Vic – “why couldn’t we just have stuck to the original plan”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND Corey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-13-51-384

8:00pm Kitchen Natalie, Victor, James and MEECH BIG FU***G MEECH
There’s mass paranoia about Paul spending so much time with Corey and Nicole
Natalie – they haven’t hung out with him all along now he’s hanging out with them for 3 days
Michelle – he hated Nicole
James – uhhh we were tight as sh1t studying for the veto.. Lock solid..
Natalie and james say Paul wanted them to “pots and pans” Corey and Nicole
James – now he’s been with them for the last 2 … 3 days
Natalie – it’s weird to me
Vic – he’s covering his a$$ just in case
James – he’s a question mark in my book
Vic says he’s hurt
Natalie – he shouldn’t be doing this cause that’s going to hurt your game
Victor says if they are all working together they don’t get to play in the HOH so it’s 3 vs james.
Victor stresses if james doesn’t win 2 of them are going up and 1 of them is going home because Paul is not with Corey and Nicole ( “with” )
Michelle – I want to call him out on his bull sh1t
Vic – I wouldn’t do that just yet

Vic – why couldn’t we just have stuck to the original plan
Natalie says they don’t trust paul
Victor is saying if he leaves it’s Paul, Corey and Nicole against James but if he stays it’s Victor. james against Nicole and Paul

Natalie – You think they are working together now
Victor – I don’t know …
James – you think he would tell you
Vic – I don’t know.. If he thinks i’m going home… if he’s preparing for your departure
Jaems – it seems like he’s been preparing for you departures since you’ve hit the block
Vic – that makes me feel great

Michelle – he’s (paul) hands down trying to work with them now
Vic says Paul is doing that because he thinks he’s going home

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-16-47-164

8:15pm HOH James and Natalie
James says Victor knows
Nat – he knows
James – he knows
James – he knows … he knows we have doubt now…
James – it went perfect
Nat – so you really think Corey and Nicole are not going to work with Paul
James – yes
Nat – ok… strength and honour
They start doing the “teeter totter”



Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-19-58-979

8:20pm Victor and Paul
Victor telling Paul EVERYTHING … They formulate a plan to have Victor “turn” on Paul to James, BIG FU****G MEECH and Natalie.
Victor says they asked him what would happen if he stayed. Victor said go after Nicole.
Paul tells him to tell them he will do anything to stay and if paul has to go he has to go
Paul adds that Victor has to really push that he’s with Corey and Nicole.
Paul tells him Vic needs to tell Natalie and james that he would put Him and Nicole up
Victor says James, natalie and Michelle were trying to pit them against each other they have to play along with it.
Victor practices a line – at the end of the day he’s sh1ttting on my game
Paul with another line – it’s pissing me off because he’s throwing my game under the bus…
Paul worried – don’t f*** me too hard…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-24-48-363

8:25pm Paul, Corey and Nicole Tokyo room
Paul is turning them against James, Michelle and Natalie..
Paul – it’s funny man..
Corey – they are shitting on us
Paul – YA .. on me .. saying i’m trying to play every side of the house I have not been upstairs once..
Paul – they are super weirded out by me right now why.. why are you super weirded out
Nicole – cause they don’t want you to tell us what they said

Paul – they fu**ed us over now I want to f*** them over.. it comes down to 6 here say he said she said put all that away and think strategically from here on ..
Paul – it’s you two it’s them two it’s me and Michelle
Nicole – ya
Paul – there is no f****g way on earth they would take Michelle out, that is their three. be smart you would do that same.. I would do that same.. Michelle is the ideal 3rd person no questions asked there.
Paul – I don’t think anything I’m telling you is magical .. if next week rolls around and I win a care package I’m taking a shot at them.. nat showed her cards..
Paul – if you work with me we win for the next two weeks… I get if eventually we have to take a swing at each other..

8:35pm paul is telling them that Natalie, James and Michelle are after him he was the target from day one so he wants to work with them. it’s three against 2 if he teams with them it’s 3 against 3 and they have only 1 player int he HOH this week.
Paul says last week the target was Corey and Nicole.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-36-40-703

8:25pm HOH Victor, James, Natalie and BIG MEEECH MOITHER F*****G MEECH
Victor – it’s pissing me off cause it’s my game on the line and he’s shitting on my game
Natalie – can i tell you something i’ve been very honest with you … I cried only because you were on the block I didn’t cry because of him
Vic – I feel you and I trust you .. it’s been so lost in the game and I would put him on the block

Natalie – I have not been in any alliances I’ve been by myself.. Bronte.. Bridgette.. LIterally i’ve seen him (paul) morph into every group

Victor- I haven’t lied to you guys I haven’t done anything.. If I stay and If I win HOH i’ll put up Paul and Nicole.. It’ll be straight up it won’t be a backdoor because that’s how I play.. If he’s playing both side.. .
Natale – he is I analysis and observe so much…

Vic – i’m getting tired of getting shafted.. I’ve been so trusting of him..
James – i thought you two would never do anything wrong to each other… he’s jumping ship on you
James – that’s shitty..
Natalie – this could be your last night he should be with you.. And he’s with Corey and nicole.. That’s weird
Vic – that pisses me off… (LOL love it)
Natalie still salty because Paul forced them all to study for the POV, “Fucking won this HOH with a pulled neck I earned this HOH don’t make me study”
James – Damn we all should have just studied with you (Victor)

Natalie says she wants to go downstairs and blow up everything Paul is saying to Corey
Michelle – ohh I’ll come with you
Vic – if I was you 2 I would stay low key because y’all can’t play in HOH
James agrees. (of course you do)

Natalie dancing (penguin)


James says he wants Victor to stay tomorrow but is worried paul will join back up with Victor and try and get rid of one of them three.
Vic – if I had his ear I would push Nic

Victor – Same was as I was put up this week.. Tell him he was a pawn
Victor says paul has abandoned ship on him there’s no more loyalty
Natalie agrees
James – you got a bad egg connected to you

Michelle – if Corey goes home and you win it we’ll be safe and if Nicole gets it we won’t be safe..
Victor tells them if He goes home Paul and Corey are going home
Victor – i’ve been loyal to you all since the beginning..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-39-58-144

Michelle point out the stress rash on Victor’s neck…
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-32-33-705
James – Ohh man
Victor – puts you in a sticking situation.. And it sucks because it puts me in shitty situation because of what paul is doing
Natalie says she still feel that Victor will team up with Paul still they are bros.
Vicor – he abandons ship and leaves me hanging to put the pieces here by myself..
Victor – I don’t know if you believe me what I say but I would put him up now…
Victor says he’s done one big move with paulie and he would want to do another big move with Paul
Meech – paul and paulie .. I don’t want to see him win…
Natalie says she’s the biggest threat in the house is Paul he’s got to go
Meech – he’s well off
They go on about him being smart and rich
Natalie – I don’t like how he lied about fries too.. He said a couple weeks ago he never cooked and just the other day he’s saying he made fries with his friends. . (Kraken)

Meech – he has no debt ZERO. Then he says Peperdine cost him 600000 dollars in loans .. Why would you lie about that
Vic – ya ya
Natalie – if you lie about your personal life that’s weird to me.. If you are lying about fries… that’s a petty lie..
They just start bashing paul all around Victor throws in some jabs to keep the ruse going

Victor – I would put him on the block..
Natalie – I believe you
Victor – Paulie was my ride or die and I put him on th block..

