HOH Comp Results! “I’m going to want a guy going up as a pawn next to her [Bridgette]”


POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH ? Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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8pm The live feeds return – In the storage room – Natalie says that she really tried but choked. She says now I’m a havenot. Natalie says I better not go up as a pawn. James says Paul wants to send Birdgette home.

In the bathroom – Paul talks about how pumped he is that he won and can’t wait to get a letter from his mom. Michelle asks Paul are you ready for people to butt kiss you?! Paul says yeah! In the living room – Nicole, Da and Michelle talk about how fast the comp went.


Havenots: Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 20-23-17-720

In the storage room – Corey and Vic congratulate Paul on winning HOH. Pual says I didn’t really want to win it considering next week might be a double eviction. Paul says I’m going to want a guy going up as a pawn next to her. I want a guy playing in the veto next to me against her. Vic says I don’t feel comfortable going up considering I just came back. Paul says we’ll talk about it. Corey doesn’t say a word. They leave the room.

Da talks to Paul about how now Nicole is trying to talk to her and being her friend. She hasn’t talk to me in a week. I don’t want to talk about Frank! Paul says I see it. I see it all. He tells her he doesn’t need any help with his decision but will need protection next week if its a double eviction. Da says I’ve got you.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 20-28-46-688

8:50pm In the living room – They talk about how the round trip ticket is only good till August 8th. Michelle says that’s only 4 more if there’s a double eviction. Corey says I feel like my name will get drawn for the veto comp this week. Paul says I’m excited to do the blog thing. Natalie says I can’t wait to find out about your secret. Paul says no secret… just maybe pics of me without a beard or modeling pics. Bridgette asks would you guys consider that a crap shoot (the hoh competition)? Paul says no. (LOL)

London Bedroom – Michelle asks Da do you think she thinks she’s going up? Da says Yeah I think she expects it. Or maybe she thinks she has the ticket.

9:30pm Big Meech is sleeping and Da is reading the bible. The house is pretty quiet with most of the house guests in the kitchen eating and chatting about random things. Natalie jokes that James is going to be a havenot with her. James says I’ll do it all but the cold shower.

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9:45pm – 10:10pm Bedroom – Paulie says that Da has been trying to work hard. He wants to put Vic up. I’m going to tell him we’re 5-6 if you put a guy up there you run the risk of losing him. I’m going to push for him to put up Da and Bridgette. I’m just going to be like look bro .. next week Bridgette isn’t going to be gunning for you. You can’t put Vic up. James joins them. Paulie says I’ll be like look bro if she gets a chance she’ll (Da) take a shot at us. James says we’ll if we can get him to do it. Paulie says Bridgette isn’t going to come after any of us. Frank told her to trust us. She’s going to go after the girls. I would rather not take out Bridgette because she wants to go after the girls. Da has been pushing him to put up Nicole. Eventually .. realistically we need to cut all the girls. If it wasn’t for Frank blowing up his spot we would still be working with him. I think Nicole needs to build a better relationship with Michelle to make sure she doesn’t go towards DaVonne. I know for a fact that Nicole would never come after us. Once the numbers get down to it you, me and James decide when to take out Nicole, Natalie, and Z. Paul joins them. Paul says I need you to make sure Vic doesn’t go home over her (Bridgette). Paul says he doesn’t think the girls would not vote out Bridgette. If I put up Da .. she is going to sh*t her pants. Paulie says I think this would be a good week to get rid of Da. Paul says I guarantee Bridgette isn’t going to win POV over one of us. If she does come off, then put Da up. I really need to get Bridgette out. I don’t trust her. AND I promised James and Michelle I would get her out and I don’t want to go back on it. Paulie says you know who Frank told her (Bridgette) to trust .. me and him (Corey). Paul says I don’t trust Frank and I don’t trust her. Paulie says the only 3 people that want Bridgette out are Da, Bridgette and Z. Vic joins them. Paul suggests he put up Natalie. If Natalie is up there is no way she goes home. Paulie thinks they can convince James to put up Natalie as a pawn. Bridgette joins them. The conversation turn to talking about the HOH comp.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 22-01-08-378

