“I don’t even know if Paulie will pull himself down.. Even Goldie and tall boy want her (Bridgette) gone”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 01-19-27-006

12:03am Paul and Zakiyah
Zakiyah says Victor is going next week.
Zakiyah – I know Paulie wants to put up Da and for her to go home..
Zakiyah wants Bridgette to go this week like the plan was.
Paul – SHe volunteered
Zakiyah – she did
Paul – I know Bridgette is going home.. I’ve made it very clear on my plan.

Paul says he’ sticking with his plan, he can’t control what the house does from this point he’s just going to do what he said he’ll do.
Zakiyah – you meech and Paulie .. .

Paul – Homegirl is getting on my nerves (Natalie )
Zakiyah – she a floater to the max.. I’ll put up Natalie and Victor
Paulie joins them, tells them Victor is talking to the feed watchers in the safari room.
Zakiyah – Girls just want you to know Vic is a a$$hole.. He’s spoiled..
Paulie – momma’s boy..
Paulie calls him a douche.
Zakiyah – his mom gave him everything he wanted
Paul says he wants to put someone up that has experience being on the block, “YOu have literally nothing to worry about”

Paul – Bridgette’s been hidden.. Where is she
Zakiyah – she’s like a new person

Zakiyah – I need a puppy.. I need some puppy love..
Paulie leaves.. To play pool with Victor
Zakiyah comments on Paulie and Victor having an intense conversation over at the pool table.
Paul says James has never mentioned Victor only just talks about “Nat Nat”

Zakiyah says Victor is saying “technically” he won 5 competitions.
Zakiyah _ i will never vote for you.. I will never vote for you a$$ cause I don’t care about you.. The other person wins by default
Paul – his cocky attitude
Paul – He just say stuff.. I’m like Dude you are visibly pissing people off .
Zakiyah – Meech don’t care for him..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 01-32-18-595

Zakiyah wants PAulie to win the next HOH anyone but Victor and “NAT NAT”
Zakiyah about Natalie – She’s a bonafide floater.. She really just wants to be carried throughout this game.. That’s not fair.. That’s not fair for people like me.. I actually try.. Like TRY . (this is entertaining coming from Zakiyah)
Paul – yeah she doesn’t
Zakiyah – she’s like ohh I suck at competitions.. (last night z cried for an hour about sucking at competitions)
Zakiyah – at least she keeps her spirits up
Paule – it’s working she’s been doing sh1t
Zakiyah – GOD GOD GOD GOD.. please I know you are out there somewhere give your girl something i’m not afraid to do some shit..
Zakiyah – give me the power I’ll pull the trigger i’m not afraid

Zakiyah about Victor – he think he the shit.. He might not look good on the outside but once you get to know him Oh my god
Paul – trust me I know
Zakiyah – he’s going to have a hard time in a relationship.. Girls will be like I feel disrespected you treat me like sh1t..
Zakiyah says Natalie isn’t doing anything in the game Claims that at least she’ is trying in the competitions.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 01-36-02-775

12:18am Paulie and Victor
Victor – when it’s 5 guys … whoever wins the HOH.. we litterally have a high possibility..
Victor wants to keep Bridgette around to use to take out some girls from the girls on the other side.
PAulie agrees, “As long as us 5 guys are not on the block we control the votes from here on out”
Paulie says he’s worried about Michelle because later in the game competitions become more mental.
This is the reason Victor wants to keep Bridgette to compete in the mental comps.
Paulie says if Bridgette wins before they get a chance to take her out they can get her to put up James.
Victor – agrees. “Me leaving and coming back was the best thing that happened.. I know people don’t like me but I’m not their target.. As long as me or my boys com through

Paulie wants that Z is staring at him.. Says if they have the chance to take her out next week they should take it
Victor agrees, “Never cared”

PAulie is nervous that Zakiyah is laying in the hammock trying to get information out of paul
Victor – he’s tipsy… but he’s stronger than that..
Paulie points out that Tiffany told them about the fatal 5, he saw DA, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle in the hammock having a meeting earlier on.
Paulie – that’s why we have to take a shot at Da .. we need to take out Michelle, Zakiyah and Bridgette..
Victor – the best part is knowing I can trust you and Paul
Paulie – someone has to win to take a shot at us.. And if they don’t they can never take a shot

Paulie – why do you think Da is always avoiding Paul… She knows because someone told her.
Paulie – Nicole has said she wanted Da out but Nicole trusts Z.. I told her don’t trust Z..
Paulie – I brought it up to COrey you’re close to Nicole and she’s got your back
Victor – YOUR BACK
Paulie and Victor are agreeing they can’t tell too much information to James and Corey because they can’t control how much is given to their girls.
Victor – I was talking to Bridgette today and Bridgette told me Da would be the replacement..
Victor adds that BRidgette wanted him to relay to the guys that she’s not coming after them she wants to work with them to get the girls.
Paulie – I believe her.. What if she wins HOH takes out one of the targets.. Tells her once Da leaves the only two girls after you are Zakiyah and Michelle.
Victor – I might be a target but I’m not a target just yet
Paulie starts talking about the Cody. Caleb. Derrick, Frankie alliance winning 95% of the competitions their season (yeah it was the most exciting season ever)

Victor begins up Bridgette telling him Da told her she needs to blow up Nicole’s spot to get her on the block
Paulie – that’s not going to happen.
They agree da’Vonne is a schemer

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 02-09-29-845

12:30am hammock Zakiyah, DA’Vonne and Paul
Talking about final 3 if you have 2 close friends and a 3rd not so close friend how would that play out. They chat about BB16 how Cody took his close friend. \
Da’Vonne – loyalty is huge to me cause I’m a very loyal person.. In a perfect world I would see us four.. You me, Paulie, James and Meech
PAul – that’s the plan
DA’Vonne – in perfect world
Paul e- depends on how we do it.. Theres an order of operation.. This week has gone exactly how it should be.. Smooth as ice.
Da’Vonne -us 4 can make it far.. Then battle it out like family
Paul – I agree..
Da’Vonne – it’s fair we got 2 girls and 2 guys

Zakiyah says Natalie should be nominated as the replacement when Paulie comes down, “She’s too comfortable;.. Look at her too comfortable”
Da’Vonne – or keep her around and let her to Nicole
Zakiyah called to the Diary room. .
Da’Vonne – we got to start thinking about Jury votes..

Da – i’ve had a full year to think about this game I wanted some loyal people to have on my side
Paul – agreed.. I haven’t had a full year
Paul – I think we let EXEC take the cake next week.. He’ll whatever really .. he wants to float with whatever is in power.. Whoever has power.. 100% doesn’t want to go against the grain
Da – you don’t think he’ll take a shot at us
Paul – f** no, no way… he’s mentioned “those two” (nicole corey?)