Natalie – he was talking so much sh1t about you Vic.. when you came back he was not happy
Michelle agrees says Paul would say that he didn’t want to be aligned with Victor because he was going to be the next target
Nat – I’m not close to Corey and Nicole.. It was going to be Him and not you… that was not part of the plan
Vic – You all weren’t part of my plan to be honest.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-36-30-149

Vic says if he stays Paul is screwed…
Natalie and michelle start bashing paul bringing up all sorts of stupid things..
Natalie and Michelle tell him they have their vote final 2 if she stays.
Victor says the 4 people in the HOH are the ones he wants to win!!
Natalie, James and Michelle pretty much chant Paul has to go and Victor plays along..

Michelle says Paul was trying to control her who to put up as the replacement nominations.. Victor admits Paul has influenced him too much throughout the game. Michelle says Paul told Nicole he was going to be the replacement nominations , he’s playing both sides.
Natalie says paul told he talked his way thru college, “He has no shame.. That is scarey”

Victor – James, if I go you have to win HOH.. cause Corey, Nicole they are like… you have meech and we have Paul.. and they are the ones getting the care package.
James- RIIIIIIIIIIIGht (you don’t care because it’ll be meech going home)

Victor says everytime he walks down and sees Paul, Nicole and Corey talking it’s whispers
Natalie – what if he votes against you that’s my fear
Vic – he has no idea we’re having this conversation right now.. He knows Nicole is voting for Corey … in his mind he’s good either way..
Vic – if I got he’s with them
Natalie – he will vote for you to stay because he want you vote for jury
Natalie – I don’t like his game he throws people under the bus and he talks shit about people
Michelle says she would never watch big brother again if Pasul won

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 20-37-22-966

9:23pm HOH Victor, Michelle and Natalie
Natalie says if it’s (Care package) HOH takeover it’s against the integrity of the game.
Natlei is telling ihim to be cool with Paul and she’s sorry for getting him so heated about paul. She doesn’t want Pual to vote him out.
Natalie – he’s the reason you would be going home this week.
Natalie – he’s friends with the enemy

9:25pm Paul and Corey
Paul pulls Corey in the Kitchen for everyone to see and they have a funny conversation filled with lots of animations and laughs..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 21-35-29-338
9:34pm Natalie, Vic and Michelle
Victor – you guys have to help me with James..

Natalie now that we had this conversation I’m gunning for you to stay and that’s what I always wanted.. I want you to stay over Corey
Vic says it’ll be 23 against 2 instead of 3 against 1 if he stays

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 21-35-57-766

Victor leaves..
Natalie – Vic and James can beat Nicole and paul
Michelle agrees
Natalie says she wants Corey gone this week for personal reasons.. (He said she was james’ d1ck to the fianle)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 21-37-17-944

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 21-38-12-386

9:38pm Bathroom Victor and Paul
updating each other..
Paul says he’s been telling to Corey and Nicole that the three of them will get the care package.

Vic – Natalie is 100% gung ho me staying .. Michelle was always and James is like….
Vic – the only reason they wanted to send me home is because you and me are close
Paul – I know

Paul – if we pull this off..
Vic – oh my god
Vic – Bro just go just go just go.. we’re not together…
Paul – Bro we’re not together
Paul – Don’t ever talk to me from this point on

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The Roach Coach

Theyre doing it…..Its working!

l don’t understand why people don’t like Paul, he is playing a great game!

Stay Vic!!!!


Moonpie's Memaw

James is such a floater this season so sad to see …because he stole America’s favorite from Johnny Mac last season …..This season James is the worse kind of snake , always claiming he is throwing comps , and that he makes such big moves . Also such a fake claiming to be a clean player as screws one alliance after another . To hear him tell other people yeah put Natalie up she would rather James stay than herself . My hope is that Vic wins the battle back in , and Meech and Natalie see just what a true sneak James is …….I wouldn’t mind seeing Bridget come back either …..But poor Meech she is the sitting duck after Vic goes and she doesn’t even see it . James could care what Natalie thinks or wants , he is using her as a shield and nothing more . After this eviction …Meech is going to see just how solo she is as James is telling the dumb duo everything that Meech says to him . Meech please smarten up and align yourself with people that can be trusted to have your back , because James would sell his momma for this money …..and if James was even considered for America’s favorite again that would be such a farce

And hey Big Brother why doesn’t James and Nicole have to face a penalty like not being able to play for HOH for each time they spoke of sharing the prize money ???? Infractions that serious call into doubt the true validity of this game not being fixed . When two players discuss sharing the prize money together they should have to face a stiff penalty if not be automatically evicted , just like a house guest would face should they threaten violence on another ………..Big Brother by just having them half heartedly apologize for their infraction should one of them win now we will wonder just how far the fix is in , and who else was involved …….You should not turn a blind eye …..


big beech should have been evicted 8 weeks ago – nobody even knew who she was b/c she was hiding behind team frank


@ Pfft Interesting that you say that. Really just wondering who besides Paul and Victor hasn’t floated behind bigger targets. You seemed to really have it out for Meech I was just wondering what makes anything she’s done different. I really am asking possibly I’ve missed something. Like Ive asked people before what scenario would you do in her place right now. If she would have put up James Nicorey would just vote to keep James> I just don’t see good options for her. I really am asking what I’ve missed not being passive aggressive I just don’t see it


James will never get over Victor, he reeks of kimchi and jealousy. James is hell-bent on getting him out. it was so irritating calling the Rathole and Corey up to the HOH, then soon after filling them in at their bedside. James is just a rat just like Rathole. I don’t get what he wants to work with Nicole


you’re missing the fact that she had team safety twist

sunny dee

re; nicole/james penalty to not play in HOH

well, since that would leave two people, Paul and corey playing for HOH, i doubt if BB is going to take two more players out of the HOH considering it is taking them 3 days to build the comp.

i thought they had it for a bit. does james actually believe nicole when she says that paul wasn’t talking game with them? because if he does, then i hope paul wins hoh and the bribe, and puts james/nicole on the block.

notice in wednesday’s episode, paul is confronting nicole and natalie at different times regarding being nominated. While talking to natalie, James steps up and says something. While talking to Nicole, Corey watches the interaction but stays silent, and i think that he laughed about it afterwards with paul or vic or someone. either way, two very different people there.

