“I felt like a damn kid getting into trouble.. I felt like shit thought I had to throw up”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 21-02-37-500

9:01pm Paris room Zakiyah and Paulie
Paulie is acting pissy that Zakiyah lied to him on 2 occasion.. enjoy..
Paulie – I gave you two chances to say information I knew where facts
Zakiyah – about what.. I don’t understand why you are doing this to me
Paulie – I trust you 100% I trust the 5..
Paulie – if you want information I give you the information
Zakiyah – I give you information
Paulie – I just put you on the spot for two pieces of information.. You didn’t give it me.. Make me feel…
Zakiyah – about what

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 21-07-13-023

Paulie -MAKE ME FEEL where is the information I’ve giving to you actually going..
Zakiyah – about what.. Everything to give me I tell Michelle.. Should I not talk to her..

Zakiyah – you are making me feel like I did something
Paulie – you did do something .. You lied about 2 things..
Zakiyah – can you just tell me flat out
Paulie – I told you is that what Michelle said when she entered the room and I asked you if Michelle was the only person in the room.
Zakiyah – Michelle and me were laying around the bumper cars taking a nap..
Paulie – it wasn’t just you and Michelle..
(Michelle said to Zakiyah when she entered the room that Corey, Paulie and Nicole have been spending a lot of time whispering together. James took this and ran up to Paulie with it. Zakiyah later told Paulie that it was Victor that said this not james.)
Paulie wonders where the exclusive information he gives her is going.
Zakiya gets defensive and Cries.. Paulie continues to act like a douche canoe saying she lied to him 2 times.
Paulie – Kinda makes you seem phoney
Zakiyah – WOW…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 21-08-16-024
Zakiyah crying..
Zakiyah – you’re making me out to be this person i’m not ..
Zakiyah is accusing him of using her for strategy..
Paulie asks if production is putting that in her mind tells her she has to be “Stronger than that.. I had my arms around you all last night”
Zakiyah says he’s being cold to her
Paulie – I’m not we’re having a conversation .. I’m sorry I’m taken back..
Zakiyah – you’re playing the game.

Zakiyah – I’m sorry you felt betrayed
Paulie – again Betrayed a word that was never said…
Paulie gets up and leaves.. “This conversation is over Z … “

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 21-22-13-458

9:22pm Paulie scurries to the HOH to talk to Paul
Paulie – I wake up at 5.. Nicole is talking to me about like.. Da.. Z, Michelle all the f***g sh1t.. Paulie adds the conversation that Michelle and Zakiyah had in the have nots where they were talking Games and James was in the rooms. PAulie goes on about the information he wuse to tell Zakiyah would get filtered throughout the house.
James comes in says Zakiyah is freaking out.
Paulie – Z is shtitting her pants..
(Paulie goes on and on about all this.. Not enough energy in the sun to follow his thought processes)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 21-34-08-199

9:32pm Safari room Zakiyah retelling to Nicole..
Zakiyah – it was unresolved.. He basically cut me off..
Zakiyah starts to cry
Nicole – it’s hard to deal with boys especially in the house..
Zakiyah says she hasn’t felt that way since talking to her ex, “I feel so stupid”
Zakiyah – I’m like why are you being cold.. I know she’s separating it but…
Zakiyah crying going on about being sorry didn’t know James was in the room.. Etc, “I’m trying to be rational it’s one of those things.. Why do you have to be like this you don’t have to talk to me like this… “
Zakiyah – I would never betray Paulie.
Zakiyah wonders what James said, “I’ve never said anything negative to him.. Maybe just we gotta get Natalie out.. “

Zakiyah – I wish I had someone that was functional like Corey is with you..
Zakiyah says after Paulie left the PAris room he went into the HOH she thinks he’s talking sh1t about her because the door was locked.
Nicole – Think about your game.. Strategically you have the strongest guys on your side.. Do not left.. Feelsings.. We feel real deep.. We can cry and let it out.. You are strong you need to show you are strong.. You don’t want this to get in the way of 500K..
Nicole – he still has your back..

Zakiyah – that’s the worst conversation I’ve had with anybody in a long time.. He walked all over my a$$ he got loud says what he says and I got cut off..

Zakiyah – I felt like a damn kid getting into trouble..
Nicole thinks it’s all going to blow over because Paulie and Zakiyah have chemistry that will be they’re outside the house.
Zakiyah is wondering what James said to Paulie to turn her and him against each other, “I guess it worked”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 21-49-35-866

9:48pm Victor and Paulie
Paulie continues the douche canoeing .. explaining the conversation with Zakiyah..

Paulie – I was as like.. There is no reason to lie to me about those things and you did.. I was like Vic told me and James told me.. those are two people i’m not working with. What if they decide to take that information the wrong way they win HOH and put me on the block.

Paulie – I was like.. I was like.. thats not good..
Paulie – I was like so.. I was like.. I was just bringing that to your attention cause that’s what I wanted to talk to Michelle about. It’s not good you do that around people you don’t know we’re working with.
Victor – yay ay ay ay
Paulie – I was like.. I asks you how many people in the room twice.. I asked you what Michelle said.. TWICE.. I was like I asked you if the information was 100% that vic told Michelle that and not the other way around.. TWICE..
Paulie – Like I asks you those specific things and i was like the way I did it .. I asked you in the beginning.. one of each and I asked you in the end.. so I gave your brain time to processes it
Paulie – if you didn’t know the right answer first it wold have came to you eventually because your brain works on problems it doesn’t know to solve them.
Paulie – then I was like .. I asked you again.. and you lied again.
PAulie – she was like I didn’t know I didn’t know I honestly didn’t know.. she was crying..
Victor – She gets caught in a lie and cries about it.
Paul comes in
Victor – Zakiyah is crying downstairs
Paul – good never cared.. Pissed scared.. Never cared.
They decide on a name for their “Guys” alliance they it the executives..
Corey joins them they decide to get Bridgette and Michelle out during the double eviction to eliminate the last few strong girls.

