul from what I gather) for coming up with this idea. It is a Hail Mary but it just might work. Much better game play than Paulie just promising everyone stuff. I really didn’t like Paul in the beginning and I still find him pretty annoying but this is Dan Gheesling level game play/manipulation.

Santa Claus

What is it about Corey that makes you guys root for him? Is it the wonky eye?

BB Curious

Watching BB is so frustrating! But I still do it! Some of these comments are so obnoxious! But I still read them! Because it’s entertaining! And I like to be entertained! So go ahead and act ridiculous, HGs! And go ahead and post whatever nonsense you want to, commenters! I will watch and I will read because doing so is FUN!!!! And that’s the only reason I can think of why anyone should pay attention to BB! Yay fun!!!


If I have to listen and watch Michelle eat one more time……disgusting


Nicole,James,Paulie had it pre- planned. Production helping. So if they win we know why. Bribes,favoritism, built-in fan bases.
James has been living on his stupid pranks for AFP. Nicole lays in bed with her man whining and doing nothing but be annoying. In the end Paul and victor are f%&ked. What a shit season.

Denny Dragon

Corey is the player you want to be sitting with you in the final 2. When he was strip dancing his leotard off in the kitchen; he was totally unaware of how to read the emotions of those around him, he’s literally clueless.


Before I make my comment, please allow me to say a prayer to the patron Saint of Reality Shows, and beg this saint to NOT ALLOW Paulie back in the house tonite. AMEM!

Now, am I the only one who thinks Meech wasted her co-HOH? Like, girl… honestly, unless Da’Vonne returns, you will always be the 3rd wheel here… so why not strike some deals with EVERYONE in that house? Why did you allow Nat to influence your decision and not the other way? From the go she should have nominated Nicole and be like – to both duos – hey sorry I don’t want you to go, but I cannot be at odds with people I love so much (yes, lie!!!) and we decided to give an equal opportunity to everyone instead of putting friends up together. THEN, after veto, just then go around and try to solidify something. She could have even put up James as a replacement yesterday in case the original nomination had been Paul VS Nicole in case she wanted to make sure Nicole went home. But… whatever… coulda woulda shoulda and the many IFS that we come up with when watching those dummies playing BB…


Yea I am not sure what the heck Munchie thought she was doing. If she pushed hard for Nicole and Corey to Natalie it might have exposed James and his alliance with Nicole. If not do her own thing. Keep loyal to Vic and Paul, let Natalie stab them in the back and put Paul up exposing her and James as backstabbers. Put up Nicole as she wanted. Worse case for her is Paul (or Vic had Paul won VETO and Natalie replaced him with Vic) gets evicted she still has the other one and it is down to 3 pairs. Paul or Vic whoever stayed has a decent chance of beating Nicole, Corey and James in the HOH. Seems like a better play and whichever one went to jury would appreciate and respect your loyalty if you got to finals. Now neither would give her a vote. She is left being the 5th wheel to the two couples and with Paul who is pissed at her and will work with whoever wins HOH to target Munchie and one of the other couples. (if one of the couples win HOH it would be smart to target the other couple but I think both James and Nicole’s preseason deal and deal with production will cause them to target Paul and Munchie)


Nicole has no game play!!!! She has production that told her what was going on. Nicole’s gameplay is to have sex with Corey………….she thinks this is going to make him her boyfriend. Nicole never heard the saying…………………..”Why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free”! Corey has no intentions of settling down, earlier in the season he mentioned that Nicole is not his type, Corey is dumb, but the boy was smart enough to take free sex and to hide behind her!


Nat and Meech believed Vic because they want to believe him. Meech is close to Vic and Nat never intended for Vic to go. James has to keep talking her into his plan to vote out Vic. And I believe that Nicole was freaking out a little with Corey until James came down and put her mind at ease. She was falling for Paul’s ploy just a little. It was just before James comes down and she makes a comment about James doing damage control.



Natalie Sucks

Wait for it…….Tonight we will see on live tv the “rah rah sis boom bah” fake Natalie. Tomorrow we will see the fake negative needy for attention Natalie.


Anyone know if the comp will be shown on BBAD? I have the feeds, but my internet is not worthy.

Also, on another note. I watch a lot of reality shows. In the beginning most of them were great, authentic people, spontaneous.
Now, EVERY SINGLE ONE has people who are promoting themselves, getting or starting a business for exposure, trying to get fans and fame.
I think it would be AWESOME if cbs would do a season of true newbies. Not from places of people promoting themselves. People who don’t watch BB, don’t watch much reality tv. Guess that would push the age up there, but hey, older folks may not be as physical competitors, but I can promise they would be no holds barred, get it done, never cared about what I say, and what you think about what I say. So, feelings hurt? Maybe, but damn good tv and a glimpse for all you cupcakes into the world of a real person who’s had to compete for real life, under conditions which would “offend” most millenials. (Sp) cut throat!!


dawg-simon do tyou think the last 2 seasons winner came from the same spot on the me memory wall now look paul sit on the wall 2nd spot always wins?


If Victor gets to the final two then he will win for sure. People better beware of bringing Victor to the end. Michelle will lose to just about everybody who is left. Be interesting to see if she goes final two. If she does it will be like BBCAN 2 where Sabrina made final two because Jon knew know one would vote for her to win.

yawn interrupted

Is it just my imagination or are they blocking the feeds a LOT more this season than previous seasons? I watched the live feeds for about 15 mins last night and it must have gone to fish 3 or 4 times in that period. I guess when they said 24/7 they didn’t mean 24/7 in a row?

Jeff Probst

Get ready for an exciting season of not knowing what challenge will be next. A season without ridiculous care packages or jury buy backs. A show where people would kill to have slop, tap water, and a bathroom. Get ready for the best show ever made. Outwit. Outlast. Outplay. Here we goooo. Are you ready?

Joey Chestnut

Michelle has a future in those competitive eating contest!!


So, I DVR all the shows. First two nights, HGs coming in, here is the show info from CBS

Series/Special. Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks. (2016) Season Premiere

CBS Final Three????????


Alphabetical listing of house guests cut off by space constraints.


I have to say, If Vic gets voted out tonight and wins the buy-back – I will be routing for him to win the game!

What chickens?

I just hope whoever comes back from jury goes after James’ pansy ass.

sunny dee


i don’t suppose they’ll show it all on after dark, just the feeds probably. oh well.

just remember

there pis pre season football on tonight~!


Yeah, BB live show doesn’t show until 2 a.m. here. I have the dvr set and am keeping track of the boards to find out what happens. It is sort of a blessing for me personally since I really needed to watch an MLB baseball game tonight and this way I am doing both. Sorta.

Instead of Doing Actual Work Im Here

I just miss the days of when being in a showmance wasnt a strategy but was something that caused unwanted targets. CBS will not want Z or Bridgett to come back, though personally i think bridgett would instantly be the best player in the house if she were to come back. Paulie or Victor, if they come back, will be voted out in the double right away because when its crunch time to make a decision they will default to the returnee. Nicole has played a useless game and at this point even if she makes it to the finals she will essentially be Victoria because she hasnt won anything and has been riding coattails. I picked corey to win at the beginning of the season and if he can just step up the physical game he is in prime position to do that.


I can’t help but think it’s going to be the slip n slide endurance comp, over the wall comp. If that’s the case, Victor has a huge possibility of winning it.