Paul – “if you are saying it behind my back get ready to say it to my face..”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 05-01-54-743
12:00am HOH James, Michelle, Paul
Paul is saying just 2 days ago hey were all talking about final 5.
Paul and victor are telling them about the error they’ve made putting them up staying they’ve been played
Michele – they are probably shitting their pants saying hey it actually worked..
Paul is going to call Corey and Nichols games up tomorrow.
Natalie comes in
Paul – at this point why do I need to lie to to guys about that..
Corey is called into the Diary room and Paul wants to call her out now that he’s gone.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 05-06-30-569

12:10am Paul, Victor and Corey
Paul – hook me up tonight.. I heard how am I a manipulator..
Nicole – I just know you lied about the one day thing..
I lied but you voted..
Nicole – you knew that she was going thome..
Payule – I’m on the block because of you you know what you are doing.. How am I a liar or a maiona0pulat..

Nicolle – you are only a block from something I said
Paul – how am I a liar and a manipulator that is why you said to them..
Nicole – honestly I didn’t know you were going on the blockkkkkkk
Paul – yes you did cause you want to save you and Corey’s a$$
Nic = I have never made one thing up about you
Paul – let’s flashback to the comment I told paulie that james is coming after him
Nicole – it came from paulie
Paul – it’s really easy to say it came from Paulie/… can I asked Paulie that not he’s gone
Nicole – I get that.. I don’t want them to think I’m coming after them because I;’ve never gone after james..
Nicole – I have never ever wanted to go after james
Paul- ya’ll fist bumps each other… no you are trying to cover your tracks
Nicole – I’ve never lied Paul.. I just want you to know I never made things up for you..

Paul – the sole reason I am on the block is because of you and Corey..
Corey comes back says his costume is done.

Paul – don’t look at Corey it was you.. Why am I a manipulator.. Who have I manipulated
Nic – I think you are really good at it.. I think you are after me
Paul – you are coming after me for no reason..
Nic says he’s not nominated because of her.
Corey – I don’t think so
Paul- I’m positive.. So you are 100% I’m coming after you
Nicole says someone in the house right now told her he’s after her 100%
Nicole – it was more than 1 person it was 2 or 3
Paul – I don’t believe that.. You are no more a credible source.. You made up something about me
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 05-12-45-220

Victor says Nicole’s date comments hurt Victor this week, she brought it up with Natalie and that was something Natalie cared about
Paul – We’re on the the block because of you two because you called us manipulators and Liars.. Play this game without making sh1t p about me..
Paul – 3 people that seems to have trust about me yesterday don’t out of the blue.
Nicole – I’m so confused.. I don’t like confrontation
James- of course nobody likes confrontation especially when you are getting called out.
Corey says Nicole and Corey are the stronger players.. Paul says Corey has never been on the block and Corey has won more comps than him
Corey – right right,, so y’all are not saying you are the strongest duo in the house
Paul doesn’t look at them like a duo says “We don’t snuggle up in the same bed together”

Corey – ya’ll are going to steamroll and win this whole thing that is why ya’ll are on the block
Paul – oh and you guys are going to do that..
Corey – it’s an even playing field
Paul – was it not trust that you said in the Jacuzzi you said you were throwing everything
Corey denies..
Paul – that’s rad dude because I’m positive you said that
Corey – I wish I could say that..
Paul – you are a lot stronger and you give people less credit..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 05-21-18-786

12:36am HOH Meech listening in.. with Natalie
Michelle – did Corey say that to you about the comps in the jacuzzi
Natalie – ya
Michelle – he just denied it..
Nicole walks in

Nicole – clearly he just went offffff on meeeeeeeeee
Nicole – Honestly you guys
Nicole – like he… I called him out on the da thing and he’s just freaking out..
Nic – I don’t know what to do my heart is racing a mile a minute .. he’s so mad..
Michelle – you just got to fight back with him that’s what I did earlier..
Nic – he just talked louder..
Nat – that’s what I did earlier I stopped talking..
Nic – I don’t feel like I can eatttttttt
Nicole says that Corey doesn’t throw comps there’s no way.
Nicole says paul was goign after James for weeks and now denies it.
James comes in says it was Victor that was making the plan that James and Corey were the first ones out of the 5 guys.. This is what Paulie told James.
Nicole says Paulie was helping her he wasn’t giving her lies

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 05-35-27-809

12:40am Paul gets a red alert..
Paul comes in “Big Brother hooked me up with an red alert to make sure you’re not spreading more bullsh1t in here”

In front of the HOh Paul is saying that She fist bumped to get James out with Paulie in the safari room. Nicole says she was just doing it to play along with Paulie she is not going after James has never goner after James.

Paul- the 2 people claiming me and Vic are the strongest couples.. You’ve never been on the block Corey has been on the block 1 and pulled himself off.. you have not been on the block every single week.,. and yest we’re the dangerous duo..

Nicole says not being on the block is sign of being a strong player..
Natalie wants it to end.
Paul – if you are saying it behind my back get ready to say it to my face.. in front of everyone in this room.

Paul leaves.. Natalie calls this Jerry Springier..
Natalie – Honesty Vic looks like he wants to punch Corey.. about the date thing
Michelle – Vic wants to punch Corey
Nic – he looked so angry he was shaking his face was red (that’s BS and Meech isn’t buying it)
Nicole – I just want to hide and cry
COrey comes in – that guy
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 05-25-50-111
Nicole – am I goign to get torturedddddd I don’t know why i’m the sole reason
Corey now deny about saying he threw comps.. ‘He’s very convincing .. manipulating”
Nicole – he’s trying to change the target

Nicole – who in here told him I said he’s a manipulator
They said no one Paul is making it up.
Nicole and Corey play stupid about everything they are Innocent and are loyal to the HOH crew.