10:20pm Paulie says the best plan is two pawns, no guys and get Da out. Paul joins them. Pualie says I have three options to be the pawn. Da, Z, or Natalie. Paul says I was just mentioning that to them saying that I was a pawn for 3 weeks and put my nuts on the line. Vic says you can narrow it down by who hasn’t been on the block yet. Paul says I blew her sh*t up and I don’t trust her. Paulie says if it makes you feel better who ever wins HOH next week will put her (Bridgette) up and get her out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 22-11-47-872

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162 thoughts on “HOH Comp Results! “I’m going to want a guy going up as a pawn next to her [Bridgette]”

    1. It’s bad enough that he is constantly running back and forth to everyone with his exaggerations and daily threats to “call people out”. Now we have to listen to his ridiculous rants when he has a little power. Unbearable is exactly right. Ughhhhhhhh

          1. I’m joking because Paul always talks about his balls .. ripping them off, betting on his balls, stapling his balls to someones forehead, etc. … So I was joking that Production knows this and planned for a ball comp for him to win.

            1. Paulie and Z in the have not room. She’ll be straddling him every night. What is wrong with that girl??!!! She think this the dating game or what? Damn girl!! And stop feeling of your boobies!! They’re still there!

      1. It will be so boring now that Frank is gone. When I look ahead that we can vote in a future care package of removing 2 eviction votes, there is only maybe 2 I even like left that I would want them to get that prize winning package. Bridgett and Natalie. The rest of them I tolerate.
        But I have a special deep dislike for Paul.

        Paulie driven in control, boring, except when he danced for the girls.
        Zakiya (sp?) – Who?
        Da – Same old same old, middle of the road
        Nicole- Too whiny emotional, feelings hurt too often.
        Corey – Boring, handsome with a great smile, not a great communicator
        Natalie- Sweet as a button
        James- “You only have your word in here” and he back stabbed Bridggete and Frank!
        Paul – He is my least favorite and has been since day one and Jose (sp?)
        Meech – Something odd about how she has her walls up and holds people at arms length, petty. She has a few chips on her shoulder.
        Bridgette – sweet as Pie! doesn’t lie, Seems to have a good heart.
        Victor- He reminds me of Meech, nice, competitor, but doesn’t let anyone in, not sensitive to what is going on around him, but how he was so dumb to align with Jose!

    2. Paul thinks getting rid of the Cabbage patch kid is a BiG move. lol He’s so duh. Annoying.No one in the house is playing the game. Looks like a crappy season. Maybe BB is done like dinner.

      1. I’ve been visiting this site for 4 years and every year the comments are the same….these houseguests suck, worst season ever, BB is done, blah blah blah. Just a big b#tch and moan fest. If the comments section was a person…it would be Big Meech. XD

    3. Next thing ya know this Garbage Pale Kid is gonna also win the Veto and have the round trip ticket. F****** cockroach

    4. I wish that instead of voting on players to give a care package each week we could vote on a player to get a punishment. These friggin turds don’t deserve anything except punishments

    5. I literally just cancelled my feeds. I cannot take another second of him. Simon/dawg I hope that doesn’t go against you guys since I ordered through your site :( but for my sanity, I just can’t listen to another word.

      This is actually the worst possible outcome I could’ve ever imagined lol.

      1. Bye
        Every season people are on here bitching about how they hate all the house guests and they are so done with this show but every year you’re all back

        1. Yep! you’re right. I’ll be back next year when hopefully they have a more likable cast. If not, I’ll try again the following year. I don’t recall saying I’m never watching big brother again so your comment is pointless.

    6. I knew this was too good to be true…spoken just hours ago….
      Paul…”after this week you guys won’t hear my voice for a long time.”

    7. Don’t you get it, Paulie is queen of the house. When he clears his throat that’s his callout to the other house guests to circle around him because he has something important to say. You can hear a feather drop when he talks. I loved James until he wimped out and put Queen Paulie on a pedestal when Paulie’s IQ is nowhere near 100. That’s why James never strategize’s when people approach him. I thought he was playing a good game when people come to see what he thinks but then he has that stupid look on his face and just answers uhhhhh!!! I thought he was just trying to keep his gameplay to himself until I realized he was brain dead. The only strategy he has is to throw competitions, be dumb and lay low. Paulie has hypnotized them so good that they don’t even think about putting him up. He wants Da Da out next week and so it is written…btw they might as well give him the 500k now because he deserves it over these dimwits…

  1. Natalie is the only one I can root for right now… And Bridgette since everyone is after her, but she’s gone this week anyway.

