Big Brother 18 Week 6 POV results “We might be on the outs” -James

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 13-36-18-891

Paulie wins the POV

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 13-36-00-662

1:36pm James and natalie in paris room..
James tells her if Da’Vonne goes up that’s the plan it’s a backdoor plan.
James says Da’Vonne doesn’t see it coming. James tells her if Natalie goes up Bridgette goes home if Da’vonne goes up Da’Vonne goes home. Natlaie says Paulie and Paul want to work with Bridgette.
Natalie says Victor let Paulie win the POV, “It was obvious”
James – “We might be on the outs”..
Natalie- you think Zakiyah is on the outs
James- probably

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 13-44-21-334

James – I know something ain’t right… if they want tot work Bridgette.. we’re almost back to a 8 p[person alliance for what..
Natlaie – i’m bnot in the 8 person alliance so clearly i’m going to be next
Jame s- or me.. everyone make you think you are part of a group when you’re not part of a group..
James says they want to use Bridgette to take out the girls.
James – Paulie wants to keep Bridgette so Bridgette will do his dirty work.. he’s got everyone doing every little sector of the house.
James- Paulie is protected all the way around
James- the only way to get Paulie out is to backdoor him and to put up someone the house likes.. the only way.. I’m not saying I want to i’m saying I’m trying to figure out why he’s keeping Bridgette.
James – we got to make it past the double eviction.. it’s going to be this week.

2pm – 2:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds in and out.

2:30pm Bridgette is in the storage room. She says it would have been even better if you hadn’t played. Hopefully next week is a double eviction. I don’t even know what I would do. Just stay calm. She says she misses her family and Frank too. Da comes in and asks what’s plan B? Bridgette says I don’t know. I feel kind of f**ked right now. Running’s not my thing. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back Da says just try it. Try to get her on the block. Bridgette says I’m not a strategist. Frank always had these crazy ideas. Da leaves. Natalie joins Bridgette. Bridgette asks please don’t vote me out. I’ve got your back. She tells them that the guys didn’t really like how you told them not to put you on the block. Instead tell them I’m a number for you, we’ve got the same goals. They talk about a double eviction. Natalie tells Bridgette she’s not putting her on the block not matter what.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 14-33-46-181

2:40pm Havenot room – James says I wish I would have played in that comp. You would have had real competition. Paulie says this week seems to be in the bag. What’s the plan for the double eviction? James says as long as its not you or me. Paulie says it won’t be. Maybe we’ll talk to Corey and see what he thinks. If we take care of Bridgette next week.. then the girls will appreciate it. James asks so who is going this week? Paulie says Da. James says she has no idea. Paulie says I was down to work with her until she mentioned my name. She wanted to target couples. James says I know that’s what didn’t make sense to me saying she wanted to target couples… I’m a couple. Maybe the last couple on your list but… Michelle joins them. Paulie says on Monday we’re going to make up a fake riddle to tells Vic to have him running around trying to solve it. Michelle says Paris was supposed to be a secret but none of you could keep it. Here’s another riddle to keep you on your toes…

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 14-40-15-406

Safari room – Paulie asks Paul how the veto competition went? Paul says it went perfectly. Paulie says we have all the power this week. Paulie says its literally down to us. Paulie says no one cheered when I won. Paul says nope.

3:15pm Big Brother calls for an HOH lock down.
3:45pm Still blocked.

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Yikes. Bye Da’vonne.


Hopefully she has the round-trip ticket or gets the next care package to block 2 votes


Here’s the thing…it’s great James is waking up to what’s going on, but for the people saying he should try and save Da or that Da is the only one who will go after Paulie, that’s not true! She’s as much as a sheep as the rest of them…her target was Nicole, never Paulie!! Like what kind of a threat is Nicole?! I’m thrilled to see Da go! I’d love for it to be Paulie or Paul but she’s the next best.


Da is the only person with the potential to team with james and go after Paulie. James should try and keep his number but that will take someone else realizing that they are letting Paulie be a dictator. How anyone likes Paulie or Paul I will never know.


the last time james played he sat around and watched all his so called crew get picked off one by one without trying to do a damn thing . he isn’t smart enough to figure out how to team up with or influence the right people to go his way . in fact he doesn’t even really try . that’s why I don’t understand why people like him so much .

