Nomination Results! “My advice to you is lay f**king low… let others become the target!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 18-10-09-631

Nominated: Bridgette and Paulie

6:10pm HOH room – Nicole tells Paul thank you! You know I would have done if for you. They hug. Paul says I didn’t want you to panic. Nicole says Paulie stepping up like that. I mean I would have done it. The fact that he is cool, calm and collected. Paul says well if I win, I’ll pull him off and if he wins he pulls himself off. Everybody wins. Nicole leaves. Vic joins Paul. Paul tells Vic to keep doing what he is doing. Laying low. He says for someone who just came back you’re doing great not being a target. Its working, just be careful constantly being by me. Michelle is a paranoid mess. Natalie hates you.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 18-15-02-854

Havenot room – Michelle asks did you see Bridgette’s face. Z says yeah she looked disappointed. I’m glad he was so blunt. Michelle says I thought it would have been better. Victor is getting cocky too. Paulie joins them. Michelle says thanks for taking one for the team boy! Paulie says no problem. Nicole joins them. Michelle says at least you can play in the veto and try to win it. Paulie says I know.

6:10pm – 6:35pm HOH room – Bridgette comes up to talk to Paul. Paul says sorry the speech was a little harsh. Bridgette asks if is playing her. Paul says no if I wanted you to go home I would just tell you, you’re going home. You’re on the block, I’m HOH… why would I fake it. I’m a straight shooter. I wouldn’t say you’re really a target for other people but they’re more worried about how you’re going to react after last week. Da is super shaddy. You have Victor, Paulie, Corey and Nicole. All I can tell you is trust me. The way that I set this up .. its going to work. Don’t take what I said too hard, its TV. If you trust me things will go the right way. If you don’t trust me and get paranoid I can’t predict how things will go. My advice to you is lay f**king low… let others become the target. Next week we move forward and work together. I did what I had to do. All I have to say is if I’m up on the block because of any of you guys.. I’m killing all of you. Keep me f**king safe. F**k all of you guys. Bridgette says I think you know where my head is at and who I am going to target. Paul says I’m here to play the F**king game. I like ballsy moves. I like being a pawn. I like making things go. I don’t beat around the bush. I don’t like being a pu$$y. America likes people that do sh*t. They’re like damn these people have balls. And I want to have balls at the end of the day. I don’t want to walk out and people be like you were a pu$$y. Or win and be like the Steve guy BB17 that won and was a boring guy. Bridgette asks if I get house guest choice who should I pick? Paul says I think Natalie. She would be easy to beat and the least suspicious.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 18-24-08-170

6:40pm – 7:05pm Havenot room – Paulie, Corey, Nicole, James, Michelle, Vic and Paul are chatting about random things and just hanging out. Michelle says if I play and win the veto and take off Paulie … Paul you’re putting Natalie up? Vic says anyone that wins will take him off. The talk turns to ecstasy. Michelle says that she took “Molly” once. Is that bad to say? Z asks how did it make you feel. Michelle says it just makes you really social. I don’t know if it was real.

6:55pm Bridgette says to herself in the storage room “When in doubt win! When in doubt win! When in doubt win! When in doubt win!” Paul wants some crumbly a$$ peanut butter cookies .. fine!

7:15pm Havenot room – Paul talks to Paulie. Paul says dude PP (Paul & Paulie) is so chilling! I talked to Bridgette upstairs and she said you and Paulie are such straight forward guys. She was like you guys are the best people in this house. She said I don’t trust anybody but you two. PP is literally kicking it!!!! Paul says one of us wins I put Home girl up. (DaVonne) Paulie says Meech wants us to put Natalie up …PISSED!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 19-17-51-377

7:30pm – 8:05pm HOH room / Secret Paris Room- Nicole says I kind a like that Frank is gone. He just stirs sh*t up and yells. Like I wouldn’t have even been about to eat an avocado today. Do you miss him? Michelle says no. Nicole and Michelle check to see if the secret Paris room is open. It opens up and they go inside. Big Brother tells Nicole to stop that! Nicole asks why, I didn’t even do anything. Paulie and Corey join them. Michelle asks who does he (Pau) want out next? Paulie says DaVonne. Paulie says I’m not worried about it. If anything Victor was being a baby about going up. Later I can be like I did it, don’t be a b***h.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 19-29-34-265

8:40pm Bathroom – Michelle, Nicole and Z are hanging out.