Victor leaves..
Paul – aww thank god..
Paul is worried about Bridgette. They are not worried about Zakiyah very much because of her lack of Competition wins. They think Michelle is going to win so she should go sooner than Zakiyah.
Paul – It’ll be funny you put Bridgette and Meech up together.. Bridgette might win put up Zakiyah.. Take your pick..
Paulie – Michelle is two face..

Corey says the girls are trying to flip Natalie.
Corey says he can’t stand Zakiyah.. “Just looking at her I’m depressed… like chill out bro.. Who are you.. She gets so mad at Paulie“
They mention how Zakiyah is always looking pissed..
Paulie – there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll be the first person to talk mad sh1t, throwing my name under the mud.. F** you mother f***er

Paulie – you come out of the DR saying ‘you went in’
Feeds cut
Paule – later that night you and I have a f***g argument, i’m so pissed.. Having to be in the DR and i’m yelling at them.. Being like..
Feeds cut..

Paul – Da wanted to punch me in the face because I told her she looks like a black licorice candy..
Paulie – everyone one of those girls except for Nicole and Bridgette take everything personally.
Paul explains it was the dress she was wearing with the white stripe it looks like that black licorice
Corey – I know..
Paulie – This homie (Paul) right here is the furthest thing from a f****g racist..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 22-49-02-816
Paul is saying Michelle is going to talk to him tonight.
Paul – I doubt it she doesn’t have the b@lls
Paulie – Z hates when Nicole and I talk
Corey – Nicole has never done anything to any to these girls like what did she do
Paulie – Has Natalie done anything to these girls.. Did Bronte do anything to these girls
Corey – No
Paulie – Did Bridgette really other than that thing with the shaved eyebrows… allegedly .
Corey – They are so mean to other girls.. are they not.. they are so mean to people for no reason.. I know for a fake Nicole hasn’t done anything to Z..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 22-24-43-932
10:16pm Zakiyah and Da’Vonne Safari room
Zakiyah says she doesn’t talk much game with Paulie at all, “It’s just flirting… “

Da – I told you from the beginning with that (Showmance) Save it until September, I do care for you
Zakiyah – I wish I could rewind.. He doesn’t trust me for whatever reason..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 22-25-55-503
10:26pm Da’Vonne
Dancing around thinking that Zakiyah and PAulie are over and she can use Zakiyah to take out Paulie
Da’Vonne – that’s if they don’t send my a$$ home this week”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 22-35-30-579

10:33pm London room Natalie and James
Natalie says she’s not liking Nicole, “She said.. I have a good point.. da really trusts you a million percent.. Bridgette.. her saying that comment.. there’s not f***g saran wrap to cover my pie.. that was directed at you she’s never made a comment like that you know.. you don’t thin that’s weird he didn’t say that in front of you or me.. ”
Natalie – she should have made that comment that is passive aggressive..
Natalie – what if she wins and puts you on the block.. just letting you know how I feel.
Natalie is saying that Da’Vonne won’t put them on the block, “She’s going to be crushed”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 22-41-09-376

10:41pm Storage room James and Natalie
Natalie – Michelle thinks Da is staying
James is saying Natalie needs to vote with the house they don’t have the vote the best they can do is tie it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 23-30-46-053

10:50pm Nicole and Natalie
Nicole – Hey Nat.. Who were you guys calling two face
Natalie – I wasn’t calling anyone two face..
Nicole – what was that about..
Natalie – I dunno not about you
Nicole – why is this going around the house
Natalie – I mean I never called you two faced.. it wasn’t about you.. that’s weird.
Nicole – I trust you .. If it’s not about me I don’t care.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 23-08-52-047

11:00pm London room Zakiyah and Michelle
Michelle – I’m pissed… I don’t want anything to do with them.. (Paulie and Paul)
Zakiyah – i’m to the point where I got the Rachel Reilly this thing out ..
Michelle – exactly..
Zakiyah – I felt like shit thought I had to throw up..
Nicole’s been shady to me all day she hasn’t anything..
Zakiyah you have not idea how shitty I felt.. I felt so shitty.. I’ve not felt that low in a long time.. only my ex made me fell that bad
Michelle – I got your back no matter what

Zakiyah about Paulie’s conversation in the Paris room – What the f*** do you want to know.. why you playing these games
Zakiyah says Paulie is taking James and Victors word over theirs.
Michelle – Victor said it… I hate whispering..
Zakiyah – he truly pissed my life off today
Michelle – whats he doing
Zakiyah – he’s playing hide and go seek with everybody
Michelle says he’s onto Paulie’s sh1t, points out that Victor and Natalie have both noticed Paulie, Corey, Nicole always whispering.
Zakiyah thinks Paulie did this on purpose to remove the emotional attachment they had..