Paul – Homegirls fate is sealed.. I think she knows
Da – She’s sleeping a lot (Bridgette)
Paul – on her way out the door

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 02-22-37-637

Paul – I don’t even know if Paulie will pull himself down, he might he might not it’s up to him.. I don’t really care..I don’t think anybody should care.. It doesn’t f***g matter homegirl is going home..

Paul says there is no scenario where people vote to keep Homegirl over anybody else in the house.
Paul – Even goldie and tall boy want her gone…

Da’Vonne is pushing this new alliance (Paulie, Zakiyah, Paul, Michelle, James and her) idea she has planned, “we can control any given sunday and just blast these next weeks just blast”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 02-35-36-636

12:45am Pool table Victor and Paulie
Paulie – Paul better not go to sleep.. We need to have a chat..
Paul comes to join them..
Victor with a big smile “So how was the conversation”
Paulie – while you were a sleep those 4 girls, Zakiyah, Nicole, Michelle and Da were out here talking .. all that stuff.. I’m thinking if I didn’t win or you didn’t win and pull me off they were going to put the votes towards me and try and take a shot and hope that natalie wouldn’t vote towards bridgette.

Paul – if I out Da up you positive she gets vote out
Paulie – gone dude..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 02-34-37-633
Victor counts the votes.. Victor, Paulie, James, Corey, Nicole
Paulie- and Natalie..
Paulie – it’s all the guys and Natalie.. 4 votes and Natalie..
Paul – they are trying to get me to put Natalie up
Paulie – of course they were
Victor – ya
Paul – I’m not going to do that

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 02-33-36-636

Paulie to Paul -Zakiyah thinks she’s smooth she just had a conversation with me saying that we need to take you out
Victor – really ..
Paul – ya
Victor really
Paul – ya, never carried
Victor – she said that
Paulie ya
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 02-36-24-634

Victor OIOHOHOOHOH OHO ahahah a
Victor says she had a conversation Bridgette and she said Da is trying to get her to badmouth Nicole so she would be the favorite to go up as the replacement.
Paulie – Clip’em
Paul – clip day this week clip Z next week
Paulie – BOOM .. BOOM BOOM
Paulie – f** it never cared
Victor – they can never put us up unless they win something
They are only worried that Bridgette, Michelle and Nicole winning and Bridgette is on their side.
Paulie is going to work on Bridgette to put up Zakiyah and Michelle next week those are the last 2 girls that would be coming for her.
Paul jokes if Bridgette take a swing at him he’s going to kill her.
Victor – she won’t… if she’s as loyal to us as she is to Frank we’ll be fine
Paulie – for the time being.. If she doesn’t win anything to take a shot we get rid over her
Victor says worst case she’s a vote right now which is golden.
Vicote says he’s been working Bridgette hard lately roping her in.. “she’s really cool with me”
Paul – Da is getting on my nerves and Z is scam

Victor says he wants a name for their group..
Paulie says after they survive the double..
Victor America wants it

Paul leaves…
PAulie says Zakiyah is really scheming now. he use to give actual information early on.
Victor says he use to talk game with Nicole but she stabbed him in the back.
Paulie – guys in here are more loyal than the girls.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 02-52-42-360

1:03am Backyard Corey, Victor and Paulie
Sleeping in the bumper cares is very hard for Corey he’s 6.5.
Corey – that is how it’ll be all week.. you score an hour here and there.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 01-28-54-991

1:21am Da and James London room
Da says from the way Paulie is talking he’s not going to use it she heard him say “That way Pal doesn’t have blood on his hands”
Da adds that Paul told her everything is set in stone.. but nobody is giving her a definite..
Da – no one is saying a definite they are saying.. Oh ya it’s smooth it’s set in stone
James- Paul said he would take Bridgette out for me.. so I dunno..
Da’Vonne says she talked to Paul and he wants the final 6 to be Zakiyah, Paulie, Paul, JAmes, Da’Vonne and Michelle.. (LOl it was the other way around)
James – damn
Da’Vonne – once we get to that point me and you needs to just fight them.. it’ll be hard but I thin kwe can do it
James – final 6..
Da’Vonne – when did you go out last year..
James- 7, I wold have gone further if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 01-33-49-165

1:34am Zakiyah and Da’Vonne London room
Da – PAulie is going to have a hard time trying to cut Corey.. he really likes him
Zakiyah says she doesn’t know Paulie exact relationship are

Zakiyah leaves.. Da’Vonne starts taking to herself says she needs to lay low and just win cops all this strategisng she’s doing might not be helping.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 04-27-04-732
1:55am Living room Zakiyah, PAulie and Vicotr
Chit chat about hair.

Michelle walks by..
Simon – MEEECH

Paulie – alright bumper car bliss here we go..
Paulie – good night yo

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 04-20-07-446

1:55am James and Natalie Bathroom
(James stomach is sore)
Natalie – you ok
James – ya
Natalie – I can get you hot milk.. warm milk and honey
James – sound like it’ll tear my stomach up
Natalie- warm water
James – it’ll make me poo
Natalie – warm water, Lemon and honey fix you right up

Natalie – you ok
James – Feels like I gotta poop but I don’t
they realize the camera is on them
Natalie – Hey America it’s me and JAmes here. James doesn’t feel good so i’m trying to take care of him he’s a little baby boy. ohh Jamezz… ohhh let me make you some warm water..
Michelle walks in

Natalie – MEECH

James – my tummy hurts.. I ate all that pizza and put Victors taco sauce on it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 04-31-23-537

1:59am Zakiyah and Paulie

Paulie grumbling about being in the bumper cars..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 03-45-40-534

2:01am Bathroom Michelle and Zakiyah
Michelle asks if she knows what Paul is doing
Zakiyah says he’s not saying but she thinks he has a plan.
Michelle – you think it’s me
Zakiyah says she volunteered today but Paul told her he wanted someone up who is experienced, “I was like ok, OK”
Zakiyah says it’ll probably be Natalie or Da she’s heard Da volunteered to.
Zakiyah says if Da goes on the block it’ll be Bridgette going home.
Michelle – right.. did you talk to him today
Zakiyah – Paul.. yup
Zakiyah says Paul is still sticking with the plan to get Bridgette out, they need 4 votes. it’s just up to James and Nicole.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 03-55-40-374

2:17am Natalie and James
Natalie – Am I the first Latin girl you’ve liked
James- ya
Natalie – I’m half white.. half Italian.. You like blondes..
James- it’s not really like that.. all my friends just seem to be blonde..
James – ya, you are the first Latin person
Natalie – I knew it
james- have you ever dated a Asian before
Natalie- White, Black and Spanish..
JAmes- wow

James is plotting a prank for PAul
Natalie – He’ll put me on the block .. do not get me put on the block please
James laughs says why wouldn’t Paul put him on the block
Natalie – cause we’re a package deal..