Daisy Rose

The care package won’t help her. The next one won’t be received until after the next eviction.

Get rid of Da

We want to leave all the boring players in the game.

Not sure what they could do, but a major BB shakeup is needed.

The last few seasons have been on the dry side. What ever happened to the Dr Will’s, Evil Dick’s, etc…

Bub Bye Da!!!

I just can’t stop smiling. This will be the best episode yet. To see you switch right out the corridor of harsh truths will be grattifing to say the least. I hope Paul ushers your corny stale self out with some broom sweeps!!!

# Bridgette for America favorite player

Wonder if Da has card 11… Was thinking flight 211 might be a hint for which card has the roundtrip return to the house ticket. 2 for roundtrip.. 11 for the card number.


She has #8

sunny dee

then it could be card #2, or card #4 (2 + 1 + 1) looking at it that way. some think it might have been 8 because one of the destinations with a clue was ‘ochos rios” and they had enough Spanish speaking players in the house to tell them that means ‘8’,

i think it is just random. we don’t even know what number holds that round trip. I would like nicole to get it just because at the point she goes out she’d know that paulie was always targeting all the girls (she should figure that out sooner, but whatever, Day is such a distraction it’s hard to concentrate probably, if anyone is helping paulie get further in the game it has to be Day and her big mouth, and her messed up ideas of who to target, and who to work with. at this point she works with no one, because even tho she might think she was close to James, her big mouth talked about targeting couples, and what else is he supposed to think about that idea.

too bad the feeds are down, i was wondering what the comp was, what with reference to running, and the numbers on the shirt that nat is wearing.


I’m hoping there is some riddle to help figure out the card number. Ocho seems to easy.. the care packages are going to be instrumental on who gets on/off track to win. Hopefully we all choose wisely.

Ian's Lament

Finally James is starting to see that he’s been played. One week too late bro.

Crazy Stuff

James is not go to do any thing about what he know James is all mouth and no action. WATCH AND SEE! Sad group of people.


Give the next care package to anyone but Bridgette or James so they can get package 3 or 4. First off James probably would of went out this week if he didn’t take out Frank and Frank should keep peoples kids out of his mouth 2nd Day screwed her own game James just reported to keep himself safe and it worked so stiop whining people


What does Frank needs to keep peoples kids out of his mouth mean?


Great players know when to flip the script, James is likable be absolutely stupid, just begging to be one of the “cool kids”


This is the exact same game he played last season. By the time he figured anything out, he was stuck with Grandma Meg and no one else.

James is a Creeper

he was thinking with his other head, last nite on AD he looked like a nut job cuz Nat was sitting on the bed with Paul, thats BB true love


EXACT same behavior as last year. Isn’t that the definition of insane?


He still has a chance to save his game and save the “da-y” ha-ha.. when day goes up he should get nat and others on board to take out Bridget. That will cost Paulie his game plan some and a vote. That saves Da and now he has 3 votes to take out Paulie and some time to get Paul and Vic on board to take out Paulie. Using the ” he is to powerful you’ll never beat him in the end” I think VIc for sure will go for it and I bet Paul would flip on him quick like. Or he lets the Da plan go through, see what Paulie next move is, (let Bridget get HOH to go after a girl?) And then start flipping her to put up Paulie.. then go after him. Shouldn’t be too hard to sway the showmances, Bridget, Paul and Vic.. we should vote to send the next care package to a Paulie enemy!!! After the the next HOH..


Couldn’t agree more!

Tiny Trump Hands

James has never been trying to win Bb his goal is to win AFP. Smh

Get your game together

If you know you are on the outs stop sitting around and being a puppet actually try to gather an alliance together.

James you will watch Da’vonne go this week then your girl Natalie will go home and you will follow her right out the front door.

Then you will think what the hell did i do wrong


Now that James know that they’re going to use Bridette to get the other girls out, he better think fast get an alliance of 5 together


The problem is what 5? Z won’t go against Paulies wishes. Nic and Corey have both wanted day out for 2 weeks, no way they flip if day goes up. I don’t think Vic will go against the “house” at this point especially if Paul is telling him to vote out day.

So at the most it would be James, Nat, and Michelle.


