Big Brother 18 Week 6 Summary and Live Eviction Results


This has probably been the easiest week in terms of game talk. Very light.. Very slow.. Kinda pathetic. The week started off on the heels of a Frank eviction with Paul winning the Head of House hold competition.

The plan from the get go was to Backdoor Da’Vonne. This was an initiative pushed hard by Paulie, Corey, Nicole. Paul said in the beginning he wanted Bridgette out but after being subjected to Paulie’s heavy influence he started to see Da’Vonne as the bigger target over Bridgette. Hard to tell how much an influence Paulie had over Paul. Paul is now fully tied to the Bros (Corey, Victor, paulie) so getting Da’Vonne out benefits the bros more than getting Bridgette out.

From before the nominations took place Da’Vonne was the backdoor target. Paul nominated Paulie and Bridgette. Paulie won the power of Veto and used it on himself. Paul nominated Da’Vonne as the replacement Citing his reasons, She’s experienced won’t freak out, Bridgette is the target, Paulie is his friend and he went up first.. Etc

They told Da’Vonne to act cool “only want to see how you react”.Da’Vonne kept her cool and was told she had the votes to stay. Campaigning was pretty light on both Bridgette and Da’Vonnes part. Zakiyah and Michelle know Da’Vonne is going to be evicted and I can only assume Da’Vonne suspects it as well. Other than complaining in the have nots room Zakiyah and Michelle have done little to change the course of the house. They’ve isolated themselves and in Zakiyah’s place made some bad moves.

The biggest thing that happened this week was the further slide of the Zakiyah and Paulie “Showmance” into the ugly and Natalie winning the care package causing Nicole, Zakyiah and Michelle to get all sour grapes about it.

Sucks that this season has turned into a showmance season, Nicole and Corey are ridiculous c’mon nobody wants to see this. Zakiyah and Paulie are f***d and James/Natalie are getting hard to watch period.
Some of the showmance links…

Paulie and Zakiyah here , Here
Paulie being a douche to her here , after which she says she’s done with him.
Zakiyah back to being all over him here, here and here . .

Paulie, Paul, Victor and Corey have a real potential to bro win this season. Even with the umpteen million twists floating around.

Predicted results

Da’Vonne is evicted by a vote of 6-2
Da’Vonne has the roundtrip ticket comes back in losses HOH which is won by a bro who in turn nominates Da’Vonne and Zakiyah

Results from the Show

On the episode they did a segment on Paul’s family / friend. Paul’s mom said that Paul said if he wins she’s getting her Bentley.

Paulie votes to evict: DaVonne
Michelle votes to evict: Bridgette
Zakiyah vote to evict: Bridgette
Natalie votes to evict: DaVonne
Victor votes to evict: DaVonne
James votes to evict: DaVonne
Corey votes to evict: DaVonne
Nicole votes to evict: DaVonne

Evicted House Guest: DaVonne by a 6 to 2 vote!

On her way out DaVonne whispers to Victor that the others plan is to take him out in the Double Eviction.

Julie Chen opens DaVonne’s ticket to reveal a “One way ticket”, therefore Davonne will NOT re-enter the house. DaVonne yells “Ya’ll lucky!”

DaVonne is the first member of the jury.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 18-39-39-766

It looks like an endurance HOH competition… hopefully it goes all night!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 18-44-48-154

HOH Competition – “Harsh HashTags” – The house guests are lifted into the air and spun around as they are beaten with harsh hashtags. They’re allow to kneel down but they can’t sit down. The last one standing is the HOH for the week. The first 4 to fall off are havenots for the week.

Internet trolls come out to hit the house guests with hashtag bats.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 18-56-54-530

HOH Winner: ?

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Tiny Trump Hands

How much does it cost. The site is asking for credit card info


You don’t need to login or pay anything… just wait 30 seconds and then close the ad that’s on top of the video


thank you!!!!!!!!!!


Bye, Day! Oh, hello again! Sorry about that!

Here we go!

Three cheers for The Urinators!

Let’s go PP!


Good name! Maybe better: the Urine Specimens.


Glad I finally got to see James’s slip-up. I think it’s understandable given some of the idiots in the house

It's me

I thought the funniest slip up was when Davonne said to James” we have to get the showmances out”

Cross eyed Paulie

LOL Corey’s eyes were going to pop out of his head when he heard James make that rookie mistake in front of Da’. BB should provide these people with notebooks to keep track of their lies.


