Z crying to Nicole “Paulie doesn’t talk to me. He makes me feel insecure about things.”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 18-10-22-539

5:20pm – 5:30pm Safari room – James and DaVonne are talking. Da asks I have your vote 100%? James says yeah. I think Natalie will vote that way too. Nicole told me that she (Natalie) was going to veto however I voted. Da says I just wanted to know where your head was at. James says if I catch any word of it, I’ll let you know. Da says if you do just let me know so that I can enjoy my last couple days. Da says that Nicole brought up Natalie’s name as someone to go up. James says yeah I know I thanked Paul for not putting her up and he said people definitely wanted her up. All I know is I was nominated 3 times now in my season.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 18-23-59-242

6pm – 6:20pm Paulie and Nicole. Paulie says if he (Vic) doesn’t win it, just get him out. There’s no reason for him to be here. Every time he has a conversation he wants to talk game and just talks so loud about it. And if he wins who knows who he would put up. He says different people every time. He keeps asking about an alliance name with the guys… I was thinking of saying we got it. “The executives” and everyone has names within it. Like we would call him the “CEO”. Nicole says that’s hilarious.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 18-13-42-075

6:30pm – 6:40pm Bedroom – Paulie says The fact that she (Da) tried to say that I was playing you and using you is reason enough for me to want her gone. Her doing that in an indirect way. Z says I know you want her out this week. I know you think she is really really bad for your game. I just want Bridgette out. Vic and Michelle join them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 18-32-24-494

6:50pm Bathroom – Da asks are you feeling nervous? Z says yeah, I just don’t know who I can trust. Da asks what did he (Paulie) say? Z says nothing. That’s the problem. Da asks has that been going on long? Z says just today. Da says its been really weird this week ever since I got put up on the block. And either he (Paul) knows, or they’re doing it behind their back. Which I don’t understand because my whole thing was just talk. Da says I don’t think they’re plotting against you. I think they’re just not telling you. Like they’ll come to you after and say they couldn’t tell you because of how close you were to me. Z says if that’s true they I’m going to play this game like Rachel Reilly and play it on my own. Da says I’ve seen them having lots of conversations with Nicole .. so if you feel some sort of way about her don’t voice it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 18-48-31-115

7pm – 7:25pm Bedroom – Da & James. Da says I think they are going to try and take a swing at me. James asks how do you know? Da says I keep walking up on conversations and they shut up.. they didn’t before I go put up on the block. I walked up on Nicole and Paulie. Vic and Bridgette. Nicole and Corey. I just wish someone would tell me. James asks do you want me to find out? I’ll just ask them, they will probably tell me. I’ll just tell them I’m on board. They’ll be like I didn’t know you were on board but sure!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 19-03-29-098

7:35pm – 8pm Z is crying to Nicole about how Paulie doesn’t talk to her. He makes me feel insecure about things. It hurts my feelings. Am I doing something wrong?! I can never put a finger on Paulie.. one minute I can read him and then the next I can’t. I just feel in the dark. It makes me feel stupid. It just makes me feel alone. Nicole says you’re not. People just think you’re close to Da. Z says I don’t give her information. Nicole says you should have that close relationship with her. She could be a vote for you if you’re in the end. You have no reason to not trust me, Paulie or Corey. Z says It just bothers me that he can’t talk to me. Like just f**king talk to me.. I’m a straight shooter. There’s no reason why we can’t get up and talk. I’m not against him. Nicole says he says great things about you. Nicole tells Z that she acts tough around him and can’t do that. He has your back. You guys need to communicate better. He likes to be very .. like on his time.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 19-37-50-085

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I seriously hate it when they cast people like Z who come one the show for the sole purpose of looking for a showmance. All she does is stalk Paulie and get jealous when he talks with other girls. I don’t like Paulie but THAT HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME. What a waste of a houseguest


Why single Z out. Nicole isn’t any better


but nicole is actually playing, she’s forming alliances, backstabbing people and being cordial. Being a rat isn’t something i like, but Nicole is still playing the game

Crazy Stuff

Nicole will never win this game. Nicole, James and Zakiyah have ruined this game for pretty much everyone. It is over for Nicole, James, Zakiyah, Natalie, Michelle and Victor they will never win. Once Day is gone they will be right behind her with PINK SLIPS. Paulie and Corey have done everything they wanted to do to dumb and dumber. Nicole and Zakiyah are disposable now. They have been played with and messed over all on national TV. Wowwww

Min O'Pause

They need to boot her ass now!


