The Havenots Nicole, Corey, and TIffany get to eat Popcorn & Peanuts!

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 09-05-58-453

8:45am – 10am Big Brother blocks the feeds to wake up the house guests. Nicole and Zakiyah are in the bathroom doing their makeup. Big Brother then blocks the feeds again. When the live feeds return – The house guests are coming out of the HOH room for the havenot food reveal. Bridgette reads the card and says that this week the Nicole, Corey, Paul, TIffany are all havenots who get to enjoy all the popcorn and peanuts you can eat! Paul says this is bullshit. You give me berries and they get popcorn! I would volunteer to be a havenot at this point. Don’t quote me on that! Pissed!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 10-01-06-626

10:10am HOH room – Bridgette says I think she (Bronte) will be okay. I just don’t want Tiff to get it. Natalie says I really don’t mind playing .. but James said If Bronte gets to choose she will pick you. If I get to choose I will pick Frank. If Paul gets to choose he will pick Paulie. If Paulie wins he will keep it the same. If Frank wins he will take Bronte off. If you win you will take Bronte off. Natalie says if Bronte comes off .. I would take one for the team. Bridgette says if possible I would throw it to you. Natalie says she (Bronte) is going to be safe.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 10-09-10-077

10:15am Frank tells Michelle that she needs to start being nicer. I’m going to cut you if you don’t step it up. Michelle says you can’t, I’m on your team. Frank says not in a couple more weeks. Bridgette makes cookies for me and won an HOH for me. You’re just mad because you think she wants to shave your eyebrows. Frank leaves. Michelle says what the f**k is his problem! What kind of team member is that .. like I’m going to get you out. Are you trying to scare me … are you trying to piss me off!? Everyday he’s saying I’m going to vote you out. What kind of team member is that. When the teams split up I’m going to vote you out. I’m going to vote you out before Bridgette. Little does he know I’m a loyal person.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 10-15-01-674

10:40am HOH room – Natalie says I don’t want Paulie to think I’m coming for him or anything. Bronte talks about how she’s taken calculus 1, 2, and 3 and got over 100% in all three of them. Natalie says we’re a secret threat. And people think I’m mad dumb. If people think I’m dumb and just a physical competitor people will keep me .. and just enough to not make me a threat. Like literally I just start talking about dumb stuff… like with Paulie I was like oh like geometry is a secret menu? Bronte laughs and says you play that off so well. Bridgette joins them. Natalie says little do they know we’re secret weapons.. we’re a secret threat. Bridgette says spy girls unite! Natalie says we can win stuff.. you just won a competition. (A crap shoot comp lol)

Havenot room – Corey, Nicole, Frank and Tiffany are chatting. They wonder if they can make peanut butter with the peanuts. Tiffany says she doesn’t like peanuts.

10:55pm Bronte says once I get to jury I will play big. And go for people I want to get out but for right now I just have to make it to jury. Natalie says tell me if I’m ever being rude because I don’t want to come off as rude. I’ve been through a lot .. I can read people. I can tell if someone is lying or not. If someone is a good person or not. Natalie says be careful of Paul.. I know you’re close to him but he turned on Vic. Bronte says I know I don’t trust him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 10-54-30-648

11:20am Bathroom – DaVonne and Zakiyah are talking. DaVonne says I’ve got to stop messing with Tiffany .. I think I made her nervous .. I’m like, I’m joking girl! Natalie joins them and tells them they should come up to the HOH room. Frank joins them. They talk about him giving Michelle a hard time. Zakiyah asks if you did win would you keep it the same? Frank says I might take Bronte off. I think if she were to stay she might go after Paul next week. Frank says he was thinking of saying something to her (Tiffany) to rattle her up for the veto. Zakiyah says no let her feel comfortable.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 11-14-05-165

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I am actually enjoying this season! Team Nicole! I also like Michelle and Z (I just hope they see right through the guys). The guys are making it hard to root for them (really dislike Paulie). At this point I only really like Paul (I know, weird, but set his mean persona aside, he’s actually entertaining) and James (sometimes).


