Natalie – “I will take out one.. either Victor or Paul to be honest my target is Paul”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 03-29-46-411

3:35am Natalie and James waiting for her HOH room to open

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 03-43-22-967

3:42am MEECH and Victor Bathroom
Vic – you think Natalie is going to do Nicole and Corey
Meech nodding..
Meech – I’m pretty sure she’s going to ..
Vic – remind her what they did
Meech – Nicole is denying it.. Nicole is being so nice her her all of a sudden..
Vic – worst case she has a deal with Nicole and Corey, Nicole and James to take us 3 out.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 03-45-08-347
Vic – Look at this..
Meech – did you clean that
Vic – yes I couldn’t shower in that

Meech says she trusts natalie
Victor says he’ll protect james, Natalie paul and Michelle until Nicole and Corey are out of the game.
Michelle says the same with her she’s never going back to working with Nicole and Corey.
Victor mentions worst case him and Paul go up, “Let pray she does what she said she’ll do”
Michelle – If James had won Natalie would have been telling him to put up Corey and nicole..
Victor – if me or Paul get the care package tomorrow.. Why are we getting the care package… I would love to get a care package tomorrow..
Victor tells her Natalie never gave a definitive answer when he brought up sticking to the plan.
Michelle says Victor isn’t a big target he’s on her side.
Michelle says if he was nominated She’ll use the POV on him.
They head to the kitchen ..
Victor – even Paul is feeling a little sketch
Michele – I hope you guys wouldn’t feel like that if I won.. I guarantee ..
Michelle points out that they’ll be spending a lot of time with james in the have nots.
Victor points out that they won’t until after the nominations. Victor is not excited to be sleeping in the bumper cars.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 04-01-12-340

4:00am Meech and Victor hanging out in the kitchen looking at the nutritional composition of the lollypop
Meech – it’s crazy how much sugar is in stuff..
Victor says if the care package is a HOH takeover he would feel so bad for natalie.
Meech says they are safe this week but they shouldn’t feel too safe.
Victor says he never allows himself to get too worried about the game the worst thing that could happen is he goes to Jury.
Michelle going on about natalie hating Paulie why would she have teamed up with Corey and Nicole

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 04-02-44-964
4:02am Tokyo room Corey and Nicole
Nicole still saying “I’ll be shocked if she puts us up.. “

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 04-37-01-479

4:33am Victor, Meech, Nicole and Corey
Joking around about crapping pants.. Farts in the have nots.. Etc. etc..

Who wants to see my HOH room .. .

HOH letter 4:36am Cam 1-4 Fri 8/19
(it’s a long one..)

There’s reasons for you being away that fill me with excitement and pride.. I’m sending you positive waves to make you endure and succeed in your goals. Even thought you very seldom go
[“ohh I’m so sad I miss her’]
Even thought you very seldom go everyone in tango is asking for you .. they miss my sparkling glittering daughter around.. This is the third year me and Ethan danced tango in the latin fare as usual I made pinatas for the children and I had a blast with my criminal breaking it..
[“I told you we make pinatas guys”]
“This is what I call the older boys they love it..
[“I don’t get it’]
“Once they have that stick in their hands they transform into beasts and that pinata is gone in no time actually they are inspiring me to develop a business with my pinatas making skills”
Meech – that’s cool
Nat – she’s like really artistic
“We are very busy helping daddy publish his books about little natalia”
“The plants you gave me have produced Zucchinis to feed the country. Some of you friends have stopped by and enjoyed your truce Zucchinis”
“These Zucchini plates that truce present remind me of my natlaia”
“You have to see the garden it’s a forest of sunflowers.. It feel like a nature of celebration “
“Your true power is when the beauty is generated by you”
“Like Dad don’t be afraid of falling.. I love you I miss yo you are my heart you are my life.. “
My Nathalia Love Mommy

Everyone having a fun love at the length of the letter..
Michelle – Tango, Pinatas, Zucchini.. She got a lot in there(AHAHAH the best)
Natalie tears up from the letter.. “Thats my mom… “
Natalie – Oh my god I love her that’s so cute..
Natalie – we got in a really big fight.. I felt really bad I went to the store and bought her some Zucchini flowers.. It was my truce offering.. Sorry mom I love you so much.. I’m so excited..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 04-47-15-177
A Picture natalie drew when she was 8. She laughs at it being included in her HOH basket. Victor mentions how there was that pillow he sewed when he was 3

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 05-04-37-375

4:57am HOH James, Natalie and Nicole
James asks Natalie to not put him up
Natalie – what do you guys think about Paul.. .what do you think about him in General.. I have no idea what to do
James- what did he say about you
Nicole – are us 4 working together
Natalie – I feel like we should
James – I feel like we should to
Nicole – literally us four should be working together.. That’s our best shot us working together..
Nicole says Paul, Victor and Michelle are working together
Nicole – I just know I would not put you guys up and I’m not a threat to your game.. I’m 100% down with us going final 4..
Nat – i’m trying to get a feel
James- i’m just saying from her view.. If I was her it will be a tough decision
Nat – paule was the only person I wanted out.. He would go around the house taunting me.

Natalie says she’s worried that Paul was eavesdropping..
James – he was eavesdropping 100%
Nicole – he’s a very smart player and a very social player and vic with his comp wins those two together are a very strong duo.. I feel like paul will come up here immediately he’ll try to get into every single conversation possible.
Nicole – I’m legitimately happy you won ..
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 05-02-38-362

Paul comes up to say goodnight..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 05-02-53-795

Nic – if you keep me safe this week.. I already think I’m working with you.. Prior we talked this si sa four deal.. I would never even think about.. I have your backs the whole entire time.. You have me james and corey fighting for since you can’t play. I literally can only offer you literally keeping you safe until final 4..

I’m a loyal person I would not break my word.. There’s No way.. You guys are not a threat to my game.. YA I would like to stick together for sure.. You gotta do what’s best for you i was Legitimately happy.. I Was literally 100% Legitimately happy you won…

Nic – it’s really hard putting people on the block..