Not saying i am liking james, because he is disappointing me big time right now. no one wants to see nicorey going any further

I wish the boys attempts to flip the votes around had been successful, but james underminded that . which i don’t really care. by doing that, and revealing this info to nicorey behind the others backs, which will come out, and us all knowing there is a jury back that vic is likely to win, all their worst fears will be realized when vic and paul are still in the game, and y’all could have saved vic but didn’t. and only michelle is going to be ok with that.


James is annoying me because he wanted Vic out even in the beginning. Meech cant do anything she said it herself she knows she will be on the losing side of all the couples but I do think she really wants to keep Vic when production is not whispering in her and everyone else ear. Production is also not showing how shady James has been.James is still jealous of Vic because Nat wanted to sop Vic up with a biscuit because we all no Vic is savory.

Leopold Stotch

Yes, James is very jealous of Vic. Imagine if Vic gets evicted this week (and doesn’t win jury buy-back), and Natalie is evicted next week – putting Natalie and Vic in the jury house together. I GUARANTEE JAMES WILL GET HIMSELF EVICTED THE FOLLOWING WEEK so he can try to stop any potential romance between Vic and Nat! Of course, Vic wouldn’t anything to do with Nat in a romantic sense – he sees through her facade.

James and Nicole should get punished for their deal making. Removing them from the house might be too severe, but they should lose their power to vote for eviction this week. Of course, that means Paul will be the only one voting and Corey would be evicted 🙂


Every season HGs talk about gifting to fellow players if they win and every year DR schools them and tells them that they cannot do so. What James and Nicole did is not different. If they continued to talk about it, then they should be punished.


Paul is an asshat! He’s not playing a great game. I haven’t liked him from the beginning but after watching last nights episode on CBS, I dislike him even more! He’s a little rat who has basically been playing Andy Herrens game but even worse, when things don’t go his way he resorts to intimidation strategies. But only with females! It’s disgusting. And he shit talks on a personal level worse than any “mean girl.” As long as he gets booted out, I don’t care at this point, who wins!

Late viewer

Can anyone fill me in as to what exactly happened between Natalie and Victor in the beginning of the game?
I missed a couple of early episodes, and it was referenced a few times. Did they like each other? Showmance?

I wanna know!

Late Viewer

Thanks Simon…they way it is referenced, I thought something more concrete happened but sounds like nothing too serious


Damn, James is a snitch. He just has to bring Nicole and Corey up to HOH. Nicorey gone tell them what they wanna hear to get James to keep Corey. #KrakenSeason

TX rar

OMG it was going well to keep Victor until he woke them up. Glad Vic FINALLY went to HOH to break that up. James was all onvolved in discussion with Nic /Corey but said nothing when Vic was talking to them earlier alone


gotta give Vic and Paul props for actually putting in work tonight and actually playing BB the way it’s supposed to be played. Vic and Paul got screwed this week by production, and the screwing continues with this production player James snitching everything to Nicole and Corey tonight.

Dr Will or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Personal Attacks

No, no. Not NiCorey. CORnhOLE. If we get Julie to say it, we win the Internet, hands down.


Just stop. No one is using your phrase for Nicorey. Please stop constantly telling us to use it.

And did you see Victor!

OMG he ran and told Paul everything too!! What a couple of snitches they are. Relaying info to the people they work with.

Elmer Fudd

I don’t care who wins. I just want to be entertained, and this is entertainment.
Take your heart strings out of it and damn this is funny!
I don’t need no Kraken, just my Cheetos!!!

Misty Beethoven

Okay, this had me laughing so hard my husband was like WTH? I hope Vic and Paul pull this off, because the reactions will be wonderous to behold.
Hit the tip jar, boys and girls, because the next two weeks have the potential to be the best BB episodes in a long time. Simon and Dawg will be very busy!!

Ian's Lament

I can’t believe this is actual drama. James knows and it’s been shown on the actual Wednesday show that Victor and Paul will go after him and Natalie. The idea that Victor and Paul suddenly turned against each other is absurd to anyone with half a brain. James is final 3 if Vic gone and gone if Vic stays. This doesn’t account for the buyback.


My thoughts exactly! Even if, for some crazy reason, they do believe it; i think James is 100% loyal to Nic, anyways. I never had my hopes up for a second.


It’s really emblematic of the level of gameplay that they think this will do anything.

And that clearly Nat wants to believe it should dispel any notion that she’s a smart player. The reality is Bridgette stage-managed her big game move and without her explaining what’s happening, Nat’s lost, needing blow pops and Michelle to try and make sense of the game. James is all she has and he’s perpetually scared and subservient to others, so when he tries to act authoritative with Nat, it falls flatter than Nat pre-surgery.

Michelle is even more worthless as she NEVER should have gone along with this. She actually traded being an under the radar 3rd to 2 different couples, in order to be best case a 5th to a foursome and worst, the next to go unless Paul wins HOH or loses the veto. She should have been adamant from jump street that she had to nominate Nicole no matter who Nat wanted. She called her a snake on national TV!!! She should have talked Nat off the ledge and said if Paul is the target, then we backdoor him and play nice until the opening arrives…but she wasn’t the least bit reticent. No talking was even required.

So we’re left with the cowardly rat James, the disinterested couple Nicole/Corey, and Paul….the rat who makes everything personal, with Napoleonic bluster followed by the firepower of a pop gun, and gameplay so transparent, even the dummies in this house can see through it.


I disagree. I feel like it’ll be interesting for about a week. That’s just because of a jury member coming back. Especially if it’s Paulie. After that though, I think it’ll be really slow and boring:( It always gets boring the last few weeks:(

On another note, I really hope Bridgette wins this jury buy back. I feel like she actually has a chance since it’s endurance. If she can’t win, I hope Vic does. I wouldn’t want Vic(or Paul) to win HOH though. I also think this will be the best jury buy back to date. To me it always seems like in years past they all just give up. 1 by 1 they fall off. Almost as if it was already planned who was returning. This year I think Paulie, Victor, Bridgette and maybe even Da’Vonne will be fighting hard to return. We’ll see. Could you imagine if the jury buy back winner actually won HOH too? Now that could get interesting!