8:55pm In the kitchen – Paulie, Corey, Natalie, Vic and James. Natalie asks what was your most romantic date? Paul says I took a girl to Italy and London. Ungrateful b***h! ALone in the kitchen – Paulie tells James I’m trying to get people to show their cards. there are a couple people that are playing quiet and coy. They hope its the luxury comp.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 20-54-11-893

9:25pm Bathroom – Paulie and Corey are talking. Corey says I feel bad for Bridgette. She’s in a bad spot. Paulie says she’s okay. One of us will pull me down and Da will go up. If not then its unfortunate but she (Bridgette) will have to go home. I know that you, Vic, James and Natalie will vote to keep me. I wants to see how the others vote. How Da and Z specifically act. I am almost positive Z is flipping both sides. Why would she wait until yesterday to tell me that Da has been trying to feed her head with stuff. Like that I’m playing her. Meanwhile she is probably the one feeding into it. Corey asks why does Nicole want Da out so bad? Paulie says I think Da has a lot of information about her that will come out if Da goes on the block.

10pm Safari room – Michelle says Paulie says Da will tell anybody anything to turn them against each other .. because that’s her game. Michelle says yeah I’m going to be careful about that now. Paulie says she will definitely try and pry you for information. Michelle asks me? Paulie says anybody. I don’t talk to Da about anything. She made up certain sh*t. Michelle asks you still don’t trust her? Paulie says not at all. She was talking a lot of sh*t about Nicole. I think she has a lot of stuff on Nicole. Michelle asks what does Nicole have on her? Paulie says we may never find out. If its up to me I would have Da go home because she’s said my name too much and all of a sudden when you come to me trying to say stuff about other people as if I’m going to do your dirty work for you … that’s when I’m like HHmm. She went to Paul 20 or 30 times yesterday. Michelle asks why? Paulie says to sway nominations. She wanted Nicole up. Michelle says well I trust your judgement. I’ve got your back whatever you decide to do. Paulie says thanks Meech. If Da goes this week .. then next week we choose between Bridgette and Natalie. Michelle asks do you think Da is trying to get Natalie on her side? Paulie says Da is trying to get everyone on her side. Michelle says we can’t let Bridgette get too far either.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 22-13-40-165

10:25pm Paul asks why do you think Natalie got the first care package? Do you think it was the least. Nicole says I’m sure she’s liked. Vic says he thinks the voters wanted to save the better care packages for other people. Z tells Paul I definitely think you will get one. You, Natalie, James, Meech and I don’t know who the last one would be.

10:55pm – 11:45pm Safari room – Nicole and Michelle. Nicole asks do people want Da out? Michelle says I think so .. I don’t know if its for sure though. Nicole says that’s good with me. Michelle asks what does Da have against you? Nicole says I don’t know .. whatever Frank said in front of the house. I’m not confrontational. That’s why Frank was so mad because Corey and I could have flipped and voted her out. Nicole says all the freaking boys want her out and James too. Nicole says this is all between you and I. Did you not know James wanted her out. Michelle says no. Nicole says shoot. Michelle says I won’t say anything. Michelle says I just don’t want Bridgette to stay longer than she should. Nicole says if she doesn’t go this week they she should go next week. Michelle says I wish we could send 2 people home. Instant Eviction. Nicole says I actually feel bad for Bridgette. She’s sleeping in Frank’s shirt. That’s sad.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 23-04-20-640

12am Michelle crying because she threw an apple at Paul and now feels bad.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 00-02-15-196
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 00-02-44-461

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OMG if they don’t take out paulie while he’s on the block they might as well give paulie the 500k right now and end the season now while people are still watching .

Hold your Horses

You have to wait till the veto. He may not even be on the block come thursday!


Anybody but da win the veto! and backdoor da! Get Her Out!


Yes! Backdoor DaGhetto!


Come on Da for the win! In my opinion she is the smartest, most calculating player this season. Come on Da–don’t let sneaky Paulie, Corey or Nicole use their fear to get you on the block and/or voted out. Lmbo–you have them intimidated.