Paul comes back says he wasn’t in around Corey when he said he threw all the comps he just heard it from someone else. Paul is in the bathroom gettign ready to shower.. yelling out to teh HOH people.
“At the end of the day no more costumes and uni-tards”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 05-54-46-834

1:05am HOH James and Natalie
Natalie – I don’t know James how much more of this game I can handle.. i’m taking a lot of heat here..
Natalie – Paul threw my name under the bus about the jacuzzi
James- I think Corey said I said it
Natalie – oh thank god
Natalie – Corey lied to her to her face about throwing comps.
James – he said it in a joking manner
Natalie – no he was serious
Natalie doesn’t like some of the things Corey is saying
James- I’m telling you Corey will get his time .. he’ll get it
Nat – what if they win and put us up
Jame s- they aren’t putting us up.. If I don’t have Corey.. I have Nicole…
Jaems – If I don’t have Nicole I got Corey
James – I can really pull on Nicole’s heart strings.. Nicole really really likes me,, like.. but like.. her parents watched me all season her parents like me she likes me she was a fan of me.. I was the only one she messages from last season..
James- if they win I’m goign to pull a Nicole.. like please don’t put us up I really like you .. do the same thing and hopefully it works.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 06-03-53-445

1:08am Paul, James and Natalie HOH
James says Corey is pinning on the Comp throwing comment on James. Paul says when he was downstairs calling Corey and Nicole out it was the same thing they were playing dumb claiming they have no idea any of this was being said.
Paul impersonated Corey and Nicole, Natalie laughs.
Paul – every single ting yo told me they denied.. they did not admit to one thing.. not one
Natalie ohh
Paul going on about the bullshit excuses and playing dumb Nicole and Corey are doing.. Natalie and James laughing at his impersonations..
Paul – do you mother f***ers trust me now did you see their reactions..

Paul says Corey and Nicole are liars.. Paul says they told him it was James and Nat pulling people into rooms asking questions. Corey and Nicole had nothing to do with Paul and Victor gettign nominated.
Nat – wait what… we were pulling people into rooms
James – we never pulled anyone
Nat – I never pulled anyone either
Nat – just don’t bring up the Jacuzzi ting
Paul – My bad I know..
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 06-13-00-864
Victor is now with them.. he tells them that Corey and Corey are denying everything saying it was you two’s plan all along.
Paul – as soon as me and vic are out of the equation they dart into separate rooms
James is now claiming to have only talked a handful of times to Corey and Nicole

Victor says this season is full of call out.
Jame s- whenever I get on the block I have to top all this sh1t..
Meech comes in..

Paul retells a story about what Corey said about Natalie last week when paulie was on the block blowing up. “Honestly dude she does that shit to everyone she is s***king James d1ck to the top and he’s letting this happened”
Paul says Paulie and Corey were in this room.
Meech he denied the Jacuzzi
Natalie – this backdoor better go through I ‘m heated..
Paul – she said you guys were pulling you guys into rooms.. do you guys see now who is full of sh1t.

Meech says Corey is now telling them that Paul and Victor wanted to backdoor James it was coming from them last week.
Natalie – if you would have given me the information about the blowjing..
Paul – it’s not game related
Natalie – it matters because he’s a d1ck
Paul – I thought you already f***g knew that.. didn’t you know that.. he’s that much of a blowj.

Natalie thought it was Pauli not Corey saying all the comments
Paul saying it was Paulie with Corey right behind him the entire time.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 06-24-16-535

Natalie – I made a mistake today
James says they have to focus on winning the POV
Michelle – live feeders I know what you are thinking you’re welcome

Vic says he never said the date was the reason he was on the block he said the date comment helped.
Natalie says she’s winning the veto tomorrow and using it to get Corey nominated. “I’m going to pull off whatever.. whoever gets pulled off is staying.. whoever stays on teh block is staying.. ”
Natalie wants Corey out now.. .

Paul – Guys please try your best tomorrow.
Michelle – we will dude
Paul – cause I am, hopefully this is open your eyes up..
James – ok guys so the game plan is we win the veto tomorrow pull down somebody we put Corey up end of story..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 06-13-38-959
1:35am Corey and Nicole Tokyo room
Nicole is saying they are probably going to be the renom this week she thinks it’ll be her not Corey. This will keep the target on Paul/Vic
Nicole says it’s James feeding paul everything this is where it’s all coming from.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 06-35-57-548

Big brother comes over the speakers STORM WATCH

1:40am This is a BB storm update..
They all start running down to the living room
Meech – shit veto .. it’s the memory one
Natalie – I don’t have a bra on

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 06-37-59-133
(Throughout the night they are getting ‘Storm updates’ which will be part of the POV on Saturday.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 06-44-40-455

It’s 6:44am at and they are still getting updates each update is for a evicted houseguets. Paul is still studying them like crazy. Michelle and Victor are up helping. everyone else is sleeping but wake for the storm updates. It sounds like the plan is to backdoor Corey hard to tell (Nat,Vic,Paul,James,Meech) all seem to be together again having studied all night.

As of 6:50am Pual is the only one up reciting all the Storm updates. Sounds like he has them all to memory and is going over them while Vicotr, Michelle and Natalie lay around the HOH room 1/2 asleep. You get the odd addition from Vicotr or Meech who are helping out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-20 06-53-21-462

6:52am HOH
Paul – Meech you want to go over it
meech – what part
Paul – all of it from the top
Meech goes over them again..
they are now suggesting sleep
Meech – it’s funny Paulie would make Corey and Nicole stay up.. he would be dangerous for this comp.. glad we got him out

7:04am feeds on jeff trivia

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Geez Louise

Odds looking good in for Paul and Vic with the veto being a memory comp. As long as it is not choose the answer by throwing darts at the balloon with the correct answer on it then I think Vic has the best chance at Veto. Fingers crossed!