Michelle isn’t sure Paul will break the tie in Da’Vonne’s favour. Zakiyah hopes Natalie and James sticks to their guns.
Zakiyah saying she’s done with Paulie.
Michelle – I don’t want to see him win
Zakiyah – I don’t either it’s not fair at this point.. nope you don’t have my vote the other person does by default.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 23-28-54-167

11:28pm Paulie, Zakiyah and Michelle
Michelle says she’s tired of everyone’s crap and she feels that people are trying to send Da’Vonne out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 23-50-51-272

11:50pm HOH Victor, Paul and PAulie
Laughing about the coming blindside.
Victor sarcastically – Man.. I wonder which two votes were for Bridgette..
Paulie brings up the possibility of Da’vonne having the round trip.
Paul – it’s a 1 in 11 chance.. less than 10% chance.. who gives a f****

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 23-53-05-909

Victor – Da with a vote of 6 to 2
looks right at Michelle whistle.. pretending to drop a bomb


Paul – I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you do that
Victor – If I win HOH Z and Michelle are going up.. I still want it for a for sure that Michelle goes home..
Victor – I’m putting this up with Michelle
Victor your childish and immature.. I tried to talk to you about it I tired to say my piece..
Victor continues the act out winning the POV taking the sea shell off the block and nominating Zakiyah..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 00-16-08-718
12:15am Da’Vonne and Natalie London room
Da’Vonne says she needs Natalie’s vote She’s never going to put up James or Natalie.
Natalie about Bridgette – on a personal level we’re friends on a game level..
Da’Vonne – I hope being nice doesn’t cost me..
Da’Vonne goes on to explain how she gave Bridgette help when she was on the block this is before Da’Vonne was put on. Da’Vonne thinks it was this help that might keep BRidgette this week. (LOL)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 00-44-23-020

this didn’t last long..

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Paulie is a douche


what the F is wrong with these people? it’s like they became a cult, and no one seems to have control of the reality of the game any more. everyone’s social game is totally awkward now, and it’s scary listening to these conversations throughout the house. this season has potential of someone self evicting.

Guy From Canada

Geez read much, it’s a douche in a canoe ????


What is he suppose ta do she lacks so much self confidence? Basically she asks to be used and abused!


I am sorry, but no one “ASKS” to be abused, ergo, no one DESERVES to be abused. You can’t just “see” a person in a kind of way to justify unconscionable behaviour

Paulie is talking in circles while “priding” himself on being logical and laughing at her. NOT a nice guy. I’m disgusted with that treatment.

A Girl Has No Name

Agreed…and as a woman, Z is a total embarrassment! If I were her mother, I would be seething watching her make a fool of herself like this. What a sucker.


I agree. No one can take advantage of you without your consent. Z is weak and Paulie knows it. I’m so sick of these two. It’s exhausting seeing how many rounds they go over bs. She cries and he goes and gets all the guys hyped up about voting her out. By the end of the night she runs back (basically asking for more mistreatment) and he happily obliges instead of telling her ‘you know what? I think there’s too much emotional wreckage here. Let’s keep this business.’

What does he have to lose? He’s already confident that she won’t win anything, so why even welcome her back at all? Except, on some level he’s fascinated at how he can easily manipulate her. I swear the next season should be all eunuchs and nuns. I’m tired of these showmances that screw up the game.


Why? Because he’s playing the game.. He never wanted a showmance and he’s made that quite clear, he’s tried to give her hints that are obvious but Zaks too head over heels; she’s not playing! What in the world is she doing? Sorry but shame on her for letting him get in her way… It’s funny she thinks he needs her, perhaps for a vote but she’s more of a loose cannon then Tiff was. Zak adds nothing to Paulie’s game, she only weighs him down so bye, time to go… He’s smart enough to not let the chick rattle him …. They’re playing big brother.. The Bachelor is on the next lot

Twilight Zone

What the absolute F*ck!


All you douchebags that said how much better the house would be without Frank…. Boy were you geniuses so right!!!!!!

Jabber Jaw

Your comment makes no sense under this comment.


Thank God, Zakiyah! Now you see Paulie’s true colors. Now you really need to bring out your inner Rachel Reilly and try to win HOH and backdoor Paulie…do not go back on your word or let us down…also, do not trust RATCOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Zakiyah thinks she is on a show called NBA Wives Of BB18.

Douche canoe (lmao!)

Unfortunately if you let a man talk to you like that, you have no backbone. She has no inner Rachael….


Rachel would collapse into uncontrollable tears whenever Brendon ‘wronged’ her too. The only difference is Rachel actually won comps and focused simultaneously on the game as well as her ‘man’.


Michelle says “I feel like people are trying to send Davonne out” YAH GOOD OBSERVATION, BUT YOU GUYS WONT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE YOURE AT BB SUMMER CAMP. I hope bb19 is better lol.


Seriously I’m fed up of Nicole! Butch needs to go to the bachelor show not bb! Not sure why people have her lower on the least favorites…


She isn’t attractive enough to be on that show, but Natalie can be on it forsure

Misty Beethoven

I’ve never said this here before, but when the situation requires it…Paulie, fuck you.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

“…Type thing, cough”


Where’s that reset button when you need it. Please let Da have the round trip ticket. Would love to see the look on Paulie’s, Nicole’s, and Paul’s face if she comes back in. Would be funny as hell. I need a good laugh.


I can’t take Z crying anymore. I have daughters and it really upsets me to see her cry like like that and seek comfort in Ratcole who is laughing about it with Corey behind Z’s back. I have already made a complaint to CBS about it. No person should be treated this way. I hope Z got some male cousins that will come and kick this little punk a** bit** Paulie

Crazy Stuff

Tell me how did you go about complaining to CBS. I looked for fan comments. Can you give the info website or how you went about it please thanks in advance.


Cbs.com. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and look for the heading that says INFORMATION. It has the SUBTOPIC BROADCAST FEEDBACK. Then you select the show and fill out the complaint form. I know fot a fact that they do read these complaints and will take action if necessary.


