Big Brother 18 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Bridgette did not use the Veto Nominations stay the same

Corey and Nicole were up past 7am giggling and chatting flashback if you want to relive that magical moment.

Essentially Nicole wants final 4 to be her Corey, Paulie and Zakiyah. They have to get rid of Da’Vonne for that to happen.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 14-14-22-759

9:36am Paulie and Zakiyah.. Morning cuddles.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 14-20-32-070

9:55pm BEdroom Frank, PAulie, Natalie and Paul
Frank – wish the back door was open..
Frank – did you saw sausage hips
Natalie – sausage nips
Natalie says she has silicone pasties..
Paul – you’re nips are huge
Natalie – no they are not .. I have to wear them and they are huge.. Makes me look like I have sausage nips..
Frank – Damn bologna nips over their..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 14-27-48-598

11:45am Tiffany and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne – everyone is getting tired of the farting.. It was cute for the first 2 days.. We’re over it now.
Da’Vonne calls Frank an a$$hole.
Da’Vonne – I’m just praying it’s not a pre jury buyback.
Da’Vonne is worried that Frank can beat Vic, Jozea, Glenn and BRonte.
Tiffany says Vic can beat Frank and he’s an easy out if he comes back, “So is frank”
da’Vonne – ya
Tiffany joins them .
Tiffany is worried she’s going home next week.

Da’Vonne says Frank has been telling the girls something because Bridgette never brought her friends to the outback dinner and never used the veto to save her friend.
Michelle says day one she never liked Bronte

Michelle – when she stood by me opening night why is she wearing nude lipstick and dressed like a toddler”
Michelle says when Bronte first looked at her it freaked her out, “If looks could kill ladies everyone would be dead in this house especially Nicole”

Michelle says she won’t allow a 32 year old person (Frank) bully her
Da’Vonne wonders if they break them up next week. Michelle hopes it’s still teams so they can throw it.

If you guys were me would yo do any campaigning now
Da’Vonne – in this house you gotta do whats best for yourself..
Tiffany – do yo think I need to
Michelle – I don’t think so .. you should campaign to Natalie..

Da’Vonen says Frank might throw a vote to Tiffany yo scare her. Tiffany does not know Natalie and James’ vote.
Michelle – James has your back he doesn’t hang out with Bronte..
Da’Vonne – James will go with the house 100%
Tiffany – OK

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 14-56-11-623
12:15am James, Paulie and Paul
Paulie tells James & Paul in the kitchen talking about telling the girls that Frank was the roadkill winner. They don’t want to tell Bridgette because it’ll go back to her.
(Bridgette and Natalie already know)
They go on to talk about getting Frank out next week and how to handle the girls.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 15-00-34-897

12:19pm Tiffany and PAulie
Tiffany – if you were me would you campaign
Paulie – I would talk to people and see where their heads at…
Tiffany – do you thin I have the votes
Paulie – I think you do
Tiffany asks who he’s voting for
Paulie – I’m going to vote for Bronte.. I like Paul better
Tiffany – me too
Tiffany – if you win HOH next week whats your plan
Paulie – backdoor Frank.. that’s everybody’s plan.. just make sure he doesn’t win HOH.. .everyone will break the news to Bridgette, Natalie and Bronte that he’s the Roadkill winner.. that will isolate him.

Tiffany – Bronte doesn’t look worried..
Paulie thinks that’s the way she always is
Tiffany asks him who she should put up if she wins HOH.
Paulie – I really can’t do this because who is on my team.. I would have Bridgette up there next to someone else.. that way we can’t get him we’ll get his Chickaletta..

They mention Frank made a final 2 with 5 different people. Tiffany says Frank was trying to get all the sides of the house to fight with each other.

(I’m working on getting the rest.. LOL some technical challenge today.. While we wait House guests poolside:) below )

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 15-07-47-043

12:40pm Paulie tells James when it comes to serious game he will only bounce ideas off James and Corey. (Said the same thing to Frank less than a week ago)
Paulie says people won’t clue in on the three of them because there’s the common evils in the house for them to band against. Paulie adds he has an idea of who can figure it out. Paulie says they need to fan out and see if the three of are being targeted.
Paulie says Zakiyah and Michelle hates the girls, “I feel Da does her own thing”
James – me and Da are pretty tight… she’s on-board.
Paulie – she’s got our back
Paulie mentions that people have been telling Corey they should get rid of Bronte, reasons being Bronte is close to Bridgette. Corey brought that up to him today and was thinking along the same lines. Paulie had to talk him out of it. Paulie thinks they can pull the girls off Frank plus Tiffany can win competitions Bronte can’t.