James, oh James.

America’s Favorite Player is not America’s favorite, nor is he a player. Dull, dumb, ruin, useless.

When Washington was crossing the Delaware, it was James who hopped in that kayak, raced ahead and warned the British that the American forces were coming. James didn’t want their feelings to get hurt, you see, but he is the sole reason that all of North America is subverted under the rule of the British Empire to this very day.

(In case you missed it, that’s a really big metaphor to say that James is a little pussy that has consistently ruined the entire season. Boo him.)

That's harsh cousin :)

I believe James is a veteran, so, I doubt he would be a Benedict Arnold if he was riding across the Delaware, lol. James is just trying to get his behind further then last time he played I believe, and it’s in his best interest to keep the votes against Victor. I like the plan Paul and Victor came up with because it appeals to Natalie, she’s the only one they have to sell. If they can get Natalie, they have James, he has to do what she says, if she tells James, “keep Victor” he’s kept. Let’s hope this works, and if it doesn’t, let’s hope Victor comes right back. lol

Mich Mac

Can you explain on one of your posts what you mean by a kraken season?


Kraken is a rum. When the season gets dull or overly frustrating Simon (I’m not sure about Dawg) imbibes a bit to make it through the feeds. It sometimes affects updates. The season 16 Christmas Special had something similar to drunk texting throughout some updates.


Ironically Nat and Michelle are upset Paul talks shit about people and won’t watch big brother again if he wins yet they are shit talking Paul amongst each other. Wonder how they justify doing that.


Maybe the same way you justify Paul doing it. I mean you are only mad at the girls for shit talking right? Paul doing it doesn’t bother you.

Froot Loop Dingus

And once again it looks like James is ruining the season for me.
He decides to pull Micole and Corey upstairs and ask them about Paul. To which those idiots Nastalie and Meech say “great idea”.
Because of course of Nicole and Corey will totally tell them they are planning to come after them before the vote tomorrow. SMH.
It’s as if these dummies don’t realize that they will have to go after each other very soon.
At this point if Vic and Paul go home, Nicole and Corey deserve to win, because James, Nasty Nat and Munch are basically handing it to them.
I can’t wait to see their faces when Julie says someone is coming back in from jury.


James is bringing Corey and Nicole to keep the plan (pre season agreement) intact…he’s going with the house then he’ll say America.,.I’m rolling up my sleeves to make a big move..Texas style (kraken me please)


I hate it when James refers to himself as being from Texas. He moved there after BB16, so less than 2 years ago! Someone ran a court records search on him recently, and he has more than a dozen records IN SOUTH CAROLINA. The mugshot of James that everyone has seen was also from South Carolina, for contempt of court for NOT PAYING CHILD SUPPORT. He and Natalie deserve each other – neither of them are what they want us to think!


Oops! Sorry for my mistake – James was on BB17, which means he’s lived in Texas for LESS THAN ONE YEAR!! Yet, he refers to himself as “from Texas” and to his Texas code, etc. etc. I guess he really doesn’t want anyone to know about all of his South Carolina court cases and mugshot!!


Is it possible this “agreement” was between Paulie, James and Nicole. To share the money irregardless of what place they came in. An incentive like Team America.


I love Paul! I hope this plan works. Vic was smart to wait until the night before eviction to get James and Nat riled up, hopefully they won’t have time to change the minds. Although James is probably just thinking how Paul can keep Nic safe over Cory.


What does kraken season mean?


and might I say, it pairs nicely with homemade French fries!


I think you need whiskey to deal with a night like this


one bourbon, one scotch and lots of beeeeeeerrr….


HAHA the seasons so bad you need to get wasted to watch it.


Thanks Vic and Paul for making BB18 great again! I really hope this works! Vic and Paul for final 2!!!!

Penelope Taynt

Agreed – but unfortunately it will not work. James is in straight up couples (showmances) protection mode. Victor will be voted out tonight.


Alright so tomorrow can’t be endurance because voting for the care package starts tomorrow and ends Friday so obviously by the end of tomorrow’s episode we are going to know which jury member got back in. That’s my thoughts, anyone else?

The Roach Coach

Tomorrow will be physical… either it’s the slip and slide one or the Egg crate one where all the jury members compete and the winner of the Jury stays while the HG’s compete for HoH along side of them and if the jury member beats the HG’s theyll return and be HoH, or, The live show will show us the Jury members compete to enter live and then the HG’s will compete for HoH along with the returning member after the live show, but either way I think it’ll be a physical one, but i’m hoping we atleast get to watch the jury members compete and the HG’s reactions before the live show ends!


Yup, it’s either-or. It’s only been 18 seasons, God forbid Production should come up with a new challenge that we don’t expect.

Ex James fan

Someone put some duct tape of James’ mouth!

So anyway...

I love Victor but I’ve never liked Paul.

Franks fumes

Little Jamsey again ruining any drama…..”LOOK AMERICA I’M F#CKING UP MORE ENTERTAINMENT!”

The Truth

Well, maybe to James, ruining entertainment is saving his game.

Look, this is a no-brainer. He didn’t know that Victor and Paul told each other that they would put him up if either won HOH this week. Regardless, James is their target, and that won’t change.

If he wants to make Final 3, he has a much better chance vs. a Nicole-Corey duo than a Victor-Paul duo. You might think he’s stupid, but he’s not that stupid.

Evicting Vic is the right move.

(and he doesn’t know there will be a jury buyback either. But if it’s the wall comp, Day and Bridgette have an excellent shot, as does Paulie with his tiny feet.)


Evicting Vic isn’t the right move this week. Unless by some gooooood luck (aka production messing with the buy back comp) one of the women re-enter the house. Paulie or Vic will be coming back into that house and that is not going to be good news for little Jamesey. Paulie will come after him, and paul…. (might not go after paul I’m not sure). Vic will for sure go after him, corey, nicole and nat. His best move would have been waiting until this week is through to go after paul and vic… as we’ve seen they won’t win every single competition. There is also going to be another DE coming up which is another good shot he can take at them. They’re dumb to think BB is going to let their returning player surprise just disappear. They should have waited a week to make sure no buy back was happening. Because if Paulie comes back in that house Vic and Paul will be the least of James’s worries. At least having the both of them in there will somewhat shield him from Paulie (if he were to win HOH). If he Jaymes happened to be on the block with Paul or Vic he would have the votes to stay over them. Oh well, either way I hope either Vic or Paulie come back because that will make for some good entertainment. I will enjoy seeing the HG scramble once again!


Victor is the right one to evict this week.