Another Hillary Lie

If Janelle, Will, or Dan was in the house they could convince Natalie to put James up.

One of these things is not like the others.



Wouldn’t surprise me if the POV is standing vertical jump or reaching for objects on tall shelves.
Phase 1: Save Paul and Vic and evict Corey.
Phase 2: Evict Nicole.
Phase 3: Evict Natialie and James. I was cheering for them, but Natalie is now intolerable. Terrible game move on her part. Perfectly defensible to now put her up.


Natalie is only targeting people emotionally. She doesn’t have any clue about BB. I’m so sick and tired of her wanting to know who said what about her so she can whine and complain all day and night about it. Natalie and James needs to go to jury already! I thought everyone was proven Paulie is a huge lying manipulator but Nicole and Cory still seems to believe him as if he wasn’t a big douche. Victor and Paul for final 2. James knows he is throwing his game away for Natalie but i hope she truly care about him but i don’t believe she truly does


I know, Nat is ridiculous. Watching last night’s episode right now. Only 7 minutes in and there is Nat with make-up an inch thick, her top button undone, jumping up and down so you can clearly see her bra. Her motto seems to be “Everyone look at my FTs, but I’ll cry and target you if you talk about them.” And she said something about Z sucking Paulie off which never happened, but its wrong for Corey to say it about her.

Nat will definitely read everything she can about herself and then cry over it. Hopefully she realizes that she brings a lot of it on herself.


You’re pretty much an asshole.


On Friday’s episode they showed Nat bending over Paulie, putting her fake boobs in his face and telling him to look at her “boob wrinkles”. How is that not wanting people to look at them?


So really just gonna pretend 2 others girls weren’t discussing their boobs too huh?


Nicole and Meech started the boob wrinkle discussion and where pointing out their’s as well.


They stayed in their own seats. Only Nat chose to stand up, pull up her net top, bend over and put them directly in Paulie’s face.

Not me

You’re still an asshole.


I may be an a$$hole, but when I put my boobs in someone’s face I know exactly what I’m doing. And I own it!


Why bring your job into this?


Why encourage something and then play victim when it happens? She is actually setting women back by pretending she is unaware of what she is doing. If she wants to do it, fine. But then she needs to own it. She is supposed to be an adult.


Why don’t you believe she cares about him? She sure seems to. She originally flipped because Nicole told her Vic and Paul were after James. Just because you’re mad at her doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about James.


She might be emotional about all this. Getting manipulated plays a part in it. But when she was trying to screw Paulie’s game up it actually was game related. All the comments from him didn’t come to light until after the fact.


I can’t believe that I am actually wanting the bearded muppet to win. He annoyed me to no end (at the beginning) and now I am rooting for him to win. He really grew on me. He has also mellowed a bit with the “muppetisms”, they don’t grate my nerves anymore?!!?! I have obviously been misted & I am okay with it! Hail the bearded muppet! If the others want to win, Vic and bearded muppet are the ones to beat. As a viewer, Corey is a snoozefest and Nicole’s whininess is at an all time high! Ugh! I want them out!
Wow, how far we have come!


I know Natalie socks right now worrying about who said what. Who cares focus on winning the game! If she got Paul out she would be getting out a really strong player. That’s best for her game. I don’t get why they are constantly arguing about lying and manipulating It’s big brother what else are you supposed to do! The people in the house this season are so childish they can’t even make a decision with out approval.


LOL! A couple more mistyped names in this post. I hope Simon and Dawg are doing it on purpose to drive that a$$hat commenter from the last post insane!!!!! All of the sh&t going on in the world but what irks that dude the most is reading these updates and catching a misspelled word or name wrong? There is an open seat in Paulie’s douche canoe for him 🙂 I can only imagine how hard it is to listen to the feeds and try to type at the same time and keep it all straight. All the while trying to keep it updated as quickly as they do. It is not like they are doing it a day behind and proof reading everything or sending it to the editor for review!

Grammar Nazi

I didn’t see what you are talking about but if there is a grammar Nazi in the room, just know that the original person to proof read Hitler’s Mein Kampf was the first and true grammar Nazi. It is well known, people who pick apart other peoples grammar are highly insecure people. It is their Ego thinking that if I can point out another persons flaws, theirs will be hidden. Only the most insecure of insecure people pick apart another person’s spelling because they want to feel superior to another person when in reality they are showing their inferiority….it is a paradox, so kids just know when there is a grammar Nazi in the room, they are the most insecure one of the bunch…..only an insecure person points out other peoples shortcomings!


I love how you make a sweeping generalization about people who point out grammar mistakes. I wonder what that makes you…

Grammar Nazi

My “generalization” must have hit a chord in you…no? It is well known people who point out other peoples errors are paradoxically the one who feels insecure. Everyone spells incorrectly from time to time, so just lighten up and all will be wonderful!! 🙂


The Big Brother game is all about what you are talking about. Nothing but insecure, hyper sensitive people in the house whining about what so and so said about me….grow a pair, get some self esteem, society has turned hyper sensitive.


There you go again, pointing your finger at what you assume is someone’s flaw. Quite an ego you have there!


You are clearly a fan of Nicole there Honestly


Good grammar shows respect for the reader, not the author.


The word ego should not be capitalized. Where are my jack boots?


Now that was funny!