Paulie is playing the best game!! But I do agree this season is good so far. Idc what the Debbie downers think. I hope James/Paulie become the new hitmen, but James might be too focused on Natalie… I really can’t blame him though lmao


If I remember correctly James got too focused on Meg last season and went along with some of her really bad choices. I hope he at least learned something from that but I doubt it.


Agreed! It’s looking a lot like a Hitmen part 2. I really do hope one of those girls get one of them out, it would be something different!


Not a fan of Nicole’s game play, paranoia, projecting her issues and flaws onto others, psycho fantasy one sided showmance stalker fruit-loop dingus… the list of reasons I am not a fan of Nicole surprises me in its length and depth.


omg is this the real bbcan Sindy?

Big brother

My family and I went on vacation in Los Angeles and stayed at the Burbank Marriott hotel. It’s the hotel the bb16 cast stayed at after the finale. I met Jocosta, Caleb, Hayden, Donny, Cody, and Nicole. Nicole was the sweetest person ever. They were all friendly but Nicole was the only one that actually really engaged in a conversation.


Are you a cute guy?

Jokes aside. All my comments are exclusively in context of the BB house and game play; not who these people are; and how they are outside of the house.

Big brother

No I’m a girl. I would say I’m above average. Not to sound conceited. Donny was super nice. Hayden was friendly and took picture of Cody and I. Cody is really attractive but quiet and didn’t say much. Caleb was sarcastic and said he was a country singer.

Bronte's Nose

Home, home and deranged! Where the deer and the antelope sway! Where often is heard a discouraging word and the skies are all cloudy and grey!

Verse 2

Oh Nat, Nat you’re so hot
James has really hit the jackpot
And Frank’s game just sank
When he decided to spank
Yet he still, thinks himself a big shot

Bronte's Nose

Clever Verse 2!!


Popcorn and peanuts? This would be heaven for me.


Obviously none of the current house guests have peanut allergies… and now they are contaminating this BB house for future HGs.

ther is more to peanuts for allergies

I understand your concern about contaminating the house for those with peanut allergies – but where is your concern for those with other food allergies? Hummus – pea/tree nut allergies. Peaches, plumbs, cherries, stone fruit allergies, and all the food with hidden soy products – SOY allergies.

It is impossible for the crew to manage every allergy out there. I am sure that is a question asked so they can address the current house guests. I am also very sure the entire house is sanitized before the next crew comes in.


This is not MY concern. In Canada there are outright bans on nut products in schools, planes and other institutions but not for any of the other allergies (those you mentioned included and more). It was merely surprising in context of how companies deal with their responsibilities under law with respect to managing hazards in the workplace. Introducing nuts into a public environment certainly goes against what has become a more common practice; to ban them. The BB house meets the criteria for a workplace. Sterilization techniques are not sufficient to eliminate the risk to people susceptible to anaphylaxis even if they did sterilize the place which is extremely unlikely they do let alone every single inch of the place.


I hope Tiff wins the POV. I can’t stand Frank getting away with his own agenda.


Yeah watching all the rats scramble would be hilarious.


WOOT WOOT TIFF for the WIN!! Just to dampen Frank’s day and stick it to Bridgette (idiot that she is) as she watches her BFF Bronte walk out the door screaming Girl Power! Bahaha With weak fake friends like Bridgette Girl power to her is to cook, bake and obey Frank’s every command while acting like a stupid giddy school girl happy to please him and lap up his attention- setting women back decades. Sooo pathetic!

Powder Puff Girls

I would rather see Frank who displays game play than Tiffany that whines, has tantrums, interrogates w/no game play, vision, goals. Frank is playing the game and so far has stuck with the 8 pack vision until Tiff got mad at him for a comment about booze. The other HG’s went along with Franks vision they know his is the one to beat. Tiffany thinks Vanessa was the best BB player and is trying to copy the gameplay. I am not a Frank Fan but give him credit.

Live feeds

Corey told Nicole Natilie is flirting with him. I knew she was using James. You call yourself a girls girl but yet you flirt with Corey. She’s knows Nicole likes him. As for Corey I don’t think he genuinely likes Nicole.