Natalie – I want to go lay down Jamezzz it’s late..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 04-00-26-121

James – you don’t stare at the memory wall that’s bad juju you never know when the HOH is watching you remember..
Natalie – ohh ya

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Unless she has the round trip ticket Da is gone. Paulie, Vic, Corey & Nic vote her out and Paul breaks the tie. I do sometimes get the feeling that Paul isn’t 100% down with getting out Da. Paulie is pushing him too hard. Maybe a crack in the PP “friendship”?


There’s no crack… Paul is so desperate to have Paulie’s “friendship” that he doesn’t even realize he’s just being Paulie’s lapdog.


Paul is so desperate to be accepted and needy for attention he will do whatever Paulie wants. It’s crazy how they all fall in line for Paulie and fear him too. Ridiculous. It’s a little like a cult and Paulie is David Koresh. Ugh

Curious BB

I have thought the same thing….it’s as if,they are willingly drinking the kool-aid…..no disrespect ….

sunny dee

paul doesn’t have a vote, so it won’t make much difference. he needs someone on the block, and considering day apparently also ‘volunteered’, it would be easy enough to put her up there based on that, then just say that he’d already eliminated the idea of either nat or nicole going up when he did the originals, so that left zak or day so he flipped a skittle or went alphabetical or whatever lol.

He’s fully on board with the pan as it is anyway, no matter how he may talk it up to zak or day or whoever. i’m surprised zak is talking like day isn’t the target, i thought she already knew she’d be backdoored. and if she doesn’t know that, then how are the votes going to go.

i like the spin Day did with paul for the final. she’s saying i see us 4, then names 5 people including herself, then later she’s adding another name,. in the meantime, didn’t she just tell Paul who she considers herself to be working with, loyal to, and not going to put on the block, as in the opposite of what he and paulie plan?

i also like how she (FINALLY) wonders if all her strategizing may be a bad thing. ya think? too late now. and how she claims to be loyal, and i’m wonder who to exactly, there isn’t a single person she hasn’t tried to get on the block, told a lie about, or spun some kind of accusation against.


Funny isn’t it that Da volunteers to go up. Takes away a lot of fun. She’ll think she is just a pawn til someone wakes her up on Nicole’s vote. She talks crap about getting her out now counts her as a number. Da is really banking on a 4-4 tie and Paul. ROFL. And if she cannot get Nicole she needs Nat Nat.
This is how bad a BB player Da is. She wants to go up on razor thin options to stay. She counts James, Z and MEECH…… no Nicole or Nat who does she think she’ll get even to get to 4 votes to stay.
Sad things to watch…..
James and Nat…..James trying to convince Nat to vote her friend Bridge out. Nat is going to get hurt.
MEECH …… figuring out the PP alliance has the votes for the rest of the season. You win comps or you go to jury at their pleasure. Super fan but hasn’t learned the game. Her social game is really poor.
Z- trying to get Paulie deeper into a romance he is mentally exiting…..don’t care
Nicole picks a side……..votes with the boys but won’t see F7 left. Happy to see her go 😛
Da….. will she know Thursday she is leaving? Yeh she’ll know by production if no one else. Production is about 50/50 to give her the return ticket. It appeared early on they wanted a Da win. I hope she goes and stays in jury period.


What’s the hold up with the POV ceremony it’s way over due

Pinocchio Obama

It does look like Da will probably leave this week but you never know in this game. I think this season has been great and I expect to see some changing alliances based on who claims power this week. If we get a double eviction all bets are off.

Pinocchio Hillary

I just hope Bridgette stays and wins HOH.


Fast N Loud Paul is a F-ing idiot. He has no real “Friendship”, just a backstabber. It’s been hard for me to even look at him. So I stopped watching the feeds, (they’re so boring now) but I read the updates on this site, and find I haven’t missed anything. All the people are sheep to Paulie’s and Paul’s royal throne. Worst season ever!


Anon. you might be wrong about Paul’s tie breaking vote. I think he wants Bridgette out and it is possible Da stays.

This might be deja vu like the Tiffany vote. The fact that Paulie wants Da out might save her. Things change day by day in the house so you never know for sure.


The girls and James won’t make it to final because they are too willing to target each other to buy another week of safety and a treat from their master Paulie. They are all falling into the Helen trap of “it’s too soon” to take a shot at the power and they all keep waiting for someone else to stick their neck out. In the meantime they focus all of their strategic plans on petty crap “she think she cute” or “she a floating b*tch care package winner” & my fav “she looked at my man”. James is no better because the only guy he would take a shot at is Vic the guy he is tied with at the bottom of the guy alliance because Vic hurt “NatNat’s” feelings. At this point Bridgette could throw a wrench into the game but who knows where her head is at with all the crap she is thrown.

Pinocchio Obama

Bridgette is smart but I don’t know if she can make a big move without someone having her back if she wins the HOH
I’m surprised that nobody has targeted any of the couples yet. If Nicole/Corey, Paulie/Z, James/Natalie joined forces they could control the house.

Big Brother Headache

These people are pathetic, especially the girls, where did they get these women from? Except for Da & Bridget it’s like they’re only there to snag a man and the few who have hooked up with a guy are too stupid to realize they’re being used, if they just took a look at how close all the guys are it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out, they accepted Victor back with open arms upon returning to the house, when it was discused whomever came back was going right back out the door. Don’t they see Dumb and Dumber, ie, Paul and Paulie, how Paul came from being not in they’re group or in the loop with guys to now suddenly being all the guys BFF’s, these girls really need to open their eyes, its not that hard to see. Z is the most pathetic, I don’t even know why she’s there, other to to be a jealous mean girl. Not to mention she has the audacity to call James a floater, what has she won, NOTHING! James won an HOH, when all she does is cry about not getting Paulie’s attention, he basically came out and told her he didn’t want a house romance, he’s literally told her he’s all about the game, damned get a clue why don’t you?
The guys are no better maybe even worse how they’re manipulating the women for votes to help their game, which that is how the game is played but to purposly decieve them into thinking they’re really into them is pathetic, especially since feeling are now likely involved. Paulie is the worse he’s running the whole house telling Cory to keep Nicole on lock down, like he’s keeping Z, he’s assigned Paul to Michelle to keep her reigned in, so much to the point she’s starting to think he’s cute, NOT! Z is so into Paulie I think she’ll probably attempt suicide when she’s out the house and sees and hears how he talks about her when around the guys, not cool to play with someone’s emotions. Cory is no better stringing Nicole along when that boy knows darn well he’s gay, but in his defense on that one, I partly blame Nicole because he’s dropped a few hints, (cuddling with Victor) for one, I blame her partly because it she wasn’t so transfixed on snagging a man her radar would have gone right up, but I guess that happens when your focus isn’t on the game that you were supposed to be there to play.
And finally I’m glad James now realizes Paulie needs to be stopped, Da had the right idea early on, those “fake” showmances do need to be broken up, I just think it’s too late for him to do anything about it, since other than Nat, his only true ally Da will probably be going home this week.

da b gone

I vote to evict big brother headache
you glad you got that off your chest


I agree with you. The whole “bro alliance” with every guy having a girl was done by the Brigade. (Don’t ask me what season it was. . .it was the one with Hayden and Brittney.) But, when the Brigade did it, it was more subtle and the guys were actually likable.


