James- “If we put in the wrench work we could get the house to flip”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 13-25-40-244

9:12am James and Tiffany chatting in the kitchen
Tiffany asks if rank is trying to get her evicted.
James – he’s all over the place”

James would prefer Paul leaves, “He’s always up on the block.. I’m like damn we’ll never sne him home”
James doesn’t know who won the Roadkill.
Tiffany says she’s not lying at all she’s been talking to da and wants to work with James since day 1, “I could be a strong player for you for your personal gain”

James says he’s just physical not mental at all.

James says if Frank was the one that put her up he may have the numbers to take her out.
Tiffany says unless people are lying to her she has Corey, Nicole, Da and Michelle.
James – obviously Corey and Nicole are going to vote to keep you.

James – you have 4… so that means they will be voting against…. Bronte right.
Tiffany – I dunoo.. You are more in the know
James says he talks small time game not big stuff.

Tiffany says she will never put James on the block. James says he won’t vote her out.
Tiffany says Paulie and Zakiyah might vote to keep her.
They agree it’s not coming down to a tie this week.
James – Natalie isn’t going to vote against Bronte.. Like Bronte is her best friend..
James points out that Bronte and Paul are close.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 13-34-50-545

9:35pm James and Da’Vonne bedroom with Michelle sleeping off to the side
James is going over his conversation with Tiffany where he said she has 4 votes.

Da’Vonne – if we flip to keep her in here.. We don’t have the votes
James – even if we flipped nobody would know we flipped… honestly Frank wouldn’t know who did it..
James adds that Frank would get a lot more paranoid
Da;Vonne – it’s almost like she has to be sacrificed for him to trust us so we can do what her want to do.
Da – She’s gunning for him.. So i’m not scared of him.. But once we flip and keep her in this house.. It’s game on..
Michelle says she wants to keep Tiffany.
James- that’s three right here
Da- we need 5
James- Corey and Nicole would be it.. I can talk to Corey
Michelle says Corey will do what Nicole says.

Da’Vonne thinking maybe Corey can get on board and convince Nicole.
James is going to chat with Corey and Nicole to feel them out
Michelle – he (Corey) hates her (Tiffany) thought
James – I didn’t know that.. I could get Tiffany another vote.. I could get Natalie’s vote.
Da – That’s 4

Da says if Tiffany is left in there’s 3 people gunning for HOH against 1 frank.
Michelle and Paulie will try and throw the competition
Da and James are scared if Tiffany stays Frank will go nuts to win competitions.

Michelle says if they can’t get Frank out next week they can always get out Bridgette that’s his right hand, “That’s worst case but we’re still getting a big target out”.

James – if Corey and Nicole are on board I would do it
Da’VOnne – I would do it to

They think if they frame it right to Nicole and Corey that Tiffany will help them get out Frank it might work.
Michelle says Frank will always go after Tiffany first, “It’s good for Corey.. Now he’s trying to get Corey out”
James- if we put in the wrench work we could get the house to flip
James – It’s really true though if she stays she’ll always be a target in front of us.. and we’re not 100% sure we can get Frank out next week.. he might play in the veto and win it
Da – I know

James says he can get Natalie to vote out Paul but she really wouldn’t want to.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 13-39-30-333

12:50pm HOH pictures

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 13-51-32-803

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 13-55-39-414

1:55pm enjoying the SUN

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 13-59-34-780

1:55pm Bathroom Nicole and tiffany

Tiffany tells her that James said he’s voting to keep her.
Nicole says once Michelle is up they’ll talk about it.
Nicole says Frank may be up to something getting numbers he’s been spending a lot of time with Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie.
Tiffany says she’s one more number to take out Frank.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 14-12-32-121

2:11pm cam 1-2 Corey and Frank
Corey talking about how hard it is to talk to Tiffany and say she’s safe when he knows she’s leaving.

Frank says he’s not sure how hard he’s going to slam her on his goodbye speech.

Corey – she’s just too much for me man I can’t spend all summer with her.. I can’t spend 2 more weeks
Frank – everyone feels that way too.. I just hope it’s unanimous.. It better be..
Frank doesn’t understand why anyone would keep Tiffany.