You wanna talk about a waste of a house guest, try Nicole! This is her 2nd season of “showmance”. Looking for a man to “take her to the end” and Nicole doesn’t let Corry get out of nose reach.. both of them display why men pit us women against women… sad

Min O'Pause

Nicole too. Can’t stand that godawful whining.

Powder Puff Girl

Showmance Drama rating
10: Z
9: Nicole
2: Natalie

Crazy Stuff

I agree. I do like Da’vonne but she talked too much to the wrong people. She really needed to win some comps. Day gave up her HOH to James, she was not tired she could of hung on ‘wrong decision’. As far as Zakiyah what can I say…on the show for the wrong reason. Nicole I really don’t understand her thinking, she is the one started the attack toward Day now it is out of control…everyone jumped on the band wagon to lie on Day or get her out. No way Day can recover. Yes Day have lied and done things but only to try and recover. When everyone else lie nothing happen to them they are given a GOLDEN PASS. But let Day say something its a big deal. Double Standards. Think about this…. Paulie know Michelle is shady, lying and people want her out. But Paulie want Michelle to stay until Zakiyah is gone. Why can’t Michelle go before Zakiyah. Why because Michelle is given a Golden Pass. If Nicole don’t wake up like now it is over for her as well. I will be so glad. Please give Nicole her PINK SLIP! All of these Nomances ruin the whole game and how sad. They are not thinking clearly. The only person thinking clearly is Paulie.

Captain Crunch

Zakiyah brings absolutely nothing to this game, by-far the biggest floater in the house to busy worring about Paulie instead of winning the game.

Also If James put as much effort in his game that he puts in chasing behind Natalie maybe he would see whats going on. So let me get this straight, James is willing to let Da 1 of his 2 allies in the house get voted out b/c he wants to be liked and doesn’t wanna make PP mad? All im saying is if im in the house and your 1 of my allies imma try my best to flip the votes im not just gonna give up and concede that they’re going home just so i don’t piss off the house. I guess James will wake up when they evict Natalie but by that time it will be to late and he’ll probably just be happy to go to jury house just to be with her.


Unlike Nicole at least Z is willing to vote opposite of Paulie and not hiding behind him for protection




Da telling James that she wanted to go after the showmances sealed her fate with James. He has never forgotten that. But otherwise you are right about his game- weak and sad.


Newsflash: She doesn’t consider Nat and James to be in a Showmance


Let me help you. That she didnt name the two of them is irrelevant. It showed her intentions and whether she thinks James and Nat are a showmance or not doesnt matter. James thinks it and she really f’ed up saying that to him. Big mistake.


Let me add to this by saying, in the end, what Day said to James was correct. He and Natalie are low on their totem pole. She pointed out that they would constantly raise Natalie’s name as a pawn. They’ve done that.


America pakages 2 I vote for james 20 more times today
I want bridget to win hoh this week
an all America packages 3 vote going to bridget if she sill here form start to finsh


Z better be out the door next week… She might be one of the 5 worst HG’s of all time. She is so useless & boring. Sorry… Not sorry.




Do you have anymore of what ever it is you’re smoking?

Motorboat Natalie

Can we just make a new name for the Big Brother House? How about Tinder House? Because it sure as hell makes more sense because this shit is no longer Big Brother. These girls are so thirsty it’s ridiculous.

Susan J. Wilson with Albertsons CO.

lms if u fuckin over errbody except Natalie! Smash dat mu’fuckin like button boiiii

Min O'Pause

I doubt you are Susan because Susans dot their i’s with hearts and butterflies.
I think your name is Paulie.


lms ??? what are you 12? this isn’t facebook, that’s not a status.