DaVonne is trash
Take out the garbage before it spills over

Sabs granny panties

Michelle or Da after remons, hmmm not hard decision.. ummmm Da! Michelle alone, broke, quiet looking for..a home
Da mouth, nothing to offer, not a winner, BUT is do for a win and they’ll regret it big time if they don’t get her out now


Omg I know is this Paul’s big strategy to take Paulie off the block is he serious he better not even think about winning that 500k he’s scared of Day who hasn’t won a damn thing . Stop playing personal and play smart get rid of Paulie or victor fool hell even Cory can go..


the going afterr natalie because what she said bout him~


If Paul had any brains (which he clearly does not) he would see, in order to go far in this game, Paulie must go! Enough of this “bros before hoes” ands “friendship,,,” Sickening! He needs to see that when Paulie put him up twice he seriously considered getting rid of him. Then all of a sudden Paul became his sidekick, friend, buddy and they became thick as thieves, matching hairdos and ride or die. I do not expect it to happen, but he needs to get Paulie out before Paulie gets him, which will definitely happen. Paulie has no intention of taking Paul to the end. Get him up and out now because the opportunity may not come around aging anytime soon! Plus I cannot stand one more week of that egotistical maniac Paulie who thinks he is king of the hizzle! I hate Paul just as much but it will be easy to get him out next week when he cannot play in the HOH! C’mon HG’s get a clue and get his ass out NOW!!!


well you’re not biased are you?
you should start your own blog on bashing who your for and not for.


Paul and Paulie are close because they both only have 5 words in their vocabulary and most are vulgar just like them.gross and gross

Paul's HOH robe

Haven’t you super fans heard of friendship? Ya boi Paulie is just warming up that nom seat, never cared!! Oooohhh!!! And after killing it, PP will be chilling it making dick jokes in the corner…pissed

Big Sister

Okay, I have not made many comments this year, but after watching Paulie in action tonight–he has to go. Please let Da have the round trip and come back in ready to rally the girls and James to get this egomaniac out. Nicole and Corey need to go as well. I would like to just once have a season with people who have more than one brain cell, people who wear shirts, people who know something about the game, people who aren’t looking for fame or a showmance, who eat with their mouths closed. Once again, casting fails. I guess I should be happy I don’t have to watch Frankie on Celebrity anything!


No more Da!!!! I can’t watch that thug bitch anymore, she can’t win shit, if there was anybody in the game that actually knew how to play she’d be gone already, can’t stand listening to her stupid DR sessions. Praying all the time for the fans to help her. Just because she’s being a little nice to Bridgette and Natalie now (only reason is she needs their votes) people are soon to forget that she started all the lying, gossiping, petty insults, and most of the drama in this game. She’s a disgusting human being. And if I have to hear “Hey, Julie girl!” One more time I’m gonna puke!


Omg, cry me a river, it’s big brother they all lie! Get over it. You’re probably just as bad as her. And she is acting clearly.


Why hate on someone actually playing the game? He wins comps and has game… He will never be voted out this week … He can be annoying with his ego but he’s straight up about wanting to actually win this game not just look pretty… Da, has zero loyalty and her only game is stirring shit up; which has proven not to work these last two weeks so nobody trusts her … I want to see people who actually play stay in the game and win; whatever their strategy maybe as long as they’re running game… Za needs to go, she is the worst floater ever.. Meech won a comp, good for her but she has no other game.. Nicole is playing the same game as her last season… Vic is just there… I don’t care for any of these girls except Bridgette… I don’t care if the boys clip em all off at this point cause they’re playing horribly … So yeah I’m cheering on Paulie, Paul and Bridgette for now… Omg James! why do people like him so much.. he’s so predictable … blah…end of rant lol


Come on Day james or Natalie win the veto and leave noms the same

Reality Check

Leaving the veto alone will guarantee Bridgette to go home.

Da and Paulie on the block will be must see tv.

I almost want to see Bridgette and Paul working together. Am I asking too much for this to happen? Bridgette can be quite an asset for anybody who wants to work with her.


