“Getting rid of a powerpuff girl will diminish Frank’s power.. It’ll be 6 to 3.”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 21-45-32-337

9:45pm Tiffany and Michelle
Tiffany saying she doesn’t want to be blindsided because then she’ll be thinking there’s something more she could do.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 21-48-11-330

9:47pm Nicole and Michelle
Nicole says it doesn’t make sense getting rid of Tiffany
Michelle saying they will all give Tiffany a sympathy vote, “The only person that will be pissed will be Paulie”
Nicole saying Bronte needs to go home
Paulie joins them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 22-00-49-927

9:51pm London room Paulie, Nicole and Michelle
Michelle – Do you still think it’s a good idea to send Tiffany home
Paulie – I dunno I’m been thinking about it
Michelle going on about how it’s better for their game to keep Tiffany.
Michelle saying they need to put up Bridgette and Frank adds that Frank is “Old NOw” he won’t be able to win Veto.

Paulie – at the end of the day if we keep her and she blows this next competition there was no point to keep her.
Bronte comes in briefly.
After she leaves Michelle is back on giving reasons they need to take Bronte out this week.
Paulie – so Bronte goes out Frank gets frazzled.. Wins the HOH he’ll put TIffany up again.. Tiffany wins she’ll put up Frank

Corey joins them..
They start talking about evicting Bronte being the best thing.
They count the votes they have 4, Paulie volunteers to talk to Zakiyah, Michelle mentions that Da’Vonne will vote to keep Tiffany.

Paulie – getting rid of a powerpuff girl will diminish frank’s power.

Zakiyah comes in
They all agree to vote out Bronte.
Paulie – it’ll be 6 to 3..

Michelle says she heard form Bridgette herself that Bronte and Natalie were after Corey .
Every one is vocalizing “100%.. I’m in.. Bronte gone.. ” except for Zakiyah.

Paul comes in, says he’s been studying hard and is ready for the HOH.
Paulie says they have to take out Frank and Bridgette
Paul – yeah f*** those fools.. screw the backdoor put them up
Paul says he’ll use the code word Friendship during the HOH that means he’s got it

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 22-09-37-815

10:09pm Nicole and Tiffany
Nicole tells her she’s going to be fine.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 22-26-00-863
10:27pm if they’re not sleeping they’re are studying

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 22-39-48-485

10:30pm Have nots Corey and Nicole (Tiffany sways back and forth during this entire conversation see gif below)
Corey – I can’t wait to see the look on his face.. that’s what you get for throwing my name out
Paulie joins them.. They start talking about getting Da’Vonne out before Frank.
Paulie – we can use Frank to out Da up
Nicole tells them Da’Vonne doesn’t want to be part of the showmance alliance.
Paulie – she’s got to be clipped.

Corey tells them Frank will be scared to death he’ll have to work with them.
Paulie says
Paulie – Da already feels on the outs with us.. I’m worried she’ll latch onto Frank, Bridgette, James and Natalie
Corey says he’ll be nice to Natalie.

Corey and Nicole warn Paulie that Michelle and Da area closer than Z and Da.
Paulie says Paul is close to them more than anyone else in the house.

They go over scenarios Paulie says they need to win the HOh if they plan to take Da’Vonne out before Frank. Corey mentions getting Tiffany to do it. Nicole says Tiffany will never put up Da. Corey says they will have to win teh roadkill.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 22-52-30-743
10:52pm Paulie, Corey, Nicole and Tiffany
Paulie says he can’t wait to see the look on Bronte, Natalie, Frank, and Bridgette’s
Paulie – powerpuff girls are going down to 2

11:05pm Nicole, Tiffany, Corey and Nicole
Tiffany says her family is probably worried she’s going home from everyone’s diary room.
Paulie – shit

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 23-12-27-460

11:12pm COrey and Frank
Taking about who they need to put up against Da’Vonne. Frank thinks Paul is the best bet.
Corey – He’s been up 3 week sin a row.. I asked him he said he liked it
Corey adds that Paul like getting his speeches in.
Paulie joins them says Tiffany is sh1tting her pants..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 23-36-07-111

11:30pm Paulie and Zakiyah
Paulie is telling her that Da’Vonne doesn’t like the 5 person alliance becuase she feels like the 5th wheel.