IT WAS A JOKE YOU DUMBSHIT. I’m making fun of the once popular trend. I swear you guys have this fucking game shoved so far up your ass you can’t even see how much fuckery I typed in that message. SMH


what was a once popular trend? saying lms? it’s still popular among 12 year olds none of my adult friends have ever put that on their facebook.


I’m not a Z fan but watching her cry is pretty sad. Nicole is such a snake. She tells her Paulie likes her and has her back pathetic! Just a few weeks ago Nicole was crying her heart out that Corey was put up on the block and she knows that Paulie is getting ready to do the same to Z. I hope Corey clips her soon so she will know what it feels like to be used. I know it’s a game but at the end of the day Paulie should just tell her he only wants to be friends and nothing more. At this point her game is completely ruined because she was loyal to him ????


what game play???


No she wasn’t loyal to him. Dayvonne got in her ear with the fatal 5. Dayvonne wanted to clip the boys and both Nicole and Z agreed to it mutually. When Nicole approached Dayvonne with the showmance alliance with her being the 5th wheel. Dayvonn wanted no part of it. They didn’t have to include her but they did. She went behind Nicole’s back and told both Tiffany and James. James approached Nicole and Corey about the alliance and from then on they couldn’t trust Dayvonne. So Nicole went to Frank and Bridgit. Tiffanny and Frank figured Dayvonne’s agenda. I know Z and Dayvonne were both laughing at Tiffany and her meltdown. Dayvonne knew Tiffany caught on to her shadiness. Dayvonne used Tiffany on a emotional level. That is just as heartless as Paulie. That was really messed up for them to make fun of her crying. I’m not saying what Paulie is doing is correct. There is a saying “what comes around goes around” Nicole is just as guilty for not sticking up for Bridgit or correcting them when they are in the wrong. Paulie is a Narcissitic ass. Another thing everyone was on board to put a wedge between Bridgit and Frank just so they can break the pair up and get info on Nicole and Corey. Bridgit was emotionally unstable and that was Dayvonnes stirring the pot once agaiN. Everyone wanted to break Nicole and Corey up and they were going to feed Corey lies and split them up. That is personal also.

Yabba dabba doo!

Not for me. I’m doing exactly what she was doing when Tiffany was crying. Laughing. She deserves it. Karma’s a bitch!

Powder Puff Girl

In the end I think Z has nothing to worry about. I could see Z getting scouted for America’s Next Top Model as she has a great look which would be a slap in the face to Paulie who thinks he is God’s gift to the world.

Paulie had been stating he will be take Paul, Corey to the end. After Da’vonne leaves I can see him changing his tune, or putting it off just another week until that week is final 3. He wants Da gone to keep the flies off Z.


America’s Next Top Model has already ended for good.

Crazy Stuff

I agree! Paulie is wrong for using Zakiyah in the way he did. It doesn’t take him messing over to keep her close or to win the game. Paulie have taken advance of Zakiyah mentally and physically so sad. But Zakiyah is a grown woman with her on God given brain. LADIES PLEASE READ: When you run after a man that doesn’t want you like Zakiyah or he won’t call/text you back… but you keep calling and sending text messages to him he DON’T want you. When he won’t kiss you like Paulie he DON’T want you. When he not trying to get to know you on a personal note like Paulie he DON’T want you. When he starts an argument on purpose like Paulie he DON’T want you. When he stand you up he DON’T want you etc…PAULIE DON’T WANT ZAKIYAH HANDS DOWN AND NEVER DID. Leave the Paulie’s so and so alone. HE DON’T WANT YOU! Am just saying


Z is …….. a loser!!!….. Stop obsessing over Paulie!!


