Big Brother 18 Week 5 Summary and Live Eviction Results


Would love to have some long summary that showed how the house flipped multiple times. Imagine if the results were murky the outcome unknown…

James wins the HOH beating out Bridgette after a 5 hours battle. Bridgette had made a deal with James if she dropped he wouldn’t put her or Frank up. James made the deal “on the wall” so she dropped. He put Bridgette and Frank up anyways. Nobody seemed to care about this at the time sans Bridgette, Frank and a bit of Natalie (and fans of James, Frank and Bridgette). The feeds were down during the post HOH period so how the nominations played out is unknown.

The OTEV Power of Veto is played, Michelle wins beating out her Hitler Bridgette and Frank. Frank gets to work trying to flip the house on Da’Vonne. Tries to talk Michelle to use the Veto. Michelle doesn’t use the Veto, Frank ends up tossing grenades blowing up Nicole and Corey’s games. The house wants him out, he played way too hard early on and got crazy cocky. There’s a few houseguests that are on Frank’s side but for the most part it’s pretty unanimous, he’s getting evicted.

Bridgette attempts to confront Zakiyah and Michelle and get to the bottom of their hate towards her. Doesn’t work the hate just festers… Not until Michelle and Zakiyah realizes (or are tipped off) that they are coming across as mean and if Bridgette wins the HOH they could be targets do they turn their attitudes around. Wednesday night Michelle and Bridgette hug it out. Frank does some campaigning but it’s no point he cannot secure the votes.

After the POV Ceremony Big Brother told the houseguests about some clues to a secret. Hints they might want to keep it to themselves saying the clues are all around the house. Paul figures out the riddle first using the phone booth to enter a code opening a hatch to a tunnel. The Tunnel leads to a secret room “Paris” which contains 12 cards. 1 of the cards contains a “road trip” allowing for a evicted houseguests to comes back into the game. The cards are opened with Julie Chen and are only valid for 4 weeks.

Everyone gets a card..

The house starts to shake up a bit at this point. Da’Vonne is securing her side (Zakiyaah, Natalie, James, Michelle, Paul and Bridgette*she trying to) getting ready to fill the vacuum once Frank leaves and taking aim of Nicole. Paulie is doing the same rallying the boys together, PP, Victor, Corey and James. He’s wanting to take out Da’Vonne. Notice the overlap of the groups? It’s going to get interesting these next 2 weeks.

What about Victor coming back how did that change the game or how did the game change him? The picture below sums it up..


Frank is evicted Frank has the round trip ticket.. . Feeds explode.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 18-20-10-583

Vet’s Duo Partners Chime in on their game:
Meg about James – James needs to watch out for Da. He says he’s rooting for her to win and putting all his poker chips behind her.

Jason about DaVonne – Still living in his mothers basement. She is a good player that will do anything to win but she has been called out on stuff. As long as she can stay a few more weeks and these showmances can become the bigger target, she’ll fly under the radar.

Boogie about Frank – He thinks Frank is playing a horrible game. The biggest mistake was him winning the roadkill comps and telling everybody. Its made him a bigger target. He is in a horrible position but don’t count him out.

Hayden about Nicole – He says its weird watching her having a showmance but do whatever makes you happy.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 18-34-56-527
Julie tells the house guests the last envelope will be opened on August 18th.

Actual results

Paulie votes to evict: Frank the Tank
Michelle votes to evict: “Stink .. I mean Frank”
Zakiyah votes to evict: Frank
Paul votes to evict: Frank
DaVonne votes to evict: Frank
Natalie votes to evict: Frank
Victor votes to evict: Frank
Corey votes to evict: Frank
Nicole votes to evict: Frank

Evicted House Guest: Frank by a 9 – 0 vote.

Julie opens Frank’s envelope and it is a one way ticket. Frank will not be re-entering the house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 18-44-09-853

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 18-48-45-932

HOH competition “Perfect Shot” –
Each contestant has a red ball and yellow ball. Practice as many times with the yellow ball. Only one shot a using the red ball. If the ball falls off the board into the slots the house guest gets the number as their score. The four house guests with the lowest score will be this weeks havenots.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 18-53-49-221
America’s Care Package – You can vote for a house guest to receive a care package to give them an advantage. Each week there will be a new care package to vote on. A house guest can only win once. This weeks care package is a “Never Not Pass” so they won’t be a havenot for the rest of the season.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 18-55-52-587

HOH Winner: Paul

The episode ended without revealing who win the HOH but when the live feeds were turned back on it was obvious Paul won.