I love It! Took him two days after Frank’s gone to figure he was on the outs. James is such an idiot! I never thought I’d watch after Frank left but it’s fun watching them get their feelings hurt. Z, Nicole and Michelle are emotional wrecks. The guys are just a$$holes. Sorry little Paul is a crybaby too. Forgot about him missing his mommie and daddy a few weeks ago. Crying like the b!tch that he is. Hey Frank if your reading any of this since your out slap the taste of balls out of Pauls mouth finale night!


Hey everyone, simmer down. I know what I’m doing. I just keep quiet, you see. My thoughts are for me alone, and maybe a few for Natalie. I can’t go tellin’ everyone my plans. Just relax and stop assuming I ain’t playin’. I took out Frank, didn’t I? Everyone wanted it done and I made it happen. You can say I was just followin’ orders if ya like, but I was doing what I wanted, too. Exactly what I wanted. Just convenient for me, ya see… need to get blood on my hands. Now just chillax. I got this!

And if any of you were single and trapped in a house for 3 months with an amazing person and there was mutual attraction, you’d build a relationship too!

I’d truly be a fool, idiot, dumbass, (insert all other derogatives shared by y’all) if I didn’t pursue NatNat.

$500K is awesome, but love is even better.

Bolt Uprite

Frank isn’t even a factor in the game, courtesy of James. Tough shlt.
Frank’s big mouth wrote too many checks he couldn’t cash.


Well too bad for James! Lol. Because Frank staying might have just been his only chance. James is a day late and a dollar short.


You *should* be saying you want to, James, because YOU SHOULD GET PAULIE OUT! You nailed it, now get it going for goodness sake. God, these people.


natalie huge raget on her back because her care package!


Frodo, your comments always bring a smile.


YES JAMES YES!!! Finally you are piecing it together! Get Paulie out very soon!!!!


james need breakoff nat showmance


Yep, drop the dead weight…….only if you want to win this time..

keep it movin

Yeah first break Natalie off that spring roll….then get rid of her and have her evicted


Ugh I wish Paulie didn’t win the POV. Glad to see James is starting to use his head though


Wow It’s getting a little more interesting now that PP wants to work with Bridgette and people are starting to notice that Paulie can only be allied closely with a few people. Next few weeks will be interesting to say the least.

Motorboat Natalie

Welcome to the game, James. Glad to see you’ve finally arrived. Unfortunately, you’re probably too late to change anything. However, it’s good to learn of something now as opposed to going home and then realizing you’re a fool. SMH, These people.


James has totally screwed up Nats game more so than anyone this season.
He tried to act like he was “in” on all the decisions, keeping her filled in and “safe” cause she was riding with him.
She is starting to realize that she attached her wagon to an absolute nobody in this house.


I think Natalie figured James was laying low but understood the end game. She started seeing how spineless he is when he put up Frank and her buddy Bridgette. Which is exactly why he put up Clay and Shelli last season. Not because it was a big move but rather, it was all he had left.

Just Me

Really? What game? Natalie doesn’t have a game.. . Oh sorry, the floater game, forgot about that one.


Nah she’s not a floater. She doesn’t float to the power each week.


i actually really do like Natalie but James didn’t screw up her game plan because Natalie has no game plan. She hasn’t won a comp and doesn’t even like to talk “game”. She likes to dance around the house and she wants America to like her. She’s not even a floater since she doesn’t float to whoever is in power. she is more like a flutter, just dancing around.

Keeping it Real

Responding to balls post here…
I like Natalie just the way she is. She admitted very early on that BB is just not a game she can play because it’s not in her to lie, intimidate, dominate, or play mean. It doesn’t mean she’s worthless. She has a value, just like all of you do.

Responding to all the haters here…
And why is it that so many people bash the hgs for their mean behavior? Bashing people is just wrong…’re exhibiting the same behavior that you’re complaining about.

Lighten up, people.

Love trumps Hate!


Smh…Natalie is literally the only one besides day that knows paulie is covered in all angles. James you know you’re on the outs…your so on the outs they bring up clipping Nat in your face and you do nothing but report back to your leader smh


Actually Tiffany tried to tell James he was at the bottom of Paulie and Pauls totem pole but he didn’t believe her. Tiffany never lied . She could of worked well with James, Natalie and Bridgette to get PP out. Water under the bridge. James needs to be more damn vigilante. Zzzzz


James’ dumbass finally figures it out a week too late. Guess what dummy YES everyone is doing Pailie’s dirty work including you when you got rid of Frank last week. Hope you and Nat enjoy jury because there is no stopping the PP train now, And you WON’T be getting AM Fav this year a$$hat.