They don’t know there is a buyback, so they cannot take that into their calculus. In their opinion, Victor is gone and so is Paulie.

Taking that into consideration, if they were to evict Corey and assuming there is no buyback (which is their POV), then HOH is James, Nicole, Victor and Paul, which means there is a 50-50 shot that the latter duo wins HOH, and puts up James.

If it’s Paul, Nicole, Corey and James playing, the odds that James goes up go down as Nicole/Corey are targeting Paul with Michelle as their backup plan.

If you’re James, this is absolutely the right move. He has no idea Paulie or Victor might be coming back into the house. And, as I said, if it’s the wall comp — built for smaller people with lower centers of gravity — there is a good chance a girl comes back.


Paul and Vic final 2! Great plan!


You do realize that if Paul and Vic steamroll to final 2 everyone will have turned on them and hate it by that point right? You included. You’re acting like this week’s popular opinion is permanent. How can you believe that?


You are right. My opinion changes every week based on who is left in the house. I don’t see an issue here. Paul (as much as I dislike him) and Vic are the only ones really playing hard.


Like him or not, putting Vic up counts as playing hard.


Did anyone notice that Nicole lied to James and Natalie. She said that Paul had not talked any game to them and he did talk game to her and Cory. Interesting.


Just like she lied to James about Paul saying they are going after him when it was Paulie who told her, Corey, and Paul to go after him (right before he was evicted). I can’t believe that she thinks she is good at playing this game. If Cory had been evicted instead of Glenn then she would have been out of the game long ago because if she tried to latch on to Paulie, Zakiyah would have gone bat sh!t crazy with jealousy! I don’t know how laying in bed with Corey all day and night is a game plan. It certainly doesn’t deserve a $500k win. SMH

The Roach Coach

I thought Nicole was the worst part about this season….
…she’s not, IT’S JAMES!
Meech was the dumbest Carepackage of the summer in a summer of horrible votes by America.
Let’s face it, if Paul or the Jury Buy Back does not win HoH this week it’s Nicole James Corey and Nat final 4 before it gets interesting again, and that’s even if you want to call watching a show with those 4 interesting…. I DONT!!!!!

F**K James

James is such a little bitch. I hate the narcoleptic duo of Nicole and Corey but would be laughing my face off if James were to get sent packing by them. Can’t wait to see Nat And big Beeches faces when a juror comes back in. As long as it’s Paulie or Vic then everyone can get their popcorn ready because some shizz is going to pop off!


When Paulie comes back, he will side with Nicole and James. The marketing machine grinds on. Good job, CBS.

Corey's Goat

Be set on fire again, or have to hear about those d@mn fries again? Hmmm . . . a tough one.


People don’t know what the he’ll they want one day is fuck Paul then it’s Ohh he is awesome at this game and James sucks lol they both playing a game people just like underdogs

Hive mind

It’s because these people are weak minded and easily manipulated. They think whatever the group thinks each week and actually believe that they are forming their own opinions. It’s hilarious how oblivious they are to what they do. Fans on this site are a joke.


I’m sure the Nicole/Corey fans are just not posting much right now as the game’s going their way. When Paulie ran the house, his fans were all running their mouths. When his game was burnt, all his detractors came out and ran their mouths. It’s like sports, My uncle has been an Alabama football fan his whole life. When they are doing well, he talks about it a lot. When they weren’t, his never talked about them, although he still watched.


Great, I have to jack boot my own post…his should be he at the end.

TX rar

Diff people are posting comments as the games shifts


People don’t know what the he’ll they want one day is fuck Paul then it’s Ohh he is awesome at this game and James sucks lol they both playing a game people just like underdogs


james for the win, said no one ever

we root for paul and vic b/c they fought hard to be there unlike the “worst final five” alliance in bb history


…people don’t know what the “he’ll” they want…? He’ll? Lol!


Vic and Paul are dicks. You like them because it’s trendy this week and you’re a follower. If the trend is to hate Paul next week you’ll do it.


It’s hilarious that you think everyone shares your opinions they don’t. Not everyone changes their opinions weekly based on whatever they think will get them thumbs up on a message board. Some people think for themselves and aren’t weak-minded like that.

No one ever?

He won AFP last year genius.

i still blame u america

good job voting big beech – this will be forever known as the season america ruined

imagine if america voted for the best player for co-hoh

how awesome would it have been if vic had gotten the co-hoh package, and had to share the hoh room and bed with nat – james would lose his 2 dimensional mind

I'd have voted for that

Yes, that would have been spectacular 🙂

Typical OBB poster

Paul and Vic were put on the block so they are the good guys and I like them. The people that put them on the block are mean and stupid and bad people. I hate them so much.

Oh wait… Paul just won HOH? I can’t stand Paul.


Exactly! I posted something similar to this about a month ago on here. They hate people in power and always root for the underdogs. It’s like if they see someone in power they instantly rebel against it. They like the people who are “in trouble” or scared and sad. It makes them feel better about themselves. It’s kind of subconsciously sadistic and liberal minded. “Oh, you think you’re so good? Well I’m going to protest against that and change it to my way. The underdogs win!”


Corey will be staying and now they know what Paul and Vic were trying to pull. They won,t work with Paul. They will go for Paul and Michelle first.


“Playing BB”: Victor & Paul
“Useless shit, here to rut like animals, too stupid to understand anything that’s going on around them”: JAMES, Natalie, Nicole, Corey
“Door to the self-abuse management class left unlocked, door to the CBS studio left unlocked, what a co-incidence”: Michelle. (Not Meech. She does not rap, wrestle, or play a sport professionally. She does not get to give herself a celebrity nickname. Maybe after she’s arrested for serial killing or stalking or whatever she goes on to after this. POSSIBLY, “Mean-chelle” would be acceptable.)

Oh ok

So if people make a move you like then they are “Playing BB”. If it’s a move you don’t like then they are horrible people. Got it.


Stop spamming the comment section! We all understand you think commenters here only go for thumbs up and love who ever is on the block. Honestly, we got your point. That’s your opinion. Doesn’t make it reality no matter how many times you say it.


And it doesn’t stop being a reality now matter how much you deny it. Obvious is obvious.


Why is this such a difficult concept for you to comprehend? It’s the same way every single year for as long as I can remember.

As the game goes on you see more of the players personalities. Dynamics change week to week. You can start off liking someone then dislike them once you start seeing their real personality come out. (i.e. Natalie for me). Or you can start off disliking someone for various reasons, but then start liking them (i.e. Victor for me). You don’t have to pick a person week 1 and stick with them no matter what. Lol.