2:23pm Corey telling everyone in the backyard he likes his Apple watch it looks cool with everything he wears.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 14-39-35-555
Bridgette is making a makala game.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 14-54-23-182

2:52pm Tiffany and Paulie backyard

Paule says he doesn’t know where the vote is, “All you need is 6”
Tiffany – 5
Tiffany about Frank – He’s so sketchy..
Paulie – he’s all over the place
Tiffany says if they keep her she’s going after Frank it’s just one more person to help.
Tiffany – whatever you guys want I’ll do keep me please
Paule says that’s what she should be telling everybody in the house.
Tiffany says JAmes, Michelle and Day will keep me, she thinks it makes sense for Corey and Nicole to do the same.

Paulie says Frank told him and Corey to go after Da’Vonne and Frank told Da’Vonne to go after Corey and Paulie.
Paulie says Frank has been hard on Corey but he takes it easy when teasing Paulie. Paulie says Frank hasn’t messed with him because he sat Frank down after he slapped Da’Vonne’s a$$ and told him that doesn’t fly.

Tiffany – I like Paul he’s cool
Paulie – me too

3:29pm Very slow afternoon in the house.
Tiffany is trying to clean the shower but the base is stained brown she can’t remove the stain.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 15-45-38-565

3:32pm – 3:55pm London room Da and Michelle
Da says that Tiffany is cleaning up the bathroom right now after she told Tiffany to go do something that makes people want her to stay in the house. Da meant socialize not clean. Da wants her to stay they need to get Corey and Nicole’s vote. She told Tiffany to try and get a sympathy vote from Nicole.
Da – I’m actually going to vote for her to stay in the house even if I’m the only person I don’t care..
Da hates telling people they are safe when they are not.
Da doesn’t want to be in jury with 2 showmances winning the game.

Michelle doubts James can handle sending Natalie home.
Da knows james will be the only person to vote to keep her. Nobody expect him to do it and he said if she goes he won’t be on a mission of revenge against whoever sent her home.
Michelle – things are getting real with Nicole and Corey, james saw them cuddle in teh bumper cards
Da – when has it become OK to have a showmance on Big Brother..
Zakiyah joins them says Paul made her lunch she found it too rich didn’t like it, thinks it was the avocados. Michelle had the same thing she thought it was Delicious.

Tiffany starts saying how “disgusted” she is in Bridgette and Bronte for walking around taking pictures of everybody sleeping.
Zakiyah – i’m waiting for them to leave
Zakiyah wants Bridgette gone right after Frank asks if she’ll be in Jury
Michelle says everyone after Frank goes to Jury. (Assuming Frank goes home next week.. lol)
Zakiyah says she will never vote for Frank to win the game no matter how good of a game he says he played.
Zakiyah says Frank’s goal is to make it to the end with little girls, “That’s a punk move”
Zakiyah and Michelle leave.
Tiffany joins them says she’s talked to Paulie he’s saying he’s on board.
Da says last year people told her the same thing and only Jason and Audrey voted to keep her in the house.
4:00pm Tiffany and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne says JAmes, Michelle and her are solid.. They need a solid 5 though.
Tiffany asks about Corey, PAulie, Zakiyah, Nicole group.
Da’Vonne says she’s on the outskirts of that 5 person alliance, ‘The 2 showmance then there’s me”
Tiffany says Bronte will go after Paulie Tiffany won’t, “I’ve been nothing but on his side”
Tiffany – I know Nicole wants Bronte out.. But do I think she’s being sneaky.. Absolutely. .
Da says that is scarey

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 16-04-34-196

4:04pm Paulie and James kitchen
Paulie is saying Tiffany has a better chance to “Blow” them up than Bronte and Paul do.
JAmes wants to know if they are getting Tiffany out because they want to or because Frank wants to .

Paulie really wants Tiffany gone. Explains to James, sure next week she’ll go after Frank but what about the the week after, “Stick to the plan send her home”
Paulie says Tiffany, Frank then Bridgette that way Bronte and Natalie are alone.
JAmes – sounds good to me man..
Paulie says Frank has burnt all his bridges, “Everyone knows he’s been spinning all that stuff”

Da’Vonne – “If you end up going home there will be a war.. there will be away because i’ll be pissed off”

Da’vonne about Frank “His whole presence makes my a$$ itch”
Tiff – he always has that goofy face I want to slap..
Tiffany says Nicole and Zakiyah are self centered girls if they were smart they wouldn’t be playing the guys game.

4:49pm bathroom Corey, ZAkiyah and Michelle
Talking about Natalie not really liking James.
Zakiyah – he doesn’t know any better
Corey – did the same thing happen with Meg
Michelle – it’s sad.. I would say something now than later.
(Apparently last week or the week before Natalie told Corey she wasn’t into James romantically they believe this is a big enough wedge to split James from the girls.)