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Detachable Sack

Paul For The Win!

Pinocchio Obama

I was really surprised that Paul didn’t get more pushback for how shady he was about the info to get into the secret room. Did he really hold back info the way they suggested on tonights show? I can see him not wanting Frank and Bridgette to know but the show made it look like he was holding out on everyone.


Love Bridgette, she’s so sweet and genuinely a good person. If my mom or dad were in the hospital I’d be so happy to have a nurse like her take care of them

Just don't date her

You might end up watching her cuddle with another man on television.


Take it easy! It was all innocent.


He didn’t hold back. They all knew he found something and stayed near him. He was mad that Bridgette and Frank found out, but he talks loud next to another HG and they heard it. He went around say I got it, keep Frank and Brid away and no one helped him. I think he realized no one really takes him as serious as he takes himself.

Canadian Kev

All these Frank Sycophants. This was a great episode.

Fed Up with being Ripped Off

Why are we continuing to pay for the feeds??? The HGs are still sleeping at 5:00pm; there’s little to no strategizing when they are awake; and worst of all CBS blocks the HOH comps, imposes a 36-hour blackout when the evicted houseguest returns, etc……..
I know it’s only $6.00, but CBS is getting $6.00 from each of us and giving us NOTHING in return!!!


I wanna see Nicole on the block next week, that’ll give her something to whine about

Satan's .

I’d like to see Nicole catch Corey and Victor in a passionate moment and self evict

Min O'Pause

Wonder if one of the care packages has emotion lotion and vibrating c@&k rings? We can vote to send it to Vicorey.


Yes! And after tonight’s episode it’s apparent she’s attracted to gay men

Day's chips

I really need frank to come back. Not because I like him per se, but the house will be a snooze fest without him.


So happy that we are done with Frank. Good riddance.


The house was a snooz feast with him!!!

Powder Puff Girls

are you a Paul fan?


cant wait to momma day face when win the trip!


English please


He meant Frank.
Leave Frodo alone.
He does his best.




James has great game play. Can’t believe Da an Bridgette through it to him. They are on opposite sides of the house yet both trusted him. I wonder who Bridgette would put up if she won HOH next week


Pls, enough with people saying James promised not to put up Frank and Bridgette during the HOH comp and he broke the promise. I understand y’all are rooting for Frank but let’s be sincere to ourselves. There’s no way Bridgette would have beat James or even Da in that comp. she was already tired but Frank was pushing her to continue and she kept saying she was tired. Frank then tried to use the opportunity to make a deal with James. I’m not undermining the fact that Bridgette did extremely well in the comp. I couldn’t even keep my hands up for 10mins tied to something. She did great but there’s no way she would have beat Da or James in that comp. so saying James went back on his words doesn’t really make waves. For Bridgette, ok I can feel bad that he put her up but not Frank. Frank’s deal was baseless. It’s not like he or she threw the comp. if anything, Da threw the comp. Bridgette wouldn’t have made it for another 10mins. But James looked like he was gonna stay there for another 6 hours.


I don’t think Richard was talking about James breaking his promise, I think he was making the point that people from opposite sides of the house both trusted him enough to throw it, showing James had done a good job placing himself in the game (up until that point).

No Name

It’s really not that hard to understand.

Did James tell Bridgette that he would not put them up…………..answer YES
Did James put them up…………….answer YES

That is the literal definition of going back on his word.

Good grief

James did not say
“I give you my word”
He did not
And it’s a game it’s dog eat dog in that house
Get them before they get you
Don’t you understand that
I would tell u I’m not putting u up too and turn right around and put I up if need be

So what?

It’s Big Brother. If I was in there I would make it my goal to tell 10 lies before breakfast.


You are right but all the Frank fan are filling their diapers now.

Franks fumes

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Corey's A$$hole

Richard go back to choking your chicken watching Vic caress Corey and I’ll go back to getting bleached


Power shift please !


So tired of the PP Twins trying to run everything


I hope Frank is able to stay in the game, after hearing James say Paulie is his leader, I am rooting for Frank to kick their butts. All James seems to care about is being with Natalie, nobody sems to be paying attention to Paulie.