Cbs isn’t going to take action lol. They don’t care. All that matters to them is revenue. I think you’re blowing this out of proportion. It’s really not that deep. Paulie and z are in a kind of showmance on a tv show. That’s it. She ran right back to him an hour later. Cbs isn’t going to do crap.


I’m sure the production staff could use some laughs though so go ahead


Exactly. It seems like you wasted a lot of time complaining to CBS. What is CBS going to do, reprimand Zakiyah or her family because she made a conscious decision to become emotionally attached and physically close to a guy on a reality television program? Come on, give me a break. It’s not like they drug the houseguests. They barely even give them enough alcohol to do anything stupid. Honestly, Zakiyah acts more like a baby than an adult. She’s probably used to getting every little thing she wants in life and isn’t mature enough to handle a guy not giving her 100% of the time of day.


Z is not spoiled, and it is ovious she may have been in several verbal abusive relationships. May have started with a male family member. Later in life boyfriends, and her being insecure is a example of being spoken down to, and she said it “I felt like a kid”. Pity her don’t hate.

Put on your big girl panties!!!!

Her and Michelle and David have treated Bridget terrible. I am sorry but if she can’t handle the heat she needs to get out of the kitchen. This is a game, and at times not a very nice one. By agreeing to “play”, she opened herself up to it. Even if Paulie was using her as strategy, so be it.

Yeah I don't care

Z laughed when Tiffany cried. What goes around…


Exactly. If day or Z are feeling sad about any of this, i won’t feel an ounce of sympathy. They treated Tiffany like sh*t on the bottom of their shoe.

And Z treats Bridgette really bad. So nope. You reap what you sew. Besides I don’t see what the big deal is, it was just a dumb argument in a fake showmance…..


Thanks for saying what I was about to write. Noone cares about how Z feels bc she has been mean girl queen along with her crew of Michelle and Da – did you complain when she and Da laughed in Tiffany’s face? Did you complain when Z threw Bridgette cookies? Even Paulie called it, what did Bronte do to them, what did Natalie do to them?
Now that they are slippin in power, here come the waterworks. It was a stupid move by Paulie cause he alienated people when he was in a perfect spot – so it will come to bite him in the ass. But this was Big Brother karma at its finest and I am going to enjoy it.

Misty Beethoven

To explain my “Paulie, fuck you” comment above: Z and Da were awful, horrible to Tiffany. I don’t excuse them at all for that. However, Z did not have a personal, intimate relationship with Tiffany the way she had with Paulie. I would have applauded Tiffany if she ripped both of them a new ass. But Paulie’s been playing her, keeping her close enough to control, but still keeping her at arm’s length. He should have manned up long ago and told her he wasn’t interested, instead of stringing her along. That’s what I find reprenhensible – he was looking for an excuse to cut her loose and he found one, however weak it was. I personally don’t feel she intentionally lied to him; why would she? She had too much invested in him, but he didn’t have the same in her.


Z should be able to see that Paulie is not there for a showmance, but to win the game. He told her that from the beginning, he would not have a showmance in the house. Yet Z spends hours everyday putting on makeup and sexy outfits to lure Paulie in, instead of trying to play the game.


Z is a grown woman, she got herself in this mess, she lied to Paulie, just because he is not letting her keep his manhood in her purse his is a douche, please. Z is crying because she is no longer the center of his attention. Put your big girl panties on and play the game, stop waiting for others to help you.

Wake up

What I’m speaking on has nothing to do with the game. I’m talking about how Z acts and feel when a man talks down to her. Shame on those of you who cant separate game and her self worth. Laughing about game player and a man belittle a woman aren’t the same topic. NO don’t feel sorry for her game wise, and Tiff opening said her tears was fake, her game play. Feeling insecure because of possible verbal abuse is not a game. I’m not making excuses about her actions, I’m speaking on her issues.


but what issues? she treats people like shit, and she finds it okay when people treat her like shit. Z has not been mean to just Tiff but any girl in the house who was not Da or Michelle and maybe Nicole.
She blasted Tiffany laughing in her face when she did not know Tiff was in gameplay mode (and I think Tiff really did feel isolated). She treat Bridgette like crap and threw away her cookies (like how petty can you get). Threw a fit when Paulie paid attention to Nicole and Natalie getting so mad at them. So yes we are still talking about her behaviour and not the game.


You made a complaint to CBS about girls crying?

Heres a hint. They don’t give a fuck about you. CBS is making money.

Whats next u gonna boycott show? Another hint. They dnt give a f&*k.

She said she already contacted CBS. Bahahahhahahaahahahaha! Omg I’m going to piss my pants. LMFAO!

Powder Puff Girl

Z and Da laughed at Tiffany crying her eyes out. They did in front of her but Tiff had a bandana over her eyes and did not see them. Paul wanting to punch Bridgette’s face. Michelle… The majority of these houseguests have been nasty to each other. This is what happens when you cast reality star narcissists a total disregard of others’ well-being.

Hopefully Z will not got back to Paulie and start playing the game. Hope it lights a fire under her and makes her play to win.

Powder Puff Girl

Paulie did this knowing the camera was on him. He was most likely thinking America would cheer for his brilliant (not) gameplay, setting her up, calling her out during After Dark. He went to his boys and retold the story in glee to get further approval. It was very uncomfortable to watch him belittle, call her out over NOTHING that mattered. She could say no right or wrong he even shot down her emotions on how this was making her feel.

I mentioned in my post the other HG’s had been nasty this was on a different level it was abusive.