The 4 people I hope don’t get the care package are Paulie, Zakiyah, Nicole, and Corey


Something James said during this episode really got my attention: He said (paraphrased) ” Day really trusts me, but the whole house wants to get her out so I have to do it.” WHAT?!
In the earlier seasons, if the “house” wanted to get your alliance member out you fought tooth and nail to stop that from happening. Back in All Stars, Boogie called a house meeting because Chicken George was just THINKING about putting Dr.Will up. Now James’s ally is actually on the block and he’s like “eh what can I do”. This is so pathetic.

I don't think so

Even if James and Nat would have voted for Bridgette, Da would have still gone home. So why should have he tried to save her? There is no pint….


The point is that you try and convince other people to vote with you. Example: You don’t stop until Paul agrees to break the tie. That’s what they did in previous seasons. The whole week they campaigned for their alliance. James rolled over.


Michelle should have insisted that Paul kept his word; she wanted Bridgette out but she agreed to not use the veto on Frank if they would send Bridgette home the following week


But it would make Paul get blood on his hands to vote her out (tie breaker) and keeps James having a jury vote over PP


Well yeah- back in the day houseguests weren’t petrified to “get blood on their hands” lmao
That’s the point I was trying to make.


What was he suppose to do? If Natalie and James were going to vote out Bridgette it would of been a tie. Paul would of been the tie breaker and would of voted Da’Vonne out. Paul would of done what Paulie wanted him to do. It was out of Jame’s hands.


In the past when it came to those scenarios, the houseguests would lobby the tiebreaker to vote with them. They don’t roll over like James did. I’m talking about the effort put forth. You keep pushing the tiebreaker to vote with you- give them reasons, bribe them etc.


I have been hoping Davonne is sent packing however I always root for the underdog and, I hope we get a tie vote tonight.


Hey Dawg. Can you think of another season when there was not 2 sides of the house, but only 1 side and the rest of them think they’re part of it? Even 16 had 2 sides.


I can’t really think of any at the moment… but that’s not saying much. I’m pretty exhausted 🙁


O shit they didn’t tell Davonne! She got her comp clothes on this is looking like a genuine blindside.


Da… She a good christian girl with her vendetta’s and unforgiving nature. Praise God!.. but then forget his teachings. Yup… real stand up christian there.


I’m not even a fan of her, but it’s a little unfair to judge how “good at being Christian” she is when she’s in the big brother house.


Love that Davonne told victor he’s a target for the double! That’s hilarious!
I hope she has the round ticket and has gained an ally!
This commercial break is killing me! I need to know if she’s coming back
That would shake up the house so much

Ya right!

Paulie will talk his way out of it. Victor is so dumb…he’s gonna believe him!

TX rar

Vic knows they backstabbed him when he was evicted. He will remember that.


If michelle win HOH she put up Vic and Paulie.


With the way this season has gone, I fully expect Victor to tell PP what Da’Vonne whispered to him and laugh it off.

Oh ya!

Yet another predictable outcome! Lmao! What a mooke!


lol. everyone loves whispering secrets to Victor’s ears after eviction.


Now Z will go chima on the house and get evicted.


I finally saw the bump & grind from last night….that is just pathetic and sad. It was like a Cinemax version of group sex and Paulie looked bored to death. The fact that he could lay on his stomach afterwards seals the deal on that showmance…and Z STILL doesn’t get it.
I see every houseguest is sitting on the sofa looking scared to death. Sucks she did not have the round trip ticket but I like the fact that Julie went to hug her.
The game is going to go even further downhill from here.


Bye Da you won’t be missed with your mean spirted non gameplay. One of the three trio mean girls evicted. Two more to go. Hope Michelle go crazy on the feeds lol. Now James The Wuss can go next.


All James is worried about is trying to score with Nat…. Never going to happen with his ugly and floating a$$. She is using him. He needs to go and soon. He has tried twice too score with two women on BB and he got NOWWHERE!!! Lol!!! He is a earth PIG and oxygen thief!! He has NO GAME, I would rather have Frank back, at least he tried to play the game and not worry about nookie. James is a midget LOSER and floater..


Yaaaaaaa bye bye momma da soo glad your gone!!!!


Any hopes of putting the PeePee Twins up are gone. Paul was slick, taking about he didn’t know what happened. He is smart in trying to get jury votes.

Cross eyed Paulie

If that was Paul’s strategy, then he’s a moron. All evicted houseguest are going to talk to each other when they’re all in the sequestered house. Da’ will feel more offended that Paul lied to him even in his goodbye message. Paul should have come clean. But then again, I want him gone and I’m glad he messed up.


so number 8 people were wrong…just like everyone who says the show is fixed!!! Shut the F up now!!!