So voting for ACP #2 starts this evening…who should we vote for? Brig seems OK for now and would be better off with #3 or #4. From P/P/V talks it seems like Nat may go up in the next HOH unless James wins it. So should we vote James for this one, him being able to cancel 2 votes might give her a chance or do we wait and vote James for #3 or #4 too?


I found your post very amusing and the thought are we, “voting with the house” for the care packages.

Big Sister

Vote for Da to win #2 and watch the games begin!


Guys the care package voted for this week will NOT COUNT FOR THE UPCOMING EVICTION. It would be for the following. If you vote to give it to day it could be a waste as she may be going home


Put 75% of votes toward Day
*she has ticket 8 (Ocho Rios poster says Dream Destination 8)… round trip ticket!
*TPTB will push for tie so Paul has to vote her out
*If eliminated & comes back audience will yell out Paulie in charge/targeting girls
*2 players votes won’t count (do they tell them?)
* house will know fans aren’t happy with P&P factory
* even if you don’t like her …. then the target doesn’t go on James (might take it off Nat for now)

*Nat already target, if they win b2b weeks she’s a goner & 2 votes won’t matter
* better to save 3 or 4 for James (ideally 4)

Why not to vote for Paulie/Paul/Vic/Bridg:
*only makes them think what they are doing fans like
*could send Nat/James out the door

Put 25% towards someone who isn’t in above CORE & who house will then target (like Meech)
* super fan…. might shake things up
* is one of few who won’t just do what Paulie wants
*wants Victor out primary, Brig secondary (which keeps Nat/James safe)
* winning puts target on her back & has to show which votes cancelled

That’s my strategy, b/c I want pkg 3 or 4 for James, don’t want Paulie or his minions to have power or think fans like direction. Seems like that no 8 ticket is destined to returned! Mo Drama please, take Paulie off that high horse!


The CBS site says “the winner of the care package could single handedly flip the house by preventing two houseguests of their choosing from voting in this week’s eviction” if they are giving it out Friday, how can they use it in this week’s eviction. It’s misleading.


In the hoh week it is won.

At the end of the Da

Wait to Wednesday/Thursday to vote to see where the house stands. The winner of CP2 is awarded on Friday after eviction and Da appears to be the target this week. Unless Da has the RT ticket, she goes out and votes for her are wasted.


CBS site says you can vote until 9:59 am PT Friday August 5. Best to hold off voting until you know who’s evicted, if they have the the RT ticket and who the new HOH is. Why waste votes on someone gone from the game.


BUT the website says you can vote 20 times PER DAY up until the cutoff. By waiting til later in the week you will out of a lot of votes going to your choice.


Yes but if you are going to wait until Thursday to see why not cast your votes towards Da until then (you can vote 20x a day til Fri) so put Sund, Mon, Tues,Weds toward Da wait til show finishes Thurs & if Da is evicted & goes to jury then vote for someone else (once you know who has HOH)

Ideally Da does get evicted, has return ticket, walks back in & wins HOH & then everyone who voted her out has to come up and beg for their lives and explain why they a) voted her out b) knew about it & didn’t warn her c) who led the charge AND she can get to the bottom of all the lies.

At this point she can pull a Paulie & bring in the girls to tell them what the real plan is (after Bridgette outs it), tell Paul about Paulie’s other alliances with showmances/her, showmances/Mich, F3, F4, F5 with guys AND best of all she can tell Nicole how P/C planned to cut Meech, Nic, Zak as next 3 evictions while keeping Vic/Bridgette!

This season has been so boring I’d love to see the house turned on it’s head freaking out. And then watch the horror on Paulie’s face as the parachute floats into the backyard with DaVonne’s name on it.

Bring on the drama!!!


IMHO I would vote to give Bridgette the care package tonight. I think it will send a clear message to those jealous catty girls that America likes her. They need a dose of reality. It will send Michelle into a tail spin. She is so disturbing. Filled with jealousy and hate.


The hate for others is one thing but the self hate is very sad. I do think a lot of that the other night was acting for us. Weather she was begging for help or begging for sympathy it was tough to watch.


I want to save Bridgette and Victor for #3 and #4, when they may actually be able to use the care package to do some damage. I’m going to vote for James for the last one. So. . . .since they are the only people I “kinda, sorta” like, by process of elimination, I’m voting Corey for this one.


There is no way I will vote Z Nic Paul Paulie Vic Corey Meech for ACP. Which leaves very little options. If da goes on the block I’ll vote for her to receive the 2nd one. If somehow Paulie stays on the block (very unlikely) I’ll vote for Bridgette to get it. If both da and Bridgette on the block I’ll vote da better to waste a week of a pkg than the alternative. This way James is open to receive either the 3rd or 4th week ACP, I’m till hopeful he would flip the house.


ACP #2 will not be awarded until after this week’s eviction so it won’t help Da if she is on the block this week unless she has the Round Trip Ticket and comes back.


This statement about the second care package seems to fall on deaf ears here. If those people cannot grab the simple concept you are trying to explain, then let them waste votes and think they’re “helping” a houseguest.

For the rest of that understand the next vote for the next care package will help in next weeks eviction, vote accordingly.

It’s almost as ridiculous as people “telling” the houseguest a what they should have done well after the fact. Hindsight is usually 20/20.

TX rar

Remember that there is voting all week long. If you wait til Thurs/Fri to vote you may have no real impact. People may vote only 1 person or see who gets evicted and potential RT ticket to vote diff after Thurs

I can't take it anymore

I wonder if these girls have ever watch this show? They just come into the house, fawn over these stupid guys, and vote however these guys tell them to vote. Then they’re surprised when they get picked of one-by-one. Idiots.

I’d like to see Da leave because she’s just so bad at this game. SO BAD. But I’d really like to see Paulie, Corey, and Paul gone. Good grief they’re awful.


Agreed! And Michelle is really dipping into the bottom of the gene pool with her sights on Paul. Eeww. They’ll need counseling when they get out and realize #1 those guys used them #2 America hates them.