I disagree. I think whoever sits next to Bridget goes home this week. They will all sit around all week after the veto and eventually realize that she is alone (even though we all know she kinda has Nat). Someone will finally realize that whoever is next to her come eviction is a bigger threat. If they don’t realize this, then none of them deserve to win.


They are too timid to take a swing at Paulie with Bridgette as the alternative. They see Paulie as having lots of buddies that will come for them if he goes. Paulie has successfully projected an aura of working with a large number of people. In order to undermine that everyone would have to start comparing notes and giving up valuable information. That was what screwed Frank but that was because Frank told everyone everything anyway so it was easy to compare notes on him. It’s like a schoolyard fight, there’s still a lot of talking and posturing to do before someone’s ready to drop him. Unless Da’Vonne’s up there then it gets real.


watchout package is the key so bri win pov nat goes up!


Will this be Paulie’s big mistake…One can only hope….Da might feel the back door coming her way and try to get him out….on another note, as much as I think Nat is genuinely sweet, and the others turning on on her in he meanest way like they just did is just horrible however I’m getting tired of her passive game and listening to James “guide her” with his “hang in there kid” approach…James will surely get a much powerful package soon but does he deserve it? Hope Bridgette gets ELIMINATION VOTE package or SAFETY package next, but again does she deserve it? At this point, as much as I hate to say it but Paulie is playing the best game as of now…


I’m putting cases on all these houseguest these motherfuckers will be getting drunk at a bar after I’m done winning the 5k Godzilla don’t got shit on me


smiles and cries


PRODUCTION: Paul, Paulie, Victor, and Corey report to the DR. America says NOBODY CARES About You So You Are Evicted From The Big Brother House. Good Bye and Good Riddance. Don’t Forget to Take Your SideChicks With You. (I know it’s corny)


They do not have enough brain cells between all of them to realise they need to get Paulie out. Too bad.

Michelle's eyebrows

Paul is a joke. America likes ballsy people who make moves? Clearly that’s why he let other people make his nominations for him. This douche doesn’t make for good tv either, we’re all sick of seeing him. Hope to see him and Paulie on the block together so the douches can duke it out.


And put Bridgette on the block…ooohhhh so ballsy Paul *rolling my eyes*


Paul and his balls…no. He first was saying firmly to Paulie that he wanted Bridgette out this week not Da, like Paulie wanted…fast forward a couple hours and the plan is to put Da up after veto and send her home! LOLLL.


The only people that would put Paul and Paulie on the block is Da’Vonne and James. That’s why Paulie wants Day out so bad.


I feel like everyone can talk shit about each other but as soon aa Da says something it’s quick to be repeated. Da may be the only one that will make a big move and that is why Paulie and a few others want her out because they know they can make everyone elses Head Of Household their own. Da needs to stop talking and win something let’s go Da.


Paul said he doesn’t want to walk out and have people say he was a pu$$y. HAHAHA


i predicted last night that Paul would walk around in the HoH robe!! LOL

Big Jim

Dustin 2.0


Of course Paulie is playing the best game so far. I’m not sure of his current decision to go on the block though. Also, playing the “best” right now in this house of morons is like being the skinniest kid at a fat camp. It ain’t saying much


So at the end of the day Paul wants to have balls? Guess there was nothing in his hoh basket to gnaw on.

Fuzzy Num Num

Well, he just kept ripping them off n throwing them around. They were bound to get misplaced.

Ohio Smile

Paul is so full of himself, I knew his head would grow even larger now that he is HOH. Funny how he told Bridgette, ” I like being a pawn;” he didn’t feel that way last week when he thought Frank could come off the block and he could go up in his place. Paul you don’t have balls, if you did, you’d put up Nicole/Corey and Da and let the house really show their loyalties. As an American, I/we will be happy when you go home.


Right. That’s why he “went off” on Frank. Frank’s like you moron, I’m on the block. Lmao

Cross eyed Paulie

Wow I hope Bridgette wins POV, gets off, Paul nominates a replacement, the house flips and Paulie gets evicted. How does that sound? Feasible?


One can only wish!!