  2. Frank gone, Bridgette is all alone, Paul wins HOH and plans to put her up to get her out…and of course the mean girls Z, Michelle, Day are all happy about that….if this is what this dude does and goes after the person who has no one left in that House I am DONE DONE DONE with this high school catty VH1 Jersey Shore season….I dont give a dam about anyone left in that House except Bridgette, watch the ratings tank like a rock

    1. He’s going to use the greatest power in the house (HOH) to go after the most powerless player in the house.

      Guaranteed……..he does not have the guts to do anything else.

      All his tough talk will result in a complete wimped out move.

      1. Been a fan since season 1, even with less interesting seasons I have always watched till the finale,,,this year I am seriously thinking of not watching the rest of the season, its so bad its not even funny

        1. This bunch of spineless douche bags will certainly be the death of Big Brother! Dr.,Boogie, Janel, Dan, Dick have all got to be looking on in disgrace!

      2. He’s a pu$$y like James so absolutely right. He will take out the alliance of one. In his defense the only big target is Paulie. I hate that puke brain but he’s their leader right? Screw James

        1. I can’t stand Paulie, he’s got not brains and can barely put a sentence together. Like, I mean, 100%, cough, cough. Oh my God, he’s painful to watch.

      3. I hope not. Come on Paul, show some balls and put up whiney ass Nicole or Da. Here’s an idea, how about a strong competitor. I want to see Paulie leave, can’t stand that guy, he’s morphing in to you. He thinks he’s gods gift.. yuk!

    2. I think it would be funny if the girls could get over being so catty and pull out an upset of voting out what ever guy is put up against Bridgette. That would put a little excitement in the house. Oh well, I know it won’t happen, just a little delusional wishing on my part…..

  3. Terrible. Another week of torturing Bridgette. Let’s just fast forward to next week where others will suffer for a chance.

    1. I’ve been voting for you. Don’t be so modest

      Though this season is up in flames. You and
      Simon do a bang up job year in and year out.

  4. That’s it! rude douche, farting misogynistic pig Frank is out, I hate everyone else…. I’m done with BB18… bye!

  5. Paul won. He won. Oh no. No.


    Let’s hope that he does something stupid and miraculously make this a fun week. But I feel for all the dumb shit he says he will stick with the plan and potentially get Bridgette out….fingers crossed!

  6. Usually im against bb being rigged, but i wouls of been ok with it if Frank could come back. I cant stand Paul, terrible person. I also want Da gone sooooo bad. Thumbs up if u agree. ????????

  7. I can’t stop jumping for joy! I just want to see if the door smacked Frank in the ass several times on his way out. This is how you play Big Brother! Get those arrogant and self entitled dictators out of there. Paulie next please

  8. Ok let’s brace ourselves for a major case of hohitis with Paul…I wouldn’t count Bridgette out yet, she might pull a veto win….Someone needs to start thinking about Paulie out soon or he will win bb18…

  9. If this pathetic House targets Bridgette and gets her out, I think Julie next week should announce the rest of the season is cancelled and no one in that House gets anything. The ratings are going to tank like crazy, what is there left to watch? I mean seriously production cant be happy with how this season is turning out….WORST cast ever even worst than BB15 if that was possible

    1. You rang?
      Just kidding I get sick to my stomach every time I hear it too!! You are not my boy Paul- you either Victor…

  10. I have never given up on any of the Big Brother seasons.

    But to sit here for another week and watch all these assholes gang up and treat Bridgette like shit all week is too unbearable to watch.

    Can’t do it.

    If the men (yeah right) in this house stand by and watch Bridgette get bullied all week they might as well cut off their gonads and flush them down the toilet.

      1. Cmon now. Comparing the way the BB 18 house is treating Bridgette to the way the BB 15 house was treating Candice is ridiculous. I am not saying what they are doing to Bridgette is right, but it is wrong imo to pretend Bridgette is the victim here. She is responsible in several ways for her current social status in the house considering the way she isolated herself with Frank (the most hated houseguest for a long time). Her social game is quite bad.

        It might feel like Paul is being Paulie’s bitch by targeting Bridgette, but I don’t think that is the case. He has legitimate strategic reasons to target her, because she is alone right now and in the long run she will be a free agent that the showmances will fight for. Paul wants to be that person, Davonne wants to be that person as well and Michelle wants to be that person. Paul should target Bridgette because this way he takes out is direct competition without getting any blood on his hands. Michelle should be the second nominee imo.