Also for me, I prefer houseguest that are actually trying to play the game. This point in the game it’s now very clear who is really trying. So my opinion regarding several hg has changed. That’s the nature of the big brother season. It’s not rocket science.


It started when she put Vic and Paul up. That has nothing at all to do with “seeing her real personality”.


Actually no. You’re (ass)uming my dislike of Natalie is because she put them on the block. Even though I know production was behind those nominations, it would’ve been really dumb not to put those two up. They are easily the strongest players left.

I definitely do not blame Natalie for nominating them. What I have seen from Natalie that has made me start to dislike her is her nonstop whining about things that happened weeks ago. It gets really tiresome hearing her repeat the same things over and over. I don’t like her DR’s. She recently admitted every thing she says in her DR’s is written out for her by production. So Natalie doesn’t have an original thought regarding a game she is living in 24/7? She said she “can’t think of anything to say”…. I also like her a lot less since she became hoh. God knows she reminds live feeders and hg several times a day that “she earned that hoh”. It’s just disappointing really. I was hoping she would figure out the game and come out strong toward the end. But she doesn’t even have any thoughts about the game to talk about it in the DR. Her DR’s come across as a bad actress in a low budget film. Total waste of space in terms of a player. I still think she’s nice for the most part but she’s definitely not one of my favorites. And that has absolutely nothing to do with her nominations. Sorry.


Sorry but I’ll post what I want as much as I want. I don’t need your permission. How is it any different then people spamming hate posts on the same people? Surely we have gotten their point by now as well.


Hate James never cared, but out of “his 2 women.” Meg over brat any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Retired Teacher

While I love Vic & Paul’s plan, I have to admit I also LOVE James, which seems contrary to most of the people on this board. I think he’s a good listener & game-player, and also sees how manipulated the girls are. Yet, rather than trying to tell them too much, he allows them to figure it out for themselves. Not a Corey fan at all & I DO enjoy Paul & Vic, but wouldn’t be disappointed if James & Natalie were final 2. (Okay, I’ll ck back to see how many ‘thumbs down’ I get for this!) Does anyone still like James, besides me????

Don't worry about going against the people here

Most of them just go with whatever the flow is each week because they want their comments to get thumbs up.

no more floaters

James, Paulie and Michelle knew one another before game. James is not playing. He is cheating those that are playing the game the way it was designed.


You liked Nat last week. You know it’s true.


Glad to have never ever been team Nat. I thought she was fake from the start. I was always high on Bridgette and Frank. I did not like her letting him run her HOH as he was aligned with the butterfly crier who I never liked.
Paul and Vic were definitely not early favorites acting like a$$holes with that fool Josie the pussycat. (Your little Nat was in that group as well if you can’t recall) but Paul did an amazing job working his way off the bottom. Vic got the raw deal backdoor and fought his way back. I only wish when he got back he would have not joined the shirtless boy band (thinking they were going to tour the country like Van Halen) If my timeline is correct that was the week they got rid of Frank. Vic said if he got back in his target was buttercry, and if he was more of a game player at that point he would not have let Paul lead him by the nose and get him to work with Buttercry. He did do what a lot of returning players did not though and that was not get sent right back out. Even if he felt he had to work with the pool pisser at first when he won that first HOH he should have thrown those beads at the pisser and the space man.

Calling someone fake is easy

But explain it. List examples. And not game play related ones.


“Never cared”

Paul’s lingo is still stupid.


I actually like the “never cared”. It’s fun to say. 🙂


Heard that!

Butters Mom

James and Nicole have a deal people. They had a deal before they entered the house… they made a deal the day they got in the house again… THEY HAVE A DEAL. I really dont know why everyone is so surprised that James is talking to Nicole and Corey or why they cant figure out why James looks so nervous everytime Natalie starts trying to go against Nicole.. James will not turn on Nicole until he HAS to. It would be bad for JAMES game. Natalie doesnt care about James game… Natalie only cares about Natalies game and what she is trying to get James to do by going against Nicole does not benefit James in any way. She has also screwed James over with Victor because if he battles his way back into the house…hes going after James because James was the deciding vote. James is screwed and its Natalies fault!


James deserves to get screwed my friend. I hate when BB brings back vets to begin with but he is terrible.

The Truth

Victor was going after James regardless. He and Paul had that discussion before they were put on the block by Natalie and Michelle.

That’s the truth.


Of course they were, but it was after they took a shot at Nicole and Corey. At that point everyone would have been going at each other anyway.


Their private conversation focused on James rather than Nicole and Corey as the next target. Their rationale: James and Natalie are a stronger duo than Nicole and Corey.


Let me clarify, Victor and Paul were talking about taking James out after Corey was evicted this week, so that the final five would be Victor and Paul vs. three girls, who, they believed, would be easy to beat.


I hope that James’s game gets blown up with Natalie sitting there watching. I thought she said at the beginning of the game during her spy girls group formation that she was the spy girl that was going to flirt with guys to get what she wants…. something like that… Whatever happens tonight all I’m looking forward to is the buy back. I hope Paulie or Vic comes back. I don’t like Paulie at all but he will make the rest of this season entertaining. Day, Z or Bridge will just get easily evicted again. I didn’t watch Sunday or Wednesdays episodes because I knew they were going to be a snooze fest.


Although I am in no way a NiCorey fan, for the sake of clarity, I wanted to point out that Corey did not say Natalie was ‘blowing James to the top’ or ‘riding James d*ck to the top’ or any variation thereof. It was a lie that Paul made up. I rewatched the entire situation in which it supposedly was said, and it wasn’t. Granted it was quite an effective lie to tell to Nat because of how incessantly consumed she is with the ‘bad things’ said about her and her affinity to make game decisions based on them. The way I read the retells and captions regarding it here make it seem to me like it was truly said, and it wasn’t.


What a horrible thing to make up and tell someone. Paul is scum.


I never understood the need for people to come up with reasons to put people up on the block. You always hear “I need a reason”, then they go around to other houseguests asking for dirt. People seem to love to make it personal. All you have to say is that it’s nothing personal, it’s a strategic move, blah blah blah. You’ve already put a target on your back when you win HOH and have to put up people, why make it worse? But then again it’s more entertainment for us to watch this ridiculousness.


OK what are people’s thoughts are that F4 deal between Nicory and Jamalie, you know the one that James and Nicole made the other night that involved the winner giving 10k to each of the other 3? I think James may think it is the real deal but not so sure Nicole will.

And won’t the ACP 5K bribe deal look lame compared to the other HGs offering 10K!!