I have never watched a season of houseguests talk so much sh1t behind each other’s back and yet be cool to their face…also Paul it’s not a backdoor


If everyone knows the plan

Request for Simon and Dawg

Hey Simon and Dawg could you add “Stuffed Animals” to future polls. I don’t like any of these houseguests. =)


Another request. Please add Simon to list of favorite poll. I got Nat and Dawg. I need a third. The rest are a$$holes


Non of these people are likeable at all. So far I want Bridgette to win POV, or if the nomination stays the same I hope Da, James, Nat, Michelle, Vic vote Paulie out (wishful thinking) but these people are idiots and they cater to Paulie’s to $500K


I think Pauline is going to leave this week because he is the big target this week and the house what’s him out this week


Holy crap!!! Can this be happening??? Come on James, Natalie and I guess Da vote Paulie out! That would be so awesome! Paul you’re still a b*tch and a pu$$y…

Motorboat Natalie

I would literally give my left nut for Paulie to go home this week. Somehow, someway. Would be epic!


Well if the noms stay the same you cannot get 5 to flip. Bridge is gone that’s it. If Da is up versus Paulie it’s going to be a lot of fun watching Da trying to get Paulie out. We need Bridge to win POV. If it’s Bridge versus Da I think Da stays on votes. She has the mean girls, just needs James the ballesss wonder to flip. I think Bridge goes if she is up.


Being from Jersey I wanted to both support Paulie and Natalie but I would have NO problem with America voting to give the person against Paulie two votes this week and bounce his butt out… His sexist comments about Natalie just turned me off to his game…


What a great opportunity to take down the dragon master. This will prob be the last chance to take out Paulie. These people are prob to dumb to realize whats in front of them. And by the way if Paul says he is going to call someone out one more time i may shoot myself, I cannot take much more of Paul or his Friendship crap.


yet blindside natalie


Michelle is now FIXATED on Natalie because she won. Every time she has a chance she makes a point to say she wants Natalie out. Her Jealousy radar is focused and now she’s obsessed! Sick sick girl!


yup iknow no one get im sayn thatall

Another Anonymous

Huh? I need a translator.


meangirl way!


will get the vero name up natalie will go up block!




isnt to smart that natalie first package now huge target to get her out now!

Ino Yamanaka

I just dont like the high school behavior of this show anymore. Paulie and his lap dogs bullying one or two people in the house. It happens like this every year. But this year it is just rubbing me the wrong way. I think i maybe over watching big brother.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Funny. The girls are bullying Bridgette and Paulie and Paul are starting on Vic. I’m sure Cody is so proud that Paulie has now volunteered twice to go on the block. That’s pretty arrogant and stupid.

Backseat Driver

This will be epic if Brigette wins POV……..


yup name natalie


Natalie wins pov and takes Bridgette down. Da up. Problem solved.


that wont happen!


God I would laugh if Bridgette wins Veto pulls herself off and Paul nominates got Day and Paulie on the block the two biggest shit talkers in the game then maybe who knows Paulie gets voted out….after the shit we have had all season we deserve a good week and Paulie going home would be that

Backseat Driver


production rigged it

You have to admit Paul does have balls, the only problem is that they’re Paulie’s and they’re in his mouth. Him, Paulie, Corey, Victor, Nicole, Z and Michelle are the biggest bunch of phony, chicken shit, catty, jealous, pathethic, insecure self entitled pricks and bitches I think i’ve ever seen in the house at the same time since I started watching in Season 12. Sure they’ve been other ones but not this many at one time I don’t think. Michelle, Z and Nicole are so jealous they would probably call a house meeting and want to get rid of Natalie if she took a bigger shit than they did. I don’t know how anybody could like those 3 at all. They said they don’t want to be seen as mean girls and they will be sad if they don’t get a care package. Well they’re in for a rude awakening because they’re not getting one and when they get out they’re going to be surprised at how much people couldn’t stand them this season. Natalie can’t win a competition but it’s not like they have been winning them left and right either you know. Nicole is such a hypocrite bitchin about how Natalie would be the perfect pawn because she can’t win anything and come after Paul and then using the same excuse for herself not wanting to go on the block saying that she wasn’t good in competitions. At least once James, Natalie and Bridgette are gone at least i won’t have to watch anymore of this shitty excuse of a season, I will just come here for the updates.

