Big Brother 18 Spoilers Co-HOH Care Package

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie.Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Co-HOH Care package was awarded to… MEECH

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 10-55-32-392

10:39am Paul and Natalie London room

Paul – everything cool.. Vic said.. He wasn’t freaking out
Natalie – People are obviously going to talk
Paul – I know I know
Natalie runs out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 12-06-41-128
10:44am James and Natalie HOH
Natalie is hoping they’re is a power of veto in the care package because that is who will go up.
Natalie – hopefully it’s something good.. I’m not going to lie help me put someone up… It’ll be an advantage for me.. (why are you getting the care package?)

Natalie – I need to take into account 2 things Corey and Nicole haven’t talked to me all season, I’ve heard something about Nicole I’ve heard some things about Corey. I know they talked behind my back Bronte told me..
Natalie – They’ve never talked to me, Nicole has never had a conversation with me .. You know
Natalie – and then I have Paul who I don’t really trust at this moment.. He was eavesdropping on my conversation.. He wants a final 4 deal with me then we have Nicole who wants a final 4 deal with us .

Natalie – Nicole didn’t want to work with me when she was working with Paulie .. You know
James – yeah
Nat – there’s a lot that goes into it
James – I agree
James says it’s easier to play the middle.
Natalie says she had to win this HOH she can’t be in this game and not have a win.

Natalie going on about her neck hurting again she won’t be able to play in the veto, “You’ll have to play for me”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 10-58-23-021
10:44am London room Victor and Paul
Paul – we might be getting screwed
Vic – you talked
Paul – she came in here and was getting her stuff.. Like just running out pretty much.. I was like ehh.. Everything cool she’s like yeah everything is cool.. I said yeah Vic said he was upstairs and it was weird.. She was like obviously people are going to talk I was like OKAY.. I know.. I’m just saying..

Paul – it was just strange..
Vic – yeah, now you know what I meant.. She acting weird..
Paul – f*** it..
Victor – I’m telling you America is going to hook us up.. It’s Corey.. UGHHHhh
Victor – America bones us .. like f*** the sitting ducks..
Victor – Care package will put a wrench in their plan..

Victor – If my picture comes up on the memory wall i’ll be like I knew it, I knew it you couldn’t hold up your side of the bargain.
Vic – Bomb.. you still have to beat me in the veto..
Vic – Eh..
Paul – mhhh
Vic – you know what would be sketch to?
Vic – if we got some type of power and they wanted to come in and talk about it..
Paul – yeah
Vic – cause there should be nothing to talk about
Vic – Fools are sketched out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 11-56-56-842

12:07pm… if they are not sleeping they are doing this..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 12-24-09-065

12:24pm Natalie’s neck is still sore but it doesn’t prevent her from complaining non stop
Natalie – I look f***g gross like a ugly a$$ person.. I want to burn that picture

12:35pm Natalie saying she’s going to try and pull Meech in.
James says Victor and Paul want to take him and Natalie out once they get to final 5.
Natalie – maybe they want to take me out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 12-50-57-827

12:47pm Meech is co-HOH .. Boom

-share all the perks of the HOH, Safe for the week, share the HOH bedroom, and no longer a have not
Michelle – YES
Corey – Ohh nice..
-Responsible in naming 1 of the 2 nominees for eviction that means Natalie only names 1
Meech – I feel bad..
Natalie – I didn’t want to be alone I’m happy
Neither Michelle and Natalie compete in the next HOH..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 12-54-18-996

12:54pm Paul seems thrilled..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 12-58-55-957
12:58pm Have nots Michelle and Natalie
Natalie – Obviously you want Corey and Nicole right..
Michelle – I want Nicole, don’t care about Corey

Natalie says she caught him eavesdropping.
Michele – paul can be sketchy like that
Natalie – He’s lied a lot of times I’ve caught him lying do you have a final 3 with them
Michelle – no

Natalie – Corey and Nicole right.. Paul and victor.. They are taking each other to final 2.. Who can we beat strategically.. Who do we have a chance to win against..
Meech – I think the same way
Nat – emotions out of the way.. You and James will never ever be on my hit list..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 13-00-20-285
Paul – America f***g loves us… legitimately loves us… everything we ask for is happening..
Michelle – I’m shocked..
Natalie – I get to spend my HOH with one of my best friends in the house..
Paul leaves..
Michelle is saying “paul and Corey what were you going to do”
Natalie – Final 7 we can’t play with emotions.. I don’t like how Paul is really paranoid..
Michelle – what did Corey and Nicole say to you
Natalie – they’re not coming after you