I am no fan of Frank, but I like him more than Paulie and Paul. I hope frank has the round trip ticket, I hope he comes back in and gets a team that will work with him, and they take Paulie, Paul, Vic, Da, Z, Nicole, James and Corey out. I don’t care for any of these people, but I don’t want Paulie or Paul to go far.


Will this be the week someone grows a pair and starts chipping away at the showmance group? Please let this be the week, good god.


I hope frank stays. And win HOH


Frank might of got some votes to stay if he wasn’t such a snake,


Day needs to be out next week


Day will Big Brother 18


Da had better have the one way ticket because she is going home soon.




I know it’s been said many times, but James is a p**sy.


Can’t be said enough


I don’t trust big Michelle


I wouldn’t trust none of them, if I was in the house, bet, you should not trust me!!


Day and z needs to go.


Lots of people in this house needs to go but lets single out the 2 black people….


Stop it with the race card already! They are both vulgar and despicable girls… regardless of color. Stop it!


Actually Nicole, Bridgette and Michelle are no better. They are all vulgar and talk deal about others so say they all need to go!


Oh yeah? Did you see Nicole change her maxi pad in front of everyone?


Paul won…that sucks a big one !!!


Not Nicole
Get it right
It was Z!!

Powder Puff Girls

Michelle and Paul should be the headliners on that #meangirl list along with Z & Da.


Pretty sure he didn’t say it cause they are black but more cause they’re the two worst people in the house as far as knowing how to treat people. Z is just plain nuts and if Davonne is worried about how her daughter will think of her on the show, maybe she should watch how she berates, lies, and gossips about most the people in the house. Both are disgusting human beings. I also put Paul in that group.


LOL you think the color of their skin should give them a pass??? Day, z, and Michelle have got to go. There, does that make it better?


They all need to go, all of them suck!!


Only you!!
You must be a racist!

Franks fumes

Regardless of race they happen to be a couple of POS.

Your Boy

Your boy is sick and tired of people attempting to platt he race card. Get over yourselves. I don’t care if Da and Z were white, brown, yellow, blue, red, black, gay, trans, etc., they are both horrible and gotta go!


Ok. So the gist is Nicole doesn’t know how to be alone. Otherwise how does she “always find herself in relationships”


Zakiyah or Da’ or creepy Corey need to go.


Nicole and Big Meech are any better. They can go too.


Awesome speech Frank!!!! Love that he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Praying he has that damn ticket!!!


Frank is history!


On the live show frank really seemed like he was choked up a bit during Bridgette’s goodbye message. I think he was more concerned with the way people in the house will treat her now that she’s alone over his own disappointment about leaving. He really seems like a genuine person even though a lot of people don’t get his sense of humor.


I wanted to like Paul in the beginning but now he’s unbearable, god I can’t stand him and those ugly ass raggedy forever 21 tank tops that he only wears.


It drives me crazy when he refers to himself as “your boy” in his diary room sessions. Sorry dude, but nobody out here is claiming you! He might be shocked coming out of the house, realizing how he was not accepted by most BB fans.


some of these HG are horrible petty people who don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot but are as bad as those they put down. See if you are thanking god next week Da.

Pinocchio Obama

I can see Da being the next one to get evicted. People know she is shady but she might not be as big of a target as Paulie or Victor.


Actually it should be fun over the next few weeks seeing the friendship alliance turn on each other. Wonder if they’ll call a house meeting for that one.



Min O'Pause

… a whiny brat who cries crocodile tears.


Frank evicted 9-0


The best moment of the entire season so far.

I think Paul/Paulie/Victor take control of the house now.


Wrong, best moment of the season was when Michelle bit it hard on the ramp in the POV. Hahahaha!!! Thank God for DVR!!!

Powder Puff Girls

there is no competition now Frank the Tank is gone


Stay classy houseguests… oh, too late. Paul, Z.. all them float to the popular side and then act like a bunch of high school prep queens. Will be nice to see them feel it.


The easiest twist for BB to manipulate…. So dumb if Frank doesn’t have that ticket to get back in the game.

LOL you didn't get your way



I’m rooting for Bridgette win HOH tonight.


Why is Davonne so mean and hateful?