Expect the expected. Is anyone surprised that Paulie won?


Who shook James awake? And how long will it last? I think he’d toss Natalie if Paulie told him to.


James…finally thinking about YOUR game! You knew you were at the bottom and you knew Paulie was in control! And you let it happen! How many more potential allies will you watch Paulie evict before you start playing? You took a huge dip in your AFP status, if you really want to make up for it, do what America wants you to do…PLAYTHEDAMNGAME!! We’re dying for someone to take on the P’s!!


Typical James waits until the bullseye is on him or his girl then regrets his decesions.
Kinda think he regrets sending Frank and Tiff home

Paris Room

That’s why you should have kept Frank, instead of doing Paulie’s work….puppet. You could have gotten rid of Paulie last week. Too little too late.


Should’ve kept Tiffany too. She would of been loyal.


Yes James Paulie has everyone doing every little sector of the house and thanks for doing the Frank sector you stupid fool. So dumb that you actually told Nat if she won the VETO (haha who are we kidding) that she should use it on Paulie. Did you as a vet think that cracking that seal and voting out a fellow vet would not be the same as declaring open season on vets? Enjoy your stay in the BB house because it will soon be coming to an end. No way to repair the damage your HOH did to the vets last week.


I’m rooting for Bridgette, it is somewhat annoying that she is teaming up with the guys but she’s gotta do what’s she gotta do. I am praying that if this backdoor plan goes through, Da’vonne has the round trip ticket, comes back, and actually gets the ball rolling against Paulie and company because people are finally starting to realize what is happening.


Queen Bridgette

These people suck

Ugh thanks James for figuring this out a week late! I’m voting for Day for the next care package. I’m sure it won’t help her any, but if she somehow stays she will go after Paulie. Not only that, if she goes then it ensures none of those assholes get it. I’d rather them not think people like them by getting any of these.


I’m voting Bridgette. She deserves it after having to deal with these aholes.


I think Da would foolishly go after Nicole, not Paulie


James is finally catching on but I do believe Paulie still wants to take James to at least final 6 as even in his DR sessions he talks about sticking with James. The problem though is that PP is now keeping Victor around to do some dirty work and that may end up booting James out of the house. James has a choice stick with status quo and probably get’s to final 6 depending on if Victor wins a HOH or try to start a new alliance which could backfire in his face as I bet Michelle, Nicole and Zak would immediately run to Paulie if they heard wind of it..

Hate to say it but Paulie has been covering his bases so well that those 3 girls have no clue he wants them all out over the next 3-4 weeks and will cover his arse if they hear any new plan by James…

Stop the James ctriticism

who should he try to gather? Day that is going on the block? Nicorey that are puppets of Paulie? Victor that is a puppet of paul? Zakiyah Paulie s girlfriend? Mischelle who can t see coz of her hate towards other females? WHO? It s easy to say …get ppl on your side when there are literally just followers of Paulie in there…its BB16 all over again…Donny knew what was going on , he had no one to reach out too for help tho …same will happen now …and James would be better off blind to this coz even if he wins HOH getting Paulie out would end his game stil coz whoever gets him out will be next…It s just too late for a good outcome…I fell like Paulie or Paul are winners -.-


No no no, he fucked frank and Bridgette knowing these things he wanted to be a wimp and do what the house wanted, he didn’t need to win last week he fucked himself and lied to Bridgette


Exactly he should’ve let Bridgette win. She wasn’t targeting him or Nat and neither was Frank.

Keeping it Real

Yeah, what he/she said (points up).


Bout damn time you open your eyes James. He been too caught up with that cutiepie Natalie to see what was right in front of him.

Joe Kerr

Oh James…it’s cute that you NOW just realized it. And you act like you will take action…you make me laugh.

hernanday oleary

If Nicole, James, Z, Corey and Natalie don’t vote to keep Da’ they all deserve to lose to Paulie like they are going to for being stupid.