I have no remorse for Da and the unneeded drama she caused this season. She deserve this. She’s one of the nastiest players IMO to have played this game from a personal level. Her game is just drama. There is no game there. Not game drama, which is always good IMO, but personal sh$&. This game was never meant for her. Not sure why BB brung her back after her two week stay last season. She made shit personal when it didn’t need to be. I love how she wants the house to tell her to devulge there blind side to her. Who are you to demand the house give you a good last week? This is a game not your last weeks of vacation. Also I hope “James The Wuss” does tells her she’s getting blindsided so he can called on it by the house. James need to leave after her.


Day gave Zak great advice (about not talking about Nicole to people you see her actively holding conversations with). I wonder how come she did not take her own advice?

If she did she certainly wouldn’t be block. I hate how James is playing the game for Nat and blowing his own relationships. If Day has the round trip ticket, she will know all she needs to know.
Everything is Day Fault (including this turning into a Shitty season) for throwing the last HOH comp.. This week would be so much better if she was HOH. Paulie can’t manipulate and nasal whiner Nicole wouldn’t have a corner to run too.


I hope that Z’s relatives fly out for the finale so they can school her on how Paulie really feels about her. I would hate to see Z fawning all over that little weasel when the show is over after all of the negative comments he has made about her behind her back


All of this was on BBAD….in case you don’t have the feeds.

Rolling my eyes

They think the way Z acts is her game strategy. Lol She’s probably a drama queen, outside of the house, who needs attention from her boyfriends all the time.

Big Sister

If I had a dollar for every time Paulie and Bridgette said some variation of f***, I would have the $500,000 and then some.


Z is drying my eyes out with all this Paulie drama… GO HOME& sign up for the second season of Coupled. I’m so over her.


Z and her Twitter fans are why we don’t have more than one black girl on BB at a time. Yikes!


You forgot to title your name as TROLL POST so we can skip it. Passes your race bait back to you. Thanks but no thanks


z jus needs a minute to get over her wittle biity hurt feewings and then it gonna be like ohhh nooo you di’int think i was gon let some silly white boy get away wit dat shiznat mmm hmm


You forgot to put TROLL PoST on your name too. Thanks but no thanks. Passes back race bait


Are you here for big brother or to monitor the comments for politically incorrect statements? I wonder if you’d say the same thing if anyone said anything about Bridgette or James. What about if someone talked about Victor’s Latin temper cha cha cha! What about Paulie’s Italian macho ways? I bet just black people, because BLM right? Yeah that’s the new trending thing! The kicker is, I bet you’re white! You good deed doer you! I bet you look out for people talking about gay people too right? This is not the place, it’s anonymous commenters on a big brother site you’ll get nowhere you Social Justice Warrior you.


will somebody please put Nicole on the block I wish davon have the return ticket in team up
with bridget an james an natile with victor join them
with bridget hoh this week in james wining America packages 2
in bridget wins America package 3 that what I wish happen


z jus needs a minute to get over her wittle biity hurt feewings and then it gonna be like ohhh nooo you di int think i was gon let some silly white boy get away wit dat shiznat mmm hmm


Does anyone else think that if the round ticket isn’t used, there will be a post jury buy back?
Or do you think production is gonna rig who has the round trip ticket?


I don’t think the round trip ticket is rigged especially if Day doesn’t have it. I think if the round trip ticket was rigged it would had been more exciting if Frank had it and it would had been rigged for him. Day is second to that.
I don’t know that they (production) are going to do. It’s boring watching this group sleep all day tho lol wtf


All game aside. I have my opinions about Zakiyah. But this is getting really personal. It’s a game strategy anymore it’s real life. She’s going to have a nervous breakdown on tv. I think big brother should step in. This girl is in love with Paulie and he’s a jerk for playing with her heart. It’s not strategy to play with someone’s emotions like that. Nicole I wish you would have a backbone and tell Zakiyah he is playing her to further his game. I can’t believe he told Nicole he loved her that is so disturbing. I knew something was off with the Califiore brothers. Cody was weird too.