    1. I think from reading the post that it seems Paulie and Corey are trying to keep Bridgette around so they’ll keep the bearded troll from being too much of a pain.

  11. Up Corey next to bridgette, win veto and throw coin slot nostril up. I would just put Corey and her up but, probably Vic and Bridgette. This players are really bad

  12. Bridgette is faker than the hair on Days head. Paul has impressed me these last couple of weeks. Let’s not forget he was well on his way behind Victor out of the house. He’s really playing BB!

    1. Bridget is good people you slob!. She rocks
      converse, denim jackets, and helps people
      for a living…your jealousy is so obvious

    2. I hated Paul, now I really like him…only guy I can stand

      But I hope Corey goes up as a pawn and the girls send him home

  13. God help us all… A week of never ending ramblings of a narcissistic blow fish. Wake me in a week… #nofriendship

    1. I absolutely believe he will not overplay anything.

      He is all talk and no action.

      He is a sheep, not a wolf

      He will nominate Bridgette and Vic.

      He will then play all buddy buddy with Vic and try to ensure him that he’s just the pawn so that Vic doesn’t tear his wimpy little head off.

      Paul will then spend all week acting like a big bad man while he treats the most powerless girl in the house like shit.

    1. I’m with you! Dam, WTH the worse possible scenario. I hate that ass – now it’ll be torture watching him and his nasty antics toward B.

  14. Wait no.. this could be good. Let’s see Paul’s true colors shine through like the first few weeks in the house. They could turn on him…. If he puts a guy up as a pawn the girls could rally and send him home. If Paul starts acting shi##y to the girls and the showmances guys find out about it then we could see some good stuff go down.

  15. Honestly, let him go with the house and get out a solo player Bridgette out so I can see them all squirm, lie and be scared when its their turn on the block… I really want to see Za, Da and Michelle up there… and it will be awesome if Nicole or Bridgette have the round trip ticket… these boys buying the Shit Da is selling… first, Tiff then Frank now Nicole but Paulie and Paul think they’re running game, ya’ll better get Da out soon if you have plans on winning

      1. Actually Nicole is worse. She believes she’s playing a clean game, yet she backstabs everybody she’s supposed to be aligned with. Day never pretends to be a saint. She’s just straight playing the game. I’m surprised she’s lasted this long without a win.

        What gets me is everybody schemes, yet Day is considered the biggest schemer. Why? Why is she such a threat when she hasn’t won anything? Her sphere of influence is exaggerated too. She has no control over anybody,except maybe Michelle. Everybody else is biding time before they toss her out.

  16. Well let’s see what Paul does with his balls this week when he rips them off. If I had balls I would rather rip them off and strangle myself with them as opposed to listing to him talk about how awesome he is.. What a depressing week it’s going to be.

  17. So let’s see who can predict the very predictable next 3 evictees

    This week…..Bridgette
    Next week…..Vic
    Double evictee……DaVonne

    And then we will be left a bunch of 2 faced bitchy as mean girls, and useless, nut-less boys all afraid of their own shadows.

  18. people can hope all they want that paul would make a big move (as in put up paulie to go out) but that will never happen, since those two are now in a real bro mance.

    i like on the show Day is shown saying how it’s important to have but rare to have someone to be completely loyal to. i wonder why she doesn’t have that? oh, right, cuz she’s cut everyone who could have been, and it got back to them. even james’ loyalty ends where day is clearly targeting showmances, when apparently she’s been behind instigating them. Not to mention, why didn’t Frank tell everyone that Day told him to go make a F2 with nicole after making a F2 with him? because she’d been throwing around how oh, nicole you know she’s had a f2 with frank from day 2. yeah, apparently because as his F2 companion, you told him to do that.

    what i mean, undermining what could have been a solid Vets4 alliance from day2, so many more possibilities.

    mark my words, she’s going to be in Bridgets ear immediately, reminding her how everything is nicole and corey’s fault, just in case. day neeeeeeds to gooooooo

    1. I agree with you. Da is already in Paul’s ear about Nicole – as I said before she wants to be the last Vet standing, making no alliances. If Bridgette comes off he Block I think he would put up Da. She is on Paulie’s hit list

  19. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not another predictable week, you never know , brig will probably be the initial nom with Vic, but depending on who wins veto PAULIE might wanna go after nic or day. And I say paulie cus I mean ya know it’s really Paulies hoh.