11:40pm Frank and Paul
Paul – who am I beating or at least knowing to beat
Frank – ideally.. you need to try and get to a point and if you can toss it to someone on my team or freak a’zoid..
Frank says he wants to win the HOH this week he’s got a target for the week, “It’s not yo Bronte or Natalie”
Frank in structs him if it comes down to Paul, Bronte and Natalie he has to take the HOH>.

11:55pm Paul, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, PAulie..
Paul is telling them about his conversation with Frank. Paul does an impersonation of Bridgette the other night when they were all up in the HOH. “Thank you all for coming guys because I don’t know what to”

Paul continues to make Bridgette jokes, impersonating her voice during the backing of the cookies. Everyone is laughing, they are loving Paul’s stories.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 00-16-08-234

12:20am Studying or sleeping

Tiffany fans can rejoice looks like there’s enough votes to evict Bronte. Now this is going to be a Blindside.

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I will believe it when I see it.


Well…tune in at 9pm EST 8pm CST tonight and see it live!

Frank and Bridgette and Bronte BOFL!

That’s what you all get for cutting on our Tiff u haters!

Think twice next time:-)


I also feel the same. Wouldn’t put it pass Nicole and Corey to change their minds again without telling the others. This way those 2 would remain on Frank’s good side while being able to point out to Frank the ones voted to keep Tiff making them Frank’s targets. Hope not but it has crossed my mind.


Vote for Dawg!

Hal 9000

It would be something if Tiffany stays wins hoh and puts Frank up. He goes and then he comes back and puts Tiffany up and then she goes home this time.


If Frank is such a beast, and since most HGs expect the buy back to be after jury, he will be highly motivated to not be evicted pre-jury making it less likely he will get evicted on the first try; so he won’t have a shot at coming back!


Michelle sounds like Juliette Lewis.


ha she sooo does sound like her

Brody Schiller

big meech and paul celebration gif is awesome

im liking the crew forming of big meech, da, james, nat, paul, tiff(who will target frank/bridgette)

versus paulie, z, corey, nicole(who will possibly work with frank/bridgette to target da)


Paulie, Nic, and Corey are onto Day dropping subtle hints about targeting the showmances after Frank is gone (or potentially before Frank if the opportunity presents itself). They realize that by keeping Tiff they that Tiff will cling to Day. They are wary of telling Z that they plan on getting Day out asap b/c of how close to two are. Nic is calling out how Mich and Day are close to each other and Mich tells Day everything. Nic knows that Day told James about the F5 alliance because James has now come up to her twice about it, and she’s denied denied denied. They want to weaken the SG’s b/c with Bronte gone Bridge will be all but alone after Frank is gone and Nat will cling to James. Paule/Corey plan to make James feel closer and Nic plans on making Day think that her and Z plan on cutting the boys down the road.

Things are about to get very interesting. It’ll be interesting to see how Frank reacts to Tiff staying. This is a comp that he’s won before (do we know for sure about him having a photographic memory?). If he wins he’ll likely target Day and Tiff.


It isn’t a revelation that showmances get targeted (whether it is Da’Vonne or anyone else). It is actually shocking how tolerated the showmances have been this year but Da’Vonne is only one of a number of HGs interested in targeting players in showmances.


Oh I’m not trying to insinuate that showmances shouldn’t be targets, but my analysis was from the perspective of the showmances. If the showmances can get rid of Frank/Day/James then their chances of running the game are increased.They’d be fools not to see the potential risk in keeping Tiff (who will come for them after Frank is out of the way).

The showmances are so tolerated b/c there are so many of them. James/Nat, Paulie/Z, Corey/Nic, and semi Paul/Bronte, and creepily Frank/Bridge.