James says if Frank survives next week he’ll just have to keep winning competitions to survive. James doesn’t see that happening so early in the season.
James about Frank – He doesn’t have his sh1t right.. Natalie is close to me than he thins.. me and Nat are pretty tight.. I can get Natalie to do whatever we need her to do.. IO don’t see Natalie trying to overthrow me for Frank
Paulie – nobody will do anything for Frank..
Paulie says him and Z are tight and she listens comes back and tells him everything.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 15-21-22-124

1:10pm Da’Vonne and Tiffany

Da’Vonne says that James is an ousdier they can get James to put up one of the showmance, “He likes to do that make the big moves.. put that in his head”
Da’Vonne – he really likes Nicole that might be ammunition to put up Corey
Tiffany – one of each maybe Corey and Paulie
Da’Vonne – as long as they are ion the house we will never 100% have the girls.

Tiffany – Frank already got it into his head that it wold OK to put up Corey and Paulie.. cause one of them will got home..
Tiffany think Corey would go home, “PAulie is way more dangerous than Corey.. so why not vote out Paulie”
Da’Vonne – no one will vote out PAulie..
Da’Vonne says the third person on the block make it hard because everyone will vote out whoever the third person is.
Tiffany – then we have to put up Zakiyah up.. if we want to get rid of Paulie..
Tiffany – what the hell is with these girls and the showmances..
Da’Vonne – that’s cute you all can do that shit in September.. that’s the thing usually showmances are targets but in this house they are not targets.. everybody is alike OHHH that’s so CUTE SO CUTE..

Tiffany says James and Michelle don’t care. Tiffany adds the only ones that are clingy are Zakiyah and Nicole.
Tiffany- it comes down to who we can beat in comps..
They think they can rope in Zakiyah, Corey, Nicole, Michelle, James and beat them in the competitions later in the game.
Frank gets called into the Diary room
Da’Vonne – He gets called into the Diary room for 15-20 minutes..
Tiffany says it’s becuase everyone is talking shit about Frank so he needs his say.

Da’Vonne says she now has a ‘Soft spot” for Paul.. she’ll still send his a$$ home.
Da’Vonne thinks Paule has something with Bronte, “His heart will be broken this week”

Tiffany doesn’t think the showmances this season are on the same level as a Shelli/Clay, Austin/Liz
Da’Vonne says Zakiyah and Paulie are.
Tiffany- have they kissed.
Da’Vonne – yes the shit they do.. oh yes they do
Tiffany – They kissed1
Da’Vonne – She told me know but I think she lying.. you’re a grown ass women do whatever you want to do I don’t care.. she knows How i feel about shomwance I’ll send your ass home.. .She don’t tell me too much.. Tiffany says she won’t put Michelle or Da’Vonne up those are teh two people.
Da’Vonne thinks Michelle will win America’s favorite player.
Da’Vonne thinks the AFP goes to the funniest player not the best game player, ‘Expect for Donny he was a good player”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 14-31-37-121

2:40pm Houseguests in the backyard..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 14-47-16-093

2:47pm Paul and Bronte

Paul is saying that Frank is the target next week everyone is pissed at him.
Paul tells her everyone left in the game know the game forwards and backwards.. says Natalie’s ignorance towards the game rubs them the wrong. Says they look at her as a wildcard.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 15-39-20-309

3:15pm Corey and Paulie
Corey says Da’Vonne has lied a lot to them and a lot about Tiffany.
Paulie wants to get Da’Vonne out sooner.
Corey – what does Z say
Paulie – she trusts Da
Paulie wants to get Paul to put Da’Vonne up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 15-50-37-273

3:44pm backyard Nicole is telling them about Derrick and how smooth he was during his season.
Nicole – I’m glad he’s not on here.. that would be hard for me I wouldn’t trust him.
Nicole – If Zach was on here this house would be in shambles.
3:50pm HOLY F**** there’s no duck in the Big Brother pool..
Nicole, James, Natalie and Corey are all perplexed where the DUCK has gone. the last time they saw it was the day they did the pool photo.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 16-10-14-643

4:08pm Nicole and Frank Bathroom
Nicole thinks things have improved between her and Bronte. She’s not Bronte’s target anymore.
Nicole hints that “Da’Vonne” is up to something sneaky.