Natalie – If we put Paul up we’re not pushing anybody off..
Michelle – except for Vic..
Natalie wants to go tell Victor all Paul’s lies
Michelle – we can put up Nicole and Vic
Natalie says she has a lot of stuff on Paul.
Natalie says PAul and Victor will take her out before Michelle, “You are an invisible player.. You can make it to final 2”
Michelle – I’m total on board..
Natalie wants Paul out says it’s their best strategic move..
Michelle – I’ve wanted him gone for awhile now..
Michelle – I just don’t trust Nicole and Corey
Natalie says James says once you get to final 6 you play with different people.. There’s no paulie no Zakiyah..
Natalie says Nicole isn’t coming after them.
Michelle – I’m onboard dude..
Michelle – dude I want to be honest with you I was thinking If I win HOH Paul would go up.. I swear to you.. the night before..
Michelle is claiming that Nicole and Corey have never lied to her but Paul has multiple times. (ZOMG)
Michelle – Dude I’m down
Natalie – He’s playing a dirty game.. He lies a lot..
Michelle is down to get paul out this week..
(Well that’s a waste of a care package.. LOL meech now doesn’t play in the next one and they are doing exactly what Natalie was going to do in the first place)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 13-06-03-910

1:05pm Tokyo room Nicole and Corey
They didn’t pray enough…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 13-20-52-594

1:20pm James and Paul
James says he thinks Paul’s safe but it’s Big Brother..
Paul – right..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-19 13-23-08-106
1:22pm Natalie and Nicole
Natalie says she talked to Michelle already..

Natalie – this will change the game for me completely..
Natalie says someone is going home and it’s not Nicole and Corey.
They start scheming how to convince Michelle to put Paul up and Natalie will put Victor up.
Natalie – I hope you guys will be loyal to me.. James really trust you.. Paul is playing a dirty game
Nicole – YES..

Nicole says america would have gave Victor and Paul the care package if they wanted to save them
They Think America gave Meech the care package to take Paul out.. (Good lord)
Natalie going on about Paul eavesdropping …

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175 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Spoilers Co-HOH Care Package

    1. Stupid country votes for Nicole and Michelle back to back?
      Victor deserved this CO-HOH.
      I’m happy I live in Canada

      1. Victor doesn’t deserve anything, he’s a douchebag the way he talked to the women he put up before he took out Paulie.

      2. Its less about America and more about a largely female audience voting for the only female left. If you notice James is the only male to win a care package and he is a very submissive male.

        1. As a guy, I feel I should say that probably isn’t it, and it looks like you are just trying to find a way to hide from the fact that in this case most people just disagreed with you. Though maybe not just in this case. I’ve seen a lot of stupid comments from you…

          1. I never said it was a bad thing, just that it was a logical reason. I thought Corey might get it because he got a good edit, not because I wanted it.Im pretty indifferent to all these douchebags. I was wrong but I forgot to factor in that if you split up the votes among three men and one woman it is logical that she would get it not because of any inherent bias but plain old human nature. But please get all emotional about it.

      3. Deserve? Stupid? Oh, I get it. You’re the special breed of dumbass that thinks if someone likes a different houseguest than you they must be stupid. smh

      4. I didn’t vote for either one (voted for Bridge and this week Vic all the way) but I’m proud to be an American regardless.

      1. Likes and dislikes of each persons games (just my opinion)
        COREY (Dislikes) whiney boohoo me Needs Nic now so is up her and Hated that Never cared BS that’s just unnecessary meanness he can be cruel when in power (likes) I guess he is loyal to his boys
        NICOLE (dislikes) petty mean girl stuff EGO God and America want us to have packages,,um really BB is the devils game baby, falls for silly boys (Likes) She is loyal to the guy she likes ,she has caught on to a lot of the sketchiness of the house
        PAUL ( Dislikes) He can be very juvenile and I hated the PP and Antichick thing (Likes)
        he did not make anything personal its all strategy to him and he does seem fun, Plus there is no denying he is intelligent is playing a really good game.
        VIC (Dislike) Hated the antichick group he was in and sometimes he has an ego (but lots of young guys do) I don’t think he has a real strategy except to win comps (Likes) I love that he cleans . He also seems genuine and loyal. I also can tell Vic loves his mama
        JAMES (Dislikes) Stop with the falling for the chicks play the game already, some of his pranks are really juvenile and not funny. (Likes) He has a genuinely huge heart, loves his daughter and try’s to do the right thing.
        NATALIE (dislikes)She works peoples emotions (Meech your my best friend when 2 min ago she was going to get her out with V and P or at least have her be a pawn plus some of the James stuff I just don’t like that game but hey if it works) her ego to lately (she is young too)
        (Likes) She is bubbly and seems so much fun to be around. She is far more intelligent than people give her credit for and she loves her family . Cant say what kind of player she is because she has been good about shielding herself until recently (smart Strategy)these next weeks will tell.
        MICHELLE(Dislike) She seems wishy washy at times although she did say this was strategy. Can be petty but said she was working on it.(likes) She loves this game!!! According to her DR. she is blowing up people and trying to seem swayable so no one sees her as a threat. I think this was bad strategy for her with Nicole because Nic is petty and not strategic so now Michelle is a real target for her. I like that Meech apologized toBridgette and admitte she was being immature.
        PRODUCTION (dislikes) It is clear they steer certain player some for their benefit and some not so much. EX. when they did not show Paulie Natalie’s Negtive goodbye (she told James that she was mean in her goodbye) but they showed him Meeches Knowing he is a vote and could be a player that comes back I don’t like that its steering people They have done this before. Hate them pulling people back in the game if they have been out for several weeks. (likes) so far better than last year

    2. Natalie admitted in the storage room at 1:50 today that production told her to work with Nicole and Corey. PRODUCTION HOH. So lame.