Bolt Uprite

That would make Rudolf Hess the OGN.

I'm perfect, you're not

I agree there grammar nazi, most people like to think they are “perfect” and others are not. It is one of the most egotistical point of view to have. Grammar nazis are hilarious people, they come out from the depths of their non existent lives to tell other people how perfect they are with there absolutely flawless grammar, we should all give them a gold olympic medal. They will tell you how this world is going to hell with all the bad spellers out there, they also own zero mirrors in their caves, because they can’t bring themselves to look in a mirror….


No, food addicts are the most insecure of the bunch. I’m looking at you, Ratcole!


Sounds like you got hit with a tsunami of issues last night! You and Dawg go above and beyond for us, so no explanations needed, no worries. We really appreciate all the effort you both put in.


I don’t think you owe anybody an explanation. You do a great job! You have a lot on your plate, and it’s amazing that you do all that you do. Same goes to Dawg. I’m very thankful for you guys. I can’t even imagine having to read updates from a different site. Wouldn’t do it. You have my loyalty:) Lol. I’m not coming after you 😉
Thanks for being AWESOME at what you do 🙂


I’ve been coming here daily during BB season since the horrible Amanda/McCrea season. I LOVE OBB. I cannot get into the other update sites, and talk about you guys all the time on the live feeds whenever anyone asks for specific info or time stamp.

You guys do an amazing job. I have never seen some of the comments being made about misspelling or errors on your guys part in the last few years like I have this year. I really think it’s the same person. That person needs to get a life. You guys do a really good job. I will definitely hit the tip jar at the end of the season, and I always buy my feeds through your site. Keep up the good work!!

Grammar wasn't the issue

The person that posted about the updates said the names of who said what..are wrong a lot not that the updates are messy or have bad grammar.

I don’t think anyone cares if the updates are messy or some words are mispelled. Getting the names wrong of who said what can make the read hard to follow however. You read the updates to find out what’s going on in the house. If several names of who said what are wrong it makes it difficult.

No one gives a rat’s ass about grammar. People here like Dan spin stuff to try and stir up trouble and think they type what Simon and Dawg want to hear.

I’m sure Simon and Dawg appreciate feedback on the updates and how they could be better. one ever said grammar or messy text was a issue.


These idiots know it’s coming down to finals soon and everyone will be after everyone else it’s inevitable. So why keep saying I would never come after you .. Getting too late to bullshit

Anonymous 2

I mentioned this also, these house guests this year have rather interesting game tactics. Nicole constantly say we are not coming after you….she will continue to say this even if it is Corey, her and one other person in the house. LOL…..this line gets so tiring. Where is the honesty and the saying right to someones face, I’m coming for you!!


The votes will come down to james, Nicole and probably Paul. I think james will vote to evict Paul or vic, whichever is on the block. He keeps pushing Nat to join with Nicole.

I like Paul and vic but I would rather see one of them in the jury buy back comp against paulie. Would also make for drama when they come back in the house!

Double D

Nat…quit playing the game with your heart. use your head. Its late in the game. You got to get the strong players out. Keep the noms the same.


I think getting Corey out is the best move this week. They have to know that a juror will return now. Have Corey and Paulie both out so only one can potentially come back. They have Nicole as well so are more than a duo.


excuse me, we are counting on her stupidity.
After the b*llsh*t America threw at us by nominating michelle (a do nothing big mouth who would have been picked off long ago had not been on frank’s team), for acp. Instead of giving the acp to vic or myself, the only two players who have been actually playing the game since day 1 without the benefit of handy-js


Those pics of Nic-whiney as she waits for Corey.

I cried today

and i will probably cry tomorrow…


Me too. Especially if Corey gets the damn care package! The vote here seems very close, too close. That’s the last thing I want. Then we’ll here Nicole, “Seeeeeee I tooooollllllddd yoooouuuuuuuuuuuu Ammeerrrricccaaa looooooovvvvvvveeeeeesssssss uuuusssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Wouldn’t it be funny if Corey was evicted this week? Then it would be him and Paulie battling it out to return:) There’s really nobody else in jury that could give Paulie a run for his money. Maybe, Bridgette????
***On another note, does everybody else have a lot of new ads popping up? I do. Instead of going from the poll question straight to comments, it has a list of other websites we should go to. Annoying, but I understand why they had to do it. That said, I’ve also noticed my phone keeps crashing now. Last year, actually every year, it would crash all the time. Literally I’d get to read like 2 sentences at a time. It was so frustrating. This year it worked fine though. No problems at all. Since last night it keeps crashing and going all the way to my homescreen or the Google “Ah Snap something went wrong” page will come up. It’s happening a lot though:( Just wondering if anyone else was having these issues?

Jimmy Crocket

So ready for Paul or Victor to get booted. Only thing that can screw that up is Michelle winning POV.


Paul is a creep. He doesn’t need the money and this is just a power play for him.


He’s also trying to sell T-shirts!


I don’t like that he waited for Corey to be gone before he cornered Nichole to go off on her. Be a real man and confront both at the same time if you do have the balls. He has lied and manipulated on several accounts. Even mama Da knows he knew she was going.


I can’t stand Paul!! And nat is an idiot to switch so quickly back to not wanting him out. Did she forget the whole reason she put them up was a strategic move as the two of them are easily going to be the hardest to beat?! Paul is nothing but a loud mouth bully. Him and his calling people out…please, you’re a little runt! And he always, only goes after girls! He waits until Corey is in the DR then goes after Nicole. Just because he talks the most and the loudest does not make him right or what he’s saying the truth. Why didn’t Paulie expose the whole PP thing to the house before he left?! Paul was completely down for that final 2 until he found out he may not actually be Paulie’s real final 2! He’s a little lying snake that has everyone else do the “big moves” then acts like he had no idea. How anyone can like this guy is completely beyond me. Only hope now is Nicole or Corey win the veto so the noms stay the same…but that’s not going to happen. Paul will win it and next week James/nat will see the huge mistake they made. It’s too late in the game to worry about who’s targeting who…it’s time to get the threats out! James should know this but he’s just the most useless player in there.


