Big Brother 18 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results


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Week 3 is coming to an end and what a Flip Flopping good time it’s been. As of this morning at the time of typing this Tiffany is staying but vote scheme isn’t simple 1 vote going the wrong way and Boom tie Tiffany goes home. The flip happened Wednesday evening and was a bit unexpected at the time but in hindsight it makes sense to the people doing it and will cause more drama on the feeds. It was a complex week with the game board changing significantly. Frank, Bridgette and Da’Vonne ended the week with damaged games but Paul’s game improved immensely. Paul’s game did a 180. Not only is Paul Liked by everyone in the house he’s nowhere a target anymore, It is very common for people to proclaim how much they like him. On top of that he’s laying out strategy for the next week with the vets which is is actively debated as the “plan”.

Continuing from last week Frank was the houses primary target. He was trying to get all the factions of the house to go against each other while still maintaining a larger alliance. It’s comical, everyone knows now. So Bridgette wins HOH throwing a wrench into the get Frank out plan. Bridgette nominates Paul and Tiffany. Frank wins the Roadkill nominates Bronte, the target is Tiffany and they have the votes to send her out.

Early on Da’Vonne tries to get the votes to save Tiffany. But only succeeded in locking 3 of the 5, from Michelle and James. Da couldn’t secure Nicole, Paulie and Corey. She stopped trying. Keep in mind week 2 Da’Vonne started really pushing to get Tiffany out and was trying to use Frank to do it, the whole get Tiffany thing started with Da’Vonne. Tiffany did not know she was the target and was told consistently from her allies she was safe with Michelle even telling her not to campaign. As the week progressed everyone continued to stay pissed at Frank and Bridgette, more of Frank’s deals were found out, more pieces of his game exposed. The house started seeing Frank get closer to the powerpuff girls which caused concerns. Frank was sketchy.

Nicole started to get paranoid about Da’Vonne’s. Where Nicole goes Corey follows. Along with PAulie they start to look at Da’Vonne as a target. Da’Vonne asks Nicole who she wanted to side with Fatal 5 or the showmances. Nicole doesn’t answer. If she did it would have been the showmances. It became pretty obvious to Da’Vonne that she was slated to be the 5th person in a 2 couple showmance love alliance and there fore expendable.

Late Wednesday night Nicole, Corey, and Paulie decide to keep Tiffany and evict Bronte. It was a combination of things but ultimately they wanted to use Tiffany to target Frank and Frank to target Tiffany. Somewhere in the middle they can get Da’Vonne out. PAulie was also swayed because he heard from Michelle that Bridgette told her Bronte is going to put him up. Unfortunately for Paulie a conversation in the bathroom between Paulie, Nicole, Corey and Tiffany potentially tipped Tiffany off that she was indeed the target and only recently was she safe. Gong to be interesting to see how this plays out.

All throughout this week Nicole and Corey have deep game conversations with Frank where an alliance of Nicole, Corey, Frank and Bridgette is discussed. Nicole wants to keep frank as a shield saying that Frank protects them. It’s a confusing mix of intertwined alliances going on right now and it’s hard to tell who is loyal to whom. There’s plenty of pairs though and those pairs appear to be loyal to each other. It really comes down to who wins the competitions and the herd will move with that person. With some expectations of course.


Bronte goes home. House explodes tonight

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 18-30-30-068

Results from show

Natalie votes to evict: Tiffany
James votes to evict: Tiffany
Frank votes to evict: Tiffany

Paulie votes to evict: Tiffany
Corey votes to evict: Bronte
Michelle votes to evict: Bronte
Nicole votes to evict: Bronte
Zakiyah votes to evict: Bronte
Da’vonne votes to evict: Bronte

Evicted House Guest: Bronte by a 5 – 4 – 0 vote

Bronte says she found out she was going about 20 minutes ago.

HOH Competition called euro trippin

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 18-50-14-888

HOH Winner: Paulie

Frank is safe.

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Brody Schiller

lets get ready to ruuuuummmmbbbbbllllleeeeee


If you think Paulie winning that HOH was by accident, I think you’re wrong.
He was adamant the vote be 5-4 so he said I’ll vote Tiff out.
Now with Frank wondering who flipped on him, by Paulie winning HOH, he CLEARLY “proved” to Frank that he wasn’t part of it. Why would he win HOH to protect Frank & Bridgette if he was part of the group flipping on him.
Very smart move he plays his cards right.