      1. I’m not saying your wrong but why would Production want her to work with those idiots? I don’t like Paul or Vic but at least they are more entertaining than Ratcole and Cornhole!!! She has no game and you can’t tell what he’s looking at with that lazy eye. Get their sorry butt’s out!!!

        1. No idea. Everyone was screaming about it on the feeds so I went back and watched it, and that’s what Natalie told James.

        2. Well this is Nicole’s THIRD chance at playing big brother. It’s kind of obvious to me that production likes her for some reason. I’m not surprised they’re telling Natalie that. Natalie has mentioned in the past that her DR’s aren’t her own. She said that production tells her to say because she never knows exactly what to say. I’m not surprised by this at all.

    3. People are saying it’s dumb for them to target Paul and put Vic up with him, but it’s the smartest move they could make! Paul is playing the strongest game and Vic wins comps it seems just to do Paul’s bidding. He would easily crush anyone in final 2 because he’s playing a great game! Also, it makes the most sense to save Nicorey. Between them they have 3 comp wins (Nicole’s hoh doesn’t count and one of those three wins was thrown to Corey), which means that one of them is unlikely to win that final hoh. Independently, they’re each playing for second. If one of them makes it to F2 with someone else besides the other, they are for sure the runner up because for jury votes they have each other and Paulie (and Nicole has Natalie for some dumbass reason).

      1. James and nat have a better chance at making f2 with Nicole and Cory
        Vic and Paul will win all the way to f 2 if they keep them

  1. Natalie needs to understand that by not nominating Nicole/Corey, the chances that one of them will get final 2 increases quite a bit, especially if Victor leaves. If one of them is in the final 2, they will have 3 guaranteed votes- Zakiyah, Paulie, and either Nic/Corey. Michelle needs to convince her. I’m disappointed since I was rooting for Nat.

    1. Are you joking?
      Nat would be crazy not to put up Vic and Paul. Nicole is never going to win a comp so really her and Corey is just Corey. Anyways if Corey was voted out Nicole would probably self evict to be in jury with him.

      1. But what they really mean is they want big moves that they approve of. If someone makes a big move they don’t like then they call them an idiot.

          1. My bad. You didn’t say that. I meant it in a general sense on this board. But I should have clarified that since I was replying to your post.

      2. I agree. It’s Nat’s best move to put Vic and Paul up. Corey and Nicole are much easier to fight against than a Paul/Victor duo. Paul and Victor are better at winning comps than Nicole and Corey. Although, I really like Victor and Paul, its her best strategic move to put them both up.

      3. Never say Never…it’s not always how many comps you win, it’s when you win the comp. at the right time that matters.

    2. The same can be said of Vic and Paul. The odds of one of them being final 2 increases, and either will be hard to beat in final 2. At this point in the game there has to be a really extraordinary reason to not take out a comp beast like Vic, or at least his strategizing ally.

      1. Id be afraid that if I left Nicole and Corey in, and Paulie came back, they would be too strong a 3-some to get out again

      2. altho there is no way nat or mich should be trusting nicorey, at the same time taking out vic (if there wasn’t a jury back) is good for everyone. i mean right now chances are higher that no one other than vic, then corey, then paul will win comps. so one of those guys has to go, and in that kind of order really.

        and if they move to work with nicorey that is 5 people versus 2. for jatalie, that is always their position, with michelle as well, she will always be #5 if she sticks with the floating couple.whoever they are, if jatalie goes vicaul or nicorey, michelle just goes with the flow and she’s good.

        let’s face it, as a couple nicorey is the weaker pair versus vicaul. they have at least one weaker player, and lets face it corey has zero social skills, well neither of them have social skills, but vic and paul definitely do plus stronger skills for winning. one goes, and that is half the comps opening up for other winners.

        and if natalie and michelle were to really spin this right, they could say that everything is telling them that there is a jury back, they know vic doesn’t mind going to jury, however the fact he is evicted now means he will play in jury back, ensuring that no one else can come back. he’ll also like the idea if he is nommed he will play in the veto, if he wins it that’s another win for him, he’ll be thrilled, if evicted and he wins the come back he’ll be thrilled. i think he’d enjoy being evicted to be honest, and if paul is the one to go, he probably won’t be that heart broken, he’ll just know he has to win all the way from then on and he will always play in Veto pretty much from next week on.

  2. Meech now stay strong and put up Nicole/Corey or Paul no Victor! This shall be interesting on the nominations. Natalie and Meech then 2 noms and 3 votes out next one.

    1. Natalie is just a total disappointment and a whiney brat. She can even realize what America is trying to say by sending meech the care package to get Nicorey out. Bratalie is too self absorbed and only makes everything about herself.