    Or maybe it’s boring and brig goes home. But I’m a bb fan and I always have hope !

  20. Now that Paul is HOH, Paulie will tell him who to put up (sorry Paulie, but you’re acting like Frank and that’s not cool). Paul, it’s your HOH…YOU decide who’s on the block…not your boy, Paulie! I’d say put up Bridgette/Corey, win POV, save Bridgette, and BD Paulie or Nicole! Also, I hope Day, James, Michelle, or Natalie got the Round Trip Ticket!

  21. Rewatching all stars to remember what being a BB great means. Respect to my favorite of all time Dr. Will!!

  22. I cannot wait for Paul to find out how disliked he is when this season is finally over. He is clueless. #Douchebag
    Same for Michelle…

  23. If Paul had any brains, he wouldnt waste his HoH on the weakest and most vulnerable player, Bridgette. Paul will do what Paulie wants him to do, and maybe Paulie is smart enough to know he can knock someone bigger off. If Paulie thinks this through, he can bloodlessly influence Paul to knock someone big off.

    What would some of the Masters (Dan Gheesling, Dr Will etc do) that think three steps ahead do?

  24. Corey may be a follower and not very interesting but at least he’s being nice to everyone. He and Nicole may be getting on everyones last nerve with the showmance but… I can not stand Da… She is mean and hates everyone. She literally hates everyone in that house. I dont think she has a nice thing to say about anyone behind their backs. Im ready for her to leave .. she can take those other mean girls with her. (Meech and Z)

  25. *SIGH* the noms will be bridgette and nat. Lame ass boring predictable week, for a lame ass cast. Well, at least I can stop watching bbad and the edited shows now. ill check back here sat to see if Brig wins the veto. If not, I’ll check back thursday to see if she got the roundtrip ticket. If not, I’ll check back on finale night. smh…Never in 18 seasons, did I stop watching and give up on a cast. This is a first. :(

    Great job, Simon and Dawg. Thanks for all you do each and every season, we really appreciate it!! Hopefully, next year will be better, if they get a new casting company and philosophy.

  26. There are 11 Houseguests left… last year had a 9 person jury. that means right after this eviction it is double eviction time. Paul should nominate someone other than Da… if he is HoH this week he will not be able to play double Eviction first roundand he will need a bigger target than Bridgette… if he is a real jerk this week and lets power go to his head (he will)… Paul will make a huge target for himself… not to mention he won something, that makes him no longer a disposable. Pick well Paul because your dumb tuckus will need coverage next week.

    My recommendation forget Da’Vonne he needs big coverage… cause a split in the popular kids, then nominate a guy (Paulie, please Paulie) and then nominate Natalie… this will make James go crazy, All Paul has to do is have the popular kids in the room with him at all times telling that this is his way to backdoor Da’Vonne because he does not want her to blow up peoples games…. the same time avoid James after nominations. This will freak out James and perhaps James will blow up some games before PoV or after it. Blow up’s and enemies every where. Yay, Paul you are safe and the game is in chaos because there will be tons of better fish to fry… He just has to make sure Da doesn’t blow up.

    Here is hoping for an evil genius week that leaves games shattered…. except it is Paul… so I recommend using the mute button a lot to save your sanity.

    1. If someone comes back in with the round trip ticket… that adds a week. I think they will use the round trip ticket or its a dud element.

  27. Omg omg omg happy happy happy I am happy….I’m so happy Paul won . he is funny he is insane but I love to watch him he’s just so crazy..I’m happy he won he is kind of a big mouth but this is big brother you don’t have to be nice you don’t have to be anything if you want to be mean and stupid you Can be… I’m glad that he won. he will probably go on the biggest power trip in big brother history and I would love to see ….. But there is one thing I do agree with getting out bridge is stupid ..you should get out day because she’s annoying and I don’t like her …. Was just wondering who you think is the most worthless player is this year Z for Natalie I think it’s z because she is so insane.. I mean trying to make paulie jealous by asking to sleep with Victor may be the most stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on big brother after dark I’m like how old are you I didn’t think she could get any lower after she had that birthday party for her giraffe but last night on big brother was a little bit insane she’s mad that Nicole who knows Pauli and his brother was rubbing his hair for a few minutes …at least Natalie is really sweet and kind and I think she’s a lot smarter than what she lets on .. But anyways I’m really glad Paul won watching the train wreck that he is will be interesting . I’m sorry I’m like all of you that hate this season I just love big brother I love all of big brother and I always will …..