Honestly, Zakiyah has no one to blame but herself. For someone who has watched big brother since season 4 should know better that some men use this as a common strategy. Not saying it’s right by all means, but it happens. Dr Will did this with Janelle in Season 7. Will’s so damn charismatic, all he had to do was tell her she was pretty and she couldn’t be mad at him anymore. Z should stop worrying about her feelings for Paulie, and actually start playing the game. This isn’t the bachelorette, and she surely isn’t going to win at this rate. Also about someone stepping in because of a possible mental breakdown, I doubt that’ll happen. Far worse has happened in the big brother years and if they wont step in for those matters, I highly doubt they will for some lovesick frog wallowing about.


there is no way I believe that Zakiyah has been watching since Season 4. Maybe her mom was but she’d have been 10 or 11. that was a crazy year, actually a really good year and she doesn’t seem to have a clue about it.

maybe i’m just sour on all these supposed super fans who have no clue that the best seasons were 2-3-4-5-6. All they seem to remember is from season 7 on. 🙁


I believe Z has said it herself that she has watched from season 4 onwards. (Could be wrong, but pretty sure she said it.)

Also it’s not crazy that she could’ve been ten when she watched big brother four. I was ten myself when I started watching from season 2 onwards. But I do agree that it is quite sad that people only really remember 7 and the later ones.


Wrong Wrong Wrong. This nasty house deserves everything that comes there way, in the way that this house has played this season. It is strategy. Hell I don’t care about Paulie but it’s strategy. She deserves this Karma. She needs to realize this is still BB and not the Bacholerette. Don’t come in the BB house expecting a Rachel showmance. If that’s why you are here you deserve this. After watching the mean girls this season and P&P this season I don’t give a sh$& what they do in the house. Have her breakdown. I’ll be entertained while watching. Have her self evict Never Cared lol.


Agreed! And as for playing her, he’s only given her like a hundred signs that he’s really just not that into her. They ALL were much rougher on Bridget and didn’t give a crap when she was crying. Act like the grown woman you are and have some dignity. Own your s#!?, play the game, and pick a side.

Salted Nuts

Dr. Will knew the showmance strategy was powerful, and he employed it mercilessly.


Couldn’t of said it better myself. 🙂


What is Paulie suppose ta do he us married to her in the bb house, he can’t handle this any better he’s a man what is he suppose to do

Night and Day

Cody might have been a little weird but he wasn’t anything like his ass hat of a brother


Big difference between these brothers …. Cody as Derrick’s bitch and didn’t have a showmance. He was a flirt but nothing more. Paulie started honorably but has turned into a major scum feeding worm. I’m not crazy about Z’s non-game play but she doesn’t deserve being used emotionally and made fun of behind her back.

So Paulie … never cared …. friendship!!! Can’t wait to see your butt evicted.

Cry me, cry me

I totally agree.

Done With James

James quote “if they keep Da all their a$$es are up on the block if she wins”
seriously james all 2 of them lol.. is it even possible to be a bigger waste of space its time to send james whiney ass out the door


Paulie is a total douche bag, I’m watching the live feeds, he has spent the last 10 minutes scolding Z about her lying to him when that’s all his ass does is lie when it’s convenient for him. I can’t wait until Someone grow some balls and blindside his overbearing ass.


Every season of BB, there are certain HG’s that seem to think that they’re the only ones entitled to lie, cheat, scheme, and backstab in order to win the game. They get very upset when someone else is tying to do what’s best for their own game. Look at how upset they got at Day for trying to win this last HOH competition. They were livid because she was trying. I just hope this new season has better competitors


You know, I truly don’t understand why the commenters on here are so down on Paulie. I mean, he is a little big headed, but for crying out loud. HE IS PLAYING THE GAME!!! THE ONLY ONE PLAYING THE GAME!!! Everyone wants him out, but take him out and NO ONE left in that house would have a clue how to play this game. It would be like watching the Walking Dead – except it’s a group of talentless, mean spirited, idiots that you all will be left watching. Let Paulie win, for crying out he’s the one who deserves it. You hate HIM for taking all your favorites out, well, MAKE YOUR FAVORITES PLAY THE FREAKING GAME!!!!! Get a life and get off Paulie’s back. AT LEAST HE IS PLAYING (and trying to teach big mouth Paul to play as well). The rest of them are too stupid.


such a naive view of what it means to “play big brother’.. people hate on him cause hes such an ego manic not to mention a complete douche not because their favorite player is gone.. paulie will most definitely get the boot and wont make it to the end BECAUSE of the way he is playing so yeah why dont you check in with us all at that point genius tell us all about how great of a player he is smh..


