Big Brother 18 Week 6 Top Animated Gifs

The 6th week of Animated Gifs For Big Brother 18. My favorite is probably the Corey Victor ones showing thier budding showmance.

Gif’s in no particular order..

Let me know which one is your favorite. Mine has to be the condom balloon on the head.

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17 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Week 6 Top Animated Gifs

  1. Dawg or Simon…videobrother live stream is suspended; is there an alternate for us stuck on the west coast? Thanks. And thanks for the site.

  2. I have to say my favorite is Natalie dancing and jumping over the care package in contrast to the mood in the room of the other HGs.

  3. Dislike Paulie and Corey. Paul… hes alright but not as fabulous as he thinks he is. I like James. Nat reminds me.of Victoria,.the eternal unknowing pawn…

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