Give Me A Brake

Bronto-burger has ZERO chance of ever winning a comp and has a strategic mind like a steel trap that is frozen in the open position by rust. Can someone please explain to me what kind of threat she poses and why evicting her is beneficial to anyone (besides the obvious benefit of not having to hear her voice, of course)?

production rigged it

In my opinion they’re screwing up because Frank will know who flipped he’s not stupid. He will know that him, Natalie and James voted Tiffany out. They said that Da said Bronte said she was coming after Paulie and Corey why would she tell Da that, has she ever talked game to Da before. I think Da just said that to get them to keep Tiffany and like Paulie said if she doesn’t win this week then they wasted their time in keeping her. On a side note I may be in the minority but I can’t stand Nicole or Michelle, both of them are annoying as hell to me and I still don’t understand why they brought Nicole back this year because she sucked 2 years ago and she does this year too. All she does is whine about hoping she doesn’t go on the block. Her and Michelle are both a waste of space.


Nicole has a fairly likable personality for a broad range of people in my opinion, so I can see why they bought her back. Some people a turned off by bitchy, snarling women.


James has already said multiple times he will keep Tiffany. James may actually be a vote against Paul OR bronte. Even though he tells Natalie he wouldn’t vote bronte out, he may since day/Michelle keep pointing out if bronte is gone that would make mat closer to James. But paulie and company aren’t aware of this.


To add… They really think they are doing damage by getting rid of Bronte, though not a fan, did these idiots watch Vanessa’s game? Many had opportunities to get her out early and blew it in that season. As for Nicole… Did anyone catch what she said to Tiffany? ” I need you to win that comp tomorrow…” I think her popularity went to her head, because like her season, she sucks! For the life of me, I don’t know how the girl was ever favored on this show, when she did nothing! i hope this blows up in all their faces…


You keep saying voting to keep Tiffany is equal to keeping Vanessa last season.

Vanessa is a professional game player. She studied game theory. She is a beast.

Tiffany is a teacher.

Stop being scared of Tiffany she isn’t Vanessa.


It’s the same thought process the house guests seem to be using. Tiffany is related to a player that brow beat her other house guests so she’ll do the same thing. Tiffany doesn’t have the personality to pull off a Vanessa style game. She doesn’t have anyone willing to go to bat for HER. They may save her this week but only to get to Frank and once he’s gone so is she.


Agreed! They are two different people. I mean how would Paulie like it if everyone drummed a Cody/Paulie comparison TO DEATH!!!!, I might add?

Cody did get to F2, so it only follows that Paulie will also get there and is, therefore, a big, scary, tremendous threat!
We have sayings for this; Pots/Kettles, Geese/Ganders. (Honestly, IDK about some people’s logic blindness.)


I can only speak for myself, but I liked Nicole a lot in her season. Perhaps b/c I viewed her as being in a genuine showmance, was an under dog and as much as Derrick was a master it became predictable (boring).

This season I’m off the band wagon based on her lies, shadiness and desire to work with men over women. All it takes is a seed planted by Corey about Natalie and she abruptly turned against Nat. To hear her call out James for being delusional and why he would get in a showmance is beyond hypocritical, especially when it’s obvious Nic would rather work with ANY of the guys over the girls.

She lies better than anyone in the house which has served her well so far. That said, I think Z, Michelle, Tiff are smart and will see it is Nic who was never going to stay true to the Fatal 5 which I hope costs her.

I do like Michelle though b/c she completed the work Da tried to orchestrate early in the week to get Corey and Paulie on board. And for as much as Z has a showmance I do believe her true allies are the women as it is for Michelle.

ONLY Nicole out of the women would cut every one of them to take Corey or another man ahead. In fact, she’s looking to create a F4 with Frank/Bridg & Corey.

This week Mich grew on me b/c she stood up to Frank and it drew her closer to Da & Tiff seeing that all it takes to become Frank’s target is disagreeing with him, letting him treat/talk to you inappropriately or not working to win the game for him. Her logic to Corey (first) then Nic and finally Corey is what created the shift to keep Tiff. She used simple BB logic: why vote out someone who isn’t targeting you, is going after the bigger target and who will always be in front of you as the main target?

Of course this was also Da’s logic, but Nicole’s vitriol towards Da wasn’t allowing her to gain any traction. Hence Michelle was pivotal to getting it done. In fact, watch for Nic to want Mich out soon b/c Corey and her do have a solid relationship.

