Natalie gets the First Care package “America I love you thank you”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 10-55-02-316

10:53am Paulie and James
Paulie says a lot of people were throwing Natalie’s Names out as a pawn last night.
James is pissed by this because other people told him different accuses “them” lying to his face.
Paulie – Paul doesn’t want to piss Victor off
Paulie – so I said f*** it I’ll do it.
James- Nicole said she told him to put her up
Paulie – she did..
Paulie adds that Nicole was pushing for Natalie to go up instead of her.
Paulie again saying at that point he volunteered to go up.
Paulie – at the end of the day the target is the target (Da’Vonne) and one of us will come down to make that happen. If that doesn’t happened unfortunately BRidgette has to go..
Paulie says Corey was also volunteering to go up, “That was a strength and honour move on his part..”
James mentions how Production came over the speakers telling them all to get up, it’s not normal.
Paulie thinks it’s normal.
Paulie – Paul got a little rattled because Victor told him he’s going to get pissed.
Paulie goes over the whole him volunteering to go up on the block so Natalie didn’t have to at least 3 times. During one retell he said Nicole told Paul 8 people in the house will be made at him if he doesn’t nominate natale. People in general were unsatisfied with Natalie’s reasons to stay off the block.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 11-10-34-619
11:10am the houseguests have been told about the care packages.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 11-14-25-347
11:14am Nicole and Corey
Nicole thinks Bridgette is going to get the care package because she’s got nobody.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 11-22-49-537

11:22am Da, Meech, james and Paulie
Mad speculation about the care packages. They seem to agree that Bridgette might get the care packages because she’s alone and was attached to Frank.
Michelle – I hope they don’t like her
James – you got to understand America likes the underdog
Da’Vonne doesn’t think Bridgette is a underdog.
Michelle asks if they showed “Frank’s nasty side”
Da’Vonne says she talked about it in the “Office” (Diary room)
James – depends on how the edits are

James says he loves his fans.
Da’Vonne is glad she’s been in the house longer to collect more fans.
Michelle thinks Nicole got so many fans because her season had Frankie Grande
Da points out being in a showmance collects you more fans
James says if he wins the Diamond power of Veto he’ll raise hell and call everyone out on their sh1t.
Da says Zakiyah and PAulei slept upstairs

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 11-52-46-148

11:53am natalie gets the first care package

“America I love you thank you”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 11-58-26-399

11:56am Tokyo room Michelle, Corey and Nicole
Nicole is super salty that Natalie got the care package. Sounds like Natalie was looking forward to be a have not because she wanted to lose weight.
Nicole – nothing against her but she’s not playing the game
Nicole says Natalie and James’ showmance is probably getting a cute edit
Michelle says she would have voted Corey to get it
Nicole thinks that would have made sense.
Nicole points out that Natalie “true side” is coming out she talked about prostitutes said the F word and condom ballons.

Nicole just goes on and on about Natalie getting this care package making excuses that her family are holding out for the big things. Theres more important things that they are going to be awarded.
Michelle thinks the house should demand Natalie on the block.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 12-17-35-885

Paulie comes in.

They mock Victory a bit for the sessions he spend in the safari talking to live feed viewers.
Michelle brings up putting Natalie on the block asks if Paul is still cool with it.
Paulie says Zakiyah wants Natalie gone.
Michelle – she’s cocky
Nicole – She’s changed… She’s cocky
Michelle and Nicole pour scorn on Natalie they want her on the block. They don’t like her at all.

Paulie is retelling natalie last night campaigning to stay off the block. He mocks her in his retell. Calls her Gina Maire and adds that he warned James
Paulie says the only reason to keep natalie around was for a easy win.

Michelle chimes in that she liked Season 15 other than the racism part.

Michelle wants to pull the 8 people in the house up to the HOH and get natalie on the block.
Michelle – I would rather see her sweat up they’re
Paulie says if it was up to him he would put her on the block every week until it’s time to clip her..

Paul- take a seat every week you don’t have to do anything until it’S time to go him

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 12-20-58-316
Natalie comes in says she wishes she could Give Corey the have nots pass for a week.
Natalie – if you guys want anything from my care package…
She gets the cold shoulder.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 12-23-13-318

12:22pm Victor and Paul
Victor saying that Paulie is downstairs saying Natalie should be on the block every week
Paul – she literally has done nothing
Victor – all she does is complain about everything get on everyone’s nerves.
Paul asks Victor to send Paulie up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 12-30-55-319

12:30pm Zakiyah, Nicole, Michelle and Corey.

Bitching and complaining about Natalie winning the care package. Zakiyah is going to put Natalie up. (talking shit about Natalie like they did about Bridgette, Frank, Paul, Bronte. When these 3 turn on each that’ll get good)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 12-31-29-322

12:31pm HOH Victor, Paulie and Paul

Paulie is saying they should send Natalie home. Victor wants to be the one that does that. Paul tells them Natalie is a waste for his HOH.
Paul – this is a better plan strategically.. it gains the trust of certain people.. Putting Natalie on the block the funniest thing ever does it really do anything. no..
Paul – people don’t like her
Paulie says Michelle who HATES Bridgette said she’ll put Natalie up (Seriously who doesn’t Michelle hate)
Paulie tells them when they were taking Tiffany out he stayed on the block he had zero votes. He keeps saying strategically putting Paulie up is the better play.
Paul wants Paulie to feel 100% comfortable before he goes up on the bloc.

