Big Brother 18 Week 3 Power of Veto Spoilers

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 18-40-57-561

6:37pm Bridgette wins the VETO!!!!!

Paul was briefly talking to Bronte said she’s going to use it to pull Bronte down.

Tiffany may now know she’s the target due to events during the POV. Some Houseguests are really looking worried. Corey..

Sounds like Bridgette rolled her ankle during the competition and she’s getting medical help.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 18-57-52-501

6:41pm Da’Vonne and Frank
Frank says Bridgette will either not us the veto or use it to save Bronte and Natalie goes up by Frank.
Da’Vonne says Tiffany looked really sad when she lost the Veto.. “She knows”
Frank – I know ..

(If Natalie know she’s the target she’ll blow up the alliances which may move the target off her)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 19-02-13-284

7:01pm HOH Bronte and Natalie
talking about how this is perfect.
Bronte – if we would have won that we would have targets on our backs..
Bronte says Frank feel really bad for Bridgette getting hurt. They both give out some AWWWWsss poor Frank poor guy..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 19-07-10-314

7:06pm Shower Paulie and Paul (Can only hear paul and Paulie does all the talking.. LOL)
Paul – I know Bronte is going to get pulled off..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 19-10-50-183

7:11pm Storage room Paul and Frank

Paul says BRiodgette is pulling Bronte down he doesn’t know who’s going up.
Frank says Natalie is going up. either way PAul is out. Paul is seeking reassurance that the house really does want Tiffany ouy.
Frank – You’re good brah”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 19-18-41-883

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 19-22-34-479

7:22pm Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette
Frank helps Bridgette up to the HOH.. They girls are all like Awww Southern gentleman.
So happy that Bridgette won the POV competition. They mention how last season Vanessa won that competition.
Natalie knows if Bronte goes down she’ll go up she’s OK with that.

Natalie says she’s take one for the team..
They decide to get a read for the house today and tomorrow and work on what they will do on Monday.
Bridgette – we’re ride or die
Natalie leaves..
They wish Natalie would tell them who has the roadkill. Bridgette says Natalie isn’t a target and neither is Bronte.
Bronte is worried that Paulie is coming after her
BRidgette – right now we have Frank, James and Natalie on our site..
Bridgette – I feel that Nicole is solid..

BRidgette says they need to wait a day the whole house can be different tomorrow. Brings up ride or die again says they’ll do whatever it takes for the three of them to be safe.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 19-26-42-097

7:15pm PAulie and Frank
F**k we got all three of them this week.. F**k if it wasn’t for Vic last week we had all three then too

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 19-46-29-827
7:47pm Bronte tells James she’s going to tell Bridgette to not use the Veto on her because she doesn’t want Natalie to go up.

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Well so much for all of the dice comp practice


Im so happy tiffany is gone. She’s gonna do this and that. RIGHT! Get outta WORTHLESS

You know

I remember folks saying, Bridgette who, which one is Bridgette. Well you know her now don’t ya!
Oh but I’m sure the naysayers will still have something to nitpick about.
You know her now! don’t you! don’t you! Damnit say her name! Say it!


You mean the dingdong that let a carrot run her HOH? she didn’t want a girl gone!! Not on her HoH! !! Duh! SMH

You know

She won that and she won that again!
Nothing is possible without her being a winner of the week!
Told you, you would nitpick.
Sour grapes hater!
Hey, you’ll always have next week people

Amanda queefs slop

Tiffany is an idiot. She smells like sour milk and regret. I also hate that she eats her pimple puss. Gross!

Amanda's crust down under

Did you see in BBAD when Tiffany wanted to smell Frank’s juicy farts and stuck her face just when Frank had a hershey squirt? Serves her right, hope she’s out Thursday.


Bridgette has been proving she is really a comp threat. wow.

Just Me

Is Bridgette the future Maddie from Kate Plus 8? She looks and acts like that bratty twin.


Now they can evict Tiffany. Did anyone catch her eating the puss from the pimple she popped on her face last night?? EWWWW


Stop making shit up, Donald.


I highly doubt you are telling the truth. Start a rumor and everyone will believe/repeat it. If you can name the camera time stamp then I stand corrected, but as of now, I think you are just throwing her under the bus. For what reason, I have no idea as other than being Vanessa’s sister, I don’t see the reason everyone seems to want her out. She’s pretty harmless so far, and not near as annoying as some of the others in the house (or her sister, who I liked, but will admit she went a little nutso at times). Tiffany is no where near that level of cra-cra. And since she will have the guts to go after Frank (unlike the other pathetic women in the house who are all talk but no action), I personally would love to see her stay for that reason alone.


Camera #2, 23:47, Tiffany is so gross, that will eat anything and doesn’t care if America is watching!!!