Natalie stated her game plan going into the house was to flirt. In the game, flirting with Corey potentially gets her information and may break up the Corey/Nicole 2 person team / showmance. It does not mean; nor does it prove she is using James. She could very well like James as she says to people she is closest to in the house (people she does not need to deceive; people not even close to James or his allies that she needs to convince) but has limited tools to use socially in the game to influence other players or gather information. Her flirting in this case could be harmless, with respect to her relationship with James, and extremely useful in disrupting the games of other players.


I call bs on that. Paulie said on the live feeds that he knows Natilie and her ex boyfriend. He said she was very fake and isn’t genuine at all. Nicole stood up for Natilie on the feeds when Corey wanted to flirt with her just so they could get rid of victor. Nicole stopped Corey and explained if she was in Natilie’s vshoes she would feel terrible if a boy played with heart.

Unbattled Block

Choosing between Paul or Tiffany going home is like choosing between Filet Mignon or Lobster..I am good with it either way

Smart play if they want to weaken Frank is put Paul out


To tell the truth that would be a good time to evict Bronte and then say… “Sorry, honey.” Bridgette this is what happens when you hand your game to someone else. It would also send a hard message to Frank that he does not run things. I hate when people walk around like they are the boss. Wake up everybody that wants Frank out… keep the one that wants Frank out and isn’t afraid of him and dump the dead weight.

Tiffany is not really that bad… I just do not see what they are talking about. I watch the feeds and I see Da and Nicole freak out way more than Tiffany… I really do not see what they are saying. I think Tiff is more loyal than anybody on the Teams… I see a lot of projecting their own insecurities on Tiffany, she really is the best one to keep out of the three for most of the house.

Unbattled Block

Solid point.. That would work for me too. Bronte is extremely annoying


Prior to seeing the POV competition episode of Paulie’s HOH I was inclined to defend Tiffany as being victimized by lies and an unearned smear campaign based on the limited information on the live feeds and AD.

After seeing the episode I realize Tiffany made a choice. She chose to try to win the POV, screw the alliance and throwing the comp so she could get her butt off the block (or at least so she could be the one with the power to do so; or to be the one saving one of the others).

Paulie’s target was Victor but decided he should not have any chance to take himself off the block (back doored).

Victor won the roadkill competition, and told Paulie and Frank (before telling Paul) that he won it (crazy lucky gift) and nominated Tiffany.

Paulie did a lot of work (some of it no easy feat) to get his noms to help him keep Victor out of playing in the competition and get him up as a replacement nominee. Paul, previously Victor’s closest ally in the game, won HG’s choice and did as he was asked to do – not let Victor play in the POV.

The only things that could screw up his plan were if the house flipped or Tiffany won the POV and used it to save herself, saving Victor by giving him (as roadkill winner that nom’d her) the power to name his replacement and not Paulie. The outspoken members of the alliance believed that, if she won the veto, she would use it on herself. So Tiffany didn’t trust the alliance enough to throw the veto and the alliance didn’t trust Tiffany for not throwing the veto… regardless whether or not she might have used it to take one of the other noms off the block.

I think Tiffany’s flaw was not owning her decision and explaining what she did, why she did it and that she would have used the veto to take down one of the other noms to allow Victor to be put up. She could have argued that she wanted the saved nom to owe her and the 8-pack not Paulie (who was not in the alliance). She could have spun it to strengthen her position and prove loyalty. Instead she tried to deny and hide from what she did; got super paranoid that her decision and actions proved she was trying to win the veto against the alliance and maybe she had become their target. After all she proved she did not trust them even though she did not have any good reason not to at the time. Da’Vonne has never let this go. To be fair, Tiffany earned her rep for being untrustworthy even if the others are worse.

What I am saying is Tiffany had the opportunity to play her way out of the jam she put herself in but she didn’t; she made it worse. She did not trust her alliance and gave them good reason not to trust her. She played and the way she played earned her the target on her back. Sure the other HGs spread lies about her but that is part of the game. As HGs are trying to build trust others are trying to undermine it. If Tiffany gets evicted it isn’t an injustice. She was hyper paranoid for a while there because she knew she screwed up for trying to win the POV and failing.

