RoadKill Nomination Results! “I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ???

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 19-23-07-677

7:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again. The RoadKill Nomination happened. Frank Nominated Bronte anonymously.

7:20pm – 7:30pm In the bedroom Davonne says we’ve got to win the veto and get one of you guys down. (Paul, Bronte) Bronte says I definitely want to try and win it. If I come down then Nat would go up. Bridgette says but Nat wouldn’t go home. Bridgette says this is great who ever wins the POV this is win win right!? Its just more stressful for me if Tiff or Paul get it. What do you think about my plan? Bronte says it could work. Bridgette asks do you think it could backfire on me? That’s what I’m scared of. Or do you think it would rally the women to protect me? Bronte says I would hope it would rally the women to protect you. I think we need to think. If Paulie gets drawn to play in the POV he’s probably not going to use it. Bridgette says if Frank or Paulie win the POV they’re going to use it on Paul. If Tiff wins, obviously she’s going to use it. They agree to talk later. Bridgette leaves. Bronte says I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown. I’m going to tell you something but you can’t tell anyone. I’m begging you, don’t tell anyone. I told myself I wasn’t going to tell anyone. Even if I leave the house.. don’t tell anyone. Zakiyah and Tiff join them and ends the conversation. Zakiyah comforts Bronte. Bronte says she’s okay. They talk about wanting a girl to win. Zakiyah leaves.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 19-25-55-967

7:30pm Tiffany says best case scenario. I think its Paul (who won the roadkill, he didn’t Frank did). He was asking who the best case scenario was for us.

7:40pm Frank says if I won (veto) would you want me to use it on Paul. James says if you take someone else down, you have to put someone else up. Frank says we’ll just leave it. Frank says last week was different Paulie used it on Paul because the plan was to backdoor Vic, but that’s not the plan this week. Why ruffle any feathers. I can’t believe he said I’ll pick you. I think he knows if they stay the same, he’ll be alright.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 19-40-50-153

HOH bathroom – Nicole says that Jozea and Vic told me that Bronte was coming after me. Then finally I talked to her .. and thank goodness because now we talk every day. I honestly think she is going to be okay. I would never vote her out. I only ever heard her name come out from Vic and Jozea. Bridgette asks how do you feel about Tiff on the block. Nicole says I’m completely okay with it.

7:55pm – 8:10pm James and Paulie tell each other they wouldn’t put each other up. James says I’m not trying to make side deals. Paulie says I just need one solid mothaf**Ker to ride with. Once Tiff and Frank go the eight is blown up. James says its pretty much already done. James says in this game you don’t need to play like Frank. There are lots of ways to play but now everyone knows his game. A lot of these people just want to make it to jury. Paulie says I get that but I think we could do some damage. James says I think a lot of people wouldn’t think we’re close, close. Paulie says when it gets down to it we could grab some people. James says you don’t have to worry about me putting you up or backdoor or anything like that. And if I hear anything about you, I’ll do my best to deflect it. Paulie says Strength and Honour. James says Strength and Honour. You could be the strength and I’ll be the honour or vice versa. Paulie says I think if those two do go .. we could coast for a while.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 20-11-00-739

8:20pm Bridgette talks to Tiffany and tells her sorry she had to put her up, it was a team move. Tiffany says she’s okay. Bridgette leaves. Tiffany asks Michelle if she heard that? Team Move? Michelle says AKA Franks move. I think that Frank is so blinded by his own game that he doesn’t see everyone wants him out. Literally everyone but Bridgette wants his a$$ out.. but nobody can get his a$$ out! Michelle says I know! Nine lives!!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 20-19-46-419

8:25pm – 8:45pm HOH room – Bridgette tells Bronte about her conversation with Nicole. Bronte asks did Frank tell you he still wants Tiffany out? Bridgette says yeah. Bronte says I trust you and Natalie. Bridgette says I don’t know what to do I’m freaking out. I don’t know if I can do it alone. Those boys will kick me out. If I got Corey up on the block do you think he would go home? Da and Zakiyah I don’t know where they stand because they promised Vic their vote and they voted him out .. and they’re on his team! I just don’t want to be played by Frank and Paulie. Bronte says if you did put up Corey and I went home .. and it didn’t work out I don’t think there would be any bad blood. Bronte says that if Tiffany comes off it has to be a boy. Bridgette agrees but says I can’t tell Frank. I can’t put up another girl .. these girls would hate me. Bridgette says the reason why Michelle didn’t like me in the first place .. she passed out during the first roadkill and then I said if she passes out again I would resuscitate her and shave her eyebrows off. I was like what?! I really can’t imagine myself saying that. I’m going to be really embarrassed if the have that sh*t on camera. I’m going to be confused. Bronte says Tiff has rubbed Frank and Corey the wrong way. They talk about Frank’s comments to Day. What was he thinking saying that to a grown woman.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 20-46-05-606