And why is this CBSs problem to fix? These people (by their own choice) enter a building for a summer with other people whose whole goal is to eliminate everyone else one by one to get to the end by any legal means necessary. Z is a grown woman who is on an emotional roller coaster because of her own choices. You don’t put yourself in this kind of competition and not expect to get talked about, thrown under the bus, used, lied to, and manipulated. 100% her choice to be there and she is free to leave at any time. Life isn’t fair and sucks but this isn’t their life, it is a paying competition gig so CBS shouldn’t interfere unless there is violence involved. It is Zs own skewed perception that is making her think Paulie has some kind of obligation to treat her extra special because he snuggles with her. It is a game 100% with a great prize at the end for evicting each other so no one should trust each other all the way until final two.


That was really one of the most abusive conversations I have ever witnessed (watched it live). I am NO Z fan, believe you me, but that was really awful watching how he talked to her, belittled her, twisted her words and emotions. It made me extremely uncomfortable and just on a human level, no human should be talked to like that.


Sorry but it is hard for me to be sympathetic to one of the meanest girls I have ever seen on BB. The way she treated Tiff and Brig is worse than how Paulie treated her.


Was it not a problem when Z was a raging, nasty BBBBB to other people. She is a big girl. Yes, she has begged for this dumbass Paulie to treat her like this. She has never played the game, other than the ones she has played with Paulette trying to make him jealous she was warned by Day about “showmances”, after the many times he has pulled this crap o her, still she’s right up his butt. At some point we all have to take responsibility for what we LET people do to us. She begs for it.


Ummm are we playing big brother or the Bachelorette???


Crazy! Z & Paulie in the Paris room made me want to slice my ears off! She got caught lying and the fake tears fake flowed. Not to mention, everything he thinks, is true! Now, he made her feel “weak”? Don’t be weak. Don’t be two faced. Or at least keep your lies straight.


I watched the Paris scene on BBAD and then look at the still shots above. Even though her facial expressions look like she crying I didn’t really see any tears until she went back down and started talking to Nicole, then her face was wet with tears.

But it doesn’t matter either way, evidently she was not so hurt that it didn’t keep her from searching out Paulie an hour later in the HOH and throwing herself all over him. Guess she decided that was an easier path than the Rachel Reilly thing she was talking of doing.


Exactly! And my point after watching it on TV, IF she’s a victim, she’s MAKING herself a victim! Stop throwing yourself at him! And stand your ground, communicate, be assertive, and state your case like a woman. As I watched the “conversation” in the Paris Room, she is a college graduate, a grown woman, and a school teacher. Answer the dang questions and put him in his place if he’s “making you feel some type of way”. He has like 5 alliances, but so does she. You lied, you got caught – spin your story and play the game and be a woman. Stop acting like a dang junior high school girl and represent! Then the 2-3 hours of pouty face (with no tears btw) making it all about a fake relationship, it’s just embarrassing. I’m a woman much older than her and I want to shake her. Play the player and stop being weak. It’s your own dang fault.


Girls, I hate to say it…you woke up too late! Didn’t you sign up to PLAY BB??Instead, you played the stereotypical boy crazy female and let the game play you! It’s enough just to “make it to jury?” Thousands of people want to play BB, and you get picked to walk around whining.
My hope is for Da to be evicted, 4-4 with Paul breaking the tie, then have the round trip so she can come back call out this homeboys for their lies! Then we’d really have a divided house! And the P’s now have 4 gunning for them, forcing the mean girls to suck up to Bridge because she’s going to win the ACP and have the power to eliminate to votes! Since she’s now the swing vote, she can watch all Frank’s backstabbers implode!


Stupid girls, cocky guys, lol

Paulie's dad

My son is a complete ass. He was raised better than the way he’s been acting. Treating Z poorly, he’s not playing the game, he should be evicted soon. He also does not use the same language at home. His mother plans to have a long talk with him about that.

Dawg and Simon. I apologize for you having to hear all the f-bombs.

Crazy Stuff

I know this is only a game BUT Paulie have gone too far very disrespectful to Zakiyah. She really like him. Paulie only making up with Zakiyah because he want to keep her close and to see what he can get away with he is only testing the water. Bottom line…why treat her this way. Paulie have crossed the line. Out right dirty with it. I have no respect for him or Paul it doesn’t take all this to win this game. ABUSE!


I don’t think actual abuse victims would agree with your assessment.

The final rose

Who does Paulie choose in the end. Corey or Paul ? I’m betting Paul.

Powder Puff Girl

I think he is going to hang on to Z and choose her. He will keep putting her on the back burner saying she does not win comps, floater.

Z will be back in his arms tomorrow night.


This is directed to Dawg or Simon or anyone who knows, I noticed that right before the House was going to play the game of Hide and seek that Paul pulled Natalie aside and asked her a question if she said something.

Does anyone know what he asked and what Natalie replied…



No Prob Simon, we all love the devotion you and Dawg give to this website……….


He asked who Michelle’s two-face comment was about. She told him Bridgette, which was the truth. But BB paranoia means they probably don’t believe it.


Paul asked her who the two face comment was about. her answer was they called bridgette two faced.


ha i tried to hurry and get here to be the first to say screw u Paulie u douche!!! but you guys beat me to it..nice job lol…i wanted to punch my TV when Paulie was unloading on Z. he totally gives guys a bad name and ruins it for all of us James’ out here…


Paulie is treating Z badly, but I don’t care. She’s been a mean girl b**** all season. It’s karma.


He caught her. Lying dog.


Uh if she had any sense, she could’ve easily caught lying on several occasions too. Lying is a requirement in that house. THEY ALL LIE!