Did Bridget tell Paul she would use POV on Bronte or is he just assuming she will? I don’t think she will because she won’t get to pick the renom so obviously if she takes Bronte down Natalie will be the replacement.


Bronte’s roadkill. Frank gets to pick anonymously the replacement if she comes down.


Erm. Did you actually read Glendon’s post? It says… “I don’t think she will because SHE WON’T GET TO PICK THE RENOM so obviously if she takes Bronte down Natalie will be the replacement.”

From the upper case part you can clearly see that Glendon knows about and has acknowledged the roadkill winner nominates the replacement if Bronte is taken down AND from the rest has shown awareness of Frank (the roadkill winner’s comments to the effect of naming Nicole as the replacement if Bronte comes off.

So the point and value of your reply is… what, exactly?


And that’s the key. I think spy girls would renom Corey if they had a chance. Frank on the other hand has the power. If Frank had not told about winning RK he could try to BD Da but he cannot risk it. Lets see if Paul is really safe or Frank gets a big surprise. I don’t see Nat going any where.


men brdiget win hoh then pov you go girl keep it up
in take tiffiny down tiffiny tell frank what they going to do to him in make him belive you
come on


Please learn spelling and punctuation.

Bridgette's folly

Who knows frank won roadkill?


I think everyone except Bronte, Brig and Tif but I could be wrong.


Ugh Bridge won. She should just leave the noms the same because Frank will throw her other ally Nat up on the block if Bronte comes down. Nat knows that Frank won the RK so I wonder if she’ll tell Bridge to keep things the same.

But who knows, Frank may try something crazy and throw Corey up there (unlikely).

I’m completely fine with Tiff or Nat, or if noms stay the same Bronte, going home this week. I’m over Bronte and Nat’s “I just want to get to jury” rhetoric. This is Big Brother! Why are you even on the show when you’re goal is to be a loser stuck in sequester for the rest of the summer and a good chunk of September? And Tiff simply isn’t her sister. They react to the game similarly (emotional outbursts/paranoia), but Tiff is not nearly as savvy a game player as Vanessa was.

Work that social game Paul! Work it hard, and work it all week long.


They get paid for every week they are in the house. If they make it to jury they are guaranteed the stipend for the entire show duration. Those evicted pre-jury only get paid for those weeks they were in the house.

Here at Home

Wow, this is sure Frank’s lucky week.

Frank's lucky times will end

He is playing too hard and while he may be doing well now, people will turn on him. At the rate that he is going, he will not win.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Frank’s going nowhere. Not only is he smarter but according to some of the ladies he’s a southern gentlemen. Bye Tiff, Da, Nicole, Paulie, Z and Corey!


If she uses the Veto, it will show who Bridgette is more loyal to. If she uses it om Bronte, she will have to have a good idea that Natalie will be nominated by the RK winner, and showing she is closer to Bronte than Natalie.


As a replacement nominee , Bridgette will nominate Corey or Nicole… she won’t dare nominate Day , Z or James…


Bridgette won’t nominate anyone because the only person she would take down is Bronte. She’s not going to take down Paul or Tiffany over her so there’s no nominating for her.


If she pulls Bronte down then Frank decides who goes up as he won road kill and put Bronte up. Bridgette only gets to replace Paul or Tiffany is she were to take one of them down.


Just remembered, If Bridgette uses the Veto on Bronte, its up to Frank to pick a replacement….


If the roadkill nominee comes down…doesn’t the roadkill winner pick the renom???


Bronte was the roadkill winner’s nominee; not the HOH’s. Bridgette has the power to veto any of the noms but if she takes Bronte off then the roadkill winner names the replacement (not sure who knows the RK winner was Frank but assume it is not widely known). But we know it… so the replacement will be nominated by Frank.


Tiff should be pissed and has every right to be that and mopey, because the alliance she made was never on her side because Da decided to use her to talk so much crap about from day 2… she felt ignored and not part of the group for awhile and you expect her to just sit there and smile like a goof. Nicole especially should not complain because she’s just as paranoid and she’s in the know!


I didn’t get to watch a lot of the live feed the first 2 weeks but it seems to me Tiffany spent more time alone in bed than with her alliance. Just like her sister she chose to isolate herself and talk to the cameras as opposed to getting to know her alliance members better.

Sponge girls

correct she is not being social she hides behind the hoodies, hats and just observes. She got friendly with the spy girls for votes, when she was not voted off she backed off until noms.


To be fair, Tiffany turned on her alliance when she refused to throw the POV during Pualie’s HOH. Da’Vonne really hurt Tiffany’s rep in the game but Da’Vonne wasn’t spreading lies. Tiffany WAS trying to win the POV because she did not trust her alliance. In doing so she proved to her alliance that she could not be trusted. Victor was the target and if tiffany won the POV she would have wiped out all the work done to get Victor on the block without letting him compete in the POV.