Paul – if I have the power to pin down 2 strong players..
Paul – I would rather get rid of a strong girl this week than one that is useless.. Natalie.. she’s absolutely useless.. getting rid of her now with the numbers is useless.. you get rid of a strong girl now

Paulie says the strong girls are: Bridgette Da, Nicole, possible Michelle
Paulie says with 2 girls on the block they control the vote.

After many back and forths Paul wants to stick to the plan Paulie and Bridgette.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 12-42-39-719

12:45pm James and Natalie
James says that Nicole is trying to get Natalie on teh block.
James – just be careful
Natalie – She’s calling me a pawn..

James – just because you go on the block it’s not the end of the world.
James – hang in there kid
Natalie – thanks…
James- you’re welcome..
James leaves..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 12-49-04-657

Victor leaves.. Paul complains that Victor is lingering around..
Paul – PP talk
They agree they want to keep Victor deeper in the game let someone on the other sides take him out. Paul is admat a Strong female has to leave this week
Paul – once Da and Bridgette are gone.. never cared.
Paulie says once Da and Nicole are gone the only girl they are threatened by is Michelle.
THey agree Victor can go after Nicole.
Paul says once Da and Bridgette are gone they need to start letting some of the girls win to “Clip” the guys. he doesn’t know how that will play out “it’s sketchy”
Paul – I love Corey I really do.. I feel James stick to his guns more than Corey

Victor joins them..
Paulie saying if he wins the next HOH he’ll put up 2 strong girls.
Victor Is getting pissed that Natalie told everyone he disrespected women.. Victor wants to put Nicole and Natalie
Paul – that’s a big move
Victor – I trusted her so much and she shitted on me..

Victor starts talking about all the media attention he got for some things Natalie said about him.
Victor – having to defend yourself for something you didn’t do makes you feel like shit..
Paule and Paulie – that’s the worst bro…
Victor – hope you learned the lesson hope you learn to talk to women .
Victor – shit her pants when I walked back in the door.. 100%
Paulie – 100%

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 12-52-00-316

1:00pm Natalie is going grey from the stress..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 13-13-28-784

1:12pm Da, James and Natalie London room

Natalie says she was happy she got a package but it seems like other people are mad at her.
Natalie – I genuinely feel happy when good things happen to people
Da says people got jealous. explains the reason why Natalie got that package was because the people watching the show see her as genuine.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 13-18-41-132

1:20pm Paulie and Bridgette

Paulie tells her she’s going up with him, explains to her the plan is to get someone else out. Bridgette and Paulie agree they want Da’Vonne out.
Bridgette figured she’d go up as a pawn because she used him as a pawn.

1:55pm Paulie tells Bridgette he’s 100% positive things will go their way this week.

Bridgette says she trusts Paulie side more than the Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, Nciole side.
Bridgette – I feel like those girls are tighter than I give them credit for.
Paulie – if that is the case Zakiyah would be a really good actress.
Bridgette says Michelle Nicole and Zakiyah are really close.

Paulie says Da’Vonne is looking after herself, “She has a kids.. I respect it I would do the same thing…”
Paulie – “People were upset by Natalie’s reaction.. she gets sassy.. there’s a certain air of confidence”
Bridgette says Natalie doesn’t play the game.. points out that Natalie never played the game for a whole week when she was nominated.
Paulie – James can only protect her for so long.. nobody wants to keep her around unless it’s for strategy.. for me I want to clip that strategy.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 14-30-02-976


BREAKING…… Paulie plays himself in chess.

2:41pm …….


3:26pm Paulie and Natalie
Paulie says the plan is to use the Veto so they can backdoor “someone”.

3:44pm Fruit

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 16-10-56-103

4:05pm Bridgette and Zakiyah
Bridgette is saying this is a Olympic year she year they do extra “Crazy” thinks for this seasons, “What a exciting season to be in”
They speculate about the care package.
Bridgette – It’s another fun twist
Zak – ya I’m curios…

Zakiyah – When i started this show I was like I got this I got this.. even when I saw you i’m like She’s got this she’s got his.. You’re quirky
Bridgette says she was star struck.. when she saw Frank.
Zakiyah says she was too.
Zakiyah – I’ve seen every season since season 4…

Chit chat.. Natalie comes by talks about having rosacea

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-29 16-27-21-378

4:26pm Tokyo room Zakiyah, Natalie and Bridgette
There squashing the beef between the Paulie and Natalie touching/massage/etc issues that Zakiyah had.

They bond over Race. Sharing stories of their mixed race backgrounds.
Zakiyah – I love the melting pot

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If Bridgette gets the safe for a week package then we might have us a little show on our hands. If that is that case i wouldn’t be surprise if Nichole or Day go this week. We need some action man this twist is the only thing keeping me interested this week.