Nic – i hope i’ve never done anything to make you not trust me..
Nic – I have your guys back.. I know you are in a tough spot
James – any HOH move she does is going to be 100% on her
Nic – I know ..
Nic – you know I would backstab you guys..
Nic – showmance scare the crap outta people it’s amazing we made it to final 7 honestly strategically I am not coming after you to.. I literally wouldn’t come after you to I swear on everything.. You guys are what I have in this game

Nicole – Paulie needed to go.. I was ready for Paulie to go.. He needed to go that’s fine..
I’m not a threat to your game or jaems’ game.. I’m not

Natalie – I won because I wanted HOH before I get evicted in this house..
Jame – that’s the hard part.. You gotta do what’s best for your game.. Final 67 people got to go they got to go up…

Natalie- I don’t understand why Paul is eavesdropping..
James – i don’t know what he was doing
Natalie – I feel like he threw that comp..

Nic – I literally would do anything I could to keep you safe.. In this game.. I’ve never endangered you guys guys game at all

They hug it out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 05-38-13-601
5:05am bathroom Meech and james
Paul – Nicole is up there right now .. I talked to her she said I have nothing to worry about but who knows what deals..
Meech – fuc**ing snake
Paul – I know.. You going up to talk to her..
Meech – I trust her.. why , why would she want..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 05-23-02-128

5:10am HOH natalie and James
James – what do you feel … for sure you are going to piss people ff
Nat – i’m ready for it
James – what side do you feel you want to roll with ..
Natalie says Nicole came to her earlier today and she
Natalie – I know she’s a genuine person
James- I feel like she’s a very emotional person..
James thinks Victor can be worked with but the problem is Paul.
James – Paul is his anchor that makes him float or sinks him.. (WTF james)
Nat – paul told paulie that james was targeting Corey and NIcole.. That came out of her mouth down there. .
James- the bad thing about it paulie isn’t here to confirm or deny it
Nat – why would she make that up
James – Paulie might have made that up to pin shit on me..

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Depants Mode

I like your plan, Nat. But, that care package winner will have other ideas.

Another Hilary Lie

I like that plan Natalie.

What I don’t like is:

Battle of the Block
Roadkill Challenge
Returning evicted houseguests
Mixed casts of vets and newbies. Give us one or the other.
Anybody named Frank or Frankie.


Putting them into teams

Another Hilary Lie

You are right I forgot how much I hate the team stuff. It lets too many people get safety.

Have fun fist pumping your way to Jersey Paulie!

I’d add to that: anyone whose last name is Calafiore. I can’t stand watching another season with one of those scumbags.


Care Packages


Yea it could be good this week! Keep the drama rolling for us. If Vic wins I hope he puts whiney up. As much as we would hate to listen to her I will take great pleasure in her crying all week!


I wish the houseguests knew about the jury buy-back, although most of them suspect it already. Then the whole house should get together and decide to evict Vic. Vic vs. Paulie with Vic coming out on top would be hilarious and awesome! Vic would LOVE to show Paulie once and for all who is really the comp beast! Vic coming back in the house would be like he never left, give him lots of cred for jury votes, make must-see t.v., and would be a lot of fun! (I find myself rooting for Vic, so wanting to see him evicted is not because I don’t want him in the game!)

Buy Back?

I keep seeing that there is for sure going to be a jury buy back. When did they announce that?


Julie announced it last night on the live show.


This issue with that is that if Vic leaves and Paulie wins the buyback then you have Paulie Nicole and Corey re-united and I don’t see any of the others really stopping them since Paulie is a beast in comps compared to the rest of them. I want Corey or Nicole to leave so if there is a chance that Paulie will come back, he won’t have any support to do anything.


If Vic is evicted this week and wins the jury buyback – has anyone ever been evicted and returned twice?


Yes – now the game is going to get interesting for the next couple of weeks. Can’t wait to find out who gets the care package, that will determine who Natalie puts up. And then the jury buy-back will be interesting and again things will be topsy-turvy in the house. Good to see some real game-playing by Nat and that she’s not afraid to make Paul her target. Except that I’m not happy she won’t put up Nicole just because she’s a girl – unless she’s thinking ahead and realizing that Nic may not be a bad person to take to the end – what game plays – except for a showmance – has Nic really made to justify winning.


It wouldn’t matter who the CP winner is if Nat/James/Corey/Nic team up they have the votes.

Loud Noises

Nat nominates Victor.
Michelle nominates Corey.
Paul wins POV and takes down Victor.
Michelle is Co-HOH can’t be nominated, so Nicole would go up next to Corey.

They’d have to dodge that bullet.

Blast Radius

Or Michelle could nominate James, and in that situation James would be evicted.


Or Vic gets Co-HOH, threatens Natalie if she puts up Paul, Vic will put up James. Vic wins, removes Paul. Bam! Nic/Corey vs. James. James would be gone for Nat going back on her word.


Vic could only take down his own nom, I’m guessing.

Powder Puff Cat

I like that plan the best!


Well Paul would have to beat Nicole James Natalie and Corey, and also Victor to let this happen. So i wouldn’t be too worried

would LMAO...

I wish Z would win her way back into the house and flip Paulie off on her way back in LOL

Ultimate Revenge

Paulie says the comps Victor won to get back into the house didn’t count as wins. SOOOOO….. I want Victor to be evicted this week. Then he kicks Paulie’s ass in the return comp! Hahahaha OMG what a sweet revenge to be beat by Victor in the comp he doesn’t even consider legitimate! Whew that would make my day!

sunny dee

i’ve got no problem with a plan that results in a strong comp winning guy being evicted, and going straight into a jury back comp and winning their way back in. I’ve always been sketched out about either nicole or corey being evicted and they come back or nicole being evicted, and paulie better able to win the comp to come back in.

far better if vic gets evicted so he can win the battle back in again, plus what a show that will be really


arrrgh of all weeks to have a co hoh poor nat.. i wish america would have saved this care package for james 🙁


America is too dumb to save their favorites for later. A person can be smart, but people are dumb. This “twist” by production is flawed. The point of fan votes is to give the fan favorites tools to stay in the house longer and keep viewers watching. When you do this care package thing and the first care package is never not pass, and gradually let the care packages get more powerful, that helps the “middle of the pack” favorites. People as a whole are too dumb to wait to vote for their favorite. They want them to win everything right now. That’s why James and Nat were the first to get the care packages when the prizes weren’t as powerful.


It doesn’t help that you can vote for someone and they won’t get it because they get voted out! It’s should be, vote and they get it! That would have been a game changer. Nichole wouldn’t have gotten anything.


why would anyone vote thumbs down to that comment? That is exactly what happened. You simply cannot rely on America to vote strategically. It wont happen.