Someone who isn’t on his side needs to win a Comp first.. Lol not happening anytime soon … I don’t think Paulie has the best personality but he’s playing and he’s doing it well…


I would not be the least bit surprised if Paulie gets voted out of the house. He’s been so nasty to Z that production will probably make sure he doesn’t win. It will be a shame though, because HE IS PLAYING THIS GAME. The entire rest of the house are all floaters and production will HAVE to tell them how to finish the game because every one of them are clueless about how to play it. I wonder how YOU would feel IF you had to live in the same house as all these clingy, mental human beings who SHOULD be here to play a game but instead are just trying out for a dating show. I mean, come on, THIS IS THE WORST CAST EVER on BB and I include Rachel, Grande, and Vanessa in that. These people are all morons, I think Paulie at this point is just trying to keep his own sanity and playing the game in the process.


Dr Will also had a gargantuan ego but no one seemed to mind and everyone loves his sorry ass. The problem is that Paulie has been running the show and people don’t like that. It’s not his fault their a bunch of lemming ready to jump off the cliff.
As for Zak getting scolded for lying to him…GOOD, if she’s going to stand there and take it, then stfu and take it. He’s not bullying her or talking “down to her” you fools, its called manipulation and its perfect for a game like this when you have such weak players.
Zak’s problem is she is taking a little bit of touchy feely cuddles and comfort for a relationship…HELLOOOOOO get the hell outta here with that. You’re not dating or seeing each other or anything…Stop crying and taling babies you air head.
You are just chilling with no Netflix….

Only can wish

I agree Paulie is playing the game., but it’s HOW he’s playing the game.
1) I know Z is a grown woman, but you don’t play with a person feelings like that. It’s not strategy when he is belittling her to the rest of the house on TV. He’s telling lies on her to give them a reason to vote her out after Da. He’s making it seem like she’s unstable. That’s low…
2) Z is in denial and naive, because it was the little things he was doing, like kissing her on the forehead, rubbing on her, cuddling together,etc and she fell for it. A TRUE MAN would have been real with her from the start.
3) I’m also, alittle shocked at Nicole’s reaction when Z was telling her about Paulie. JMO, she should put the game aside and gave her something to go on. It’s become personal. I say that, because she know what Paulie have been saying behind Z’s back that doesn’t have anything to do with the game. Z has feelings just like the the rest of the girls.
I would be saying this if it was any other female being treated like that. Yes, including Nicole because she catching feelings with Corey too.SMDH


Z is bat s**t crazy!!!!!


Is this highschool wtf r they even arguing over game or relationship Brenchel all over again


This is truly Not Brenchel. Brendan the Neanderthal actually loved and cared about Rachel and sacrificed his game for hers. He never went behind her back and talked smack about her and try to get her evicted. Jeff sacrificed his.game for Jordan and that’s why she won BB. Evel Dick sacrificed his game for his daughter. Paulie is a little punk and he better be glad that Z is not my daughter.


It’s pronounced Neander’tal (just kidding)

Fuzzy Num Num

Max-Z, he doesn’t talk to you, because Not-Cody is sticking to his plan. And there is just no place for a distraction. What did you think? This ain’t Paradise Island.
James is a likable guy, but sneaky, sneaky. Poor mean ‘ol Mamma Da, getting a taste of her own medicine. People won’t talk to you? Stop talking when you come in the room? Don’t worry, friendly James will find out. No one would plot against you. Surely not. Why were just playing a friendly game. Bridgette is going home. Nothing to worry about here.
Nat-Nat, you need to play your own game. James will only get you to jury. Not to first place.