Frank isn’t worried about Corey and PAulie they’ll never put him up.
Frank says if James wins HOH he’ll put up Corey and Paulie. “That’s good for us.. You need Corey”

Frank – I need Michelle to win HOH she’ll put up two of those girls eventually

Frank – I’m telling ya I would rather keep Bridgette around over Michelle.. She doesn’t carry her weight and she’s so f***g stubborn..
Frank also think Michelle will do something stupid and take out Zakiyah.

Nicole has felt in her gut since day 3 that Da’Vonne was going to strike the vets first.
Frank doesn’t trust Da’Vonne but he trusts Zakiyah
Nicole points out that ZAkiyah and Da’Vonne are very very close
Frank says that is why they need to take out DA’Vonne
Frank says he told Bridgette that he won the roadkill, ‘She hugged me after I told her I put her up” (Week1)
Frank really trusts BRidgette says there is no way she will run and tell the other girls.

4:25pm Bathroom Frank and James
Frank is saying they should take out Corey or PAulie next week.
Frank saying the girls on the other side want Corey out. mentions that Bridgette was mad Tiffany went up because she wanted another guy on the block.
Frank says it might be the best idea to get one of the girls (Natalie/Bronte) to win the HOH and ntey will take Corey out for them.

4:29pm bathroom Paul and Frank
Frank asks who Paul will put up if he wins HOH. Paul says it’s too early he would todd that question out to the boys.

4:44pm Da’Vonne and James london room
Da’Vonne is telling him about Frank wanting Corey and Paulie put up but he doesn’t want to do it himself. James starts telling her about his conversation with Frank when Natalie walks in.
Da’Vonne leaves. Natalie starts telling him that Frank is getting really aggressive with her asking her who she would nominate.
Natalie – PAul told Bronte last night that Frank was the roadkill winner the first one and last one..

4:49pm pooltable Corey and Nicole
Nicole says the entire house is against Frank they should leave him in there for another week and use him to get Da’Vonne out.
Corey – you know he’s telling Da to put me and Paulie up together
Nicole – yeah but she won’t do it..

4:56pm backyard couch Da’Vonne and Michelle
Da’vonne says Tiffany has calmed down a lot lately. Da’Vonne points out that Tiffany can’t stand Frank she will be preoccupied with going after him next week. Da’Vonne adds that Tiffany is not coming after them so why send her home.

Michelle agrees that Tiffany has calmed down. Brings up that Tiffany was telling them about how honest Vanessa was to her alliance. Michelle had talked to people that watched the feeds and she said Vanessa wasn’t honest, she was manipulative, flip flopped, lied and blew up alliances.

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Franks Farts Are Juicy

There is nothing wrong with farting. More room out than in. Get over yourself Da! She is such a Frank hater


You’re obviously Frank.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I wish!!! I could never be that awesome. Got the Hosea rejects on his side and a bunch of jokes on the other. Maybe Frank and Syd will let me hang out with them after this!


I didn’t realize how all of these ppl are so strategically bad….y wud they get rid of Tiffany who they can use to go after Frank? Tiff can never worm her way back into the group cuz no one trusts her AND keeping her another week will have frank and her going after each other…so its a win win to keep her in….also, bronte, bridge, natalie and Pail can possibly team up later (with possibly frank) and theyre keeping bronte and paul still in the game.


This is real simple, yet so hard for Frank haters to grasp, what with everything being real and personal: Frank is after Tiffany because he does not trust her and believes she’s after him. It’s not personal. If the house keeps her, Frank knows there’s a majority he can’t trust and likely after him. There’s no way he throws HOH and now everybody that kept her can leapfrog her as targets, especially the guys and any girl he sees as smarter….which considering Da is basically telling Tiffany all she needs to know that she’s done, yet it’s still over her head, is all the girls.

They’d be happy for her to be around to keep Frank preoccupied, since they’re all terrified of him….but that fear means they’ll only attack when he can’t fight back. Saving Tiffany is a head on attack


I fast forwarded thru the vote on Thursday and they keep wondering who that one vote was for Bronte…can someone please tell me?




Paul voted for Bronte bc he is friends with Victor and didn’t want to vote out his friend – even though he knew everyone else would be voting Vic out.




It was Paul who voted to evict Bronte. He was throwing a bone to his boy Vic. He has denied it so the other houseguests are wondering who it was. I am not sure why they believe him knowing how tight he was with Vic

With friends like Michelle u dnt need...