Lame! Never mind she will be gone before that package arrives well there go these weeks possibility of being fun, unless they flip on Paulie which I strongly doubt.


The real plan is to get Da out on a backdoor. Keep up.


If Paulie volunteers to be a pawn and they don’t take the chance and get him out there all idiots. Paulie is a much bigger threat than Da

Double D

Do we really have to give the remaining houseguests a care package? None of then deserve it.
I don’t remember a season of BB that had so much hate. Sure people disliked each other, but this years is hateful.


Nicole says she’ll be “sad” if she doesn’t get one. Meech says “yeah me too”. I don’t care what in the world happens, but America has got to make sure meech never gets one. It would be disgusting if someone that acts like her actually got anything in this game other than her stipend. I wish she couldn’t even get that at this point.


Michelle Nicole Z and Paul are the 4 I sure hope don’t get a package. Michelle really needs to get knocked down. Jealousy is rampant with the girls. Mean and disgusting

Too Bad So Sad

I wish America had the option to vote for punishments to give out instead.


Oh don’t worry. They’ll get some punishment once back in the real world.

sunny dee

i’ll never vote to give michelle, zak or paulie anything. I will vote to get nicole the safety, simply because i’m fed up with these bullying boys targeting what they call ‘strong’ girls, basically all of them are bodies to knock down. as long as every single person (except maybe james) gets a care package is female, I’m good with that.

sour grapes for those who didn’t win the carepackage, for heaven’s sake, she is the one who is a have not, not you nicole


There have been other seasons that were filled with hate but it was usually one alliance against the other. They have taken the pack mentality of singling people out, making them feel isolated, running their names through the mud and just generally taking a crap on them to an all new low this year. The girls are definitely catty and cold hearted but the 2 P’s are actually sadistic with their mind games and threats. Paulie’s mother needs to slap the shit out of him when he gets home for the way he talks about and treats women. Bragging about getting in Tiff’s face and trying to rattle her and talking about how he’ll do the same thing to DaVonne. He got his wish and Tiffany is gone but he still makes up lies to discredit her. It’s obviously not game at this point, it’s personal. Frank is also gone and, love him or hate him, his friendship with Bridget was genuine. But Paulie’s still telling lies about Frank to make Bridget doubt that anything she believed in was actually true, He relishes in making Natalie aware that she can’t trust the other girls and that they talk shit about her, but then he goes back to the other girls and talks crap about Natalie to give them more reasons to hate her. I don’t even like Zak at this point, but the mind games he was playing with her the other day were painful to watch. This is not all strategy and a lot of it has nothing to do with game, he seems to get off on hurting people. Looking at his face and hearing his voice makes me nauseous. At this point I can not find even one remotely tiny thing likable or attractive about this douche.


Grendon, I agree so very much with your observations ‘re: Paulie and his actions/words. It seems as if he gets off on being cruel. At this point all I can hope for is for him to reap what he has sowed and be humiliated in some way. Maybe he could get to final 3 then get evicted….. problem is I can’t really think of any other HG that I want to be final 2. Just looking forward to the day they have to start cannibalizing their own.


Say what you want about the stupid move his brother Cody made by picking Derek for the F2 but at least he wasn’t an a$$hole like Pauline. What’s worse it these HG are so dumb that he doesn’t have to be. I agree it’s got nothing to do with gameplay and its sadistic. Maybe instead of his mommy slapping him his daddy should refuse to give him kisses and reach a rounds!


I wish we could send Paul an “America Never Cared” package…. an ALWAYS Have-Not pass, never play in veto comps, and a permanent seat on the block until he’s outta there.


It would be a great flip to send Paulie packing but doubtful. Next good blindside would be to send Nicole out the door. I really want Michelle gone but clearly that won’t happen for a while. Unfortunately 🙁


Who is Dawg?

Why is Natalie listed twice on the second poll?

Mervyn McDickstain

Why is Dawg on these polls? Is the guy that shallow or what? Need votes to make him feel good about himself?


It’s something Simon has done since we started this site 10 years ago. Also some people don’t care for any of the choices so they can vote for me. Its interesting how it bothers you so much.


You must be new here!


Consider them place holders. If you have to choose and you really don’t like any of the other options, vote Dawg and sometimes Simon on there as well. This is especially true when the poll requires 2-3 choices.


Wish these girls would start using their brains, if they have any, an wake up!!!! They give women a bad name!!! They are going to get picked off one by one unless they get together an WAKE UP! They are such disappointments!

Jealous Much?!?

HOLY CRAP! Michelle is jealous of all the girls that have a showmance and now Natalie even more because America likes her. Z is jealous of any girl that even dare look at paulie. Nichole is a huge disappointment with her jealousy about Corey and for the love of Pete stop your incessant whining! GAWD! Da is just paranoid at every level. I hope none of these girls get voted a care package! God forbid Natalie be cute and nice? She may not be a great player, but she is the nicest girl in the house!
And poor clueless victor…there isn’t any press on your male chovanists comments (that YES you have made!), because nobody gives a flying f*** about you! Bronte told him and of course he is so full of himself that he doesn’t believe her. Dumb ass…

Great name!