  3. If Nicole, James and paulie really are working together.. this plan to get Nat to put up Paul or Victor makes complete sense.
    Paulie comes back from the jury buy back and they push him to final 2. And he’ll have more votes because Paul or vic will be gone and james is on his side..
    I hope that is just a theory but we will see. Nat should do what is best for her and that’s getting out corey..

  4. I say Natalie and Michelle take the easier road of putting up Corey and Nicole rather than Victor and Paul…LACK of killer instinct this season!

    1. No it looks like they both agreed on Paul as the target. Which does make sense game wise. He is currently in the best position in the house.

    2. What are you talking about? So you’re saying its Nat’s best move to go to the final 5 with James, Vic, Michelle and Paul? In that scenario, Nat and James don’t stand a chance against the trio of Vic, Paul and Michelle.

      I think its amazing gameplay for Nat to put her feeling towards Nicole aside and work with her strategically.

      1. I just wish she would own it. I hate it when the players look for reasons. Umm its a game $500k He is a threat to your game so bye bye . No explanations needed!! Finale three for me Natalie, Vic and Michelle any of those three win and get 2nd I will be happy. Or if its a game that doesn’t feel rigged.

  5. Big threat going out 4 sure with the Meech Meister getting the power. So good news this week. Who knows what happens next week especially if the supreme douchebag gets back in the house. I cant bring myself to even think about that.

  6. I’m torn about Michelle winning. Initially, I wanted her to, but I don’t want to flip flop and side with Corey and Nicole. They have done nothing and no longer deserve to be there.

    I want them both nominated and I want Victor and Paul to be safe. Did I just say that? How is it possible that I’m rooting for the 2 of them when I couldn’t stand either one of them in the beginning of the season?

    I kind of respect the people who helped orchestrate Pisspants Paulie’s demise. Victor had the guts to nominate him, Paul, Michelle & Natalie called him on his crap. (But I am tired of Natalie’s constant need for reassurance about her looks, her weight and her “I’m not going to nominate a girl” thing.

    And I’m a female….but I think the best PERSON should win. At this point, I don’t think any of the females warrant a #1 OR a #2 spot in the finals.

    I wish Davonne wouldn’t have played SO hard….there’s something about her I like. The extended long look she gave Zakiyah on last night’s show made me laugh out loud.

    Simon/Dawg…I’m trying to order some stuff on Amazon via your link. Problem is, I used to be linked to another group and when I go in to order, I can’t tell for sure who is getting the credit. Do you have any idea where it shows the name of the organization (while logged into Amazon)? Thanks…and thanks for everything you guys do.

    1. Ya same here. I couldnt stand them in the begining, i cant believe now im rooting for victor and paul!!! Haha… So sad if this is how the votes go this week (paul & vic up) but i can understand cause they are threats. I dont care what anyone says i dont feel that nichole and corey deserve to make it any further. #lame #lame #lame can you imagine how boring their relationship would be? Lol

    2. regarding your Amazon question, as far as I can figure out, when you use the link, look at the address in the search bar and somewhere in that long address there will be something that IDs the site you are supporting..for OBB the words bigbro are in the address, for RHAP the word rob is in the address. They are the only 2 sites I support OBB-for BB and RHAP for Survivior- and aside from using the link, I think this is the only way to know if it is going where you want it to go.

  7. I’m not a fan of Meech. Ugh. I thought Natalie was about to start playing a take a shot at the 2 biggest threats, Vic and Paul (best players at the moment). With the care package, I bet they agree to put Nicole and Corey up. Vic or Paul will win BB18

    1. This is why I wouldn’t vote Meech. Cant be trusted. Trying to hard to be part of the popular kids crowd. Nic/Corey will stab Nat/Meech in the back the first chance they get.

  8. She’s better than Cory but I still think it would have been better if Victor got it. I really hope Meech sticks with Paul and Victor. Cory needs to go so there’s no chance we end up with Cory and Paulie together in the house.

  9. Thank God! I just did NOT want Corey getting it! The strategic thing to do is to get Corey out ASAP. Otherwise, if (or when thanks to Production yuk!) Paulie win the Jury BB they are screwed! They will be right back where they started and I can NOT tolerate another second of Paulie and Corey’s grossmance. I hope they use their heads. I am pretty sure Michelle will sway May.

    1. How would the strategic thing for either if them to put Corey out. If Vic or Paul gets to the end neither Natalie or meech will win. Victor and Paul are good with their words and would have a good speech on finale. Corey can’t even put a sentence together. If he gets to the end he may have three votes but that is all he will get. It takes five and he is easier to get out next week or after. Don’t get me wrong I definitely do not Paulie getting back in and having to watch him and Corey but only us viewers know there is a battle back. They don’t, so strategically if Natalie or meech wants a shot at winning they need to get Vic and Paul out of there

  10. Not good for Natalie trying to get either Vic or Paul out this week as they could both be potentially safe is she nominates one and the other wins POV.