No, it won’t. There is an old saying: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”
Option A: $10K maybe from someone who may or may not win and who may or may not keep the promise… someday. And this needs to stay under the table as it’s both illegal and against game rules.
Option B: $5K here and now from someone who has the money in hand and is both authorized and obligated by the game to pay you if you take the bribe.
It should not be unthinkable for BB to have directed James & Nicole to pretend on camera to make that deal then recant it in front of the other HGs. It nicely sets them all up for the “irony” of ACP5. Indeed, such an arrangement would explain why they are taking no punitive action.


Offering money in Big Brother is a violation of the contract and a civil matter. it isn’t illegal. You can’t go to jail for it.


No punitive action taken against James and Nicole could also be because production is protecting their precious, precious vets, who are each in showmances.

James and Nicole should lose their vote for eviction this week as punishment.


I soooooo hope Vic wins the buy back because when he returns, he owes NOTHING to James. He doesn’t have to make any empty promises about not going after Jatalie or break any promises of keeping them safe. He will now have a valid reason to go after James and they can’t play the whole “you’re a liar” bs on him. It would be so fun to have him or Paul win HOH and then put Nicole and James up. That way the vote would be split between Nat and Cory. Then Vic and Paul can wrangle in Michelle and get rid of one of theses losers……most likely Nicole because Meech hates her so much. Tonight’s game play between Vic and Paul is exactly what this game is about. Although it isn’t going to work out as planned because of James, I think it will work out even better since they don’t know about the buy back. I can only hope if Vic comes back in that they put a camera right on James’ face! I can already hear him say, “oh sh!t”. I absolutely don’t want Paulie coming back in the house but if he does, I can’t wait to see how Nicole is going to handle it because she will have to side with him or James since Paulie was gunning for James before being evicted! There just might be some hope for the remainder of this season! Goooooo get them, Vic!!!!


It was really fun for a second there but now, RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!

Franks fumes

Pauls in kitchen telling everyone he’s ill maybe having a panic attack…… soon as he leaves James pours salt in Pauls glass….James says maybe it will make him feel better.WTF!


Paul is a douche and deserves it.

Girlie girl

Does that meech girl ever stop eating, a bag of chips and then a box of foot loops? You can hardly understand what she’s saying with her mouth always full.

Corey's Meds

I think it’s funny how Corey Massages Nicole’s face and she still can’t relax. He told her to shut up and relax. I think she needs some of Corey’s adderal to calm the eff down. She can’t keep still and her annoying voice won’t shut up.

Franks fumes

She needs her cuddle finger!


Well, last year I voted for Johnny Mac as AFP! He was friends with almost everyone in the house. He went up as a pawn when asked. He could actually when comps. He fought his way back into the game. And with his goofy laugh and DR comments was quite entertaining. This year as much as I don’t want to admit, I think Paul has a great chance of claiming the crown over James. However, I also feel that Paul could be sharing the seat as final 2. Seriously, not because he is my favorite, but he has been the most entertaining and actually has been brilliant with social game and can actually when a comp or 2! Victor is also a competitive player, which is obvious! Meech, so not a fan! Natalie, very sweet girl and at times, seems like she knows what she is doing. However, does not! James, don’t even get me started!!! Nicole, playing a classic BB game! Corey, well we all need some arm candy!! Really enjoyed Paulie until he was so mentally abusive to Z! Hate to admit it, but Paul has actually been playing the game we love! However, Miss Nicole has stayed off the block and would love to see her at final 2! The game is getting serious!! Can’t wait to see how this all plays out!!!


I was with you there for a moment. Nicole playing a classic game of BB? Seriously? She needed to be booted ages ago. Paul is playing a good game but I can’t forgive the threats of violence toward people. That’s not entertainment. It’s horrible!


Michelle and Natalie are always talking about how fat they are at the same time they are constantly shoving food in their mouths. Michelle eats from every bag and box of food that is in front of her within 5 minutes. I can’t believe she is a nutritionist! Why doesn’t someone tell them that shoving so much food in your mouth and then chewing with your mouth open is soooooooooo unattractive!


Maybe for the same reason nobody ever told you that going online and bashing people for eating isn’t a great thing to do.

Get a clue...

If you don’t see how much Michelle and Nicole eat and complain about their weight, you likely don’t have the live feeds. It’s not bashing – it’s just pointing out the painfully obvious. If telling the truth about someone sounds like you’re bashing them, perhaps that person’s behavior should be adjusted. Either stop eating so much, or stop eating so much junk, or stop complaining about how much you’re eating and gaining weight.


This is the crazy bitch HOH… Nat and Meech are indecisive cry babies.
So funny Meech still has her crush on Frank lmao.
I’m sick of seeing Pauls duck everywhere lol.
James is smart, talks a lot and a little rat he back stabbed Day and Paulie (definitely playing the game while appearing to be floating). Thank to him
Victor is going to get eliminated.
Either Vic or Paulie will come back in the house.
Paulie needs money for child support so he is going to be “going hard (fist pump)” in the battle back.
I’m still tripping Nicole has not been on the block all season. How did anybody let that happen?!?!?!
I laughed so freaking hard when I read “Victor is going outside for his prison work out” LMAO.
Victor deserves an Emmy Nom after this season.



A Girl Has No Name

As often as people say “worst season ever….” or “this season is ruined”, I am amazed people are still watching. It’s a game of snitching, backstabbing, deceit, trickery, lies, paranoia, and drama…why are people appalled? Are people hoping/expecting something else? I honestly don’t understand….


People don’t mind the lies and scheming… as long as it goes the way they want. If not then they crap on the houseguests.


We are appalled because there is not more of it. I’m appalled by how boring this season has been. I’ve stopped watching the show at this point and just check in here for updates. This website is better than the actual show. This is my 2nd year reading your website. You do an amazing job guys!

Only can wish

We can say the same to you too. If you don’t like our negative comments, stop reading them. Not to be nasty!

So glad Vic is going

Nat and Meech genuinely wanted to try and save him and was full of it the whole time. Later douchebag.

Great work James

These Victor fans got their hopes you but you handled it. His ass is going home and they’ll be crying in their pillows. I love it!


OK, is everyone dense in the house , why do they believe this story from Vic he needs 2 votes to stay and one of the votes would have to be Paul???? do they think Paul is voting for Corey or Vic?? Nicole is voting for Corey and James is the swing????,,,which to me Paul & Vic are working together


Let me clarify Victor’s ruse: Paul expects me to be evicted, so he’s looking to Nicole & Corey as his new allies. I might still have a sympathy vote from him because he will wa

Someone please explain to me

I don’t understand from a game only perspective how you all can think it’s better for anyone’s game other than maybe Michelle’s to keep both Victor and Paul together!! They are too good at this game! Paul is obviously a master manipulator and Victor is a competition beast. Together they are very dangerous. From the point of view as a spectator of the game we all want to see Vic and Paul get to the end since they were targets since week two but really? Everyone else should keep them? No good for their games at all!! Corey has done NOTHING the entire season and when he had w huge opportunity during double eviction he blew it!! He has no game stills at all. Nicole gets a bad rap by everyone when she actually plays the game as if she’s the only liar in the house and the other have of the time she’s in bed with Corey. So again from a game only perspective it’s in no ones interest to keep Vic and Paul together!!!