Some may call James useless this season. I say that he playing just right. He has a way of staying right in the middle. He learned from last year. Just because he isn’t winning all the comps doesn’t mean he ain’t playin people.


I thought that James was finally stepping up by telling Nat to stay the course and not worry about Corey/Nicole just yet. But I think that Paul and Vic got to him with the comments about Corey trashing Nat. So disappointing. It is such a huge mistake to keep in Paul/Vic. If Paul pulls this off then he does deserve the win. He’s doing a milder version of Vanessa, calling people out in a way that sways them, rather than blowing up his own game completely the way HGs usually do once they start ranting.


Nic/corey are their own worst enemies. They don’t know how to fight back against the stupidity that is a Paul “call out” that guy could be shut up and put in his place so easily. It’s frustrating not seeing people stand up for themselves and he’s doing the same shit Paulie was doing and yet no one seems to care. Paul talks out of both sides of his mouth. I hate this type of game play, it’s really hard to watch.


Paul is sticking up for himself. Nichole just knows that she is 100% in the wrong and so is hiding behind not liking confrontation and Paul being a boy while she is a girl. She is shady and playing a dirty game and knows it.

The fact is Paul is right. The only way a 23 year old kid could get the best of an ER nurse is if they have the truth on their side. He was also right about BB intercepting her going to go spread more lies and play victim to the girls by having him go do a red alert. It is BB saving Nichole from herself as usual. They obviously want their little favorite to win.

The fact that people attack him on here for not allowing production to drag his name through the mud is sad. He’s not even playing to win, he just wants people to acknowledge that he is a kind, loyal person who is able to handle himself well under pressure.


This isn’t big brother charity. Personally I don’t think it should matter who needs the money the most. It should simply go to the best player.

Jimmy Crocket

Never mind.


Can we just evict the entire house? None of these people deserve to win.



The reason Nicole has said hundreds of times that Corey is Best Looking Guy Ever…The Nicest Guy Ever
The Perfect Guy…….etc…
She is being like a high school kid to get back at Hayden…there is no other explanation…
Have 0 respect for that $hit!!!


I agree. She wouldn’t even kissed Hyden and is doing the nasty under the covers with Cory. She is a trippppppp. I am getting to the point I fast forward er in the diary room because of her whine and lack of game play.

As I recall...

Hayden went after her. She didn’t like him like that for a very long time. He grew on her, I guess. Thier relationship didn’t work out. It seems that did stay friendly though.


I just wish Nat would have kept it on a game level and said hey you 2 are the strongest competitors left in the game. They break up that pair and if James won HOH next week break up major Tom and Nic-whiney. If Corey won HOH hope he honored their deal and went after whoever was left of Paul and Vic. She didn’t need to make these stupid excuses about who lied (who hasn’t?) or who hurt her heart BS. How can you be so offended about people making comments about your looks when on the live show she had what looked like 6 layers of make-up, a short skirt, a cleavage enhancing bra and shirt and what we used to call “come F me boots”? Sure it is not their business if she had a boob job or a nose job or anything else. I just think she needs to get over herself playing the victim card over and over and over. Sure does cause a lot of drama and fun though so I love it!


Exactly. She shows off her FTs and then her “heart is hurt” if someone mentions them. She bought them and puts them on display, so she needs to quit the “oh poor me” act. Too bad she couldn’t buy some self-worth.


The guys were douchebags for coming up with FT. And you’re one now for using it in every post.


Just a humble observation, but you’re being a pretty shitty person right now.


So you’re pretty much following the same train of thought as Paulie and Corey were. If a girl gets a boobjob she deserves to be mocked for it.

Sorry but that’s total BS. And frankly a pretty ugly sentiment.

Oh no!!!

She dressed up for the live show! That’s horrible! No girl ever does that on Big Brother so people should now make comments about her.



Its more ridiculous for someone to go on a “reality” show and think people aren’t gonna make comments about them.

Paul Deserves the Win

And yet people in the house think she is this great game player who is the mastermind.


I don’t think they are the worst LIZTIN was pretty awful. I think James wants Victor out.. I want to say its strategy but I think he is a little jealous Nat liked Vic earlier. I hope that’s not the case but I think it is.


These players stink:

James should absolutely want Paul or Vic gone….either or, Paul for brains, Vic for comps.
Nat should absolutely want Paul or Vic gone…either or, Paul because he’s a sneak, Vic because he’s got a grudge.
Michelle should absolutely want Corey or Nicole gone…she called Nicole a snake and ruined Corey’s game and she has every reason to think they will cut her to go final 4 showmance, while Paul and Vic will take her final 4 with Nat, who would take her to the end and likely Paul taking her to the end because he doesn’t want to face Vic’s resume..

Yet all 3 are wishy washy, no thought, talk too much….just dumb.

Paul is real good at getting aggressive with women, waiting for Corey to be gone before he’s ready to be tough….Nicole is such a flake because she could have decimated Paul if she wasn’t in perpetual fear….Corey and Vic are just dumb, like they don’t even know they’re in a game.

Blast Radius

Nailed it.


I your post accept for the part about Nichole being in fear. Nic is much smarter then all of these people. She just knows when she is in the wrong and plays the “I’m just a scared little moron” card when she gets caught in a lie.