8:50pm – 9:10pm HOH room – Bridgette says What I’m afraid of is that you’re going to go home on my HOH reign .. and I am going to be f**king pissed! Because that means the boys have f**king taken over my reign that I didn’t want .. but now that I have it I f**king want it. If I win POV I’m pulling you off. Just so you know! F**k that Sh*T! F**k what the house thinks.. whatever we’re aligned. James and Natalie are aligned. Zakiyah and Paulie are aligned .. whatever you and me babe! I’m pulling you off .. they can replace you with Natalie .. whatever she wont go home. Bronte says with James on her side she won’t go home. If you get to choose someone to play don’t pick Paulie. Bridgette says Frank to pick him. Bronte says our goal is to not let Paulie play. Bronte says I dont think Frank is gunning for me, I think Paulie is. Bronte says we need Paul to stay on the block. We don’t have enough votes to get Tiffany out. They agree if Bronte pulls her own name in the veto pick she should choose Natalie so that if she wins it she can pull Bronte off and still be safe.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 20-40-51-349

9:30pm Bedroom – James, Nicole and Corey are chatting. Paulie and Zakiyah join them. Paulie says I hope my name gets picked. Its good even if Frank gets picked because he is going to beast it out to make sure Tiff doesn’t come off. I want the noms to stay the same.

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Not Cute

Bronte can go and I wouldn’t care. No one cares about your anti-man crusade, honey, except for the fatties at Jokers.


Can I just say, as a man, if some guy came to me with the man-alliance, I just want a man to win nonsense, I’d laugh at him, then call him a moron…


a nervous breakdown because she got nominated? are you kidding me!!! this is BB, get over yourself the only thing you have done in this House since day 1 is take up air space.


Her big secret is she’s tori spellings sister. Lol


Tori Spelling doesn’t have a sister.

Not Cute

Becky’s cousin.

I was thinking the same thing

Oh my god!… yes, Bronte does look just like Tory Spelling!


Bronte, looks a little like Tori Spelling, but she reminds me of Marty Feldman for sure.


Bronte looks like the clapping monkey with cymbols


On the very first night I said Bronte looks like a brunette Tori Spelling, but I don’t think Tori has a sister.


frank is playing to win men that men is a beast in comp everybody lie in the house to win
but frank do it with comp win too if I was voting right now for America favorite I pick james
but if I was voting who should win the game now it be frank take out the lie in treating people wrong an think
of the comp that’s why I pick frank he won two road challenge already he a beats


whoa put down that bottle and take a nap sir


Road Kill is for Production to call shots! They determine the winner.


I wonder what glenn would be doing in the house right about now

Not Cute


Unh huh

Glenn is stuck in some condo or house somewhere nearby with Victor and Jozea, the BB Messiah. Poor guy will probably be stark raving mad by the time he’s able to compete to get back in the house.

Sunny Dee

i thought these battle backs were supposed to be about the first one battles the 2nd, that winner battles the 3rd, and so on. i can’t think of any single logical reason to hold onto all 5 evictees, and then do some back to back competitions, all on one night. i thought this would be like when people are in jury and when the 2nd one arrives we get to see them arrive and chat. so now we’ve got 3 people evicted, where is the comp for battle backs?

i want to see each week someone be final evicted, a mini comp between the 2, then the winner of that meet the 3rd evictee and so on, to break up what is going on directly in the house. when it was first mentioned, that is how i read what they were going to do, seems like they might as well have simply thrown all 5 into a pot at the end of an eviction night like they have always done with the 5 evictees when they do a comeback comp.


Hi Sunny

This is just a guess but I think those comps are being done weekly. Cheaper to house and fed 1 person, plus no continuing stipend. My guess is they aren’t showing the battle back until at least 4 have been evicted and played through. Thinking being production can edit based on known results the story line they want. Then maybe winner and 5 compete “live”
Alternately they might just do it in a day after the 5 are evicted. Either way I think it will be shown all during 1 episode.