Love the name Jealous Much!?!? It completely describes the heartless jealous school girls!
Natalie is beautiful inside and out … its really a shame she has to be in the same vicinity as these disgusting girls
Thanks Simon and Dawg! You guys are great! Keep up the excellent work 🙂


Really? What exactly did Natalie do her for her original friends? In fact, I remember her telling James that now Brigitte will do whatever they say. I honestly don’t think she’s that good-hearted.

Nope. Beautiful person

Honestly at this point I use like/dislike of Natalie as a litmus test for if you’re a decent person. If you can’t like a person like her then you have issues.

Let me guess

You’re female right?


I’m amazed practically every season the women do the same thing: they play a timid game, attach themselves to some guy in the house (who pretends to romance them only to use them as bed warmers and votes), actively help all the other women get eliminated then cry/act surprised when the two guys left standing decide to take each other to finale night.


Agreed! This is why I find it hard to root for a woman.

Never worse then BB15

Of course Michelle liked season 15
(“Minus the racism” wtf??!! If you must even add that disclaimer….). And Bb4me-spot on!!


So Natalie was in the bathroom doing her makeup, so was Z. Nat was saying how excited she is about the package, how nice it was etc. Then she asked Z if she thought anyone would be mad and Z said “no, that package is the last one anyone wants. People would want something better than no have not.”

I’m like wtf?! You are such a classless jealous B. Omg I cannot stand Z. She’s soooo jealous of EVERYTHING.


I would want something better than that package as well now if a real power or advantage comes up Natalie cant get it. Z was just being real. The fans could have waited and gave Natalie a real advantage to help possibly flip the game around.


Maybe you need to actually see the clip to get it….. It was a definite jab at Natalie for winning. They are all so pissed she won. They are talking SO MUCH trash about her. Paulie and Paul now call her FT and making fun of her reaction for winning it. Nicole saying Nat only got it bc she’s with James. Etc etc. They are all so salty it’s pathetic!


That makes no sense. If Nat’s popularity was only from being associated with James, then James would have gotten more votes than her.


Exactly sykes. But look at who we’re talking about here (Nicole), not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box….

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

Just goes to show you the mentality of the HG. Nat is far from perfect but if all of them are hating on her bc of a care package that just confirms how sh!tty they are! Nicole, Da and Z have done nothing in this game. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Nicole. You can play this game by lying and being cutthroat but I don’t understand the hatred. Two wrongs don’t make a right but they hate, I hate. Let’s win this Paulie!!! You suck but I want them all to be butt hurt!

Jealous Much?!?

I’m with you on that. I don’t really care at this point who wins as long as it isn’t one of the a-hole girls. Sad to say as a woman I’m all about girlpower, but shit…these 4 are just the worse!

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I would pay to watch these HG after the show sit and read these postings and tweets about themselves Jimmy Kimmel style. That’s the only thing missing that would make BB more bearable to watch. Nothing but Nat and house full of POS people but I’d love to see the look on their faces when they realize America hates them!


I am not sure they are jealous about Nat getting the first package. I think they are afraid she has the 25k for America’s favorite locked up.
Be nice if Grubworm would let America vote out one player so that the others would get paranoid about what we know that they don’t. And then let them wander around wondering about who was second and third pick and what they are doing.


Hope Natalie starts winning games so we can see how fast everyone starts kissing her a$$.


Now they are going to start treating Natalie like crap because they are jealous. I can not stand these people! I don’t want any of the rest to get any of the other care packages except for Bridgette. They should’ve made it where the fans get to vote for punishments, then it would be much easier to vote for who gets which one. I hope BIG BEECH, one ball Paul, Max-Z, and Ratcole don’t get any of these packages so they will know America hates them.


Oh yea one ball Paul. I love it. If you don’t mind I may add that to my collection. These a$$holes make it too easy


I know, right? These one -liners or names practically write themselves!


Max-Z lmao. Great moniker. she was disgusting with that stunt in the storage room.


I really hope James Natalie Bridget and Day all team up and take those whiney biatches out! Especially Paulie Nicole Michelle and Z!

Nice try

I love how half the room is tryna swap Nicole and Da’s role in the house. Da is the mean girl general… I’m not so sure Z and meech would even act that way if she wasn’t on the show to begin with


I hope Paulie is up and Da (or anyone else) wins the veto and doesn’t use it! Send him home, it would be sweet

No Good Players

This season is so bad that the most memorable player coming out of it is going to be Natalie.

No Good Players

This season is so bad that the most memorable player coming out of it will be Natalie


Everybody please vote for James Natalie or Day to get the 2 block vote package to get Paulie out of there


Not Da, she’s disgusting


I agree. She’s just as mean as Z and meech. I’ll never vote to give her a single thing.