Really Michelle? Did you get that from Nicole? Tiffany shouldn’t try and save herself. You tell her to only talk to Natalie?

Done with Michelle!


michelle and corey both suck. boring. not good strategically. and total wastes of space.


What do you all think about the frank/davonne situation? I personally think Frank is a creep, but in this situation Im confused. She went around saying he called her a slut and she was horrified, but when i watched the encounter, she called him a douche and then he called her a slut back and they did it laughing the whole time (and davonne had a really big smile, not looking bothered at all). If that is how frank is with friends back home (which he could be), how is he to know davonne was bothered by that? I understand she cant speak her mind because of the whole situation, but why did she have to be so happy and laughing? He’s not as friendly with other girls in the house because they have subtly showed through non verbal cues that they would not appreciate that, so I’m just confused.


I think you answered your question. She was trying to keep up appearances. It’s just like workers who don’t report their bosses for inappropriate behavior and just go along with it to not risk losing their job. I know Day is worried about coming across like last season but in that circumstance I wish she would have said something. I wish all the girls would have come together and told Frank how creepy he is being. It might make him less full of excuses like he was when Day said something.


I totally agree with you. The way she reacted in front of him for 3 weeks to his crude remarks and ass slapping had pretty much told him she’s OK with it. She should have pulled him aside, just the two of them, and calmly told him she did not approve. Instead she chose to go to the others and cry and or vent her anger. I personally think she is using this as an excuse to get a huge threat out.


Granted I completely agree with your point about taking Frank aside one on one, but clearly by all these responses, any sense of chivalry is dead in the world today. I think the point is that a man should have more class, consideration and control than to call any woman a slut regardless of what she may have said to them, and certainly enough to not slap their ass until they are told not to. But I suppose that is what equal rights equates to. Equal insults.


They didn’t show that whole encounter. She called him a douche and he said don’t call me that. I’d rather you call me an a$$hole, etc. he sounded like it really bothered him and she then called him a douche again. That’s when he called her a slut. It was all funny at the time then she told people all day about him calling her a slut but never told the first part about what she said. Going around crying putting on a show. Momma Da playing dirty!

Powder Puff Girls

By calling him a Douche maybe she wanted a response to use it against him. This is not “keeping up appearances” Then she cried that she did not want her child to see her being called a Slut but it was okay for this same child to see her call a man a Douche. This is not “keeping up appearances” …. the question, is it tactical foreplay or just Da being Da!


Davonne was upset at Frank for talking about their alliance to Paulie, and talking game to so many people in general.

This whole harassment issue is just a thing she picked up on to rally people against him.


I actually would really like for Tiffany to stay, but I understand there’s a chance of tipping Frank off that he’s not as in control as he thinks. His blindside is not something that I want to miss! DaVonne has improved from her last time on BB but I’m going to need her to win a comp before she starts trying set wheels in motion.Glad Paul chilled out but he talked about how Victor blew it last week…well, Paul, stop running your mouth! At least wait until this week’s eviction is over.


Is there any chance of Tiffany staying or is it pretty much locked? Doesn’t make too much sense to get rid of her really??


What sense does it make to keep her?

Whose game is she vital to, strategizing, planning final deals? Nobody. Nobody needs her vote as the alliance game is over and even if it heated back up, those who would save her have a clear majority without her. She’s awkward and unstable and isn’t bright enough to see she’s in danger. She benefits nobody.

And most of all, the anti-Frank stuff is because they all fear him….the attacking everything he does short of breathing, is pure fear. None will risk facing him head on, certainly not to save Tiffany. If he wins HOH next, whoever he puts up as his target will be sacrificed the same way.

Big Brother is Life

Hold the phone they know about the Battle Back twist?


No they do not know for sure. They are only guessing since it happens in most seasons… they assume it will be HGs evicted once jury starts… although James did say he hopes t isn’t pre-jury evictees… which has also been done before but rarely (think the last time was BB13).


They are assuming a player returns because one usually does. It’s also usually after jury starts but they mention it would suck it it happened pre-jury. It’s all talk and speculation for the house guests.

Lennon's Ghost

Battle Back –

To clarify as to when we will see the competitions, here is what CBS has revealed:

Instead of permanent eviction, the first five evicted houseguests received a chance to return to the game. The first two evictees faced off in a duel, with the winner advancing to face the next evicted houseguest, while the loser will be permanently eliminated. Following four duels, the remaining evictee will re-enter the house. All four duels will air in a special episode on July 22.