5:04pm Frank, Nicole, Da, Michelle London room
Talking about the Natalie/James problem
Nicole and Michelle think there’s no way Natalie is into James.
Frank thinks it’s a mixture of the two. Frank says James is a good looking guy too and he’s got a great personality. Frank sees Natalie going for someone safe that is also a nice guy a polar opposite to Victor.
Michelle wants to tell James because she doesn’t believe she’s into him.
Nicole says Natalie rubs Corey’s leg and says he’s sexy every day.

Nicole says Natalie told her day 2 she was in love with Corey, “Corey shot her down right away.. she said she’s moving to Texas and thats where Corey lives”
Frank – I love Paulie but him and Zakiyah were completely spooned up.
Frank says Paulie got up and moved where he slept late at night because he didn’t want anyone to notice but Frank did. Frank adds that production (Cameras) was on Zakiyah and PAulie all night

Frank – if we get a chance to backdoor Paulie it’s not a bad idea
Frank wants to get Paulie out next week.

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Hal 9000

They are all idiots to vote out Tiffany. She will always be Frank’s # 1 target in the house and vice versa. Why vote out the person who can do all your dirty work for you?


I’m really not seeing how everyone is an “idiot” for voting Tiff out. If Frank is on the block the only person who is likely to keep him is Bridge, and she’d have to not be up on the block with him. I mean the argument for keeping Tiff is solely based on her being Frank’s biggest target and her targeting Frank. Except, what if Frank wins POV next week because he’s been tipped off that something is amiss? What happens if Frank wins HOH the following week, and instead of targeting Tiff he decides to go after some of the other people he’s already paranoid/wary of such as Day and Michelle?

Also the benefit of keeping Tiff is relative to each individual/groups of HG. If I’m a SG there is no immediate (or really long term) benefit to keeping Tiff. If I’m Paul I definitely don’t need Tiff in the house because she’ll be roped in, and I’ll be kicked out. If I’m in a showmance then Tiff will come for me. If I’m Frank and already paranoid of Tiff then I want her gone.

The only people who benefit from keeping Tiff in the short and long term is potentially Mich, James, and Day. Three players who are on the outs of the majority “side” and are desperate to gain numbers and power.


It doesn’t matter if Frank wins POV &/or HOH if they cannot evict him they evict the ones he’s closest to when he is HOH they neuter him by voting out the Roadkill nom. Keep the pressure on evicting Frank forcing him to try to keep saving his but by winning comps after comp after comp all the way to the end. He’s done.There may not be a compelling reason to keep Tiffany but there isn’t a compelling reason not to either.


The point I was trying to make is that Frank’s only real “ally” is Bridge. Once she’s gone, every week that Frank is able to save himself (or have some production help lol) is another week the remaining players will have to cut one of their own if everyone is against Frank. I mean things might be different if Frank had more people devoted to him, but 99% of the house has caught unto his erratic game.

How does evicting the Roadkill nom neuter Frank’s hypothetical HOH? He might not even been the RK winner in said week.

If you’re objective there ARE certainly reasons for people to get rid of or keep Tiff. Day/James/Mich are the only people who benefit from keeping her because she will try to go after Frank and then the showmances (which is what Day wants bad). The SG’s don’t benefit from Tiff remaining in the game because they have each tried to attach themselves to a guy as protection/info provider/shield, Paul’s pawn star status is diminished (if he isn’t outright voted out), Paulie/Nic/Z/Corey are in danger if they keep Tiff around which is exactly why Paulie shot James down and Nic wants Tiff to leave as well.

Tiny trump hands

It’s a Derrick move, Get rid of any of the females who you can not control.

Franks Farts Are Juicy

The reason you keep Tiff is bc they are all scared to put him up. They throw an HOH to her and its done. Doesn’t mean he won’t win POV butt the drama will be off the chart! He wants her out bad. She will still be his number 1. I don’t won’t his victory this year to be easy.

donut licking ho

If they keep Tifanessa Frank will definitely have a new target for next week.
Those going back on the plan will leapfrog tif on Franks hit list. Most likely Da.


