“I’m not worried about Z winning anything.. The only thing Z has is try to stir things up and talk sh1t”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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(Lots of Chit chat for the last couple hours tonight. things don’t get started until 2ish)

2:12AM Paulie, Natalie, Meech and Zakiyah
Paulie talking about his brothers instagram and twitter followers says he’s got 400K “insta” and 200K twitter.
PAulie – A care package could be anything

Paul comes back from diary room. The girls tried to prank him by putting salt in his water. Natalie tells him he must be parched from being in the Diary room for so long.
Natalie says there’s been some flies landing on his food.
Paul – I walked into a 40 person Sh1t, piss, fu*k org*y in Berlin you think i’m worried about a fly landing on my cookie
PAulie – laughs.. Oh gawd another day

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 02-20-59-955
Bevis and Butthead try to pull a preank on James.. They plan to slap an inflated bag to make a bang and wake James up.
2:21am Girls waiting to see the reactions..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 02-23-40-642

Paulie and Paul creep into the london room

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 02-24-52-645

Paulie and Paul can’t stop giggling think Beavis and Butt head. They wake up James/Victor… Prank failed..
James – they’re so stupid

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 02-26-34-284

2:26am Beavis and butt figure they will put powder or water in the bag next time..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 03-28-29-326

2:30am HOH Paulie and Zakiyah HOH
Zakiyah – you asked me
Paulie – I thought we just decided that.. I’m sleeping up here and you’re sleeping downstairs with MEECH
Zakiyah – when did I say that
Paulie- I thought that was going down … I said Paul i’ll sleep with you
Zakiyah – that’s cool..
Paulie – ok
Zakiyah leaves Paul comes up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 02-50-40-901

2:31am Paulie and Paul HOH room
Talking about Victor winning HOH and taking a shot at Nicole and james
PAul – Corey ios already pissed off at him.. Same with James.
PAul – we play the good guys
Paulie – it’s noticeable to everyone when she’s pulling her stuff..

Paulie says with Bridgette on their side they have the numbers over the girls.
Paul – personally Bridgette is the right move but if you want Da going up
Paulie – it would be the smarter move for out bigger alliance.

Paul – I don’t want Bridgette to slip under our fingers
Paulie- she won’t …
Paulie says if he wins next week he’ll put up Bridgette and natalie and let the girls decide.

Paulie says If Corey wins he’s putting up Natalie and Victor
Paulie says If James wins he’s putting up Bridgette and Victor
Paul – I don’t hear PP in any of those

Paulie – If Da is on the block I guarantee she’s going home
PAulie talks about a win after he might put up Nicole and Michelle make a big move.
Paul asks about Zakiyah, when does she go up.
Paulie talks about after the Double.
Paulie says he’ll put Zakiyah and Michelle up, “I’m not worried about Z winning anything.. The only thing Z has is try to stir things up and talk sh1t”
Paul – when it’s all boys.. What do we do then.. We have to clip victor before it’s all boys
Paulie – one of the girls has to take the shot or Corey/James take the shot

Paul – lset say we’re down to 2 weak girls plus 2 somehow a boy and a girl on the block.. Do we keep the weak girl

Paulie – ya get rid of them… 2 weak girls Zakiyah and Natalie..
Paul – you want to take them that far
Paulie – I don’t want to take them that far
Paul – they really do suck at a lot of things.. Zakiyah plays with emotion
Paulie- extreme emotion
Paulie says it will only take 1 conversation to destroy that friendship between Michelle and Zakiyah

Paul is thinking they should get Victor to take a shot at a boy.
Paul – make her happy up until the point you clip her.. Fake it fake it clip her.. Or it could bite yo in the a$$..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 02-36-40-116

Paul – Nicole and I have a pretty strong trust I don’t think she’ll put up one of us boys..
Paulie says Victor and Natalie are her nominations
Paul wonders if Nicole will take a shot at James
Paulie says no Bridgette maybe
Paul points out that Frank/Bridgette had a thing with Corey and Nicole he wonders if there’s anything left between Corey/Nicole and Bridgette
Paulie doesn’t think so.

Paul – In a perfect world Bridgette will leave during the double eviction.
Paulie – Da, Bridgette gone.. Two strong girls .. If Bridgette won she’ll go after Nicole.

PAulie – I want to clip Z 100%, because now when she does this sh1t it f***s with my social game , she puts everybody in a uncomfortable mood .. when she does that sh1t it makes all the f*** girls be like OHHH what do we do…

PAul – fake it until you try and clip her
Paulie is going to try and win HOH and put Bridgette and Z up, “Never cared”
Paul – that’s awesome
Paulie – Never cared
Pauli e- she’s acting like how girls act with boys I don’t deal with girls I deal with women
Paul – it’s petty.. I told you about that from the beginning.. She could use that sh1t against you it could f*** stuff up in the long run

Paul – when it comes to clipping dudes… Vic will be that guy.. We’ll use his erratic loose cannon behavior to our advantage..
Paul wants to use Vic to make that move then get rid of him immediately so it doesn’t “Spit ball” back at them
Paul – it’s getting close man.. If we get through these next 2 weeks and it’s in our favour we’ll coast to the end for sure
Paulie agree..