Vic and Paul should be mad at Nat. Neither of them have ever had a close relationship with Meech, so I get why they don’t take her move seriously. But they have been friends with Nat from the beginning and she screwed them over. They are playing on emotions and blaming Nic and James for manipulating her instead of seeing that Nat just doesn’t care about either of them that much


Paul waited for Corey to leave so that Nicole would have to own up to her own manipulation without the help of Corey directing her through the confrontation. It’s easier to slide ones way out of being caught of something if you have a side kick standing beside you agreeing all the way. What Corey & Nicole did through manipulation & lies to Meech & Natalie deserves being blasted. Both Corey & Nicole will need to go to a stuttering/tick therapist when this is all over with. Go get em FAB 5!!!


Re. Paul…..Corey is called into the Diary room and Paul wants to call her out now that he’s gone.

Come on Paul I thought you were better than that. This is something I would expect of Paulie….I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. Take a breath and calmly defend yourself….this is how you got this far.

One Drop

Oddly, Paul needed a group to confront Frank and Paulie. I say odd because he is a fighter. I’m not sure why he turns cowardly in those situations. It’s very disappointing.

Crank Case

Dude. Get in touch with the Bushes or the Obamas. They know how to rig that stuff.

Enter the Wagon

Team Paul/Victory have the majority of the votes right now. They’re just split. This is not surprising. It’s not like a Jeff/Jordan situation where fans know not to give the power to the slow one.

TX rar

IKR? It’s like we arent watching the same feeds. Little frat boy Cody doesnt deserve the money for being a follower.

Powder Puff Cat

I do not get it! Corey? When did folks start rooting for him?

I want a good player to win and on team #PaulVictorPablo.

I dunno

People throwing around the FT insult they previously thought was so awful comes pretty close.


Not voting here until after veto is played. If Corey/Nic don’t win it, pretty sure Corey will go up then out on Thursday, so Corey votes won’t be relevant unless he’s the returnee before package delivery. Not sure next care package will have any game changing impact anyway.


If you are referring to ACP 5, voting does not open until 8 pm EST on Sunday.


I know. Talking about voting here on the OBB poll.


Sure it will. Just bribe James. He’ll do anything for 5k.

Just saying

The only one playing the game are Vic, Paul and James. Like it or not one of them deserve the win.


james hasn’t done sh*t

Crank Case

Come on James, buddy. I’m still rooting for you to somehow win this thing. You’re the only person in the house I like.


I don’t root for anyone so I just enjoy when anyone of them make a move. For James I would think his play is to want Vic or Paul out at this point to get a tougher competitor out. Now he is entertaining the idea to back door Corey? He has to know he has a better shot at beating major Tom in mental comps then Vic and Paul. Even some physical ones his odds are better against him. He should hope noms stay the same we will see how he plays it. Now if he or anyone else was sure (I am pretty sure they know from DR hints there is a returner) that Paulie was coming back 100%? The better play is to get rid of Corey. You can’t let them get back to 3.


“6 layers of make-up, a short skirt, a cleavage enhancing bra and shirt and what we used to call “come F me boots”?”

Yeah that’s getting awful close to sounding like a “she was asking for it” excuse. Not good dude.


Now, now don’t imply I am condoning any type or harassment or worse. I am talking about attention. You can’t deny she seeks attention which is fine she can do what she wants. Just don’t pick and choose when you want to use that attention against someone. As much as I couldn’t stand the butterfly crier do you think it was so bad when he said damn put that booty away? She is laying out in her tiny bikini all pulled up her butt crack sunning her buns, she rolls over smiling clearly appreciating the compliment and later said that hurt her feelings? Sure the sh*t behind her back was uncalled for but she shouldn’t be playing the victim she should be playing the game.

Quit It

Nat loves the attention and actually seeks it.

Powder Puff Cat

a rapist usual bellows that nonsense!

Oh palease!

There have been plenty worse than her. Amanda…bully and just a straight up bitch. There was the season of the racists.
I’m defiantly not a fan, but her lying doesn’t compare to what others have done.

Justin beaver

To quote the immortals- Peter, Mike, Mickey, and Davey: Hey, we’re the Monkees. People say we monkey around. But we’re too busy singing to put anybody down. In other words, haters STFU! And get a life. Bridgette FTW.


I liked Natalie better when she wasn’t the hoh and wasn’t in power and was carefree, i miss that old Nat. : (

The HoH is not evil

Noms aren’t victims

Quit It

Neither is Natalie.

William Munny

Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.


yeah, you’re right. I gotta tap out of these shows (bb & survivor), b/c the best player is usually taken out by some do nothing douche bag, whose been ridin tails for the entire game. It’s not good for my well-being watching america vote michelle for acp over paul or vic, two players who have fought and played hard to get to the end only to have america vote the loud mouth ,do nothing, idiot to power
Good luck in november

Leopold Stotch

When Vic and Paul were nominated with the plan to get Paul out, I was surprised to find myself very quickly losing interest in this season. Wow – those guys really have grown on me and made a nice comeback! For the sake of the show, I hope the veto gets used on one of them (likely Vic), and Corey ends up on the block. It will be very entertaining to see him actually try to campaign, and to see Nicole lose her sh%t and try to campaign for him.

On another note, I wonder why Bronte wasn’t mentioned in the Friday show, or as one of the storms updates for this veto competition. Heck, Glenn has been more visible than Bronte, and we didn’t even get to see him spend much time in the house!


if shes dumb enough to fall for pauls bs without confirming wtih corey thens she’s dumb. remember its aboiut the game and if she dont’ split up paul and vic now they are basically giving it to them. she really is taht dumb and james needs to talk some sense into the dumb bi*ch.. f**king slut biimbo




This post getting 50% thumbs up right now is sickening. Some pretty awful people on here.