I hate stupid……

James is not thinking. Get out Paul it’s 4 guys left out of 12. Starting to really dislike this idiot a lot. Boohoo Nat’s playing poor little James. Girls playing guys in the real world who thunk it? Playing Da’s game is just plain stupid. Believing she does have ins with the showmances James is an idiot.
Da does not get the point about her becoming the target.. She does not comp well thus needs to not pull the trigger on saving Tiff. The Tiff eviction is simple. Sit beside her F2? No one has that plan. She’s one vote and Frankly her winning HOH is far from likely. You get 3 votes with the spy girls. Leaving Bronte alone makes sense. Paul going should not just get Frank upset and see the girl thing finally. But maybe Corey and Paulie actually get it.
Michelle should be on cruise control. Instead she sees herself as a BB genius. She is turning into a bad player sadly.
Look this is likely production sticking their nose into this. I think prod is really into the Da corner this season. Tiff staying is a convenient way to get Frank pissed. They may just want him gone next week to play in the final battle back. Production(AG) definitely have an agenda IMHO. Which means all this may be puffing by Thursday and Tiff still gets evicted.


if they keep tiffiny frank will go beast on that comp in might win hoh
in not even put tiffiny up big no no send her home



Tiny trump hands

That little rascal James is always stirring up things. (I love it)


I hope Davonne and James can convince the crew to keep Tiffany. Tiffany in the house vs. Frank will be good drama and unlike the rest, Tiff is not scared to draw the line now.


Oh yeah, Tiff such a bad ass. How could you question her strength with all the comp wins….. Uhhh, I mean amazing gameplay…. Wait I mean….. Well she really sits in bed under the covers better than anyone else.
Like I said, a BAD ASS!!!!!


YES! If Tiffany survives this week it will be AWESOME! Frank won’t know who to trust and will either go in to HOH flustered or he will have to win HOH and finally get those hands dirty since his BFF isn’t eligible for HOH next week. Hahahahaha


I think Tiff needs to be removed from the house. If what I read is right that she wants to “slap Frank’s face” that shouldn’t be tolerated. He shouldn’t have to live in fear


Wanting to slap someone in the face is a lot different from doing it. The only way that she’d be pulled for wanting to slap him is if she was truly unbalanced and might slap him with the pointy end of a knife.

Backseat Driver

Oh grow up……


LOL!!! are you for real? Have you heard anything Frank is saying? and you are against Tiff for saying she wants to slap Frank in the face? Frank is actually slapping people and ‘popping’ their butts lol!!!!!


I agree if it is a split vote and Bronte goes I think Frank will go into the immediately following HOH comp with his mind racing to figure who had which vote and what it means for him. I defiantly think it will mess with his concentration especially if it is a mental comp.


So if I understand the whole Battle Back thing correctly….Glenn will battle Josea and the winner of that will battle Victor. That winner will battle either Tiffany or Paul, whoever is sent packing this week. IF they succeed in getting Frank out next week then he’ll only have to battle against that 3rd winner and he’s right back in the house….pissed and looking for payback. This might get interesting.


i hope rating do horrible on wed night to!


Watching this cast I ask myself…have we not seen enough of HG’s like Nathalie/Bronte/Michelle/Zakiyah/Corey/Bridgette…? Can they just cast better and more interesting people who might be less interested in just becoming famous? Paulie, Frank and Day are the only ones remotely creating any action(game wise) in that House…James is just lame this year, his head does not appear to be in the game at all


Why are they not considering Z to vote in favor of Tiffany? Do they not know how much Paranoid Nicole and Do Nothing Corey dislike Tiffany?

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Corey knows its best for his personal game to keep Tiffany. Nicole knows she can’t win with Tiff in the house. She has been against her since day one. She will fight this but wants and is desperate for a bf more so than winning the game. Corey runs that girl so those two.votes will be locked by tonight.

Michelle, Day, Corey, Nicole, Natalie., James. Done. Tiff stays!

Fk Paulie and Frank!

Paulie is as cocky about his self only feeling that he is running this house as Frank is.

Let’s get this done so those two lovers of themselves are knocked down several pegs. Can’t wait!


Omg! Now they are actually starting to think for themselves. I truley can’t stand Bridgett. She is beyond fake. If Corey wins HOH and Frank is still there I promise it’s not beneth Frank to start spooning with him. Frank is WAY over game playing. The douche bag can’t stop for a second. He’s the biggest floater ever. Just because you can win comps doesnt make you a “beast” as Bridgette so fakely told Frank he was. You have to make bold moves and not,just have others do all the work. Get rid of Frank and Bridgette and we have the best cast ever!