Anyway, hoping for a Big Sister HOH win so Da is safe (and James) followed by Frank, Bridgette on the block & either a Da/James (kept anonymous) RK Win so Nicole joins them and finally a POV win that keeps noms the same. THAT for me would offer the most drama this week as the 3 all turn on each other. AND it offers the best chance at Paulie/Z/Mich/Tiff et el finally being awoken to what a snake Nicole really is (at least this season).


Ding Dong the witch is dead!

Bronte see ya!

The whole house is way happier!

Go Tiff!


This is stupid! Tiffany needs to go she’s worthless and doesn’t talk to anyone…Also wtf is with her sunglasses….bitch can’t make eye contact, she’s weirdo….why the hell are these people keeping her in the house…at least Bronte will bullshit with you or talk shit about you….tiffany is a waste of a HG…she won’t talk to you, she won’t talk about you, she’s not a winner, she’s not a team player…VEGETABLE!


Gross, Tiffany is so useless in that house


You are spot on.
Most people connect with a player who most resembles them and their personalities.
That’s why all these unsocial waste of spaces side with Tiffany.
What has she done to earn fans, respect, to be allowed to breathe our oxygen, ect??
I’m asking a serious question and I want to hear actual responses. Not “because at least she’s not Frank!” or “because she has the balls to stand up to Frank!” cause that’s not a reason for 2 points, 1) what has she ever done besides cower under her comforter picking at her face or fingernails? and 2) everyone wants Frank out so it isn’t like she is some rebel. Paul would put up Frank, Da would put up Frank, Paulie would put up Frank so that’s nothing special.

Now’s your chance Tiffany fans!!
What has she done to make her your favorite? Or are you just a sheep clicking whatever thumb has the largest number next to it?




So agree! Vanessa played the same shady game in the beginning. No one got her out when ample time was given…


Tiffany won Sequester (the online Big Brother knock off)… and so far (pre-jury) the game hasn’t even really started… she has not been playing yet because it is good strategy to slow play this game regardless of what the entertainment lovers want.

Just for the heck of it

Kinda hard to take your “asking a serious question” seriously, when you preface it by asking for a justification as to why someone should be “allowed to breathe our oxygen, ect??” How about “she is a human, and different people do things different ways, but all are allowed to breathe (aka, survive). Please note – I am simply saying she, as ALL the others, have equally as much right to be there whether we like them or not.


I always love me a good last minute draw dropping flip. Big Meech really pulled this off.

production rigged it

I will laugh my ass off when Frank wins HOH, POV and RoadKill. They won’t be laughing and joking then.


Ya know, Frank is not one of my favorites but holy carp, that would be some sh*t to see.


Frank doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning HOH with the eligible members of his team throwing it.

So Sad

I was really getting excited about seeing Tiffany and Frank out before jury. Well, that dream is crushed.

sunny dee

as long as there is a battle back, there is no reason to be excited by anyone being evicted pre jury, really. I’d rather Bronte go out now, maybe Bridget or Tiff next, too, then those 5 will ‘battle back’ so only one comes back. get Frank out when we know he will stay out. either way of the 5 only one comes back, and hopefully the least annoying of them all, or least harmful, meaning Bronte or Glenn. I’d love to see Glenn come back and given a chance to actually play the game. but i don’t mind Bronte coming back, as annoying as she is, she isn’t more annoying than Tiffany so either one of them coming back is going to be annoying. and either one of them coming back isn’t going to have much impact on the final outcome of the game.

regardless of the competitions, Bronte has probably a better shot than most in many competition styles, and i’d hope she got the chance to come back first. only because i think her reasons for wanting the jury income to finance school is a decent one, and if she leaves prejury she can’t get that. lame reason for wanting a HG to stay around longer, but rest assured, i don’t think any of the Spychicks should win the game or get very far at all. but Bridget before bronte, at least i feel confident Bronte wouldn’t let some guy dictate to her as to what her noms would be, and i can’t imagine her going oh, haha Frank you are sooooo cute for putting up one of my closest allies as your Road Kill, not to mention your own team mate, ME. so funny, thank you sooooo much for that, you so awesome. Idiotic really, i’m ashamed for her, but most of all the EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK EEEEEEEEEEEKKKK EEEEEEEEEEEKKK she does is infantile, she’s a grown woman with a responsible job, why is she screaming with giddy excitement for stupid reasons like a 3 year old child.
Nicole should hope Vic comes back, he seemed to like her