I’m all for bashing the mass stupidity of Americans, esp when it comes to political and social issues. But in this case, I have to cut them some slack. They aren’t involved and obsessed with the show in the way the super fans are here….myself included. Thinking strategically? It’s not worth that amount of analysis to a casual fan.

The Founding Fathers

WTF is with bashing Americans on here? Didn’t you all have a fat fu#&er mayor smoking crack? And you have some teenager running your country. And you all are responsible for breeding Justin Bieber.


There’s only one Justin Bieber where as how many Kardashians are there? Don’t forget Paris, Britney or the Lindsay Lohan. As for politics I’d still rather the useless teenager than the trump or the hill. As for the crackhead mayor, didn’t your mother teach you not to speak I’ll of the dead?


What the fresh hell are you talking about? It is Americans calling out others. Simon and Dawg are Canadians, but 99.75% of the posters are from the US. And the crack smoking mayor is dead, so it’s not nice to speak ill of the dead. And for what it’s worth, many of our founding farthers had their own scandals (illegitimate children, slaves, mistresses), so calm down on bashing Canada.

Powder Puff Cat

The term voting “America” includes us Canadians. We live in North America, no one said USA! And if you want to get ugly about it I will too, defend Trump the majority of Canadian’s find him great fodder for jokes. We would not stand for a joker with a narcissistic personality disorder, wall building racist, anti-women, orange man that lacks worldwide political knowledge running for office. You also had Marion Barry 4 term major who was addicted to crack. Our crack major was loved for what he for Toronto we did not condemn for his addiction. As far as Justin Bieber goes he does not get the attention in Canada as he gets in the USA we just claim him as one of ours. Canadians tend to make fun of celebrities in Canada we do not immortalize them. We talk about more important things like the economy, air pollution, global warming and Hockey and we find diversity our strength!

Ian's Lament

Your logic is so flawed. How is America supposed to know what the next care package is? This is on BB . They should have outlined what the packages were so people could decide when to vote the most. It was a flawed system from the beginning like most BB gimmicks.


Since the beginning of the twist the site says what they all are…so America did know what the next care packages were. But I did think strategically, I’ve been saving this one for Michelle!


The problem is you have a tone of people who watch who don’t get any more information than what is on the TV. Those who are voting may have seen the other packages but are just looking to reward their favorite right now. That’s the American Way! Why save something if you can use it right now? Not always the best way and this twist it really messes things up. I think CBS should have outlined all of the packages during the show once a week and that way viewers would know what’s coming and maybe more of the casual people would have thought about it.


I would say that James’ care package advantage was pretty powerful, started things in motion to flip the house by voting out Z.


i think the nullify votes worked out though. it forced james to play the game and the house flipped as a result. the never-not pass going to natalie was a bummer though. i really wanted it to go to someone worthless like da’, zakiyah, or meech as a never-not pass at best gives good competitors a better chance at comps, so give it to someone with no chance at comps that you don’t want winning the other care packages.

Loud Noises

I kind of like that Corey didn’t throw out personal dirt on Paul when Natalie was begging for it. He politely declined and stated his case from a pure game strategy perspective.


Why? Paul is the biggest male sh*t talker in the house and all Corey has to do is tell the truth. If he lied I’d agree with you…and he is lying because even though Paulie was running the show, Paul was his yapping lap dog, trashing everybody, threatening to punch them in the face. If Paulie has become the villain, having all his remarks put on blast, then Paul deserves the same treatment.

Corey’s pitch is that his sin was loyalty, that he’s not proud to work with Paulie, but his word is bond and he never joined the trashing game….Paul and Vic are not, they turn on people as soon as it’s convenient and make it personal and nasty. Paul spoke of punching Nat if she got out of line, Vic wants revenge for her eviction message, and if they were quick to turn on Paulie, they’ll do the same next week to get Nat or James.


I’ve been saying the same thing all along. Paul adheres himself to every HOH winner and then talks shit about them the second he leaves the room, every single one! Yet, people love him. He’s and Andy in a beard with tats! The only one he hasn’t done that o, has been Vic, BUT he did put Vic’s name in when Paulie was looking to get rid of someone that week Vic went. He is nothing more than a little loud mouth Weasel now everyone is talking about his final two deal with Nat… That was a crock to begin with because if you notice, that was right before Thursday, he wanted to secure his spot should the power change sides again, it’s what he does and has been doing. He and Vic were talking about their targets and she was one of them. So i hope he is up and out and we can be done with his verbal advertisement of his business.


dumb move Nat. playing hard too fast. focus on getting nicorey out before Paul Vic. they just threw out their alliance with Paulie to solidify sth w you and James. Boy do I hope Vic gets the package and puts up corey n Nicole. wouldn’t mind seeing James leave, he’s swaying too much and not steady. so if vic gets the package n Nat still wants to put his boy up then he’ll put her boy up too.


If you recall Paul and Vic were talking about targeting James after Corey. Both James and Nat have a better chance at beating the two bed bugs than they have of beating Vic. Dude rocks at comps (unlike pool pisser Paulie I think everyone else counts his battle back wins) I like Vic and Paul has grown on me but if you don’t get them out they are the favorite to win. That is why I like that I don’t root for anyone. As long as there is drama and back and forth house flipping/changes of power and not the steamrolling what the house wants crap it is cool with me.


Yes, they were talking about targeting James, but they were never concerned about getting Natalie out – and Natalie is her own person, she is not playing for James, she is playing for herself. I honestly think Paul/Vic are more likely to take her to F3 thank Nic and Corey (who I think might take James). There is nothing to suggest she will beat either Vic, Paul, Corey, or Nic in later comps but I do think Paul/Vic would carry her farther just on the basis they believe they can beat her most easily at the end. I don’t think any options are necessarily that great – but I think getting Paul or Vic out is not that much of an advantage, if at all, to Nat’s personal game, it’s an advantage to everyone else’s.

Jam Jam

If Paulie comes back then working with Paul and Vic might be the better option for Nat. He will go right back to Cory and I don’t think he will be accepting of James- he doesnt trust him or Nat- she blew up Paulie to Zak.