Hayden Curls

She was the only one being nice to Natalie not nearly as mean as the others

Mean Girls

Next package needs to go to Bridgette. That will send a clear message to the little snots that they are not liked. They have zero self awareness only self absorbed. Clueless. Michelle needs to be committed for a mental evaluation.

Southern Charm

I agree they are the only ones who will make a big move especially Day

Thank you!

I’m so glad they didn’t give this to Bridgette! She needs something for the game. Go Bridg!


I hate these people. Poor Nat Nat. The main girls who said the spy girls were bullying them (Z, Nicole, and Michelle) are the ones bullying. They are hateful bitches. I can’t believe these people think Day is strong, she wins no comps and has no allies. Nicole is the one who should go up. She has Corey and Michelle, Day has no one. Go Nat I’m rooting for you girl!!! What makes Nat any worse than floater Zakiyah with that broken off leave out and dirty weave. Plus her period filled hands.

Keeping it Real

Yeah….what Wow said!!!!!!!


It’s such a shame fans voting aren’t smarter. Sure giving an award to a player you like feels good…but it buries them. If anything you give a care package to your least favorite so everybody is jealous and points out what an *sshole they are….


Normally i’d agree with that but if anyone but Natalie, Bridgette or Victor had gotten that package it wouldn’t have been an issue. Let’s remember she can’t get another one it will be interesting to see how they treat the next person.


Normally I’d agree with you, except it was very predictable that as soon as the boogeyman (Frank) was vanquished, they’d all be fishing for targets, new people to vilify. That care package was a heat magnet. The game power stuff can be spun in their minds, fans voting to spice the game, but this is the edit contest, so whoever got it was going to cause an issue because to the house that person is getting the best edit…and since they all want to be famous/popular (not win the game) the care package was dynamite.


Omg I can’t believe these people hating on Natalie just because she got America’s care package and they didn’t. What a hateful, jealous, petty, self centered group of people. Wanting to put someone on the block because they’re jealous of them is not strategic and really shows they don’t know how to play this game. Casting couldn’t have done a worse job imo.


look at this way why not shealready huge floater to!


the care package is kiss of death now


True, production should have NEVER announced the winner until noms were already decided.
As if they really thought this bullying wasnt going to happen with these dingleberries.
This was done on purpose.


I don’t recall a season recently where there was so much high school jealousy and hate in the house. I know that an older cast won’t draw in the viewers like a young, hot cast does, but c’mon… least get 16 people who all want to play and respect the game. It’s one thing to lie, plot and plan how to win the game (which I can appreciate), but do they have to resort to such vile name calling and jealousy? Pure hatred running through some of them (Michelle, Z, Paul, etc). They all make me sick. Survivor has all sorts of people cast, not just the young and dumb, good looking ones. Why can’t Big Brother be the same way? It’s so hard to watch the feeds these days. Puts me in a sour mood!

High School Musical

I feel like I “miss out” on seeing the HGs’ true personalities because I don’t watch the live feeds. My viewing is solely what CBS chooses to show me, which can be edited any way they want. On the other hand, I’m kind of glad that I haven’t been subjected to the HGs’ true selves. From what I read here (thanks Dawg and Simon!), these HGs seem like fake, plastic, egotistical, jealous, paranoid whiners. It’s so sad. This show really does bring out the worst in people. I’m just glad that – even with all the backstabbing and shit-talking – there have not been racist, ignorant, or chauvinistic remarks (that I know of). Well, I guess they’re saying that Paulie and Victor say lewd things about women. Can anyone fill me in about what Vic supposedly said that was sexist (that Bronte called him out on)?

Bub Bye Da!!!

You have zero fans, or integrity for that matter… can’t wait to see you leave.
You lost chick, you lost chick, you think your cool, your not s***!!!

She's the only one....

Day is he only girl playing he game. The fact that she can’t win shit, make her look bad. But she did stay 6 hours with her hand up in the air. If she didn’t throw it she would’ve won. Everyone else is being mean to the other girls, while Day isn’t.
She gets on my nerves at times, but she is right to say the showmances have to go. Starting with Paulie and Nicole.


Well we see Jealousy raise it’s ugly head. Every time someone gets a care package we are going to have to listen to this crap, Who would of thought that the care packages could be the catalyst to divide and conqueror this unlikable group. Thank you BB!!


the guys that think they are popular ..dont get care package lol….paul…dont care lol


Oh, and PS….. I love your own personal comments scattered throughout the post Simon! You are right on the money!!! 🙂


Definitely, Simon’s editorializing cracks me up every time.

Unbattled Block

Probably not a bad thing, Now we have to hope Bridgette survives and can get a stronger power. You also do not want them to think she is a fan fav so maybe they backdoor Davonne

On a side note, I really wish CBS Live Audiences were more into the Live Feeds, Because Paul deserves an epic bad reception when,not if, he gets evicted eventually




Hey Z – do you want some gum? Never mind…I see you already a more than a mouthful!!

Most of us see the bullying that has taken place against Bridgette. However, I know some of you don’t think it’s a big deal, or that Bridge is making too much of it. Well, you’re wrong if you don’t see it!