Zak is whack for not telling Day the plan so they can prepare.

We are looking at Zak, Meech, James solid votes to keep Day. Day needs to have the round trip ticket to flip the house.

I will stop watching BB18 if we come to find out that one of the floaters has the round trip ticket.

I bet if James wins HOH he won’t be Paulies puppet.

Would love to see someone win HOH and tell Paulie to fuck off.


Z hasn’t been giving day any real info for a couple weeks now. That’s why I know she’ll vote her out if Paulie tells her to.

This house is full of fools

I totally agree with you. Z knows the plan and won’t tell her friend and give her the heads up to fight. Z said a long time ago she won’t let a man mess up her winning the money but she is so blinded she will drop her friend for him. James is a fool too cause he sees how Paulie is and won’t tell Day also this can be his chance to build some people on save her and start people seeing how Paulie really is.
I’m done watching and reading about this season of Da is gone everyone is so boring I can’t stand that these idiots don’t play the game forreal. And these girls hiding behind men. Natalie is very nice and genuine but she’s a fool not trying to get people on her side too when James is a follower. Sad season..

TX rar

I wanted to scream at the tv when Z was talking about Nat being such a floater. Z has Zero self awareness. UGH! The way She allows Paulie to treat her is sad. She said she had an older half-sister but has never met her. Why? How bout reaching out on IG or FB . She needs to get a clue in life quick.


if z or James says anything to D before veto they could easily go up and out the door this week.they should wait and work to get her votes to stay. which is unlikely.


Paul take off that robe. You are ridiculous. You walk around wearing that thing like you are king, yet all you are doing this week is getting rid of who Paulie wanted out. You are a pathetic little man.


He is pulling a Natalie and Kevin from BB11 where they dressed as king and queen and pranced around the house.


OMG! I feel how i am literally getting dumber when i read these feeds. Thought 17 cast was stupid…Cant stand one of them. kinda want Tiff back.


What gets me with these houseguests is no one is heeding how Paulie is treating his showmance. If he is in her face cuddking, hugging and kissing, yet behind her back trash talking her, saying he doesn’t trust her and “she needs to go”….don’t they ever think that he is doing (or will soon do the same) to them?
Question: do Paulie and Z even have a Final 2 deal? If they don’t, someone needs to snap Z back to reality quick.
Not sure if Paul is going to push his Bridgette agenda but if Paulie is arrogant enough to NOT use the veto (it really isn’t that far of a stretch given his megalomania), hopefully Da’, James, Nat and Meech can rally a 5th vote.


I am kind of torn as to the whole Paulie/Z thing. I can’t figure out if Paulie is really sick of Z but afraid to break things off with her for fear of the scorned women affect so wants her voted out, OR if he really wants her to stay and is telling everyone he wants her voted out to hide the F2 deal he has with her.

Fuzzy Num Num

Not-Cody is trying to play Dereck’s game.
Victor=the Pink Flamigo
Corey(crazy eye)=Cody
James=James(ugh),I know he wasn’t there, but he’s still just James
Nicole=Nicole (ugh), still playing the same dumbass way
Meech= Christink, she’s gonna be just as destroyed, and I don’t like her, but, I think she can do better than that mountain troll.
Bridgette= Victimoria
These girls (not gonna call them women, they don’t deserve it) are all meat shields. Da cannot be manipulated and she’s got the ability to get in the girl’s ears. So she has to go. Max-Z isn’t going to then end. She isn’t going to get second place. And he’s not taking her to third, because she won’t be quiet and accepting of it, like Bridge.
I think BB knew that Dereck’s game bored the heck out of us. And these twisty twists and rewards are an attempt to stop Not-Cody from killing every bit of excitement.
If he can get past Da, nothing will stop him. Because no one else seems to even care that he’s running things. They all know it. The want to just get to jury. Lemmings.

Powder Puff Girls

I think he wants “her to stay and is telling everyone he wants her voted out to hide the F2 deal he has with her.

There is no way he is going to take Paul to end he has schemed won competitions.

I think with Da’Vonne gone he will change his tune about Z – keep putting her on the back burner. Paulie will take the ultimate floater to the end why compete with someone like Paul.


Is the second care package where two votes are voided this week? It says that voting starts today. I’m literally done if Da’vonne gets it. I want Bridgette to get it but at the same time I went Bridgette to get one of the future ones that would be so much better for her. Paulie or Victor should get this one in my opinion.


Hopefully the nexr care package goes to Paulie, that’ll ensure Da’ goes out. Fans should aim for giving Bridgitte the co-HOH as long as she is not on the block during the week of safety. Hopefully that will give her some time to realize she needs to organize the left-overs against Paul & Paulie. Ideally Da’ and Z go home in next order. That should wake up Michelle, James and Natalie.

Over the houseguests

Except the care package is for next week, after da has been voted out. How can you be sure Paulie won’t be on the block next week or Paul? Then they would use it to keep their boys safe…


Care package #2 should go to Paulie or Victor. Stroke their egos, keep this plan on track. Bridgette wins HOH next week. Wins care package #4, (I’m assuming still eligible for that) or wins this next care package of a week of safety and then HOH.

It’s honestly really simple not gonna lie.


Hopefully Paulie is on the block next week. If you vote him to receive the taking two votes off then he definitely won’t go home..


Better get evicted and win the round trip ticket to cause DRAMA. Yassssss




Real Bronte or fake Bronte?


Did Da even graduate grade 6? She butchers the English language! She sounds so ignorant and unintelligent. It’s painful enough having to listen to her ghetto DR sessions, but having to read her posts in plain black and white is unbearable. “AIN’T” is NOT A WORD!!! I’m not a fan of anyone in the house except maybe Bridgette and Natalie now, but please evict Da, can’t stand her! Her constant lying is also getting out of hand.

Da's Ghetto Talk

“Guuurl Gone!” Please vote Da out!!! Vote Bridgette for Care Package! Michelle and Z with spiral into a frenzy!!!!!


Time out! I truly hope that your comment in regard to D’s dialect IS due to your lack of education and ignorance because the alternative is just pure racism.


You sound ignorant and unintelligent. That is her dialect.

Dialect: a variety of a language that is distinguished from other varieties of the same language by features of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary, and by its use by a group of speakers who are set off from others geographically or socially.


What a delightful excuse.


Lol @ Sabs personal attacks on Da. Da is great in my opinion. She is a contestant in a game–that’s it. I also love her DR sessions as does Julie Chen. I can appreciate how her vocal and directness can be intimidating to less confident folks. She is doing the same thing that the other players are doing–playing the game. I love this game. Go Da Goooooo. Me and Sabs are rooting for you.????