Omg so glad Bronte is going!!! She is sooo annoying….put her with jozay…


But then who would use prime numbers to save america from hackers?

production rigged it

Corey talking about how they’re killing shit. Last time I checked dude you haven’t done shit except lick Nicole’s ass, wait that explains why your so full of shit.


bridgette cementing her place as the dumbest player since lawon (and really is anyone ever going to beat lawon?). how could she not flip out when frank told her he had put her and her closest ally up? now bronte’s going home and bridgette easily could have used the veto to prevent this as natalie’s liked way more by the rest of the house (and paul would probably be going).

Fuzzy Num Num

Oh, cut her some slack. She’d just had a big saucer of cream, her tummy rubbed and was cuddled in for night night. What’d you want her to do, jump up and kick him in the nuts? Hmm, well, yeah, come to think, that would’ve been great, too.


That is why sending Bronte is so extra special…..Her and Frank did it.


Marcellas made the dumbest move in BB history. But he wasn’t dumb… he was just too trusting.


OMG this made me laugh so hard. She’s a hybrid of Lawon and Victoria. Totally clueless although she thinks she’s got it figured out!

Misty Beethoven

I’m asking this in all seriousness: is Paulie physically incapable of putting a shirt on? Because everyone’s always under blankets, wrapped in hoodies and complaining how cold they are, and he’s walking around like he’s radioactive.


That California sun leaves a nice warmth to your body after a day of tanning…grew up in Hollywood, it is lovely in the summer evenings. I am thinking everybody bundled up at night has low blood pressure, or, cannot take the 30 degree drop in temperature at night. Miss it like crazy!


More than likely, production is telling him the viewers are wanting to see him shirtless. It’s his way of gaining “fans” or followers for his real job as Cody’s brother.

So Sad

Nicole is the worst.


I would love it if Tiff stays… then betrays these nitwits.

So Sad

An hour ago I was in bed and decided to check the updates once before going to sleep. Bad idea.


That .gif with Nicole swaying back and forth kept replaying over and over and over and I couldn’t get my phone to close the damn thing for almost 4 minutes but also couldn’t stop staring at it and I think I may be hypnotized now. If I start rooting for Nicole at any point from here on out please send help.

Powderpuff girls

She was making feel seasick!

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Just hope that no one tips off Frank before live show. Natalie and James are going to be blindsided as well. And of course Bronte.

It’s going to best live eviction in years!

Hope Tiff wins HOH. Having Bridgette and Frank on the block together. LOL!


Sooo Frank’s winning hoh tomorrow ? Lol I’ll bet on it that he does.


You may be right, because if history tells us anything, it’s that plans like this have a fantastic chance of crushing HGs hopes and dreams by misfiring. They’re jinxing themselves with all the bragging/laughing/overly intense strategizing.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Who cares if Frank wins HOH? Who does he have on his side? Bridgette? BOFL!

And I doubt he wins. Dudes gonna take a left hook to the jaw and be staggering when he hears Julie say Bronte is evicted and Vanessa is staying.


May not agree with it but finally a shaken UP BB house which I always love to see in order to ramp up the drama….


It’s an entertaining move but definitely not a great strategic move for Nicole and Corey. The Freakazoids Duo will lose Frank’s trust and on the bottom of the new solidify 7 pack alliance. Whereas voting Tiff out, they’ll be in the middle and take a small risk of being put up as a pawn. Not smart at all!


I think there is a reason for not telling Da and James they have flipped the plan again to keep Tiff besides the one they stated of trying to throw Frank off balance for the HOH comp trying to figure out the votes. This way they can each say to Frank if he stays that they weren’t the that voted Bronte out and blame it on someone else. If Tiff stays and somehow wins HOH they can tell her Da and James didn’t vote for her to stay, getting Tiff to be too paranoid to try to align with either of them. I could almost see not telling James but I am really hoping Michelle tells Da tomorrow about the plan.