How and why the houseguests have guessed about the pre-jury Battle Back or overheard a little birdie talking during their DR sessions is rather interesting.

However, at least we now know when we will see the competitions…July 22.


Wow.. Bridgette is a dumb ass.


Hearing Paul say he threw the POV comp just boggles my mind. Your ass is on the block and you throw your chance at safety because you assume Tiffany is going to go? someone needs to remind him there are 3 people on the block which makes his chances of going home higher than if he was just against Tiffany. Bronte who tell him “that is a smart move you wont be seen as a threat”..OMG can you get people who actually know this game? Paulie also needs to get his game in gear, he is so focused on Frank that he has no plan B and he is way too confident. Doe he realize Nicole, James, Da and spy girls wont even think twice to put him up and vote him out? Frank is the best security for Paulie because it keeps the attention off Paulie.

uh duh

3 people on the block makes his chances of going home LOWER, genius!


I hope these idiots don’t vote Tiff out, they need to vote Bronte or Paul out,?such idiots!!!!


I guess I’m an idiot as well because I would vote Tiffany out. I don’t see how Paul or Bronte are a bigger threat.


Both Paul and Bronte have more connections and more reasons to pretend to play nice while still holding a grudge.

uh duh

ya but this is a Rousso we’re talking about


is Bronte really going home or are they just telling Tiffany what she wants to hear?


Bronte is staying, Tiff is leaving, they are only telling her what she blindly wants to believe.


At this point, Tiffany will be going home on Thursday. Just telling her what they need to so she doesn’t freak out.


See ya Tiff!


Paul and Bronte seem to be getting closer and closer. I hope she doesn’t tell Bridgette about the plan to get rid of Frank or else it is goes to be harder to evict him. It is already going to be more difficult since they are voting out a number against him this week. I wish Nicole and Day would wake up and keep Tiffany as an ally to them.


Paul thinks everyone left in the game knows the game backwards and forwards? Are you freakin’ kidding me? You just showed how little you know just by saying that!


Corey didn’t even understand double eviction.


These naive houseguests have been playing grab-ass and backstabbing each other for weeks now….. having a grand ole’ time. Meanwhile, the cunning Glenn has been plotting revenge daily in his hotel room…. alone, anger mounting with each passing hour. Like Robert De Niro in “Cape Fear” – Glenn will have his vengeance.

He’ll vanquish the overconfident Josea… rout the hapless Victor… overpower the neurotic Tiffany…. and finally, dominate the boorish Frank.

Then Glenn will stride triumphantly back into house, woo the beautiful Natalie from James, and begin his campaign of retribution…… ruling the house by fear and ultimately winning the game by unanimous vote. These poor bastards stand not a chance.


Julie: Wrong! Glenn! What is best in life?
Glenn: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.


Yes Conan…. er, I mean Glenn, Yes!! For us, there is no spring – just the wind that smells fresh before the storm.

Powder Puff Girls

That would make one awesome show – I can hear Julie “expect the unexpected” and his wife “expect the unexpected” when he comes home not to roost!


I think Paulie is playing it right his biggest threat in the game is Frank.. and right now (mostly) everyone wants Frank out … Paulie should be focusing on how to make that happen, strike while the iron is hot!! That is his utmost priority right now..

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Paulie you are 5’3. Stop walking around like you are a big man. You look ridiculous. Go hang with your yeast infection ratchet gf.

I think we see a shift in the vote thoughts for Thursday tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Some people feeling very safe that shouldn’t…let’s just put it that way.


Cody is much hotter than Pauli, plus Corey and Victor are hotter also


Agreed. Paulie looks like a bobble head doll. With that huge head and little stocky body and alligator arms.

Powder Puff Girls

Paulie is hot! nice body, sexy and most important he is a nice guy, has a sense of humour!


“Paulie says Zakiyah and Michelle hates the girls”

Because both of them are catty.