“You have to make bold moves and not, just have others do all the work.”
Try telling that to Derrick. That strategy worked out pretty well for him.


Derrick was a totall fluke! If you have watched BB EVERY season then you would know and understand this. He also never won anything and they used America’s Fav to help him coast by. Won’t ever happen again

Derrick's Da Man!

A FLUKE? That’s crazy talk! Derrick announced his game plan during the pregame interviews – lay low and get to know the other players, find someone trustworthy and solid (Cody) to align with, not win a bunch of comps or HOHs so as not to be perceived as a threat, and manipulate the others to do his bidding. And that’s EXACTLY what he did. He made it further than any player in history before being put on the block. He also won more money than any other player, due in part to his Team America participation. I can’t see how Team America helped him win considering that the public wasn’t voting on evictions. And yeah, I’ve been watching from the beginning.

Powder Puff Girls

his strategy worked with the cast he was given to play against. If he had different players the outcome may have been different. They were gullible!


Derek was awesome! He controlled their minds and their hearts. He went all season without being put up. In the end when Cody could have won the money by taking Victoria Derek mind freaked him. Best BB winner ever!


Nicole is too scared to go against frank and Corey will follow her, their best bet is to get zak and paulie…I kinda wanna see Nicole and Corey on the block


YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!! Imagine the whining, crying, throwing under the bus, rantings, crying and that’s just Corey. Did I mention whining?


Corey’s favorite aftershave is Summer’s Eve.


Really James…you want to send Paul home because of Bridgette and their relationship. Now that is funny. James are you really that big of a moron?? The couples are on everyone’s radar. James you should know that.
In fact all of these saw called couples should know that, and join together to get the others out. This is one of the most clueless casts ever.


dawG oir simon when is dov gettn played in?


Department of Obsolete Vacationers


dinmond veto!

Bolt Uprite

Too much time to think. If the vote is split it will put Frank on his guard and the plan to get him next week will be over, he won’t be throwing any HOH comp and he will be that much harder to get out. Much better to get him when he feels safe. Tiffany isn’t doing anyone any good in that house, she really isn’t playing in as much as no one wants to play with her because she’s a nutter like her big sister.


Paulie will make sure Frank doesn’t win HOH. It is still a team comp. Frank cannot beast it himself.


if paul gioseds we all know who gets back in get dov!


What’s DOV?????


They better save Tiffany. Come on she’s another person to play in HOH against Frank and his minions.



Grandma G

If they want Frank out they better vote Bronte out if they want to keep Tiffany. The guys are already worried about the boy-girl ratio. With Paul out its 4 to 7 and Frank would make it 3 to 7. It could be an all female final 3.


Not exactly my reason for voting out Bronte but agree she should be the one.
Bronte is the center of the Nat and Brig. Without Bronte, Nat will probably follow James instead of Brig, especially if Frank is on the block. Plus Bronte mentioned last night trying to get Paul on her side and was playing up to him. Without Bronte I don’t think Paul will go towards Frank and Brig’s side.

Dirk Nowitzki

Nicole is the new Helen. Where the hell is Slopballs? Out stealing chickens?


Judd’s granny? Did you go all Caitlyn Jenner on me… I thought the chickens looked nervous

Dirk Nowitzki

No, Mr. Slopballs. I am Dirk Nowitzki, the great basketballer, and I am a fan of your insightful commentary. I am also an amateur songwriter, and have written a new song that I thought You might enjoy. It is called “If Zakiyah was my hat.” And no, I am not a strudlingjurfer, as we say in Deutschland, but I do not judge those who are.

Friedrich Mercury

Come on, Dirk, let’s sing together. “Worked on a farm, got some muscle in my arm, but still I’m not a self-made man. I’ve been lookin for my haaat! I’ve been looking so looonng. If Zakiyah was my haaat, I’d put her on my head.” comment image

Angela Merkel

Das ist sehr gut, Friedrich. Du bist gemutlichmachend! Ja!


Maybe we still get some drama in an unconventional way.

Da, James, and Michelle are going to find out their desires don’t really match the Showmance 4, especially given the hierarchy of power with Paulie and Nicole both gladly dumping Tiffany and Corey and Z doing as told. No way Paulie or Corey bites on Paul as the target. Da has to know this is a hard sell…but who knows what she’s thinking as it’s been dumb luck all her talking hasn’t blown up in her face. This could be the end of her luck.