  28. So passed frank is gone even though I hated him in his season for going after Dan. But really started to like him this year. If da don’t go next Michelle floating ass needs to. Tried out this year and would have been way better than cast they chose ugh pissed about frank and tiff

  29. Worst case scenario has happened. Frank is out and Paul is HOH. Gonna be like nails on a chalkboard listening to him all week with his delusions of grandeur.

    What could potentially save this week is if whoever gets sent home during his HOH has the return ticket making his HOH null and void.

    1. On the bright side Bridgette has made it to Jury! These guys cannot see their nose to spite their face. If they make it miserable for Bridgette to exist in the house (as they threatened) I hope she retaliates in kind as a juror. I hope she wins Veto or the votes get flipped if she stays on the block.

  30. At this point only thing left to hope is Bridgette somehow wins Veto, gets one of those super powers by a vote from the fans and goes all the way to the end…if she did make it to final 2 and the jury just voted to not give it to her the fans would never forgive them

  31. Geez you guys complain a lot, wait & see what happens, there’s potential every week for drama…just watch the game and quit being so hateful, sheesh.

  32. Where half the city is Armenian and there are thousands of short, hairy, giant bearded Pauls running around. Or punch yourself in the face, same experience.

  33. Jesús. You guys went from calling this season one of the best to a snooze fest… Sorry but I hardly think Frank could have made this season one of the best by himself. Geez

  34. The problem is they dont put fans in they put in models or ppl in entertainment looking for a foot in the door.. not fans not ppl who want it more so people are all friends and shit barfff.. but some of you ppl dont ever like the real ppl aka frank and brishoulf michelle dayvone james thats who ppl sjamed root for not paulie corey paul or any of the other midels who want everyone to be friends.. paulies dumbass said noones going after anyone except frank well paulie you are retarded only 1 person can win

    1. The superfan doesn’t work. Bbcan 3 was a super fan season and it’s my least favourite bbcan out of the four. Bbcan 4 was a season of imbeciles who didn’t know the game and it was lame. You need a mix to make it work unfortunately, but they pick big personalities lazily and type cast people based on appearances. They do need a casting shake up but I don’t know if super fans is the best idea…..

  35. Well, at least he’ll get a bunch of Nair in his HOH room. He uses gallons of that shit to keep his hairy armenian ass smooth and stubble free.

  36. Michelle is worried about looking mean. Here is a simple solution, stop being mean and jealous! Solves that problem pretty easily. Nicole has too many deceptions, she can’t even keep up and Paulie, oh Paulie, too much ego. Still haven’t decided who I am behind.

  37. Hey Simon or Dawg, are they into jury now? I ask because usually Julie congratulates them on making it to jury and tells them from now on everyone goes to jury, but she didn’t.

    1. Its not jury yet… and you’re right Julie will mention it. Usually it starts with the second person evicted during a double eviction.

  38. Like I don’t understand how nobody is going after Nicole!?!?! She starts a lot of shit and then sits back and watches other people fight out what she started while she pretends to be so fucking innocent like then people blame people like frank and da and Tiffany when a lot of it has some or all part of Nicole! God if I have to listen to her stupid DR’s one more time I’ll rip my ears off I swear. She wass also such a useless floater her first season and now this season just sitting around causing drama and chasing dick. She needs to go. Seriously.

  39. Paulie and Corey are pushing a day eviction and Paul isn’t going for it he’s a pussy.

    Paulie should threaten friendship, and he should see that Paul is more worried about not hurting day than his boys.

  40. y’all have 0 morals. Then again of course y’all liked frank because im sure 90% of the people here are boys. I don’t care if he was the “outcast” he EARNED his spot. and thank god he’s evicted, tired of you babies crying over someone who WASN’T a good person.

    1. I think people wanted Frank to stay more because he was trying to get some of those in power positions out the door than because they liked him. Now we fear we are going to have week after week of house voting and the HoH going after the weak. Paul is desperate to get Bridgette out because he thinks that would upset the fewest people.