Tiffany turned on the alliance first. She owns her own eviction.

I agree, the rest of the house is no better. Nicole made final 2 deals with Da’Vonne and Frank on the 27th and 28th respectively… she has made more than a few side deals while trashing the names and games of other HGs for doing less shady things than her. Classic deflection. Is it good game play or bad?? How is it much different than Da’Vonne’s or Frank’s games?

Frank's running the show

Tiffany does nothing but sir around wearing sunglasses, stupid hats and blankies. She’s useless. Her strategy is to get paranoid and break out in zits like her stupid sister Vanessa. Roll them both up in the carpet and set it on fire.


Tiffany didn’t turn on her alliance! ! They had long ago turned on them!! She could have won and not used it and she said so! That was AFTER AFTER AFTER Da lied yes LIED to the alliance and told the the DR told her that Tiffany was out to get her out and she and Frank had turned on Tiffany and was trying to get her out. They we excluding her and she felt it and didn’t feel safe!! This is a game got half a million dollars. She’s supposed to just rollover and let the like of Da and Frank treat her like that and send her home so they can advance? Then accuse her of shit?? Da doesn’tknow she studied her word and went for a bigger word. It was the end of the comp! How could she change her word? Why did Da stop so early? If Da played as hard as she could and not played to lose, instead of win, it wouldn’t have been an issue!! He ass was on the BLOCK! if I was ever in that house I’m not gonan not play for POV while on the block bease someone like Frank, who hates me, tells me not to!!!

Sponge girls

The HG’s do not like Tiffany’s whining, the Spanish Inquisition interrogations, the spying, crying, they do not tell her things due to this behaviour, they have to appoint a sitter prior and after which ruins gameplay.


Her alliance had already turned on her and were not thinking about her best interest, she’s not a moron, like any of us if we suddenly have ‘friends’ like Michelle no longer talking to us and being inclusive its a good indication they’re dropping you so she retreated not know what was going on… its easy to be happy and all talkative when everyone comes to you to chat and gives you info …


I’m so very hoping Bridgette ignores Frank and decides not only to use the veto, but then to make her own
decision about the replacement nom (putting Natalie up is not best for her game)…please oh please put up another member of the 8-pack and so we can watch things get interesting!


Clarifying here since there are so many rules…I would love it if she took down either Tiffany or Paul and put up Corey or Nicole. I do realize she is likely use it on Bronte which would leave Frank to likely put up Natalie, but I can hope.. 😉


The RK winner, Frank, will choose the replacement if Bronte is taken down.


But she can’t nominate if she takes Bronte down. Doubt very seriously she would take one of the two down she nominated herself.
And, she has to know that taking Bronte down puts Natalie up. But, my bet is that she WILL take Bronte down and Frank will put Natalie up. Not a guy. Maybe Da, but, that’s doubtful.


She would have to use it on Paul or Tiffany. She wouldn’t choose the replacement if she used it on Bronte. If she does pull one of the other two down and throws up anyone other than Natalie she is afraid people will be mad at her and vote out Bronte for sure.


Bridgette does not decide who the replacement nom is if she takes Bronte down. Since the RoadKill winner (Frank) nominated Bronte, Frank decides who the replacement nom is.


She will only get to decide the replacement if she uses the veto on Tiffany or Paul. If she uses it on Bronte, Frank decides as he nominated Bronte as the road kill.


Hah, every week this has to be explained: if she uses the POV on Bronte, then she doesn’t choose the replacement nominee – Frank chooses the nominee because he is the Roadkill winner.

That’s why people are talking about Natalie going up if Bronte is pulled down.

Get with it

Frank chooses the nominee if Bronte comes down not Bridgette.


Bridget doesn’t get to decide who will replace Bronte so she can’t put an 8 pk member up


If she uses it on bronte frank pics replacement

Proof down votes are meaningless

Down voting comments that correctly describe the rules of the game… you don’t like the truth / facts…


Bridgette is disliked by man and is known as Franks sidekick so now she shows can and will win comps! Look who’s on the block next week: girl, bye


It would be a good move if they cannot Frank out.

Team Vets

I agree – as much as I love the idea of Frank leaving, if he saved himself with POV or something next week, it’d be awesome to see his little minion shocked that she goes home.


many *


eh, was hoping for a nat win, to see who frank would pick as a replacement in that situation, but bridgette should still probably use the veto on bronte as bronte is way more at risk to go home than natalie.

Bronte's Nose

Please save me! #teambronte


Btw, was this a… baking comp? Hahaha

Day’s Betty Crocker comment about Bridge had me rolling! XD

via Big Brother Updates on Twitter: “Da’Vonne- I knew Bridgette was going to be in there for the long run. She is Betty Crocker #BB18”


If she uses it on Bronte then Frank decides the replacement.. He has said it will be Natalie. I so hope Paul gets voted out. Calling a girl the C word just bc she tried to have a convo with him is disgusting. Not to mention all the stuff he said while Jozea was in the house. He needs to go.