Paul – I think we’re good bro.. Let me turn off the lights… PP
Paulie – legendary … PP
Paulie – don’t even care..
Paul – F***

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 02-35-56-114

2:34am Michelle and Zakiyah Safari room
Zakiyah cries.. About Paulie beign an “A$$hole to her”
Michelle – he has Paul you have me.. me and Nicole.
Michelle – like you said homies for life.. Guess who else had fights Rachel and Brandon…
Zakiyah says Meech and Paulie are the only people she really trusts.

Michelle says there’s a line of people in front of her they would put Michelle up before Zakiyah
Zakiyah says she would let him do that (Paul or Paulie?)
Michelle – I would…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 03-12-03-582

3:09am Paulie and Zakiyah arguing
Paulie – I don’t like the little comments you make .. sitting in front of Natalie and being like Natalie you good at Doing nails, Paulie you want your nails done.

Paulie – I go to bed when I come out I hear that you “in” in your Diary room session
Zakiyah says the comment about the nails was genuine
Paulie – I was going to sleep on it and not make it a big deal..
Zakiyah – why were you assuming I was being malicious about that comment
Zakiyah wants him to come to her before assuming things, He says there’s people all around sometimes he doesn’t get the chance.
Zakiyah asks about the Diary room season who said she goes “In”
Paulie – you did in front of everyone
Zakiyah – about what
Paulie – I dunno.. I was going to talk to you about it another time
Zakiyah – What.

Paulie – you’ve made comments about professional athletes.. You know I was a professional athlete.. You know I take that stuff personally when.
Zakiyah – it had nothing to do .. oh my god..
Zakiyah – why do you assume.. Why didn’t you talk to me
Paulie – I told you I don’t talk when people are around
Zakiyah – why not pull me to the side.. This attitude from you has come from nowhere.

Paulie – I want to go to bed because there’s a competition I need to win.. My mind is on the competition that I put myself on the block for because nobody else wanted to do it
ZAkiyah – I could be competing tomorrow
Paulie – I know but you’re not on the hot seat
Zakiyah – this is business I’m fine i’m cool..
Paulie – this is business that’s cool
Zakiyah – then we don’t have to be acting like this .. it’s making me uncomfortable..

PAulie – don’t even bring up uncomfortable.. When every single action.. A girl can’t even look at me a certain way or touch me a certain way you’re getting pissed..
Zakiyah – I’m not..
Paulie – I ain’t the one making you feel uncomfortable.. You trying to put that on me that’s it i’ll end this conversation right now I ain’t the type of person that makes anyone feel uncomfortable especially a female.

PAulie – when that word get thrown around the wrong way…
Zakiyah can’t get any words i, “I don’t want to go back and forth”
Paulie – ok.. Good than it’s done.. We don’t have to go back and forth.. I thought you made a backhanded comment..
Zakiyah – you assumed
Paulie – and you assumed girls were doing something else..
Zakiyah – I assumed nothing today..

Paulie – I put my neck on the line because YOU didn’t want to go on the block.. You’re the only one that didn’t want to go on the block
Zakiyah – You win HOH you put me on the block.. You making me feel bad for no reason..
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 03-10-43-984

Meech listening in

PAulie – I’m going to step out.. I don’t make you feel bad
Zakiyah says she didn’t know everyone was going to volunteer …

Paulie – there’s a competition tomorrow..
Paulie says he needs to focus for tomorrow
Paulie- I ain’t trying to be on the hot seat come monday..
Zakiyah – we’re not effective communicators.. I’m starting to see that..

Paulie – how many conversation about the same thing we have to talk about…
Zakiyah – Fine.. cool.. Didn’t think this was going to be a issue we have
Paulie – I didn’t think people playing with my hair was going to be a issue,..,.
Zakiyah – Paulie you are bringing up old stuff that had already been squashed

Paulie going on and on about how there’s a big difference between your feelings are hurt and you are feeling uncomfortable.
Paulie – It’s like high school stuff.. high school stuff ..
Zakiyah – there was nothing highschool related today
Paulie – given the circumstances that has happen in a week span all the things you nit pick about that comment isn’t going to get taken that way? (the Natalie nail comment)
Paulie apologizes for taking offense to her making the comments about Natalie and the naile.
Paulie says when she uses the word uncomfortable it’s gets him going because uncomfortable is the comments Victor made about Natalie or Uncomfortable is Frank slapping you a$$es.

Paulie – when you use the word uncomfortable to refer to me I’m going to be offended 100%
Zakiyah – you made me very sad today
Paulie – I apologize I made you sad..

Zakiyah tells him if everyone volunteered to go up this week instead of her than she volunteers to go up next week if Paulie wins HOH.
Paulie – Z you know I won’t do that
Zakiyah starts to cry “I feel like a loser here.. I feel like I don’t do enough”

Paulie starts talking about positive thinking and winning using inspirational tales from Conor McGregor eating only blueberries when he was pure to baseball player stats. He continues to try and make her feel better etc.. etc..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 03-59-38-597

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-30 05-06-54-231

3:40am Meech
Meech – I ate 4 fibre tables and my stomach feel like it’s going to implode.
Meech – I wish I was in a better mindset to play the game.. it’s bad timing.. I wish I had put work into my appearance.. put my hair back to a colour I feel comfortable in…
Meech – Wish I didn’t eat cookies I blame Bridgette.. I wish I didn’t eat all that crap food