Powder Puff Girls

Loyal? back up your claim.

conservative white male

I secretly want to tame Da & Zak mmm closet dark meat lover here especially when it’s extra crispy like mama Da


Frank, is that you? Didn’t know you had internet access in the house!


Michelle get in there and bake some cookies for Frank!!! These people have no respect. He’s running that house! At least wash his clothes or give him a back rub. I don’t blame him for being upset. He needs to get her out next week. Then Da, Nicole, Paulie, James and Z. The rest should have no problems taking his orders. Frank for the win!!!!!!!


Betting you are shooting for the record for most down votes… and, should you get it, wear it as a badge of honor.


Not at all. Frank is running this house just like Derek ran his. Nobody had to think for themselves. Derek do it for them. So they should at least chill and show the man some respect for taking the pressure off. He’s got the game mapped out. Make his some oatmeal!!!




I was just about to point out the off the wall reading of the game, how to play it, and the house of the Spy Girls….but then I read the comments and see that odd interpretations are the norm.

Tiffany has to save herself by any means necessary because nobody benefits from her staying. Frank’s desire is not unique. Anybody looking to save her as is would be as goofy as the Spy Girls targeting Paul, who is literally the last threat to any of them.


Yes Tiff has to save herself. No one else is going to do it.
The spy girls are ridiculous. Bridgett gave her hoh away. There is nothing more any of the three can do. Nor would they if they could. They will not win veto.
Frank and Paulie are deciding who, what, when.


Perfect response!

Frank thinks he’s running things…but Paulie is and if Frank wants somebody out that works for him and his allies, which lets them keep the facade of working with Frank, that’s almost perfect.

People here keep acting as though Tiffany should be saved, but nobody has any reason to. She’s not made herself valuable to anybody, not unearthed info shared, built trust, offered intricate deals, nor strategy….instead she’s just unstable. Nobody is helping Frank….

Powder Puff Girls

Well said, her social game is also lacking she sits back and spies hides under hats, glasses she does not mingle. Her interrogation skills also put HG’s off she is too demanding.


I don’t mind Tiffany or Paul… Tiffany seems way too emotional though & I’m actually just starting to like Paul now so hopefully Tiff goes home!! Then can it please be Frank right after her?!?! His game is bad lmao all he can do is win comps. That stuff he just said to Michelle shows how clueless the guy is & how awful he is at this game. Didn’t learn anything from his first time around. SEE YA!


Nat, bronte, bridgette just want to make it jury that’s your goal not wining 500k these newbies are so dumb , it’s so laughable .


No she wants to win but at least make jury to get more money if she doesn’t win towards her education, so that is actually smart at least she is understanding if she doesn’t win it all than that’s the way to get the most money out of her summer! These ppl need to stop being so ignorant and judge mental come on try playing and see how u do


Agreed! They are attempting to appear as though they aren’t trying to win when really they are stating their minimum goal. Bronte herself said that she is playing conservatively to make it to jury. Once she has that security she will make big moves (read that as try to win it all).


I’m finding it so hard to get into this season. Most of these newbies have never even seen big brother and all they wanna do is just get to jury! I wanna see people fight for their lives in this game and do whatever it takes! As for the “vets” i loved them all but i dont think having newbies and vets in the house together works. As of right now I want a newbie to win but its hard to find one to really root for! Its still early so we’ll see i guess…


Getting to jury is their minimum goal. They are barely playing the game with the hope of staying off the eviction radar prior to jury. It is consider smart to not begin to play the game in earnest until week 4 or 5. It may be too early to write them off yet.

Powder Puff Girls

they want to get jury for a pay check and mainly for FAME, exposure. Bronte for her modelling career, Natalie for cheerleading.

Ingram 14

Frank’s sophomoric humor will be his downfall. Sure he’s joking around, but that kind of humor isn’t for everyone. After what happened with Da, he has taken no stock out on how he interacts with people. Too obtuse to realize he’s digging a deeper hole with every comment, poke in the butt, and fart.