    1. If she nominates one and meech nominates the other no way they both are safe if one wins POV. They will have one vote. The one that gets off, the other will have Corey’s, Nicole and James vote against minus whoever goes up

    1. They will put Paul and Vic on the block. One of them will win VETO and they will put up Corey as a pawn in their place….or James (hahahaha) that would be so funny!

  11. Natalie & Big Meech should put up Corey & Nicole, Then depending on the POV they could put up Vic or Paul. I see this as a win-win situation for them.

  12. I wanted to give it to Michelle also glad that she got the acp.

    Not being able to compete in the next HOH sucks though

  13. Meech is too stupid… she will listen to crazy Nat rant about Paul and flip on them… keeping Nicole and Corey safe… good job not voting Vic everyone ***Corey’s a$$hole clap @ Nat again and those of you who voted Meech***

    1. I was all for Vic getting the CO-HOH UNTIL Julie announced the Jury But Back next week!
      I was uncertain if the CO-HOA would be excluded from the HOA competition next week. So I ask you this: Would you rather Vic be CO-HOA this week and NOT be able to play in the HOA next week? Vic is NOT the target, true it could backfire and he may leave this week, BUT he will then have the chance to return with the Jury Buy Back and STILL be able to play in the HOA.

  14. This is going to be interesting. I’m sure Meech wants Nicole up which is probably going to push Corey up next to her. IMO, Nat should stick to the plan that the 5 of them came up with when they were in the process of eradicating Bawlie. After they get rid of either of the two of them, then it’s game on. Not putting N/C up together is a waste. Do it and let the chips fall where they may. If any of the others win the Veto, the noms would stay the same and one of the Dud-Whineys would go home.

  15. And there goes big mouth Natalie, already spewing to Michelle they have to put up Paul and Vic!!
    The girl is CLUELESS!!!
    Go talk to James before you start throwing crap our to Michelle! You are blowing your game, idiot!!

    1. Why should she wait and talk to James? It’s her HOH, not his. She can do what she wants. She’s a big girl and she knows what the repercussion will be if she takes a shot and fails.

    2. Meech is on board with the plan. And Vic and Paul have had talks about taking out James, so it’s not bad strategically for Nat.

    3. What has James done this season other than sniff around Natalie, and ruin it for the viewers by telling about every possible blindside beforehand? Natalie has played a better game.

    4. she did that last night. James is on board with vic/paul as noms once they knew Nat won the HOH. i know, i was pretty shocked to see her rattling on about Paul all of a sudden, and not nicorey. I was also oh, great here we go, James complete missing the mark on what is going on or could go on, now he wants paul out?

      Anyways, paul is winning america’s favourite this year, so he will be compensated for not being F2. also, sure, go ahead, waste your HOH with this move, and hopefully it works out and whoever gets evicted comes right back in because if that guy doesn’t win, then surely paulie will and be right back in the bed for a 3some with nicorey, and once that happens, all bets are off, with the two girls (paulies all time favourite for eviction) will be up on the block in zero time flat.

  16. BIG MUFUGIN MEECH… She gone put up Nicole and Natalie gonna put up Paul BOOM. I’m guessing Vic wins POV pulls Paul down and Corey goes up and one of them goes to jury… No blood on Natalie’s hands…. Can’t wait to hear Nicole whine… Good Week…

    1. This would be ideal! Not yet convinced that Meech wont turn it around on Nat since she will end up being the target if NiCorey are going to keep Nat/James safe. Only options for next week, then, would be Vic & Meech (if they dont win HOH)

  17. Also for those that were saying that this site wasn’t accurate for how the voting was going on It has gotten every single winner right

  18. CBS should have said up front that the co-hoh couldn’t play in the next hoh comp. Makes sense I guess, but inform voters ahead of time.

    1. i assumed it would be like that. i also figured that michelle was the better candidate for co HOH because not being able to play the next HOH wouldn’t affect her position too much, since she’s a lone player and not likely to be anyone’s number one target. A plan B, sure, but not like oh get her out revenge time.

      and with this HOH clearly going to be a team plan agreed on, not sure why michelle is so quick to eliminate paul tho, unless for her it isn’t because he’s sneaky, but because she can recognize a winner.

  19. I want Corey and Nicole gone. They are so boring. Nicole hasn’t done anything all summer but whine. For a vet, I expected more play from her.

    Miss Frank. At least he was there to play.

  20. Simon, Dawg, anyone–How to get the word out to all of those who only watch the TV shows, that OBB is the way to go. They don’t know what they are missing! It sure has changed the way I perceive the happenings. Without this site, I would be as clueless as they are.

  21. by the way… voting meech… getting out paul/vic… paulie returns… ropes nicole/corey right back in…. and now we have paulie, winner of BB18… everyone who voted meech is a moron.

    1. Yes, in fact everyone but you is a moron. And you should get your way at all times. Everyone should vote the way you tell them to.

    2. Yes, people who like different houseguests than you are morons. Do you call everyone who doesn’t have the same favorite color as you a moron, too?