Meech – I know my sisters are thinking OH my god Michelle is a fat lard now.. what happened to her
Meech – How is supposed to study nutrition when she can’t even control her own eating habits and looks like a frickin 5500lb whale.. I just don’t understand I really don’t
MEECH – Knowing you’re on TV 24/7 and people can f****G see your fat rolls jiggling around.. you have to go into teh DR with a triple neck .. and your flabby arms in comps wearing swim suits I would rather lose than feel like this
Meech – this is awful, I don’t get how people do it, would be fine if I had a pretty face but I don’t have that either.. I’m just a stupid, loud not funny piece of crap
Meech – i’m staying in bed all day tomorrow minus the veto .. I don’t give a crap.,

4:07am everyone sleeping

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Oh my god. I listened to that entire exchange with Paulie and Z and now I have a giant headache and hate myself. If Paulie wasn’t such a douchecanoe I could see him being a great motivational speaker with his “don’t get down on yourself. If you only think about your losses what do you manifest? Losses. Don’t get down on yourself, you’ve gotta pick yourself up” stuff. But, because of the way we’ve been seeing him gloat and everything else I just roll my eyes too far back into my head. I’m surprised I actually have functioning eyeballs at this point.
If that conversation doesn’t alert Z to the fact that he is quite a talker and she needs to watch him, then nothing will. She wanted that conversation to end and he just kept yammering on and on…please let this be his undoing. His crazy showmance and love of talking…just lead him to an eviction. Especially with his “you’re the only one that didn’t volunteer to be the pawn” BS. Ugh! Can’t!

Ps. Michelle needs to see the BB on call therapist for real. Her talking to the camera about how ugly and fat she is and her being a loser etc. was hard to watch, and even though she’s being a crazy mean girl, I don’t want to eventually see her come completely unglued.


I’m sorry, but good for him! He finally let her have it then wussed out in the end, but whatever, at least he went off on her! She DESERVES it! She is such a pathetic, spoiled brat that ONLY has her looks to rely on. She has been “Peeing on her tree,” and that comment about Natalie/nails was ABSOLUTELY malicious and she’s trying to act like she really meant it in a positive way! Riiiight Z! Now you want Natalie touching and rubbing and massaging Paulie’s hands? riiiight. And when he brought up her jealousies and High School drama and she said, “nothing happened TODAY!” Underscore, TODAY! Yesterday, maybe. Last week, yes. but TODAY, nothing. Like she deserves points for that. Good for him!!!!!! Go OFF! He doesn’t owe her anything.!!


He had to wuss out in the end. He’s on the block and he knows she would be vindictive enough to talk the girls into voting him out.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Couldn’t have said it better myself Michelle! She was already unhinged before she got there. Her and Z both. We don’t like ourselves so let’s be mean to others especially Bridgette. No sympathy for either of them. Pauline’s not going anywhere. These douches in the house will vote him to win and that asshat with no balls 50g. They need to look deeper into the behavior of potential HG next year. Take away the racist comments and BB15’s cast were more fun to watch.


Do they not give these people psych tests before they are on the show? It is apparent that Z an Michelle have some problems going on!

Frank's Tasty Butt Juice

I agree 100%

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

We could be kin


It sure looks and sounds like Michelle has problems and it seems like her family contributed to it. I don’t think she’s fat and even if she is, her sisters should not make fun of her because of that. I do believe that her family makes fun of her weight that’s why she’s studying or studied nutrition. It’s really sad. She has no self esteem and thus gets jealous of people easily and holds grudges forever. That I believe is the reason why she’s mean. I hate to say it but when all of this is over and she sees how she was hated in the house, I pray she doesn’t do anything crazy to hurt or kill herself. She’s troubled and needs serious help. God help her.


Meech is just playing for the camera! She got told she is a mean girl and she is worried America will not give her a package. She wants a sympathy package. That is all this is.

Life Lesson

The more I watch these people. The more I’m glad they WERE chosen for the show. It’s been a sight to see. And they’re narrative has unfolded just as we all could’ve predicted.


As much as I hate pp if they keep apart but still work together like they are I think they can make it to the end like Cody and Derrick did or until one of them turns on the other

Paulie is a tyrant

That was total psychological warfare. Thank God I am not married to a man like Paulie and have to go through ALL THAT to solve a problem. I flashed back to listen to I and did my makeup, got dressed, made eggs and toast and coffee, and ate my whole breakfast and Paulie was STILL talking. Paulie and Z deserve each other. She knows she meant it in a mean way. On a side note, Cant wait for Paulie to be interviewed after the show is over and get his reaction of how big of a bully Z is and also what he thinks about what she did in the storage room with the Maxi pad and then sticking her hands in a bag of community chips. Or her yeast infection situation. Ewwwwww


In a perfect BB world, Davonne will win veto this week and save Bridgette, then Bridgette will spill the beans to Day and she will save her and let Paul and Paulie scramble. That will surely mess up their position in the house. This week is a bummer, first time since the feeds started that i actually didn’t care what is happening in the house.

nicole's diary room voice

Yeah, someone wake me up when someone finally puts up Paul and Paulie and ends this PP bullshart!
Paul is a D-Bag who thinks he’s so cool can go first.


Yeah, Frank, Paul, Paulie, Nicole and Corey are constantly talking about getting Davonne out. BECAUSE SHE’s the only female playing the game!!!! She knows the boys (not men) are using the girls. Davonne tried telling Z she is being stupid, but Z’s head is to far up Paulie’s ass. I’m hoping Bridgette and Davonne flip the house, and sorry Nicole and Z you will not get a rose, you applied to the wrong show.