Mister pickles

DR told Nicole last night that she has the roundtrip ticket, #9.


I dont believe that…they would be fired today
anyone cam guess it…and look right if comes true cyz ur forgotten if it doesnt! come on man!


Nicole has number 12. And she said she doesn’t think they would put round trip ticket in the last envelope.


So Day is out with no round trip ticket.
Let’s hope Victor, Zak, Michelle, or Nat wins HOH! I wasn’t rooting for Vic at all, but Day planted the seed in his head that will grow! Everybody seen the heart he was making to Day when she was on the screen…it was confirmation “he knows”.
Let’s go.

I swear if Paulie, Bridget, James, Corey or Nicole wins. I’m done with BB18 for awhile

Fingers crossed

Jimmy 64

Zak winning HOH is just like Paulie winning it too
That stupid girl will probably be charmed by Paulie and do
whatever he tells her.

Old McDonald

To plant a seed and get it to grow you have to have fertile soil. Sadly, I’m afraid that in Victor’s head Da’s poor little seed is going to starve to death. Or maybe be blown away be the wind blowing through his ears.

STFU James

Show your cards, huh what. Little man you have no cards to show, no game. Repeat of your previous season, just a different girl your fixated on. Vote out the people you could work with, SMFH!

String Cheese Theory

garbage in, garbage out

Later Bitch!

Only can wish

We really know how you feel…SMDH
Just asking, what’s the reason for calling Da a B$!#CH. So what is Paul and Paulie 2 ARROGANT JACKA$$ES?


Possibly some hypocrisy in your comment

Who we voting?

Care package vote? Victor? Bridgette?

Cross eyed Paulie

Victor has become PP’s b!tch. Why would I want him to get the care package? I say Bridgette or Michelle… the rest are lacking a major backbone in this house.


I want to see a Michelle HOH. Not because I like her, but because I think she’s the most likely to put up PP or even Nicorey.


I hope the mean girls better not win HOH.


James telling Da in his goodbye that he had to vote her out so he didn’t show his cards. LOL. Everyone knows his cards. Rat bastard fake promise making backstabbing super untrustworthy pig. Oh and enormous p&ssy!

Captain Crunch

James is a wuss, Natalie said she was voting how James was voting he should have made it a 4-4 vote to see if Paul had the balls to evict Da in front of her or would he stick to his word of getting Bridgette out and making Paulie mad. Nothing but a bunch of sheep in the house.


Lol. The “Internet Trolls” look like zombie chimps


I want James to go next. I cannot stand him any longer. He has zero gameplay. Zero, and he can’t be trusted.
I need Nicole to just stop talking.
Not a Paulie fan but he’s doing what he has to do and has what he wants: a house full of followers. No longer matters who wins HOH (other than Big Meech who I hope wins in the double and puts PP, giving them no chance to strategize) as they will nominate whoever is best for Paulie’s game.
I am voting for Victor to get the Take Two package….he is all the entertainment we have left.


wow… Meech & Z have some sour looking faces during that HOH…. LOL! I predict a lot of crying from Meech and Z. Should make for good feeds.


When are nominations announced? I want to hold off voting for the care package until noms are made.

Only can wish

Nooooooo!!! IM SO PISSED! Bye Day!!! Dang, James you gave a sorry excuse to vote Day out. Nicole, GIRL BYE!!! Z & Michelle, I give you both thumbs up for not voting with the house. They both look alittle pissed off too.
I hope Michelle wins, for payback. Z is still weak for Paulie. Fingers-crossed

James isn't worth discussing

Vote Bridgette for CP2

If anyone thinks whoever wins HOH will put up Paulie you dreaming.

Vanessa won this comp last year and James has a shot at winning it. But we all know what James will do if he HOH.

That’s right. WHATEVER his DADDY TELLS HIM TO DO! Bitch Boy James just off yourself already you little turd.

Froot Loop Dingus

James has got to be the most useless HG this season. Between the slip of who’s going in double eviction to the stupid look on his face when he got caught.

Then even worse was the convo in the London room with Da. He dug the hole deeper. And then in the storage room he’s giving game advice to Natalie. I suggest she ignore anything he tells her. He’s ruining her game.

I’m no Da’Vonne fan, but if she acted in the house the way she did with Julie in the interview, she might have done better. In the house she’s a sulky sour puss.