Here’s a link to a reddit thread that compiles a long list of examples, including timestamps and video clips.

Honestly, it’s somewhat heartbreaking to read, but I hope you will take the time to read it. Then tweet about it and get others to read it – perhaps it will find its way to BB Production and onto the CBS show. Heck, we might even help to get Bridge America’s Favorite Player! You know the other HG’s will love that at the finale!

Truth is, I was not a big fan of Bridgette. But after personally seeing the bullying she’s endured, then reading about more incidents that I was not even aware of, I am pulling for her more that anyone since Rachel Reilly (and I did not like her at the beginning of her seasons, either).

By the way, the genesis of the EYEBROWNS controversy is covered – and Bridge NEVER said that about Michelle!! Please read/watch for yourself!

Simon and Dawg, I hope you don’t mind that I linked to a reddit post, but I thought it needed to be shared…


Thanks, Simon!

BTW – since I cannot edit my post:



I just read the Bullying of Bridgette on Reddit and started crying. It broke my heart to see and read such hatefulness in one Montage. It’s hard enough in low doses. I really hope BB says or does something. This is worse than the Aaryn racist season. Imo. I feel for Bridgette’s family watching:(


I was surprised to read that Natalie feels Bridgette must have done something wrong to be some hated by everyone. But then I realized that it’s just a sad reflection of the effect that culture has on people who are kind hearted. She’s internalized the ‘blame the victim’ mentality and perhaps has personally agonized when people were upset with her in life, trying to figure out what she did wrong.

sick of the paulie show

Bridgette deserves AFP for putting up with this

Powder Puff Girls

Here is the actual audio/video for Eyebrow gate Paul in his glory – the truth so no one can say the transcripts are made up:


I knew it. The person who gets the care package becomes a target. Unless it was Paulie, seems to be the BMOC in this high school musical. Please put Paulie up and please send his ass home! If he’s still up there, it would be dumb not to.


I use to like Nicole but over the last 2 weeks she has shown her true colors of being a jealous catty girl who cannot stand that America voted for Natalie and now she is going to do everything she can to get her out of the House. I just hope over the next couple of weeks that Nicole has NO support from America voting and is booted out the door…


I have disliked Nicole from her first season. She was a clueless, nasty, self-involved little bitch then and NOTHING has changed.

For the life of me, I can’t understand what people saw in her the first time around.


I think a lot of people conveniently forgot how nasty Nicole was when she was buddies with Christine in BB16 season. I’ve never been a fan of hers. I can’t get passed the childish whiney voice that’s out of place on a woman her age.


WTF? this cast continues with the idiotic game moves. I highly doubt Paulie goes with this BS volunteering plan to go up on the block next to Bridgette. if Bridgette wins POV that leaves Paulie up on the block with Day since Day is the target to backdoor next. now on the live feeds Paulie is telling Bridgette of all people the plan to backdoor Day. why couldn’t Paulie just tell Bridgette all this after the POV event. Bridgette could easily now flip this house inside out and all hell will break loose if she tells Day what Paulie and now Paul is telling her on the live feeds. stupid decisions after stupid decisions….smh @ this stupid season.


Although you are right on, it will not happen. Remember Frank told her she could only trust Paulie. So, being blindly devoted to Frank she will believe that these idiots have her best interest at heart and are going to work with her going forward. It would be the best game play so far if she did, but she isn’t thinking that far ahead. I think at this point she is going to do what Frank told her and be invisible hoping to skate by a couple more weeks. Sorry to say Da will be going home this week and the ONLY thing we have to look forward to at this point is when these horrible people have to start turning on eachother.


Plus trying to flip the house while sitting on the block is dangerous. If she wins the POV, and Da’Vonne goes up there’s even less reason to try to flip the house.

Big Jim

This is a petty group of bitches led by Nicole’s sorry ass. I don’t see how anyone can be a fan of that whiny little troll. Da Michelle and Z not much better. I don’t care for Paul either but I like the way he stood up to Paulie about the noms Natalie is a waste. If he sticks to it and they get Da out I will take him off my shit list


Ugh, thought a girl was gonna win this season but with Michelle, Z, and Nicole in the house they’re gonna make it into a catty mess as usual and we’re gonna be left with the cocky asshole Paulie winning.

Love Nat, she’s super sweet, I don’t even care that’s she’s not playing because at least she’s a nice person, just wish America voted her for the safety pass because she’s gonna need it.


These are some low life people, man. I mean their mob mentality to gang up on one person, usually a female, is sickening. Leave Natalie and Bridgette alone! It’s going to be hilarious if Paulie’s plan backfires and he is the one that is sent packing. Come on James, wake up and start playing already. Hoping him, Natalie and Bridgette get together and tear these a-holes apart.


Nicole is SO SALTY. Like Nat got a “Never Have Not pass”, and Nicole acted like she was immune for two weeks. Get over it.