Zakiyah isn’t here to win. She’s just collecting a check and trying to hook up.


and they start to turn on each other, thats friendship……


Za is looking for a guy(paulie) and talking sh*t in bb house


I am so exhausted watching Paulie and Z. Why are they even togther?


They are together because they are locked in a house on a reality TV Show. The truth is in the real world they would probably would last one date or possible 3 then never see each other again. BB drives people nuts after awhile. They seem to get crazy earlier each season.


For Paulie, Zakiyah is a booty call he can’t get away from and for Zakiyah, Paulie is a guy in charge. That’s it. She seems similar to Nicole in that she can’t be without a guy.

Zaulie are losers

What the hell was that? Z is a big fat 0 and Paulie is a douche. Big brother please let America decide and put those two on the block. I am probably the only one but i am still rooting for Nicole and Michelle


Well at least Max-Z knows she is a loser. Con Corleone has no idea he is a douche. He thinks he is the sh*t. I hope this week blows up in his face. It is unfortunate that the girls are too unstable to make it happen. We can only hope Da gets mad at Con Corleone for making her girl sad. The only people worth rooting for to me are Natalie an Bridgette but man are those some long shots.


michelle’s not much better than z with her petty hating on bridgette just because frank liked bridgette more. nicole i could easily find myself rooting for though.


Hope Z has Paulie riled up enough he has a hard time sleeping and it handicaps him for the VETO comp. Z finally does something good this season.


Paulie just might be walking into a massive overconfidence trap:

He volunteers to go up, tells everybody he wants Da, now he’s letting Z go crazy…it’s not a stretch if he doesn’t win veto, that Z becomes the woman scorned, Da feeds it, Michelle sees he’s threatening Da, who’s no threat to her, Nicole sees Paulie thinks he’s king, and either Corey does what Nicole tells him or Nat decides to actually play the game.

He doesn’t seem to get pushing Z away could be the 1st domino…it’s a long shot since everybody seems to be playing for him to win, but that malleability can break against him on a whim.


Well this needs to happen with this season RIGHT MEOW. Please god.


yes, but the women in the BBCAN house were actually playing the game, most of the women left in the house’s brains have turned to mush, and are waiting to be picked off


I’ve been meaning to ask: Have the ensuing seasons in Canada been similar to the 1st season? I watched the 1st one, really enjoyed how different the players were compared to how it’s “evolved” in the US…then the US version (15….) alienated me and I forgot.

Guy From Canada

Bbcan 4 was my least favourite house guests. It was very mean like this house. But unlike this season, once the mean girl got evicted, the mean people started to act nice……for one week before that blonde mean stewardess came back in the house, then it was all hate all the time again. This us season, there is no catalyst, it seems that michelle Z and Da have started the mean girl thing, and all the girls but Nat and Bridge have converted all the way. Oh yeah, as I’m typing I remember that Canadians name, it was Kelsey who ruined bbcan 4 with Maddy.

Powder Puff Girls

popularity high school click – they all wanted to join. Kelsey was the prom queen Jared the prom king – these 2 felt they were the only one’s ENTITLED to win. “Entitled” was one of the most used words by feeders. They picked on a few people but not to the extreme as this lot. The people were horrible! They are picking people that want to become FAMOUS modelling, acting, entertainer, reality stars that have big EGO’s. Jared was the laughing stock of Canada he would not cut his hair off (during a challenge to get points) and lost his chance at the grand prize. He defended his position he felt his hair was worth more than a 100 grand. I think he thought he would leave the house and become famous by modelling!


They only thing that was good about BBCAN 4 was Tim he is Australian. Sadly, I wanted a Australian to win Big Brother CANADA. That says it all about last season.


Nikki was the best thing about bbcan4.


Tim won BBAU 2013 but then his career went south. He appeared on BBCAN in an attempt to resuscitate his options, very similar to what Skankie Frankie is now doing on BBUK. I hope BBUK sends the little pink twirly top back to the US asap.

Asian Redneck Hillbilly

Totally agree with you Simon. Newport was using the exact same language and counting the money mere days before everything went South. All it takes now is someone with a bit of balls to round up the troops to flip it, just I’m not sure if this season has it with the remaining houseguests.


And Frank was a bully? What the Hell was that with Paulie?


I’m glad I’m not the only person wondering WTF with him, because Z may not be the most stable girl, but that was some sh*t from him. He’s really becoming the worst.


Zakiyah is the absolute worst


Max-z has her nickers all in a knot. What a jealous spiteful mean and nasty girl. I think she should be more selective as to which tree she pees on. Her stink is not taking.


Z’s nasty, week 2 she said her p@ssy smells like fish. Then changing pads without washing hands. Might be why Paulie would rather sleep with Paul. Rather smell assh*le than fish.

Corey's A$$hole

Speaking of a$$holes I’m right here Vic!!!

Anal Beads

That’s hilarious Coreys A#??ole

Corey's A$$hole

Thanks Anal Beads! Maybe you, Vic and I should get together and have some bad turkey meat tacos!!! Well?


Ok, now your reaching.


Too funny! I missed the week 2 fishing trip but that must have been around the time she was sharing with everyone how itchy it was because of her yeast infection. (girl has no shame) Maybe she spread it to her head since she is constantly itchin’ and a scratchin’ it.