If Bridgette uses the veto she would have to take Bronte down and she doesn’t get to pick the replacement, Roadkill winner does. I don’t know who knows that’s Frank.


Everyone knows frank won road kill except Bridget and Bronte. Also Paul may not know. All of the 8 pack members plus Paulie are aware that frank won it and nom’d Bronte’.



Powder Puff Girls

I dislike Cat haters! Cat power! thumbs up for Animal lovers!

big bro



So Natalie exposes herself naked in the HOH shower, but no cameras caught it? Come on BB… What is this, amateur hour?!

An ornery mouse

Those heartless sons of bitches.


Man this was bad for Bridgette’s game not only did she win HOH then she won VETO and now she has to show her cards during the pov ceremony and since she can’t play in the next HOH she’ll be on the block next week for sure unless someone from her team wins or Bronte and Nat win .


Not counting bruises house guests got while trying to traverse an icy surface during a particular HOH comp, is Bridgette’s injury the 1st real injury from a competition?

Powder Puff Girls

there are injuries every year

Misty Beethoven

I think I died a little inside, because I don’t care. I don’t care about flatulent Frank, Tiffany, Nicole, Bronte (if I hear I just want to get to jury one more time, I’ll scream), Natalie (YAY, I’m a cheerleader!), Paul/Paulie, and Nicole, etc. They talk, talk, talk and say nothing, mean nothing, commit to nothing. So disappointed.
Sorry folks, had a real bad day and my one escape has let me down.

Donald Trump

This show is rigged. The whole system is rigged.

Margarine's Dad

If that b*tch Tiffanessa isn’t gone by Thurs then the show is rigged! All in favor of the wicked witch of the Ruoso family being gone say Aye!!


Someone said Frank calls his girlfriend ‘my Nubian princess’. I’ve seen pictures of Frank’s girlfriend. I don’t think he knows where Nubia is.

Motorboat Natalie

If we’re gonna be honest, the biggest downfall to Tiff’s game is the simple fact that Vanessa is her sister. Many are afraid she’ll be the same neurotic chick her sister was. She has TONS of the same mannerisms but is much different than Vanessa, IMO. I did however cringe the other day when I heard her use the word “optimal”. That’s the same word used by Vanessa and for a brief second I did a double take.


Frank helps Bridgette after her injury and suddenly he is a ‘southern gentleman’ / hero and positive role model… wtf. Seriously. HGs stubbornly hold on to lies about the character of other HGs as justification to vilify and evict them but they compliment and give a big aww to how nice and caring this misogynistic pos is.


I don’t think I want that dummy Bronte anywhere near national security. Although I do think that those people who concentrate on only one thing their entire lives can be empty when it comes to common sense.


James and Paulie’s alliance seems to be the most stable so far if they stick with it. Frank played too devious which is catching up with him and was found out. Da’Vonne lies too much and it will catch up with her. The other girls are to scattered. Paulie and James also have Natalie and Corey to rely on for a awhile. Those 2 are not as backstabbing as the others and that trust can go far!

Powder Puff Girls

I am in total agreement well said!


Points to Bronte and Natalie for being willing to risk it for each other. It’s not smart but it’s more noble than most in the house would be.

Powder Puff Girls

the game is not about being noble it is about winning 500k


So Frank says he’s gonna go hard in his goodbye speech to Tiffany… Can she please win the battle back?!?! Would love to see his reaction to her coming back… I’m sure he’d feel pretty damn stupid considering he’s probably following her out the door, which means Tiffany would’ve beaten him to get back in the house lmao that’d be tv gold!!


I agree, hypocrisy at its finest.

Ugh Zakiyah

Calling another girl a ho now. Can’t stand this catty girl.

Fuzzy Num Num

I waiting to either like someone or hate someone on the cast. But so far I’m still NumNum. Please BB send me a hero, or a villain, I’m not picky. Really. No, really I’m not. Just because I might’ve mentioned some things about not-Cody, Vaniffaney, or Freaky Butt Poppin Frank. Non of them are scentilating. Non of the move me to the levels of snark I know I’m capable of achieving. They are all so blah.

U so sure...

Long time till Thursday. Things change everyday. All the people here happy Tiffany is going home could be crying by Tuesday.

Don’t count out Tiff just yet.

I have a feeling she may turn the tide in her favor. This house and these basic boring people in it need a little wake up call.

Stay tuned


vote tiffany to stay shes special.

Just Me

Is Bridget the future Maddie from Kate Plus 8? She looks and acts like that bratty twin.