What will be interesting is now that James is paying attention will start figuring out the game’s been going on around him? Will he see that the old alliance is dead and buried, while the showmance 4 is acting like shot-callers? Does he wonder why Paul is suddenly a protection priority and where does he fit? Does he see Da and Michelle can’t even rally votes to save an ally, all out of Frank fear? Does he see EVERYBODY is doing what Frank’s been indicted for, making side deals with almost everybody?

Tiffany has to start figuring out she’s in real trouble and she just might blow up people’s spot without even trying….


Keep Bronteee


Frank always wants everyone else to throw HOH and a person on his team to win. Does anyone in the house realize this? I hate this team thing. I bet the season would go a lot differently if they never had teams. Frank probably would have already went home!


Day was, along with Frank, a prime instigator in the anti Tiff campaign, and now she’s trying to keep her so that she can use her to do her dirty work down the road to get out the showmances. Van was on OTB with Jmac and said that Day’s worst and only enemy is herself. And it’s true. I still don’t know why she made such a big deal about being the 5th wheel to two showmances. People never would have come after her. She’d always be safe even if she was on the block with another one of Nic/Z/Paulie/Corey. She does not know how to sit back, and just encourage other people to go after each other.

In the long run it doesn’t behoove the showmances to keep any of the 3 people on the block this week. Tiff is observant, and unto the fact that the original 8P is splintered (despite being out of the loop), Bronte is clearly aligned with the SG (and would definitely target the showmances), and Paul, if he’s clever, will continue to float until he needs solid allies or until the other players forget about him and continue going after each other. If Tiff goes this week, and Frank next then the showmances are in a better spot (Day is on their radars, and should be because she floating everywhere). I’m not sure if they are looking that far ahead though.

They need 5 votes to save Tiff, and Frank is out completely of the equation. Paulie and Z seem pretty set on getting Tiff out as does Nic. Corey is the potential swing vote that I see, but he seems pretty set on sticking with the showmances. It doesn’t make since for Corey to save Tiff, he doesn’t have a great relationship with her.

I would like to see Bronte go, but it’s unlikely to happen now. And I definitely don’t want to see Paul leave. Tiff has game potential, but she’s really boring on the feeds (just my opinion).


James and Day have the worst BB instincts ever. It was the same last year they make the wrong move every time it is comical. I don’t know how you can always be wrong! They need to do like George from Seinfeld and do the opposite of what they think.




Flip the votes to send Bronte home, not Paul. Paul doesn’t like Frank either whereas Bronte is aligned with Bridgette who is obsessed with Frank. I don’t know why James and Day aren’t thinking this out.


James is trying to argue for Paul to go because he thinks Nat would bite it, and be happy that Bronte survives eviction. Here’s the problem. Paul has been doing a great job with “friendship” and getting closer to Paulie/Z/Corey/Nic. It would make no immediate sense for the showmances to evict Paul over Bronte (or Tiff at this point).

If Bronte left over Tiff, and James had a hand in getting her out, then Nat should distrust James because he lied to her and sent potentially her closet ally (Bridge is too far gone lol) home.

James and Day are not the strategic masterminds that they think they are. They are scheming way too early (and unnecessarily) in the game. If they try and pull the wool over the showmances eyes and blindside them by saving Tiff, they would have no idea what to do, if said showmances then turned on them and cut a deal with Frank to go after Day/James/Mich.

Paulie is a b*tch

Paulie is pissed. Like Frank he wants out anyone with a brain and who won’t blindly follow him.

Paulie fears Tiff just like Frank and Nicole do. Because she is smarter than them and isnt afraid to expose them and draw lines and take their asses out.

Bottom line we all know Frank fears Tiff. But Paulie and Nicole fear her because she is their biggest obstacle to getting to final 3. Day is their second biggest obstacle. And if Tiff goes Thursday Day is next. Day knows this.

Paulie is a b*tch. I’m glad some of you are starting to see that.


Paulie should want the people he can’t control out of the house though lol. Paulie isn’t Derrick, but imho he’s a better player than Cody. If Tiff, Frank (even if he comes back and is evicted the following week), Day, and James leave then Paulie has a good shot at holding things together until the end. Mich would have to swallow her pride and try and work with the SG and Paul to turn on the showmances at that point, and most of the “comp beast” would be gone in this scenario

I think Frank’s problem with Tiff is that she so vocally resisted him. Nic and Paulie are looking at Tiff from a strategic point of view, whereas Frank is looking mostly from a personal point of view. .