The green-eyed monster of jealousy has appeared. When will the houseguests realize that it’s not Natalie’s fault that she got the care package. If they only knew what the next 4 care packages were (which are much more valuable than being a have-not IMHO). Makes me not want to vote for my favorite houseguests to get the other care packages because the “losers” will trash them like they are Natalie.


Vic says he wants to put up Nicole and Natalie and Paul-uka says “big move” yea that is about a big a move as targeting Bridgette who is on her own. Not too sure these a$$hats would know a big move if it bit them on the a$$. Although it will not happen I think this is about the last chance for the girls to put aside their petty BS and try to get into a power position. If there is say Bridgette and Con on the block (or any other guy) that gives them a 5-3 voting block. Last chance Da! If you can’t figure it out and get them together nobody will. Again not going to happen and after this it will be pretty smooth for the shirtless boy-band to cruise. Not rooting for anyone just watching the fallout but I am really disappointed in James. He was blinded on his season by Meg’s boobs (they were real and spectacular) and him and Nat are cute hope she really likes him and all of that. Good for him and her as he would worship the ground she walks on which is what she needs and expects. Last week was his chance to make a real big move and maybe have put up Da and Paulie. You know Paulie is running things and you know Da is out for the couples since she told you to your face! Sit Frank down and let him know the whole house is targeting him but it is time to shake it up. Frank/Bridgette and James/Nicole. It is getting to where a4 pack voting block is going to be pretty strong. I am pretty sure Frank would have made a deal and unlike James KEPT the deal. He tells someone he doesn’t think Nat should go on the block this week because she “got a lot of blood on her hands last week” (another one of those stupid sayings that drives me nuts) He played Paulies bit*h when Paulie told him what he HAD to do and she laid down and didn’t stand up for her “friend” Spineless the both of them and now look what we have to work with this week!!! THANKS FOR F’ING THAT UP JAMES


That should have been James/Natalie not that whiney a$$ Nicole. Her petty man hungry a$$ can go kick rocks

Butters Mom

I used to like James so much but now, the fact that he believes everything Paulie says annoys me. Paulie was saying to put Natalie on the block as well … I can not stand Paulie. I hope the girls get smart and vote out Paulie if he goes up.


I’m so sick of Nicole, Michelle and Nasty ass Z, they are so jealous and mean spirited. Both Nicole and Z are so afraid that Natalie will take their showmance guys away from them, they are more worried about losing Big mouth know it all Paulie, and sexually confused Corey.

Michelle, Nicole and Z, they are pissed that America sent a care package to Natalie instead of them, they are horrible nasty mean witches. I am so sick of Paulie, Paul, Victor, and spineless Corey, I can’t wait until they have to start taking out each other, and the whiny butt Nicole is complaining about being a pawn, but it is ok for her to put people up as a pawn.

Da is also annoying, her thinking that she has more fans now, since she was able to stay in the house longer and make it to Jury this time, it is funny as hell, she has no game, she Never wins anything, but always talking about who she is going to go after. Yes Da you made it to Jury, you will be the first Jury member, PLEASE, PLEASE, Big Brother, don’t bring Da back again.

James is a nice guy, but he really is not paying attention to what is happening around him, he is on the bottom of the totem pole, his leader Paulie and his little short as buddy Paul, they are going to come after Natalie real soon. I think and hope James is catching onto the fact he is not really respected by Punk Ass Paulie and Paul, James needs to win another HOH and put both Paulie and Paul up on the block.

Tell them they are pawns to backdrop Voctor, them if one of them wins the POV, put Corey up, then vote out Whoever did not win the POV ( Paulie or Paul ). Then by hell of a miracle, Natalie wins the next HOH, she can put up Victor and Paul or Paulie, whoever did not go home during James HOH.

Send one of them home, then let James win the HOH again after Natalie, put up Nicole and Z, if one wins, then put up Michelle. Either way, Nicole, Z or Michelle will be evicted. Now let Victtor win HOH, he puts up showmance Corey and Paul. Paul goes home, now hopefully we will have someone out of the rest of the remaining losers, minus Natalie & James to root for.

I’m just so sick of Da, Paulie, Paul, Z, Nicole, Michelle and Victor. They all can get to stepping, as Paull and Paulie say, ” NEVER CARED”, Friendship, get the jerks mentioned above out of the house. I’m sick of hearing Paul and Paulie thinking they deserve to be here, and they are loved by America !, same with Nicole, Z and Michelle thinking they are not Floaters ! And yes Da also, she does not win a damn thing, 2 times on the show, and she has never won a damn thing. But don’t forget, she is coming. After you !!!! As Z says YEEES !


natalie got the first box to so watchout it is kiss od death to!


If you were talking directly to Max-Z she would say “you right, you right” As I said earlier she would have to play a little better to even be considered a floater.

Joe Kerr

Heaven forbid Natalie gets the care package.

It should really tell everyone who America is behind. And their attitude about it further proves to America that Nicole, Z and Michelle are nothing more than petty bit*hs who are mean girls.


look atthis way huge target going up on thr block out the ddoor!