And if she knew she was getting voted out, for f*ck$ sake, blow up people’s game. Especially with the round trip ticket in play. Otherwise you can come back in to status quo. Blowing the game flips things and give you a chance if you come back in.

Here’s hoping Vic wins the HOH.


Someone on twitter just said that Grodner rigged DaVonne’s round trip ticket because she was salty that Frank was evicted. Well then…why didn’t she rig Frank’s ticket?


So we are so “honored” to be able to see who created the “amazing” Paul. And we even have his family cheer on PP. Little do they know that Paulie said Natalie was useless because she doesn’t give BJ’s and Paul said he was gonna punch her in the face. “Your boy” is nothing but an ignorant, annoying, and obnoxious bitch, who runs an outdated “punk” fashion line. PP (aka Petty & Pathetic)

Dan's Bible

They should have a season with a better mix of older and mature houseguests. And also mostly that are either married with children or have relationships outside of the house. It would avoid all the crap that we are forced to watch. Maybe people that aren’t fans and learn the game as they go. Also, while we are at it, completely ban Nicole and her whiney ass voice and looking for love ass.
I swear in going to shove pencils in my ears if I have to hear Paul say “Friendship, Pissed, or Never Cared” all season.
Nobody thinks on their own. They all fall in line with what Paulie says. And the only physical threats to him are Corey and Vic, who are his little puppies. I like James alot but he needs to stop chasing fe.ales that aren’t into him and play the game. It’s annoying now.
Michelle doesn’t care unless someone is talking about her. “What did he/she say? Was it about me? Did they say anything about me?”


Go NatNat!


Well the comp has lasted longer than it did last year so here is hoping for an actual battle. Hoping for Big Meech to win and put up PP.


Kind of sucks that Da didn’t have someone in the the house to give her a gloating goodbye. If anyone deserve a gloating goodbye it was Da, in the same matter she gave it to others with her goodbye messages. Karma is Karma though. She’s in jury. Lol. Enjoy it lol.

Good Luck Bridget. Hopefully Karma rewards you with a HOH tonight and you can nominate “James The Wuss”. Then this week will cap off a perfect week.

Hopefully the BB Gods give this to her.


They’re not sending gloating goodbye messages because they may need Day’s jury vote

Dear BB gods,

Please send Paulie packing with a one way ticket this week.
And Zakiah can follow her dumb heart out the door right behind him.


your bb fan


Nicole and Corey are lame as f*ck. Double eviction of them two would be a double dose of awesome.

Butters Mom

I know Im not in the majority here and that’s ok. I do not want Michelle or Z to win HOH. I dont want either of them to be rewarded for their mean girl behavior. I dont care if the house flips.. I dont care if PP ride it all the way to the end because I can not stand the other side of the house that much. I havent forgotten how mean those girls were. Will PP going to the end steam rolling over everyone be boring… YES… but whose fault is that anyway… CASTING. After watching Z last night on after dark… I want her gone next before she embarrasses herself any further. Michelle could use a few weeks in the jury house as well to destress before she goes back home… that girl is certifiably crazy. (fake fb accounts… stalker behavior… crying.. binge eating..unstable)


Finally!!! …. Davonne is evicted!! …. and no round trip ticket….HAHA


Does Paul mean he’s going to buy his Mom a used Bentley? New they start about $200k. I wonder if BB takes out the 50% tax up front. That should leave him a cool $500 with taxes, and the Bentley. A new “Friendship” tattoo!


Davonne was my favorite! Blah!!! 🙁

Misty Beethoven

I swear to God, if Nicole gets that 2 way ticket, I will be so damn pissed off. And I will pray they vote her ass right back out.

Marvin Gaye

James James James……. No woman likes a Weak Man….. You look very weak letting these younger guys control you …. Keep trying to get a kiss from Natalie…. She playing for 25k that’s it…. She will never date you outside of the house!


Oh things could get interesting why would victor held up the heart sign at day so he knows what’s good. I do not wanna see these people win HOH nicole,corey,paulie,James , and a maybe bridgette idk if she’ll do what paulie wants victor doesn’t need to win right now as Helen would say it’s too soon I think a Natalie hoh would be interesting she’s not really fond of paulie and Paul so we might not see a predictable week coming unless she’ll do what James wants which would be worst case scenario and a michelle winning would be interesting too z winning would mean paulie wins .


I’m just thinking… IF the votes were split and the nut sack I escaped from had to cast a tie breaker vote, his lying goodbye message would be wasted. It certainly would have spiced things up a bit tho to see him 1. Have to break the tie, and, 2. Still show his goodbye to Da.


Haha well spotted