Powder Puff Cat

Let me guess, you are a Paulie fan?


Ok i understand that if you aren’t pleased with Nat at the moment, but there’s no need to call her vulgar names it’s just a fricken game show. You don’t know her personally and i’m sure when this show is all over and these people get back in the real world that they aren’t bad people, so don’t take it too personal.


Lmao … love him or hate him…Paul is doing great lol…
Totally playing the game 100%.
All it took was to get him on the block and the NOS button has been pressed!


It’s funny how Nic and Vic thinks James was the one who controlled Nat’s HOH. He had as much influence on this game as I have.


Nicole Floats to the power and Corey gaving no clue what to do follows right along. Paul got a stranglehold on that house, if he don’t win it all I’ll be surprised. Vic being the last comp beast is in the most danger of going to jury. Nat Nat as cute as she is, she needs to chill out on the getting offended and calling people out on every little thing. James need to stop being a follower to Nat, ge could’ve told Nat what’s best for their game instead of letting her make decisions for the both of them. Big Meech need to make her own decisions indtead of playing scared, she should’ve used her power to nominate Nicole like she wanted to do…


Hey, Simon and Dawg,

I seem to be here less and less every year because the show just sucks too much these last few years that I can’t be bothered anymore. This is one of the worst seasons ever, nobody to root for, nobody with real game in them. I don’t feel good about anyone winning the season, except maybe Paul or Victor, and I started out hating them. I was pulling for Michelle and Natalie, but what a stupid nomination! I hate it when someone gets a superpower and doesn’t know how to use it with intelligence. And one of these evicted idiots is coming back. I actually hope Victor goes home and comes back to win the whole thing.

Production really needs to take a look at what works in other BB internationally, because the US version sucks. This season ranks in the worst 5 ever, along with seasons 9, 13, 15 and 16. I have all but given up on the US version. Between BOB, returning players and siblings of returning players, boring and predictable competitions and endless twists like the care packages make the show unwatchable for an old school fan.

My sympathies to Dawg and Simon for having to sit through this turkey of a season. I guess we can only hope for a good season 5 of BBCA.

Brain is not working to think of a cool name this morning

I think Victor getting voted out and then battling back in again to win it all would be awesome! (having to fight his way back in twice– that is an underdog if I ever saw one).


I’ve never rooted for any of these people although I’ve rooted against quite a few. I don’t have that person or group of hapless folks that just fall short but they bless their hearts they try (Meg). I even think Natalie made a good game choice in taking a shot at Victor and Paul but I hate with an holy passion the fact the DR is the one calling her shots. There is no way Meech would agree to work with Nicole unless the DR pushed her hard. Natalie and Meech flipping to work with Nicole and Corey didn’t make any sense unless the DR is guarding the showmance. I hope the idea isn’t: “Hey, let’s get a showmance to final 2! It’ll be like the Bachelor/Bachelorette!”

Misty Beethoven

Yes….go enjoy a couple adult beverages.


They need to get Paul or victor out of the game! If they don’t they might as well give Paul the win!

Powder Puff Cat

If Paulie comes back Nicole/Paulie/corey/ against James/Nat. Paulie was the most upset with James. They should have put one up from each side to keep the heat off.


It’s better for James to get Corey out because most likely the Buy Back is Productions way of getting Paulie back in the game. Paulie will go back with Nicole and Corey. Getting out Corey will weaken the numbers for Paulie. Victor and Paul will go after Paulie not James. If Paulie comes back in then Corey would side with Paulie and not James. So Corey is no use to him.

I'm tellin ya...

Vic and Paul were early targets with Vic getting the boot and Paul possibly to follow him out. They both fought a huge fight to get to where they are today. Who would of thought…give em a break!


I predicted this would happen when Nat won HoH the other night. – But not her emotional breakdown.
That being said, she is an emotional player BUT who the F*CK cares !!! – All you people taking swipes at her for the joy of it, I can’t understand ?! – What’s so different than say, Paul who denies, denies, denies and then still tells more lies by embellishing the sucking d*ck comment other than just saying sleeping to the top. Don’t get me wrong I still feel he is doing this because he feels the heat and he is going with both guns blazing. But Nat is just playing a different Game. No need to disrespect each player in the process with disgusting names. – After all NO ONE was or is as bad a Paulina Was. !!!!
All that being said, I see Paul winning the VETO this week and then a possibility still of Vic being sent out the door – Paul wins the Veto, Nicole is the replacement and Vic goes home.
Keeping my fingers crossed for that scenario. Only because I want to see Paulie and Vic in the jury buy back comp!


Paul has this veto in the bag!!! No way he’s losing this memory comp to anyone left in the house.

Brain Cake

God Corey is sooooooooo daaaaaaaamn hunky!!!!!!! I’m not a gay homo or anything, but i can see why Nicole’s loins are burning such passion for him!


Never saw Paulie at Marley concert, that was filmed before he left was it not?


I did see Paulie for a flash of a second when all the HG were running toward the dark room down in the left corner of the screen was Paulie’s head and for a flash second the corner of his head at the Marley concert. Their shots were tight and very close to try to avoid it but a few very small flashes were shown. Wish I would have screen shot it.


No sign of Paulie at Marley concert. That was filmed before he left the house was it not?

The Nougat

Jury coming back is the biggest pile of bullshit ever. It may be ok if they were sequested but not after letting them talk and share information. They will have the biggest advantage over others. BB CANADA RIGGAGES fucked up Mitch with this move. Wonder who will get the same fuckery fucked this time?