Z is constantly scratching her head because she has a weave of hair sewed to her scalp. Her own hair must be very thin or coarse.


WOW I don’t care for Michelle for her personality, but I feel kind of sad that this is her thinking, I see why she is so nasty and mean spirited it is probably the only thing that makes her feel good. They should of screened her better.


Yea it is sad that she has such a low self esteem. I want to feel bad for her but when she says thing like “I shouldn’t have eaten those cookies” “I blame Bridgette” she needs to take responsibility for herself. I don’t have the live feeds but on AD every time they show her she is eating and snacking. I have not seen Bridgette or anyone else holding her down shoving food down her throat


I was thinking the same thing! GEEZ! No wonder she is such a Biatch! This is how she speaks about herself, no wonder she’s no different with other girls- You knowww… the girls that have a pretty face, are skinny, etc. That Buzz Lightyear comment must have really jarred her, yet coming from a dude was better than a woman. Buzz Lightyear is HILARIOUS! But, shaving her eyebrows… that’s just stupid. How is that worse??


Valerie, Bridgett never said the shaved eyebrows statement about Michelle, she said it about Tiffany – then immediately said she was joking. Here’s a link to a video showing the actual conversation:


Here’s a link to a reddit post listing all the times Bridgett has been bullied, including videos and timestamp. It’s a long post, and kind of sad to read, but worth it if you really want to know who the meanest people are:



Oh my gosh, that’s so much worse than I when realized! Paul, Z, & Michelle are the worst, but honestly it’s a REALLY bad look on most of them, including Day, Nicole & I’m even disappointed that Natalie has sort of abandoned her. These people Will get their karma when they get out of the house and it will be super harsh! Deservedly so. Disgusting!

not cool

not a fan of michelle either…..at all………but the fact that her opening clip for the show basically was “i hate fat people” and now all she’s worried about is her sisters watching and thinking she looks like a fat piece of lard….pretty sure family is supposed to be a safe place and those types of insecurities come from somewhere, so guess we all know now where she learned her smack talking, bullying behaviour…….


I heard Nat say(few weeks ago to James) Meech has eating disorder then took it back. Sure she does. She needs help. Very sad.

Min O'Pause

After that speech by Leech one can ascertain two basic things:
1. She has serious issues with body dysmorphia and food.
2. After eating them 4 fiber pills, girl gonna shart her pants somethin awful in the POV comp.


Come on….she is playing for the camera. Pity votes. Not that she isn’t aware of these faults, just using them for the live feed poor me pity party. Old trick.

A Girl Has No Name

Sadly, Z will continue to run behind Paulie with a poop bag and scooper. Class A idiot.

Paulie has to go and the fact that these HGs don’t see that makes them extremely poor choices as participants of the game. How does a “super-fan” rally behind and support the biggest threat in the house???? I love this game but this shit is annoying as he’ll. I would rather see real strategy, good common sense, and sound, healthy-minded people play. If the producers stopped looking for big boobs, slim waists and 6-packs, they might find a cast that has some brains. Granted, these are kids with not much life experience BUT I have a 21 year old with more common sense than several of these HGs put together.


Paulie needs to be evicted so the game can begin…Team James and Bridge final two!


paulie going this week would be amazing. up til now it’s seemed like he was all but a lock to win, and his going would create chaos, leaving the house with 10 people who all suck at the game.


Please James Natalie or Day win the veto and send Paulies ass home

Michelle is batshit crazy!

Michelle needs therapy ASAP! Remove her from the house and bring back Frank the Tank!

now is the time

for Z to open her brain and realize that paulie is no bueno. “I feel like I’m not doing enough” DING DING DING sweetie, congratulations, you have realized what we’ve known since day one. don’t be victoria. it’s not too late. you can get deputy douche and admiral a-hole out. we already know da would be on board. michelle would be on board. obviously bridgette would be on board. james and natalie would be on board if it meant they were safe. you don’t need nicole or corey. and if you’re smart about it, you can sway victor by driving a wedge between him and paul.


And they are running out of time. This week is the week the women need to make it happen or it will be all over for them. This to me is Da’s last chance to prove she is actually able to play the game. Win veto and use it to make a move that makes sense to her game and not someone else. If nothing else depending on who wins it work with them to keep Paulie on the block and out the door. Big talking, finger waving, head shaking isn’t going to cut it for me she needs to show me what she has this week.

Cross eyed Paulie

Ok it’s official they’re all loosing their minds.


Geez Michelle. That was hard to watch. Diary room should have a chat with her. Even though they won’t, CBS should air her expression of inner thoughts. Knowing she is being watched, almost a cry for help?

Yes she is deservedly designated as a mean girl so far in this game, but ‘me thinks’ she is struggling with some issues. Being on camera 24/7 is probably not the right environment for her.

(Not my favorite person, but she is not fat, and not ‘ugly’ as she is implying.)


She’s definitely not fat or ugly on the outside, but she’s ugly on the inside, problems or not.


F3 Paulie Paul Bridgette .Bridgette wins final HO H, takes Paul to F2 and wins. This could happen if the women in jury get their heads out of the gutter of bitterness and self pity.