But if you’re looking to win the game instead of just making it to the end, you make the move to take out players who can beat you when get to the end. I think it is a smart move – might bit her in the butt but ya gotta take chances to win big.


normally I would agree completely with you, but Nat is a special kind of player who really can’t beat anyone in comps. She is good at endurance, but there won’t be that enough endurance en route to the finals. If you are a player who is even moderately good at comps, I would say yes, of course, get out the players you can’t beat, keep those you can and fight it out. But if you are the kind of player who can’t really win any comps, then get the strongest players to carry you/protect you as far as you can get. When you get to F4/F3 – then see what happens.


Her only chance of making it to the end is with James. Taking out the strongest competitors in the house is key at this point.

Game changer

Natalie is on everyone’s radar now that she had won a HOH. Comp wins can’t win you the game. If Paul and victor go to the end, Paul has a very strong argument for his strategy. He never got voted out, made the alliance he did to survive. Putting up paulie and Corey was his idea, not victors. Victor may have stuck to his guns with the nominations, but he has to have ideas planted so he thinks they are his ideas.


Wrong, they were targeting Natalie and James after Nicole and Corey. It was Meech, that they were taking to final 3.


I wonder what the competition was? I don’t see why Natalie even bothered to go for the win. Paul/Vic are targeting Nicole/Corey, and Nicole/Corey are targeting Paul/Vic. Everyone seems comfortable using Meech as the pawn. I understand that it is good to have some wins under your belt, just in case she makes it to final 2 and needs to argue in favor of her game. But still, it seems unnecessary to jump into the fray if you don’t have to. The reason why she doesn’t know who to target is because no one is targeting her.


Natalie doesn’t want to drift to the end just because she’s pointless like Nicole. Although her only concern seems to be not to put a girl up. At least she’ll only have one person to nominate and who gets the care package will definitely paint a picture for Natalie because I think either Vic or Paul will be safe and nominate Nicole or Corey. As for targeting James after Nicole and Corey, they would almost have to because there’s only 5 of them left.


Remember, whoever wins the package only gets to put up ONE person. The original HoH, Nat, also gets to put ONE person up.

Roll Tide

Sure do hope Victor gets the care package today. I am really ready for Nicole and Corey to go.

Terik Ororke

Victor has doomed himself.


Since there are many conspiracy theories here’s another one:
If Nicole and James are supposed to be pushing for Paulie in final two then maybe they know about the jury buy back. And they believe Paulie will come back into the house. Since james is pushing Nat to get out Paul or vic. The odds are in favor of paulie making it to the final two. I will throw up like meech if this is the case.


wellat just showed how stupid she really is…. she doesnt think nicole would make anything up, regardless if what nicole told her was true, how quick she has fallen in to nicole trappings


I can’t stand that Natalie won. She changes her targets too much and is not very strategic. She iscancemotional player. If she would keep her word to Vic and Paul, she would get farther.


As much as I hate to think about Nat leaning towards the whiner and the space man it seems like the best game move to get the strongest players out. This Co-HOH is going to be interesting for sure. If Vic gets it I would love to see that freaking Nicole crying on the block! If Muchie gets it will Nat and James be able to convince her to target the strong guys and keep the girl power alive (James might as well be one of the gals!) Munchie does seem like she is loyal to Vic and Paul but that may change. I think she is saying that hoping they will keep her safe but with a little power it could be interesting. The only player I want to see come back is Bridgette, I love her and she is feisty. If Paul got voted out this week he would be my second choice to come back to keep the drama rolling. Da, Max-Z, seems like a waste and they will be targeted right away (plus they have not won or done anything) and king a$$hat can go kick rocks back in Jersey while running from the butterflies!


If Paulie comes back in the house,then this not a good move for them. Corey and Nicole will most likely go back with Paulie and side with him.The other side of the house will be upset with James and Natalie.They will lose all their numbers. Paulie will want to get revenge on James.


…king a$$hat can go kick rocks back in Jersey while running from the butterflies!

That line is gold! LMAO


Da’ was key in Frank’s and Tiffany’s eventual evictions, she has done stuff. Those weren’t necessarily great moves, but she’s done stuff.


Well, crap. On one hand, not putting up Cory and Nicole probably is the best game play but personally I gag at everything Nicole whined to Nat, which is a crock. It would be a big game move to put the 2 guys up. But I threw all my votes (alot) at Victor. So I’m kind of hating these Care Packages. The first 2 were really a waste. And by the time you know what’s next in the game, you feel like you gave Care Packages to the wrong people already or for nothing.


Paulie has serious mental issues, but what is worse is that people, including production, profit off and encourage this smug attitude. He was made out to look pretty good last night, he had a grandiose speech, like he knew he was coming out to a freaking standing ovation? Fist pumps like he was Tom Cruise or something? I get that production cant run the FTs, Z, and other stories… However, to make him sound like he was this ruler that wanted to give up hope was understating his fall from grace to say the least. I felt production made a deal with him for his eviction. It seemed wrong, but the squeaky wheel does get the grease.

He really has a large chip on his shoulder when it comes to women. I speculate he pays his male DJs $4000 (good) , and females $1000. But then he would probably argue unequal pay doesn’t even exist. He totally seems like “that dude”. There are plenty of examples of his misogyny throughout the summer… He even makes a comment last night on how crying doesn’t work for men like it does for women. I perceived it as a bitter comment. The way he also man-handled the women on the show, picking them up, including Julie… inappropriate. I hope to god a female kicks his ass, and he doesn’t return. He still wont learn anything though, cause a leopard cant change its spots… Paulie says he is all about strategy, but his only strategy in and out of the house is being an integral part of the boys club.


Around 330am the night before eviction, everyone was sleeping but Paulie. He went to the diary room and the cameras cut to another room right as he grabbed the door.. wonder what that was about?
Maybe they told him about the CBS audience and the jury buy back?


I noticed the audience looked like a ton of older office workers, not what I usually see sitting in the audience. Seemed odd to me


The CoHoH will be a huge factor in Natalie’s decision. I am pretty sure any talk of her putting up Paul will be halted should Victor get it and the plan to target Nicole and Corey will more than likely go forward. Not sure she would be able to convince Michelle to target Victor or Paul should Michelle get it but then again, we are talking about Michelle so who knows. Should Corey get it, pretty sure Paul and Victor will truly be sitting ducks and one will be leaving more than likely. Have to say, it will be interesting to see how this week plays out. Congrats Nat on the win and good luck … time to really play the game now.

judge judy

to simon and dawg, you guys do an amazing job on this site! thank you!
is there any way to get a day counter in the top header of each post?