Paulie is an F&&ker

What a freaking asshole Paulie is…playing with Z’s head. If your not into her and you want her out- just do it. Don’t play mind games with her. I don’t even like Z but this is just the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen. He is a terrible human being! She is immature and foolish but this twerp is beyond description.


Not a Paulie fan and I don’t want him to win, but let’s face it. Zak has been the leader of the mean girl brigade for awhile. She is not in to playing the game and wants Paulie to throw it all away and only pay attention to her. He has gotten info that she is a mean girl and that her actions could blow up his game. He has shown her that he is 100% focused on the game and Zak is so high school and wants him to prove his love to her.

IMO, she is getting what she paid for.


I’m watching Paulie and Z in the Paris room and I have to say, as much as I can’t stand Z, Paulie is a complete ass for how he is treating and talking to her. His ego is getting in the way. Almost bullying her like you would on the elementary school playground. His family must be so proud for how he treats women. It’s obvious he doesn’t give 2 shit$ about her and I think she can finally see that. At least I hope so.

Fuzzy Num Num

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Fumigate the house. Put a tent over it. In two weeks, whoever is left, wins!


He is being cold but my god if my daughter is on tv acting like this on the show over a man, I will fly to LA and grab her off the set and say if u ever get played like this again I will disown u lmfao


So strange that I was just thinking the same thing. No way in the world I’m going to let anybody treat my daughter that way and get away with it. If her Mom or Sis can’t get her, then call CBS. There are times that people have called and they intervened. I will kick Paulie ‘s bubble butt a** if I were her Mother


I was thinking the same thing. Actually what I was thinking was that Zakiyah’s mother was sitting in front of the Producer’s door this morning waiting to put a hurting on someone. Z has said her mom is a fan there is no way she wouldn’t do something about this. Unless she’s just sitting home shaking her head saying I can’t believe she’s (Z) letting this happen.

I don’t believe that, she’s pissed and will probably slap Paulie with a shoe at the finale


Da is gone!!! Hopefully James and Nicole next. All 3 playing like rookies. Hope Paulie wins bc at this point even though I don’t like him he has the house doing his work for him. Somehow I have a feeling Bridgette with a win here or there might have a chance.

Wait, what?

Paulie told Nicole that he loves her or Z?

So anyway....

I can’t stand Paulie. I hope someone wises up soon! Maybe James will when he decides to start playing the game. Z is a mess.

Big Sister

After watching the z beat down by that horse’s ass, paulie, I hope there is a special place in hell for that little dictator.

Powder Puff Girl

I hope this makes it to the TV without edits. It is about time the public know what a misogynistic jack@ss Paulie is. Don’t want them voting care packages to further his game.

No strategy

Where is all of the campaigning?? I’m sick of watching Paulie run the house and nobody is doing anything to try and save themselves?!?!


Who told whom they loved them?
Corey told Nicole or Paulie told zakiyah? I’m confused.


Paulie told Nicole that Cody loved her but he loves her even more than his brother does. I think he does have some type of crush on her because in the beginning of the season he said he didn’t understand why his brother had so much love for Nicole until he got into the bb house with her. He’s always commenting on how cute she is. He told James that she was pretty. He was also said it to Frank about adorable she is. All these guys seem to like her. Victor asked her out several times. I think since she rejected him he’s now obsessed with her. Paul said she’s wifey material. James even liked her but backed off because of Corey.


Paulie did not tell Nic that he loved Z. That is a Nic lie. She knows Paulie is feeling smothered and is worried Z is going to blow up his game. You can tell he is not in to her just by looking at his face every time she comes up and just hangs on him. I think he has tried to hint, but the girl just doesn’t take the hint because she started planning babies after week 3.

Reality Check

All this drama between Z and Paulie is sure making Bridgette looking better and better. The way this crap is going, Bridgette could be safe for the month of August.