Poor Bridgette one of her best friends is about to be voted out under her HOH. I kind of feel bad for her….(snort) not really hahahahahaha!!


Can’t wait!!!! Frank is going to be pisssssed.

Captain Crunch

If they want to vote out Bronte they should just do it, stop with the shenanigans of the 5-4 or 4-3-2 vote which could be a recipe for disaster if someone messes up. Hopefully they get it right cause i would love to see the look on Franks and Bridgette face IF Bronte gets evicted.


Let’s go blindside LETS GO!

Pinocchio Obama

I must say Frank looked really good with that turd in his mouth when Bronte got voted out.

Croquet is not my thing

Perfect analysis and recap! I followed all the flip flopping as best as I could this week and got lost,. Paul grows on you, he definitely learned a bit from the early debacle, he lacks game knowledge though but oh what an improvement! Nicole is best friends with Andy Herren outside and it shows, he gave her a tutorial on rat-playing! James is waking up a bit too this week…This elimination will be electric!!!


LIVE STREAM of Tonight’s episode:

Nurse Corey

I’m keeping my eyes on Frank….To see his reaction to the blindside, of course!


I have a feeling Nicole’s game will blow up in a similar fashion to how she left last time




Lol. Tiffany’s speech was extremely “ouch” worthy


Just saw Wednesday’s show and was Bronte using boobs to get information from James??
Watching the live show now and did Tiffany just flip the votes AGAIN with that speech?

Powder Puff Girls

The house flipped yesterday it was not the speech.

Min O'Pause

Dammit if Skankie ain’t in the front row. He’s like the creepy relative that hangs out by the bathrooms at the family picnic and won’t LEAVE!

Min O'Pause

And who was the idiot beside him in the shorts and dress shirt and tie? His one and only fan on the planet?


Tiffaney’s speech had Bronte on edge!!! Best BB yet!!


Can’t believe Tiffany’s stupid speech. No more team James for me. I hope Frank picks him and Nat off like boogers in flu season.


Fanrk might win Hon. Tonight.


Would love to see Bronte, DaVonne, Frank, Tiffany and Bridgette be next 5 out. Leaving a final 8 of James, Paul, Paulie, Cory, Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah and Natalie!

Franks Cabbage Patch Doll

Why the hell would anyone want Nicole in the top 8? She’s clueless and inconsistent.

Frank is annoying but at least he plays and will make it interesting. Say what you want about DaVonne but shes smart as hell, will make a move (lets be honest the credit for tonights eviction belongs to her, she was willing to go against Frank when everyone else was/is scared) and therefore makes it interesting. If she could just slow down and play the background once and a while she’d be fine.

Tiffany proved she can make it interesting tonight and is willing to play.

James is frest as long as he doesn’t play safe like his last game (which it appears he isn’t.

Nicole, Corey, Natalie, Paul all are pretty worthless in terms of game play.

That being said either DaVonne or Tiffany are fucked this week since Frank is safe.

Aunt C*nt

I think BB keeping Roadkill results a secret is another way for production to control the game where they can give it to who they choose


Well as least Frank will now know he is being played!

Paulie just messed up by winning HOH

as long as his team is 4 strong, it just keeps furthering the odds of his team winning HOH each week and being safe. This aspect of the game seems to have flew by the wayside of the others.

Another Anonymous

Not true. Bridgette couldn’t play, because she was outgoing HOH. Therefore, there were only three players–the same as on two other teams. Only Unicorn was at a disadvantage with only two players.


If james won hoh they gonna to take frank out next week.


Bornte got evicted that sucks.

Frank's wrinkled forehead

James ruined the blindside.

But it was still awesome!

If you didnt love Tiff before u do now.

“The dictator and his cabbage patch doll” BOFL!

Go Tiff!


What did I miss-how did James ruin the blindside? Is he the one who told Bronte she was leaving?


I can’t stand Tiffany and her crying! I hate that she sounds and looks like Vanessa, they both suck. The only the long she has going for her is she has some balls.


If you “can’t atand” Tiffany at least make it for a legitimate reason. The truth is she hasn’t cried anymore than anyone else in the house, and less than some *cough*meech *cough* Nicole.

Stop spewing franks nonsense smh

Pinocchio Obama

Bronte left with a lot of class. I hope she wins her way back into the house.