Only can wish

I have been rooting for Da since the day she came in. That’s why I’m hoping she has the ticket so she can come back in the house because she never cared…win HOH and/or get the care package. They all would be kissing her a$$. She would be on fire in the DR sessions. One only can wish, right?


Lol, I was actually a fan of Da at the beginning, I think it was the laughing to the camera at someone who was being isolated by themselves and was having an emotional episode. That proved to me what type of person she really was. Her doing that was plain malisciosness. That’s the difference between her and someone like Natalie. Natalie went with Tiff and was genuinely concerned for how she was feeling. After consoling her, she didn’t go to the other houseguest and make fun of her pain like Da did. That was what really turned me off on her. She’s been just as bad as any of the other girls in the house (maybe not lately) as far as gossiping and belittling other females in the house. All that and then include how she exaggerates facts (demonizing Frank). And as far as dialect, I agree with the post from Linda, that’s an excuse for the ignorant. Try to get a public sector job while talking like a thug. Saying that’s my dialect won’t save you in the hiring process. Pretty sure all schools across the country still teach similar English courses, unless she majored in Ghetto101


Aaryn is that you?


Yes it is, look up Definition of Ain’t by Merriam-Webster.


No, actually it isn’t.
“Ain’t” does not form part of Standard English and should never be used in formal or written contexts.
Sidenote: just because your spellcheck corrects something you wrote doesn’t make it a real word, and dictionaries do include slang.


Well, Sabs thanks for sharing your opinion about how you judge people dialect, and how you really feel. Thanks for gracing us with your presence.
I just want to add… While you are talking about Day speech and behavior. You might want to be fair and talk about Frank country “accent” or obnoxious “yo boy” Paul.
Day may be “Ghetto” but who cares? It’s entertainment and she is laughing straight to the bank. I’m happy Day is in the house. I wish her personality type was on the season of Arryn. Oh, that would have been epic! I like her Diary Room and her videos to the evicted house guest. Your not human if you didn’t laugh at those Lmbo.
I know she is trying to catch her self this season from being “aggressive” towards other house guest and drawing a lot of attention. I don’t care for how she tells secrets.
Whatever the case, please go back to your post and read all the misspelled and broken English words you wrote before you go after somebody like Day. Day is a product of her environment if you have a problem with it go run for office and put the inner city schools on the same level as the rest of America. Other than that, people like you that like to cackle on the sidelines is considered SHALLOW.


lol, what was misspelled?


Just because you asked: malicious.


Thanks for sharing your opinion Carin. Thanks for gracing us with your presence.


My Webster’s Dictionary gives this definition of “ain’t”: a vulgar form of am not, is not, has not, have not and further defines vulgar as “ignorant” or “deficient in good taste”.


Of all the people in the house you pick out Da’Vonne’s use of language? Paulie says ain’t even more than Da’Vonne. Plus for 2 educated males listening to Paul and Paulie speak is like listening to twin babies they seem to have their own language and they never finish sentences. Never cared! Friendship!


This post from Sabs is troll post. Sorry I even commented.
Let’s get back to talking about BB18 and the house guest playing tactics lmao. Who cares how they speak?! It’s BiG BrotHer people


Zakiyah wins an award for The Comedienne of the year. “I’m going to put up so and so”. ROTFL


James just said staring at the Memory Wall is bad juju: Does anyone ever study in this house or do they just lie in bed cuddling? WTFH!?!! And Zach- I mean- Zak has the audacity to say Natalie is just floating by and that at least she tries! This girl is delusional! Remember her on those logs moving like an 80 yr old Nanna. ! Zak sweetie, stick to choosing your romper for the day and zip it!!

TX rar

Hillarious comment. Very accurate too. Z’s family must be really frustrated by her behavior.


Clearly Paulie is a complete moron, he is targeting ppl that haven’t won’t Nada. And keeping ppl in with the potential of coming after him. Smdh ..


Here’s a list of people he has reason to think are planning to take him to at least final 3:


That means his targets are Da, Nat, Nicole…this isn’t rocket science and he’s the only player in the game with any feel for it and a clear path to victory. He’s floating the Z eviction just to set the stage for when he bounces the girls from the other showmances…and James and Corey are so dumb, they’ll go right along. Christ, James just said Frank wanted him Bridgette and Nat at the end….and he just evicted him…he’ll go right along with Nat leaving.

big peach

As much as I hate to say it, there’s only 2 chances of this still being a good season. 1), Da’Vonne has the rt ticket and flips the house. Or, 2) She does go home but Bridgette wins HOH and puts up the guys (while Z and Michelle are annoying, she has a better chance of winning comps against them, they’d be a waste of an HOH) Also It’s funny how they bring up Derrick, cause even though Paulie isn’t even half as smooth as he was, it’s crazy that nobody sees this turning into a repeat season. Paulie = 1/2 Derrick, Paul = Corey, Caleb = Victor. Like someone already said, everyones willing to follow the HOH for weekly safety. smh.

vet tech

true. Paul is Victoria. Clingy and if in the final 3 he’ll take his close friend(like vic and Derrick) to the end. Paulie has Paul more snowed than D had V.


Hahaha!!!!! Max-Z calling others floaters has got to be the funniest thing I have heard yet. IF she played better she could raise her game to the level of floater. “at least I try” I think she has been the one of the first couple out of every comp she has been in. I am not a big Nat fan but she has tried in comps and even tried to talk strategy with James but no game James just shuts her down telling her he is handling it and the less she knows the better.


I was thinking I would vote this care package for Bridgette, but after reading comments, might have to go with Victor on this one. Just enough power to ensure Da goes out if nominated but not so much as to help PP later. Good idea?

Big Jim

Can someone explain to me why Paulie wants to get rid of Z? She’ll never cast a vote against him. I know she’s annoying and emotional but doesn’t make any sense to me


He’s not that into her


Zakiyah gives any female who so much as blinks too long at Paulie the skank stare. It makes some of the other girls harder for Paulie to manipulate with Zakiyah’s hate lingering.


She sure is a nasty vile woman in my opinion. without her putty knife she is not very good looking and now she thinks she is a mob wife? Like the above comment I can’t understand why the others don’t notice how two faced Con Corleone is playing Max-Z and a light bulb go off to think he is playing me as well. No Game James knows Con is the leader and does his dirty work last week just to get Nat to jury. (Natalie’s comment last night was very telling to me. “We are BB boyfriend/girlfriend) Not to beat a dead horse since it is water under the bridge now but I think he royally screwed up last week not making a deal with Frank/Bridgette. Two of the spy girls very loyal to each other and I believe Frank would have honored any deal made. Not that I was rooting for Frank or anyone in particular really just to me PLAYING the game is knowing when to make moves, when to lay low (first couple of weeks) being able to identify who is running things in the larger early alliances and finding a solid side group that will take that power player out at the right time.