I think the edit shows big Meech as being popular, so I think she will get the care package. She might put up corey against paul or vic… I predict it will be corey vs one of the “ma boi’s” at weeks end. Good thing too, cause one of them have to make sure Paulie doesnt return!! Most likely the buy back will be a physical comp… F’n production.


That or Production is manipulating the game.


Production doesn’t control the popll on this site. My guess is Corey’s edit on the show sways the casual viewer and with Paulie out, the family poured it’s votes to Corey because he is in the hot seat now.


I noticed that too. Corey got a good edit in the last episode.


Noooo. I really hope Corey doesn’t get it!

@The Roach Coach…this is actually a great plan but I think you are giving Nat too much credit. I think Paul somehow offended her (easy to do) so she wants him out. I like Nat and hopes she wins but I think this is a purely emotional decision on her part. I hope it works out for her but I think getting Corey out so that if Paulie comes back (jury buyback) he would only have Nicole to align with would be the best.

Nat IS smart but she’s too easily swayed through emotional responses. Come on, girl! Keep it together!


I see the logic taking out Vic or Paul will be a great game move. So if Mileech Vic or Paul win coHOH(they probably will) I see Nicole going up with either Paul or Vic.. This should be a good week.

Unbattled Block

For Natalie’s plan to work, Corey would have to get ACP.

I hope that in fairness to her, they announce who has ACP before Noms


Last week ACP was delivered around 2:30 and noms made around 9pm.


Why did someone dislike this? It’s literally just a fact…


Who ever wins the Care Package won’t matter who they put up. Natalie, James , Corey and Nicole will have the power. If there is a tie, Natalie will be the deciding vote. Hope Victor gets it so he’s safe. Really wanted to see Nicole and Corey on the block. The smart move would be to take out Paul or Victor. I can’t believe that they turned on the alliance because of something Paulie told Nicole. They know what a manipulator he was, now they believe what he has to say.


If Victor wins CoHOH and Natalie puts up Paul and Victor puts up Corey or James in response, and if Paul or Victor then win Veto, both are safe. Natalie puts up either Michelle, Nicole or Corey as the replacement if Victor nominated James … She puts up either Michelle or Nicole if Victor nominated Corey … my guess, Michelle would be going home this week if it played out that way …

Another Anonymous

Whoever wins the Care Package will definitely have an impact. If Victor wins, then Natalie won’t be able to put him up, because he will be co-HOH. Furthermore, I think that Natalie and James worry a lot about what America wants. I think that part of the reason that they are currently leaning towards Nicole and Corey is because Nicole won the last Care Package. If Victor wins the next ACP and Corey loses, then I think that Natalie/James will change their targets, because they don’t want to piss off America.


I tend to think if Victor wins the CoHOH, Natalie will not take the shot at Paul either … but who knows, Natalie may just surprise me

TX rar

I think that will happen. I hope they dont blow things up for themselves. OMG stay away from that snake Nicole – who was fine to be the 6th wheel in the all guy alliance.


Oh no I don’t want corey to get the care package vic for the care package


There has been absolutely no loyalty in this game. Not knowing who will target who generally makes the feeds interesting for at least one day a week but it has made it really hard to root for anyone. I have not forgotten that Paul did some shady stuff in this game but I still like him way more than Nicorey. I was genuinely hoping that PVNJM would stick together and try to get to F5. I realize that Paul and Victor are huge targets but so are Corey and Nicole. If Paul goes home this week and Paulie wins his way back in, Nicorey will rejoin him, James will become the next target and Natalie will feel like the biggest idiot of the season.
So, what is the best case scenario for the week that I want to see? Anyone not named Corey wins ACP. If Natalie puts Paul or Victor on the block, co-hoh (PV or M) puts one of Nicorey OTB and whichever of PVM is not co-hoh and not otb wins POV and takes that person down. Then all 3 are safe and unless Nat puts James up as a renom we are back to the original plan of Nicorey otb. So now I am looking for a Paul/Victor/Michelle F3. I think strategically that Paul is a better player than Victor but, Victor is smarter than I originally thought, he made a big move last week, and he is a loyal guy. Unlike Paulie, I do give him credit for his buy back wins so I am really pulling for him.
As for a jury member coming back, can I just say that this ‘twist’ is old, tired and needs to be put to bed, especially this far into the game when some of these people have worked so hard to still be there. When I thought the 5 would be going against Nicorey this week I was hoping to see Nicole leave. After Julie announced the twist I decided that Corey would be a better option just to prevent any chance of him and Paulie reteaming. If Paul or Victor gets evicted I will definitely root for them to win their way right back in the game. If Victor wins his way back twice he deserves that check more than anyone. I see that Natalie can flip a switch from being the naive and innocent harmless girl to being the cut throat game player which could be good for her if she gets to the finals but, if Paul or Victor get evicted and come back I expect a full scale meltdown.
As for the jury house, I am hoping that Paulie has not been told about the returning juror twist. He said that if there was no chance for him to get back in the game he would walk. A week in the jury house with an angry Mama Day, a fatal attraction girlfriend type thing and a man hating feminist may have him self evicting from the game before next Thursday rolls around.


That logic on Victor is so backwards. If he wins his way back he deserves to win LESS because he will have been evicted TWICE in one season. If he’s in the final 2 with someone who played well enough to NEVER get evicted, then that person deserves to win. Your logic is that because he won some extra comps to get back in, he should win. That makes no sense! If he gets evicted AGAIN, there is NO scenario in which he should win.


Most people don’t get evicted for playing a bad game. They get evicted because they are considered a threat to someone else’s game. Also, most people that win their way back are immediately targeted and sent right back out the door. If Victor can win his way back twice and manage to make it to F2 I think he has a strong case for being worthy to win the game.


I miss Poolshark. And I miss Clownie. And I miss Black Lion.


Could it be that these last ACP twists & Buy Back have actually made the game more interesting????? That’s a first for twists!

If I were Nat at this point, I would definitely be targeting Vic & Paul. Getting Nic or Corey out this week does nothing for me next week when I can’t play HOH. And being next to Nic or Corey at the end….Paulie is the only one who would vote for either of them to win.

Simon’s right…..the ACP will play into Nat’s decisions. If Corey wins, then Paul or Vic goes to sequester.