Pauli may be a jerk and a bully, but his comments that MaxZi’s behavior is highschool are right on the money. I laughed at the fifth large picture from the top (the one right under beavis and butthead laughing). The pout on her face is ridiculous. Is it just me or is Z the worst player in BB history? Completely focussed on having and keeping her man, and I don’t think I have EVER heard her talking about winning the money or strategy in any way. Just about what cute babies she and Paulie would make. Baaaaarrrrrf. Run Paulie Run.


I think Michelle is coming apart at the seams. She may be morphing into the Obiwankanobi/Audrey/Sunglasses look soon. She was hard to watch on the feeds last night. I never cared for Meech from the beginning but she may have a tough time making it through this. Its never a good sign when you unload on yourself to the camera.


If there is any karma in the world….Paulie will go home on the week he volunteered to go on the block. I see Derrick training in his psych of Z. Remember Victoria? Mark my words…he will pull a 180 & snuggle up to her & she is so childish she’ll fall for it. This will lock her in till the end. And Paulie fully intends to be next to her at the end because she has done nothing to warrant 500k. I don’t care what he is telling Paul.

Z & Michelle are not mentally mature enough for this game. I almost felt sorry for them but then I remember these are crisis of their own making.

Hey Paulie……….I’m UNCOMFORTABLE watching you mentally abuse Z!

Michelle gacy dhamer

Seriously Meech is bat shit cray cray! I can only imagine her list is shrinks on speed dial. I have visions of her shoveling chocolate cakes in her mouth, crying, perched up in Frank’s tree or hiding in his bushes chanting…. Your not fat Michelle… All the guys love you… Shovels more cakes in….as she looks at her knife and giggles


I think Michelle’s behavior pattern is consistent jealousy and saying hurtful means things. She’s obsessed with other girls and deflects her own issues. Then her response is crying and getting sympathy like she did with Frank. Now her sympathy cry is talking to the camera. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s calculating.


Sorry folks…Meech is acting…she wants us to feel sorry for her now and give her a care package!!!
thats the truth…if she was sincere we should see a difference in her persona tomorrow then…but we wont!!
Both her and Nicole jealous and scrambling to fix how we see them after Nat got something before them ml


I also wonder if an act. When she cried in the storage room after Veto meeting about Frank leaving (WTF could have saved him) I thought those tears seemed fake.


I agree. . .it’s all an act with her. She’s trying desperately to get America to like her, but it’s not working. Did anyone else see her crying hysterically last night, when she thought she hurt Paul by throwing an apple at him? Crying hysterically, but with no tears. Amazing.

Min O'Pause

If it’s an act for a care package then let’s send her one and put Benefiber, Metamucil, prunes, raisins, and a Richard Simmons exercise DVD in it.

Tonight on 2020

So there is no one left to root for in the house from what I gather from all the comments.. Except for Natalie bridge and maybe james …. All the other houseguests just suck and they are worthless … Frank was the best game player in the world he should’ve won the game Natalie her gameplay is flawless bridge wow what a game that she has played its amazing everybody else in the house sucks and the game is now worthless unless James bridge Natalie win .

Big Jim

Michelle is no beauty queen but certainly not ugly or fat that I can see. Sad to see someone down on themselves like that

stevie j

Yea I’m not buying meech playing the sympathy card to America. She knows how important it would be to receive a care package. Smart of her though…


Paulie is starting to use all of Paul phrases (never cared)….shoot me already.

I get Zak, if she wasn’t attached to Paulie she wouldn’t have made it this far. That’s game problem is she needs to start winning and turning his ass off. Everybody knows how Paulie talks when she isn’t around, but if you digg deeper and actually pay attention to how he charms her and reassures her when it’s just them. I can see why he has her mind all fucked up. On the flip side she didn’t come to big brother for a showmance, when she finally gets evicted from the house and get a chance to see how Paulie talked about her when she isn’t around. Paulie is going to have to join witness protection because I can easily see Zak turning into an angry jilted salty vindictive homicidal bitch lmao.

Did Zak and Paulie have sex? I don’t think so. If they didn’t at least she has that going for her.


Paul n Paulie= PP
Beavis n Butthead=BB
Caligula n Crassus=CC
who were bisexual, depraved and vicious
Caligula “we are the good guys”,we will beat up little girls and we will celebrate by violating the big one
they think they are Gods and immortal
C’mon houseguests stop this insanity vote out Paulie then Paul


Michelle, Paulie and Nicole and Zakiya I don’t know which one drives my nerves the most craziest! Mama Da, your chirrin are losing there marble’s and needs some serious help! Nicole is next to spaz out with Cory! Omg


Says above Paulie and Z are have nots, yet he’s sleeping in the HOH and tells Z to sleep with Meech. Why not both in the bumper cars? And is Nat no longer on slop getting the care package?


Wondering the same thing……?


In her care package, Nat got a “never-not” pass so she can’t be a have not for the rest of the season.


I completely forgot about that. Paulie was supposed to be a have not for the first time this week so why is he sleeping in the HOH? That’s some bullshit right there. If they have suddenly allowed the rules to be bent for this douche I am going to be PISSED. If King Big P is assuming he can bend/break the rules there should be a punishment. The punishment used to be a penalty nom or, if you were already otb, a penalty vote against you.


They gave Audrey a penalty vote last season. Not that it mattered as she was for sure leaving but if there is a penalty vote to Paulie this week…it could be interesting.