You have to understand Zakiyah is playing for the stipend money. It’s her only hope of coming out ahead in this thing and to get the most of it, she just needs jury. She’ll latch on to Paulie knowing he’ll hold her until jury and anything else is bonus.

Davonnes the Best

Bye Davonne.


I hope you stay or come back Da..


I hope you join Frank.


If we vote for Bridgette to get the two extra votes and she isn’t even on the block, it will seal her fate and she will go home. If da comes back from eviction this week, I will be voting for her to receive the extra two votes. Shell be after paul\paulie

Grandma G

If Davonne comes back she will go after Nicole and Corey. She can’t help herself shes been obsessed with them to the detriment of her game.

Davonnes the Best

Bye Davonne


We are 9.5 hair flips away from Da’s eviction

Corey's A$$hole

Nooooooo!!!! James you leave Vic’s taco sauce alone. That’s for Corey and I!!!


Da is not the problem Paulie is. I think your rude to call her ignorant and unintelligent. She has not lied more than any other houseguest. I hope when they put her up she blows everyone up. Paulie the douche needs to go.


I wish Day knew how Paulie really felt about Z. Paul wants Brid out the house. He needs to do what’s best for his game. So tired of Paulie trying to run the House. He thinks he’s going to win like Derrick, but we all know that he’ll end up just like his brother Cody


She hasn’t lied more than any other houseguest, after she just got through lying to James saying who Paul wants in the F6 when it was really her idea LOL


Since when does Paulie think he’s the Messiah of that house? And why is everyone letting him get away with it. He is the biggest toolbag just like his brother….needs to go. Also, these girls need to get a life and stop hanging off these guys. Also, I liked Nicole in her season, but she seems to be a snake in this one.


“The Messiah” (Jozea and his hat) was the second person evicted from the Big Brother House


Dang it Day all that yapping is about to get you I hope you get the second care package

Davonne for the win

Please Davonne have the ticket to return to the game. Get Paulie the douche out.


Da needs to go.

Only can wish

OMG, Come on Da, you need to THINK and STOP TALKING SO MUCH and LISTEN. Your only ally is James, talk to him only. He’s still getting info from the guys. I’m still alittle confuse that Z said she voting Bridget out, but still haven’t told Da about the plan. Da is going to be pissed. That’s why I’m hoping she comes back with a vengeance. The males are just getting on my nerves. This BB is becoming predictable.


She has been talking to James and he won’t tell her the BD plan either.

Only can wish

SMDH, I realize that now. I don’t know why Paul couldn’t be up front with her, just like they did Frank. They didnt give her a chance to fight. That’s a weak move. I can see if Paul had put her up with Bridget saying that he had been hearing those 2 names being brought up the most. He’s going with the house like any other time. They battle it out in POV. Then if neither got it, then it would have been about the votes. Da may respect his game that way than going behind her back. Paul’s hands wouldn’t be as dirty, if she has the ticket. She will see Paulie wanted her out. I know BB is not about fairness, but they’re not thinking about the votes that will give them that final check. It’s not always what you do, it’s how you do it.


Da’Vonne knows a lot of the little side deals and so the less time she has to make a fuss the better for everyone’s, meaning Paulie, game.

Give it to paulie

I think the Care package should go to Paulie make him use the votes on z and Michelle or James to get da out the house
Also it would show z he don’t trust her ???? See if he has the balls to not count her vote……


I agree. Make Paulie lay his cards out, unable to place blame for Da eviction on Paul, Added


You’re right! I was going to vote for Corey, leaving #3 and #4 for Bridge and Vic and #5 for James. I was just going to vote for Corey because he’s the one I like the most out of the ones left, but you’ve convinced me that voting for Paulie would be much smarter. . .make him play his cards.

TX rar

Paulie? No way!! He is soooo arogant he will think America likes him. We can’t give this jerk (or Paul, Meech, or Z). ANY. of the care packages. He might get the hint then, but prob not. He seems way too thick headed.


It’s not an extra 2 votes, you can eliminate 2 votes


They are saying this is the last year for Big Brother on T.V. Next year it will be only on line.


Who is they? Same ones who claim climate change is or is not real? Same ones that say sun will come up in the west next week? Who the hell is they?


I want Da’Vonne gone, but I also want Paulie to walk out the door with her…but then who’s left really playing the game? It could be more entertaining if Da’Vonne could win something.


the only problem with rooting for Da is that she can’t win anything too save herself. she’s hated like Rachel was but Rachel won stuff when her back was against the wall. even if Da was picked for the veto she won’t have won it. So unfortunately, she’s got to accept her faith


Vote Bridgette..
she needs to know that we are on her side..that will give her a lift in spirits…and she will play better..
she needs some sign now…also it will piss off nicole and meeech!
then give the 2vote thing to victor and cohoh to james!


Don’t put a bigger bulls eye on brigettes back give it to paulie and he will knock out da. Give B another one.


True enough…but as weeks go buy she might not have a chance before shes “clipped”..lol
if one of the girls get power shes gone!
and thats right…voting begins today for 2nd power but its only in play after the eviction this..Thursday!!!…why arent people understanding that?


Sorry since voting starts tonight I thought it was for this week.


hope paulie doesn’t use the veto and bridgette get the care package then the house flip to get paulie out!!!


I think that Bridgette is going to stick with Paulie’s side. If she gets the Care Package it will just benefit their side. She is not going to flip with the girl’s or James side.


2nd care package will not come into play this week people. It will be used next week when there is new people on the block.


I think the care package will come after the eviction.


Give Paulie the care package because this week is a lock and it is wasted. If Da stays she is not going to rally the troops against PP. She thinks PP, meech , James and Z are good to go with to final 6. Hopefully she has the round trip ticket but if not would anybody really miss her. Now Paulie can’t get another care package and maybe, just maybe we the viewers can shake up the house. Don’t know about Bridgette but she if is in power one of the P’s could possibly get the boot. Da wants to keep them.


Or better yet, give it to Paul, he will think he is the greatest, but like you said it will be useless, and hopefully everyone else sees it that way.


Paul has a hard on to get Bridgitte out. With the care package he may flip the vote, even though his beau Paulie wants Da’ out.


Why would anyone give Paulie the care package? The care package voted for this week is for NEXT WEEKS eviction.

Hopefully Paulie is on the block next week, you possibly would only be SAVING him if you give him the package.


Paul said something about putting somebody on the block that won’t blow up. Hahaha. Day is going to blow up like Tiff and expose all of them. Popcorn is ready!!!


let me understand this , Nat said to James have you ever dated a latin girl . she then says she is half white and half Italian . HOW DOES THAT MAKE HER A LATINA ?