  41. Only good thing about this HOH is Paul is not letting Paulie dictate to him. Paulie wants Da”Vonne up and Paul won’t do it. He told Paul to put up Natalie as a pawn instead of Victor. He told Paul that James was fine with it ( which is not true) and Paul won’t put her up. It’s good to see Paulie getting frustrated and not getting everything he wants.

    1. I think Paul thinks he is now the ringleader. He claimed responsibility in so many words for Frank’s demise prior to eviction and now wants to finish off Bridgette to prove he is the man. This week will be interesting and LOUD!

    2. Yep, as of tonight Paul is not wanting to do what Paulie is saying. Paul is saying he needs to do what is good for his OWN game. I hope they all take notice that he is not going along with what the house wants that they stressed to James last week and James ought to be really mad especially if they use Nat as a pawn again. The only good about Paul ignoring Paulie’s wants if that it may open Paulie’s eyes up to what a rat Paul is.

  42. Yup this is going just as terrible as the last 4 seasons of Big Brother. Patiently waiting for a season that doesn’t suck. Paul is like a mix of Frankie and Andy in one and I just…. can’t.

  43. Paulie needs to work his mojo(I have no clue how he does it but it does on the whole house) on the moron Paul Brigette is no threat idiot what a waste of an HOH If he knew how to play the game at all he would aim at Da..

  44. I can’t root for ANY of these people with the exception of B. After she’s gone, I’ll have to look at it as who is the least objectionable. As a former fan of James, I now can’t stand him. Not MY fav. Smug f**k. Maxi-Z,
    (read your Bible) Da, CS nostrils, twin douche bags Paul and Paulie, the Tall Guy (he has almost disappeared), the big Beeech…which just leaves Rico Suave and James’ squeeze (what’s her name) . Not much to choose from!

  45. put zachery or Nicole up ethier one pual an maybe you earn aleast one fan
    bb maybe frank going home people start playing the game now I sill hate it
    but you see pual nobody want to go up as a pawn that mean they don’t trust you
    you should of listen to frank cause next week I think you going home or jury my opinion
    in victor is right put somebody up who never being up go back to the top the names I said

  46. I decided to cancel my feeds. I can’t bare watching Paul torture Bridget or anyone else all week. Thanks to Simon and Dawg for this site and all the hard work they put in.

  47. Oh no The Paul&Paulie show continues
    Ugh.. just when I thought it was over i’m hoping bridgette wins veto and paul has to show his cards during the veto ceremony .

  48. These girls got “showmances” and their men can’t even keep their ass off the block too funny. Women learn to use the VA jay jay for your benefit not his dumbasses

  49. Bridgette isn’t going anywhere. At least if Not-Cody has his way. He needs a Victoria. Nat is too likable. Zak is too emotional. If he and his Cody told her she was going to be let go in third place, she’d carve him up. Can’t keep Da or Nicole. And good ole Meh is Christine 2.0. I can’t really work out who his Cody is. Possibly Corey “Crazy Eye”, possibly Victor. I think Capt Piddle Widdle (Paul) is his Caleb. So far Not-Cody is playing Derrick’s game, or trying to. The only way it works is with Bridgette. So, he’s gonna try to talk the Capt out of putting her up.

  50. Ughhhh noooooo. Can you imagine how insufferable Paul is gonna be, I mean he already runs around the house like a 5 yr old with ADD. Time to start casually watching the show again…at least until his reign is over.

  51. Paul will nominate Bridgette and who he considers a pawn. Paulie will convince him to put up a strong girl, he’s trying to get Da’Vonne. Paulie will use this HoH to try to remove a threat to his game regardless of what Paul wants. Plus I think Paulie will shield Bridgette from too much hate coming from the rest of those morons.

  52. Here’s to hoping things get to sparking in the house as the lines are becoming increasingly fuzzy as to who’s next on the chopping block.

  53. It’s funny how Paulie tells Paul to get Da out don’t put Bridgette up. Paul is not controlling his own hoh. It is so convenient that Paulie does not want any of the showmance girls to be pawns. Paul better wake up.

  54. If Paulie was a smart player he would take Da to the end. He would 100% win. If he takes one of his so called boys he might lose.

  55. Why don’t the house guests see Paulie running the house? He’s playing Derrick’s game. They need to get him out or he wins BB18. #Can’tstandPaulie#Gohome

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