      1. Oh really? I did not know that! Thank you for your incredibly intelligent knowledge of the title of the game. I swear I though the game was called Flip Floppers (in nats and james case) and House Followers (in nic and coreys case)

        In all seriousness, of course Vic and Paul are bigger targets than Corey and Nicole. But Nicole and her entitlement. Pissed

  22. If I was Nat and meech. I would put up Corey and Paul. That way Nicole would vote out Paul and Victor would vote out Corey. Then it would force James to finally make a decision.

    1. Won’t matter what Nat or Mich want if Nicory is left off the bock because with only 3 voting Nicory will decide who goes.

  23. omg noooooooooooooooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech! I wanted Meech to put up Nicole and Nat to put up Paul and let them battle with Corey as an option. D’oh. What a disappointment. I had been voting for MEech to get the care package, but this morning, sent my 20 votes to Vic. I wish he had gotten the package.

    1. I tried to get votes for Victor on youtube reddit twitter. Meech fans said she would not cut the boys and look what she is doing I hope it burns her in the but she has no true alliance but the boys. The showmances will stick together till the final 4 due to the common denominator LOVE! James is passionate about keeping the showmance’s alive they come first.

  24. Wow everyone is blinded by their love for Paul that they think it’s really a better move for Nat to not target him. He’s by far the best player in the game. Do you really think Vic and Paul would’ve stuck to the plan next week (or maybe even this week) and not nominated James or Nat? Keep in mind they don’t know about battle back next week.

      1. But not until final 4. Corey/Nic/meech were all to go first so that is 3 weeks of security. Nic/Corey are followers not leaders so they will not stick to ant deals made.

    1. Also… Nat and Mich where is the “Nicole is a ssssssnake”??? So you forget that already? I guess Nat prefers to hear things from Nicole than Paul who worked with her Geez… As if Nicole and Corey will not put you up..yeah right! Thanks America for voting Michelle.. I hope she will figure out why she have the package. Anyway…. :(

  25. Ok……..this is getting good!!!!!!!!

    Nat & Michelle need to put up Vic and Paul….only one can win POV…the other goes to sequester. These guys are very dangerous to keep around.

    Nicole & Corey are only a threat if Paulie comes back with the Buy Back. One in 5 chance. Hope Bridgette blasts him out of the competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ugh! I was afraid of Meech going with getting paul/vic out! I wanted vic to get it so bad! Just wonderful! Now once the buy back happens we are most likely going to see a paulie/nic/corey reunion. This plan would only be smart if there was no buy back because then yes they have a better shot at beating nicole/ corey. I get they don’t know about a returning player….. but seriously…… Meech being the super fan she claims she is should really be thinking about the 2 DE that BB usually likes to have, and that they wouldn’t let their “player returning” go to waste.

  27. While I despise Nicole and Corey, I think it is good for Natalie’s game to take out a threat like Vic or Paul. Getting the ball rolling to take out Paulie and being the HOH to break up Vic and Paul is a good case at the end for a win in my opinion. Having said that I’d rather see Nicole or Corey go home this week

  28. I really think Natalie is about to get bitten by the Snake Nicole. She shouldn’t have told Nicole and Corey that Victor and Paul are her targets. I guarantee Nicole is going to make sure it gets back to Paul & Victor, especially if her and/or Corey gets put up on the block. She will become dead meat if Paulie comes back in the house. She and Michelle will not be able to play in the next HOH. James have alot of work to do this week to keep his Boo safe next week.

  29. I think Michelle should put up Nicole (who has never been on the block yet, which is huge in the end) and Natalie should go Paul. This still actually plays the middle. Each side has a chance to keep themselves safe.

  30. Interesting how people insist Nicole is a bad player even though she convinced Natalie not to target her after not working with her all season…. You might not like her and she might be foolish for getting in another showmance, but she’s far from incompetent

  31. One pro to voting Paul out is that he may be able to beat Paulie in the Buy Back. I’m hoping Bridgette wins, but it would be nice to have someone go out this week who can give Pauline some Buy Back competition. I may have to quit watching if that twerp Pauline comes back. Enough already!

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, if Paul or Vic goes, they will have an excellent chance vs who’s left in the jury house. I would love to see either of them, day, or Bridgett come back.

  32. Looking at things from a game standpoint I do think loyalty counts for a lot. However, no one has really been loyal this season. There are some loyal duos but no loyal alliances so I don’t think it will have much effect on the jury voting. Personally, I think if Paul had won, he would have stuck to the deal of nominating Nicole and Corey but I guess we’ll never know. As for AFP, I have given up guessing on that since Frank beat Britney in season 14. I think James lost his chances a while ago. It seemed like Nat was in the running but Paul has moved up in popularity so if she puts him OTB that might ruin her chances. For strategy, it does make sense for Nat, James, Nicole and Corey to make a move against Paul and Victor as the strongest competitors. For Michelle, it makes no sense. She is in a house with three duos but two of them are showmances. If Paul and/or Victor are gone the two showmances will band together and whichever of the PV duo is left no longer owe her loyalty. If she fights to stick to the plan of taking out Nicorey she then has Paul/Victor and James/Natalie taking shots at each other and ends up as the third person to whichever group prevails instead of being the 5th wheel to the showmances (the same thing her and DaVonne fought against.) Of course, this is all based on them not knowing that someone will come back from jury. At this point, since I am back to not knowing who to root for I am just hoping that whoever comes back shakes the game up in a big way causing everyone to scramble and making for some more must see feeds.