Michelle will tell day for sure. Day and/or Michele will tell James. He will know before the vote.

Frank's biggest blunder

If he wanted Tiffany out so bad he should have kept quiet about the roadkill win and put up an 8 pack member. Instead he gave them a viable option. Poorly played Frank. You probably just lost Bridgette too. See ya.


Frank is stuffed whatever he does, the whole house has been against him for weeks.


Day & Michelle will rope Tiffany back in next week. They will tell her the real deal about Paulie, Corey, Nicole really wanting to send her home. James will be pissed he wasn’t told. Frank will be pissed and easily sniff out the votes. Bridgette/Nat not happy that they will have lost their bff. This could easily backfire on Nicole/Corey/Paulie & Z (only because she’s in the 4). Tiffany, Day, James, Michelle, Natalie link up, vs. Frank/Bridgette vs. Nicole/Corey/Paulie/Z and Paul as the wildcard. Nicole’s flip flopping, and confiding in Frank all week is going to come back to haunt her. If Bronte is indeed evicted this should really draw the battle lines.


Ugh why can’t eviction be tonight before these idiots (mainly Nicole and Corey) change their minds again. Keep Tiffany. Throw Frank off. Even if he does win HOH, he can’t evict everyone in one week. These people are way too damn scared.


i dont know i just now noticed this, but is the first season with no cigarette smokers or vapors on it??


Frank and I think it was Paul were outside late a few nights ago smoking. Not that is a regular thing, I think one them brought some in just incase another smoker was in the house that they wanted to bond with.


BB16 had no smokers either.


Thank Goodness these people have come to their senses…Vote out BabyVoiced Bronte! Please!!! However, Tiffany has got to stop wearing sunglasses at night…that is straight out crazy! Frank can go next! Then Paul! Bridgett,etc…


I am so ready for Nicole to leave already. I really wanted to like her but she screws up everything with her indecision and flip flopping. If she doesn’t change her mind at least twice before the vote tomorrow on who goes out I will be shocked. Frank deprived us of a blindside with Jozea I hope Nicole doesn’t ruin it this week.


Paul, Z, Paulie, and Day’s talk late at night had me rolling! Paul’s recounting of stories and impersonation are hilarious. Paul’s stock in this game is going to keep increasing as these top dogs (Day, Frank, Showmances, etc.) go after each other. I’m not sure if it’ll be James, Tiff, Paul, or Mich, but eventually somebody will lead the charge against the showmances if they can successfully get out Frank and Day. That’s deeper in the game though, and bound to be entertaining. I hope Paul’s still standing at the end. I’d kind of like a F2 with Paul and Meech at this point. Paul and Meech dancing about the end of Bridge’s HOH reign was funny too.

Joe Kerr

I usually agree with people on here, but good God. Tiffany is horrible. If you were in am alliance with her and she comes in crying asking if she is safe, basically asking if she can trust you…everyday damn day, you would be fine with this? If you say yes, you must be glutton for punishment. Just sayin’.

Secondly, Michelle (Big Meech is as horrible as hearing JuJu last season) is just absurd. It’s as bad as Corey lying about Natalie sayibg he is sexy constantly. Frank’s actions are bad, but at least he has been up front. He did what Vanessa did last season, and everyone kissed her ass like she was a BB God.

Okay, done ranting. Sorry folks and Simon, Dawg…keep up the good work.

Bridgette BF should dump her

Bridgettes HOH was a total disaster. BOFL!

Hey Bridge you glad you let Frankie Poo run your HOH? How that work out for ya?

It’s going to be hard to know who to try and look at first when Julie says “Bronte you have beem evicted from the Big Brother house” Frank is gonna be shitting his pants and pissed as fk. Bridgette may start crying and faint. BOFL!

See now I remember why I love this show.

The Tiffany/Vanessa haters are mad as hell. BOFL!


If Brig does faint I hope Michelle shaves her eyebrows off…Not really but it would be funning to see her threaten to do it.