Here’s hoping (fingers crossed) that Bridget pulls out a win in the Buy Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian's Lament

I don’t think once your actually in the jury house you can come back. You would have to be sequestered to be eligible. Why does everyone think buyback? I think it would be terrible at this point as the game is pretty set now and anyone sent out at this point would be sent out again if they don’t win HOH.


They do a jury buy back almost every season. I don’t remember the last time they didn’t have it. Plus having them in a different house which is just like the BB house means they don’t get any outside information except I think they get to watch some netflix and movies.


Everyone thinks there’s a buyback because Julie Chen SAID there’s a buyback. And they ARE sequestered in the jury house! Do you even watch the show?


I’m so sick of “girl power!” “Boy power!” I think Natalie should stick with the plan to target Cory and Nicole. She’s so stuck on a “girl” winning BB that she seems to have forgotten how much Nicole can’t stand her because she thinks Natalie wants Cory along with other petty things. This plan is going to backfire once the co hoh takes place and although James is respecting her wishes, if it makes him look sketch, his just may distance himself to keep a low profile. If Natalie can win more comps i would say go for the big dogs, but her wins and wants are totally unbalanced. Put up Nicole and Cory and forget about “girl power ” because then she will be making her and pushover James a bigger target.

Reality Check

With this HOH win, Nat Nat knows she can beat the girls in a final 2. No way she would put Nicole or Meech on the block. Strategy wise, it is good to put Vic and Paul up. After Vic, future HOH’s will be wide open.

However this American care package will dictate what Nat will do.


she may have to put up a female as a replacement nom depending on the scenario … if Vic wins the CoHOH and she puts up Paul and Vic puts up Corey … should Vic or Paul win Veto and save Paul … the only guy available to put up is James … she will put up either Nicole or Michelle

More Anonymous

The HOH chooses a replacement if the veto is used. Can’t imagine how it would work with a Co-HOH if the two don’t agree. Glad Natalie is waiting to make her mind up until after ACP is delivered.


My guess is it’s like road kill. Whoever’s nominee comes off that HoH picks the replacement. Say Natalie picks Paul and Victor picks Corey. Corey wins and Vic can nominate Nicole. Another thing to think about is I don’t think either HoH will be able to vote. Which means 2 votes gets you sent packing.


Honestly i would like Nat’s plan of getting Paul and Vic out if this stupid jury buyback wasn’t happen because there’s a chance Paulie can come back and rekindle with Corey and Nic and then we’re screwed.

So if anything i’m not mad at Nat for wanting to take Paul and Vic out cause getting rid of them because they are threats and that’s part of the game. What i’m more mad is about Grodner and these stupid twists that keep screwing everyone up and it’s not like Nat is supposed to know there’s another jury buyback, so this is bullshit.


Just venting my frustration about Natalie—–> Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole is the sketchiest, snakiest of all snakes. And TV only fans are her ONLY fans!! Her repetitiveness of “You’re not a threat to my game” and “I’m literally literally literally happy that you won” should strike fear into any person with even the slightest bit of knowledge about psychology and interpersonal communication. Honest people do not repeat and repeat and repeat.

Corey isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but Corey is ok and can be a trustworthy ally. Were she or Corey outright targeting James? Not necessarily. But had Paulie still been there and he won HOH, Nicorey would have followed like the blind sheep that they are, and targeted Nat and/or James with Paulie.

Do I see Vic and Paul as a potential F2? Hells to the yeah. They are my personal favorites of the season- they remind me of Chill Town. 🙂 And if she plans on going further than this week, she should NOT target them.

One will stay and turn on both her and James– and they are BOTH comp and mental beasts. Michelle will turn on her and on James. James throws everything — and will throw the HOH next week because he “doesn’t want blood on his hands” so late in the game. She will have ONLY NICOREY (the blind sheep who will grovel at the feet of anyone in power) after this week.

Natalie is okay just like Corey is okay. They are room fillers. I respect her game and what she helped accomplish last week, but I am team Sitting Ducks. I have voted for VIC to win the care package a couple hundred times. 🙂 (Limit is 20 per IP address.) And I hope Nicole is evicted.

🙂 everyone have a beautiful day!

Unbattled Block

Simon/Dawg I have been on this site the last 5 seasons. Is it me or is there a lot more HaterAid between Posters this year ? lol Seems in years past there were debates but not as much negativity


This is my second year on the site, first year commenting. I’ve noticed some animosity and sometimes was afraid to even voice an opinion. A lot of the nasty comments I have seen didn’t really make a point or voice an opinion, it’s like the person would look at a comment, whether it was an opinion, a fact or just some completely harmless comment and then they would give a thumbs down and disagree just to get a rise out of people. I realized that a lot of those comments come from people who probably aren’t even fans of the show. They just troll comment sections trying to shock, offend or start fights with people. You can find the trolls commenting on you tube videos a lot. They are usually wishing death and torture to small animals and children. Unfortunately there is no way to stop them so the best thing is to completely ignore-don’t even thumbs down them. Their payoff is in getting a reaction. If they get nothing they will hopefully get bored and go away.


I don’t understand why anyone at this point would trust anyone’s word. Nat to James about Nicorey: Do you think they will keep their word next week and not target us? Well lets see. James did not honor his word to Bridge and Frank and now Nat and James are not honoring their plan with Vic and Paul after they got out big bad Jersey girl hating Paulie out so what do you think? Meech, Frank, Da and Tiff all say Nic is a snake and yet these two want to put their game into the hands of Nicorey, who have trashed both Nat and James for weeks, based on Nic’s second hand Paulie gossip? I know Vic and Paul are a strong duo but really?!! Nicorey is just slimey, They don’t know this but if Nicorey stays and Paulie gets back in Nat and James’ hope for F4 is over. Hope Meech or Vic get ACP.

Have fun fist pumping your way to Jersey Paulie!

I really don’t mind any of the remaining HG winning the 500K EXCEPT for Nicole and Corey. These two have done nothing to contribute to this game. At least the others took part in one way or another of flipping the house. Whiny Nicole and horsey face Corey have been very annoying to watch. Nicole brought some entertainment value to the show in BB16 but none whatsoever in BB16.

Have fun fist pumping your way to Jersey Paulie!

I meant none whatsoever in BB18!