      1. Paul has done a lot of douchey things. I have had a love/hate relationship with him this season. I was looking at the strategic moves that make sense. For Michelle it seems smarter to try to keep Paul and Victor, for the other four it makes sense to take a shot at them. As for AFP, I don’t vote. I was basing it on fan reaction. Right now Paul seems popular with the fans. Nat was super popular but as soon as she started talking about making a move against Paul and Victor it seems like a lot of comments and people on twitter immediately jumped ship from the Natalie fan boat.

  33. I don’t like Nicole and Corey either and I wish they would get them out incase Paulie comes back which is something they’ve yet to think about. But….if Paul and Victor remain in the game they will win competitions and whoever is in the end they are underdog winners. Who is going to vote for Nicole or Corey? Paulie? There is no way that Da’Vonne, Bridgette, or Zakiyah will vote for them and neither will Natalie or James. Victor is my pick to win this game he deserves it. He probably is the first person i’ll won’t say this about…if they don’t get him out now they might not get another chance. I’d like him to stay and win.

    they have to put the couples up together. P/V or N/C the veto could save one entire couple, they have to make a decision and stick with it. What i’m really happy about though is that Michelle isn’t going to be a replacement. So if they put up P/V and then one wins the veto they can make a decision at that point on who to take out. 3 votes, need 2 to stay. 2 hoh’s and 2 nominees can’t vote….only 3. James and whoever else isn’t on the block. Going to be a crazy week.

  34. Been saying it for weeks that Natalie and Michelle are dunces. Yesterday’s episode was quite evident that CBS wants a woman to win so I wouldn’t be surprised if the jury buyback is geared towards women and this care package is definitely rigged as well. Anyways, since James, Natalie and Michelle are a bunch of idiots. I hope they evict Paul and then either Paul or Paulie come back and join Nicole and Corey and take out these idiots….They deserve this.

  35. So if Meech goes after Paul and Vic it’s a waste? P and V have the best chance to win…it makes sense to get the string guy alliance out. I understand that everyone has a favorite but we aren’t playing. Is Nicole really a bigger threat to Nat and M than Paul and Vic…No.

  36. This would be a great plan if it wasn’t for the jury buyback, because Nicole can’t win shit and Corey hasn’t been that impressive either. But if Paulie wins the buyback they are screwed because he will hook right back up with Corey and Nicole and if Paul/Victor wins they will also be screwed because they will hook back up too and James will be the only one who can compete in the HOH because Natalie and Michelle can’t. But whatever if there is any justice then Paulie won’t win the buyback after the way he acted and all the disrespectful remarks he made.

  37. This would be a great plan if it wasn’t for the jury buyback, because Nicole can’t win shit and Corey hasn’t been that impressive either. But if Paulie wins the buyback they are screwed because he will hook right back up with Corey and Nicole and if Paul/Victor wins they will also be screwed because they will hook back up too and James will be the only one who can compete in the HOH because Natalie and Michelle can’t. But whatever if there is any justice then Paulie won’t win the buyback after the way he acted and all the disrespectful remarks he made.

  38. For Nat to use the FTs as her reason to nominate Paul is really not smart. She should just stick to strategy-“I put you up because you and Victor are too powerful together.” If she keeps bringing up past grudges that were supposed to be water under the bridge, how long will it take Michelle to figure out that Natalie knows Michelle said mean things about her before they decided to work together so that might be Natalie’s reason to target her next.

      1. I agree that it was horrible. As likeable as Paul is when he is being the fun guy I have not forgotten what he was like in his douchebag moments. However, as strategy, if you are going to keep telling people that you forgive them then you can’t keep dragging up the same dirt and throwing it in their faces. The reality is, no one in there has a clean conscience. Corey was also involved in the FTs. Michelle said horrible things about Natalie. Nicole hated Natalie. And the first week, when Team Messiah thought they were running the house, Bridgette, Natalie and Bronte were the mean girls. Natalie has made some of her moves based on personal more so than strategy. Her good-bye to Victor (the first time he got evicted) which, after hearing his side of the story and seeing how he has acted since his return makes me feel that Natalie wasn’t entirely truthful. We didn’t see Paulie’s good-bye but she said it was pretty harsh. Now she is moving on to Paul. She has to consider that these are the people who will be voting for a winner at the end.

        1. They were NEVER the mean girls. It’s just that in the first week the masses decided that the 8 pack were the good guys and everyone outside of it were villains.

  39. When Paulie comes back in via buyback, he’ll team up with Corey and Nic, and take out James or Vic. That’s why they need to vote out Corey now.

  40. I feel awful for Paul, but he knew he wasn’t going to win. He is too alternative for CBS, they would never let him represent them. He is there to make a name for himself to support his business and is succeeding by being funny and smart and charming and a great guy.