Calling Paulie a b**ch is like calling other smart players b**ches. Will, Danielle Reyes, Jun, Dan, Amanda, Derrick, etc. all sought to get out players they viewed as either physical, strategic, or social threats. That’s just playing the game smart. I’d do the same. I’d try to have the strategic and social threats taken out asap, and then manipulate the physical competitors against each other so they cleared me a path to the end. Is it Machiavellian? Of course, but nobody said you can’t play ruthless.

Franks Fake Gf He Claims looks Like Natalie

Hann stop being mad Tiffany is staying. You keep posting long posts basically saying in each one that Tiffany needs to go.

Fine..You don’t want Tiffany in the house and you fear her because she will take out your favorite player:-)

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Somebody get Hann a cape so he can be SUPA MAD! LOL.

Are You Ready to Rumble!!

So sick of all the “Frank will go all beastmode in the comps!” I say poke that bear and keep Tiff! (She is not my fav but lets face it Bronte is a snooze.) First of all he will have to drag Paulie and Michelle to the finish line since as his team mates they can throw it. Heck it may be one of the last chances they have to handicap Frank in a comp. Second make him prove it! All of the roadkill comps have been in secret which makes his wins suspect. I say call him out now and put his stinky old butt slapping 32 yo ass to the test. Better now when you have the numbers. It may turn out that the myth has more bark than bite.


Yaaaas flip flip fliiiiiip this sh*t!!!


why flip the house on paul over bronte? they could actually sell bronte on frank and paulie. Ugh, these house guests are so dumb.


Was it just me or did anyone else think Bridgette was exaggerating being drunk? Totally fake, just like everything about her. Now she is a creepster. No wonder age is drawn to Frank. 2 peas in a pod. She is such an airhead


Isn’t Bridgette a nurse? I wouldn’t want to be her patient!!


If they want to flip the vote they need to evict bronte!
James knows he can’t get Natalie to vote out bronte, but she could be convinced to vote out Paul thinking he’s the new target and atleast that’s one less vote for Tiffany. If they then convince Corey and Nicole to vote for Paul. Then Da, Michelle, James and Paulie can’t vote to evict Bronte!

Paul; Natalie, Nicole and Corey. (3)
Tiffany: Z and Frank (2)
Bronte: James, Michelle, Paulie and Da (4)


Good idea! Much better than days (although at least she’s trying). She said today they have 4 with nat (voting out Paul) so for tiff to go to nic last minute and just ask for a “sympathy vote”. That’s not exactly the best plan. Lol. If they would just tell her 100 straight up tiff could probably figure out how to get one more vote but day just keeps hinting.


Here’s the solution to Day’s problem, have Nat, James, hers and Michelle vote for Paul, have the showmances vote for Bronte and Frank will be the sole vote for Tiff. That will force a tie and Bridgette will send home Paul (which sucks because he is actually growing on me).

skeptical onlooker

Frank won’t throw a comp either way it lies. Brigitte can’t compete this week…so he will be gung ho.
Tiffany’s best hope is Paulie and Zak to vote her to stay.
Corey is not a strategist..in any way shape or form. Nicole doesn’t care who goes on the block..as long as it’s not her or her wannabe. She has NO real allies. People like her? I don’t think they really care. So far..the real threats are Paulie, Frank ..in physical..James.
Mental comps..Brigitte…Tiffany and Bronte.
Davonne will talk Zak into keeping Tiffany..Paulie will do Zak’s bidding:)
I see Tiffany staying….and Frank will be the PARANOID one.
Brigitte will be a nervous Nellie….and be scrambling.
Bronte will be voted out. Maybe this is wishful thinking…Bronte’s pathetic childish voice just grates. A grown woman…on the wrong side of thirty..talking like a three year old. I find it very unsettling. How can she think…in real life..that talking like that is an asset? Cute? No. Weird.


It seems Zak will be doing Paulie’s bidding….he is dead set on evicting Tiffany because long term she is a threat and a strategist. Paulie says that Tiffany will turn on them if she finds out how close she came to eviction but I say she will show loyalty (for at least a week or two) to the ones who saved her.
Zak agreed and told him to talk to Day and Nicole to sway their vote.
I say keep her this week, use her to get Frank out next week and then cut her loose if you feel she is that big a threat but I think the showmances need another shield in front of them because Day alone won’t cut it.