Sorry for kinda being a windbag here but I had to get that out, I feel so much better now.


yet they natalie will get backdoored


Could you imagine how fun this house would be to watch if the these awful cretins used the mushy wasted unused things we call brains to vote Paulie out. Blindside his ass. That will never happen though. Instead we will get Paulie winning the POV, probably and paul will probably backdoor Nat the (people were dumb and used the care package on me instead of using it logically to give it to one of the hated house guest) not all dat. If that happens I hope the care package screws over Nat and Bridgette the Cabbage Pack stays.


So true BBfan. Paulie has got to go. The question is will these idiots have the balls to do it. If they do not get him out this week, BB may as well just write him the check. Boy will that chap my arse! I hate him and gross Paul like I have never hated any other BB player except that gross, posing, glitterfest known as Frankie Grande!

Bub Bye Da!!!

Better hope production puts plenty of
veto chips in the box wit your sorry ass
name on it. It’s your only chance at
another week…but your no talent having ass can’t win if it was only you competing. Just an ole forgettable ass trick.


In other news… it looks like the BBUK fans are fed up with Frankie Grande already.

Justice will hopefully be served.


Well Day, if there was ever a time to play and win in a POV, it’s this next one. She may not be my favorite but I’ve now basically taken to wanting to keep whoever the HG’s want to evict because they’re all terrible people. Or hey, if Day is actually evicted, hopefully she has a return ticket. Whatever. If Paulie remains on the block and isn’t evicted next Thursday then the HG’s are really not in this game to win it. Can we just scrap the season and donate the $500k to some anti-bullying charities already? 😐

Nonon Jakuzure

Love BB but this cast is horrible! Such immature people with insane levels of jealousy.Michelle is jealous of Bridgette because she wanted to pair up with Frank. Zakiyah is jealous of anyone who even looks in Paulie’s direction. Nicole spends 24/7 whinning and complaining. Paul just rants about everything. Wish someone would shake things up and knock the power out of Paulie’s hand.


I would love to see the veto NOT used and Paulie evicted:)


Nicole talks about Natalie’s “true side” coming out. Says the girl getting fingerblasted for all to see over the Internet.

What exactly, then, is Nicole’s “true side”?


well lok natalie said bout victor goodbye speech


I know a lot of you do not like Da’Vonne, but I hope Day is picked for POV, win, get wind of her being backdoored (hopefully James, Natalie, Michelle, or even Paul tell her), keep noms the same, and find a way to get Paulie out instead of Bridgette! If that happens…will Z go off on everyone in the house (think GinaMarie upset over Nick’s eviction)? Also, it’s time for the women to finally realize what the guys are up to and beat them at their own game.


if u want rating bri win pov

My Two Cents

Unfortunately I think that Natalie getting the first care package may be her undoing. All those catty gals have put her at the top of their shit list now. Jealousy is such an ugly trait.

Kinda Disgusted

It’s getting harder and harder to choose my three LEAST favorite houseguests. I’ve come to think of this as the Season of the Assholes.


PP might as well win it all


people so critical on here about houseguests…. doing the exact trash talking the people in the house are doing… hypocrites


I clicked the link leading to that website people put together to post all the pics/.gifs of Michelle eating and some of the comments on there…ugh. I’m not perfect but holy Christ…it’s still bullying even when it’s being done to a bully. Reading those comments and that Reddit timeline about all the bullying being done to Bridgette. Ugh. It all makes me want to check myself and my life. Woof.

Powder Puff Girls

which link? I have this one on Reddit for all the anti-Bridgett comments

eyebrow gate transcript

Simon, Dawg, Do not know if I can post links please forgive if it is against rules.


As I see it , Da’vonne wants someone out they are put out . I see a lot of hate for her here. she is playing the game and sees through all these fake ass people . she knew Nicole was a rat asap , same with Frank she knew , she called out Tiffanys b s right away . she saw the showmances of (p/z -c/n) as a block of four and her on the outside . If she could win a comp or two at the right moment she would have a chance . Yeah she stirs it up a lot . But she usually gets it to fall her way by others working it for her . think about it .