    The winner will be Nichole or Cory. They are boring and bland and completely benign and forgettable. Typical reality show winners. Treat people like poop poop for months and get rewarded for it. It’s lame.

  41. Crazy how my opinion of players changes so quickly this season….hoping that BIG MEECH sticks with Paul/Vic….mostly just because I don’t like Nicorey both being safe this week. Ugh gross

  42. I am so undecided…Do I want Vic out so he can beat Paulie for returning HG?…. or do I want Vic to stay so he can beat Paulie in comps if he does return?

  43. Okay Nat needs to get rid of Corey/Nicole. They will only be loyal until Paulie comes back from the Jury buy back. Then it will be three against two. Dumb Dumb.

  44. Natalie was treated poorly by Paulie…
    Corey and Nicole took Paulie’s side.
    Paul and Victor flipped on their boy alliance and teamed up with Natalie.
    Next week Natalie sides with Corey and Nicole?
    Seems off to me.

    1. Everyone left in the house besides James has treated Nat poorly at one time. She doesn’t owe them anything.

    2. Confused: although i get your point and somewhat agree, I don’t think Paul and Vic flipped on Paulie out of love and loyalty towards Nat. They’re opportunists and they took advantage of the whole situation, which I don’t blame them for.

  45. I think nattile is make a mistake nom victor
    he already had problem with her when he left last time
    now she going to nom him come on nattile use you head
    I hope michell don’t listing to nattile she only think about her in james not you

  46. Those 2 idiots (Michelle and Natalie) should nominate Nicole and Corey for eviction….. They will be sorry once Paulie comes back and teams up with Nicole/Corey again!….

  47. So the player who was playing the best game is vilified for playing an amazing game and 2 floaters are given a free ride by fans who can’t stand floaters? Fans don’t know what they want ,you want good players but yet encourage floaters by rewarding them

  48. From what I’ve seen from Twitter it looks like they are putting Victor up with Paul. Seems like Nat has convinced Michelle it would be best to do it.

  49. I love one of the comments where MEECH was called Munchie! She does snack on chips alot. That being said, I believe she will do whatever Nat says because Nat orchestrated the moves to keep her in the game. She BLEW up her own game to insure Bridgett stayed but Paulie had other ideas.

  50. Hey Simon or Dawg, Are the houseguests aware of the fact that a jury member is coming back into the house after the next eviction?

  51. Michelle you got the care package because you hate SnakeCole!

    This girl is a mess. Only way she keeps her hate and target on one person is if Frank her obsession is giving them attention.

    Nat and Nicole already have her convinced we gave her CP to get out Paul. The fact they delusionally actually believe that really irks me. Nicole truly believes she is loved by the fans. I will not sleep till I make sure she knows different:-)

    Someone slap James hard. He is just walking around muttering “It’s best to stay in middle” go away little ugly useless man turd.

  52. Ok now you see how the game is NOT rigged but production does at times steer players on what to do.

    I have NO DOUBT in my mind that the DR steered Natalie to go after Paul and not Nicole.

    Game not rigged totally but you just saw a example of production steering players at times.

  53. Best move is for them to put up Vic and Corey. Both are strong at comps (which is the reason Meech & Natalie should give), Corey got Bridgette kicked out, and Vic was already once evicted. Doing this allows them to stay in the middle of the house. Paul and Nicole have done nothing to either of them or in this game to warrant putting them up. Putting up Vic & Paul or Corey & Nicole straight up just puts a target on Natalie & Meech for next week (especially with buyback coming).

    This strategy also allows them to let the week play out and see what happens and gives them backdoor options. Because Meech and Natalie cannot vote, it would be down to James, Paul/Vic, Nicole/Corey to vote — meaning James is teed up to decide who leaves (other two will nullify each other). Look for James to convince Natalie to try to put one of the pairs on the block (Paul and Vic, or Corey and Nicole) so that he is less likely to be put in that position. Also look for Paul to stay close to James this week.

  54. Look people
    The object of the game is to push your way less to that 500,00 and keeping Paul and Vic is just stupid anybody aren’t to know they will not beat them at comps and will storm to the f2
    Smart thing to do is get Paul and Vic out now ! Like it or not they got to go

  55. So disappointed in Natalie, “I won’t put a girl up”, really? Not even a girl that has talked crap about you and is so jealous of you she can’t see straight!
    So disappointed in Michelle – took Natalie exactly 3 minutes to turn her against Vic and Paul.
    No one celebrated more than me when Paulie left – but if that d-hay gets back in, hooks back up with Nicorey and starts taking these fools out they get what they deserve! (Apologies for my run on sentence)

  56. Hopefully if paul/vic end up on the block one of them wins POV and takes themselves off and the other who gets evicted wins the battle back comp. next week michelle/nat cant play hoh and they have great odds of beating nichole/james and corey for HOH!!! Thats what id like to see but who knows production i mean paulie will likely slither back in. You gotta give credit where its due and they’ve been putting in work.. Sick of all these lame asses left in the house!

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