Michelle is Chucky

Frank is evicted for good 🙁




I’m seriously hoping that Bridgette wins hoh and nominates Nicole for betraying Frank! And also Natalie and say to James! You did what the house wanted last week, now you will see if the house has your back or will you now lose your closest ally!
That would be awesome!


wait what? Frank betrayed Nicole. She always had his back but obviously she had to cover her bases. When HE threw HER under the bus, why should she even help him?


I love Frank, but you’re right. I think that was his downfall. He didn’t realize that Nicole did have his back. He could have used her and Cory more.


Frank is the one who betrayed Nicole and look what it got him. I’m so glad that he is the first vet out.


Great there goes the most entertaining HG of the season… SO LAME


Well it sure was entertaining seeing him get voted out.

So long Frank

LOL this is so many of you right now.

Double LOL to those of you actively rooting for BB to rig it for Frank.


no round trip for Frank…


Another ghetto goodbye message from Day.


sick of her!!! she is the epitome of ghetto. it disgusts me that cbs wastes so much camera / show-time on her. ugh.


Ugghhhh…. This means we are going to have to sit through one of the other houseguests returning…




Pulling for Bridgette, Natalie, & Victor


OP is pointing out the poster in the bathroom says “Ocho rios” or what google translates to “eight rivers”. OP thinks that poster is a hint to which envelope contains the round trip ticket, and Da’vonne picked ticket #8.
At least that’s what I think OP meant.Yeah, but then they said, because last year it was the 7th caller, this year it’s the 8th ticket. They seemed to be logical on that first part, but 7 to 8 in different seasons isn’t that strong of a point.Right. The Ocho Rios was the stronger point.Ocho Rios is a popular Jamacian tourist city, fyi.
(You may know/not care/think the point still stands, just in case you were interested)This year, BB18, could have the number 8, because LAST season, BB17, had 7 as the winner in the phone booth takeover.It makes about as much sense as Paulie’s being the winner because it was in the 10th spot and was numbered 10 (they were on the table out of order).What about since this is the 18th season there are 12 tickets, so the lowest common denominator is two. It’s the second ticket!

Lil Jon


No Name

Hated to see Frank leave, but glad that we are 1 week closer to watching the gangsters have to turn on each other.

If Frank came back it would just be another week of the whole house ganging up on him and Bridgette.


Goodbye Frank The Stanking Tank Snake!! Lol at Da’Vonne


Crap-shoot HOH… roll the ball… practice with yellow… red counts… skill comp? not


I wouldn’t have a problem with the 1st care package if they actually had the Have Not food house guests used to eat in previous seasons

Uncle Touchy

Yeah, and how many of the complainers are gonna tune in next episode?

CBS has you wrapped around their fingers……

yeah right

Only to check in on my crush Bridge…
cbs can have the flakes, wanna-be
tough guys, and blasphemous ghetto


Bridgette + Power = Exciting Smack Down of Hoes

So Sorry

Glad to see Frank gone. Next I hope to see DaVonne or Paulie out the door with one-way ticket.


I’m bummed. Hope Bridg wins

No Name

I hope Bridgette wins and puts up 2 guys (Paul & James).

Paul because he’s a complete asshole
James for breaking his word to Bridgette

All the guys would be freaking out thinking there is an All Girls alliance.


Come on Natalie, it’s your turn, girl! lol pull out an HOH win and throw the house for a damn loop.


Da claims to be a Christian though seems to spew hate a lot …. that good bye msg was pure vitriol and uncalled for. She’s resembling the wicked witch of the west more and more.

da is

ghetto ghetto ghetto.


How come words like vile, disgusting or nasty are used to describe negative behaviors of non-black women but ghetto is the word of choice for the black ones?

Things that make you go hmmmm….


I am going to vote for Paulie to be a Neve Not because if there is a better one coming up I would like to block Paylie from being able to get it. So if it is not a huge advantage or something that isn’t really game changing I will vote to give it to someone I don’t care for…. that way when it is the huge prize the one I might want to have it gets it.

Maybe get Never Not for Nicole or Big Meech… decisions.

You know what blows I am actually cheering for Paul and Bridgette… because I really don’t like the others more… I know terrible.