They’ve actually been laxed all season with the rules. I’m beginning to wonder if the game is on auto-pilot after a certain hour with no overnight crew to really make sure rules are being followed. I remember in the past they would get warned about sleeping outside of the bedrooms (which Corey did constantly when he was a havenot). Let’s not even mention the fact that there are few warnings about the mic being obstructed or too far away to hear conversations. Another thing I think is odd is that they don’t set up the backyard with practice games before competitions like they used to do in the past. What gives BB?

No name

I don’t think the “have nots” start until today.


Michelle feels victimized and blames others but she actually does it to herself. Making her hate everything and everyone around her. When she is jealous of someone it’s because they have something she wants. Self esteem or someone to care about her. That person who posted those pictures about her eating should do the right thing and take it down. She is dealing with serious issues and those pictures can do a lot of damage to her when she gets out. We should go on that site and ask them and explain to them that she has serious issues and if they would take the pictures down.

Min O'Pause

Hey Dr. PHIL I didn’t know you watched Big Brother!


Paulie told Zak, “I’m not the type of person that makes people uncomfortable.”
I have to say, he makes me pretty damn uncomfortable, and not in a good way.

Tonight on 2020

Does anybody else seem to think that Victor is really weird like for real like he is a strange duck I don’t mean in the way that Tiffany was off her rocker kind of weird I mean there are people that are just weird doesn’t mean they’re bad people or not good people are crazy Like Tiffany but he’s just kind of a weird duck


Kinda like you? ! Takes one to know

The Roach Coach

Oh this is going to be such an epic week, all the girls are clearly all at that time of month and they are the majority in the house, factor in Da on the block and these dudes wont know what hit em….
also… Meech was eating those fiber pills like candy in the safari room on bbad, she literally ate one every sec out of the bottle it was very weird, (not 4 meech, maybe 25)

Cross eyed Paulie

That many Fibre bars? That usually sets off an atomic bomb.

Bolt Uprite

Super Colon Blow, like the old SNL skit.

Perfect World

Da, Michelle and MaxZ sneak into the Paris room and overhear PP talking in HOH about knocking out all the girls plan. MaxZ loses her mind in rage that Paulie is not taking her to the end. Da gets picked for the veto comp, wins it and takes down Bridgette. Paul puts up Victor. Da tells Nicole, Bridgitte and Natalie about all “boy” plan. All the girls vote Paulie out. Bridgette wins next HOH and puts up Paul and goat burning Corey……a girl can dream. I wish the women would wake up and play this game, not Let’s Make a Date

Fuzzy Num Num

When Jun and Alison took it to the end, the played up how they hated each other so that everyone else left them alone. The four horse-girls of the appoceclyse (Da, Max-Z, Meeh, and Nic) get together every day or so. It appears they are just typical mean girls. But, what if there is a purpose. Maybe they were just waiting for a chance like this. Maybe Max-Z and Nic were feme fatallling it up with Not-Cody and Crazy-Eye? What if Da is really a master-planner. And Nic isn’t actually boy-crazed? Imagine it? Can you? Imagine…
PSYCH!!!!! Hahahaha


Is it possible that Meech now realizes the viewers may not like her much after seeing that Nat got the care package? Hence she is now playing up to the cameras with the “i’m so fat” routine?


Any thoughts please on who should win the next care package — eliminate two votes.


Da’ should get it. Just so she can mess with PP’s plans, considering they are currently ruling the house. As much as I dislike Da’, she’s her own person and perfectly capable of having the shit hit the fan.


I’m thinking Paul depending on who wins HOH. Would love seeing his ego further implode and put a target on his back. Being a fellow care package recipient, he would defend Nat. With “house voting”, not sure how valuable this package is unless someone like Da (if she survives the week) is up for flipping the house.


This is my problems with the cast.

Nicole: She is the New Christine. She felt betrayed and was isolated, said some unfortunate things, teamed up with people that went home and people felt sorry for because Cory, Derek, Paulie, Frankie and CHRISTINE ignored her and made her feel isolated. She said that she felt betrayed by Christine and made several comments about what a terrible person Christine was. Now the shoe is on the other foot. She could be kind to Bridgette and Natalie, tell them that she knows how they feel about being isolated in the game… does she. Nope she is the New Christine, when it came to be the pawn she freaked out and backstabbed Natalie trying to get her nominated. What we should all be aware of… Christine didn’t win, she was taken to a point and cut when it was convenient. That is what will happen to Nicole.

Da’Vonne: All I can say is unfortunate. For the life of me what kind of threat does Da’Vonne really offer in the game. Nicole is a bigger threat than Da’Vonne. If Da’Vonne or Bridgette go home this week it was a total waste of an HoH, there isn’t any Big Move or strategy to it. It is really just picking the lowest hanging fruit and trying to act like he climbed the tree… the definition of weakness… what is a bigger move? How about Nicole or Corey… no big game change here, just predictability. Da’Vonne really isn’t anymore sketchy than other people in the house. She should just lay low and plant seeds… I hope she wins the PoV and takes off Bridgette, so that they nominate Natalie so we can see how much of a real man James is… my guess is he would wuss out and vote out Natalie.

James: Foolishness, that is all I can say. Just like last Season he is the lowest man on the totem pole. He is only important when it is a endurance comp… otherwise he will never make a big move…. he will say it is BIG but it isn’t, he says he will go crazy and tear the house up if Natalie goes… he will just let those Bigger Guys screw him over and then thank them for the experience. He is Jury bound.