Listening to Paulie-AGAIN-I can only assume that his family must get sick of the sound of his voice which is probably why they were more than happy to encourage him to leave for the summer. And, for the love of God, will someone in the DR call in a medic to check his damn throat.

Unsanitary Napkin

What’s wrong with Paulie’s throat? Did nasty Z transmit something? Proper hygiene is not her strong point.


yeast …..eeeewwwwwwwwwww


100% agree…..I really can’t take him coughing up phlegm all day, everyday……


I think it has something to do with that special green leaf bag, that he spoke about on the live feeds, as the screen went to the fish. A couple of night’s later, Frank said he has used morphine and Bridgette said she tried cocaine once. I think these people get so used to the cameras, that they sometimes forget to shut up and stupidly think, the live feeds are edited.


At this point the only people in this house that I don’t see as evil beings are Natalie, Bridgette and somewhat Da’vonne. Paul and Paulie and seriously the biggest piles of shit in the house. Paulie is so fucking entitled it disgusts me.

Never Cared

Stan7777—-It’s me

I cannot remember a more lame catch phase in all the seasons of BB. PP has to be some of the worst trash talk drummed up by production I’m sure. The bad news is it’s better than the ret of the house. Why don’t they use the backyard more and get out of bed. It really is a snore fest…….friendship(puke fest)!!!

Mean girls turn on nat nat b/c she is liked by the viewers ROFL. I’m surprised Da doesn’t see the numbers and it could get her backdoored. But what if Bridge wins POV then it’s Paulie versus Da. That leaves Cory, James and Victor voting. If the girls weren’t so catty and stupid they could send Paulie to the jury. But these idiots bully Bridge and now they turn on Nat where do they think votes come from? Da would still have a fighting chance if James was on board to save her.

Just mention that I think it’s going to be very hard to get Da out versus Bridge as well. If your not a Da fan she may stick around a while still. Might be a double this week even though there is lots of time on the calendar:(

Boo these mean people

I wish the audience would boo these mean girls and mean ass paulie when they walk out the door! We need to let them know we don’t like their mean crap and we’re not going to cheer for them. Sweet nat nat hadn’t been mean to anyone and these jealous mean girls just rip her apart. Nicole is so worried that nat nat will snuggle up to Cory, PLEASE he’s not that hot! I’m sure can get someone better than these losers after the show. GO NAT!!


Was afraid that the hate was going to multiple toward Natalie–sad


Now I’m rooting for James, Natalie, Bridgette……. And……. DAY. Yeah I said it.


Wait till Z finds out Paulie likes Bridgette better for his game than her. Bridgette is awesome and loyal ask Frank


Simon & Dawg; could you please explain each of the care packages, I don’t know what the never not pass is. I think you explained in an earlier post by I can’t find it.

Great job love you guys, you are awesome! I am very lonely the first few days after BB ends!

Oh, I’m in Florida is there any way I can watch BB Canada?

Your buddy, your pal!!


I think in the us, you may be able to download the “global tv” app to watch big brother canada. I’m not sure about whether people from the us can see it


Paul, Nicole, Michelle, & Max-Z……..jealous little 5 year olds! Whoever thought it was a good idea to cast these people, YOU WERE WAAAYYY WRONG! They are NOT entertaining….just disgusting. Said it before & I’ll say it again…….I do not like to watch bullies. Will never vote for any of them to get a care package. Wish there was a way to show the reddit clips to them. Hope they get boo’d when they leave.

I wish BB would stop casting these immature, emotionally stunted, narcissistic, vapid people. Each in their own way is a complete waste of space & oxygen. This game used to be much better.


I hate Nicole and Paulie more and more each day.


“Mad speculation about the care packages. They seem to agree that Bridgette might get the care packages because she’s alone and was attached to Frank.
Michelle – I hope they don’t like her”

Oh man. Little does she know that no one likes her.


People who voted for natalie are idiots. Why give her that stupid care package when there are ones that are 1000 times better out there. Who are we keeping the good ones for? Day? Paulie. So frustrating.


I don’t think that people were idiots, I think what happened was people did not read the rules all of the way and didn’t vote strategically. Nat was their favorite and she had been a have not a couple of times and they wanted to reward her. So sad that this put a target on her back


Don’t worry Nicole, Michelle & Dayvonne, We don’t need the show edit’s to see what classless & horrible people you are. It will be nice when they start getting picked off and are out of the “popular” club.


Getting dragged to the final 3 is not an accomplishment ladies especially if u can’t win shut at that point. People always point to jordan as a floater winner but they don’t tell the whole story that Jeff fucked himself by not taking Michelle and Kevin and Natalie voted his ass out, leaving jordan kevin and Natalie ,called all floaters, but Natalie should have won but people hated her in jury so they gave it to the ultimate floater Jordan

Hate me

Make sure to bash these people as much as possible on social media after the season.

Daisy Rose

Zak’s gonna put Natalie on the block? How the hell is she gonna do that? She hasn’t won a damn thing!

Red Headed Purply Parrot

I can not handle these jealous little idiots. Big Brother seriously needs to put some grown ups on this show.