Yep, gonna do the same ….Paulie is a good choice for this one.. hopefully make him a target as well


I don’t want these following people to win HOH
Paulie,nicole,corey,Maxi-z , michelle, and Paul
I want these following people to be hoh bridgette, natalie, and maybe victor
Idk about day she’s useless she hasn’t won a comp EVER I doubt she’ll win.

No Name

A Natalie HOH would just be another James HOH.


I want to see James squirming this week.

Get that HOH Bridgette and put James & Paul ON THE BLOCK


I think you would be surprised. On the feeds she does express her own ideas that are often correct. James just never listens.


We need a poll. Who’s everyone voting for the care package? I say Bridgette. Let the whole house know America (ahem …and canada) was team Frank. Also there’s no one else I really want to give this to. And if she leaves this week at least everyone left can still suffer being a have not.


I am voting for Paulie because if someone gets that package it blocks them from future packages… there might be a huge power. So if I don’t care for a Houseguest… I will vote for them to get this advantage so that later someone I want to get an advantage wins the big one.


Yes everyone vote Paul or Paulie. We don’t need either one of them getting something good. Blah

Care packages say what!?!

Next week is voiding 2 eviction votes. Then it’s super safety, co-HOH and finally BB bribe. So people need to strategize who they want to use the no have not prize on. It seems it’s a good way to block a good prize being used on someone!


This. Not being a have not isn’t a huge advantage. This is a care package that should go to someone you’re not too fond of. Save your favorites in the event there is an actual power up for grabs.


Tru, but can you imagine how big Paul or Paulie’s ego would get if they thought America really liked them! It might put a target on their back winning but this is also giving Paul more reason to say “your boy”…. and I can’t take anymore of that.


I thought Bridgette too BUT what if she gets this one (that doesn’t really help much) and there’s a more useful one next week? They can each only get one


I’m voting Bridgette because it will amuse me. A couple of weeks from now (if she’s there) most of you might hate her anyway. So why does it matter?

Powder Puff Girls

I am voting for Paulie to put a target on his back. if he wins the HG’s may think he is America’s Favourite and start gunning for him instead of playing for him to win.


Don’t vote Bridgette for the never not pass! Wait for a real power to come around the corner. If anything, give Paulie or Paul the never not pass so they are out of the running for future prizes.


I agree! Better care packages are to come! Don’t vote for Bridgette at this time.


I voted for Natalie because I can’t stand the thought of giving anything to Paul/Paulie and the house thinking we are rooting for them..


i wouldn’t vote for natalie either. she’s likely going to need one of those later care packages. personally i’d give this to da (or maybe z), she’s not going to win comps anyway while being on slop may affect other competitors’ game. plus it would lock da out of care packages that actually matter.

more realistically (because voters are going to pick their fav, not realizing this may screw them), i’m hoping this goes to james. his game is so bad, i’m not sure he would know what to do with the other care packages, and it would keep him in good spirits and make him more likely to keep up to the antics people enjoy him for.

i want the eliminate votes to go to nat. super safety to go to bridge (if she’s still around) even though she hates the costumes. co-hoh to go to paulie as he’s gonna take over anyone else’s hoh anyway, and this might get him some much needed push back. and the bribe to go to da (though i hope she’s gone by then) to watch her get all pissy about how she can’t keep the money herself and watch as her bribe backfires and blows back on her.


The 5 care packages are already listed on the CBS website. No need to guess the power of future care packages.


By the time the better packages come around people might not be pulling for Bridgette.

You do realize

Bridgette isn’t everyone’s favorite. Why are you assuming that?


So… are people giving this a thumbs down actually trying to say she is everyone’s favorite? I assure you that’s not true no matter how much you want it to be.


I get that and I get people find her annoying, but nevertheless it would rattle the house to see her get some power and shake up the game.


That’s good. I am so tired of the PP Twins. They should be on the block next together


I am so annoyed! So we’re left with Degrassi High the Next Generation and another predictable 3 to 4 weeks. At this moment I don’t even feel like watching these Gremlins anymore. Can production plz tell them THE HOUSE THAT VOTES TOGETHER DON’T WIN TOGETGER! Let Z or meech win just to teach these players a lesson.

Natalie is Hot

The couples are going to be targets. If they are smart they will team up and pickoff the singles Victor, Da, Z, Michelle, and Bridgette one by one.