Day is very perceptive. I hope se catches wind of the fact that she is the backdoor option. Hopefully, Production will put her name in to play the POV and she wins. This POV is very crucial for her game


She called out Tiffany because she was Vanessa’s sister. Paulie was terrified Tiffany would morph into Vanessa and spread that paranoia throughout the house. Da’Vonne called out Frank because Frank pissed her and several others off. I’ll give you that she had more reason to want Frank gone but Paulie saw his influence challenged with Frank around. I see this game so far between Paulie and Da’Vonne with Paulie ahead in the race. We’ll see if he’s overplayed his hand this week though.


I know that Day isn’t popular, she stirs up mess, and she talks too doggone much, but, if there’s any hope of getting the PeePee Twins out the house, she would be the one to do it


Can someone finally rally the troops and send Paulie and “the Plastics” home? pleassssssssssssse!


The best person to win the Veto would be Natalie and take Bridgette off, then watch the scrambling. Fat chance but would be ideal.


They wouldn’t scramble. They will put Day up. They trying to be her anyway

Nichole's awfull nose

I’m confused doesn’t Paul only have one ball? Mabey that’s why he wants to have balls so bad? Just a theory!!! Honestly I think I hate everyone in the house this season. The last few seasons have been awfull! Someone in casting needs to be fired!


Let me preface this with I hate Paul…but I agree this is a good time to take out Paulie. For this to happen though the nominations need to stay the same. Paul needs to gather Victor, Bridgette and Natalie and they need to talk about how they were targeted from Day 1 by Paulie and the alliance of 8. Then they need to tell Da’Vonne that she is the target of her supposed friends and they need to pull in James. It could be a 4-4 vote and then Paul could break the tie and send Paulie out. Now if he wants to be seen as someone who made a big move this is it, if he doesn’t he’s a pussy. Well we all know he’s a pussy anyway, gosh I can’t stand that guy. He’s almost as disgusting to look at as Austin was.

Paulie is chilling

And where do u gather from that Paul is planning this? his “big move” is backdooring Day, at best Nicole..he LOVES Paulie, he s basically a male version of Zakiyah…not to mention I dont think the votes d be there unless Nicorey d grow balls …which I dont believe in miracles


Are they backdooring Da? Who’s the target?


natalie will get backdoor!


Day is the target bc of Paulie. They are trying to bd her.


Imagine if Natalie wins veto…can she stand firm and use it to save Bridgette forcing Paul to put up someone shielded? Then it gets real. In that scenario the least problematic would be Victor but I don’t think Paul will do that.


If Nat were to win and try to take Brig off they would probably threaten her that James would be going up as the replacement.


Sigh, Big Brother Gods ….would love to see them Back door Day, everyone finds out she has the round trip ticket, she wins HOH posts up Paulie Caesar and macho man Paul savage, Day wins the POV, keeps the noms the same and evict Paulie, give him the speech of his life (included w/the singing and finger pointing) when he is sitting on the stage next to Julie with his duffle bags. Julie tells Paulie America Hates him, Paulie mysteriously finds Frank in the Jury house Frank then suffocates Paulie with wind from his ass….close.


That would make good tv and the live feeds would be off the chizzle for rizzle (chains for real)




I’m getting myself some popcorn and a 6pack.


With Frank gone (The only deserving player for America, unlike James the wuss) and Bridgette on the block and America not knowing how to vote logically with the care package. The only entertainment for me personally this week will be if Bridgette wins the POV and Paul puts up Da against Paulie. Now that shit would spilt the house up and be fun to watch. Nope that’s not going happen. Paulie comes down and Nat the hack will go up. Boring. I miss Frank already. Ugh. But back to Nat, lol still can’t believe that America voted her the carepackage. You were supposed to give that shit to the ones you hated in the house. Thanks for making this week boring BB fans. You give the better packages to the ones you like. Duh.


Glen should be AFP. This would send BB a message…. you need to do a better job in casting if the first player to leave got AFP.


Glenn’s got my vote.


Nicole and Paulie make mi so sick feel like puke


I run this house these motherfuckers just live here I’m judge jury and excutioner 24 hours a day I’m the king Zakiyah don’t even know I’m playing here you don’t fuck with the king I will make sure you go home personally


I was bred for this.