I don’t think making a comment like “I want to kick his (James’) little Asian ass back to Hong Kong” is considered classy. As classless as Tiff’s speech was at least she does it overtly


Making a statement like “I want to kick his (James’) little Asian ass back to Hong Kong” is far from classy in fact it’s racist…. As classless as Tiff’s speech was, at least she did it overtly.


Finally a good episode. Still mad at James, though. Now, Tiffany, sunglsses off and off your ass. You need hoh!!!!!


James voting for Tiffany may have been planned to throw Frank off how much of the house is targeting him.

Anonymous Guest

Bronte said she was told 20 minutes beforehand. While nice for the houseguests I really wish there would be a true blindside. Did Frank know beforehand too?

Jozea's cologne

Bronte was unaware she was even on the block. I wouldn’t listen to a word she says.

Powder Puff Girls

I wonder who told her?

Croquet is not my thing

The blindside was for Frank not Bronte


time elapsed between tiff’s speech and bronte’s interview with julie was 20 minutes. bronte had no idea til that speech.


At least Tiffany speaks as she finds it. Frank’s reaction was priceless. Why though is Skankie Frankie always in front row of live audience?


I knowwww. I turned on tv to watch Extra, and there Frankie was front and center

Pinocchio Obama

Crap. Paulies win means Frank is safe.

Dump these teams.


So Paulie has now won 2 HOHs, 1 veto & is in a showmance……
How these idiots are not putting a bullseye the size of Texas on his ass is beyond me.
Not only that, how stupid is he to win this HOH?!? The only 2 targets he was screaming from his soap box for everyone to go after he just protected! What a genius!!


Totally in love with your comment!


This whole team is safe crap is a bunch of baloney

Anonymous Guest

Paulie?!? Man, I wanted Frank gone this week. I hate the team concept ….


Hmmm. What will Paulie do since Frank is safe?

Franks Cabbage Patch Doll

Davonne or Tiffany are fucked unfortunately

Powder Puff Girls

Now lets see if Paulie has the balls to put up Frank outright!

Powder Puff Girls

forgot he was on same team I am getting like Nicole


He can’t. Teams screwed it over.

Guy Guyerson

Paulie and frank and bridgette are on same team

Fancy Berries

Yeah, let’s totally wait to see if he will… Ohhhhhh wait, he can’t. Nor can he put up Bridgette.
These guys really know how to execute a plan right?!?


You got thumbs down because unfortunately Frank is safe, but better Paulie HOH than Frank.


Dang!!! Frank safe again!! I just can’t with this group stuff. The group should not be allowed to participate in the next HOH if their team was previously safe.

Frank's wrinkled forehead

BYE FRANK you punk!

Smile and act like u ok with all this. U dying inside punk!

Bye bitch!


Ummh yeah Frank is safe this week. Try to keep up

Frank's wrinkled forehead

Sit down little bitch.

Frank has zero allies in house. All of my statements I stand by.

Now what bitch boy?

Frank is dead. No shot at winning game. Thanks for reading my posts though VD 22. lol.


Learn the rules….. Bitch.

Frank's wrinkled forehead

Awww look Clay forgot to change his screen name back to VD22.

Isn’t it past your bedtime kiddo?

How many more screen names you going to make tonight?

Have fun! BOFL!


Super sucks Paulie won HOH because Frank and Bridgette are safe because they are on his team. Let’s see. Good bye Tiff, Natalie or Da. Paul and Tiff will probably be the original noms with the actual target being decided later on.


No Frank or Brigitte out this week unless someone gets roadkill. Ugh this sucks.


roadkill does not matter either. Category 4 is safe this week.


My God…Frank and Bridgette are safe this week……


Do we know why Paulie voted to evict Tiff?


I think the plan was to mask how many of the house guests flipped.


I think they were trying to make it a five four vote so it would be harder for Frank to figure out who voted out Bronte.

Min O'Pause

I think that Paulie rode the short bus to school….

Powder Puff Girls

I think it was to keep Frank guessing on who voted for Tiffany to stay. But now he can also say I voted for Bronte to stay if things go sideways with Frank – maybe he volunteered to be the one vote have that position in his back pocket.


Well, that HOH contest sucked….Frank and Gidget are safe another week. Fully expecting to see Da’Vonne and Tiffany on the block this week with Paul or Natalie as a pawn.
As much as I love James and Da, one keeps throwing comps and the other can’t win one to save their life

Jake K.