Not only that

You’re forgetting that going against Vic and Paul also makes people pieces of crap and all around horrible human beings. Apparently.


I am rooting for Paul and Vic but you are correct. Not knowing about the returning player Michelle would have been the only one to benefit. If they decide to keep Vic now I don’t think there would be any benefit to Michelle because they no longer trust her and she has completely burned her bridges with Paul.
With the fans knowing that someone is coming back, I think if they had stuck to the plan and not caused distrust in the group it would have made more sense to keep Vic and Paul.
This of course is assuming that Victor or Paulie would be the returning player which, since we don’t know the comp, may not be the case.
If the 5 (NJPVM) had stuck together and evicted Corey, Paulie comes back, the 5 stay together and target Paulie and Nicole. That potentially gives them all 2 more weeks before they have to take shots at each other.
They evict Victor, Paulie comes back, reteams with Nicole and Corey. Even if everyone collectively agrees to target Paul next, the following week Paulie/Nicole/Corey are always going to choose each other over James or Natalie so it comes down to 3 against 3. That only gives JNM one more week before they could become targets.
Victor gets evicted and returns, they are right back to where they started only now Victor and Paul are pissed and feel no loyalty to anyone. If one of them wins HOH no one is safe which means this could potentially be anyone’s last week.
Michelle is the most clueless in this situation. It really didn’t matter who she nominated because ultimately Jatalie and Nicorey control the vote. However, if she had stuck to her guns about who she wanted to nom in order to keep trust with Paul and Vic, or even tried to rebuild trust after she and Natalie admitted to screwing up, she would be in a better position right now. She should be trying to work with whichever of PV was left because no one else has her back. Nicole hates her. James and Corey consider her disposable and I don’t really see Natalie choosing Michelle over James if she has to decide between the two of them.


James >. ??
Paul> Vic or if the story is true that they are no longer friends, why is the swing vote from James important and why is Vic trying to sway if he doesn’t already have Pauls vote ??
my point is do they think Paul or still voting for Vic or switching to Corey


Lmao this is genious!!! Paul really is the brains behind him and vic… I love it! These 2 are great at the social aspect. Mad Credit boys!!


Vic and Paul should have faked a huge fight in front of the whole house immediately after Paul won the veto. Several days of “hating” on each other would have this believable. As it is, too little, too late.

Lames ruined season

This season would.have been the best ever without James.

I could over from THE BEGINNING of the season all the ways James ruined the season but no one wants to scroll forever past a long post.

All that needs to be said is that no matter what you hear from delusional James fans.. James indeed DID RUIN THIS SEASON..

But our one victory is that we NEVER have to see Lames again and he has NO chance of winning the game or AFP. Boo Hoo for Lames fans.


LOL @ you thinking he has chance at AFP. This board doesn’t represent everyone.


Oh no, beg to differ. We needed the little snitch, otherwise Paul and Victor would have easily skated to final two. What fun would that be. We’ve been up, we’ve been down. We’ve watched that snakey sneak scamper from one side to the next. Is he on Nats side, is he aligned with Nicole? Is he playing for love? Is he playing for dislike of Vic? Is he just an annoying jerk with no real plan, just wants to be viewed as the BB know it all.
So yes, we needed him as our antagonist. Unfortunately due to all his antics, the true hero Victor may be going home. But it’s been a hell of a ride!


This is just stupid


I agree. Nicole and James are two of the worst returnees they could’ve possibly picked. I didn’t particularly care for day and Frank but would take them over James and Nicole any day.


Just so I’m clear: Lying about if college loans are outstanding or paid off and whether or not you’ve ever cooked french fries is just incomprehensible to Nat….but lying about her obvious FT’s, about being a below minimum wage NFL cheerleader, that’s understandable?

But the big question is once Paul learns that she’s speculating, calling into question his character, will Paul get to nominate her and talk about how she hurt his heart talking about his finances and cooking experience?


She didn’t lie about FTs (adopting that phrase as your own is stupid btw). She just didn’t inform everyone about them. And she was never obligated to.


If I ask you if your T’s are F and you say no, even though the truth is yes….that’s no different than if I ask you if you have debt from school and you say yes, even though the truth is no.

If I ask you about the different places you’ve worked and you don’t tell me all the places you’ve worked, that’s every bit the lie that saying you don’t cook, even though you have cooked is.

Superfans who bend logic and reality to “support” their favorites is why they should never be allowed on the show. They all end up being Big Meech, just being mean to their villains, and flip flopping constantly because they’re so used to bending BB logic and reality that they can’t function in a game where logic and reality is the only path to having a strategy.

Nobody had a right to ask her

Who the hell asks a girl about her breasts like that?


Actually she didn’t lie about the cheerleader thing either. She told everyone what her current job is. I don’t recall her saying “I’ve never been a cheerleader”.


They all talk crap about each other (part of the game) but it is funny when they are sitting there talking crap about someone and saying they don’t like so and so because they talk crap about people.
An interesting point about the fries. Yea that’s right the fries!
So from what I understand they are saying a couple of weeks ago Paul said he couldn’t cook but just recently he told a story about cooking fries with or for some friends?
If I remember correctly didn’t Paul make fries for everyone at least a couple of times? I remember one week he was even a have not because he was having everyone taste test them because he couldn’t, even walked around delivering fries saying “friendship” The again he made them saying the batch was better because he could taste them to get his seasoning right. Now they are surprised that he can make fries? That doesn’t make him a cook. I think anyone can throw some potatoes in hot grease.


I don’t know… That’s some master chef cooking if you ask me – or Nat Nat. 🙂


Nat, “I won this HOH with a pulled neck! How dare he want me to study for the POV” Can’t wait for her to find out that her Lamesy Jamesy Wamesy has had a deal with the finger puppet from the get-go.
Lamesy is going to take one of Nat pics and put it in his truck so he can show people his girl. Can he get any more pathetic?


I’m pretty sure if Paul was HOH and Nat stayed in there all night making him study POV with her, then crashed in his bed you’d be bashing her.

Yes he could be more pathetic

He could be on a message board talking about you.