Hey wait a minute! I thought you were done? a couple of posts ago was it not you complaining how the show sucked, Simon and Dawg only in it for the money and blah, blah, blah? Hell you even gave us all the “deuces”!

Simon or Dawg I think once someone gives us the deuces they should be blocked. 🙂 I guess unlike your comment said you are indeed an addict of BB just like the rest of us. But I am a fair guy, if you admit you have a problem (the first step of recovery) I am pretty sure the rest of us addicts and OBB supporters who truly appreciate everything Simon and Dawg go through and put up with to give us such great updates and spoilers would all rally around you!

Tiffany fan girl

The lights so bright in the house bother Tiffany”s eyes.Ive seen othets do it too…As far as smoking Frank is a casual one when drinking he has said, Yay #Team Tiff!!ng


Winter is here.


Assuming Bronte is evicted and she doesn’t win her way back into the house, she should go on a vacation trip to Africa until the wrap party. Scientists just discovered a giant helium field there last month so she’d be able to decompress, go on a safari or two and refill her voice box.


Ok… so tiff’s not going home ? For sure cause these people like to change there minds every 5 mins anyways are paulie/z/corey/nicole stupid why let Michelle know about the plan obviously she’s going to tell day about it and day will tell James and one word from day or Michelle about the 4 planning to take tiff will make them all targets later since she can’t target nicole and corey right now But if Bronte does leave tomorrow that’ll be a blindside bridgette will be so upset about sending her ally home , Frank will lose it ,and that’s when all the fireworks start.
BTW corey stfu until you win some comps you shouldn’t be talking about day not winning comps and ” that’s what you get for saying my name ” you’re not contributing to nothing ughh Everytime this boy talks it feels like I’m losing brain cells .

Bridgette sealed it

Bridgette has been going around all cocky acting like she runs the house. That is what really put Paulie over the edge to join the save Tiff movement.

But Michelle gets most credit. She got Nicole fully on board. Michelle even said to Paulie before he decided to flip…”Well we have the votes with or without you so” Gotta love Michelle sometimes:-)

Poor Bridgette. Her big strong “beast frank” is melting. If Frank goes next week I can’t wait to see Bridgette try and weasel her way back in. Sorry Briidge. Your ass is out the door right after your Frankie Poo.


I’d love to see Day, James, Michelle, Natalie, Zak,and Tiffany work together and get Frank, Bridgette, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, and Paul out of the house…but Day need to stfu and play to win! Learn from your mistakes, girl!!!


Oh yeah buddy. That final 6 would just be barrels of entertainment, wouldn’t it?!?

Clay gets none obviously

Hey someone get Clay a cape too. So he can be SUPA MAD! 🙂


First Day needs to win something (anything) to give her cred as a formidable foe and as a solid alliance member. So far she tanks in competitions and we all know, almost doesn’t count. I really wish she hadn’t of shared any concerns about the two showmances (Paulie/Z/Corey/Nicole) because it of course got out and now makes her look less like a team member of that group. I think she could’ve gone further with them than any of the other faux alliances.

Butters Mom

I want Bridgette out next That is all.


It’s about time and I’ve been tired of the want-to-be Dom, Mafioso, of the Calafiore brothers, Paulie, dictating it all and talking too much! I imagine that both Derrick and Cody might be cringing at Paulie’s antics!


I’m getting awful Day-ja-vu of last season: Nicole (Shelli) and her stupid BF Corey (Clay) want to target Da for no reason when she isn’t coming after them when they could get out the person that no one trusts and could well go after them – Frank (Audrey).. So over it


I really want the showmances gone. I am so sick of seeing them play a couple’s game. Day, Tiff, Michelle, Paul and James should all be targeting Paulie/Z and Nicole/Corey. Paulie is so full of himself, Nicole is playing with her heart and Z and Corey are floaters. I feel as though Michelle is playing a lay low game by throwing out suggestions that would benefit her game. She’s wise enough to know that she is the fifth wheel for the showmance alliance. I feel that she, Day and Tiff are very observant. If need be, they need to align with Frank, Paul and James to rid themselves of the fluffy 4 (Paulie/Z, Nicole/Corey). Corey, Z nor Nicole has won anything. Day should make peace with Frank so that they can wreak havoc in the house. Da can flip it if she wants but she needs a formidable ally to have her back.