While I didn’t see it on the feeds, I did watch it on After Dark. He’s not Mr. Sensitivity, but he NEVER raised his voice at her and she just played dumb, confused, and not much of a cry. Her eyes were not red, puffy, it was more of a pouty cry because it wasn’t going her way. It was FAR from abusive. And he’s not wrong… She ISN’T loyal to the supposed “five”. No big deal, she just got caught.

Butters Mom

Just because you dont raise your voice while saying something sh*tty doesnt make it any less sh*tty. He was totally condescending to her and while, yes, she did not tell him the truth, the way he was talking to her was not necessary. I feel like he was trying to “Derrick” her and it came across even worse than when Derrick did that stuff.


You aren’t wrong – he is condescending and a jerk, but I’m just as disgusted with how she took it like a child. She’s a grown professional college educated woman, not in junior high. Do you think Da would have taken that crap? Or even Natalie? They would have shoved it right up his you know what! And she DID lie. But it’s a game. And I think she’s pretending like it’s a relationship and she didn’t lie, and he hurt her. PLAY THE GAME AND PLAY THE PLAYER! Be a woman, not a child. The way she took it made me want to knock myself out. She’s a victim because she chooses to be a victim. He used condescending, jerky, big boy words. She whined like a child for no good reason. Knock him out, Girl!


Agreed. Also it’s hard to feel bad for her when she goes RIGHT back to him after the argument. I’d have more respect for her if she cut him off completely, and had a plan in the works to get him out for when she gets the chance. Instead she goes crawling into his arms wanting the affection because she can’t stand him being mad at her. Sadly, she is naive to the fact she’s expendable to him. I also really don’t have much sympathy for her due to her previous actions/talk towards Bridgette. But that’s another issue entirely.


It’s not what you say, it how you say it. He had already prejudged her and didn’t give her the benefit of the doubt. Plus, he was extremely condescending


Paulie isn’t loyal the 5 either. He’s only loyal to Paul (first) and Corey (second). He’s talked and planned about getting all of them out. Paulie’s an douche canoe!

Butters Mom

As of right now, Nicole isnt on the list to go home from the strongest players in the house. Those that are accusing her of laughing with Corey about what is going on with Z and Paulie, she didnt actually hear the way Paulie treated Z. She has only talked to Z about what happened. The way Paulie talked to Z was terrible … this little Paris room they have created is bogus because it gives them a private area to talk where no one else can hear what is going on … I think someone might have intervened in that situation if it were where everyone could hear. Paulie is an ass. Z is a grown woman and has put herself in some situations in this game that have made her more vulnerable and I hope she is strong enough to let Paulies actions fuel her fire and not break her. I think James will give Da his vote and I suspect Natalie will as well. Paul will probably have to break that tie and I wouldnt be surprised if Da has the round trip ticket. Is it Thursday yet… lets get this whole season over with already.


On the feds, it appears James will not give Da his vote and was trying to convince Nat to vote with the house as well. James told Nat, no point in voting Da since the votes aren’t there. Does not want a tie! So tire of, “…the house wants, oh I mean Paulie…!” Ugh!!! After the conversation between Z and Paulie, which makes me dislike Paulie even more, followed by Douches in the HOH room, including Nicole’s convo with Z, so can not take these hg’s. Who do we have left to vote for? Da will most likely be gone (please have round-trip ticket!), Z – still no words, Nicole A BIG HELL NO (she is so hard to watch anymore), Corey (goat burner), Paul getting worse by the moment since hanging with Paulie (never cared), Victor -had high hopes, but another Paulie puppet, James – lame, go with the house James, just get me AFP/jury/kiss from Nat, Bridg will follow Paulie, and Nat -nough said!!! Truly, a bad season! And sadely one of these douches will win the 500! YUCK!!! And a care package!!! Cory, Derrik and family should be so disgusted by Paulie’s behavior, it goes beyond the game, it is his true colors! Sad, just a sad season, and the vets were a waste of space!!!

Butters Mom

I agree with everything you said but I have to add that I absolutely had ZERO respect for Derricks game. He was a huge douche bag and the fact that he was in law enforcement and pulled those head games made it even worse for me. He is on my list of most hated players. I think Paulie was trying to “Derrick” Z in last nights conversation.

Susan B Anthony

Z is a disgrace to women everywhere. Her fawning and crying over Paulie and letting him treat he like her child is disgusting. Get a fuc$%ing backbone! “A man can’t ride your back unless it is bent.” She needs to get a clue and put Paulie in his place. Might get her evictred, but she will gain FAR more respect on the other side. And Paulie is a pu$$y. If Z was my sister, I would kick his a$$ after the shoiw wrapped!!


Omg! I never comment but this needs to be said. Watching this show as a female makes me so ashamed. Wtf girls! I’m all about following your heart but to not see these obvious signs, you have to be blind, deaf, and dumb. Wake up ladies. This is why a female hasn’t won this game in years. Whether your in a showmance or not this is just poor game play.

Md Mixed

God there are so many unlikeable people this year, i thought Frank was bad but at this point i would take him over Paulie (YUCK), Nicole & Corey are TRASH, Nicole is a whore who cant keep her legs closed just for 3 months and Corey is a homophobe!, Paulie is a douche bag who thinks he is something just because his brother (who didnt win and was carried the whole way through by Derrick) played before. Victor is so stupid he teamed up with the person who got him out in the first and Paul is so weak minded he is doing exactly what Paulie wants..I lost alot of respect for Zakiyah after how she allows Paulie to speak to her!…Im hoping Da’Vonne has that round trip ticket and that somehow Her, Michelle, Zakiyah, Natalie, Bridgette & James team up and take the rest out, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Paul & Victor need knocked off their pedistols.