More Anonymous

Appears very likely Nichol’s fan base will pull out the ACP for Corey. Nic will be soooooooo happy (vomit) and Corey/Nat will put up Paul/Victor. Would love it though if Vic went to jury, beat Paulie and came back 2nd time! If Vic knew he had the chance to come back, he might actually want to go to jury to make that happen.


that would be funny … not sure Victor’s neck would be able to support the weight of his head if that happened though

Big Jim

It seems like the last 3 good seasons were with the veteran players. 15 was terrible (Andy) 16 was awful with Derrick running over everyone and laat year blew also. This year and 13/14 were all entertaining so it seems better this way.


I think Natalie will have to consider backdooring Vic or Paul. Because pretty sure big meechbwon this care package, which means she’s putting up Corey or Nicole. So Natalie should put up the other, cover her and James ass. And if one of them four (James,nat,nic,Corey) win the veto, then try and backdoor Paul or Vic. If she truly wants to roll with Nicole and Corey.


I believe many of you are overestimating the depth of Natalie’s analytical thinking. Natalie has been all about girl power from Day 1. It is for this reason she doesn’t want to put Nicole on the block. Therefore she needs to identify a rationale to justify that and teaming with Corey and Nicole serves this purpose well. Natalie would also do everything possible to avoid nominating Michelle so Paul and Victor being her targets is very predictable to me. Of course if Victor or Michelle gets the care package then the nominations are not likely to go exactly the way Natalie hopes they will.


Before everyone gets depressed about one of their Favs going home lets look what could happen.

We know there is a Co-HoH coming up… only Corey, Paul, Michelle and Vic can win it. Boring week is if it go’s to Corey… then Nicorey is safe. It is probably unlikely that Corey will get it…. because Cody and Derek fans voted for it to go to Paulie, Nicole fans probably voted Corey… but there are still people who wanted Meech and Vic to get it.

So a Co Hoh with Natalie and Corey… Vic and Paul with a replacement of Big Meech if one comes down.
A Co-HoH with Paul, Vic, Meech… Nicole and Corey go’s up. There is no way Nat would ever nominate Vic or Paul if she had a Co-HoH with Paul, Meech or Vic. If she did it would define sides and it would be a battle of the opposite sides. I think Natalie would but I think James would be freaking out and peeing in his pants for a week. James only likes a big move if he has a majority agreement. That is the real reason they evicted Shelli over Vanessa… Vanessa had more numbers, Shelli really had no one after Clay left.
The ultimate week Paul vs Corey/Nicole… I would love that week. so with Vic, Paul or Meech as the Co HoH… the whole decision would come down to James… because two can evict. The numbers would be pretty tied in the house. James should be pissing in his pants.


Guess you forgot when Paulie was bashing Natalie in the HOH room and Corey was the only one who sat there and was cheering for Paulie. You know, the Vic and Paul cheeto-eating scene. Guess Corey forgot he did that, too.

Blast Radius

James would have no trouble pulling the trigger at this stage of the game. He would jump at the chance. He tried last season to win an HOH in the later stages to target Vanessa, but couldn’t quite pull out the win.


So BB Ratiings were at an all time high to watch Bawlie get evicted


Yeah, we wanted to see him get boo’ed! :/

Reality Check

Who knew Vic likes to clean the bathroom, cooks, cleans and wash dishes? Vic makes a better housewife than Nicole ever will.


this is why I like Vic even more. He is a clean freak. His momma should be proud. Give me a clean man over the other slobs any day.

Vic the Dick

Was she proud of him throwing the beads at the girls during nominations? He is an ahole.

I Wonder

I wonder if Julie had her people give Paulie a talk after the show about picking her up. Or, maybe she liked it and she and them give him a talk about picking her up after the show.

Sample Salmon

Looked to me like Julie enjoyed the ride.

Ian's Lament

While the care package may dictate Nat’s strategy it also gives her an easy way to choose a side.

Most interesting scenario – Vic gets co HOH and puts up Nicole forcing Nat’s hand to put up Corey. Corey wins POV and Nat 180s by putting up Paul with Corey and James voting Paul out 2-1.

I’m assuming that each HOH controls their renoms.

Ian's Lament

Scratch that scenario. Just realized that Corey is walking around in stars and stripes during the Olympics in an election year. He is definitely getting the package.


So if the veto is used, the Co-HOH who nominated that person would choose the replacement. That makes sense.

outside looking in

Like some of you have stated I think the care package will decide who will be put on the block—have a feeling it maybe Vic with the package–if that happens I think Nat would then put up Core and Vic Nic.

Like your opinion on a twist for most all of next season, not just one time—if you are on the block and you win the POV–you would be the one that names your re-placement even the HOH.


If Natalie were so concerned with girl power why didn’t she stick to it at the beginning of the game?? If there were no Jury buy back I would totally agree this is a smart move for them. They can easily sway Meech as Paul and Victor right now have the best shot at beating all of them. With the Jury buy back I’m not so sure…. I’m hoping anyone but Paulie wins. If Paulie wins… no doubt what so ever Nic and Corey will float back to him and leave Nat and James in their dust. If Vic gets sent packing, and he wins the buy back He will most certainly go after them. Their best bet is sticking with getting out Nic/Corey with hopes of Corey leaving, that way if any of the ladies don’t win the buy back they (nat/James) aren’t the first to be shot at. Odds are Paulie (he has the best chance at winning that thing) will go after Paul and Vic with Nat/James as poss replacement noms… plus Paul/vic will be gunning for him again…. It’s really best for them to wait a week to go after Paul/Vic. But, with that being said they have no idea there is a jury buy back… I’m sure that would sway their decision a lot. But come on … it is big brother!!! They love to have 2 DE in a season, a return ticket holder would have made that happen… can they really be this stupid that they’re not thinking about that?


I voted for Victor to get AMC, but now I want to see him go! He can beat Paulie for the jury buy back. Right now the odds are stacked in Paulies favor. Like I said before Frank love him or hate him is the only player to not get a second chance to go back in the house. I would rather see Frank back in the house than Paulie.
I would love to be a fly on the wall in the jury house. I hope the girls mess with his mind so much he flubbs the buy back. You could tell he knew about the buy back with the attitude change the last 24 hours. I remember Paul coming out of the DR saying to Nicole you’re not gonna like what they tell you.
As far as ACP most viewers only watch what cbs shows and have no idea what really goes on in the house. I can’t wait to see Paulies aftershow and the further spin he puts on his behavior.