Paulie with a big “oops” on his face. Worst case scenario. Ugh.


Frank would have been worst case scenario. Frank and bridgette are safe but atleast Paulie controlswho goes up. Kind of expecting Natalie and Paul or Tiff.


They need to get rid of this of this team shit!


Everyone is blaming the team twist for saving Frank, productions way of saving Frank, blah, blah, blah.
You guys are a bunch of joke-a-mokes!!
Did they JUST announce that twist to the house before this HOH??? Or has every houseguest been aware of it ALL SEASON but they are just to stupid to execute??
The ONE thing to screw up their plan, THEY let happen. Not Frank, not production, just them.

Powder Puff Girls

I agree the team twist is part of the game so why waste energy complaining. The game would be boring if it was the same each season. The plan did not work.


Frank’s face was PRICELESS after the vote. He’s going to make it his mission to find out who went against his HOH, I mean Bridgette’s


Paulie you was supposed to throw HOH to Nicole, you’re on Frank’s team dummy. That twist is bad.


This is one of those comps it’s hard to throw until Frank was out. It wasn’t like Paulie or Michelle could sabotage Frank.


He did not have a chance, both Frank and Nicole went out. There was only 4 questions. I wonder why he flipped and voted Tiff out? Maybe he is really with Frank. He will tell the other 4 he voted to keep Tiff and that Day must have voted against Tiff. He will go after Day so that he has control of Z.

Franks Cabbage Patch Doll

How can you throw a comp when everyones answers are anonymous?

Had he attempted that he would have risked Frank winning.

This couldn’t be thrown which is probably why production brought it out this week.


It’s hard to throw it with Frank still in it…they didn’t want Frank to win. He would only throw it once Frank got eliminated! DUH


They all sucked at that comp… there was like 4 questions? …. And Frank is again Safe… Lame! If Paulie puts Tiff up he’s even lamer being Frank 2.0, paranoid about Tiffany when she is nothing like Vanessa lol these people


Frank trying to act like he good with all this.

Bridgette you gone after Frank. Go cry and have Frankie Poo tell you this is all ok it worked out.

Frank is dead!.

Take that Tiff haters!

Go climb back in your holes.

Al Castillano

Go eat some carpet fibers!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! We’ve waited a few weeks to comment on this season, so now is the perfect time to start. First and foremost Day, Tiffany and their crew really suck at this game. Their best option is to self evict and save face. Frank our honorary member of Chilltown is running this house and sure as hell isn’t dead as so many of you had hoped including Grodner (nice try). Frank has learned that the objective of this game is to not be honorable or loyal to anyone but Chilltown. Frank will go to work this week and stir up more madness. He’ll lie, upset and deceive more houseguests and you’ll continue to be pissed off and bitter which is exactly what we want. Just remember, Chilltown will never stab you in the back, we’ll always stab you in the front.


Frank is a d bag. Even boogie says his game sucks lmao


did you watch the show til the very end???


Why did Paulie decided not to throw the HoH competition?
He just guaranteed Frank’s safety. Dumb dumb Paulie :/


It was a crap shoot one. Frank was still in it along with Nicole. Frank and Nicole both went out when Paulie won. If Nicole had guessed right I’m sure Paulie would have thrown it on the next one if he could.


Noooooo!!! Frank is safe!!! Nooooo

Saving Tiffany

Buy-bye, Bronte!

Guy Guyerson

Best show in the past few seasons and has anyone ever looked less excited than paulie after winning HOH… should be a good week on the feeds

Katie L

He does’t look excited because he knows with him winning that means Frank and Brisgette are safe this week.


That was the best part….that and the cockiness of the house with the goofy vote rigging totally flipped to dread when it could not have worked better for Frank and Bridgette. I’m excited for how quick Tiffany, Da, and Michelle are ostracized and everybody else scrambles to say somebody else was the other 2 votes….Frank must have some aura that causes tremendous fear to inspire such dumb play…


bad news Frank is safe this week, good news this is the last week for the buy back into the house.

Powder Puff Girls

I posted stupid comment forgot that Paulie is on Franks Team – Paulie cannot put up Frank!

Mister Pickles

Don’t worry about the thumbs down.We all get them.

Powder Puff Girls

not worried about the thumbs down hate looking stupid lol


Pan backfired


That part did but hopefully breaking up Bridgette & Frank works.