The bachelorette finale was last night, why did we get an encore of z and Paulie? ugh


With the shameful way they acted when Natalie won the first care package, just imagine what they will say about Bridgette when she finally gets one. It’s going to be hilarious. Zakiyah and Michelle with their negativity all day every day realizing that the poor girl they have been shitting on all season is liked by America. That’s really what these care packages are, it’s a tiny peak of the outside world for these houseguests to figure out who America likes and dislikes. Zakiyah and Michelle are already two of the least mentally strong players in the game, crying because Paulie isn’t on his hands and knees for her (Zakiyah) and crying when she doesn’t get her way (Michelle). I’m going to enjoy it when these two girls realize they probably aren’t being received well by America. It’ll be Michelle’s make-up face x 100 lol.


Omg this is getting personal i’m not a fan of z but paulie is being a coward for playing with her heart to make it further and not telling her he likes her just as a friend z is crying all over place making a fool of her self on TV nicole shame on you for not telling how paulie really feels about z little does she know the same thing is going to happen to her day outright told z Paulie is playing you but she isn’t listening and ignored the advice day gave her to about not trusting nicole maybe she’s need to be on the block to wake her up and realize hey I’m playing for 500k but it’ll be too late idk why she’s on big brother if she just on BB to look for a man there’s plenty of other shows she can look for a man what a wasted opportunity meanwhile other people are dying and wanting to be on BB just to play the game not to make it jury and to win AFP not getting exposure just for the love of it the game get rejected and cast these people they need to cast better people next time.

sunny j

These girls are stupid crazy. No way would I put all my faith in a man. Nicole is the worst. How can u not see what Pauline is doing. U talk to Z every day. Common sense would let u know if she is being real or not. They all deserve to be pick off.


If Paulie was having sex w her I would fear for his safety, Wow

Deuces Da'!!!

Deuces daygone!!!! Your game and trash talk got you on the block and out the door. She is one of the worst game players on bb besides z who stalks and cries every 5 min over stupid stuff w/paulie… your not on the bachlor kid, grow up and move on… Da doesnt deserve the round trip ticket and i think she wont have it.

South City Cali

Yes! Yes! U said it the best!


BBAD is downright painful right now. Z is a f@$king idiot for glomming onto Paulie, but he is being a total jackass to her right now, so self righteous in his badgering of her, saying she lied. She’s in tears right now, talking to Nicole and it’s not fake, it’s real. Nicole looks bored to death.
He’s despicable, and I hope his ass is on the block soon. And hopefully she’s learned some things in life just have to happen naturally.
And Paulie, I hope you have a sudden case of ED.


Gosh, I don’t care much for zakiyah but
What Paulie is doing is down right mean. I don’t get why some of these HGs think that it’s fine to mentally abuse someone. Our world is getting more cruel every day. It’s a game- yes
But these people sometimes cross the line.


Paulie is a complete and utter asshole.


100%!!! Z needs to punch Paulie in the face, the game isn’t worth dealing with punks like Paulie…Geeeesh


I’m still a James fan so if you’re not….move onto the next posted comment.
For all the James fans out there……do NOT vote for him for ACP2. James needs ACP2 or 3 in time for double eviction (I don’t think that will be next week, BB would set double eviction to run concurrent with ACP2 or 3 to cause more excitement for the show). Whoever gets the ACP2, it will either be Paulie or one of his minions. That includes Bridgette…Frank told her to trust Paulie & she has drunk the kool-aid. And if one of them gets it, they will just remove James & Natalie’s votes. So ACP2 is useless this week
Vote for James for ACP3 & give him safety.

So anyway....

Paulie thinks he’s Vito Corleone.

Backseat Driver

For craps sake….did this Z girl go on there to find a boyfriend or play to win a game? I cannot believe her and the rest of the gals….IN THIS YEAR 2016….are so pathetic and needy about hooking up!


A couple of weeks ago I liked Paulie, but the last two weeks he’s starting to act more and more like a dictator and walking around like he’s a king or something. He is really starting to treat Z wrong. And Like we should play a drinking game everytime he says LIKE and at the end of the day…