I think you meant to say that Corey is a homosexual lol 😉


Z crying is just pathetic, how old is she? after all the crap she has talked about other girls in this House she needs to either be able to put up or shut up. If you can dish it you need to be able to take it….of course she is the same who changes her maxi pads in the food storage room does not even wash her hands and dips those same hands in a bowl of chips….why and how in the hell was this girl even picked to be a HG? probably another recruited HG from a social media site


Zakiyah had me going there for moment but she lost me again when she turned back into a bitch. Paulie is still a humongous jerk.
I don’t enjoy watching Nicole anymore
Either. She’s on my last nerve. I forget-
Was she always this way?


Just when I think Paulie has reached the top of the douche ladder and can’t possibly make it any higher up, he builds more rungs on said ladder and keeps on climbing. I’m by no means a fan of Z’s but this sh*t was uncalled for. Seriously, if the alarm bells aren’t ringing incessantly in her brain right now, alerting her to the fact that he couldn’t give a sh*t about her inside or outside out of the house then someone needs to call a doctor to come and confirm whether or not she has any brain activity. The girl is incredibly sensitive and needy, sure, but I simply cannot stand it when people pull this sh*t. And all this after their bumper car ride the other morning? Congrats on graduating from mind-f*cking Z to actually f*cking her, you’re not at all terrible human being Paulie. Good game, well done, golf clap etc.

And while I’m at it, get bent, Nicole, you whiny little twerp. You’re seriously trying to convince Z that Paulie still has her back after he scolded her like she was a puppy that sh*t on the couch? They have chemistry? They’ll likely date outside of the house? WHY ARE YOU SUCH A TERRIBLE PERSON? This is why we can’t have nice things, Nicole. God I can’t wait until those “strong boys” you trust so much send you packing. Ugh, just the WORST.

It’s time to wake the hell up, ladies, for the love of God! In a perfect world, Day marches right back into the house Thursday (if she in fact is evicted), rallies the idiot chicks and begins Operation: F*ck These Guys. They can begin with tossing Paulie out of the house face first.


What a major scumbag Paulie you are. Damn you can play BB without messing with someone’s emotions! Are you forgetting that people are watching??? You’re being judged left right and center and it’s thumbs down for you. Can’t wait for your ass to be evicted! Never cared….friendship!

It didn’t take long for him to lose his moral compass and humanity.


Z is not loyal, and neither is Paulie. I was a Paulie fan until he started acting like no one can beat him in comps and that his ruler of the free world. He’s told Z lies as well. So what does that make him. I hope that Z making up with Paulie is a game move because if not she just stupid as hell.

Anyone who think Z cna play the game is delusional

The girl had these arguments for weeks now, yet she always crawls back to Paulie…when Day leaves and then Mischelle she ll have no one , she ll be basically the Victoria of this season..and Paulie can alwys play her like a fiddle, tell her he had to act like he is okay to cut her to keep her safe…-.- and I m suuure she d eat it up….don t try to pretend Z is the strnog female character that is gonna save this season coz all I ve seen is a girl running after a boy that doesnt care about her at all….


I agree. And every time she says she’s going to “Rachael Reilly” it,
I die laughing. I’m not a fan of Rachael, but come on!


I actually felt kind of bad for Zakiyah during her conversation with Paulie. She wasn’t able to stick up for herself at all. As a woman myself, I was sad to see that. Paulie is a condescending douchebag. He is absolutely disgusting.


Be quiet! lol


I watched Pop as this conversation between Z and Paulie was going on. I couldn’t make heads or tails of this conversation. It was the stupidest conversation I have ever heard. It made me want to drink.


Watching BBAD….At the end of that discussion referenced in the above 10:29 update Corey was telling the guys about a tweet he saw saying that there were 3 mean girls in the house. The guys speculate it was about Mich, Z and Da.
What I want to know is how Corey saw a tweet????
Anyone on the Live Feeds know anything more about it?


I was thinking the same thing. So now they let them read tweets? And I think it’s funny he never say Nichole is mean when all she do is talk about people too.


Game Changer: Natalie picking up on subtle nuances re: Bridgette cursing about no wrap for the pie. (James used the wrap in a prank) – now she wants Da’Vonne to stay.


Wth? Lol. How stupid is that? Let’s vote someone out bc they made a comment about Saran Wrap. Smart game play Natalie. Smh. Is there anyone in the house that’s actually trying to play big brother or are they all just sitting around playing house? Ugggghh


It wasn’t about the wrap. It was about Bridgette being hostile about James, and him probably being her target.

Shell Block

Exactly! She just got caught and played dumb. I don’t think she thought she would have been reprimanded like that though haha but he was not loud or totally rude or abusive in anyway. Sensitive people much. As if yall never raise a voice and of course no one on here has ever been mean or mad or abusive if that what you call abusive then I am sure you who are saying it have all been guilty of it. Fucking hypocrites!


It’s official. This season of Big Brother has turned into a bad episode of the Young and the Restless.


SIMON or DAWG: made 3 posts under this topic and only 1 has shown up. Thanks


I friggin hate Paulie so much. He’s such a douche bag. He’s sitting there all high and mighty ragging on Z for lying but all he does is lie to her. Telling her he’s protecting her and has her back then talks to the guys saying she has to go home. I’m by no means a fan of Z but he’s so disgusting how he makes her feel like shit and is playing with her emotions. Also it’s funny how the guys say the girls are so emotional and mean but all they do is sit in the HOH and talk shit about them all. Please let someone get that moron Paulie out and make it soon.


well, it seems as though the theme of the season is stockholm syndrome.
In terms of storyline development, I don’t see davonne staying unless she has the golden ticket.
It makes no sense if she does, because production will never get that magic moment of a two sided battle if only one side is aware there’s a war.
Given James’ gameplay historically, he will stay with the majority for the week.
I expect a shift to happen next week with the second care package and new hoh. But i’m not sure if it will be enough of a shift to actually lead the story away from the pattern that has developed in the last few seasons.