Why should Nicole even considering keeping Da? That drama queen is f*******g gunning for her. She is not doing Paulie’s dirty work. Actually Paulie is doing her’s

You guys

Why are you happy? Great James and natalie figured it out, Day is going this week so they will be 2 against everyone coz no one is turning on Paulie at this point… the only chance is for James to win HOH and put Paulie up with Paul , then maybe a miracle will happen and Paulie will go home, any other scenario I think that Paulie d be still safe coz I have no hope in this cast


James better wake up or they all should. Paulie is runing the house and hes going to pick them off one by one.


Paulie in complete control. Working every piece of the house. James has it figured out. Not sure anyone else does. May as well just give him the check. Whether ya like it or not, so far he is playing everyone perfectly.

Reality Check

James may realize something is up but he has zero people to work with. Da, Z and Nat Nat combined for ZERO HOH and vetoes win. Have James gone against the house and kept Frank in the first place, it would make a huge difference in his game.

Both seasons, romances with Meg and Nat Nat really screw up his game. James may end up with Nat Nat in the end, which is good news, but there will be no $500,000 check for him.

Myster E

At least he has a good chance at getting the Americas Favorite prize. I do not think he is as liked as his first season, but with this cast he is still a favorite. I could even see Nat Nat winning it if she ever steps up and wins a few comps or starts playing the game.


Please don’t let James win AFG again, that’s what he’s been doing all season, just playing it up to win that. With the stupid childish pranks, dumb house meetings. He thinks the viewers are as gullable as he is and will fall for that shit. Let’s be smarter and vote for someone else. I know theirs not much to choose from, but I’d be a lot happier if Frank won instead of James. #voteFrankforAFG


AFH he is hoping for sgain


Could not agree more with you as Paulie has all the girls wrapped around his hand but for Natalie. If James would try to form a new alliance then Nicole, Michelle or Zak would immediately run to Paulie and rat him out and James would end up being booted out way before the final 6 which is the current deal with Paulie. The only hope is for James to win a HOH and put both Paul and Victor on the block and Paulie as a back door. Paul or Paulie have to go in the next few weeks or without a doubt Paul and Paulie will be in the finals because those 3 girls are absolutely clueless that Paulie wants them out in the next 3-4 weeks.


If James won hoh he would need to put up Paulie and Corey. That way he can use Nicole to help get Paulie out.

Michelle's eyebrows

Too little too late James. Unless he grows some balls and decides to make a big move, he’s gonna see himself and Natalie both booted to sequester.

Linda Librarian

Literally the only person I didn’t want to win pov. Won pov. Unfortunately Paul is too fucking stupid to realize Nicole is the smarter nom (showmance) then Da. Done watching after Da goes. Repeat of season 16, majority takes out minority then each other.


I am not a Da’ fan, but it’ll be funny if she’s got the pass. Good ole Ocho Rios, #8. Gotta give her cred for thinking about the clues.


Finally James wake up! Now when Day gets put up, I hope him and her can rally her some votes so she can help him take Paulie out!

Buhbye Da

Nope, Da needs to go. I’d much rather Bridget stay. Sorry


I don’t. She’s the only female actually playing the game. PP just going to cruise to f2 if not


Paulie won pov. Unless he leaves himself up, he’s not going anywhere this week.


Finally James is starting to see what’s going on. Hope they backdoot Da or Nicole. But James must be in PP list. It would be a waste not to backdoor one vet with Paulie and Paul having all the power this week.

Linda THE OG

To the bitch tryna use my nickname. I really fucking doubt your name is Linda. So if you could hop the fuck off the train that you don’t have a ticket for, that would be great 🙂

Cabbage patch kid

Oh get a grip.

Cat c

Do you eat with that mouth?

Linda THE OG



Your nicknames stupid as shit anyway! Lol


James the wuss is getting his karma hug. Karma giving James a big hug for last week. A much needed hug. You can’t. play this game worth a sh($. You are playing like last year by skating by with your floater showmance. You and Nat the on the outs in the house and if that stays true, well, it couldn’t of happen to a bigger wuss. Seriously how was this guy America’s Player last year?

This paint by numbers season is so annoying. Ugh. Worthless boring house. Everything is going to plan with what Paulie and the rest of bullies want. No gameplay. No blindsides. Nothing. Dumbass carepackages that helps the bullies cause no one can vote logically.