Only can wish

So now Nicole and Corey want to talk game with Natalie, after they were in witness protection for the past 2 weeks. Natalie should realize that everybody is not going to like her. Just let it go!!! So Natalie is going to kick Michelle to the curb after she helped her get Paulie out and want Nicole to be with her in THE HOH room to talk game. I really don’t think Michelle will like that and will not sacrifice herself as a pawn over Nicole and Corey either.
Natalie is giving Nicole too much info too soon. They know another Care package is coming and she should wait to see who gets it and what it is before saying the target is Paul. If Victor or Michelle gets it, she may be able to backdoor Paul. If Paul gets it she will be looking crazy. Nicole could turn the tables on Natalie and tell Paul that Natalie was trying to put him up or backdoor him. Then Paul puts James up as revenge. Nicole will do anything to keep herself and Corey off the block. Natalie’s best shot is if Corey gets it. Im surprised and disappointed of her wanting to get close to Nicole and Corey.


She’s only being nice to them because she believes Nicole is Americas sweetheart. But little does she know Nicole is everyone’s least favorite. Last night Natilie said she doesn’t want to be the one that’s puts Nicole on the block. She’s afraid of what America will think.

Vic the Dick

Nicole won a Care Package so she is not everyones least favorite.

Floating around so throw me a life vest

I never understood why #BB players tend to get rid of most weak/clueless/average players first and leave the hard ones to the very end. I understand you need a strong player as an ally to advance, but keeping multiple people that are competition beasts is never a good thing when you’re not THAT great. I’d like to see (in future Big Brother seasons) an alliance of 5 (2 “strong” and 3 “weak”) based on financials and not friendship or likeness “splitting” the 500k if won amongst them and stipulating to keep the cattiness and BS aside. I’d like to see how an alliance based on “money for all” – even if it’s not true – would do in a situation like this. Know your weaknesses and build your “team” accordingly, and stay the course of businesses until the goal of making final 5 is met. After that, all bets are off.

With that said, I like the floating in the house. I think it’s smart to not be associated w any evil in particular (I am rooting for James and Meech), so long u don’t get caught and/or known by floating. It’s good to have the ability to do your harm stealthy, while others don’t see you as a threat to their game, and more of like an ally. Show your cards when it’s imperative and your life depends on it. Otherwise, why be REALLY loyal to anybody in the house when at the end of it all, there’s only one winner. I’m so tired of hearing the word “loyal” in this game, a game that is based on strategy, manipulations and lies. Cmon guys!

I hope Meech gets ACP, and I hope she puts up Corey, w that said, I hope Nat puts up Paul and if any of those gets POVd then Vic as replacement.

Let’s not forget, there’s a big chance Pauline gets back in the house. If that happens, I’ll have a damn heart attack and throw a tantrum in my living room.

Sample Salmon

Does Corey get nightly HJ’s? Does he use a sock or the sheets? What is their laundry schedule?



About to upset people

I have supported Natalie all season. If she plans to side with Corey and Nicole I hope that she gets eliminated next week


If corey wins ACP (which I hope he doesn’t, I really want Paul or Vic to be rewarded for getting Paulie out) then this plan will for sure go through. It is actually a smart move on dumb and dumbers end (corey and nic). I know they don’t know there is a jury buy back coming up. But if Paul goes and him or Paulie win the Battle back… I don’t think they will be first in line to go. They will go back to Paulie and he will shoot at Vic/James. If Paul or Vic go out… they will come back swinging at Nat/James and Nic/Corey. But I think their main targets will be nat/james because they turned their backs to them. It just seems like Nic/Corey won’t be at the top of anyones list to leave next. But who knows these house guests have been so clueless about everything I guess we will have to wait to see. Whoever wins ACP I’m sure will have a huge impact on noms.

Have fun fist pumping your way to Jersey Paulie!

Da’vonne’s face was priceless yesterday, when she found out that Paulie didn’t use the veto on Z.

Wait a daaaaaamn minute!

I want her to come back just for that. She’s a troublemaker and I love her reactions and DR sessions. She would go after Nicole.

Only can wish

I hope Da’Vonne makes Zakiyah feel so stupid, but really have a serious talk with her. No one deserve that kind of treatment. I wonder if BB might have him separated from the rest of the jury house.

Unbattled Block

To me with a Co-HOH week, the REAL battle will be POV, I wonder if POV is used to pull a player down, who gets to name replacement if it is the Co-HOH’s nomination ?

Natalies ONLY goal should be keep her and James safe next week

If Corey has Co-HOH Her plan would work to get Paul or Vic out.. Paul Vic and Meech are a block of 3 They have most power

If Vic or Paul or Meech have it..She needs to make a deal w them as to who goes up, but I would think it will be Corey and Nicole any of the three ways. Unless they flip Meech


I am pretty sure if a person is removed from the block, the HoH who put them up decides the replacement


I thought the care package comes Friday and nominations. Then POV Saturday. Monday VETO ceremony.


As much as this Care package plays a significant role in the nominations this week and evicting the next person
by a vote ( 2-1 ) – If Meech gets it, she will probably put up Nicole – If Vic gets it he will probably put up Nicole, And Nat will put up Vic or Paul depending on who the other Co-HoH is.
I really don’t think Vic will take a swipe at James because Nat is good at telling people how other’s have been playing the game a.k.a. Like Paul !!! She will tell him now is the time to get rid of him because he will have no blood on his hands and he will have a better chance at winning the money with out Paul in the game.
It will all come down to who wins the Veto. If Paul wins the Veto and he is on the block then Houston we have a Problem – Especially if Meech is one of the HoH’s.
I am thinking, though that I myself have never really liked Meech, still to this day. So hopefully she still doesn’t get the package. She still flips back and forth from one side to the next too much for my liking. I’ve seen floaters, float way better than her. But for her to say to the cameras the other night she was playing the Villain trying to win the game was an INSULT to all of us viewers. SHE is just a BITCH. Even her crying is fake. Every time she tries to cry it hurts my ears its like nails on chalk board !!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE.
So I’d rather see Corey or even Vic get the Package plain and simple – I know Corey isn’t a popular choice, but if you think about how the house swung from one side last week and now it could swing to the other side this week and back again next week with the Buy Back !!! – Besides I kind of want Vic gone so he can fight Paulie in the Buy Back at the Jury House – Now that would be fun to watch. Plus good drama. Rating Gold – After all isn’t that what CBS is after ??!!


What time does the ACP usually get delivered to the house?


I think it came last week some time between 2 and 3


Before nominations on Friday