Is jury buy back a 100% sure thing


This would be funny …. if Paul or Michelle win veto, they make a deal with Corey and Nicole … Paul comes off the block, and Michelle nominates James as the replacement. Paul, Corey and Nicole vote to evict James.

Excellent idea

I don’t see it happening, but I would love for James to go to jury during Nat’s HOH.


Wow I have never seen such bad gameplay they might as well hand Paul the game if they don’t evict him this week seriously this guy talks himself a out of everything and they believe it


Nicole: She really isn’t the sketchyist person in the house. She does lie considerably and she has backstabbed every female in the house more than once and lied about them. I would say out side of the house she is probably not that nice of a person (she just looks like she is.). She more than likely does backstab people in real life and is probably the type that does malicious gossip. I will say that because she can not handle a confrontation… most backstabbers and liars cannot deal with it just like Nicole.

James: I would say that James is the sketchiest person in the house. He will go where the wind blows, really wants to be a bro and his willing to backstab Nat (on multiple occasions) to gain brownie points. All of the people Nat was close to in the house he had a hand in getting out. This is why I say say James is the sketchiest and least trust worthy person in the house. His word has absolutely NO value… none at all. In his BB History he has gone back on his word multiple time that is why nobody should ever make an alliance with James. James should be next to go… god willing.

Paul: I hate to say this I started disliking Paul… but now I respect his game. If he survives this week he is on a level with Dan and Dr Will. I am really Paul for the win. The weird thing is that he does an Evil Dr Will thing. There is something you may notice about the good BB Villains Evil Dick, Dr Will… they don’t have to lie because the truth hurts more. That is the weird part of Big Brother… The Villains lie the least. Watch them all over again… the Villain never had to make stuff up… because the other ones really did say what they said, they really did do all of the things that they denied. Isn’t that the strangest thing about Big Brother the Villains are the most honest people in the house.

Corey: He gets the best edit in the House because he has that All American Captain America thing going on that really gets Grodner excited. For the most part his big lies is that he is the type of person that believes the lies. He just lies in bed with Nicole all day and rehash the lies like they are truth. I do not think that he is a bad guy… honestly. I just do not want him to win Big Brother.

Vic: I have grown to like Vic. I do think he is the most honest and loyal person in the house. I would not mind seeing him in the final two.

Natalie: Natalie is a nice girl… she is just a bit emotionally reactionary and gullible. I think this was a huge mistake on her part. I think she listens to James way to much even though he has probably betrayed and lied to her more than Nicole. I hope Nat makes it to final two without James. I would kind of like to hear her final two speech.

Big Meech. Wow, I do not believe I have been disappointed more. At first I thought Meech was just another disposable. Then she had that glimmer of hope that made people vote her Co-HoH… then she just blew it. What a let down. I think if Nicole does not go next it will be Big Meech because she is right back to being the disposable pawn. It would have been better to give Co-HoH to Vic or Paul.

Only can wish

I’m tired of these females always playing the victim. They need to stand their ground for how they are playing their game. Nicole saying “I want to go hide”, because she’s caught in some lies. Stop with the BS!!! She did some dirt just like everyone else did. Let them know this is how I chose to play my game. Paul is probably pissed because Nicole and Corey are trying to portray themselves as this innocent couple “in love” (who are just in this house to cuddle and play with each other) and everyone else is coming to them with their game talk and them 2 just going with the flow.
JMO, Victor is strong in comps., but take in consideration, James and Corey were throwing comps. also. He can’t win every comp. He’s on the block now.
Paul’s social game is on point, but he’s on the block now.
Natalie’s social game was above average. James protected her, but she was observing alot. Now she needs to leaves emotions out of the game.
James is in the middle with everyone. He definitely flew under the radar. Never been on the block.
Nicole hid behind other strong players (Frank, Corey, Paul & Paulie). She flew under the radar along with James. Never been on the block.
Corey’s game is Do he really have game? I think he takes it week by week (????)
Poor Michelle! She is just there. But I wouldn’t consider that weak because right now the power couples need her votes.
I respect Victor and Paul’s game the most. They both did their parts to stay in the game with and without each other. They have played the BB game and they deserve Final 2, but they may not get there.


Paul staying would yes be more entertaining going forward and yes he has been playing but for everyone except comp vic it’s best he goes home cause in a final 2 he’ll be able to 1, out speech them and 2, say he was behind the majority of the people who went home (mostly thx to PP however).


Thinking this comp will definitely belong to Paul or Vic. Hoping for Corey to go up and out. They cannot have Paulie Corey and Nicole together again. I’ve accepted the fact that Paulie will most likely be back. Hoping not. But I’ve accepted it. But I have to say it is a completely different house with Paul and Vic on the block than Paulie. There is a level of maturity that Paulie does not have. I wanted so much for Vic to get this care package. I voted the max every day. And I haven’t voted for any of the others. What’s sad is that I totally believe Vic would take Paul to final 2. I don’t believe Paul will take Vic. He’s gone against Vic to save his own game many times. Not hating on him for it. These people just met. You don’t go in this game wanting to win it for someone else. Just saying Vic would take him. Guess that’s why I’m favoring Vic just a little more over Paul for the win but would be ok with the season if one of them wins if

Natalie isn't getting played

Is it just me or before the HOH comp wasn’t Natalie telling Meech and James that Paul lies and is a manipulator. How did she forget she was the one who said it and Nic and Corey just jumped on it and agreed.

Marsha the moose

Wish I hadn’t already seen BBCAN 4 so I could watch it new again. Was legit really good!