James needs to grow a spine and shut up with the trash talking and back it up. Highly unlikely though. James getting Paulie with a backdoor is so laughable. You are a freaking follower. You are not going do sh$& and you know it

My bet is Paul will put up Nat cause these catty girls want that to happen because of the carepackage instead of Da like America wants. Then we are left with Bridget leaving Thursday.

Hope Bridgette has the round trip ticket though.


Bye Davonne…James better keep his new info to him and Nat or he may see Nat on the block time to keep his mouth shut because he’s too late and if Paulie figured out he knows Nat will go on the block instead of Davonne


At this point guys the people that win shit dictate the game cuz in this house no one was willing to get them out when either they were on the block or as a backdoor. Frank would have won shit but he keeps the other winners in check so the floaters went with what they know float untill someone determines they want to work w them. Will be interesting to see who emerges to win something late and gets out one of the comp winners


Bwahahaha James now figuring he’s on the outs, you sure a dumb of rocks for putting up Frank and Brdige when they were on your side..

Curious BB

What’s the point of a HOH if you don’t play your own game and make independent decisions. Everyone is intimidated, by Davonne. Yet, the House is basically writing a cashiers check to Paulie. At least, James is getting a clue. I wonder when Nicole and Z will open their eyes….they will not be in a final two or four.


Plus u are talking about james waking up after Paulie won pov wtf does it matter now


James needs to man up OR this will be the same thing that happened to him all over again during his Season of BB when he was with Meg. He will watch all of his allies get picked off one by one – while Paulie runs the House. All he needs to do is go to Paul and Paulie and blow their games up so it is out in the open. Then share it with the rest of the house. Shame that everyone who thought NAT, the one who has been sleeping through the entire game, had to open James’ eyes up to the facts about Paulie and them wanting to keep Bridgette around. The ones keeping quiet in the House not talking to everyone and just observing, are probably the least paranoid out of everyone in that House. Nat probably can rationalize better than anyone, what is actually happening with every player right now – After James’ coaching.
At the very least James should be talking to Da and Paul because the Veto ceremony hasn’t happened yet and Paul can be intimidated still. Put some pressure on. Other replacements still left to be put up besides Da – LIKE VIC.


In order to get to Paulie out…first target needs to be his side kick The Bearded Muppet. Michelle needs to be gone. She will continue to vote however Paulie wants.


Your boy won the veto I dont get tired I’m like Kevin Gates to all you bitches that doubted me fuck you


Hey Cody is that you?


Well this game is now officially over with. The PeePee twins will steamroll to the end. Natalie will probably win AFP. Not sure about the jury votes. Good possibility that Paul wins instead of Paulie. I would live that because he’ll be just like his brother Cody; 2nd place


I got question to the people voting James to top of the poll on this page? What’s the deal? Why is he getting such a high rank? Bridgette should have that spot and before that Frank the Tank. How is his gameplay any different from last year? What has he done beside being a follower for Paulie the D Bag and doing what he wants? He didn’t deserve America’s Player last year. Doesn’t deserve it this year. He doesn’t deserve the high rank now. He’s weeks late figuring Paulie out. James won’t doing anything about it. So what he’s figured out Paulie. Nothing will change. He doesn’t deserve his rank on here or the America’s Favorie Player prize.

You seem to be a big Frank supporter

You put James down for being “weeks late” in figuring stuff out on PP; well, your man Frank didn’t figure it out either, he believed up to end that Paulie was loyal.


He did believe him I don’t deny that but at least Frank tried to play this game. James what has he done to be worthy of the top rank besides going back on deals, being given a HOH and being a the head wuss of BB 18? He has a damn showmance like last season. Who gives a sh$&? Like I said he didnt deserve BB 17 America’s Player title. He doesn’t deserve BB 18 AFP title and he doesn’t deserve the rank on here.


give to the next hoh


I really like Paulie. I am glad he won. I feel bad for his Brother b/c he had Derek on his season. Derek was amazing. Paulie is kicking butt. I love it. I just don’t like Z.. I sound like a girl don’t I, but I really don’t. I think she sucks, and I am from Charlotte. I like my Charlotte people!!


James need to find a way to keep Day in the house. It might be too late. Anyway, I don’t see how a Vet is going to the end