These people are just such fools. If you really wanted to hurt Frank you keep Tiffany and you vote out Bronte. They are just so obsessed with Frank they cant see the game, you dont vote out someone based on the fact they annoy you or you dont like them. Paulie should have his eyes on Da’Vonne not on Frank. Frank is walking dead, even if he is safe next week he will eventually get evicted but Paulie could go before or right after him based on his dumb moves. i cant believe Paulie is not seeing Da’Vonne as his bigger problem, even Corey has started to question Da’Vonne but Paulie is brushing that off

Uncle Junior

Frank never had the makings of a varsity athlete.


bridgette’s even dumber than i thought not pulling bronte down. sure natalie goes up instead, but natalie is at way less risk than bronte with how cozy she’s been with james.

da already indicated in the dr session last sunday that she wouldn’t be going after tiff (though she doesn’t seem to be working her allies to doing that), and i’d say bronte is way more threatening than paul considering she has allies and he doesn’t.


Is Nicole finally starting to analyse and see the game on a strategic level and NOT just emotional? she always played way too emotionally that is what got her out twice in BB16. When Nicole was talking to Frank and telling him how she has always been worried about Da’Vonne..I almost wanted to scream hallelujah !!! Nicole has to think about the game, she can use Frank to get Da’Vonne out and even Paulie who are two of her biggest threats. Corey is absolutely dead weigh for her, in fact Corey makes her a target because people see them as a showmance. Nicole can use Frank to get further in this game and he can help her win


Nah, she is just floating. She wants to be on Frank’s good side in case they can’t get Frank out next week. Can’t wait though to see Brig’s reaction if Nicole does go to his side, don’t think Brig will like Frank being close to another female.


Bridgette is so pathetic if she actually trusts Frank still lmao


Hugs him and isn’t the least bit upset / offended that Frank nominated her and Bronte the 2 times he won the roadkill comp… or when he says she gets 50k he gets 500k and will buy her a surfboard… all the while sharing a bed and cuddling after stating she would never do that.


Davonne is officially the worst big brother player. All talk and no muscle. Tiffany is gone and you still talking big.

Guy From Canada

Her game play reminds me of Peter brown….. I don’t normally post hating comments but that’s a bad thing, right?

An ornery mouse


That yellow bikini is just begging for a “Natalie Fan Club” installment – of which I’m an enthusiastic member! Let’s give the people what they want! — well, the straight guys at least.

P.S. Great coverage by the site so far this year.


I’ve been in the club since day one. Such a sweetheart.


This season the guys are shirtless all the time, even at the veto meeting, I bet CBS told them to keep shirts off to attract more people to watch the show. And I’m fine with that olololo


What’s wrong with everybody in this house ? Bridgette is more annoying than Bronte and that’s saying much .
James is so into Natalie he misses out on the important stuff. Natalie is using James 🙁 to further her game. Paul is walking around saying friendship half the time. Tiff hasn’t seen the light yet , still think she isn’t going home . Day and Nicole are going to lose a number when tiff leaves the house ( hoping she’ll win the battleback but it doesn’t seem likely if frank leaves next week.)
Corey and michelle just there ( not worth mentioning).
Paulie is dumb he needs to realize that he needs to keep frank longer as a meat sheld and get rid of day or he’s next after frank .
Frank still thinks he’s God
Zak is quiet I wanna see her get far and what she does when day gets evicted.
BWT Paulie Paul can’t get rid of day because she’s on his team.


Natalie is using James for her game. Provide one piece of evidence. The girl doesn’t even care about anything but jury. The only people who think bad about Nat are the ones who dislike her because of her looks.

It's true

A lot of people assumed Natalie was going to be stuck and nasty. Instead she’s turned out to be a really nice girl. Some people don’t like to admit when they were wrong so they’re making stuff up (she’s using James) to justify their dislike.


On a Tuesday!


What in the hell is this “After you, Alphonse” plan that these noobs and might as well be noobs are pulling? Why haven’t they figured out that getting someone else to evict who you want gone rarely works? The level of out and out stupidity is mindblowing.

Frank's wrinkled forehead

Michelle the “super fan” says she talked to people who watched the feeds last year. She also has said she didn’t watch the season. You are the last one to talk on who was honest/loyal last season. Or to speak on Big Brother at all. Fake “Super Fan”

Michelle and Nicole are as creepily obsessed with Tiffany and spreading as much hate towards her as Frank.


Haha a bird just pooped on Frank in the backyard and Michele said that’s karma because Frank said he wants a bird to poop on Tiffany.


What blows my mind is Day gets upsets when Frank calls her a slut but when Jason calls Audrey a bitch and a hoe it’s funny. Can’t stand her. I’m officially changing my name to onatuesday


Tiffany better get to work, she has info that she can use to her advantage. Why is not using it??/