One thing for sure is that this Zaulie situation is a mess. Their relationship is just a physical attraction. I think Paulie wants to keep her around until he is certain she will make jury. That way if he doesn’t make it to the end he still has her as his play thing. I felt really bad for her when he was talking so cold towards her. Some people think this is her karma for being mean to the other girls all season long. Just my opinion no one deserves to be treated that way by any man under any circumstances. All the girls have been mean at some point to each other. And the way the boys talk about the girls is disgusting. I hope she sees his true colors and learns from this but sadly I think she won’t. She is blinded by Paulie.

Marvin Gaye

I’m glad Nayalie is waking up and deciding to think for herself because James never talks game with her. James just wants to cuddle , play pranks and think about having a future trophy piece girlfriend … So disappointed on James he is so weak. I know Nat but we don’t have the votes , smh! Nat knows Da is super loyal to janes and won’t go after them two but Bridgette will go after James. Why is James ok with that? He doesn’t want to go against the HOUSE IS THE WEAKEST SH$& ever…

James ex

James doesn’t have the balls to make it a tie vote …. Natalie has more balls than him…. She is ready to strike


What good would it do to make it a tie vote other than put a big target on his back? James has known what was going down from the beginning and who the real target was, to turn against the boys would be suicide.




Ah how the mighty have fallen DA cornering ppl for they votes asking them to vote for her. she got mad when Tiff & Frank was campaign to stay. her and Z, Mich was like how dare they play BB and campaign to stay now they want her. to campaign to stay got mad at ppl for talking to them followed Frank everywhere he went so he couldn’t campaign to stay I hope Paulie does the same to her. Karmas a u know wat. I bet Frank & Tiff is sitting back enjoying this talking on the phone laughing at her saying Karma.


God I think a lot of us old school BB fans must be just getting too old! This high school crap is getting on my nerves. It may appeal to the teenie boppers out there but holy crap with all the F bombs being thrown out I don’t think I would want my teen watching the feeds or AD. My three grand kids 6,3,2 live with me and when they come into the room I pause it. Come on BB give us some ADULT HG that are there to play the game. The other night we had a pimple discussion, a pimple popping session, and a discussion of women’s vaginal issues. No game play, no strategy, Da making no attempt to talk to Vic and try to make him see he is another pawn for Paulie who by the way is the one who evicted you Vic. Sitting there with that puss on her face or reading her bible. Max-Z and the rest of the girls……………well you all know what they are about. Sorry morning rant over back to work 🙂


there’s an upside to keeping both bridgette and da. bridgette can possibly win hoh, but there’s a chance she will fall under the influence of the jerks, da probably won’t win (even though she came close to that other comp 2 weeks ago, but what are the chances of that happening again) but she will for sure blow the house up. if natalie, james, davonne, or michelle wins (heck no to zakiyah, that girl is messed up by paulie and it’s so sad and embarrassing.) thats a huge possibility of them getting out one of the other 5, because it would only be 3 votes to save someone, contingent on everyone banding up against them…but no, i guess that’s too much wishful thinking because nobody wants to go against the house anymore. smh.


I don’t think she tried to lie. This chick seriously, only thinks about Paulie. The less he is around her, the less she seems to function. She seems to be the type to get played over by guys that she like. Calling Dr. Phil, Zakiyah needs you!!


I actually want the jury to be bitter and deny Paulie the win if he makes it to the end. He’s playing Derrick’s game, but the way he treats Z reminds me of the “good old days” of BB16 where the guys expect the girls to kowtow to them.


It seems like we need to hear 5 minutes before and after each convo.


I hope Da has the ticket. Then her, Meech, Z , Nat, James, n Brig can work om getting out the Rat 5.
P n P, Vic, Corey, n 2 faced Nichole.

Paulie Calafiore

I have a small pen!s, that’s why i take my insecurities and anger out on woman.


I can’t stand Paulie, he is such a d-bag, nothing like his brother. I really hope he gets cut by one of his boys soon (Victor) although Vic is another d-bag himself. These boys are sooo inmature, bunch of jerks, a-holes. I want Paulie and Paul out, they need to go to jury and hook up cause everyone can see they’re just such a cute couple they even look the same! Next Corey and Vic out to jury, I’m sure they will share a room too. Nicole out and by herself in the jury house cause Corey will be to busy with the guys. I hate these HG’s ugghghgh


This 5 are awful indeed.. Only thing i would rescue about Paulie is he’s playing aggresive. But the other side is not much better.. Day is great but she’s going out, Z Nata nd Bridg are too pasive, and Michelle is trying but she’s not that smart. James is our hope.


I think he way Paulie is being portrayed after last night is ridiculous. He never raised his voice. He just wanted the truth out of Z. Z continually lied to his face. What about when Paulie told James what happened, and James said that he wasn’t sleeping like Z said he was. James said that he was looking for his water bottle. Also what about that Nicole was comforting Z both before and after Paulie and Z spoke in Paris. Z is causing high school drama and when she gets called out on it she automatically starts crying and saying that she is going to have to be like Rachel Reilly the rest of the season. Z, Michelle and Day are literally just being mean girls. Unfortunately Nat seems to be under their influence now.