Paulie: Probably Top Two or Top Three… if it was an earlier Season the first time people had a chance to get him out they would have snatched it up. He would have a huge target…. in old school Big Brother his social game would be terrible. Unfortunately since Season 15 Sheep dominate the house. I think he will go far, but not win… probably be cut top four or come in second.

Paule: Loud Douche, probably the second or third jury member.

Victor: Nice knowing you… you are going to be cut soon.

Zak: Acts like a child, I hope she has a lovely time on her Jury House Vacation.

Natalie: Pretty nice girl, but really should not be on the show, she is not suited for it.

Michelle: Watch out for Big Meech… Low self esteem, vindictive, ready cry in a minute because she is the victim, aggressive hate for other girls, jealous… won a comp…. sounds like Rachel Riley. I think Meech can win comps, I also think that she is accruing a lot of information from other players that will come out later. I do not like her, she is sort of like if Andy had a baby with Rachel. When it hits the jury stage Big Meech will turn the couples, James and Paul against each other… create rifts all over. You may hate her but she is your only hope for BB drama that might change the game.

Bridgette: I like her, I hope she survives this week. She is probably the only one to cheer for right now. She does not have a snow balls chance in hell unless she becomes the Victoria that they just use as a nominee each week because they don’t care if she go’s home. You may think that Nat might fill tat role… but James cares about her, not a good choice. Yep, that is Bridgette’s job the pawn.


James’ endurance wins were the variety where you mainly sit and do nothing, just like his game. The fill the container with liquid in a sponge type endurance ones are beyond him.

Bolt Uprite

Knowing the old adage “The camera adds ten pounds”, it is kind of puzzling that a girl with all those issues would enter a house with dozens of HD cameras.


Simon you guys are pimps that’s why and this site is by far the best for play by play updates


I don’t know why so many people hate Day…she seems to be the only female not crying or following behind some guy in the house.

At the end of the da

I think if she dropped that head shaking, finger wagging and obnoxious way of talking she would be liked more. If she can win something, she’s my top cadidate for flipping the script.


Natalie, Zakiyah and Nicole are getting ready in the bathroom. Zakiyah tells Natalie her shorts remind her of Hooters. Natalie is already feeling self-conscious about her weight. Now I see what a lot of you are saying about the mean girls. Natalie changed her shorts and she actually looked cute in them. Zakiyah is in for a shock when she gets out that house. Some lady is petitioning for her to be fired because of her comments towards Bridgette. When she was talking about fighting her. Zakiyah has a fucked up attitude. She’s in for a reality check just like Gina-Marie from season 15. She can’t even complete a full sentence. How in the hell do she teach pre-schoolers? Smdh!


Exactly what I was thinking. She has a nasty attitude. She can’t make a meaningful complete sentence. How can she be a preschool teacher? I hope her bad attitude doesn’t rub off on the kids. If she’s my toddler ‘s teacher, I’ll make sure she doesn’t get close to my child if she returns to the preschool. With the pad incident, with people around and knowing the whole Nation is watching, and she did that, imagine what happens in her classroom. Poor kids.


Do the have notes not have to sleep in the bumper cars any longer? Paulie is sleeping in the HOH and Corey was sleeping with Nicole.


Does anyone besides me think that Corey is weird.
He checks out the guys as they shower. He asks victor to spit in his mouth. He thinks it’s funny that animals are being tortured. His eyes can’t get it together. He’s all up inside Nicole like a tampon.
I’m glad he got stuck with Nicole’s whiney needy butt. She’s going to be a handful when he trys to dump her ass.


Paulie gets special treatment. The rules don’t apply to him. BB is already writing the check out to him. I guess it’s because he’s a mafia Don and he’ll put a hit on them.


Victor is still my eye candy.
I’ll take Victor’s silly over Corey’s weird.


Z is so annoying. shes a hood rat. freaking on paulie for talking to another girl in the house. like wtf is wrong with you. she is acting the way DAVONNE acted last year. its such typical behavior from them both bc they aggressive.. why is every little thing such an insult to you 2. normal people dont act like that. and DA is such a hoh suck up. keeps hounding paul “hey who’s it gonna be” cause she knows shes a typical shady girl. da hid it well the first 3 weeks but her true side cant help but come out and it shows and its making theh same attitude come out from Z. paulie needs to cut that right away. shes bitching at him like she is dating her. paulie is right. shes a typical immature girl and he only deals with women. those 2 Z and DA are such typical rapper groupies.


Rapper groupies?? News flash, not all black people like rap. And Nicole and Michelle are wonderful, honest ladies? NOT!! Michelle walks through that house rapping not Day.


first of all i did not say black people. race has nothing to do with it. i just said they are displaying typical behavior for young women. thats the problem with america everytime someone says something negative about a person being black they automatically think its being racist. i didnt even think about the fact they were black till you just mentioned it. its not 1960 and whites make blacks sit on the back of the bus. its 2016 and in my generation schools teach you racist people are ignor-anus’s and not to judge someone by the color of thier skin. rapper groupies are all colors too by the way like cyn santana , super head, miley cyrus, ariana grande, kim kardashian, erica mena. all young pretty girls with that typical cat clawing attitude


Yuck ! Zakiyah is definitely not kosher. I’m glad Paulie has to suffer her kind of
CRAZY. It couldn’t of happened to a better person.