No means No. The prevailing attitude is completely off! No, it is not joking around when the brunt, target or otherwise principle subject of the physical or mental/social teasing has made it clear they do not like it. When they say stop; when they complain it ceases to be joking around. It is not a shared humorous experience. It is abuse!

The attitude is wrong. This is not a grey area. It is only joking around if all parties agree. As soon as one person is hurt or offended it is not okay for others to attempt to justify it, coerce others and pressure the offended party to condone it. It is not up to the injured party to lighten up. It is for all parties to own their disrespectful behaviors and put a stop to them. Treat others with respect or there should be serious consequences enforced on you by society… in this case the entire house and CBS. There should be law suits filed against CBS. The HGs do not have the freedom to remove themselves from the abuser without suffering financial loss. It is a slam dunk case.

Anyone dismissing the severity of abuse by choosing to accept his intent as joking is denying the reality of the experience of the abused. If you want and deserve your feelings to be respected then failing to protect and respect the feelings of others means yours probably won’t be either… but hopefully they are. Or do you really believe two or more wrongs make a right!


I feel like if us viewers knew about every single little thing production does behind the scenes to improve ratings then we’d probably lose a lot of interest in this show. I know they do lots of shady stuff, but I’d almost just rather not know exactly what it is that they do to manipulate the game because I love this show too much!!

Butters Mom

At this point, I would like to see Tiffany, Paulie, James, Nicole and Z be an alliance. I can’t take Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie anymore. I have never liked Michelle and I used to like Da but, she stirs up trouble almost as much as Frank. Paul and Corey… just taking up space.. Vote out Bronte… do the opposite of what Frank wants.


The thrill is gone

Tiny Trump Hands

Spy Girls FTW!


This is a strange season. It is hard to root for anybody. You have some people who are so arrogant, it is impossible to cheer for them. {I wish someone would throw buckets of water on them} The spy girls are off in la la land, with their delusional views on game playing, and their strategy sessions are sooooo pathetic. {I think they watched too many Charlie’s Angels} Nicole and James are playing the “Dating Game”, with people who are playing them. {really disappointed in their game playing, you would of thought they had learned something from their last go around} Then you have the emotional wrecks, { some of their melt downs are justified, but it is hard to watch.} Why can’t BB put some entertaining people on the show? I think BB14 was the last time they had a good cast.

Fake Ass Girls

Hard to get into this season when you turn on After Dark and hear high pitched squealing , pinky swears, delusional speech ( math genius Bronte) …I sometimes think I’m watching a scene from High School Musical….if Paul or Tiff leaves, so does some potential drama…so hoping that someone gets to piss in Frank’s cereal by voting Bronte out

Live feeds



Popcorn & Peanuts. If the havenots can eat honey or caramel They can make a ghetto kettle corn. Yum.. Gor HaveNots they sure are eating good.


Like I said yesterday, I would love to see Paulie, James, DaVonne and Tiffany come together as an alliance. There could be 4 final 2’s (vets, siblings, girls, guys) so no one feels like they are on the bottom. They could all have a side alliance like The Brigade-Paulie (Corey or Zak) DaVonne (Zak or Nicole) James (Natalie) Tiffany (Bronte or Bridgette, or do something no one would suspect and join up with Paul.