She’s from Venezuela and Italian is an anagram for I Latina! Big Brother genetics in action.

Plus Sized

Latin is not a race, more of a cultural sphere. She was bred from two white people, that makes her white. But, culturally, she comes from one of the old Spanish colonies, so she’s Latina.

Most the US and Canada is Anglo. Most of the peoples to the south are of Spanish or mixed Spanish descent, or Latino–a dumb and confused name, but it’s what we’re stuck with.


What about ALBINO ???

All I know is

Every Latina/o I know does not consider themselves white, they consider themselves brown.

Sho Nuff

Mestizos are Brown, Caucasians are White. Negroes are Black. All can be Latino.


I think she means the Italian is the white and the other half Latina

String Cheese Theory

SHe’s lucky she was able to get out of that 3rd world socialist disaster of a nation. Venezuela is in chaos right now. Basic things like toilet paper and food are not readily available.

String Cheese Theory

4 people down vote this because I said she was LUCKY to escape a 3rd world crap hole? Says a lot about them. If you don’t know, just use that thing called google. Venezuela is in disarray. Basic things we take for granted are hard to find. It’s a socialist fail. Oh, I see, the 4 down votes must be Bernie Sanders supporters.

Plus Sized

Any time someone gets power, I’m against them. I think that makes me an insecure hater of some sort. Not sure, though.

I also generally root against men. I hated Frank, but then he started working with Tiffany, and I identify with her because people don’t like her and she’s given up men.

I gave up on men because I turned thirty and put on fifty, so for different reasons, but I still identify. Which is not to say that I don’t fantasize about my regaining my old petite self and being pounded by Frank the Tank.


Da deserves to get the boot. She had several chances to have solid alliances. She was part of the 8 pack which wasn’t a long term group but a decent start. the two showmances + her which she blew up 5 min later to Tiff about her being the 5th wheel. The fatal 5 could have been very strong but we all know these women can’t keep there heads on straight. That was who, Da, Michelle, Max-Z, Tiff and Nicole right? But the best route was the 4 vets sticking together. They could have used whoever became close to each of them for as long as needed and crushed everyone. Frank had Bridgette, Nicole had Corey, James had Natalie, Da had Max-Z (Tiff would have been a better choice in hindsight!) That would get her to the final 8 if things play right and then make some moves depending on who at that point you trust more to get down to the 4 and 3. Again last night talking to herself about winning comps. Stop TALKING and do it. (never should have dropped out of the one comp she was in which was a freaking HOH comp to boot) She blew her own game and has nobody but herself to blame when she walks out and says “Hey Julie girl”

Z Sucks.

can someone please titty punch Z. She is so obnoxious. Her talking about someone else being a floater is HYSTERICAL! She’s the biggest one in the house!! I mean, even MEECH won something. Blech. I want to hate Corey’s guts because of all the crap he talks, but I really just want to take him to bed and show him what a real man is.


Max Z does suck. but titty punch? Let’s not do that.


Did you see what that bitch did to bridgette on her birthday.


Yeah….let’s stick a fork in her eye instead! Lol. Mean enough?

Only can wish

Paulie won 2HOH, 1 or 2 Pov, Block 1x
Paul won 1HOH, Block 3x
Victor won 3comp back in, Block 1x
James won 1HOH
Corey won O HOH, Block 1x
Bridget won 1 HOH, Block 3x
Nicole won 1 HOH, Block 1x
Meech won 0 HOH, 1 POV, Block 0x
Da won 0 HOH, O POV, Block 1x
Z won 0 HOH, 0 POV, Block 0x
Natalie 0 HOH, 0 POV, Block 2x
How come James and the others don’t realize that Paulie, Paul and Victor are the threats? They have the numbers to get those 3 out. Victor(punk a$$)did all that talk about he WAS going after Paulie when he got back in the house. Paul WAS talking about going after Paulie for getting his friend out. Z haven’t even kissed Paulie and she is whipped. Corey ( the Yes, sir man) is just doing everything Paulie says. Corey must have touched Nicole real good, because she is whipped too. Meech must have bumped her damn head because she is now looking at Paul (WTH is with that?). James and Natalie are irrelevant to me to speak on right now because they are clueless and gutless. Bridget is all over the place right now. I don’t see Da as a threat, just because she has a good social game, you can’t depend on the votes only. She has been laying low too long that it took her out the game alittle bit. I like her better this season. She isn’t doing any more than the rest of the HGS are doing. I’m still rooting for Da until Julie show us the ticket.


Corey won POV and took himself off the block

Davonne for the win

Will Davonne at least make jury? Does anyone know if it is a 9 person jury?????


The other day Nat was talking to James and she said that she hopes that she makes jury. James told her that she has already made jury. So I guess it’s a 9 person jury again. Julie didn’t say anything though


Jury usually starts with the double eviction, however, the return ticket is in play. If someone goes out this weeks and fails to return that could mark the beginning of jury and the double eviction will see three people in jury next week if none return via the ticket twist. My guess is that’s why Chenbot hasn’t said jury has started. More than likely these yahoos are the ones we’re stuck with the rest of the season.

James fans are idiots

I miss the ‘James fans are delusional’ poster. I think they were a Tiff fan and gave up on this crappy season when Tiff left. I should have also.

James I blame in big part for making this season horrible. He follows his daddy Paulies orders all season. Been floating telling Nat he is this great game player and is actually running the house. Even Nat knows he is lying.

String Cheese Theory

apparently he’s there to cuddle and flirt mostly. why girls want to cuddle with his ugly midget ass is beyond me but good for him.

Grandma G

Hey Simon. Enjoyed your debut on the feeds last night. MEEECH.


Simon, i have felt bad for you at times, having to watch and report on some bad seasons of BB. But i have to say, never as much as this season. Bathroom habits. Geez what a lousy cast!


Thank you for feeling our pain … its definitely not easy.


OMG, Simon….me too!! I was in a meeting at work and when asked a question, I was like: I gotta Big Meech this one.
Everyone was just staring at me.
They don’t get it….


LOL man I wish I was in that meeting .. I would have cracked up laughing..


I go back and forth on how I feel about DaVonne. It seems like she is just taking how she played last season and trying to reverse it – and thinking that’s enough. She was loud and aggressive in her moves last season and this season, she is trying very hard to just lay low (minus those arguments w Frank). That’s fine, but I wish she would strategize more and try to look at a the big picture. I guess that’s hard to do when you can’t win comps and, therefore, never have any real power.


0% chance Da flips the house. 99% chance we see 129 hair flips before eviction.


Did they officially say its a Double Eviction this week?
i dont remember hearing that…


Julie didn’t mention DE and she usually does if it is coming up next so I don’t think it will be this week.


Da you’re Nicki Minaj minus the everything