Frank has teammates who will throw it. Lets see Frank carry his team to victory when they are motivated anchors.


Paulie doesn’t want to keep Tiffany because he thinks she’ll be too hard to get out later on. I would understand that if they thought she could use some kind of voodoo mind control like Vanessa, but it doesn’t make sense. They all know about Vanessa’s game so they aren’t going to fall for that again. They all think Tiffany doesn’t do well in comps. Since none of them know how close Da and Tiff are getting she would always be the odd person out and on the bottom of the totem pole. Paul is a perpetual pawn but if the spy girls win a comp they most likely will not target him. Bronte still has Bridget and Natalie and more or less has Paul. Natalie is close to James so if one of the spy girls win they won’t target James or whoever else he feels closest to. That means that once Frank is gone the spy girls and Paul would most likely target Corey/Nicole, Paulie/Zakiyah or DaVonne/Michelle. Knock them down by one person and if Tiffany stays they will most likely target her.


They don’t need Tiffany to help get Frank out, he’s out numbered already… all you Tiffany lovers are nuts as she is!
I can’t take another week of her asking the same question over and over! FFS!!! She was on the block against Victor and all she did was cry and plead with everyone asking if she’s safe! Wtf is wrong with you!!! Ofcourse you are! Now stfu!


Girl BYE

Bolt Uprite

Tiffany is Vanessa Lite. All the same mental afflictions without the vicious streak. A month in that house and she hasn’t made any friends at all. Send her packing, no one needs her.


I seriously dont know who to root for in this game right now. Everyone sucks


HOH nominates 3 people for eviction. Those 3 face off in a battle. The winner is immune for the week. Then, the POV takes place as normal. This allows power shifts, unlike the BB Roadkill, and it makes the HOH get more blood on his or her hands due to 3 nominees. The target may win the comp and the pawns are still on the block. If you want to get really crazy, the winner of the comp could gain access to a clue to a secret room or diamond POV.

Gordon Ramsey

I don’t like Tiff but keeping her would make this a much more enjoyable show. Watching big alliances dominate the last 4 seasons has been toooooough to palette.


Paulie really has no game. He knows Frank has thrown his name out and yet he wants to keep Bronte who will or has become one of Frank’s Stepford wives. Tiff is another soldier in the get out Frank campaign. What about “the week after?” If Frank goes Bridgette/Tiff are still targets keeping the heat off of you d@umbass. Tiff doesn’t have any alliance potential. Bronte has Nat, Bridgette and Frank if the plan fails. Not to mention an in with Paul and James. I guess he is just really scared that if he had to man up against Frank the old guy would embarrass him and skunk his pretty boy a$$.


I’d like to see Tiffany stay, if for no other reason than to screw with Frank’s smug delusion that he’s coasting to finale night,unscathed.


I think frank might go home next week come back after battle back
then I see zachery corey paulie michell day james all going home before him


I haven’t seen anything out of Tiffany that shows she is smart, a good game player, or is going to win many comps.. not sure what everyone is afraid of.


Nic and Z are with Paulie and Corey. Tiff is going to play a game with who won . Jozy or Glenn or Vic.but it does not matter who’s left she will Lose She is not her SISTER.


So many of these girls hating on Nat just because she’s prettier than them.

Props to Michelle

Props to Michelle for finally realizing that Tiff is her true friend and for stopping just being a follower of those she is just a number to. She is now starting to work with people who will remain loyal to her and this will leave her standing into September.


If they manage to succeed in flipping the house to get Tiffany to stay there will be a chorus of “We’re not worthy!”
If they are successful I hope Bronte goes and not Paul

Lost in the numbers

With one of the 5 evictees returning, will there be an extra week where the evicted HG is not on the jury? Right now there are 13 – 1 this week, -1 next week, +1 returnee… so there will be 12 in the house… so won’t another HG be evicted and not be on jury?


Did Natalie really say all those things about Corey? Or is the house trying to split James and her up.


Natalie says she’s not into abs, she likes doughboys. Nicole and Michelle don’t have a clue what they are talking about.


I want tiff to stay really bad idk why they want get Bronte out what’s bronte going to for them nothing and she’ll tell frank’s BFF bridgette every information that’s given to her and she’s part of spy girls the only solid alliance in the house vs Paul he’s really not in a alliance and all his allies are gone and he’ll do anything to stay in the house unless one of his allies come back in the game then you can get rid of him but these HG are so stupid they’ll vote out tiff .