Based on what we know, this is what I think they need to do.
Paulie-So far he is in one of the best positions. He has Zak as his showmance. DaVonne and Nicole seem to trust him. Frank still thinks they are together. He has Corey and now James that both think they are his #2. He doesn’t need to change much for now. Try to keep his alliance with James under wraps and don’t allow the showmance to make him a target.
James-Right now he has the trust of DaVonne and Natalie and his new secret alliance with Paulie. He hasn’t pissed off the girls and the guys aren’t threatened by him. Down the road they may target him because he is well liked so he’ll have to be careful.
DaVonne-Stop freaking out, stop trusting Nicole and, if Tiffany stays, stop having flashbacks of Vanessa. I think the only one targeting her soon would be Frank. Keep Zak and Nicole close but don’t trust them with info you don’t want others to know. Don’t hitch your hopes on a showmance. Stay close to James but try to get closer with the unattached girls. If Tiffany stays try to work with her.
Tiffany-Start really thinking about why you are not included in things and realize none of your former alliance members have been on your side. If you stay, try to rebuild trust with DaVonne and possibly Michelle since she is on the outside of the group. Try to start fresh with Bridget and maybe you actually can be the bridge between the girls separate groups. Do NOT trust Nicole. If these people stab you in the back gain, try to build a secret alliance with Paul and/or Victor (if he returns). Sometimes the outcasts need to stick together.
Bridgette, Natalie and Bronte-There is nothing they can do at this point. Try to lay low and keep the target off of themselves. Realize that some of the girls are never going to work with you and your best bet is Tiffany (if she stays). Try to make Paul realize that he is being used and he would be safer with you. Make amends with Victor (if he comes back) so you can start building numbers. Hope that Natalie can influence James not to put you otb.
Michelle-The showmances are not going to choose you and Frank is not on your side. Your best bet is to work with DaVonne, Tiffany (if she stays) and the Spy Girls.
Zak-I don’t know because I really have no idea where her head is at or where her true loyalties are. I don’t think Paulie will take her to the end. She is no one’s target now so that’s good but she needs to build a real alliance outside of the 8pack. Maybe stick with DaVonne and go from there.
Corey-I think his truest alliance is Paulie but I think Paulie might prefer James. He needs to start playing the game instead of being a follower and since he has been left out of the new relationships that have been forming it might be too late.
Paul-They are using you as a pawn and/or a vote. Stop trusting the guys-especially Frank. You have become less of a target so lay low, continue to give the guys a reason to trust you but secretly get back with the Spy Girls, try to build trust with Tiffany if she’s there and hope for Victor’s return.
Nicole-You will get tossed aside by the boys but you don’t work well with girls. Right now the girls still trust you so start doing something to prove you deserve that trust. Don’t try to save Corey if the others want him out or you will become a target too.
Frank-Basically you have to beast every comp at this point and win back to back HOH and POV because everyone is fed up with you and everyone except Paul is targeting you. The problem with beasting every comp and suddenly becoming the nicest guy in the house is that you will still be a target because then you are looked at as a threat for other reasons.


Grendon – you are actually Vanessa, right?


And you are actually anonymous which means-having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.-right?

I’m guessing you are related to Frank.


Very telling. Someone asks a question and gets attacked = sounds like Vanessa.
But actually, since you referenced the definition of anonymous, then you should really use the correct definition – the one that applies to a person:
” (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name.”
You copied the rest of the definition and left that out purposely. However what you referenced only refers to inanimate objects, like the car that you saw in the example.
I’m pretty sure that even Frank is a real person. Kinda. And whether it’s “Anonymous” or “Grendon” or another pseudonym, does it matter? It was just a question. No reason to attack.


Have a nice day.

Worst Cast

This cast is the worst and thats not easy to do. BB16 was real bad. Figures Nicole from the worst season ever is also in BB18 .

Let us pray that Tiffany one of the few that could save season wins POV or this season is doomed. A very hard watch so far. BB16 was hard watch but at least Derrick who had a cast of morons with him and won easy…at least he wasn’t a vile human being like Frank.

Not saying Frank will win. It’s between him and Paulie. But I won’t be watching. Not going to fall for watching a whole horrible season again like BB16.

Tiffany you got cast with a group that had it out for you from start. You had no chance with smear job that was done on you before you even started to play or know anyone.

Big Brother has officially jumped the shark. Nice work CBS. That was reall good casting. Lets bring back Nicole who made BB16 even worse.


I Call BS

For a self-proclaimed “math genius” Bronte sure seemed to struggle during last week’s Roadkill competition where they had to find numbers adding up to $9.00.

Nat game

Nat “James, it’s a great idea to stay away from each other during the day and meet up late at night to talk. Thanks for telling me what’s going on in the house and in return I will hold your hand”

James “no problem, thanks for holding my hand”