Powderpuff girls

Lets diminish Franks power rid Bronte.
But then keep Frank to rid Da who is gunning for the show-mance teams. Which they are totally aware of.
Da’s new best friends are well known to be Tiffany and Michelle.
Lets not tell James of this switch until after… which James could read I am at the bottom of the pot .
I would have been suspicious of all the above what are they thinking? If I was one of the guys I would think there could be a girl alliance.

Frank, James, Natalie, Bridgette could team up

Cripes another week of sunglasses & hats & am I really safe (if no win)


Somebody needs to finally tell Frank that he’s full of’shit.
I’m kicking myself in the ass, for placing all of those votes, in season 14, for him, to be America’s Favorite Player. It makes me sick to realize how I blindly followed this misogenistic asshole.
Wow, I really liked you, Frank. I voted for you, many times!
Seeing you now, ……no words. You just keep bringing down these little girls, and slapping their asses. Oh wait!! You can’t do it now, physically, but you are making up for that, verbally.
What a big man you are.


Its OK, we all learn from our mistakes – you know what they say about hindsight.


The most over used and annoying expression: Under the bus.

This ancient expression has been around for years, it is over used, and way overdue for an update.


We could try:

thrown into oncoming traffic, in front of a road paver, into a wood chipper, out of a speeding bomber, strapped to bomb ejected from said bomber, off a cliff etc…. I am sure this creative bunch could dream up many, many more.

Powderpuff girls

Sorry if this is a repeat had technical issues.

Show-mances want to keep Tiff when they are aware that;
Tiff is well aligned with Michelle and Da they are always plotting
Da is after the show-mances

New Strategy;
Lets use Frank or Tiff to put Da up

And to top it off, lets not tell James about this new plan until after the votes – (James will feel left out and he could loose trust in them and join up with Frank)

These boys should be concerned about a girls alliance.

James is a Creeper

not a fan of frank, but at least he is trying,


Did anyone else notice that the show last night was mainly about bronte? When it was over I kept thinking how odd it was that if Tiffany was going why they highlighted bronte so much instead?


It is hilarious. The HGs run around telling everyone what they think they want to hear while quoting what others told them what they thought the wanted to hear… and people react to it as though it provides deeper truth and insight.

It may seem logical, reasonable or even prudent to not trust the people you align with are playing the other HGs to better themselves and you because you may suffer the consequences of trusting the wrong person (or the right person for too long) but not trusting them and believing the people who are not aligned with (i.e. people aligned with others) is absolutely guaranteed to hurt you and shorten your life in the house.

Take your time. Pick your allies wisely so you know more about them, and their game; so you can have confidence that when they are running around telling other HGs what those HGs want to hear and your name is mentioned then you can trust that (when it comes back to you that so and so said/did this/that) it is just misdirection on your allies’ part working the rest of the house for your shared benefit.

Granted at some point it all breaks down (because ultimately there is only one big winner… although 2nd place and AFP are nice pays) but you have a better shot at getting to the end with voting partners you can rely on.

Spend some time selecting targets that are best for your shared game and then stick to the plan regardless of what others have to say; or what they say you allies have said. Always go back to your allies and update them on what you are saying and why as well as what the HGs you spoke to said.


For the love of God, get rid of Paul, every word out of his mouth is foul and he is the biggest douche to ever step in that house. Although I am amazed at age 23 he is a philosopher, in a touring band with fans, now a soon to be restaurant owner/chef, a clothing designer, a store owner and what is next on his list of achievements? lies more than Clinton! Only good thing about Paul is that I get through the show and after show faster since I fast forward through this douchbag


I think I heard (and I could be wrong) on BBAD last night that Tiffany (Vanessa lite) says she has a photographic memory. Good grief! Isn’t this the same cult of personality crap Vanessa kept throwing out about herself?

It’s hard to separate the two of them from each other because they behave so much alike. It got Vanessa far in the game, but I don’t think it will work for Tiffany.