They’re not worried about saving money on keeping the players in sequester…what’s more important is that Glenn isn’t spotted in the Boogie Down Bronx before the battle back airs. These guys are stuck in sequester for the next 2 weeks.


I thought from the way Julie described it, that as people were voted out they would compete against the person who won Battle back last week, so that there’s only one person sequestered, and then we will see footage of all the battles after the 5th person.


Who’s Glenn?


Poor Brontesaurus.

Fuzzy Num Num

Porr Bontesaurous my Aunt Fanny! Where’s a meteor when you need one?

Bad Santa

I hope Tiffany stays. She’s the only one with balls to stand up to Frank and go after him. Plus she has nice tits.


She better wake up soon, listen to her own advice to Frank regarding delusion on house sentiment and stop the Frank obsession.

If she just wants to make jury like 95% of the house then by all means, break out the pushiest push up bra, cross her fingers, and hope for the best…or realize she has no path to victory in the status quo and is an easy eviction for the majority and blow s**t up


I think her big secret is Brontesaurus is over 100 million years old. Last time she got killed off my a giant meteor. This time she got runned over by a Tank.

An ornery mouse

That’s gotta be it, she’s like Melisandre! Bronte was around back when humans used baby elephants as vacuum cleaners and had to give their cars a running start from underneath with their feet.


How the hell are the spy girls so stupid? If you’re going to let Frank control your HOH at least get him not to nominate your alliance in return, Bridgette… YOU’RE NOT EVEN IN A SHOWMANCE YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!
I hope Bronte goes home and it’s a wakeup call for Bridgette and Natalie to play the game and stop hiding. Plus the added benefit of getting rid of Bronte.


Bronte was nominated anonymously with the Roadkill by Frank. Bridgette has no idea who nominated Bronte and was planning to keep Bronte and Natalie safe with her nominations.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Nicole has wanted Tiffany out all along. U all said no no no and wrote long boring posts about how Nicole and James are against Frank and they are such great people and honest.


Haha. U all clueless to this game. And yes I’m pissed Tiff is going home if she doesn’t win HOH. You can’t even rally a revolution in this house cuz they all afraid of Frank except Tiff. Paulies a little weak ass pussy.

If Tiff leaves then these dumb asses next week will follow Franks wants as well.

This season is nearing BB16 levels of incompetence.

#Win the POV Tiff!

Big Brother Is Life

If Tiffany goes this week it’s not based on stupidty. It’s how she let herself play the game. She got into fights with Frank and made Da’Vonne paranoid. Because of Day is the reason everyone wants her out not Frank. The fights she had with him makes him now the number one who wants her gone. But it’s Tiffany fault. And Tiffany going does not cause no riffs really in the house. She’s only close to Paulie and he has other people be can work with if she goes. Also Tiffany is one of the people who have a chance to win the battle back.


Agreed. Frank is playing like a Jedi master! Can’t wait to see him, Derek and Dan on all stars!


James is floating nicely under the radar right now hope he keeps it up


It’s always the quiet ones that float the farthest……right Zakiyah?


I hope Bridgette goes home next…I can’t stand dumb girls


When Bridgette says to Bronte she can’t understand why the girls can’t all work together, because the guys are just using them…. Does she actually lack the insight that she’s been Frank’s human muppet for a week? Let’s hope she remembers to tell Frank that she only said it to find out if there was an all-girl alliance in the works when she reports back to him.

Big Brother Is Life

PUl has grown on me and I want him off the block this week. That would be awesome to get nomianted 3 for 3 and still not be on the block come Thursday. But sadly may not happen as no one would know who Bridgette would put up if veto is used. I fear Frank would tell her to put up Day.
If Day’s on the block than her paranoia and fighting for Tiffany to go just may get Frank to go after her over Tiffany and I don’t want that to happen.

Also why is everyone giving Frank all this credit. If you look closely Davonne is controlling a lot of the thinking in this house. The house sees how Frank is playing the game because Davonne had been in everyone’s ears or her thoughts about him have been spreaded thought out the house by Zakiyah, Michelle and Nicole. Frank isn’t controlling shit. He just wins competition.


What is Da controlling in that House? sorry but i dont see it, she actually is burning her game down like Frank did this week. The difference is Frank can still save himself while Day cant win any comps


Long boring post is right!


Like shooting fish in a barrel.


I’m sick of seeing and reading about frank farting!!! He’s a pig


I’m going to deflect the Frank hate for a minute (though I REALLY want him out) and put some towards Nicole. The whining, the paranoia (that she judges everyone else for), and the crying. The last straw? Throwing Tiffany under the bus…Tiffany hasn’t done anything to Nicole, but Nicole would rather see Bronte stay – knowing that Bronte is coming after her – instead of staying loyal to an alliance member. Tiffany would be a number for taking out Frank, but that seems to have gone out the window since Frank’s team won HOH – now she’s deferring to Frank for ‘problems’ with Tiffany campaigning to stay. Seriously? Nicole is all about the men, same game she played in 16. And yeah I’m saying it – she’s become a floater. It didn’t work then and I’d be surprised if it works for her this time around. Ugh. I so wanted to like her this time.


I wish I had a dollar for everytime Nicole said “like.” She’s moved on from being Annoying to
Seriously Annoying.

Bronte Spelling

How dare they put me up……


This “girl power” thing with Bronte/Bridgette is so pathetic I was laughing my heart out watching these 2 idiots talk…this girl alliance obsession comes every year with girls who got zero game so their only strategy is to have the females vote out the guys…wow how original !! lets see how long that will last, I hope Paul wins veto

Fuzzy Num Num

I just don’t get why, every year we see some dumbass (Frank I’m looking at you) engage in dumbassery (finger poppin asses) on national tv knowing (KNOWING) people are watching. And people are all judgey (but(t) who doesn’t enjoy a good finger poppin of Nana’s ass), so there are all sorts of anti finger poppin comments. But(t) the aforementioned dumbass still goes ahead and finger pops an ass anyway. Because who could resist the urge to finger pop an ass. Even though that dumbass knows, there will be all sorts of back(side) lash. But(t) he goes ahead and finger pops multi-ass. I guess a dumbass has just gotta do what a dumbass has always done (on previous seasons even) and just engage in pure grade A dumbassery.


Love him or Hate him,
Frank is playing like Dan did

Bronte is Raymond’s sister.

Ahh lie

Frank is no Dan by no means he’s more of a Spencer Clawson .. Just totally a pervert yuck yuck yuck!!
Vote him out !!


all they contestants need to get their head out of their ass and play the game expect the unexpected and then things will follow suit and the Alliance wheel go down the tubes and the guys will rule


“If you get to choose someone to play don’t pick Paulie. Bridgette says Frank to pick him. Bronte says our goal is to not let Paulie play. Bronte says I dont think Frank is gunning for me, I think Paulie is. Bronte says we need Paul to stay on the block. We don’t have enough votes to get Tiffany out.” Umm what? They don’t have the votes? Paulie wants her out? HELLO FRANK PUT YOU UP! I swear these people forget how to properly think…


Bronte stfu please and also girl power my ass if it was all girl power bridgette would’ve not put tiff on the block and put a guy on the block .
Also I’m so over nicole like honestly she’s annoying always latching onto a guy and the paranoia she’s not here to win she’s here to find mr.right .
Frank is getting my nerves but the more I think about It he should stay a little longer because he’s already rubbing people the wrong way nat,bronte,and bridgette won’t vote for him and take out some people it could help some people’s games shame they can’t see it and against anybody he won’t win.
Day… no words hoping you make it to jury 🙂
James is the only vet that is sitting in a good position right now .
I’m suprised people forgot about Paul but Paul is growing on me still a asshole but a good one .
Nat,paulie , zak , and Michelle are in a good position too .
Corey I don’t like him at all Everytime he talks it’s always nonsense coming out his mouth and looks creepy too .

Franks Puppet

Wait…. I missed something. What was the “secret” that Bront wanted to tell Day before Tiffant and Z came into the room?


Bronte told the two girls that she is actually a top math student, not an uneducated nursery school teacher. She’s on the show to get money for her doctorate, she wants to be a Phd doctor of advanced math and save our country by breaking hackers at the NSA. So relax, your country’s in good hands kids.


Says the girl that LOST the math comp because she couldn’t count to 18 without a calculator.


Let’s go mama da!!!! She’s playing the best game by far!


These players are all scared of frank it’s pathetic